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File: 1593863626557.jpg (60.91 KB, 927x487, 1519271148209.jpg)

No. 1002060

Previous thread >>>/snow/949693

In light of recent popularity of socialism, there is now a distinct breed of pickmes who flirt with leftist politics due to not meeting the looks/purity bar for overt tradthottery. Common examples include Anna Khachiyan, Dasha Nekrasiva, Amber A'Lee Frost, Aimee Terese, Ashley Coffin and (lately) Shoe0nhead.(shit thread)

No. 1002135

Can the newfags from the previous thread post screenshots along with links to tweets? I know we're all happy to finally have somewhere to gossip about these people, let's not get ourselves banned.

No. 1002146

Can Liz just say something like I didn't realize the people who's podcast I was on had such awful views, I'll do more research before going on podcasts in the future. The popular position of "never publicly apologize, apologize in private if you have to" that Amber and friends like to promote doesn't exactly work in this situation where the issue is she's promoting nazis to her much bigger following.

No. 1002236

File: 1593904859031.jpeg (86.17 KB, 828x377, F346763D-A438-4E61-9068-30C90D…)


No. 1002247

Why is this a websites fault? Maybe most people are like that, or maybe you just suck. Walk away from the screen, close your eyes

No. 1002254

File: 1593906608121.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, ECE4D3B9-987B-4579-B7E6-E1A7F4…)

No. 1002328

How dare she complain about this? Are she and Jack making fun of their followers? They're the worst, most cruel people on that fucking website

No. 1002335

Bawww, cuntrag who is perpetually shrieking about "wemen exercising soft power by talking shit and then playing damsel in distress" is talking shit and playing damsel in distress. Cry me a fucking river.

Much like when she decided to mock a rape victim's looks while looking like an assbirth baby of Babadook and Momochan, I think this has to be some sort of instrumental hypocrisy to test whether her replyguys would actually wk her in gratitude for defending their masculine honor online.

There's no fucking way this manipulative shitbitch didn't anticipate that people would notice that the catty edgescold with so many opinions on beauty and sex appeal barely even looks human.

No. 1002349

File: 1593916909020.png (173.01 KB, 1078x640, Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 10.3…)

jack is having a meltdown, I think over liz and maybe the red scare girls not defending him? lmao https://twitter.com/DonnaMillsFan1/status/1279553473311318017

No. 1002366

Fascism literally cannot be left. If he means totalitarian, he should use the right word.

No. 1002383

I mean I definitely agree, but they do act totalitarian despite claiming to be liberal and progressive.

No. 1002772

File: 1593984115782.jpeg (146.01 KB, 828x658, B41366FB-D230-4DBE-8CB4-C95F47…)

On his older accounts he called other random egirls “Discount Dasha”. Why does he do that? It would make sense if they were actually emulating Dasha but they never are.

No. 1002802

This is a kind of a Discount Dasha tho lol. Also reminds me of the style of Coketalk who I haven't thought of in years and must be like 47 years old now

No. 1002825

what even makes her a discount dasha?

No. 1002884

File: 1593999018657.jpeg (232.6 KB, 750x615, B462AE7B-97FC-40A2-8A70-210A8E…)

what ‘babyface’ lmfao. grimes only looks young cause she’s really skinny from all the drugs she does

No. 1002924

>Why does he do that?

Gay man syndrome, they all act exactly the same. Dasha is his pop diva, the one he wishes he could be, so all other women are judged in opposition to her, even when there's literally no connection.

But yikes, at least regular gay men idolize and wish they could be women who are actually popular and successful. Dude really doesn't love himself.

No. 1003001

File: 1594016415976.jpeg (943.73 KB, 1125x1406, 1F742723-3473-4C5E-A06B-18C828…)

>baby face

No. 1003012

File: 1594019392444.png (67.8 KB, 2070x288, Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 3.08…)

screenshot of a comment about tpn on the new cumtown board, which is just cumtown dot org fyi

No. 1003022


Eccentric billionaire arrested because 32 year old was once a lot younger.

No. 1003055

File: 1594030356669.jpg (224.78 KB, 1440x1448, Screenshot_20200706-121152.jpg)

Grimes has been looking like a 50 year old Karen since forever, the fuck is she smoking?

No. 1003075

Is this one of those psycho women who thinks she "totally looks 18 teehee" when in reality she looks older than her real age? Grimes comes off as immature and stunted, but she doesn't look young to anyone who isn't significantly older than her.

No. 1003078

I don't get it. Who said Grimes couldn't have a consensual relationship, or that she has a baby face?
The Twitter thread she's replying to is about him being photographed with Ghislaine Maxwell and having a strong bond with Epstein, but she somehow jumped over all of that to "ackshually" about what was literally the least important part.
She reminds me so much of idiotic tradthots.

No. 1003108


Anyone else weirded out how kantbot was consistently referring to him on red scare in this really stilted way? I got the impression he actually got paid to say jack’s name with the podcast somewhere in there a certain number of times on air.

No. 1003128

Isn't the kantbot episode a paid one? Do people here actually subscribe to red scare, or is there somewhere to download it that I'm not aware of?

No. 1003132

Sounds like she's projecting all over OP. Until recently, people would only talk about Ashleigh to call Peter Coffin a creep (which he is).

No. 1003405

This cumgargler sure loves debating imaginary takes from imaginary people

No. 1003730

Eh, I can't find it but there was a tweet someone made saying that Elon Musk's relationship with Grimes was pedophilic because she is "infantile" or something along those lines.

No. 1003748

File: 1594156544706.png (313.45 KB, 588x434, recent girlfriend, Grimes.png)

No. 1003750

File: 1594156865532.png (46.84 KB, 594x544, it's pedo to like grimes.png)

No. 1003780

Every little bit as deranged as the anons on the Venus thread kek

No. 1003841

This post >>1001718 came out of nowhere and I’m still unsure how anyone managed to get a picture of her? Is that even her?

No. 1003843

supposedly she tweeted it and then deleted it shortly after, someone on reddit was reposting it on there but it was removed after she got upset, still want to know if the being a habsburg part is a joke or not

No. 1003875

Did the redditors think she was hot?

No. 1003909

Didn't Venus get surgery to make herself skinny (despite not being fat), bind her chest, dress up like a literal baby and pander to lolicon fans? Grimes doesn't do anything like that, not really the best comparison.

No. 1004376

Expert on Elon Musk doesn’t know that Justine Musk was 28 when they got married. Where is that a “child bride”?

No. 1004547

File: 1594264504704.jpg (129.8 KB, 828x1472, 107276647_898926027260611_5753…)

what is up with her eye

going by her tweets about moving, looks like the opn guy dumped dasha

No. 1004567

yeah, Musk is annoying as shit but even his younger women have been in their late-20s (Taluah Riley is 34 and Amber Heard is the same I think). Grimes isn't even that short, she just dresses like a gothik faerie and has a round face.

No. 1004583

Bitch got strabismus

No. 1004584

File: 1594269908612.png (357.39 KB, 594x570, dasha knockoff.PNG)

Now this is a discount Dasha, complete with a comment from Annie in the replies. I can't get over the disgusting shit-eating overdrawn lipstick


No. 1004738

File: 1594310564160.png (156.33 KB, 586x587, child bride talulah riley.png)


apparently Respectible Guy is unaware there ever was a Justine Musk and was referencing this: https://twitter.com/TalulahRiley/status/1279506448045805569

and really thinks that picture is a "gotcha": https://twitter.com/RespectableLaw/status/1279517816748748800
ladies and fellas, is it pedo to wear for love and lemons? https://www.instagram.com/p/CAHHW-qHUV7/

No. 1005064

File: 1594372609072.jpeg (85.42 KB, 822x381, CAD353A9-AE74-40FF-90AF-D86E2E…)

love where he draws the line. Racism is fine, but calling someone fat? Not cool

No. 1005065

ot but i love that mirror frame

No. 1005393

File: 1594433413350.jpeg (286.27 KB, 750x909, 44880DA6-9021-4D42-9ADE-5B32CD…)

don’t care didn’t ask plus you’re the perfume nationalist

No. 1005423

>"Natural look" = creepy political college HR bitch + fetid Freudian fantasies of mother's sweaty tit
Holy shit what is this bitch even trying to say KEK?

No. 1005433

File: 1594442621184.jpeg (103.28 KB, 828x419, F0291B7C-78C1-46DB-9FBF-5AC995…)

No. 1005455

here's another embarrassing video of dasha on ketamine dancing and mumbling about anime
she or her roommate posted it on the reddit under a fake account but deleted it when no one cared(embed youtube videos)

No. 1005460

Dasha posts a lot of weird things that barely anyone wants to see. Her ugly food plates, her boob flash, random dancing videos, etc.

No. 1005481

Lol. Those eye movements at the end, she would do that a lot in that movie set in Berlin she did. That was like, her one facial expression.
Also how could anyone feel comfortable making their friend record them moving their arms around for 5 minutes?

No. 1006280

File: 1594625928386.jpeg (92.32 KB, 828x407, ECEC681C-CF52-4819-A7D5-37EA03…)

Does anyone listen to Chat for God

No. 1006980

File: 1594748717756.jpeg (184.8 KB, 750x680, ECC281EA-8F05-4DE6-9C51-939206…)

the girls are fighting

No. 1006994

I know we're all transphobes here or whatever but Sam Pritchard rules.

No. 1007137

File: 1594767813936.jpeg (182.6 KB, 828x935, 00B674E1-7D69-48FF-8D77-B17E1D…)

I’ve also never seen Sam being creepy. A man being annoying online isn’t “creepy” just because you’re a woman. Ironically Heather is the creepy one in this ss because she used to horny post about a straight girl she wished was gay when that same girl was apparently able to see it. The REDACTED posting is stupid too. Isn’t she in her 30s?

No. 1007179

File: 1594771414777.jpeg (294.7 KB, 828x1409, E09E585D-4087-4171-B92B-B6414B…)

i thought ashley was friends with sam?

No. 1007230

File: 1594774799204.jpeg (226.43 KB, 1125x1101, ADA438BA-CB99-4E4B-B307-4DA757…)

It’s time you bitches learned!

No. 1007266

lol she and dasha would be miserable as homemakers

No. 1007277

Ashley fucked up jobhaver’s (prior podcast cohost) life with a pathetic cancellation attempt. fuck that gremlin

No. 1007295

Wow, it's literally the most basic bitch marxist take ever, but worded in a way that pleases her male fans. How can someone be this braindead, it's beyond me

No. 1007296

File: 1594779030228.jpeg (308.74 KB, 726x1102, 2D5E30E5-ED77-44AC-9B33-EEEB25…)

ya i remember reading this about her too. on kantbots podcast she made it sound like everyone she was previously involved with were complete degenerates but of the few girls chat episodes i’ve listened to, ashley was always the more vulgar one. idk why she blames everything she’s ever done on other people and brain damage

No. 1007540

there's nothing incongruous between being friends with sam and making fun of him

No. 1007831

sure if “friend” loses all meaning and devolves into “person i know”

No. 1007908

nah theyre both terrible for their own reasons, the cohost is histrionic and posts about how shes gonna commit suicide every month and says "THIS IS NOT A CRY FOR HELP. DONT CALL THE COPS. ILL BE DEAD TOMORROW" then deletes the tweets lol. also she was a dominatrix prostitute for years but calls herself pure 24/7. they both seem terrible, but this dumb reddit callout about ashley is so pathetic. wow, she took donations for a very expensive life-saving surgery and makes fun of herself and put crosses around.

No. 1007966

Like attracts like. What makes Ashley seem terrible to you?

No. 1008111

And they make $30,000 a month on Patreon for this shit. Why does this podcast have so many female fans, do they feel intelligent listening to it?

No. 1008644

File: 1594958091391.jpeg (199.17 KB, 827x993, 28C609E3-269C-46B0-ADA7-7683E1…)

No. 1008694

File: 1594969807866.png (636.95 KB, 640x734, wa6pynt6h4p41(2).png)

>instead of being a buttslave directly to the bourgs, you should be a buttslave to a man who is a buttslave to the bourgs
>classcuck but with extra steps

Oh wait, I forgot that all housewives live fantastic lives and your idea of being a wife for a living is totally not based on a neoliberal Sex in the City tier fantasy of being married to a millionaire Chad whose only memorable line is "babe I got this". Sometimes I do wonder if any of these redscare femcels even understand what it's like to be a homemaker, but then I remember that Amber Frost thinks it's like being an unemployed neckbeard on tard bux.

That being said, most women are still easily capable of staying at home, Anna. It just seems impossible to you because of how overall revolting you are, so it's pretty bold of you to wish for a world where all you can do is choose between starvation or fucking a man you don't like. I'm sorry Eli makes you split the tab, but you're just not the kind of girl who gets buxed.

No. 1008698

Have these people have never seen working class couples before, working class women marry and date working class men and both sorta struggle along in life together, it's a sad fact about class

No. 1008910

She really is one of those retarded tradthots who think that in some nebulous pre-feminist times poor and middle class women didn't have to work when in reality they were breaking their backs just like today. The difference is, they were "paid" in food and shelter and relied fully on their husbands' good graces. Then again, assuming that all women are bourgs is a basic feature of chapoid marxism-incelism.

I'd really enjoy watching a fuggo like Anna try and get by in the good ol times, let alone try to acquire the kind of lifestyle she wants.

No. 1008979

It was rare, during most of the history of the English-speaking world, for working-class women not to do some paid work as well as their household work. Either laundry/mending/sewing or child-minding were common paid work streams for housewives in both town and country, and selling eggs/butter was super common for farm wives.

No. 1009096

It's always the women who most benefit most from feminism who rally against it. What would ugly old Anna do in the 50s? At least today she can be an intellectual prostitute, selling men the service known as "teehee im a girl and i agree with your autistic opinions".
If you think it's feminism stopping you from landing a provider tradchad, don't bother - if you can't do it today, you sure as fuck wouldn't be able to do it in the 50s.

Also, LUL at twitter nazbols and their AMLO tier "muh family" and "muh labor market is ruined by women" takes. It's pretty refreshing to see a commie who admits that his system cannot function without unpaid labor.

No. 1009191

Anna is so corny when you consider she is 35 or so
The podcast is growing more embarrassing by episode

No. 1009197

This makes me remember the Justin Murphy interview with Alex Moyer, the first one. She seemed really on drugs. It was deleted later, does anybody have it?

No. 1009297

File: 1595083599669.jpeg (81.39 KB, 750x268, 2A2F7DE2-1D83-4C36-B93B-066EDA…)

liz comes out as an aimee stan

No. 1009349

I dont care about reddit i just think its cringe that the moneyed one is trying to cancel the near-homeless one! Angel threatens suicide bc her life sucks, my god!

No. 1009637

Of course they do, have you seen the competition? It's very clear that dumb woke feminist is dumb nowadays, anything addressing that makes people feel intelligent. As long as feminists stay woke-adjacent these tryhards will continue to have an audience - and now I'm being reminded of the thread on /ot/ where I brought up that blank slatism is stupid and anons just called me a scrote for "believing there's such a thing as a ladybrain" because the only alternatives are trans cultist or blank slatist "men and women think the same", jesus christ. As long as feminists refuse to grapple with basic facts, edgy people who aren't afraid to do it will have an edge. These basic bitches will continue to earn 30K/month.

I like it when Anna lets it shine through that she's as starved for male attention as Dasha kek. She clearly doesn't want people to take her seriously.

No. 1009638

File: 1595127873851.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.1 KB, 900x1200, jane clare bruenig sisters liz…)

Liz Bruenig's exposed nipple

No. 1009642

She posted that?

No. 1009643

and very quickly deleted once someone pointed out her whole tit was in the frame. think it was last december.

No. 1009685

Heather Habsburg's alt

No. 1009717

I give it a week

No. 1009719

She was posting the other day on her locked main about deleting all her accounts (think she has four: the main, the alt, one in french to practice her french, and a groyper) and creating a new one using her real name to hawk her novel she's been writing.

No. 1009725

She should not tell people her real name at least until an actual novel is coming out. If she gets so upset by people insulting her now imagine how bad it'll be when they can bring her 17th century royal relatives into it, assuming there's any truth in her being from those families.

No. 1009730

When did she say that? I thought that was a rumor based on her pen name

No. 1009731

She's said it many times. She's been trying to apply for Hungarian and Slovenian citizenship for months based off the Habsburg ancestry.

No. 1009738

File: 1595147804949.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 210.56 KB, 1188x1186, FD0808AE-4F25-4B53-81EF-7EE76E…)

looks like she’s had a nose job

No. 1009740

File: 1595147990778.jpeg (204.26 KB, 640x673, 1DC130FA-BDD5-4D2E-B5FE-E86165…)

No. 1009747

is ashley christlover [redacted]

No. 1009754

Why did people think she was Lauren Oyler at one point?

No. 1009876

File: 1595179121890.jpeg (165.15 KB, 828x1212, BFF5F658-1CE0-4335-B71E-B9B943…)

This was up for maybe two minutes

No. 1009913

Is that real? I assumed it was a pseudonym. If so, she’s even more pathetic than I thought

No. 1009937

File: 1595185688221.jpeg (167.33 KB, 827x1027, 051B3774-BCE3-4490-9156-8FFD1C…)

The freak still talks in third person

No. 1009941

File: 1595186385327.png (335.89 KB, 815x495, Untitled-2.thumb.png.a56c62cdb…)

Not saying she deserved it but this is basically the same demographic she tries to pander to with her tryhard perverted tweets. I noticed she always deletes tweets complaining about this sort of stuff cause then she's not a cool "one of the guys" girl anymore. Most of those guys she tries to pander to barely even like her anyways but she insists on continuing. I think she's like 24 or 25 and it's sad to witness somebody that age still doing shit like this online.

She has a pretty high opinion of herself for someone who's a skinwalker and seeks validation by being a pickme for misogynsitic losers on twitter.

No. 1010086

File: 1595214898238.jpeg (114.44 KB, 589x1024, AB2B16CF-F1F3-496F-B321-A26317…)

both seem stupid imo

No. 1010093

off topic but i hate that samememe motherfucker so much

No. 1010126

>It's pretty refreshing to see a commie who admits that his system cannot function without unpaid labor.
As opposed to what system?

No. 1010204

just went through her twitter. she tries so hard to be a ~~~ kawaiiii ~~~ asian girl

No. 1010290

File: 1595265069893.jpeg (42.29 KB, 312x500, 1840FC20-CB18-4B47-BC9D-2F3467…)

It’s practically yellow face since she’s south asian. And apparently Annie knows about her and has mentioned her on her priv. Most people would delete out of embarrassment

No. 1010426

Hello double IQ nigger(racebaiting)

No. 1010427

trans? yes

No. 1010458

File: 1595293354759.jpeg (196.34 KB, 828x1014, 0D73B6E6-E803-4309-BD25-8B552C…)

No. 1010463

File: 1595294139646.jpeg (275.21 KB, 750x650, A85C3915-AC14-4D20-9F55-7605A9…)

listen up you stupid cunts!

No. 1010464

File: 1595294236637.jpeg (239.65 KB, 750x672, 0820F025-172E-4F03-8F5F-314326…)

lbrl wm*n

No. 1010465

Is this dude gay too? Christ, why are they so disgusting

No. 1010467

>I don’t know anyone who has the virus which means the pandemic is fake!!1! Anything that doesn’t affect me isn’t real!

No. 1010469

File: 1595295042457.jpeg (191.26 KB, 750x533, 50AA6589-9446-4650-AF14-B1183B…)

more treasures from anna k’s likes

No. 1010471

File: 1595295367129.jpeg (177.7 KB, 828x1147, 47266592-DF7E-4C3C-B657-035D5C…)

No. 1010474

anna and dasha being against birth control and promoting the pull out method despite the former having had an accidental pregnancy is one of their funnier takes

No. 1010481

Did Anna gain weight or is this an illusion? She looks a lot less spoopy than usual.

No. 1010485

No she’s definitely gained. Now Dasha’s the one who’s losing, but she’ll never look skeletal like Anna did

No. 1010486

They are science-rejecting idiots.

No. 1010491

No she’s only a lesbian

No. 1010551

I mean witchcraft is more retarded than any Abrahamic lmao.

No. 1010553

*Abrahamic religion

No. 1010556

How? Because it’s a little wackier?

No. 1010570

I know, right?

No. 1010576

Organized religion gave us civilization and sheeit, unlike those filthy pagans! or something not that these braindead teenagers deserve the comparison to paganism

No. 1010683

How many abortions between these two?

No. 1010685

>muh correct commie nomenclature!
hello risperdal skipping sped

No. 1010687

The funniest part is that lefthots and other marxcels are devout social constructionists and blank slatists by definition. You can't be a utopian commie (or any other kind of autistic extremist) without making wishful assumptions about the human nature meme.

No. 1010690

>my LARP setting is better than your LARP setting

Internet tradthots and deusvults actually believe this

No. 1010752


l0lbertarian spotted

No. 1010755

Most of the "lefthots" featured in this thread are much more essentialist on gender than your average leftist nowadays, which leads to attacked by Gwen Snyder types as reactionaries.

No. 1010756

File: 1595364015425.jpeg (438.7 KB, 750x1055, 341F28BE-0F27-4DF7-B97D-357AC6…)

gwen snyder trying to get liz banned from twitter

No. 1010802


LARPing is dumb regardless of worldview, but sure let's disregard the centuries of philosophical works produced by Christians, Muslims, and Jews.

