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File: 1593571465006.jpg (1.49 MB, 1600x1200, twitch general docCD PICK A CA…)

No. 1000108

Thread for all twitch drama

Recent drama:
>Doc has been permanently banned with no explanation from Twitch
>Ninja's wife/manager picks a fight with XQC
>Katerino 'cheated' on Carson, had 6 hidden boyfriends
>Alinity showed nip on stream and had to beg twitch staff to ban her
>Jasminabae lied about being assaulted to gain clout
>OTV Drama - Fedmyster and previous manager outed as creeps

No. 1000112

Yassuo chimes in with fed's manipulation

No. 1000172

Link to prior thread >>497011

No. 1000231

Idk if anyone remembers, but a long time ago fed was streaming and he leaked pokimane’s credit card details, and she was punched him on stream. LSF made her out to be a bitch but knowing how fed acts now, he probably did it on purpose?

No. 1000233

I wonder if Ninja knew his wife was going to poke the hornet's nest or if he just woke up under a bus

No. 1000242

honestly? had to stan XQC he’s just too retarded to not. i love that for him

No. 1000247

Lmao whatever it was he sure put on his white knight suit real quick. Idek why she and ninja even provoked Felix when they were publicly paid to do charity streams too. She really wanted those virtue signaling points

No. 1000259

He's the epitome of an endearing sperg. I hope he grows up eventually but he reminds me of all those boys in middle and high school who were cute and genuinely dumb as fuck and kept me laughing and sane through those torturous years. I have a feeling Adept wrote that reply though. Unless its true he's smarter and wittier than he lets on. Considering he cant even speak half the time on his streams.

No. 1000262

I hate ninja and his sexist bullshit and pandering, but he was funny as shit today

No. 1000265

File: 1593585522342.jpg (701.24 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200701-013638_Twi…)

Forgot pic dont ban me

No. 1000266

File: 1593585706435.jpeg (90.71 KB, 1011x439, A1715AF6-63C8-466F-ABC8-E5BEC8…)

No. 1000272

It’s such a blessing mixer went under and ninja hasn’t gone back to twitch yet, because he can say the nastiest shit against TOS and twitch can’t do shit

No. 1000286

xqc forever. fuck ninja and his dumbass wife

No. 1000314


I've been in the OW competitive community since launch and getting in XQCs games was really fun because he was exactly that, thank you for explaining it well anon.

He's grown a lot since his OW days, really happy for him.

No. 1000363

I think he has moments of clarity when he actually focuses on something for more than 5 seconds. I’ve heard him say a few interesting / thoughtful things, but then he reverts into his normal “ddddude, you guys just don’t get it,” afterwards. I’m sure all of his neglected brain cells cams together when he saw Ninja’s wife’s tweets.
He said on the stream that he had been waiting for an opportunity because she had pissed him off before but he couldn’t say anything

No. 1000394

I thought he spoke the way he does because English is his second language, he sounds like a normal person in his French interviews

No. 1000395

xqc is unironically super endearing and retarded in a hilarious way. ninja is just someone kids watch, theres a huge disconnect. if you prefer ninja you are either 7 or 56 years old.

No. 1000399

I think he plays up the dumb facade tbh. Being ESL does affect how he speaks. He claims he never really spoke English at all growing up and it makes sense. Not knowing a word in English =/= stupid, but he does pretend to be stupid about a lot of stuff.

No. 1000400

Cant edit but want to add, I genuinely think he has autism as well and some people see people with genuine autism as stupid.

No. 1000408


inb4 someone finds a picture of her in blackface from like 10 years ago

No. 1000415

He has ADD which is close enough. I think he’s great but it certainly makes for a funny combination

No. 1000425

I’ve actually thought about that before. He’s pretty good at problem solving using visual puzzles (which is why I think he likes chess) but is baffled by other simple things. He might also be dyslexic (for example the infamous “Jam a man” quote where he flipped the 6 in 1964 to 1994). Or he just has a language barrier. It’s pretty funny regardless. I do think he plays some things up though

No. 1000487

Yeah, I've wondered if he is on the spectrum. He has talked about his inability to read social cues countless times, and how he doesn't really understand emotions.

His English is always a bit funny because he learned to speak it through Twitch chat.

No. 1000700

yeah, I think I'm on the xqc stan train now. I didn't even know who ninja's wife was before, but holy shit she was fucking annoying on that post.

No. 1000702

I have an ex that had Aspergers and there was some undeniable comparisons there tbh. He was a fan of him before I was and it started to make a lot of sense why he liked him so much lmao.

No. 1000829

>Considering he cant even speak half the time on his streams.

Thats partly because of language barriers tbh.

No. 1000872

Don't you find it interesting that after Chris did that to Lily, he tried doing all sorts of things that NEVER involved admitting to what he did publicly (either to their friends group or in general) and making the choice himself to lose his own privileges?

Lily is being blamed for speaking out when speaking out was the ONE thing Chris should have done before removing himself from their shared spaces on his own volition (rather than asking Lily to make the choice). Instead, he made all these other proposals and stipulations, but in that his true colors showed: he couldn't care less about how his victim felt, otherwise he would've tried to find out the actual thing to help the situation from her. Either directly, or by coming clean to their group and her other friends could help her communicate what her needs were.

Chris had years to take accountability somehow. Fucking years. And then when things come out like this, he still didn't just take responsibility and give her the voice she needs to say her piece and even posted disagreeing words with her. What the fuck.

Clearly, if Lily was still feeling this way after all this time it shows he never actually made an effort to make up for in his actions in the way that mattered, which is something only Lily can be the judge of. And only Lily gets to decide how she wants to feel better because HE is the one who assaulted her and therefore has no rights in this situation to decide how she should feel or what is enough.

This whole thing with Chris and also Fed breaks my heart. This is something so many women have to deal with, keeping bad things done to them a secret for various reasons (typically related to social dynamics or actual safety), and then they get flack when they finally feel strong enough to bring it up. The fact that Chris STILL did not take complete accountability after she finally said something speaks volumes on his character. To treat someone the way Chris did and then, instead of owning up to it, running around the issue trying to make up for it with promises and tattoos and giving her the option to make choices in the terms HE set is disgusting.

I really, sincerely hope that everyone harping on Lily (or any of the girls for that matter) for bringing this up is either a man or just naive and never had to deal with someone they trusted putting them in an unbearable situation like this and then not owning up to their shitty choices in the way that actually matters. This happens so much and it is a memory that haunts you forever. The feeling never goes away for the victim, it only gets a little better if the victim can have some semblance of justice, which they have a right to decide what is enough for them on their own terms.

No. 1000878

except no one's ever said he isn't in the wrong, the only thing that's really been hammered on and on is the fact that lily purposely omitted any of his attempts at apologizing (you can harp on and on about sincerity and all that shit) but the truth of the matter is that she didn't tell the full story in order to weave a more sympathetic story

no one is minimizing her trauma or telling her how she should feel, and no one has defended chris saying what he did was "enough" and he should get a pass

the truth of the matter is that he apologized, sincere or not, and even though it is up to lily and lily alone to accept that apology, it was not her place to specifically leave out that detail when she was going to have him publicly destroyed for this. no one wouldve blamed her if she still felt traumatized because of the incident and didnt accept his apology because what he did was fucked up, but to specifically leave out all of those details and imply that he was unapologetic and even more predatory is wrong.

this is the problem with how we treat the "me-too" movement today: whenever these girls come out with statements they're always touted as "so brave" and "victims taking back control" and its true, but no one seems to call out the fact that these women also will omit details or straight up lie (jasmina) for sympathy

truth of the matter is, lily specifically told the story in a biased manner that not only painted in a ultra sympathetic light (which is fine, she's a victim and what he did was fucked) but also specifically omitted any details that would've given him any sense of credibility as someone trying to change his ways (instead of someone like fed, who's a straight up unapologetic manipulative predator)

i hate these lily defenders who even now just keep hammering away at "but shes a victim! its her story!" shit. it is her story, but when someone calls her out for omitting parts of the story, it doesn't devalue her trauma or what she went through, it just paints a more cohesive picture

No. 1000924


> truth of the matter is, lily specifically told the story in a biased manner that not only painted in a ultra sympathetic light but also specifically omitted any details that would've given him any sense of credibility as someone trying to change his ways (instead of someone like fed, who's a straight up unapologetic manipulative predator)

> i hate these lily defenders who even now just keep hammering away at "but shes a victim! its her story!" shit. it is her story, but when someone calls her out for omitting parts of the story, it doesn't devalue her trauma or what she went through, it just paints a more cohesive picture

This. it's not about if she's a victim or not, it's about how shitty she brought up a story. One day Lily's defenders will die off, they want to attack everyone without listening to them.

No. 1000964

Worst part is it would probably help her story more by being extra transparent and truthful. When victims point out the positives in their abuser(however minor they are) or at the very least mention details that might humanize them to an extent(which is the case here), their tale gains more credibility in the eyes of the public.

On the other hand, there is almost nothing to gain from intentionally leaving out such details, on the contrary it only ends up harming your credibility when they are brought out to the public eye, even if they don't change the overall conclusions of the incident. It only breeds scepticism that didn't need to be there at all.

No. 1000986

I'm tired of people not putting any responsibility on Lily. Shes not 15. Shes almost 30. She should be capable of making decisions, one of them being getting another fucking key from the reception desk, or not sleeping in the same bed. Was that ever discussed? Why didn't she move? Like, I'm sorry, I've been through worse situations than this, so I understand the feelings involved, but christ Lily…this could have been avoided pretty easily. This whole situation and others like it make me sad, because people seem to be equating actual sexual abuse with a most likely unintentional spoon session. Its disgusting.

No. 1001039

Ironic part is how during the same phase when it all happened she kept pandering her 'irl loli act, can't do anything by myself, so moe, uwu, my girl friends do my makeup!! ' etc.

The fact how she brought up a thing that was solved in private and to a point that Chris himself stopped drinking completely and made tattoo as a reminder of such horrible accident is just.. Petty, in my opinion. Is dear Lily jealous of a married couple, because she wanted to marry Albert, right a month before he cheated on her…

Seriously, I am not defending Chris nor especially Lily who keeps having uwu-wks, this situation is BOTH parties fault. It does damn suck to be at Lily's place, but the fact how she decided to throw a man under a bus years after, all because she has nothing to say about Fed other than that he gave her a massage and tried hitting on her.

I swear, I'd understand if Chris KEPT doing horrible things, but the fact alone how that 'black out drunk' accident affected him to change himself for better person is just… You know. She really should have said EVERYTHING that happened rather than things that make him seem like a monster and her like a fwaigle uwu flowur she keeps pretending to be for 11 years now.

No. 1001044

File: 1593705285983.jpg (23.72 KB, 480x480, 30yearstolife.jpg)

Cinnpie is probably going to jail for having sex with Puppeh when he was 14 and she was 24.

No. 1001052

There’s video of her cuddling him, it’s extremely fucked up. There are other people in the smash community coming out but this is the only one I think is legitimate. Victims out there blackmailing for thousands Is fucking weird

No. 1001054

File: 1593706191186.jpg (521.2 KB, 1495x832, oo.jpg)

lmao at your filename.

This is the CHILD she groomed. No actual sex apparently, but it went as far as oral. Here's a video of them together at a tournament that made me so fucking uncomfortable. This is so sick.


(reposting as i attached the wrong image first time)

No. 1001057

He doesnt even look 14. This is so fucking nauseating holy shit.

No. 1001058

didn't her boyfriend/husband say the older brother to the kid she groomed started to like him but "he's too young" why the FUCK was he talking to the older brother of puppeh to the point where he started liking him?

How come they had access to these childern like this? I hope she goes to jail.

No. 1001059

Oral sex is still child rape anon wtf

No. 1001060

Didn't say it wasn't? calm down

No. 1001063

File: 1593707230624.png (71.01 KB, 1202x222, Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 11.2…)

People are saying Reckful committed suicide?

No. 1001069

Probably true. Him proposing to his ex that he hasn‘t talked to in 6 months via twitter earlier seemed desperate, dude seemed manic as fuck.

No. 1001070

File: 1593707920089.jpeg (98.52 KB, 1176x690, 3E1E3B84-3A3F-4AE7-9737-9B0218…)

No. 1001072

I am literally disgustend sickened and disturbed. I just don’t understand gross ass pedophiles who do this shit to children. My heart breaks for that boy. Like how insecure with yourself and sick In the head do you have to be to go after a fucking 14 year old at 24. I don’t even know her and I hate her. I hope she gets thrown under the jail. This shit is so scary. I’m deadly afraid to have children because it’s so easy for predators to develop platforms on shit like twitch and discord and fuck with these poor minors. I hate it here

No. 1001075

apperently some other streamer name Nairo was fucking with a 15 year old boy.

No. 1001076

A smash player named Captin Zack.

No. 1001097

RIP. Didn't know much about him despite playing a lot of WoW. Clicked through this vid from <2 months ago to learn more. Doesn't seem like a cow at all, just a guy that struggled with depression. Really sad.

No. 1001099

File: 1593712052313.png (782.27 KB, 997x1123, last tweets (words).png)

Tweeted within 4 hours of his death

No. 1001100

File: 1593712074184.jpg (91.62 KB, 615x659, 1593711179659.jpg)

No. 1001105

fucking disgusting. what a vile cunt

No. 1001112

Holy fuck this year gets worse and worse… I was rooting for him, he seemed to be getting better… also poor Becca she tried her best she doesn’t deserve this either

No. 1001115

Did this guy have some kind of cluster B or narcissistic personality? Bipolar right? As someone with an objective outsider's view because I don't know who the fuck this is, proposing over twitter is absolutely spiral behavior and inappropriate. The fact that he commits suicide hours after (presumably because this woman either said no or couldn't give an answer straight away) is incredibly volatile even for mania. This Becca is going to receive an awful lot of unwarranted harrassment from retarded fans who will see this as her fault because she didn't emphatically answer yes to this bizarre proposition. It was pressuring her regardless of him saying otherwise.

I'm all for empathy, but this guy kinda went above and beyond. It's tragic but he does bear a degree of responsibility. His other brother commit suicide too, so now his parents have to deal with two children gone and no telling if they'll suicide now?

Shit like this >>1001100 is pretty evil, but also stuff that everyone who's been on the internet for a tenure has dealt with at some point. Not even streamers get anons shitposting them with disturbingly personal messages saying to kill themselves. Being an online personality requires a very thick skin and a healthish mindset, and streaming communities are all about dramatizing this sort of shit for entertainment, views, and ultimately money.

No. 1001116

Oh boy, becca involved in ANOTHER drama. Yes Reckful died, but I promise you dating her probably made it way worse. She's been problematic in EVERY gaming community she ever enters. League of legends peeps are highly aware of her antics.

No. 1001117

I mean I don't doubt you're telling the truth and she's a general twat, but the manic proposing over twitter manipulation tactic is really not her fault.

No. 1001120

Huh? Whats up w her?

No. 1001123

Spill the details of Becca anon

No. 1001124

i dont like becca either because shes a narcissistic egirl with an overinflated sense of self importance, but its going a bit far to say she's "involved" in this drama

reckful chose to tweet her and do his manic proposal schtick, and to say "oh he killed himself because she didnt respond" is fucked up.

its also fucked up to say things like "oh dating her made things worse etc etc". the dude obviously had his own demons, and now that he's dead the last thing we should be doing is pointing fingers at exes and such. suicide is an incredibly sad and bleak thing to do, but for you to point fingers and say "omg becca made it worse what a cunt" is horribly tone deaf.

there are plenty of things to dislike becca over, but trying to blame her for having a part in the suicide of an ex boyfriend is cold.

