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File: 1611117069437.jpeg (925.74 KB, 2530x1584, 1611028740682.jpeg)

No. 1136650

Last thread began with the return of Ham after her three day relapse. In the space of two weeks we saw our recovery warrior go from crying as she spooned porridge into her sad little face to whipping off her top to show us her ~progress~ and how proud she is of her ~weight gain~. We tin foiled Hammum being a Muchbyproxy and why isn't Ham in education?

Ovi is still attempting recovery, cursing her "anorexic brain" as she waits for her body to catch up, no doubt.

Ganer's mental health has taken a nosedive since lockown lockdowned her gym. Dear god, let this pandemic end soon. Her legs need lifting.
To distract herself, she's been posting old spoop pics of herself which ig swiftly delete. She uploads them again and complains that people think the skele pics are ~triggering~.

N2f has thrown herself into creating chocolate desserts, eating for us on her stories and not looking a picture of health.

Georgie's been quiet, but told us she was thinking about suicide and asked her followers for advice instead of asking professional MH workers. Was later posting a vid to stories, chair dancing to the Friends theme song.

risingupnew was mentioned again, with a tale about educating a patient of hers that even though she's fat she has an eating disorder. You can struggle with eating disorders at any size. They all say that.

soph.ventiing loves her fans at lolcow, even though nobody here actually thinks she's interesting enough to post about. A wonderful person though, showing us texts she sent to her dad showing him she'd cut FAT into her arm. She'll make a fabulous paramedic one day.

bored_with_ana attempted to get free stuff from Aldi and then was struck down by the 'rona.

Laura also had a text from Track n Trace, and is now in quarantine.

There was new news about Jonzie, which excited several anons.

Elzani's period has returned and a cake was made and decorated to celebrate.

Lego head, Sharni, is pretending to be schizophrenic or something in an attempt to get out of the Very Bad Thing she's done that's (apparently) getting her sent to a MSU.

Lee has been diagnosed with ASD and ARFID, and pretends to hate being tubed.

Shay's been playing with surgical tape.

Derailing included Irish politics and the correct term for school in the UK.

Links to our regular cows and some newbies mentioned last thread:

https://instagram.com/kitty and_olive_

Last thread: >>>/snow/1136454


No. 1136661

No. 1136725

File: 1611123246438.png (647.62 KB, 640x1136, 0FEE0687-4AFA-46DA-97F8-144CA1…)

Ah yes the first thing I think to do when absconding from the psych ward, pull out my phone and record it to post on insta

No. 1136817

File: 1611135504881.jpeg (335.41 KB, 1125x2001, A72127C1-4B36-44E0-B609-0CB0B2…)

soft4nge1 is a personal cow of mine. Shes been mentioned in previous threads but she has been circulating tiktok these last few days for a vid of her pulling out her tube. She also accessorizes her tube with heart shaped tape etc. She’s popular for posting body checks disguised as tiktok dances and the classic toob selfies. And I oh so love it when these cows have tellonym bc it’s always a goldmine.

No. 1136825

been posted twice already anon read the last damn thread

No. 1136826

File: 1611137785220.png (7.1 MB, 1125x2001, F9BD1153-6704-4435-88BF-4C15F9…)

Pics of her tiktok video where she pulls out her tube. In other videos she’s dancing slowly in a way that clearly highlights either the hospital machinery, her toob, or her ‘dainty’ body. Claims to do so malnourished that a full diet plan wasn’t enough so she had to be tubed. I found her mid last year with a bandaged face from where she’s scratched herself up or something

No. 1136831

> #healthycooking

Imagine that coming up on your search for midweek dinners.

No. 1136835

so sick of these cows getting millions of views for their eating disorders.. sage for detail but i saw millions of views for someone hiding food , and for someone else eating a bit of toast. who is actually entertained by this ?!!

No. 1136838

The same kind of person who finds Friends hilarious.

No. 1136840

kek I was just going to say the same. Dammit anon!

No. 1136863

was this food cereal by any chance

No. 1136896

File: 1611148562126.jpeg (336.33 KB, 1125x1349, 964233A3-D926-4EDC-A1ED-833E2C…)

Did you mean someone like this anon

No. 1136933

File: 1611153066907.jpeg (278.27 KB, 828x968, 9D1C28FE-D434-4531-B2A8-EB57D9…)

this nightmareish post on the ATDT forum reminded me heavily of our dear Ham’s snacks kek

No. 1136956

File: 1611155258005.jpeg (520.46 KB, 1125x749, D9A18EF2-EC9E-4FC7-8D96-64668D…)

An 820 calorie snack. Fuck these people make me angry I don’t care how desperate they are, this is just as bad as their kids hiding/binning food or purging in secret. How would you ever trust your parents again.

(Pic kinda related. We all know that ‘meal plan’ wasn’t dietitian prescribed)

No. 1136966

The way the refer to their daughters as D is unnerving. I've seen multiple posts reffering to "my D"

No. 1136975

If she hadn't been eating for years, why did Hammum suddenly "make" her eat a brownie?

I didn't watch her last videos. Her lazy speech is unbearable. Fought, fink, worf. Those pancakes are those rank Warburton things, not real Elzani ones. She makes Molly's acting skills look Oscar nomination worthy.

No. 1136982

That is some feeder tier sh*t. Makes me wonder if Ham's mom is actually trying to make her as fat as possible, and what for.

