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File: 1594342549954.png (72.78 KB, 275x218, 1594107973308.png)

No. 1004962

Myah Alanna Scavo is a 21 year old wannabe musician and youtuber/instagrammer. She’s bratty, selfish, and a tryhard edgelord whilst being overly sensitive and incapable of taking criticism.

New milk.
>Moved to LA but is coped up in her apartment all day playing COD, SL or GTA.
> Can't keep any of her friends in LA because shes a hypocrite, no longer friends with abi.
> Supposedly is liberal now but abi has come out saying it is all fake and behind the scenes she says racist shit and also has friends online say racist shit so she records it.
> Old Milk: Abi and Ava have confirmed that she has hard drives of people.
> Spent $10,000 on a wrap in LA yet the car is not even worth $20,00 (A Pruis) she said she worked hard for it but she just turned in her Audi for the Prius.
> Had a teenage girl come over to her house before Covid-19 took off. Hangs out with teenagers and gets drunk with them.
> Besides Spring Break she still has not released new music (Princeton).
> Uses her mom's credit card rather buy vodka over food and nags at her mom for more money.
> Her ex friend Abi came out and said that myah also has p*edofelic behaviors and constantly tells herself she looks like a child.
> Her patreon does not give out content either late or not at all just access to a discord server.
> Always back with Anthony even though he was crazy abusive.
> Still hangs out with Scott even though she cheated on her and she won't admit it.
> Dated a music producer wanna be in LA that allegedly gave her an STI.

Social Media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/myahalanna/
Finsta/spam account: https://www.instagram.com/xoxomyah/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/myahalanna
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/myahalanna

Previous Thread: >>>/snow/887859

No. 1004966

Apologies for the typos
Prius is worth around $20,000.
SL = Second Life.

No. 1005073

>Still hangs with Scott
Did you mean Alex?

No. 1005088

OP, can you post the $10k wrap?

No. 1005096

File: 1594386129775.png (598.31 KB, 937x606, 0F73515A-B993-4AAB-A875-65C57C…)

Oops here I thought his name was Scott.


No. 1005165



Btw this is the video, and the wrap is covered in complete detail here.

Should probably save this, she'll remove it when she finds out people know she's lying.

No. 1005168

stop posting links to your fucking blog.

No. 1005183

She removed all the videos with Abi that was fast.

No. 1005192

No one cares about your fucking blog Nacho. You're completely unreliable for milk because you're a methhead. Shut the fuck up. On top of that it's obvious it's you posting every fucking time.

This is the dumbest shit.

No. 1005216

No one knows who the fuck Boyd is you schizo

No. 1005334

Go bother KF with that shit

No. 1005534

Why was she talking about not having a home in that video about her car?? When the fuck did she not have a home??

No. 1005538

^^^ she would sleep it whenever she was in New Jersey after her dad cut her off and would go on about how she’s “homeless” even tho she lived in a mansion in Maryland with her mom(learn to reply)

No. 1005621

File: 1594506437716.jpeg (493.59 KB, 750x931, 429CB034-9BEF-4D16-BB19-8B1FAC…)


No. 1005677

File: 1594516548309.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.17 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200707_002702993.j…)

Nothing to do with being called out for the hauntingly disturbing images of children and young school girls you've been consistently posting to your Tumblr accounts for the past 3 - 4 years then Myah, no? >>1005621

No. 1005685

>hauntingly disturbing images of children and young school girls
Oh please. The only girl in those pics that may possibly be underage is the girl leaning over the teachers desk. The rest is stage porn.

These pics have been posted by girls like her for a long time now, if you’re going to moralfag don’t exaggerate because there is plenty of actual pseudo-cp on there. Your screenshot looks like every other thots blog. Dime a dozen.

No. 1005687

> hauntingly disturbing images

big words for a meth head

No. 1005718

I have not been following this thread at all but I feel blessed to have run across this exceptional spergout while browsing the catalog. The following bits, I think, are copypasta worthy:

>I'm very wordy, very nerdy and the utmost definition of an intellectual.

>Personally, I appropriate far more impressive diction within every piece of my own writings

plus the fact that they did all this big talk about being a literary genius and then made the most basic grammar mistake with "an beginner". I love it.

No. 1005724

holy shit both of you go smoke meth and jerk each other off, I thought there was e-thot milk but it's just newfaggotry

No. 1005728

at least put sage in the email field if you're going to shit up a thread

No. 1005734

File: 1594528256581.png (184.14 KB, 326x319, Im so desensitized through ty …)

>you found out my every "addiction" promotes neurogenesis - something you're desperately in need of, sort of like you're desperately in need of a bullet to the glabella.

Based turboretard

No. 1005749

Lord have mercy on this thread…

No. 1005756

best thread in snow

No. 1005760

What's it called when you make a thread about one weirdo and some other completely unknown weirdo comes along and makes it about them instead?

No. 1005764


No. 1005767

I love the ever-present yet mysterious Boyd figure that might or might not actually exist

No. 1005768

other than being the screaming meth head in mya's secondlife video, what's his connection to her?

No. 1005769

Is Boyd actually myahs other persona? I’m confused

No. 1005830

Ignore Nacho. We're deleting his posts.

No. 1005855

File: 1594560748436.jpg (Spoiler Image,464.04 KB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200712_060608181~2…)


Does every other thots blog have incriminating pictures of children posted in-between this particular category of "stage porn" then?

I'd rather be a moralfag than a nonce supporter.

No. 1005862

Wow, it's like the anon you're responding to thinks because lots of people do it, we should all just ignore it kek.
Moralfag > desensitised tumblr NPC

No. 1005932

>If a guy her age was running a pedo blog people would be more alarmed

literally thousands of men run blogs 100x worse than Myahs. This isn't milk. This is a dumb thot trying to be edgy.

No. 1005939


>You're not allowed

apparently you are. Got anything funny or are you just a mad bro?

No. 1005995

File: 1594581707210.jpeg (698.45 KB, 827x1280, 36710016-1165-4063-AE5D-4FBE57…)

Crack addict vibes

No. 1006032

There's something really off with her ass here

No. 1006059


i play sl, lmao. boyd is just some old idiot who hangs out at voice hubs and talks shit / starts drama. there's nothing milky and no connection to her besides the fact that he was around her and her pack of whores a lot

No. 1006067

We do not fucking care. Go away. All the SL tards have fucked up this thread and not a one knows how to sage.

No. 1006083

this x20000
At the very least I think she reblogs that shit for her edgy idea of an aesthetic, whereas there are thousands of men posting that shit with serious pedophilic intention

No. 1006126

Looks like padding

No. 1006130


wtf is the creature in the middle?

No. 1006194

thank you, based farmhand.

No. 1006195

File: 1594610750427.jpg (951.39 KB, 1080x1495, Screenshot_20200712-202446_Ins…)

Let's get this thread back on track (or Myah focused at least)

Still saging because nitpick, but does anyone else fucking hate her ass popped out pose? It's in like 3/4ths of her IG photos

No. 1006199


> does anyone else fucking hate her ass popped out pose

she'll give herself back problems forcing it in that shape all the time

No. 1006273

no i don’t hate it, that’s why i follow her like a normal person

No. 1006443

Her hair is constantly fading… does she not have actually dye it? Is it that chalk stuff or spray in color?

No. 1006491

she probably dyes it (considering her hair damage). chalk or spray would wash out instantly. unnatural hair colors on light hair fade within the first wash, more so if your hair is damaged.

i think she once mentioned that she never cuts her hair? at least looks like it and would explain why she used to have normal kind of hair and has now such thinned out lengths…

No. 1006504

>chalk or spray would wash out instantly
Considering her bathing habits, chalk or spray are likely.

No. 1006596

Man her hair transformation is sad she used to have pretty thick hair and now it is so thinned out.

No. 1006597

i think a light purple pink would look better rather than the orange pink she has now

No. 1006651

Hey. I’m >>1005685
I stick to my statement about the first screenshot, but had it been this one I wouldn’t have reacted that way. I was unaware of this one. That’s my bad, I apologize. I haven’t been through her blog. As far as posting children among sexual pics, and posting children like that at all, I think that’s gross as well. My assumption was that the screenshot example was the worst of it and that’s on me.

No. 1006661

I was just thinking about that the other day. She wants to be a cool, unique influencer so bad but she can’t even posture herself in an interesting way. Her ass looks stupid too, if those aren’t pads she keeps wearing.

No. 1006678

Lol " I have not been on Second Life"
this was today.

No. 1006958

File: 1594744341710.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, 9B0F25AC-92AB-4A5E-B212-7479A2…)

wtf is this? what’s this sorority supposed to do? it seems like something a couple 12 year olds would do. someone should try to get in tho to see what they’re up to

No. 1007023

she loves acting younger than she is? It’s so freaky like you turned 21 a long time ago why are u trying to make a sorority

No. 1007049

Whwre is she staying if her father kicked her out and why doesn’t she stay with her mom in Maryland? Is she embarrassed

No. 1007473


Combined with the media she’s posted to her tumblr before this smells like grooming.

No. 1007483

Honestly, I can't found this video on YouTube nor Wayback Time Machine.

No. 1007536

Woah I guess they removed it. Should have been recorded

No. 1007847

so excited for her new music + new lyric video today! i can imagine her new album resembling the color pink lol. i wish the people she worked with were cooperative so that she can constantly put out new stuff

No. 1007930

She’s releasing new music?
I thought it was just a lyric video for spring break.

No. 1007955

She is not putting out anything new. Spring Break has been out since March. 20

No. 1007965

You do realize this isn't a fanpage right?

No. 1009762

What the actual fuck is her new video, this looks fan made. does this even qualify for lyric video status? My guess is that she made it herself probably on a phone app because it looks so poorly made.

No. 1009888

She probably made it or posted it to make it seem like she is putting out music. She fooled a lot of people with it. Its annoying af. This song has been out since fucking March.

No. 1009889

This. Shit. Isn't. New. Youre in the wrong place lol

No. 1009907

She has another song coming out the 31st she posted it on her Instagram story

No. 1010100

yeah, they’re clueless it’s ridiculous.

No. 1010110

the only thing that was giving us milk was from nacho from his experience with myah.it sucks she is all psycho on her friends cause i bet she has so much milk..

No. 1010161

File: 1595238881466.jpg (241.63 KB, 720x1480, 20200720_055232.jpg)

i just drop in on these threads when developments happen but ant and myah have been posting about each other passive aggressively.

ant tweeted how "he's so heartbroken all the time that he doesn't know how he functions" or some bs and myah posted this on her story within the same hour. after all the shit she's talked about this dude and she's still out here playin with him. like didn't he fuck Ava? LOL

No. 1010227

>>1010161 no he didn’t fuck Ava that was her other ex not Scott I just can’t rember his name

No. 1010299

No. 1010358

File: 1595277480347.jpg (342.7 KB, 1080x1598, Screenshot_20200720_223545.jpg)

Seems like she's back with that Alex dude though. I'm not even surprised at how low her stands are at this point.

No. 1010871

File: 1595380208102.jpeg (167.05 KB, 750x1069, FA7AC50D-5DA8-4527-827A-0970DF…)

Lmfaooo what the fuck is this guy

No. 1010997


How likely is it that she's aware that it wasn't written by her Romeo but that it's just a meme?

No. 1011061

31st?? Hmmm we shall see. Will it be Princeton though? At this point I doubt it.

No. 1011123

Myah tell him to stop plucking his brows like that, it looks ugly

No. 1011145

The fact that myah is all over Alex after he confessed his feelings for Ava and was fucking her for a month shows how little self worth she has. Ava said multiple times that Alex was off. Apparently he never leaves his house and barely gets by working at shop rite. Refuses to get a better job because all he wants to do is smoke weed and can’t pass drug tests for higher paying jobs. He also dropped out of college to smoke weed and his parents tried committing him multiple times, also tried sending him to rehab. All he does now is chase after smelly myah because Ava left him to hook up with mike Majlak.

No. 1011289

the “ive gotta bad mouth” song that’s coming out on the 31st

No. 1011703

Ohhhh I haven't heard the clips from whatever song that is. But it's fucked up she won't release the song she's been teasing for what like a year now?? That is sad af she has no self love.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1011723

If she paid the people who produced the shit and took the time to master her wobbly vocals, she could legally release music.
No one is working for promo for a spoiled shut in who didn't quite make it onto X Factor US.

No. 1011858

i really cant believe how horrible they all look. seriously its like the dress theme they came up with was "cracked out hookers". the fucking died, ratty hair and target colorblock bodycons really tie the whole idea together.

No. 1012407

File: 1595656232135.jpeg (118.18 KB, 750x645, B13219F0-2919-4B33-B806-0BEF40…)

So Alex cheated on myah several times even slept with Ava but he’s moving in with Myah in L.A

No. 1012489

Like that other “boyfriend” she moved out to LA with, I bet Alex will be back in NJ in less than a month.

No. 1012557

content! so excited i hope she goes live soon

No. 1012569


No. 1012645

you know you’re excited too lol.(stop, no one cares)

No. 1012943

Nah he'll most likely stay in LA to become a "producer".

I won't be surprised if he moves out of Myah's cave after a few months, just like her ex.

She probably still has Ant as her backup for when Alex leaves her lol

No. 1013025

Ohh lippy is what's coming out. Wtf is that, i haven't heard those clips but we will hear it in a few days -_-(-_-)

No. 1013071

File: 1595789771866.jpeg (286.21 KB, 750x1334, E34A1EDF-08F3-46FC-BBC6-84A376…)

So glad Myah is releasing a song for us oppressed “unapologetically expressive” people. So glad to know we are not alone <3

No. 1014041

“no one cares” has 3 whole threads dedicated to caring about her just be real lol cmon

No. 1014308

If she does have pedo "tendancies" and if she is a actual threat or a danger to children and if there is alleged proof of this. Then why hasn't anyone gone to the feds?

No. 1014311

There's a real reading comprehension issue if you think the threads are about caring, but it takes a special kind of simple to stan this kind of talent I guess.

No. 1014455

I can't speak for everyone. But I dont care I'm just bored honestly.

No. 1014632

“reading comprehension” you can’t be serious. you genuinely think that no one cares when there are thousands of comments on her. that’s literally the definition of caring lol. you’re anon, you can be honest.

No. 1015062

Her new song personally it isn’t good compared to her other songs
What’s crazy to me is she doesn’t release much teasers no lyric videos only the ones that look like they are made from power point. No video teasers none of that just releases it on Spotify when it comes out

No. 1015964

File: 1596349775968.jpeg (279.07 KB, 750x527, 571F5BFC-7681-4A70-9B21-DF58E4…)

I honestly did not know she had a website

No. 1016939

how does her posing in a plain tube top with her ass out indicate any semblance of knowledge, kek

No. 1017776

File: 1596596256592.jpeg (358.84 KB, 750x850, 0A58C47F-BD19-4BA8-AD73-E6BA8A…)

Why can’t she actively try to contact people I guess she’s back to being edgy that liberal progressive act she was playing ended fast.(Namefag)

No. 1018766

myah n alex r so cute! i hope they get married lul

No. 1018823

myah n alex r so cute! i hope they get married lul

No. 1018886

no1curr myah

No. 1019048

I hope myah does something good. I hope she gets therapy. The things that have been shown on here show me how she needs help. Idgaf about how whatever this new dude looks like. She could do a lot better. She deserves a lot better. I hope her music returns to having actual meaning and has some substance. You can't even purchase her new music? She needs help and she needs to figure out what her goals are. If her goal is to marry someone and become a wife or e even mother she needs to grow up.
This shit isn't cute it makes me sad. I have been off and on here. I'm not a hater, never have been and never will be like these nasty people on here. I truly wish myah the best. I hope she gets some help to work on her issues. Regardless of what she chooses to do in her life she has somethings she needs to sort out.
I'm done on here, bye xox(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1019049

nobody cares about who you are or what you feel kek

No. 1019752

File: 1596894839202.png (749.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200807-225313.png)

I always suspected ever since she started putting out gameplay vids that her end goal was to be a twitch thot. I hope she does and ends up blurting out shit like she used to on her lives.

I wonder if this is why Alex isn't featured more heavily in her posts, she wants to maximize her simps

No. 1020029

She's live rn and arguing with some dude on cod

No. 1020457

the only community you can survive being toxic in is dota2 but you have to actually be good at the game

No. 1021069

File: 1597119317102.jpeg (293.42 KB, 750x413, C00C69BA-D6FF-4241-AA2A-45F509…)

I just wanted to peek what her stream is like she’s constantly saying “I’m tired” but all she does is play video games all day. Not much substance to her streams either.

No. 1021118

File: 1597128449475.png (1.12 MB, 972x588, myah.png)

came across this today watching chilling smite. u guys think myah plays league?

No. 1021708

I’m sorry but she looks heavy mtf here

No. 1021780

Has anyone noticed how she's lost subscribers and followers? Does she not understand ppl follow for her music and what used to be a likeable personality. Not for COD or game play? Boring game play at that

No. 1021902


oh god no please dont tell me shes actually playing league? god get her off of my game please riot.

No. 1021920

>what used to be a likeable personality
She never had this, ever. Music is more subjective but come on now. She's only ever put out trend-chasing karaoke tracks.

No. 1021928

What used to be likeable is what i should of said. I stand corrected. She also said in her live stream she would never go back to green hair. And she acted like it was decades ago from when she had it smh the Circus Freak vid was only 3 years ago

No. 1022656

does anyone know how to interpret lyrics? i’ve never been the best at that lol. what does, “they heard that i visit, but i live it,” mean? it’s from
her most recent song lippy

No. 1022908

Visiting guys? could be either dealing with what they say or doing what she wants. Maybe it is more in the context of visiting/having friends temporarily due to being "lippy" and going through the emotions of living it.
I'm guessing it's more because it rhymed and there's no deep meaning to it. It would make more sense if it was leave it instead of live it.

No. 1022923

Tbh a lot of her lyrics are bad and make no sense lol

No. 1023340

I was trying to decode it and turn it into something that i could tell was significantly more deep than what she probably meant. It just rhymed i don't think there is any real meaning to it. She said rhe song is just about those who have a mouth on em. So lol thats it.

No. 1026103

File: 1597933054763.jpeg (284.81 KB, 750x788, A7CB2302-2270-4289-BF96-F8DE9F…)

This is part of the story but she’s complaining about arguing with someone online how she is not petite.
No one is denying she isn’t small but then went on a rant about petite women in the industry.
She’s a short thin white girl why is she acting like being petite is abnormal in society??? She has more about it on her story.

No. 1026675

tbh as a short person, guys have always called me tiny and short and never once have u felt belittled because of it lol. ive jokingly teased back at them saying i wasn’t and joking that they were just tall. as a male i could understand why being small that wouldn’t work in your favor but as a female it does. i’ve never been audibly sexualized bc of my height. i guess everyone is different?

No. 1026677

i mean statistically her height is “abnormal”

No. 1026943

Being a short female really isn’t something abnormal. Statistics wise yeah but no one is getting over sexualized for being short and petite….

No. 1026951

Anon, wait til you find out about pedos because boy you’re in for a ride

No. 1027202

ariana grande is 5'0 according to google. is this bitch claiming to be 4'10 now after years of saying she's 5'1? tell me i'm missing something.

No. 1027857

she's saying ariana grande lies about her height. ariana is actually 5'3 not 5'0

No. 1027880

I'm actually 5"4 ooooooooooooooooooo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1028988


No. 1029787

File: 1598580050763.jpeg (162.41 KB, 750x850, 4EE08BEF-18D0-4728-ADD3-6D03ED…)

Atleast she’s finally posting on her Patreon and making some money on Twitch. She knows she would be canceled if she left her streams up.

No. 1029792

apparently megan says the n word too. she said “don’t say the n word” to
megan when they were gaming together and she said ok. this influence she has is crazy

No. 1030352

Idk Megan always gave me a bad vibe. In some of her videos she is a bit rude and bratty like Myah. Birds of a feather I guess.

No. 1030355

File: 1598666686361.jpeg (230.85 KB, 750x1112, 23413A16-38C8-4AE0-A29E-87C2AA…)

Didn’t this guy dump her for Ava? The bar sure is low. Also something about Alex just LOOKS evil lol

No. 1030364

File: 1598668222883.png (3.24 MB, 1125x2436, 1EDF631A-254F-4EB7-8EF1-B456AF…)

No. 1030472

i glad it doesn’t affect her!

No. 1036373

She's been quiet as of late. I haven't been watching her streams though, maybe she's being messy there. She did unfollow and refollow her newest boytoy on ig

No. 1036374

I recently saw on her Instagram story she wants to be a house wife and a mom soon enough.

No. 1036375

File: 1599749713646.jpeg (132.1 KB, 750x678, 789FA20B-0FAD-424D-98AF-6A3414…)

No. 1036410

File: 1599756182888.png (945.65 KB, 828x1792, A47460E8-4053-48F9-A118-F81736…)

No. 1036412

File: 1599756235067.png (1014.22 KB, 828x1792, BC2A9E57-3460-41F3-AFAD-6B30A0…)

No. 1036424

Her kids are going to become regular posters on r/raisedbynarcissists

No. 1036548

File: 1599777118589.jpeg (44.78 KB, 534x534, 5B4D21D7-0D1D-4A4D-B099-027C24…)

she needs file those nails. they look discolored and gross bc they’re all uneven.

No. 1036809

why the fuck the obssesion with twilight????

No. 1037379

seeing kelsey’s story [+ many others] makes me wonder if myah isn’t just a unique, confident person. maybe she really is a narcissist. considering her own mom calls myah “mommy” and just how she treated by her mom[exceeding just the support her mom gives her]. She need to take a brain scan for her betterment. it can give her the proper tools she needs. she said she’s never been diagnosed with anything yet she has ocd…. she needs to get checked again so they can see what other mental illness she has. idk in real life and people can EASILY be misunderstood, ESPECIALLY online, so i’m conflicted.

No. 1037383

+ the channels her dad is subscribed to,..

No. 1037387

when kelsey spoke about myah’s altered reality, brings me back to when myah made that video about her having that one schizophrenic illness [forgot what she said] and explained how she could “see through them+ her song moio. she makes posts about how she wish she could date the person inside her head. i wish she spoke more about it, ive always found mental illness where people have “people” inside their heads, interesting. [DID is the most interesting] she needs to have her own show where she’s just honest about her life and her mental “issues” [perspective?], it’d be interesting. i genuinely hope shes just misunderstood and not actually an evil person.

No. 1037430

No dude she frequently said she used to be in a friend group that convinced her she has some schizo mental illness but she does not. Honestly how stupid do you have to be for people to convince you you have schizophrenia when you actually do not.

No. 1037511

i feels like she was the one who mentioned the idea she had that illness and they just perpetuated it. myah said she’s always been a dominant person so someone just pulling the mental illness out of their ass and then getting all they’re friends to stick with it, just doesn’t seem like it happened in that way. she still has the song foreign + cash + MOIO up. if they didn’t ring true, she wouldn’t have them up. so it not that schizophrenia illness specifically.

No. 1037817

So I guess her and Alex are done, they deleted the pics of each other and he’s back in NJ. All she’s done is post sappy twilight bs. I miss the messy ig live days

No. 1037844

woaaahhh how do u know

No. 1038089

Another symptom of being a narcissist is having fantasies of people though. Not all people who fantasize are narcissistic, but it coincides once again with not having a firm grip of reality. Narcissists fantasize often about having a grandiose life: having loads of people praising them, imaginary boy-toys that look better than any human, the attention of the world, etc. it goes into their grandiose form of thinking where they refuse to accept the world, or “reality” for how it is so they force reality to bend to their will. Being confident and using/abusing everyone you know are two different things. Although, you need confidence to do the latter.

