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File: 1459331297886.jpg (64.52 KB, 500x500, minger.jpg)

No. 112827


with a virtual cadence reminiscent of chris simpsons artist (no offence, chris; i quite like you) and an art style a hundred times as childish, mathew primrose bowness of sterility.tumblr.com fame is a self-described "bad artist" and "bad writer" with a legion of followers mostly female and teenaged. but what, pray tell, does he offer? well from what i can see, he's got shares in crayola & sugar paper, and a peter sotos mentality. most of his oeuvre consists of crudely drawn pictures of babydoll heads, chidlike scrawls & butterflies with emotionally manipulative messages often written upon them.

some choice posts that make my skin crawl, will post more in-thread if it doesn't (perhaps quite rightly) get chucked in /manure/:

he also really seems to like encouraging teenage girls to make posts featuring pictures of themselves & his medioce-arse art:
http://sterility.tumblr.com/post/140232464217/selkiecherie-lussekatter-sterility (might just be me being oversensitive but this one makes me a little but nauseous so i'm not even googling lussekatter.)

No. 112828

bollocks, forgot to http the tumblr url / apologies for any spelling and grammatical errors i've had like 0 sleep.

No. 112830

I feel this would also make a great place for people of his sort that pander to young girls much like him and Kayla Day. Sort of a "tumblr pedophilic general," if you will.

No. 112831

yes, that's an excellent idea! is there a way that i can alter the title to add that into it?

No. 112832

can't find one - LET THIS POST MAKE IT KNOWN THAT THIS ISN'T JUST RESERVED FOR MATTY BOY HERE, post any tumblr scumfuck you want, anyone of a similar theme anyway.

No. 112839

File: 1459334343155.jpeg (49.39 KB, 500x356, image.jpeg)

Well this is perfectly normal.

No. 112840

File: 1459334439274.jpeg (88.72 KB, 500x613, image.jpeg)

Oh god he's a sissy.
It all makes sense.

No. 112843

File: 1459334641058.jpeg (Spoiler Image,90.17 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)

He tries to shade Tracey Emin even though he copies off of her…k.

No. 112845

File: 1459334681786.jpeg (88.39 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)

This narcissist is a literal boil.

No. 112847

File: 1459335065202.jpeg (Spoiler Image,36.39 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)

Sorry for the flood–I'm cherry-picking for those who aren't arsed to lurk. Although I do agree this thread is handy in fruition I think OP should've waited until they gathered facts and info to post before presenting the thread. I know if you aren't familiar with this simian pedo, you wouldn't really be interested at a glance.

No. 112849

File: 1459335165599.jpeg (Spoiler Image,82.38 KB, 525x884, image.jpeg)

How many Emin-esque vaginas can this loser post next to pictures of children without people making the connection that hey, this is a little weird?

No. 112852

File: 1459335518961.jpeg (61.8 KB, 500x368, image.jpeg)

No. 112853

File: 1459335619202.jpeg (115.69 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)

No. 112854

File: 1459336587161.jpg (367.15 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o0dzylO3ao1uhdaf5o1_128…)

thank you for the flood, anon! some of this shit i haven't seen.

in terms of pic related & the bath-tub maggot piece, i honestly think this bloke might be a formicophile. yeuch.

there's also some nice (/s) skeevy textposts here if anyone wants to peruse them at their leisure, this being an example:
>little girl honey

proof of him requesting mouth photographs, as discussed in the ginger bronson thread briefly:

much of his shit is old but he reblogs it on a constant basis.

i noticed that! way to rip off a load of her monoprints.

No. 112859

also i apologise for not adding all that much to the description, i didn't want to add masses of information to the thread first thing in case no one was interested.

No. 112861

File: 1459337829785.jpg (13.53 KB, 200x234, 3QR8OQZ.jpg)

>well this is tasteful

posting a few of his pictures now, will sage due to additional posts

No. 112862

File: 1459337846227.jpg (14.19 KB, 200x288, JuFsArveGhs.jpg)

No. 112863

File: 1459337877517.jpg (40.7 KB, 475x604, cPpQVrKPWsQ.jpg)

No. 112876

i had no idea this creep was male… now i'm getting mad pedo vibes. why are all of his friends teenage girls? why is he making childish girly art? gross.

No. 112879

imo this is just art and not even as shocking as many others. ugly art it may be but lol @ pedophile stuff, you guys ready to jump on everything.

No. 112881

File: 1459343413355.jpg (13.36 KB, 318x143, trans.jpg)

He might have a bit of Stefonknee rolling around in that deep artistic brain. >>112840

No. 112890

Sterility and Stephonknee havingba tea party. That was a mental image I definitely didn't wanna have…


No. 112899

Oh no anon. He'd get underage girls to send him photos of their mouths full of spit/blood/anything, and many of his older ~molested child~ art has been deleted from his tag I'm assuming because people were like wtf dude. He used to pretend to be another teenage girl via omission before he posted himself. I'm not saying he himself is a pedo, I personally thinks he fantasizes about being a molested little girl himself which is in the same vein.