No. 1136989

File: 1611157972880.jpeg (60.78 KB, 1280x720, BCFB9F3D-A572-4B3B-9DB1-923A94…)

Why did she happily eat it?
I think we all know.

No. 1136996

File: 1611158731565.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, A41B5035-74CC-4093-8474-2EA207…)

We have another cow that likes to run away

No. 1137001

what is it with cows and absconding 8430248 times then complaining they're not getting help. it's all clearly for attention

No. 1137004

File: 1611159176325.jpg (8.64 KB, 143x353, inmate.jpg)

Woah, 3edgy5me. Bad girl.

Knife looks like it'd be good for potato peeling.

No. 1137005

i still think the tinfoil about hammum is weird and uncalled for. ham only even started mentioning her after we had begun to speculate on here. really, i think we gave her the idea. i doubt hammum actually has a hand in any of this, it just gives ham an excuse to pig out. “mum said i HAVE to have this arghh so scary!!”

No. 1137008

She was banging on about her mum before we even mentioned Ham.

No. 1137009

looool edgy, quick someone send her to the same secure as sharni! That’s a steak knife haha the fuck is she doing a runner with her cutlery for.

No. 1137013

File: 1611159854678.png (260.99 KB, 1148x644, mummy.png)

See, she's been taking orders from her freak ma since day one, pre-lolcow.

No. 1137025

Why the third person?

No. 1137026

File: 1611161112791.jpeg (560.83 KB, 828x989, 702EA075-16A8-4823-92AB-26A2D6…)

yet another absolute unit insisting that it’s evil for healthcare providers to not want their anorexic patients to become obese

No. 1137029

i think it's more likely that ham roped her mum into her larp and her mum was gullible enough to go along with it. i doubt it was her mum who originally convinced her that she had anorexia. imo ham saw molly's account and thought that she could do a similar thing

No. 1137030

Because she's a tw@

No. 1137034

How many anas would nope out of treatment if they heard “well you might become obese”? This is just a case of fat peoples comfort over thin people’s lives

If they want to acknowledge fat former-anorexics/LARPers, treatment providers could say “we won’t force you to gain over x”

No. 1137038

How idiotic is that statement? Also, I know absolutely no one who had real anorexia let themselves get so fat. No one. It's not called "recovery" if u binge-eat until u get to this point. Hell no.

No. 1137041

Maybe she has DID

No. 1137044

Someone even commented that her dietician said that she won't get fat and she was heavily triggered.

Should the dietician say "You might get fat"??!!? I would leave immidiately.

No. 1137045

just let people say it for the sake of reassurance. not everything is about you, fatty

No. 1137051

File: 1611162855794.jpeg (237.25 KB, 750x1078, B7B37DE1-12EB-480B-8B4A-FF8393…)

Ganer experiences an epiphany, but managed to interpret it in a completely backwards manner.

No. 1137093

If it was a choice between reassuring a very sick person and potentially helping them recover, and offending a self-loathing fatty sour about gaining beyond what they needed to - i.e. this picture - I know what I’d choose. Why do they make it all about them

No. 1137102

File: 1611165646053.jpg (5.93 KB, 300x168, now im afraid.jpg)

I feel that way about the cinema. Without Bond, I'm no one.

No. 1137103

OT but its a weird and cringey thing that happens on all kinds of parenting forums. actually there are way worse abbreviations like LO for little one DH for dear husband etc. barf.

No. 1137135

File: 1611168184645.png (1.19 MB, 1914x779, try being polite hannah.png)

To the person who Hannah couldn't be arsed to reply to in img.

This is how A PARTICULAR SORT of person in the UK eats "pancakes". In fact, these are not real pancakes, they are blobs of nasty additives and preservatives. They are eaten by anorexia LARPers like Hannah, who are trying to emulate Elzani. Elzani makes real pancakes. Ham's supermarket pancakes are eaten by the underclass, or "chavs". Please don't let this disgusting wench give you the wrong impression of Brits. Everything she does connected to food is wrong.

Also to this person:
>i like to think of eating disorders as mental illnesses which can or can not have physical side effects either way, they are valid.

You are correct. Ham knows NOTHING about anorexia if she believes it is ONLY a mental illness.

From Ham's PA.

No. 1137140

To be fair these could be the same person at different points in time. So many holier-than-thou anachans in this thread I swear

No. 1137152

fuckin hell. what a weird being. i watched a few videos and the nurses in the background must be thinking “what the fucking fuck”. there’s people dying w covid and these poor nurses have to waste their time watching this idiot dance around, dressed like unicorn vomit

No. 1137174

Telling someone to wear "clothes that fit" is harmful and damaging, too

No. 1137189

Wow this is so weird I’ve never seen a packaged pancake before! Pancakes are like stupid easy to make, why would someone need to buy them like this?

No. 1137194

they're pretty common here in the uk. in all fairness they're pretty decent if you get them from somewhere like waitrose or m&s but that's a bit too classy for ham.

No. 1137196

File: 1611172556199.png (413.44 KB, 624x330, real vs plastic.png)

Laziness and not giving a damn about the taste. These things are revolting. They taste nothing like home made ones. Pancakes for breakfast isn't really a thing in the UK. Usually people only eat the other kind of pancake (img) on pancake day. You can even buy those ones prepacked all year around, but again, nothing like the real ones.

