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File: 1466559160131.jpg (80.68 KB, 600x900, Sailor_Jupiter2015.jpg)

No. 3445

What are your thoughts on Sachie?

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lemonkissu
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sachietv

No. 3446

I've never really watched any of her videos, just quickly browsed her insta a few times, but I think it's refreshing that she doesn't dress to weebish outisde of her cosplay.

No. 3447

I haven't heard about her since she stopped posting in /cgl/

Seems like she found a nondrama group and continues to do pretty good cosplay

No. 3448

I didn't hang around /cgl/ long enough to have an opinion on her, but wow she has legs like a model.

However shouldn't all discussions of individuals go into /snow/?

No. 3449

File: 1466607813852.png (34.21 KB, 593x662, 1398834667493.png)


Sachie isn't snowflake enough to be in snow. She done some cringey and creepy stuff , but she's pretty level-headed and self-aware. There's some gripe about her tweeting about caring about current tragedies (RIP, X are in my thoughts/prayers, etc) then tweeting a picture of a cute cat or something.

No. 3450

I think she's cute and I am jealous of her height and long legs. I don't know of any drama surrounding her except a long time ago someone spammed cgl with posts about her sucking 12 dicks or something, but nothing of substance.

She's good friends with Meepy Gal though, who is a mega cunt so I get the sense she might not be as nice as appears. Regardless, I like her vids, her bff mle seems cute too and I hope they make more vids together like they've been talking about forever.

No. 3451

How tall is she?

No. 3452


Sachie is 5'10


Yeah. Rumors get spread about Sachie, but none of them stick long because there's no proof. There was a rumor about her sucking 12 dicks in highschool. There was a rumor that she forced a girl at a party to eat a tampon.

We're nearing Sachie's prime years since she is about to finish college for good and she now lives with MLE .

How is Meepy Gal is a super cunt?


No. 3453

You sure? Her old modelmayhem says 5'9" and recently she says 5'10".

Not like it matters, I was just curious.

No. 3454


She mentions being 5'10" on her Tumblr and on her Twitch streams.

No. 3455


No one can know for sure unless they measure her in real life. Could be an exaggeration since she says she is 175cm, but that could be old info.

No. 3456

There is no dirt on Sachie. She's pretty open about her embarrassing con/highschool/college moments and talks about them on stream.

She's a level-headed individual who knows what she wants. She doesn't give into any vices. She's on good terms with her family. She hardly gets into drama with her friends. She doesn't use people. She doesn't do anything controversial.


No. 3457

File: 1466702447403.png (381.4 KB, 723x620, template.png)

You cannot talk bad about Sachie.

She has no lewds. She has no cringe. She has no creepy. She has no rude.

No. 3458

She's pretty, she's sweet and she seems to avoid the usual cringey weeb stuff.

Like another anon said, she has a really good relationship with her parents (her dad is an English guy, her mother is Shanghainese Chinese) so I think it goes to show the importance of having that compared to the more notoriously slutty trips who used to come on /cgl/: DerpQueen, Voldie and a few others I'm forgetting.

No. 3459

Somehow, I don't think her father has much to do with it. I wish the "Every time a girl is an idiot, compulsive or slutty, it's because she has daddy issues!!!!" meme would die already.

No. 3460

She's very close with her dad apparently.

No. 3461

File: 1466779755085.jpg (36.45 KB, 500x211, anontumblr.jpg)

If people constantly recorded her streams we'd get clips of her arguing with her parents. We'd get clips of her accidentally showing her panties. Even then she's on good terms with her family despite them treating her like a kid sometimes (perfectly normal for people in their early 20's) .

No. 3462

File: 1466779903695.gif (1.4 MB, 448x230, thinkingaboutwaifu.gif)

No. 3463

Google ECC and "love handles wolverine", she insulted another cosplayer cosplayer in a contest and sent her followers to attack him, then tried to play the victim. In spite of pulling stuff like this pretty often, she is one of those people who huff and puffs about how the cosplay scene has gotten so negative and it's dragging her down. She also said the same contestant has overshopped pics and he said she had a bad attitude and she basically tells him to stfu and calm down when though she was the one spamming in all caps about how his entry sucked and telling her followers to vote for her not because she's any good but because the person who was beating her sucked and was ugly and spamming in all caps and she'd cry if such a lame cosplayer beat her. She has a habit of attacking others and saying blatantly inflammatory things then crying when other people call her on her shit.

