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No. 98410

Any anons dabble in the mainstream competitive esports games?

I love playing CS:GO even though I'm not very good. My favorite map is train, because that is the only map where I can awp okay-ish. I'm really bad at sniping in CS:GO even though I love snipers in other games. Experienced players can peek me with an ak47 faster than I can scope in and find them. One thing I wish about the game is that they should get rid of free armor and defuse kits in casual, it's hard to get good in casual when it holds your hand like that.

No. 98412

I pretty much only play Valorant and league atm. I'm silver 2 in LoL but I've only started playing this year. I really suck at Valorant, pretty much bottom frag every game, but it's still fun. Viper is bae

No. 98488

I've gotten into league via proximity to my bf and his friends but I suck. I keep up with the news and watch a lot of streams/LCS (it's good white noise when I study lol) so I can talk about it like I know what's going on but in game I'm just lost. It'd be nice to be good but idk if I'll ever put in the effort
Drunk aram with friends is very fun though

No. 98497

I like SMITE

No. 98536

I honestly want to get into LoL and Overwatch so bad, but i only want to play with mainly women because men are dumb.

Nice! How is it?

No. 98580

For some reason the men on OW are the most incel and misogynistic

No. 98608

I used to be into Overwatch, was Masters and had a team in the Open division, even went to the OWL Season 1 finals and >>98580 is entirely right. People will scream at you if you don't use mic and tell you you're throwing and report you for bad teamwork but the second they hear a female voice doing any kind of callout they call you a cunt and tell you to shut up. There's no winning. Don't bother. Overwatch should only be played casually.

No. 98664

sucks so much. This is why i want more female friends into gaming. A lot of them are really casual, but i'd love to do more competitive stuff together. Men ruin everything. We cant win

No. 103331

I play league, my partner got me into it at first, i've never really liked support roles but since i didn't had any good experience with any other champs i had to play lux since she was easy according to my partner. Played a few lux matches and im pretty much a support main now, maining Rakan and Lux, im MR5 on rakan and 80k points on him.

Also hardstuck bronze, because my team sucks balls

(ive also played a fair matches of valorant but im terrible at aiming).

No. 103333

I am so sick and tired of being forced on Ana or it's a throw if I do support because the balance team should of been let go by year 1. I refuse to touch tank or dps anymore as tanking is just being ping pong'd about and dying. And DPS is just screaming 12 year olds and man children reeing. I can harp about Riot's balancing all I want, but at least their team isn't trying to force the game in a direction the og design was never intended for. OW was designed and released as baby's first shooter and should of stayed there.

No. 103335

oh wow it's sex i'm shaking in me boots

No. 103344

What I don't understand about LoL's players is why are they so rabid? No matter what game mode you're playing, if you fuck up ONCE you have a 70% chance of being flamed to hell or spammed with millions of warnings over your map. Like, wtf? I wish they made a TRUE game mode for casuals/noobs. I can't even try jungle without having to mute half of my team, jesus.

Nexus Blitz is the only mode I play when my brother is not online. Is fast, funny and doesn't have people screeeeeching all over the chat. I heard it will disappear once Spirit Blossom is over, is it true?

And… is anyone watching LCS for the drops? They did us dirty today… only 500 BE.

No. 103384

>What I don't understand about LoL's players is why are they so rabid?
The people who are rabid have let league consume them. Their entire life is league. Imagine it. Your life revolves around a MOBA. Now, you've played multiple games a day (most resulting in losses because you're drained and hardstuck) you lose again, que again, and your bot lane dies in the first 4 minutes of the game. Crack. Your mental is gone. Time to flame everyone.

>I wish they made a TRUE game mode for casuals/noobs.

I wish they'd do this too but bots/cringe smufs would find a way to play and make it arguably worse. The best thing you can do is /mute all.

>I heard it will disappear once Spirit Blossom is over, is it true?

Yes:( Try arams! They're super fun.

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