No. 1137198

Supermarket pancakes are so bland, they are comparable to cardboard, even if smothered in toppings. They only need to be toasted for 30 seconds, so make sense for a quick breakfast but I don't think anyone over the age of 10 eats them. Sage for pancake sperging

No. 1137203

File: 1611173049550.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 924.52 KB, 3464x3464, 9467AC49-22E0-4318-8659-9B726E…)

Ovi saying she’s ugly and then crying ready to relapse the second someone agrees.

No. 1137215

>a particular sort of person
Diplomatically put, anon. I really have to bite my tongue about Ham lest I come off looking like a totally snobbish cunt.

No. 1137264

These things are fucking gross. It's like eating really sweet tasting rubber.

Elzani might be your average sheltered middle class twat but at least she knows how cook from scratch. Even n2f attempts to make her own food.

No. 1137290

File: 1611179373027.jpg (223.43 KB, 1152x2048, 20210120_224810.jpg)

rare double chin ovi pic, im so tired of her angled sharp jaw selfies gorl you look like the moon emoji you're fooling no one

No. 1137324

Thought it was a homeless old man.

No. 1137342

To be fair I don’t think anyone didn’t think she had a double chin.

No. 1137385

Or HamMum is not involved at all. I still think Ham used her mum as an excuse “oh my mum made me eat this,” “my mum told me to f all the haterz” because she’s too chicken to admit she’s doing all of it herself. No ones making her eat, no one actually thinks she’s anorexic. It’s Hams sad attempt to give herself a little credibility.

No. 1137419

File: 1611190154162.jpg (173.43 KB, 1152x2048, 185959594603502352-4646.jpg)

Do we even know if that account commenting is hers or not? The profile is blank and following five people. I wouldn't be surprised if it's herself sending her hate comments to get attention again.

It's also funny how quickly she goes from "relapsed" to recovered- didn't she say she relapsed last week too? But after a few days of that, she's back to eating for recovery. Pic related, her "recovery" FDOE where she says it's hard for her because she's "so full." I thought maybe she was bulimic because of how often she references purging, but then why would a day of "normal eating" matter compared to a binge? Her anorexia larp is so strange.

No. 1137435

I’m not defending ham but what do you expect? the ingredients are just dried/powdered versions of what you’d make at home. if you sold fresh pancakes in a store they’d be off and stale within hours, it’s common sense that they’d include E numbers. also, it’s fucking classist to deem anything “chav” food (see also: meals described as “council” “universal credit” etc. i’m all for taking the piss out of these cows but let’s not drag the working class) take a back seat pal

No. 1137437

more pancake talk (sorry, will stop now) but…don’t most americans make them out of some sort of weird dried “pancake mix” in a bottle that you just add an egg and milk to? don’t tell me you’re making fresh pancakes every day? i’ve only ever had real pancakes on pancake day/shrove tuesday, is that a thing in the US??(derail)

No. 1137443

what the fuck is pancake day

No. 1137450

I’m sorry for adding to the always inevitable US/UK culture sperges that happen in these threads for some reason but googling it has lead me to discover pancake day and mardi gras are technically the same celebration. What a wonderful way to illustrate the perceived differences between US and UK culture.

No. 1137470

There are mixes for pancakes that come in boxes or bags (not bottles…?). These are dried mixes that typically have flour, sugar and baking powder and probably a bunch of rando other additives and then you add milk and an egg. They have always seemed pretty gross to me personally. There are fancy organic ones that maybe aren’t so suspect. But it is really easy to make pancakes from scratch with the basic ingredients mentioned above. So it is a little labor intensive but the difference in time saved with the mix and from scratch is minimal. However, it is not common for Americans to eat pancakes every day! They are like a breakfast treat or something you have on the weekends when you have more time, like waffles.

No. 1137476

Can you imagine wanting to be hospitalized this bad

No. 1137496

File: 1611195239821.png (4.24 MB, 750x1334, D6D3C003-D793-49AE-B95F-7FD902…)

using garam masala like that is offensive to Indians everywhere but to make things worse, shes mixed it with brown sauce. Also why is she using plastic cutlery? So she doesn’t have to wash up I’m presuming? She’ll reuse it without a doubt

No. 1137532

File: 1611196615594.jpg (408.14 KB, 1079x1923, IMG_20210121_123614.jpg)

Sure jan, we believe you. Then proceeds to do a video of her in hospital and more tube shots.

No. 1137541

File: 1611196914115.jpg (313.27 KB, 1079x1884, IMG_20210121_124119.jpg)

She goes through monthly cycles of this from healthy gym bunny foodie to now wittle sick kiddie

No. 1137596

this, there's no shortage of criticism regarding ham but it's annoying when the criticism is just mocking her for using cheaper ingredients than E or molly. Shows that some people ITT have never stopped using daddy's money.

No. 1137597

Claaaist? I'm working class and live in a housing association flat. That in no way means I have to buy pre made rubbery pancakes. From scratch pancakes cost peanuts to make. You're being classist if you think the working class need to eat shit food. Guess what, they don't.

