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File: 1597362965086.jpeg (639.82 KB, 1242x2139, istebull.jpeg)

No. 1023316

Istebrak has a lot of shit wrong with their channel, aside from the obvious of them doing nothing but paintovers and contradictory critiques. They're talented but completely insufferable.


>Constantly berates people for anything not in their style

>constantly shills their overprices shitty lighting program
>takes everything interesting about a piece and makes it boring
>literally does nothing but berate and talk down to people she's correcting and critiquing
>can't seem to get out of the 'study' phase and passive agressively insults you if you do anything but paint floating greyscale heads(shit thread)

No. 1023317

a good example: Making things boring and contradictory and berating advice. It's really fucking long though, fair warning.

No. 1023318

I can't stand her insistence on only letting people do fucking grey heads until they're a 'master' then they can do everything else

you're never gonna master a grey bald head, it's an ever growing process.

also tangent, does anyone else remember her tantrum over that wacom tablet thing? I'm still blown away that she's considered an authority on anything

No. 1023319

small brushes are cheating, contrast is the devil, according to her. Yikes.

No. 1023320

File: 1597364691064.png (24.19 KB, 606x234, yikes.png)

i checked her twitter and. oof.

No. 1023321

File: 1597364804785.jpeg (100.48 KB, 962x762, 1596821132805 (1).jpeg)

I hated her too until I grew a thicker skin and realized the only reason I was mad is because the things she criticizes people for were things I was guilty of & feeling defensive about. Inb4 wk accusations, I'm not here to claim that everything she says is gospel. I disagree with a certain amount of her takes and I think at times she lets her personal style cloud her critiques. and she is sometimes kind of cringey But like it or not, her major points generally are solid advice and following them will seriously improve your art. She's the only youtube art guru who doesn't tiptoe around people's problems when they submit their pieces for critique and people hate her for that.

>constantly shills their overprices shitty lighting program
I got it on sale for I think like $60. It's kind of a beast, in a good way (powerful, lots of options) and a bad way (makes my computer set itself on fire and takes up a lot of memory). I think it has room for improvement, especially in the UI department, but I don't think a one-time $60 payment is that absurd for what you're getting.

>literally does nothing but berate and talk down to people she's correcting and critiquing

You act like she's just swooping in and giving unsolicited criticisms on random people's art. Everyone she critiques is a member of her (used to be google plus) group and a regular viewer, they know exactly what they are signing up for when they submit their pieces for critique. Don't waste your time getting butthurt on their behalf.

I know I already posted picrelated on the art critique thread, but here it is again. Left is pre-istebrak, and the level at which I had stagnated for years. Right is 2 weeks after I started binging her videos.

No. 1023322

Congrats, she knows some of what she's talking about

but she's a cow, even if she helped you. She hides behind brutal honesty when she's scared of using any kind of color, and honestly makes peoples pieces worse.

I know people make mistakes, but frankly she's kind of a cunt. Just being skilled doesn't mean someones not a cow.

No. 1023323

you also took on, surprise, her mistakes. The piece on the right is way, way overblended. She hates brush strokes because people should 'leave them to the masters'

also, you're severely lacking contrast, which is unsurprising, given her opinions on it.

No. 1023324

File: 1597365441761.png (82.03 KB, 275x196, missed_the_point.png)

She completely wrecked the tone of this by making it more 'gloomy' and talked about how much better the atmosphere was- completely missing that it was supposed to be a warm, comforting piece

also the absolutely ridiculous amount of blur and blending jfc

No. 1023325

you'd think with all the shit she talks about other people's art that her own portfolio would look even semi-professional, yet she has the same boring paintings up for years

No. 1023326

File: 1597365513999.png (590.62 KB, 1000x712, bigger.png)

sorry for image for ants

No. 1023327

I was unaware we were trying to make her a cow. She's sometimes cringey and says dumb shit but I don't think there's enough milk to make her a full-blown cow.

But in any case, doesn't it seem like this is the wrong place for this? I think it would be better to put this in artsit's salt thread or /snow/. It seems kind of out of place as a stand alone thread in /ot/.

No. 1023328

samefag but I'm not claiming right is a masterpiece by any means, in fact it's over two years old now, just that it's objectively better than the left. Unless you're really arguing there was no improvement, in which case we'll just have to agree to disagree.

No. 1023329

She's constantly saying stupid shit in her videos.

Also, other artists have threads for being stupid/rude/etc. This ones worse bc they're in a position of authority.

So, no. It fits here bc this is the section where all the other annoying/milky artists go.

there's improvement, but knowing some things doesn't mean she's infallible just because she puts on some 'br00tally honest' schtick.

also unrelated to that but her random commenting in vid related that black kids don't have 'lovely peach tones' is bizzare to me??

No. 1023330

What makes it “objectively better“? I think left is much more appealing

No. 1023331

the cintiq video.

she just… destroys it. has she never heard of warranty? or returns???

No. 1023332


She also gets really weirdly angry about random shit, even when she's not giving specific critique. She'll say something and then say "You always do this, you don't deserve to use color yet, go do seven hundred form studies before you paint a face, stop trying to make masterpieces because you aren't a master, and if you don't like that you can leave". except no one said anything. She just responds as if there's people being exorbitantly rude all the time.

No. 1023333

Around the 4:30 mark she starts ranting about how anyone who dislikes her is probably vapid which is pretty lulzy

No. 1023334

oh jesus christ she is delusional

No. 1023335

I can't believe the piece on the right is the "after." There is literally no improvement, it just looks like she did a bunch of pointless airbrushing and threw a blue color overlay over it.

>hates contrast
>works almost exclusively in greyscale with plenty of contrast

No. 1023336

tbh she seems like someone who'd post here

No. 1023337

Exactly. She constantly harps on contrast as unrealistic when her own pieces have it in spades.

No. 1023338

you're not wrong

No. 1023339

She's so vague in what she asks for in these challenges then goes 'not what i wanted to see, wanted to see something new' but when presented with something new, she tears it down as not looking 'right'

it's annoying.

No. 1023342

they completely change the face and expression of a character, not actually helping with any issues the face had but just. Replacing it with a 'better' one that took away the energy the expression was going for.

No. 1023361

You're all just salty because she's upfront and doesn't hold back when giving critique. She's incredibly good at what she does, not because she think she's better, but because she has years and years of experience and helps out a lot of artists. I bet none of you bitching about her have actually tried her exercises or gotten critique from her. Grow up

Shit thread

No. 1023375

Ok wk. No one dislikes someone because they're good at art and gives useful criticism. If you actually read the thread and watched her videos that show her shitty critiques which is really just her changing everyones to art look like hers You would see how bad of a "teacher" she is.

No. 1023398

Why do I feel like this thread is being held up by like 2 anons with a butthurt vendetta kek
She’s annoying and hypocritical but those traits are common as dirt and don’t really make for very entertaining milk.

No. 1023492

Is she an /ic/fag?

No. 1023556

I don't understand how people can call her incredibly good. She is good yes but not remakarbly so.

Also her attitude when it comes to art is stupid, telling amateurs that they shouldn't be thriving for creating "masterpieces" is shitty and idiotic. It only creates perfectionists who won't be able to do anhything because they waste their time waiting that they are good enough to create things.

Also I'm sorry but digital art just will never be that impressive for me with all the fallbacks and undos you have, even though yes it obviously needs skill too.

No. 1023595


like, im still impressed by digital art, but hers isn't… that impressive? It's all greyscale floating bodyparts or really sickly looking busts with like 1 focal point.

not to mention her being averse to literally anything interesting/not super moody lighting.

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