No. 1001125



One of the bigger whores, was talking to a league player then goes to a party and hooks up with 5 guys. Fucks HotshotGG (while he had a GF, who later broke up with him) and manipulates him into making horrible team decisions. Despite her hideous nose weebs still lust for her because she is asian.

There's a lot, you gotta sift through it, there's receipts in the thread too.

No. 1001128

Like I said, he had his own issues, but I don't doubt being with her made shit worse. If you want to pretend her being a toxic person had 0 impact on his mental health, you're living in a fantasy.

No. 1001132

his mental state was fully up to him. besides, they've been broken up for a while, and if anything you can argue that the relentless twitch/lsf crowd had a worse impact on him than an ex gf

end of the matter is that a very disturbed individual who desparately needed help has passed, and people like you are immediately turning around and pointing fingers at people around him to shift blame

No. 1001135

I'm not blaming becca on him committing suicide. I'm saying she had an impact, because she's had an impact on other people she's had in contact with in the past who have also dealt with depression/suicidal thoughts.

No. 1001153

Please, according to these posts he hadn't seen her in six months. Sorry but the guy is fully accountable for his own outcome and it's really telling to me that people would rather blame his ex woman than the pathetic male faggots who literally poked at his mental wounds and blatantly told him to kill himself. Mental gymnastics.

No. 1001156

Ok Hannah Baker

No. 1001158

Women are always responsible for men's feelings. Tale as old as time.

"Made it worsw" FFS shes a thirst trap e girl. What did they expect? Her whole identity is getting attention from men so people are butthurt that she gets a shit ton of attention/sleeps with men? The only milk in that thread is her dating streamers.

These incels just need another excuse to make a twitch thot a scape goat because god forbid a dude is responsible for his own feelings/actions. They desperately want it to be the fault of some harpy feeemale. The more thotty the better.

No. 1001160

this is so manipulative. he hadn't spoken to her in 6 months.

haha the old "1 woman can manipulate an entire group of grown men into making bad decisions and they bear no responsibility for any of it" chestnut. Take you sperging about her to her thread.

No. 1001162

id love to do a poll on how many women have been lovebombed then when they rejected the guy, been quickly told the guy was going to now kill himself and they were responsible.

No. 1001189


Nobody can know for sure but I expect this weird 'proposal' was just one small symptom of whatever awful breakdown he was having. The timing between it and him killing himself probably isn't significant.

No. 1001191

exactly, the other anon obviously had some hate boner for becca/e-thots in general

theres nothing wrong with pointing out that she's a thotty attention whore who sleeps around, but to specifically target her as a reason this dude killed himself is fucked up

they can say all they want "but i didnt mean she made him do it!! shes just a toxic whore and made him worse!!" she's an ex girlfriend who hasnt talked to him in over six months, not to mention he was still coping with the death of his brother and criticism from twitch viewers, but ofc these incels will target the "disgusting slut" over acknowledging other very obvious issues that he was having

No. 1001197

since we're talking smash/fgc did anyone catch the MikeZ incident? Thoughts?

No. 1001207

what happened?
I only know about that C.Zack kid catching another predator. Then some troon trying to fuck a 14 year old years ago.

No. 1001209

What the fuck, why are there so many twitch groomers??

No. 1001229

If you ask me it's because they are mentally stunted and 90% are shut in's and live online.
Notice the ones with actual lives and who keep their private lives quiet are the ones who stay out of drama?
Jerma, Vinesauce Vinny, Vargskeletor.
People who aren't sexual deviants, who aren't around a bunch of sick sexual deviants? Notice how the well-adjusted adults never get caught up with grooming, sexting and sexing their underaged fans?

The fighting community has like 4 people caught up fucking with underaged boys. It's disgusting and disturbing.

No. 1001230

What's so surprising? Most streamers/viewers on Twitch are male and looser incel gamers. The gaming community is toxic, sexist, misogyn, homophobic, transphobic, racist and just sick in their minds. There are rarely exceptions.

No. 1001238


Do you know where you are lol

No. 1001240

even being all those things does not make someone become a groomer/predator, I think it's just that there's young people/minors in the community and the gaming community is full of men.
Also, the gaming community is chock full of LGBTQ+, at least on twitch and in the smash community, most the people getting called out are GBT members anyway.

No. 1001243

By troon are you referring to this one? >>1001044

For a moment I thought we actually had a female predator and I was shocked. How silly of me

No. 1001248

MikeZ is stupid and the community has known this, I feel bad that the game has to take a hit because his actions though. All that hard work for some idiot to ruin it. Though looks like EVO might not be a thing with the president being called out as a predator so RIP the entire FGC

No. 1001250

No no no that's a woman ( a troon wished they looked like that), I saw some asian guy with two pony tails? I saw it on another site, they were saying it was a troon and preyed on underaged trans girl.

That girl you are referring to is a actual female and is a predator

No. 1001260

I stand unfortunately corrected, thank you for clarifying. Hopefully she will be put in jail and kept there.

No. 1001263

Wtf..14 is high school age and i never remember boys my age looking this small. Absolutely vile.

No. 1001271

Gaming in general attracts some of the worst people, hence the memes about gamers such as "I hate women and minorities" and other things like that. Incel nerds who were rightfully bullied and feel wronged by society finally become popular and start doing this shit to compensate. I think it's also because of easy access to kids like >>1001240 said, think about why Smash has the biggest problem with child grooming compared to just general abuse/harassment like other games, it's probably because the game is marketed as a family/kid game.

No. 1001392

I don’t think that anon is even part of the community, they just hate e-girls. If they knew reckful’s past(rest his soul btw), he was very self destructive and hurt people. does anyone remember he dumped bevva during a vacation together to date another girl for a week? Something was wrong and he couldn’t get the right help.

No. 1001437

you're talking about sleepyk i think

No. 1001444

File: 1593775810042.png (616.16 KB, 807x567, ltg.png)

anyone who shittalked him turned out a sex pest, now he's top fg streamer with a strea of loyal fans. What a bizarre turn of events

No. 1001458

who the fuck cares, male streames sleep with underage girls all the time. lmao

No. 1001477

Yes, and they deserve to be publicly executed as well (in my opinion) but sadly our society wants more humane treatment for subhuman predators.

No. 1001486

File: 1593783740552.jpeg (327.12 KB, 750x405, C110845F-E968-45D5-A01D-2FE613…)

Alinity started crying because she’s sick of being the streaming communities punching bag.
Due to the Reckful situation people on LSF have suddenly flip flopped and are saying people should stop bullying her.
Its ridiculous because they were literally laughing about Ninjas tweet 2 days ago and have used her as a scapegoat every time their favorite male streamer fucks up and gets banned.
Now Ninja has apologized because he can probably sense the shifting tides. I wonder if they’ll revert back once their good will has dried up within a week

No. 1001488

as shitty as she is I do think being the punching bag of twitch is too much. Everytime drama happens she's brought up, "oh dr dispresect got banned but she hasnt?!?!?!" who gives a shit she's irrelevant to that issue. If shes not been banned for shit behavior it's not her fault, it's the incels that work at twitch. Not excusing her behavior but I do think the majority of hate to her is because she's a woman, twitch has rampant sexism and racism issues and I truly hope this is the turning point of the entire websites "edgy trihard" cringe behavior.

I'm still curious how she gets away with as much as she does though, it is suss and i wonder if it'll ever come to light as of why?

No. 1001495


As far as I can tell, if she got found guilty of the situation Puppeh described, in Virginia, she could get as little as 2 years minimum. Could be a lot more depending on multiple counts and if they sentenced her consecutively.

No. 1001521

Pretty hilarous to see people flip flop like this. Especially since the LSF mods allowed that "dog fucker" video on the subreddit. An intensely creepy five minute montage of every time her dog sniffed her crotch, with people in the comments claiming that this was definitive proof of beastiality. Instead of you know, normal dog behavior.

No. 1001544

watching LSF scramble to backtrack after Reckful has been hilarious. They've did a full 180 in a matter of hours and now they're all about the anti bullying. Pure cesspool. I give it 2 weeks before it was as bad as it was 2 days ago.

No. 1001546

Apparently Destiny was the one who introduced Reckful to LSD/shrooms last years (Reckful really looked up to him). He doesn’t really know or believe that there are any bad side effects for people with mental issues like bipolar or schizophrenia, especially if they buy something with a lot of added research chemicals. He talks about it on stream all the time and how it changed his life and made him super happy or whatever, and I guess Reckful believed this because he was taking them recreationally a lot and microdosing as well.

I find it ironic how people blame some random egirl for making his mental state worse but not his shitty “friend” who would ghost him whenever he didn’t need to milk him for views.

No. 1001558

I think the sudden shift in sentiment towards Alinity is LSF trying to preemptively wash their hands of her blood since she mentioned killing herself. It's either insincere or they're so emotionally immature that they can change their morals at the drop of a hat.
But tomorrow they'll be back to spamming emotes of black people when they see a monkey on screen or the blue hair emote when a woman gives a differing opinion. Twitch doesn't have to be 100% PC, but they should at least own it instead of pretending that they give a shit

No. 1001571

File: 1593796339233.png (1.51 MB, 1414x1400, well there's your problem.png)


>Reckful really looked up to him

No. 1001610

lmao i love how when people point out the double standards its 'oh i would judge them too'' but when the time actually comes when male steamers are sleeping with little girls then its SILENCE.

No. 1001616

Say what you want but twitch thots have it hardest. The girls at patreon,onlyfans,e-girls and instathots….none of them get as much hate as twitch thots.
And this is why i will never be harsh or mean to them because they really do have it hard, no matter what they do or how hard they try appease their audience they still get bullied relentlessly.

No. 1001642

All the Alinity hate and the majority on LSF chiming in about how horrible of a person Fed is and how they never liked him looking pretty hypocritical right now. I never understood the identity politics going on in that sub. Not saying there is none of that here or on sites like pull but I find that at least it’s balanced out with some actual discussion on specific behaviour and patterns.

No. 1001689

There are plenty of girls on twitch that don’t get hate, it’s the ones that rely on tits that trigger the community

Just give it a week and LSF will be back to hating on allinity and fed

No. 1001700

poetry in motion

No. 1002034

I thought it was the other way around? Reckful introduced Destiny to it. They recorded his first experience and everything

No. 1002162

File: 1593888453662.jpeg (207.82 KB, 750x622, 36B43ABE-CF8A-4D54-8F96-5A5CFE…)

Keem is maintaining his hate boner for Alinity.
It’s hilarious because he’s the one who claimed to have “proof” that she slept with Twitch staff to avoid getting banned, but could never actually produce any evidence. He’s salty she’s getting a possible redemption arc, the same way he rages when any woman is shown a bit of grace..
Even if she eventually fucks it up, is now really the time to bitch about it?

No. 1002174

Keemstar is such a scumbag to say something like that right now.

No. 1002186

File: 1593893482198.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 90.78 KB, 793x594, 35F33B76-3159-4723-9F49-06E2BC…)

Anisa proudly posted this saying she didn’t care what people think and she’s beautiful, but after a lot of “are you pooping” comments she deleted lmao

No. 1002213

not sure if this belongs here but damn ZeRo (from Smash) just came clean and admitted to lying about asking a 14-year old for nudes when he was 19/20 at the time. truly the end for the Smash competitive scene when the FACE of the game has admitted to trying to solicit CP and denying the allegations at first. even Nintendo made a statement about all the sexual abuse coming to light in the community

No. 1002215

post caps

No. 1002218

File: 1593900964522.png (137.5 KB, 742x508, a.png)

yeah i really hated how he danced around the real issue for days, twtlonger after twtlonger until finally being like "ok guys i GUESS i asked for cp"

unrelated, but doesnt this kinda joke seem to be in poor taste atm? like, with all the shit that just happened with your group, you couldnt wait another month to make a joke?
unless this is serious and makes it even worse

No. 1002231

This setting is AWFUL, somehow worse because you can tell she put some effort in it. The dead plant on the left is sending me

No. 1002243

File: 1593905141904.jpg (104.73 KB, 761x724, Capture.JPG)

nyart but here you go

No. 1002290

File: 1593909969838.jpeg (429.69 KB, 750x778, 16FB6288-2BB1-4D26-A4F7-649C09…)

Lmao fuck you’re right

Anisa has coomer brain and focused so much on her tits/ass that she neglected everything else. Rip her fucking plants.

No. 1002310

Apparently many of these incidents occurred in a house owned by a player named Sky where a lot of Smash players of all ages would frequently stay over for a while. Why did the parents let their underage children stay in a random house full of unknown adults without supervision? I guess they thought this was a relatively safe hobby and didn't suspect anything like this would happen. Either way, they're probably not going to let under-18s come to tournaments without adult supervision anymore. I bet some parents won't ever let their kids come to these tournaments and similar events after they hear about this.

No. 1002311

Anissa anal fissure is legit ugly even shayna looks a little better, anisa just is so cursed and also has a shit brain and personality

No. 1002318

I’m so confused by this, sky is a gay man but how has his house become a hot bed of assault?

No. 1002324

Male fan molesters who???

No. 1002334

I want to give Toast the benefit of the doubt because he truly seemed remorseful about not having done more for the OTV girls given Fed. I think it's just a joke showing how people don't think there is powerdynamic between fans and ecelebs but who knows it's a pretty lame flat joke

also yeah pretty slimy how ZeRo detailed his shitty upbringing and abuse. It's unfortunate he was dealt with a poor hand but it doesn't excuse what he's done and seemed like he was trying to garner sympathy. I wonder if he will end up being registered as a sex offender now.

No. 1002358

The shape/position of those red marks make it look like she slapped her own ass…?
Seems idubbbz won't even do that for her despite saying how supportive of her he is etc.

Just seems like a weird choice to try to pull off oneself by hand and think "Yes this looks good."

It's really funny that her pic got the "im poopin" reception.

No. 1002362

File: 1593919382782.png (21.51 KB, 594x288, qq.png)

I feel really bad for Puppeh. He was crying on stream last night. Looked really rough. I'm not here for her ex-bf jumping on the bandwagon "qq she tricked me, a fully grown adult, into a relationship with her." And of course he's getting more support for his non-story than most female victims. The replies to his tweet are pathetic.

I honestly lol'd irl at this line
>Then, one night, I caught her on Smash wifi at 3am along with another player from my scene, Archy.


No. 1002364

Puppeh was on Twitter last night saying he was going to kill himself. His brother had to go out and find him. Hopefully his parents get him in therapy.

No. 1002368

They made a gofundme for Reckful (to get buried next to his brother). I'm sorry, but this strikes me as rather weird. Even if his funds were tied up in his game, surely the 40k needed could have come from his millionaire streamer friends? 8 of them could donate 5k and the goal would be met.

I really hope Reckful is resting in peace, and I really hope he wouldn't be mortified over something like this. I know I saw a clip of him encouraging people not to donate to him at one point, so idk.