No. 1137616

ok, a certain type of people who eats this kind of pancake (piklet, here in Aus) r lazy fucks. You can microwave or toast, they’re so gulgy & dry with nothing on them, they paste up in your mouth….
I agree chavs eat this, cuz chav ain’t about your class societally, it’s about your class behaviourally. Eating this fucking junk is chav/bogan/idiot material. It’s so easy to buy a shake bottle of pancake mix you literally just add water. Even premise waffles r better quality!
Don’t care what income you are, eating these pancakes is povvo af

No. 1137637

The gym should only be two or three things from that list, if you were an actually well-adjusted person. I truly think out of all the cows in this thread, Ganer is the one lost cause (N2F notwithstanding) because she's so deep in her disorder but she thinks this is recovery and she's constantly getting praise for it. With N2F it's obvious that she's out of it and most people follow her out of morbid curiosity and she gets negative comments more often, and besides, she probably knows that she's doing it wrong (purging) and is silent about it so maaaaybe there's a chance she snaps out of it some day but Ganer is actually delulu that she's doing great, and she has actual bodybuilders praising her, validating her entire OCD shitshow, coupled with an actual professional coach who doesn't give a fuck that his client could be X sessions away from meeting her maker, I honestly don't see her ever recovering.

No. 1137667

>povvo af
True that. Well said Ausfag. Knew we could rely on one of you to bring it.

Also this, 100%.

No. 1137681

Before farmhands hit the red text, the pancake debate is valid lol. As someone supposedly recovering from restrictive anorexia, Ham should be putting into her body nutritious food. That's important to heal the body and mind.

Not everyone can afford avocados every day like Molly or Elzani could, but even on a limited budget a person can make good nutritious meals. It's even cheaper than buying prepacked. Another example is the porridge sachets. A big bag of oats would last longer than two boxes of oats sachets and would be cheaper.

The issue isn't poverty, it's laziness and a disregard for good nutrition.

No. 1137697

She look like a 64 years old alcoholic woman homeless in a dock
Or a skyzophrenic inpatient treatment with haloperidol

No. 1137702

Yeah, that post was fucking SAD. I say this as a bodybuilder myself. Ganer has no friends besides her sister, so partner or romantic relationship, no hobbies, apparently has a job but it cant be more than part time if she was walking an hour each way to the gym at one point. She needs some heavy therapy because basing the entire value of your life and happiness on one thing is never healthy. Having passion is good, but having absolutely nothing else that makes your life worthwhile is not.

No. 1137788

I thought she quit her job?

No. 1137813

Porridge/oatmeal sachets are useful in that it's not as easy to skimp on portion sizes as it is with big bags of oats. It's just one example of an (admittedly quite minor) barrier poor people have to recovery.

No. 1137821

File: 1611222949654.jpeg (207.41 KB, 828x1428, EC3577FE-B0AB-4D92-BC84-03A433…)

survivingnowthriving is still spreading and getting people to believe her delusions.

No. 1137829

"I'm better than all you fatties! I need 10,000 calories a day just to maintain my emaciated frame! No eating disorder to see here!" God this bitch is so irresponsible

No. 1137847

quit posting this fucking 17 year old and get on with posting actual adults wasting their lives

No. 1137850

File: 1611229101505.jpeg (86.3 KB, 750x428, 3C155B3B-C7BA-4D63-B062-0F7A07…)

Amy is writing 3 autographical books. How conceited can you get?

No. 1137873

why do all these fucks post skelly pics and say "not even my lowest" (when it probably was) and try to act like that's inspirational, and not pro at all? If you're obsessed with your lowest you arent recovered

No. 1137876

yes! Like the whole point of these posts are ~to show the horror of anorexia~ or ~to show how far I've come~ so surely you'd choose a picture at your worst? (or you know, point out at your worst mentally you might not have be at a bad weight?). ofc if they had photos of lower they'd post them.

No. 1137887

this is such a nitpick. Shit tons of ppl eat oatmeal from sachets. Who gives a shit if it's lazy it's not exactly milky behavior. There's more bloody orthorexia from anons in this thread than the cows

No. 1137899

File: 1611235597588.jpeg (1017.03 KB, 828x1696, EC879FDB-3BA0-444C-9FA7-B5AD21…)

Speaking or orthorexia: what a sad fucking life this one lives. She’s going on three years of the same dinner, sometimes switching it up with a salmon fillet but otherwise no change. It’s all the same carefully weighed out condiments and pickled everything as she tries to get some semblance of flavour out of her bland-ass diet. I get that bodybuilders often end up eating a lot of the same shit, but at least it’s towards the goal of actually building their body! Ganer keeps eating this crap with virtually no physical changes.

No. 1137920

What do her lunches look like? I've only seen the turkey rice thing, her cream of wheat slop and diced apples and belvita. From her YouTube thumbnails, it looks like at the start of her 'recovery' she was at least having some variety. Does anyone know what happened to her first trainer, from her spoopy days? A woman, perhaps called Tina? Herself a 'recovered' ana and Ganer said she therefore totally knew what it was safe to do while at a BMI of 10

No. 1137926

Ham is 17, idk why y’all don’t think soft4ngel isn’t milky.
she’s queen pro ana scumbag by posting her spoopy bodychecks and constantly talking about her active ED

No. 1137935

File: 1611239949932.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, 5EF9A53F-23DD-4FA6-9ACD-23EA44…)

I’m no bone-rattler, but this girl isn’t a spoop. Underweight? Sure, but by no means a skelly.

No. 1137943

NTYRT Maybe not full on spoop but flaunting your tubes and making it cute whilst romanticising ana is pro af and she's as fair game as anyone else here imo

No. 1137956

dumbfag here, what does NTYRT mean?

No. 1137961

Meant to be NTAYRT= Not the anon you responded to

No. 1137962


She's def not ana docu spoopy but she could be pretty small. The clothes make it hard to tell how her upper body is doing.