No. 1038101

Lmao seeing people debate if she’s even a decent human after knowing from MULTIPLE PEOPLE so many horrible things she’s said and done and continues to do… guys… I know it’s hard to accept someone might not be who you think they are but for the love of god, like the evidence is hitting you in the damn face. Myah was my best friend for years. I know her better than probably anyone on this website. Since you will probably guess who this is I also want to add, she used to pull up pictures of Megan while they were friends and laugh at them, and show me how she Facetunes her chin. Literally Pulls up comparison pictures. She has files in her computer labeled for different people aka blackmail.. it made me uncomfortable, paranoid of what she says when I’m not around. She Calls so many girls fat or ugly including lily and then she’s friends With them a week later. I was never skinny so that one would make me feel awkward. Sometimes I think she would do that to see my reaction and keep me in line. (She LOVES loyalty right?! lmao.)This girl is as fake as they come and when she says something fucked up or racist (she loved the word n**r it was her favorite thing to say) she kinda has a helpless look in her eyes that’s like “please don’t call me out please just go along with me.” You physically cannot help her, as a friend. If I even tried to be honest with her she would get snappy and it was intimidating. I stopped trying. And to her other friends who were bold enough to speak up, she terrorized them and bullied them so bad that one of them took an early flight home from their trip to LA. But anyways, this girl has no soul, she sings about it. Her “schizophrenia” was a thing because she CONSTANTLY told everyone she knew about her stupid imaginary friends to be edgy. She was baiting so someone could say “maybe you’re schizophrenic “ so she can go around saying “people think that’s schizophrenic but I’m fine.” She told me her doctors told her there was nothing wrong with her, she was pretty proud of that too. Never understood a thing about anxiety, would ignore me and play the fav narc tactic which is silent treatment, if I couldn’t drop everything I was doing to help her or hangout with her. I drove to her place many times to help her out with stuff and she wouldn’t say thank you or let me hang. I would just drop off whatever she needed. (It was a 20 min drive too.) I always felt so used. She was never interested in my life if I was happy, only when she had something to talk shit about. Honestly just ask me whatever about her at this point I’m not scared anymore but I’m not putting my name out there for reasons i would rather not state. But for anyone still doubting if she’s a decent human, I will slap you with so much truth you will not be able to pretend it’s not there anymore. Her imaginary friend bullshit is a thing she does to cope with the fact that she refuses to accept reality,. She doesn’t hear voices, she’s told me that lmao… I’m waiting for her to post something to her story about it “being okay for people to change.” Hahaha. She’s predictable. She limits posts as all narcs do because they can’t handle rejection, but she always goes into a narc rage when someone strikes a nerve. She won’t be able to read all of this through cause it’s gonna piss her off. Her defense mechanisms typically include calling people “too sensitive” and needing speech to be “free” and if you don’t agree you’re “an idiot.” As if being emotionally abusive is okay. Sure you have the right, but when people don’t like it don’t go crying. She puts your mind into a double bind so that you feel like it’s YOUR fault for not agreeing with her. Bitch tryna gaslight the entire public. Yeah people are capable of change, when they can actually self reflect and listen instead of limiting the opinions of others to be an echo chamber.(literally limiting comments on her pictures.) She just wants to hear “we love you Myah wow Myah you’re so great wow Myah so unique yes Myah we love you yes Myah keep changing.” Bitch how can you say you want free speech but not allow all comments to go through? Lmaoo I didn’t like Alex when I met him he gave me really fake vibes too, so it’s no wonder two narcs don’t last longer than like two weeks lmao. When they broke up the first time, she was going into a narc rage because she “always breaks up with them not the other way around.” I had to comfort her like a little fucking toddler that couldn’t get candy from the store. Yeesh. All I can say is this girl is the biggest waste of time and the worst friend I Never asked for. Nothing special, no redeeming qualities, no integrity. She can sing, and that’s it. And even then her lyrics are so corny and narcissistic and atrocious we all know she ain’t going nowhere. She isn’t talented, she was classically trained. She is skilled, but there is no soul in there to actually make a decent work of art. It’s all empty bullshit. Narcs take traits from others to make themselves seem unique. But she got most of her sayings and personality from those around her, so really, all she is, is a pathetic and empty shell, driven by jealousy and rage to be better than all, but actually end up the worst.. of anyone I know. If you can’t see it now, you will someday. Anyways HMU if you have questions I’ll gladly answer as unbiased as I can. I know a lot.. And just remember, PLEASE. You don’t need to be jealous of someone to think they’re terrible, or to even speak up about them. If someone is an asshole it’s your god damned given tight to use your voice back, just as they use theirs to silence everyone. This was rather long I just think about this too often and hope that maybe I can open one persons eyes to the truth

No. 1038127

What is all the racist things Myah said about Black people? I’m a minority and I use to like her until I heard some of the racists things she did?

No. 1038129

Also I want to know more about the mistreatment she did to her friends. I always wonder why she always changed friends and could never keep a long term boyfriend.

No. 1038131

IDK I’m asking you all these questions but I want to know everything! Myah has been manipulating people for years even supporters by making it seem like she’s this perfect being…..

No. 1038139

Well she says n**r constantly and sends me like stupid racist memes, then says it’s okay because she has 1 black friend who probably ain’t her friend anymore anyways. It’s always subtle shit it’s never like “I hate black people” but I know she really disliked liberals and it was always kind of implied through the stupid things she’d send me, often with no caption I guess to cover herself.

No. 1038141

She always goes through a narc rage tantrum any time someone goes “against her” aka has their own way of doing things that doesn’t align with hers. Narcs see things as “you’re either for me or against me” so she purposely says out of line stuff to see if you’ll react or ignore it. If you react she will say you’re too sensitive and if you ignore it she likes you. That’s how “narcs” rest their victims, they want to see how “loyal” they are to see what they can get away with. They want to build their support base so they can turn to them when everyone’s pissed off at them for being an asshole. She can’t keep relationships together because she is literally emotionally abusive. She needs to know where they are, what they’re doing, who’s pictures they’re liking. She doesn’t care about them as people, she looks at them as if she owns them. She doesn’t know how to love only how to control, so she will never keep a relationship together

No. 1038152

Drag HA. Any one who still thinks Myah is a decent person or believes her recent fake deep positive crap is just fucking stupid at this point.

What has made you remain friends with her after all this time? You said it made you feel awkward when she talked shit about her friends.

No. 1038156

Well the few times I had an emotional breakdown due to people I was dating she was there for me, and I mistook that as her being a good person. I thought she was “strong” and I didn’t know there was a pattern of behavior for people like her. So I stuck around because even though she was terrible to people she was nice to me. I just blindly followed behind cause I feel attached to people I care about and I also felt like I didn’t know how to get out. She was cool and funny at first but by the time I started to notice how bad of a person she was I already too deep in the friendship and I had 0 backbone or ability to stand up for anyone or anything, especially myself

No. 1038158

I also want to add that people who have had narcissistic parents often fall into the trap of needing to please people like them. Because that’s how our brains have developed and been trained to do. I never understood her until I decided to actually look at her behavior instead of ignoring red flags

No. 1038185

i remember when she posted about having severe social anxiety LOL. imagine.
it’s so disheartening to know that she isn’t just a unique strong person and it’s all just a facade, i remember she would say she was a real ass bitch. atleast she still says she doesn’t consider herself a good person and never said she was an angel. i looked this up and it said narcissists know they’re narcissistic.

No. 1038189

you’ve been her best friend for years..? so not ava or abi. idk who

No. 1038264

Was Ant actually that abusive to her? Why doesn’t her dad talk to her anymore? Did her and Megan have a falling out or did Megan really just not want the attention of being on her sm anymore?

No. 1038290

Thanks for answering my questions! This is getting real interesting. I don’t support Myah anymore. But this lol cow thread of hers is soooo interesting. I want to know more of juicy details. More importantly she needs to be exposed. Sad people mindlessly follow behind her without doing research!(emoji)

No. 1038291

Oh also what is up with her mom???? I mean that lady….she has a YouTube page called “MOMMY” where she attacks pages that expose Myah. Like that lady acts like she doesn’t have other kids expect Myah…what’s up with that?

No. 1038295

Learn to integrate and sage

No. 1038308

she has step children. myah’s her only child that we know of lul.

No. 1038309

people can very easily be misunderstood but i see the toll her friends have taken because of her actions. it’s crazy people thinks it’s ok to evil.

No. 1038317

File: 1600063552184.jpeg (187.38 KB, 750x1076, C5014F51-FE83-41FF-902A-24DC54…)

i did find it weird how in her recent live she was talking about megan and how they were gonna move into together, she said something along the lines of, “she loves me. she loves me so much” rather than saying i love how megan is so smart and whatever other qualities. + many other little things she said just sound weird sometimes.

No. 1038318

File: 1600063874535.jpeg (139.97 KB, 750x753, CEEF5CAA-57AB-4A79-B1D5-682985…)

From Ava’s finsta. She is going through something her best friend died and myah’s ex thought it was a good time to slide to her DMs after they broke up.

No. 1038328

Wow myah sucks but Alex might be even more pathetic than her.

No. 1038348

considering how torn she was the first time they broke up, the her stories about being peaceful and happy seem very disingenuous. i just wish she was real

No. 1038638

How does she get the funds to live in LA? Does she make enough money from social media to live on here own, or does her mom help her out?

No. 1038869

trust fund maybe. maybe her mom is helping her with the job she has rn. myahs not open about it which is understable

No. 1039635

She def doesn’t have a trust fund. Stupid bitch bought a prius and wrapped it to make herself feel better.
I think she makes like $1000-$2000 a month with royalties and mommy helps with the rest. I get the impression her dad isn’t involved with her at all anymore, esp since she’s come out and said he was never really her bio father anyway.

No. 1039858

She's released 2 songs in 2020, the have combined around 125,000 streams. If we give her a generous $0.005 per that…$750. Total. She's made less than a grand total off lippy and spring break. She's not getting the 200,000 streams a month she would need to even make a grand

No. 1040251

File: 1600327804864.jpeg (385.66 KB, 828x1792, 3A9F67A2-3C2E-42C8-8BE4-5FCF8C…)

She wastes no time now does she. Didn’t like they just break up? kek

No. 1040450

File: 1600363235638.png (515.1 KB, 1242x2688, 58845CDA-8374-4B88-AD76-27DB31…)

From Ava’s finsta

No. 1040453

I almost felt bad for him cause it was obvious Myah had no intentions of sticking with him, and it must suck to uproot your life to LA just to get kicked out. But he's the biggest fuckboy ever. Her best friend died, who talks like that

No. 1041333

It’s the fact that he keeps going back and forth between Myah and Ava, for me. Is he that desperate?

No. 1041361

Explain to old anon what finsta means. Same thing as instagram? Just said weird or does the f stand for something. Sage for not hip.

No. 1041392

finsta is like a private/lowkey instagram account

No. 1041419

Thanks anon, appreciated.

No. 1041676

“fake Instagram” where you use a fake name

No. 1041987

I feel like it's gonna be an endless cycle of him trying to go back and forth between all his old exs, I dated a dude like that. I honestly think it's kinda creepy that he just keeps messaging her. I really hate guys like that.

No. 1042440

how do you know she turned in her audi for her prius? i believed her when she explained in her video that her dad took it away from her.. he didn’t actually do that.

No. 1042628

Myah ex Alex is soooo desperate lol

No. 1042722

wdym when you say she bullied and terrorized this friend so badly that they took an early flight out? like specifically, what could she do that waa that bad?!

ps ty very much for the tea, myah is horrible and doesnt deserve her platform. if it got deleted, theres NO WAY shed be able to regain her followers

No. 1042762

In the previous thread, Ava said that Soph was kicked out by Myah “for no reason”. Which kinda makes no sense given the drama that happened on that trip.

No. 1043130

File: 1600786882100.png (195.48 KB, 750x1334, 8644BAB1-263E-4ABD-ACB7-172CDD…)

Lol she’s so broke she’s tryna get her gross obese I live in my moms basement discord daddies to get her one lmao

No. 1048241

does anyone know where her old content (song explanations, second life, la vlogs) are?

No. 1048865

they’re private

No. 1051862


lmao she's sperging out over women having onlyfans. She literally has no income so without mommy she would 100% be showing off her junk.

No. 1052041

that was quick instantly removed. How long is she going to keep up with this over censoring to make it seem like she changed.

No. 1052048

I saw snipets of it. same milk talking about people being sensitive and she was also fat shaming someone left a comment about that. Talk about change

No. 1052050


I guess an outsider looking in made a video about the myah and ava situation. Em shouted out this thread

No. 1052816

File: 1601977749308.png (960.88 KB, 1242x2688, 0F4B3FD9-6967-46E1-83BF-E6D19F…)

Alex won’t leave Ava alone. Clearly he has issues and Ava was kinda right about him, has to be crazy to have dated myah twice. How dumb can he be to think Ava would want him after he went back to myah again. From Ava’s finsta.

No. 1052818

Old milk but myah kicked out Soph because Soph started calling myah out on her abusive behavior. Ava and the other girls were scared of myah and kept quiet but Soph who barely knew her started to stand up for herself and the others.
So at 4am because myah couldn’t have anyone question her authority forced Soph out of the Airbnb on a flight home at 4am.

No. 1053107


Ava and the other girls are such pussies

No. 1053499

File: 1602044597771.jpeg (841.05 KB, 828x1792, 74EF5469-E01C-4FB8-9B55-8561A6…)

I can’t wait for baby goth to also realize what a bitch myah is. I hope they throw hands in a little hobbit face off

No. 1060032

Can you blame them though? Myah seems terrifying. You can tell how unhinged she can get by watching her livestreams. I think Kelsey mentioned she keeps a shit ton of videos/photos for blackmail too. She probably didn’t have anything on Soph.

Anyway, this move to LA turned out to be pretty uneventful huh? lololol

No. 1060324

You guys are making her move off the grid I’m crying

No. 1061373

I predict a midlife crisis at 25, where she realizes she has no husband, no career, and she’s half way through her 20s with nothing to show for it. Maybe then things will get milky again.

No. 1065422

Did nobody see her straight tell Snapchat that she “didn’t know” she needed plates for her car? Straight admitted to Snap that she’s a dumb bitch incapable of working a screwdriver. Yet the cop let her go AND helped her take the “west coast customs” plates off the vehicle …. HOW?! Shit got deleted really quick but I’m glad I saw lolol

No. 1065479

File: 1603337972225.png (2.18 MB, 828x1792, 05A5F327-A490-44A2-8A12-96B864…)

No but anon she’s managed to do stuff no other 22 year old has… She’s figured out so much on her own. Like how to leech your mom for everything she’s worth without her catching on

No. 1065537

interesting… i never heard her say she didn’t know. i thought she just kept them on til she got caught. i think she didn’t know that’s what west coast customs would do to her plates

No. 1065629

I’m confused what happened?

No. 1065857

Does Myah take baths, wash her hair, brushes her teeth, or take considerations of her hygiene’s??? When I look at her in pictures and on YouTube, she reminds me of this girl I use to go to high school with that lack hygiene, she didn’t know how to wash her hair, didn’t take baths (claimed she was allergic to soap), never brushed her teeth (she got gum disease later on), dyed her hair different colors but never cared or managed it, and never washed her clothes (she smelled so bad). For Myah to have such a superior attitude, you would think she have a cleaner appearance.(blog)

No. 1065864

No one gives a fuck about your blog, sage thy shit. Also, big doubt she has good hygiene.

No. 1066075

File: 1603416050235.jpeg (727.85 KB, 750x1122, EB58D2C9-B4D4-4BBD-A156-851470…)

No. 1066120

Why doesn't she ever ask for what she really wants, which is someone to make her famous while she does the bare minimum? It's not like she has tact.

No. 1067972

Lol looks like myah is moving she doesn’t like LA. That was fast.
She posted it on Instagram.

No. 1072462

File: 1604247341951.png (995.5 KB, 750x1334, 11B94F97-9519-451E-A233-963E4D…)

How could she think this was a good outfit she looks dumb and ugly her ass looks so forced and fake too lmao

No. 1072594

She’s right though

No. 1073058

File: 1604326593937.png (541.38 KB, 750x1334, C38E33DC-5C1C-427E-BAC4-92547D…)

Even Myah’s wannabes know she’s a narcissist lmaoooo

No. 1073059

File: 1604326665334.png (532.51 KB, 750x1334, E5ED4B87-07C2-45FE-BC90-278834…)

No. 1075282

Fyi- when you said she was homeless in NJ she was actually staying with her ex best friend Sianna torturing her while she had to work early af in the mornings and all day by staying up all night, ASKING HER DAD FOR MONEY, getting her spray tan all over her sheets and also then proceeds to tell her dad all of the things a dad should never know which she alllegedly vowed to Sianna she would never tell him yet told him horrible lies anyway that some things which were not even true, just to paint her in a bad light. (Ava confirmed as a source since she was at her house also when she spilled lies to her dad)

She’s a horrible person and she finally had enough of it after being her longest surviving friend of 10 YEARS. A lot of y’all don’t know about her but she’s been there from the beginning before any of these friends she has on there claiming they’re the longest standing. All her money is from her bank account her parents gave to her- despite the fact she was always claiming how broke she was and asking for money from other people’s parents, always making her friends pay for her too.

It’s been confirmed she has said the n word all throughout her life and she sits online making fun of people most of the time with her friends. She is a narcissist at the very least other than having severe mental issues….overall sounds like she’s just a shit person and that’s why none of her friends can stick around long enough because they get sick of the abuse and being painted in a bad light for her benefit to look better eventually.

No. 1075289

1)She was actually diagnosed with Schizophrenia at a psychological unit

2)apparently alex had to block her because she doesn’t stop messaging him begging for him to come back

3) she’s obviously leaving La because shes failed at what she thought was going to be a reality out there ontop of having no friends and i don’t think it’s a coincidence that all of her friends end up leaving or getting canceled… like what friend posts bad photos of another and makes stupid ass videos of them for their own benefit like the xoxo girls or whatever squad thing she had going on with Ava and the other girl that rapped

3)her ex Sean bought all of that furniture for her from his uncles shop and she refused to give it back to him when he went to leave LA so it’s not like she had to pay full price for it herself. Who also keeps blackmail on your best friends??? Wtf even if my ex girlfriend who i cheated on had blackmail she would have deleted it out of common courtesy.

4) she openly edits all of her photos and if you go on her moms Facebook and look at her photos of Myah….well that’s self explanatory…

5) she was just using Ava for clout and openly said it to her other friends that she “needed her” in order to latch onto her wave in climbing up the fame latter.

6) she fucked her best friends ex boyfriends and whenever hanging out with other people and her friends she will openly say shit to embarrass them or lie about them saying they have STDS when she’s the one with them….

So anyone who’s saying she doesn’t have a mental illness needs to convince me otherwise but i have sources that are more legit than any of your theories so what I’ve said is 10000 fact and truth just like truth revealer up there^^

No. 1075297

ok carizma, can you at least read the rules before posting next time

No. 1075311

Okay shithead I’m old it’s not like i have time to read your tumblr ass rules anyway and i have no clue how even the rules were broken in the first place(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1075325

it’s not that you broke the rules, it’s that you put your actual email in the field when that wasn’t necessary. don’t throw a hissy fit if you’re so grown.

No. 1075872

Do me a favor and if you can- all of you please try to report that last post it as I’d prefer if my email was NOT there….She’d 100% know who i am with that email and i really would love not to get my “blackmail” aka random photos taken of me while I’ve been changing in my own room or coming out of the shower etc. yes she’s that low.

No. 1075878

I hope this wins some lolcow award, I had a hearty chuckle over this.

No. 1075893

Too bad you didn't have time to read the rules. They could have saved you a lot of trouble, Carizma.
Do you think your photo leak will be worse than the Rooster Teeth assfest?

No. 1075906

How does she afford to pay the rent in LA/whereever she moves to next? Is it her mom? That's one thing I never understood cause she makes like no money off her streams

No. 1076001

Her mom pays for most of it and her biodad chips in sometimes.
With all of this handed to her she still can't make anything of her life.

No. 1076477

She said her dad doesn’t pay for anything anymore

No. 1076515

She also says grey men from the 5th dimension tell her she's the most talented energy form in West Hollywood and yet

No. 1076783

saged. hey I realized who you were pretty quickly, as a former irl miss you and hope you’re well. maybe try contacting a mod to get the email taken off of the post?

No. 1077133

I don’t really believe myah is schizophrenic tbh unless it’s in writing js

Sage for opinion

No. 1077207

She doesn’t know her bio dad so I’m gonna go ahead and assume you’re full of it

No. 1079789

File: 1605066817067.jpeg (132.83 KB, 550x274, 557DFCA5-5524-4620-8B4C-82A8F2…)

gave her a more ideal nose imo. feel like its a cope saying she likes her nose after the second nose job and the one on the right is the one she wanted. idk why youd want voldemort nostrils. sage for my own edit no milk blah blah but damn i cannot get over the fact that she got two nose jobs and it still looks like shite

No. 1079791

wow I don't visit the thread much but I wanted to praise this edit. I would like a nose job from you anon. Nice work!!! She looks like Voldemort with her original nose kek

No. 1081321


Love that she claims she's on the lease. 0 places will rent to someone with no serious credit history (rent/loans etc) and with no steady on paper employment. Even if you can show you have money in the bank. She straight up lies with a smile on her face, it's insane

No. 1082194

She didn’t even try to produce her own music. Saying social media and all that is her job all she posted was on her Instagram very few YouTube videos and live streamed with a small audience. Only had 2 songs released when other artists have been releasing way more…
Missing home is a valid reason but she lied about so much and her fall out with her friends in LA she didn’t go in depth because she is in the wrong and refuses to acknowledge how problematic she is. Let’s be real she either ran out of money or her mom didn’t want to pay for the apartment there’s only so much money you can make from 7000 listens on Spotify and YouTube.

No. 1082433

What is she doing to do with all the stuff she bought for her house? Like why didnt she just bring all her pink stuff?

No. 1083157

Iirc she doesn't even have much besides her matress,a vanity,a tv and a chair right?
It would've been too much work and money to move all her old stuff across the country.

No. 1084910

Good point

No. 1085839

File: 1605751325100.jpg (56.65 KB, 512x905, Screenshot_1.jpg)

No. 1085861

LMAO didn't she just shit on TikTok in a video on yt saying she'd never make one?

No. 1085869

she was forced by her "life coach" and her mom loooool

No. 1086057

File: 1605779015627.jpg (69.33 KB, 1080x487, 20201119_034038.jpg)

No. 1086058

File: 1605779150911.jpg (374.06 KB, 1080x1971, 20201119_034218.jpg)

someone cowtipped in her stream the other day. the chat was full of people calling her out and she just kept saying that her supporters shouldn't argue with them lol.

No. 1086232

So embarrassing. She looks deranged and so old

No. 1086490

lol and in reality she's just too embarassed to admit that she made one because she needs the attention

No. 1086862

No anon, she's short and therefore looks 12.

I kind of hope she blows up so she can get cancelled. It would probably be good for her career but idc it would be funny.

No. 1087449

i’m so glad she made a tiktok!! more content of her cute self

No. 1087502

how much crack you been smoking babe? Worried for your mental state

No. 1089416

File: 1606141192387.jpg (54.4 KB, 422x752, Screenshot_6.jpg)

lol we know

No. 1093706

Shes moving back in with her mom and megan is in LA not that anyone cares but I just wanted to update the thread sage for retardeness

No. 1094257

File: 1606630537865.png (8.81 MB, 1242x2688, 3FAE6203-9779-4526-95C3-CC661A…)

pretty sure this is about myah

No. 1094513

File: 1606672920286.jpeg (119.96 KB, 828x1133, 023A1F89-8371-4A94-9DC6-67B7EF…)

Myah realising that Megan is significantly prettier and more successful than her. Love to see it

No. 1094516

Is Megan her new BFF of the month?Because I can't keep up with her "xoxo squad" or whatever it's called.