No. 1010823

File: 1595371036144.png (189.74 KB, 400x400, KIKIw9Y7_400x400.png)


her little Walmart homonculus is just retweeting her, not jumping in to call Liz a fascist directly

No. 1010861

>without making wishful assumptions about the human nature meme
marx debunked this but lol at me thinking anyone here would ever actually read marx. none of these people posted about ITT are leftists either, at most they're libs or if you want to be generous they're ""post-leftists."" i seriously wish anna and dasha in particular would actually read marx and realize how embarrassing their takes are

No. 1010862

File: 1595379155390.jpeg (152.19 KB, 750x430, 4B3F27E0-D5E9-426B-ABCC-335F58…)


No. 1010864

she misses a lot actually but this is a good tweet

No. 1010867

junkies waging a moral crusade against the most boring meds on the planet I see

No. 1010868

when half the country is on meds that havent even been proven to help the average person taking them but have been proven to increase instability, there's an issue. dont care if a junkie says this or doesnt, its true. SSRIs might not get you high but they can destroy your life and theyre given out like fucking candy to people who dont even need them then develop a dependency on them. and birth control made me and plenty of other women develop depression and some psychosis, 80% of teenage girls who take it end up diagnosed with major depression. anna IS a dumb junkie but the tweet is good

No. 1010873

Yeah, but I don't know if you can blame that on feminism. That would require feminism to be a powerful social force. The thing that has been co-opted by companies to promote over-medicating women isn't feminism.

Shit, women have every right to be depressed. Being a woman is depressing. But it was depressing before ""feminism"" took over, too. They just threw women who expressed that into mental hospitals and gave them lithium instead.

No. 1010901

File: 1595383851244.jpeg (134.71 KB, 828x258, 44A5A2F2-F604-4987-870E-33D0B5…)

No. 1010938

This. Feminism….has a pretty long history of discussing how the medical establishment throws pills at women instead of dealing with root causes? Like Anna isn't discovering some big void here, she just hasn't done the work, part 5000

No. 1010955

women needed birth control because men don’t wear condoms and can’t stop having piv sex with their wives that results in pregnancy that kills them. she’s an idiot and anyone with two brain cells can pick holes in that logic. the side effects of birth control are because of medical misogyny not feminism.

No. 1010960

>Hur dur only abrahamic sky daddy religions are capable of philosophy
>Literally shitty AU fics of polytheistic/pagan myths

No. 1010962

Religion is like fandoms for them

No. 1010963

Exactly, it's "muh waman brain amirite" followed by "akchyaly mammalian nature don't real and all violence will end when marx is president, ppl are only mean because they're alienated uwu".
He debunked human condition?

No. 1010964


I refuse to take birth control and any scrote that has an issue with that I just refuse to see anymore, shit really isnt that hard. I understand if you occupy a socioeconomic space where relationships have inherently transactional nature but that tweet clearly means middle-upper class urban progressives like Lena Dunham who non-ironically shill that taking a synthetic hormone your body doesn’t need to impress some (probably) worthless hipster who refuses to use condoms is some form of empowerment.

No. 1010967

the red scare girls are also anti-condom though, which who cares about them but they do have impressionable teen fans and should chill with this shit

No. 1010988

>only capable of thinking in fandom terms
>repeats pseudohistorical 19th Century theories of Judaism/Christianity copying paganism

No. 1010999

Ana chans using no condoms? The stench must be great.

No. 1011016

How do you know you’re believing in the right god?

No. 1011017

No that was when she was around bad people so it doesn’t count

No. 1011042

Typical pickme bullshit.

No. 1011064

Yeah, wish they were on lobotomies, clitoridectomies and quaaludes instead like in the good ol' times. Or be like the average Soviet woman and have 40 abortions by age 25.

Speaking of, what bigger indictment of the failures of Anna than the fact that she hasn't bagged anyone despite her insistence on barebacking? It must sting being the kind of girl who gets asked to abort every time despite yearning for a family kek

No. 1011068

lul you must be one of those megaloons who legit think that your particular scripture has a supernatural/divine origin, is distinct from all other works of fiction and not rooted in anything material like justifications for governing practices and conquest/assimilation whatsoever

No. 1011072

You know what's also upper middle class and extremely Lena Dunham? Thinking that all women share the same amount of socioeconomic freedom to have that attitude. Also, low value cumgarglers like Anna advocate engaging in unsafe degenerate sex to please the scrotes, so her reasoning is not based and pinkpilled at all.

I love how all "pro working class" Chapo shitgarbage like the redscare thots ignore the basic fact that unwanted pregnancy is the biggest predictor of female poverty.

No. 1011158

Even if they don't believe in hormonal pills I don't understand being against condoms if they are just going to have abortions anyway. Why put themselves through that instead of using condoms? Also if they are so against the way hormonal birth control makes women act then how can they be pro-trans? Shouldn't they be against those hormone pills as well?

No. 1011166

i don’t know if you can even consider anna to be ‘pro-trans’. she seems like a lot of jesse singal’s trans critical stuff

No. 1011169

Anna isn’t pro-trans at all. Don’t know about Dasha.

And it’s all pick-me shit. There’s no reason for women not to use condoms except to placate men. Even though my own experience is that abortions are no worse than root canals, in terms of pain and suffering, using a condom is safer and easier.

No. 1011176

I mean I figured they had to be pro-trans cause it would be alienating to a large part of their target audience if they weren't, but fair enough. And even more than the pain I just don't understand why they would want the hassle of having to have an abortion over just opening a condom.

No. 1011179

I noticed he's been trying to align himself with rs by like tweeting that jezebel article about them from a year ago and being like wow unfair, hopefully anna and dasha realize he's a loser barnacle

No. 1011182

they supposedly have trans friends and I think if it wouldn't alienate them or fans they would have some takes trans people would be upset with, but they mostly avoid getting into it

their birth control takes are insane…dasha is still fake catholic but kind of pro-choice and anna, who has had an abortion, thinks of it as taking a human life or something but they're also against bc and condoms, makes no sense

No. 1011212

If they ask for condoms or any non-cumdumpster treatment their aspiring post-contemporary musician boyfriends will leave them to orbit a hot chick who doesn't touch dick without a hazmat suit on

No. 1011214

scarethots be shrieking about depression meds but Dasha is on Wellbutrin lul

No. 1011244


Is Anna confirmed to have had an abortion?

No. 1011264

Typical tradthot/leftthot behaviour, they want to dictate to other women what to do but don't even want to follow their own shitty rules.

No. 1011273

dasha's tradcath cosplay is just a way to get attention and get back somehow at her jewish exes, she is sincerely deluded though, she's folded in her npd with believing that god has blessed her and compared herself to kanye and religious sports player in a positive way, like people who are special and blessed of course believe in god

No. 1011334

A recurring theme is them blaming their own reproductive failure on feminism as though they would fare better in the past. It's feminism's fault that nobody wants to make you a well kept housewife, amirite?

No. 1011337

actual feminists who are into having kids or getting married do it every single day

actual tradthots get married and have kids too, though it’s hilarious (Botkin sisters) when they can’t

Anna and Dasha are just trash fires, which is why they’re not married or parenting. It’s not ideology, it’s their crap personalities.

No. 1011491

It's crazy how similar their beliefs about feminism in particular actually are to tradthots. They're two sides of the same coin.

No. 1011912

Yea, polarizing at all costs.

Wether you advocate for routinely STD checks, being anti condom is non-sense. Never heard them saying that, but haven't listened to a lot of episodes or tweets.

I enjoy listening to Anna (this doesn't matter, aesthetics is v important on the pod anyway, I like her voice and find her attractive, overall hot, I like interesting looking faces, sorry you have boring basic taste! I get it, some of you call her conventionally unattractive for her internet presence and personality).
Really don't care about Dasha, insufferable, she's perfect for the pod duo, just it.

No. 1011963

jesus christ he is the biggest piece of shit, consistently. and jack has a slew of personality disorders and delusions of grandeur

No. 1012188

File: 1595623435871.png (4.07 MB, 1242x2208, 48107EB6-175D-48F9-8DFB-D67865…)

Oh Anna. Never change

No. 1012199

They once had this trans actor on, like 6 month ago or so

No. 1012277

>shutins who live in their moms basement who only have internet friends who also do t leave the house complaining that they don’t know anyone with coronavirus


No. 1012302

File: 1595641315450.jpeg (207.29 KB, 750x554, 926CDC3D-09DA-4D3B-A38A-BF8D32…)

if only aoc had listened to them

No. 1012372

Based on all the replies, more and more people are getting fed up with Liz’s retardation.

No. 1012381

What’s the deal with Ashley and her former podcast host?

No. 1012441

Why did Heather Habsburg delete both her main and her alt? Was there a meltdown recently?

No. 1012451

she decided to delete everything after dasha called her creepy in a group dm message that was sent to her. it’s on the subreddit

No. 1012453

Link? Can’t find the subreddit post.

No. 1012457

I never saved it, Heather is a mod so she probably deleted it. It might’ve been up for half an hour and had around 30 replies so if you ask around maybe you can get the screencap

No. 1012475

File: 1595673607099.jpeg (115.83 KB, 828x1115, 388AFA6C-720B-4C4A-BA2C-17BFA8…)

No. 1012481

She deleted again

No. 1012534

wtf why would dasha do that…dasha and anna are the ones who were bringing up heather every ep and coooing over how hot they imagined her to be, what sort of message was heather supposed to get? and she's obviously a little on the spectrum, this is actually cruel and I'm not heather's biggest fan

No. 1012535

File: 1595688201649.jpeg (83.16 KB, 1024x794, AB8FAB39-EF19-4B2D-AAAB-D050AA…)

this is so embarrassing

No. 1012536

File: 1595688365672.jpeg (279.29 KB, 750x675, C986B67A-5A29-4DAC-9979-9ACD17…)

not a leftthot but a lot of them admire him and vice versa

No. 1012538

He has to be trolling with this? Maybe not, some of his tweets I see are fine and then half are the dumbest shit. These people's obsession with aoc's personality is sad, they're probably repressed former theater kids themselves.

No. 1012554

File: 1595692847616.jpeg (81.37 KB, 828x618, 7D07095E-07D1-4F3C-83AB-CDDBB5…)

If she did something to prompt a post like this from a person she was engaged to at one point it’s no surprise she’d end up name calling the lesbian she jokingly flirted with

No. 1012582

File: 1595697481748.jpeg (107.66 KB, 824x838, 737D3B62-3E0B-4DBC-B88A-D76468…)

No. 1012642

File: 1595707462531.png (27.58 KB, 419x153, dasha.png)

If that's how these girls feel then they should go ahead and start with themselves. Twitter only gets better each time one of them deletes.

No. 1012669

is it just me or have anna and dasha really doubled down on misogyny recently, like even more than usual. is everything okay?

No. 1012673

File: 1595710389511.jpeg (249.79 KB, 750x907, B3D68C09-9BC3-4F7E-95B6-A5C1CE…)

men purposely kept women out of positions of power because they loved and desired women. from dasha’s likes

No. 1012689

I think they have to rationalize their inability to succeed in life in their chosen dreams of becoming a famous essayist or becoming a famous actress it girl and having to settle for only being good at acquiring patreon simps.

No. 1012755

Yeah the hate over AOC's mannerisms and personality is dumb. Some of it, though, is a reaction to anti-Bernie radlibs opportunistically stanning for AOC despite their very similar political views.

No. 1012795

File: 1595723849142.jpeg (183.69 KB, 472x1317, A537DF22-6E17-4F76-8612-6FBE65…)

Anyone remember this late night classic from Liz Bruenig?

No. 1012842

Didn’t she also make a post about how cheaters “love too much” or something along those lines?

No. 1012922

If Heather really is a Habsburg, she’s living proof that inbreeding is dysgenic and makes you retarded.

No. 1012957

File: 1595771385208.jpeg (460.9 KB, 750x1086, 3D451C2F-6082-4674-9861-FFC7DF…)

just ash dunking on more nonexistent people

No. 1012980

You really don’t think there are liberal/leftist men like this?

These are obvious jokes. It’s annoying that people keep posting these kind of tweets as if they’re milk and then sperging about ‘misogyny’ taking them literally.

Idk all men act like this after break ups, that the woman was ‘literally a sociopathic crazy manipulative devil!!!’ People always paint Adam as the victim of the relationship and I don’t get why? Is there any actual evidence she did anything to him?

No. 1012989

>any actual evidence
Didn’t she cheat on him?

No. 1012992

No she’s said many times she didn’t and he’s never said she did. The incels on the cumtown subreddit used to constantly say it but other than that there’s nothing to suggest she did.

No. 1013006

Did you miss the second half of the picture? It was posted to show her hiding Sam’s reply.

No. 1013007

>Idk all men act like this after break ups

I think it’s stupid to assume what happened between them but saying all or even most men act like this after breakups is retarded

No. 1013010

she cheated on him w/ her roommate Kyle and many other people.

No. 1013013


No. 1013035

It obviously wasn’t meant literally but I think it happens a lot, like how often you hear men talk about their ‘crazy’ ex girlfriends. The point I was trying to make is that it isn’t really evidence of anything and it’s weird how desperate people are to portray Adam as the victim based off nothing.

No. 1013039

It’s not weird it’s just misogyny

No. 1013049


No. 1013200

File: 1595809340504.jpeg (48.96 KB, 815x435, F3277329-893C-4507-8243-C04ABB…)

why does she talk like this

No. 1013204

She thinks it'll sound like AAVE, since that's trendy, whether it does or not. White leftists have this weird thing with overusing AAVE and trying to do online blaccents.

No. 1013211

She let Angel/Jobhaver keep all the money from GC then later tried to cancel her for taking all the money?? This is what I have loosely surmised

No. 1013216

Online political subcultures, both left and right, are going to age like milk. How embarrassing for the adults involved.

No. 1013241

Liz Bruenig really isn't a lolcow.

No. 1013279

I heard she cheated with Adam with @vrunt on Twitter. Rachel Millman’s ex

No. 1013354

That was some bad joke, like putting two unrelated internet couple's break ups together.
The guy or one of them dasha cheated with was posted in the first thread.

No. 1013474

dasha's use of SNOW app is so funny. She looks so different in her selfies vs pictures people take of her. No wonder the sub and her simps think she's so pretty and youthful looking.

No. 1013476

it's a reference to what Bernie said at a town hall thing. Someone asked him something and he misspoke and said "who care"

No. 1013553

Tbh even in pictures not posted by her, I genuinely think Dasha looks especially young for her age.

No. 1013554

>Lefthot: women are truly trash but only as long as you pay me on onlyfans to say it!

Also, is that skank saying that men are self serving garbage regardless of political ideology and male "politics" of any kind usually revolve around getting laid? Is she inviting us to never take any opinions of her leftist simps seriously? Based.

Jk, she's just reminiscing about her years of being Peter Coffin's fuckhole.

No. 1013558

t. routinely has mental breakdowns in her Instagram stories over "treating wahmen as subhuman" because someone dared to match her level of vitriol and/or didn't realize that her unfunny nagging was a "joke"

No. 1013574

girl, she admitted to it on kantbot's podcast

No. 1013613

I’m not going to listen to that but does she actually say she cheated on Adam or just that she has cheated in relationships before in general? Because she has said like 7 times on the podcast and on the redscare subreddit that she didn’t cheat on Adam so I doubt she would suddenly say that on kantbots podcast.

No. 1013625

i mean she also says she doesn't have bdp…

No. 1013634

she also said on red scare that cumtown fans were mad at her "for cheating on adam". interesting word choice, no? not to mention all the jokes nick made about dasha cheating on adam, nah. that's just evil males being evil.

No. 1013641

Not really because the cumtown fans were mad at her for ‘cheating on Adam’ but they were the ones who originated that rumour. She has clarified it a million times so probably just didn’t feel the need to do it again? All I’m saying is I don’t get why people say this so consistently but no one has ever been able to provide a shred of evidence for it? If you think based of nothing that she cheated on him that’s fine but people say it as if it’s some undisputed fact.

No. 1013646

what evidence do you want and expect? and it was actually adman who said on standup that his ex cheated on him with a gay guy.

No. 1013649

I feel like Adam would have to say it or someone actually close to them not just incel cumtown fans. Did Adam do a stand up show after their breakup? I can only find ones from years ago.

No. 1013656

He said it at one of his stand up shows or at those monthly Cum Town shows that aren't recorded, I think the gay guy part was a joke but they did used to joke about Dasha seeing her "gay" "friends" without Adam. Maybe they had an open relationship but want to keep it secret because Dasha makes fun of poly people so much? She also said she made Adam promise to not talk about her on Cum Town and she won't talk about him on Red Scare so who knows if they'll ever publicly divulge.

No. 1013665

Dasha has admitted she’s fucked over 70 different guys. Skanks like that almost always have commitment problems.

No. 1013792

as much as i hate promiscuity, you sound like a bitter robot when you talk like that about women lol. i'm sure you're sad r/cumtown got busted.

what he said was "my wife cheated on me," then fake-sobbed. he didn't say dasha cheated on him and it was obviously a bit.

No. 1013832

Only the most desperate men would settle for a woman with a body count that high lol(lack of sage, noncontribution)

No. 1013834

They have a point about the commitment part

No. 1013844

Anybody with that kind of body count without a doubt has issues and should be avoided.

No. 1013854

File: 1595940337935.png (103.52 KB, 312x281, d95a5a80f9a80716ad69b8386798ed…)

Fucking over 70 different people but not believing in condoms?

No. 1013893

File: 1595950114435.jpeg (291.97 KB, 750x686, CE06AC0C-43FD-46C5-81ED-31127B…)

just a king in search of his leftthot queen

No. 1013910

>crass and progressive

He’s half right.

No. 1013937

is r/redscare having an exodus of recovering simps and nlogs or something?

No. 1013940

>a girl on hinge asked me about my podcasts

cool story bro

>blocked me 15 minutes later

at least this part is realistic tho

No. 1013960

So did Nick's ex really dump him because he wouldn't fuck her enough? He's been really amping up the dudes rock shit after she left him lol

No. 1013977

File: 1595960515884.jpeg (222.53 KB, 750x762, 5D787862-1D6C-40DE-9667-4BB238…)

anna says she’s been asking herself the same question but here’s the thing…we’ve gotten better at diagnosing these conditions. it’s not fucking rocket science

No. 1013996

based and pinkpilled anna wants us to stop fucking men altogether

No. 1014007

Old milk but the incelposting itt just reminded me of how people pointed out that Anna is dating a limp wristed soycuck despite her shrieking about masculine men & she started convincing herself and everybody else that Eli is aktually very m-masculine because masculinity is about periodically saying "i hate women haha". Literally gimpgirl telling herself she is a gigastacy who cuffed a chad/shoeonhead calling her klinefelter neckbeard an alpha Canadian lumberjack.

Lefthots are so fucking sad.

No. 1014089

now that's an argument i can get behind

No. 1014101

yeah, he's not some masculine chad just because he's a russian with a huge nose. i get such bad second-hand embarrassment when i see her tweeting about finding random masculine dudes hot. poor cucked eli kek

No. 1014106

She’s not actually more attracted to the masculine guys she posts, she’s just full of shit

No. 1014283

File: 1596013571041.png (17.06 KB, 476x234, sean.png)

Good dig at Sam Pritchard.

No. 1014312

Where are the allegations against Sam? That entire section of twitter feels like a high school

No. 1014361

File: 1596037711692.jpg (144.33 KB, 1080x651, Screenshot_20200729_114558.jpg)

Posted by a straight guy btw

No. 1014363

File: 1596038501056.jpg (30.06 KB, 400x400, wSAZYYFe_400x400.jpg)

>frail little body
>starving Russian
I have the sneaking suspicion this was written by Dasha herself.

No. 1014379

File: 1596041135229.png (69.29 KB, 636x257, quote.png)

At first I thought it was making fun of her quote about wanting to be a model.

No. 1014484

>>my status as a socialist icon

No. 1014494

Is her brain permanently fried because she's been an anachan for so long or is she that much of an airhead?

No. 1014504

File: 1596058646120.jpeg (134.79 KB, 606x974, A0BC8EFD-168A-49D8-A8C0-691BC5…)

look at these fucking dipshits thinking trump is some leftist icon

No. 1014510

not applicable. a lot of people just don't like her because she shits on DSA

No. 1014511

they're not saying Trump is left-wing, they're saying Biden is right-wing. nice reading comprehension. for a clown to have

No. 1014514

“he’s really gonna run to the left on this” implies some leftist sympathies huh

No. 1014603

They're not saying it to praise Trump, you moron. They say it to point out how pathetic the Dems are.

No. 1014610

you obviously haven’t been around these types. they think trump is going to give them medicare 4 all. you’re just another idiot whose hatred for the dems blinds them to reality

No. 1014622

You have to go back!

Sam is a sex pest and has been accused of harassment and rape.

No. 1014628

Lmao nobody on the left thinks Trump is going to do Medicare for All. They just are pointing out that Trump can position himself from the left on say Iraq, which Biden voted for.