No. 112905

On a scale of Soren Hayes to Nick Bate, how bad was his old deleted art?

No. 112918

you could make a drinking game out of going through his insta. Take a shot everytime the words child/childhhod appear. You'd be floored within five minutes and then maybe his art would be somewhat tolerable.

No. 112952

>f. I'm not saying he himself is a pedo, I personally thinks he fantasizes about being a molested little girl himself which is in the same vein.

Agree with this fully

He literally wants to be the little girl

Though these sort of fantasies can become pedophilic in nature, he's not necessarily a pedo

No. 112961

yeah i don't think he's a paedophile in the same vein as some dirty old git with a bunch of vhs tapes stacked up in the corner of his bedroom (i watched a few of those scotland yard documentaries earlier so the visual of some primary teacher in his anorak in his pretty vivid stil kek /ot), but there's something a little off about the whole thing. i suppose it's the same as the ongoing argument & criticism about ddlg; some feminists believe it is fetishizing child abuse while others use it as a coping mechanism for trauma, or so i've read.

No. 112964

this is just another tedious "edgy" aesthetic blog. he doesn't deserve any attention for his crayon scribbles, positive or negative. wouldn't be surprised if this is a selfpost. also lol @ comparing a guy writing "fragile cum baby uwu" on a piece of paper to Peter Sotos

No. 112971

oh man, let's not pretend sotos has any talent beyond fapping to audio of interviews with child abuse victims & pritt-sticking some penises over pictures of lesley ann downey.

No. 112977

No, I truly don't think it's a self post. He's been a boil on the ass of anyone using a blogging platform for a few years now. I've watched this guy manipulate teenage girls on the dumblr for some time now without even going out of my way to observe him, it's pretty cringe. He started doing it to get into the niche of the ~sad Lolita tiny cum princesses uwu~ and led people to believe he was one. When his first ~artsy self portrait~ made its debut and those teenagers hopped on his dick he thought it was well-received so then he just outed himself. It was kind of gross given how he interacted with all these girls. Pretty sure he cybersexes some of them via skype but nobody can get a particular girl to come forward so feel very free to disregard that for lack of evidence.

No. 112978

he's not talented but he's a much bigger edgelord than some lame kid with a daddy aesthetic blog

No. 112983

ah i see what you mean now! i'm used to seeing sotos fanboys all over the internet bickering with anyone who dares insult 'pure' as if it's their bible.

No. 113170

Fucking kek.

No. 113172


The FUCK is up with this crop of aspies romanticizing being sexually abused?? That's one of the most horrifying things I can imagine.

No. 113216

It's just another way to be provocative and a special snowflake. 10 years ago these retards would just have been emo/goth kids, but cutting yourself isn't edgy enough anymore, so pedophilia it is

No. 113295

Tbh I think a lot of it has to do with sexual repression/low self esteem

Can't speak for all of em obviously but most of these cases the glove fits

No. 113391

File: 1459389287464.png (48.89 KB, 542x460, 51449a6903085bcb.png)

reminds me of shoppingcartfullofpinkturd's bullshit

No. 113396

i really hope this is a parody of something

No. 113398


wtf did i just read

No. 113402

No. 113403

A girl I follow is penpals with this freak. She's really sweet too, and knowing that he has her address makes me feel so uneasy, if you look at photos of him you'll understand why.

No. 113404

File: 1459390987996.png (17.95 KB, 517x297, 4f.png)


ive been browsing for awhile….

No. 113408

File: 1459391236146.jpg (Spoiler Image,246.87 KB, 592x639, ss (2016-03-30 at 07.26.50).jp…)

send help

No. 113409

File: 1459391456591.jpg (55.75 KB, 473x524, ss (2016-03-30 at 07.30.45).jp…)

No. 113410

File: 1459391457018.jpg (62.13 KB, 540x405, tumblr_npkzx3BpLx1r1dojho3_540…)

No. 113412

>or so i've read.


No. 113447

Not the popular opinion, But I actually do really like shoppingcartfullofpinkturd's art. It reminds me of expressive art you can plaster on some random Chinese merchandise, and it's pretty humorous for how spontaneous it is. I hate how the guy acts tho… like come on bro, you know you don't really talk like a delirious idiot like that. He takes it way too far sometimes

No. 113453

That's Yuta. He has a fucked up sense of humor and is very morbid, but I really don't see him as a creep.
Wouldn't place him among the likes of fucking sterility at least lmao.

