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File: 1457577699270.jpg (90.11 KB, 540x720, tumblr_inline_nm9c7ypGp71r0rrj…)

No. 103780

grown 53 year old weeb voice actor for animu

known for kissing under aged girls, molesting at cons, racist apparently and homophobic

No. 103783

Links pl0x

No. 103807

I don't have anything to comment on Vic Migeggnog but he's not homophobic. He stated that he's uncomfortable with fans shoving uncensored yaoi in his face and squeeing about how "sugoi" it is and stuff. Honestly if I would hate it too if people shoved uncensored porn in my face at a con.

No. 103812

He hasn't done anything lulzy in a long time though

No. 103820

is this thread supposed to predict how Onionson or whatever he's called how he will look when he's old?

I got the same disgusting feelings from looking at this dude. Lawdhavmerrrcy!

No. 103823

He was at a con i attended back in 2010-2011 and he acted out a scene with a girl who was CLEARLY younger than he was i think he was doing one of his role from host club and just watching them was unconfortable and unsettling. Yes he is know to do that and it is known he is a bit homophobic
Plus just my opinion he along with todd and Greg are TERRIBLE voice actors

No. 103824

he's homophobic enough to lie about the sexuality of the characters he plays

No. 103903

Didn't McNugget once held a church meeting with fans even though his event was over and the panel room was booked for a next event lol

No. 103960

A few years ago there was definitely a ton of milk. I met him again this year and he's calmed down. Still a little too involved with the underaged fans, but I guess that's just his version of pandering… and I don't think he has many fans that are of-age to begin with, actually.
I was at his panel and during Q&A this tween (had to have been literally 12) asked him to leave a voicemail to her friend as Edward Elric, because her Grandma had just died. It was really obvious that he was totally uncomfortable with it, but he just said some condolences and that line from FMA about moving forward with your own two feet.

No. 103967

Proof? I'm not doubting you since it sounds very Vic but I've never heard of this before.

No. 103971

OP pic reminds me too much of PT

No. 103983

he's just rude as fuck.
he definitely should be considered a cow, he's so far up his own ass because of all his FMA fangirls but he hasn't actually done anything noteworthy in years.
he likes to act like he's celebrity and treats the staff/guest aides that cons provide him with like shit.
There are three stories that I can remember about him right now that I found noteworthy:

>Vic is booked for a signing session at a local dinky anime con
>kids start lining up with their merch like a half-hour before the signing session even STARTS
>Vic is up partying with other guests in the green room
>time for signing session
>Vic won't come down
>line builds until it literally starts snaking around the building, people are crammed in the halls like sardines, foot traffic is a nightmare
>Vic still won't come down because, get this: he needs his bottled water. Not just any bottled water will do for Vic, only ~DASANI~, and the hotel doesn't carry that brand of bottled water.
>aides have to run out and get it for him before he'll do the signing session, at which point the time slot is already 50% over.

>Sunday of convention weekend
>Vic insists on doing his church service thing
>shows up in the main event room with a gaggle of fangirls while another event is going on
>completely disrupts their programming by hauling his entourage around doing impressions and giving an impromptu Q&A
>eventually the other panelist just shuts down their lecture because he's being so distracting
>Vic runs his church service at least 15 minutes over the time limit and fucks with the scheduling for the next panel, too
>staff lets him get away with this shit because he's vic mangina

>my friend is a guest aide
>Vic's hosting a panel and demands that the guest aide go out and bring him back a very specific order for a fast-food sandwich or some shit.
>my friend goes through the drive through, gives them this super-specific order, gets the food, goes back to the con
>when he delivers the food, they open the bag to find out that the fast food place fucked up Vic's very specific order.
>Vic refuses to eat any of the food
>my friend apologizes profusely and offers to go back and get the right order
>Vic refuses to let him fix the mistake
>later complains to head of staff about the mix-up and blames his aide for letting him ~starve~

fucking vic mangina.

No. 103992

absolutely disgusting

No. 103994

File: 1457640987463.png (8.36 KB, 861x97, vic is a huge twizzler stealin…)

Probably my favorite story from /cgl/

He did the voice of Fai/Fay/Faye/whatever from Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle which CLAMP wrote as pretty fruity in the booty. I don't know the details, but most of the Tsubasa fans knew this, but he refused to acknowledge it.

No. 103995


Nigger how new are you.

No. 103997

Links?? No idea who this guy is. Legit though it was a chick.

No. 104000

>vic is a huge twizzler stealing asshole.png

I like you, anon.