No. 1014669

File: 1596092057119.png (37.56 KB, 594x240, heather habsburg eating pussy.…)

Picked this gem up in the mere seconds between her posting and deleting it ;)(;))

No. 1014670

File: 1596092197325.png (84.01 KB, 620x423, liz bruenig cheaters.png)

gotchu fam

No. 1014675

No. 1014720

>breaking someone’s trust is widely-distributed love!!1!

No. 1014835

File: 1596130460046.png (663.58 KB, 868x405, 6879.png)

Only because leftists don't give a shit about the actual issue which is why they don't know that Trump escalated the number of drone strikes overseas or that civilian casualties in Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia have been soaring. We don't know by how much exactly though because Trump revoked Obama's disclosure rule.

This reminds me… we should include Walker Bragman in this thread. Son of a local politician/lawyer who wrote "The Liberal Case for Donald Trump" and desperately wants to fit in with the Chapo crowd.

No. 1015039

File: 1596168788795.jpeg (92.28 KB, 500x667, 7609708A-E10F-4EE5-A26B-7A3F0C…)

Was Heather Habsburg doxxed?

No. 1015040

File: 1596168870895.jpeg (146.87 KB, 1024x768, 3730FFF8-97D6-45C5-8AC7-6FFB60…)

Pic is from this post.


No. 1015049

File: 1596170548455.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1195x1609, 9840054A-9A00-4FD8-A956-3F6D6D…)

Never forget that Anna Khachiyan, Aimee Terese, and Heather Habsburg are all on record praising Bronze Age Pervert as a deep thinker.

No. 1015050

File: 1596170706444.jpeg (534.74 KB, 1188x1557, 1AEE1990-635A-46CA-A85D-8815BF…)

More inane rambling. I think he’s subtweeting Kantbot here.

No. 1015054

BAP aka Costin Alamariu is a fed

No. 1015057

and like a 90% chance his grandfathers fought with the nazis and he's proud of this

No. 1015063

German spotted

No. 1015068

How is he a fed?

No. 1015069

>Says the CIA are the good guys and Operation Condor was based
>Yale PhD
>Descended from Iron Guard fascists
>Has multiple family members who work for the federal government

No. 1015108

This bitch is going bald.

No. 1015227

If the story in the link is by her, she’s an awful writer and her supposed book will be a train wreck,

No. 1015245

I knew her in college. She had some sort of chronic disease that made her look weird, I'm guessing autoimmune. Her best friend was on heroin and there were rumors she was a user too. When she dropped out, we all assumed it was because heroin.

I just checked her facebook and it's gone now. ig is rachel_canonet. The last time i saw photos of her she looked better, it must've been plastic surgery or some new treatment for whatever disease she has.

No. 1015305

Is she really a Habsburg or is that just some shit she made up?

No. 1015307

No she isn't lol.

No. 1015316

no of course she's not a habsburg lol, she's like serbian. sorta feel bad for her, i always thought she was kinda sad and pathetic. I just remembered her boyfriend was a junkie too.

No. 1015321

she deleted her instagram, she must be ITT

No. 1015360

Reads schmitt once

No. 1015400

>no more heather habsburg
>no more aimee terese

Who will be next? my money is on caroline as_a_woman

No. 1015411

Heather deleted her twitter, her alts, her facebook, her instagram, her letterboxd, her reddit comments, her discord posts, her curiouscat answers

No. 1015425

because of this thread? or the reddit made about her?

No. 1015445

Wait, so she’s not a real lesbian either? Did she seem racist back then? I get those vibes from her online comments.

Final meltdown. Wonder if there was more drama with Dasha and the other thots.

No. 1015494

idk she said she was bi but she was with the boyfriend for as long as I knew her. she didn't seem racist, but she hung out with other rich girls. you know, like asian and white mostly, I'm taiwanese.
Oh! one funny thing I just remembered, we did academic senate together and she was anti-BDS lol. The only controversial thing people debated in senate was whether to pass a BDS resolution and she would always vote against it and talk about how people were just being anti-semitic.

No. 1015498

So it's true that she comes from money? What do her parents do?

No. 1015499

we really weren't that close. she drove a BMW, had nice things, and spoke like four different languages so I just assumed she was rich.

No. 1015504

same but I'm betting Aimee has some real milk, she seems legit psycho

No. 1015509

You can't deny that feminism and birth control are directly linked. That's the whole point. Feminism led to the proliferation and empowerment of birth control, and birth control (potentially) leads you to clinical depression and an unfulfilling childless future.

Anna has a million other cringe takes, but A broken clock is right twice a day. If only she wasn't simultaneously anti-condom and pro degenerate sex.

No. 1015516

>unfulfilling childless future

No. 1015523

File: 1596267787193.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1242x2101, F71B1F95-B90D-4295-8042-C9B412…)

Why are women always expected to be like representatives of their entire gender. If you think this girl is lying why can’t you just say you think this girl is lying, it has to be some idiotic and baseless statement to criticise all women. I don’t even know what Anna’s tweet means, where does being autistic as a woman give you ‘preferential treatment’?

No. 1015527

isn't she in law school? it's funny because aimee is always whining about "the urban PMC" and she's a lawyer in Melbourne

No. 1015530

her tweet sounds oddly specific. struck a nerve eh?

No. 1015544

Earlier this year, I remember Heather complaining a lot about Asian foreign students at her university. It was in the context of some Trump crackdown on immigration and international students.

No. 1015565

i wonder how much 'maternal instinct' anna has

No. 1015577

I mean yeah I have seen the original tiktok and she looks fake as fuck with her "stimming" but just because some teenage girls fake having autism online =/= no woman has autism ever

No. 1015604

there’s something so unnerving about that samememe dude. serious marc lépine shit

No. 1015616

File: 1596294600347.png (38.39 KB, 746x285, 5V9AhNa.png)

her family's loaded

No. 1015643

I feel bad for the kid she's eventually going to have.

No. 1015681

File: 1596306723247.jpeg (25.48 KB, 400x400, 255EF4BC-0199-4D8B-AD10-E53DA2…)

Always wondered what he looked like. Not very remarkable looking; I heard he was was gay, and if that’s true, the fags can keep him.

No. 1015688

Bad case of rosacea there. You can’t see his physique either so he could be a scrawny nerd for all we know.

No. 1015694


as a rule Aimee is whining about everything she desperately wants to be, i.e. neoliberal urban managerial girlboss who's hot enough to convincingly metoo a large corporation & harness online wking

No. 1015696

about as much as gimpgirl

No. 1015709

Looks like the kind of chicken necked pozboi Anna would call extremely masculine.

No. 1015718

what the fuck, she is such a moron, holy fuck. their idea of autism is chris-chan lmao they really don't go outside their bourgeois podcasting buddy bubbles

No. 1015727

File: 1596316422365.jpeg (235.15 KB, 1242x411, 7D52CA07-1A27-4AFF-82CF-87F8C6…)

Her response to getting criticised for this tweet lmao

No. 1015747

this is doubly funny because Aimee Terese admits that she is literally autistic and "neurodivergent." Aren't they friends?

No. 1015756

File: 1596319342383.jpg (17.62 KB, 383x383, k3b8nmcsnei21.jpg)


this is an idiot's explanation for why she's so imprecise. if you feel like you're being misinterpreted all the time then you're just bad at communicating ideas. if she actually cared she would only write long form, but she's only capable of producing half-baked, impulsive takes that she refuses to expand upon

No. 1015762

File: 1596319904167.jpeg (327.69 KB, 750x1032, 3A87E9C1-B398-4B53-BE1A-F54AB3…)

this man is in his thirties and still hasn’t found a woman to marry him

No. 1015765

These freaks always only want to uphold ~traditional~ values for women but never apply it to men or expect men to uphold their end of the bargain of like….going to war and dying as oppose to spending their time being a desperate attention whore whining on twitter

No. 1015766

File: 1596320905431.jpeg (109.74 KB, 828x633, 8A772645-7850-4565-B5F7-86F681…)

No. 1015776

Anna comes across as suffering from her very own characterization of female autism, see:

"I'm not retarded and unlikeable, you're the one who's wrong for taking what I claim to be true at face value!"

No. 1015780

lel "i'm actually a mastermind and whatever you say about me is about yourself"
what a retard, she's never wrong in her eyes, she just turns the tables and says "actually that was a test/joke"

need an autistic girl to slamdunk anna soon

No. 1015781

can someone tell me what is LEFT about these insane people?
even economically, there's nothing left about them. they're "ironically" racist social democrats from rich families that appropriate social takes from the right to seem trad and edgy

No. 1015783

Lul, commies and evopsych.
A woman's "natural urge and desire" is to avoid mating with a stinking beta male. Said stinking beta male is mad about female wage labor because it further obliterates his reproductive chances - in the past he could easily consort with a woman whose only choice was him or poverty, today he's pretty much doomed because even mopping floors at McDonalds is a preferable option.

All males who whine about neoliberalism or capitalism, as a rule, are scorned betas. There is no male "communism" short of Marx himself that isn't transparently rooted in either resentment towards hypergamy or loss of reproductive leverage. By design, males have no concept of equality or reciprocity, and as such their pinko rhetoric always boils down to incel sex- bargaining.

No. 1015784

i can guarantee you that man has not read more than two texts by marx maximum
he's some old somethingawful goon that grifted

No. 1015788

This guy literally isn't a leftist and I don't know why you people keep posting him. He is an out and proud reactionary.

No. 1015793

File: 1596326141394.jpeg (863.95 KB, 1242x2012, 5A77802C-FCBE-45FA-A84A-D4C65B…)

She’s still going. I find it cowardly when she tweets these dumb takes then goes to reddit to backtrack and placate her upset aspergian fans

No. 1015796

lmao she is truly a coward. anna, just delete the tweet and call it a day.

No. 1015799

Anna is not a smart person, but at this point I’m more frustrated with the people who thought it was a good idea to give her a platform and prominence in the first place, either because she was part of their social circles or voiced some banal criticisms of easy targets.

No. 1015803

What it was:
>"Women are just pretending to have autism for clout."

What she's turning it into:
>"Autism is just something they're falling back on! They're ignoring why they're really miserable"

The simple fact is that they did not start off attacking anybody for any reasons that had to concern mental health. They saw an attractive woman claim to have autism, then based on this, they concluded all women must be faking autism because they're not Chris-Chan or Rainman.

Anna loves to criticize people who make judgments solely based on "aesthetics" like when people hate Trump because he's rude and fat and annoying, but she does the same thing every day, but not even about politics. She bases her entire worldview on shallow knee-jerk judgments and what little political "theory" she absorbed from her bourgeois college friends years ago.

No. 1015814

My absolute favorite part about this venomous hag is how she placates herself as this unyileding anti-PC truthseeker and then crumbles like a used cumrag the moment her take isn't well received. Bonus if the take contains something about "liberal cowards" or "flakey women".

She and Aimee are on a completely new level of faildaughter coping.

No. 1015821

>falling back on autism
>falling back on neoliberalism

they're the same picture.jpg

No. 1015822

File: 1596329224896.jpeg (315.95 KB, 1242x1564, 5F2EE825-778C-458B-AA11-6FCDCA…)

She’s still going omg. ‘My tweets about women are in all likelihood not actually about women!!’

No. 1015823

File: 1596329274389.jpeg (205.38 KB, 1239x966, 67046F9D-047B-44F8-840F-64A93E…)

She’s pretending people are ‘misreading’ it when in reality she just completely backtracked

No. 1015826

What a pathetic, cowardly shitcunt. I would probably loathe myself and other women too if I was like that.

No. 1015828

To quote Anna herself,

>You should find a better way to rationalize having a shitty personality

No. 1015829

lol reminds me of wignats who have black friends and they tell them "uhhh but youre one of the good ones, what i say doesnt apply to you"

No. 1015832

File: 1596330086004.jpeg (200.57 KB, 1237x1083, 6EE672EC-0DBC-48CA-9C1D-CEE9B6…)

How is she not embarrassed doing this it’s so transparently cowardly ‘I was just responding to his tweet that was about her video, not her video’

No. 1015836

She does this every single time, she says some absolutely retarded shit and then backtracks once she rightly gets backlash. She's a complete coward who can't handle a fraction of the hatred she gives out.

No. 1015837

responding to a tweet which was, in fact, about the girl.

No. 1015849

File: 1596331751675.jpeg (305.59 KB, 750x800, A9B3514C-EDD8-40C6-858D-E0E0B7…)

lmao every other tweet on my tl right now is owning anna. wonder if she's even capable of shame or embarrassment

No. 1015857

File: 1596333029200.png (213.73 KB, 597x540, tweet.png)

A tweet making fun of them (Anna is 2nd pic) is gaining traction fast

No. 1015858

Honestly I feel like this will just make her feel more vindicated, she has a million different justifications for why people are always disagreeing with her as oppose to her just being wrong, everyone is always projecting or misinterpreting her or just too brainwashed by feminism/capitalism/neoliberalism to understand her galaxy brain take. I feel like a viral tweet making fun of her is something she'll get of on and make her feel even more smart as oppose to embarrassed.

No. 1015864

She’s a goddamn tard cosplaying as an intelligent person, and a parasite cosplaying as a progressive.

No. 1015866

has anna even had a tweet blow up that much? she's definitely embarrassed but she will spin this as "normies are disagreeing en mass, proof I'm right!"

No. 1015869

She got a bunch of sex workers mad at her once and a tweet, where she wasn't wrong, about a real housewife looking better with short hair than a sausage curl weave, but not as much as this tweet.

No. 1015871

oh i meant has she ever had a tweet with as many likes as the tweets criticizing her have?

No. 1015872

File: 1596335016659.jpeg (996.29 KB, 1242x1472, 74568755-E2C8-4D00-8A49-C69DE0…)

Oh yeah I forgot about that. I’m surprised out of all her awful takes this one blew up because it seems more complimentary than anything. I guess people just didn’t want to hear it from her which I kind of get.

No. 1015873

I don't think so, looks like she deleted the original tweet even.

No. 1015876

File: 1596335289255.jpeg (73.57 KB, 750x307, B9D3E279-9038-41B2-B2A7-849808…)

an fyi from dasha

No. 1015877

is this from her mullet era? very funny how she only fawns over women that have similar traits to her.

No. 1015878

>women's worth is tied to whatever man they're with
I expect no less from these two. And yet I'm still disappointed.

No. 1015881

File: 1596335601007.jpeg (421.52 KB, 1242x892, 20C2D549-1D63-4627-BE41-69DED4…)

That reminded me of this tweet which I originally found funny because I thought it was satire but on the most recent episode they talked about this and no she was being serious and was literally brought to tears by this stupid Lana del Rey poem

No. 1015882

Sorry I meant to reply to >>1015878

No. 1015885

File: 1596335834248.jpeg (244.89 KB, 827x1375, 8CDB9B37-CE1D-4250-A89D-E5D469…)

No. 1015888

spoken like a true 50/50 girlfriend of 13 years

No. 1015895

hag is fantasizing about being a vulnerable le feminine waif whose ethereal frailness is highlighted by a chauvinistic yet caring rich old fart but she was born looking like lord farquaad lmao

tbh im starting to believe shims when they say that some cis women can have autogynephilia bc anna is a perfect case for it

No. 1015899

Hmmm I wonder for how long though, being around these two seems like such a drag.

No. 1015900


She clearly does not genuinely find any of that desirable and it's strange she continues to pretend she does. Like based off everything she says and the way she acts and has lived her life I do not believe she relates at all to that 'feminine frail waif' thing nor wants to and I don't get why she seems desperate to convince people she does.

No. 1015909

is this new or is that back from when she was with the Cumtown guy?

No. 1015913

Some women born women have AGP, it's the ones who are into sex work as an aesthetic (Rachael Rabbit White) rather than a career or the ones who playact as hyper-submissive misogynists. There are very few cases of this though, compared to TIMs where literally 90% of them are AGP. Anna doesn't have autogynephelia though, it's all a cope for how insecure she is.

No. 1015916

>rachel rabbit white
oh anon.. blast from the past. would she qualify for this thread? along with marie calloway?

No. 1015917

File: 1596339532523.jpeg (147.48 KB, 828x888, FB78E66C-33AA-4EE8-8E42-6047DF…)


No. 1015919

What good is a boyfriend after a failed engagement? Seems more unfortunate than anything else

No. 1015920

File: 1596339990873.jpeg (280.22 KB, 813x1349, 50C73099-06C6-49BD-B736-230E2D…)


No. 1015921

is it cringe that I used to like Marie Calloway? I still have her book on my shelf lol. What ever happened to her?
Does anyone remember this RRW story? "The Hooker Laureate of the Dirtbag Left"

No. 1015923

Gossiping contradicts with Ashley’s brand

No. 1015924

File: 1596340654859.jpg (210.21 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_n9c2pckzzT1qbjwe7o1_128…)

I hate that I know this but @christlover2000 is Diana Dragonetti, who used to identify as a trans man. She probably did tell Sam Pritchard that Anna should transition and now she is embarrassed!

No. 1015928

Is this her?

No. 1015931

No. 1015933

File: 1596341357889.jpeg (43.31 KB, 814x231, 911DBDFD-3510-46DD-9527-D14E73…)

Her former cohost wasn’t lying

No. 1015934

File: 1596341472612.jpeg (137.2 KB, 828x854, EE3D3ED1-64C8-4846-964E-EBC440…)


No. 1015936

File: 1596342004153.jpeg (57.21 KB, 500x500, 20084D5F-8AB3-4B1E-8B60-20DD0E…)

She for sure said it. Anybody who finds it difficult to believe she’d say something that fucked up has never listened to Girls Chat

No. 1015939

the cohost seems totally mentally unwell. actually, all of them seem mentally unwell. it's funny because they think they're being "trad" and conservative or whatever but really they're just all very sick and probably could use the SSRIs they hate.
Dasha: actual BPD (not the misogynist slur)
Anna: pathological narcissist
Heather: autistic, depressive
Aimee: autistic, psychopath
Ashley: repressed transsexual
Amber: fetal alcohol syndrome
Liz Franczak: unclear
Caroline: alcoholic
@a0a0i0f: pathological narcissist

No. 1015942

I <3 Marie Calloway even though she and I are complete opposites. She's lived in Japan for a few years, got tons of plastic surgery, worked as a prostitute. She quit prostitution and now she's just kinda doing her own thing from what I can tell. She has an insta but she's really careful with who she let's follow it

No. 1015943

This tweet had 237k likes and made it to the front page of reddit

No. 1015944

Lmao, this is the woman that constantly calls herself the most beautiful angel on earth, says she has perfect porcelain skin, says she's more beautiful than the Kardashians, says she values her beauty over all else. Okay Ashley, whatever you say sweetie. The insecure narc cope is real with this chick.

No. 1015945

Ashley and the former co-host are both insane and neither are trad, it's just what's trendy right now. So funny that both are former dominatrix prostitutes and now all they talk about is how they're perfect angels destined for heaven.

No. 1015948

what I'm noticing is that all these leftist women were involved in either alt-lit or the blog scene of the late 2000s. Now podcasts are popular so they're all involved in that scene. What's the next "thing" they'll all migrate to, short films? seems like the path post-tiktok.
>inb4 psychward

No. 1015949

File: 1596343351915.jpeg (30.25 KB, 828x158, 809998E6-855B-4617-A6C4-8661B4…)

No. 1015950

I still don't understand what makes them 'leftist'. I guess the retvrn-to-tradition fantasies on that side of twitter are anti-capitalist in a way, but do they think all other women are vapid hetero whores who long for children? If they want to be consistent with their worldview they should stop embarrassing themselves trying to be intellectuals on the interwebs

No. 1015952

File: 1596344192689.jpeg (193.24 KB, 828x1261, 2EA1A32F-7EEF-4AC8-98FF-7B28AF…)

Anna, probably disturbed, did not heart Ashley’s response

No. 1015954

>And for the record I love you for this!
Why are they all so fake?

No. 1015955

Ashley only has 6500 followers whereas Anna has like 65,000. She has to suck up and clout chase, it's so transparent and pathetic.

No. 1015956

File: 1596344532986.jpeg (692.64 KB, 1189x1423, 54F74839-C5F7-457D-B384-91F488…)

He used to be a racist SA poster.

No. 1015957

anna sure has been making some great new friends this year between this guy and the thiel lackey

No. 1015958

File: 1596345940393.jpeg (138.86 KB, 750x474, D4F7AB02-6840-48A6-888D-8970B8…)

No. 1015963

File: 1596348765777.png (373.7 KB, 592x457, yuck.png)

Starting to believe this because most of the people discussed here but especially the men are ugly as fuck

No. 1015966

File: 1596350230873.jpeg (140.99 KB, 900x674, ACA8371A-2C77-4F47-AE61-0DC71B…)

Literal swamp monsters like Kantbot.

No. 1015968

who is that on the right?

No. 1015974

File: 1596351110363.jpeg (31.94 KB, 600x400, 5025E1FA-FBEE-46BD-BBA7-1BEA07…)

A while back Red Scare had on a TradCath named “MechaBonald” John Garry and this is what he looks like. These are the people telling you that fornication is a sin and that you’re going to Hell if you get an abortion.

No. 1015975

File: 1596351312043.jpeg (798.17 KB, 1242x1327, E6CE43AD-DF0E-4C90-BEBD-86FF53…)


No. 1015976

File: 1596351567575.jpeg (487.33 KB, 1242x1080, 5A17BDE7-F3AB-4F5C-978F-5A26A2…)

No. 1015977

Haha, he’s a confirmed lurker. Yeah, you and your friends are ugly as shit, fatboy. Kantbot is a disgusting tub of lard and Anna Khachiyan looks like the crack-addicted spawn of Mr. Bean and Skeletor.