Also, sage for petty but
That's an outfit that she has highlighted in her sm??? It looks like a child picked two outfits and tried to combine them into one.

No. 1138010

It doesn't take an orthorexic to figure out that six grapes does not add up to a decent diet when the rest of your intake is processed junk. Even Paris manages a balanced diet and she's been a restricting spoop for centuries.

No. 1138012

I don't know how to say this nicely but Amy is just so fucking weird. Whenever I come across her posts I honestly can't work out whether or not she's delusional for real. Not just the anorexia denial (anyone can see what the situation is there) but her whole vibe

No. 1138017

File: 1611243946730.png (634.31 KB, 457x824, sugar is one of your 5 a day.p…)

I rest my case.

No. 1138021

she actually kinda resembles that bear on the packet, lol

No. 1138024

SPOOP ahaijshshhshsh i’m pissing myself god i don’t think so

No. 1138032

Why does she purse her lips like that? Does she think it makes her face look thinner?

No. 1138035

Oh come on, she has potential but you can't even compare the two. Ham is the best milk we've had in ages.

No. 1138046

This definitely is a nitpick but iced gems are awful and anyone who enjoys them is wrong.

No. 1138056

kek, it's a video (idk how to upload them) but she's doing paris's food dance all smugly

No. 1138058

>>1137962 yeah I took a peek at their tiktok and they wear that same outfit a lot. if you’re going to repeat outfits, at least make it a good one. this is bordering on confetti club level incoherence

No. 1138076

I think she’s going for a kawaii / Japanese inspired aesthetic (not sure the actual term for it sorry)

No. 1138089

Late response and sorry if this gets considered as a blogpost.
Her mom was always involved, as another anon said. But my theory is her mom knows nothing about anorexia either. My grandma raised me and when I went through my ana phase she just forced me to eat and gain to a random amount she deemed “healthy”. No therapy or hospitalization even when underweight, just the threat. Since her mom is older, granted not my grandma’s generation, maybe she has a similar approach? No knowledge, but just going with her idea of helping. And Han is just taking advantage of her

No. 1138127

File: 1611249898626.gif (8.15 MB, 600x961, hamdance.gif)

Here's a gif of Ham's Iced Gem Dance.

No. 1138133

On the same sad fuck level as Georgia's Friends chairdance.

No. 1138190

Is that her own silhouette on her lock screen?

No. 1138194

File: 1611253000865.jpg (829.68 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_20210121-121349_Ins…)

Whoever mentioned bloated recovery stomach in the last thread, come get your prize

No. 1138198

you beat me to it anon i was so excited to share this gem

No. 1138205


I hope the prize is n2f word salad chocolate peanut choc oaty chocolate word salad creation!

She didn't give it a name. Looks more like slack muscles to me, but ofc you're going to bloat. She's likely constipated af.

Okay, which ana cliche is she going to go for next.

Btw Hannah, you should get your dad to look at the wall near your bed. Looks like it's got some damp.

No. 1138210

File: 1611253971908.png (690.48 KB, 463x789, no grow up.png)

No. 1138225

File: 1611254506686.jpeg (608.79 KB, 828x1480, BBB359E1-666D-4D4E-B22C-E90016…)

Is this girl out of her mind running miles on end spreading her Covid to the world. Plus she wants to be a « MeDiC » I mean….

No. 1138229

What? Is that really that ABnormal? I’m sure we’ve all worn Xmas PJs when other stuff’s in the wash. Why does she try to pathologize everything? Jeeesus. Only odd thing here is your desperation, Ham

No. 1138230

ah thank god someone posted it. I was too chicken too because I don't want to get banned for doxxing; from her other running routes, it is easy to pinpoint where she lives to within a few hundred meters. She might get amazing grades, you guize, but she has no common sense. Also the calorie tracker? such recovery.

No. 1138233

Is she trying to say her stomach’s usually flatter? Cos I’m not buying it. (and nitpick but damn, wash that greasy mop!)

No. 1138234

She's infectious and she's running in a built up area of London. JFC.

No. 1138236

File: 1611255130392.jpg (100.31 KB, 862x785, Capture.JPG)

Also a MEDIC yet doesn't know you're supposed to cover your nose and lifting your collar over your mouth does not stop the virus, particularly the new aggressive mutant form.

No. 1138239

"Busy but nice"
Holy fuck you have COVID, wanker

No. 1138242

Why the fuck would you go out running if you have covid??? By all accounts it makes you feel like absolute shit. Disordered af

No. 1138244

She started to feel ill over a week ago so probably isn't infectious anymore. She was still running when she said she felt shitty though (but claims not to have exercise compulsion) . She's meant to be a genius medic but doesn't know that pretty much any symptom can be attributed to covid (and given the infection rates and the fact she waltzes around London for her photoshoots) but still didn't choose to stay home.

No. 1138254


And this is why we can't have nice things.

No. 1138262

Anon your white kinghting is showing. I didn't know her until she was mentioned here but I think she's pretty milky.

No. 1138355

maybe i'm wrong because I have covid fatigue and can't be bothered to check up on rules but I thought it was illegal to leave your house whilst contagious?

No. 1138362

>t. tory skelly

No. 1138367

File: 1611261708935.jpeg (18.82 KB, 155x275, covid.jpeg)

Not sure about the legality, but most people aren't contagious after 10 days of symptom onset. She got tested on the 14th but she was been running even with symptoms.