No. 104004

Someone dropped a huge backstory on him on /cgl/ years ago about he was in a Christian Rock band that was huge and mostly where he got his money and ego from, so a lot of the hamming it up like a weirdo at cons make sense, since most band singers are precious little babies who need to be coddled all the time.

No. 104009

i don't really know anything about him but I like calling him Vic Mangina

No. 104012

If it helps he played Ed Elric in full metal alchemist in the dubbed version. He voices literally every English dubbed anime

No. 104014


>he voices literally every English dubbed anime

This couldn't be farther from the truth.

No. 104032

If I remember correctly, Vic has a holier than thou type of attitude

No. 104041

Can someone give out his links? Seriously no fucking idea who this dude is

No. 104053


Actually it's pretty close to the truth

No. 104060

he took a bite out of my friend's sandwich at a con meet and greet, haha

what a douche

No. 104063

Wheres that one story where Vic massaged a guy's back under a table with his foot.

No. 104064

Lol remember when vic for the role to play Rin from Free! and he uploaded that OP on twitter then some girl made a quick video of her seeing it, then printing out his picture and setting it on fire

jesus fucking christ that video got a million likes/reblogs tbh

No. 104066


he talks about yaoi and his cringe

No. 104067


vic talking to some weeb dressed as haruhi from ourah high school animu

fuckin hell no wonder he's classed as a perv

all close and shit

No. 104072

File: 1457659431342.png (101.11 KB, 200x300, vicpants.png)

The worst thing about him is that fact that he wears tacky fucking pants like these in public
so embarrassing
here's his fan wiki if someone wants to see if there's anything good in it

No. 104073

File: 1457660283905.png (13.29 KB, 502x142, amazing.png)

I've been waiting for Vic to finally show up here.

I love how he desperately clings on to the last shreds of "looks" and """style""" he so desperately believe he has (though he does look decent for 53).

No. 104080

I know one girl who is a risembool ranger. She stalks Vic around at cons, buys him presents, and attends special "ranger dinners" with him and other members. She'll watch practically anything if his preshus voice talent is involved, and she has all of his stupid music CDs. One time he kissed her palm and she refused to wash it for like 2 weeks. She only cosplays characters he has done voice acting for.

…She's a 27-year-old teacher, and I feel bad for her students because she likes getting OT and rambling defensively about how anime is AMAZING AND YOU ALL SHOULD LOVE IT IT'S ART NOT PORN GAIZ

These are the type of people Vic gets as "fans."

No. 104081

File: 1457662363315.jpeg (45.73 KB, 400x311, image.jpeg)

what is up with his nose btw?????

No. 104084

Maybe he is pt's long lost uncle who was casted out. Little did they know weeb blood must continue.

No. 104090

Hes also known for acting like a diva and shit

No. 104109

God bless Kiwi one of the few fags on cgl that keeps it real.

No. 104116

This creep is deserves to be in /cow/


I had a friend of a friend who was one of these >>104080 rangers.

She posted millions of pics of herself following him around at cons and flirting with him in a very adult way.

She was about 29 years old and had a son so your story reminded me of her. She claimed to have done more with him than just flirt though.

No. 104117

File: 1457674959798.jpg (29.41 KB, 500x234, 844eddc90adbf5482020aaa4ffbb8c…)

Dropped pic

No. 104151

Nah, he is homophobic. Fay (of Faye?) from Tsubasa is canon gay according to CLAMP and he felt the need to argue against it at a panel. He's also very religious, so for me, that makes him homophobic by default. He's an overall douchenozzle.

No. 104152

I actually heard about the second story where he did his church service at a con (what the fuck?!) and basically fucked up the time slots for the other panels. I hate this douche. Why is he even allowed to do a religious service at a con??

No. 104161

I tried looking for this but I cant find it. Can someone please link me

No. 104172

Vic is just pathetic. I've encountered him once back in the day when I went to anime conventions annually. Here's my story.

As I waited for two of my friends for an elevator, the next one was super crowded with people. I looked onward and asked outloud, "Oh… Um… do you think we can fit in there?" and a woman who appeared to be in her 40s says, "Sure, there's room. Come on in" so they kindly made room for us despite it being super crowded. Then this is where the awkward part happened. It was silent, everyone was minding their own business waiting for their floor until she asks, "Honey, when's your panel?" I then realized that she is Vic's wife. I knew I recognized her from a photo floating around.

He then goes into great detail about what date his panel will be, the time, which hall it'll be in, the room and goes on about what he's going to cover from the beginning, middle to the end. That huge ego and annoying voice could only belong to one person so I slightly turn my head to find out who the owner is. Out of the corner of my eye, I see it's Vic. The one and only. Who else's ego could suffocate everyone in a crowded elevator? And why does his wife have to ask about something she should've known about well in advance?!