No. 113460

He gives me really fucking bad predator/creep vibes, and not in the cool tumblr ~aesthetic~ way he probably intends. I don't wanna get OT but this dude seriously acts and even looks like a guy on tumblr I had the misfortune of knowing who was legitimately an autistic pedophile.

No. 113564

lol if you're trying to infer that I personally am into ddlg then nah mate, have absolutely no interest.
nevertheless, results gleaned from google & tumblr show others do -e.g.:

No. 113596

I'm definitely a huge fan of shoppingcartofpinkturd's art, but those messages don't look good. Sort of reminds me of when in MySpace years people would say "omg i wanna rape u coz u so cute lolol surprise buttsex", so more like inappropriate wording than genuinely scary.

No. 113663

>might just be me being oversensitive but this one makes me a little but nauseous so i'm not even googling lussekatter

i´m not sure if you mean the used lusekatter or the word in itself, bc lusekatter in norwegian is just a type of like sweet bread or whatever haha

No. 113680

who? Yuta or sterility?

No. 113689

haha no, i meant the tumblr account tagged!

No. 187211

File: 1477264073552.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.53 KB, 480x640, Moonie.jpg)

No. 187223

File: 1477265911054.jpg (603.6 KB, 1442x596, schizophrenic-cat-1.jpg)

i've talked to yuta in private and he's really sweet, doesn't say any of the creepy sexual shit he plays as a gag. he knows it's just a persona the white fangirls with yellowfever want out of him. in private he talks normal though he rambles a bit but his english is good.

i'm actually pretty sure he's schizophrenic. in the bunny fanart he's mentioned voices and hallucinations. he speaks fluent english but the rambling that goes on in his art is getting more and more incoherent, with darker messages, and with tighter more complicated patterns. his puns don't even make sense anymore. you can go back to his archive from a few years ago and see how his art was just the girl.

No. 187636

omg i thought this person was a girl wtf wtf

No. 188055

kek this is great, it's like art school ddlg

No. 188520

I agree. why is this suddenly about Yuta? he's a really cool guy, obviously sick. I've talked to him for years, he's even made a drawing of me. over the years he's been more and more incoherent but still a really sweet, innocent guy. he has some weird fetish for the tumblr girls I hate personally tho…. never liked that about him but otherwise he's got zero milk and is just some weird schizo who makes weird art

No. 188757

..you mean pedophile right???

No. 188779

he's not lmao. he's literally made art about killing and mutilating pedophiles. pedophilia is the sexual attraction to underaged children and nothing about his art is meant to be erotic. compare what he draws to sterility. there's so much anger and horror. if you can't see what him drawing a child with self harm cuts on her arms mutilating genitals and occasionally masturbating hints at then you're an idiot.

you absolutely are tho. it's obvious he was sexually abused as a child.

No. 188781

most pedophiles were molested as children.

No. 188786


No. 188787

Goodness you people are full of shit
http://aic.gov.au/publications/current%20series/tandi/421-440/tandi429.html (section 3 addresses this)

why is it "truuuuuuuuuue" just because you think it is? (also how old are you-12?)

No. 188788

Also the add there was a study of pedophiles which showed that in fact it was about 29% of pedophiles were actually molested as kids, whereas the others lied about molestation, but as I dont have the link to that atm I cant reply with it.

No. 188806

File: 1477507904704.jpg (Spoiler Image,27.1 KB, 265x377, PuQKLKZ.jpg)

his art reminds me so much of the poster of 'slaughtered vomit dolls'. terrible movie. I bet he liked it.

No. 188807

How was it proven that they lied? I was going to post the 29-30% thing too, but other anon beat me to it. Didn't hear that the rest lied, though.

No. 189155

i think either him or yuta actually made slaughtered vomit dolls.

No. 189158

I know a girl who fucked Yuta, lol, they're always talking on tumblr but and he sends her gifts when she's not in Japan. But she's just as batshit as he is. It's like he's some kind of sugar daddy to her, at least it seems like that from the outside.

No. 189180

something about drawing little girls and writing stuff like "cum on me" on there is very pedophilic to me!!! He is a grown man!
I've seen this art for years, super popular on tumblr with the DD/LG fetish. Always thought the artist was a younger girl, 18+ but still..
finding out its a grown man with a target audience of YOUNG GIRLS… ew

No. 198765

sterility has consistently (but only coincidentally) followed my blogs since around 2012. back then i remember looking at his page, he had photos of his face up, b&w and covered in smeared makeup or whatever, posing strangely. his art was monotonous, white paper black charcoal. i dont remember much what it said but it wasn't the ~hurt me daddy~ nymphet shit he makes now. i almost feel like hes a predator.

No. 200728

No way. Some tryhard satanist who named himself Lucifer Valentine made it.

