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File: 1432730008163.jpg (84.4 KB, 1024x494, image.jpg)

No. 2551

There was a post about this cow but it got 404d



>photoshops insufferably
>is a weak 3 without makeup (probably too generous)
>uses fake notes and likes on tumblr and facebook to make herself seem more attractive than she is
>made a blog dedicated to posting her own nudes and denies she made it
>sends herself compliments and was caught when she forgot to click anon

No. 2552

that you again OP? give it a rest. this girl's prettier than you, I'm sure of it

No. 2553

Hey Alex. Still lurking LC are you?

No. 2554

File: 1432733695673.jpg (61.33 KB, 500x740, image.jpg)

OP admin deleted your shit thread already. STAHP.

Pic related; a more updated pic of her

No. 2555

>sends herself compliments and was caught when she forgot to click anon
Proof or it didnt happen. gosh anon you must be new here. Lurk more.

No. 2556

Dat shoop

No. 2557

OP plz

No. 2558

If your thread was deleted, there was probably a very good reason for doing it.

Give up or go back to tumblr with this nonsense. No lulz = no one cares.

No. 2559

I'd probably say she's a low 1/10 without shop honestly

No. 2560

File: 1432741899216.jpg (10.4 KB, 256x144, image.jpg)


No. 2561


Jesus fucking christ, OP. You're pathetic.

No. 2562

she really is hideous here. not even op. are you even sure this is the same girl? she mustve gotten surgery or something because she looks so pretty in her new pics

No. 2563

>pretty in her new pics

It's photoshop, dear

No. 2564

There videos of here and she looks pretty much like she does in her pictures.



OP is salty and probably ugly.

No. 2565

File: 1432746130954.gif (2.16 MB, 320x240, 2005_l_2-min-blow-job-teaser-v…)


Looks like her pics to me.
OP mad as hell.

Lemme guess, you guys went to school together in Leeds, your boyfriend fancied her or she made a mean joke about you one day and you've never forgotten it, recently found out she a camgirl now and came here to try and spite her?

No. 2566

no, i think she got plastic surgery. she has fake tits, too.

No. 2567

This thread is cancer but I felt really weird watching that gif. She's like.. pretty I guess, but her soulless eyes make it feel like an extremely unconfortable blowjob from a sex doll or something.

No. 2568


Looking into the camera like that is a porn technique.
It gives male viewers the impression that she's looking directly at them specifically and encourages them to buy her vids to get the rest of it.

No. 2569

I know that, I have indeed watched porn before anon. Her eyes just look empty and soulless to me is all.

No. 2570

She looks average, she shoops and is basic. Why is there such a hype about her?

No. 2571

There isn't. Some salty af OP has made three different threads on her in the past few days.

No. 2572



No. 2573

She's fuck ugly and needs a dose of reality

No. 2574

Someone please purge this thread already.

No. 2575

I know this lolcow hasn't been milked much but I've been following her since this thread and she posts a shit load of SJW shit on her facebook after promising to delete it way back in October, but also accuses men who are honest about her being unattractive (and the ones who don't suck up to her stumpy, pugfaced ass on facebook in hopes of free porn) get abused by her for being "gay" even tho she is SJW? She's a hypocrite and her gifs are shopped.

Screen cap is a picture of an extremely homophobic comment she made even though her facebook is plagued with feminists posts about ~loving gay people~ uwu

No. 2576

My apologies, my laptop fucked up and wouldn't let me upload it the screen caps here http://oi67.tinypic.com/2zrht77.jpg

No. 2577

I'm really surprised that she/he (she looks like a trans) is calling other people ugly and telling them to "wear bags over their heads" when she's so fucking ugly without extensive use of shoop.

If you go through the comments on her pictures, it's all a bunch of people calling her photoshop/attention whoring out with her responding by insulting their looks/making racist comments towards them. Such an obvious chav. Probably lives in a council house with her scrounger crack whore mother and finds maggots in her mattress as dinner. Cunts like this are the reason that people want benefit cuts. She's disgusting.