Then everyone got off at the ground floor, it felt like forever because of how much rambling he did about himself. I suppose because none of us gave a shit about who any of them were and we sure as hell didn't care about him, he felt the need to use his wife as his wingman to get more people to attend his panel which already knew would be packed with gross, ugly underaged weeaboo girls. Unfortunately for him, there was only one person in our group that could be seen as a weeaboo (apparently the definition of the word has changed in the past 6 years?), and it was a guy. None of us gave a fuck. We especially didn't give a fuck because we were out of his preferred age range and one was a fat man. I suppose he thought the two women in our group (including myself) would give a shit about him because we didn't look like we had even hit our 20s yet. None of us were wearing cosplay and only fat man was wearing a badge. I guess that's why Vic assumed we'd give a shit and I couldn't help but laugh.

Long and awkward story short, Vic craves attention way too much. He'll make up, or get someone to, talk about himself just to stroke his ego. He's too damn old for that shit.

No. 104203

File: 1457699233251.png (12.23 KB, 957x175, Untitled.png)

This is pretty telling.

No. 104211

Not knowing who he is, is kind of like not knowing who pt is

He was a literal meme in cgl days past

But he hasn't done much for years and most of his shit, as you're reading here, is word of mouth. Your best bet is probably searching his name in cgl archives, assuming any go back far enough still

No. 104278

>crowded elevator
>magically has room for 3 people
>You also magically didnt see Vic who would be pretty visible since he's taller than the average con goer
>One of the three people you magically fit into a 'crowded' elevator was a fat guy?


Vic is shitty but dont make up stories. There's enough existing cringe about him

No. 104286

he did a service at a con I went to, but it was Easter weekend so at least it had some sort of relevance (but was still cringey as fuck)

No. 104295

Not making up shit, faggot.

No. 104299

I hope this fucker provides more milk soon and hopefully we can throw him into the pt/

No. 104320

I honestly didn't know he was still relevant until seeing someone make this thread. I guess weebs are just gonna weeb. If more people from /cgl/ share their stories about him, that'd be great. Many of them have had at least one encounter with the nut.

No. 104377

I honestly get major gay vibes from him (just can't act on them since he's so christian) so i'm surprised at all these pedo for underage girls accusations. Also, i don't understand why he has so many flailing fangirls when he's so old and looks it. I'm so confused.

No. 104391

To me that's the greatest mystery about Vic. I don't get why all these teenagers cream their panties over this old guy in what, his 50s? The only thing I can guess is because they're retarded and in love with the characters he voices. He always sounds the same in every role. The dude doesn't even try and his voice never suits the characters. I cringed so hard a decade ago when I heard him voice Dark Mousy. The most face palm worthy thing I've heard is that Monty Oum hated Vic because he thought he's a shitty voice actor. Last month I decided to watch that shit RWBY to give it an 8th chance and somehow made it to the 3rd episode on Netflix. I hear a shitty voice, even worse than the others and who do I see in the credits? Vic Lasagna.

No. 104394


Isn't it obvious? Daddy issues.

No. 104396

I was in the Risembool Rangers, shameful I know, but I can only say from my perspective that I was into it because of the fan-fun with "The Miniskirt Army" v us, the fact that we could have dinner with, "Edowardo Eluricu," and how Aaron would hang around just as much. We got to hear stories from when they were recording, get personal autographs, get insight into the "job," and feel… superior? over other congoers.

Hope that helps.

No. 104397

this fuckin cringe

No. 104399

>because they're retarded and in love with the characters he voices
That's pretty much why. It's probably because his voice is the most real aspect of the character they're attracted to.

Also, came across this old tumblr that people submitted their experiences and whatnot regarding Dick Lasagna.

