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No. 1129353


god not too milky just don’t like the girl also constantly talks about how her dad is in or was in the circle jerks or how she’s vegan or how it’s not fair she doesn’t have a blue check ark on her ig! her dad is famous ans she makes music too!!! (music which sounds like every wanna be cottage core e girl not sure to how to exactly describe it but basically just alex g)
also is an over sharer on ig and her stories talking about how many uti she gets having her boyfriend pull a ball that got stuck in her vag cos she was to ~see if she could
do it~
she also complains about how she doesn’t make enough money yet to make rent but the whole reason why she moved to the east coast from west coast was to be with her on again off again ex junkie bf had to give her dog away all because she moved to another state for a guy who cheated on her several times lol
constantly bragging about how she makes writes produces alll of her music and and don’t forget her daddy is in the circles jerks!!!
also reminds us that she’s half jewish and talks in a horrible fake accent sometimes
she probably the most annoying person on ig without doing psycho shit she’s just dumb and annoying and loves to shove down our throats being vegan half jewish and having a daddy that was somewhat famous so long ago i wouldn’t even concentrate the circles jerks being even that influential
also really bad at cutting and dying her hair it’s always botched and fried
she also starting sowing and made a tiktok and complains about people not buying her over priced assless chaps or homemade built to spill sweater(shit thread)

No. 1129355

File: 1610463056980.jpeg (291.66 KB, 750x1284, 54C62A92-DD10-4EBE-9E0D-2C3BDC…)

No. 1129387

>i wouldn’t even concentrate the circles jerks being even that influential
They were and are pretty damn influential in the punk scene. Anywhere else, not so much. Certainly not the cottagecore scene lmfao.
Anyway this chick sounds like a less curated and less "successful" Arrow de Wild. Same punchable face and fried hair

No. 1129401

definitely not worth bragging everyday about tho i don’t think it’s worth bragging about congrats your dad is an old drummer for a band that maybe created a movement but she definitely clout chases and uses her dad for clout

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