Anyway,so looks like Myah moving out to LA for her "career" was a total waste of time.Seems like it'll still take some time for her to realize that she won't ever make it as a singer if she couldn't even network her way through LA. Sure,she says that studio's are closed but it's not like the entire music industry stopped during COVID.

She better write some CV's for a job as a bartender on her way back home instead of leeching off of her mommy for another 20 years.

No. 1094897

onlyfans in 3..2..1…

No. 1097892

Ccryme the girl on ig who thinks she’s hot won’t even get Myah to reply to her lol.

No. 1098587


Saged for off topic

Lmao CCryme also repeatedly said the nword in the past and took photos pointing a real loaded gun at friends of hers for the ~*edgy aesthetic*~ you can probably still find the posts made about it if you look up “Savannah Ross” she also used to be friends with Vivadrag but I think Viva dropped her after the gun stuff came out, All these edgy Instagram girls are the same

Birds of a feather

No. 1099699

I feel like myah must have been acting psycho or smth… she started following some guy named tristan a bit ago but now his profile is private and she's unfollowed him…or been blocked

No. 1105036

She finally released Princeton(imageboard)

No. 1105063

No link, no nothing. Just that useless comment.
Why is this thread the worst?

No. 1105174

its on spotify why would they include a link, anyway…i hate the lyrics so much. theyre so sad. begging a guy to be with you after he was unfaithful to his girlfriend. as if then he will be in a perfect relationship with you. it embodies her. very pathetic. no wonder shes hasnt been in a long term relationship except for that highly abusive one.

No. 1105587

File: 1607746477229.jpeg (417.4 KB, 750x615, 986A31F8-6E50-487F-A068-327442…)

Picture art for Princeton

No. 1108799

No. 1108880

I feel bad for MeGan dealing with myahs shit . It’s obv Myah takes advantage

No. 1109211

I don’t Megan knows how myah is yet chooses to stay her friend so tbh Megan deserves it

No. 1113317

Man she is so fake in her new vid with Megan

No. 1114126

Anyone find it kinda weird she put that picture of Megan as the thumbnail and named the video "My first time…."

Feel like she's trying to make Megan look bad….

No. 1114893

File: 1608932540249.png (5.81 MB, 1125x2436, 0028038D-D61E-4356-AF5A-882D97…)


No. 1115138

It’s not even that her crowd is trump supporters to begin with, it’s the fact that they play into the stereotypes of trump supporters so hard while also being just lazy and entitled. Living on mommys money on the other side of the country doesn’t count as being independent. Ant is a deadbeat dad who lives in his car dealing drugs, hasn’t worked for shit either. It’s just hilarious.

No. 1115174

he followed me not too long ago and we would facetime on insta and he’s so trumpie and misogynistic but my acc got disabled so i just used that as an excuse to not talk to him

No. 1115230

is this ant? looking kinda tubby there

No. 1115255

That’s embarrassing for you to even try to flex, learn to sage

No. 1115272

Ant lookn thicc

No. 1115804

not even flexing also i just come to linger i’m not a lolcow obsessed freak(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1115942

saging for being the obvious, but they are the type to not care about the pandemic either. they have the affordance to travel around and not give a single shit, while others are struggling week to week. It’s no surprise her dumb ass still is maga.

No. 1115986

i bet you’re that gross whore Madi who skins walks Myah lmao. out of all the people to skin walk you chose this greasy degenerate? from self posting on here, dating her exes, copying her makeup and poses. get a life Madi you’re fucking hideous and embarrassing

No. 1117113

this hoe really put out a vid on how to deal with hate.. lol

No. 1117130

What is this absolute retardation. I'd ask who the fuck Madi is but honestly it doesn't even matter.

No. 1130930

File: 1610586683845.jpeg (527.24 KB, 750x879, BC72F09E-D70A-4617-9AE5-87D77B…)

She has extensions now

No. 1131843

Saged for no milk, but her last 6 posts on IG have all been in this same pose. It’s like she’s not even trying anymore

No. 1132442

Isn't she like 22 now?I guess I was dumb for thinking that her move to LA might give her some life experience but now that she moved back to her mom's,she's back to where she was a year ago. Playing dress up in her room.

I still think it's funny how she pretends to be ~intellectual~ with her quotes on IG, but her room perfectly depicts that she still has the maturity of a tween.

No. 1132842

File: 1610760552587.jpeg (506.58 KB, 687x751, 326F941A-0F3D-4E4E-A3D9-4690E3…)

wow u werent lying its literally all the same. but this one. this one in particular. what the f u c k is this outfit. the coordination is nonexistent.

No. 1133483

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such raggedy extensions. Like… did she bleach and dye her 3 y/o green ones? 10k to spend on a wrap but no money for non fried hair

No. 1135759

There will come a day when Myah’s narcissism & laziness finally drives a wedge between her mom and stepdad because it’s his house. And if I remember correctly, he’s not fond of Myah and doesn’t like her mom’s constant coddling.

No. 1135908

I saw in her story awhile back she’s trying to open a public discord. Let’s see how it goes

No. 1136158

File: 1611092217369.png (4.44 MB, 1125x2436, 12887CED-7E57-4171-98DC-E39386…)

imagine still associating w someone as disgusting as ant

No. 1136168

anon are you really surprised? myah's a huge edgelord herself

No. 1136203

This based wtf are you talking about.

No. 1136341

No. 1136771

Ant is right on this one tho

No. 1143790

File: 1611789726577.jpeg (297.08 KB, 750x562, 0A906B0A-EC78-407C-B63E-B91E02…)


No. 1151452

No wonder she acts the way she does, she said her mom told her she wont get any boys to like her in first grade cause she bites her nails. Her mom is something else.

No. 1152459

i guess we figured it out why she wants so bad to be a housewife. Her mom proudly saying that "before The Real Housewives of New Jersey she was already one who didn't need to work"(not milk)

No. 1153144

I feel kinda bad for her. It’s obvious she was encouraged to be image focused from a young age. Probably why she felt the need to get a nose job at 16

No. 1157234

this thread is dead asf lol

No. 1158266

Because her career is dead and there’s never any new real milk

No. 1159500

File: 1613094656934.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, BD52472D-B0A4-4A63-AF9D-8F45BC…)

Wtf is going on with this choice of “fashion”. Not milk but fucking nasty.(learn2sage, newfag)

No. 1159503

File: 1613094746782.jpeg (266.3 KB, 750x1012, F842FAFC-E69C-4A71-A2CD-CCAB9F…)

Same fag as above, OnlyFans coming soon?

No. 1159513

Then why not sage it, retard?

No. 1159514

Then why not contribute, rat scum?

No. 1159520

Okay you clearly are a newfag, go read the rules and stop breaking them.

No. 1159588

I doubt Myah would ever make an of

No. 1159624

thats what she said about becoming a tana mongeau clone, and then about joining tiktok, and then about being a basic normie chick who fucks frat guys, etc. she honestly might although i dont know why that anon thinks she’s more likely to now than before, considering shes been posting underwear selfies for a year now

No. 1159625

probably not, she couldn't even keep up with her patreon>>1159624

No. 1160151

No. 1160426

>>1160151 this fucking hat its even a cute one ffs

No. 1161132

Looks cute here, sadly the rest of her pics are disappointing.

No. 1161261

What is up with the stupid bunny hat it’s not edgy I’m confused

No. 1170539

Tbh… I’ve just discovered this thread a few days ago… and I just wanna say thank god I did… bc I have had many personal experiences with Myah since I was one of her fans from youtube, i gained confidence to add her on IMVU and we then started to go on SL after that when she joined shortly after being friends on IMVU…. all I really wanna point out is that Myah got her stupid weirdo secondlife BF (I think his name was Alex) to use this stupid RLV collar to forced her into my land because I unfriended her, but still had alex friended… he msgd me asking to talk and teleport him to my land and only did it to bring myah and her xoxo clique with her… they all called me the n- word (I am black) and also called me poor because I was using my cousins computer at the time that was handed down to me… she loved to make me feel poor and beneath her and her xoxo clique on SL just fuels her up with all the ass kissing she needs to remain the narcissist she is…

No. 1170842

put sage in the email field next time. But your stupid SL drama sperg aside, yes she is a narcissist.

No. 1173090

File: 1614561711867.jpg (1.48 MB, 1169x2291, gamer gurl.jpg)

I bet mommy bought this for her, wonder if she's gonna be streaming more now. I don't know why she needs ALL of that stuff just to play cod and fallout 76.

No. 1173091

File: 1614561900373.jpg (1.39 MB, 1169x2273, new music.jpg)

She also says she's gonna come out with new music and she has new videos coming out. Probably dumb gaming videos, I haven't checked but I'm pretty sure like no one watches her gaming videos I sat through like a minute of one and it was really annoying. Screaming isn't funny.

No. 1174440

Girl is starting to look like dahvie vanity(necro)

No. 1176571

File: 1614920136164.png (209.65 KB, 1334x584, Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 11.3…)

If anyone saw that insta sperg she went on it was related to this

No. 1176575

File: 1614920261371.png (292.99 KB, 1320x812, Screen Shot 2021-03-02 at 11.3…)

the discord hasn't had any milk aside from this

No. 1177206

File: 1614988309458.png (Spoiler Image,1.15 MB, 1301x885, Screenshot_4.png)

screeenshot is of my stream breaking down all her lies and garbage - spoiled in case no one cares to see it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1177218

No. 1177321

Myah's thread really has a way of attracting retarded newfags all the fucking time. shut up.

No. 1177428

lol it’s news bro why u hating on people bringing new milk to this dry ass thread(ban evasion)

No. 1177440

Go touch some grass.

No. 1177858

maybe u just need a fat nut bro,
how about u find some pussy instead of telling people to touch grass(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1177893

This is a female only image board what the fuck are you talking about

No. 1178170

She’s a lil dirty

No. 1178173

Wait .. shes a Sperm baby . Then why did she called her fake dAd a dad?

No. 1178185

idk I liked it, you're a bit retarded sounding but I give you a pass bc myahs infinitely worse

No. 1178281

Literally guys I just hate her as much as you do and she’s been doxxing me on her twitch and insta AND discord without mentioning my @‘s just so that people can’t report her for spreading lies and partly true info about me… she also called me trans when I’m non-binary on her stream… LOL this girl refuses to get her facts straight… (myah’s infinitely worse) bc she is… it’s a fact

No. 1178293

Should probably sage before you post.


Also, I hope you know where you’re at.

No. 1178444


So you are as retarded as you seem. Great. Couldn't you take this to your therapist instead of bumping this shitty thread with your sperging?

No. 1178614

Man, y’all need to calm down lol. This thread has been dead for months. I think what they’re saying is relevant

Do you have proof of anything (her calling you slurs? Screenshots? Clips from twitch?

No. 1178732

I love her cover of let me down slowly. Its a damn shame she just wastes her talent fighting with kids online

No. 1178785

I have many forms of proof, however I don't have screenshots because she used her actual voice when speaking about me, all I have is links to the time stamps of when she started doxxing me on her twitch and I also recorded her and I's convo when we were both on SL and she was arguing with me and constantly trying to flip words in order to make herself look good, all I wanted to do was inform… and that's why I came to this because I saw the discord screenshot also of her talking ABOUT ME… so(integrate)

No. 1178930

File: 1615177278480.png (7.39 KB, 481x258, sage.png)

type "sage" in the Email field

No. 1179229

I agree lol. People on here get so heated over such inane things. I get second hand embarrassment from it

No. 1180134

thank you for that v helpful

No. 1180453

We don’t know who your comment is in reply to. Learn to integrate

No. 1180608

they saged jfc calm down
>inb4 infighting

anon just click on the No. of the person youre replying to

No. 1182670

Thank you for being so nice to me on a hate blog on someone I also have personal issues with IRL and outside of SL… but is the same person who said I stalked her when I actively avoided her until someone forced her to come to the place I was at (SL) because they lied to help her by DOXING my IRL info… (when I also market ONLINE.. so I PUBLICLY u alias's so that I CANNOT be DOXED…) ALSO… she only knows me by my SL user and INSTAGRAM user… LOL she never heard my FIRST IRL NAME.. EVEN… SO LOL…
also new vids are currently being edited and UPLOADED further proving that the accusations MADE HERE are also NOT UNTRUE! (she doxs herself on a daily without being triggered just by ranting to her streams and INSTAGRAM for attention seeking/self victimizing/narcissist/hypocritical purposes… :)

No. 1183021

This was not a well done video.
You can barely read what it is saying Atleast have a generic robot reading it
Also there is no evidence what so ever

No. 1183031

its just her screaming into the mic very conserning insults for someone she doesn't even know outside of SL? lol is the point of the video and also was just too lazy to edit in subtitles and put through more harrasment by my own accord so :) also the original vid I shortened was over 45 min long lol

No. 1183032

I hope this is neater for you

No. 1183039

Looks like Shitty second life drama

No. 1183102

File: 1615596622528.png (123.89 KB, 304x1080, asdfadf.png)

If you got some weird clicks on your ig yesterday she apparently got plastered and went on a rant and posted screenshots of your ig dms to her discord, unfortunately I wasn't online to be able to record any of it

No. 1183466

Lol funny how she continues to DOX HERSELF lol … also NOT MY IRL IG… MY SIDE ALT I USE FOR MY ONLINE SECONDLIFE/IMVU LOL !!! It’s the fact that she sits here and literally plays into every trap I’ve ever sit here and planned out specifically for this one racist / overpriced / overrated / 2$ Bell Delphine / pick-me / e-girl / achoholic / THOT / Trumpie ! :) can we say triggered ? Lol … #myahstoptiertrollvipess :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1184192

File: 1615716396820.png (Spoiler Image,592.92 KB, 1170x2532, 3929EF5E-4280-4269-B8E6-FA2463…)

SICK TO MY STOMACH … BOYD ON SECONDLIFE LEAKED AN ACTUALL ADDRESS OF MINE … MADE AN ACOUNT WITH MY LEGAL NAME ON MY ID … ALL IN THE NAME OF MYAH!!! BOYD AND HARRISON ARE ACCUSSED PEDOS AND GROOMING TRUMPIES WHO SHE CALLS HER FUCKING SIMP ASS “FRIENDS” AND I HAVE HER ON REC SAYING THIS LOL … ANYWAYS… fucking spoiled bc LITERALLY EW!!! Also… oxoxsleftchest is going viral everywhere and I love that for them (dont assume gender pls!) LOL :) but I bet no one other than her and ME can leak this! :D(newfaggotry)

No. 1184208

Uhm.. are you okay?

No. 1184464


are you the weird autistic groid with a moustache that's been stalking Myah?

No. 1184466

File: 1615747423322.png (321 KB, 535x476, Untitled.png)

No. 1184505

according to this girl she and myah fought on second life 3 years ago because of myah’s harassment and now myah’s simps(?) are doxxing her.

what is your irl relation to myah? Was it her stalking you outside of the game?

No. 1184526

Youre also autistic and weird lol

No. 1184638

no im more than ok from the amount of money im gonna cash in from all her "fake ass clout" lol
when the same people making fun of my ASPERGERS - >>1184505
Then base line over the quors of three years as this thread is now flooding from all the "clout" im getting for editing videos of myahs drunk ass making herself look dumb…
and ALSO the people making fun of me are the same ones who cant google my own mental ILLNESS because atleast I CHOOSE to fucking type in GOOGLE in my BROWSER so that I have to say I'm triggered about someone else's PERSONAL and PRIVATE life that someone with a racist fan base is actively trying to get you DDS'd (which BOYD DID)
BTW GUYS… it all boils down to me not putting up or caring about fucking status ONLINE????
ANYWAYS… since "I'm such a fat retarded dyke CUNT" I guess I'll just let the screenshots of the ANALYSIS of my CHANNEL EATING AND SPITTING OUT HER RAT HEADED Trumpie fan base… bc atleast when I get drunk and bitch at the people IN MY SERVER that don't screenshot unless they are making fun OF YOU! NOT ME! WHY? Because THERE IS A REASON THAT MYAH HERSELF DIDN'T KNOW I WAS EVEN STILL ALIVE AND SHE KNEW ME AS A SL USERNAME!? Up unter her pdo gr*mr BOOMER BOYD DOXD ACTUALLY private info in the NAME OF MYAH… because everyone didn't know about this for a LONG 3 years because why? I'm not a pic-me-girl ONLINE… BC I don't WANT or even NEED a "life coach" to tell me how to present myself on a platform(s) that literally anyone can just press and search very easily accessable and very PUBLIC things about MYAH and notice how…? idk?? A racist why p*do she likes to call her friends!? (like HARRISSON and BOYD) … yeah guys these are the people she keeps them as friends…
she got a man to get a REAL ADDRESS but THANKFULLY since I'm already paranoid to every fake ass SD hacking my handles with something as simple as my email just bc of the shade of my SKIN guys… so maybe idk… LOL don't be ignorant about some literally no one knew about until BOYD TRIGGERED Myah for the sake of her Trumpie Fanbase… also she has a chest guys… no boobs.. she's always adjusting something that isn't even moving… LOL anyways… atleast when I make myself LOOK DUMB I ADMIT IT… but some whore who gets drunk just to DOX herself… compared to a NB POC literally writing, ENGINEERING, and whole ass ALBUM, I write, sing, and RAP… btw I'm VERY smart guys if u care to not remain ignorant uk… proof is in the screenshot of my CHANNEL ONCE I STARTED EXPOSING U PEOPLE U THOUGHT WERE GENUINE WHO ARE ACTUALLY VILES PEOPLE JUST TRYING TO ACTIVELY COVER UP THEIR TRACKS AS IM JUST GOING TO MAKE IT HARDER FOR THEM TO EVEN TO THAT…. also xoxo.. thanks for admitting white I got it on record since u like to have "blackmail" I have… evidence babe… see the difference through ur racist gla-….? no? giving me free promo w my FREESTYLED lyrics as ur str-..? oh ok haha thanks for promoing for me which is why I did all this and everyone and sad around literally telling ME THEY are triggered over a situation NO ONE THERE EVEN KNEW ABOUT UNTIL BOYD STARTED DOXXING AND HARASSING ME AND HER FOR HER BENEFIT AND NOT THE "Ni-" here who's xoxo's right hand man… their token black THEMSELF I have screenshots calling me a man in 2018.. LOL u can't expose people for something other than the truth… bc that literally all I even did this for was to honestly make it easier to promo music ive postponed for a simple FACT that …
I KNEW she would LOVE to talk about BELLA again…
for those of u who aren't u know…. smart… like me…
THIS MEANS … TROLL BY ACTING DUMB … but ACTUALLY USING QUOTES TO U EVERY TIME I SPEAK OF SHIT OTHER PEOPLE SAY ABOUT U BEHIND UR BACK>>> WHY? BC I SEE IT ON YOUTUBE AND U DONT BC UR oh so… ignorant … #fatality #fuckxoxo #meandallmyhomiesfuckinghatexoxoslmeangirls ♥ #vipesshaspeopleonhersidenow #sonexttimeanother bitch brings ME LIFE THAT IS PRIVATE UNLIKE UR JOBLESS THOT HERE OH YEAH I MAKE MY OWN MONEY THAT I COULD BE MAKING LOOK DUMB FOR BC SHE ALSO LEAKED MY HANDLES THAT NO ONE AT THE HUB EVEN KNEW ABOUT? LOL.. ok NOW I'M DONE ♥ My dyke fat lying cunt ass love the xoxo bc i fought alone as everyone harrassed me esp when i brough people or (people came TO ME) because uk ONCE A TRUMP ALWAYS A TRUMPIE! ♥
The fact that w the screenshots she's throwing around even her fans are like… "seems like a troll to me sis" LOL BC I AM xD she has almost 200k on YOUTUBE remember? I'm the one who has LESS THAN 200! BY CHOICE! BTW xD … u can't see my 0eff deposists tho LOL…. :)

No. 1184640

Stupid second life spergging at it again. Myah is just as crazy as these people on second life.

No. 1184652

lol no actually and its fucking SICK
lol everyones so concerned about
but btw Myah is also the same reason WHY i ended 3 important relas of my own private lives bc i called them all out for being cowards… >>1184638 this is for more evidence not blackmail play attention closely notice how ryan here knew me from a hub outside of the one he's defending me on only knowing bc of me finding him at a diff hub and actually being nice and trolling people (my own friends and partnerS) btw and they laugh WITH ME bc they know I CARE MORE THAN MYAH LOL clearly.. if everyones begging me to shut up ab a sitch that happened started for her disrespecting me and me not caring ab her status to BEG FOR FORGIVENESS bc i can MAKE MY OWN MONEY without being BORN WITH A MONEY RICH HUNGRY TRUMPIE FAMWY ♥ ! :D I raised myself since BIRTH! so u literally cant scare me until BORD or MYAH is outside and ill be scared for MY Ni- "ER" ass getting ??? IDK in JAIL MADE FOR ME NOT YK.. MADE TO PROTECT THE PEOPLE OUTSIDE OF JAILL… LOL BOYD… HARRIS.. are the same people she calls her friends… >>1184640
her own screenshots make her look stupid lol her title was one my my FREESTYLED LYRICS LOL

also guys… she SWEARS i got inspired by her which IS TRUE .. back in 2018! THO XD WHEN I SAW HER FAKE ASSS IN cir. frek. bc thats when she LOOKED COOL but still has TRUMPIE posted in her own backgrounds.. lol do ur fuckin reasearch on a literal SHIT THREAD on a fucking TOXIC ASS E-THOT !$… Bell Delphine / thot / pic-me-girl / desperate / e-GIRL / Quoted : xoxomyah: "I'm not very womanly" :) we know babe thats why u have a thread on HOW AND WHY U ARE NOT! :D ♥
also look at how she's getting people to dox for her while she does it for her own self while drinking and vomiting out her MOUTH …

No. 1184703

This person closed their account over shit like this?
Does myah threatened these stupid second life users? I guess it’s the only platform where she thinks she has power.
Second life users are really sad

No. 1184704

You are getting way too fucking obsessive and it shows, myah is not gonna succeed she’s just a shitty person in general and hasn’t gain any new attraction since then. Channel your energy elsewhere dear god this isn’t new milk
We all know myah is toxic
We all know she doxxes people and having files of people on her flash drives

This isn’t any new milk we all know she’s a shitty person and narcissistic.

This is like that man’s spergging in the previous thread all over again and now this thread is just second life players spergging

No. 1188711

what is up with all these schizos without milk hopping onto the myah threads

No. 1189342

File: 1616314625167.jpeg (719.48 KB, 750x1186, BAB88EA4-32B4-4914-8702-19F73D…)

This is some neck beard type of shit..

No. 1190419

File: 1616431240707.png (535.13 KB, 750x1334, 75214590-BD3E-4E10-A523-6EEBAE…)

So she plays on her loud ass piano while her family tries to sleep lmao wht a cunt

No. 1190916

well she is a self centered bitch, are u even surprised? I can only feel pity for her step siblings, living with her must been a nightmare

No. 1191525

File: 1616547945250.jpeg (72.67 KB, 508x585, 0ED9E8BA-0CC3-4418-A514-B285AC…)

Myah’s scraggly, thinning, corpse-like hair really gives off this energy lol

No. 1193158

File: 1616709760244.jpeg (481.32 KB, 750x744, 51E8E8B1-F639-47C2-98DD-8FA0FD…)

Not going to lie.
This cover art is really nice. The other ones were trash.
Is this supposed to be a song about her past self??? What has changed besides the hair?

No. 1197422

myah seriously has gotten herself a pc that costs about 4/5k ? (i9 cpu and 3060gtx gpu are expensive af) to play like 2 games LOL. With the fucking reasoning that she didn't want to get the ps5 which would have been atleast 5 times cheaper than that setup.
Ironic how myah mocked "gamergirls" years ago but has turned into the biggest ethot i've ever seen with that pink headset and her presenting her ass and dirty feet on instagram.

No. 1197526

does Megan stream with her?