No. 1015978

Yeah I agree, I feel like a lot of what leftist men's social critiques boil down to is just them being unable to accept that to women would rather have a depressing wageslave job than ever fuck them, and they cope by acting as if the reason for that is because women have been brainwashed by spirituality/psychology/universities/neoliberalism/capitalism/feminism blah blah blah. Anything to they can possibly blame to avoid coping with the fact they're just undesirable, unattractive failures and as long as women have free will and the option to not be financially dependent on men they always will be.

No. 1015979

File: 1596352246149.jpeg (499.14 KB, 1242x1029, 9F106127-783A-4DB5-B259-CC5142…)

No. 1015980

I know this guy has a lower IQ than Koko the Gorilla, but does he realize that most of this thread is just commenting on the dumb shit these losers say on Twitter, which we can view for free? I doubt any of us making fun of them here has ever given their podcasts a single penny.

No. 1015981

we literally don't do anything bad, like all of this stuff is public knowledge. they're trying to be public figures but can't take the heat?

No. 1015982

I didn't even realise he had one I only know of him from his tweets being posted in this thread and thought he was just a twitter personality

No. 1015983

Lmao, there's a reason most male incels are ancaps and assorted libertarians. Interesting you phrase any advocacy for socialism in these terms.

No. 1015984

File: 1596353469870.jpeg (319.93 KB, 1242x1721, 63EC85B4-19A1-4F5B-AB99-8FE1FC…)

No. 1015987

On the previous thread, someone predicted he would get mad and have a meltdown if he discovered this place and boy were they correct.

No. 1015988

File: 1596354032602.png (541.94 KB, 630x777, haunting.png)

Major cope. Definitely not insecure, which is why he posted this minutes after it was written and why he's spending his Saturday night closely following this thread and having a public meltdown about it.

No. 1015989

Funny thing.. gluttony is also a sin.

No. 1015992

"Male incels" are whatever retarded political fringe that's trendy at the moment, especially if it lets them rationalize being unfuckable as a result of some nebulous, ill defined outside force. There is no functional difference between twitter shrieking about "cultural marxism" and "neoliberalism" in that regard.

That being said, when they're young and harbor typical male "muh ubermensch" delusions that occur with puberty, they think that everyone is out to limit their no doubt infinite potential and "leech" from their future success. Obviously they masturbate to Elon Musk and self identify as lolberts.

Fast forward to mid 20s, said failmale slowly begins to realize that he's not in fact a temporarily embarrassed millionaire with a harem waiting for him in his 40s. Naturally, now he feels the bern and wants other people to pay off his Starbucks degree. Pretty standard redditeur Ron Paul to Bernie pipeline.

Given that you're likely a visitor from marxcel twitter and thus haven't actually read any succ theory that wasn't generated by 16 year old shitposters, I doubt you know that incelism is actually pretty traditional to leftist thought. Ever heard of Proudhon?

No. 1015994

File: 1596354625194.jpeg (802.7 KB, 1242x1731, 31CD8858-8655-40D9-A2D2-938057…)

He’s still going but idk if it’s worth it to keep posting his tweets he’s not really saying anything interesting and it’s probably going to attract his incel twitter followers like >>1015983

No. 1015995

I love that he tweeted this out to his followers so Anna can see it and pretend that she’s unphased with some pathetic cope response, assuming she doesn’t already lurk as well. And just imagine thots like Aimee Terese and Liz Franczak who try to present themselves as serious thinkers finding out that we see them and their friends as circus freaks for our amusement.

No. 1015996

You mean like what you're doing?

No. 1015997


Ain't no one giving these fat incel commie pigs money except other fat incel commie pigs. That being said, I love how this "anti capitalist" hamplanet is chortling at his own simps Scrooge McDuck style, "you're paying to hear my stupid shit! Ha!".


Take any dirtbag left diatribe and replace every "white women" with "roasties", every "neoliberalism" with "feminism" and every "revolution" with "beta uprising", and absolutely nothing will change.


If I had to imagine a fake ana, it would be a tubby bpd whore who struggles to lose 2 lbs in a month while abusing tobacco and Wellbutrin.


I thought it was pretty much accepted that redscare thots and their hangers are seething over this thread.

No. 1015998

I think it's funny they discovered this thread the day after the 'can women have autism' discourse, I guess they got their answer.

No. 1015999

Not the same anon, but most of the restaurants, bars, clubs, movie theaters, concerts, etc are still closed because of the pandemic. There isn’t that much to do on a Saturday night lately.

No. 1016001

kek I haven't seen such a quintessential cow cope in months, can mods please make it a banner?

>inb4 podcast episode in which this low t butterball mumbles about being very muh skuleen on a girl gossip forum

No. 1016002

File: 1596355612044.jpeg (117.11 KB, 1024x718, 23DB15BF-20FA-45D9-A9C2-3E313E…)

These political subcultures attract a disproportionate number of weirdos and closet cases, both left and right.

No. 1016003

True, there's a bunch of incels and just generally unpleasant people in all online political spaces. On the right it's shut in freaks who cope by pretending they're the decedents of vikings or whatever who will save Europa and on the left it's shut in freaks who cope by pretending women the only reason they're failures and women don't want them is because neoliberalism brainwashed women into going against their biological urge of being wives and mothers - they never mention men (including themselves) also abandoning their 'traditional' role of being hardworking fathers as oppose to desperate twitter simps for 'dirtbag left' podcasters.

No. 1016005

jack deleted all the screenshots lol

No. 1016006

Yasss! Slay Kang! #boyboss #smashtheneoliberalism

The only thing we're helping you with is pushing your hairline further back, neckbeard. Hope you'll save up enough $5 patreon tips from your three fat simps to afford hair plugs when you're both irrelevant online AND permanently unemployable.

What podcow hangers chronically don't understand that there's no need for more than one Chapo or Redscare and their offshoot friend simulators will never be worth becoming a cow. A 2/10 dude version of trying to be the next Belle Delphine, if you will.

No. 1016011

This tweet is racist incel bullshit come on stop giving her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 1016016

>livetweeting a lolcow thread
That sure shows us how little you care, Jack.

No. 1016019

File: 1596361694267.png (40.73 KB, 527x399, lmao.png)

He's still seething over the attractive autistic tiktok girl. Wonder if he'll delete these, too.

No. 1016020

File: 1596361833510.png (42.7 KB, 550x442, lmao 2.png)

Part 2.
Truly showing how little insecurity he has about being fat here!
>all women and people

No. 1016022

I don’t follow him but is he usually like this? This seems completely unhinged why would anyone listen to this person

No. 1016023

he's literally been up all night tweeting about this thread and the autistic girl tik tok lmao. no one i know follows him because they like him, they follow to point and laugh

No. 1016024

yes he is usually like this. no one actually listens to his podcast

No. 1016025

Chloe Sevigny follows him on Instagram fwiw. He brags about it often.

No. 1016026

his follower count is dropping every time i check

No. 1016031

Anna K thinks he’s a brilliant cultural commentator, just like she was easily impressed by BAP, Kantbot, Logo Daedalus, Samememe, and so much other dreck. She’s not a smart person.

No. 1016033

I can't wait until one of these dumbasses gets caught posting here. It's inevitable, right?

No. 1016035

This is their entire political belief and value system summed up in one tweet. At least you got picked, right?
So delicate so waiflike. Holy fuck this chick is broad like Lana Del Rey; I wonder if Anna cries when she goes on her coke rants.
This is literally how all tradcath men look.
Imagine coping this hard. N-no K-k-king you look a-amazing actually! F-foids stay mad!

No. 1016047

File: 1596368146791.png (16.84 KB, 589x209, woke.PNG)

They are all so obsessed with birth control and it's even more pathetic coming from the men than it is Anna

No. 1016055

File: 1596370394097.jpeg (152.39 KB, 828x928, FA3E3F61-6789-40DF-817D-B91ADD…)

dae last week see she and p1nkpr1ncesa make catty tweets about shasti? and now they both attribute their behavior to a manic episode?

No. 1016076

It's so funny how getting dumped + the lockdowns completely exposed how fake Nick's "autistic" post-horny persona is.

No. 1016098

gotta make those "girl cootie"-level cope tweets after losing his shit over girls's gossip forums

stay seething, fat.

No. 1016102

File: 1596382072846.jpeg (309.05 KB, 750x1008, 3C5DB51F-AF9E-43D4-B245-3B6053…)

everything i don’t like is liberal feminism

No. 1016105


Yes! Thank you Anon. This is what’s so frustrating about these type of men. None of them are ever worthy of a traditional woman.

No. 1016164

so how many of his tradchad crushes do you think have been stolen away by evil birth control chugging roasties? maybe lose some weight lardass and youd be happier with yourself

No. 1016187

My favorite tradcath muh skuleenity behavior is petty slapfights over follower count and mental breakdowns over gossip forums for women. It's over for you bitches, you'll never get an alpha like this!

No. 1016191

File: 1596396186754.jpeg (202.48 KB, 827x834, 4EB37A14-001E-40BC-9239-8B3BAF…)

Remember when she would beg for money on her alt

No. 1016202

Ruh roh, guess those posts about all dirtbag left males being incels are really chafing your fupa encrusted tinymeat. Newsflash, he-manatee: the only reason why butterball manospheres like you are tolerated and allowed to be worthless podcast parasites is liberalism. It's also pretty cute of you to think that birth control is the reason why you'll never reproduce when even haggard leftist pickmes won't let you nut in them in the first place. You're not beta or even an omega, you're the male hierarchy equivalent of an untouchable, truly beneath even right wing incels.

But hey, deep down you're aware of it, hence why your ideology is a convenient and utterly paradoxical fusion of wussy daddy state and selective penile fascism. You probably had some semblance of high school education, so you know everything about how well you'd fare in an actual tradpole society.

But cheer up, there's one thing you're better at than women. You're a mentally ill fat sped without even being on birth control! Now pod about it, cockmong.

No. 1016216

File: 1596399224026.gif (621.64 KB, 463x184, 868D8402-B4BA-47E0-B1FF-AD5F37…)


Absolutely brilliant Anon.

No. 1016218

File: 1596399298775.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1888, 9F5927BE-C5B8-4DFA-A013-C49D4C…)

No. 1016220

File: 1596399356079.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x2183, 47B905A7-47D8-4B8D-8B3B-0E497B…)

No. 1016223

dirtbag left and alt-right are two sides of the same pathetic loser coin

everyone on earth understands this except them

enjoy your steaming cup of cope, Stan

No. 1016226

>boo hoo, im a waman who professionally gets mad at replies and internet is being mean to me, please save me simps!
>they're even sending me RAPE THREATS! you know how anti-rape i am when it involves someone who isn't an actual rape victim, i.e. me!

Posting about it for the tenth time really shows how much you're moving on, hag. You're in for another reminder that no matter how many fetid cocks you e-fondle, very few of will be willing to defend you. And that is solely because you're ugly and none of your "superior logical men" actually give two shits about what you have to say.

No. 1016233

She talks so much about personal responsibility but never seems to think she could ever be the one at fault for anything that happens to her or the way people receive her

No. 1016239

Are you referring to Nick Mullen? What’s going on with him?

Yeah, “tough love” is why she constantly and uncritically promotes Alt Right/Frog Twitter personalities, not because she has the IQ of a housefly and can’t discern that these losers like Jack and Kantbot have nothing of value to contribute to the left or to society in general.

No. 1016240

Has she ever once admitted to being wrong?

No. 1016242

First she was “trying to make people think”, even if it meant others would hate her (so brave). Now the response was just a mindless joke?

No. 1016243

He's gay…

No. 1016244

Female misogynists/pickmes/masculists are usually the best representations of their own beliefs about women. It's kind of how most male feminist cucks turn out to be predators and creeps.

No. 1016250

He's an evolutionary dead end yet he's incessantly yapping his cock receptacle about how women's duty is to reproduce? Must be of the jailhouse variety then.

No. 1016251

File: 1596402430934.jpeg (45 KB, 349x642, Qj4Vf5A.jpeg)

No. 1016252

how that fits his nucreal family humans are made to produce children ideology. if he's gay he's never gonna get kids either.

No. 1016253

>They're lucky I'm not an alarmist and will just move along and deal with it.
this after two paragraphs of her shitting herself over twitter backlash, followed by two more… poetry

No. 1016254

He's been having breakdowns about being stuck at home and not getting pussy

No. 1016259

Misogynistic spergouts are every bit as inherently male as school shootings and acid throwings, but there is no actual exclusively gay man alive whose vitriol towards women sounds like this. Only men who have some degree of heterosexual interest spout such sour grapes copes. As a rule, men don't absolutely chimp the fuck out about women they're not interested in, either.

If he really isn't straigh then he is a Milo tier catty bincel, or a typical bi AGP leftist with a budding interest in traps stemming from mommy issues and longing for female presence.

No. 1016261

So women can’t even use birth control for cystic acne (a painful medical condition) now?

This lmao. There was nothing ~rorschach~ about her tweet.

No. 1016262

Women fake cystic acne to excuse pathological narcissism and also to avoid being surrogate e-mommies to online neckbeards.

No. 1016265

Ah yes, the three things preventing this King from unfupaing his moldy crotch udder: birth control, women in the workforce and not being able to show his radiant spherical frame to the outside world.

No. 1016267

File: 1596403876572.jpeg (537.81 KB, 1242x1192, B463CE14-CCEA-4326-977E-14C976…)

She’s gone through like 50 different stories for what she ‘actually meant’

No. 1016269

She loves that word, narcissism

No. 1016271

like a true narcissist, all she can do is project onto everybody else

“people call me out for projecting my own mental illness onto others? sounds like they’re the true narcissists”

No. 1016280

She loves every descriptor that applies to her with pinpoint accuracy, particularly the ones about ran through overeducated liberal elite post-wall druggie pass-arounds who will never have children and instead try to compensate by posing as "high fashion" and pretending to like their soycel foreverboyfriends. No prizes for guessing that she used to be a fat mousy gnome with a huge flabby Armenian ass. You really do loathe yourself, aren't you?

Projection and preoccupation with external perception are the core features of narcissism, Anna. You'd know that if your proficiency in psychobabble was rooted in anything outside of reading self help blogs for scorned pickmes. Also no, he's not a narcissist for not texting you back.

No. 1016282

this is so dishonest and doesn't even make sense. How does what she said 'women fake autism because of narcissism and lack of maternal instinct' be read as a 'point that applies to everyone equally in some level' and if people fail to read it that way that's because they're narcissistically wounded

No. 1016285

Every other day she does this and writes a dissertation on reddit about how kind and well intentioned she is and how everyone is just misrepresenting her. It's so disingenuous when it's obvious to anyone she is extremely malicious in the way she says things, and it's not people misinterpreting her 'bluntness and directness' or whatever. People who are genuinely kind and well intentioned don't need to go on reddit every two days to write a novel trying to convince you of it because it's obvious. People in general who don't shut up about how they're soooo x,y or z are always the least of those things.

No. 1016289

Saying something cruel then trying to convince everyone you’re a well intentioned person who truly cares about other people is maternal instinct actually

No. 1016290

That didn't happen.

And if it did, it wasn't that bad.

And if it was, that's not a big deal.

And if it is, that's not my fault.

And if it was, I didn't mean it. <- you are here

And if I did…

You deserved it.

No. 1016294

File: 1596405760283.jpeg (213.7 KB, 809x970, 8149D79C-768D-4A8D-9A30-A1C9C9…)

No. 1016295

they love identity politics when it suits them

No. 1016300

>you're a FUCKING STRAIGHT WHITE MALE and you're holding me, a wehmen, accountable for my obnoxious nonsense!

So anti-idpol!

No. 1016301

File: 1596406131335.jpeg (804.37 KB, 1242x1769, 3906CC51-010D-422D-A2EE-D70C91…)

No. 1016302

File: 1596406176342.jpeg (585.4 KB, 1242x1035, 868BFF38-FB7C-4B07-A327-870CD6…)

Who is he trying to convince

No. 1016303

“You’d have to be a real sociopath not to be flustered and upset by this negative outpouring.”

I.e. all the shit she brushes off when it happens to others is suddenly a grave offense when it happens to her.

No. 1016304

He used the phrase “CGI frizzy haired mulatta” maybe 5 times in the last month but he’s still so sensitive about being called fat

No. 1016305


>t.edgescold whose entire ideology is looking for a politically justifiable reason for petty online vendettas against women who make her feel inadequate

>audience is 75% straight male incels trying to shoehorn their wangst into marxist theory

No. 1016307

people don't like him because he's ugly, fat, creepy, a white nationalist, has a bad personality with no redeeming qualities, and tweets all day about how much he hates women, pretty simple

No. 1016308

how long until Anna completely melts down and deletes her twitter, and then somehow tries to spin it as the new cool thing to do

No. 1016310

>my capitalist "success" means I'm better than you

All male commies are incels and failed porkies pt2

No. 1016311

Exactly! He goes on and on about the importance of the family or whatever as oppose to people valuing their worth through capital but his whole point here is 'yeah I may be hideous and unloveable but at least I, a grown man, am making money and able to pay my own rent now!!!' as if that's impressive to any normal person. If a woman started a tweet with a sentence as cringeworthy and pathetic as 'I'd like to thank the anon who wrote the massive thread last summer about how I'm too fat to get into heaven, have a fat voice, will never be loved by anyone' they would be ripped apart and made fun of by this exact kind of person, his entire meltdown is extremely embarrassing.

No. 1016312

So apparently it's misogynistic to treat women as equal agents in debates who are capable of having their points criticized. Who's the real misogynist?

The real height of success is seething about hypothetical women all day on twitter, name-searching yourself 24/7, and churning out more shitty podcasts with 50-follower literally whos from twitter.

I'd love to see that thread.

No. 1016315

“I'd like to thank the anon who wrote the massive thread last summer about how I'm too fat to get into heaven, have a fat voice, will never be loved by anyone” is so unintentionally hilarious

No. 1016316

#boyboss #dudesrock #dontneednoroastie

We're just being deliberately Rorschach here, being a fat unfuckable applies equally to most podcows to some extent. It's not personal!

No. 1016318

does he realize that he'll never have much success, his dedication to being publicly racist and sexist means he'll never be covered in magazines or have any real relevance to the culture, maybe if he hadn't spent every day of his life humiliating himself online and spitting vitriol he could have actually built something, talentless people do all the time
also he has the patreon for his podcast set to private so who knows if he even has more than a hundred subscribers

No. 1016319

It's honestly banner worthy

No. 1016324

File: 1596407771356.jpeg (194.62 KB, 828x920, 6926BB77-D9B9-4D2E-BB52-5A366D…)

has she ever not been a complete freak

No. 1016327

File: 1596407945587.jpeg (297.83 KB, 1176x616, 4F2D273E-ACFA-4F12-99DF-A638E6…)

“All criticism of me and my friends is rooted in psychosexual frustration.”

No. 1016328

>They're lucky I am not an alarmist
As if she could do anything about it but make some salty "ironic" tweet anyway. Also I love the "poor me, nobody is empathetic enough to ME" energy when she and Dasha whine about how women infantalize themselves. Maybe she should just grow the fuck up and realize that she doesn't need to constantly project all the disgusting things about her onto women as a whole.

No. 1016329

File: 1596408202434.jpeg (393.89 KB, 1242x985, 36CF0D1A-CEED-45BC-B727-0B2687…)

Fatty’s still having his meltdown. Maybe the world is in spiritual crisis because the western world has ‘subverted’ men’s natural instincts to become strong fathers, providers and protectors and instead they’re now fat shits who spend all day whining on twitter sperging about gossip sites

No. 1016330

File: 1596408385485.png (206.83 KB, 885x722, fatty.png)

Found it and it's pretty funny how upset he still is about it over a year later.

No. 1016331

>performatively hate
holy COPE!
it's so funny he's convinced we must all secretly love him. i've never listened to his podcast in my life, i just think he's an insufferable fag and his tweets are blatantly misogynistic. i know it's been said time and time again, but there really is nothing leftist about these losers. bragging about how much money he makes by being a leech that sits on his ass, so woke, so leftist.
as much as i hate chapocels at least they fucking talk about class instead of pretending their braindead takes on "gender" are socialist.

No. 1016332

Few things are milkier than chapos being hit with le crassness and anti political correctness, at which point they immediately discover feminism, idpol, ableism and whatever other Tumblr shit they built their careers around chortling about.


None of them are above limpwristed class based jabs like "you went to a mid tier school" or "you dress from Nordstrom rack" or "what are you gonna do when your onlyfans money dries up" when you really chap their asses. Eventually all these Brooklyn tightpants undercuts will get tired of larping as Ford factory workers on twitter and will just go "I have a trust f-fund and you don't, my dad can sue your dad!".

That being said, it's par for the course because socialism is historically a movement of petit bourgs trying to recruit the plebs to do their dirty work of toppling slightly richer people. I'm glad to see that the tradition is alive and well.

No. 1016334

this shines like the gospel

No. 1016335

She doesn't realize that constantly calling yourself a perfect angel and saying you live at your rich parents' house in your 30s is the most out of touch, bourgeois thing ever.
I'm sure she'll see this and say "i-it's an act, it's performance art, it's just my aesthetic.."

