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No. 1091456

The 12th thread for one of the absolute worst YouTube artists Baylee Jae. She's come under increased criticism over the past few months for her inability to take critique, general narcissism, excessive spending and hoarding of children's toys and art supplies, and laziness. She also draws like a 12 year old and has her very own instructional "How to Draw" book that was released November 2017.

https://www.youtube.com/user/BumbleBaylee (inactive)

No. 1091462

Previous thread >>1025627

No. 1091475

unsurprisingly, the grade A box is still in stock

No. 1091484

I wonder how many she sold. Considering she withheld 20% of the boxes for later that day, she must have assumed they would sell out on day one. She at least sold about 100 B grade boxes. Considering she had about 1000 boxes (?) total, how many would she need to sell for this project to be a success?

No. 1091509

761 according to her twitter

No. 1091559

Wtf. That’s over $50k… for no work. Well done Bayls.

No. 1091569

She also limited people to be able to order only one box, so no group ordering

No. 1091571

she did it! TENS OF THOUSANDS SOLD! She really did it! wonder how much debt they had to make her so panicky though. She can take it easy for now, she sunk like what, 6-7K into this calendar? She shouldn't have to worry about youtube income for awhile. Hey Baylee stans, go tell her to stop vlogging everyday, she doesn't need to anymore (for awhile)

btw what the fuck was up with the last thread and the sudden influx of Baylee stans?

The luck is strong.

No. 1091577

I'm curious on how much in tax she's going to be paying after this.

With bare minimum googling it says she will have to pay 25-30% which is like $12.5k-$15k from her $50k earnings
Which will be about $35k after tax and based on >>1088183 numbers for the box items
>-$19USD x 1000 = -$19k she spent on merch
>-$5000 on boxes
>-$500-$1000 (paid labour)

>Profit: $10k or less

If someone could correct me on the numbers I'd really appreciate it

No. 1091581

Wouldn't she get back some of the money she spent?

Sorry I have no idea how taxes work in Canada and I never sold my own products. But it should count as business expenses, so she should get some of that money back, no?

Well provided she fills out her tax forms correctly and actually pays her taxes….

No. 1091594

she has an accountant now who holds her accountable. If this was 2017 Baylee, she would pocket that 50k and whine in a vlog about the tax man coming after her.

Holy shit did she really spend that much on merch? That's fucking crazy. I thought the boxes alone was gonna do her in. God knows the labor cost but like someone said in the last thread, she must have been generous if her 'friend' felt 'guilty' for finishing quickly.

So for sure we are looking at a 10K profit?
The B grades haven't sold out yet.

No. 1091611

19k for merch?

No. 1091692

If every item >>1089690 cost at least 1usd x 12 x 1000.
Some likely cost more, some less and the boxes, at least 5usd per piece, and the backing cards and all the bits and bobs… it adds up.
But unless Canada has very strict rules what can and what cannot be deducted as a cost of business, those spendings only help her lower her taxes and she defo won't be paying on whole gain from shop, but income only.

No. 1091877

Yes. She can also write off her internet bill, any room in the house she uses for work (studio, storage, storage II) and other business related expenses.

No. 1091989


yes and no, you can;t fully just right off any room you use for buisness. Like if you work from home in a studio apartment, you cant just write off your apartment as a business expense, you can write off the protion/percentage you use for business, or the specific aspects of it, but not anything that doesn't directly relate to your business or is used for other things. Like if you use internet and wifi, you can't write off your entire internet bill unless you ONLY use it for your work/business. You can get in a lot of trouble if you try and are caught. So any room in her house she uses for purposes outside the business can not be written off. So ultimately she can write off a PORTION of her internet bill, but since she uses it for other purposes and her husband does its only likely a small portion, same with her rent, electricity and other household things, she works there but she also lives there and so it's a small portion that ultimately gets a tax write off.

No. 1092053

How many complete boxes has she made in total? Cuz that sounds about right, probably a 10k profit cuz she spent so much on really dumb things that could have cost a lot less like the boxes. I don’t think she even gonna pay her “friends” that much either tbh, she seems like the kind to buy booze and call that additional payment and only pay like 10$ an hour (min wage in that area is around $14).

And lmao 10k is pitiful for all that work, if that’s really her profit she’s only making barely above minimum wage for like 3+ months.

No. 1092151

The B-grades sold out really quick, she only has A-grade left.

Yesterday she gave an update on how many boxes she sold, which was 761. A 100 of them being B-grades.

So I'd say >>1091577 is about right with the 10k profit. If she doesn't sell more that is.

No. 1092165


> And lmao 10k is pitiful for all that work, if that’s really her profit she’s only making barely above minimum wage for like 3+ months.

How long did she work on this things effectively? A week, two weeks max? Idk but working two weeks for a three month income sounds pretty good. Especially since she lost a lot of money because of poor planning.

No. 1092184

They are wrong. 760 boxes total sold.

660 A boxes x75
+ 100x65 B boxes
- 20000 merch costs
- 5000 boxes cost
- 1000 paid labour other costs
- 25% income taxes after deducting costs (not counting for other taxes magic and reductions)

Is closer to 22 500 usd of profit that goes directly to her pocket.

For a total of two or three 40hrs weeks works she put into it?

I just want to know where I could meet the devil she clearly sold her soul to.

No. 1092187

Same anon fag.
If she sell remainder of 250 A boxes it's up to 14 000 usd after taxes.

I mean, I get it, we don't lime BJ and we all want her to see her fail at some point, but I draw the the line at malicious incomperence of basic math equations. 2+2 ain't 5 just yet.

No. 1092195

I hate to admit it but she is clearly making a decent profit from those boxes, her fans will buy anything. I was hoping this project would fail so she would learn that she can’t constantly produce mediocre(at best), lazy, recycled artwork and still succeed. I hope she knows she is incredibly lucky but knowing her, she thinks she got there through hard work.

No. 1092197

Dang. Good for her lol dislike her and all but she really does have dedicated but brain dead fans.

She'll make a decent profit but she will blow through this money! We know how she is. When she blows through the 25+k watch her scramble for something else.

No. 1092204

Plus she was putting out videos and twitch content consistently. Yeah, her vlogs and streams aren't drawing huge numbers of viewers but the money she makes off them isn't nothing, especially since she had a couple of sponsored videos in there. It's crazy to think how much money she could make if she actually applied herself, when she can make as much as she does coasting along.

No. 1092227

I was expected this to work out just fine for her. Her fans would buy her poop if she smeared it on a canvas.

It's frustrating how she won't even realize this. Girl is gonna pat herself on the shoulder and congratulate herself for all the hard work. In reality, she's a lazy slob that simply lucked out with her fanbase.

No. 1092263

her youtube views are down but she still gets enough money. Her youtube checks probably went from 4k to 3k or some shit and to Baylee 3K isn't enough. to be fair she does have expensive rent. She is probably fine on twitch but I think in the last thread it was determined she doesn't make enough. It's a good amount but not enough she can quit youtube, which she clearly wants to do. Twitch would be so easy for her, she can scream and baby voice all she wants.

She really is stupid thinking 5 vlogs a week is what is gonna save her ass. She clearly hates art, said even said in a recent Q&A her heart isn't into it. All she has to do is draw 2-3 shitty potato girls a week for youtube and she could be fine. Or show off her art supplies, retards love that shit.

She does have same whales which is insane. She did do this around christmas time and all. She proved a lot of people wrong lol Also her fans are probably just as fucking shitty with money as she is, especially if one fan said they are waiting for student loans in order to buy her shit.

>she's a lazy slob that simply lucked out with her fanbase.
Which will never be realized. She is still lucking into shit. I still chalk it up to the fact she is the lowest for some people to aim for. Her fans really are just as stupid, slow and artistically challenged as she is. If this lazy slob can earn easy fucking money all the while showing no effort for it all, then that's what they want as well.

No. 1092309

It's not that she doesn't already plan on bying 9k roland printer/cutter for a measly handful of stickers.

They are good, but let’s be honest, not at her scale. Printer that makes my merch doesn't even have one of these and they specialise in weird custom orders. O asked and they said they prefer separate printers and plotters for variety. These are good if somebody has only stickers business that mills 24/7 to minimize unprintable media margins, but otherwise? Not worth it. She could do so much better with really good printer and second silhouette, like all the planner shops, but that would require brain power on her side, maybe even hiring help. She's too lazy and cheap to put effort in, so she will throw money at her percieved problem (she doesn't have a problem with sticker costs or quality, she just wants new toy).

No. 1092314

So 25k profit minus 10k for her printer (taxes and shit) 15K then. That remainder will be gone in 2 months tops. Yes she does want something new and the perceived easiest route.

No. 1092461

> She could do so much better with really good printer and second silhouette.
I agree with you anon but to add to this she already has Pixma Pro 100 which is a top quality printer that professional artists use but she barely uses it now and it collects dust.

The way her thought process goes:
>"I need to make a big batch of limited merch"
>Mental gymnastics to 'invest' in new $$$$ machine
>Buys said machine
>Creates a few batches
>Gets lazy and stops using it
>Finds a manufacturer for it instead
>Tricks her audience that the manu is better and machine collects dust
>Rinse and Repeat

No. 1092484

That's good printer for giclee prints, not for vinyl/foil sticker printing where you either need solvent or UV ink. If you ever had issue with glossy prints rubbing off, it was becuase the ink wasn't curating to the plastic base and was likely not laminated.
Regular office/photo printers won't handle specialty inks. If she wanted to do planner stickers, that's cool printer with extra inks tho.

No. 1092765

Im honestly surprised that she sold out so fast, I didnt expect her stans to have that much extra money. It really shows that there is a market out there for this sort of crappy art.

even if she only profits just over 10k that's pretty good right before Christmas.

No. 1092770

I still see the A boxes available, though. I am not surprised the B boxes sold out, though.

No. 1092910

I wonder how many she has left of the A grade. Last it was 761 sold total, I wonder if she has sold more than that by now or not.

No. 1093033

here i am worried about how im gonna pay my rent this month and baylee shits out bad art and gets thousands of dollars…. i certainly feel some type of way about that

No. 1093035

Wouldn't doubt if a number of people are worried about financial stuff here, which is why Baylee gets shit on so much for her spending habits. It's crazy watching her gets thousands for such low effort quality work. She does spend it as fast as it comes in though and has seemed worried the last little while.

Good luck, anon! keep going!

No. 1093036

She has 106 of them left

No. 1093062

I'm guessing a lot of her fans are disneyfags like her, they usually have no problem spending tons of money on stupid trinkets

No. 1093073

So she's closing on 30k after taxes.

I really feel some kind of way about that.
I also really hope she buys that roland printer. For the lulz.

No. 1093078

i think were all feeling some sort of way seeing her make money with such low effort and poor personality imo.
Watching her open the box, not talk fondly of it, and still have it sell well, is shocking.

No. 1093084

if she doesnt buy a home or actually invest in something that isnt expensive art shit she doesnt need, shes surely high on art fumes

No. 1093085

Their house is ugly, too big and not really theirs.
I really don't know why they haven't been trying to find some place to buy

No. 1093737


Maybe they don‘t want to. Considering the responsibilities that come with owning a house (you have to pay for everything yourself when stuff breaks or wears down, etc.) renting can be wiser/ less of a struggle. Just gotta be careful which landlord you choose.

No. 1094125


they want to, they can't afford it. not many can afford to buy in the vancouver area. she said they'll probably move back near their families when they buy.

No. 1095208

Not many doesn't mean not all. But the thing is, whether she could or could not, she didn't even try. She didn't even try to save up for it, to budget, curb her spending, hustle evenly or implement budget strategy.
The only responsible thing she did finance wise was to pay off student loans asap.
The rest?
Like moving to bigger place, buying new car, buying shitload of stuff, going to Disney and so on and on and on.
She assumed she couldn't, so she didn't even meet with financial advisor until few years into her having tax issues. Does she sound like responsible mortage holder?

No. 1095371

No. 1095384

exactly. They could afford it, they could have been in a house by now if they wanted it. But that is too much for Baylee. That would mean she can't buy her Disney shit and 4-5 time Disney world/land whatever visits a year.

If they didn't want to be in a house, fine, inb4 some faggot goes "Why do you people care if they buy a house?" Baylee used to talk about it and tweet about it, it was obviously something very important to her.

Christian's friends are really nice to help out. Getting paid but still. She has Jacob with her, least she still has him around.

Baylee stans who lurk here. Tell Baylee to stop putting her hair behind her ears on camera. Just not a cute look on most.

amazing to watch her work, she seems less annoying when she is actual doing something productive. She did have tons of time to finish this before hand so we are seeing her rush.

No. 1095445

Disneyland noob, here. How much does ONE trip cost?

I know parents can save for years and years for their children to take the trip and might have the chance to go just once, but how much bank is/was she making to go 4-5 times a year??

Just thinking of all that money wasted when she could have saved for/bought a house. She absolutely could have been a homeowner by now, but her spending habits are out of control. She will never own one because she doesn’t have the willpower to save. Even if she tried to, now, her YT is going down the drain and one video isn’t even hitting 50k views. That Chloe Rose is in the same niche and does similar click bait thumbs, she gets like 300k with way less subs.