No. 1198270

This one off just seals the deal for vipess for me(<3)

No. 1198271

Maybe if she admits it that would be a real change for once lol besides the already drastically different once lol

No. 1198822

What the fuck are you talking about Anon LOL in no world does that come out to +3k if you told me her build or was over 2k minus peripherals I would be shocked

No. 1201516

Meh either way my music and life is dropping so lol who cares bc i dont xD

No. 1201517

How about the fact that she’s q closeted lesbian??? LOL

No. 1206195

I pray for myah every night(necro)

No. 1206209

lol sage because this is so fucking stupid but when I browse the catalog stoned, I see the thumbnail for this thread and think it's Emilia Clarke not Myah. Something about the arm movements and the eyebrows lol?

No. 1208460


you obviously don't know anything about hardware then , you can look it up yourself. The gpu itself is not available for as of right now , therefore the value has risen even more.

No. 1213311

tard listen to yourself for a moment you’re saying you THINK she bought at an upcharge. even if she did you can buy a resold 3060 for only 750. that’s not a lot of money and in terms of current gpus it is cheap and far from the best. get a hold of yourself. you’re psyching yourself out into thinking she bought a 5k pc LMFAOOOOO

No. 1213417

Who cares about her PC.
This is not new milk

No. 1214204


stop fighting people for estimating numbers, nobody cares how much her cheap looking pc costs originally. if you are going to comment on this thread, atleast add some new information you brainless rat.

No. 1219954

I pray that she comes to terms with her sexuality and stop lying to herself… she knows she's a lesbian and fails to admit it on top of begging for ugly/stinky boys attention while also playing a very outplayed victim card… let's get real here…. her new song says it all… her and her fans are just blind to how much she's just another lost soul who needs to find herself before her own self destruction destroys herself and everyone around her…

No. 1220415

Absolute nitpick incoming but, why does myah ask what colour to dye her hair next but always dyes it a combo of blonde/pink regardless? Like why ask if you’re not gonna change anything? Idk just seems kind of attention seeking to me.

No. 1222771

>>1219954 sorry but… what makes u think shes a lesbo?

No. 1222870

yea nonnie, I’m interested in your reasoning too. The only thing that seemed lesbo to me was her saying “I have big dick energy that attracts all the girls” or something to that effect and it gave off butch energy tbh. And tbh, she does give big dick energy.

No. 1223391

She admitted once on live she drove through a snowstorm late at night for some frat/athlete dick. That's not the actions of a lesbian. No lesbian is degrading themselves by lying under beds on boys dirty dorm room floors. Her mom's obviously accepting, she dated a girl when she was younger. Idk why you're so committed to this

No. 1224776


*Click to reveal Myah's sexual orientation.

No. 1224967

Didn’t even notice until now. Myah lost a lot of followers on her Instagram. Probably because she isn’t as active as she should be but she used to be almost at 330k now she’s hitting closer to 290k. I’m no fan of ava but I’m happy she surprised myah in followers now.

No. 1232312

god it’s no wonder why myah’s such a narcissist, her mom and her fans literally coddle and treat her like a fucking god. her discord is filled with nothing but a bunch of unemployed losers who stay at home and play video games all day. one guy got kicked because he wasn’t active 24/7 because he has a job and works most of the time, and myah kicked him because you have to be constantly active and participating. she literally treats her discord as if it needs to be the top priority in your life. most of the girls in there just post thirst-trapping selfies for attention, they’re all just like her. also not to mention how every single night she just talks about how drunk she is and then starts going on these random rants to people. her mom needs to put her daughter in rehab instead of supplying her alcoholism. also someone needs to take away the word “dronk” from her because i’m sure everyone is tired of her constantly saying how “dronk” she is. it’s disappointing to see so many girls trying to dress like her, pose like her, talk like her, etc. her discord is just a cult with everyone in there worshipping her and encouraging her behavior.

No. 1232332

Post an invite

No. 1232623

Do it. Post an invite lol

No. 1232743

yeah I was also in the discord for a while to keep up with the tea but 1)school got busy and 2)everyone other than myah was utterly banal and uninteresting. I stopped checking in and got kicked.

to the other anons, just follow her insta for a bit, she posts the link in her story pretty frequently

No. 1234413

File: 1621512191791.jpeg (195.43 KB, 750x1051, 2F9BD770-7E28-4DC6-99BF-8AEBF5…)

No. 1234414

File: 1621512231390.jpeg (185.74 KB, 750x1069, C29B320A-188D-4F5D-8855-4B036E…)

No. 1235035

Wtf there’s no way she’s expecting people to answer this. It’s just a discord server. Pretty high of her to ask for education and future goals when all she does it gets drunk and go on discord and play video games all day. Probably would have been fine a few years back but she’s inching closing to being in her mid 20s now lmfao she needs to grow tf up

No. 1237385

File: 1621922286924.jpeg (441.17 KB, 750x1085, 872F86CB-FA24-4943-915E-828E65…)

Her discord link is on her story now is the time to join if you want some shit

No. 1249444

File: 1623148429357.png (4.5 MB, 750x1334, 76D99D9B-C20D-4798-89D6-CE3F23…)

I think she’s always going to go back on no matter how long she “takes a break from it” second life and show her little “dominance” there.
I think it’s literally a comfort zone to her now

No. 1249445

Second life*

No. 1252214

File: 1623363477923.jpeg (535.19 KB, 750x856, 2CEECEDD-9C7B-4518-B86C-2EEEFE…)

What sucks is that her hair was pretty healthy before. Her friends need to tell her that her hair is severely damaged
Looks fried and so knotted up

No. 1256517

She looks like she just rolled out of bed with the hair and looks like she hasn’t washed it in Weeks.(sage your shit)

No. 1257834

File: 1623818759432.png (1.33 MB, 1578x1052, Screen Shot 2021-06-15 at 11.4…)

She's got a new boytoy I guess, anyone in the discord have any details?

No. 1259598

Alyx (boy) is an irl acquaintance, he posted about losing his virginity to her the other day. Nice enough dude just kinda cringey.

No. 1260128

How pathetic and cringey to even post abt that lmao hopefully he’ll get tired of her and her smells and entitlement(sage, dumbass)

No. 1260461

I'm always surprised this thread didn't get shut down as being vendetta, there's never been much milk and the like-clockwork bumps seem a bit obvious.

No. 1260562


To me this is all anecdotal. Interviewing a former xoxo girl.

No. 1261012

Please don’t promote your shit quality video here newfag

No. 1261228

Wasn’t promoting their video, the video does not belong to them lol
Also you can say what you want about the video just because you say this is “not true” doesn’t mean it is, and that’s kind of outrageous how u would downplay someone else’s experience with this vile person, I’m sure u’ve never had this experience and know nothing about this female and I can assure you this is 100% true and her own experience… this video isn’t to say it’s happening to everyone, but it certainly happened to her… also there’s recipes of them fat shaming her lol and why would someone falsey claim an eating disorder? I know y’all basic bitches like to do that shit now these days, but this female wouldn’t wish it on anyone much less herself… and obviously her name is anon so if she chose to do that it’s obviously to benefit her and share her experience… nothing more nothing less - this video can really just be taken up for your own opinions to decide on the matter but imo… she seemed very genuine and tells a very detailed and accurate story imo…

No. 1261229

Someone pointed something out to me the other day, this might help u out…
Maybe he likes her unwashed ass??? That would be a bummer for me to know that a guy can put up w her stench and uncleanliness

No. 1261659

Idk just something about this whole "cult" she has going on and the fact that she is constantly surrounded by girls.. I get the whole "im addicted to guys thing" and the fact that she has a bf now, but I just think it's out of pure boredom and no girls around her actually wanting to date her… and the amount of time and energy she has to waste around talking about girls with other girls… idk just seems to me as if she would rather be eating puss than getting "heartbroken" by boys… that may just be me though

No. 1263973

File: 1624635665598.jpeg (923.08 KB, 2568x2568, 63CAAB1F-068F-4769-A08B-653F0E…)

nitpick, but she really just blurs the fuck out of her face every photo. like for someone so “real” and who “paid” that much for a new nose. I surprise this time she wasn’t wearing the same white crusty thirst trap shorts.

No. 1264626

Good thing she cut her hair.
I do think it looks better on her

No. 1281021

File: 1626808058489.png (2.32 MB, 828x1792, 62EEF213-9873-40C7-B5C0-8F4686…)

anyone know what these stories are about? i was thinking they were about alyx but there’s nothing on his ig or in the discord

No. 1281093

He posted some rando girl with the title "imagine being this pretty" or something like that. idk why that's causing such a stir with her fans I feel like there must be something else going on

No. 1281225

File: 1626828825683.png (2.13 MB, 828x1792, 994B481E-0C69-4489-9410-3EF119…)

They broke up it seems.
No idea what happened but it wasn’t super public she had a whole rant on Instagram I really hope she is trying to change for the better.
Her rant on Instagram wasn’t as childish compared to her older rants.

No. 1281344

File: 1626848172619.png (1.01 MB, 704x1096, Screen Shot 2021-07-20 at 3.54…)

Literally the same screenshot the other person posted are you ok?

No. 1281424

To be fair I didn’t see it until after I posted it

No. 1283145

File: 1627085164442.jpeg (531.21 KB, 828x1043, 6FDE3154-CCD6-4404-A9A7-9A2681…)

Even though she can has horrible attitude this is pretty sad. She always showed off her ferret.

No. 1283187

the only thing i liked about myah was goo, that sucks.

No. 1291669

File: 1628188343199.png (280.32 KB, 750x1334, 5A4904E5-FCE1-4B1C-9E8B-2E6CF3…)

This made me laugh idk why lol

No. 1296088

File: 1628527076012.png (6.01 MB, 4500x2436, IMG_6528.PNG)


Whoever it is has to be from this thread. I'm fucking dying lmfao. No lies detected (besides the Goo thing that's too fucked, rip)

No. 1299074

literally embarrassing on both of their parts, girl talking is just going back and forth with herself and talking ab her superiority and myah and kait are shitfaced and yelling at random people online. idk why myah still does this stuff you’d think she would have grown out of it by now and her mature front on her ig gets thrown out the window the second she touches alcohol.

No. 1300458

Nonnie, how is she ever going to mature if all she does every day is sitting in her room like a hermit crab, playing video games and getting drunk.

No. 1301264


I think the most frustrating thing about her is that she's not completely talentless. She has potential. After her attempt with whatever music company she worked with before, it's like she just stopped trying. Now she doesn't even try to get her music out there. She posts it on youtube and instagram, which has barely any results because she doesn't have the following she did before in the green hair days. She can't even acknowledge any of this and deflects the whole thing while she just plays games and heavily drinks 24/7. Yet she still thinks so highly of herself because her mom's always gassed her up. She has the fucking gall to bitch and moan about people "not doing anything with their life" and "not being driven." She takes what she secretly feels about herself and projects on others.

No. 1302702

>>1301264 potential??? have u heard gemini?? the only talent she has is playing mw alone in her room on the $6000 gaming pc her mommy bought her

No. 1304165

Since she deleted it here’s a reupload


No. 1306755

File: 1629712877819.png (1.67 MB, 828x1792, 9089DBD2-CC61-4310-A62B-F821C3…)

Just google nearby piercing places with good reviews????

No. 1307120

her deleted albums are way more impressive than any of the new shit she’s released, at least she had drive and a vision back then. she had potential and her music got a ton of support in 2017 but now it’s completely diminished. her recent songs are boring and lazy, it seems like she’s just given up

No. 1313850

File: 1630576807941.jpeg (35.9 KB, 828x187, F3E66495-9738-4227-BFC5-B9EE34…)

I don’t remember her working 25/8 unless she’s talking about being more active on YouTube and you now.
But also this thread has been dead for awhile because she’s not active anymore. I take that she quit social media and is moving on.

No. 1318238

File: 1631051508728.jpeg (220.81 KB, 585x505, 5FC2B6C7-2139-48E2-9F3D-BDEAE9…)

Oh man her doctor did not do a great job on the second nose job. Her nostrils are straight up triangles….

No. 1319014

File: 1631124806577.gif (169.52 KB, 56x56, 1630219427208.gif)

unironically based(sage )

No. 1327114

File: 1631923334528.jpeg (582.65 KB, 1192x2407, 9C9982A3-41C6-4303-AD6A-C80D26…)

the fuck is that head to hip proportion. also her jowls..

No. 1327391

wtf she looks 80 kekekek

No. 1333621

File: 1632534916199.png (5.48 MB, 1125x2436, 4B1CF6DA-D031-449E-9F0E-A8F6F2…)

jfc get your life together

No. 1333874

Not going to lie I had trouble reading that wtf she meant everyone… this way of spelling is so confusing

No. 1335672

File: 1632756357094.png (631.15 KB, 828x1792, 389E5D88-66A0-4F52-A584-A43AD0…)

Someone is back on Twitter

No. 1339192

File: 1633122989228.jpeg (77.17 KB, 750x678, AEB08E85-B25A-4E0E-BD75-9A89F5…)

kpop arc? not gonna lie, i miss when this thread was more active but there hasn't been much milk lately. (1/2)

No. 1339194

File: 1633123013463.jpeg (210.65 KB, 750x557, EC682EB9-2177-4F4B-B349-49B0D0…)


No. 1339196

she’s been blasting this twink on her snap and insta for weeks by now

No. 1339422

ever since she became friends with that cait girl shes been a kpopfag, especially for txt and skz. all her recent singing vids on ig are kpop songs. i would personally love this arc to continue until we get the video of her going full koreaboo singing in korean. kek

No. 1341097

I wonder if it’s weird with her yellow fever since Megan’s current bf is Asian

No. 1343235

I noticed the strange and sudden obsession with Kpop as well… she’s like a skin walker. She takes on the personality or interests of whoever she is closest to at the time. You guys remember when she was hanging out with Ava and started tanning all of a sudden? lololol

No. 1355614

File: 1635187573477.jpeg (224.04 KB, 277x1003, BF711928-C79E-4EFD-9BBB-A654E6…)

fucking hell she fell off

No. 1355631

gtfo why does she look like that… HAHA

No. 1355821

shes def the ugliest of her friend group… yikes

No. 1355830

File: 1635211690578.jpeg (63.5 KB, 605x1185, 1DBFD2FD-A478-4CA1-BBE7-ABAE94…)

her outfits are atrocious

No. 1356663

what happened to her?? shes obviously trying to be an egirl but looks more like the local methhead.
she looked more 'egirl' 2016-2018 than she does now. jesus myah

No. 1356725


I noticed she gained a bit of weight here to be fair nothing wrong with that but I remember she used to boast about how underweight she used to be and fat shame people. She’s not big by any means but there is a difference to her weight from 1-2 years ago

No. 1357005

File: 1635370885865.jpeg (462.05 KB, 750x923, 6C98DA91-AB12-4771-969C-DEC73C…)

Yeah her taste in fashion in is pretty……..bad

No. 1357006

File: 1635370911814.jpeg (416.64 KB, 750x915, 081C4A92-7A7E-4B39-9ED3-55A0AE…)

No. 1357019

File: 1635372937311.jpeg (474.63 KB, 1535x1888, 81EF0226-FA95-443C-8FA0-A77EB8…)

she used to constantly talk about how toxic and abnormal it is to obsess over celebrities and now this is her twitter feed lmao

No. 1357142

its honestly embarrassing that this is her at 23. editing your fav celeb into a photo of yourself is some shit that 13 year olds do.
this is a nitpick but what happened to her face?? i cant tell if shes just gained weight but her face looks so bloated and saggy??

No. 1357163

Haha it’s funny seeing this thread semi active for what I saw from her story she would drink every day and eat lunchables and call it a meal… probably due to her lifestyle and diet she looks nutritionally malnourished

No. 1357240

File: 1635398751652.png (4.33 MB, 1639x2014, myahcow.png)

i cant pick out exactly what changed but she looks SO much worse.

No. 1357273

Do you think it could be from her drinking? Doesn’t alcohol cause bloating to the face and this bitch drinks every day

No. 1357333

i think its a shit tonne of things and drinking is def one of them lol.
the inner corner eyeliner doesnt suit her at all.
i get the impression shes been watching kbeauty/korean makeup tutorials and doing that rather than makeup that actually suits her face

No. 1357670

it’s because those before pictures were before her second nose job, she looks like a crackwhore now who has a fetishisation for korean men

No. 1357850

i cant tell if she just stopped lining her lips as much or what but it seems as if the surgeon made her nose shorter, which in turn makes her top lip look thinner because her philtrum is longer.

No. 1366707

File: 1636628726435.jpeg (78.56 KB, 828x315, D77F885A-A66D-45FB-9F02-A965CB…)

These are from her Gemini video.. honestly that song is awful but supposedly she was in a livestream with some semi famous youtuber being rude as fuck. She can’t even keep up with Her positivity persona it seems. I tried to look for the livestream but can’t find it anywhere

No. 1366708

File: 1636628834020.jpeg (70.71 KB, 828x436, 42968140-FAF3-49CF-A865-443EC0…)

Sage this post but this is the youtuber apparently. From the other comments talking about it. It’s pretty old milk 3 months ago

No. 1377169


late reply, but do you know if there is a recording? I tried looking for it a while ago and couldnt find anything

No. 1386035

File: 1638754608731.jpeg (1.86 MB, 4096x2731, B89DB2D3-9FA7-40F7-9827-39569D…)

it’s insane that her nose shrunk this much and she still alluded to being unhappy with her second nosejob on insta live

No. 1386310


It shrunk so much it actually does not suite her face at all. I honestly don’t know why she touched her nose again I thought her first nose job was fine even though it wasn’t so perfect it looks subtle and natural even though it was a major change from her original nose. This nose looks so pinched making the rest of her features look big. Her head even looks bigger

No. 1387963

File: 1638965537470.jpeg (120.42 KB, 661x696, BD221172-7F04-4B41-8758-8211DF…)

No. 1391347

File: 1639349064399.jpeg (223.65 KB, 1125x939, C1D33E40-BB61-4AE1-8E2B-C65BFA…)

she says this whilst being an unhygienic greasy lazy piece of shit that brings 0 contributions to society.

No. 1391418

File: 1639353834828.jpeg (874.95 KB, 4096x2731, 23AADC50-A233-4113-B6F8-1AB04E…)

what in the actual fuck happened to her face

No. 1391481

Wow she’s still fat shaming but has fat friends and gained some weight too. Love that

No. 1391627

It's that goddamn third or second nj she did it rlly fucked up her face

No. 1391701

It's not just the nosejobs or the paper thin unflattering bangs, Myah's Vyvanse and cotton candy flavor vodka lifestyle is catching up to her. It's the sort of substance abuse bloat that never goes away.

No. 1392139

it looks like the middle of her face is just collapsing. can't wait to see the next nosejob!!

No. 1392351

Oh my…. She looks sickly pale more than usual I agree with anon she always says she doesn’t have an alcohol problem but she drinks everyday if you watch her Instagram stories always posting alcoholic drinks. Her alcohol abuse and lazy life style is catching up to her quick. She still thinks she looks like a teen it’s crazy I think she looks older than she actually is.

No. 1392393

File: 1639454750856.jpg (30.8 KB, 500x348, tumblr_p7g6906dRH1wsq92uo1_500…)

Wtf, she doesn't look like herself anymore, that nose goes thinner and thinner. reminds me of those older rich women who got too much of ps to the point one next surgery finally botched their looks permanently. damn just stop with those surgeries. looks like a cross of Courtney Love and Michael Jackson

No. 1392590

File: 1639485133100.jpg (312.68 KB, 716x724, Screenshot_20211214-160501_Ins…)

Why r her lips so dry n crusty?? Is it frm all that drinking??? Also those freckles are nightmarish sage for nitpick

No. 1392660

is she trying to look like felix from skz?

No. 1392685

yeah blonde white girls who do avril lavigne e-girl makeup actually try to look like an asian moid

No. 1393979

File: 1639628015649.png (6.99 MB, 1242x2208, 420F6FB9-FDA9-471B-80F4-DF8BCF…)

does she think she looks better? awkward…

No. 1395677

The tip of her nose is a literal bulb

No. 1395716

Myah is slowly morphing into that one guy who spent thousands to look like a kpop singer but looks botched as fuck. I think his name is Oli London?

No. 1396058

I guess this is to show off the breast implants?

No. 1396070

Anon it literally looks like she put in weight and is wearing bigger bras…. That’s not a boob job

No. 1396975


This song is pretty good actually displays her vocals really well. If only she did more promoting

No. 1397053

I wonder if this is her coming out song lmfao

No. 1397374

idk if i wanna bring this to light cause i know she reads these but anncy finally made a vid about her la trip with myah and ava and whoever tf else. didnt mention by name but i knew from the last part shes talking about myah lol. sage cause idk if this is anything really.

No. 1398388

lol did she actually get her tits done?

No. 1403860

File: 1640755515281.jpeg (473.87 KB, 828x1426, E967A1A4-AF97-42AB-A315-22089C…)


No. 1403864

File: 1640755922380.jpeg (309.68 KB, 828x1242, D9EBEE3C-CC23-43FB-8060-369402…)

then she gets into an argument with this girl but her friend comes to the rescue bc myah couldn’t just actually defend her points…lol

No. 1403865

File: 1640755999199.jpeg (160.78 KB, 828x591, C744F2AA-2D57-421B-B373-BB464E…)

her friend from her discord defending her and then myah validating her lol

No. 1403940

File: 1640761438183.jpeg (239.65 KB, 828x526, 026EAD03-E956-409F-AEB2-E8293C…)

How much who wanna bet she’s not even vaccinated and she does go out to bars and party what’s the sad excuse she has for being unvaccinated. Asthma?

No. 1403942

File: 1640761602188.jpeg (418.97 KB, 828x874, C5D3C78D-B7E0-4460-B184-DABE21…)

What intellect?

No. 1404021

she mostly a homebody these days bc most of her friends are online. But when she is hanging out with them, they are at malls, bars, restaurants, and concerts. her excuse for not being vaccinated is “my body, my choice” and “it doesn’t stop the spread” so, some lame ass shit. all this stuff was said on twitter.

No. 1404047

File: 1640771087996.jpeg (76.66 KB, 828x209, 5F2F6DE5-3BA5-4FEB-91E0-17585F…)

Is she seriously still fat shaming people?? She looked dumb in the argument so decided to call the girl who called her out a land whale. Myah is not even considered that skinny anymore

No. 1404049

File: 1640771497280.jpeg (263.58 KB, 828x884, 57605FBE-CB48-4F2F-9476-8D9158…)

she goes on to insult her weight but earlier on in the argument she commented on her “unladylike” or “disgusting” behavior. and myah is definitely still very small and petite but she shouldn’t be commenting on other’s weight. especially, since some of her friends are and were bigger.

No. 1404050

She could have kept her Twitter inactive.

No. 1404054

i think she came back to twitter bc now she’s into k-pop and that’s where a lot of stans communicate and post pics. but i think she’s forgot why she felt in the first place, she forgot anyone can read the fucked up shit she says not just her fans and friends.

No. 1404216

Omg this girl is so dumb and clearly mentally stunted.. and her views on the vaccine are so dumb the vaccine does stop the spread qnd helps make sure less ppl get it what a retard.. also how's she gonn call other girls fat when her only black friend is big asf

No. 1404457

File: 1640814560046.jpeg (91.68 KB, 828x291, FE888F86-C079-424A-B79C-53FBE0…)

i always wonder how do her bigger friends feel about her constantly talking down on bigger ppl…like do they not think “damn, she probably does and/or would talk about me this way”.

No. 1404467

How and why is she aware of the weight of players in an online game?

