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File: 1592937958724.jpg (155.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 96900

Since my frontpage is mainly garbage I'm interested who other anons like to watch on YouTube

> Share interesting YouTube channels you discovered or watch regularly

> Ask for specific recommendations

> Discuss your favourite channels and why you like them

> Foreign language channels are good to post

No. 96901

Starting off with the one and only Jreg. He makes satiric political content in the style of Filthy Frank wuth a sprinkle of self-deprication.

No. 96902

There are less and less noteworthy channels everyday. A year ago, I had 723 YouTube channels in my RSS, now I have 710. Literally thirteen had been deleted in just a years' time. Too bad nobody posts on BitChute or lbry. It seems like everyone's fucked off into their little Discord/Patreon bug out holes.

And I constantly beat myself up for not archiving them in time.

No. 96903

Recent discovery of mine. They make videos about moral dilemmas, religion and relationships between people.

No. 96904

I recently fell down a true crime rabbit hole and discovered Dr Todd Grande's channel. He talks about personality disorders a lot. His soothing voice is the perfect thing to listen to either while doing something else or while trying to fall asleep.

No. 96905

I agree anon. Also good channels are harder and harder to find and many I loved a few years back stopped uploading, lost their charm or I grew out of them. I have the feeling I get a lot less quality content then before.

No. 96906

pls no booly but i really like alpharad's mario maker 2 vids

No. 96907

If you dont know this one yet, I recommend JCS - Criminal Psychology analyzis' of police interviews, a lot of insights about psychology and interrogation techniques. Very interesting even if you're already familiar with the cases in general - actually maybe even better then.

No. 96911

Become a narc-identifying machine with Dr. Ramani's informative and easily digestible videos on narcissism!

No. 96912

samefag, the comments are great and contain people venting about their terrible narc relatives or partners.

No. 96918

No. 96919

People on the internet should be a little more careful diagnosing their partners/mothers/whatevers with personality disorders, we are bound to be biased in those cases and most people don't know what they are talking about anyway. I like Dr Grande's channel because of how informative he is and he also tries to stay objective.

No. 96920

I like Dr. Grande's videos too, but they post different types of videos and it doesn't discount Dr. Ramani's work. Damn I just googled her and she is a BUSY woman, I had no idea.

Even if someone overexaggerates, the advice for dealing with narcs is to grey rock and lose their interest so it's not destructive. Rather someone go no contact over petty reasons than stay in contact with abuser. The comments are about years long relationships that sound if not abusive, terrible, and I'm glad the posters can see it.

No. 96921

Oh I agree it's a good thing when people recognize who has treated them badly. I just noticed many people who are far from qualified like to throw diagnoses around, especially for narcissism. I blame r/raisedbynarcissists.

No. 96925

This is a man who makes sausages out of any food. He makes my day.

No. 96932

I love him and his food and his intonation

No. 96934

Seems very well-made. Thanks for sharing it.

No. 96936

Diving/water: DallyMD (diver), man+river (diver), fisherman's life (fishing and cooking), Wild we roam (boat/van owners), Sailing SV Delos (lived on a boat for 10+ years)
Gardening: Jeb Gardener, Achickcalledalbert (raises animals)
Food: Lofty pursuits (old fashioned candy making), 내복곰 Nebokgom (cafe owner), y. na homecafe (nonalcoholic drinks)

finally there's Shin Giwon Piano who makes some nice BG piano, if anyone's got interesting travel, food, gardening channels that need attention tell me about them

No. 97002

I like her content since I've always been interested in what kind of plastic surgeries different celebs have had(especially if said celebrity denies they've had anything done or if the surgeries are near invisible).

She basically compares before and after photos, if the celebrity in the photo used photoshop or has had work done, explains how different surgeries are done and makes estimates how much each surgery cost them. There are some I never would've guessed.

No. 97012

No. 97017

Of course Liziqi.
The best channel ever.
I can't decide which video is the best then I will post the last one she added.

No. 97034

Good channel for young women not to compare themselves to celebs, but I cringe at the phrase "plastic surgery positive". This channel both creeps me out and saddens but I'll keep watching.

No. 97078

I might get roasted for this, but I like booktube, or some of it anyway.. my fave channel is Merphy Napier, she reads a well rounded assortment of books imo. I actually sent her a book once.

No. 97081

Im really in love with this, thank you anon.

On a much lighter note I really enjoy this girl’s video essays. I think they’re insightful and they’re focused on media for woman rather than making another fucking video on Fight Club. I also really like Vewn’s animations. They’re beautiful and are really well written.

No. 97087

I like to leave a lot of stuff in the background and just hear people rambling or talking while I do things so I figured I'd share these two

- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6i_QSkT7pCQH1llVVGd6cA

- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfOPL5nYErWwZ_feQavvqeA

No. 97099

I watch her videos sometimes and I like them well enough, but I feel like there's something off about her.
Everything is too overproduced and perfect. It feels like this is what a Chinese cultural propaganda channel would look like.

No. 97100

I love her video essays!

In a similar vein, this channel makes videos about movie fashion (a bit more shallow but fun to watch). I can’t figure out if this channel is a corporate channel or actually independent but it’s fun either way

No. 97119

File: 1593097098321.jpg (195.74 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=cyOhhYJ8wXQ-00h25m45s.…)

I always end up checking one of the last videos of Max in the suggestion. On a related note, Birdtricks is an amazing channel about bird training.

No. 97123

I like Ready to Glare, You Suck at Cooking, How to Cook.. and Maangchi when I meed to see someone adorable.

No. 97127

I feel the same way.I saw a video about her and she is presented as being good at so many things while being extremely pretty too.Like a chinese waifu or something

No. 97128

Booktube has regular drama so it's entertaining in that aspect. Plus listening to people review media is entertaining and easily listening so I get it!

No. 97132

>Everything is too overproduced and perfect
Of course it is, like any other content in internet ever. Who want to show themselves in a bad way?

No. 97136

I like Cindy Lou and paperbackdreams and Caleb Joseph. Does anyone ever find themselves watching booktubers review books and not actually reading books? Lol.

No. 97152


Back when I was in china and discovered liziqi on youtube, i tried to find her shit on chinese media. What I got from my mainland chinese friends is that Liziqi is in actual bumfuck nowhere and lives/takes care of her grandma. she genuinely does live a lifestyle where you have to grow your own food/make ur own shit to survive because that province is not developed enough like shanghai or beijing. the people there live humbly and the only malls are in the high tiered cities, which can be hundreds of miles away. She has a camera crew though but apparently she's supposed to be a genuine person. who knows though, this is coming from chinese people who obviously consume the propaganda themselves. she had a channel before she moved to her grandmas, i think she was an office worker? either way her production quality is litty and i'd marry her in a heartbeat.

No. 97158

i've worked in the book industry all my life and the answer to your question is yes. i mainly watch reviews for books in genres i don't touch with a 10-ft pole so that my recommendations for sci-fi/fantasy, etc. go beyond, "well, my coworkers read this book and they loved it!