No. 104407

Okay, so I saw Vic at Hal-con a few years ago, and it was a super cringey affair. Where do I even start? He had two panels: one for his animu voice acting shit, one for his Star Trek fuckery. I go to the animu one, I love Ouran Host Club, so why not? So the second he steps iut, the fangirls start screaming obnoxiously and yellow quotes from his voice charactors. He is super smug and starts talking about… his Christmas album. A LOT. And encouraging everyone to buy it. He then starts talking about his love for the Elric brothers. He goes on and on. He also graces us with a "beautfiul" song he has written about them called "Brotherly Love", which he sings while a fan-made tribute video plays in the background screens. The song seems to go on forever. Thankfully, at this point he stops talking about himself and goes right into q&a with fans. This actually just ends up with him acting out inappropriate scenes he has voiced with underage fans. The "what if you drank it…from my mouth?" from Ouran was especially horrifying. The whole time all the fans are squealing and jumping up and down in hysterics. This goes on for who knows how long. So eventually it gets to the end and the room was supposed to clear so his next panel (the star trek one), can start. The star trek fans are waiting outside the room to be let in. But the crazy anime fans don't want to leave their preious Vic, and they start going NO WE WANT TO STAY, and Vic, being the adult he is, starts baby voice begging staff PWEESE JUST LET THEM STAYYYYYYYY, to the delighted cheers of the delusional Vic fans. Staff just lets everyone stay, which means almost none of the actual start trek fans were let in. Vic then goes on to talk about how amazing he and his Star Trek production is (he of course is playing Kirk), at which point I leave.

Later my friends and I are walking by the photo ops, and see that Vic's photos are only 20$. So we decide that I'm going to queue and get my picture taken with him. Everyone in the line is insane and I get hit on by a neckbeard who has painted himself green and is "impressing" me with all his Vic knowledge. The girl in front of me says she has flown all the way from Toronto for this. She has flown to all his North American appearances apparently. I finally get to my turn and Vic is laying it on thick, telling me how beautiful I am, and how "creative" my outfit is and asking me about it (like bitch, you make your living at anime conventions, you know what lolita is). So Vic motions me in for a hug, his hands get VERY low , and my picture is essentially me looking horrified with Vic's hands hoovering above my ass.

My friends who volunteered at the con said that he was rude as hell to staff and his own assistant.

Good times.

No. 104431

Yeah, I'm going to call bullshit on some of these stories, like him grabbing a girls ass. He teases those young girls that throw themselves at him, but he's always been really frank about having a girlfriend and/or being married and being the ultimate Jesus freak.

Stuff like this actually makes me sad when I have to read it because it's just written out of sheer loathing for some weeby VA. Like, I enjoy milk as much as the next person, but people should know that faux milk (???) is just the worst. Almond milk or something for the lactose intolerant. There's just no substitutes for real stories where he's kind of narcissic, stupidly religious, and generally and awful.

No. 104444

Some of these sound believable but quite a few don't. I know that Vic gets kinda grabby (seeing photos of how closely he hugs his fan girls) but I don't think he'd grab their butts. That's pretty out in the open.

No. 104462

Funny thing is that this isn't hard to believe at all.

No. 104478

File: 1457766699842.jpg (39.7 KB, 862x622, f75.jpg)

>I get hit on by a neckbeard who has painted himself green

That's the funniest part

No. 104781

uploaded yesterday

No. 104831


Actually laughing

Arguing about fucking god in the street… and here in the UK it's arabs kicking off about Islam or w/e

No. 105311

idk who this guy is but the idea of some animu voice actor thinking he's a celebrity is just hilarious to me

No. 106200

I'm convinced I'm one of the only people to not be bothered by Vic. I've been attending conventions for work for over 10 years, and I've been behind the scenes at cons with Vic about 30 to 40 of them. I have never once had an issue.

Does he have a huge ego? Totally.

Does that make him horrible? Depends on your definition.

I've heard everything from rape allegations to drama queen bullshit. Every encounter I've had with him has been pleasant. He's no where near as much of a gentleman as Todd, but he can be polite. I think a lot of it is just the fandom and the turning on a persona in front of people thing. It makes all types of guests weird as fuck.

His fans are insane for him and he indulges them a little too much… from letting them lick their palm to spending 12 hours doing autographs for a single event.

There's certainly worse in the industry, straight up, but a lot of people like to target the dumb shit like his religion. There's also a lot of other guests that just hate his guts, and I'm sure there's been some theater kid drama with that considering Vic goes after directors like a lap dog (but so does 80% of VO artists).

No. 106254

This reminds me of that ridiculous french onion soup story with Danzig. What a diva

No. 298057

Lol, this dude is a joke. xD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 298062

You bumped a year-old thread for this?

No. 298131

File: 1493057026886.png (144.3 KB, 1125x1374, IMG_1879.PNG)

Since this thread got bumped I decided to check for MigMilkma. Guis you can pay him for a personal message…

No. 298134

And you know some obese mother of there will do it and get him to say hello to her and her eldest son, Elric.

No. 298135

File: 1493057775151.png (248.42 KB, 1125x1071, IMG_1880.PNG)


No. 298158

>person of faith

Well, he has always reminded me of one of those creepy youth pastors who tries to fit in with the kids.

