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No. 1079669

Wanted to start a thread on this fucker.


Basically this dude has a history of predatory behavior in fandoms mostly full of kids.

>1. was driven out of the Animal Jam community for asking minors for nudes as payment for his shitty art.

>2. Went underground, came back under a new name, AdorkableMarina.
>3. Got caught drawing shotacon for/erotic roleplaying with a minor under the NSFW account name SH4MELESS_KUN. The victim was named MYSTERYTKO and was 13-14 at the time.
>4. left the internet again. Came back under the name nonconformking.
>5. MysteryTKO, the person he groomed, has gone on to groom other kids as of this year.

IMGUR: https://imgur.com/a/syGQfpA

Other info:

>Used to be part of the OK KO amino, where they admined. They wanted everyone to call them mommy since they roleplayed as a fictional character named Carol

>drew lots of fetish art under the furaffinity name "Optibyte." In fact he drew so much foot/paw fetish porn that's how his alts were found, he draws them all so similar it easily identified them.
>has amassed themselves a giant following of minors. underage friends of theirs draw suggestive content.
>is trans despite being pretty homophobic/transphobic before.


Post that I found-

Youtube Videos from their time as AJ_Coretoon-

Instagram info account-

Tumblr info post-

Police have been contacted before, but have not assisted. If you have any other information on this person, please share.(shit thread)

No. 1079758

>trans guy

No. 1079765

>this dude
This is a woman. Go make a thread about her on twitter, you’ll probably fit in more over there.

No. 1079767


There's already a thread over on Twitter. It's where I got all the information.

No. 1079786

The ugliest,shittiest cartoons always attracts the most nastiest sick fucks,color me surprised.

No. 1079969

>is trans despite being pretty homophobic/transphobic before
This is not milk

No. 1080007

I put everything I saw mentioned. I mean, the main milk should be the fact she's a pedophile who doesn't fucking leave.

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