Also, pretty sure Jacob is her only friend, so she needed him around. Just glad they were taking covid seriously and wearing PPE.

No. 1095449

Jacob has been her only friend ever since the vlogs started. In The first 2 years or so she would only hang out with Jacob and Christian, occasionally she and Christian were invited by one of Christian's friends.

She doesn't seem to have made any friends in art school or at her work.

No. 1095470

File: 1606769485129.png (3 MB, 1792x828, 6B29124D-3AD0-4D5F-B8B0-F64430…)

This incompetence…

No. 1095473

File: 1606769644469.jpeg (523.09 KB, 828x1414, 702BAF96-F52C-446D-B3F8-4E3E34…)

What is this? Who’s this Edgar guy?

No. 1095482

which is kind of weird watching her party vlogs where she acts like all those people in her house are her friends when they side eye her quickly and only make small talk. Jacob really has been thee friend from the beginning and everyone else is just his friends or christian's friends. If she wants a small social circle, okay, cool. But it's obvious and hella phony watching her act like miss social butterfly when the people she tries to socialize with want little to do with her. She is shoving a camera in their faces so I'm sure that doesn't help.

>I know parents can save for years and years for their children to take the trip and might have the chance to go just once, but how much bank is/was she making to go 4-5 times a year??

She was able to pay back 18k in taxes in one and half months, she makes (made?) good money and that was just around 2017-18 or so. She makes enough where her sister thought it was excessive Baylee went constantly.

>her YT is going down the drain and one video isn’t even hitting 50k views.

I seriously wonder how bad it is. Since her first thread it's been "her channel is dying!" and she is still some how going. This box and the vlogs are an attempt to keep up video views and cash. Some say "Oh it's just Baylee jumping back and forth between shit like always." That is true, but with her serious lack of views now she probably is hurting a little in regards to youtube cash. Baylee does think more vlogs means more cash.

A selena stan. Legit his twitter is just selena crap and some Baylee fan art.

No. 1095483

hell of a facetune job on that cover

No. 1095506

Honestly I find it kinda sad and cringe when she talks about these people, and says they're like her family. She doesn't even seem that close to her family anymore.
I remember back in the days she would facetime with Brooklyn every day, send them presents for things like birthdays, mothersday.
Maybe it's her terrible editing but it really doesn't come across that she and Christian's friends are close. All they do is drinking and it always seems hella awkward.

To the Disneyland thing, alone on the trip where she goes to the D23 Expo and Disneyland she spends amounts that is just not possible for a lot of people. At least not without saving up for that. On year she even got sorcerer tickets for her and Christian (according to google one of these tickets is over 2000 dollars).

No. 1095530

Air fare alone could be 1000 dollars a trip couldn’t it? Anaheim Disney sucks, and if she lives in Vancouver isn’t that like a reeeeally long way to Florida?
My sister spent 1000 dollars to get from Cali to Florida around Christmas and it seems the norm. Cheapest from Cali to Florida is probably 500.
Disney itself costs 150 dolllars for park tickets per person I think, if you were going for five days maybe you could get it down to 600-700 for five days.
Disney land meals cost about 15 dollars per meal, even the grosses nastiest corn dog or foot long hot dog, wet noodle pasta cost at least 15 dollars a meal. Souvenirs are the same Disney stuff you could buy at Walmart but cost three times as much. Hoodies are like 60.

No. 1095555

Is baylee really the breadwinner? Doesn't Christian work in tech(not sure what exactly)? He could be pulling a lot of money too

No. 1095627

she picks the most dumbest background music for her videos. Especially the clips of her packing those shit calenders.

No. 1095745

File: 1606788549642.png (948.91 KB, 723x590, baconjae.PNG)

gross Baylee

Different day, different video and yet she is wearing the same thing
gross lmao

No. 1095747

File: 1606788707821.png (1.24 MB, 1084x583, bitchuaintme.png)


No. 1095761

her robe?

No. 1095784

She is the bread winner! Her youtube took off and they moved into that six bedroom house. He can afford to buy baylee nice things, her six hundred dollar picture, because she most likely covers the bills. It was her youtube money that took them to Disney world and that trip to hawaii.

If Christian made more money she wouldn't be this pressed about making tens of thousands of dollars or needing more youtube views.

Again, she was able to pay TENS OF THOUSANDS lol in back taxes like it was nothing. Only one time she made a mistake where she was gonna be late paying she drained her account and Christian's. She probably drained his because she was busy spending her money on toys.

No. 1095794

Tens of thousands, and the A grade boxes still haven’t sold out. Kek.

No. 1095823

Gosh what a punchable round face.

No. 1095827

Baylee leaving that Rugrats art to the last minute, so much so that she had to stop packaging boxes - literally the only thing she should have been doing - to finish it, when the previous week she was swanning around Michaels for hours picking Christmas decorations is so peak Baylee it's ridiculous.

Kasey Golden has a store up that sells more pins and washi than Baylee has ever offered, isn't limited time availability and she didn't make it her whole identity. She still puts out two art videos a week. I don't like her art style or her weird obsession with dog dicks but Baylee could take some pointers on her work ethic.

No. 1095899

Her time managing skills are just none existing. She also has no idea how and what to prioritize. She started to sculpt that goblin rather than working on the picture, that is meant to be published in a zine.

It's so easy to find artists who manage to do better than Baylee.
I wouldn't be surprised if deep down she is rather jealous to see others succeed. She makes good money for sure but everything else is a disaster. She also never thinks about how long this can keep up. Her store always feels like a fast cash crab, not something that is meant for longterm.

No. 1095999

About Brooklyn, did she and Baylee have a fight? I used to watch Baylee years ago when she just started vlogging and her and Brooklyn seemed super close back then. I think Baylee even said her sister was her best friend. They were talking daily and she was on voice call in almost all of her streams. Now Baylee barely ever mentions her (tho i dont watch her streams anymore so i dont really know.)
Maybe i’m just imagining drama where there isnt any but did Brooklyn get fed up with how careless Baylee was with money?
I’ve always found Brooklyn way more likable than Baylee, she seems to have her life well together. (She also looks a lot better, probably because she eats way healthier.)

No. 1096012

There wasn't any huge major drama but if I remember correctly they did get in a spat on twitter about a year or so ago. It was something to do with holidays and Brooklyn had said something along the lines of not being able to afford multiple trips to Disney a year. It was around the time Baylee had been planning to go to twitch con and Disney.

Somebody in an earlier thread posted the screenshots of the exchange but I can't find them. But in it, it did sound as though Baylee didn't seem to consider that her sister isn't as well off money wise as she is and couldn't afford to go on trips to Disney and I totally get if that caused a rift between the two.

No. 1096029

I watch her art streams as background noise and Brooklyn has been in the chat every time. She's always friendly and talkative. I don't know if she shows up to the games streams too but I know they play Fall Guys together because they've talked about in chat. There doesn't seem to be any tension between them but who knows.

No. 1096030

File: 1606826844249.jpeg (232.56 KB, 828x1198, 9D7C2787-D6E3-4430-A975-680D7D…)

Yeah they used to talk on Twitter and tag each other, Baylee drew her something for her birthday and publicly wished Brooklyn happy birthday and such. She doesn't do that anymore.

I dann imagine it being about money. Brooklyn has some tweets that imply she doesn't have as much ("my car got broken into and they left the sunglasses they stole on a nearby porch not even thieves want my stuff) and when baylee mentioned her cintiq broke she asked if a repair shop could fix it (she should know that her sister doesn't get stuff repaired, just replaced). Tinfoil of course.

No. 1096050

I could see that they just grew apart a bit. Baylee is unrelatable to a lot of people, and just because you're family doesn't mean you have a lot in common.

I mean what would you talk about with her? How she just burned through several hundred to thousands of dollars for Disneydolls? What a long day she had sitting around all day doing nothing?

Like they probably still along just fine, just aren't as close anymore.

It's sad to see Baylee pass of a vacation with part of her family. She used to say how important family is to her and she rarely sees them, why pass of family time then? It's not like she hasn't seen Disneyland before and that was also not her first time at Twitchcon. Honestly don't really understand why she goes to Twitchcon every other year, she doesn't seem to be into any streamers and she isn't that big on Twitch either.

No. 1096094

idk if i’m linking this right - sorry in advance


but this shit isn’t cute. clean up after yourself.

No. 1096096

Maybe it's been said before, but why doesn't she keep the store open? Wouldn't a full time store bring in more money?

No. 1096100

laziness. she convinced herself that she can only work on a time crunch and it’s funner for her to see one day of $100 in sales vs 10 days of $10 sales

No. 1096101

That would be too much work for her. In the past, when she did patreon and stuff, she did have an online store that was opened constantly but she shut it down after getting annoyed over how long packaging orders took.

No. 1096105

she would have to do work consistently, and not only when she feels like it. So she waits until she has the urge to make money or is finally done preparing her products, actually does some work for a few days and then is her lazy self until it she feels like doing something again.
There'd quickly be no customers, if they had to wait 2 weeks until Lazy Jae feels like packing and sending out an order that came in when it wasn't convenient for her.

No. 1096137

Family is only important for sympathy points. During her Judy (JUDAAYYY I'll stop) saga she was in near tears and saying how much Judy meant to her because of her dad or some bullshit. Her dad really had nothing to do with it (yeah he gifted it but you know) she just wanted people to leave her alone so she pulled a daddy's girl card.

Sister can't afford the shit Baylee can, to Baylee that's unacceptable. The whole tweet exchange was just baylee pissed off and how she didn't want to go boating on a lake. Boating on a lake is middle class thing to do, hell even cheaper if not your boat and with a friend at their cottage, so something Brooklyn can afford. Baylee was annoyed her sister couldn't drop everything and go to disney for the 3rd time that year. Baylee totally missed it was more than just boating on a lake, it was spending time with family and friends. So fuck Baylee and her "FAMILY MEANS SO MUCH TO ME!" only when she was poor it did.

Baylee is the rich sibling who'll the others will go "Hey, remember when you had that huge house?" one day.

About her store, yeah she only likes to see huge chunks of money coming in. Small amounts hitting the bank doesn't sit right with her. She needs 600+ to justify another shopping trip and wasting time.

No. 1096257

What about that Rugrats art/zine?

No. 1096294

No. 1096377

File: 1606851559514.png (1.01 MB, 1190x892, Captura de Tela 2020-12-01 às…)

I also hate how she puts her tongue out to speak some words like every other 2 seconds. UGHHH

No. 1096382

She just looks so cringe its sad. The thumbnail clip hurt me. One of her fans has to tell her that she looks absolutely ridiculous. Wearing stretchy shirts under already too small clothes. She looks so rolled up and unappealing.

No. 1096391

I hate to harp on her looks but its really starting to get to me. Her face is constantly greasy, and it seems like she's getting bigger still. Not to mention how flat her hair is constantly, I'm not sure what she does with it but mine resembles how flat hers is when I don't shower for close to a week. It's incredible how thin her hair is for someone her age. She also needs to cut out the ugly shots and to stop giggling after every sentence that leaves her mouth. Nothing is funny about what she says and its painful to watch. Get your shit together Baylee.

No. 1096409

Her hair is thin because she insists on having light pink color and bleached it herself a thousand times

No. 1096419

Did she really give the woman working at chitchats one of her calendars? Why would you do that - not selling enough Baylee? Have to palm them off on strangers now. I dunno, it's just kinda weird

No. 1096426

She is ugly every time she talks. Also, I hate when she talks in that weird "funny" voice.

No. 1096450

File: 1606855186266.png (1.06 MB, 1008x808, Captura de Tela 2020-12-01 às…)

wow she REALLY doesn't care at all huh

No. 1096467

She doesn’t try to look cool for her fans at all. She’s just going with ‘ugly girl funny’. She has so much money and still can’t afford to look nice on camera she just buys cameras to put her greasy sloppiness in HD

No. 1096475

File: 1606856370219.png (Spoiler Image, 17 KB, 125x105, 20201201_215907.png)

No. 1096477

Of course she didn't look into pick up options from ChitChat beforehand and says it would be too expensive. And then she complains about how many trips she has to do with her car. I just really don't understand how someone can operate a business like that.

No. 1096531

She got it done last minute. It's probably shitty knowing baylee.

And she insists on giggling in every sentance even when she gets called out for how annoying it is. Along with her baby voice. She laughs at what she says because she is talking to the viewer, she is laughing in place of someone else. So she thinks in a conversation that what she is saying is engaging and warrents a positive reaction. Not even tin foil, just it's obvious. Girl is lonely and has no one to really talk to and spewing word vomit into a camera is the closest she gets to socializing.

No Christian doesnt count. I'm sure they talk but baylee needs a friend to vent to, not a spouse.

She looks awful and when she does dress nice, especially in earth tones, she actually looks great. But, that involves effort. Make up, nicer clothes, washing hair all require effort. Baylee is peak lazy. Depressed probably.

If someone makes some shit excuse again like "she has a skin condition (she does but no excuse to look like a greasy mess) She has this! What if she has some ovary problem!" Fuck off. She has the money and the time to help manage all the shit.