No. 2578


Alex, your samefaggery and autism won't fly here. Stop making threads about yourself and calling yourself pretty. Almost all the lolcows on here are better looking than you.

No. 2579

Ew is that picture OP posted on the right her without PS? Jesus Christ…. she's incredibly ugly without heavy editing. Look at that bulbous nose and shapeless jaw

No. 2580

Her ig bio is cringe as fuck. "Sexy internet cat lady" sexy my ass. Conceited cunt. She's been deleted from instagram for nudity and promoting cam whoring like 5 times now? She must've wasted so much money on fake followers and likes that I feel sorry for her. Also she hides her face in most of her shitty porn vids and has low quality because she can't be arsed to PS her ugly face. She looks repugnant in videos. You can tell she's a real British miger with a nasty overbite. Don't they have free dental care over there? Why do they all have such shit, rotting teeth?

No. 2581

All of her fb likes are bought. On the ones with over 1k it's all Arab/Indian names without profile pictures. She's pathetic

No. 2582

File: 1459117316326.png (Spoiler Image, 925.79 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

That pic was 10 months ago?……..

No. 2583

Dude spoiler

No. 2584

That shoop around her jaw tho

No. 2585

People like her are among the reasons that arab immigrants actually believe western women are free for all, ugh.

No. 2586

Dental healthcare isn't free past the age of 19. She's clearly much older than that and possibly lies about her age

No. 2587

Honestly, they think we're all ugly horsefaced whores who'll just spread open their legs. They're better off sticking with Arab women than with British munters like Alex though.

No. 2588

As an honest and straight guy, on behalf of all men, Alex Clark is straight up ugly. No debate about it.

No. 2589

She's ugly, no ones saying she's not. But she's talented at photoshop. She's able to paint herself as this average looking girl through the use of it. Honestly I'll give her credit for that.

No. 2590

Nobody cares dude.

No. 2591

It's story time.

Oh god I remember this bitch. She was relevant among British scene teens on facebook in 2012 because she used Danielle Hunt to promote her and get her more e fame.

Can I just warn everyone that I'm not a regular user of this site, someone who knows me linked me to the thread and said I should tell this story.

We were at this internet meetup in Leeds, and a few hours after having to look at and smell anime weebs and scenies, we saw her. At first I didn't verb recognise her because 1) she looks nothing as she does in her photoshopped pictures: she looks EXACTLY like the one on the right at the top of the thread. And 2) she's much chubbier than she makes herself out to be online. She was also trying to get with someone and got rejected, got all pissy, and started cussing him out and accusing him of being gay, and her friends were standing there looking very embarrassed, not really sure what to do.

After this young man had finally walked away, she tried to convince people that he'd sexually harassed her, and that's why she attacked him. Of course very one around who's witnessed the drama believed her, not because she's attractive enough to be sexually harassed by any man ever, but because it's the courteous thing to do, and frankly they all pitied her. Once people started questioning her as to why he'd harass someone who looked like her (they worded it in a nicer way, said she wasn't "his type" or something) she blew off and literally tried to start a physical fight with some girl over it. It was just embarrassing. We left after a whole because she was such a mess and i was getting so much second had embarrassment.

Now all she does is get fake notes, likes, and followers on her social media to make herself feel pretty. She's not even cute with photoshop so I'm surprised she even bothers.

But yeah, she's hideous, a psycho, and tried to ruin someone's life. She also leaked her own CP and blamed her ex for doing it. So yeah she tries to ruin men's lives for fuck all.

No. 2592

I'm just curious as to why when you Google we do loads of we heart it and tumblr tags come up with pictures of her? As if anyone wants to look like her? Who even made these…

No. 2593

It's alex. She makes sock accounts to praise her ugly ass and post them on weheartit so it looks like people care about her

No. 2594

Fuck Alex Clark. She's the reason no one believes actual rape victims. Lying cunt.

No. 2595

Ok so she's a nobody, has a meagre fake following on ig, is ugly, photoshops. She's boring, plain and not worth discussion

No. 2596

She also accuses innocent men of harassing her when she gets rejected.

