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No. 101478

Since this has been requested in the Kailyn thread ( >>7656 ), and since in YTT world anyone who posts on the internet is fair game to talk shit about, let's do this ytt thread.
Pic related. What sort of psycho hates a baby that much?

No. 101481

Srry i'm bad at links across different boards…

No. 101495

Thanks for making this. YTT is a shit show, especially when Taj is involved. She's crazy.

No. 101497

No. 101503

The hell…..

No. 101522

Wow. I almost feel bad now for picking on her because she seems legit cray.
Only almost though.

No. 101530

Meh, just because she's crazy doesn't mean she has the right to call Gracie retarded or Downsy at every opportunity.

Yeah, Gracie won't be a genius give her parents, and Kai does nothing to help Gracie's development, but Gracie can't help being born to stupid parents.

No. 101550

They call her ugly a lot too. Graythee isn't like the cutest baby around by any means, but she's really not ugly either. She's just sort of average looking.
The way Taj and some of the others hate on that poor child so hard makes me wonder if they're jealous of her. Like they've got this big fat lesbian crush on Kai, but only the baby gets to be close to her, so they're jealous of a baby.

No. 101556

How? She just sounds like one of those meme hype people mixed with some tumblr

No. 101557

I'm really hoping this thread is not going to devolve into a discussion about whether Gracie is ugly or not, because that's really besides the point. The point is that you try way too fucking hard when you're insulting a goddamn one year-old on the internet. The fuck even.

No. 101618

It's because they're all ween af
like maybe they do genuinely think babby is ugly, but maybe they're also trying to get a rise out of Kai because they know she reads there and they're weeners.

No. 101625

Too lazy to look through all her autism and find the exact post, but Taj said that she does it because Kai is a shitty human being who does not care when strangers insult her kid on the internet, but flips her lid when they call her poor. Which makes the entire thing even more pathetic because they admit that Kai doesn't give a shit, and Gracie obviously doesn't give a shit either because she is a toddler. It's a complete waste of time because nothing ever comes of it; it accomplishes nothing and it does not generate any new content. They try so hard to be edgy by insulting a baby, kek.

No. 101674

File: 1457302505837.png (232.38 KB, 576x1024, 3CZPD2H.png)

Taj also seems to just hate ugly babies. Or is just really that edgy. Whichever.

No. 101775

>>101674 Shit is must suck for her to be that bitter.

No. 101792

The fuck is wrong with her??

No. 101878

File: 1457357850172.png (334.61 KB, 1080x1649, Screenshot_2016-03-07-14-17-48…)

Holy shit they're embarrassing.

No. 101879

It's a bunch of grown women acting like stupid little kids.

No. 101892

What even is the appeal of Kailyn? I don't find anything about her funny or entertaining, she's just a fat white trash chick.

No. 101894

She's a constant trainwreck, so I'll give them that. But otherwise there's really nothing special or appealing about Kai.

No. 101897

Imo she used to be somewhat entertaining, but nowadays she doesn't even do shit anymore apart from posting a manic selfie and her sugar water coffee every day. Occasionally she'll say or do something spectacularly stupid, but it's nothing to write home about. Maybe she'd be more entertaining if her "Pretty Ladies" actually knew how to milk her, but all they do is pull middle school pranks and bitch when she rage deletes.

No. 101898

Shit that's almost momo-tier story. Both the random personal story of how funny something happened, and also the "look at this thing i can do that kai can't".
I find this funny as hell for reasons.

No. 101900

PLs keep scaring her away, and she'd be so much funnier if they didn't.

No. 101901

Vintage Kai was funnier, Hambeast Kai is just pathetic. My favorite old Kai moments were when she flashed her boobs while eating chicken pot pie, and the vids of her so called healthy eating and workouts.

No. 101905

I swear some of them have worse learning disabilities than Kai and Momo. They harass her until she deletes her account, then they bitch about being bored. They are annoyed with everyone who kisses up to Kai, but then they complain about the lack of Kaigents/inside information. Kai has been doing the same shit over and over again for years on end, and yet these bitches never learn.

No. 102184

File: 1457402810214.png (158.21 KB, 1145x603, honestlywtftho.png)

They do it with Momo too. She's not even been around in the latest thread, probs because she tried to get the whole board deleted (and is probably too poor to have internet at home anyway honestly), so they do retarded shit to try and summon her.
Like this.
Sitting on your fat ass for far too much time to make a dumb ascii thingy out of the fucking cockroach emoticons that were specifically created for the dumb bitch in question.
I bet the bitch who did this thinks it's like some sort of high art too since they're all egotistical motherfuckers over there.

No. 110339

Necroing with news. Sort of.
So the Maureen thread blew up recently because the joke now is that she seduced her father. One poster commented that that's a sick thing to joke about, because it fucking is, and they've dogpiled on that poster as well.
So they're sick fucks basically. Cool.

No. 113577

File: 1459444849150.png (105.29 KB, 1144x418, seriously.png)

this depresses me. there are other things to do than read a message board about a boring, fat youtuber. no need to resort to singing peoples posts out loud. go for a fucking walk or paint a picture or something, jesus.

No. 120267

ugh wtf? what a bunch of fucking weirdos.

YTT seems to be shitting themselves right now because Guru Gossip has actually managed to get worse, and they think more GG users are actually going to come onto their shitshow of a site even though they talk shit about GG users whenever they get a chance. Also looks like there's forum wars going on from what can be gathered off leggunslave's tumblr here http://leggunslave.tumblr.com/
Not shore how I feel about LS tbh, but she's not Taj at least, so there's that.

No. 125588

A few YTTers are still stalking a girl who left their site a year ago, and whose youtube has been dead for almost as long. At that point it's no longer funny, just creepy and pathetic. Her channel was really boring anyway, but not really lulzworthy. I hope the girl they're talking shit about is doing ok now.

You have to think though that if a board puts so much time into talking shit about a boring youtuber and her baby, singing other peoples' posts as songs, and stalking former members, it's probably made up of pathetic shutins just like their idols Kai and Momo.

No. 166560

Necroing with news.

YTT is died.
Long live YTT.


There's a lot of cattiness in the comments but summary is
>multiple users were just one mod, who was friend of Kai, who was hoarding lulz
>one girl called her out but got shitslammed for it because you don't dare disagree with the herd
>posts are getting deleted. users are being banned. IPs are getting checked.
>Taj is just sitting back and letting the mods do whatever the fuck they want, because she doesn't even give a shit about the forum and never has (as is obvious by her not doing anything when the forums were down last year)
>everyone is selfeating and taking their cattiness elsewhere
>some people really do need a hobby outside of Kai.

I'll link this to the Kai thread as well I guess. x

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