No. 1138387

I find Hannah about as interesting as watching paint dry but yeah, pretty much, especially considering her mum is older. I don’t think there’s any deeper munchie force-feeding conspiracy going on with them. Most likely scenario is that her mum’s knowledge of eating disorders extends to the cherry-picked information Hannah has fed to her (and maybe some shock value Daily Mail “My daughter didn’t eat for a YEAR!” type articles, at a push) and she’s going on that. I know we’re hard-pushed for milk at the moment but Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 1138394

>w/c socialist who gets pissed off when people cry poverty when it's lack of education how to be thrifty but eat good food.

No. 1138397

File: 1611263721116.png (704.51 KB, 466x752, keep calm.png)

Calm down with a snack plate, anon.

No. 1138404

ah yes, 10 grapes. how nutritious. 5 a day? the cow is getting 10 a day (sarcasm)

No. 1138408

truly what is the fuckin point of using a whole plate for this??

No. 1138409


Are ham's snackplates getting less monstrous? she must have seen the calorie counting that was done here

No. 1138413

A lot fewer calories. Less biscuits.

No. 1138417

I haven't had any snacks today, Ham. Oh no…am I anorexic?

No. 1138431

I think she only eats one or two meals a day. Otherwise I’m sure she’d be posting them.
In a bulking phase she should be eating 5-6 meals a day. I’ve only ever seen the breakfast slop and this protein-deficient dinner.

No. 1138433

What I thought, I'm just surprised she's maintaining on this amount

No. 1138436

agreed, it's unfortunate the munchie mom tinfoil made it into this thread op. it's so obviously not the case. her mom is the one being gaslit by Ham and her fakery. she seems gullible, the kind of parent to see "starving in suburbia" as a documentary and absolutely believe her daughter's claims that she has life threatening anorexia at a bmi of 26

No. 1138446

I think she eats more frequently but eats her rice slop/raspberry/yogurt concoction multiple times a day.

No. 1138450

ARGH how else is it going to be a snack plate?!

No. 1138451


Her mum looks to be of the generation where if you're not a bit hefty, it's not good. Ham maybe lost 14lb tops by dieting and her mum freaked out because Ham said she thinks she's fat so Ham ran with it.

No. 1138452

(aaagh no sage sorry)

No. 1138475

File: 1611269895318.jpg (106.67 KB, 939x498, Screen_Shot_2019-01-14_at_1.23…)

god she's so greasy looking, and whats that shit in the background of her room? dirty knickers screwed up on the floor? take a shower jfc

No. 1138488


It's one of the tidier rooms we see here. She's not trying hard enough to do the extreme untidiness or her mum cleans her room. It's still not cosy look and it's devoid of personality. Throwing her dressing gown on the floor is a bit weird, and I thought the knicker type item was a face mask. Ham's immature in the basic sense of the word. I hope we see her develop in some way and not by prolonging this fake ed.

No. 1138510

Kek I showed my mum this cow (me and my mum both have ED) she even laughed and said it was stupid she does this and my mums around same age as hams just isn’t an imbecile around what Ed’s are(no1curr)

No. 1138513

Sorry forgot to sage

No. 1138517

File: 1611271883771.png (834.15 KB, 901x450, clone.png)

Ham really reminds me of fakeoid Lillee Jean. Yeah? No?

No. 1138518

but.. she looks the same… as her bopo post from the other day.. was she bloated then, too?

No. 1138525

File: 1611272597485.jpg (702.16 KB, 2170x1478, hamgut.jpg)

She is always valid, anon.

No. 1138548

Oh my god you’re totally right!! I knew Ham reminded me of someone lmfao how unfortunate

No. 1138570


The dirty unwashed hair is the most convincing part of her LARP

Edit: forgot to sage

No. 1138591

There's np difference. She's a 17 year old who doesn't particularly give much thought to what she eats and doesn't work out. That's an average shape for your average girl. Especially in the UK. Her attempt at trying to empower others or w/e the fuck by showing a normal teenage body is ridiculous. If she had a social life and was active, she'd have less weight. She looks okay. That's not sudden weight gain. If she really does want to go to uni, MOVE AWAY FROM HOME, she'll either trim up by having to economise with meals and be more active, or scoff shit as she does now.

Kind of strange she isn't into self care, but maybe being a pamper freak for relaxation and feeling good and clean isn't her thing.

No. 1138594


we got the bloated photo, we got grapes in her snacks, how long until we get the “before & after”? Dying to see what her version of spoopy looks like seeing as she had an IP bed with her name on it

No. 1138608

"can we normalise really cringey shit so I can live without any need for self awareness?">>1138127
yeah get that sugar in!

No. 1138616

There won't be one, that infamous collar bone pic from the early days of her account had to be her at her thinnest, trying to look as thin as possible. Anachans document their spoop weights meticulously and make sure to let everyone know about it, no matter how gung-ho about recovery they are they will always find a way to make it known. A lot of anons have speculated that she may have lost a tiny bit of weight during a dieting phase at one point but I even doubt that kek, bet this is just Ham's transition to full on bopo/fat acceptance account. She talks enough already about diet culture this and normalise that.

No. 1138632

>it's the evil Tory government making people eat shit
I think you'll find that it was Tony Blair's New Labour that removed compulsory food technology classes from the secondary education curriculum.

No. 1138648

File: 1611280746713.png (1.05 MB, 1154x692, debunkin the collarbone.png)

Even Lillee has a noticeable collarbone, and…enough said. I'll just leave this here.

