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(snow)flakes & mistakes

Threads about specific people that don't belong in /pt/ should go here.

This includes:
  • Snowflakes - Threads about people who think of themselves as unique and special snowflakes. This can apply to lesser known Internet celebrities and wannabe Internet celebrities. Many lolcows are also snowflakes, but not all snowflakes are lolcows. Snowflakes are not as interesting or entertaining as lolcows.
  • Mistakes - Generally awful threads which probably should not have been made in the first place. Vendettas, personal army requests, uninteresting/pointless subjects, and anything else that makes a thread worthless.

Figuring out if a thread moved here falls under "snowflake" or "mistake" will be left as an exercise for the reader. Staff may add a red notification to certain threads that are particularly terrible, though.

If you want to make a new thread about someone not previously discussed, and aren't sure whether it belongs in /pt/ or /snow/, you should put it in /snow/. Staff will move it to /pt/ if we think it belongs there.

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