No. 1002371

I read on the lsf post about this that it was mostly other streamers sodapoppin, poke, esfand etc and rich friends of his that donated as a way to give back and to try and get him specifically buried next to his brother.

No. 1002376

The GFM was made by someone from his family iirc. I’m not going to scrutinize his friends too much since they don’t know reckfuls family close enough like that. I’m sure they would cover the costs if they had that line of communication. I’m sure someone went through the donations and found some from his friends. It’s just a messy situation overall.

No. 1002386

It was made by his ex Jenna who is still extremely close to his parents. I'm not sure why people at LSF are making assumptions about his parents money situation though. Even Reckful's closest friend said he was having money stress right before he died, and his parents wouldn't be able to access his funds right away anyway. I feel like a lot of people most likely took advantage of him when he was alive and fleeced him for a shit load of money.

Reckful would have probably hated the idea of his fans giving their money towards his funeral though.

No. 1002428

File: 1593936734396.jpg (75.35 KB, 527x483, yikes.jpg)

She's so insecure about her pear face, there hasn't been a single photo where there isn't a poorly edited attempt on reducing her cheek size

>the smile is there but her eyes are dead and soulless

The face of someone who is being fulfilled with her life

No. 1002438

Some more smash pro drama, apparently some troll falsely accused Mew2King of being a sexual predator and jerking off on people and the poor guy had to make a video basically admitting that he had a botched circumcision and the video couldn't be him since he physically couldn't maintain an erection

Imagine having to admit to hundreds of thousands of viewers something that personal just to defend yourself from some troll accusing you of being a degenerate for shits and giggles

There's a lot of clearing house right now in the smash community but this one felt different. All the best for this guy going forwards.

No. 1002447

If there are many pedos is the community, you gotta NUKE it, and when you nuke stuff some fallout is inevitable.

While I do feel bad for him, that's what you get for being a part of a problematic community. As a member of that community, it was your responsibily to keep it in check, or else leave. If you did neither, well tough luck now, hope you learned your lesson.

No. 1002457

just here to say captain zack is a slut and is fully responsible for what he did

No. 1002459

Might just be the most immature and idiotic thing i've ever read. To fix racism, gotta start murdering all the white people, who cares about the ''fallout''?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1002462

That's a very bad analogy.
The fact is that you are responsible for the company you keep. If 50% of those you choose to associate yourself with are pedos/racists and you were ok with that until you got branded one, don't go crying when it happens.

No. 1002463

Oh God, the poor guy. I feel really bad for him tbh

No. 1002465

boohoo he has a small dick and cant get laid. what a pussy

No. 1002467

I don't know how a circumcision can be quite that badly botched but this one in a million guy is just extra proof that men equating regular old circumcision results to FGM are tards.

No. 1002470

I'd like to point out that you're criticizing men comparing by saying they're coming to the wrong conclusion which means you are also comparing. You can feel bad for both men and women who have to deal with genital mutilation. You don't have to compare them and say one or the other is worse, that doesn't validate anything. By modern standards both are unnecessary and barbaric for almost everyone.

No. 1002475

Calm down mens rights activist anon

No. 1002481

File: 1593955241293.png (25.8 KB, 728x303, 9F363B07-45D7-4809-A163-416EAB…)

Weird reach anon

No. 1002499

>The face of someone who is being fulfilled with her life

holy shit anon, that sent me!
It is true, her "content" continues to be stale. I am interested what this washed up cow will be doing professionally in a few years time. She should worry about her future, but naaaah. "rub a titty for money" as she tells strangers. at least her siblings don't embarrass their family professionally.

No. 1002536

i agree the community deserves to be nuked, but how the fuck is it one dude's responsibility to "keep it in check" LOL

this dude is an unfortunate victim of people me-tooing other people for clout or as a troll, the weight of the entire smash community doesnt rest on his shoulders

its not his fucking fault the community is a shithole, pedo-attracting cesspool. plus im pretty sure the dude doesnt interact much with any of the other streamers, he's just some basement dwelling smash nerd. doesnt mean his life gets to be torn open and he deserves the shit he was put through because he likes a stupid video game

No. 1002560

His community, his fault. You don't let pigs roll around your house and then complain it's dirty.

No. 1002564

I enjoy watching smash from time to time growing up with it, but look at his interviews, mew2king is a ladies man in disguise. He get the women, some how.. although most are from the smash community soooo that doesn’t say much but he’s better off then a lot of the other popular smash guys an troons.

No. 1002633

Just wondering why everyone is just now starting to defend Alinitu after everyone was publicly shitting in her for years.

I won't shit on her but she's an animal abuser, spit vodka into your cat's mouth and throw them and you deserve the hate that you get.

No. 1002642

i mean everyone is being nice because she had a breakdown on stream due to the comments she gets daily and it happened on the back of reckful's suicide

i agree, shes a disgusting animal abuser but a lot of this criticism is just incel hate directed at her being a thot. im totally on board for her getting justifiable criticism for being a pos animal abuser and overall trashy garbage human being, but people shouldnt be saying shit like her breakdown was "for attention bc she saw reckful died and wanted views"

its people like keemstar who fuel the incel hate for her when she was already begging for them to stop, so it seems people are laying off her for the time being

im sure they'll jump right back on it the moment she makes a video where she seems she's fine though

No. 1002644

>she's an animal abuser
No she's not
>is just now starting to defend Alinitu
No I'm not

Every time I defended her here when you PETA freaks started overreacting. I'm a hard-core animal lover, I live with a cat, I know what she did didn't jeopardise the cat's safety. Every time you screeched at me, and now you're pretending I don't exist.
And I'm talking just for myself here, but you did the same to anyone voicing the same stance.

So fuck your loaded question. I'm still here, always was, waiting for you to call me a bitch again, bitch.

No. 1002646

>spit vodka into your cat's mouth
yea, like a drop?
>throw them
?? cats can fall from buildings without a scratch, they're made to fall
people even had animal protection called on her and they thought everything was fine. she's not an animal abuser, you're just retarded

No. 1002656

what the fuck are you even on about

No. 1002659

Tell me what part are you having problems understanding and I'll gladly clarify.

No. 1002665

File: 1593977332515.jpg (18.05 KB, 735x102, shut up tard.JPG)

if you're still defending alinity on the basis of "it was just a drop!" then get the fuck out of here retard lmao

No. 1002674

dude who the fuck cares youre just throwing a big fucking fit because you think people are targeting and victimizing you

>ive been waiting for you to call me a bitch, bitch

except no one called you a bitch lol
fucking fuck off to pull or wherever you crawled out of, no one gives a shit

that and the fact that she let her dog fucking bury its nose in her fucking crotch, it may not be abuse but its fucking weird as hell

No. 1002677

yeah acting like any of what she does with her animals is normal is a red flag. any person with half a brain cell would know better

No. 1002681

exactly, at the very least she's exploiting their discomfort for the sake of views. the cat obviously did not enjoy the vodka being backwashed into its mouth, and theres no reason to fling your fucking cat like that when it's just trying to be affectionate

it may not be categorized as severe abuse, but she definitely is not a good pet owner considering how she parades them on camera and mistreats them because she thinks its quirky or cute

No. 1002684

>Why is everyone suddenly defending Alinity
>It's not suddenly, we always did
>wut do u mean me no understand
>ok I'll explain
>SHUT UUUUUP no-one cares!!
It's been nice talking to you.

None of that is grounds for cancelling and cyber-bullying anyone. Her cat was in no real danger.

No. 1002686

>even small amounts of alcohol can cause life-threatening toxicity
look at this guy lmao, did you need an article to tell you that? but i'm nice, i'll lend you a hand and give you an opportunity to demonstrate that you're not actually retarded. prove that a drop of ~40% vodka might actually harm a cat long-term
dogs do that when they smell period blood, it's normal dog behavior around ovulating women

No. 1002687

god you're fucking retarded, if i saw someone acting like that towards their animals i would absolutely no longer associate myself with them. alinity did this on a public scale, and holding someone fucking accountable for the mistreatment of her cat does not equal bullying. try again smoothbrain

No. 1002689

yes, my dog does that too but like a normal fucking human being i dont stay on all fours and moan while staring into my camera about how my dog should stop, i move out of the fucking way and push my dog's nose away because i'm not a fucking degenerate

she's a fucking weirdo who exploits her animals for views, but keep samefag WKing lmfao

No. 1002693

You don't have a cat, do you? Nothing she did was dangerous to a cat and you'd know if you've known one.
You're the only samefag here, there's multiple people disagreeing with you fyi

No. 1002694

i suppose that might've been weird? but idc i don't see that as abuse. also
>implying i'm a samefag

No. 1002695

kek imagine saying that's "normal dog behavior" in a thread about a human being's reaction to it. you sound like a dogfucker

No. 1002697

>rejecting the dogpill
good goy

No. 1002699

i do have one, but anyone with half a mind would know not to handle one like that. you sound like you mishandle yours frequently. i hope YOU don't have any.

No. 1002702

And you sound like a witch-hunter.
You couldn't have found a pettier reason to burn a woman on a stake.

No. 1002703

>multiple people disagreeing with you
literally posts one unsaged, one saged post sockpuppeting the same shit at the same time within seconds of each other

are you actually stupid lol

i have cats and i could never imagine fucking flinging him over my head, i know it probably won't hurt him but i don't do it because it's fucking mean and unnecessary

saying "but it doesnt hurt them!!" doesnt mean you get to fling them around and spit in their mouths…not abusing your animals is just basic fucking pet owner decency, but doing what she does just shows she's a shitty fucking person who doesnt give two shits about the living things she's supposed to take care of

sure, i dont beat or kick my cats or starve them, but i also dont spit into their mouths and throw them around "just because it doesnt haaaaaarm them"

fucking exactly, how is it so hard to understand that the baseline for "basic fucking decent pet owner" also involves not throwing them around and spitting into their mouths for fun

No. 1002704

you're either willfully ignorant or actually retarded. being held accountable for one's actions isn't the same as witch hunting but you just keep on trucking, white knighting faggot

No. 1002709

I'm still keking at the Alinity simp. "S-so what if she threw him, cats fall all the time". "I-it was just a drop of vodka".

Do you hear tourself, you dumb bitch?

No. 1002710

yep, just keep plugging your fingers in your ears and clinging on to your strawman there for dear life

No. 1002713

The logic going on here is astounding. Just because you CAN do these things and the cat will turn out fine doesn't mean you SHOULD. I swear these people have brain worms.

No. 1002714

So she didn't actually harm her pets, but she needs to be cancelled? For not being the petkeeping ideal?
Do you not realize how disproportionate that reaction is?

It's a witch-hunt, not "accountability", because the reaaction is so disproportionate.

Save that energy for the pedos, rapists and racists please.

No. 1002715

you're saying she spits in the cats mouth like that's something disgusting for a cat. you do realize cats could even eat their own steaming shit straight from their own asshole?
>doing what she does just shows she's a shitty fucking person who doesnt give two shits about the living things she's supposed to take care of

tldr she's a good pet owner and her pets are probably happier than (You)rs have ever been

No. 1002717

LMAO do you even know what website you're on?

Learn to sage your sperging, faggot.

No. 1002723

so by that logic since my dog loves eating shit and dead animals i should just feed him shit, right? he loves it and i should just shovel all sorts of poo into his mouth

are you actually fucking retarded?

keep simping, im sure one day she'll read your name out on her stream kek

No. 1002725

Yes, a gender critical leaning website, and that's exactly why I'm shocked these idiots are trying to cancel a successful woman over imaginary issues angry scrotes pulled out of their butt to cancel her.

No. 1002728

The cat can do what the fuck it wants to with it's shit. She is the OWNER it is her RESPONSIBILITY to provide a safe environment for the animal. She fails that.

Just fucking stop already, I'm embarrassed enough for the both of us. Just go simp on her twitch, maybe she'll notice you and you can be her next greencard visa husband.

No. 1002729

She's not gonna fuck you dude
She's not gonna fuck you, either

No. 1002730

guys watch now right below this she'll post an unsaged sockpuppet account saying the exact same shit

if youre going to sockpuppet at least sage both of them you fucking sperg

alinity is a problematic thot, who the fuck cares if she gets cancelled, not to mention she actually does have problems and is a racist. we havent even scratched her fucking racist screeching, but yea go off

No. 1002731

as long as it doesn't harm the animal what's wrong with it? are you gonna deny your dog a little poo poo despite him loving it? what a cunt
we've already established her animals are perfectly safe read up smh

No. 1002732

Hey look, it learned to sage at least

No. 1002733

>fails to reply to the correct post third time in a row

No. 1002734

I'm all for cancelling her if she's racist.
But if all you have against her is how she treats her animals and you're trying to cancel her for that, you're the problem, not her.

No. 1002735

did you really tell me that i should feed my dog shit "because its harmless" in an attempt to wk a twitch thot LOL

am i even reading this correctly or is this a fever dream

No. 1002736

I did reply to the right person, you're just dumb as fuck.
And she still isn't gonna fuck you

No. 1002737

>implying you were feeding it anything else in your aids ridden country
nice try

No. 1002740

not to mention alinity has been called out for saying the n word and being general scum (green card marriage/divorce, falsely "copystriking" because she doesnt like what other people say about her)

her animal mistreatment is just the tip of the dirty thot iceberg, but as evidenced by this fucking blind ass wk her fans dont give a fuck while hiding behind this "omg u just are jealous of her success so u wanna take her down"

i love how this anon knows that arguing over her n word controversy or general scumminess wont hold water, so they're resorting to debating about whether feeding your dog shit is abuse or not

No. 1002746

I'm all for cancelling her if she's racist.
But if all you have against her is her treatment of animals, you're the problem, not her.
I don't consider what she did animal abuse. No animals were intended to be harmed, and none were.
I'm not informed on her supposed racism or "general scumminess", but with how much scrotes hate her, I don't doubt I would have heard about it a million times over now. If they had anything stronger against her than "throwing her cat", they'd be all over it and ringing all bells.

No. 1002747

are you fucking retarded? genuinely? what do you get out of downplaying that boys shouldn't have to participate in forced circumcision, just like no girl should ever go through that. this board is a breeding ground for cognitive dissonance and bitter women like you. fuck off and die.
sage for off topic

No. 1002748

i do believe she did nothing wrong to her animals. idgaf about her n words, but i've heard she's 1/10th african so she's got a strong case there, i'd be careful

No. 1002750

what the actual fuck, did you actually say she could say the n-word because she might be "1/10th african"?

im fully convinced this anon is just an elaborate troll at this point, there is no way someone can genuinely be this stupid.

how are you going to call yourself an alinity simp if you dont even know she tried to "copystrike" random people who spoke against her lmfao…she literally tried to get videos taken down through false copyright action because she was too thin skinned to take criticism that she's a thot

pewdiepie literally called her a "twitch thot" and she got so triggered she tried to fraud her way into getting his video taken down

she's fucking trash, and she still wont fuck you

No. 1002756

Kek id copywrite the scrotes calling me a ho too. Jfc with this "false copyright strikes" you make it sound like she striked down some innocent 100 sub youtuber.

PDP is one of the biggest creators on YouTube. He sent his millions of followers to go harass some random twitch thrist trap. His fans are so unhinged he had to tell them to stop doing the "subscribe to pewpdiepie" meme because they were literally vandalizing holocaust memorials and hurting people. He made thousands of that video. Imo I could care less if she copywrite strikes a dude with youtube in his literal pocket.