No. 97172


I don't really follow the drama though. I don't like the bigger booktube channels like jessethereader or poland banana or whatever her name is

No. 97179

what do you guys think about mamamax? he's been involved in what he calls "predator hunting" lately where he exposes/reports pedophiles around the internet
my friend thinks it's an act and some kinda "lady doth protest too much" turn, but i actually really enjoy how well written and shot the videos are. i also love the shit he does to the predators like in this video lmao

No. 97188

>Chinese cultural propaganda
Jealous fat women on Reddit used to say the same shit about Christine McConnell when she first started posting her content on the internet, just saying.
Some people just learn how to operate a camera or are rich hipsters who move to the countryside, it's not that deep.

Also I love how Yanks always call everything positive about countries they dislike "propaganda", lmao.

No. 97189

>somebody dares to question how humble/genuine somebody with a total of over fucking 60 million followers is
>omg you're all just lazy and jealous american fatties!!!

Nothing against her, good for her that she's so successful, but it's obvious that most people only care about her because she embodies the wet dream of all neckbeards: a demure and submissive waifu, does all the work, seemingly doesn't care about money, smartphones, clothes, instagram, all other sterotypical things girls like. Her being asian is an additional plus with her international fanbase. Nobody would give af if your average american, european, african etc woman made videos like that. The life she depicts is reality for 100s of millions if not billions of people worldwide and nobody finds that interesting, they don't have a camera crew and staff following them around, instead those people usually barely scrape by.

No. 97196

>it's obvious that most people only care about her because she embodies the wet dream of all neckbeards: a demure and submissive waifu, does all the work, seemingly doesn't care about money, smartphones, clothes, instagram, all other sterotypical things girls like. Her being asian is an additional plus with her international fanbase
…No shit? Still doesn't make her "Chinese propaganda", the fuck. Would that make Belle Delphine British propaganda? Do you think every country with a corrupt government only contains exclusively bad people doing bad things and not also normal people just trying to live their life? Do you even know what propaganda is?
Also, many of her subscribers are women who just like the peaceful, wholesome content and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.

>Nobody would give af if your average american, european, african etc woman made videos like that

Not true and this just shows you're salty that she's pretty and Asian. Lauren Southern had tons of Varg-worshipping neckbeard fans just for being "trad" and blonde without doing half of what Liziqi is doing, there's lots of white girls like this all over instagram with their "aesthetic" feeds to a point where it's even a trend now (liskin_dol, Rebecka Wahl, just search the "cottagecore" tag) and plenty more that cater to weird Evangelical Christians and "digital nomads". This content is popular because it's the antithesis of most of what modern YouTube channels are and people are trying to get away from titty streamers, Twitch drama, drag makeup and Jake Paul.

>The life she depicts is reality for 100s of millions if not billions of people worldwide and nobody finds that interesting, they don't have a camera crew and staff following them around, instead those people usually barely scrape by.

Again, no shit, but those people are usually regular farmers minding their business, not pretty Chinese girls. My grandma isn't going to make a channel where she films herself digging up turnips because she doesn't know what YouTube is, doesn't care about the internet and is 103 and Italian so probably not gonna drum up thirsty neckbeard money. You think China is still some poverty-stricken Commieland where there's no young urban people with cameras, old family members in the countryside and daddy's money?

No. 97214

he's most likely a pedo who wants to cover up for himself because a pedo hunter is the last person you'd suspect, didn't he used to post hentai clips for two years which most of consisted of incest and loli and they're all gone now? funny and sus turn of events

No. 97218

cute dude, cute accent, and is learning about hair and skin care.
I like to watch his videos to feel less lonely.

No. 97253

I started to watch two very similar channels about four months ago. Both are british mother & daughter teams, who search lost objects & sea glass from beaches and sometimes make jewelry or other crafts from their finds.

Northern Mudlarks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcjrCFCAZJUkYURMtxwpvmA/videos

Mudlarking With Kit & Caboodlers: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC981_mBdUwtHjjCiN9Cgq8A/videos

Very nice & talented ladies, and you can see also their funny pets now and then.

No. 97254

Tibees is a wonderful channel about physics and math related things. She has a very calming voice and nice NZ accent. She has videos explaining math concepts like logarithms and parabolas Bob Ross style which is something I didn't know I needed in my life.

No. 97260

>this is her most popular yt vid

No. 97316

I love this and I love you

No. 97324

It's cool to read some people are still using RSS to follow Youtube channels. I will be pretty pissed the day they will ditch this feature.

She's sweet. Nice channel, thanks for sharing

No. 97351

If you're into makeup I suggest Robert. Hes really informative and goes step by step in most things when he shows how to do something, or why you should do xyz. Also plus hes not bitchy,catty like most male makeup youtubers.

No. 97352

The boys are back with their own channel.

No. 97372


God, I love Robert so much. My own make up has truly improved ever since I started wathcing his channel and I love how refuses to use J* and other garbage brands because he knows why they suck.

No. 97509

Jackson Crawford is a good channel if you want to learn about Norse mythology, Old Norse or Old English.

History with Hilbert is a good channel too with videos about history and languages.

No. 97539

File: 1593433341861.jpg (71.21 KB, 666x1000, MV5-BMzc4-Mm-U3-Njgt-NTI2-NC00…)

I really like Michelle Khare. She is pretty normie but I really admire how she challenges herself. She's done firefighting training, NASA training, figure skating etc etc. I think she was on BuzzFeed originally, so good for her for branching out.

No. 97542

thank you anon for this discovery ! I really liked it

No. 97546

I watch a combination of housekeeping channels and japan/Korea vloggers, with some 'tea spill' channels thrown in as a guilty pleasure. I really enjoy videos where they show off their extremely large grocery haul. bonus points if they have an amazing kitchen. The Queen's Cabinet is a good example of this style of youtuber.
For japananese/korean vloggers ive been really enjoying: ' tweety 트위티' even though she has recently bought into her own narrative, and '효녀HYONYEO'.

Would love to be recommended similar channels !

No. 97554

it's funny how these buzzfeed stars are better off without buzzfeed. I liked her ballet video and her making a musical one.

No. 97865

I'm loving watching tech savvy people fuck with scammers. People like Kitboga, Jim Browning, ScammerRevolts etc. Watching them waste these guys time and destroying them is comedy gold to me. I can't wait until we all collectively grow more aware of this kind of maliciousness and get rid of these types of scams for good, they always prey on the most vulnerable. This video in particular made me cry laughing hearing the audible frustration the scammers had with Kitboga. One of them even rage quits and hands the call to someone else because the "old lady" was driving them crazy.

No. 97870

>’tweety 트위티' even though she has recently bought into her own narrative
I watch her too. What do you mean by this?

No. 97945

Does anyone have recommendations for good art channels on Youtube? Every time I get recommended a new channel by the algorithm, it's just yet another girl with bad to mediocre anime art who got famous because she's cute. Yes, I'm aware that 99% of people watch art youtubers because they're cute and not because their art is good, but there has to be some channel out there with decent art, right?