No. 1404486

that’s the thing she probably doesn’t know but calling someone fat is her go to insult…which is why i don’t understand how her bigger friends can tolerate her clear fatphobia.(>fatphobia)

No. 1404893

She probably does the high pitch defense compliments to her fat friends “YOU ARE NOT FAT AT ALL SHUT UP, I’m talking about the -fat- fatties”

No. 1405106

this thread is kinda dry, so i just wanted to say a lot of myah’s friends from the discord are all at her house for New Years. she’s updating on her insta stories, snap, discord, and twitter. let’s see if they’re all still friends with her after living with her for some time…lol.

No. 1405257

I don’t think anything would happen because these are from her discord they basically worship her there.

No. 1405278

oh, trust me i know, as someone who’s in the server, myah is definitely doted on in there. but we’ve sianna, who was her friend for 10 years, dislike her after living with her…so let’s see.

No. 1405345

they’ll gladly dote on her and have minimal points of contention because they pose as no real threat to her. for example, they aren’t exactly easy on the eyes as a group. she’ll always take photos of them looking goofy and in unflattering poses all the time to cement that and look presentable for herself and assert her dominance in a way. plus of course they have no followings comparable to hers. it’s once that narcissistic character of hers feels challenged that they’ll see her true colors.

No. 1405357

she does tend to post unflattering pics of her friends from when they were young and w/ weird filters used…especially kait. like in the discord she’ll post a pic of when kait was younger and chubbier (not to be rude but i think that’s shows how she likes to make fun of them a little).

No. 1405368

myah’s been out, but she stopped dating girls bc it never worked out. she was all for dating men until she realized it never goes well (for her at least lol). i think this song is about her friend, kait, they’ve called each other soulmates and girlfriend before.

No. 1405370

that’s what angers me about myah, she could actually be something if she put real effort into it. she’s actually a great singer but has shit guidance and ambition.

No. 1405372

she could really be somebody if it wasn't for her

No. 1405380

honestly, she holds herself back, but if she’s happy where she is in her career then whatever…

No. 1405409

>she’s actually a great singer
She sounds like literally every contestant from Idol/X Factor/The Voice who doesn't make it past the first round. No personality, no tone, no distinguishing features, just karaoke.
Suppose it shouldn't be surprising that someone like this dumb lazy drunk would have fans and yet here we are.

No. 1405422

i may be bias bc i was an on and off fan for years, but i like myah’s voice (i suggest listening to her “controlled chaos” album and her covers on yt). and she had been training vocally since she was like 6 (i think), so she is a technical singer.

No. 1405425

and while i may not really like myah, i definitely think she has some personality and a unique look (especially in her grunge green hair era lol).(learn2sage)

No. 1405433

does anyone have her discord link? is it a shit ton of people?

No. 1405435

it’s in her instagram when you go onto the saved stories

No. 1405437

can anyone include it here

No. 1405542

her friends are such followers they agree with her uneducated right-leaning opinions just for her precious approval…how do ppl reach this level of manipulation skill, she’s like a cult leader lol.

No. 1405624

Nitpick but her black friend is such a coon ass bitch like an uncle Tom(racebait)

No. 1405878

i don’t like calling fellow black ppl “coon” but it’s obvious she’s trying to fit in with her white friends. and it shows in the weird jokes she and myah make about black ppl and the n word.

No. 1405926

idk how to sage things but i was wondering if we're not allowed to post links here…bc i posted the link to myah's discord and it got deleted.

No. 1405935

No one in this thread seems to know how to sage. Read the rules. Write Sage in the email field.

No. 1405940

i’m new and there was a bunch of rules. all you had to say was “write sage in the email field”.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1405947

write sage in the email field, newfag

No. 1406187

i feel like since myah has made all these new friends, her and megan have been drifting apart. like i realized that she isn’t at myah’s house for “xos take new years ” lol.

No. 1406572

File: 1641083226295.png (3.23 MB, 828x1792, 0657F930-871A-46D1-8216-36AFD0…)

I gasped that carpet is dirty

No. 1406604

are we surprised, myah is too spoiled to clean lol.

No. 1406640

File: 1641087897575.jpeg (425.79 KB, 828x1105, D1635A1C-531C-4CA6-9955-8B962B…)

this is the same girl that was defending myah on twitter when she said that anti-vax shit, a couple of days ago. myah doesn’t even follow her on insta, hasn’t posted her in her insta story, didn’t include her in her recent insta post, and barely posted her on snap. but she was definitely at myah’s house celebrating with everyone. and she has pronouns in her bio and supports blm, shit that myah has literally made fun of not too long ago. this is probably a dumb post but it shows that myah has minions lol.

No. 1406643

My friends knows one of the xo girls and she said that a few of the people in xo were kicked from Myah’s house after flying out the night before for the party. Myah left them to find their own way to a motel to stay for the rest of the time they’re there because they were apparently being reckless while drunk and “messing up” Myah’s house on New Years, but tried to say they’re still friends. It looks like the predictions of them having problems came true lol

No. 1406649

i wonder who the “informant” (in xo) was and who got kicked out of myah’s house? how were they being “reckless” exactly? i find it hard to believe it could have been the “velvet bunnie” girl bc she doesn’t seem like that. and did myah invite them back the next night and say they were still friends…? and i knew there would be problems, myah calls ppl her bestfriends one minute, and is making a long vague insta caption about them the next lol.

No. 1406651

File: 1641089675961.jpeg (24.12 KB, 828x120, 72486EC5-3037-4069-95D6-B510E2…)

it’s sad she’s the token black friend, that’s so desperate to fit in she’ll let myah get away with low key racist shit and make fun of black ppl with her. get out of the sunken place.

No. 1406667

They haven't been invited back. As for the names of the people involved, I don't want to say it because I don't want my friend to be in trouble since she's up Myah's ass and it might be obvious who she is if I say, but I feel like it will come to light as this continues.

No. 1406673

yes, i understand myah can be v nasty when ppl aren’t on her side. and i’m pretty sure more shit will happen between the xos soon…

No. 1406838

She just posted with a lot of the girls from the server. It’s mostly unflattering on their end and why the fuck would she tag someone who has a private account? I guess fuck all when it comes to privacy.

No. 1406844

i feel like this is nitpicking, she tagged the girl bc she’s in the first photo and she tagged all of the girls. i’m pretty sure the girl doesn’t mind especially since myah’s her friend and she could just not accept requests…and they all look okay to me lol.

No. 1407094

File: 1641151504805.jpeg (220.5 KB, 828x1336, B9B1D252-29DA-4164-88FB-BF421F…)

she’s like the boss of all hypocrites…i could literally pull up several tweets of her cussing and whining at companies bc their game is glitchy or “ugly”. half of the account is her thinking her opinions are so important that a company would care…they really dgaf about ur cod opinions myah.

No. 1407101

File: 1641151955845.jpeg (200.06 KB, 828x676, 3152BAE2-F5F0-4E6D-9F99-673A5D…)

fucking popular girl henchmen activities…how are u defending myah’s dumb “my body, my choice” argument one day but u retweet something like this earlier…whenever the queen myah needs saving someone’s always to the rescue lol.

No. 1407579

what’s strange and annoying to me about her is how she tries to inconsistently express ego and concern. she claims she doesn’t care about clout/validation but her likes are private every other few weeks on Instagram. I also feel like she forced herself to be friends with Meg all these years just to feel like she got credibility on the longevity of their friendship bc when I compare them as ppl Meg is nothing like her- not even her style. their friendship seems so forced. I vividly remember when myah grew out of her weird fake EmO phase and started posting all of the glittery pink hello kitty shit megan did the same thing…her inconsistencies weird me out I feel like she tries so hard to change herself too much. she’s so dull like…

No. 1407582

why is every flop YouTuber trying to be a gamer/streamer now?? also why does this bitch have a new style/music taste every second?? remember when she was obsessed with rappers like yung lean, peep, x, post Malone, etc.

No. 1407583

yeah she has so many identity/self image issues she projects that into ego on the internet.

No. 1407584

wait..she’s obsessed w k pop now? I thought it was a joke or satire….

No. 1407585

she keeps editing herself with random singers and posts the same hello kitty pUKE y2k bullshit now don’t get me started with her hair colors recently.

No. 1407586

i hate the way she types I had an Aneurysm reading her Twitter

No. 1407591

ok so after the previous post about this i was able to get out that it was two guys and a girl that myah kicked from her house after they flew over to see her.. they had to pay all the money on transportation and motels that they couldn’t afford to begin with and i think the other girl just went back home lmao. i remember myah doing this to megan when she drove 3 hours to see her and forced megan to drive back in terrible weather bc myah got pissy or something. it’s such a weird power play as a narcissist but i guess old habits die hard.

No. 1407679

File: 1641216972534.jpeg (366.67 KB, 1242x2410, F2BC28F0-7F5A-43CC-BEEB-3E1FE6…)

she looks…. different…..

No. 1407835

File: 1641235856198.jpeg (1.5 MB, 4000x4000, 3C1D512B-78E2-48AD-BEC2-10C745…)

decided to take some of her recent pics and clear them up a bit to get a better idea of how she’s looking and it’s rough. alcoholism and sleepless nights are hitting her hard

No. 1407875

She just looks like she gained weight and overdid her nose job…kinda awkward looking without extensions in her hair like she used to as well. That’s pretty much it. Idk why she seems shorter than before although that could also be weight gain too.

No. 1407876

remember when she would pathologically lie and exaggerate about all of her so called health issues? what happened to all of that?

No. 1407877

slightly unrelated but a curious question, Nyah used to be mutuals with princessbri on Instagram like she used to hype her UP in her comments, what happened Between them?

No. 1407880

*myah and idk it’s not shocking if they fell out myah never talks to or befriends anyone that doesn’t kiss her ass so

No. 1407914

She has absolutely no cheekbones. Tragic

No. 1407962

Anon not only the weight gain that but that is clearly alcohol abuse. She’s been drinking basically everyday for years now look up before and after pictures of alcoholics that’s alcohol bloat that doesn’t really go down

No. 1408010

File: 1641251495059.jpeg (225.86 KB, 828x1473, AFC2F283-5ED3-4F41-B892-8E0A96…)

the most morally sound person to ever live, do you read this thread…?

No. 1408015

she loves to claim she’s not an alcoholic, she’s done it in a yt video on her channel. and looks down on ppl who smoke weed, while drinking vodka everyday after sleeping in until 3:00 pm. she’s admitted that her drinking affects her health and voice…sounds like an addiction to me.

No. 1408019

i think her weight gain is due to her health getting better (sort of) she was dealing with this condition that stopped her from eating certain things or even eating at all. but she hasn’t really talked about it recently, so i assume it’s getting better.

No. 1408020

and then she continues to flaunt her superior intelligence kek.

No. 1408023

myah has always been a gamer and she quit streaming bc ppl kept posting the stupid shit she was saying. and she still likes all those artists, her aesthetic is just pink and girly now.(sage)

No. 1408035

>she still likes all those artists
and how would you happen to know this?

No. 1408044

bc her social media is public and i used to be a fan of her. she posts pics of them on her insta story, puts their lyrics as captions, and idk she just posts about that shit in general everywhere…

No. 1408046

yeah, it always seems to me that she hides her likes bc they’re not as high as they used to be…when she was in la and showing her ass in every pic lol. megan and myah used to have the same aesthetic and still have the same interests. they both like gaming, scene era shit, edm & alternative music. so, i don’t think it’s forced i just think myah’s a horrible friend and that’s why ppl always drift away from her. i don’t feel like she pretends to like a certain style, i mean she was genuinely scene in the past so it makes sense she would go into the emo/grunge phase. and now she’s kinda trying to be scene again but in modern way.

No. 1408047

ik the exact two guys ur talking about their mods in her discord. ig her house, her rules but it’s still kind of fucked.(learn2sage)

No. 1408171

File: 1641266584027.png (13.54 KB, 697x124, sage.PNG)

All you guys need to put "sage" in the email field.

No. 1408759

File: 1641333361337.jpeg (1.1 MB, 828x1471, 37998151-E73B-4836-B053-7BE248…)

the ass is back and so are the likes (she made them visible on this post at least). seems like we’re getting back to her la era where she was showing her backside in every pic and getting way more likes kek.

No. 1408956

File: 1641349867570.jpeg (1018.01 KB, 1125x1592, ED36A240-F1D7-4D48-8C7A-78C9C8…)

Kinda looks like her new minion is really just a meg replacement

No. 1408957

File: 1641349893374.jpeg (997.37 KB, 1125x1566, 51446DDB-EB27-4046-9372-360448…)

No. 1408958

File: 1641349943132.jpeg (313.75 KB, 1125x1931, CA930378-A2B2-4BA6-AF76-03FC7A…)

even the contacts and bangs, crazy

No. 1409007

File: 1641353745834.jpeg (297.71 KB, 828x638, 70A181F0-451E-43B5-A068-466A04…)

meg and her are still friends…i think they just grew apart as meg got a bf and myah made new friends through discord and shit. i remember when it used to be all about meg and how she was her “best friend” now it’s all kait. myah says the same things about kait that she used to say about meg, like how “they’re getting married,” “they’re dating,” “we’re lesbians together” lol.

No. 1409034

File: 1641358576606.jpeg (63.7 KB, 828x1004, 03414B1E-545A-486B-AA53-A8EAC6…)

myah doesn’t follow meg and meg doesn’t follow myah…well that’s another friendship done…

No. 1409035

File: 1641358641997.jpeg (63.97 KB, 828x1004, 245BDE3F-CBBC-44DF-B9E9-10F953…)

No. 1409050

File: 1641361262301.jpeg (275.84 KB, 828x579, 64017518-E57E-48AD-8118-A334B5…)

She was just on a live with her friend Kate. She briefly spoke about the a situation she tried to control but she had no other choice but to I guess kick out some members of the group to stay in a motel for the night. Other than that she was screaming about second life and uses slurs like rtard and fggot. She also confirmed that team is not about Kate but someone else who decided not to pursue a relationship with myah due to her problematic past and behaviors.

No. 1409051

I wonder what happened. I don’t think they would have unfollowed each other if they just drifted apart

No. 1409055

idk it felt like a long time coming…i could tell they weren’t as close anymore.

No. 1409056

i wonder if it’s meg…probably not but you never know with myah kek.

No. 1409057

surprised she didn’t private it as soon as it was ended, that’s what she usually does…

No. 1409066

File: 1641364892753.jpeg (497.81 KB, 828x1316, 49FC07E9-2C08-4170-B895-A75978…)

sage bc this is so old but…the way she manipulates a situation by deflecting is so crazy to me. notice how the girl brought up her voting for trump when she was 18 but for some reason myah talks about not voting for him in that current election. like that’s not what she was talking about, but ok! and then the girl asks her when has she used her platform to benefit others, and myah replies being all fake nice…answer the question at hand tf.

No. 1409075

Apparently the girl who didn’t like Myah back was also a friend of Kaits too

No. 1409102

Myah even turned down that ccryme girl , we all know ccryme is jealous of almost the whole internet . And kait don’t seem like myahs type , kait seems to follow every work she says

No. 1409105

This relationship they have lol it’s to bring herself back

Kate seems like a creepy stalker
Megan is done with Myah and these skin walkers

Myah even is so Desperately trying to be a bratz

No. 1409107

First off, Myah got new hair ontop and below

She pissed on mega sweater(unsaged samefagging)

No. 1409109

I think kait isn’t her type.. I see nothing there personality wise what so ever. Kait is her new “jawn”

No. 1409130

team must be about megan, i can’t think of anyone else it would be since it’s not kait and it’s about someone myah loved before the song release but now she hates. her and megan just fell out so it makes sense, plus the girl on the cover looks like her

No. 1409347

retard and fag/faggot are like 2 of the most commonly used terms on this site. stuff like newfag, oldfag are part of the lingo and that’s just board culture. please don’t bring that wokeness here, no one cares about it

No. 1409384

someone said it was about someone who was also kait’s friend, so idk if it’s meg bc her and kait aren’t really close.

No. 1409404

like it’s possible the song could be about someone none of us are familiar with…

No. 1409551

Ugh shut up type it however you want. It’s still a slur. Myah says she’s become liberal not so long ago and is friends with woke people, remember Abigail. She also tried to be woke when she was in California. Why are you so bothered about how people type f*ggot… get over it.

No. 1409592

myah just does that shit to fit in with whoever she becomes friends with, she acts different with different types of friends. in 2020, she was spouting acab and caring about immigrant children. now she's making fun of foreign accents, black ppl, being anti-vax, saying slurs, etc. she's the ultimate skin walker lol.

No. 1409596

i highly doubt she's ever actually been liberal considering her family influenced her to vote for trump in 2016.

No. 1409614

true. Also I think her use of slurs is relevant. There’s a significant enough difference between people who casually use slurs and people with narcissistic patterns who use slurs. I feel like part of the reason she uses them is because she looks down on people.

It’s only a matter of time before kait doesn’t measure up to myah’s expectations and she’s kicked to the curb like everyone else.

No. 1409709

No. 1410087

But didn't myah say in an old yt video (that's probably private) that she would never date a girl again???

No. 1410244

Why is saging so fucking difficult for you retards

Anyways that was like 3 years ago and people are allowed to change. I think she thought men would treat her like a little princess and over time she realized that wasn't the case.

No. 1410274

Calm down mate. Fuckin hell. Might fuck around and unsage this post seems as it enrages you that much, it’s a silly little website. Nothing matters. Stop being a beta bitch.(Namefag )

No. 1410359

and myah unfollowed meg on twitter…i’m really curious as to what made them fall out…

No. 1410367

File: 1641503679258.jpeg (600.5 KB, 828x1455, BFB1845C-7980-43FC-843D-01FEBE…)

and she did her signature “turning off comments on photos with them in it” move lol.

No. 1410380

File: 1641504093419.jpeg (88.01 KB, 486x686, 344674D5-1543-446D-A99A-609CA2…)

about meg…?

No. 1410735

File: 1641530159341.jpeg (164.04 KB, 828x1523, 334D52C4-3D10-4D38-9E3F-6F15EC…)

now she’s got her own discord probably bc she had to leave myah’s or face the wrath of her minions…

No. 1410948


So I just saw this video she calls myah “Casey” in the video. I think Casey is myah because she stated they shared the same bed and “Casey” aka myah got one girl to fly back home which would have been sianna. Anncy still follows Ava Louise on her Instagram but she said the experience with myah “Casey” in LA was so uncomfortable and a bit traumatic called her crazy and she was not comfortable coming out with a story time until two years later. She also said that “Casey” had a really hard time keeping friends and had mental issues that she noticed but said that people in “Casey’s” life basically enabled her toxic behavior…. What did myah say or do to Anncy to make her so scared to come out with this story 2 years after the incident….

No. 1410951

Also adding one more thing Anncy was able to get away but “Casey” was telling her to leave her bags at the air bnb just in case and being pretend nice to convince her to stay. Good for Anncy for reading myah’s true intentions and getting out of that toxic situation ASAP.

No. 1411101

that girl’s name wasn’t sianna, that was another one of myah’s friends for a decade. the first girl that left la to get away from myah and the toxi situation was a blonde girl Instagram model type. forgot her name…

No. 1411153

File: 1641583998910.png (759.56 KB, 1166x528, Screen Shot 2022-01-07 at 1.32…)

The one on the left, also don't remember her name

No. 1411167

myah gets very “agro” (as she would say) when ppl go against her, especially when they’re her “friends”. she expects unending loyalty even when she’s being a bitch or doing something immoral. and the girls on that trip didn’t put up with it so, she turned on them.

No. 1411169

yeah, the blonde one the left, left first. idk who the brunette one on the right is…i don’t even think she went on the trip lol.

No. 1412901

Blonde girl on the left is Sophia (who left trip early), Brunette girl on right is Sianna (Myah’s ex best friend), and yes Sianna was there on the trip.

No. 1413550

I wish someone would spill what exactly happened on that trip, that would be so milky.

No. 1413678

"What did myah say or do to Anncy to make her so scared to come out with this story 2 years after the incident…"

Not her but someone that knew Myah for years here and I can probably answer that. She records and documents like everything. If she sees you are in a vulnerable state (like extremely intoxicated) or if you say something that could possibly be used against you in the future, she WILL record and store it. My experiences and knowing that I had been recorded and put on a drive somewhere tweak me out even today. It happened with every single one of our friends and I am sure it had been brought up in one of the threads on this site. I literally spoke to a guy I am friends with recently about HIS experience with that.

Some people like the Ava person I guess have nothing really to lose since their lives have been super public and under scrutiny plenty. That's why they don't give a fuck.

I did not watch the video and I do not know Anncy personally but just with what I've seen, I do not blame her for being uncomfortable even bringing it up.

No. 1413709

Honestly anon I saged because out of topic but were you in her discord or know people in it? Does she record all the calls and record people when they are on web cam on discord too, it would be so fucking scum if she still did that since she always preaches about being a different person

No. 1413869

i’m not who you were talking to but i just recently left her server…and yes she does record and take pics of ppl when in voice chat. but the ppl being recorded or pictured are in on the joke, i’m pretty sure. like she’ll take pics of someone making an unflattering face and post it in main chat or snapchat. but it’s like all like humour between her friends, at least from what i’ve seen.

No. 1413872

ppl have said what happened on the la trip in either this thread, the last one, or both lol.

No. 1413875

yeah, she’s admitted to documenting what ppl say to her in discord before. she’s claims it’s bc ppl lie on her and are shitty to her. she’s even admitted in a vlog (that’s deleted ofc) that she recorded ava s*cking off some guy in a car…wtf.(learn2integrate)

No. 1414108

I actually met her in 2019-2018 around back when she lived in NJ. She was with her ex boyfriend and I was a follower at the time, so I remembered her last story times about him and was confused on why she was with him. She was super self-absorbed when I met her. Anyway, I stopped following her.

No. 1414196

No, I was not. I was really close to her back in like 2015-2016.

No. 1414248

so, what made you stop being friends with her? what was she like back then, just want to know bc ppl act different around close friends.

No. 1414656

wasn’t she closest with Megan around 2015(sage)

No. 1414705

Learn how to fucking sage, retard

No. 1416006

File: 1642066170397.jpeg (559.94 KB, 828x1386, 7A2ECF46-6FC5-4F43-87A9-4C1E11…)

Sage because post is from 2019 but she posted a 2019 archive on her story recently meaning she still 100% believes that her supporters should be loyal to her no matter the racism, bullying, and her mistakes. Instead of taking accountability she called her past fans disposable. Wtf is this narcissistic shit?? She lost support from fans because she’s just a shitty person with a racist past and instead of owning up to it she responds with “they are people dying there’s bigger issues in the world right now”
Still has the mentality when she has green hair

No. 1416008

Typo* when she had green hair

No. 1418459

it’s never that serious, get a grip on life lol

No. 1418462

yeah, she’s the type of person to not want to be held accountable by ppl in her life. i think it stems from her mom and dad always worshipping and doting on her.

No. 1419342

What’s her ex Anthony’s ig @ ??(namefag)

No. 1419512

SAGE. Kait (Myah’s new girlfriend) is almost creepy with how much she tries to please myah. She even picked up on her mannerisms and the way she annunciates and laughs. I’ve noticed with all of myahs friends, theres always the same spiel myah gives for them. “You are special because you are THIS for me” classic narcissism. I wish megan would speak up about/ against myah. I dont think she realizes how many people would be on her side if she did… And does anyone know what happened to keaton? They were bestfriends for years and now she is nonexistent to her. They dont even follow eachother.

No. 1419548

Her ex’s ig is heyitsxray

No. 1419551

nta but they were asking for anthony's, not whoever that is

No. 1419823

File: 1642447212138.jpeg (1.14 MB, 3464x3464, 9CDFF56C-889A-4952-B9CD-1231F8…)

it looks like she’s aged 20 years since 2018. she doesn’t even look like herself anymore

No. 1420036

File: 1642462543398.jpeg (127.92 KB, 828x1455, 505F8957-EEED-4D82-A4F9-0FA128…)

No. 1420059

i don’t think it’s really weird that kait and myah act the same, i mean sometimes when you’re in a relationship you start to pick up on their lingo and mannerisms. bc you talk to each other a lot and love each other. myah just tends to surround her self with ppl who follow everything she does, without question.