No. 298216

I saw Vic Mignogna at a grocery store in Los Angeles yesterday. I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for photos or anything.
He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken aback, and all I could say was “Huh?” but he kept cutting me off and going “huh? huh? huh?” and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle as I walked off. When I came to pay for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen Milky Ways in his hands without paying.
The girl at the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.” At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.
When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me. I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bar and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly.

No. 298223

And then the milky way bars clapped

No. 298238


>"Hey, it's a free country."

No. 298283

Swear to god I remember reading this story about Vic McDonalds a few months ago. Did you post this on cgl? That's pretty funny though, what a fucking nut case.

No. 298284

I want this to be real.

No. 298301

Dumbass it's a copypasta

No. 298302

Didn't he like hold a church service at an anime con?

No. 298307

Try a lot of them. He kicks a fuss if conventions don't give him a panel spot for his service so he can sell his religious CDs and stuff. Years ago my local con didn't give him a slot so he took all his fans outside the hotel to a big grassy area outside and had a service there.

No. 298309

Our local con hates having him as a guest because he is such a drama queen. But sadly the owner is friends with him and every time he comes none of our staffers want to work with him. He treats the staff like shit and it's always hard to find a volunteer to be his aid.

No. 298311

Obviously. Didn't have your coffee this morning?

No. 298313

He got banned from my local con. It was glorious. he got really mad too

No. 298345

what con was that cuz he needs to ban from a few NY/NJ cons

No. 298395

It's from 2015 actually.

No. 298416

Attended a con where he was a guest- and I remember going to a panel of his because I was a big fan of Vampire Knight at the time. He asked us all in the panel to go online and say good things about him. He also took a bunch of time talking about his religion, which I didn't give any shits about and it was just a cringe-y atmosphere

Slight OT but there's actually a decent amount of milk in the anime VA community. Many of them take themselves way too seriously

No. 306937

Does anyone have the link of the cgl?

No. 306965


No. 306970

u wot niqqa

No. 769252

File: 1548081331018.jpg (314.12 KB, 1304x1062, Dxam2dKUwAAAu-z.jpg large.jpg)

Ancient thread, but Vic’s recent role in the Broly movie led to people on twitter discussing and calling out his shitty behavior and creepiness.

Vic took notice of the rise of people tweeting about the allegations, and actually addressed it on his twitter account: https://twitter.com/vicmignogna/status/1087239820680880128

Additionally, twitter user RWBY_Fan10000 is trying to start a #IStandWithVic movement, and posted screen caps of Vic discussing and taking questions about the “unsubstantiated rumors” in a (RWBY related?) discord server: https://twitter.com/RWBY_Fan10000/status/1087052627744079873
These screenshots were posted before Vic’s twitter post. Interestingly, Vic claims he has names of people instigating the rumors and he’s “not going to stand still for this any longer.”

No. 769270

that statement is bullshit. The whole Tsubasa/Faye incident was clear as day he wasnt comfortable with gay characters and felt very uncomfortable even wanting to admit he voiced Faye because of it.

And i will believe every account for girls who have been made to feel uncomfortable or worse by him. he's scum. the worst part are the people (children and autistics) who believe his shit on twitter

No. 769344

Somebody shared this in the Rooster Teeth subreddit, because of his voice role in RWBY, and like 95% of the comments are people hardcore defending him.

No. 769359

File: 1548099887192.png (453.73 KB, 1006x376, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 1.07…)

>I also elected to not autograph Yaoi, not because I am homophobic but because I didn't wish to sign material that was not canon
>creates entire non-canon FMA fan movie, starring himself
>creates entire non-canon Star Trek series, starring himself
>sells fan created non-canon FMA cookbook on his website
Look, no shade at all to actors/VAs who don't want to sign weird fanfic porn bullshit of their work from cringey fans, but come on Vic…..come up with something better than that. That all being said, I do think the landscape of 2005ish-2010ish anime fandom and convention culture was wild and no one was proud of anything they did or said in that time. Vic's always been a notorious creep, but his day in the sun of being fawned over by underage weebs at cons seems to have come and gone long ago. I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembers those years where you couldn't go to a single con anywhere, without seeing a mile-long line for Vic. Last time I saw him anywhere was a small remote con in NC years ago, and I was surprised to see he was now that desperate for attention.