No. 97948

what kinda art do you like anon? digital or traditional? realism or stylized?

No. 97950

I prefer digital. I don't particularly have a preference between realism and stylized art, and find both interesting.

No. 97951

She was in the artist salt thread but I quite like Meppity. She’s at Calarts and uses Procreate on to draw. She doesn’t always do tutorials, but I think the ones she does do are interesting.

No. 97969

yess this guy is great! his voice makes everything sound so appealing, lol

No. 97980

Holy shit yes. Kit is probably my favorite with his sense of humor and how well he can act. Sometimes I wonder how he’s able to pull an act for so long.
I like Jim’s voice and how short his vids are. I’ll make sure to check the other guy out.
I’m dumb as shit when it comes to computers so I’m really interested how Kit creates the fake bank sites, or sites similar to Amazon

No. 97999

I like HalfAsInteresting. shortish videos about relatively inconsequential, but little known facts

No. 98007

>I'm loving watching tech savvy people fuck with scammers.

I recommend you listen to Reply All podcast, two part episode called Long Distance, they do similar thing but then they actually go to India and attempt to infiltrate the company, wild ride.

>Does anyone have recommendations for good art channels on Youtube?

I REALLY recommend BAM Animation channel, Trent Kaniuga and Marco Bucci. Ethan Becker has some good advice too but his approach can be a big hit or miss.

No. 98023

I watched the Russell Williams one, just learned that literal boogeyman rapists sometimes perform oral sex on you. Damn.

No. 98043

oh, he's cute

he reminds me a bit of brandon farris in a dorky way

No. 98053

I personally find Ethan Becker annoying as fuck (even though he's pretty good). Thanks for the other recs!

No. 98214


are there any channels / vids similar to these? simple, country lifestyle? lol

No. 98439

I love this channel. They cover psychological topics and feature cute animations

No. 98469

the school of life is amazing. some vids are disputable but generally, it's so good and enjoyable, I love it

No. 98529

Yunecoco is a Japanese baby channel iand a guilty pleasure of mine, it’s like watching an anime but with a baby protagonist and irl voice acting lol. The dad’s voice sounds like a protagonist’s laidback friend and the mom’s voice sounds between a tsundere and an anime villainess. Not to mention there’s a subtle fan service on the mom’s part (her not covering herself probably at times).

It’s a cute channel and the babies are charming!

No. 98532

This is the wholesome content i really need right now! Adorable. thank you for sharing

No. 98546

If you like long rant videos, I love amandabb. She dabbles in some geek rants about GLEE, dance moms, etc.

No. 98548

I've also fallen into the pit that is "Euro YTbers purchasing old victorian houses and renovating them

No. 98549

No. 98550

I like these because I love old houses and interior design. I wish I had the immediate income to redo my own home lol

No. 98713

Simply Podlogical is great since you get perspective from youtubers who are mature and have the understanding of the platform. Seeing Cristine's professionalism and passion for her business is refreshing. Any other youtube podcasts farmers enjoy?

No. 98989

CozyDay 코지데이 is a channel about daily life of simple couple, who loves cozy stuff

No. 99105

Seems interesting, thanks anon! I also like cristine and watch her content from time to time. I personally love Cold Ones but I don't know if you could even call the videos podcasts.

Also this is one of the funniest videos I've seen in a long time. My lizardbrain lives for the sheer stupidity and impulse decisions.

No. 99107

The Tim Traveller
He makes videos about interesting, quirky things he sees during his travels. (The Vasari Corridor, The fake façades of Paris etc) his vids are usually short (around 5 to 7 minutes), I love to randomly binge watch his stuff.

No. 99110

Bright Sun Films

makes videos about how some companies got bankrupt(see link), how some places got abandoned (Houston Astrodome, Nazareth Speedway) or big projects that got cancelled (Port Disney, Universal Studios Dubai, etc).
Very interesting videos, usually between 10 and 20 minutes.

No. 99111



The name says it all. He makes videos comparing languages, or about specific features some have. His vids are usually between 15 and 25 minutes long

> btw if you speak French and are interested in linguistics related content I'd recommand the French channel "Linguisticae" https://youtu.be/4F7rLVkwuIs

No. 99303

Atrocity Guide's videos are short video essays about internet/real life oddities.

No. 99318

Merci pour Linguisticae, je ne connaissais pas !

And I want to add that Langfocus researches the languages he taks about thoroughly. His video on darija (spoken moroccan) is excellent and since it's a super specific and obscure topic, I trust everything he says.

No. 99329

What are some good channels that are basically food log style type videos that go into some detail about cooking but have little commentary otherwise/no voiceover? Preference for plant-based/vegan. I liked Taylor R.'s What I Eat in a Day vids for reference.

No. 99346

Her most recent videos don't feel very authentic or natural. It feels like her and her bf have begun playing a role–they're also heavier in sponsors now.

No. 99563

I love these type of videos, when someone with a camera just walks around in a foreign city. You really get the vibe of the place

No. 101496

Li Ziqi, her videos are relaxing and satisfying to watch. There are no words for the cinematography.

Since YouTube is banned in China, her marketing team uploads her videos, probably with permission from the government. Some speculate her channel is commie propaganda but I personally doubt it.

No. 101498

It's definitely propaganda. Why would a farm girl have that sort of production value?

No. 101503


I’ve heard from chinese people that weirdly enough its not propaganda, she used to do the videos herself and post them on chinese social media then a western marketing team showed interest on spreading them around and monetizing her better, Li does live in a bumfuck nowhere farmland with her mom but I assume she had prior education in a bigger city before moving there since her hobby is photography and film.

No. 101508

>heard from Chinese people

No. 101554

Normal Chinese people anon.

Not everyone from china is a commie propaganda machine, tinfoil-chan

No. 101586

File: 1596040963844.jpg (79.94 KB, 800x450, cdc.jpg)

>ackshually she really is the perfect demure hardworking waifu who totally doesn't earn shitloads while being accompanied by a big team
Foreigners really are more gullible than chinese citizens kek

Just as an example of what people say about her, yes there are compliments, but definitely not solely.
>1. [+852] Her videos are all very pleasing to watch, but why is she suddenly in the hot searches? I thought she released a new video
She's suddenly trending for no reason, hmmm…
>2. [+500] Yearning is really just yearning. I saw her video one day and realized that these two hands really don't have it easy. I would have to give up too much to live this kind of life.
>3. [+681] I just hope the food products she sells matches the quality of her videos. . . . . (T/N: Recently one of Li Ziqi's food products were found to have quality problems).
>4. [+926] I don't yearn for her life, because I won't even be able to do a simple task like fertilize the soil in the countryside
>5. [+299] So fake. We don't know how much manpower and financial resources are needed behind the lends to maintain this superficial wonderful country lifestyle.
She's mainly known for being loved by foreigners, that's why most of them don't really have a problem with her, despite not falling for her shtick. That woman is basically free propaganda for them.