She thinks because she made plug suits that she is a cosplay god and her stuff is automatically better than other people even though if you see candid, unshooped shots her suits aren't great at all. Even in her e book she hot glues cardboard and literally sharpies on details on her plug suit. Selling a cosplay book about sharping on details on a jumpsuit! Also, I know that lots of ideas are shared in the cosplay community, and that's cool, but 3/4 of the book is shit like hot gluing foam onto a body suit and sharpie, and the last 1/4 is a straight up rip of this tutorial (http://rufflebuttcosplay.deviantart.com/art/How-to-make-Props-with-Plastidip-and-Foam-Sheets-353947977) with no credit given, down to even recommending the exact same brands nad taking similarly posed pictures in the same order. It may be forgivable if she write some new GOOD content on her own in combination with known good tuts, or fleshed out and developed the technique a little more, but nope, the only good part of her book is an exact replica of an existing free tutorial and the rest is shit. All while shitting on anyone who beats her in a cosplay contest because plug suits automatically beat everything else. Despite the fact that she has no work ethic she will cry to her fans about how she can't afford to not win an ECC contest because then she can't afford to go to that con (gasp!) ignoring the fact that she's going to some other comic con two weeks before and PAX two weeks after said con. Her life is so sad.

You can look up most of what I said easily so far, but the rest of the shit you kinda have to dig for because when the older stuff happened she cried about being a minor and people 'attacking her' by point out how shitty her behavior was, and for the newer stuff just deletes a lot of shit after stirring up drama, but if you are willing to wade through cgl archives there are screen shots and proof. In general she just has a rotten attitude and things she is superior to white weebs because she is half japanese. She also drove her former BFF Shaynii out of cosplay by being a colossal cunt. She oscillates between "I'm the best cosplayer and deserve it all!" and "Ew, my fans are creepy obsessive autists". There was some Newcon PDX drama a while back where she was actually in the right because a bunch of peple (including her) didn't get paid when they should have, but in the years leading up to that she was always bitching about less talented cosplayers like Nigri getting guest spots at cons instead of her, then she got guest at some rinky dink con where she was friends with the people writing the checks and she got even more full of herself pissing more people off. In the past couple of years there haven't been any major incidents that I'm aware of, but she still tweets shit form time to time about gross white weebs or how the cosplay community is full of haters, and when people point out flaws in her views she turns around and deletes then tries to make those people look like assholes attacking her for no reason. She also had a hilarious tweet once where she basically said she can't help it that she has a shit talking personality that's her she is as a person so don't hate her for that, but at least she's honest. Other people who shit talk are fake piece of shit though. I'll dig for that one later because it was such a nugget of gold.

No. 3464


Meepy Gal is so mean :C

No. 3465

File: 1466793705930.jpg (59.59 KB, 403x604, oJ79p.jpg)

Her videos also have a pattern of hypocrisy too, she used to try so hard to be the edgiest foul mouthed kawaii girl. She put out a video a while back that basically made fun of all the people who ever asked her about her skin routine and said those kind of vids were dumb and that she would never do one when people on twitter were sad to see it wasn't a real skin care vid. The she turned around and did skincare hauls and vids. Feels kinda like she's trying to maintain a nicer internet image now and has calmed down a lot, but she is still crazy full of herself irl.

She also was one of those people who had super intense relationships and friendships that all go down in flames. Her current boyfriend seems stable and they've been together a while, but it seems her habit of burning bridges crossed over to her professional life because she keeps getting super hyped for brand deals and job then changes all her info to reflect that and even the headers on her youtube and twitter, and hypes up all the great work she's going to do then suddenly drops it and never mentions it again. First with Lockshop Wigs and Crunchyroll (she actually tweeted bashing Crunchyroll for not getting simulcasting deals on certain series and said she'd pirate all of them rather than wait a week to see it on Crunchyroll all while spamming her referral code for her followers to use and talking about how she was ~*an official cosplay ambassador*~), then she was super certain she was going into film partnered up with some indie film company, then she was certain she was going to be a musician and did that golden ration duo…I bet you there is some good drama behind all those if only someone who knew would talk.

