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No. 1055531

So, in 2006, this fad called "YouTube Poop" was pretty popular. YouTube was still developing, and the internet was full of dorks squeeing about cartoons, anime and video games. When you mash all of those things together into a weird, non sequitur internet stew, you get YTP. But I'm sure most of you knew that. But, would you have thought this stupid internet hobby had, and still has, a lot of drama attached to it?

Back in the mid '00s, this one forum called "YouChew" gained a lot of traffic, and it eventually became the number one spot for fellow YTPers to spit ball ideas and collaborate, or have "tennis matches". After YouTube removed their friend system, and later also removed private messaging, YouChew became the only place to talk to everyone in the community in one place. Lots of friendships were made, but as the years went by, lots of people "grew up" and burned bridges. Now when you see a dormant YTP channel, you may think to yourself "he probably got an office job and a family to take care of", but no, to put it bluntly, you can name any pooper from 2007-2010 and they're most likely a fat, psychopathic tranny with either dyed hair, or a Shmorky weev. There's tons and tons of cows to choose from, but the best example I can give you is Radock himself, the king of ironic YouTube Poops. In the comment section of (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crgUnJccE0A) his most recent video, he basically says in a really cunty, snarky tone, that his videos were simply irony poisoned garbage that he shit out when he was depressed.
(here's an archive since he usually disables comments; https://archive.is/P5wPP)
Now, of course a lot of people were supportive, except a few comments that called out his hypocrisy, which he has since deleted. Now this isn't bitter fanboyism, he does the exact same shtick on his twitter account which only a small clique know about (https://twitter.com/rf9weu8hjf78923). Pretty much the same content, except some of his new vids are really tasteless "fuck pigs" "fuck whitey" "trans folk are being slaughtered right now because of assholes like you" type of shit. Alright alright I wont stretch this anymore.
The KF already has a thread on YouChew. There's some good info on YTP lolcows sprinkled in between the thread, like Awful Fawful. You may know him as the guy that made "Deliver Us", but if you've known him for a long time, he's the guy that turned into a radical tranny, then started drawing fart/scat porn, then got dumped (IIRC) and became a radical /pol/fag and made poops like "spongebob and patrick go to the Ku Klux Krab" https://youtu.be/-yyjqydqI1I

So yeah, if you know any spergs in the YTP community but dont have enough info on them to make a full thread, go nuts here.

No. 1055532

I used to watch these kinds of videos when I was a little kid. Not surprised about it's community though.

No. 1055548

Any word on what happened to Krobo/DykeKike?

No. 1056199

I was a regular browser on youchew starting in maybe…2010? When I was in highschool. I never posted much. There were I think maybe like 5ish other girls on there, the rest were teenage boys or guys in their 20s. I never interacted much with people but everyone was ready to get into bitch fights at the drop of a hat. Like, a lot of dudes on there would act snide and rude over nothing. Sorry I don't have more specifics, I have a bad memory.

No. 1056232

File: 1602401366692.jpeg (242.03 KB, 2048x1644, EY0rw6fWoAAX7FS (1).jpeg)

Such a shame Fawf took a nosedive into one abyss and ended up in another rather than just staying on the surface with the rest of us. Least he's still doodling, even if the subject matter gets to be a bit…much

No. 1056700

what happened to that dude who made that rabbit show after years of YTPS? he was sorta milky, he always treated making ytps like it was legit slave labor kek

No. 1056751

Radock is a really interesting one. I always loved his stuff but he seemed really resentful of the whole scene. Way back on one of his tumblr burners I sent them a nonsense anon ask from a "youchew.com" email and he 'ironically' called it out like I was purposefully trying to be an asshole. Did they have a lot of drama on that site? I never thought of it as anything more than some gay community with a funny name that nobody actually cared about but apparently some of these terminally online kids thought it was really serious business

No. 1056787

File: 1602474030089.png (341.95 KB, 920x320, lmaowtf.PNG)

iirc for some reason the ytp community had a shit ton of oversensitive video editors. like sperg level shit- i think they were all equally socially inept. because of it though they'd just flip out over any criticism. dont even mention when they'd get taken down for copyright strikes, so fucking overdramatic. youchew.com was no exception.
The way they described it on this wikia page made me lmao though. Don't know why they took this shit so seriously.

No. 1056810

I almost wish I'd known about this shit while it was happening, but it's just way too embarassing. "Youtube Poop Drama" is the single most pathetic thing I can imagine and apparently it was a real thing

No. 1057008

not shocked that most of the people that were able to create these videos are fucked in the head. Still hilarious childhood memories though

No. 1057020

Oh jeez. I used to be somewhat active in the YTP scene from about 2008-2010. Even back then, people were spergs, but when it wasn't about politics, it was about what source materials people used and how much editing they did. iirc, WalrusGuy was a source of massive asspain from a lot of the regulars on YouChew back then.

(Funnily enough, WalrusGuy was pretty much the only one who made it into the professional world: he worked on the Rick and Morty Bushworld Adventures short, iirc)

According to the KF thread, a lot of the big names (ie Whelt, SuperYoshi, etc) all went full tilt SJW/radleft/antifa politics-wise. After seeing some of the discord leaks where they expressed genuine disappointment that the one Republican senator who got shot at the baseball game didn't die from his wounds (seriously; I'm not fond of most Republicans, but that's just ghoulish imho), I knew I made the right choice in leaving the YTP community when I did.

Who knew something so stupid could be so cancerous.

That said, some of the best YTPers were the ones not connected to the scene and thus were above/away from all the schoolyard drama. "Life and Death of Hank Hill" is still one of the best YTPs of all time, fight me.

No. 1057062

I still wonder what happened to BarneyisPerverted,OrpheusFtw and Linkondrugs.
I use to watch their videos a lot back in elementary school

No. 1061300

He came back to twitter recently to apologize to Deepercutt after he returned to twitter for like a day. Basically apologizing for doing lighthearted youtube poop trash talk in like 2007. It was pretty lame but, whatevs. Its funny, I've seen people reunite in games like CS:S, and they never apologize for trash talk they said when they were teens. In fact, they go right back to insulting each other like they did a decade and a half ago after catching up. I guess its because most ex youtube poopers in their mid-to-late 20s were raised by their computer screens

No. 1061334

>ytp drama

lmao the only reason I am even aware of this stupid shit is because of this YTP from a user named Likety, who mocked it in a parody of Tim Dogg's "Fuck Compton". Likety's channel is gone (I don't know if it was deleted by him/her or was taken down by YT?) but most of what they did is mirrored.
Even then I knew it was the lamest shit, and without looking into it all I could gather was that some guy named Stewart K Reilly had something to do with it and people apparently hated him.

FWIW YTP got shit when every other remix became a fucking SAUCE/JOJ/LOL/WOW joke.

No. 1061621

>WalrusGuy was pretty much the only one who made it into the professional world: he worked on the Rick and Morty Bushworld Adventures short, iirc
He actually talked about this on the Rebeltaxi podcast. He was a board artist on Hotstreets and he did work on that April Fools Rick n Morty short. But he also told stories about the times he was reprimanded on a regular basis for taking too much time on a single frame, and later he was yelled at for "creeping out a female employee" because he has assburgers. When he was telling his story I felt pretty bad for him, because an awkward autistic white dude in the vicious modern animation industry just sucks… but he's also a snarky cunt on twitter so eh.

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