No. 101811

Channels about video games are great, this one has cool graphics and tells the story behind the development of famous games!

No. 101843

I don't even play vidya, but I love these kinds of videos. Summoning Salt is one of my faves even though I couldn't care less about speedrunning.

No. 101865


Anon same, but I love MK wii videos in general. My favorite channel is TWD98, his genuine enjoyment of the game is so wholesome.

No. 102385

I've been super into PlanD videos lately, I find them incredibly soothing and kinda inspiring, plus she has a very relaxing voice. Watching her work on her sewing projects so diligently and still take breaks to enjoy the outside and eat tasty foods makes me remember that you need to take time to appreciate the little things.

No. 102685

Prozd's snack reviews are great, I love it when he gets sick of eating halfway through and complains while trying to give his opinion.

No. 102690

His S tier choices were on point here

No. 102695

it's funny how people defend her so much even earlier in this thread.not that I mind what she does, but I believe this is more propaganda than not.

anyway,my recommendation for this thread is kelly stamps. got a vid of hers randomly and I love her personality and vibe.haven't watched that many videos yet,but I actually sat through one of her vlogs and enjoyed it.and as a person who HATES vlogs,it's really something

No. 103147

Ok anons I need your help, I'm at my wits' end here. I've cleaned up my subscriptions from all the Youtubers I used to like but have become drama/commentary channels or too repetitive (Alizee Yeezy, D'Angelo, PayMoneyWubby, SovietWomble, etc.) and now I'm left with close to nothing (Internet Historian, JonTron and some French stuff basically).

So I'm looking for small, and I mean <i>small</i>, channels that post about books, movies, philosophy, internet culture and/or video games and put some damn effort in their jokes and editing without just following what's trendy. I'd like it if they had some fucking personality too apart from "hi guys welcome back to my channel pls comment, like and subscribe". Sarcasm, high standards and humility are huge bonus points.

I legit have no idea how to find those since Youtube only recommends me vids from the 10 channels I'm already subscribed to, behemots like Pewdiepie and co. or horrid Vevo shit.

Thank you very much,

A desperate anon who wants to support nice, creative people

No. 103164

Been seeing her around and finally watched some of her videos. I love her! She's funny and her personality is endearing.

No. 103165

Can’t help you on the small front but i like vsauce, red letter media, nerd city, the right opinion, emp lemon internet comment etiquette, nerdwriter, kappa kaiju… maybe there’s something in there for you? Also I think some of the channels already posted here are quite good for what you’re looking for.

No. 103166

I think there are some alright breadtube-adjacent channels, like Shannon Strucci for media (though she hasn't uploaded recently).

No. 103167

Samefag but rhino stew is amazing! Also there’s the whole leftosphere like contrapoints, hbomberguy, philosophy tube etc if you’re into that. I find them all obnoxious and unwatchable though

No. 103170

Along with other anon’s recs, I like nakeyjakey for video game related content

No. 103171

I stayed subbed to Nerd City and Kappa Kaiju through the big cleaning so I'm definitely going to check the rest of your list, thank you so much. Also thank you to the person who recommended The School of Life upthread.
Edit: I subscribed to the whole list, a+ taste anon.

Loved the video you linked, thank you for the recommendation!

Just reading the video titles I know I will like it, thanks!

No. 103172

Cindy's technically not a super small channel but she only has about 220k
She mainly does book reviews and I love her sense of humor!
This is her most popular video but honestly, all of them are pretty great

No. 103175

I love Jenny so much
She has the type of effortless humor I wish I had
I also recommended her brony-con video that came out last month

No. 103190

I really like cuck philosophy and ralphthemoviemaker

No. 103192

Anon, me too!

No. 103198

if you want a really small channel about books, you could always check out the inked reader. I like her videos but they are kinda long and she has a really thick accent

No. 103207

cindy is the only booktuber who i tolerate talking about YA novels that i don't have the interest on reading.

i always think of her humor as edgy tumblr though which i like to a certain degree. but she does it well. i wish she upload more videos related to her writing a novel though, i always find it interesting to watch those kind of videos (since i'm currently writing my novel as well).

No. 103227

Genetically Modified Skeptic makes a lot of atheist videos (he was raised envangelical) and I really like the thoughtfulness and honesty in his videos. If atheist content bores you, he has some videos on MLMs that are great, his family has experience with them.

No. 103234

Antibot is his wife's channel specifically about MLMs. I learned about it today, but she's helped him with his videos about MLMs and those were great. If you're not American or don't know much about these, have fun learning about how fucked up these are!

No. 103236

this may not be in your range of interests, as it's technically a "family" channel but i find these dudes videos so hilarious and wholesome. it's not vlogging or anything, it's skit based videos and editing. his little girls are adorable and the editing is top tier. the family are all just amazing, good people and the whole channel is worth a watch

No. 103259

I don't mind her but unfortunately I hate YA so much I even can't bear to listen to rants about it. Thank you all the same though.

Cuck philosophy is great, thank you!

My ESL ass empathises with her and I like that she has a lot on horror and thrillers, thanks.

I don't care much for atheism or religion talk in general but fucked up MLM's are my shit, thanks!

Not my interest at all yeah but it's quite cute and well made, thank you.

Here is a list of recommendations to show my gratitude: Thafnine (video games and internet culture), Doplex (internet culture), Mörges (can't categorise, warning for loud voice) and Cynic Snacks (movies, usually the bad ones).

No. 103271

eldena and other youtubers that talks about fan or fandom related drama (i really enjoy drama around fanfiction or fanfic writers like the vid i put in the youtube link). wish eldena would talk more about fandom related stuff though, don't like the other contents he puts out like let's play and what this ship says about you but if that's what he loves then i can't stop him from putting out vids like that.

but whenever he drops the good stuff it's really lengthy but enjoyable. even more when it's something from years ago, especially something niche or unheard to the people who were outside of the drama at all.

also red bard is good, she's speak clearly and her thoughts are coherent.

No. 103728

Anons, can you recommend me a good studying/productivity/college-focused youtube channel with good tips for students about learning and staying organized, notes taking etc?

No. 103762

BoroCG, he's a digital artist with a long running series called overpain. reworks subscriber's art and explains what he's doing. does a lot of genres and he's calming/funny.

No. 103765

ThorHighheels has really nicely produced videos about video games. Also Grimbeard. Both are funny as fuck to me.

No. 103766

Even though this is short, the 'choose you own adventure' aspect of it is sorta interesting and unique

No. 103806

This is kinda cool, but I'm stuck and cant find th true ending…

No. 104027

No. 104522

journey of a hoarder mom cleaning out her home over time, she's been at it for a couple of years and is making good progress! humanizes hoarders and if you like declutter or similar videos it's great.

No. 104532

I really like whittynovels, The Artistan Geek and booksandlala. The last two are great if you want to relax, I adore their chill attitude and how mature they are.

No. 104744

For fellow conspiracyfags or people who hate Hollywood/the elites in general, this channel is the one for you!

