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File: 1458344155373.jpg (27.12 KB, 500x323, js.jpg)

No. 107234

Saw the suggestion in another thread for this guy so here it is.
I think this guy maybe a lolcow but hes definatly a snowflake, was put off by him in the beginning when he came off as a 2edgy4u teenager in a grown mans body, now hes gone the complete opposite way and i suspect its all fake so he can get views. No one changes to that extent so quickly.

Hes now being sued for 10 million

His Patreon https://www.patreon.

No. 107238

File: 1458344422169.jpg (38.3 KB, 612x324, 1443462408429-1.jpg)

From this

No. 107239

File: 1458344446888.png (54.72 KB, 631x347, 1443468627948-1.png)

To this

No. 107273

you need to check out his "wife's " Twitter. It will make you cringe nd cry. It's :

No. 107334

File: 1458385842249.jpg (45.18 KB, 512x512, Dc3LvmG.jpg)

Yep. Here's a photo of her.

No. 107335

File: 1458385963025.png (114.91 KB, 599x353, B9Znuh_IAAAleW6.png)

>"…because white guys are boring."

No. 107340

PFFFTHAHAHAHA it looks like him in drag!

No. 107353


>the HAES glasses

No. 107397

What's the SJW/HAES glasses stereotype? Do you mean the shape or tortoiseshell colouring? or both?

No. 107402


The shape, the cateye glasses are the stereotype.

No. 107410

Is he fucking his sister, or is this actually him?

No. 107423

File: 1458413388407.png (628.31 KB, 1379x505, jimmy.png)

Apparently this is him in drag no sure if legit. Can we please not derail the thread, if his wife is a lolcow then maybe make a thread on her but this thread is for milk on jim himself.

No. 110543

I just got back from vacation and laughed so hard when I saw this thread. I cannot stand this jerk. He is the biggest social justice warrior and anyone who disagrees with him openly gets ripped apart by his fanbase.

No. 110545

File: 1458923762505.png (347.48 KB, 705x500, 1455439279908.png)

>a billion sexualities
That's not how shit works.

Holyshit, she is exactly how I expected her to look. And apparently Jim Sterling is okay with her fucking other guys (I imagine they're just as gross and beta) and he's a big advocate for poly-relationships.

Cross out white and put in Asian or Black and a shitstorm would have happened.

No. 110549

>I imagine they're just as gross and beta

This is true of most of the poly people I've known or heard about. A lot of them are harmless and relatively decent people, though. Gross and beta doesn't always equal lolcow.

The poly lolcows are unable to find even one normal person who will have sex with them, so they decide to go poly so that they can fuck 10 other abominations and claim moral superiority over monogamous people.

No. 110553

There was a Jimquistion episode about relationships in FallOut 4 and people were grossed out by the idea of being able to date multiple people at the same time. Jim defended his ground so viciously. And I'm highly certain he even insulted monogamous relationships for being 'vanilla.' There is just chaos in the comment section.

Like…seriously man? I don't let multiple women (in a same-sex marriage) fuck my wife so I'm boring? No thank you. Jim must have some bad stds. I can't think of anyone normal who would want to fuck anyone that fat, sweaty and repulsive.

No. 1140918

File: 1611499718976.png (424.18 KB, 792x610, sterlingtranny.png)

dead thread is dead, but he recently came out as a tranny, to the surprise of no one.

No. 1140927

the hard front wig. classic.

No. 1140959

he just seems bored with life and an chaser whose probably more attracted to trans and tranny porn then his wife who looks like his twin sister.
Another peter griffin in a wig troon who will be called brave and stunning anyway.

No. 1140989

Trrons come in 2 types, the shitty wig or frizzy unstyled hair pushed to one side. It really doesn't cost that much anymore to get a lace front.

No. 1140990

Idk why trannies go for the same type of hard front wig with the ombre ends. If they want to appear more fem they need a wig that has a colour similar to their natural hair and then add fringe to frame their face.

No. 1142290

fucking kek, love to see a man become his ugly wife! I can't imagine how it feels for a woman to suddenly be expected to fuck a funhouse mirror version of herself after years of being in a heterosexual relationship. Good thing she's so open minded, I guess. He's so acerbic and cunty in his videos, but he's all sweetness and light for his tranny announcement. That horse piss estrogen must be working double time to make him not an obnoxious asshole. Anyway here he is serving up steampunk John Goodman realness and slaying EA like a true boss bitch queen in his latest video.

No. 1142313

File: 1611637110783.png (167.45 KB, 444x304, nn.PNG)

crazy how non-binary just means, "hey i'm going to wear wigs and make up, still not a man or woman though! And i'm taking cross sex hormones, still not trying to be a woman! I'm neither!"
and notice how he's moving his hands and shit, he's totally going to come out as an "trans femme non-binary" person or some shit.

No. 1142314

like we're supposed to take this shit serious? He's a man in his 30's or 40's doing this crazy shit. First he wanted to wrestler now he's a troon.

No. 1142322

File: 1611638676371.png (16.18 KB, 1000x115, 1611590959574.png)

stole this amazing comment that someone found from Kiwi. This reminds me of this VERY feminine guy who went, "I was attracted to her before she was trans and I thought i was gay, turns out she wasn't a he but a woman! So thats why I was attracted"
Mind you the trans he was into just threw on a wig and looked like he did as a man.

No. 1142324

File: 1611638950839.png (73.39 KB, 892x452, djdjd.PNG)

some more comments of people simping Jim because he's a gender special. I don't get how troons take this OBVIOUS pandering to mean they truly are hot women. Then again, they are men.

No. 1142371

File: 1611649603640.jpg (38.43 KB, 480x640, 2a0BBTHl.jpg)

He just wants it all, sex from every angle and an ability to dip in and out of identities as they suit him. You're right that i do think ultimately he'll land on perma-"girl mode", as they so often do, because that is the thing that makes them horniest. Sterling is a perfect example of how a sex freak's journey ends. Starts with BDSM, proceeds to polygamy, somewhere along the way you come on your own face for Twitter, and then you are a girl like us, and always was.

No. 1163020

File: 1613494690583.jpg (260.69 KB, 758x1412, Screenshot_20201215-234811_Chr…)


Jim is a piece of shit coomer misogynist. this collection of his spewing is from a decade ago but Jimothy was in his mid-20s at that point. absolutely no surprise his biggest talking point on twitter now is how ebil the terven karens are (also how chrannies are being genocided!!!!! in the UK kek)

No. 1163190

are you joking

No. 1164009

File: 1613593150435.jpeg (167.16 KB, 1183x1195, 87B3744F-D7AB-4EE0-A56E-7EDAA7…)

you really think some chranny pornsicko like this suddenly stops being misogynistic albeit being one as a whole 25 year old lol?

Sterling reeeees about terfs getting rekt in picrel. spoiler alert: she did not get rekt

No. 1164153

Ew gurl use the spoiler next time yikes

No. 1345965

Things like this deserve more promotion. I still occasionally see women insist that Jim is one of the "good" male feminists.

No. 1346410

he used to call trans people freaky trannies, and he deliberately misgendered transgender anna antrophy to insult antrophy's partner (the comment on gomakemeasandwich that says Just ask your husband for permission before using the computer next time.) his woke trans schtick now is so fake and obviously done just to grift money from shitlibs who would otherwise lynch him for his sexism and homophobia.

that's a troll pic. antrophy is a different person who picked a fight with jim over his woman hatred.

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