No. 2597

Alex Clark is hideous&desperate. No wonder guys reject her

No. 2598

Who cares? Most of these posts stink heavily of samefag.

No. 2599

Agreed. All the following:
Are a samefag, probably Alex Clark herself considering she made the thread.

No. 2600

Did she really? I assumed it was a vendetta thread because she really isn't all that ugly. Even OP photo isn't the worst I've seen, looks mostly like bad eyebrows making everything else even worst.

No. 2601

She is ugly how the fuck can you think she's not

No. 2602


No. 2603

Calm down Alex

No. 2604

Oh, so as a seasoned farmer I'm suddenly Alex because I can very easily come to the conclusion that 90% of posts ITT are the same person? Nice.

No. 2605

U mad alex

No. 2606

File: 1459165253579.jpg (127.87 KB, 500x280, pathetic.jpg)

>this entire thread

No. 2607

>You like it up the ass or something?
>extremely homophobic whaaaa
You're grasping at straws

No. 2608

the point is, the fact that she uses the "gay" cars just because someone points out that she's not attractive shows major denial and esteem issues.also turning to bigotry is such a lolcow trait

No. 2609


No. 2610

Ok so she's unattractive and shoops. she doesn't even have looks in her favour I be worth talking about. Where is the lulz?

No. 2611

Oh god, look at those big saggy veiny boobs

No. 2612


tbh they look fine, her face not so much

No. 2613

File: 1460364474379.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.11 KB, 878x547, image.jpg)

She looks nothing in her cam shows like she does in real life. Look at the differences. Her photoshop on her boobs is excellent, though. She makes them look genuinely appealing in shoop.

No. 2614

File: 1460364527132.jpg (11.05 KB, 256x144, image.jpg)

Also, more proof she religiously shoops.

No. 2615

please spoiler

No. 2616

My apologies, I meant to spoiler this but forgot.

No. 2617

File: 1460389817602.jpg (226.34 KB, 880x1245, image.jpg)

Jesus Christ that's a serious case of burger nips right there. It really contrasts to her photoshopped pics where she almost passes for attractive.

No. 2618

Shit, those are horrendous. And as for her face

No. 2619

Photoshop as fuck. Look how her facial structure and head-to-body ratio has changed compared to her other pics.

No. 2620

She's barely a lolcow. Just ugly and a camwhore.

No. 2621

No one even cares about this ugly cunt. So what she's got a shrivelled up face and bad photoshop, who cares

No. 2622

And yet you bumped the thread anyway. Dumbass.

No. 2623

On her tumblr all she talks about is how hot she is. She's delusional to think she's hot…

No. 2624


The collective hate train can't stop won't stop

No. 2625

Found Alex

No. 2626

There's always some weird drama on her FB page. She's always yelling at someone for calling her out on photoshop/not being vegan

No. 2627

Do we make threads on girls for using PS now?

INB4 "ERMEHGERD HI ALEX", somebody on here definitely as a vendetta.

No. 2628

Stop bumping this shit thread fucking hypocrite. She's ugly and shoops and camwhores, and most the cows on the site are better looking than her. No1curr

No. 2629

mmmmm yeah we sure are jealous of extremely heavy airbrushing and photoshop that still couldnt hide the fact that she has enough rolls to start her own bakery

No. 2630


>"stop bumping the thread!"

The last post was made 7 days earlier and it was a saged post you fucking newfag.

No. 2631

File: 1463242761509.jpg (92.68 KB, 1080x1350, 11363870_1128584747174657_6300…)


>she has enough rolls to start her own bakery

lol I'm just looking at this girl now and her body is perfect. You ARE jealous.

No. 2632

that or an ana-chan. this is /snow/ after all

No. 2633

Hey Alex

No. 2634

File: 1463246800677.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.07 KB, 878x547, image.jpg)

>b-but muh photoshop!! I'm pretty n thin really!! :'(

No. 2635

>what is photoshop

No. 2636

>perfect body

No. 2637

Jesus Christ Alex your self posting and photoshop is so fucking obvious and won't fly here

No. 2638

I'm so jealous that she can afford/has the time for photoshop?