No. 104745

thanku anon very cool

No. 105149

I've been so obsessed with this girl's vlogs recently. If you're into cleaning and planning and being productive then you'll like her.

No. 105184

Way out west is a guilty pleasure of mine, all of the videos they post are so calming. I love their months check in vlogs about their farm and all the animals. It took me a while to get used to how they both speak but now i love it.
They're so wholesome and also run a therapy farm with some of their animals and often raise money for them.

No. 105298

do you guys like any female lets players? seems like all the popular ones make their content for men. i mean, good on them for knowing their audience, its just not what i'm looking for.
i wanna find a channel with that kinda chaotic and silly humor you mostly see from channels ran by men. i know there has to be a ton out there, but i can't seem to find any.

No. 105299

Food4Dogs makes videos about jRPGs and visual novels, I love how calming her unboxings and talks about games are.

No. 105300

Learn Japanese and watch VTubers

No. 105306

She's so cool!

No. 105353

Dr. Rahim always pops up for me and it's great for background noise. It's amazing to see what he can do to help these people

No. 105415

I really like Georg Rockall-Schmidt‘s channel. Makes really good videos about movies mostly, plus his dry humour is funny sometimes. Also doesn’t insert shit politics into the videos like a lot of youtubers of the same vein do. This is just a random vid but check out his channel if you like discussions about movies.

No. 113864

File: 1604312951824.png (35.89 KB, 220x220, worldbuilding.png)

Hope I don't get b& for necroing, but I have to share this:

Worldbuilding Notes is a channel by Ewa Lodoss, where she imagines fantasy settings. Two of her most developed worlds are the World Spindle and River Basin, I recommend you watch the playlists for each one in order.
Her stories are so imaginative, and her settings are very well thought through. I can't choose a particular video to link because they're all so awesome. I hope some of you will enjoy this as much as I do.

No. 113876

Jenny's humor is so good and natural, I love her content.

I like "societal rant" youtubers like Jordan Theresa, Tee Noir and Tiffanyferg.
Used to be really into Sherliza Moé's rants as well, but this video kinda threw me off a bit with the "KATARA MUST BE PLAYED BY AN INUIT WOMAN IN THE LIVE ACTION" and shit like that

No. 113895

I really like this anon, thanks for sharing. Her voice is nice and her accent reminds me of one of my friends. I watched the one on the archipelago and it was very charming and creative, will definitely listen to more.

No. 113899

Oh that sounds very interesting, I remembered a story that you might like, because it's about life on a planet very different from ours, like those (a very large very fast spinning planet so the gravitational force on the equator is 600 times larger than on the earth, and on the poles it's 3 times larger), it's called Mission of Gravity, if you want to read it

No. 113904

The fact that she unironically likes reading YA turns me off. She's only critical some of the time.

>anime coomer but make it 90 years old

No. 113954

Hey, thanks for the book rec, I looked it up, and I love stuff like that! I'll download and read it during lockdown to escape a bit from the 4 walls.

No. 117019

I don't know if I can describe this correctly, but do any anons have recommendations for comfy channels of people living in the woods or at least farther off from civilization? Like a lot of people probably do, I've always had an escapist fantasy of pulling a Kaczynski and living by myself in the woods, but obviously I can't do that so I'd love to live vicariously by watching some videos about it. Anything relatively related to that, even cottagecore stuff would be appreciated!

No. 117025

I like Cindy and think she's funny most of the time, but the libfem shit is so cringy. she has a habit of calling characters she doesn't like terfs, even if it has nothing to do with tranny shit.

No. 117042

She only has two vids but this one went through all of the Live Action Mulan and covered cultural inaccuracies, ngl I really enjoyed this one and I'll probably read her book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N3QKq24e0HM

No. 117048

Maybe I'm misreading but the way you phrased this made it sound like you hadn't been able to find much stuff like that? There's an entire section of youtube that's just dudes emulating Dick Proenneke (who you might as well search for specifically, since he's the OG), or primitive technology. I don't actually watch it cause it's not my thing but it seems like the algorithm really wants me to, since it's practically all I'm ever recommended lol, you can easily find hundreds of hours worth of videos just by searching "off the grid" or "bushcraft". There was this German dude, Merlin Flexer, who's channel I found while looking for camera related stuff. Maybe that's not actually what you were looking for, I was just surprised that somebody could have missed this seemingly enormous subsection of the internet (it does seem to be mostly men doing it though).

No. 117056

I really like this lady's narrated videos of common wildlife. Simple and comfy content.

No. 118428

I really enjoy Accented Cinema, it is run by a filmmaker who creates video essays about Asian films. The videos are aesthetically cohesive and in-depth. The guy also has a soft Chinese accent which I personally find endearing

No. 126574

Google must have realized how much Yurucamp content I consumed and started recommending me some camping channels. It's great, thanks algorithm.

No. 126575

And then I found this one recently too!

No. 126592

I'm a diabeticfag so I turn to LowCarbingAsian for quick recipes. I also love the fact none of these videos go over 2 minutes long. I don't like artificial sweeteners so I usually skip the sweet stuff and exempt the sweeteners from the savory recipe, they still come out good.

No. 126610

David Dobrik, anyone?

No. 126612

does he even do youtube anymore? honestly I liked his stuff even if it was kind of dumb

No. 126623

He stopped because of corona so nothing recently. Same, his videos were just retarded humour. Turn your brain off and enjoy.

No. 126734

amazing, I love seeing elderly people with bizarre interests like this

No. 136033

farmers, recommend some of your favorite female vloggers to me. prefer if they are adults and mid to late 20s, have a goofy personality, and a lot more going on in their life than just youtube.

No. 136106

dont know if you like booktubers but i am really enjoying alexandra roselyn, she has a lot of cozy reading vlogs and she's in grad school

No. 136140

I know it's a cliched meme at this point, but Kitboga videos really do help me sleep

No. 137205

File: 1618347039404.png (77.65 KB, 960x770, nice.PNG)

Good to know Internet Historian is a man of good taste.

No. 137217

I've been binging a lot of Forgotten Lives videos recently. His videos are about lesser known historical figures, particularly women. He's always respectful about the subject and he seems genuinely knowledgeable, also he's handsome too and has a nice voice which adds a lot for me (kek)

No. 137226

thanks for this! his phrasing is a little odd but these topics are very interesting.

No. 137291

Any good female fitness youtubers out there? And general fitness/dieting/wellness channels that don't try to paddle you their programs or some stupid diet.
Bonus points if asian because I'm a massive koreaboo trash.
Currently trying to loose all the antipsychotics weight and those type of channels are really inspirational for me.

No. 137347

Wow anon what a find, thank you!

No. 137954

I love MEPearlA aka the Opossum Lady.
She makes these ridiculous theatrical informative videos with her many opossums and a squirrel. She just has the best kind of energy. I adore her content.

No. 137969

Sixteenleo. He's a commentary channel with a cute personality and witty humor. I reccomend following him.



No. 137990

I find Helen Rennie's cooking/baking channel relaxing and fun to watch.