No. 1096564

I forgot to add:
>$1500USD on Uline boxes & products
If she's a smart cookie they're paid in part with the shipping costs

No. 1096568

She sounds so depressed in the entire video
Is actually working too hard for her?

No. 1096956

In an earlier vlog, iirc, going on holidays jet skiing was something Baylee said they did during their childhood years, so it must still have some sentimental significance to Brooklyn. Baylee on the other hand has turned completely materialistic and has had a change in values.

No. 1097025

Lmao didn’t she say she would stop using Uline because they’re trump supporters back when the BLM protests were going on? Good seeing the wokeness didn’t last like we thought it wouldn’t

No. 1097052

Yeah she's simply too lazy to do her research for finding another company. Same with every other company that she wanted to quit. The most she does is asking her viewers for suggestions.

I remember her talking about it when she was in Arizona with her family. I wonder if Brooklyn wanted to go there with her again since their parents own a house there.

No. 1097095

It’s simply even more clear she doesn’t listen to them, she just wants the points for seeming more “woke” whenever it’s trendy

No. 1097250

and in the thread where she was going off about her wokeness, she was praised for it, like what Baylee said had any real relevance to any social cause. Baylee should never be taken seriously for whatever woke buzzwords she shits out of her mouth. She does it to be safe and knows that it's the safe thing to parrot for someone as vanilla as she is.

No. 1097294

She says she's not a very active person those workout streams did nothing for her and so she's probably exhausted from standing up all day and having to haul those boxes. They can't weigh much considering what's in them, but to someone who the heaviest thing they lift is a coffee cup, it's probably a lot.

No. 1097365

File: 1606935256583.png (30.27 KB, 593x215, KfqhtS15u1.png)

So she's taking the day off from posting a vlog because she's still recovering from packaging her advent calendars.

No. 1097403


weird! if you would have planned this out properly, you wouldn't have had to rush and break your back getting everything shipped out properly.

i kind of love that her friends helped one afternoon/night and peaced out to help her with drop offs though.

No. 1097427

Imagine being so out of shape and fat that carrying a few boxes and standing for a few hours knocks you out for several days.

No. 1097433

she does one workout stream and 10 minutes in and she looks like a roasted pig. It is just her jiggling around for 45 minutes, no real exercise going on after all. After 30-45 minutes of jiggling, she gets on camera sometimes and acts like she just did a triathlon. She will then proceed to scarf down heaps of food.

Christian's friends probably weren't getting paid anymore and had better shit to do. I'm sure Jacob it was the same. She doesn't have friends besides Jacob.

No. 1097467

All your vlogs are crappy.

No. 1097471

And even then Jacob was only using her to leech off of her YouTube popularity to promote his own vlogging channel, which was a subsequent failure. He works/worked in TV so Baylee probably jumped on him in the first place to try and make some connections early on, back when you know, she was actually driven.

No. 1097477

Does she not realise doing packaging and logistics is extremely normal for artists with bigger followings?
To use Katnipp as an example, she does 100s of packages daily with her team and she is twice the size of Baylee and doesn't get the privilege of taking a week or so off cause she did "one big project"
if it was an artist with a large patreon they have to pack 1000s of orders EVERY MONTH and create new art non-stop.

Lazyjae is such a hack, she had 6 people (she probably underpaid) helping her and she didn't do shit except vlog, make snacks and tell people what to do.
Artists with 1/5th of her following work harder and smarter than this pink whale that's trying to roleplay as a successful artist on youtube

No. 1097478

Y'all ever noticed she's a like a discount version of every high quality artist on YouTube but nobody wants to be a discount version of her

No. 1097685

Isn't that some shit. The one person she has had since the beginning and they both used one another. People should go back and watch, or skim through really, her vlogs with Jacob, over time and quickly it happened they just become so awkward together.

She has people in her comments calling her an inspiration and it's honestly sad. They themselves are often trying to start an art channel so of course Lazyjae, the arttuber who got by with luck and tapping into an immature market, is the one they put on a pedestal. Anyone worth their salt knows LazyJae is the lowest of the low in terms of quality and relevance. Not shocking she has no discount versions of her. Even those that try to be can't get it to work because it's freaking Baylee.

No. 1097943

If they're at least a little bit serious about having art as an career, they're gonna notice that Baylee simply lucked out.

No. 1098243

No. 1098280

We always talk about her being a slob, but she never ceases to amaze me with how bad it gets.
Seeing all of the trash littering the floor - is it really that hard to have a trash can or bag that you use instead of just throwing shit on the ground?

No. 1098284

The footage she shot for the YouTube rewind was so disturbing.

No. 1098286

I can tell that this rewind will be super cringe..

No. 1098301

So she stuck labels on some advent calendars and cleaned and that is why she needed an extra day off? As somebody else said, some small businesses wouldn't be able to afford the luxury of a random day off - once again Baylee proves how unaware of just how lucky and privileged she is regarding her work

No. 1098310


Imagine being embarrassed for shipping a lot of packages. Why the heck didn‘t she just call Chit Chat and asked them to collect the packages. Like, she loves solving things by throwing money at it. Calling would have been so much easier and cheaper than driving. I don‘t get her. She‘s constantly throwing money at the wrong problems.

No. 1098377

File: 1607032180727.png (471.13 KB, 784x905, bayls.png)

She could really use a larger shirt. Could she be pregnant?

No. 1098402

nah anon she's just bloated and fat

I don't think Baylee wants to have kids at this point, She's been with Christian for 10 years they might've talked about it during their engagement.
She's too set on looking after her cats and wouldn't want to turn her art room into a baby room and I think having a baby would be too much reasonability for her anyway.

To add, there's nothing wrong with choosing to not have kids, Baylee doesn't seem like she wants to be a mother at this point maybe when she's like 35

No. 1098411

Really hoping she just uses this money to buy bigger shirts. She wears camis to make her shirt appear longer, but it's not helping. These clips are so awkward and unflattering.

No. 1098426

File: 1607034522067.jpg (15.91 KB, 725x81, Screenshot 2020-12-03 142745.j…)

I can't with this comment

No. 1098442

She looked so bad, the shirt is way too small.

She's a big girl, she needs to get rid of some of her old clothes and get some that are her size. She must feel uncomfortable too, if not for how it looks than just for how it fits.

No. 1098494

how little does this person do in a week? are they bed bound?

No. 1098583

God damn ! Is she seeing this ?
Does she not know how dumb she looks ??

No. 1098605

yeah the pregnancy ship has set sailed along time ago. At one point it was just an excuse so she could be lazy "When I'm pregnant, I can vlog even less if I want!" Legit said something along these lines before.

same fag who brought up her weird youtube comments section calling her an inspiration. Her fans really do see her as the pinnacle of what it means to be an artist/youtuber.

She probably thinks that because the shirt is more adult, isn't a shirt a 12 year old would wear, she is dressing more her age. She still hasn't listened to the youtube comments she deletes telling her to buy clothes for her size.

She knows she looks stupid. She tries to play up the "ugly quirky girl shtick" you know "If I act ugly and silly no one can call me out on it"

No. 1098658

File: 1607054457400.png (1.13 MB, 902x778, bacne.PNG)

she got popular with her gross amount of copics and not with actual talent or aesthetics

not surprised she is taking a bath with them for her youtube collab crap lol
so gimmicky

No. 1098667

wtf is she doing in her vlogs? screeching, baby voice, jumping like an autistic gremlin. Again with the room cleaning! 3 hours? She is the queen of wasting time.

>she got popular with her gross amount of copics and not with actual talent or aesthetics.
No shit. It's why people get so angry that this no talent hack keeps lucking into shit.

why would you post something so disgusting?

No. 1098831

She'd look less stupid of she'd just buy clothes in her actual size. Then if she'd go to a hairdresser to fix that mess of hair and regular showers, she'd look totally fine.

She used to look way better in her vlogs, she absolutely let herself go more and more after her wedding.

No. 1098848

File: 1607080167603.png (13.22 KB, 771x110, KEpMSrDh1C.png)

No, it is not cute at all. It's comments like these that are annoying as heck because it's so clear that Baylee has her subscribers under her thumb and they also believe she is this dainty little cute, cottagecore, pastel 'influencer' rather than the blob she actually is. >>1098377 if this picture is anything to go by, how do they not notice that she is anything but cute and dainty?

Also she really needs to stop pulling her shirts down her ass because it is just the worst look.

No. 1098939

That’s just gross now.
Be better baylee, gosh…

No. 1099121

Kattnip mentioned in her new vlog that she is thinking of buying one of those 2-in-1 sticker printer and cutters, specifically mentioning the one Baylee did. How long until Baylee finds a way to justify getting one too?

No. 1099144

No. 1099173

somehow her cats got into a food stocking stuffer, but why would it be on the ground in the first place??

No. 1099192

The upside down ribbon on the bottom of the sculpture looks so dumb.

No. 1099285

I doubt Baylee will buy one, she out sources her stickers now which means less work for her. Even Kattnip said outsourcing would probably be cheaper but she would rather go with the option that gives someone a job.

No. 1099494

File: 1607122969602.jpg (58.2 KB, 536x744, Screenshot 2020-12-04 150246.j…)

bruh…this looks ugly af. The ribbons made it even worse

No. 1099510

Why is the ribbon on the bottom upside down. I really don't understand. If it were two sided and you flipped it, kinda like a playing card, yeah makes sense to be upside down. But it just looks like she made a mistake (I mean this whole sculpture is a mistake but even more of a mistake) and didn't change it.

Also instead of baking it onto the wood and not baking it for enough time so the clay is still pliable which makes it totally prone to breaking, why not just make the individual pieces separately and then attach it after. I swear Baylee just makes mountains out of molehills and make things way more difficult than it rightly has to be

No. 1099511


She mentioned that she didn't plan to have the head be so thick, but that would have been such an easy change to make early on? Why did she keep it so thick if it's not what she originally planned.

No. 1099544

She spends so much on cameras/camera equipment and yet her video quality is utter trash

No. 1099595


this is so fucking ugly lmao christ. the only thing she did that looks nice is the roses.

No. 1099738

Baylee doesn't read here. Her stans do. Any negative comments she gets or acknowledges are just similar ones she gets in her youtube comments (and she deletes them as soon as the get posted) Someone mentions she doesn't look cute with her hair behind her ears and now a stans mentions it to Baylee? It was obvious her stans were here last thread with that random comment defending her and some defending it.

>yeah maybe we shouldn't be mean to Baylee

lol wtf
She's an ugly fat turd and has the personality to match.

She wasted so much time to make this and it was for no reason. She had boxes and the zine to do but she did this and it still looks like a gross caricature. She gets shit on because she doesn't do art and when she tries she can never time manage properly. Someone said in one stream Baylee spent 4 fucking hours just playing with kiki on the table and made 3 clay roses. Damn.

No. 1099905

This looks like something a serial killer would make of his victim

No. 1099951

Why did she give it a Glasgow/Chelsea smile? It’s not cute.

No. 1099977

It makes sense for katnipp cuz she doesn’t shut down her store, it runs continuously and she pretty much makes one new sticker sheet design a week and she makes enough sales per week with both of her stores to be able to pay five-six people to work for her. Pretty certain the amount of sales she does a week is more than baylee does in the entire year, her etsy says she’s made about 43k sales in 5 years, which averages to 25 a day in the lifetime of the store. Baylee was already entertaining it before cuz she’s too lazy to learn how to use her cricut more effectively but for her it’s just another thing to buy, like another vlogging camera. Plus she does like maybe one new art every couple of months? She’s an idiot to think she can compare to the level of other YouTube artists, who all do fine outsourcing stickers or making them on cutting machines, it’s just yet another reason for her to buy something then use it once and never again cuz it’s too hard

No. 1100063


She said she watched so many sculpting videos for this, yet this is what she comes up with. At least she keeps with her themes: ugly and minimal effort.

No. 1100068

It would have been cute if she had made something else for the top and a single bow at the bottom. The upside down bow doesn’t look good.

No. 1100198


no it wouldn't have, because the rest of it is already fuck ugly.

also sage your posts.

No. 1100235

Well, it just proves that it doesn’t matter how much you read or watched videos about something if you don’t practice the skill.

No. 1100277

It's Baylee's M.O. to forego any real practice and jump head first into a finished piece. She does it with every drawing she has ever done and it's why her art always looks like crap. If you never sketch to learn the basics you become someone like Baylee, far to scared to go beyond comfort and skill level.

No. 1100905

Yup it’s why her stuff still looks beginner level and doesn’t advance compared to other artists who are just as active for as long as she has been. She only does art/art-related work when she HAS to and thinks by watching one YouTube tutorial, it makes her pro level. She’s too lazy to practice cuz she could be doing other things with her time, like playing Pokémon for 18+ hours, and when she does with sketching, she doesn’t do it in a way where she’s learning cuz she doesn’t want to expend the effort, like learning actual anatomy and not just copying Disney sketches. It’s a really bad way to learn, like it’s really sad she has followers that think she’s amazing or hardworking when she really clearly shows she expends the least amount of effort on anything other than like buying shit. Like, it’s like she watched one video on how to play the violin and now she thinks she can play in an orchestra.