No. 2639

This thread reeks of Alex

No. 2640

How can she be so high up on the many ids girls rankings when her boobs are so fucking gross and saggy. She looks like a fat 60 year old.

No. 2641


I'm embarrassed for you Anon.

No. 2642

The only thing I can surmise from this thread is that somebody probably went to school with this chick, had a falling out with her, later discovered she was camming and decided to invoke the ol' personal army.

Sorry OP, being a camwhore and shoop =/= milk. There are a million chicks like this on the internet, what makes this one so special and why do you keep accusing everybody in this thread of being "Alex"?


No. 2643

File: 1463256919015.jpg (653.1 KB, 1710x1373, oreob4by_020416_2249_MyFreeCam…)


I'm looking at her cam logs now and she looks good to me. Very good.
What has this chick done again? Can somebody actually explain it because I'll retract my statements if evidence is provided?

No. 2644

She's not the ugliest, not the prettiest. This whole thread smells like vendetta.

No. 2645



No. 2646

Are you 12? Bodies vary. They aren't perfect. She chooses to be natural. Whatever. Who cares.

No. 2647


Those are what boobs look like….

No. 2648

You can't squeeze milk out of a tit that isn't lactating so…

No. 2649


Those are what boobs look like….

No. 2650


>Jesus Christ that's a serious case of burger nips right there

Cringe. You can really tell it's one person with a vendetta filling this thread up. I always like to imagine what the people posting this shit actually look like.

No. 2651

I'm loving how much this thread has backfired on OP kek

No. 2652

Not this anon but her boobs do look really terrible in that pic like fried eggs on a hook but nice in the other photos. Is it just the way she's sitting.

But this thread is garbage unless she makes meg-like posts.

No. 2653


Stop watching porn Anon.

No. 2654

this. I'm never cool with shitting on girlw for having less than "perfect" bodies like the media presents us with. hell. we should be all for loving all the different boobs, saggy, misshapen, lopsided..

(fatties are the exception though)

No. 2655

I don't know what this is supposed to prove. Her tits are still quite flat and unshapely

No. 2656

Am I the only one who is annoyed by the fact she hasn't done much to distance her real name from her cam persona?

When she's dried out and even uglier and wants a job in McDs there's no way she'll get it

No. 2657

File: 1463287730244.jpg (65.24 KB, 888x328, image.jpg)

The drama she picks with people is petty and useless. Like, she's acting but thrust because not everyone is going to find her attractive.

I don't see why shes using 'gay' as an insult just because not everyone wants to see her gross underage tits.

No. 2658

>he doesn't find me attractive???
>he's not pandering to my ego???
Or maybe you're just not that attractive???

No. 2659

To be honest when I went on this picture all the comments seemed exactly the same and are probably fake/paid for.

Additionally, she only responds to negative comments as well? Which are probably the main ones she gets that aren't fake/bit accounts.

No. 2660

File: 1463299904100.jpg (49.14 KB, 559x317, image.jpg)

The way she talks to perfectly polite questions/fan comments seems pretty rude and disrespectful.

And if you look at the way she talks about herself and how "hot" she is… seems pretty deluded to think she's hot.

>all the money I'm making
>muh humblebrag

No. 2661

She's bragging about how much money she makes, but I'm pretty sure that MFC only pay models 50% of their earnings.

So if 1 token = $0.10, that means if she charges 400 tokens per vid she only makes $20 per one sold for $40, her highest donation on MFC is about (which I hope to god she sent herself and no one actually spent this much on this deceptive, chubby uggo) is about $438 or something like that.

So yeah, she doesn't make "enough money to live on for the rest of her life" it's more likely that she desperately scrapes by.

No. 2662

Can you explain why she's number 19 in the many vids girls ranks?? She's so fucking ugly and her videos don't seem to be anything special, just really boring, vanilla porn.

No. 2663

She probably buys her own content to get points on the system.

No. 2664


God you are jello.

No. 2665


She doesn't have to wear a fucking bra if she doesn't want to holy shit is this the middle ages.

No. 2666

Alex, Alex everywhere

No. 2667

She brags about how much money she makes, but something doesn't quite make sense.

