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No. 1027017

Since PT is laying low after she got kicked out of her home her mother takes the lolcow crown by obsessively going after her daughter despite being homeless and making petty statuses on facebook so people can give her asspats. Did I mention she goes after rando widows as well? Someone give her the Mother of the year award!(shit thread)

No. 1027018

What a crappy first post. Please we need backstory and milk

No. 1027019

The OP in the last thread was no great shakes.

No. 1027020

OP sucks, but Debbie is such a bottom feeder she makes Margaret Palermo look like mother of the year.

No. 1027021

File: 1598062309838.png (294.24 KB, 750x1334, E1DC2EDD-142F-4F98-A107-FD943A…)

An ode to Deb:

Fuck off you thundercunt and go eat a whole jar of miracle whip.

No. 1027022

It’s disgusting to see her publicly shaming her mentally ill daughter regardless of what happened. Definitely major scapegoating in that household

No. 1027023

I don't beleive for a second that Sarah is torturing her own cat, this reads a lot like the weenoos hamster killer tinfoil that maggot started

No. 1027204

Can a new thread be made for Pixy, not just her mom? Pixy is going through a time but she's still our queen, and I think it'd be worth it to have a place to discuss her and document everything, and I don't think it should be in a thread about Debbie.

No. 1028344

Yup. My queen. She may be a cow, but deb is a fucking cunt weasel. Debbie may be a cow, but fuck her. She doesn't get a thread. All her drama is related to our real queen, Pixy. I mean this entire site is hers. I used to be so amused by her antics, but years later I've gotten perspective that's she's just mentally ill that has given years of entertainment. Sure she may not be the most pleasant, but I've gotten attached. Plus, we all know that deb is responsible for a lot of Sarah's strange escapism. When they finally forced her to end her unhealthy obsession in the wrong way, they drove her to other even more damaging madness like increased hypochondria and gender dysphoria that had never existed previously. Any new Pixy thread is always a homage and half cow/half "I love this weeb." Let's not end it by giving Debbie her own thread when she's your run of the mill fat southern slut cunt.

No. 1028662

Somebody make a new PT thread already, this is shit.

No. 1030895

File: 1598781797318.png (47.65 KB, 980x543, Annotation 2020-08-30 125544.p…)

So I'm the anon who created a PT 'fan' page some while ago, and this is what I've got today. I gradually stopped following the Queen as she lain down to the bottom, so I am at lost, can someone explain what's going on? Why did Debbie kicked PT out? And how come Debs cannot find her daughter on Facebook?

No. 1030903

The thought that PT might have been an awkward, shy normal girl & her mother really is just an abusive fucking psycho who makes it impossible for her to function.

Proof of Sarah being homeless?

No. 1030905

File: 1598787302976.png (36.53 KB, 1001x453, Annotation 2020-08-30 12554114…)

Now call me paranoid but after long months of silence in the 'fan' page inbox (cus it's been abandoned for years, obviously) I also have got this yesterday. In less than 24 hours before I got those messages from Debbie.

Why would some random out of nowhere with suspiciously empty account message 'Sarah' to ask her where she is now? And the next day we get those messages from Debs asking what's Sarah new facebook. Like… what's going on? Are we sure Pixie's at home now?

No. 1030912

Last I heard, Sarah went back home and had a job interview at a restaurant in town.

I think she blocked her mom on FB after she was kicked out the last time because she was getting a lot of abusive messages from her. It’s possible that people who know her irl are mistaking your fan page for her real one. I’d just delete that page and forget it, tbh.

This sort of stuff is exactly why we need a new thread…

No. 1047905

New to this whole Pixyteri thing (and can't find the new thread about her) but holy shit I went to school with her. She used to be really fat but her hygiene was basically the same.

She was a friend of my friend Nicki and I remember them having a falling out before she moved. Unfortunately my high school/middle school yearbooks are all in Texas (I've long since fled the state) so I can't prove this. But maybe I can get my mom to ship them out to me.

No. 1055683

while i agree debbie is not helping the situation, i don't think any of you have ever dealt with a leech living in your house. you don't seem to understand how much of a drain it is to provide for someone who does absolutely nothing at all. doesn't give money back, doesn't do any of the housework, which continues to pile up. you come home from working all day to find your space a mess and the person you're paying for just sitting in bed on their phone. they haven't done a thing. this has gone on for 15+ years. i don't blame debbie for being angry at pt. if therapy isn't helping and pt won't take her meds or try to get a job, what else are you going to do? she's not mentally ill enough for assisted living i'm pretty sure, she's just autistic and refuses to integrate into the world even if it's hard. there's millions of autists who manage to do this.

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