There are twitch streamers who literally prey on their underage girl fans. So many in fact you could call it a twitch streamer trope at this point but they don't recieve even a fraction of the air time alinity recieves.

Watch the next dude bro be outted for asking his fans for them to show them their asshole there will be a sea of crickets from the "moral police" who are too busy photoshopping some twitch thots eyes red and adding devil horns. The root of their hatred is so transparent. Mad because women can make money off stupid pathetic scrotes who throw money at them for breathing. Be mad.

No. 1002757

Literally shut the fuck up. At the end of the day, her cat isn't fucking dead, and anons defend her because she gets so much unwarranted hate even though her male counterparts are just as bad if not worse. Stop sperging out because you have some weird ass hate boner over her.

No. 1002759

if youre going to sockpuppet at least make it less obvious and dont post them one after another kek

at least you learned how to sage but youre still retarded

wk more faggot

No. 1002760

I'm not simping, I'm reacting to ludicrous accusations of animal abuse, only for you to suddenly change your tune to "well it's ACKSHUALLY racism and copyright abuse that's a problem". Tell me how this is not an unwarranted witch-hunt again.

No. 1002764

bro you literally think its ok for pet owners to feed their pets actual shit because "they like it and its a treat"

im really not taking anything you say seriously anymore because you're obviously fucking retarded

she has so many other issues other than being an animal abuser, or in the very least exploiting them for views but yeah every time someone points out something you're just going to keep pretending it isnt an issue and hammer on about how we all hate her for no reason

please fuck off and go back to her stream, at least you have a chance there for her to notice you

deleted to ALSO ADD: you literally think its ok for her to fucking say the n-word because she "might be 1/10th black"

you actually have shit for brains lol

No. 1002767

what is this retard doing, you're mistaking posters too. find a board with id's they might be easier for you

No. 1002768

Once more sis, that wasn't me, do you think there's only the two of us on this website?!?(infighting)

No. 1002770

same anon as above so kind if samefagging, but im literally so tired of waiting for this faggy alinity simp to get banned and this just came up so im trying to change the topic

reckful's roommate posted an account of his days before his passing and it's harrowing, they all seemed like they genuinely wanted to help him but he was just too far gone


No. 1002778

im just going to ignore and report at this point, i cant believe they think theyre slick posting two times every time they reply and expecting anyone with brains to think the alinity simp army is here defending her

convenient how they always post one after the other too, huh. must be a coordinated bunch kek

No. 1002779

File: 1593984457024.png (340.46 KB, 735x2209, reckful.png)

Same anon, this newfag is so obnxious. Here's the Twitlonger if anybody's interested.

No. 1002780

based schizoposters

No. 1002782

uh, you're not the same anon because i posted the link, but thanks for posting a screenshot, i wasnt able to get one.

honestly this entire situation is so fucking sad, not to mention the cost of being institutionalized is ridiculous. reckful was pouring his life savings into everland, its no wonder at his lowest he didnt even think to spend money on a mental institution for help

his roommates already tried so hard, contacting vcs and such to get help but at the end of the day it wasn't enough

i really hope they get the help they need though, people give reckful's friends shit for "not helping" but it's obvious here the guy fucking tried.

No. 1002786

My dyslexia ass read your post wrong. You're the newfag I'm talking about, no one here is an Alinity simp for simply defending her. You're just delusional.

No. 1002791


What I expected. Not sure why the guy is making a big deal about the 'loony bin' giving him some group therapy. Maybe they know what they're doing? Maybe considering he was in the 'loony bin', being #1 Warcraft playing mind of a generation wasn't going so well. Maybe they were trying to show him and some others with BPD (of varying levels of being drugged/IQ) that cereal is somewhere between good and bad in terms of nutrition. Like, not black and white? I don't know. It's like he's trying to find something to blame even while he's explaining that nothing could be done.

No. 1002792

Gotta say I really wish people would see that Alinity isn't an innocent little bean in need of protecting. She's made some really fucked up choices in her past and done things which she's never been held accountable for, and it's honestly gross to see people using the suicides of streamers like Etika and Reck to defend her. I will say that I agree that the consistent meme-ing on her and telling her to kill herself is ridiculous and obnoxious, but it happens to everyone in the industry she's in, and if she's being affected by it that badly she needs to take a break and focus on her mental health. The legions of Alinity wk's aren't helping her.

No. 1002798

>its like he's trying to find something to blame even while he's explaining that nothing could've been done

that's exactly whats happening, the guy is grieving and both trying to find a reason why while also trying to come to terms that this was probably going to happen no matter what they did

i just hope he and everyone close to them gets through it without blaming themselves or thinking they could've done more.

also their parents have lost two children to suicide, i cant imagine the pain they're going through

No. 1002801

Take one look at Alinity's Twitter replies and tell me people are acting like she is an innocent little bean. The hate she gets still far outweighs the support. I'd say people constantly harassing her is her being held accountable. Not sure what else you want people to do? Twitch not banning her is Twitch's fault. Should she do an self imposed ban or something? I'm not trying to WK but a recent influx of support doesn't mean she still isn't dealing with an overwhelming amount of BS.

No. 1002810

it's not BS

No. 1002818

This is really sad. And just like 99% of sex workers she'll eventually not get any money anymore and she'll put out statements about how she didnt ~love herself~ and how someone "manipulated" her into doing it. But she'll already be fucked for the rest of her life. Oh well.

No. 1002877

File: 1593997844813.png (2.97 MB, 1334x750, FFB8C6AE-6962-484B-84F0-BE418A…)

Anisa is going back to streaming and doing “workout streams” but whew…. without filters she’s looking rough

No. 1002880

Imagine being a man and paying for literally ANY sexual content from this….

No. 1002885

Can you imagine if she took any responsibility for her actions?

Also Anisa seem like she's already 'hit her peak' at 27 and won't have a happy ending, that be it marriage or a successful career in anything

No. 1002887

Love a full face of makeup and an overdrawn lip while working out. It's amazing for the skin

No. 1002932

The state of the room coupled with her makeup-smudged shirt make me glad I can't smell pictures.

Does Anisa ever interact or collaborate with other Twitch streamers? I know she burned a few bridges with the "hoe squad"

No. 1002941

She’s recently collabed with pink sparkles and one other onlyfans girl. She’s been sucking up to other girls by commenting on their selfies constantly but that shits probably not going to help her career

No. 1002943

Except FGM has been proven to be much worse. stfu scrote. Its like having sex on an open wound.

No. 1002946

>Denies the fact fgm is worse
sperg your shit, newfag. lolcow is filled with women. just like how 4chan hates women, lolcow hates men. get over it faggot

No. 1002948

pandering to men will do that to you. Theyre emotional vampires.
her whole internet presence is about being a sex toy to men and shes ians side kick. No one would age well in her position

No. 1002951

etika rek and her are all weak scum.
are we supposed to care that retards commit suicide when theyre rich enough to get therapy?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1002957

File: 1594007527053.jpg (63.22 KB, 800x450, what is empathy.jpg)

No. 1002961

>fgm is bad
>but what about males you bitter woman??? REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
if their dicks got chopped off at the base and their pee holes sealed with fucking acid then yeah, maybe youd have a point

No. 1002963

no one cares about etika except virgin gamers.

No. 1002964

Can anyone tell me what's fun about watching people play videogames?

No. 1002966

It's great you figured out sage, but can you keep your sperging and alogging in one post?

No. 1002967

Is there any proof cinnpie did anything? What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

No. 1002969

Different anons, scrote. Stay mad

No. 1002972

this is the first time ive posted in this thread though, i just hate pickme shit.

No. 1002974

There's a video. Read the thread sperg

No. 1002975

She coddled him, and? Thats rape?
It's easy to lie about rape. women and men do it constantly

No. 1002982

>stay mad
Kek, what? Sorry I wasn't expecting this much unbridled autism in one thread. Usually lolcow has some kind of quality control.

No. 1002988

Why do you have a problem with anona saying fgm is worse? No one cares. Let it go.

No. 1002989


No. 1002994

Hello? Where did I say that? Do you have me mixed up with another anon? kek

>No one cares. Let it go.

You seem to care an awful lot for how heated you seem to be rn, anon. Anyway, you can delete posts to correct typos. Have a nice day.

No. 1002998

okay incel. leave this board and go back to your mra Reddit threads

No. 1003018

i never said fgm isn't worse you mouth breather. no one cares if you hate men. i hope you got picked by the other failed pick me's sis(ban evasion)

No. 1003127

Is she back in Canada? Her place looks like shit.

No. 1003146

File: 1594052337634.jpeg (169.75 KB, 750x675, 4DA99819-01EB-41EB-93B8-D903CC…)

She’s back in Canada because she wants to pick up a new puppy. Her friendship with celery also ended so she’s looking for a new condo to live in.

People on KF brought up a good point that she picks up a new dog when she there’s problems in the relationship or during a honeymoon phase. She has a couple of dogs mentioned in her old posts that she doesn’t talk about anymore.

No. 1003160

I dk, I like video games but nothing is more insanely boring to me than watching other people play them. I don't understand zoomers and their obsessive love for streamers.

No. 1003177

I would understand if it's being used as background noise while you do something else, but I couldn't imagine giving it your full attention for more than 15 minutes.

Anisa can't seem to keep female friends. She'll like their pictures and leave fake supportive comments, but eventually her insecurity will get the best of her and she'll throw them under the bus in the most passive aggressive way possible.

No. 1003230

Imo it's younger sibling culture. I used to watch loads of Let's Plays on yt because I grew up watching my brothers play games. Although I do like the condensed style of individual videos rather than a 7 hour stream of a bored streamer struggling to make conversation whilst a robotic voice reads out donations.

No. 1003250

I personally find actually playing most games boring so if I want to know about a game it's more relaxing for me to watch a let's play of it on Youtube especially if the person commentating has a pleasant personality. People probably watch these streamers as a friend simulator or to feel part of a community.

No. 1003276

cause she sees women as competition or a step to socially climb on

Anisa is super insecure, I believe if there's a girl that wants to genuinely be her friend, Anisa is either gonna be paranoid that she's a clout chaser or gonna steal her boyfriend

No. 1003335

This guy has really bad autism and a history of oversharing like this. I cringed so hard when I watched this

No. 1003339

File: 1594086664764.png (36.9 KB, 528x303, finalfantasyhouse2.png)

You guys might want to see this. Sky Williams and other exposed streamer predators are finished.


No. 1003340

I agree, I also was only allowed to watch my older brothers play when I was younger since they didn't trust me with the controller. They thought I would erase the game file or something. If I see a streamer that kind of reminds me of them a bit, or have a pleasant personality like you say, I don't mind watching their 6 or 10 hrs streams even if I don't watch them in one seating.

No. 1003381

I'm confused, are you an outsider of twitch?

Twitch gets notoriety on SM for being a sfw camsite, but a majority of the userbase are there for competitive gaming. The most viewed streamers are elite to at least 1 game. Watching them play is like how people watch the NFL and other sports.

No. 1003400

>travels cross country during a pandemic for a puppy

never change you self absorbed bitch.

No. 1003428

File: 1594097756745.jpg (126.66 KB, 500x713, muslimdad reacts lol.jpg)

she swears its for her dying dad too btw, such a moral selfless queen /s

No. 1003478

is anyone following sky’s stream going on right now? I don’t think anything substantial has come up yet.

No. 1003482

The stream is just his twitter videos in real time. I don’t think the community has learned from etika, reckful, alinity etc. the chat is spamming KYS/delete your account. Sky has been mentally unwell for a long time and this might push him off the edge.

He’s also trending nationwide on twitter so that definitely doesn’t help

No. 1003493


Still, he is a shit person. This house was never safe for minors or women, and no one gave a fuck about it. The thing he chose to do is to try to lie about all the disgusting things (eg. rape) happened. His house was literally Epstien house lol

No. 1003497

I’m not defending his actions, just that people shouldnt witch-hunt this fucking hard, especially when the victims didn’t ask for it. We should back up and listen to the victims, not give the guy another platform and constantly send him clown emojis.

No. 1003525

Been following the smash drama lately. I have a super arbitrary question but I'm really curious - since Jisu ran away from home at the age of 15 and basically lived with complete strangers, does that mean she stopped going to high school? She focused on art for a long time. Did she get to graduate or has she mentioned getting a GED? I know a lot of these personalities rarely get a college education, so it made me wonder about this aspect of her life.

No. 1003679

File: 1594145882771.jpeg (147.77 KB, 1080x1635, 5B599C0D-7F63-45F5-8316-7D6A67…)

i mean he was also fanning the flames, fishing for "whether i should make a video or a twitlonger" complete with a fucking survey link

the dude is a narcissistic freak who let a tiny bit of power get to his head (see attached picture of him literally threatening and extorting money from the people in his house)

he was very much involved, and needs to be held accountable and taken out with the rest of the trash. just because the victims haven't pointed him out directly for being sexually abusive/manipulative, they did implicate him and his disgusting ass house as the place where all of this happened

No. 1003680

File: 1594146172189.jpeg (370.79 KB, 828x1129, 8DC0A618-B1A3-465E-8C27-8626D6…)

samefagging to post extensive google doc link about how the "house" worked. the guy is a piece of trash who enabled a lot of this abuse by not providing a safe environment or semblance of privacy. he very likely knew about a lot of the shady stuff happening as well, but decided to play god and turn a blind eye.


No. 1003711

I mean, I'm a younger sibling to an older brother, but we both just liked playing video games. He would actually like watching me play sometimes but not the reverse, so it's probably just another personality difference

No. 1003817


What a fucking narcissitic power tripping psycho. "I believe there's still good in him" more like, you're cowering and ass kissing out of fear for when he eventually sees this and flies into a narc rage. Only a naive fool would truly believe this shit is just misunderstood. Give me a break.

No. 1004138

Meanwhile, what the fuck happened to doc

He’s been donating to streamers so he must be fine??

No. 1004820

File: 1594323925588.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 2592x1891, EcgH4IyUcAAqlTD.jpg)

anisa says onlyfans money no longer going to her dying dad because "covid scary, he's safer home" lmao

confirmed anisa using her dad for moral superiority once again

No. 1004916

File: 1594335214881.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.85 KB, 828x1792, 3nkbtspukw951.jpg)

No. 1004934

I know "phat pussies" are the new meme to find attractive on women but it's really disgusting seeing the labia majora look like it's losing circulation when cam girls hike up their panties to show off their "phat pussy" and camel toe.

No. 1004941

This is a weird look. Her underwear messes up her proportions

No. 1005012

Not sure how many people here are aware of Popushi, but as someone who knew her some time back, it's so refreshing seeing people speak up about her. You could smell the narcissism, toxicity and clout-chasing from a mile away.

No. 1005017

I live in Edmonton and what she says is true. Lots of private care homes have covid deaths.

No. 1005022

gay men are still just men

No. 1005035

You’re right that’s true for senior homes everywhere since as early as February. So why was anisa boasting about how excited she was and how much research she did to find an expensive home to treat him since March? Last week she still looked forward to put him into one.

Her announcement comes right after she bought a new car, bought a new purebred dog, and searched for a new condo. It just comes off as disingenuous.

Popushi has always been unhinged, have you seen how she shaded her own friends publicly if they did something she disliked? People only tolerated her because she was close to actual famous people.