On manyvids, she sells her videos for about $16-$20 on average, usually.

Thats £11-£13. The site takes 40% of earnings.That means she can only make about £6.6-£7.8 per copy of a vid she sells.

That means she'd have to sell 9 copies a day to make minimum wage, which I doubt she does.

No. 2668

arent we done milking this ugly, saggy-boobed camwhore now? this cow is dried.

No. 2669

lol hey alex? photoshopping your own cam logs now. pathetic and still ugly.

No. 2670


Nope, I live in the UK. Don't be so paranoid.
Does this chick even know about lolcow?

No. 2671


>hi alex

Kek, and I took this directly from http://camgirlvideos.org/oreob4by-020416-2249-myfreecams/

You can't Photoshop these caps, they're automatically capped from a recorded stream at specified points. You are jealous of this girl and likely fat/ugly. Post your own pics you sow.

No. 2672


There was never any milk to begin with, just an OP with a vendetta and likely a weight problem.

No. 2673


Why are you so obsessed with this girl and accusing everybody not falling for your obvious vendetta of being her?
If she's actually got some drama then post it, but until then you need to shut the fuck up.

No. 2674

Hi vendetta hi vendetta

No. 2675

To any seasoned farmer this thread is clearly bunk as fuck.

Regardless of whether you find her attractive or want to prattle on about her ~uggo moo chan cow saggy saddlebagz~ she is clean, styles herself properly, takes care of her body, and most of all has no milk. None. We don't care, no matter how many times you samefag.

No. 2676


>we don't care, no matter how many times you samefag

lol I'm not the only one that noticed then? Every couple of days this thread seems to get updated by a slew of negative posts referring to this girl by her first and/or last name.
I still think OP is somebody that went to school with this girl, developed a vendetta, later found out she was a camgirl and thought she'd take her grand revenge by posting her here.

I mean, look at this shit:


These are all OP kek

No. 2677


Alex spamming up her thread again.
>muh anyone who doesnt like me is fat :'(

No. 2678


lol k' OP, funny how you suddenly kept your mouth shut about >>2671 though huh :^)

No. 2679

God, you're embarrassing.

No. 2680


No. 2681

No. 2682

No. 2683

Garbage thread is garbage.

No. 2684

I honestly can't tell who is Alex and who is not. Why is she here to defend herself so vigorously in such an obvious way?

No. 2685


OP stop.

No. 2686

At this rate the op is starting to sound like a considerably bigger cow. I want to know what the beef is between her and this girl.

No. 2687

It's a shame OP stayed anon and didn't throw their name in like the other cows do when they come here. They're funnier than the girl this thread is about and it's a shame we can't make a thread for them.

Yes, OP, everybody is Alex. This whole website is Alex. In fact, Alex created lolcow. Alex made the internet. Alex invented electricity. Everything is Alex.

No. 2688

Not OP but I've seen some unattractive vs girls who make money but seriously?? How does this chick get away with it considering she can't live up to her photoshopped pics

No. 2689

not OP either but she has an incredibly masculine jaw and buttchin and is deluded to think she's cute.

No. 2690


Post your pic faggot.

No. 2691

you first.

No. 2692

This whole thread belongs in manure.

No. 4023

Sorry to bring up this old Cow, but I'm willing to bet half of these anons are Alex white knighting herself and claiming she's ~oh so beautiful~. I'd love to see all her pathetic self posts marked.

No. 4544

Fuck off with your self-posting, you're average as fuck - accept it, you'll appreciate life a lot more.

No. 4547

She should use her cam money that she brags about to fix her tits

No. 4549

Jesus Christ ….Alex must've posted half the posts in this thread. We need a new thread for her and her IP banned where she can't samefag it up.

No. 4561

She's naked in her fb profile picture? How is it still up? I uploaded once an artistic picture of a model and Zuckerberg sent it into oblivion

No. 4612

I guess no one cares enough to report a fat ugly naked bitch like Alex.

No. 4620

Why is this in manure? This bitch belongs in pt

No. 4621

No. 4626

Boo hoo Alex

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