No. 1420184

not her claiming to have never cared about numbers when she made 2 videos on tana and 1 on onision. u used their names for views and deleted the videos, when ppl called u out for doing the same things as them…

No. 1420249

Still going to sage cause I don’t think it adds a lot to the conversation. I stopped being friends with her because my best friend was in love with her and she was very hot and cold to him. She’d lead him on and then start talking to Anthony. Rinse and repeat every time Ant annoyed her. Eventually my friend got over it and when he left her friend group I pretty much stopped talking to her too. My friend is the one that introduced me to her so it wasn’t really a big deal to me at the time. He has a lot of stories about her, I can ask if he’d want to answer your guys’ questions but I do not think he would.

No. 1420274

its rly bizzare to me that this thread is most definitely a revenge thread… most of ya'll are either in her server or ex friends of myah's like how is this allowed? there hasn't been milk here in ages so this thread is just always revived by the dumbest nitpicks. all the new fags who come here to cry about fat shaming, racism or slurs have no clue where they're at and it shows lmao

No. 1420280

lol everyone was making vids about tana and onision in 2017 shit was crazy

No. 1420342

Oh my god it’s bizarre that I’ve seen this comment pop up before you’re probably the same anon. It’s myah she’s a mess there’s always going to be milk she’s just been on the low because of the mess she’s created. Quit commenting about how bizarre you think this thread is anon and just be active in another thread.

No. 1420447

File: 1642517045046.png (366.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2022-01-18-09-39-04…)

Yes sir. She can nicely fuck her fake nose off. Stupid slut. Thank you for posting her screenshot. I ain't done yet.

No. 1420615

i did't know that someone fatshaming, being racist, and saying slurs wasn't "milky" enough for your refined palette. of course ppl who used to be myah's friend or were in the server post shit here, bc they know more shit about her than u ever will. be grateful that "new fags" (lame ass term) are spicing up this dead thread lol.

No. 1420616

i know, but myah likes to pretend like she's different and above other content creators and influencers, yet she does the same shit as them. like own up to the fact that you wanted views, so more ppl could find ur music.

No. 1420619

yeah, it would be cool if he could come on here and talk about what it was like to have a "relationship" with myah.

No. 1420624

She should just make an OF and shut her silly mouth. That's all she's gpod for.(stupid cunt)

No. 1420657

relax sir

No. 1420683

Anyone seen the "mandatory" autism test you have to take in her server and if you say no you get banned?

No. 1420701

you’d think this thread would be worth reading for how much it gets fucking bumped

No. 1420710

yeah, you have to take some personality tests in her server to put the results in ur display name. and if not, either myah or her goons will tell you off about it lol.

No. 1420716

there's not any major drama anymore since she left la really, she's just keeping a low profile. there's only been small shit nothing like that whole la trip thing.

No. 1421032

Its because of all the cow tipping. Myah knows about this thread so she's super careful now

No. 1421034

This is an image board lol

No. 1421036

lmao vendetta posting is literally against the forum rules if you ever closed out of this thread. ya'll have admitted myah is milkless yet you stay bumping this thread with the dumbest shit

No. 1421091

To be fair myah has made horrible online friends and enemies on the stupid social games she plays. I think she still goes on second life. She has nothing better to do than to create enemies online and I guess those people have nothing to lose and keep bumping this thread. There isn’t much milk but I won’t lie it’s entertaining seeing these people trying to bump this thread about myah. It’s funny… besides myah is aware of this thread anyways and she probably tells her friends about it since her ex friends keep coming to this thread and bumping it with their milk.

No. 1421241

I think it's because she gained weight, her alcohol abuse and just being a neet the last few years. Bitch does nothing but game and binge drink all day long.

Honestly I think it's a way for her to cope with the fact any "relevance" she had completely fizzled out.

No. 1421470

I distinctly remember a story she posted, bc it was right after her "losing relevancy" video. It was something along the lines of "just gained a couple thousand, who's talking shit now". So obviously she does care, but she just literally has nothing to flex.

No. 1422165

>Myah knows about the thread
Yeah… usually why cowtipping and using the forums to raid servers or streams isn't the wisest thing. Not very hard to find a thread online named after you

No. 1423907


These comments are so dumb you can say a lot of threads on lolcow are similar. She doesn’t have much milk I anymore since she’s a homebody and is on her discord all day. She tells people she knows about the thread they have a fall out and they come to this thread, but let’s be real they are other threads out there with people commenting about their experiences with said person.

No. 1423908

To add to this she also attracts the worst kinds of people on her stupid social games and “gamer rage” in online games who eventually come across this thread. You attract what you put out there..

No. 1424319

im in here discord and she always tells everyone what we read online are lies even though they are very much true. lol she doesnt even realize how many people she talks to everyday that are in there dont even like her.

No. 1424686

okay, post screenshots then. this is an image board.

No. 1424706

File: 1642956062324.jpeg (305.85 KB, 1241x1940, E44D9A12-5C6F-4CF0-BD9E-D18B6D…)

here is a glimpse of a long convo of her bullying someone because they care about their family and were talking about the vaccine, but ofc they didnt agree… so her narc rage came out

No. 1424707

File: 1642956178190.jpeg (375.73 KB, 1241x1944, 2E682F81-15E9-4035-A88C-D9AD20…)

No. 1424708

File: 1642956270821.jpeg (397.04 KB, 1242x2055, 0800C967-9A14-464B-91C6-5B98A4…)

this went on for so long of her and her minions literally bullying this kid. she is disgusting. i really wish shed get her platform taken.

No. 1424718

File: 1642956859292.jpeg (411.11 KB, 1242x2114, D16062CD-CAAB-4460-867A-BD55CA…)

a person was talking about their 8 year old sibling in an out of the hospital whos susceptible to getting VERY sick and of course she makes it about her and how her “autoimmune disease” makes her so helpless. lol. shes really a joke… this went on for a while. things that arent pictured are her calling the person retarded, young and stupid, gaslighting them telling them her brother will grow up hating the hospital, telling them her opinions and views are wrong, its all disgusting. and no one even stood up for them because theyre scared of this girl who lives with her mom and camps in her chair all day, no one wants to get kicked to see what other foul things she will slip up and say one day.

No. 1425019

A college drop out is suddenly a medical professional. Her rant on Twitter was pretty tame compared to this calling someone underage a literal idiot for getting the vaccine? She’s exempt from the vaccine but she goes to bars concerts and has big gatherings of people at her house for New Years …. Make it make sense myah

No. 1425109

it makes NO sense. the poor kid was bullied and this is a regular thing in her server. everyone kisses her ass and i just don’t understand why.

No. 1425139

File: 1642987182712.jpeg (627.24 KB, 1125x1739, B7B3650E-538D-4865-A3EC-D2BD5B…)

THIS is why he got ganged up on? jesus.

No. 1425146

File: 1642987982903.jpeg (106.57 KB, 828x258, 70DE18C2-6FA1-4FA4-A134-31FAAE…)

I’m guessing this tweet has to do with that whole anti vax ordeal on discord

No. 1425168

I don't understand her ass kissers at all. They are the same people who say everyone should get vaxxed and then defend this sperg shit. If she cant get vaccinated because she is allergic, shouldn't she want other people to get vaxxed? Why get all mean when someone said they did I just don't understand. She is pretending she is all liberal now but she is still the same trump ass kisser she was years ago. I'm waiting for the day someone "exposes" the shit she has said on tiktok or something so she loses all her followers, tiktok is known to be one of the most sensitive apps ever made, with twitter right behind it.

No. 1425194

Imagine thinking critical thinking amounts to:

>doctors can't take away asthma

>we can't trust them

No. 1425222

Can someone just make a tiktok that exposes her already? with all of her problematic shit? like her saying the n word, her talking about and social issue, anything? i genuinely have never wanted anyone to not have a platform more than this girl, and shes literally collecting young teens to MANIPULATE them. THERE IS A REASON a large portion of her discord are under 18. like…

No. 1425224

In her discord she mentioned the reason she’s not friends with Megan anymore is because “her boyfriend kept cheating on her and i did not want to see that. i will love her from a distance” i’ve noticed as most narcissist do, they just want to isolate whoever is close to them. Even in her discord rules she asks if whoevers joining is in a relationship and if it will interfere with the “xoxo” girls. She’s absolutely vile.

No. 1425229

You would think shed be there for her bestfriend. But not this cow

No. 1425237

The only reason Myah has that discord isn’t for a sense of community like she posted in that youtube video, its for a backbone of support. She knows that alone, She would be hated, She’d be slandered by the internet. But what shes doing and actually succeeding in is building a platform of people with manipulation and bullying really, that will be there to defend her for whatever terrible things she does to people or says. I have seen her destroy people in her discord for having different beliefs, and then when they stand up for themselves her and her minions will gaslight them and tell them that they are crazy. Its nuts to me that people can’t see through her false positive facade. People will literally go against their own MORALS in that discord just to please her… its insane…

No. 1425238

in her recent yt video she explains that “people paint me badly because they have bad intentions toward me and it sucks” um, no myah. u literally are a terrible person who cant take accountability for any of ur actions and blames the world. she has such a victim complex for such a privileged girl. id love to see the world from her eyes for a day, how sick can you be to never realize u are in the wrong? and she gets away with this…

No. 1425268

That’s cowtipping highly advised NOT to do. Besides she hardly gets views on there and they can just search up her name and so much of her vile shit and archived are on the internet

No. 1425798

you guys joining the discord purely to narc on this thread are so obvious to spot.

No. 1425851

could say the same about u bc to know this u would have to be in her server. so, ur also a narc coming in here and her server. or ur one of myah’s friends, which if so, ur very obvious. also, i’m not in that server anymore, just wanted to chime in.

No. 1425866

she’s literally had tantrums on multiple occasions about ppl “not leaving me alone” and “making me out to be a bad person”. like myah that manipulative shit doesn’t work when multiple ppl (that knew u very well) have said what you’re like to be around. ppl wouldn’t bother u as much if u were a better person. u can’t just be a shitty individual and expect no backlash. her parents have worshipped her so, in her eyes she’s always right and perfect lol.

No. 1425867

ppl with blm and pronouns in their bio, who are also vaccinated, in her server like do u even know her history and beliefs. or are u just that desperate to fit in lol.

No. 1425872

meanwhile she’s gotten back with multiple awful bfs while friends with megan. ant abused her and she got back with him like 4 times. and that alex guy slept with ava before she took him back…mind you her followers would say shit about these guys but she didn’t listen.

No. 1425875

actually, most of the ppl in her discord are over 20. and most ppl on tiktok don’t even know who myah is…but they might care if they saw how problematic she is.

No. 1425887

File: 1643069930849.jpeg (395.64 KB, 2048x2048, 7D37C8EB-1AE6-46BE-BD77-09D3A9…)

minions to the rescue!

No. 1425892

after she just talked disgustingly to a minor on her discord, that probably joined bc they’ve been following myah and admire her. she talks about creating a safe “community” but then does shit like that to ppl who join…

No. 1425944

it was never about a safe community. these girls just clearly have no self respect or high standing morals because they will literally defend her no matter how terrible her actions are. its disgusting to see. i just hope one day she gets her karma and so does all of the minions who follow her, one day theyll realize they never really meant anything to her and it was all about control, ans needing people to stand up for her when shes her normal ignorant problematic self.

No. 1425948

“iM nOt In tHe SeRver AnyMore”
oh, funnt didnt myah say she wants no one on her server to even READ this website, you are very obvious. get out of here and go defend and stand by your problematic alcoholic cult leader. at this point, i have no respect for anyone in that server. its embarassing how low you will all stoop just to fit in. Lol.

No. 1425956

Lol wait I don’t know who this applies to just responding to this comment but why all of a sudden this thread is so active are her worshippers from her server stirring the pot in this dead thread even bringing it up on Twitter from the screenshots I see wow lol it’s like 2017 -2018 when myah spergged about this thread online

No. 1426157

File: 1643094600747.jpeg (310.11 KB, 522x773, 9E16E72E-E258-4AA4-BC66-43BF80…)

Saged because it was said before. Her fashion sense is questionable. I do like the boots but the outfit all together…

No. 1426661

The boots would still be hideous even if they fit her, anon.

No. 1426698

This has to be the case. The infighting is the only thing keeping this thread alive at this point.

No. 1427601

File: 1643229885732.png (538.44 KB, 1170x2532, 873622EF-E2ED-47BC-9051-FB9BC3…)

Of course she thinks being from New Jersey is a reason for her being a fucking cunt

No. 1428767

File: 1643329062404.jpeg (167.71 KB, 827x1407, 1C696A63-4ADA-46F8-AE94-95A586…)


No. 1429293

what is with the lippy music vid lol literally none of the lyrics r lined up with her mouth… feels like a lowkey billie eilish copy

No. 1429320

It looks very rushed for sure but I see it more as a visualizer? Not her best work though

No. 1429350

She’s literally a bimbofied talentless billie eilish with a god complex

No. 1429392

Big Viper Energy

No. 1429701

File: 1643422116645.jpg (143.11 KB, 521x1314, IMG_20220129_003133.jpg)

No. 1431132

shes hot tho

No. 1431153

Hard fucking agree. After she dropped Team I got the biggest crush on her, idc who hates on me for it

No. 1431489

Omg hi Myah ur god complex is coming thru(hi cow)

No. 1431910

Are you stupid?

No. 1432278

No babe, I am not stupid. But since we’re asking, are you? Xx(ban evasion)

No. 1432512

File: 1643761164519.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1284x2081, FD93F3C5-4281-4629-AEB9-57E531…)

she’s now saying her skin rashes (auto immune disorder) has left her basically disabled and is her excuse for why she must be a shut in. I’ve seen someone on Twitter also talk about getting random rashes (thinking it’s from the sun, so she’s a shutin too, but equally retarded). she’s embarrassed by her disorder more than her neet lifestyle. imo with school being accessible online now, sne could at least try to get an education.

No. 1432618

It’s just I get it she’s going through it with her auto immune disease but she also disregarded the health industry on her discord server and is an anti vaxxer?? She also is a borderline alcoholic which probably doesn’t help her case …

No. 1433067

File: 1643830936133.png (3.34 MB, 828x1792, 9241557F-214F-45FC-B65E-303B8C…)

No. 1433184

she makes it sooo hard to have sympathy for her. yeah, i feel bad that she has a mystery illness but then she continues to show her horrible personality lol.

No. 1433204

her medical condition may be the initial reason fo her leaving college but i don’t think it is now. like myah, you still go to concerts, bars, restaurants, different states to visit friends, and drink excessively. if you can do all of that you can take some classes at the local community college. and you could do it online, so stop with the excuses, you just don’t want to go (which is fine, but be honest).

No. 1433260

you guys could go simp on her instagram rather than on a drama thread, you know?

No. 1433666

Agree. She's just too lazy and entitled but won't admit it or else she can't larp as an ~iNteLLeCtUaL~ (not that going to college necessarily equals being smart and it certainly isn't for everyone) but she does nothing with her life even though there are many options for people like her. She's be the type to fight with a professor over stupid shit.

Also re team, what did I miss? I remember that she mentioned dating a girl in the past has only dated and fawned over guys in the past few years and constantly drools over kpop moids on her social media but supposedly she's lesbian or bi now?.

No. 1434017

myah has always been bi, she just stopped dating girls for a while. we don’t really know who team is about. but she has been dating a girl named kait for some months now.

No. 1434022

File: 1643932917315.jpeg (469.25 KB, 828x1508, 73D4A2C3-62AA-4D08-A2C9-664AFF…)

i don’t know if this follower of myah’s wants her approval, is actually one of the most misinformed biomedical students ever, or both.

No. 1434280

File: 1643955394324.jpeg (742.99 KB, 828x1461, CEE994AE-B2BB-4BBF-8682-8AB2E7…)

Hmm besides Meghan did she recently have a fall out with someone? I wonder who

No. 1436464

Why did she assume anyone would know what the fuck she was talking about? lol

does anyone know if megan said something? or maybe she's been reading this thread

No. 1436486

File: 1644186501596.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1634x2484, 6F01B432-B05B-4FB8-9F16-AB82A5…)

The story post was about Kait. Apparently they had a falling out and Kait was kicked out of the server and had her moderator status removed because she was neglecting Myah and the rest of the people in the Discord.

No. 1436543

when was this posted in the discord server? this shit is so cryptic i don’t really under what she’s apologizing for. from reading it i assume that she wasn’t being active 25/8 in the server or talking to myah constantly, so they shunned her lol. kait being kicked out of the server, even though most of her friends are in there, just shows that myah is the cult leader. like if u go against myah, you lose everybody.

No. 1436615

File: 1644196406397.jpeg (535.15 KB, 828x1167, D79DF3EC-92DF-4510-869E-0070E3…)

Lol the comment… she’s been reading what we have been saying about her bloated face from her constant drinking problem

No. 1436640

wow. reading that you would think kait would have committed a crime. its scary how much she apologized. strange, strange cult.

No. 1436648

that apology from kait is just so weird. shes defending myah for everything and putting all blame on herself. this seriously seems like narcissistic abuse. kait went and got super drunk while her and myah were broken up and she stopped being as active in the server? like ok? but now she lost all of her friends over that? this is just so weird. its kind of gross, what fantasy land are these girls living in to where they think that stinky discord server is EVER that serious..? so, kait is discarded now bc of her going out to drink and not living her entire life on discord, and megan was discarded for staying with her cheating boyfriend. whos next?

No. 1436783

File: 1644213950327.jpeg (332.51 KB, 828x1083, 6231EE76-A413-4608-9464-64EF43…)

since u obviously read this thread, i’m going to speak directly to u, myah. firstly, work on how u type bc this shit makes u look mentally challenged (for someone who brags about their intelligence and shits on other’s, it looks bad). secondly, most of the time ppl don’t have to “make up” what’s happening in ur life. bc u constantly put ur business and others out there (like how u blasted megan on twitter for having a cheating bf), ur old friends constantly talk about the shitty things u’ve done, and u have narcs in ur server that screenshot the drama and post it here. and when ppl do make assumptions about situations in ur life, they are usually correct bc u’ve been the same shitty person for years. it’s easy to predict ur behavior or why things happened. for example, i could’ve predicted that u would have kait take all the blame for her fall out with u and the “xos”. bc old friends have talked about how manipulative, vindictive, and narcissistic u are. so when it comes to friendships or relationships ending u would never own up to ur fault. also, if u don’t like ppl posting about u on the internet, leave or stop being a horrible person in the public eye. which, we all know will never happen bc u like attention, likes, and views. u don’t exist in a vacuum on the internet where only ur cult followers can see u, everyone can. anyone can call u out.

No. 1437043

Imagine not being able to go out on your own, this is why Myahs relationships always fall apart. She's doomed to only date lowlifes because anyone who doesn't spend 5 hours a day online isn't "investing enough" for her… this is honestly vest case scenario for Kait, she can focus on becoming a productive human now

No. 1437315

poor thing.. she’ll realize myah was never a loss soon enough. It sounds like myah makes rules for everyone in her life and if they break one, once they’re out. Are all of her discord “friends” really just crazed fans who obey her, praise her and satisfy her other narcissistic tendencies?

No. 1437327

File: 1644275400600.jpeg (467.28 KB, 1125x1058, 12E9580E-2F3C-4149-8270-99BB05…)


No. 1437423

File: 1644282205265.jpeg (733.75 KB, 1125x1649, BEB7BB1E-C3F7-44D5-82B3-565006…)


No. 1437427

File: 1644282271534.jpeg (157.25 KB, 1125x572, C9F4CD80-3465-4AB6-8687-9F74DD…)

3/3 lol

No. 1437665

dude idc if anyone on the internet deserves hate its myah. im indifferent on “cancel culture” my beliefs is people truly change, but this just isnt that. this girl seriously goes around damaging people emotionally. kaits twitter is full of depressing shit. honestly, aside from this thread, she thinks she is so loved just because she has a misled cult of adolescent sheeps. what gives me comfort is i know if she ever were to even blow up (which i doubt, she has a nice voice but her lyrics r super lame for the most part) her truth would service and shed be booted off the internet so fast. she literally has no friends left, ive been in her server before and ive seen the bullying she does, and how she thrives so much off of validation. shed be nothing without her stupid discord server. its actually hilarious how delusional she is in even thinking shes a great person. she thinks everyone is so up her ass and in her business all the time, but she chose to have a platform and NOT conceal her narcissism. the girl is actually a weirdo. i imagine she wont ever actually move out, and she’ll groom and manipulate people until shes old enough to where it will be even weirder. such an odd, odd soul.

No. 1437773

File: 1644319215016.jpeg (515.21 KB, 828x1406, 6D90F30E-B757-4C4A-9080-BCBCAE…)

No. 1438326

She's deactivated her twitter account. This is so fucked up. Nobody deserves to feel like this. I genuinely hope that girl is safe and has a support system.

No. 1438354

I'm really wondering if Myah gaslit her into thinking she was in the wrong. Myah is doomed to die alone I think.

No. 1438805

sage for blogpost

I actually don't feel bad for her friends because anyone with two brain cells can tell that Myah is a very narcissistic and fake person.

Her friends are weirdos with no sense of self who only exist to kiss the ass of a bloated nobody fuck that lives in her mom's attic, and for what?

I especially don't feel bad for those who stood behind her when she would be racist and a bully, and only come here to expose her now that the friendship is done.

Her friends kiss her ass and validate her narcissism, and continue to be friends with her even though she is rat to them and others, and that makes them enablers.

No. 1439253

this is actually a very good point. all of her friends were oblivious to what everyone from her past has told them, and being someone who used to be in her discord, it was very obvious that she would bully and harass people and people would stand behind her when it was VERY clear she was in the wrong. Everyone in her life, even her own mother it seems, enables her behavior. She drinks nearly everyday, yet when anyone brings up the fact she may be an alcoholic she says “i dont have that disease”. The server itself feels almost cult like. If myah dislikes one person, they have to go and they lose all their friends. Im happy megan seems like the strong type, I know if her OR kait were to come out with their experiences of myah, myah would deny everything as per usual and her “fans” would dickride. its sad how much leeway this girl gets just because of the people who support her.

No. 1439414

File: 1644482749752.jpeg (468.48 KB, 828x1002, B7B3E655-FC07-4CE7-86BC-60F31E…)

Giving me very much thinspo Ana Chan

No. 1439427

That bed for someone whose so this and they you'd think she'd make her bed up and clean her room guess thats mommy's job sage for nitpick

No. 1439465

I forgot she exists kek

No. 1440560

same, except she isn't skinny lol

No. 1440714

Aside from Team and maybe Her, the music Myahs released in the past year are all pretty boring. Just listened to Idol and it’s the same superficial, generic lyrics and beat. I couldn’t even finish it even though I tried lol. She doesn’t seem to want to pursue a music career anymore, so if she’s just having fun then that’s cool. But she has the potential to do so much h more..

No. 1441198

She does have the potential if she didn’t have such a nasty attitude I do agree team was pretty good and you can actually hear her vocals and what she can do really well… sucks that she’s a narc and a homebody lol she could have actually been a decent pop star not huge but enough recognition

No. 1441199

This picture lol I agree with anon she’s still petite but not as skinny as she used to be.