No. 138134

Idk how many crust punk/vegans are here, but soynoise is a great channel. He interviews a lot of the greats and newer bands, plus political and animal rights activists.

No. 138261

Yeah, I like watching some of his vids.

No. 146551

She's immaculate

No. 146611

File: 1622633645021.jpg (549.5 KB, 1536x2048, Strawburry17.jpg)

Anyone have any toy channels they like?
I'm currently watching: https://www.youtube.com/c/LoriensToyBox

She's not a toy channel but I used to love watching Strawburry17 do whipple kits and re-ment unboxings. Oh, I just remembered
kawaii trade packages were also one of my favorite videos to watch when I was young. Still kind of is.

No. 147089


i really like her vids on random media subjects! this is on lisa hanawalt's art (which i am a huge fan of) and in general, i like her research/takes on things.

it also helps that she's not that popular ykwim? so the subject matter is widely varied and doesn't really cater to a specific thing that /will/ become popular… idk any examples of youtubers like this? i just have hipster-syndrome i guess where i can't watch contrapoints (as an example) or any really popular youtubers anymore cuz i wanna be on the cutting edge or whatever, of what's not fully exposed to the masses. new shit, weird shit.

any recs?

currently very into cyborgs and multispecies donna haraway mark fisher et al type stuff…

No. 147172

geowizard is one of my favourite youtubers at the moment. he makes mainly geoguessr vids but also has a series where he attempts to cross various countries in straight lines. the production value on those videos make them feel like episodes of a tv show and you can clearly tell that he puts a lot of love into editing them (i also believe that all the music featured throughout the series is composed and arranged by him which is crazy!!). i also just like his chill vibes - he seems very mature and respectful. my favourite 'mission across' (aka straight line videos) videos are the ones he does with his mate welsh greg bc they remind me of being a kid and going on trekking adventures with my friends, but they're all great. any anons wanna go trek across a country?

i also LOVE nicob. he's a lets-player whose channel is fairly small (200k), but most of his videos are an hour long - or even longer depending on the game, and just like geowizard, you can tell he cares a lot about the content he makes. i've been watching him religiously for at least 4 years and i just find him really likable and funny. recently finished watching his omori lets play and i'm really glad i got to experience the game with him. i've found that he's good at cracking jokes and being silly, but also taking things seriously when it's necessary.

these are the only two youtubers who i've ever supported on patreon - it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know that i can support content creators who have given me endless hours of free content. do any other anons have youtubers you support via patreon?

No. 147193

Louis' life videos are nice, it's a good subsititute for anyone who has shitty/useless parents. If anyone know of any more channels like his please comment.

No. 147196

Wasn't expecting to see this like 5 minutes after seeing the second Scotland episode! I really like the straight line videos too. Kek my bf and I pay for Geoguesser because of this dude.

No. 147234

>click on random video
>its right outside my house
what the fuck

No. 147326

i love diy with kb. good advice and gives alternatives for if you if you can't change something or don't want to. this video of hers is hilarious though.

No. 147367

Thanks I love it

No. 148003

Does anyone know any youtubers who live really nice productive lives and sometimes might give out tips or general advice? Something along the lines of clahrah, Eve Cornwall, Aysha Harun and 에바EVA…

I love watching those type of videos, they give me motivation and its nice to see people live interesting lifestyles

No. 148564

Can you guys rec any South Asian youtubers/vloggers?

No. 148570

File: 1623873247837.png (840.21 KB, 997x507, pic.png)

I wanted to mention it before but I love the man and woman artwork she has hanging behind her in another video. I don't like most abstract art but they look perfect right there

No. 148574

So bummed they got caught and had to cut their trip short!

No. 151769

The first 30 seconds of this video is a trip.

No. 151782

Does anyone have j-vloggers recommandations? Above 20 years old and who are not total men/women child

No. 151784

oddly enough, she has helped my schizo ass make peace with the concept of death

No. 151785

I really need to watch her, did any video in specific made you feel better about death?

No. 151809

I've never watched her videos specifically because of my death anxiety

No. 152173

she's so calm, its's so therapeutic.

No. 152260

I think one of the most helpful vids for me was her going through putting her cat down. I recently lost a pet who I depended on a lot and knowing what I could do for my pet and the grieving process really made a world of difference. It made me feel closer to calm than I had ever when it came to death. I felt my emotions were in all the right places and that my pet knew how I felt too when she was euthanized. If you can’t handle the death of human beings yet try that one out and gradually work it in.

(I’m not scared of it but it puts me in a distant head space.)

No. 153466

This crazy motherfucker trying to survive off the land of the Japanese coastline

No. 153484

File: 1627205168604.jpg (85.53 KB, 1080x720, Mina Le.jpg)

If anyone could recommend me channels similar to these, it would be much appreciated.
Mina Le: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoOss5XiPpnLHGmLrBvNkJg
Alice Cappelle: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrCTC5_t-HaVJ025DbYITiw
Madisyn Brown: https://www.youtube.com/user/maddiebrown77
Don't mention ContraPoints.

No. 153489

I like that she acts normal, without exaggerated positivity, and is straight to the point in all of her videos. Also I just like her face kek

No. 153491

and her brother as well

No. 153547

This was interesting and the guy is cute, thanks

No. 153606

File: 1627277863618.jpg (1.87 MB, 1514x650, AA.jpg)

Thanks for this, anon! YouTube is mean…

No. 153607

Give it a few months… the drama bubble around her is about to burst. There’s a reason why she doesn’t work for Pat McGrath anymore.

No. 153645

I always thought there was something off about her. The way she talked about other muas, industry events, her scrote etc came off as very NLOG. She also seemed super offended when people assumed she was queer.

No. 154288

Any recommendations for channels like Azusa Barbie's? Not necessarily interested in the Barbie part, but looking for people who are obsessed with a color (preferably purple, but any color) or an aesthetic and incorporate it into every aspect of life with lots of diy.

No. 158267

Ack. Samefagging but I can't believe I forgot to mention tiffanyferg. She was the first commentary channel I ran into a couple years ago.

No. 161360

Regardless I cannot take this man seriously. I remember seeing his channel years ago and he sounded like a normal dude and now he puts on the obvious fake voice which is just distracting

No. 162249

Really late reply. But I feel like there are a lot of youtubers like that. You could try

>Sarah Schauer

>Jordan Theresa
>Tara Mooknee
>Khadija Mbowe
>My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You

But I'm guessing you already found those by now

No. 162264


Discover the tragedies and scandal in the world of civil engineering!

No. 162424

samefag, but there's also Salem Tovar, Sherliza Moe and Casy Aonso

No. 163093

Any recommendations for feminine men that aren’t total weirdos? Bonus points if they’re straight because I feel weird knowing that I’m watching a stereotype.

No. 163143

I'm aware of Sarah, Salem, Casey, and Jordan, but not the rest. Thank you!