Getting back on track though, I enjoy all Sachie's vids, I wish she would do some more of the lifestyle and beauty ones though. I know youtube is kinda saturated with them, but I like her style, I like seeing her in cosplay but idc about the vids about how she makes her stuff bc she's not really all that good in that respect.

She wears her stuff well though. Pic is of one of my favorite cosplay shots of her.

No. 3466


Fun fact about the scout photoshoot:

A lot of the shots were not planned. Sachie and her friend were playing around dressed up as Scout and their photographer friend was taking pictures of them playing.

No. 3467

Do mommy issues exist?

No. 3468

among men I mean.

No. 3469


>mom only pays attention to son when he messes up

No. 3470

File: 1466969969796.png (567.53 KB, 472x476, IMG_ (42).png)

Rumor has it that she's going to buy over 100 chicken nuggets when she goes to Anime Expo.

No. 3471

Not really, it's not a "thing" like daddy issues are for girls.

No. 3472

Are you kidding me?
Robots shit up the board with stuff like this >>99235 and this >>99237 all the time. Mommy issues are definitely a thing.

No. 3473

File: 1466985398095.png (54.37 KB, 597x362, goodboypoints.png)

have you seriously never been to /tv/ and seen all the mommyfu threads? or heard of the "good boy points" meme?

No. 3474

File: 1466994628106.jpg (421.72 KB, 800x1148, good_vs_evil___algencollab_by_…)

funny you should ask

men on /a/ who have Makoto for a waifu have mommy issues

No. 3475

That's fucking disgusting

No. 3476

File: 1467042341769.jpg (166.23 KB, 1000x890, AnimeExpomeetup.jpg)

Anyone going to meet up with Sachie and her pretend little sister, Tofu Bara, at Anime Expo?

No. 3477

Sachie is able to finish college at an early age because she planned ahead.

No. 3478

File: 1467162659424.jpg (75.21 KB, 780x563, lovelyghost.jpg)

No. 3479

Sachie stop samefagging
/b/ is for important stuff like complaining about hapas like you

No. 3480

Wait they aren't related irl?

No. 3481


No. They just look like each other. Sachie is an only child. Tofu is from California. Sachie is from Toronto.

No. 3482

They look like doppelgangers sometimes

No. 3483

File: 1467183912112.jpg (83.4 KB, 768x1024, MJCafe.jpg)

nice place

No. 3484

File: 1467231779266.jpg (54.48 KB, 1080x1080, mynailsareready.jpg)

Nails are ready for Anime Expo

No. 3485

File: 1467256674447.jpg (198.5 KB, 900x1200, getty_03.jpg)

Visiting The Getty

No. 3486

Wtf is this thread even about now

No. 3487

It's about sachie samefagging /b/ into her personal blog.
>Nice quints, btw

No. 3488


There's nothing to complain about her. She has a clean record.

No. 3489

File: 1467265854762.jpg (145.62 KB, 900x1200, bbqclub_02.jpg)

This Korean BBQ place looks like a night club.

No. 3490

What does quint mean?
Strange admin hasn't done anything yet

No. 3491


Quint = 5

you got 5 digits in a row in your post number :)

No. 3492

Thanks for telling me :0

No. 3493

File: 1467313451728.jpg (180.62 KB, 532x532, bubbletealatte_1.jpg)

Bubble tea latte from MJ Cafe & Teahouse - Walnut

No. 3494

File: 1467322169786.jpg (266.24 KB, 444x532, purikuraLA2016.jpg)


No. 3495

She's cute, her whiteknight's and orbits are annoying as hell though.

No. 3496

It exists for a reason. Stop being so salty because you don't have a dad lool.

No. 3497

File: 1467497289910.jpg (407.98 KB, 1536x2048, meetup.jpg)

Anyone else meeting up with Sachie today?

No. 3498

File: 1468317521044.jpg (614.25 KB, 1872x1254, comb.jpg)

Here are probably her posts that I've noticed over a couple of months on /r9k

No. 3499

so much cringe
this makes her look like an insane narcissist, lol

No. 3500

No, it doesn't. It makes her look like a regular person with self-esteem issues who happens to run a youtube channel.