No. 1005049

I thought she was irrelevant long time ago… Why speak now

No. 1005067

File: 1594373574479.jpeg (380.97 KB, 750x995, 4C235793-B729-4A7D-811C-66CBFE…)

I know people are canceling popushi for being a cunt but what I want to know is

How does she have a ferret in California??? Shits illegal lmao

No. 1005102

it’s super easy to have a ferret in california. or “illegal” pets in general.

No. 1005287

File: 1594412466418.jpg (159.92 KB, 714x886, 20200710_221913.jpg)

Imagine getting accepted into gaming org for getting all the incelthirst from Bernie tik tok video. Does she even do gaming streams?

No. 1005314

This is such a weird fucking pick LOL rip 100T

No. 1005564

File: 1594494117631.jpeg (135.91 KB, 739x835, 8F66C9F6-7CC3-4DBE-9854-5C849D…)

Considering how much anisa skinwalked pokimane for a while, this “teehee we look alike” comment as fake af

Poor pokimane

No. 1005565

File: 1594494140636.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.82 KB, 965x1323, C32B6798-6527-4F4E-96DA-9288FA…)

Original image before she deletes it

No. 1005861

I kind of see it (unfortunately), but mostly due to the hair. The pear chin and wide torso are a giveaway though. And Pokimane is more subtle with her thirst trap pics though.
Im sure she would be flattered with her comparison lol

No. 1005894

This is disgusting because she looks old.

No. 1005897

absolutely losing it at the button fuck up, is she fucking 10? lmfao

No. 1006397

File: 1594662024049.png (82.13 KB, 774x632, DBEBDBDF-F1E5-4FAA-A970-4160CE…)


No. 1008005

File: 1594873219881.png (860.23 KB, 1250x628, Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 11.1…)

The recent trend where streamers rank one another has already created a lot of drama.

Poke got upset that XQC rated him 'B' and said, "I'm just going to take Adderall, have no friends, have no life, have everyone hate me in real life, sacrifice everyone else just for stream, fuck my health." Kind of a low blow.

I kind of assumed he was unhealthy but the bit about everyone hating him in real life seems sad.

No. 1008008

is this not a meme? They've done it before, I don't know why people are upset over it now

No. 1008019

I think xqc's chat is taking its toll on his reputation. A lot of other streamers have complained about getting brigaded by his chat and the amount of spam TOS coupled with no serious attempts at moderation are creating a perfect storm. I think he's pretty funny, but I could see how this may bite his ass in the future.

The poke comment was out of line though. They seemed like friends and have hung out together with other streamers in Austin. Being told you're hated by everyone in real life has to hurt a little.

No. 1008024

Poke is such a fragile manchild. He gets butthurt so easily always.

No. 1008039

wait I just realized seagull is under washed, does xqc not like him? they were on the same team

No. 1008117

Late July/early August? Where's she ordering her bdsm gear, Wish?

No. 1008136


I mean, knowing Anisa, yes, most likely lmao.

No. 1008154

File: 1594904172033.jpeg (248.13 KB, 743x943, 79028691-B15B-4938-8699-E32286…)

Anisa trying to own “trolls” but owns herself in the process

No. 1008163

If I remember correctly, he said he likes his content but he’s made some decisions that he doesn’t agree with.
A lot of his rankings were very situational and he said most people are better than where he eventually placed them.

No. 1008168


This 2001 tier edgy joke would work better if he didn't actually look like a prematurely aged sex offender.

No. 1008222

File: 1594914981825.jpeg (228.51 KB, 828x975, A381FF22-4874-4EEC-9DD9-2801E9…)

Dr. Disrespect did an interview with PCGamer confirming that he won't return to twitch

He also made one of those vague "i cannot confirm or deny" comments about potentially getting banned due to sexual assault claims…big yikes. Full article attached for people who want to read, but I'm on board the theory that he got me-too'd with hard evidence and twitch cut him immediately


No. 1008255


This level of lawyer-approved response is not what someone who was falsely accused would say.

No. 1008256

File: 1594918631209.png (98.12 KB, 1206x324, Screen Shot 2020-07-16 at 11.5…)

The non-answer is very telling. Also, Keemstar of all people said he's not comfortable talking about it and he's always down to victim blame.

The weird part is that other major streamers claim to know why he's banned and are still seemingly supportive, which has led to a lot of confusion with viewers.

No. 1008279

It is odd, it makes my mind tinfoil that a minor was involved. I feel like thats the only subject Keem wouldn't spin around to "the victim is a bitch for not saying no!!"


No. 1008347

The thing is though would they let Dr be free if a crime actually occurred? He was on discord a day after his ban, that’s not enough time for courts to set bail etc, especially with covid

No. 1008354

File: 1594925527203.jpeg (208.65 KB, 750x637, F64C40D0-36F7-4617-8D62-531175…)

>I’m not bothered by what people say at all
>hours later
>stop making these comments!!

No. 1008377

It's confusing. On one hand, Doc is still actively vague tweeting, meaning he thinks his career is salvageable. And other major streamers who have spoken out about sexual harassment still follow him and rate him highly.

On the other hand, the people who were originally leaked information about the ban have said he can't come back from it. And a company dropping a huge revenue source and brand icon at the drop of a hat is weird.

If it's not about sexual assault he should have made it clear because now he's looking even worse and seems unbothered on Twitter

No. 1008397

the amount of tinfoil potential this whole situation has is just frustrating.
all points you made sound fully valid.
I wish someone would just leak it already.

No. 1008402

All she needed to point out is that she's an adult, it doesn't matter whether she has a live/dead or healthy/sick dad. There's really no need to share details of her dads slow decline (which she did in replies) like wtf

No. 1008436

scrotes really out here acting like fathers own their daughters and then claim sexism doesn't exist.

No. 1008451

not to mention he seems to be wanting to make a comeback on other platforms, so im confused since if this was an assault situation, i doubt he would ever make a comeback

honestly this is all so baffling, and all these streamers chiming in with "crumbs" is just making it worse

maybe he lawyered up the the lawyer just told him to stfu about everything, but who knows

No. 1008495

total tinfoil had, but maybe he's been quiet because he's been in settlement talks with a victim and is just now talking about a comeback because they settled.

No. 1008679

i dont think other scrotes give a shit about other twitch streamers with onlyfans, no one gives shit to pinksparkles about it. anisa is getting this treatment because she made a big deal about how she quit for her dad in the first place.

No. 1008903

If anisa wasn't fucking announcing that she was doing all this for her dad nobody would have fucking called her out on it, evryone is making a big deal because she made it a big deal in the first place making herself feel obligated to do this shit, also let's not forget that she did say her dad made her quit streaming lol thus the "does your dad know you have an Of" comments seriously Anisa should get a pr person if she wants to fix her transparent pick me cunt reputation.

No. 1008920

>>calls someone a pick-me
>>Uses cunt as a insult

No. 1008928

Learn to greentext.

No. 1008961

Kek you sure showed them, cunt. Go whiteknight elsewhere.

Anyways any new info on Dr disrespect? I don't know why everyone is all quiet about it, even keemtard is all quiet about it as well which is weird in itself since that guy is always such a loud mouth.

No. 1009004

Not to mention that PinkSparkles is actually attractive and has never slutshamed other women for doing sex work. One of the biggest reasons we give Anisa shit on here is because she used to shame titty streamers and women who sell nudes without an ounce of self-awareness.

No. 1009039

apparently doc's close friend says they're planning to take Twitch to court so that's probably why everyone's keeping hush hush.

No. 1009079

pick me does not equal a person you disagree with. some users need to learn what a pick me actually is, it gets tossed around like nothing on here nowadays.

anisa turns everything ever into such a pathetic pity party. nobody needed or cared to know any of this lol

No. 1009134

aww shit its gon get good then! I guess its the waiting game, man but its about some someone did something about twitch and their weird ass mods. seriously its the wild west out there, kinda bummed mixer went down but yeahh.. kek! calling your users slaves isn't very nice, fucking idiots.

No. 1009138

Exactly, maybe we should buy a dictionary for the retards >>1008961 since they dont even seem to know what whiteknight is either.
Also i dont care about pear-head, but you are using big words that you dont seem to understand kid. Whats next your going to call her a karen lol.

No. 1009187

I'm >>1008928 why are you replying to me with this?
Unless "so? learn to greentext" qualifies as big words in your book.
Oh wait, do you think everyone you disagree with is the same person? Integrate.

By the way, maybe don't call people retards who need dictionaries when you can't even use the correct version of "you're" in the same post.

Idk why you are fighting SO much about this.

No. 1009244

>calling someone kid
Kek you're probably 12, you know you must be 18 to access lolcow right?

No. 1009317

I would imagine some sort of staff meeting took place before the ban. I doubt one or two mods would risk their job to permaban such a huge streamer without good reason. The company might have also sought legal council and decided it was the safest course of action.

I find it weird that Doc claimed they didn’t give him a reason for the ban. If you’re essentially being fired, you should know why. It’s kind of hard to believe

No. 1009335


Knowing how much of a irresponsible trainwreck twitch.tv is, I wasn't surprised to know that they never gave a reason to permaban. A LOT of streamers ended up getting temp-perm banned without explaining a reason before.

No. 1009348


Adding on tinfoil pile, doc wouldve been around long enough to snoop on twitch and its full on courtroom degeneracy vs degeneracy.

No. 1009409

I’m tinfoiling but maybe something is happening internally with twitch. Streamers who haven’t done anything have been suspended/banned suddenly without reason(but eventually reinstated) for example darksydephil

No. 1009426

I find it funny to see a lot of people saying that him making statements/posting means he's innocent.

He literally has enough money to pay people off to shut up about it.

No. 1009537

Police department doesn’t have his name in the records, so whatever he did doesn’t look criminal

No. 1009672

File: 1595131453034.png (Spoiler Image, 911.6 KB, 716x957, CA39AEE5-1991-40FE-8625-B8AD25…)

Anisa’s raihnbowkidz inspired set

From Raihnbowkidz was just a troll social experiment, to it was lazy work, to improvisation she was proud of, what will anisa lie about next

No. 1009681

>says she is no longer a boobie streamer
>shits on other boobie streamers
>opens an only fans
>pretends to be all woke about sex work and shit

no longer a boobie streamer btw, she is now a full on coochie streamer now guyz!.

No. 1009785

File: 1595163251796.png (53.16 KB, 601x531, bruhmoment.PNG)

Has anyone been following this Hashinshin thing? The amount of self victimization from the guy is wild, but admittedly I am not very familiar with him and his apparent carbon monoxide-induced amnesia. It all seems incredibly milky and I am trying to get caught up. In the first line of his twitlonger he talks about trying to overdose.


No. 1009791

Kek both him and uberdanger are pornaddicts who are desperate for nudes and sex. Uberdanger literally had his own first drama related to fucking his 16yo fan and doing nothing but whiteknighting that "in his country its legal". He also bragged about having a threesome (with his ex) in old video about cons, showing both women being naked with him. Hanshinshin is not really a pedo, but a very toxic loser who would jerk off to anyone who says they are a girl. There are many videos and such of him getting catfished and scammed because of how thirsty he is. He really is a person who wastes all of his days jerking off to pornhub and screaming on his LoL streams while being hardstuck.

No. 1009793

File: 1595165673306.png (37.75 KB, 467x175, ummmmmmm.PNG)

If he's not a pedo then he's just retarded for saying things like this. Thanks for summarizing what a tool UberDanger is too, anon.

No. 1009795

People sure like to pull the cancel culture card a lot these days.
Being held accountable is facing consequences. And one consequence of being a degenerate who leans towards underage girls is that people will call you on it. Because it’s a pattern of behavior and you’ll probably do it again.
Suicide baiting is the only protection he has left because of the current mental health climate on Twitch.

No. 1009796

File: 1595165792109.png (133.57 KB, 335x743, hashinshin1.PNG)

There's also this.

No. 1009797

File: 1595165896827.png (101.95 KB, 827x171, 57685.PNG)

No. 1009798

File: 1595165996868.png (27.41 KB, 279x143, hashinshin2.PNG)

He's really put his foot in his mouth a lot over time, huh?

No. 1009807

Even with the intense filter her tits look red and irritated. Idk anything about boobjobs, is this a normal part of the healing process? Her tits look almost purple in some pics. Looks painful.

No. 1009818

Looks like she's started blurring her face. How long do you think it'll take until you won't be able to recognize her on her pictures anymore?

No. 1009826

Usually when you get breastimplants the skin will be ”stiff” while its expanding because of the implants, the bigger the implants the more your skin has to expand. Idk about the redness tho, might just be because shes squeezing her tits like a retarded 12y/o

No. 1009854

she looks SO over it.

…i mean fulfilled! fulfilled ofc.

No. 1009865

Yeah he’s for sure guilty, but how do we gets cops involved. Internet cancelling is not enough

No. 1010010

File: 1595199036607.png (2.32 MB, 750x1334, F41E1A68-DFD8-4440-B02B-DF7974…)

She’s using an Instagram filter for her onlyfans pics lol, no wonder everything was blurred

No. 1010148

File: 1595233311481.jpeg (154.89 KB, 750x679, 65AFC22A-0720-4663-9909-9860D3…)

It’s the anisa cycle happening all over again

Do stupid shit-> unwarranted sense of importance/smugness-> high wears off -> depression

Rinse and repeat. But “my fulfillment” though lmao

No. 1010152

File: 1595233671682.jpeg (285.79 KB, 750x1005, 281EDDC9-FD10-42AF-AACD-AF4587…)

This is what triggered “MUH depression” btw (tweet now deleted)

You’re typing on a phone with autocorrect anisa, how do you override that lmao

No. 1010188

She should vent her personal frustrations to y'know, her boyfriend or a therapist??
She seems to have this habit of airing out her dirty laundry to the internet and she only gets off and feels truly validate from the compliments of strangers.

What a emotional-sucking pickme

No. 1010249

lol wasnt she saying not to long ago how proud she was of being a hoe and how she doesnt care what "the incels" think. Seriously make up your mind, Anisa. so much for being "fulfilled"

No. 1010317

File: 1595270686921.png (787.53 KB, 695x949, 9B6C68F2-4550-4299-8294-405139…)

Sharing the leaks

No. 1010319

File: 1595270803430.png (781.04 KB, 720x943, 47172DF7-D946-4B07-8DEE-7797E7…)

Her latest stuff is so tame, I feel bad for the people paying for this. You can get pics of a girl getting DP’d for $5 a month on onlyfans and anisa wants $10 for doing nothing

No. 1010352

that boob looks painful

No. 1010397

She looks like she's being held at gunpoint. Lol no one's buying her nudes to see her, they just want to see what iCucks ruined his career for.

No. 1010402

File: 1595284795655.gif (1.51 MB, 420x240, ayaya (1).gif)

No. 1010472

The composition of this is poor.. why didn't she crop out the crap to the right?
Also the shadow that's covering half her butt is pretty unfortunate since it really reduces the quality of appearance of the main point of the photo. Really washes it out.
Kind of unfortunate since it's one of the few photos of hers where she doesn't have the deer-in-headlights eyes completely, probably due to a more decent angle.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of this or her, but this could have fairly easily been much better.

Also how hard is it to just… move that easel?