No. 163496

All of their videos are great when you need to see something silly and fun

No. 163658

just found some more

hailey elizabeth https://www.youtube.com/c/HaileyElizabethh/videos

and lola sebastian (although it looks like she hasn't uploaded in awhile it looks like) https://www.youtube.com/c/LolaSebastian/videos

No. 163664

Oh, wow! Thank you!

No. 163665

all these normie neo lib youtube channels… only goes to show how much the main crowd shifted on lc.

No. 163667

I don't really like those channels (except Jordan Theresa) I was just recommending them for that other anon, they can be entertaining though. I haven't posted the actual ones I watch very much because no one seems to care when I do lol.

But a channel I have really enjoyed recently is Trey the Explainer. I haven't watched all of his videos but the ones I've seen are really good.

No. 163668

I used to watch him but he is woke on twitter so I stopped because the mainstream science industry is ridiculous like it's always been, pushing whatever idea that gets them funds.

No. 163670

Dang that fucking sucks, I had no idea. He seemed like such a rational dude from his videos

No. 163692

I don't get why some people are so sensitive to content creators keeping unrelated opinions on a side account. If you nothing in his videos even bothered you, why is that a reason to stop watching? And most of his tweets are just silly memes

No. 163918

>Stop watching a user because he dont think like you/its opposed to your ideology.
C'on. it's 2021 already, I can't believe there are still people who are still stuck in the internet tribal behavior of 2015.

No. 163921

I had known "The right opinión" for a long time, but it was a typical leafy wannabe back in the day. After a while I gave it a chance, and I think it is one of my favorite channels. The way he treats the topics and the accurate information (plus the editing of his contributors) makes a video of an hour or more feel like five minutes. I wouldn't be surprised if I found out he lurks around here.

No. 164285

File: 1634210836571.jpg (30.09 KB, 1000x1000, MV5BNTNhZjQ0MmEtM2IzMS00MWRiLW…)

did anyone else watch a dose of buckley? i used to watch his videos a lot when i was 13. not so much interested in his channel now but his musical autopsys and worst songs list videos were pretty funny. ironically they would usually just introduce me to music i actually liked since i have a shit taste in music

No. 164288

I used to watch him too, but I stopped when I grew out of the pretentious contrarian phase I had when I was a teenager. Kinda sad if he's still doing the exact same content that he used to after so many years.

No. 164290

I liked musical autopsy when i still listened to radio, but now i don't recognize or care about any of the artists he talks about.
I also liked some of his other videos, but they are always the same shit (boring celeb or internet drama) with the same opinions (the same opinions any edgy man in his 30s has, are male "comedians" made in a fucking factory, fucking christ, be creative once in your damn life), and while i really like his normal voice, his "fake" voices are the most annoying, ear-bleeding cringe i've ever fucking heard.

No. 164292

Yeah I also watched him a few years ago and I found his videos funny, but he's very repetitive and all his opinions and jokes are very predictable. There's really nothing unique about what he talks about. I unsubscribed a few months ago actually since I can't stand that kind of drama and gossip side of Youtube anymore

No. 164887

I think he's gone off the goop, the last time i checked up on him he was making videos in support of trans women boxing real women. But I remember he always joked about being a "misogynist", so I guess he found an acceptable way to be one.

No. 167583

I just found this channel and have been enjoying it. It's a nice British lady making videos of her cat grooming business. Relaxing to watch.

No. 167589

Haha I’ve been watching animal grooming videos too lately. This guy makes long videos where he shaves excessively matted stray dogs. Kind of hypnotic, I sometimes watch them before I fall asleep.

No. 167630

I like watching these with my cat

No. 167878

I really like their works, animations, aesthetics and art style. Their characters are pretty cute too.

No. 168268

This channel is something else

No. 168275

That poor dog

No. 168952

Dare I say based

No. 168957

That dog is gonna kill the kid, lol parents of the year

No. 169000

Why didn't the owner cut also his sons ears off? Should look cooler and more macho right. Fuck I hate mutilators. Also ugly dog.

No. 169022

Kek I love this guy's videos. I'm glad I'm not the only one who believes that many of the so called dog lovers actually fuck their dogs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 169024

Shitting up the thread with your dog nonsense.

No. 169046

She comes off a bit preachy at times but I like that she's taking a stand against fetishization of goth women.

No. 169058

This channel makes good first impression but as you keep watching it, you begin to see the author has a load of issues of his own and needs a therapy. Specifically He had narcissistic mother who abused whole family and was zealously religious, narcs like religion for the supply it provides to their ego, but the author of the channel clearly doesn't understand that and bears angst against Christianity as a whole. I find it suspicious he speaks ill at Christianity in general, when it's a pretty dope religion if you actually learn its philosophy and principles, instead of taking stereotypes and mega church nutjobs as representative.

No. 169059

Yeah religion that condems homosexuality and treats women as lesser than men is indeed dope(infighting )

No. 169061

Go convert to islam.

No. 169062

Nah, islam is even worse. Calm your tits handmaiden.

No. 169063

pretty much every religion puts women behind men for a number of reasons that stem from biology of our species, but I'm not bitter "queen" with ego and lesbian tendencies. I value spiritual peace it brings to me, even if I don't have genuine sincere faith due to years of committed atheism.(derailing )

No. 169068

Organized religion is stupid and you don't need it to know how to be a good person. Take responsibility for yourself. Religion was constructed as another way to control and divide people, to define people's worth by arbitrary standards, as a way to punish people who have any kind of otherness. It's not "dope" and you sound like a goofy Sunday school teacher. "Yeah God is just so nifty! Jesus is a rock and he rolls my blues away!

No. 169073

Fucking lol. What spiritual peace can a religion that puts you down for your gender could possibly bring?

No. 169079

>lesbian tendencies

No. 169080

Back to reddit

No. 169604

Any recommendations for channels similar to Imamu Room? Looking for cozy food related vlogs

No. 169611

Imamu room is S tier for me. But channels like Nebom (linked) and "hongsi 홍시" come close.

No. 169631

I dont really watch her for the fact that shes a therapist but more so that i like her personality and the whole gaming letsplay and facecam format.. kinda reminds me of old youtube

No. 169632

I like Nino's Kitchen and Chocolate Cacao

No. 169679

Thanks I'll check them out!

No. 170447

File: 1637283830154.png (499.06 KB, 1280x857, tumblr_phul7faoeP1rrjopho1_128…)

does anyone know of any gaming/media (any kind honestly) channels that don't constantly interject politics into their content? I can respect creators that don't share the same views as me, however I'm so sick of seemingly every creator I follow suddenly coming out to "own the ebil terfs!!! fuck jk rowling amirite!!!" and eventually identifying as some flavor of trans or heavily adjacent. channels run by women are preferred, but I'll take anything at this point honestly

No. 170528

I like Materwelonz, she's a gaming channel, her voice is kinda soothing to me.

No. 170535

we discussed this in the MTF thread oddly enough, and here were the recommendations

Lady Decade is a good video game essayist who happens to be a woman.