Men love making non-existent arguments from non-existent women up in their head.

Damn. Imagine being fat, gay, sexually frustrated, childless, AND ugly. Now imagine channeling your self-hatred over this into politics. Congrats, you are now Jack.

No. 1016338

Podcasters are a classic case of being able to dish it out, but unable to take it.
Anna might see this and say "um, I take more than any of you ever will!" just because people call her manly and ugly sometimes.

This is the woman that loves to say the world is too coddling and that we need to throw "PC culture" out of the window. But now that she's actually being criticized en mass, publicly, not for her appearance but for her lack of intelligence, backpedaling, and lack of knowledge on autism, suddenly political correctness and coddling women is what we all need in the word!

No. 1016341

What disease does she have?

No. 1016342

it's not even a disease, and she doesn't have it anymore. she had a crooked brain stem or something and had a huge gofundme to fund surgery to fix it even though her fam is filthy rich

No. 1016343

The fact that most of these people are in their 30s is really sad. Not sure you can fix the retardation anymore.

No. 1016344

Why is this tradpole still flapping his facial orifice? Shouldn't he be working to support a family?

Hear it from an actual trad: the world is in a "spiritual crisis" because degenerate parasitic manchildren like you have been subverted by first world leisure and wasteful abundance brought to you by free trade and liberalism. As such, all you do is sit on your fat hams and air out your convoluted mommy issues based fetishes, or engage in pointless mental masturbation which you call "passion" instead of working all day like a man should.

None of your bohemian idle wangst would make it on twitter if you had a real job. You probably wouldn't be this obese either.

No. 1016346

She made it seem as though she had a terminal illness with the way she talked about death on Kantbot’s pod

No. 1016348

I only just became aware of this group of people and don't get how any of them have genuine followings who find anything they say intelligent unless it's just other retard 30 year olds. The multiple tantrums happening just today is extremely pathetic. They're just as unhinged, narcissistic and delusional as the people you used to see in those 'triggered sjw' compilations. What's 'dirtbag left' about having a day long meltdown on twitter because someone called you 'too fat to get into heaven' (lmao) or writing seven different thesis long posts about how everyone is out to misinterpret you and the straight white men are being misogynistic bullies for criticising you?

No. 1016349

it definitely interfered with her life, she had vertigo and nausea and trouble thinking all the time

No. 1016350

File: 1596409866152.png (49.04 KB, 560x329, Screenshot 2020-08-02 at 7.10.…)

I'm not owned!!! I'm not owned!!!!!!

No. 1016351

I think more people would be able to perceive Anna's posts as light-hearted cultural critique jokes instead of clocking them as ramblings of a bitter hag if she was actually funny

No. 1016352

God made him fat and gay

No. 1016353

>Me being a irrelevant edgy podcaster was God's will, actually. I'm literally a modern day prophet.

No. 1016354

she had issues standing and had to use a cane in the photos she posted. she did a gofundme that all the chapo people posted around.
ashley is like 25 iirc

No. 1016356

i tried listening to her podcast and and the only "jokes" she ever made were racist or misogynistic non-sequiturs. everything else was just her rambling in dumb academic-speak about the PMC, celeb culture, or weird twitter grievances. literally half of their pod is whining about things that happen on twitter I have no idea how they have fans

No. 1016357

Buh-but God forbid someone comments on her tweets tho, then it's stalking and you must've been digging her replies all day, tee-hee uwu

No. 1016358

File: 1596410592715.jpeg (107.69 KB, 828x467, 8C1E6C54-83F1-4C5A-B2E4-FC3A2D…)

Be nice. Only Jack and Anna are allowed to be mean

No. 1016360

can you imagine her heroes Camille Paglia, Susan Sontag, or Joan Didion ever responding to mad internet comments the same way she does? like it's just twitter comments anna! you don't need to go into histrionics every time someone says you look like a shim, it looks pathetic.

No. 1016362

Why do barren Marxist tradpoles and tradthots have a fetish for m-muh family structure and a creepy obsession with breeding when:

a) patrilineal family was outlined as the root of capitalism by Engels;

b) he compared the class relations between a woman and a man to class relations between a serf and a lord;

c) women's status as the sole means of producing heirs to facilitate patrilineal hoarding of private property was identified as the historic reason behind misogyny.

Did I just expect commies to read their own shit tho?

No. 1016363

>need to tell unspeakable truths and no fear of anything at all
>deletes tweets after he gets owned here

No. 1016364

Not even Camille Paglia, who is a para-tranny cow in her own right, would do something this career ruining and undignified. Though it's not like these podcow faildaughters have any careers to speak of.

No. 1016367

File: 1596412205575.png (292.79 KB, 1600x513, Camille_Paglia_quoted_by_NAMBL…)

Cammile Paglia is an outright pedophile and should be denounced whenever her rotten name is brought up.

"On September 19, 1991, Paglia published an essay entitled 'Crisis In The American Universities', in which she defended herself from accusations of being a neoconservative by listing the degeneracy that she adamantly supports, including "kiddie porn":

I'm someone who is on the record as being pro-pornography–all the way through kiddie porn and snuff films. I'm pro-prostitution–I mean really pro, not just pro-prostitute and against prostitution. I'm pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, pro-drag queens, pro-legalization of drugs. This is neoconservative?"

"Two years ago, with Allen Ginsberg and others, I signed a manifesto supporting NAMBLA (the North American Man Boy Love Association).
In an issue of 'The Advocate' magazine published on the 31st of October, 1995.

No. 1016369

File: 1596413210555.jpeg (114.75 KB, 1242x513, 05C2CB95-59CD-40B3-8127-DE3033…)

I don’t get what he’s trying to say with this one, does he consider himself an ‘it girl’ or? Also the projection lmao they make it so transparent that all they care about is clout and ‘trying’ to be an ‘it girl’. He’s a 30 year old morbidly obese man with a podcast nobody listens to, no one thinks he’s and it girl or wants to be the next him.

No. 1016370

Is everyone itt autistic? He's referring to Dasha and Anna

No. 1016371

you're both wrong, he's talking about us.

No. 1016374

No he's still seething about the people calling him fatty in this thread and reddit. He's obsessed with Dasha and Anna. I think he thinks we're actually jealous of him.

No. 1016376

Men gonna men, they have no agenda outside of their reproductive interests across every political spectrum. The difference between a leftist, a liberal and a conservative is vanishingly small because in the end it will always amount to nothing but "muh dik".

She's one of those militantly insecure self hating fuggos who desperately want to be wanted by men and have this ongoing identity crisis in which they want to be more like men but also an irresistible, enigmatic, wicked feminine waif at the same time, kind of like Anna and gimpgirl. Normally they idolize males and spend their days flogging themselves hoping that it will punish other women by extension. Swinger women who groom young girls for their beta sex pest husbands just to stay "cool", "relevant" and feel wanted by proxy while getting off to hurting another woman out of poorly suppressed jealousy tend to be this type.

Tl;dr this is your glimpse into Anna's future.

No. 1016378

Ah yes, we are observing your obesity for anonymous forum clout

No. 1016379

What do you mean, he thinks that we think that if we call him fat until he ‘stops trying’ we’ll be the next anna and dasha?

No. 1016380

If I was Anna I'd be creeped out by this

No. 1016381

Mighty proletarian warrior of Christ is unable to conceptualize a having priorities that extend past becoming Twitter's Next BPD Ethot. Shitlibs beware, for we have nothing to lose but our virginities!

No. 1016383

Weirdo white men who like Nicki Minaj are seriously the worst.

No. 1016385

the cow just admitted that he is considering giving up over being called fat by anonymous girls lmak

i wonder why this masculine god doesn't have his tradwife yet

No. 1016386

File: 1596415389547.jpeg (296.99 KB, 1242x626, 5662C300-B6D8-4365-BF5E-B73515…)

They’re all so dishonest lmao. No one has criticised him for ‘emboldening men to embrace things that bring them joy’ lmfao and no one thinks he’s dangerous were just making fun of him for being an unattractive, unintelligent, fat attention whore

No. 1016388

There were barely any posts about him when he first started live-tweeting the thread too. It seems that seeing like 3 anons barely criticise him literally broke him and he's been going for hours.

No. 1016391

t.catty fag who does nothing but screech about how society is over because 14 year old girls think they're "witches" online

>this is what men think art is

No. 1016395

>What our society needs is men getting extra encouragement for engaging in malignant autism

Every time I see such male "art" I see it against my will

No. 1016396

If this guy’s podcast is so successful, why won’t he make the patron/donation count public? Surely if the number were impressive, he’d want to flaunt it to prove the haters wrong?

No. 1016397

cringing so hard. wish paglia didn't exist so anna couldn't cite her in her lukewarm defenses of pornography.

No. 1016398

reminds me of how dasha romanticizes pedophiles and rapists in hollywood like woody allen and polanski but pretends to care about epstein.
anna or dasha would be the perfect ghislaine

No. 1016400

It’s hard to decide who is responsible for more pseud takes these days: Camille Paglia or Christopher Lasch. Funny thing is, neither of them were too far away from mainstream Democrat politics. Hillary Clinton herself admitted she read and appreciated Lasch’s books!

No. 1016402

How dare you criticize my vapid shitposting which I hilariously consider to be art, I have a penis! Everyone who thinks my takes are retarded is a muh sandrist! Don't you dare reduce my brilliant ideology to my fuckability, it's only acceptable when I do it! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 1016413

Unfortunately, her political rhetoric and campaign-especially in 2016-displayed very little signs of having internalized Lasch. Of course, Anna doesn't seem to have either.

No. 1016414

what pathetic fart huffers. fatty man please be careful while inhaling your own ass gasses so that the oxygen doesn't get replaced too quickly and too much in your lungs their capacity is already compromised by your obese lard ball body

No. 1016416

Started because I casually mentioned how ugly he looks and he instantly flew into a narcissistic rage. Struck a nerve huh Hack? Maybe focus on healthy eating and exercise for a while then you won’t be so angry all the time, good luck.

No. 1016418

Anna's gash is already dripping for Harvey Weinstein and other abusive ultrarich capitalist men but girlboss bad!

No. 1016429

File: 1596418607377.jpeg (163.55 KB, 827x1059, B4FED9B8-8C3C-4E11-82A5-BA6E3E…)

Have you seen his grocery list

No. 1016431

Fat gays are always so miserable. Instead of hating on us, put the fork down and run. I know most gay guys wouldn't touch a fat lardo with a ten foot pole so it must eat you up inside. Not our fault Tubby that you're a fucking huge waste of decaying fat folds with a micropenis.

No. 1016434

File: 1596418808560.jpeg (408.8 KB, 1735x2048, 66BED205-C8CB-4C0C-885D-EF4F72…)

What is this supposed to be?

No. 1016437

it's always so funny and sad seeing what losers wish they looked like. cant imagine being such an actual, non-anna-definition narcissist that youd make a fake criterion dvd about your gay podcast.

No. 1016453

File: 1596420908845.jpeg (827.77 KB, 1195x1597, 4B92F486-C75F-422B-828B-608427…)

Daisha RTed this simp. “Red Scare is just about life, maaan”

No. 1016455

You would have to exist solely on niche online spheres to think that anything discussed on red scare is so controversial and revealing some kind of hidden, unspoken truth that its just so distressing for normies they can't accept it. It's just so detached from reality the way they always try and dismiss any criticism as people trying to 'dispel bothersome thoughts' the same way right wing types love to always say 'he says what we're all thinking!' about whatever eceleb grifter they're simping for at the time. The fact there is so much idoltry online around these kind of people is strange. I feel like sometimes on the podcast you can literally here Anna pausing and the cogs turning to desperately try and think of a controversial or antagonistic take to say just for the sake of it, because realistically she knows that the podcast and their e celebrity can't survive without controversy and the whole thing is obviously just about making money for these people.

No. 1016480

Imagine denying female autism as a woman who is so hilariously out of touch with real human beings that she thinks her obscure ass quasi-marxist pseudoacademic word salad is not only relatable but also understandable by the working class

No. 1016485

thank you anon I just masturbated to this despite my birth controlled libido

No. 1016510

at least jack made a woman cum by making her laugh at him

No. 1016517

How is thinking you're God's special designated podcaster and revealer of unspeakable truths any less sad than 14 year olds on tiktok thinking they're witches and also how does he rationalise thinking women are evil for ~going against god~ by taking birth control and not being mothers but he's literally gay?

No. 1016534

File: 1596433004492.jpeg (402.96 KB, 1242x1058, 03C8DAB3-F175-4CF3-99FA-688782…)

Do they leave the house and talk to real people ever

No. 1016542

jack before the 2010s: not fully washed up, socializing, not terminally online

jack in the 2010s and after: washed up, jaded, quarantined, losing his mind, addicted to twitter and subjected to a constant feed hyper-saturated with people that barely exist in the real world–blames this all on "neoliberalism" and feminism

No. 1016546

Why is this tub of lard so obsessed with birth control and abortion

No. 1016548

All of them, it's like he has a fetish for men that are specifically trad fascists. He bonds with them over how much he also hates women, but in the end the tradchad gets a girlfriend and he gets left behind, unimportant and unloved. He very clearly resents women, his misogyny is a typical case of envious gay man syndrome.

No. 1016549

because deep down he's probably insecure about being gay and copes by trying to be the "based faggot" like milo did. also, mad because he can't have babies

No. 1016550

samefagging but the type of gay man that talks about women in the way jack does even out of envy is also the same type of gay guy to say stuff like, "ewwww vaginas are evil portals to hell" and "eww pregnancy is so vom." it's a weird combination of pure misogyny and resentful jealousy

No. 1016553

>says people aren't autistic
>autistic people react with autistic screeching
who could possibly have predicted this outcome

No. 1016558

dasha is the most pathetic wannarexic

No. 1016560

>autistic screeching
People’s responses to her stupid tweet were warranted. Not “autistic screeching.”

No. 1016562

legit hoping he kills himself

No. 1016563

it's all part of her "uwu waif tumblr 2013" persona, she's not anorexic. congrats on losing 3 lbs over the course of a year dasha!

No. 1016564

I just realized these tweets are literally just like shooter's tweets. You know, that asian incel guy? If these were edited with shooter's avatar and username, I'd 100% believe he posted these. So sad.

No. 1016565

the biggest screecher was anna herself

No. 1016579

He's so desperate and creepy, he constantly posts about himself in the Red Scare subreddit and compliments himself with a dozen alts, every time he's brought up a bunch of new accounts made that week appear to try and convince people to listen to his boring podcast. He's clearly just a mentally ill social climber desperately trying to bleed as much clout from Anna as he can, I'm surprised she associates with someone so openly pathetic.

No. 1016581

File: 1596440449142.jpeg (203.88 KB, 1190x624, 0BE5A418-EED9-465C-898C-7B55D5…)

When cows collide. Maybe custardloaf can teach Jack how to relieve stress by sticking a brush up his ass.

No. 1016584

File: 1596440635146.jpeg (111.09 KB, 1052x1200, 112361AE-D8CC-4C24-8F72-203B2D…)

>I'm surprised she associates with someone so openly pathetic.

Really? Have you seen who else she associates with?

No. 1016585

When has anyone said he's dangerous though? He is the only one who said that bc that's how he wishes people viewed him. He wants people to view him as edgy and dangerous but people just view him as desperate hanger-on.

No. 1016586

Same reason why he's obsessed with working women - birth control and abortion make it impossible to cuff a woman by just nutting in her like men could do in the past. Why wouldn't an incel seethe about his ever diminishing chances of reproducing?

No. 1016588

Would people like Jack, her and the samememe guy be considered leftists? Or part of the greater online left I guess? I was just thinking if they should have a separate thread or because of how much they overlap with online leftists is it better to have them all in one thread?

No. 1016590

Many of the cows in this thread like Anna, Dasha, Aimee, and Heather interact with and RT these people a lot. Sydney clout chases among both leftists and rightists. It is funny how much overlap there is between left and right cows.

No. 1016591

imagine saying stuff like "imagine being proud of being size S lol" while being a she-fridge with strabismus

No. 1016594

No. 1016610

didnt anna literally admit to having an abortion? how does that fat fag justify “stanning“ her
(oppurtunists be social climbing)

No. 1016623

No. 1016645

Didn’t she have multiple?

No. 1016646

He’s the first non straight guy I’ve seen be this cartoonishly misogynistic and incelish. Even his perfume reviews from years back he managed to make misogynistic so clearly it runs deep.

No. 1016662


If only she would stop pretending to have an eating disorder for the aesthetic. All the "you eat literally NOTHING malnourished kween" replies on her ED twitter from simps are outright lies to make her feel sooo fragile when she's just a normal weight woman who is trim and in shape.

No. 1016737

how dasha can talk with a straight face about her "anorexia" while anna has noticeably become skeletal but denies she has an eating disorder (been looking better lately) in the short time the pod has existed is wild

No. 1016745

Not to mention Anna shoping her ass or wearing shapewear for her selfies lmao it's so obvious when you see a pic of her from behind taken by someone else

No. 1016750

No, they are right wing. Not leftists at all by any stretch of the imagination.

No. 1016775

File: 1596475387624.jpg (69.83 KB, 1080x585, Screenshot_20200803_132137.jpg)

Otakundead is the biggest fag on their sub by far. He wants Dasha to be a bonafide weeb so bad he has to post about it every single day to convince himself it's true.

No. 1016784

Because they're both narcs who probably don't even care about each other if it gets in the way of their self-obsession. Also Dasha clearly gets a high from people pretending she's sick when she's not.

No. 1016796

He doesn't seem that mentally stable and that's pretty dangerous imo lol custardloaf is probably friends with other mentally ill men though so it's probably normal to her.

No. 1016831

The rape threats that Anna was allegedly getting are clearly caused by justifiable feelings of alienation in working class men who are tired of seeing urban elite art hoes telling them how to live their lives. She is a rich white microceleb woman so caring about misogyny against her is petty bourgeois identity politics. What's next, you're gonna tell me to care about Scarlett Johansson's abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein?

No. 1016838

at first I thought this thread was stupid but now I think it's really funny. the Perfume Nationalist's sodium rich diet has stretched his skin as taut as tissue paper and Anna being compared to Gimp Girl is great.

I think Dasha just straight up will do anything or say anything for the smallest crumb of notoriety.

No. 1016840

These threads really opened my eyes to what hateful cows these people really are. Anna being like gimpgirl really is a good one.

No. 1016855

While I definitely don't approve of rape or death threats, Anna is the walking definition of "Can dish it but can't take it"

No. 1016901

File: 1596492926989.jpeg (224.51 KB, 1242x510, CBDF978C-366A-449F-8732-B21A8A…)

No. 1016902

Women want him dead?

No. 1016904

This cow wants us to give him brownie points for arguing that Ayn Rand was a great novelist?

No. 1016908

Why are men obsessed with creating fake women in their heads, along with fake conversations? Jack does this every single day, lol. No woman says this. No one does.

No. 1016909

I'm 99% sure he's still seething over this thread and he thinks we're all "fat feminists" that want him dead because one person said they hopes he kills himself.
Rent free.

No. 1016912

File: 1596494882937.jpeg (377.65 KB, 750x1102, 270F9D28-4416-4511-9831-7D1663…)

Poor little nymphet's fantasy of being a loli was ruined by people ten years younger than her calling her old.

No. 1016916

She types exactly like a tumblr kinnie.

No. 1016932

File: 1596498041035.jpeg (71.38 KB, 828x596, C397D835-786B-4902-A978-299CBA…)

No. 1016934

Who could even be uglier than her lmaooooo

No. 1016948

Does she lurk this board or are there people attacking her on Twitter?

No. 1016960

Jack made fun of her trans name on twitter and deleted it

No. 1016966

Jack posted about wanting to abolish internet anonymity then went private

No. 1016981

LOL. He's making himself into a cow.
Funny how he hates anonymity yet is glued to this thread and using the stuff he learns from here against other podcasters, like a harpy old woman.

No. 1016992

File: 1596506652490.jpg (577.02 KB, 1539x2048, imaginethesmell.jpg)

Of course, it's okay if he wants to sit on twitter all day every day complaining about women and other podcasters but it's not okay for a few anonymous people to simply comment on how retarded he acts. Like most of the hypocrites here he can't handle a fraction of the negativity he spews out into the world.


No. 1016999

File: 1596508410016.png (201.5 KB, 483x569, brace1.png)

Brace Belden/Pisspiggranddad/Trueanonpod is under investigation now for fighting ISIS overseas with the YPG. 3 years later, for some reason.
It's very strange considering the US was giving YPG support during this time, but since Brace is openly communist they're pouncing.

No. 1017002

in the rolling stone article they reference, Brace amdmits to working alongside CIA officers in Syria.
extremely funny because his podcast is all about conspiracies but he was literally working in service to the CIA's interests in NE Syria. funny how that works.

No. 1017003

File: 1596509587353.png (35.05 KB, 600x252, brace2.png)

It's complicated. I don't think it's as simple as calling it CIA or saying it's fully socialist. CIA was mostly in Turk-controlled regions, with the Pentagon mostly in YPG regions. All US assets, but still, the Pentagon specifically gives support to the YPG while Trump+CIA have been critical, no?
It doesn't make sense either way at this point considering the YPG is still being aided by the US–it's just a ploy to fuel the current red scare revival.

