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A thread for all e-thot cringe. Post milk from girls who use their sex appeal and hobbies/interests for male attention they so desperately need, clout, or money. I notice a lot of these girls have many things in common. Like:

>being coolgirls/pickmes, always into things a lot of men like too

>doing uwu lewd~ cosplay
>obsessed with inserting their “kinkiness” into everything
>being cumbreaths, aka their entire image is crafted to make men horny
>have onlyfans, patreon, stream on twitch, use tiktok, discord, etc
>most mutuals consist of horny men and SWs
>think they are the next belle delphine
>obsessed with manipulation of their appearance (plastic surgery, tons of makeup, photoshopping, camera angles/posing, fashion)
>ahegao among other stupid shit they include in pictures to appeal to men
>all are unoriginal people, basically carbon copies of one another
>defend SWs, think sex work is “empowering” or a “career” when they really just have low self esteem
>cannot take criticism in any form whatsoever
>wannabe egirls who wear cheap aliexpress fashion
>have orbiters/simps/paypigs as “friends” and beg for money from them periodically
>beg men and chase them for attention because they apparently don’t get enough from not going out IRL
>skills consist of photoshopping, facetuning, inserting themselves into everything, taking anything popular from internet culture and making it a “theme” for themselves, usually insert their sexuality into it somehow too for, again, male attention/clout/money
>act coy about their tactics, like they 4real totes don’t know how sexy uwu they are
>pretend to be interested in things like anime, VG, politics, etc solely for male attention/clout/money
>make mental illness a part of their “personality”, usually hate themselves and are open about it to the point of oversharing
>barely go outside and do real things, usually have no IRL friends, estranged from family

Remember to keep infighting and sperging to a minimum, and to sage milkless posts!(shit thread, already exists)

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