No. 1101041

I’m sure she watched either one or none. My bet is none. In her video where she started the sculpt, she said she didn’t even look up if cos clay can be sanded or not. FYI, it can. She’ll just jump in ass first and wish for the best, cos that’s how ArTiStS work, right? She’s the perfect example of being a Jack of all trades, master of none.

No. 1102378

No. 1102429

Considering how much money she just made.. they are some pathetic gifts

No. 1102449

Why are all of her gifts so unthoughtful and half assed, she buys 200-300 on dolls for herself,so selfish.

No. 1102466

Was she REALLY trying to compare that Barbie to herself?

No. 1102481

You guys really surprised that she just went with basic gifts? It's Baylee after all. Of course she also counts her ugly Advent calendars as gifts.

She really took all day and still didn't manage to wrap all the presents? Just how slow is she in her day to day life?

No. 1102489

Basically all the 'gifts' she bought were originally for herself or her own merch it comes off a bit narcissistic. I bet Baylee went on a shopping spree for herself then she realised she doubled up on a lot of items and decided to pawn off it on to her family as Xmas gifts

Wild how her husband had to tell her to buy specific gifts for him, I guess he finally learnt after the useless shit she got him for his birthday and xmas every year.

No. 1102512

Lmao, she doesnt want to go near an airport because of Covid, but broke Burnaby regulations by having people over at her house to package her advent calenders.

No. 1102547

that’s exactly what she did, she says it when she talks about the toque.

it’s funny that those earrings from Amazon came in obviously tiffanys inspired packaging, and if she didn’t spend money on bullshit (or if she wasn’t so selfish) she could have just bought her mom a pair of actual tiffany earrings. for the cost of all that crap put together, she could have easily bought something nice.

I noticed she stopped sharing her vomit meals lately. What gives

No. 1102578

File: 1607382399203.png (1.19 MB, 1273x664, food.PNG)

Nah she's still sharing her meals
1000 calorie dishes to maintain her weight gain
I still think she's fasting? but I don't think it helps with the amount she consumes

I don't know why anyone would be interested in her meals when it's an "art vlog" channel I guess she needs 30 minutes of empty content for that ad revenue

No. 1102588


i shouldn't have mentioned it. this is rank.

No. 1103047

No. 1103056

>adds garlic and herb cream cheese, colby jack, butter, and pesto to fettuccini alfredo
What in the world is this ungodly combination

No. 1103062


if you’re going to add all that stuff to the sauce, why not make the Alfredo from scratch?

i can’t believe this girl who goes out for bullshit errands nearly every day bought all her presents on amazon. that ugly ass no name made in china jacket cost $270.

No. 1103076

It probably tastes good, though. All that fat and cheese and all. But, the calorie count … and that's probably double the fat intake she should have in a day.

I actually like the jacket and it suits Christian. It is expensive, though, for a no name.

That sculpture, though. No, just no.

No. 1103086

The sculpture just keeps getting worse.

No. 1103153

File: 1607460147711.jpg (277.59 KB, 1322x806, jacket.jpg)

No it didn't, it cost $190 CAD

No. 1103162

That's a nice looking jacket >>1103076
>I actually like the jacket and it suits Christian.
that will look absolutely ridiculous on Christian. That shit looks slim/built (slim in it's description) and your gonna see a porker wear it.

It took till now for her to get him shit he actually wanted though.

No. 1103182

With suits it was more like, that it fits his taste or personality or whatever, not whether it fits him seize wise.

After seeing Baylee in it and how it fits her - I can only conclude that the jacket may be either too small for him or Baylee really has exploded in term of weight gain. It fit her well (except for the arm length). But the shoulders seem too narrow for Christian. Oh well, who knows.

No. 1103210

Can't really see this looking good on Christian. But it's what he wanted I guess.

No. 1103245

File: 1607468496731.png (1.05 MB, 828x1792, 80A63798-B595-4933-A43E-3B825A…)


this was as far as i got in my search tbh but it’s still overpriced regardless

No. 1103246

Good point. If he likes it good, he can finally gets what he wants. She used to shaft him in favour of herself.

No. 1103634

Why does she have to buy every single thing from Amazon?

No. 1103813

She's doing a giveaway on her vlogs, "12 Days of Baylee Jae Giveaway" and for real, she's using her old art supplies. Which cool, your finally getting rid of your old shit, but she's giving away stuff from the Jazza boxes too. This chick makes no sense. If I was entering a giveaway from an artist Id think its strange to receive supplies from another artists brand or mystery box. Shes so cheap, but maybe its just me nit picking

No. 1103816

she buys everything from Amazon because shes a hypocrite. She wants everyone to support her "small business" but rarely supports others. She tries to talk about being environmentally conscious but then turns around and constantly buys cheap shit from overseas. She doesnt give a fuck

No. 1103825

No. 1103864

12 days of giving away used or broken shit. Nice.

No. 1103878

Kinda nice that she gets rid of some of her old stuff that she never uses, but at the same time this feels so crappy.
Like she just stumbled over a bunch of her old crap and decided to make giveaways in order to gain some followers and views maybe.

No. 1103902

Why would you give away a used sketchbook? Like I understand pens and pencils and stuff, but a used sketchbook - it just seems kinda cheap and a little nasty

No. 1103955

that's exactly how I feel too. The idea is nice, especially if she was a smaller creator. But she brags about the "tens of thousands" she made from the advent calendar then gives away old things? It just doesnt feel genuine and feels "dirty". Especially when Jazza and other people do giveaways with new things

No. 1103980

How much of the giveaway stuff was from the 'mail me art stuff to try' thing she did with her subscribers?

She chooses the weirdest clips to pad her blogs with.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1103986

She had ALL day to get shit ready and then mailed and leaves it last minute. She is gonna be a pain in the ass at the post office (shoppers drugmart's postal area let's be real) the lines are already long enough with old ladies getting confused with mailing out one damn card. That annoying pork girl laugh and porker talk.

Damn her sketchbook is so shitty. "Look at my studies!" Bitch looks like she learns nothing from her 'studies' Different colours of heads doesn't make the piece good. Why the fuck is she giving away a used sketchbook? Just fucking use it up, actually lean fundies for once and not just mindlessly copy shit from right side of the brain or Loomis.


That "Mail me shit and you might see it in a vlog!" Like damn that was fucking so shitty of her. She has the damn money to buy whatever the fuck people suggest to her. But nah, Get's her fans to buy crap and waste more money on shipping just for the already rich girl to have more free crap.

No. 1103991

>Got stuff to mail
>Post office closes soon, might just make it
>But first I'm going to respond to emails, which aren't going anywhere, for not particular reason

Geez, so stupid

No. 1104051


i'm howling at this cheap asshole showing off her spending daily and giving away used garbage from around her garbage heap art room. "this is a crappy prize but" girl… just don't give anything away. you're not going to get the subscriber bump you think you will.

No. 1104230

Fuck, If I won that notebook I'd redline everything in it and then send it back to her.

No. 1104301

You underestimate her fans, they’ll literally buy her garbage or anything she touched, she’s like a weird god to some of them and that’s how she continues to still sell and have popularity. They’re her yes men and if she didn’t have them, she’d just be another boring ass person on YouTube. At least she’s giving shit away but it’s still this weird grab at gaining an audience imho? Like just donate that shit without the fanfare, like a kids hospital or a teacher or something. That shits been collecting dust and cat urine and hair for ages, it’s just fuckin weird to get USED stuff and stuff that’s mostly garbage

No. 1104367

Did she say the sketchbook was arguably one of the better prize because it has some sketches, studies and "original" art. Is she that far up her own ass.

Also I think it's weird that she giving away items from the box that Jazz gave her for free. She should have just given the entire box instead of some items from within it.

No. 1104400

oh i thought she said that because a good quality sketchbook and she said it right after the packs of expired shrinky dinks ….. yuck you’re probably right though. wtf was up with that weird stripper sketch

No. 1104414

File: 1607610569880.jpg (67.78 KB, 928x520, yy9mvMUrFg.jpg)

Another day, another one of her hideous unfunny faces. I want to know what she did to get people to think she's funny and quirky rather than stupid and annoying.

I agree with both these, why would you give a nasty half used sketchbook as a prize rather than just buying a new one? But yeah, her idiot fans would think they're so lucky for getting 'original art' - when really they're just getting trash.

No. 1104431

The bunnies are cute in the sketch book. Like others already said, she could probably produce some cute stuff (similar to katnipp) if she focused on her bunnies or cats and developed a specific style around them. And then sell washi tape, and cards, and what else.
But that won't happen, because she is not business savy enough and just not able to focus longterm on one thing.

No. 1104480

This shady af no matter how you look at it. She’s capitalising off people who can’t afford quality art supplies and hope to win some but still can’t be arsed to buy new things or not give away her old stuff. Donate her old stuff and just buy new things for followers, she can afford,

No. 1104523

I hope going forward she does giveaways to make up for this shit ass one. Broken watercolor set, "I broke the hinges but its still good", then around the 13:30 mark she says the Sketchbook is disgusting, she's "joking" but it comes off so insincere. These products arent terrible, like many have said, but for the things that are heavily used she should just donate them. Give her fans, the people paying her bills essentially some thoughtful prizes.. not old junk

No. 1104567

Wasn’t it her wish.com watercolor set?

No. 1104568

You might be right - which if it is makes it even worse because that video was total cringe and most art supplies are gonna be absolute shit when they come from Wish. So not only is she giving away things other people have given her, but also cheap shit knockoffs from Chinese websites. What a fucking joke

No. 1104573

File: 1607629538743.png (654.47 KB, 1406x781, chrome_MukyX9TEML.png)

It is! That's the watercolour set she bought off wish that she's giving away. So it's not even like a good or semi-good set of paints, it's cheap shit from Wish.

I think it's pretty much confirmed that she's not giving away this stuff because she's being a kind person who wants to do something nice for her subscribers for the holidays, she just wants to get rid of shit from her house that she doesn't use

No. 1104582

No. 1104586

File: 1607630956626.png (369.86 KB, 457x524, Ahk8Wbcqnb.png)

This is what the final sculpture thingy looks like for those who don't want to watch the video

No. 1104592

the edges of the mouth curl like the joker lol

No. 1104595

This took her weeks! Holy shit this could be done in a day at most but she procrastinates everything and this was made for no damn reason. She had a zine and her calendar to finish that was more important. Even though she sculpted a black girl, it's recognizable as Baylee's basic ass potato girl style.

what a boring vlog. She has to show off food for more content. We get it Baylee, you are a fat ass.

No. 1104598

In other angles those lashes look tragic. This is really hot garbage it looks so gross with the pure black details…

No. 1104659


WATER in scrambled eggs? god someone needs to hold a cooking intervention for her.

No. 1104663

She's cooking close to 20 sausages, (left overs? year right), and making scrambled eggs with kraft single slice cheese, cream cheese. white bread. damn Cooking intervention is right

No. 1104666

It's kinda gross how she cooks - both in quantity and also what she includes. Cooking intervention is a must

No. 1104668


Bruh if it’s garbage just throw it out I’m crying how is it that she can’t get rid of stuff and when she does she can’t just simply dump it.

No. 1104733

She was one of the featured artists in YouTube Rewind 2020 Artist Edition

No. 1104739

This is the type of shit that makes me embarrassed to be an artist.

No. 1104757


this is so embarrassing. but tbh no wonder baylee thinks she's such an artist, a lot of the art featured in this looked like it was done by gradeschoolers.

No. 1104764

File: 1607647532145.png (851.97 KB, 863x576, morbidlyobayse.PNG)

the finished product looks like ogre Fiona in blackface

No. 1104773

hate her lol so fucking ugly, even when she isn't pulling these faces. This bitch and her slob husband settled in life at this point. Neither seem to bring out the best in each other. Shit, dude breaks his ankle and she is the one bitching about him being home and how she won't drive him to work. That money she makes must be worth it.

"No need to bring up Christian!" He looks far gone and just as greasy as she does.

No. 1104780

File: 1607649072567.png (654.8 KB, 492x596, cancer.PNG)

that artists rewind gave me cancer

nothing but a self-indulgent herd of internet degenerates flopping around

No. 1104782

File: 1607649422136.gif (3.83 MB, 320x180, trash.gif)

No. 1104786

She looks so bad. She is fat, not skinny fat but fat. Damn her arms are meaty as hell. So much for ring fit or dance dance fat ass go.

No. 1104798

I have no words for how bad and unnecessary this was. Baylees clips look worst

No. 1104912

If she at least would buy clothes that actually fit. She'd look much better and actually thinner too. Now she just looks like a fat sausage.

That she wears those long shirts underneath makes it even worse.

No. 1104945

God she just can't get shit done, can she? She does so little but acts as if she just had a full on work day.
All she was doing: edit her vlog, drive to chitchat, clue on pieces to the sculpture.

No. 1105013

File: 1607696143202.png (1.09 MB, 1220x736, Captura de Tela 2020-12-11 às…)

This is from the other vlog but I just had the time to post about it now. WHY WOULD SOMEONE ADD A SHOT FROM THIS ANGLE FOR THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE TO WATCH??? Damn….. she is pathetic!

