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File: 1457568322083.jpg (18.78 KB, 236x317, b0b8f8ccb4ff0ec71430932763edbf…)

No. 103239

I think it goes without saying that everyone here already knows about Dahvie and the kind of person he is.
So finally here's a thread for dicussions regarding Dahvie, Jay, BOTDF, their cringe-inducing behaviors and attitudes, and the accusations/scandals surrounding them.

Dahvie's insta: https://www.instagram.com/thedahvievanity/

Jay's insta: https://www.instagram.com/jayyvonhatesit/

BOTDF youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/officialbotdf

Well known blog with fan submitted stories about run-ins with Dahvie at concerts: http://truthaboutdahvie.tumblr.com/

No. 103256

File: 1457570432993.gif (594.42 KB, 375x211, Jayy.gif)

I'd love to contribute to this but idk if there's new milk

Scene is dead

No. 103833

Nobody stills care about him though, right? Everyone knows he's a shitty person and I don't even think scene kids exist anymore.

No. 103836

neither did i, but then i found this

No. 103871

File: 1457598224322.jpg (129.43 KB, 625x625, raging faggot.jpg)

I saw this image a while back and saved it. Is the dude in the pic the same as the guy in OP's pic?

No. 103873

No. 103938

He's 31 now, is he still dressing like this?

No. 104005

File: 1457646268360.jpg (86.81 KB, 713x960, dahvie_vanity_by_shadamy4ever1…)

He's toned it down a lot since then.
He's currently going for the instagram makeup trend with the heavy contouring and highlights. I will admit the guy is damn good at the application, but he is straight up scum.

No. 104007

Unfortunately there's a steady emo/scene revival with jr. high and high school kids.

No. 104010

>Not blending

No. 104011

what the fack @ that soul patch

No. 104013

I know people who are full adults and that'll still defend/listen to his music.

There was this girl my friend was friends with, and they did a lot of stuff together.
She defended him til the end of times.

He's been proving to be an asshole, and getting his braindead fans to attack non believers. He promotes that whole PLUR thing, yet continues to tell people to kill themselves, even if they are fans and shit.
Total scum.

No. 104015

File: 1457648122752.png (461.09 KB, 569x559, 1457646672631.png)

I bet he looks like a toddler naked
>Those short, fat limbs

No. 104018

File: 1457648292763.jpg (22.93 KB, 480x384, old but gold.jpg)

He's fat as fuck, I followed this drama like the back of my hand at one point.
His real name is like Jesus or something, no fucking lie.
It's old, but he's skinnyfat.

No. 104019

File: 1457648368954.jpg (17.72 KB, 241x320, apparently.jpg)

and him before (apparently)
Anon should have also posted their ED


No. 104020

File: 1457648406166.jpg (53.85 KB, 500x357, tumblr_inline_mghnrkutmD1qzd8a…)

Lastly proof of his name in this police report.

No. 104022

In his recent pics it looks like he tattooed his neck and under his jaw, I wonder if he did it to conceal his second chin

No. 104046

Wow wow wow, did Jay get nose fillers? I liked him better when he was a cutesy twink and now he just looks like he's impersonating a black man.

No. 104050

He looks the same but not as thin

No. 104056

File: 1457652279675.jpg (130.63 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

He looks like muscle-man from regular show

No. 104070

File: 1457656343047.jpg (348.62 KB, 700x489, slkjd.jpg)

I had a scroll through his instagram and got weird hanna beth vibes straight away. idk why but to me he looks a little like she did before she went full kardashian.

No. 104071

samefag, sorry for the shitty comparison though it was the closest photo of her that i could find that kind of illustrated my point shit

No. 424438

File: 1510748081259.jpg (152.4 KB, 672x1022, Dahli.jpg)

I know this is all kinds of necromancy but a tiny crumb. JayyVon is drag queen 'Dahli' and is currently starring in Season 2 of Dragula. The new episode (3) features Dahli talking about the abusive situation in the band. Conversation is at 9:00: http://eachvideo.com/watch?v=n7o_XAS_ZAw

No. 424460

I still like a few of their songs. Went off them big time though when I realised they weren't as "be good to one another" as they claimed to be.