No. 3501


all the posts scream ME ME ME, why do i have stalkers, why are people so afraid of talking of me, why are rich men giving me money, etc. it all comes off as a stealth brag, like look how many people want me/are interested in me, support me. i don't know, it comes off as disingenuous.

if you're a cute girl on the internet asking for money, chances are its gonna be from dudes. why not just be grateful someone is willing to support you with their hard earned cash?

anyway i'm pretty sure this is sachie herself. in that case you would be way less annoying if you weren't using this thread to whiteknight yourself and use it a a personal blog.

No. 3502

/r/asianmasculinity stalker. You know sachie prefers white guys right?

No. 3503

Most half-Asians, both men and women, prefer white people. Probably wish they were full-white themselves.

No. 3504

Oh common, some of that stuff is legitimately gross. 3 years of daily emails about taking your virginity?

But yeah, some of that is also whiny. I sub to her on youtube and she's pretty slow with putting videos out nowadays, plus she talks up her projects only to abandon them shortly after (like her beauty channel, her channel with mle, more videos in general after she graduated). All the recent posts on her blog are sponsor posts. If she was more consistent with content and actually delivered the stuff she said she would she would grow in viewers and subs, but you can't complain that youtube isn't making you money when you're not even putting effort in any more.

No. 3505


She's been streaming more on Twitch and she streamed with her boyfriend and Twitch viewers the other day.

Beauty Channel is pretty much dead
MLE ASMR Channel is still "WIP"

Sachie is still putting up with POST-GRAD college so it's understandable that she's not making much videos other than the Patreon requirement. Sachie has never really been known for having an active Youtube channel.


Yes. Her current boyfriend a 6'1" music major white guy.


No. 3506

> Sachie is still putting up with POST-GRAD college so it's understandable that she's not making much videos other than the Patreon requirement.

I'm not saying that she NEEDS to be putting out more videos, I'm just saying she's in no place to gripe about not making more money off of it and that she's flakey. If she wants easy youtube fame she can skank it up, otherwise she'll have to juggle real life obligations and youtube just like the bigger youtubers had to do when they were still growing their channel.

Also putting POST-GRAD in all caps doesn't make it more impressive. Sachie, if you need money you can work to put yourself through school like a normal person.

No. 3507

Sachie does some freelance stuff she doesn't always mention in her blogs. She may not be uploading a lot of videos on Youtube, but that doesn't mean she isn't working on anything multimedia related or that she isn't working on another Youtube video.

No. 3508


Sachie doesn't do lewd. She crops her videos so that her breasts aren't very visible. She also keeps her topics and language PG-13 since her intended demographic are girls aged 14-21.

No. 3509

Sachie white knight, my point is she shouldn't complain about no free monies, nothing you say counteracts that, people on the internet don't owe you free money.

No. 3510

File: 1468619008683.jpg (240.63 KB, 530x529, AestheticWater.jpg)

Sachie wouldn't be buying expensive cosmetics, bath bombs, and overpriced tap water if it wasn't outside her budget.

No. 3511

They're so annoying and resentful.

>hurr ugly asian gets with white guy


I think its because a lot of hapas have asian mothers and white fathers and as they say, kids tend to look for traits in the father in a partner.

No. 3512

No. 3513

So, did she ever end up posting her stalking tips?

No. 7180

File: 1665724966166.png (3.93 MB, 1777x7023, hyasf.png)