No. 1105037

I thought the same thing too. I think while watching the video she just used straight up black to paint the hair, the same she used for the roses. Why would you ever use straight black paint for hair and features like that? She should've thrown a bit of brown at least go over the top with a sheer brown layer for depth.

No. 1105039

the cat is hanging her head in shame and the dolls look mortified

No. 1105128

No. 1105132


it takes her an hour and a half to edit the vlogs? girl.

No. 1105133

Knew she was always a slow worker, but geez, that just seems excessively slow.

No. 1105164


She's giving out markers, but includes a pen that isn't compatible with the markers? Why not put the pen in a different box or put in a different pen that works with the markers

No. 1105166

Looks like raw chicken

No. 1105168

Damn her portions are out of control and what the fuck those scrambled eggs, sour cream and cheese mixed in. If you make yours that way, no offense just this lard ass doesn't need the extra calories.

She treats every cleaning session as this big arduous task. Baylee, just clean up right after you make a mess. Lazy sack of shit.

A giveaway for all this shit she got for free and bought in a manic state to get her dopamine rush. Now she has this shit and you'd think an ARTIST as she calls her self, would have used up all this stuff by now. But no, it was done for that dopamine rush because this girl is in a bad mental state.

No one cares for your nails, Baylee, or the fact you don't have polish remover.

She does not need those damn fucking bowls. And of course she justifies it with "It's On SAALLLEE11!!!!" TENS OF THOUSANDS well spent.

No. 1105183

Those portion sizes…She eats for 3 people. I don't get why it takes her so long to edit a vlog it's not like she adds music, transitions, or edits out unflattering angles.

The sculpture looks terrible with the black roses. It's like she said "well she's black and her hair is black so I'll make the roses black! It doesn't match the theme at all.

No. 1105676

This was so boring. You'd think a bunch of artists could come up with something enjoyable.

She gets so little done in a day. Her loungewear looks like she just went out wearing her pajamas.

No. 1105681

the video is cringe af and the fact that they think they're the artists of youtube is laughable; this video should've had knivesmeow, chey barton, furrylittlepeach, minnie, audra auclair, leigh ellexon, applecheeks, like people who actually do art and just film their art process, they're not failed artists who do youtube to make some money..

No. 1105855

Some of the rewind had ok concepts but the over all feel was off putting and vane. Was Katnipp in the rewind?

I wish Audra Auclair would make a you come back, some of Audras videos had a depressing tone but her work is great

No. 1106059

File: 1607812913787.png (480.22 KB, 940x1490, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 2.34…)

The artists featured in the video are the obnoxious art youtuber type who aren't that successful outside of youtube. Kattnip doesn't belong in the same sphere as them, nor are other youtube artists who run successful shops like Amii Ceramics or Lovesoup.
>pic related. the full list of people featured in the video.

No. 1106060

File: 1607813002711.png (5.28 MB, 3360x2100, Screen Shot 2020-12-12 at 2.40…)

also this clip is so funny because Baylee is double the size of all of the other girls

No. 1106144

Whose the old hag to the left?

No. 1106182

barf. Lazy Jae has never learned to dress herself. From her awful outfit she wore to the poppy concert to her terrible black leggings and apron she wore to a convention, this fat ass just doesn't get it. She knows she is big but doesn't know just how big. If she can get it on her body, no matter how much it cuts off circulation, then it means it fits and she can't be that fat (according to her)

We never see her around normal people. Christian doesn't count. We know she is a big girl but seeing her next to standard sized people and poorly dressed at (her biggest issue really, dress for your size) that really puts it into perspective. Baylee wants to be that cute, soft, uwu girl, that's obvious. What's also obvious is that she has yes men, who tell her blatant lies "You look so cute with the hair behind your ears, Baylee!" No she doesn't, she looks like a drowned pig.

She looks embarrassing. She is the type of person you are embarrassed to be around. The pork laugh, the delusional fashion sense, the lack of manners and random shrill baby voice. I bet Baylee is that friend that interrupts constantly. You can never get a word in because she just never shuts up and the friendship isn't about the both of you, it's about her. She'll gift you shit but you will be an after thought. like how she treats her family in terms of presents and her fans with the giveaways. If you don't benefit her in some monetary way that she can exploit, why should she be nice (see her friendship with jacob where they used one another)

She uses Christian's friends in vlogs, to make it appear she has this large circle of friends who just love to come to her house for parties (before corona-chan) and she is this social butterfly. She'll drink her wine (nothing wrong with her drinking lol) with a smug look right into the camera as to say "Yeah, just adulting, so what snort" shove the camera into some randoms face and they blankly stare, laugh and try not to be rude to the host but it's obvious they didn't come over for her.

No. 1106417

People like katnipp and chey and Minnie and furrylittlepeach are probably too busy being actual artists and running their careers, patreons and shops to do a dumb little video segment like they did. Those are all artists to where YouTube is only a section of their career and not primarily what they do while the everyone in that video listed mostly primarily do YouTube and are varying degrees of quality, like baylee is one of the worst artists considering she is trying to be like a lot of them, like when she modded that ugly doll cuz Dollightful and Hexitan do that, when she’s just churns out a really shitty version of their hard work

No. 1106421

I think that’s Chloe. This is vid con from like last year I think when baylee made that giant tray of horrible cheese dip in her hotel room and wanted people to eat it

No. 1106613


lol That girl from Craftastic looks like ana-chan. Everyone els looks fatty compared to a sack of skin and bones. Wouldn‘t call her normal-sized.
Chloe is the only one who looks healthy to me.

No. 1106689

compared to Baylee they look fine in comparison. besides the one who looks like she escaped a prison camp, the others look normal sized girls. Hell the prison camp escapee doesn't even look that bad.

No. 1106943

no she looks bad too. that outfit is also terrible, she's just thin.

No. 1107161

the one on the far right is gross too

No. 1107177

>Baylee doing a Jojo pose

end my suffering please

No. 1107187

Why the heck was jojo poses even in the video in the first place??

No. 1107240

No. 1107241

what even is this "leaked" fake interview? Why is she giving it attention. It sounds like a fan took voice clips from her vlogs then made a fake interview. Which honestly makes her sound terrible and Baylee thinks it's comedy gold? I don't get the joke or why share it.

Also,WHY the fuck did she dye her hair again? She could go stand on Hastings (notorious street in Vancouver Burnaby) and be given change. She looked okay with her hair washed out, now she looks like a slob.

thank god this website is no longer down

No. 1107255

You know she already has very low standards for comedy anyways. She never matured pass poop jokes.

I thought she was growing her hair out? Are you suppose to keep dying the bleached parts? I feel like she’s going to eventually say screw it and go full pink again.

No. 1107349

1. It was made by the same person who writes the Baylee erotic fanfictions she reads in the streams.
2. The creator is a regular in the streams and therefore a 'friend'.
3. She has no content.
4. It's supposed to make her look bad to be funny

But yes, I didn't find it funny either, just cringe. But anything that puts Baylee in a bad light is fine by me.

No. 1107375

if she sticks to the dye she's using, that's ok for her hair, as it's basically just conditioner with pigments, not "real" hair dye or bleach which is actually damaging the hair. It just looks stupid.

I hated her reaction to the interview. I think parts of it are actually funny and props to the person putting in the work of collecting all those clips, but her reacting to it absolutely ruins it. She should've just included it as-is, or take the chance and do some stupid animation to accompany it. But THAT would be an actual idea for a project and because of that it wouldn't happen with Baylee.

No. 1107380


even though i watch her vlogs and have a high tolerance for secondhand embarrassment, i always skip her fanfic content. it’s so fucking weird. is this jacob writing it in the other room for her because she likes attention? i can’t imagine someone writing this for real.

No. 1107507

No. 1107527

I would hate to be this girls accountant, she would be a nightmare to work with. She's so lazy, even when it comes to important things like taxes. Oh dear, you need to actually do work when it comes to paying taxes, boo fucking hoo - grow up.

No. 1107533


this lazy idiot. she just spends like there's no tomorrow and then bitches that she has to give information to her accountant. i'm sure her accountant has said multiple times what they need and when they need it, baylee's just a lazy moron.

No. 1107545


I dont watch her streams so I had no idea there was even erotic fan fiction! Thats fucked up.

No. 1107552

theres too much to unpack from this vlog in the first 5 minutes. She is the gold mine of stupidity and making herself look bad.

complaining about having to send things to her accountant? The little "booking" work she actually has to do, which is sitting on her fat ass and logging into accounts?

Then complaining/showing her cat Kiki being destructive. Imagine the amount of tinsel and ornaments these cats are getting into off camera?

No. 1107554

That’s every vlog. Complain that she has to do work and then show her cats doing something dangerous.

No. 1107572

making that stupid picture into a giant ass diamond painting was a terrible idea, it really emphasises how cross eyed the character is

No. 1107579

that's what I thought too. The fact is wonky. Its overwhelming with the pink and red. Maybe shell learn by actually doing it herself but i doubt shell work on improvement

No. 1107649

Girl dies basically nothing all the time and complains when she does have to work.

It's odd to think that she once had a fulltime job and still vlogged, made yt videos and had a store on the side.

No. 1107657

why is she even doing the painting? is there another sponsored video from the company coming up? it’s so ugly.

No. 1107661

A couple months ago when she started this diamond painting, that vlog got quite some views (it's like double as much as her other vlogs), so I think it's just another lame attempt to get views again.
Girl is so desperate.

No. 1107829

if she really wanted views she should stop putting her mug in the thumbnail

No. 1107913

her weight clocks in at 162.9lbs in this vlog

cant imagine how much she weighs now kek

No. 1107925

Agreed. Not to mention stop talking about how hard it is to do her simple job. She’s trying too much to be a personality figure when she doesn’t have a personality.

No. 1107941


i didn't realise she's been doing the stupid annoying voices for so long. i guess they didn't bug me as much back then.

No. 1108003

In that vlog she says she didnt want to ever get over 150lbs and sounds embarrassed that she's showing her weight at 162.
she was annoying back then too with the voices but it came off as immature whereas now it comes off as blatantly annoying.

No. 1108148

Yeah there’s small communities of diamond painting hobbyists on YouTube so she’s trying of course to capitalize on that especially cuz her shitty vlogs come up when you search diamond paintings and that means more sales from the diamond painting company. I’m surprised her cats haven’t eaten all of those diamonds by now and this is the worst of her shitty drawings to turn into one cuz yeah, it doesn’t have good color contrasts or have good enough detail to make it not look like a pixelly mess. Plus she obviously copied off of the frozen art book to make this drawing, it bothers me so much cuz she keeps re-making it in different forms that don’t make it any better

No. 1108435

No. 1108448

The thumbnail faces just keep getting worse don’t they ?

No. 1108477

The faces in the thumbnail are so cringe, esp with the pink hair. She just dyed it and it already looks so bad. Why doesnt she go back to teal or even purple.

No. 1108486

not this face again

No. 1108487

waiting for the day an art drama channel picks up her story:

it would get some views just bc her stans would freakout. But there's definitely somethings to unpack over the years and seeing her go from a tolerable and some what relatable person to a weird 30yo woman is interesting.

No. 1108613

File: 1608161696664.png (931.48 KB, 596x860, SOLDOUT.PNG)

She's basically sold out all her boxes

No. 1108630

So she's surpassed 30-few k in USD after taxes. She was right, tens of thousands.

Where did my life go wrong and hers so right?

No. 1108638


well i mean you don't have a dozen pages of people talking shit about you, so you must be doing something right.

No. 1108640

If I had earned 30k in a month i wouldnt care what people were saying…

No. 1108644

Well, you don't know that.

No. 1108752

to a normal person 30k would last a long time. But based on her spending habits it wont last long.

she doesnt seem like the type to do the work and look into investing to make her money work for her.

No. 1108768

Of course, she keeps giving them away. The Chit Chats employee, she gave a couple away to family for Christmas, she gave her friends some when they helped pack them, she's now giving them away as part of her vlog giveaways and so forth.

No. 1108829

Youre right, she has been giving lots away. didnt consider that.

No. 1108860

stop whining jfc

No. 1108898

stop policing others, jfc.

Doubtful she gave more than 50 away. And let's say she kept 50 as a back up. It's still 900 sold. It's still over 30k after taxes.

No. 1108991

The money is nice but everything else in her life just seems sad, including Baylee herself.

No. 1109066

yup, it won't last long. She got her TENS OF THOUSANDS but it will be gone by march, and that's being generous. Baylee is willing to drop 200 bucks at michaels on a whim and that wasn't even the only store she visited that day and spent money at. She has no trouble making money and has no worries about spending it.

The money she makes is enviable. But, she spends close to 4000 thousand on rent alone, even if rent was 3000 that's still a lot. Add in insurance for her cars, he massive grocery bills because let's be real, two fat asses live together. Add in all the shopping she does, online included. Girl loves to buy shit, the only thing she has going for her to make her happy. She proved everyone right with tens of thousands but watch her scramble when the money is gone. Rinse and repeat.

damn she was annoying back then. Like a young girl annoying. So it seems like she started eating more once she started dating and feeding Christian.