He should absolutely apologize for his behavior with underage fans and con-staff in the past, everyone knows that. Not trying to defend Mcnuggies (he's still a running punchline to anyone who lived through those days) but I think some context is important. As far as the ant-semitic thing goes…..I mean let's not forget the fucking nightmare that Hetalia was. People were literally cosplaying and shipping the WWII Axis of Powers. It's not right or ok at all but some idiot despite for attention making a holocaust joke is on the milder end of "offensive things people did related to WWII at that time".

For the rest of the shit he could have just said "Look I'm not anti-LGBTQ but the word "yaoi" still sends a chill down my spine and I can't see anything that looks like a paddle without breaking into a cold sweat. No one better fucking say the word "pasta" to me or I'll have a panic attack" and I'd be like "Yeah dude I know exactly what you mean, what a nightmare time for everyone. Let's never speak of it again".

No. 769573

vic is a scumbag and asshole but to label him a sexual predator is SO out of line and diminishes the power of the metoo movement. People are stupid as fuck

No. 769579

i dunno about the other accusations, but Vic mcnuggets is definitely a homophobe.

No. 769591

File: 1548115872195.png (172.41 KB, 355x672, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.10…)


There's a story going around on Twitter of him groping a 16 year old girl in an elevator, and this is not the only evidence. Just search his name on twitter and plenty more stories come up. I even remember hearing about him doing inappropriate shit with teen fans when I was a teen at cons back in the day.

Cap 1 of 2

No. 769593

File: 1548115922003.png (175.81 KB, 379x676, Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 4.10…)

Cap 2 of 2

No. 769627

WAIT LOLOL. he had ORIGINALLY said he didn't sign the pic cause it wasn't SFW. Now he's changing the story?

No. 769660

How the mighty have fallen
I remember how all the funimation fangirls squealed about him being a cool and sexy voice actor when he's old and crusty

my how the world changes

No. 769666

fuck this meme fits perfectly

No. 769677

File: 1548124691121.jpg (24.7 KB, 360x240, vic.jpg)

What happened to Vic? it looks like his wax face is melting from all the plastic surgery

No. 769679

File: 1548124859214.png (246.55 KB, 432x313, 1463746559596.png)

Ah yes the "I come from an affectionate family" defense.
>I'm so sorry for kissing 16 year old girls, it's just that I'm so use to kissing literally anything that moves TEEHEE ITS A FAMILY THING
also love after he "apologizes", then blames whoever he might have made uncomfortable by telling his fans he'll no longer give hugs ): like he literally can't tell the difference between giving a hug vs kissing on the cheek/forehead, fucken creep.

No. 769704

Is Lasagna literally brain dead? First hardcore religious preachy shit at anime cons while simultaneously being pedo, now this. Which is it Bic?

No. 769719

there's also a story where a seagull fell asleep under a table because they didnt have a room and vic gave him a footrub.

it was a huge meme and now its crossed the line

No. 769726

10 years ago his fans overlooked him being a narcissistic bible thumping egomaniac. I thought he already openly homophobic back then and now people care?

No. 769885

>I hear a shitty voice, even worse than the others and who do I see in the credits? Vic Lasagna

I cringe so hard whenever I get curious and watch an english dub and one of the supposedly cool characters opens his mouth and the Mignogna voice comes out.
Does he have influental friends or what? How else would someone so untalented continue to get anime roles while randomly preaching about Jesus and acting creepy towards teenage girls?

No. 769918

It gets worse.
8:50, 29:10
>To the 5 year old:
>"Hey what're you doing after the show?"
>To the teenage girl:
>"You're not a (something) slave girl are you?"
>Her: No
>"Would you like to be?"

No. 769921

Says the video is unavailable

No. 769927

It says so ITT but the video is still up on YT, try searching for "Dragon*Con 2013 - Masquerade (The Complete Show)".

No. 769931

CAn he stop dubbing characters in anime that don't fit his nasally creepy voice?

No. 769947


His voice type isn't good for the new dub standards

No. 769948

File: 1548186856828.gif (650.81 KB, 500x422, 1336932895658.gif)

oh god the audience reaction to him flirting on that poor 5 year old. I hope her parents/guardians filed a complaint for that shit, that's just wrong even if it was a joke.

How is anyone defending him? You have people who've been working at cons for years hate his fucking guts for doing shit like this but, then someone pops out and is like "but he was nice to me for the 5 seconds I got to be with him! How dare you!".

No. 769953

If he feels comfortable hitting on a freaking 5-year old in front of an audience - and then proceeds to defend himself and hit on an older but still underage girl - then what is he up to when others aren't looking?

No. 769990

Maybe this is a nitpick but
>uwu 8 year olds can ride the bus but I can't because I look so young!
>10 years later I totes look like a middle school student

Sure Jan. None the less, I feel sorry for her if she really was molested by Mangina.