Saged for no contribution

No. 424472

Some fangirl took Dahvie's insta name. Kek

No. 424507

Is this the guy who raped Jessi Slaughter?

No. 424522

I saw this thread, had a scene flash back and gasped.

Jayy though isn’t in the band anymore, and does solo music on the side of his drag gig.

No. 424541

I'm watching this and I had no idea, damn.
Jayy/Dahli apparently has a reputation in SoCal of being a terrible performer. Makes the Dragula thing a bit puzzling.

No. 424559

Found an article where Jayy goes into a bit more detail about why he left BOTDF

No. 424693

I personally know a girl who claims to have fucked him at a party. She was 15 at the time

No. 424734

What a pure mong

No. 425059

Oh shit. I didn't know that Dahli was Jay. I suddenly don't like his drag.

No. 425105

While it sounds like he was abused in this working relationship himself, he seems to have a blank spot around Dahvie's nonstop exploitation of teens (and younger). Perhaps he himself came right out of abusive home life and right into Dahvie's world? That's the only "excuse" I can even start to think of. The HIV issue is enough to make him leave of course, but the shit was also hitting the fan with the accusations from very young girls, too.

Dragula is really about that dark side of life / drag, it doesn't surprise me there are some genuinely damaged souls in the cast.

No. 425110


sage for ot but jay looks like a cheap shitty copy of pearl imo

No. 426653

wow, he does.

No. 971401

Felt like it was a good time to bump this thread. Hopefully this isn't considered a necro, since he has been gaining a ton of attention as of late for his lawsuits against him and proven pedophilia.
Damian (aka Jessi Slaughter) was on Chris Hanson not too long ago about how he did in fact rape her when she was 10-11 years old..
There's also a subreddit that's compiling a ton of info on him as well (https://www.reddit.com/r/DahvieVanityisaPEDO/)

No. 974984

Ryyberry self intserting into the drama that's happening right now by telling people how she used to be BeSt FriEndS with him and has nothing to do with the drama. Completely trying to ride on the pedophilia attention he's getting and it's sick. These clout chasing scene kids really want to die on this hill because he's been in the news.

No. 975307

Yeah, I couldn’t finish that vid.
“Dahvie said I was like, so good at Smash, like the best at the party!” So tone deaf and attention seeking.

It’s disgusting to see clout seekers jump in on the Dahvie train as if it’s some sort of fun trend.

When I saw this thumbnail I was actually really intrigued to see a girl that didn’t fit Dahvie’s usual MO. I didn’t wanna discount her story until I kept watching and it kept getting more ridiculous & fake. Zero proof provided other than a photo of her at that age to prove that she…. was 11? She quickly turned off comments despite seeming like she wanted asspats.

I’m so curious to know what other people think of this vid bc to me it just seemed so ridiculously convenient and scripted. Like as a reaction to all of the horrible parenting stories that have come out of Dahvie’s victims, she just made the most neatly tied up story where her mom had superwoman intuition and ~KNEW~ dahvie was a creep & did everything that the victims’ parents who were groomed by dahvie failed at despite not witnessing anything illegal. But dahvie did illegal stuff, just not in front of the parents! Like, it’s a nice story I guess, & it puts her in the best light possible for being ~woke to dahvie~ but it’s literal fanfic.

No. 977124

How has this song never been brought up before? The lyrics are very telling and probably true. It came out in 2012?

Not surprised he collabed with Elena Vladi and JayyVon either because they're both pieces of shit too. Esp for working with him on this song and probably knowing about his behavior.

No. 977307


People have been calling him out since whenever Jessie Slaughter blew up because there were others who also reported on his shit, including how idiot mothers brought their tween daughters right to the pedo. I knew at the time that it would eventually catch up to him but I didn't think it would take over a decade.

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