No. 1109173

No. 1109187

God forbid to both workout and edit the vlogs in the morning. Can't do that, then she might be productive.

With her showing her planner it's so obvious that she counts stuff like wrapping Christian's presents as actual work, not as something she does after her workday.

No. 1109238

why does she show her planner like she accomplished anything? wrapping presents? that takes a normal person 30 minutes. she didn’t even use ribbon.

No. 1109309

Because she needs to pad her vlogs out with something because otherwise she would have nothing to film because her life is just so painfully boring. They would be more interesting if she just went somewhere - hell even a walk in a park would be more interesting than being stuck inside her disgusting hovel of a house

No. 1109319

Same reason why she adds stream footage for most of her vlogs. Girl has nothing going on right now and can’t be bothered to do something actually interesting.

No. 1109577

Wow she really doesn’t care about her weight now.
What happened?

No. 1109676

Did she seriously whine about having to start working for her next store launch? She complained about how she wants a break from the last one, but the Advent Calendar one was already three weeks ago in which she barely did anything.

No. 1109678

I don’t get why she wrapped stuff people already know that they’re getting. And wrapping used items…just a little strange to me

No. 1109691

if being asked to not whine about your life in a cow thread is "policing others", you should consider not using the site

No. 1109705

Because that’s what she calls riveting content, Anon. Good god, this vlog was boring as fuck.

I wonder what her goals will be for next year. It must be sad to just go day to day without any sort of plan for yourself. IIRC, in one of her videos a couple years ago, she set some art goals for the year but when she looked back on them, she didn’t achieve anything.

I wonder how she feels looking at other art YouTubers who set out to do a lot, actually get things done and improve. I don’t think she learns anything from her peers, she’s just stuck in this little bubble.

No. 1109742


She def could be more like Kasey in terms of her store stuff. We‘re all annoyed by Kasey‘s attitude and her art is something else but the products she launched in the last weeks fit her brand perfectly. And I gotta admit I like her art scout patches, it‘s a cute idea and also a kind of product that are perfect to collect so people come back to buy more. Whereas Baylee is unable to even create a consistent theme for an advent calendar, and her whole „brand“ is all over the place. Still she made 30k, I can‘t believe it.

No. 1109850

When she showed herself signing her crappy sketches to mail it to someone it made me lose my shit HAHAHAHA! The entitlement….

No. 1109866

Who'd want to pretend her shitty sketches were their own? She's delusional if she thinks her stuff has any sort of value - she's not famous, so her signature isn't special

No. 1109883

No. 1109895

those lifeless eyes though

No. 1109908


wow what a shitty piece of art. and the big deal about not being able to give away the original piece, so she’s including the sketch. why not scan it with your printer and print out a copy, layzee.

No. 1109932

Like yeah, you yourself are a whininy bitch, anon, whining about anons who don't do what you think they should on a site that's not yours to mod.

Stay pressed or apply for a farmhand if you know better what this site should be about.

No. 1109942


I promise that no one here gives a shit about the two of you arguing.

No. 1110005

Why does she speed up her videos but never add any sort of music

No. 1110010

when she finally does an art video it's fucking shit lol she has no visual library so we see her do the same fucking thing every time she draws. Potato Girl facing forward. If it is something beyond just a face forward girl, it's in a body position baylee has never drawn before (or sketched multiple times) and it ends up looking stiff. Also she never sketches to begin with so of course everything looks bad.
You can find that watercolour set at fucking walmart or michaels for cheap. But she's gotta make it seem like it's amazing coming from her. Also her fans should realize they are receiving her crap she touched once because she isn't an artist but a lazy hobbyist.

No. 1110053

Yeah her art lacks emotion. Girl with objects sounds boring as hell. Granted not everything has to have a story attached to it, but like you can tell she puts no thought into anything. I’m also really confused at the yellow for a Christmas drawing… she lacks visual story telling and color theory.

No. 1110085

Giving away a paint set that had cat hair in it???
She’s gross wtf

No. 1110147

Are you surprised?? Well established fact that her house is just a mess of cat hair and rubbish. But her brainless followers would probably revel in the fact that there's cat hair in it since they seem to like her cats - despite the fact that it's unsanitary and gross

No. 1110569

I wish I had screenshot it when the video came out yesterday because it’s hard to find now, but someone DID comment that they’d love to receive a box of Kiki hair..

No. 1111175

Artists, illustrators - what do you think about her Copic colouring? Is it good? I’m not too fond of her colour choices sometimes but her rendering/shading seems to be alright - or am I blind?

No. 1111227

File: 1608478694937.png (268.46 KB, 398x595, 06fc68035111ce8acb3940692c7acd…)

Her rendering is soulless and bad, she always somehow manages to do almost no work and still manage to overwork the blending so you get this weird, muddy and blotchy look like on the flower petals and candles.

Her art always gives me weird coomer fetish artist on their SFW account vibes.
like you can look at her art and tell what he fetishes are but its artwork aimed at kids, ick

No. 1111228


I wonder if that's the paper/ cardstock she's using. Might swallow so much ink that you can't really do nice blendings. Although she also loves to oversaturate the paper by always doing multiple layers of the first colour.

No. 1111330

It’s nothing special really, like it’s basic level basic markers with the barest understanding of form. She shades like she draws meaning it’s all like symbol drawing rather than like purposely or observationally, and she doesn’t know anything about light sources or color theory to do anything interesting with them. If she just tried out more or actually learned some different ways of using color she could improve and make her stuff look more interesting but it’s the only coloring method she’s actually just fine at cuz she’s limited to colors and her lack of knowledge on color mixing is why it sometimes gets really muddy

No. 1112017

No. 1112054

File: 1608577158229.png (752.49 KB, 730x760, Captura de Tela 2020-12-21 às…)


EWWW the hair

No. 1112114

YIKES her face. Gosh does she force her eyes to bulge out.

No. 1112118


i didn't realise she did anything worth taking a break from.

she says she's going to play video games and work on her diamond painting. that's… just what she does.

No. 1112131

No, but you see . . . she's not going to film it - because that's so stressful for her and it takes up so much time in her day because she's just so busy doing much more important things.

Oh wait.

Honestly, this woman needs to get a handle on her life

No. 1112381

That witch illustration is so bad and she’s gushing over it. The colors are so ugly she wants a diamond painting out of it?

No. 1112546

She hasn't done anything in december except for some tax work and yet she feels the need to take a break? She's seriously peak laziness.

It's what bothers me the most with her, she thinks she's so busy and works so hard but she really doesn't.

No. 1112681

I think for her doing anything counts as being productive - be it for youtube or not. So she'll include cooking, going to a shop, wrapping presents etc in her schedule as opposed to those being just tasks that most people will do. Sure, if she was running a patreon, had a full time store and was still doing proper youtube videos it would be understandable if she were to take a break

But she doesn't, she thinks she's so hard working and busy but she's nothing more than a lazy slob

No. 1112714

No. 1112730

for how many years has she survived like this? has she ever worked a normal 10 hour a day full blast no break job… how can a human just slob their way trough life like this

she's like a teenager youtuber wannabe that never grew up, no social norms, what is this lazy jae even, i'm a bit negativly loaded i just wanna see her suffer

somehow amazing, somehow fucking making me aggressive

ppl like her are why ppl don't take artists serious or anywhere 'legit'

giving away super new art supplies that were gifted by jazza, like you ungrateful prick fat woman child

instead of working on stuff
bla bla bla into the camera

imagine having her as your sister, or in your house even

just fucking give up that 'art' nonsense go work at a michaels or some shit, so she actually gets to move her fat body for a normal amount in a year

what is this joke of a human even
hope she fucking reads all this and gets a break down

No. 1112735

other art youtubers - making nice videos
lazy jae - showing gross things uncreativly with no aesthetic

slob husband got lazy jae flowers, poor guy but also i would also not want to get laid from him so i understand her

here she is :''i'm running out of time for this project''

bitch where
you at home all day
every fucking weekday

baylee super artist jae looking at a printer - 404 brain error

No. 1112925


it's so weird that christian can't even surprise her with flowers without her vlogging the whole thing. doesn't she listen to herself while editing and realise how awkward and ungrateful she sounds when she opens gifts? her christmas vlog is going to be terrible.

No. 1113173

The note with the flower arrangement was so thoughtful. I felt really bad for Christian when she was stumbling over the words like she didn't know how to read. She's so passive aggressive in return too, getting him an organizer for Christmas because she thinks his bedside table is too messy. As if she's one to talk.

No. 1113189

Lmao I give her three days until she is vlogging again cuz she lacks anyone to talk to and she’s lonely AF.

It’s so telling how much she is lucky compared to other artists to have the audience that buys all her cat hair riddled crap while doing so little. The current artist discourse is about how much like IG and tiktok say you have to do to get any clout on their platform and she barely does any of it or anything of note. She couldn’t run a patreon and can barely keep up her store full time nor does she do anything with substantial editing on her YT. And yet she convinces so many that she works SO hard when it’s like, she’d rather just play Pokémon or switch all day than actually work on art. It’s crazy

No. 1113272

God her struggling reading the card, can't this girl do anything?
The flower arrangement was quite pretty and the text on the card was very sweet. Christian really thought of a nice thing to get. Feel kinda bad that the flowers will just get lost between all the mess in the house.

No. 1113458

that really rubbed me the wrong way. if she wasn’t filming she could have read it properly and shown it later. now her stank attitude is filmed for posterity.

No. 1113496

No. 1113503

File: 1608752801842.png (761.64 KB, 881x492, 5fZRAJJqrG.png)

She called this mess aesthetic. Like, girl, no, that shit isn't aesthetic in the slightest. You're dirty. ugly desk with all its crap on it is the furthest thing from aesthetic you could get. How dumb is she?

No. 1113531


I'll never understand how she could paint this desk with wall paint and not put a clear mat on top/ add a second layer of some kind of furniture varnish. And why the fuck she doesn't do it now, now that her desk is so dirty.

No. 1113546


or put a piece of glass over top, like ikea sells for this table for this specific purpose.

mess isn't aesthetic. i know you see artfully messy photos on instagram, but they stage those. they don't just live in squalor like you, baylee.

No. 1113654

It just looks so cruddy. What aesthetic is she talking about. She's delusional.

No. 1113678

File: 1608761439373.jpeg (206.21 KB, 1114x899, BF17BBD9-5715-4B9E-AA7A-663DA4…)

No. 1113687

Looks filthy. She fails at any aesthetic, she just always feels like a cheap knock off katnipp from wish and that's all she's ever gonna be.

No. 1113696

Christian looked extra greasy here

No. 1114841

That handwriting was alright, you just can't read Baylee. She complains about Christian's dresser being messy, meanwhile her art room, the kitchen and the living-/diningroom are a complete mess.

Midna still looks chubby despite having been on a diet for a while now. Does she give them that many extra treats?

I can't understand how anyone enjoys her streams. They're either super boring and she just won't say anything or she simply screams.

No. 1115309


All we see is giving her cats dry food but dry food raises blood sugar in cats and they get fat and diabetic. She better should switch to sugar-free and grain-free wet food.

No. 1115311

She's definitely shown cans of wet food when she goes grocery shopping. Whether the food she buys is any good though, I have no idea.

No. 1115470

No. 1115663

She thought uk m / us s will be too big? Or too small? Looks like it fits but huh she should buy Ls?

No. 1120102

how can she play fall guys for 19 hours

No. 1120112

Jfc is that why her game streams are so long compared to her “art” streams? Like she isn’t even actually good at any of these games or does anything interesting cuz she did 18+ hour shiny chaining in Pokémon let’s go and that’s nothing but walking back and forth for hours

No. 1120336

She just likes things that are easy and don't require work or thought.

No. 1120794

Makes a whole lotta sense

No. 1121137

File: 1609704410650.jpeg (470.97 KB, 828x1104, 2307E7EB-8807-4E23-B56E-5E35A5…)

I though Baylee had a drawing course! Even that hand is similar.

No. 1121197

File: 1609710376981.jpeg (351.25 KB, 750x1176, CD596D58-7B74-48E1-92A6-33E23A…)

This artist isn’t GOOD, she has a very obvious same face problem and her poses are very static imo. It’s not horrible either, tbh it’s pretty cute. However let’s been real, she’s leagues ahead of Baylee. I feel like this is what Baylee wishes her art style was but she lacks the anatomy skills, even for something so basic

No. 1121469

Her game streams are so boring she just plays quietly and screams when she dies or catches a shiny

No. 1121626

Baylee just has no understanding of the fundamentals and no sense for aesthetics.
And since she so far managed quite well with her skill level, she sees no reason to put any work into it. By now I lost all hope for her to ever change and improve. She'll always be this artist that doesn't like doing art and simply lucked out.

No. 1121667

Yeah I think this artist just has a very generic Disney style which obviously baylee tries to emulate cuz she literally copies out of the art books as “studies” but baylee looks like a beginner compared to this girl. It’s very “Instagram artist” but everything shows this girl knows color and color harmony and her background on the top has proper ellipses on the cup and it doesn’t look like it’s floating around. I don’t think baylee is going to ever improve tbh, she lives in a hugbox so why even try? She keeps skating along on her mediocrity as there’s no reason for her to improve and she’s gonna keep losing viewers cuz she doesn’t do anything

No. 1121960

No. 1121969


this girl is so fucking lazy. what could she possibly feel burnt out about? i guess now that she has her advent calendar cash she's not worried anymore about posting.