No. 769994

I feel like a very small part of this is him playing up his Captain Kirk thing since he was dressed as him for the masquerade, but frankly the whole thing just feels awful.

No. 770073

There used to be more Mignogna milk back in the day of Cosfu but when their forum was deleted all the receipts went with it.

No. 770091

right? imo it comes off as someone writing a story rather than recounting a bad event.

No. 770095

I can vouch he isnt a creep at all with a story I have from Akon. So I remember at an Akon several years ago I was really tired but we didn’t have a room so I crawled under this table to go to sleep. From what I heard later Vic came out of this room with a gaggle of fangirls and sits at the very same table to start signing autographs and schmoozing. When he stuck his feet under the table he kicked me hard in the side and woke me up. I guess he realized someone was under there but when I tried to crawl out he casually stuck his hand under the table and in motions that to this day confound me at their clarity in sign he told me to lay back down and continue my nap. Something in my mind told me I should listen to this friendly stranger and to my surprise he removed his boots and began to give me a back massage to rival all back massages with his very skilled feet. I slept for god knows how long and I woke up feeling more rested and alive than ever before. When it was all over I dropped a fiver in his boot and he disappeared into the crowd. I’ll never forget his kindness.

No. 770096

What the fuck is this.

No. 770098

lmao forget vic, why the fuck are parents putting a 5 year old in that skimpy outfit???

everyones full blown retarded here

No. 770101

>"he isn't a creep at all"
>doesn't question a girl sleeping under the table, has her stay under table anyway
>gives girl back massages with "very skilled feet"

Even if this was real, it's still fucking weird.

No. 770104

anime cons are cursed, anon.

No. 770105


How did you get a girl? I assumed it was a dude

No. 770110

I just figured it's a girl since most of Vic's defenders/the RRs have been female. Cool if they're a guy, but it's still weird.

No. 770151

I was volunteering at Youmacon a loooong time ago and this wasn't my first time seeing Vic but my first time meeting him. I was nervous but having to meet guests in the green room relieved my anxiety as all of them were 100 percent genuine people who were very nice and considerate. I don't think I've seen Vic in there with other guests until this moment I'll get to.
Anyways, I think it was the last day (or the night before the last day) and all hell broke loose. The con head was ACTUALLY HIDING from guests because he with a couple of other con supervisors were freaking out over things that were falling apart. One of these things was getting guests home. The flights were delayed or someone couldn't drive them to the airport or SOMETHING happened and Vic came into the green room FURIOUS. Mind you, there was only like 3-5 guests and volunteers in the green room, no con heads. He screamed at us, saying how he needed to be in L.A. (and other places) so he could work a job and he needed our con head to explain himself.
No other guest at the time was as heated. They actually apologized later for his behaviour. He was pissed. I went to try and find the con head or someone but they all disappeared.
I can understand the frustration and even anger over losing money but he was not the only one. He also was yelling at kids and 20 somethings. He was putting himself before the other guests as well. The other guests were composed and not angry. It all was so pretentious of him to yell at people that had nothing to do with airport drive-outs.

No. 770157

Anime cons back then had NO FILTER

No. 770160

UM, what….
you were in the room with Vic what the fuck is going on

No. 770163

The amount of "fans" defending Vic remind me of the exact dickheads who defended Jimmy Saville and Bill Cosby. "But he's so genuine, loves his work and family oriented! He's a devoted Christian and didn't mean any of this!". That fucked up thinking is what lets these sort of creeps get away with what they do. Being a loving caring person doesn't mean shit. It's all a fake persona and they're being fooled by it because Vic is their weeb voice actor idol.

No. 770184

This. It's worse that almost none of them are even acknowledging his bad press with con workers, which Vic even backed up in his shitty apology. You can find stories from all over about how inappropriate he is, it sounds very similar to what Jewwario did with his underage fans. Creepy old guys at cons who have fangirls always end up trying to use their position to be gross and the fact no one wants to do anything about it is fucked. Just because your experience taking a quick photo with him was good, doesn't mean someone else isn't valid when it was the opposite for them.

From what I've seen on twitter, the people defending him just think bring together a bunch of their "positive stories about Vic!" cancels out the sexual assault and harassment claims. They are literally retarded. But I guess he voice their favorite anime character or some shit, oh the humanity!

No. 770215

Vic is such a snowflake. He's so unprofessional

No. 770249

Stop being jealous and nitpicky. Theres women who look extremely young and it does attract all the worst kinds of men. Get over yourself.