No. 1138694

Seriously britfags stop it with your political garbage.

No. 1138699

File: 1611285219298.jpeg (230.19 KB, 828x1336, 5531824B-25F9-405B-8B19-ABDC58…)

Most people have somewhat visible collarbones unless they’re overweight. Collarbone pics mean nothing unless they also show the rest of the body being spoopy as well.

No. 1138754

File: 1611287902537.png (Spoiler Image, 4.98 MB, 1125x2001, D88A5039-8D80-45B9-9F24-5B0321…)

You’re not wrong. She is underweight, and I don’t doubt she has anorexia, but no where near spoop enough to support her claims that she was so malnourished that she had to have the tube bc “her meal plan wasn’t enough”. Also claims the pic isn’t a body check btw, as if it could be anything else

No. 1138761

Way to take ana posing to the next level. She has to have naturally bowed legs in addition to this right? Thanks for the spoiler

No. 1138767

ass moved back, feet slightly apart at the heel, back straight except the kink she makes for her ass
I do spy a fake thigh gap ! (yes she obvs has one but this is such a pose to make it look insanely huge)

anon how is she supposed to just never post her body!!!!! you hate thin people!!!!

No. 1138871

File: 1611304819960.jpeg (413.79 KB, 1936x1936, 17DB859C-5E54-4405-BE1F-43C399…)

ot but christ, this is your zoomer on two years of internet.

No. 1138872

File: 1611304837531.jpeg (681.07 KB, 1800x1613, 58F099ED-6402-466B-BF7E-BD107D…)

Maybe she’ll join the other larpers at New Farm, that would make some good entertainment. She’s continuing her self-propelled journey to munchiedom too, going for a stomach asshole like Anna the vegan ginger. But plz pray!! The monotone selfies really highlight her face scratching, really she should be locked up like Laura away from asspats. Still looks the same weight as always despite her super severe anorexia

No. 1138887

She looks really short.

And are those self harm scares on her legs?

No. 1138888

She looks ok on the left, actually has a nice figure but what the hell is that on the right. Creep

No. 1138904

File: 1611310773210.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, 81C858C5-862E-4033-ABB4-3498A5…)

Omg I’m so speshul I have BPD uwu

No. 1138905


Yep, she’s constantly accused irl & online of triggering people by showing it off

No. 1138913

note how she scored out the writing that undoubtedly says she has an “eating disorder- restrictive type” and not anorexia nervosa as she has claimed ??

No. 1138917

She’s scarred all over. Arms, legs, stomach, and also on her cheeks too - which might be reason for the heavy ass blush. I don’t think she’s a head banger but old tiktok show her with bandages on her cheeks so maybe she scratches herself up.

No. 1138924

That was the first thing I caught lel. Bet she’s gutted, EDNOS/unspecified ED just ain’t as *~glam~*
Also, imagine being this excited over a BPD diagnosis!? Not something you really want on your notes for life.

No. 1138939

food and fluid refusal, more so an attention seeking behaviour for a toob than a genuine ed

No. 1138954

I get wanting a diagnosis as an explanation of what's wrong with you/ because its easier to get treatment but the only people who are this happy about a BPD diagnosis are the 'loud' type who will use it to excuse their behaviour. Also no secondary conditions - no anxiety, depression, PTSD? Only having 2 illnesses listed must kill her.

No. 1138976

How can self harm NOT be deliberate?

No. 1138981

Probably as opposed to in a psychotic episode or panic attack or something

No. 1138982

Maybe if someone doesn't have the capacity to understand the effects of what they're doing? Not a med/psychfag though so someone tell me to shut up if I'm way off

ayrt, I get that too but yeah basically what you said. tbh if those awful texts to her dad don't scream BPD I don't know what else would

No. 1139038

No, you’re right. Deliberate self harm is setting out solely to harm yourself, cutting, burning, head banging…whatever. Indirect self harm could happen as a consequence of destructive, risky, careless behaviour where you didn’t necessarily set about to harm yourself.

No. 1139050


in BPD impulsive behaviour can be unintended self harm, risky sex & eating disorder symptoms like starving or purging r “unintentional” self harm/self destructive

No. 1139054

also samefagging to say that she probably only has BPD & no eating disorder, just really hates herself & wants anorexia

No. 1139063

BPD is often comorbid with EDs but who knows what's going on there. Either way she needs to sort herself out, sending her parents pics of scratches and behaviours like that are bang out of order, it does her no favours

No. 1139101

Not to blog but I've shared my ""story"" a few times when requested, and it's really simple to talk about things like spending 90% of your time with a dying family member thinking about your weight, not being able to stop exercising enough to apply to colleges so you just don't go, someone you care about threatening to stop their relationship with you unless you'll eat with them then and there, and not being able to pull it off for one meal… people just saying how skinny they are is fucking stupid given that that's literally the only desirable effect of the ED. Maybe they're too embarrassed of their actual behavior.(blogpost)

No. 1139105

File: 1611329106861.jpeg (664.18 KB, 824x1459, 5367568C-D295-4521-804E-D49CD5…)

Latest update from our future medic, travelling with Covid ah yes how smart

No. 1139119

well that was a read I dindnt want to read

No. 1139121

That is my biggest problem with the recovery account rhetoric, especially when they just bang on and on about weight, and never talk about the grim realities of it all. It's romanticising and trivialising it all. (also thanks for risking "no1curr" to share this, I think it's a good reminder of why this page exists for the WK's)

No. 1139131

Yup, focusing all on weight, physical side effects and hospital admissions but none of the really ugly stuff or even how living with something like chronic anorexia is so fucking boring. Sure, you could argue they don't "owe" those stories to anyone but if they wanna be ~~relatable recovery warriors~~ why not share the reality? Everyone knows what a "skinny" person looks like

Knowing this girl somehow got accepted to medical school makes me wildly uncomfortable

No. 1139133

Has she said why she is travelling to Scotland? It's currently illegal to travel across the border unless she's travelling for essential purposes like work or education.