Can you post where he admits to cooperating with CIA? I don't remember that at all.

Anyway, as Brace tweeted here, this could bust open the door to calling any communist or "antifa" "member" anarchist a potential threat to national security which would allow any leftist to have their rights strip away at any given moment due to the Patriot Act. No matter what you think of Brace, this is pretty evil.

No. 1017004

>Anyway, as Brace tweeted here, this could bust open the door to calling any communist or "antifa" "member" anarchist a potential threat to national security which would allow any leftist to have their rights strip away at any given moment due to the Patriot Act.
why would I care about "communists" lmao

No. 1017006

i'd assume most people itt are communists or anarchists or socialists of some variety. obv there will be people here just to laugh but most people who bother paying attention to these braindead morons are socialists themselves

No. 1017007

The laws that allow the US to prosecute communists are the same laws that would allow them to prosecute literally anyone else they wanted no matter how arbitrary. This is why no communist should like it when right wingers are fired for tweets, the same can be done to them completely legally.

No. 1017008

File: 1596510326887.png (11.04 KB, 472x153, 12.png)

4 hours later she's still insecure and lashing out because teenagers thought she was in her 30s.

No. 1017015

File: 1596512043406.png (55.44 KB, 1269x593, wtf.png)

Did anyone else see this? Apparently as_a_woman's bf wrote a fucking novel in the thread of some random costhot. Here's a snippet of the craziness.

No. 1017016

>like a teen
Imagine being proud that this is the image you want to present of yourself online when you're almost 30. It's bad enough without thinking of the type of men('s attention) this is for.

She's gonna have a meltdown on her birthday or just never tell anyone and keep 29 in her bio forever lmao

No. 1017021

Lmao, so it’s confirmed that Caroline @as_a_woman has probably found this thread as well? Imagine having a boyfriend who’s such a wuss that he’s afraid of and stressed out over whatever people like Mcrumps or Sam Pritchard say.

No. 1017023

so you like censorship ig

No. 1017024

File: 1596513095438.jpeg (962.58 KB, 1242x2153, 4D0A8C8D-1B2C-4A27-9486-BACD48…)

Why does he care this much

No. 1017028

File: 1596514056055.jpeg (518.58 KB, 1242x1038, F9B81486-DDFD-4933-BE68-4D2099…)

No. 1017029

File: 1596514457533.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1536x1356, A43FB489-8C6E-4F73-A314-BE3123…)

The men who listen to Red Scare might be even more pathetic than the women.

No. 1017031

“I'd like to thank the anon who wrote the massive thread last summer about how I'm too fat to get into heaven, have a fat voice, will never be loved by anyone” =/= “I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke”

No. 1017032

File: 1596514703225.jpeg (39.8 KB, 390x310, 4DC9B80E-AE5B-495B-80F6-603C3A…)

> In five years, “the dirtbag left” will be a group of powerful people with influence, numbers and wealth.

No. 1017034

Omfg I did not realise the extent of how embarrassing and delusional these people are

No. 1017035

where did heather go?

No. 1017036

None of these people ever know what ‘satire’ actually is. He sperged for months about the red scare subreddit not liking him and now he’s going to do it with this thread. I don’t get why you would be so desperate to be a public figure if you’re this sensitive to people criticising you.

No. 1017037

wtf is dasha gonna do when she turns 30

No. 1017038

btw everyone knows about this thread

No. 1017039

>my stalker
He's flattering himself here.

No. 1017040

I’m not sure but a redditor recently created a subreddit where they dumped pictures of her and an anon posted her IG handle and described her as being pathetic and weird in college so I’m guessing she decided it was no longer worth it

No. 1017042

what's the subreddit?

No. 1017043

File: 1596515249709.jpeg (550.18 KB, 1242x1166, FEA2D870-5707-45C3-A1ED-9387E3…)

It’s not really just an ‘embarrassing moment of sincerity’ when it’s literally everything you post

No. 1017044

It was https://www.reddit.com/r/heatherhabsburg/ but it’s saying it was set to private or removed

No. 1017045

Lol at him framing unhinged tweets calling women holes that failed at life as "embarrassing moments of sincerity."
Oh, he's so touchingly vulnerable, misunderstood, and precious! Definitely not an unstable freak that checks this thread every few minutes just to tweet about it then delete!
Literally he was only mentioned a couple of times before he started rage-tweeting about it.

No. 1017046

can't wait for jack to read these out loud on the pod to show how he totally doesn't care

No. 1017048

Cackling to myself as I imagine Anna, Dasha, Aimee, Caroline, Heather, Liz Franczak, and our pal Jack all furiously smashing the Refresh button on this page to see our latest commentary on their antics.

She had a public meltdown, got doxxed as Kate Olson, and deleted all of her social media accounts.


No. 1017049

Exactly I knew absolutely nothing of him before he started literally live tweeting his own thread. No one is ‘stalking’ him.

No. 1017051

Rachel Olson* not Kate Olson.

No. 1017052

File: 1596515971479.png (333.93 KB, 860x822, jack.PNG)

I don’t need to simply believe when I can actually see it happening in real time.

No. 1017053

File: 1596516052413.png (369.52 KB, 474x522, lel.png)

It's so funny he's trying so hard to lump us in with the fragile, non-binary libfems with horn-rimmed glasses and blue hair. Newsflash Jack, we hate them too.
This dude doesn't realize that most of the posts ITT are people in directly-related circles. It's just that we love to laugh at them!
Massive cope all-around.

Lmao, good typo anon.

No. 1017056

In all sincerity though, it’s sad that he is unable to discern between having a bunch of people hate follow him to point and laugh at his unhinged tweets plus a few fickle trickle down fans from red scare who will lose interest in this cultural moment as quickly as they became interested in it when the next trendy thing comes along with being genuinely ‘well liked’. I worry for what’s going to happen to the mental wellbeing of these people in the future, it already seems to be in pretty bad shape currently for most of them.

No. 1017061

File: 1596516887340.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1242x1784, 5AC8B143-5702-492E-ACBD-2EF44E…)

No. 1017062

if I was this sensitive about people saying I was having a meltdown I would simply stop having public meltdowns

No. 1017064

where's tao lin cuz it seems like this is just alt lit rebooted

No. 1017066

ikr? i unironically wish he'd start a podcast and get involved in this side of twitter, it'd be hilarious. marie calloway has been mentioned a few times, tao was brought up in the last thread. but he did a ton of psychedelics for a few years straight and now he's paranoid of technology and wifi, uses weird devices that supposedly stop "harmful" wifi rays, sits in the woods for days at a time, stuff like that. he did mushrooms and smashed his macbook a few years ago. also he's now an anti-vaxxer and blames his autism on childhood vaccines and braces. he also thinks we all need to drink raw milk.

No. 1017067

samefag but he also denies 9/11

No. 1017069

So it's pretty much established now that the dIrTbAg LeFt desperately wants to be the powerful neolib elite they endlessly guilt trip/moralfag at?

LMAO chapo simps are failed porkies and lefthots are failed metoo girlbosses pt3

No. 1017074

File: 1596519069018.jpeg (951.86 KB, 1242x2183, 25EF106B-6004-4FD7-817E-C27F2E…)

No. 1017076

File: 1596519124943.jpeg (252.07 KB, 1242x467, 985FA9D8-31DC-408A-A622-11104D…)

He thinks everyone in this thread is one person

No. 1017078

i thought he was cool until this jesus

No. 1017080

File: 1596519349213.jpg (23.47 KB, 500x333, Laughing-Men-In-Suits.jpg)

No. 1017082

Idk what happened to him literally one anon said he was ugly in passing and it apparently broke him

No. 1017084

>conventionally attractive women sneering at his tiny penis
I mean, I have to agree with him here

No. 1017086

I mean most fat and ugly people have relationships because most people are also fat and ugly. People who are ‘never single’ aren’t usually known for being that way because they’re just especially desirable and beautiful but because they’re desperate and insecure. I’m happy the chubby chasers who dated him made him feel pretty though sorry he had to find out this way that it isn’t a universally shared sentiment.

No. 1017088

Chris-Chan was actually the first thing that crossed my mind when he referred to his aspierations as "art" and a "passion"

No. 1017089

You didn’t see the material from the previous thread?


No. 1017091

How soon til this whalecel's anal inflammation subsides and he realizes that he permanently cow'd himself? I'm calling some Tumblr bluehair tier excuse like "I had a manic episode" or "I am mentally ill, sorry you only like us when we act neurotypical!!!" kek

No. 1017094

no one thinks he's a nazi he's just ugly fat and annoying just like chris chan but somehow even less entertaining and charming

No. 1017096

Exactly I’ve never seen a cow respond to essentially every post in a thread for like 3 days straight does he not have any real friends to stop him?

No. 1017099

dreaming of the day where we find out that one of the lefthots we post about gets outed as being one of the most prominent posters in these threads dragging their "friends"
imagine the milk

No. 1017101

File: 1596520512154.jpeg (857.4 KB, 1242x1746, A10A49D7-7A64-4E9F-89FB-BD179E…)

He sounds legit schizophrenic like he’s convinced himself it’s one person following him across all platforms. I’ve been the one capping his tweets this evening and I literally found out about him two days ago when he screenshot the thread lmfao. It’s not one person on a hate campaign you’re just very unlikeable and annoying

No. 1017102

File: 1596520539386.jpeg (599.28 KB, 1242x1151, 2B632A22-AE14-4B5F-B034-16C76D…)

Lmao they really can not take what they dish out

No. 1017103

I fully think this is going to happen

No. 1017104

I’m fairly certain most of the female cows in this thread are all in a group DM together where they discuss this stuff.

No. 1017105

I'm sure most people on this thread (and board generally are), but the retard you are responding to (and maybe one or two others itt) is definitely anti-left not just against "lefthots". It's pretty obvious if you look at some of the previous posts on here. Reminds me of Wasbappin and Sailor Haumea, whose circle has lolcow potential.

No. 1017106

File: 1596520851940.jpeg (467.5 KB, 1242x974, 0FB47366-59CF-4137-AEC5-65A84F…)

Wtf is he talking about? What women and who’s ‘us’?

No. 1017107

Also lmao at having your tweets screenshot as a public figure who has gone out of their way to attention whore as much as possible being compared to being groomed. You’re a grown man take some responsibility for the things you say and do.

No. 1017108

File: 1596520968824.jpg (191.51 KB, 1044x1094, IMG_20200804_020029.jpg)

>Most of us are into kiwifarms and shit, we're totally cool trolls just like you g-guise!
>This is their predictor of future success

The fact that Caroline is a classic build-a-dick pickme who changed her entire personality for this unemployed mong and will likely get dumped for an urban libfem in the rare event that he ever gets a job is entirely expected yet my sides are still in orbit

No. 1017109

File: 1596521054153.jpeg (394.28 KB, 1930x614, 450531CC-69E1-4FA4-9C04-8D2D14…)

Wonder if Eli will ever stumble upon this place or if Anna will ever mention it to him.

No. 1017110

>guys i'm soo successful you're all just jealous, as if i would ever care about y'all with all the money and attention i get from the pod!
>pays constant attention to us, fuels the fire by posting about us as if it will not just make it worse
i'm convinced he's getting off on the attention and has a victim-complex at this point.

No. 1017111

I think he’s legit schizophrenic.

No. 1017112

imagine being a gay man yet still having women on the mind 24/7

No. 1017113

>Being called fat is literally rape

These are the people who screech about metoo for a living

No. 1017114

He's a jailhouse gay bincel or a closeted tranny

No. 1017115

I like how weepy he's getting over one thread out of many on an anonymous site.
No one here is contacting him with "harassment." He could simply ignore this page and move on with his life.
He's too used to policing his gay little group of sycophants and telling them who to block and who to interact with, it's definitely weakened him and left him unable to deal with anyone he can't control. Having his fat ass kissed by his fans damaged his mind more than any autists laughing at him on an image board ever could.

No. 1017116

this lefthot will almost certainly be aimee terese

No. 1017117

>But at least we have boyfriends!

also lmao at Eli's prospects as a "genius contemporary musician" when he's dating this messy cow

No. 1017120

Pretty sure no one has ever had any sort of crush on him and that's part of the problem.
Even feeders need to imagine the potential and he already has a field of gravity.

Oh well, maybe he'll say parasocial again.

No. 1017125

File: 1596522904279.jpeg (219.85 KB, 1242x554, 7EB596A6-5B0D-4F00-A0F2-5C32F5…)

What’s this about? Is he talking about this thread or someone else?

No. 1017127

lmao he is referring to >>1017115

No. 1017128

Does he think he knows that specific person or thinks that everyone is that one person? He keeps talking about a ‘horrible woman’ and what she did to ‘us’ does anyone know the context of it?

No. 1017129

Why doesn’t he mention the name of the woman that he believes is behind all these posts? Get on it, fatty.

No. 1017131

File: 1596523402202.jpeg (449.27 KB, 1242x975, F43C3735-126C-470D-A673-1A050E…)

Does anyone know about this or have we literally given this man schizophrenia for calling him fat and posting his own tweets

No. 1017133

lmao wtf
im assuming there is crossover between the sub and here but who knows

No. 1017135

has to be a larp, nobody who was in the "dirtbag left" has used that term to refer to themselves in two years

No. 1017136

File: 1596523866414.jpeg (216.52 KB, 1200x852, 7C6F2526-25FB-4ADE-B2BA-1C71E7…)

Is that the Red Scare orbiter version of the Richard Spencer haircut?

No. 1017139

75% certain that the "woman stalker" he's referring to is the r/redscare mod alexandrawallace69. they've had a number of spats on the sub in the past.

No. 1017141

File: 1596525403738.jpg (31.69 KB, 635x420, heather habsburg jenn olson.jp…)

Some more old short fiction from Heather Habsburg aka Rachel Olson aka Jennifer Olson. From the early days of the sadgirlhouse alt-lit phase when she went by "Jennifer."


No. 1017142

i'm looking at her post history and she seems to be an absolute quack. but i also don't think she's posting here
>actually admires anna and dasha and actively defends them
>watching the sopranos just because the cum town boys shill it
someone who genuinely likes all these people except jack this much probably wouldn't be posting here at all, not without jumping to defend dasha and anna at least

No. 1017144

>6 years old
this is stupid. but still supports the idea that leftism is just alt-lit rebooted.

No. 1017145

not to whiteknight but why on earth did she get a nosejob? her nose looked fine here
>I Don’t Really Know Much About Rosh Hashanah Except That We Throw Bread at Ducks
>Deep inthe wilds are lonely people. They do not mean to be lonely. Yet there they are
willing to give out their private information to strangers on the phone. Unable
to make meaningful connections coworkers transfer calls over to them out of a
profound sense of pity. Such things might hurt quite a bit.

i always find myself getting nostalgic for the alt-lit era but this is reminding me how bad it was

No. 1017146

File: 1596525909175.png (841.91 KB, 705x732, cl.PNG)

kek the delusion on this one

No. 1017147

i now understand why she constantly wears a mask.

No. 1017148

>but why on earth did she get a nosejob?
pure speculation, but she is a california rich girl after all. it's just something they all do in their late teens/early 20s.

No. 1017149

I think more people just became aware of him and started posting about him because he’s been livetweeting the thread and having a ~meltdown~ for three days. I feel like it’s just a weird cope on his end to save face with his followers (who are now aware of this thread because of him posting it) to pretend this person just randomly came out of the woodworks to ruin his life as part of a year long hate campaign and is responsible for all the posts in this thread. Or maybe he is just genuinely having some kind of psychotic break.

No. 1017150

She’s a thoroughly mediocre writer. Is she seriously going to publish an entire book of this boring dreck?

No. 1017152

she's said she's been working on a novel and a script for a miniseries of the french revolution. whenever she inevitably logs back on to twitter she'll probably say she was focused on writing as an excuse.

No. 1017153

yep, that's what i'm thinking. blaming it all on one person and a "hunch" instead of just accepting that he's the one that fueled the flames here. no one posted about him regularly until he posted the thread!

it'd probably be in a different style, alt-lit era was full of garbage like this and everyone was imitating other writers who were just imitating tao lin, megan boyle, steve roggenbuck, etc.

No. 1017155

every rich girl in california either gets a nose job or a boob job in their early 20s. most go the nose job route.

honestly I hope she just stays logged off. not to white knight or anything but if the above replies are true, and that Dasha joking flirted with Heather only to make fun of her to all her friends, this is just sad and Heather is more a victim of these psychos.

No. 1017156

a true 4/10 posting about how beautiful and angelic she is all day lmao

No. 1017157

She needs to stay logged off and quit writing because she’s bad at it.

No. 1017160

It'll be interesting to see if she ever returns whether she keeps up the Habsburg persona or not. Apparently she was still using her real name on her twitter account as late as last October.

No. 1017162

I can’t believe the delusion and narcissism of these people in general but especially him, what great ideas does he think he’s ever put forwards that worried ‘intellectual inferiors’ are trying to use his weight to ‘quickly write off’…The best even his own following seem to be able to muster up about him is that he’s ‘not dangerous’ and ‘not that fat’

No. 1017163

why can I can find literally nothing about Liz Franczak online? I can see the old posts at Nasty Gal and a UC Berkeley political research hub but that's it. Literally nothing about the multiple years in between Nasty Gal and starting True Anon. What was she doing? Why is it all scrubbed so well? baffling!

No. 1017164

Does anyone know where Heather went to college?

No. 1017165

one of the UC schools

No. 1017166

Any idea why she uses all these different aliases and tries to cover her tracks? Is there more milk we don’t know about?

No. 1017167

UC Santa Cruz

No. 1017168

Where did Dasha and Anna go to college?

No. 1017169

it just looks like a rebrand from alt lit to leftism. probably embarrassed how cringey her writing is.
Just like Ashley rebranded from "Dianna Dragonetti" after alt lit died, and how Steve Roggenbuck goes by some other name and is now an internet trotskyist.

No. 1017171

Dasha went to Mills College in Oakland (private women's college)
Anna went to Rutgers in New Jersey and I think she did grad school in New York.

No. 1017173

also Liz Franczak went to Bard College for undergrad and then UC Berkeley for grad school.
Does anyone know where as_a_woman went to school? I feel like she used to post about grad school a lot.

No. 1017174

>UC Berkeley political research hub
link to this?

here's her tumblr: https://lizfranczak.tumblr.com/archive

a play she co-ordinated a decade ago. she appears at curtain call at the end.

mentioned in some fashion article from 2010:

her mom:

reference to her performing in the vagina monologues while at bard in 2004:

No. 1017175

>Steve Roggenbuck goes by some other name and is now an internet trotskyist
no way really? what name does he go by, any links or milk? he got accused of rape and being a pedo and left the internet a year or two ago lol

No. 1017176

File: 1596529406912.png (425.6 KB, 528x704, liz franczak fucked up teeth.p…)

She's kinda got fucked up teeth

No. 1017177

just a single snaggletooth tbh

No. 1017178

File: 1596529582213.png (199.78 KB, 412x518, liz franczak teeth.png)


No. 1017180

File: 1596529955472.png (537.36 KB, 1830x1422, steven roggenbuck.png)

It's mentioned in this interview with Ashely (aka Christlover2000, aka Dianna Dragonetti)

No. 1017182

i had completely forgotten ashley is the one who exposed him, wow. that's actually how i was first exposed to her.
also had forgotten that tao lin slept with and abused 16 year old girls amongst other awful things.
nasty scene that was.

No. 1017183

Her simps think this is hot, lmao

No. 1017184

i honestly think she's cute, i can't be the only one right

No. 1017187

I forgot to link the article she wrote 6 months later renouncing her past ways once she realized canceling wasn't hip anymore.


No. 1017188

she's ok. at least she clearly doesn't engage in the pro-ana stuff the red scare girls do.

No. 1017190

File: 1596530499155.png (416.87 KB, 608x754, liz franczak bra.png)

No. 1017191

File: 1596530550365.jpeg (143.57 KB, 914x1024, 3F2487FE-8F9D-4821-8F06-7ECAFD…)

It’s not that she’s not thin enough, it’s that she has a piggy facial features. Losing weight probably wouldn’t make a difference.

No. 1017192

File: 1596530759937.png (118.85 KB, 889x550, steve.PNG)

No. 1017193

File: 1596530868024.jpg (111.25 KB, 675x1200, lizf.jpg)

it's so obvious that she facetunes her eyes for her selfies.

No. 1017194

File: 1596530972234.jpeg (76.65 KB, 994x688, 71A44D75-0EC3-40D7-9521-0634E7…)

Liz Bruenig has genuinely messed up teeth. She comes from a wealthy middle class family so I don’t know why she never got them fixed.

No. 1017195

did the New York Times demote or fire her? the last opinion piece she wrote is dated June 5th

No. 1017196

Liz’s dad worked for Lockheed Martin, lol

No. 1017197

File: 1596531279038.jpeg (142.09 KB, 566x680, A2104C9D-EDE1-4E40-90A3-5FDC08…)

Forgot the attachment. Liz Bruenig’s maiden name is Stoker.