No. 1444109

File: 1644960805591.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1840, 89DD6E2F-9ED6-4C6B-AE47-92F1F0…)

from megs story today. Do her and myah have the same disease? Sorry if this has already been discussed

No. 1444526

She mentioned when she couldn’t walk or write or think Megan was there and only Megan

No. 1444528

She mentioned when she couldn’t walk or write or think Megan was there and only

No. 1444655

File: 1645017585696.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB, 1284x2263, F9930B77-FCD7-4D80-AD51-956991…)

She said she got those rashes from her hair dye. I have no idea what she means “TONS of PPEs”. 1. She probably means PPDs, 2. ION is PPD free, and 3. Looking at the ingredients, there’s only Ethanolamine, in which case she’s a retard because she bought a permanent hair dye, and permanent hair dyes need this chemical in order to be…permanent. She probably got a reaction from the Toluene since it’s a known irratant/allergen in dark hair dyes and can give people hives. Sorry for the hair dye sperg.

No. 1447080

myah alanna's issues are all the product of her enabling mother. She has totally disabled her daughter for not teaching her life skills(newfag)

No. 1447561

No shit Sherlock

No. 1471233

File: 1647515380068.jpeg (113.77 KB, 828x311, 2C5F86CE-24F6-44C4-82DA-792218…)

Bumping this thread.
Not much milk actually positive milk. It seems like myah is back in college.

Other than that her Instagram is lack luster she looks a bit crusty

No. 1472603

i think she just be driving by a college.. seriously doubt shes back in college w her anti vax opinions

No. 1472614

File: 1647593601445.jpeg (166.03 KB, 828x374, 83BC3E85-0125-41EC-82CE-24089F…)

Hmmm I thought I vaguely remembered her tweeting about some test she was stressed about I could be wrong and I came across her Twitter again.
Yes myah let’s just not have women’s suffrage and encourage more women to not vote.

No. 1472825

She mentions college kids crossing a road and that indicates she's back in college? What the fuck anon.

No. 1472883

I thought she tweeted long ago about stressing about an exam during December which is peak finals week.
Either it was deleted or I’m dumb at.
Saging because I am confused

No. 1473270

sorry anon but youre definitely just retarded. Maybe it was a blood test or something

No. 1476738

Myah does not go to college. She can't even get in a community college. She tried to get in at University of Delaware and got denied.

No. 1476963

File: 1647942807950.jpeg (314.41 KB, 828x527, FD780C61-9144-46D5-9556-F6869E…)


This new video is just fluff… how is she going to talk about “agree to disagree” mentality yet we have seen her berate and bullying people with her team of minions for getting the vaccine ???

No. 1476991

wow she looks so plain now

No. 1476994

File: 1647950239895.jpg (398.22 KB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20220322-045610_Chr…)

No. 1476998

I think she got tested for her flare-ups back then. She just loves to larp as an intellectual but doesn't do anything besides sit at home and play video games all day. And idc if she has a condition, there are endless possibilities to obtain a degree nowadays.

No. 1477028

Rip her second nose job really didn’t do her justice. She didn’t look bad before her second nose job

No. 1477161

I feel like there are instances that she’s mixing up “agree to disagree” with “pick and choose your battles”. Like she can’t comprehend that people can love others and friends without loving every aspect about them because those aspects don’t guide the friendship. And her example of hating people walking away during an argument, people “pick and choose” what they want to spend their energy on, and if they think arguing with someone who’s out for blood isn’t worthwhile, they’re gonna dip. At least people in the comments are calling out the unrealistic expectations she has, which just makes her look more like a narc in need of yes men constantly by her side.

No. 1477600

File: 1647986695127.jpeg (401.04 KB, 828x867, 8C8347A3-C969-4752-8D04-0BBE83…)

A comment left on her recent video. So myah is the type of person to drop you if you don’t share the same as her, but are we surprised? No.

No. 1480622

File: 1648184046066.jpg (437.56 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220325-085923_Ins…)

Jeez that wrap must've been cheap bc look at it lmfao saged for nitpick

No. 1480736

Supposedly she spent around 10,000 USD on it…
She got ripped off

No. 1480802

File: 1648203195640.jpeg (733.22 KB, 828x1424, 069A469E-BA87-4EC7-A6C4-32159D…)

denying being a trump supporter and/or a republican but liking this comment…i can’t believe she has minorities and ppl who support blm in her circle.

No. 1480807

File: 1648203468315.jpeg (860.9 KB, 828x1459, 3290B109-956C-4BA4-B969-ACAC1B…)

and then she posts this video right after of her singing happy birthday to a kpop idol…it’s so funny bc her old self would definitely make fun of somebody doing this lol.

No. 1480860

File: 1648206917542.jpeg (31.21 KB, 828x123, C35D1548-57E8-4B1E-B7A1-AADCDA…)

you’re not even a lesbian, you’re a “bi” girl who’s tired of men and decided to switch.

No. 1480943

tinfoil, but I feel like she’s switching back to girls because she can control them better than she can control a guy (given how badly she got mistreated by ant and the tall guy). We’ve already seen how easily she manipulated and dumped Kat

No. 1481538

i really do think that’s one of the reasons she switched sides bc she’s always been able to manipulate female friends.

No. 1485236


Agreed, I've been thinking this too.

No. 1491747

File: 1649028597877.jpeg (609.77 KB, 828x1225, 07D57B52-89A7-4E47-BA6D-6B6792…)

She’s meeting her half siblings.

No. 1491972

honestly, they kinda favor each other, but if myah didn’t have two nose jobs, i don’t think they would lol. also, we’ll see if her “little sister” can stand her for long…

No. 1492026

I honestly don't think their really related unless that other chick is also a sperm baby or came directly from the father

No. 1492089

her 'half sister' looks like what myah thinks she looks like.

its kinda sad tbh, she used to be quite pretty and had uniqueness to her, now she looks older than she should, droopy in the face, has started gaining weight and has a delusional kpop obsession. i really wonder what caused her to change so much.

No. 1492105

They have the same biological father their eyes are the same exact color if you look closer … they look somewhat related if it wasn’t for myah’s botched nose jobs

No. 1492107

Myah always struggled with an ED so personally I see it as a positive thing for positive some weight. However her weight gain is distributed poorly due to her life style. If she took care of herself ate right and did moderate exercise she would look way better

No. 1492643

they’re blood related according to myah, they have the same sperm donor (or father).

No. 1492645

it’s unfair to assume that someone has an ED, especially without knowing them personally.

No. 1492648

i think it’s bc of her nose jobs that they look more alike, bc before myah had a bigger, more “ethnic” nose (her mom’s jewish).

No. 1492654

File: 1649109239951.jpeg (86.84 KB, 828x315, 59B378F9-C3DB-4575-9313-C0A3DF…)


No. 1492655

She has literally brought it up anon… due to her auto immune diseases she was scared to eat anything that could trigger it…

No. 1492724

i’ve been following myah for years and she has never spoken the word ED anywhere…so it’s still weird to say she has one.

No. 1492751


Fan alert. This is coming from the same girl who hated fat people and made fun of anyone who was fat lol okay … during her Ana Chan days she loved to body check get out of here…

No. 1492828

i’m an ex supporter, most of the ppl in this thread are either ex supporters or ex friends…so, i don’t know why you’re using that against me. i never said she wasn’t “fatphobic” just that it’s weird to claim a stranger has an ED.

No. 1492856

i have never once heard her mention an ed or saw her body check. being fatphobic doesn't equate to an ed, anon. it sounds like youre the fan trying to defend her non existent eating disorder so heavily kek

No. 1492873


Cope. Most of her skinty posing pictures were deleted oh well. In previous threads it was discussed as well this topic isn’t anything new.

No. 1492891

it doesn’t matter if it’s new or old, the bottom line is that’s a very harmful thing to accuse someone of. and if me and the ppl in this thread (including you) are going to claim that myah is a bad person, we shouldn’t be doing shit like that.

No. 1492959

this bitch doesnt have an ed retard. youre claiming it stems from her 'autoimmune disease' that i think we all collectively know doesnt exist (or at the least very exaggerated) and is an excuse to sit at home on her ass doing nothing but play mw and fangirl over kpop idols. just quit it lol shes gaining weight and looks worse than ever. she doesnt 'skinty pose' anymore because shes gained weight. simple.

No. 1494285

You new retards realize she would boast about being under a certain amount of weight and wouldn’t eat much right??? She legit would boast about not eating gluten and carbs are you guys actually retarded? She’s gained weight and Looks like shit because of her neet lifestyle but let’s not pretend being at a low weight and boasting about being carb free and only eating certain foods isn’t an eating disorder. These new fags are genuinely stupid.

No. 1494287

This topic is overall dumb just post new milk.

No. 1494881

she was skinner and could only eat certain things bc of this weird disease thing that she has…i’m not even defending myah here, just saying the claiming strangers have EDs is weird and inappropriate.

No. 1494883

there isn’t much new drama, if you don’t like it don’t read the thread.

No. 1494888

i don’t think you should be calling anyone stupid, when you have to resort to slurs and can’t properly place spaces in your sentences.

No. 1495060

You must me a new fag to the thread

No. 1495071

It’s so obvious that most of you are fans of hers or still on her discord.
Some of you even sound like her….
Retard and fag have been a lingo in lolcow forever ago >>1494888
Anon are you okay?

No. 1495465

File: 1649344563786.jpg (384.07 KB, 693x1150, Screenshot_20220407-192144_Ins…)

Is the girl in the middle actually related to myah because she doesn't really look related imop…idk maybe my eyes are bad lol sage for no new milk

No. 1496280

just bc someone disagrees with the heavy use of slurs on lolcow, doesn’t mean they haven’t been on here for awhile…a lot of ppl in this thread were fans of hers or friends, that’s not new. so, are you okay? why, are some of y’all even in this thread claiming that myah is a bad person, but doing stuff like this?

No. 1496283

she says they’re blood related…they’re all sperm donor babies. so, they’re half siblings, which is why they may not look too alike.

No. 1496290

i’ve been in this thread for years at this point, that’s including the times where i would only read and not contribute. i just think if you’re going to label myah as a horrible person, you shouldn’t be hypocritical. i honestly think some of y’all would be friends with myah, judging from how you act on here. like i think y’all would actually support her, if she didn’t have threads on lolcow.

No. 1496519

Ah yes
Being friends with a manipulator a gas lighter and a narc would be fabulous.

No. 1496974

she would look so much better if she groomed her eyebrows like how she previously did and ditch the fugly alternative style of makeup. it makes her look so old and haggard. like her eyebrows are sitting on top of her eyelids. i'm sure all the excess caffeine and alcohol hasn't helped much either.

No. 1497160

for some of you it seems like it would, bc y’all behave similarly to myah.

No. 1497599

File: 1649569800907.jpeg (352.17 KB, 465x683, 411A00C1-C8DF-40F2-9DE9-19F82D…)

Saged for nitpick.
Did she face tune her lips and eyes to be bigger it looks a bit cartoonish. In my opinion her second nose job her nose has basically almost collapsed.

No. 1497609

File: 1649571935322.jpg (Spoiler Image,208.57 KB, 720x1135, Screenshot_20220410_055654.jpg)

Do you remember this from 2020 anon? I wouldn't recommend Myah as a friend to anyone.

No. 1497657

Come on anon you’re dragging something that isn’t true because you saw something you didn’t agree with boo hoo
Oh god this lunatic from the previous thread? This guy used to be friends with myah. Myah sure knows how to pick and choose her friends … yes her tumblr was fucking weird and inappropriate but that blog post barely offered any milk it was just vendetta posting

No. 1497935

i feel like she did bc she’s admitted to using facetune in the past and she’s been looking weird in her recent posts. like her skin looks super smooth, as well.

No. 1497937

i don’t think anybody is recommending myah as a friend…but ok.

No. 1497938

if ppl like you keep replying to me, i’ll keep going bc i’m not breaking any rules. so, technically y’all are “dragging it out”. this reply just further proves what i’m saying y’all literally behave like her…it’s hilarious.

No. 1497940

and that guy who was myah’s friend exposing her tumblr (along with all that drama he brought) was some of the biggest “milk” her threads have ever had. so, what are you talking about?

No. 1497963

File: 1649617113528.jpeg (285.87 KB, 828x1535, 24955B35-D07A-4C89-B0EA-BE5685…)

…as if trump isn’t 80 with a history of dementia in his family. it’s funny and hypocritical bc a lot of presidential candidates from both parties are elderly.

No. 1498125


Besides hypothetically possibly getting an STI the rest of the shit in that blog we already knew.

This is just sad lol.

No. 1498161

If you cared to read…

No. 1498165

jesus… does she even try anymore?

No. 1498192

what’s sad…that i’m replying to ppl that keep talking to me…?

No. 1498193

i did read and nobody did that…

No. 1498423

File: 1649658476492.jpg (348.08 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220411-103410_Sna…)

Her big ass bed yet she's making her "sissy" sleep on her dirty ass couch

No. 1498425

File: 1649658602428.jpg (464.85 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220411-103704_Sna…)

Jfc her face is just so scary looking like her nose is fucked beyond repair sage for nitpick

No. 1499029

would she stop putting that retarded white liner under her eyes already? you will never look asian myah, your old makeup was so much nicer

No. 1499469

File: 1649764563880.jpeg (524.35 KB, 828x518, E830AF3F-307A-495C-81B4-818473…)

This is saged but I personally thinks she looks way better with natural minimal makeup with or without lashes. She looks so much better in this picture.

No. 1507454

Is it just me or does it seem like myah is stuffing her upper lip and cheek pockets with cotton balls or something? It just has the weirdest protrusion and is inconsistent. She atleast seems like she's holding her lip in a weird way in all her pics and tiktoks

No. 1507466

File: 1650510928723.png (486.98 KB, 666x704, 20220420_231248.png)

Pic for example

No. 1507467

File: 1650510967603.png (516.61 KB, 714x699, 20220420_231230.png)

I think its what gives her that weird jowl(unsaged nitpick)

No. 1507722

I think it’s how she poses her lips and her insane alcohol consumption making her face very bloated as well.

No. 1508191

she probably goes through withdrawal when she isn’t drinking

No. 1510972

I think it's because she flexes her nostrils inwards to make her nose look like how she always photoshops it, if that makes sense? Like if you move your nose tip downwards, it makes the nostrils look more narrow and the tip smaller and the lips automatically protrude in a weird way too.

No. 1511176

nya but omg she totally does look like she's doing that >>1507466 in this pic it's super egregious. she looks just like voldemort smelling a nasty f*rt

No. 1512063

File: 1650966798873.jpeg (67.98 KB, 310x499, D82A5FA2-27C0-41AE-BE46-FEEBCF…)

No. 1512075

She looks like a mtf here kek

No. 1518163

This girl is so beautiful you are all tripping

No. 1518372

You must be one of myahs "sissies" stfu and take your white knighting ass somewhere else

No. 1518760

nah… I wouldn't be surprised if the one that writes those ridiculous embellished posts about her is her thirsty middle-aged mother(sage your shit)

No. 1518948

File: 1651624426933.jpg (97.53 KB, 720x890, IMG_20220504_013036.jpg)

No. 1521267

File: 1651803496348.jpeg (849.52 KB, 828x1500, BF349633-2FEE-4698-A315-157EAE…)

Do you think she will keep up with this?

No. 1521596

yeah i think she will. the songs already exist so it’s not like she has to create new content every week.
im surprised to hear she’s still trying to make music videos. who the hell is funding them? lmao

No. 1522199

prob her cult on discord. someone in there could be a video editor etc

No. 1522245

File: 1651913995438.jpeg (603.3 KB, 828x1460, 9781C069-D79D-4BF5-B684-670BA5…)

Sage because it’s off topic a bit but isn’t weird that Kait is night crawling myah. From the makeup and poses and her profile picture is done by the same artist myah gets her covers done. I know myah copied kait with the koreaboo phase but Kait’s Instagram after meeting myah is a carbon copy of myah even down to the trashy style

No. 1522388

File: 1651939411342.jpeg (428.37 KB, 705x808, 262D06C2-F11B-42AD-AB1C-9DAA5E…)

she looks like absolute shit in her new video wtf. prob some sort of allergic reaction. her makeup REALLY doesnt suit her. the inner corner eyeliner only works on eyes that are far apart. also hilarious that her nose looks like shit constantly.

No. 1522389

File: 1651939646219.jpeg (649.09 KB, 900x891, D902C520-28E8-42BA-891D-A64772…)

shes wearing a grill.

No. 1522759

Myah Alanna was rejected by most of her half siblings and that is why her recent video is posted. She is an instigator that continues to use racist slurs and cause drama. Everything wrong in her life is her and that is why the siblings want nothing to do with her :) xoxo cunt(newfag)

No. 1522772

File: 1651976519854.png (747.48 KB, 828x1792, A8164F31-48B3-411B-985D-65B1E5…)

So that’s what this is about? She got a privacy complaint

No. 1522806

Gtfo libtard

No. 1522807

Wish, I'd love to be her mommy

No. 1523179

bc they called her out for using racial slurs…?

No. 1523180

how do you know she was rejected by them…i’m just curious.

No. 1523183

i don’t think her video will get taken down bc as long as, she didn’t say anybody’s name and/or reveal personal information about an individual…they can’t take it down.

No. 1523401

becuse i am one of the hundred lmao. Kelly is the only one sticking up her ass and no one wants her apart of it. shes so fucking weird(namefag)

No. 1523402

All siblings are aware of this website, and that is way she is rejected. Shes a fucking weirdo using child porn and racial slurs. Fucking weirdo

No. 1523404

and she refers to siblings as bullies because we didnt put up with her psychotic behavior

No. 1523406

she is a disgrace and will remain that way. if only she stayed in LA

No. 1523411

Glad you aren't being roped into her bullshit. Shes sick in the head for what she did on her old tumblr. Did any of you guys confront her about this?

No. 1523412

we all blocked and removed her after she laughed and agreed with one of our brothers that our sister was fat. she continues to speak to Nick today, no body speaks to her but the others we neglect bc of behavior

No. 1523413

theres a reason she didnt have a good meeting with us. and im glad we all removed her

No. 1523422

and everyone says she smells like cat piss LMAOOO yall work w that

No. 1523506

Learn to sage. Just add sage in the email field. Also I would like to see some milk with this however this is a private issue with her actual family so it could probably be breaking TOS… Or half family idk…

No. 1523553

Just ignore her and stop flagging the video like a stupid faggot

No. 1523574

She did say in the video that she is the oldest sibling out of all of you so I’m just going to assume you guys are children. I don’t like myah she’s by far a good person however this is a private issue and this thread goes all the way back to 2017-2018. She made an apology about her tumblr and realized how toxic her tumblr was. If you guys have a problem with myah u guys basically know her on a personal level take it with her instead of bumping this thread. False reporting her videos will just make her look good. So far these siblings seem like children the way they are acting. Probably band wagon on tiktok if an e celebrity got canceled for something

No. 1525091

Make her look good wtf is this whiteknighting

Siblings keep posting as long as you learn to sage

No. 1525304

I know right? Like stfu and let them share whatever they want. What does age even have to do with it?? lol

It’s only a matter of time before her loyal, doting sister does something wrong and myah casts her away like every other friend she broadcasts to the internet. The only reason she’s keeping Kelly around is for the ego boost. Like how she kept saying myah was the glue of the family, making her sound like a savior… how can she be the glue if no one wants to associate with her?

Any guesses on how many months it’ll be before she deletes all her pics with Kelly off of insta? lol

No. 1525494

File: 1652245887426.jpeg (179.64 KB, 828x493, 5E61829E-FF08-4C4B-BF51-AC85C6…)

Ofc she looks down on OF but she basically posts half naked if almost photos on her Instagram … didn’t she say she had a few friends who are sex workers???

No. 1526213

but kelly isn’t the only sibling that’s become “close” with her, she’s posted a couple of them on her instagram and hasn’t taken anything down (which would indicate a fallout).

No. 1526215

i don’t think myah will discard her so easily, seeing as having siblings is something she’s always wanted. for a long time she’s been talking about wanting a sense of “community,” since she grew up an only child. but i doubt she’s the glue between them bc she posted that some of the siblings reported her video.

No. 1526223

if you know myah isn’t a good person, what makes you think that apology was genuine…and not just bc ppl (including old friends) were calling her a p*dophile. also, there are plenty of ppl who’ve known myah that come to this thread and expose her. those times are when the thread is most interesting, so why talk down on that and call them “immature”. that’s essentially why this thread exists…

No. 1527209

lol where have you been? She’s said the same thing about her discord, Kait, Megan, and that one friend she had in LA. Rinse and repeat

No. 1527313

no one talks to her LOL but kelly. no one will meet or speak to her. she used us for youtube LOL and we kept telling her not to before we blocked her and realized why she was in contact. yall are weird. tell her we hate her xoxo

No. 1527315

some of yall are her friends but on this thread, get mental help. especially those of color that let her use the hard r, yall are fucking weird(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1527317

also, all her videos were reported and they're still up, shes been removed from siblings for a min LOL who has 100 siblings and they neglect her?? only mayah that bitch is toxic, weird, an instiggaor

No. 1527318

> tell her we hate her xoxo
She is probably a cunt but you’re a retard.

No. 1527328

For real lmao. These posts have Myah's energy, must run in the family.

No. 1527336

Clearly other siblings talk to her since I see on Instagram they hang around and comment on each other’s post…

No. 1527367

i feel like her recent video shows that she’s going to be keeping this girl around…and i’ll leave it at that.

No. 1527370

so, then why has she been posting some of her sisters on insta and snapchat…as well as going out with them, if kelly is the only one who talks to her.

No. 1527460

Thats fair. For myahs sake, I hope she can actually keep Kelly around. But track record proves that won’t be the case. She’s made videos with close friends she called family. They've since be deleted because no one is perfect enough for myah. She needs meaningful relationships, but she’s looking for pushovers and image obsessed people that put her on a pedestal because of her platform or “influence”.

No. 1527633

File: 1652457794825.jpg (558.58 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220513-195638_Red…)

Sage but I found myahs reddit thread and all of the ppl commenting are gross old fat men qnd loser teens posting her music and prob myah promoting her disc they also talk abt her siblings too

(Just type in myahalanna in the reddit search bar)

But here's a gross pic of her dirty ass feet and uncombed hair

No. 1528212


Here’s the link: https://www.reddit.com/r/myahalanna/

You think these pervs are the ones funding her… some of the posts even suggests she opens an only fans

No. 1528261

Tbh probably but with the OF she said she's disgusted by it even though her old friends use to do it but she's always showing her ass so it's basically a free trial on her insta lol

No. 1528557

if myah had an of, ppl would’ve been found out …there’s no way she could keep that a secret.

No. 1531535

Saged for nitpick but why does Kelly look like she's got cancer she walks around in those ugly ass beanies and wigs not tryna be mean jw

No. 1531844

>goes on lolcow dot farm to make a retarded insult
>"not trying to be mean je uwu"

Can you weird sperm donor babies save your jealousy fueled nitpicking for your diaries and only post here when you have something interesting to share?

No. 1532127

A lot of people wear wigs to avoid the damage that comes from bleaching and dying their hair. She kind of looks like myah in the blonde one

No. 1532128

I just realized she could also have an auto immune disease like myah. That would explain hair loss / wearing wigs

No. 1532161

Stupid nit pick and I personally think Kelly is pretty cute.
Do you think myah will start wearing wigs because of Kelly??

No. 1533195

My gosh… she’s already making them wear matching outfits for photo ops lolol. She’s just living out her second life, xoxo squad fantasy

No. 1534888

File: 1653121744447.jpg (421.88 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220521-122342_Sna…)

I hope these are just gems because if not it makes her nose look rlly bad sage for nitpick

No. 1534906

File: 1653124236849.jpeg (189.69 KB, 827x1209, 781949F9-6710-4213-B83D-5E00D2…)

I think they are real there’s another photo with the piercing area looks swollen.
It doesn’t suite her nose at all and makes it look even smaller

No. 1537759

File: 1653365733728.jpeg (411.62 KB, 1170x1604, 21BB0072-D42C-45AE-9BE1-EAD804…)

Guess she’s been keeping tabs on kait with the piercings?