No. 1010490

Her face is better here but it's only because of the instagram filter, also the easel is bad but anisa doesn't care for details like that >>1010317 dead plant is still in her room

No. 1010549

No. 1010589

it looks like it hurts and she wants to cry

No. 1010606

File: 1595328100862.gif (616.54 KB, 226x159, ezgif-7-99064c010bc2.gif)

just look at the despair on her face LOL

No. 1010712

File: 1595355470261.png (Spoiler Image, 934.38 KB, 709x1022, EE1B4CE5-5487-47D2-91D0-2DF4DA…)

Tanning during a pandemic how quirky

No. 1010718

Tanning beds will make her face sag even faster. I’m surprised people still use them

No. 1010723

Hope the cancer is worth it.

No. 1010727


Anisa makes lots of surprisingly terrible decisions. At least we answered the question of what sort of idiot tans in 2020.

No. 1010741

File: 1595361604884.jpg (365.7 KB, 1920x1440, Eb3wSeXXQAYNkfh.jpg)

Anisa is probably going to crash and burn with her new founded money.

Spends $300 on shitty alibaba dresses, constantly buying "box tons" of micro bikinis etc. She recently paid for a new car in full cash, and then the car turned out to have a shit ton of problems that the dealership/manufacturers is not legally obligated to fix for her. It doesn't help she's constantly going outside to the gym, tanning salon, hair stylists when she confirmed she'll move back in with her parents for a while.

The same parents she was worried about homing because of covid.

No. 1010844

Why is she moving back in with her parents?

Also thay dress is tragic

No. 1010847

She wanted to move into a fancy condo but the stress of looking for one during a pandemic stresses her out(?)

Her own words: “ she is not used to adulting” at age 27

No. 1010932

I'm sorry I'm not understanding correctly, but doesn't she live with idubbbz? Did they break up or something? Why would she want to move out into her own condo

No. 1010950

she moved back to Edmonton right after her birthday so she can pick up a new pure breed puppy. Idubbbz can't enter Canada due to border closure and Anisa probably can't enter the USA for another 6 months because she already over stayed her visa.

No. 1011024

sauce on car problems? checked on twitter, didn't find her saying anything about it.

can someone explain to me why anybody would go to a tanning salon in the middle of summer?

also, sorry for nitpick: she doesn't only have a pear face, but also a pear ass. weird considering she allegedly works out so much.

No. 1011055

she looks like aunt, from the tacky dress and the way she did her makeup, she looks old af, again that dress doesn't help her tits at all they look like a badly drawn anime character boobs. but she swears she is hot guyz! also the fact that she is complaining about everything. wow! she is fulfilled guyz! totes not regretting anything.

No. 1011067

Jesus christ if she got hair extensions and parted her hair way differently she would look so much better. How can one person style herself so badly?

No. 1011112

Her boobs in that dress look so unflattering, I never believed someone with big breasts could look so unappealing and non-sexual while actively trying to be perceived as sexy

No. 1011156

File: 1595447281959.png (Spoiler Image, 959.69 KB, 720x955, 4E2CC46B-0B4E-4EE6-880F-04FBD0…)

Ah yes the very sexy squat to shit pose

No. 1011167

It’s the first thing she talks about here

Can’t clip her entire rant

No. 1011189

I hate to WK Pearface, but her "aunt" and "old" styling is just a matter of different culture. Among Mediterranean Muslims, that is the ideal. She must be unconsciously or consciously catering to it.
It is no more or less valid than your subconsciously ingrained Western beauty ideal, which glorifies teenage youth and requires Photoshop.

No. 1011202

cheers for the link, anon!

No. 1011249

that poor fucking plant lmao it kills me everytime

No. 1011284

I can't picture what she was going for. Why squat in a chair? Why the empty easel? Why all of the random shit on the floor? The level of laziness is insane when you compare her with Moo or other cows who use OnlyFans.

They look cross-eyed, if that's even possible

No. 1011304

She’s like Shayna

No. 1011307

H3h3 brings up the onlyfans drama with Ian on his podcast. H3h3 showing once again he doesn’t give a fuck about his friends and just wants a hot scoop. The way he kept bring up “YOUR GIRLFRIEND” is giving me jon tron flashbacks

No. 1011314

Can someone tldw this? I don’t want to give h3 the rat king my view

No. 1011321

Lul I'm not even from the US btw… You gotta admit she does look old for her age look at her face and her nasolabial folds. I'm probably too much of a nitpick. She is the same age as Miley and ariana and she looks a lot older than them. Also she doesn't even try to dress her age or body type

No. 1011324

File: 1595468607767.png (541.13 KB, 852x478, cope.png)

Just typical
>H3H3 dunks on people who are mad about the situation, calling them incels
>Commentary channels who jumped on making videos about simp idubbbz are vultures

>Says his onlyfans video was good, just poorly timed.
>Thinks all the criticism he gets comes from stupid people.
>People dunking on him for being a simp/cuck legitimately hurt his feelings. "I am human". Overall says this drama was good for him.
>Wants to separate from his cancer fanbase because he's getting older and his old content isn't him anymore.
>The drama made him and Anisa closer, "you won't get fulfillment by reading comments, but from each other"(?)
>doubles down he was never misogynistic and his comments about women in the past were just jokes. Frustrated people don't understand him.
>Anisa says stupid shit all the time but that's because she livestreams and can't edit it out. If he were to livestream constantly, he would be caught saying stupid shit too.
>It's was very easy for him to avoid criticism for this long because he hid his life from the internet.
>A lot of coping/justification for Anisa's behavior

Contradicts Anisa's statements about onlyfans being about self-love and not about money.


"If you value the money more than exposing more of your body to the internet…we're fine with that.

A person who's in a relationship who feels like, not fulfilled, or like they're not contributing their fair share or whatever the mentality is… I think a lot of people don't get that it's not always about money. Money is nice, that's obviously part of the equation. But the other part of the equation is 'I need something, I want something'.

Anisa's streaming wasn't going like that well. It's not a fucking rocketship. She needed to do something else, and that's what she wanted to do. And y'know it's more about purpose. A lot of people would say 'IDUBBBZ IS A FUCKING MILLIONAIRE HE MAKES SO MUCH MONEY WHY CAN'T HE LIKE- THAT'S SAD. IF HE CAN'T JUST PAY FOR HER LIFE WTF.' and it's like that's not what it's about."

Everyone keeps saying "She wants to be fulfilled" throughout the podcast, it's going to be a meme at this point

No. 1011329

this is cringe but I find it weirdly wholesome how much he's willing to stick up for her. there really is someone for everyone huh.

No. 1011341

Lul the pear and her simp:an autistic tale

such a romantic love story, they kinda deserve eachother to be honest, it's funny how much I autist is willing to bend for his pear.

No. 1011349

Ian did make a video addressing it himself, defending anisa and talking about his stance on sex workers so I doubt he would have an issue talking about it. I haven't watched the vid (fuck h3) so idk if Ian is visibly annoyed by it then my bad.

No. 1011350

I love it. Makes me see idubbz in a better light, really. He's a man who stands by his woman and loves her.

No. 1011355

idubbbz is just a depressed autistic simp who picked the wrong titty streamer and now just has to cope

It just makes me sad how Anisa has manipulated their relationship

>anisa doesn't feel emotionally fulfilled

decides to cry to her fans on discord about ian
>anisa doesn't like her body
Asks Ian for boobs as birthday present
>anisa doesn't like her financial status
Starts an Onlyfans and convinces Ian that it'll make her fulfilled in some way
>anisa doesn't like the comments about her choice
Crys to ian to make a video defending her
>anisa doesn't like living with Ian
Ian builds an extra room just for her but she hates it and wants to buy a fancy condo, moves back to Canada

Gurl get some therapy, Ian run away and find someone less toxic plz

No. 1011368

As sweet as it is, I don’t see their relationship getting any further than this

Anisa said on stream that the BLM and covid shit has made her never want to permanently live in America. Ian is also stubborn and doesn’t want to live in Canada/become a citizen. Unless ian becomes an ultimate fucking simp and sells his home for anisa’s shitty apartment, they’re stuck in this stupid limbo.

No. 1011450

File: 1595494082193.jpeg (43.54 KB, 650x417, FF484FE5-BDC3-46A5-9149-1F1DBB…)


(source: kiwi farms)

No. 1011490


I see Russia in this wonderful couple's future. Hopefully not for an induced coma, though.

No. 1011521

Why do they bother being together if neither of them ever wants to move to be with the other? Do they plan to be perpetually long distance?

No. 1011532

I’ve known some couples who didn’t mind being long-distance as long as they could see each other every two months or so. It gives you more space and less things to argue about (“absence makes the heart fonder”). But it only really works if you’re secure in the relationship and you have an end-goal. It can’t last forever

No. 1011536

Eventually Idubbbz will get tired of her and will probably go for the next woman that that throws themselves out for him. Theres a lot of clout hungry e-thots so he wont struggle to find a partner. As for miss pear here, she is probably waiting for the next big youtuber/streamer to notice her, once they do its bye bye isimp! Anisa will jump at any dick for clout and financial gain. I really thought she was gonna leave ian for chris but she didnt because chris is not even that famous nor has the same clout as idubbbz. she could have gone with tyler but he is smart and only fooled around with her (despite her dating akaadian at the time)

No. 1011539


How would she cheat on him if she had to live with him tho? This girl needs constant validation, hence the onlyfans. She is openly thirsting for that Raygun guy and I bet $10 that she is not faithful.

Maybe they have an open relationship and he gets to bang fangirls on the side too, but he seems to be kind of an incel and uncomfortable around woman, which is why he got into a relationship with the first girl who had sex with him.

No. 1011542

lol twitch con is the best place to cheat on someone and getting away with it too if you play your cards right. that was the only real reason why she didnt wanted ian to go with her to twitch con. Of course they fucked that girl went to L.A multiple times and she was super flirty with chris back in 2016/2017? but yeah Isimp wont need to do much once he breaks up with anisa all the other girls will swarm him like flies, I am sure theres a girl or two that tried to slide in to his dms im sure. lol like that bean girl

btw sage goes on the email field

No. 1011555

How would she cheat if they lived together? Srsly? How the fuck do married couples do it? Goodlord

No. 1011563

I really don't understand why he stays with her at all. There has to be a cute mentally stable fangirl out there that doesn't treat him like shit and whores herself out.

She has absolutely no redeeming qualities. She's not smart, funny or loaded. She has a shitty personality and doesn't seem loving or caring, hell I bet she can't even cook. She doesn't seem like she wants to have a family anytime soon, hell who would want to have kids with a camwhore?

You could say he just wants to bang her but she is probably a starfish in bed judging by her awkward onlyfans content. The only other reason would be if she was a 10/10 but she's not even that attractive.

The only reason I can think of as to why he stays with her is that he is actually a cuck and gets off on this.

It's a lot easier to do if you don't live together, are you really gonna deny that? It's the same reason Shoeonhead and her boyfriend never moved in together.

No. 1011595

lul maybe the little retard fell in love with the pear, that's the only reason I can think of tbh. I am sure he would even be okay if she cheats on him, or sleeps around to make only fans content. Ian is a fucking joke, and he can no longer make content cops because he knows the person he does a content cop will retaliate by calling his gf an unfulfilled whore that fails at making good content. Ricegum could have taken Ian down if he attacked anisa, she is the epitome of someone that gets content cop on, the pure hypocrisy. I am sure he will propose to her like the simp he is.

No. 1011619

Ok but… why? What is lovable about her? Like I would get it if she was either ugly, but funny and charming and caring
OR a total bitch but a 10/10 who rides his dick like a crazy tornado. But she is a cunt AND ugly AND has zero sex appeal.

Was she the first girl who ever paid attention to him? I kind of doubt that cause he's been internet famous for a while.

Maybe she reminds him of his mom, does anyone know what she looked like?

Learn to love yourself Ian, for christs sake.

No. 1011628

ntayrt but are you an idubbbz fan? you know he is a cuck and an asshole, lets be real they kinda deserve eachother she uses him for clout and he uses her for sex, even tho she kinda tarnished his reputation. He made a video of her only fans and he kinda mocked her saying that "her pussy is nothing special" kek the guy is such an autist tbh.

No. 1011650

iDubbz is into whores. Before Anisa he followed every twitch thot going. It's what he actually wants

No. 1011714

Idubbbz is absolutely a Simp. In the interview he argued that Anisa isn’t dating him for clout or money. He says she has sacrificed so much for being his girlfriend and gets hate for nothing. He thinks everything bad happening to anisa is because of him and not because of her actions.

No. 1011839

I think "cuck" is a better word for Ian than "simp"

No. 1011850

Nah he is Def a simp cuz he is pretty much defending all her shitty actions he is aware and he still goes all the way to simp for his pear yeast coochie queen

No. 1011959

File: 1595573559745.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 161.33 KB, 720x945, D69EBCC2-9A4F-4E90-B74F-36D96F…)

You can see the clicker in her right hand lol

No. 1011971

File: 1595578432484.jpeg (445.22 KB, 750x1194, 7D25770A-E8D6-4CF1-B7BC-8FC793…)

Anisa follows her surgeon on Instagram

No. 1011974

She looks like she was kidnapped and was forced to do this in someone's dirty basement. The vacant expression's not helping either

No. 1012131

gurl you really need to get idubbbz off whatever pedestal you have him on. he's a manchild who looks like he smells bad

No. 1012172

this. I don't know why it's so hard for people to understand lol. him getting off to anisa whoring herself out makes the most sense.

No. 1012183

kek almost looks like she has her light pointed at that dead plant in some sort of weak attempt to save it. just throw it away jfc

No. 1012186

File: 1595623123776.gif (876.52 KB, 320x240, 1F9DnlI.gif)

LOL isn't it ironic how he loves all this shit but he told her not to hang with zoie burger and basically told her to rebrand herself because as soon as she started dating icuckz she stop being raihnbowkidz I bet he told her that she didn't needed to do boobie steaming anymore probably promised her some bullshit. Seriously idubbbz is fucking trash and he looks like he smells like rotten cheese. In the end that's what anisa deserves she use to have a great boyfriend that actually was okay with her being a boobie streamer and he was a successful streamer himself seriously she done fucked up herself.

No. 1012190

I for one really appreciate plant-san. It's like the mascot of her photoshoots, like tripod-san to PT.

No. 1012594

I still think it’s so weird idubbbz told her to rebrand from raihnbowtitz to her ACTUAL FUCKING NAME. That’s essentially blackening your google searches for life. Ian has used multiple fake aliases so why did he encourage anisa not to? Blows the mind

No. 1012727

File: 1595715227798.jpeg (458.18 KB, 750x1012, E51DE518-4CBB-4ED4-9EA9-E15738…)

Lord farquad cut is coming back

No. 1012730

File: 1595715406806.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 481.87 KB, 1522x2048, 23D81DDC-DECC-4D69-997A-D86E72…)

No. 1012731

File: 1595715447096.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 375.61 KB, 1516x2048, 6C4C180A-30F6-4E35-8928-89812F…)

No. 1012734

That tattoo on her ass looks like shit. What’s with all the weird shading around the birds?