No. 1017200

File: 1596531398516.jpg (169.03 KB, 900x1200, liz bruenig catholic universit…)

No. 1017201

What the hell. She rightfully exposed a pedophile, but because Anna made fun of her for participating in metoo, she now regrets it. Even though it was completely true.
Just because he didn't violently rape her doesn't mean it isn't completely worth exposing. The dude is a predator that sought out tons of underage girls. Again, what the hell? She's just gonna take it all back and call herself a clout chaser?
Anna and all the other anti-"cancel culture" women are the ultimate gaslighters.

No. 1017202

File: 1596531526519.jpg (117.62 KB, 1002x1200, liz bruenig fixed invisalign t…)

she fixed them somewhat with invisalign

No. 1017203

Wrote this one two weeks ago

She mentioned on her pod that she's transitioning to writing long-form combo opinion/journalism pieces at a more infrequent pace than the short, frequent takes like what she did at WaPo.

No. 1017204

File: 1596531731952.png (262.22 KB, 446x604, liz bruenig reeeeee.png)

teeth are still kinda sus

No. 1017209

it's really sad, Roggenbuck is gross and deserved all the criticism. All this because Anna K gave her a bit of attention. In the article she mentions "as Anna Khachiyan wrote in a subtweet of me" so obviously that was sort of important to her.

I wonder when Anna's downfall is coming, I feel like no one actually likes her or thinks she's a good or talented person.

No. 1017210

she's just magically choosing to forget that he was getting child porn from people, had a scat fetish, had a rape fetish, pressured underaged girls and women into sending nudes, and has actual rape accusations floating around… all for a crumb of attention from anna. she will regret it, probably.

No. 1017213

samefagging but i went to find the actual tweets where she called him out with proof and it turns out she deleted it all.
nice job protecting a pedophile all because your podcast-fu told you it's cringe, ashley.

No. 1017214

I feel like Anna and the rest of their ‘downfall’ will just be people losing interest when something else is trendy. I don’t think most of their followers genuinely care, or even really know much about, most of the issues they talk about and when this Inevitably goes out of style like the alt right kind of did they’ll just move on. Either that or if she gets banned from patreon/twitter for something but I don’t think that will happen because even though they portray themselves as edgy or whatever all of them clearly know where the line is and prioritise what is financially beneficial to them. I don’t think she’s ever going to really be ‘cancelled’ and have a huge downfall unless she literally commits some huge crime or something like that.

No. 1017216

The backlash she got over her autism tweet - which was not even among the ten wirs things she’s tweeted - suggests more and more people are sick of her presence:


No. 1017218

Her dad is also an abusive piece of shit.

No. 1017219

as dasha has said numerous times, you can only be cancelled if you both publicly admit you did something wrong and internally feel guilt/shame over it, which neither of them will ever do.

and reminder that anna was banned from twitter from fall 2018 to spring 2019 for calling luke turner a retard lol

No. 1017220

I had no idea he was that deranged, absolutely disgusting
It's weird that they're all getting into frogposting and right-wing ideology a full 4 years after it was actually popular. Anna is sort of at the end of the line of internet thottery. She's not Paglia, she doesn't have a huge body of work that people consume and study she has a podcast and a twitter. People will just get bored of it and move on to the next crop of 20-somethings, maybe as soon as next year after Joe Biden wins the election and no one wants to talk about politics anymore.

No. 1017221

this is a fascinating read into her psyche, re: her abusive parents. published anonymously and the names/locations are changed, but it's her.

No. 1017222

word filter fucks up the link so here's the archive: http://archive.is/n7Iz2

No. 1017223

I remember this article but attributing it to Liz seems like quite a stretch. why would you think this is her?

No. 1017224

As an actual Marxist these women disgust me

No. 1017225

>claims to have been one of the clyde cashes

if that's true i knew that guy

No. 1017226

She tweeted it out numerous times the day it was published, all details line up with her personal life, (and I personally know the family she befriends lol) this is the daughter https://www.tiktok.com/@celemion

No. 1017227

Some of the biographical details fit but Liz seems to have a better relationship with her mother than implied here.

No. 1017228

It's her. "Jen" and "Alan" are Jess and Adam Vendervoort

No. 1017229


No. 1017230

File: 1596534411824.jpg (58.86 KB, 936x523, EaSN_tbXkAABzgN.jpg)

based and seconded
anna and dasha and all these retards becoming the face of "the left" is a tragedy and works in porky's favor.

No. 1017231

Yeah if you know them, I'll take your word for it. Though I admit its a bit uncomfortable to have essentially private individuals mentioned by pseudonyms in an article discussed like this.

No. 1017232

you may be in luck, all these people are now calling themself post-left and pretty soon they're going to be the right-wing's problem.

No. 1017235

File: 1596535251874.png (67.99 KB, 602x330, jack tpn thiel.png)


No. 1017238

their taking on the post-left label is even funnier, the actual "post-left" wants nothing to do with these creeps either (not that i like post-leftism). post-leftism is really bizarre, stuff like stirnerite egoism and anarchoprimitivism. not watered down succdems from rich families.
they really have no clue what they're ever talking about

No. 1017240

Whenever I hear “post-left” I think of The Bellows, a rat endorsed by Aimee Terese and a few other cows on this thread, imploding in roughly a month’s time because Edwin Aponte didn’t approve of his coeditor retweeting Michael Brooks:


No. 1017242

it's mostly associated with various forms of anarchism

just read the article you linked though. amazing how all these people that throw around the term narcissist all the time always end up being the biggest narcissists themselves.

No. 1017243

The Edwin Aponte thing is insane. i don't know if you caught it but a few weeks ago he admitted that Aimee was the one who encouraged him to betray Ryan and steal the the website.

No. 1017244

File: 1596536592998.jpeg (872.34 KB, 1186x1967, 6843C632-7B23-450E-AB94-B7869B…)

These are the people who are going to lead the Revolution, kek

No. 1017245

holy shit I forgot it was a fucking Michael Brooks retweet that triggered the Bellows breakup. Nice juxtaposition of Liz Franczak shilling their kickstarter several times back when they were claiming they were "class-first Marxists" or whatever and subsequently vociferously eulogizing Michael Brooks after he died on both her twitter and podcast.

No. 1017247

Kinda sus? Shut up she isn’t a cow and I don’t why you retards are spamming the thread with teeth pics

No. 1017248

File: 1596536768657.jpg (38.08 KB, 635x422, EZrHnpTXQAImRkH.jpg)

none of them are communists and none of them are interested in any type of revolution
their ideology is basically pic related

No. 1017249

stop nitpicking

No. 1017250

>"Oh shit, it's a lot of pronouns and stuff"
lmao that's fucking hilarious.

No. 1017251

File: 1596536847479.jpeg (589.19 KB, 1242x1230, 3794A43B-839B-4843-873F-07BD8F…)

He’s bringing the thread up so often idk if it’s even worth posting his tweets because he ends up flooding the thread. I’ve never seen a cow interact this much with a thread like reverse cow tipping or something. Also his tweets have just got progressively more and more paranoid like wtf is he talking about. No one ‘thought this scenario up’ but Jack, where has anyone said it’s an elaborate prank.

No. 1017252


No. 1017253

this is literally the politics of The Good ol' Boys pocast, shialabeefsteak, and Aimee Terese. They'd vote for David Duke if he promised healthcare for white people.

No. 1017254

every time i see that he's tweeted about us again i check his follower count and it just KEEPS going down! Lmao

No. 1017255

No. 1017257

I didn’t know of him before he started getting regularly posted itt is the way he’s behaving out of character for him or is he usually like that?

No. 1017258

he is usually like this. he went on a month-long crusade against the redscare subreddit because they called him fat and stupid.

No. 1017259

I didn’t see it, no. Link?

No. 1017260

It kind of seemed like he just came out of nowhere so I couldn’t tell if he was having some kind of actual mental breakdown but I guess he’s just a cow

No. 1017263

Ik anons joked about schizophrenia but I'm starting to think it's legit

No. 1017265

lolcow seems so low priority for a super successful podcaster who's definitely good at something. Maybe he was blacklisted by Uber Eats and that broke him.

No. 1017266

I can't find it, I think it was an Aimee tweet where she admits to encouraging him to "take action and make a hard choice" but her account is suspended now. she's a bad person.

No. 1017267

File: 1596538773982.jpeg (154.81 KB, 1280x720, B918F219-CE6B-4485-AC43-103A11…)

The “Malcolm” mentioned is Malcolm Kyeyune, a Nigerian living in Sweden and “class first” Marxist who ended up joining a think tank for the right-wing, anti immigrant Swedish Democrats in the name of left-wing populism. You can’t make this shit up.

His Twitter handle is @tinkzorg and he’s friends with Aimee and many of the usual suspects in this thread.

No. 1017268

Class first Marxism is so racist

No. 1017270

File: 1596539193549.png (318.06 KB, 1102x1178, Sweden Democats.png)

his article on The Bellows is so retarded. This is from a New York Times article on the top ideologist for the Sweden Democrats. Very cool and Marxist party, Malcom!

No. 1017272

i have such mixed feelings, because in theory, it's not/shouldn't be, considering racism is enabled by capitalism, but every single self-identified "class-first marxist" i've met has absolutely been a racist and sexist POS.

No. 1017273

Anna Khachiyan just went on Twink Revolution podcast, and in the episode she mentions "not being physically completely female." Is she trying to say she's intersex or something??

She also brings up Paglia multiple times and talks about how age gap relationships are an important part of male homosexuality. They mention being pro-older men sleeping with 16 year olds.
bonus: Anna praising Peter Thiel


No. 1017274

>she mentions "not being physically completely female."
She just has high T, she's used that line as a joke many times before.

No. 1017275

that's so dumb. she's not even high-T, she's 5'3". if she's talking about her face, that's just how all Armenian women look like without makeup.

No. 1017277

I feel like that’s just his own anxiety and insecurity. Realistically he probably knows the few followers he managed to pick up from performatively stanning red scare and embarrassing himself on Twitter, as well as this entire ‘dirt bag’ left thing, will be short lived and that he has little to offer outside of his connections to more interesting, more successful people l

No. 1017323

The definition of liberal coward

No. 1017324

Maybe one day she'll re-emerge as a decrepit mommy figure during another scrote grief-fest, kinda like Christina Hoff Simmers did during gamergate.

Also lul at all these cows trying to be lawyers, I'd honestly pay money to see them get absolutely eaten in the courtroom

No. 1017327

>Paglia identifies as transgender and stated that she has "never identified at all with being a woman".

lmao at her copying this ghislaine tier pickme cringe

No. 1017331

Why is she being so self-destructive lately? Getting into both dicey trans stuff to own samantha pritchard and pedo defending stuff for no reason? It's extremely easy to not publicize that you agree with Paglia on that topic and to not talk about gay relationships which you'd know nothing about. All her friends are alcoholics and troubled so don't know why she's taking their word if it's them who tell her teen-grown man relationships are healthy, just like dasha and anna saying they're fine from their own teenage experiences is unconvincing and sad.

No. 1017337


Off topic, but I looked through his feed and he has more thirst trap reposts from his online “post physique“ friends modeling in their underwear then the random pictures of hot women he “pursues”.

And they’re always quick to upload pics of themselves nearly as a way to win online arguments

They are one of the most bizarre groups of closeted homos I’ve witnessed and I don’t know what Anna and her ilk hope to gain by associating with them. Maybe as a flex to show they associate with hot men?

If so, she’s already lost as a lot of these alpha larpers wouldn’t be with someone who looks so mannish.

No. 1017339

File: 1596555328962.jpg (22.57 KB, 600x600, images.jpg)

Aimee seems like such a plotting, backstabbing bitch. I'm surprised there isn't more milk.

Inb4 all her class first marxthottery is a result of her still being mad at some Stacy from college.

No. 1017340

This reminds me of how the Bernie campaign made a genius decision to hire one of these mentally ill pozbois, Ben Mora, with predictable consequences. Might as well hire samememe lmfao

No. 1017351

I know, racial equality and feminism are important parts of actually being Marxist

No. 1017362

>citing a source that uses "pomo" unironically

No. 1017363

dasha went to mills college and anna went to rutgers + nyu for art history grad school lol

No. 1017371

Some low ranked north carolina school. Nc state or something

No. 1017377

Rutgers is such a crappy college lol. And NYU isn't that great either.

No. 1017380

Her dad was a prof so she got tuition free like all staff kids, she's said she got into way more prestigious places, maybe ivy league? I usually don't believe people when they say things like that but idk.

No. 1017386

i honestly fine ben to be the least insufferable of all of these people, usually.

how old is caroline again? i think my brother went to school with her if she's the age range i'm thinking she is

No. 1017388

lmao she's trying to save face. Rutgers is such a trash tier school.

No. 1017392

I think she's like 32?
>got into better schools
lmao ok Anna

No. 1017394

I thought she was about 27

No. 1017396

I know. As someone who actually went to an Ivy League school she seems so pathetic.

No. 1017400

“Not like other girls” to the max basically

Anna dropped out of a PhD program as well

No. 1017407


such a circlejerk itt, no one cares about what college you went to

No. 1017409

File: 1596562747013.jpg (62.1 KB, 709x540, le gusanos have arrived.jpg)

>As someone who actually went to an Ivy League school she seems so pathetic.
read this in anna's voice. perfect fit, funnily enough.

No. 1017410

t. Anna

No. 1017411

It's just true. There are plenty of complete morons who go to ivy league schools. If you are clinging to that as a part of your identity, you are probably stupid IRL and compensating

No. 1017413

this has to be the worst thread on this board.

No. 1017415

At least I didn't go to Mills College or Rutger. lmao

stfu. this is the best thread on the board.

No. 1017418

Does anyone who is @alicefromqueens is on twitter? She's anonymous but a lot of big media people interact with her, including Liz Bruenig, Anna K, and actual people with importance. She posts 20 hours a day and sometimes posts pictures of her body, but never her face.
For a while a lot of people thought she was one of the shitty media men from the Moira Donegan list but the bit has gone on too long for that.

No. 1017419

this, I haven't seen more concentrated cow behavior on this entire site in months than I saw in this thread within 3 days lmfao

many of these people deserve to be on /pt/ tbh

No. 1017422

Only a pickme would say that

No. 1017425

your boyfriend sent you a cashapp request, go take care of it

No. 1017429

>chapo's own user survey is fake news
go back to stupidpol

No. 1017430

Anna and Dasha deserve their own /pt/ threads. Probably Jack Perfume Nationalist too merely for the fact he's probably reading this thread right now and can't get us out of his mind.

No. 1017432

rumors on Tiktok that Patreon is shutting down controversial creators. Cum Town will probably be the first to go. Doesn't Cum Town bring them a lot of money though? Why would Patreon delete them

No. 1017433

What do failure to launch 3/10 literallywho actresses do after trashing their chances of ever being taken seriously by being autistic online?

No. 1017434

get married and have a kid? Go to grad school? Move someplace dumb like Japan or China and act there?

No. 1017436

Red scare comes across as a republican psyop to make leftists look like retards, not that they need a lot of help with that tho

No. 1017440

A highly intellectual podcast about being a perfume consoomer and sitting on his fat ass watching movies

No. 1017442

If she goes to grad school it will be for some useless clout/socializing degree like art history or writing, so she's gonna have to rely on being hired by reputable publications to make a living. I doubt even Vice or Jacobin would be interested, given her internet presence. I also doubt that any of her greasy foreverboyfriends are interested in actually providing for her.

Maybe she can be one of those fake British/French people in a Japanese mall.

No. 1017446

her podcast is going to end someday, probably sooner rather than later.
I hope she has a contingency plan because she doesn't act that much and all of her acting roles have been cutesy 20-something characters.

No. 1017461

I hope she ends up homeless on the street

No. 1017473

File: 1596569162020.png (137.98 KB, 640x360, tenor.png)

Remember when professional shit stirrer Azealia Banks joked that Russian food was disgusting and Anna chimped the fuck out instead of perceiving it as a dEliberately rorchAch comment? Помним, скорбим.

No. 1017478

She followed a lot of people early on, including small accounts. Either way, she isn't a lolcow.

No. 1017508

that was too funny. Anna's too autistic to tell what a shit-test is. And then Azelia trolls her by going on TrueAnon. I live in New York and everyone hates Anna and her dimes square freaks. I heard she's moving to LA soon so good riddance bitch

No. 1017514

she's probably ITT, big time gossiper

No. 1017527

it's the dude who can't shut up about his 'schizoid personality disorder' too

No. 1017531

File: 1596573720096.png (56.48 KB, 595x462, EWTZzDlWkAIdiMS.png)

Nevar 4get

No. 1017539

The most striking this about this is how he insists that he’s normal and mature. Anyone who has dated a costhot who styles herself like a blowup doll is at minimum some kind of deranged pervert. Caroline embarrasses herself enough already but if I were dating a man who was cringy and pathetic enough to post about himself and his relationships on a message board for shrill autistic women I’d lose it lmao

No. 1017540

the red scare subreddit is really weird, it feels like it's 90% autogynephile men roleplaying as sassy manhattan socialites

No. 1017542

File: 1596574876606.jpg (27.6 KB, 567x378, dca58d1a552b4ae61b447f51271020…)

Check out the subreddit "redscareforcishetmen" (nsfw) to see what their male "fans" really think of them.

No. 1017543

Anna is an autogynephile larping as a sassy Manhattan socialite, so it fits

No. 1017546

File: 1596575361131.jpg (113.17 KB, 640x852, 3s8e88jzuw851.jpg)

imagine getting hard over this

No. 1017550

they really like caroline lol. still hilarious to me that she dates some deadbeat kiwifarms guy

No. 1017551

Figured that her "politics" stem from failure to thrive among the NYC elite. Surprised she's moving to LA though, that place will have even less tolerance for her antics than NYC.

No. 1017552

she posted about it on instagram, that she was looking for a place for her, Eli, and her cat in LA. Maybe she really is pregnant and doesn't want to raise her kid in New York. no one in LA is going to like her. her post about how someone in LA told her she "looked French"? they're calling you ugly, Anna.

No. 1017555


>Ты совсем не понимаешь русских

LMFAO hoe you wish. Нахуя известной американской певице понимать русских? Анна - ебанутая колбасная иммигрантка с манией величия. Эти тупые пезды на самом деле думают, что кто-то из Голливуда стремится их понять?

No. 1017556

File: 1596576469353.png (860.16 KB, 1196x774, french.png)

No. 1017559

She has a horse face

No. 1017560

By "French" they mean "homely smoker", Anna

No. 1017561

File: 1596576950297.png (154.59 KB, 630x1416, e3589435h3452.png)

loving this translation

No. 1017567

Russians are ugly

No. 1017575

No one in LA thought she was French

No. 1017577

it was probably some typical LA backhanded fake compliment like "ohh I love your whole thing, very French"

No. 1017584

File: 1596579108490.jpg (239.01 KB, 1080x1018, IMG_20200804_180132.jpg)

Translation: nobody said this in LA or elsewhere, it's just that I desperately want others to believe that I made a deliberate choice to project an unconventional, bohemian, avant-garde, female-Serge-Gainsbourg aesthetic and it's totally not a cope for not being able to just be a hot cloying instabimbo with sausage curls. Basically pic related.

No. 1017587

Liz looks great in that picture.

No. 1017588

even this is way too good for cumtown tier men

No. 1017589

Having a fashionable thin wife and a bimbo mistress on the side is and has been for awhile a status symbol, everyone knows this anna, not exposing any deep truths no one wants to admit.

No. 1017591

Liz is legitimately normal and not a cow. Maybe a little bit neurotic but not on the level as anyone else itt. Weird for people to nitpick her appearance bc she’s just an average cute woman with some flaws

No. 1017592

You must be hideous

No. 1017593

No. 1017594

Liz is fine, it's not like she attention whores or is delusional like Anna, Dasha, and Jack.

No. 1017595

Liz is pretty

No. 1017596

I’m cute. Only media poisoned pigmerikkkans care about perfectly straight teeth

No. 1017597

this. fucked up teeth are kinda hot. think of any non-American actress from before the 80s and she'll have fucked up teeth.

No. 1017599

Crooked teeth are popular/considered cute in some countries in Japan, which is a bit weird but not anymore than the American obsession with straight teeth.

No. 1017600

Who "doesn't like" Julia Fox? Most people don't know who she is

No. 1017604

Anytime Anna says something about women and men just replace it with her and her boyfriend since that's what she really means.

No. 1017606

periodontal disease is not cute

No. 1017608

oh my god god shut up, what are you from the Dental Lobby?

No. 1017610

File: 1596580425028.png (863.7 KB, 893x573, 1560842329243.png)

An old picture of the transient grifter living in Caroline's home. Why is this so unsurprising

No. 1017611


No. 1017612

yes, yes i am. don’t want you to have to get dentures

No. 1017614

that explains all her Trump sympathy while claiming to be a leftist.

No. 1017617

Girl autism isnt real. Scroll up to learn more

No. 1017621

Anna's probably witnessed Eli's wank stash

No. 1017624

Anna's probably witnessed Eli's wank stash

No. 1017625

she's said they watch porn together lol

No. 1017632

Favorite cope of every pickme cuckqueen. Next she's gonna pull a shoeonhead and agree to threesomes while choking back tears.

None of these "free thinking anti PC" women have personalities outside copying their bottom of the barrel boyfriends, do they?