There's also Erin Plays

The Bobdunga Show

Pushing up roses, was a fairly decent game/tv review channel but she's taken a long hiatus as of now

Cannot be Tamed, she does mostly horror and atmospheric game reviews

ManlyBadassHero is a male but he reviews mostly obscure Indie horror games and plays them to complementation, his commentary is just right, where its not annoying but also pleasant enough that you don't feel scared

a fun geek related female channel is Rawrist who does fantasy and horror reviews as well as lore essays and comics/book vs show comparison, she's pretty cool

No. 170536

I love Pushinguproses recent content, though. I do love when she talks about games, but I'll never complain about a Murder She Wrote video hehe

No. 170635

A great channel is Food4Dogs. She's a senior gamer that really knows her stuff, she's so lovely.

No. 171194

I enjoy watching and listening to Izzzyzzz's videos. She covers and talks about stories from the internet like incidents, dramas, games, etc. Even some of the topics of her videos had me feeling nostalgic.

No. 171199

based, she's the best

No. 171224

She literally copies contrapoints anon

No. 171226

I like her too, love the neopets ones but i am a neopet fan girl so ye..

No. 171233

as does literally every creator on youtube now a days

No. 173031

I am in dire need of some new channels. I enjoy abstract things like miniature dollhouses etc. But I also love gaming, film and philosophy. Overall i'm happy to watch anything though.

No. 174063

Probably not what you want, but I like this pencil and stationary guy's accidental asmr.

No. 176190

For philosophy check out: carefree wandering & academy of ideas

No. 177009

I really enjoy asian food shopping/food trying videos. I like the pacing and the fact that no one talks.

1) Tokyo Hare: https://www.youtube.com/c/TOKYOHARE
2) sunny Tokyo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpyZ1-VmhtE_QIPX8uzCWMw
3) Dancing Bacons: https://www.youtube.com/c/DancingBacons

No. 177101

i find his videos interesting, hearing him give dudes actual advice on sex is hilarious to me

No. 177106

Awhile back I got really into watching "van life" type youtubers. I discovered Elsa Rhae and Barron's channel, they're a couple who lives in a scamp trailer and travel across the US. The trailer looks claustrophobic af to me. I'd never want to live like that but I find their videos really interesting, especially the ones with recipes in them (cooking when you don't have a proper kitchen to me and have to make do is a fascinating concept to me, Idk why). I also liked Elsa's video about her hiking the Appalachian trail, though I'd probably never want to do that either.

No. 177111

>Flies breeding on a tree by the camper, kill them
>Packrat running around the camper, kill it

There’s something weird about a couple of yuppies going camping in nature and then systematically killing any animals who also happen to be living in the same nature.

No. 177114

lol true

and I've noticed they use a lot of technology too, like they always have earbuds in or are always playing games and stuff like that. which is totally normal but I kind of don't see the point of driving out to the middle of nowhere to "be one with nature" or whatever, then to just live like a normie who is watching netflix and listening to podcasts all the time

No. 177171

They always have solar energy, too, and batteries, etc. It's just rich kids larping as hobos.

No. 177172

Found this guy recently from his "tent in a tent" video and for whatever fucking reason I started to really enjoy watching his videos, especially his stealth camping videos but even just his regular camping videos when I want to watch this dude camp and not feel a sense of anxiety about him possibly getting caught.

I have no idea why I like his videos so much. I follow some other camping channels that have nice production value and feel very aesthetic (lots of nice serene b-rolls) but I haven't been able to feel as consistently engaged and wanting to watch more of their videos as much as his. I typically like frilled up shit, but his videos and content are very no frills. It's always the same routine with his videos too. He gets to where he's camping, sets up, drinks a beer or other drink (calls it step two), makes dinner, sleeps, packs up and leaves.

No. 177182

he's where i want to be tbh

No. 177230

omg anon thank you for linking these channels. been a big fan of dancing bacons for a while (used to get really high with friends and watch his videos for hours) but i love the Tokyohare channel already

No. 180094

Anything Priya Krishna on Youtube. She was on Bon Appetit but seems to be doing vids on NTY channels now. She's cute and personable to me

No. 180266

No problem anon!! I'm still searching for similar kind of content however.
If any anons know of any channels similar, especially no talking and food related such as grocery shopping or trying grocery food that would be great!

No. 180277

Binged watched him last year, his commentary is entertaining.

No. 180401

i just love watching this woman rant about random shit, too bad she's become inactive

No. 181658

Does anyone have any suggestions for channels like Lazy Masquerade or Nexpo? Just calm chilling horror stories/true crime (kinda) to listen to? No fake kid YouTube stuff

No. 181685

Reginbot: Pretty similar to Nexpo, she covers a mix of real/fake internet mysteries

Bedtime Stories: Covers a bunch of bizzare events/paranormal cases/cryptids

Blamitonjorge: Mostly covers lost media pertaining to tv shows, but occasionally covers some missing persons cases

Nightmind: He tends to do more explaining ARGs and fake horror media, still fun to watch

No. 181689

God, I hate that facial reconstruction or whatever. Pure nightmare fuel. I wish videos could be spoilered

No. 181713

I like Hailey Elizabeth, she’s a good storyteller

No. 181729

fascinating horror! straight and to the point, no cushiony lead-up. really love their videos.

No. 182478

Japanese frog channel. I love the stupid sound effects they add when the frogs hit things

No. 182500

omg i love this channel too. My fav of her frogs are the yellow japanese toads, their faces are the best.

No. 182943

what are your favorite gaming channels?

No. 183068

I like RTGame, PointCrow, and also Jacksepticeye (but nothing pre-2019). I also like GameChamp3000 for some videos. There's also Girlfriend Reviews, but it's more reviews than actual gaming. It's hard for me to find women who's gaming stuff I like, but sometimes I'll watch Valkyrae if I happen to see her streaming, mainly just good background noise though.

No. 183125

Rtgame is a huge guilty pleasure, my brain tells me that he's lame and ugly but my heart finds him funny and kawaii

I still rewatch crusty old monster factory videos

No. 183164

I feel the same way kek. I think after watching him for so long, he looks less ugly to me because his (streaming) personality is so nice. His videos genuinely make me laugh and I really like his voice.

have you noticed he got braces recently? the first thing I thought when I noticed it was how cute he looked kek

No. 183272


I like ManlyBadassHero, he doesn't try too hard to be funny.

No. 183290

Yes, and that was my first thought too lmfao good on him though, he'll look even cuter with less fucked up teeth

No. 183327


No. 183757

This Korean lady has a really cute channel with her cats.

No. 185207

I love this channel, makes me feel so much better about my natural proportions

No. 185215

I'm watching this right now as background while I do stuff and when she said "eyebrow hair transplant" I was so shocked I had to run to the pc. Wtf never heard of this, sounds insane.

No. 185220

kinda surpised ordinary things isn't here.he makes videos about,well,ordinary things which are pretty enganging,informative and funny.He also seems like a cool dude

No. 185252

Crime pays but Botany doesn't. If you enjoy field research in a crass tone and learning scientific names of plants

No. 372727

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