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No. 2500

Can we talk about this … thing and her devout followers who defend her excuse for being skellington status?

Claims to have a metabolism disorder.


No. 2501

I always wondered what was up with her. If she has a metabolism issue, all she has to do is eat more than she burns and she'd gain weight.

No. 2502

Could be wrong but doesn't her mom have to help her do her hair/get ready? That and the fact that she seems to only interact with her mom on a regular basis makes it hard for me to believe she doesn't have some kind of illness.

No. 2503

File: 1467733440954.jpg (79.22 KB, 612x612, 11123939_833937719986617_20750…)

Or you know, take medication like other people with those issues.

She's lost weight over the years.

4-ish years ago

No. 2504

It bothers me that she doesn't turn her head at all in her videos. She wants that perfect angle, so fucking weird

No. 2505

What's strange is that she's very thin but she doesn't have any bones jutting out. Most people would look emaciated.

No. 2506

okay theres nothing cow-ish about being anorexic. its a fucking illness

No. 2507

Nope, it's hilarious.

No. 2508

why is a deadly, horrible illness funny? this fucking site, man.

OP is jealous and probably ugly.

No. 2509

ive noticed this too.
it let me to think maybe she is naturally thin or has a condition?
usually you can tell the difference between someone anorexic and naturally thin is that their bones/veins arent popping out much

No. 2510

Not OP, don't really think Eugenia deserves a spot here, but I do think it's shitty of her not to have the responsibility to publicly acknowledge her eating disorder, considering her audience and influence.

No. 2511

I was with you until you pulled the "jealous, ugly" card.
Why would op be jealous of an anorexic if the illness is so deadly and serious?
Gtfo this site if it bothers you so much.

No. 2512

WHY is that shitty? why should she HAVE to talk about something which is probably very sensitive to her? maybe she doesnt want to?

This seems like exactly the same OP who samefagged up that shitty Alex Clark thread.

No. 2513

I agree. This thread looks eerily similar to the Alex thread, here. >>111559

Samefagging about fuck all. This girl has no milk.

This is a shit thread.

No. 2514

>considering her audience and influence

No. 2515

Not whoever that is, admin can confirm if it's necessary

No. 2516

Nah theres a new admin, old admin cleared all the IPs of past threads.

And so? She doesn't owe her fans an explanation about anything. This is nitpicking.

No. 2517

No. 2518

I've watched a bit of some of her live streams. In them many people asked about her weight and she tended to just ignore the comments but in one she eventually responded to a couple questions that people were asking. Firstly she said she doesn't have any condition that makes her unable to lose weight. She also said to someone telling her to gain weight that she doesn't feel she needs to gain any weight. So her weight is simply her choice at the very least from what she is saying.

No. 2519

Well shit, I guess you'll just have to take my word for it.

I posted her in snow because she has a lot of teen followers and she's dishonest and dismissive of her weight issues. Same as aly_realrecover. I guess it's different though because she outright denies there is an issue at all instead of just faking recovery.

No. 2520

*unable to gain weight

No. 2521


so fucking what??? oh my god!! she doesnt have to disclose information about her weight if she doesnt want to.

in my opinion this takes exactly the same style as the alex clark thread, samefagging and all.

this girl has no milk. shes allowed to keep her disorder to herself. she has no drama and no milk.

No. 2522


No. 2523

I agree. Bushb4by is more of a cow than her.

Fucking bushb4by.

No. 5001

give me her city and ill call the nearest ward then she will get attention from doctors instead of begging for it on youtube then whining about people stating the obvious

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