No. 1017636

File: 1596582152708.jpeg (322.11 KB, 1179x733, F239F2B6-99C0-4D2F-BA9E-6BC40C…)

If you know who Delicious Tacos and Zero HP Lovecraft are — two of the worst /lit/ accounts on Twitter along with Anna’s other pals Kantbot and Logo Daedalus — you can appreciate how cursed this RT is.

No. 1017640

Anna really is mad about how actually attractive women are treated, lul

No. 1017641

>the fact that a woman retweeted this

No. 1017642

File: 1596582505380.jpeg (219.58 KB, 963x2048, EemveiKXYAAJAXE.jpeg)

Is this supposed to be Anna's alt? She retweeted this new account and the icon kind of looks like her too.

No. 1017644

it has to be, how else would she know to retweet literally the first tweet

No. 1017645

It's funny how they think they have all these fans who care about their ideas and yet the vast majority are just perverts who jack off to them 24/7 and sub to their patreon hoping to get a chance to be Dasha's 71st sexual partner or whatever. But then again Dasha established as long as they have boyfriends nothing else matters, so that's probably what those two want.

Based anon

No. 1017646

Bitch really gonna have an embarrassing "personal twitter" like a 14 year old anime tunglr

Ben Mora has one too lmfao these people are literally 30 year old stunted retards

No. 1017647

it's Aimee Terese!! look at the followers, it's all Aimee reply guys and The Good Ol' Boys podcast hosts

No. 1017651

>that avatar

Neoliberalismkills really wants to look like a doe eyed biblical waifu instead of bad taxidermy of Michael Jackson

No. 1017653

Sad if it Aimee, it reads like a bot of Anna's "jokes" she repeats over and over.

No. 1017655

File: 1596583105824.jpeg (91.96 KB, 868x960, ECFD4C66-52CA-423C-AF07-1AA66A…)

Is this caroline’s leech? Nick mullen is a chad in comparison

No. 1017658

That's literally what the whatsleft podcast is - dollar store redscare that's desperate to bleed clout from them

No. 1017660

all the things you can nitpick and you choose a twitter alt

No. 1017661

lol he clearly has a type.
it's totally Aimee, that bogbeef guy follows barely anyone. and it's not just him, it's the other host too.

No. 1017662

I bet she came back because the scarethots are crying over lolcow in their group chat lmak

No. 1017663

File: 1596583488979.jpeg (12.37 KB, 225x225, 8FDAF8AC-0094-4AA8-A1C6-31C8A3…)

Has anyone posted about Layla @haramgirlfriend/@sisterofonline being a catfish? She used to post photos of herself (see attached) but for the past few years she’s been using cropped photos of porn star Lela Star

No. 1017664

File: 1596583540399.png (27.57 KB, 570x583, lmaobitch.PNG)

tfw your closeted, mentally ill fans are so scared to accept their sexuality they jack off to your flat ass while pretending you're a 15 year old boy

No. 1017665

No snide mention of birth control… these guys are slipping

No. 1017666

File: 1596583587770.png (Spoiler Image, 412 KB, 828x1792, D83B0169-6CBD-42D6-AAE5-032467…)

Tfw, as a woman, u whine all day online about the fake leftist pmcs but you go to expensive college to become a cia agent

No. 1017667

Aimee I know you're in this thread. Just wanted to say you look like crack addict

No. 1017668

Sorry for context this is on a video of Dasha twerking

No. 1017670


Dirtbag leftists are failed neolibs pt4

No. 1017671

"peacebuilding" lmao she's literally going to work for the CIA or some equally horrible NGO. As much a fed as Bronze Age Pervert

No. 1017672

Extremely masculine alpha men

No. 1017674

This is insane lmao i legitimately thought she was some surged up kardashian lookalike

No. 1017675

What’s his name anon

No. 1017678

File: 1596584266102.jpg (270.09 KB, 1080x1451, IMG_20200804_193157.jpg)

Seriously though, what's wrong with this creature? Did she have cancer or is she an anachan like Anna? Bitch looks 25 years older than she should.

Also, this cringe le randum xd e reminds me of those reddit hoes who had mustaches tattooed on their fingers lmfao

No. 1017681

Caroline? I think I found some of her old pages, nothing too interesting just a bunch of basic shit


No. 1017684

The vsco page is gone already lmao. The tumblr is pretty funny, she posted pussy hat womens march shit and pics of angelina jolie in afghanistan (fed shit!) People like this love to whine about the left despite never actually having a solid grasp of left politics.

No. 1017686

She's just taxidermied, anon

No. 1017688

Kek so lurker confirmed? For what it's worth the vsco was just pictures of flowers, food, and buildings with filters. Nothing special.

No. 1017693

>Become a CIA agent
Wat anon?

No. 1017702

Wtf else is a degree in “peacekeeping” for

No. 1017707

File: 1596586773048.jpg (5.15 KB, 248x176, 1561316163203.jpg)

Tfw we have a genuine glow in the dark feverishly monitoring this thread

No. 1017709

File: 1596587152330.jpeg (469.41 KB, 828x641, 997BEB60-6C5E-41B1-B78F-D8A419…)

Chemonics is a usaid contractor and i think the other two are obvious

No. 1017710

American university is full of mediocre people. She must be stupid

No. 1017712

Andrew Cee

No. 1017714

lmao she's literally a stooge for imperialism. or at least she wants to be!

No. 1017723

I don't remember Anna being this much of a pickme before and at the very beginning of Red Scare but now, yeesh. And yeah I've never heard a woman say they didn't like that busty woman from Uncut Gems, she hasn't earned the general public female ire. I bet Anna just chose her because she's kind of an idealized, feminized version of herself.

Nothing sadder than a girl who thinks debasing herself for a boyfriend, not even a husband, is cool. He hasn't even put a ring on it Anna you don't have to pretend you love porn and hot chicks just as much as he does, because no chance in hell you do. You should know those 'biotruths' as well as anyone.

No. 1017728

File: 1596588493990.jpg (124.46 KB, 479x1099, 1558282320906.jpg)

I wish it were me feeding and clothing this specimen in hopes of him committing to a relationship

No. 1017732

Julia Fox was around in arty NYC social circles that Anna (and definitely Dasha) wish they could be part of. Must really sting when she got famous for being hot while they just stew in self-created misery.

No. 1017741

File: 1596590988243.jpg (339.8 KB, 1080x1402, IMG_20200804_211240.jpg)

How did every schizophrenic poztwink simultaneously conclude that every marriage after 1990 is a Gone Girl style barren hellscape tyrannized by a bpd woman who's literally homicidal and it's because of levonorgestrel

(Don't answer, it's probably poppers and meth)

No. 1017743

bitch is shrieking about sex work while watching porn with her boyfriend lmfao

No. 1017748

funny how none of the left-wing trads have children.

No. 1017778

Might be Rachel Olson aka Heather Habsburg's new persona

No. 1017779

File: 1596597152194.jpeg (331.89 KB, 1242x1334, 48D950DF-9263-48AE-BD9A-6BB073…)

Cope. You’re still too fat to get into heaven

No. 1017780

File: 1596597179387.jpeg (244.8 KB, 1125x1214, FF09B50D-F907-4731-AA32-6DBFD1…)

No. 1017781

He's like impotence projected on an IMAX screen, really nothing to be proud of but he's trying.

No. 1017783

I thought maybe too but she's only following Aimee people like Michael Tracey and bogbeef

No. 1017785

isn't zero hp lovecraft a fascist NRx guy? lmao, jesus, anna..

every time i think i have no respect for anna i somehow manage to lose even more. and eli, fuck him too now. imagine complaining about degenerating values in america and how no one is self-respecting and everyone sucks for hooking up and shit, just to cuck yourself watching porn with your bf to make him "h-happy"

hey jack, google the hedonic treadmill! fat people are more likely to be depressed! get well soon!

No. 1017786

he's totally one of those psycho gays that pay young meth addicts to fuck them.

No. 1017790

File: 1596599650025.jpeg (278.35 KB, 1242x639, 008560E2-C4D9-415A-968E-CA5D53…)

Y’all have broken this man lmao

No. 1017791

No. 1017792

a true cow. no one is forcing him to be online all the time

No. 1017794


I know this is day old milk and it’s been drowned out by the fragrance fascist but this is genuinely the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen in these threads. How embarrassing for her

No. 1017795

I wonder if Jack bullies his female co-workers or any woman who needs to be near him irl or if he just waits until he gets home to punch his pillow

No. 1017796

the fragrance fascist lmao

No. 1017797

I know. I feel like it has to be a larp, the idea of it being real and someone being genuinely that pathetic and oblivious to it is too much.

No. 1017798

File: 1596600410934.jpeg (106.68 KB, 828x402, 134A2E8A-50F4-4550-A0B0-138A56…)

Lmao she’s embarrassed about her neet parasite

No. 1017799

Jack went private again. He must literally be constantly refreshing the thread.

No. 1017800

File: 1596600548112.jpg (100.89 KB, 1280x720, he ate that guy 6 seconds late…)

The only thing imposing about him is his circumference.

No. 1017801

i have seen 16 year old cows act more rational and stable than this when reacting to their threads.

No. 1017802

The filename…..

No. 1017804

I'm just wondering if in public he leans into the "sassy fat gay who loves perfume!" to seem harmless to normie women as he leers at them with his beady pig eyes, as full of womb obsession as any hetero incel

No. 1017806

TPN jack, if you're so against internet anonymity (which is totally different from evil liberal censorship), post your full name

No. 1017809

File: 1596603408287.jpeg (45.09 KB, 700x700, 9F8AA999-96F5-45BC-80F3-6D588B…)


we really struck gold I hope he keeps it up

No. 1017810

Has Marie Calloway even any web presence anymore? I really like her tumblr 8 years ago or so and 2 years ago or so I recall seeing some sex work instagram pictures with her lmao

No. 1017826

No. 1017835

LA is the Armenian capital of the western world, there's no way anyone there thinks she's french. She's going to get devoured in LA

No. 1017836

File: 1596609020305.jpg (29.43 KB, 620x400, 819.jpg)

Screeching about prostitution whilst simultaneously requiring an underclass of disadvantaged women to exist so her degenerate manlet can imagine them while he fucks her. The Anna brand of economic populism and moralfaggotry.

Maybe that's why she screeches about prostitution in the first place though, and in a true cuckolded masculist pickme fashion, she chooses to blame "tempting whores" and not men like her ratty Jewish faggot for being the reason why this industry exists in the first place. Can't hold THE GENDER OF LOGIC accountable for anything, much less risk being dumped by the only bedicked creature capable of tolerating her.

No. 1017847

agreed, and as others have already said, she has another thing coming if she thinks she can get away with saying what she does now in LA. she thinks "SJWs" and "libs" are a problem now but wait until she gets acquainted with the socialites and artists of LA. it's pure insanity

No. 1017873

File: 1596623401715.jpeg (794.76 KB, 1242x1598, E7B0ABE9-05FD-4569-A30B-0D9CA1…)

I find it weird she feels this way because that’s what essentially her entire career is. The podcast is pretty much just them reacting to and criticising things other people say and do for clout?

No. 1017881

File: 1596627783557.png (363.71 KB, 479x538, mcrumps.png)

is she referring to mcrumps here? he distanced himself from anna because of her contrarianism regarding the BLM protests. he tweeted pic related and she pretended to find it funny but she started subtweeting him after this

she literally screenshotted a tweet of his earlier and made fun of it so it's funny she has the nerve to tweet this.

No. 1017897

lmao ok hoe it's not like you just had a public meltdown over your "misunderstood" autism tweet or anything

No. 1017900

The only thing that I agree with him on is his claim that most "abolish cops" anarkiddies and prison abolitionists are pedos lmao

No. 1017903

She literally never shuts up about 'dignity' and 'personal responsibility' but every time she gets any criticism she backtracks, says she was misunderstood, goes on reddit to write a novel reassuring her fans that she is in fact too kind and well intentioned for this cruel world and then makes some snarky tweet like that about how anyone who reacts to what she says is pathetic.

No. 1017907

Like all cows she thinks that people online gawking at a mentally ill goblina is some kind of an amazing acknowledgement of her value as a "thinker" lmao

No. 1017911

I just love how like all le contrarian """creators""" she clings to glamorous cesspools of neoliberalism and doesn't move to some "uncucked" inbred trad place instead. All these cows know very well that neoliberalism is the reason why they're tolerated in the first place, not to mention it's the sole root of this fashionable socialite lifestyle Anna so desperately wants to fit into.

It's kind of like platonic incelism - instead of sex it's about sense of belonging to a clique.

No. 1017916

It is absolutely beyond me why anybody would listen to cumtown, even pay for it. Redscare and cth I can understand

No. 1017917

Also perfume genius, he seems to be knowledgable about movies and perfume, i.e. knows anecdotes etc. Only listen to it twice, ofc he seems idiotic otherwise, generic takes etc.
Cumtown is not just low iq manchildren, no content?

No. 1017918

Cumtown is funnier and literally less misogynistic than red scare

No. 1017920

Way more intellectual too

No. 1017921

how. they seem genuinely retarded

No. 1017923

Singing songs about being gay is way funnier than half ironic rants about how condoms are neoliberal and size medium is fat

No. 1017924

File: 1596638398195.png (22.44 KB, 693x470, EeqHOHOWoAAwwET.png)


No. 1017925

4u. But that's objectively wrong.

No. 1017926

I mean if your bar is them not being genuinely retarded then probably don't listen to any of them

No. 1017927

lol they're finished. no more platform, now they can't build an audience. What is left of their dumb racist meme ideology, The Bellows? everyone is sick of these psychos, once the presidential election is over no one will want to care

No. 1017928

Why are Anna and if those screenshots are real, Caroline so obsessed with Crumps when they have right leaning frenemies who outright insult them and call them ugly all the time? He's never that rude, he just analyzes their tweets sometimes and I've never even seen him interact with Caroline. Are they are so mad that someone sees through their illogical bullshit?

No. 1017929

I used to think Crumps was creepy for being so into Elliot Roger and trying to understand incels, but his critiques of Anna and Aimee over the past few months have been really funny.

No. 1017946

File: 1596642452371.png (151.5 KB, 1198x610, cum on a cookie.png)

is this milk? Jake Flores of Pod Damn America, friend of Nick Mullen, had a cuck porno video he's in leak today. I was gonna post the video but it's pretty gross lol

No. 1017953

No I think What's left actually offers some insights and good critiques. I was shitty after Studebaker left, but now it is okay again imo
Some of it is obviously driven be ressentiment about the people who have allegedly wronged Aimee, this Malcolm type (total 4channer), Nagle but most of the critic is legit

No. 1017978

Don’t be shy anon post the cuck porn

No. 1017982

File: 1596650752038.png (2.37 MB, 1988x1116, uhhhh.png)

Don't say I didn't warn you. It's a cuck-humiliation porn video where he cums on a cookie and eats it.


No. 1017985

Cumtown is one of the all time best friend simulators out there. Red scare probably plays that role for art hoes.

No. 1017997

Jake breaking stereotypes about successful men being the ones into masochism.

No. 1018009

cum town is like age regression for men
tbh this might be projection but i think autistic chicks who had no choice but to sit with boys at middle school lunch are the girls most likely to like it. take from that what you will

No. 1018012

File: 1596652640900.png (2.17 MB, 750x1334, 2E61E7D5-1E93-48E0-BCBE-5C5BA0…)

nick "Good Guy" mullen
it's funny as much as he fronts as a schizoid he's the most empathetic of the cumboys

No. 1018016

literally no one who claims schizoid online actually has it

No. 1018017

I don't think he's ever claimed to have it, I'm just using the term to say he pretended to not need people in his life at all, acts like an indifferent guy, jokingly calls himself a sociopath, acts detached. I agree though

No. 1018018

nick seems like a decent person, but then again an actually decent person wouldn't have had to post a whole thing about how good he was to not post about it when he first saw it.

No. 1018024


Is he talking about bloobird? (RIP)

No. 1018026

sometimes I wonder if bloobird is in this thread

No. 1018027

She mentioned in an episode of TrueAnon (can’t remember which one) that she paid a service to scrub her off the internet

No. 1018035

So redscare thots do not use condoms? Imagine the smell

No. 1018049

His review of Rodger's autobiography is one of the better ones I've seen.

No. 1018061

God I hope so. Bloob was truly the great sperg star of the RS sub. Her characterizing Dasha’s face as cashew-shaped was one of the most astute insults I’ve ever seen. Top tier troll.

No. 1018077

Who remember?

Calling women holes who are failures unless they're pregnant? Totally fine.
Making fun of rape victims as attention seeking? Very cool.
Constantly lashing out publicly? Epic.

But calling someone a fatty? Too far, we need better standards and need to retain western values!

No. 1018078

File: 1596660301949.jpeg (141.44 KB, 646x300, 361121F1-B8DC-4B89-9D6A-2B6A88…)

forgot pic

No. 1018081

Yeah he is fat, it's boring to repeat this though and his outrage is stale too, so it is lame now

No. 1018082

ok jack

No. 1018086

stfu its funny as fuck

No. 1018087

She would spam the cumtown sub with asian and black vaginas, saying they were gross and brown. She also posted on trufemcels way before she decided to start trolling. She’s a top tier freak.

No. 1018091

>didn’t sage
>didn’t quote the post
it’s funny newfag

No. 1018095

Ikr sperg Queen. She also spammed troon subs with photos of Dasha’s tits asking “hey do I pass??”

No. 1018105

File: 1596662772787.png (144.71 KB, 606x388, 1.png)

predicting a full blown jack insanity arc where he quits the pod and nukes his twitter

No. 1018108

It sounds like she and this thread are a better redscare than the actual redscare.

No. 1018114

that's top-tier posting. I just looked up Dasha's tits and it literally looks like a boy's chest

No. 1018115

File: 1596663487198.jpeg (129 KB, 870x416, 5B7B1531-676A-4ECA-B214-68BD0F…)

I’m so bummed he deleted all of his tweets reeeing about this thread. I love watching porky get all upset. He tweeted this retarded take the other day, clearly trying to appeal to red scare anorexics. Jack you retard, nobody carries around part of a taco. This is another fake woman you made up in your miserable little head.

No. 1018119

jack the "fem" in femboy doesn't stand for feminist

No. 1018123

File: 1596664644974.jpeg (126.93 KB, 828x683, 3116D2AC-98BC-4535-95C1-CB3CC7…)

Is she just completely incapable of working any job at all

No. 1018127

she's the most contrived person on the site.
so "pure" is the former tranny hooker that cohosted a podcast with another suicidal tranny she was sleeping with. she's like 30, this is the kind of thing 16 year old "cottagecore" tumblrina nymphets do.

>i am so pure and tiny and sick and frail uwu i am perfect i'm an angel i'm pure hehe. sex? what's that? i'm better than you for pretending to be christlike and skinny and pure uwu

>please ignore that i was an alt-lit thot sleeping with men 20 years older than me for clout for a decade and pretending to be a man pleaaaase ignore it

No. 1018129

>Is she just completely incapable of working any job at all
yes lol she is disabled and lives with her parents. this is why she used to do sex work.

No. 1018132

just become a nun then and stop whining on twitter dumbass

No. 1018133

Oh she’s a spoonie

No. 1018134

wtf is a spoonie?

No. 1018135

nta but its a 2013 tumblr term for someone who calls themselves disabled but usually isnt at all and exaggerates. stems from how these people would say "im running low on spoons" in order to avoid responsibilities, spoons being some retarded term for energy lmao

No. 1018137

thank you anon. why would spoons represent energy that makes no sense at all, that's not even a useful metaphor.

No. 1018138

No. 1018142

The contrast is the point! I think she’s annoying too but “hooker with a heart of gold” “reformed hooker” etc etc are common tropes lol it’s literally not that weird that someone traumatized and/or disappointed by sex work would want to retreat to religion and their parents’ house.

No. 1018143

You don’t think she’s annoying

No. 1018144

No. 1018146

why are you defending the most contrived narcissistic grifter on the site

No. 1018147

no one with a heart of gold feels compelled to broadcast to the world 24/7 "i am soooo pure guys please believe that i am a tortured beautiful baroque soul </3"

No. 1018149

insufferable teenager tier shit. also not very christlike to constantly insist you're so far above everyone else in le filthy evil real world. learn some christian humility, get down in there and wash the whores' feet and shit if you're really that serious about it.

No. 1018150

A heart so gold she defends confirmed shit-fetish rapists in the name of hating #metoo.

No. 1018151

“The hooker talks about jesus all the time” isn’t milk

No. 1018153

sure, but arguing that she's self-aware and doing it to highlight some contrast is as dishonest as when anna says her shit takes are actually rorschachs.

No. 1018157

She’s not just talking about jesus she’s being completely insufferable

No. 1018167

this has already been marked "shit thread" by the mods, idk what you expected

No. 1018168

only because the op is terrible. hope someone makes a better one for the next thread, there's a lot to cover lol

No. 1018174

to be fair at that point in the cumtown sub it was near daily posts about asian women's superiority to white women, it was an easy way to troll them because they'd argue with her all the time about it. and besides it IS annoying when incels call white women dog brains and whores and fawn all over asian women. no problem to the asian farmers out there its just a really stupid scrote move to try and humiliate their female peers.

No. 1018175

yeah, not to mention the fetishization of asian women is usually pedophilic or rooted in thinking it'll be "easy" to get one, or that they're all submissive and will be their animu slaves.