No. 1538526

myah’s aren’t even real…

No. 1539199

From the "main is GORG bye" seems like she's copying myahs typing style qnd watch myah make a "cryptic" post abt it saged

No. 1539584

half sibling of that cunt here! myah has refused to accept the fact that we are not all a “big family” and that not all of us want anything to do with her problematic self. we are NOT a family. blood doesn’t make a family. love does. and i don’t love that bitch. i hope she knows that if any sibling information is revealed in her youtube videos that several siblings have lawyers on standby and she should be prepared to take her and that botched nose to court. xoxo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1539598

all that rhinoplasty to get poked by uneven piercings that don’t even suit her

No. 1539601

File: 1653507001398.jpeg (562.07 KB, 1170x2018, 10BE752D-8F6F-4D59-8D09-7DEC5A…)

I wonder who will be kicked out this time around

No. 1539627

you type like your sister

No. 1539636

Kek you’re all weird losers. It is in the blood.

No. 1539657

File: 1653510417408.jpeg (448.69 KB, 828x1522, 83F661FD-DA94-48DA-BD9E-012787…)

her entire feed has been her and the same 3-4 siblings who will actually interact with her, it’s gonna be so funny to see when they inevitably get blocked and her account is wiped

No. 1539671

How many siblings does she fucking have? Daddy got around jfc

No. 1539695

ur mom

No. 1539697

no shit. we’re related

No. 1539784

Sage your shit and stop being a retard. Typing styles is not a genetic trait.

No. 1539868


No. 1539875

you don’t like myah but you’re turning out to be a shit person just like her.

No. 1539880

i don’t think there will be a falling out…myah’s fallouts in the past have been with friends over her behavior or beliefs, and these sisters obviously have those things in common (i mean they’re related).

No. 1539886

her dad was a sperm donor…so, she has like 100 half siblings.

No. 1539892

go tell myah that…the fact that some of her siblings don’t like her has already been confirmed in this thread. and everything else you said has been confirmed.

No. 1542747

Derail and saged but does anyone know where her bed and vanity are from?

No. 1543917

They were custom made

No. 1543949

File: 1653888312480.png (179.61 KB, 381x362, Offline Banner.png)

does anyone remember this guy? I remember him being on her stories and in 1-2 posts. Did either of them ever share why they broke up?

No. 1544070

File: 1653910162848.jpeg (146.06 KB, 402x405, 810C0801-F570-4DE1-853B-C9B218…)

ffs it ruined the quality here’s the hd version of this old lady

No. 1544244

i don’t think it was ever really explained…i think myah just said her usual, which is “ppl don’t always work out and that’s ok”.

No. 1544728

He was pretty cringe tbf to her, he got super clingy super quickly. I'm pretty sure he posted that he lost his virginity to her

No. 1544807

Now I see why ppl date myah its always the neckbeards and losers sage for nitpick

No. 1545627

File: 1654055460253.jpeg (298.67 KB, 828x764, 03E64542-274B-41A9-9E44-18CF56…)

I don’t think she will make a video and if she does it’s going to be just rants and all over the place

No. 1546470

she’s so bitter about not blowing up on tik tok lol. she claims she doesn’t care, but everything she says and does proves otherwise. how many “I don’t care about the fame ” videos is this bitch gonna make(emoji)

No. 1549470

File: 1654389551232.jpeg (631.94 KB, 828x1400, 94F6A425-727B-4E8E-B732-7232C7…)

Seems like >>1539601 was right.
I don’t know if anyone got kicked out per day but she’s complaining about how no one got her a gift or sang happy birthday??
Myah these people literally spent money on plane tickets to see you???? Took time out of their personal life to book a flight and see you for your birthday is that not enough?

No. 1550023

Nobody will ever be good enough for her and that’s just how it will always be. She will continue to make those who drop everything to please her feel small and guilty for STILL disappointing her. She will always pick negativity and loneliness over admitting she appreciates a person. She will notice every time you do something (or fail to do something) and make you choke on it until you say sorry. Not surprising she’s posting about it and humiliating every single person who traveled there to see her. That is such a horrible environment. She is a narcissistic abuser and will manipulate those around her to fall into the ups and downs at her disposal. The ups and downs that she creates. It is gross and it is scary, and it probably won’t ever change.

No. 1550033

Did you ask for them too? Or did you expect them to just telepathically know what you wanted? I don’t normally feel anything for cows but wow I hate this bitch

No. 1550283

one of her sisters responded to that tweet with a video of her singing happy birthday to myah and she didn't even like it. she liked every other response to that tweet. how embarrassing lol
apparently there was no birthday cake which would explain why it slipped people's mind.. how hard would it have been for her to ask? its not like she would look any more self-centered than she already does

No. 1550301

She is ROTTEN ew

No. 1550457

i posted one of myahs recent lives links here

No. 1550514

when you watch the incredibles "no one is special anymore"

No. 1550633

this confirms her and meg stopped being friends because of meg's boyfriend. she was so condescending about it. starts at 1:45

No. 1550688

Oh gosh so she’s pro life and against sex work yet her sister on the left is pro choice and supports sex work. You can see how pissed and over it she is when myah is talking … why does she hang out with myah??? Does she seriously need validation from her.
Quite sad if I had a friend against a right to a woman’s body and looks down on sex workers and goes against all my views you’re getting cut off.

No. 1550704

Her time is up, she had her 15mins of fame and now shes just bitter over the smallest things. Really sad, like she doesnt seem to have a bad life and still drags people down w her attitude.

No. 1550815

Myah is against whores? The only based thing about her

No. 1550932

she made (grain of salt here) what could be good points but she was tipsy and yelling. Talking louder than everyone doesn’t mean you have a better argument. Both of her sisters looked uncomfortable during her rant. I think Jamie was smart to quietly disagree because Myah already ruined her own public image, she doesn’t have to drag Jamie down with her.

Also she insinuated that Kait was using her for clout so that’s probably why they broke up. Why do people even try to use her for clout anymore? She has to keep her likes hidden because she’s barely pulling any engagement these days. The verified check and follower count means nothing

No. 1551206

Rich of her to have fucked degenerates like ant, alex, scott and now say that someone who's in the same position she was should keep the child. She would have gotten an abortion then, she even admitted it. Maybe she's trying to erase her past so she can bag a trad husband.

No. 1551405

do any of you remember that video she made about her friend who got an abortion 2-3 years ago? its since been deleted and now that I'm thinking about it.. how fucked was it to make a video about a medical procedure that she didn't even experience? especially when she holds such strong opinions against abortion. like who even asked her for that video?

No. 1551433

I will say the only valid point ( a broken clock is right twice a day) is also holding men accountable and have them tie their tubes that’s about it. Her sister on the left gave valid concerns even brought up rape and the women’s health but myah just kept talking over her. You can tell she was really uncomfortable.

Off topic now:
What’s really sad is she still cusses like sailor and uses old fashion slurs! Seriously she’s a 24 year old woman not a little girl anymore and she talks like she’s still in highschool. You can visible see the discomfort her sister has when she is throwing around the f and r slur because she was pissed at the chat. Why doesn’t myah get moderators for her lives??

No. 1551475

That was what I found agreeable, that men need to be held accountable and reproductive health education should be accessible. I have a feeling she talks over everyone like that. She acts very self important.

Funny enough she mentioned she went to an etiquette school in this live. What I've never understood is why she gets so easily riled up. She was about to lose her mind over someone asking about Kelsey. She needs healing over that relationship clearly lolol. She probably doesn't go live consistently enough to feel the need for mods.

No. 1551586

I wish that people who have fallen victim to her manipulation would speak up. I want to hear the people who were kicked out on new years, Kait’s, or Meg’s first hand experience being her right hand. I don’t know how anyone could stand that. Even her sisters trying to speak up gets shut down and makes Myah feel like she has to dominate the conversation.

No. 1551851

the “f slur” and “r slur”? do you mean the very same terms which are common board culture here on lolcow? people call each other retards and faggots here all the time kek. even the mods will redtext you with a big fat “newfag” or some such.

go back to your twitter hugbox if you can’t handle people saying words you don’t like.

No. 1551856

shut up.

No. 1551858

You do realize you guys are saying it in a anonymous forum. She says it publicly out around people and to her audience.
If it’s in your daily vocabulary and you say those outdated slurs around people I truly don’t know what to say maybe grow up?
However if it’s typed in a forum it’s whatever it’s anonymous

No. 1552535

just ignore anons that start shit about slurs.

there are obvious contextual differences between myah (an aspiring musician with a platform) unapologetically using slurs and someone doing that anonymously on lolcow.

she acts like her use of slurs isn’t the reason she stopped growing. she was doing pretty well engagement wise before the n-word scandal. Instead of swallowing her pride and apologizing for the sake of PR, she raged and blamed everyone else. Her numbers started dropping very soon after that

No. 1560186

File: 1655194747328.jpeg (664.63 KB, 936x939, 8112F3BD-E521-4422-87EA-430154…)

literally what happened to her face? she’s so ugly now.

No. 1560254

LA mom of 4 kids

No. 1561662

File: 1655315855694.jpeg (403.53 KB, 828x1403, BDA4A00D-B7E5-4AE4-8935-82B483…)

she’s obsessed with thinking that ppl copy her…bc she’s so original and different.

No. 1561665

File: 1655315890787.jpeg (279.49 KB, 828x1094, CA3BE3CD-9F96-47BD-B30F-6FA541…)


No. 1562864

I saw that Kait got her nose double pierced before Myah did…. so it’s a funny narrative for the cunt to spin about other people. Kait doesn’t post much- I have her on snapchat and she rarely has anything up. I don’t think she has any type of boyfriend. Is there other girls? Kait dickrides pink and hello kitty but that’s not news.

No. 1563356

she has two other ex gfs (apparently)…so, she’s not only talking about kait. but most ppl only know kait’s identity. and, myah’s aesthetic/style has become very popular…it’s not something unique to her.

No. 1564484

myah is so weird bye(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1567600

File: 1655806639619.jpeg (751.01 KB, 828x1514, 98BFDA7C-3389-4687-A464-9A7A5E…)

this is one of the ex gfs. maybe myah thinks that lilith copies her because of the hair but, myah reunited with her like a year or two ago. edited some pictures for her (that are still up on liliths page & myah is tagged) so they had to have a falling out again, idk what she’s on about

No. 1567601

File: 1655806690158.jpeg (523.05 KB, 828x800, 1939B500-72B3-4975-9C00-E88911…)

No. 1567602

File: 1655806717311.jpeg (616.94 KB, 828x794, 068ED73F-1E49-4381-ADFB-420FC5…)

No. 1567603

File: 1655806811117.jpeg (353.01 KB, 828x460, BC8093CE-826C-453F-BF41-49588A…)

No. 1567709


No. 1567803

that would be stupid though bc myah hasn’t had green hair in like 3 years…and she doesn’t own the color. but it’s myah, so i wouldn’t expect anything more.

No. 1567806

i wonder if that girl, currently, has a boyfriend…bc that would further point to her being the ex girlfriend, myah is talking about.

No. 1567820

File: 1655826549516.jpeg (184.68 KB, 828x639, BD7EE044-0E54-4989-9E41-2D3EC5…)

mentally challenged.

No. 1568349

omegle at 24?? are you joking dudes go on there to jerk off, she goes there for her superiority complex. that isnt a place where intelligence flourishes. shes so fucking weird.

No. 1568518

No. 1568806

literally…like ppl go to work and school (unlike myah), they don’t go on omegle (or the internet, most of the time) to show their mental prowess. and, even then, going through her twitter…she’s not a intellectual (i’ll say that).

No. 1568838

File: 1655910192027.jpeg (184.98 KB, 808x807, 557EB5BA-5BB5-4579-9147-BEFBB5…)

if she keeps trying to date her friends, she’ll have none left lol.

No. 1568839

File: 1655910266889.jpeg (180.28 KB, 828x965, D8E33D71-5A53-4F31-ADA1-820CD3…)

myah is the best example of when women start calling themselves gay or lesbian after being “scorned” by one too many men.

No. 1568842

File: 1655910330011.jpeg (152.88 KB, 828x745, FC3A18AA-B0C3-4533-BF47-224E8C…)

according, to myah if musk isn’t constantly pushing right wing ideas, he’s gone “soft”.

No. 1569962

File: 1656007382638.jpeg (487.17 KB, 828x828, EA519C2B-2240-4B16-BE23-5A0270…)

the fake tan.

No. 1573713

File: 1656351057923.jpeg (180.24 KB, 1170x2399, E3D62987-A737-4967-A1CE-1B873F…)

Anyone remember her from the xo new years stuff? I guess she’s cut off too. That makes what, 5 best friends lost in less than a year?

No. 1573876

she always looses friends out of the original xo’s there is only 2 left

No. 1573944


No. 1574044

Yall notice shes supports belle delphine and comments on her post regardless of all the shit belle has done she supports a literal pedo

No. 1574046

Not shocked but also her friend was super under the radar with social media. So she could have probably disabled her Instagram too?
Could be a possibility too

No. 1574049

looked at it on my personal- she’s active on IG & twitter. neither are followed by myah. i’m so in shock even though it’s so predictable

No. 1574069

jaz made everyone unfollow her, it wasn't just myah she unfollowed.

No. 1574079

What happened?(learn2sage ffs)

No. 1574095

i don't know but judging by the fact that she removed literally everyone im guessing it's a her issue. she was always a little off(namefagging )

No. 1574120

Notice how you’re the only one namefagging sopholoph@gmail.com

No. 1574160

I want to hear from the ex-xo’s

No. 1574178

File: 1656378742951.jpeg (12.29 KB, 470x203, sopholoph.jpeg)

It's not proof but this looks on-brand

No. 1574267

anytime myah isn’t friends with someone anymore, that person gets “cut off” from the rest of the group.

No. 1574269

i don’t think she was even at myah’s birthday celebration…but it’s interesting to see how her old “best friends” are being replaced by sisters and others (from the discord).

No. 1574271

File: 1656385783376.jpeg (191.98 KB, 828x894, D1932CBB-0F5E-4B40-9B03-0B8413…)

calls megan out for having a cheating bf but still is friends with her, apparently, abusive ex bf…

No. 1574319

I wonder how many more sob stories her current peers will hear about the people who have “betrayed” her. Those same people who will comfort her through these stories will be on her blacklist in a few months time. How many more times can a person go through this?

No. 1574394

That girl does have a boyfriend of a couple years + she dated myahs ex boyfriend ant before she did

No. 1574398

that’s not her ex ant they both don’t follow eachother on really anything(unsaged doubleposting)

No. 1574498

yes, it is, his name is anthony…they dated on and off for years.

No. 1574501

yes, it’s weird how many “bffs for life” has she gone through…it’s normal to get new friends but not in this way.

No. 1574503

so, myah dated her and then ant…weird.

No. 1574596

No. 1574640

Bro can this bitch even breathe? She sounds so nasally. Gross. She seems unwell.

No. 1574652

File: 1656434467322.jpeg (441.58 KB, 2048x2048, 0FC63F43-269A-49AF-A7CF-D343BC…)

i think it’s odd that Meg has been pushing a ‘career’ in twitch streaming but will make a bunch of content of how she’s a bad gamer girl versus myah showing off she’s top fragging

No. 1574717

Myah is the definition of a narcissistic abuser. She will manipulate everyone around her and her loved ones to constantly strive to be better for HER. Not for themselves, but for HER. If you fail to meet her expectations, regardless of anything that you endured ‘before’ her, she will make you miserable. She will turn everyone on you and make you feel like the smallest person on earth. There is not one strong person around her and as long as she treats people like this, there never will be. The strong people are those who are able to see her for who she is and don’t feed into her delusions of grandeur. Not the ones who blindly praise herself and put her on a pedestal. She is so much weaker than she puts on and will continue to be. She doesn’t deserve to be alone and I wish this wasn’t her reality, but it cannot be helped as long as she maintains this pattern.

No. 1575026

she’s so incessant on the fact that she never posts her ex friends business yet she’s talked about megan getting cheated on time and time again on livestreams and on social media. she constantly exposes people but has a meltdown if anyone does the same

No. 1575198

you don’t have to be amazing at games to enjoy them or make a career out of it…and as far as i know, megan works an actual job and is in college. of course, you can be great at games when that’s all you have to do all day (like myah).

No. 1575210

File: 1656478613543.jpeg (124.53 KB, 828x468, C3F53BC2-F29B-4E7E-97E3-42DEA9…)

kait pt. 2

No. 1575752

File: 1656530836801.jpeg (427.34 KB, 1170x2055, 7C92972D-EDC0-4FC8-86BE-E529B5…)

Guess kait moved on? Looks like the shit she used to post when she dated Myah too lol

No. 1575771

Why are these girls so invested in looking like dried up Malibu grandmas?

No. 1579128

Man, she has fallen off HARD. The audacity of her being vain and judging other people’s looks when she genuinely looks like a hot ass mess. What’s with the smudgy, poorly-done makeup and the “can I speak to the manager” haircut? She has aged HORRIBLY. There’s no excuse to look so haggard in your 20s or even in your 30s. All of the binge drinking, caffeine, and staying up all night playing video games and being on Omegle (wtf? of all places) has made her look around her mom’s age and that’s not an exaggeration. Anyone that is telling her she looks good is blatantly lying to her face in fear of a narc tantrum. Also, it’s a damn shame that her mother is enabling her 24 year old daughter; letting her live rent free under her roof, contributing absolutely nothing other than getting drunk every other day, playing video games, and not doing anything with her life or her dusty music career. Pathetic. She’s getting entirely too old for all of this shit. I can’t help but cringe and feel secondhand embarrassment seeing her desperately trying to fit in with her younger sisters. Myah is going to be 40, still living in her mom’s attic, hanging out with teens to relive her youth, taking photos with the same five stupid poses she reuses, and getting shitfaced off cheap alcohol all day. It’s pretty much a given at this point, and it’s entertaining to watch.

No. 1579176

File: 1656818661335.jpeg (181.45 KB, 828x753, B7B69BA5-47F7-47D6-A28E-C77B1B…)

don’t worry your time to go is coming soon…bc kait, megan, and kelsey thought the same.

No. 1579240

No. 1579840

File: 1656895839341.jpeg (163.97 KB, 1080x1080, B7F3E70E-7BFA-4662-8B42-46B435…)

she’s delusional when she says that she used to be ugly and that she looks way more normal now. she radiates insecurity while back in the day she was pretty and seemed super confident with herself and her appearance. the same with her personality, she says she was awful when she had green hair but she seemed more logical, funny, open to conversation, etc. it’s sad that i thought she was unbearable back then but now her old self is miles ahead of the way she is today. at least in 2017 she was constantly recording music, making videos, putting effort into her makeup and outfits, and connecting with a ton of fans. now she does nothing but complain and put out a shitty single every other month

No. 1580531

And to no one’s surprise, she posted more pictures of a whole bottle of vodka on Snapchat. Despite getting publicly plastered, what, a day ago? This bitch is going to have cirrhosis of the liver by the time she’s only 30. Like previously mentioned, it’s pathetic that her mom allows this to go on in her house. What a shitty ass mother.

No. 1584366

File: 1657403385555.png (1.13 MB, 1125x2436, 2E05BF3A-5B4B-411F-9099-A7E216…)

No. 1584472

File: 1657409910458.jpeg (125.6 KB, 828x568, 6441217C-6F7B-4769-A49A-8CA79D…)


No. 1584582

Kait has kept her mouth shut which is surprising. Until now she’s been radio silent since they broke up. I wonder what triggered that

No. 1584609

myah regularly talking shit about her on social media. like she claims to not be obsessed with ppl (like others are with her) but keeps talking about ppl that never speak on her.

No. 1584648


Lol myah has her discord cult snooping on her and reporting updates on kait to Twitter?? I do think it is a bit strange kait uses the same artist myah uses for her album covers but she never has mentioned myah during her fall out. She is talking about the recent stream that myah posted talking about kait wanting clout and being a clout chaser..
myah has no clout, her clout died

No. 1584689

literally myah gets like 200 likes on her instagram posts now…i’m sure kait doesn’t get a lot less than that.

No. 1584809

But it’s not like she’s myahs personal artist, you know? Everyone and anyone is welcome to request commission from artists whose style they appreciate. And there is nothing new or original about anime girls. Myah is weird and obsessive. And anon above is right, this is the first we’ve seen Kait even allude to myah

No. 1584816

File: 1657458232890.jpeg (126.27 KB, 828x482, 3FCB48AE-5042-4948-AB72-8ED176…)

Sage because this is just a theory.
Has she fallen out with some of her step siblings? She went to posting them like crazy commenting liking all their posts and now is completely silent about her step sisters. she still follows them and they are still tagged. But she would even respond to some of her sister’s tweets and now nothing is coming from her.

No. 1584820

i feel like she must’ve gotten sick or something…bc she was supposed to go to a kpop concert and didn’t (i mean if she did, her social media would be full of it).(sage)

No. 1584852

She probably drank herself sick. I think the concert was in New York and I’m pretty sure that’s where her one sister lives so, maybe anon is right about the theory.(refuses to sage)

No. 1584875

yeah, that txt concert was in new york and myah lives in nj (or maryland, i don’t remember), so it makes sense why she was supposed to be going. but i think it has to do with her mystery auto-immune disease; a couple of days ago, she was talking about throwing up…

No. 1585006

File: 1657477735402.png (1.05 MB, 990x1134, Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 1.25…)

Yeah it was supposed to be yesterday. Maybe she realized that guy she keeps posting wasn't going to notice her anyways

No. 1586577

File: 1657647458107.jpeg (269.5 KB, 828x1046, 650A8FCF-5A3F-48B1-A885-C8D2A7…)

next in the lineup of friends to date is…

No. 1589364

File: 1657958098600.jpeg (162.88 KB, 828x377, 68E24E98-D0A8-47D0-B57A-E6EE3F…)

Is she seriously bringing up hygiene? Same girl who was exposed to not shower and she has pictures of her with shoes inside her room… i think there’s a picture of her with shoes on the bed way back … her carpet is legit nasty with stains. Oh myah ….

No. 1589365

File: 1657958875744.jpeg (263.56 KB, 828x714, A3ED7187-DCBA-4B59-87F1-E18FE3…)

Haha she got canceled by some of Ariana grande’s fans. She posted a draft about it complaining about how evil Ariana grande … she’s an idiot most of the replies from this tweet is calling her out for using outdated slurs.

No. 1589830

File: 1658027175390.jpeg (435.15 KB, 2048x2048, ABC959D0-5341-4BE1-9453-A8F2D4…)

the audacity to talk about hypocrisy when she actively still says slurs…and has never apologized, but instead defends her actions.

No. 1589832

and talking about filler when she has two nose jobs…also, talking about covid when she an anti-vax weirdo.

No. 1589834

File: 1658027747632.jpeg (444.72 KB, 2048x2048, 48F3E669-06B1-422A-BA42-A07051…)

as she constantly puts ppl on blast (without saying their name, but everyone knows who it is), who aren’t even speaking on her (not on social media, at least).

No. 1589835

File: 1658028167380.jpeg (179.85 KB, 828x639, B31D63F6-F26F-43DF-BC83-511AD4…)

notice how she (really) didn’t address what was said about her music career…

No. 1589842

File: 1658028836380.jpeg (414.27 KB, 828x1324, 1CB74B3F-2CB8-480E-8575-987C2A…)

they were eating her minion up…she had to come to the rescue.

No. 1589848

File: 1658029346847.jpeg (1.14 MB, 828x1446, 1F474FB6-691F-43AF-B5D3-019840…)

this is some tumblr ed shit.

No. 1589953

Man her weight fluctuated quick. She back to being Ana Chan but I think her weight loss is probably due to her health problem she recently got super sick probably lost a lot of weight during all that. She sure is taking advantage of the weight loss with her recent posts and all the body checking.

No. 1590028

File: 1658061712158.jpeg (234.41 KB, 1284x2114, 5A32EBA3-ADCA-4229-9B74-6D20C5…)