Bumping this thread due to fresh milk. It should also be moved to /snow/ as she no longer cosplays so wouldn't fit too well in /w/. I would post this in the Twitch thread but she's a FB/meta streamer.
6 year update:
>Continued to date Matt mentioned >>3505
>Signed exclusivity contract with Facebook gaming for allegedly 15K(!!!) a month.
>Matt and her break up early 2022 after moving into a new place together.
>Sadposts incessantly during this period, announces she's moving to Vancouver.
>Explains that she was blindsided by the breakup and was having "hourly breakdowns" over it on Instagram stories.
>Meanwhile Matt also posts cryptic Instagram stories clearly about Sachie claiming that she refers to her fans "idiot boomers" and calling her the "fakest of them all."
October 2022 Update:
>Matt reveals that Sachie was cheating on him with countless men during the whole 7 year relationship.
>Matt alleges that he caught her on Bumble in 2018 but she claimed it was for Bumble BFF.
>According to him, Sachie justifies this because her dad cheated on her mom.
>A notable sidepiece includes her best friend's boyfriend at the time (now husband)
>Sachie has allegedly gaslit all of her friends and even some of Matt's family into thinking she's the victim.
>Sachie also took both of the cats (British Shorthairs) that Matt claims he paid for.
>Matt's twitter rampage appears to have been sparked by a message from Sachie's recent ex, that claims that Sachie said she'd be happy if Matt died.
Other tidbits:
Matt deleted all of the tweets in pic related, he deleted a decent amount that I wasn't able to save that contextualized some of the cheating better and some other details I can't remember like a matching tattoo (not sure if it's related to a fan like discussed in pic related or if it's the recent Squirtle squad one)
Sachie also deleted a lot of her pathetic sad posting including her crying Bella Hadid style.
A significant amount of posts here are most likely from Sachie herself. I suspect she was even talking to herself in some of these. eg: >>3449 >>3452 >>3456

No. 7186

search her on tumblr for new dirt.

No. 7188

File: 1671210308148.jpeg (423.51 KB, 750x957, E1A87C49-CB7F-4756-B9C7-FB9FAA…)


No. 7191

Sachie’s real name is Cianna.
Cianna’s height is over 6 feet.
Cianna has cheated in her past 2 relationships.
Cianna is not a good person.

No. 7193


why would she lie about being 5'10' when she's actually over 6 feet?

No. 7195

because she is superficial and thinks people care that shes a giant

No. 7210


so Sachie has an OF account where she pretends to be 22?

No. 7215

File: 1692549150560.png (1 MB, 1640x7416, asdfasdffff.png)

yk. there's a lot of context missing but… idc this mother fucker comes in and ruins my mental health for his own closure they both deserve eachother and deserve to be put on blast.

She cheated on me the entire relationship boys, the entire fucking time. She acts like this best friend cunt on social media while she goes and fucks roided up fucks on dating apps behind her boyfriends backs. Points to them in public and goes "sigh can you get a body like them :((((." Not once did i ever make her feel like a less than or point to fucking models. Shoulda, she thought she was literally gods gift to earth, she needed to be put down a few pegs.

most superficial person ive never been around in my entire existence. Nothing was ever enough, making 15k a month off selling out to zuck? but why arent YOU earning more? focus on your grind? NO i got mine, you go work a 9-5 even tho im only required to stream 2 hours a day. Imagine, being paid 300 an hour to play animal crossing and thinking youre the next fucking poki.

Context for these pics: when me and sachie first started dating she lived with this person called Jenna. Jenna had a boyfriend who basically lived with them. When Jenna would go to class sachie would FUCK GLEN in HER BEST FRIENDS OWN BED, WHILE TALKING TO ME AND STARTING OUR SHIT. I MET THIS NIGGA. I SHOOK HIS HAND. SHE TOLD ME I WAS HER FIRST AND ONLY. THEN I CAUGHT HER ON BUMBLE 4 YEARS LATER. THEN 6 MONTHS AFTER OUR BREAK UP I GET THESE TEXTS. YEAH VINDICATED. 6 MONTHS, 10+ DUDES. WONDER HOW MANY YOU FUCKED BEHIND MY BACK SACHIE?

yeah im jaded, this cunt took all the money, cats, and gaslight me to all our "Friends" that i was the problem. Yeah bet, enjoy:

No. 7216

You really need to move on from this.. this is not healthy for you to stay in the past and let it destroy your mental health like this. No one reads this forum anymore, the only thing you’re doing is self sabotage by keeping these text messages and bitter memories that don’t matter anymore. Your relationship with sachie has ended. You can’t go back. Stop living in the past. You’re not loving yourself by staying in this state of mind and ruining your chances of being with somebody that will love you for you. Who will watch your music videos and support your music and be by your side no matter how much you’re going through. This is not worth your time to be on this forum and posting these things. Please just move on and focus on yourself. Please love yourself and know that there is people and someone that really cares about you and thinks about you every fucking day.

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