No. 201083

Is there a Yuta thread? did yall hear what happened yesterday? he made a post about it; I don't know what to think tbh. I always thought he was just being satirical

No. 201085

what is Yuta's tumblr URL?

No. 201097

he was. sending him an ask was like putting a coin in a machine and seeing what weird shit he'd reply. it was a joke. sjw's just missed the point entirely and made him out to be a pedophile to hundreds of people who know nothing about him or what he does.

No. 201107


No. 201114

So, wait, what exactly happened?

I haven't followed Yuta's work for years now because I quit using Tumblr.

No. 201154

File: 1479533160156.png (535.86 KB, 1006x531, ♡barf_farm_cult♡_-_2016-11-18_…)

got called out for "grooming" and being a pedo then posted some reactionary stuff, then a video i didn't watch.

No. 209438

File: 1481018176628.png (59.11 KB, 574x591, 78de2023c6fe4f0a83d9dcaf408a95…)

I don't know, I always thought it was pretty obvious that he was mostly genuine in the creepy shit he was saying to underage girls. Did anyone else cringe when they saw fymenhera defending him?
Also, only sort of on topic but does anyone else get a similar pedo vibe from bronzecatworld? I remember him posting screencaps of actual real life cp on his deactivated blog. he seems to share the same fans as sterility and shoppingcartfullofpinkturd (shares the same ego and sissy kink as sterility too kek).

No. 225480

File: 1483239887242.jpg (454.64 KB, 500x500, gc.jpg)

Drawing loli and guro is one thing, but is there any actual confirmation of the cp/sending nudes to kids thing?

His work was interesting, when he wasn't lusting over underage characters. It's a shame that he turned out to be such a creep irl too.

No. 225528

I remember a few years back on Tumblr I had him draw a pic of me.. I don't know why lol I just enjoyed his art at times and he even offered to send me things for free but I refused bc I was getting creepy vibes unfollowed him a long time ago

No. 225555

Yuta has never creeped me out.
Tumblr takes things way too far.

Also a Japanese man in Japan into younger girls? Shock fucking horror.
God guys please don't get dumblr on us.

No. 225556

Unless you have caps, pics or it didn't happen

No. 225567

It did happen.. I just asked him to draw me bc he posted that if his followers messaged him he would draw them lol and then I asked him about his Etsy shop and told him I would buy stuff once I got paid (never did) and he offered to send stuff for free if I messaged my address which I kindly declined bc I felt like he should be paid for his artwork

I still have the drawing on my tumblr but I don't want to expose myself lol anyway sorry for blogpost(learn2sage, don't blogpost without proof)

No. 225578

File: 1483251126874.png (80.4 KB, 476x408, such abuse wow.PNG)

Considering the girl who wrote this is one of those oversensitive genderqueer snowflakes who has a million kins, I would take this with a grain of salt.

On her blog she calls some guy an abuser because he joked about eating ass one too many times lel

No. 225579

You sure you're not just self posting, Demi?

No. 225581

Way to reply privately.
What a triggered piece of shit.

No. 226294

what? that's not the same person who wrote the callout

No. 226300

tosh/bronzecatworld/bronzecatisland literally drew pictures of children/babies being fucked and LOTS of straight up bestiality. more of the latter but.. i feel like the two are often connected. animals/children cant fight back as much and they're into the predatorial aspect of that. not to mention he straight up had cp in his tumblr likes public for a while. his callout post has it all laid out. it's a damn mess lol.

No. 226301



their likes/bookmarks on pixiv is full of loli/bestiality as well. they may remove these soon if they're smart but, for now it's pretty telling.

No. 226692


Going to add that Tosh's current girlfriend Moni (goes by Kobato-tan or Marblerabbit) is also very into lolicon and the thought of them being together makes me wanna throw up. Who knows what's going down between them. She draws the same kind of fucked up gore/beastiality/loli stuff as him.


No. 226702

No. 226706

yeah idk anything about who wrote the tosh callout post. i actually did not expect it to ever surface but now that it has i just keep seeing more and more people come out w evidence of him sexually harassing them when they were minors/if theyre still minors.
why cant these filthy neets just keep their grubby hands to themselves.

No. 227268

i remember tosh! his entire friend circle creeped me out so this is entirely unsurprising. i really love how people/his past friends in the notes are all I DIDN'T KNOW/THINK HE WAS A BAD PERSON AT THE TIME when there's straight up art of little girls being mutilated on their blogs lol

No. 240615

File: 1485501193354.png (Spoiler Image,297.99 KB, 1108x586, toshwharton2.png)

No. 666981

Tfw the tosh thread gets locked bc of an autistic samefag and you don’t want to necro the sterility thread, but ya want that tosh/shoppingcartfullofpinkturds milk

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