No. 1012762

For some reason I always get a laugh when I see her hiding the camera button. All of the awkward posing instead of just using a tripod and a timer

No. 1012764

yeah ever since someone pointed out that she uses the clicker it’s a fun game to see how she’s awkwardly hiding it in each shot

No. 1012767

It’s just like the good times with pt
Clicker, dead plant, I’m pooping pose

No. 1012851

this is a nice photo, the highest quality one i've seen so far of her onlyfans stuff

No. 1012990

It's so weird how she tries so hard but still is so bad at what she's doing. The details are always off, the clothes are always cheap-trashy, her face and poses are always weird and unflattering. She always looks uncomfortable in her own skin.

No. 1013055

she could be smart and brand herself that way, the cheap queen and her mediocre attempts at being hot. wow even at that she fails but like >>1012851 said she did have a decent photo not the best but at least is some improvement, but im sure thats the best we will get from her.

No. 1013181

What the fuck is that blob in her hair

No. 1013188

File: 1595803905254.jpg (289.21 KB, 610x586, anisa edits her head instead o…)

yeah wtf is that

was she insecure about her headshape/hair that she edited to be wider…???

No. 1013213

LOL I wonder what nerd city has to say about this since he always shits on tana and sssniperwolf for their facetune, I bet he won't say shit cuz big bad idubbbz

No. 1013221

that’s terrifying lmao

No. 1013250

the face of fulfillment

No. 1013285

Speaking of nerd city, she edited this picture near her thighs. Someone else pointed out how the window is wobbly towards the bottom

No. 1013330

I think she just had the clicker in her hand and pulled some hair over to hide it. On the other pic, same hand is hidden.

No. 1013376

yehhh I saw that too! seriously nerd city is such a hypocrite he roasts other girls for their notorious editing but with Anisa he is radio silent, seriously the double standard is amazing. Why doesnt he shit on anisa? oh yeah thats right because she idubbbz girlfriend guyz! thats why many edgelords in the comunity stayed silent when she opened an only fans, none had the balls to roast her. I swear the commentary community are the biggest hypocrites.

No. 1013406

File: 1595866291181.png (Spoiler Image, 462.16 KB, 483x902, a.png)

A popular insta model (986k followers) shared Anisa on her story which will probably get her a few undeserved follows. I wonder if Stefania knows all the shit her 'girl crush' has done.

(Repost because I forgot to spoiler the image like a dumbass)

No. 1013435

File: 1595871330305.jpg (81.93 KB, 1242x1081, 8ivt0gfpwxc51.jpg)

Pokimane still convinced people only watch her for her personality this level of delusion is amazing rofl. The Reddit thread for this was equally cringe too.


No. 1013440

Yeah, guess what poke, all those 11k viewers are(for the most part) men who are either hoping you are going to have a wardrobe malfunction, or are simps that are obsessed with you that want to Bianca Devin/Christina Grimmie you. The others are just females that are watching you for tips on how to be an absolutely useless e-whore so they can steal away some of your precious cuck daddies when you hit the wall.

No. 1013444


She's not convinced of that. She is just pretending to be ignorant so she can feign to be an UwU innocent girl who totally doesn't know that people only watch her for her tits. She knows.

No. 1013452

>gurl you really need to get idubbbz off whatever pedestal you have him on. he's a manchild who looks like he smells bad

I don't put him on any kind of pedestal, I think he is a cuck. I am just curious what goes on in his mind that makes him want to date her. It's just genuinely a curious case to me, I don't see how questioning that decision of his makes me a fan of his or whatever.

You all keep saying he is into whores, he is a simp, he just wants to fuck her. But she genuinely looks like a bad lay, she has zero sex-appeal and is honestly not even that attractive. If it was just a case of "he wants to fuck the hot camgirl" he could do better, no? I'm sure he has fans that are way more attractive than her.

My assumption is that either

1. She was his first gf, he lost his virginity to her so therefor he has some kind of bond with her.
2. He genuinely gets off to being cucked (but then why isn't he taking the pictures?)
3. She reminds him of his mom.

Nothing to do with iDubbz personally, I would wonder this about any man who would want to date her long-term.(no1curr about how much u want to fuck idubbz)

No. 1013466

have you never met a man?

No. 1013470

it's the first one for sure, I don't doubt at all he was a virgin till he met her and wants to make it work.

No. 1013473

> he could do better, no?

I’m reluctant to believe that, then again I know at least 1 woman that probably would at least try. It’s definitely the first one.

No. 1013475

yeah no he is not ever going to do better he sees women as cock sleeves tbh and Anisa is no different like he said "her pussy is nothing special is just a pussy" or something like that Anisa is nothing but something to get his dick wet, thats why she is all miserable because he is not able to fufill her relationship wise and everything wise to be honest. He probably thinks all women are like Anisa shallow and gold diggers. He is probably also too lazy to invest in anything romantic.

No. 1013478

idubbbz is the type of dude who gets off to people going 'hurr hurr, your gf is a hot/a whore' because in his mindset he thinks 'whatever, they can see, but I'm the one who gets to fuck her'. In his mind, he doesn't view himself a cuck because only he gets to touch her/fuck her etc, and all those 'thirsty betas' just see her. He might even slightly get off to the idea that a bunch of dudes want her and gets off that her OF numbers being high. It's this sort of prize to him, and he doesn't have the same emotional connection to her sharing her nudes that normal people have (or he's got some massive cognitive dissonance but I digress)

He's the type of dude to date a stripper, and think it's perfectly fine because she's hot, and only 'works' it, and he is the one who actually gets to do anything with her. I know a lot of scrotes who think this way, and are dating girls who do OF/porn with themselves or another girl, and they all look like idubbbz lol. They probably also can't find someone who looks better, have that weird emotional bond, and similar 'likes'. Also, I'm pretty sure he thinks all women are as one dimensional as Anisa, because that's a really common trope for dudes– thinking all women are that dumb.

No. 1013523

>that weird emotional bond

No. 1013540

File: 1595884463474.png (424.21 KB, 1160x635, fff.png)

>be anisa
>haha yeah I'm totally cool with INCEL TROLLS calling me a WHORE teehee I embrace it, it's even my header :^)

>also anisa

>some rando on twitter calls her a whore
>I hate this, this is misogyny, :^(

No. 1013541

File: 1595884544805.png (117.8 KB, 588x766, lol where her boyfriend fulfil…)

and of course h3h3 sucking up to be on idubbbz good side

No. 1013643

Is she an idiot? She’s the largest female streamer on twitch, of course she would get those numbers. If she made an account that was just gameplay from the start she wouldn’t be where she is, you would have to be a blind deaf retard not to see that.

No. 1013647

Eh, I think if she did this out of nowhere it would be pretentious but this is in response to other male streamers dogging on her recently.

It doesn’t help overweight men in their 30’s like keemstar and wubby try to get Internet cool points by calling her retarded and rating her looks.

No. 1013662

File: 1595900809410.jpeg (102.72 KB, 586x680, DECF2BDB-2E7D-4F70-B58B-5E9463…)

At this point anisa has to be looking like a troon on purpose. How does someone have money and time, yet still fuck up make up this bad

No. 1013700

Early in the idubbbbbz relationship, when she made an appointment at the fancy salon, was so excited about everything and came back with a 45 year old minivan mom bob. She just can't see herself clearly.

No. 1013763

Theres no milk here. Most of the hate she receives is misogynistic. She can complain about misogyny. Are you a scrote?
Inb4 whiteknight. Complaining about misogyny isnt milky

No. 1013770

the point is she proudly proclaims she's a sex-worker/whore/thot. That she is secure, fulfilled, and doesn't care about what people say about her.

Yet a week later she gets triggered by a random twitter scrote. Note that Anisa AND her mom are the ones that provoked these "beta incels" on twitter first. The original tweet in thread came from pokimane's side account and Anisa/Maureen were trying to get into her good graces. Pokimane's alt is locked now but you can see the original in pewdiepie's video.

No. 1013778

maureen cracks me up whenever she makes an appearance. she desperately needs to get a life. or pay more attention to her other kids who have decent jobs and don't embarras the family name online.

No. 1013783

Anisa and her mother are just like Lillee Jean and Laur

The only difference is that Anisa snagged a famous Youtuber as her boyfriend

No. 1013852


That banner made me physically cringe. Purposely making yourself look worse to "own the insults" only works when you genuinely believe in whatever you're "reclaiming."

Anisa thinks she can be like her creepy-uncle looking BF, and pretend to "own the insults" thrown at her. Doesn't work for idubbbz when he sacrifices his looks to have the aesthetic of a chomo. Really doesn't work here for Anisa. Call yourself sexy or beautiful, or something. But this reeks of cope.

No. 1013909


In her head that banner is the same as say Greta changing her bio to whatever Trump or some other asshole said. The power of sex positivity.

No. 1014012

>He might even slightly get off to the idea that a bunch of dudes want her and gets off that her OF numbers being high
Then why isn't he taking her pictures? Why doesn't he use his youtube bucks to buy her a nice set-up, some lights and help her make her nudes not look so shit?

I think he must have some insecurity issues that are deeper than even hers. Yeah blah blah you think I wanna fuck him, but I am just being honest, any dude with a ton of subscribers on youtube will get more fangirls than he can reply to. I just can't believe that this was the best of the bunch.

Maybe he has a micropenis and she was the onlyone so far who didn't care cause she doesn't want to fuck him anyways.

No. 1014020

There are a ton of guys with girlfriends like this now a days. Most of them do not care about taking the photos for the girls. I also think he probably did buy her some stuff for her photos, but I don't know for sure so. Situations like this aren't like black and white, he probably does get off to her numbers being high ('she's wanted, but I have her.') but he doesn't care enough to put in the effort to take pics for her, etc, because he probably views it as 'her thing'. You can enjoy something without putting the effort in it, they aren't mutually exclusive.

No. 1014025

But they don't even live together. They live miles apart, he doesn't even get to have her. He literally doesn't get more than the onlyfans subs.

No. 1014031

I don't know, I'm working on crappy assumptions here trying to bring logic to a completely illogical situation. They might even be in an open relationship or something, who knows, we don't really have that insight, and in all honesty it's a waste of energy trying to figure their relationship dynamic out with this little insight. Maybe when we get slightly more information sure.

I just hate people who say shit like 'HE MUST HAVE A MICROPEEN!11!!' because that's such a cop out argument. There's way worse things he can have that would cause the situation but a micropeen, especially if they don't live together, is probably the dumbest one.

No. 1014033

I seriously doubt that girls who like his youtube videos enough to actually try to have sex with him are particularly attractive or appealing individuals.

besides, like many youtubers, you can tell that he doesn't have a great IRL personality. even in his most recent "documentary" video you can see that he's super anxious to go up to people IRL, unlike the guy he's interviewing. (more anxiety than daxflame would be normal, but idubbbz seems like he has higher than average levels of anxiety and is kind of insecure.) at least he's seemingly trying to be less of a dick to people, but he still has a bit of an assholish vibe when he's doing these documentaries on very clearly non-neurotypical people, and it reads to me like he's an asshole to other people bc he himself is kind of insecure. anyway I'll stop my armchair psychoanalysis. my tl;dr is that he is no prize himself and anisa may take unsexy photos but she's not actually weird/off or hugely unattractive.

No. 1014086

There were plenty of fangirls messaging him, it was just that Anisa was the only one aggressive enough to constantly DM him.

Also the micro-peen thing, an ex groupie who he sexted says hes average. The caps are in the previous thread iirc

In the H3H3 interview he said he initially wanted to interview Dax and fuck with him to make him uncomfortable for content. He gave up though because he felt awkward trying to trigger Dax. This is the type of person idubbbz is, he isn't wholesome and "trying to help someone's career". He sees them people as content and exploits them.

The same with airsoftfatty, I don't know why people praise that video when it's clear he's using them.

No. 1014130

yeah, I agree with you about his documentaries. what I meant was that I thought he seemed like less of a dick in the new daxflame one as compared to the airsoftfatty one, where he came across as a huge asshole (and yes, exploitative)

No. 1014171

He literally bought her new tits

No. 1014251

this girl is named kayla servi btw, while claiming her name is hyuna park and claims to be korean. she was a D- list actress, flopped, got a shit ton of plastic surgery and decided to be fake korean on twitch to pay the bills instead. kek.

here's an interview of how she really sounds like/looked like before surgery/weight loss.

No. 1014261

aw she was cute, good on her for getting surgery to feel more secure. the racebending is fucking weird though

No. 1014263

File: 1596007805062.jpg (76.35 KB, 744x1117, kayla-servi_2126826.jpg)

i think she was really cute after her weight loss honestly. the race faking/fake squeaky voice just gives me insanity vibes

No. 1014273

>He literally bought her new tits
but she only started doing onlyfans after she had them done… I don't think he bought them for her so she could then go ahead and show them to the world.

I assume she whined to him all day long about how much she hated her body until he gave in and paid.

I seriously doubt it was a "Hey I'll get you those moneymakers, but only if you make the money back" situation. He only seems to do the bare minimum of not throwing her under the bus for being a thot (which he should) but he doesn't seem actually invested in her e-whore career. Does he promote her onlyfans stuff on his twitter?

>There were plenty of fangirls messaging him, it was just that Anisa was the only one aggressive enough to constantly DM him.

This might be it. Maybe he just kept to himself, which is why he was single and a virgin for so long before he met her, she was the only one so hungry for attention and some scraps of e-fame that she persisted long enough for him to reply.

No. 1014275

her real voice sounds nice too. white girls claiming to be asian when they're clearly not is cringe as fuck though

No. 1014276

she might of also told him her plans of doing OF but felt ashamed about her boobs, and he paid for her because she was sad about it. Why is that such a surprise for you? This isn't that uncommon in relationships, especially relationships where the dude makes decent money.

No. 1014277

It's not uncommon for men to pay for their partners boob-jobs so they feel better about themselves (or because they themselves like bigger boobs), but it is uncommon to buy your gf new tits so she can be a whore.

No. 1014299

Any twitch streamer who turns on their pretentious squeaky voice is shit. Can't stand it.

No. 1014300

she somehow goes beyond just squeaky too, she literally sounds like fucking spongebob or something

No. 1014324

File: 1596025877375.jpeg (51.7 KB, 363x384, BF10EE45-862C-436A-950D-A237E0…)

Girls with bios like this are always on some bullshit. What does having 1/4 Korean clout even achieve? Are you trying to stunt on k-pop fans or trying to snag fetishists on Twitch?

No. 1014326

holy fuck someone thinks being asian is a personality trait

No. 1014330

Without the context I'd think this is just a girl who's into her korean heritage, maybe close to the korean part of her family. Crazy how delusional a person can be.

No. 1014359


She's trying too hard to have a fake Korean accent too

No. 1014362

That voice what the fuck

No. 1014383

File: 1596041975343.png (2 MB, 2092x732, Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 11.5…)

The way her mask is fitted kills me.

Going from a d-list actress to pretending to be Asian and crushing watermelons with her thighs for Twitch degenerates.

No. 1014393

Fake a Korean accent? Koreans don’t talk that way, this is weaboo anime Loli voice. Why do people fake these disgusting voices anyways.
I mean saying you’re 1/4 asian isn’t faking being asian.

No. 1014397

She sounds exactly like Venus Angelic

No. 1014400

Sounds more like a lilypichu or wolfychu wannabe tbh. Highly doubt someone like her would even know who Venus angelic is since she is an old YouTuber.

No. 1014437

Skinwalking yumi and/or lily. Her viewers know she went through puberty, they know her grown adult ass ain’t 8 yrs old. They’re not that retarded Cringe.