No. 1121971

She isn't burned out, she's bored and possibly depressed. She just thinks it's burnout, because she keep lying to herself about how busy she really is.

She keeps jumping around with her schedule but she never makes actual meaningful changes that would improve her life.

No. 1122218

File: 1609809390648.jpeg (416.51 KB, 2208x1242, 91FAE510-C6BF-48AD-8A8F-8CCCFF…)

i cannot believe she actually thought this looked good. she also thought the streaky texture looked the best on the leaves?

No. 1122220

File: 1609809597080.jpeg (519.12 KB, 2208x1242, 2637C68F-C912-47CD-8CB2-AA1E4E…)

the fact that she said this was “gothic” because of the color of the roses made me want to cry. the flowers are dead and drying up baylee.

No. 1122328

Why didn’t she use watercolor or some sort of paint ???
Oh! It’s cause she’s pig headed…

No. 1122331

Isn’t this a generic centerpiece you can buy at a lot of flower stores? I saw it while trying to buy Christmas flowers from my local flower shop

No. 1122466

Yeah I think it’s clear she’s more or less depressed and lonely rather than burnout cuz she does nothing but play games while her YouTube income dries up but she’s clearly not going to do anything about it except gimmicks, like when she stopped making “art” videos and just made her main channel into the vlogs. She’s probably gonna archive her streams on it now, I’m surprised she hasn’t yet

No. 1122684

its a thomas kinkade centre piece, its licensed to a vancouver florist. They range from around $100-200. I think they look nice when new- hers looks hideous decaying

No. 1122807

Knowing her it's going to stand around until April before she'll even think about throwing it away.

No. 1123092

Baylee always thinks her mess and lack of care for things is somehow ‘artsy’ she doesn’t see how she publicly outs herself for not being able to take care of anything properly.

No. 1123257

>i guess now that she has her advent calendar cash she's not worried anymore about posting.
of course. This is the typical Baylee pattern. Give it a few months and watch her scramble to make money on the next thing. Girl can make money but seems to have trouble with it lol

surprised she has dived head first into being a gametuber. Stream on Twitch and upload the streams on youtube shortly after. Or done 'Let's plays' she has a built in audience and not like she'll branch off into games her audience will dislike. She could do let's plays of pokemon, animal crossing (boring but some have been doing it) Zelda games. You know what though, recording, uploading, minor editing will be too much for her. A regular vlog is too much now.

No. 1123470

You have to be entertaining and talk to your audience to do that or have funny stories to tell while you play. Bayless from other anons post state that she doesn't even talk in her game streams and only reply back to audience every once in a while. She would flop like she's already has in building a proper twitch audience

No. 1123631

Her streams are the bottom barrel of boring. She barely talks to her audience and mostly only replies to comments if they're directly engaging her. Otherwise she sits in mostly silence, screams when something goes wrong like that is somehow entertaining (anybody else remember when she did a nuzlock and one of her Pokémon died and ffs she screamed her head off like an actual person had died). To be a game streamer/gaming YouTube you really have to be an engaging person with a good personality who can make any part of a game entertaining - Baylee does not have that. Her personality is as white girl vanilla as they come which is boring as shit. Not to mention how she'd only do it for a few months before being 'burned out' because the novelty would wear off and she'd get bored and want to do something else. She's so inconsistent which is why she really isn't cut out to be a youtuber

No. 1123998

No. 1124021

got 3:30 seconds into this latest vlog and had to click out, I cant handle it. Onlyfans contacts her? thats not good for her already inflated ego and fucking gross. Then her parody video for tictok reagarding the email was cringe

No. 1124051

No matter how much nice stuff she gets, her room and all always look like cheap knock-off stuff someone got from Wish.

She has no idea how to work efficiently. No way her edits really take that long like she acts, her edits are super basic and all she films is her face talking to the camera.

No. 1124089

What is this cheap bullshit aesthetic she trying to pull off. I see so many other people put actual effort into this aesthetic. She has the money. Go all in or get out..

Also BAYLE GET SOME DECENT CLOTHES jfc. She looks so damn gross.and that stupid hat and her non existing hair. Come on now look decent for your fans atleast.

No. 1124090

Her tik tok was that disgusting they had to take it down. HA
I wanted to those mean tik tok kids tear her to shreds.

No. 1124186

File: 1609979129238.png (858.71 KB, 808x476, stackingpapertotheceiling.PNG)

flashing bills amid a pandemic
people are jobless and worried about being evicted
So tone deaf lol

also can she just retire those porker miss piggy pants already(nitpicking)

No. 1124259

Money can't buy taste and class. Baylee is just another person who is proof of this. All that money and still fills her home with shit.

No. 1124366


The lace she got looks so cheap, the seams aren't properly sewed up. Just buy a nice lace curtain locally, you got the money, Baylee.

No. 1124459

- she is gonna make sketchbooks now. you know, the thing she uses so very much and absolutely for actual sketches.
- she really drew green leaves for a fall/mushroom theme pattern. she also wanted a pastel version? does everything have to be pastel with baylee??
- of course she got a package. wouldn’t be a baylee jae vlog without one
- she ordered some ornate spoons and couldn’t decide on either gold or antique gold, so she got both because of course she did.

sorry, i’m new to posting here, but been lurking for a while so i hope i’m doing this right.

No. 1124558

File: 1610022952922.jpg (23.62 KB, 315x504, oM4tnZYe8H.jpg)

This clown needs to get a hold of herself. Stupid onlyfans is way gonna boost her already inflated ego and then she pulls shit like this. God how does she think this is funny or entertaining??

Also how long does it take her to edit her garbage vlogs, they are the barest of bare and yet she acts like its's such a chore and takes so long as if they're like the slightest bit aesthetic. Just watch her change her schedule in like a month because she's not making enough money from youtube and will go back to posting every day.

No. 1124667

knowing she took down that cringe from TikTok is hilarious. Tiktok is bottom barrel entertainment, if she can't make it there shes fucked

No. 1124670

she didn’t take it down, tiktok itself did as it broke community guidelines. obviously it’s because she mentioned OF, but i find it kinda funny that it was removed

No. 1124833

Imagine the smell..ugh

No. 1125702

No. 1125715

what freak orders a childs dress off amazon to use for props. to me that is a super strange thing to do, I know she orders dolls and things but this is incredibly bizarre. In the vlog she doesnt even exactly know what shes going to do with it, I bet this is going to lead to her purchasing more kids clothes.

No. 1125727

you both are totally forgetting something. This is Baylee, she will always have an audience. She is lucky in regards to having a dedicated fanbase. No fucking shit her streams suck, she is boring, unfunny and someone who tried way to hard to be everyone's friend in elementary school. She easily appeals to other losers. What has sucked for her though her twitch has never taken off, which is nice considering she has lucked into every thing else.

No. 1125738

I can't wait for the day the whole cottagecore stuff stops being super mainstream and popular, watch Baylee drop it like a sack of shit. She's so bad at just following other peoples trends instead of making her own distinct style - it's why she's such a middle road person. The most boring and uninspired sort.

No. 1125804

I think it's hilarious how she always squishes her picture in the thumbnail to make her look thinner but then always decides to pull retarded faces. The second the video starts playing you see her big round fat face anyway so not sure who she is trying to kid.

And then she buys all this shit that she has no room or use for, aggravating. Just look at the absolute state of that house. Look when she opens any drawer and watch all the shit just rammed inside explode out. Disgusting lazy slob.

No. 1126119

Nothing she's done recently outside of main channel and store (which success comes entirely from her main channel) has had any success. Her twitch is no where near as big as she hoped, her toy Chanel drained more money then earned something she started herself, and her kids are channel was the biggest failure. She wouldn't be able to get a gaming channel off the ground with her current fans. Not enough people and she doesn't get any new viewers

No. 1126798

Ah Baylee Neubeker, I see she hasn't changed at all from high school. She would always sit on her own and wouldn't talk to anyone and when people approached her to try and be friends she'd tell us to go away because she already had friends at her old school and might be going back there and didn't need new friends, even though she stayed until graduation. She was weird, and still is by the look of it.

No. 1126953

Got any more on high school baylee
Id love to hear more.

No. 1126968

The amount of stuff in her house gives me unmeasurable amounts of anxiety.

No. 1127009

That's what happens when you want success without any work. She started that toy channel simply because she hoped it would become a huge success and bring her lots of money. But she never wants to actually put work into the things she does.

No. 1127024


that's a bummer. it's hard starting at a new school. she's the same way now though, no effort making new friends.

No. 1127065

File: 1610227703245.jpg (49.78 KB, 564x705, 1607455392585.jpg)

No. 1127428

new to this sub, but holy fuck.
after yesterday’s vlog(cottage core haul), this bitch does not clean her house. there is a mess EVERYWHERE. and it drives me fucking insane.
that shelf with the bins of her pins on them? fucking retarded for someone who takes pride in selling what she does. literally crushing everything within those bins. it’s also funny how many baylee Jae pins she has, versus how many people ordered them.
someone needs to put her in her place. holy shit

No. 1127805


She also has a fuckton of Christmas tree pins she ordered last summer – and didn't use for her advent calendar nor did she do any other merch sale before Christmas.

No. 1128192

She probably gonna launch them in summer again, like she did before.

I bet she's rather desperate to find a way to drop the store. She seems so tired of it.

No. 1128365

It's kind of embarrassing seeing a 30 year old woman living like a 20 something in their first house. She's untidy to an almost disgusting level, lives off piles of shit food, buys things she doesn't need for the sake of it, doesn't know how to prioritise important tasks and then complains about being 'burned out' or 'overwhelmed' when in reality she just doesn't know how to manage time correctly. If you have 10 to 15 hours to spare to stream fall guys and other games, then you have a spare hour to edit your shitty vlogs every morning. She's the type of person who gives YouTubers and influencers bad names - there are people younger than her who have their lives together better than Baylee ever could and don't act like adult children.

No. 1128590

after the success of the advent calendar. Youd think shed do something for valentines day and be motivated? instead hard work deters her. she should look into getting a manager for 6 months to help her better prioritize her schedule and further her business. She has the buyers she just doesnt have a business plan and its painful to watch especially when shes surrounded in clutter and dusty toys

No. 1128703

No. 1128775

What are those cool graphic novels (with golden edge) she showed?

No. 1128783

She spends so much time talking about what she’s going to do than doing it. ‘I need to put these drawers back’ I’ I need to clean this’. Just do it.

Her vlogs wouldn’t take so long to edit if she wasn’t she talking about doing shit and actually being productive.

I don’t get why she hoards her merch. List them all. She really doesn’t want to stop doing nothing all day and pack orders on a regular like it’s her actual job.

No. 1128784

She says it in the volog, 1001 knights anthology

No. 1128815


why didn't she just cut a wedge of cheese instead of hacking at it like that? she is such a mess.

No. 1128848

Because this woman child lacks even the most basic adulting skills. She's an embarrassment

No. 1129512

anyone on here from around the time the mittens things came out? Has Baylee ever brought up the "Mittens" thing again? for clarity I was recommended a vlog where she got fan art of a cat and she was saying that it had another meaning and she thinks the cat is her? anyone else remember this? she lived in the apartment and had teal hair

No. 1129768

no idea abt mittens, do you mean zkittyz? that was her old channel name before she rebranded to baylee jae creation years ago. maybe it’s fan art from that era?

No. 1129775

I remember that. It was so weird, like she thought she was that cat character Mittens. She never explained it though and later never mentioned it again either.

I believe it came up shortly after the Judy drama, because she was considering that cat with the bow to be the new vlog mascot.

No. 1130230

This is the vlog for anybody who's curious, it's around 7:30 that the mittens thing gets mentioned but she seems really awkward and insecure about it and it never gets mentioned again after this I'm pretty sure

No. 1130453

that's the video and she gets so awkward about it. Although it's incredibly weird, i think the cat being the mascot would be more popular than her dumbass face

No. 1130468

She legit made her TENS OF THOUSANDS. Yes, we all know her twitch failed, her doodle domain (she was a raging cow about) but she still just gets enough brain dead fans to buy her other shit, watch her vids. She'll be fine for a little while longer, hell could be for a few years with her luck. We know realistically she is an utter failure but she still defies the odds lol Upside is that you can tell she is salty twitch isn't her money maker lmao she really wants to put in the least amount of effort and get the max reward.

Again, everyone can give realistic facts, shitty twitch, bad art but she still makes it out on top, financially anyways.

Figured this is how she was as a teen. Bet her friends from her old school were more "we've known each other since childhood, might as well stick it out a little longer."

"I have a split personality!" how old was she here? This is something a 13 year old would say, thinking it was cute and edgy or some gay shit. It's not cute coming from a 25 year old. "It's uncontrolable" nah, it is, you just want an excuse to be a dumb bitch.