No. 770258

Ntayrt but lmao wow overreaction much? Did anon hurt your feelings?

You have to be stupid to blindly believe an allegation like that without any evidence. The last time someone came here with rape, pedophilia, and sexual abuse allegations it was confirmed she was a giant cow and made it up to get back at her ex(einshine fiasco). Are you tried being a sheeple yet?

No. 770278

File: 1548223767264.png (202.52 KB, 500x2457, youmacon2017.png)

Because conventions are a business. They make a contract for a reason. I don't know how long ago this is, but there was a staff purge that made people unaware if they were gonna get taken to the airport. There are countless issues with Youmacon not having hotels, transportation, or fees ready (or being six months to years late; JelloApocalypse had to call them out on Twitter to get paid a year later). When you're treated like shit, you should talk about it instead of hiding cause you're worried of getting banned (picture attached for example).

As for the Twitter thread, I understand some valid complaints, but some of them are asinine. He greeted my fully grown mother by kissing her on the cheek? He called me sweetie or honey? He tried to get my attention by touching my shoulder and that scared me?

The kissing underage girls, I get it, but he touched my shoulder and scared me? Like Jesus, at least ruin his career for more concrete things.

Like if there's really an issue, fucking take the guy to court. If he's truly been doing this for 15 years, why hasn't someone done… anything?

No. 770299

Without being too OT this was early 2000's and it was a while before they "expanded" to another building. Youmacon seemed like it was handling itself well when I volunteered the first time but the second time with Vic in the green room was when I saw how desperate they were.
Yes, they are a business and have contracts with people they hire in as guests, volunteers, etc. but it was ridiculous how escalated he got about something that was out of the volunteer's control.

No. 770310

>someone was assertive to get paid for meeting a bunch of filthy weebs for entire weekend
>b-but they were trying their best what a meanie UwU!!

youre losing me


if anyone is stupid enough to take copy pasta seriously they need to kill themselves

No. 770311

File: 1548229263900.jpeg (359.39 KB, 853x1869, AAC00085-24F7-4990-8F86-7177E9…)

I knew I recognized this post from somewhere…

It’s from May 30th, 2011. It was sent as an ask on the bitch lasagna’s expose tumblr, in fact, it was the very first real post on that tumblr, the first story ever posted, 4th post ever (previous 3 were introductions to the blog). It was a repost of a deactivated account.

*reposted for full screencap

No. 770312

If he wasn't a voice actor known for working in lots of mainstream anime dub and let's say, he'd be torn apart to shreds. I even had to set a weeb friend straight after they used the "but there's no video or photo evidence of him being creepy, so how can it be true" card and it was painful. The fact Vic even had to make a back pedalling statement about everything and even going as far as to saying no more hugs and kisses at his meet & greets says it all. He KNOWS what he's doing and has got his devoted fans wrapped around his Bible bashing finger.

No. 770317

This is literally a years old copypasta from cgl. It gets posted every time he gets brought up or in con story threads. Cracks me up every time.

No. 770335

i fucking hate this creep. when i was 16 i went to see him at a convention in florida and was so starstruck because of how much i loved fullmetal alchemist. i called him handsome and he said something like "you're not so bad yourself!", tipped my chin up with his fingertips and kissed me ON THE MOUTH.

as a young teen with a stupid celeb crush i was over the moon, but as an adult remembering these events i physically recoil with disgust every single time. there's absolutely no excuse for a grown married man to be kissing a 16-year-old girl, and i don't give a sopping wet fuck how "affectionately expressive" he or his family is.

fuck this pedo. i hope these stories ruin him.

No. 770336

I think the point was more conventions across the board treat their guests like shit and when you give up working for four to five days and then not get paid it's shitty.

No. 770774

Wow that's some serious projecting. You must look like shit to take offense to that post.

No. 770870

this thread is like a "spot the newfags" mega center, holy shit

I'd post more micmignoganog pasta just for the lols of the gullible farmers going "did this really happen?!"

even though he's a hilarious relic from the days of ol', this doesn't seem very milky. it's the same copypasta, meme stories and 'allegations' there have always been. I don't see anything ""big"" coming of this, unless new evidence comes to light we've somehow never heard before.

No. 770975

Vic RAPED me with a TOOTHBRUSH!! #metoo

No. 771461

No. 771668

I'm really annoyed by his fangirls who post pictures of him hugging them on twitter and writing that Vic acted nice towards them during the few minutes they met once so he must be a great person, end of story.
How naive can you get?

No. 772797

Moved to >>>/w/11999.

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