No. 1014441

File: 1596049291844.png (138.6 KB, 704x690, Screen Shot 2020-07-29 at 3.01…)

She removed the ethnicity stuff from her twitch about.

No. 1014448

was just gonna say, this girl is not part asian lol. she mustve been called out. i used to follow her 8+ years ago when she had a youtube channel where she was still clinging onto cringe emo/scene kid fashion and doing designer clothing hauls at like 14 years old. i'm pretty sure her family is extremely wealthy, wouldnt surprise me if they funded her surgeries.

No. 1014582

LOL. Did she lie about being Asian because she thought it got her anime loli points with simps or something?

No. 1014671

File: 1596092258166.jpeg (172.77 KB, 709x1247, 1D33B65C-A6D7-4535-98C3-E72413…)

Anisq purged her tiktok and is trying to start it up again. It’s filled with cringe.


No. 1014687

choose a different fruit as your head shape.

No. 1014699

jesus, even her Tik Tok videos are half-assed…she has a completely flat, bored expression in all of them

No. 1014701

The lip synch ones are the funniest, she barely moves her mouth. A 12 year old could fake singing better than Anisa. She never puts any effort and wonders why she isn’t the next Internet superstar lmao

No. 1014722

I think getting Botox in her lower jaw would be great for her, it would make her face less bottom-heavy

No. 1014737

File: 1596112055005.jpeg (303.86 KB, 1069x1504, F44FD1B1-9B7F-489B-A640-53C4DD…)

Dirty ass carpet

No. 1014738

did she put that filter there herself? lmao
its trying so hard to be a pastel angel but she still just comes off as a prostitute that hasn't showered in days to me

No. 1014796

Tear trough fillers, adult braces/aligners (her teeth are gross as fuck), chin/jaw shaving and a better haircut with extensions.

No. 1014800

Get rid of that sanpaku? Idk how to do that but it really annoys me

No. 1014820

Never thought twice about pear before, but this OF saga is really fascinating. She isn't hideous, but she can't take an attractive photo to save her life. It's like you can see how dumb she is by how poorly thought out her pictures are.

No. 1014852

I really think you need a certain kinda personality for SW/OF and Anisa just does not have it.

No. 1015002

you can literally just look her up and see she is absolutely not part asian. she just made it up. imagine calling yourself "Hyuna Park" and larping as a korean woman when you are actually just a bland white girl kek, even going so far as to getting multiple surgeries to look more like an ~azn waifu~
absolute degeneracy

No. 1015041

File: 1596169424660.png (505.1 KB, 649x542, whoever told you that is lying…)

Did anyone notice Keyori became a tranny? Kek, an ugly one at that (not that he was attractive while not being a tranny either)


Kinda weird how he was dating a somewhat cute girl (Jaynee) then decides he wants to be a "cute girl" who does "decora". Also claims he, "fell in love with decora fashion when he was 17". Pretty sure I vaguely remember Jaynee having a decora phase, and they would've been dating at the time too…kek

No. 1015044

File: 1596169515684.png (663.19 KB, 652x552, hmmmm.png)

The tweet in question

No. 1015071

File: 1596177497810.jpeg (392.79 KB, 750x982, 7736F19D-9270-4C88-9CE2-F65FD1…)

I saw your image and was like who? But holy fuck that’s keyori? I haven’t been into their streams in a while but what a change

Their old tweets make this extra yikes. Maybe it was projection and denial that made them so angry?

No. 1015074

Botox in lower jaw, and maybe some fillers in temples to balance her face more. If she got a lip lift and some dental work it would be a huge improvement.
Even though she has been a terrible person, I feel bad for her and want to give her a makeover.

No. 1015078

I remember during some time ( i think some days before their breakup ) he opened up about being an autist and started acting as if he is some sort of softboy. Also would ALWAYS play autism card everytime and during the same time he started being the most dramatic 'lol yter' on twitter.

Honestly he always gave me closeted gay vibes to me. Shame he turned into a trannie, shit's embarrassing.

No. 1015087

It feels like some ppl think they have to be trans to enjoy certain things or activities. Shit is retarded and sad

No. 1015138

in full fairness, you can be trans and/or a POC and find that picture cringey as hell

No. 1015318

it's easily number one. anisa confirmed she took his virginity on stream more than once. she bragged about it pretty much since the moment they started fucking. not sure if anyone saved the clip way back when, but there's that one stream i remember where she did a Q&A at the airport while she was waiting for her flight to LA. someone asked her if she was icuck's first gf and she said she wasn't his first girlfriend technically (i think he had some LDR shit before her?), but she was the first girl he'd ever done anything sexual with. she likes guys she can manipulate sexually and make emotionally dependent on her. she did the same with akkadian. he was 16 and she was 20 when they started dating, the power dynamics of that were so fucked. she's absolute trash.

No. 1015532


He is very much a cuck.

No. 1015563

Leafy made a video about Poki. It's honestly boring and he didn't say anything about her that hasn't already been said but for some reason people are making a big deal out of this.

Also, based on the way people were talking about this vid, I thought he exposed who her boyfriend is, but he didn't. I've seen some people say it might be ItsaGundam but idk how true that is.

No. 1015572

That's not true, because same said guy was allegedy dating some other streamer not long time ago. This video is a waste of time and Leafy made it just because of Poki-hate-train. She used to be very milky because of her leeching people off, but now she is just nothing but your basic 'quirky gamer girl' streamer.

No. 1015580

Honestly I find it funny how pressed people on LSF sub got about this too.

Part of the problem is that Poki is a very easy target and censors anyone's name in her Twitch chat who has made a video about her, and in other cases will react strongly (like the one dude when she contacted his sponsors). If she ignored these people and their videos it wouldn't matter. I assume Leafy is in it for some cash at this point (assuming his videos even make money).

No. 1015647


Pretty sad but I figured it would be something like that.

Guys like idubbbz who pretend to be super edgy and cool online and have a kind of "nobody can get to me" aura are always the ones who melt like butter when they actually get some affection from a girl.

No. 1015667

It’s a slow drama week so keem and leafy are just making it up

Even after Etika, Reckful, after the community swore not to do this clowning shit anymore, it still happens. Kinda of fucking depressing actually

No. 1015722


you sound like a speculating retard

someone being a relationship doesn't negate them from coming to terms with their gender identity? them tweeting about liking a form of fashion (that literally has a dude as an example in the image) and bringing up their ex also liking it doesn't make it into a weird conspiracy??? lmao

No. 1015749

Go back to twitter.

No. 1015901

hes said his videos don't make any money, but i dont really think hes doing youtube for income reasons anyway. he keeps chucking in "i do stocks" in random videos

i think he purely just shat on pokimane because he can and nobody else will at this point, otherwise you get dunked on by destiny and random pokisimps. i mean, i think destiny right now is trying to provoke leafy into one of his """debates"""

No. 1015903

Wtf are you talking about? Literally everyone has been taking dumps on poki for months since the gundam saga. Twitch community has been quiet because it’s against TOS to discuss other twitch users.

I think poki was wrong for the copy strike situation, but she made an off hand comment on stream about the video and the sponsor is the one that dropped out. And honestly? Sponsors shouldn’t be attaching their name to content where you roast idiots anyways, it’s bad PR.

Can we all agree the commentary community is absolute garbage?

No. 1015959

>date girl for years
>break up
>become tranny and larp as an ugly woman with the same fashion as ex girlfriend
hmmm, yes such wild and insane speculation, what an absurd conclusion to come to! kek. go back to whatever hugbox you crawled out of

No. 1015960

commentary channels are the lowest hanging fruit of all time, it's mostly just a bunch of low iq incels pretending their opinion is gospel with echo chambers for comment sections full of…you guessed it, low iq incels
criticism of poki is warranted on the fact that she copywrite striked people for no reason and was being really hypocritical about it, but people just use it as an opportunity to shit on her (saying she's boring and vapid or whatever)

No. 1016009

twitch chat is so cucked. a prominent (male) streamer i watch wanted to react to it on stream and got flamed by his chat because he was defending poki since the video is so ridiculous. he even agreed that the dmca and contacting sponsors shit was cucked but the video was mostly garbage

No. 1016052

THIS. >>1015722 anon made herself a retard by WKing a person story of whom she doesn't know. Lmao. Pls leave

No. 1016212

>>I thought he exposed who her boyfriend is, but he didn't. I've seen some people say it might be ItsaGundam but idk how true that is.

Her boyfriends is Bjergsen.
It was already leaked a while ago by some dude with insider info that said iGumdrop was dating some dude named Anthony, AngelsKimi was dating HotshotGG and Pokimane was dating Bjergsen.

No. 1016264

File: 1596403860726.png (496.54 KB, 996x859, friskydelight.PNG)

in a really weird turn of events i ended up remembering what her old youtube username was and waybacked it. this screenshot is from november 2011, wish the adobe plugin would work. nothing really milky, just crazy to see how different of a person she looked pre-korean larp phase.

No. 1016268

it wasn't "leaked" and there was no source, it was literally some autist PULL sperg that LARPed they had "insider" info.

igumdrop is the only one confirmed to be dating, and that was because one of the OTV leaked it during an IRL stream

No. 1016270

File: 1596403958586.png (885.08 KB, 942x832, friskydelight2.PNG)

the wayback machine also led me to this blogspot she must've forgotten about. this is the only good thing posted on it lol, it only has 6 posts in total.

inb4 its immediately deleted

No. 1016272

File: 1596404162127.png (74.41 KB, 623x649, lol.png)

Anisa and her mom admitting they lurk their own threads lol

Also I don't know if she realizes she's lowkey blaming idubbbz and his fanbase for all the "bad things" that happen to her

No. 1016296


Ian put her name on his insta bio so I think she knows who to blame.

No. 1016393

Seriously does this whore always sees herself as a victim? how about the horrible shit you did anisa? or the time you made fun of a disabled woman? what about the time you made fun of a fat girl that was doing zumba? what about the time you cheated on your ex boyfriend but you excuse it by saying you "accidently booked another night"? or the time you made fun of a girl with anorexia and other eating disorders? seriously girl youre fucking stupid, you call yourself a victim but never address all the shitty things you have done, oh less we forget the time you talk shit about you friends girlfriend because you are a jealous pick me who cant stand other people (specially other women) getting more atention than you. Also the time you talked shit about your female friends girlfriend. Anisa you say youre the victim but again you never even once apologize for any of your past mistakes or address anything you said akadian was gonna release a video addressing the cheating he never did… gee I wonder why?

Anisa Jomha: "the victim" with a pick me complex.

No. 1016448

File: 1596420406410.png (245.84 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-08-03-07-02-28…)

I recently lurked the older threads on Anisa. I was always under the impression that she made him put her Instagram handle in his bio.

No. 1016456

Ian only posts on insta every 6 months or so, so yeah it's likely she pushed him to do it.

man those comments from 3 years ago aged like fine wine, ian had to give up privacy to make anisa happy lol

No. 1016460

did we actually find the listing for the house/laugh at her dad's alzheimers? i followed these threads sporadically for the last 3 or so years but i dont remember that. the lowest i remember was people making fun of her body shape. correct me if im wrong

No. 1016474

it was on KF, they found out because Anisa was bragging about her dad and doxed his real name/profession. It also doesn't help that Anisa and Ian film in front of her parent's house all the time.

Anisa's own stupidity has doxed Ian and her family, she has no one to blame but herself.

No. 1016555

File: 1596437312230.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 171.45 KB, 735x1159, 22A6A799-DD0E-4342-BAEF-329640…)

No. 1016649


There is no thought or concept behind this at all. It feels like she grabbed whatever raggedy toy was around just to cover her coochie.
It's going to be difficult for her to grow a dedicated fanbase on only fans with content like this.

No. 1016787

File: 1596476413582.jpeg (598.94 KB, 750x1180, 33418AD8-29DE-4AF1-AFD6-DD13C3…)

I guess idubbbz took the hint and removed her from his bio

Also strange he’s advertising his video on ig when he barely uses it, desperate for views?

No. 1016936

File: 1596499200778.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 185.41 KB, 1080x1442, EBDF1B8B-067C-483E-9B87-D8B721…)

What was it that anisa said?
“It’s disgusting they have no regard for the human body”

No. 1016968

File: 1596503682401.jpeg (334.3 KB, 1536x2048, EI5YHM6XYAAciB2.jpeg)

Wow, she has gained a lot of weight. And this is a posed and edited photo. Yikes. When this was her literally not too long ago.

No. 1017018

I can't believe she does shit like this to feel good about herself and it's the only control she has in her life.

I wonder if she actually believes that anyone in the twitch & youtuber community has any respect for her

No. 1017081

Goblina 2.0

No. 1017138

she's always been built like a fridge tbh. might just be the angle shes in + sitting + that thing under her boobs/around her waist making her look fatter than usual

No. 1017179

I think the photo you posted is the one that's shopped. I think she used to shop herself a lot skinnier in the past, but now that she has to pump out so many pictures it's probably too much work for her, since she's lazy.#

I mean it's obviously still shopped as fuck, but maybe she realized that her big fake bolt-ons would look stupid on the skinny body she used to shop.

All I'm saying is that I don't think she was ever as skinny as she looks in her old pictures.

No. 1017246

My God this girl is absolutely insufferable. Why can't she be a regular twitch thot as opposed to the absolute cringe that is this pseudo Asian persona?

No. 1017261

damn, I miss erin

sage for OT

No. 1017347

What's up with the skin on her underboobs? Is that normal after getting implants? Now that I'm staring at her boobs I'm noticing that if you follow their curve they're kinda lumpy.

No. 1017367


She lets idubzzz titty fuck them like he's doing a sketch all the time. Those things haven't had a chance to heal since she got them.

No. 1017474

File: 1596569274728.jpeg (393.09 KB, 1536x2048, 20F99A93-3C63-4BAD-B000-A7697D…)

those nasty headphones

No. 1017547

File: 1596575450899.png (37.85 KB, 601x337, sss.png)

stop bullying me for my nasty shit she says

But yeah she said on stream she's buying a house, considering how inconsistent her income is this is going to be fun

No. 1017568

Girl really out here lurking on her own threads
No matter how many DMCAs you file Anisa, you only do this to yourself.

Get help, seek therapy
You definitely have the money for it

No. 1017639

File: 1596582314818.jpeg (268.42 KB, 603x617, 7F0C063E-B393-4BE5-8DB3-AAE7E7…)

Cool that crops out her bangs because they’re so thin

No. 1017760

i shouldn't even be surprised since she can't even do the bare minimum to organize her crap before taking pictures

No. 1017775

why does she always look like shes taking a shit

No. 1017869

File: 1596622235338.jpg (76.31 KB, 407x405, ecouple.jpg)


Even though I just had a shower just seeing her makes me feel grimy.

No. 1017872

File: 1596623370305.jpeg (389.28 KB, 750x989, B152D638-C703-463B-9347-0541AE…)

You could honestly take any of her tweets right now and it would fit this meme template

No. 1017893

Does she genuinely think she's humorous? That's pretty sad.

No. 1017901

lul caveman realness! omg those headphones have seen better days, man she really is chunky and the bolt tits dont help her either. She could wear clothes that actually fit her but nope its anisa we cant expect better from her.

No. 1018212

she could at least buy black ones so it wouldn't show…

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