No. 1130498

2013, so she'd have been 22/23 in that video. So yeah it's a little cringe to see an adult saying that she has a split personality with this weird cat drawing. But tbh it's no more cringe than teens you see on tiktok saying they 'kin' fictional characters

No. 1130619

so she doesn't like the taste of oat milk in coffee (you literally can't tell the difference) but proceeds to add powdered hot chocolate mix and hazelnut creamer to her coffee? what's up with this girl's tastebuds? do they work?

No. 1130628

No. 1130638

not gonna watch this one. idk what's wrong i'm super bored and pls post more here thanks

imagine if she didn't turn out to be this fuck of an artist, gone instead with the mittens thing. becoming an popular nsfw furry artist

could have been her thing, she would at least have a solid theme and direction, plus still making a shit ton of money from stupid ppl

wow fuck this, i need beer

No. 1130703

Diamond paintings are so pointless

No. 1130748


sage your posts, first of all.

and please gtfo with this furry shit.

No. 1131317

Just another boring vlog where nothing happens.

No. 1131377

That's 90% of her vlogs these days. Must have saw subs dropping or views or something and thought - fuck must do another 'art' vlog so people think I'm doing art instead of just lazing around doing fuck all. Absolute nonsense

No. 1132159

She did make a lot of money at once with the advent calendars however if she could consistently run her store and churn out product at the pace most artists with way less stans do (like people who consistently have a well earning patreon like katnipp), she could make way more money. When the boxes came out, we crunched the numbers and she spent way too much money on shit that should be cheaper, like 5k on all those boxes, not mentioning IF she paid those friends of hers a living wage to do her work and not just like in alcohol and free pins. She probably averaged maybe 40-50k last year, not counting what she paid in costs and taxes and what she gained through Canadian COVID and small business relief, which is a pretty average salary, but it’s really just her skating on just doing enough without trying or pushing her business to be better. We know she wants to quit all the art shit just to play games all day but it’s just sad she’s content with skating by on mediocrity rather than like doing anything to be better. I think that’s ultimately why she does have the stans she does cuz her stans think she’s so amazing for doing basically fuck all

No. 1132430


she is addicted to being lazy and then stuffing a 30 hour work week into 5 hours at the last minute. if she had even the slightest motivation, she could have a consistent income flow and not have to work as hard.

No. 1132458

No. 1132708

so twitter is informing again about uline being ass. let's see what baylee super customer will say to that.. if she does at all

No. 1132794


The intro and the whole "why am I wearing a monkey onesie" really solidifies Baylee as the type of person I can’t stand. The type that always has to draw attention to how qUiRky they are. It's just obnoxious. Nobody cares about your onesie, nobody is sitting there gawking at it. It isn’t as eccentric as you hope it is. Stop trying so hard.

No. 1132895

the desaturated brown ruins the entire thing

No. 1133115

lol at her blaming covid for not doing much. Her vlogs have been boring and all the same before 2020.

She is only gonna do this art journalling this once maybe twice and drop it like everything, but I guess she really needed that Skillshare sponsor money.
Same with her other goals. She isn't going to learn oh sooo much about animation, she'll read a few pages and drops it yet again.

No. 1133121

The whole journal spread looks super amateurish and childish which is probably down to the quality (or lack there of) of the drawings and the colours she chose. If you look up art journals on Instagram hers looks so shit in comparison

No. 1133124

I don't understand her fussing around about how other people do art journaling and her needing to research it. Even before the Skillshare video.

As if some doodling whatever she wants to is above her abilities suddenly. If she's so informed about journaling, what about "just do whatever you want and whatever works for you" doesn't she get?

Also her result looked like it was done by a child after it was colored, but at least she drew not exclusively one of her generic girls with closed eye for once.

No. 1133137


didn't she pay a fuck ton of money for an animation program she only used once ?

No. 1133190

She did. Almost a year ago Wacom send her a cintiq one and a mobile studio pro tablet for free, and then she got it in her head that she totally misses animating and she bought an almost 3000$ progam.
And to be fair she did animated herself pooping before the tablet was hidden away in a drawer not to be used again.

She is the perfect example of an amateur artist who thinks the equipment makes the art.

No. 1133254

there are so many small businesses and artist that really work hard for their art.
they struggle hard during this pandemic.

imagine all the money she makes with being lazy. i'm sorry but she's just doing the bare minimum.

all the things she has in her hoouse, all the materials. artists in poor countrys can't even fucking get that.

all the money should have gone to them.
so many people could have been supported.

i really hate her lazyness, she has all the time, fucking playing pokemon for hours.

theres no passion or heart for drawing in her.
i can't believe this.

the pure arrogance and lazyness. also her always drawing poc characters like gtfo fucking pig baylee.

i want her gone out of the art scene. there are so much more people and communitys that deserve that money better. that put that money in better use than her.

and for how many years she has done this??? fucking rude.

wish someone would finally real talk her irl to smack her down on what she's doing. how she's looking.

people don't have to be super mature all the time but looking at this, it's like dude, girl get therapy. grow tf up.

we have all the cancel culture but hey it ain't getting shit done heh?

doesn't she feel like the yt girlies don't really include her?

how can such shitty people luck out so much… UGDSDBJKSBFJKDS

No. 1133388

To be fair I think her jumping headfirst into the diamond painting trend and trying to make more art thats friendly towards manufacturing it for diamond painting would be good for her. Thing is even that shes lazy about considering she doesn't do any research into it and says things in the video like "am I meant to finish a whole one in a video?" just shows it. She also talks about lazing around instead of doing the diamond painting when thats when people do them normally; to relax and unwind. I do think her art would appeal to some women who are into them though.

No. 1135097

No. 1135273

her fucking cooking, good god. awful.

No. 1135297

Honestly I don't think that's even considered cooking. Btw is the whole eating in front of the tv a Baylee thing or is it something normal for North Americans? It's super weird to see.

No. 1135300

Pastel colors and all that blush is really unflattering.

She simply can't cook and doesn't try. I don't understand why she feels the need to even share her it in her vlogs. She doesn't do anything nice cooking wise (or really anything nice ever).

No. 1135321


it's a pretty normal thing. i think christian finishes work late so he probably wants to veg when he's done.

a lot of korean vloggers i watch also sit in front of the tv to eat.

No. 1135686

It looks like she’s trying to match her skin to her hair with all that blush, yikes

No. 1135834

Of all her stupid shitty art, why did she buy a bunch of stuff of that stupid dead eyed girl? Especially on the blanket, it looks so creepy!

I wouldn't call that cooking. No wonder she's doubled in size over the past year or so. She has no consideration of portion size or what is or is not good for her. She really needs to get a grip on her diet, it's honestly disgusting.

She always overdoes everything. Too much pastel, too much bleach in her hair, too much blush on her face. Don't get me wrong there are lots of girls out there who suit the pastel look (both average and plus sized) - I know it's cliche to compare Baylee to Katnipp but the thing is that Catherine knows how to dress for her size to still look cute and presentable (like the actual owner of a business who puts herself on Youtube should) whereas Baylee just looks unkept and slobbish

No. 1136072

am the faggot you are replying too. Yeah she over spent on boxes, probably was scammed in that process lol She still made her money. Someone else called it (she was gonna succeed) while everyone else said it would fail. She would make her money back from the calendars and then some. Her friends could have been paid in beer and a little less than minimum wage. She won, might not be nice to hear, but she made her tens of thousands in profit. And yes, said before that her fans LOVE the fact she gets by on minimal effort. They see just how little effort she puts in and gets a massive reward and go "Good gooly gosh! That could be me!" her comment section will be bullshit like
"Such an inspiration!"
"I am also starting my own art channel, Baylee!"
She got lucky. Just lucky.
Regards to Taxes, she was fucky with them for a few years but she has her accountant now. She owed 18k once and was able to pay it off in a few months.

It's been said since her first thread here that her channel is dying and holy shit when is it gonna die??

No. 1136140

It's her one selling point: making lots without the effort. That's what her fans like about her, they are way too naive and just as Baylee don't have any idea about the art world. So they don't realize that she simply got lucky.

Her channel is dying and has been since the first thread. It's just a very slow death.

No. 1137002

No. 1137112


what was wrong with kiki's forehead?

No. 1137177

Baylee says around the 14min mark that she thinks Midna was playing too rough with Kiki. But with how much Kiki is climbing on or in things that could hurt her, it could also have been self inflicted.

No. 1137208

File: 1611173291653.jpg (104.31 KB, 684x676, yuck.jpg)

Look how fat, greasy and disgusting Christian has got, Jesus Christ, they were made for each other. Weed smoker so probably stinks too. ugh.

And then letting Kiki chew on that pin back, she could have swallowed it, and now that's going to be put right back on a pin that some idiot is going to buy. Disgusting.

No. 1137213

File: 1611173507322.jpg (123.47 KB, 1244x1246, CB.jpg)

What he looked like just a few years ago

No. 1137217


thank you! i couldn't find the clip when i rewound. tbh i agree - after seeing how close she was to those exposed pin backs, i wouldn't be surprised if she was injured some other way.

No. 1137219


he'd look so much better without that disgusting pube mess he has on his face. god they must reek.

No. 1137308


Check your eyes, anon. Christian was always one of the heavy dudes, he didn‘t gained that much weight. He just got a beard and got wrinkles.

No. 1137666

Baylee's vlogs always make me so depressed.
She wastes so much time on doing nothing and like, she's already in her 30s..Life is passing her by pretty much, lol..

No. 1137902

She's already pushing the animation stuff back so she can finish her diamond painting. She has no sense of prioritizing and separating hobbies and her work.
I wish I could just lazy around all day doing nothing and still cash in that kind of money every few months.

I'm kinda surprised Kiki hasn't yet eaten something bad like paint or has injured herself by climbing and jumping. She sometimes jumps on to the desk right next to the pins without backing.

No. 1139185

No. 1139195

Why does she have to catch up with editing? It's so basic what she does, it shouldn't take her that much time.

She puts more effort into finishing that stupid Pokedex than she puts into her art and merch.

No. 1139267

Thumbnail looks mad gross
Especially with all the fleshy pink tones

No. 1139278

She’s finally getting a hair appointment???

No. 1139419

she keeps making up these schedules for herself and has to “catch up” even though as she says in her video, no one cares about that stuff. I think she says it to hold herself accountable but I don’t know why she bothers, since she constantly changes how she runs her channel on a whim

No. 1139460

I don’t get what takes her so long to edit. No transitions, leaves in background audio and lets music run out, leaves in unflattering angles. It should take her 5 minutes top to edit her vlogs.

I was going to say I wonder how she feels seeing all these artist move into bigger studios, but she went from ‘awww Jazza’s new studio!!’ To ‘I’m going to play Pokémon!’ Nothing inspires her to work harder or invest in herself. Sure she gets new merch and new tech she doesn’t need, but she really needs an area without the cats. It’s dangerous to keep them near her items. She’s just asking for Kiki to get hurt and some big expensive vet trip she can vlog about it. I guess she wants to stay home so she can do game shit instead of her actual job and get distracted by cats. All her vlogs are exactly the same: overshare, cats, IF she does something, stream footage, cats, gross proportions, watching TV.

She really does not try to do anything different.

No. 1139933

Yeah this is what I think some of us mean when we say her channel is dying like, her “editing” really isn’t even that, she’s barely stitching things together coherently and she chooses to show everything instead of like what actual artists who do studio vlogs do and pick and choose what they depict cuz they’re busy with actual art. She’s really just skating and complacent with whatever she is doing, she doesn’t do anything to better herself or her business and she has no direction so she isn’t really driving people to her channel or giving them reasons to stay. It’s dying but it’s a slow, mediocre death.

No. 1140205


Does she even gain new followers? Otherwise, we only have to wait until her current followers outgrow her.

No. 1140377

5 minutes? Have you ever edited a video? At least, the edit is > length of video. Now, it shouldn't take all day, but if you have never edited a video, it's easy to underestimate the time it still takes - even for a poorly edited video.

No. 1140449

Different anon here, but the more careful a person is during production or has a plan in mind when filming, the les time it takes to edit. Baylee is one of those idiots who films literally everything and has to waste a shit load of time sifting through shit. She is been doing this for what a decade now, fuck it's frustrating

No. 1140895

I have, with transitions, music, captions, etc. if I just take the footage and slap it together like she does it wouldn’t take that long. I’m not counting the time it takes to import the files or export the video just from when the first clip goes in to the last. Baylee’s video are mainly her speaking to the camera unedited so that’s a lot of the video that’s just there. She puts in stream footage and will speed up a clip but won’t edit out the extra audio so she shouldn’t take all day to do that. I could understand if she was editing a few videos a day, but she’s not.

No. 1141087

Even if you do not edit much, you would at least review you video once, i.e., watch it to decide whether to use it, to edit it, or where to cut it. That's why 5 minutes is not realistic. And I do agree with the other person that she probably adds to the editing by just recording lots of stuff and then needs to watch what she recorded to see what she is using. Edit, sorry forgot to sage.

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i think it's clear that the original anon was being hyperbolic when they said 5 minutes. for it to take baylee HOURS to edit her videos is ridiculous.

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