No. 1139153

bitches like this are why bitches who are recovering from bpd get such a shit time, change my mind

No. 1139172

It will be for uni. She's a med student which means in person education is allowed.

No. 1139174


That's a stupid place to go to med school, there's no medical school has part of St. Andrews. Also there are no classes there at the moment.

No. 1139176

Even the descriptions of physical side effects are just humblebragging things like no period or always cold or whatever. Never anything gross like losing control of your bowels.

No. 1139212

The St andrews students come to Glasgow uni for a bit of their medical degree unfortunately.

Cause medical students are technically key workers they are "allowed" to travel back to campus despite Scotland being on lockdown but the university's aren't meant to be encouraging anyone to come back unless they have to attend in person teaching, which she shouldn't be doing yet as all teaching is online atm unless you are in clinical years.

No. 1139303

Right, clinical's all in glasgow so what's the point of going back to St Andrews?

No. 1139321

Perhaps for "mental wellbeing", I don't think she's even in her clinical years yet either.

No. 1139398

Ofc she’s allowed but my point is she has freakin’ COVID and she’s trotting around the country spreading it

No. 1139399

Yeah, there is more to the story of her legs than a thigh gap lol

No. 1139410

File: 1611347670022.jpg (27.74 KB, 650x531, Nicola Sturgeon at FMQS 24-6-2…)

No. 1139470

File: 1611351494924.png (1.21 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210122-213636.png)

Ham running low on material. I hope Anna takes her advice.

Very n2f inspired.

No. 1139475

Ham's presentation has always given me n2f vibes for some reason. I think it's the close up food shot taken with a phone camera flash.

No. 1139487

File: 1611352498349.png (1020.38 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210122-215453.png)

Back on the zaps.

No. 1139497

File: 1611353523400.jpg (228.23 KB, 1080x1647, 20210122_161207.jpg)


No. 1139500

Ah, yes, ""rest day.""

No. 1139502

P. sure she needs to remove yoga, stretching and long walk for it to be a rest day, but what do I know i'm just a basic bitch without an exercise compulsion.

No. 1139507

Why does she never talk about what she does on her non-rest days? Does she spend all day at the gym? Also what does ‘work’ mean? I thought she didn’t have a job?

No. 1139512

I believe she will do all these EXCEPT delicious food.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she's posing. Her face is very lol.

No. 1139514

Doesn't she work at M&S? They're open during lockdown.

No. 1139519

Anon called it! Back in NFC by Valentine’s Day….

No. 1139525

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact they prescribed her ECT. This is such an extreme treatment and I’m still 100% convinced she does not need that. The docs who did that are not in their right minds !

No. 1139530

Can't wrap my head around she keeps asking for it when DUH it doesn't work for her!!!

No. 1139534

File: 1611356221856.jpg (719.39 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20210122-175140_Ins…)

This cow finally admits to having an ED.

No. 1139535

File: 1611356248890.jpg (262.03 KB, 527x668, Screenshot_20210122-175457_Ins…)

Because being diabetic is cool…

No. 1139537

Who is this, where is the caption and why is she relevant?

Also, pls sage.

No. 1139542

Legit thought this was n2f at first. As if Ham has ever cared about the timing of these "snacks" lol her blood sugar must be terrible. It'll be teaspoons & tiny cutlery next.

No. 1139546

The way she spreads the hazelnut spread on top of the porridge is very n2f. As if n2f is decorating a bake. Why spread it?

No. 1139562

File: 1611357482145.jpg (8.16 KB, 266x190, registered counsellor.jpg)

It's sad that Georgia's "thing" is wanting to receive treatment/care. If you're good enough to dance to Friends at work, you're good enough to deal with depression without ECT. Fact of life some depression is treatment resistant, or meds just keep you from being an hero, but dealing with it without running for magnets or electric to your head doesn't solve anything. Gotta learn to live with it. Coping mechanisms that don't involve NF because you start to do paper cuts or experience usual depression effects.
Example: "I am Georgia. I feel my mood dip. Therefore I will look into healthy coping mechanisms such as yoga, meditation, distraction, volunteer work to help others" NOT "oops, need some attention. Go get ECT and be around NF for comfort".

She has a new post but it was tl;dr. I'll save it for later maybe.

No. 1139567

Do you have a personal grudge or something? Bring some actual milk or don’t bother. And learn to sage ffs

No. 1139572

Oh ffs. "Depressed" for less than a week warrants ECT? She must be super dumb to think that NFC thinks of her anything more than a cash cow (kek). Enjoy your brain damage bitch, hope the attention is worth it!

No. 1139574

>"nip it in the bud"
who talks about ECT like this. Effexor, exercise, eat vegetables. that's all she needs to do.

No. 1139576

nta, diabetic former lolita attentionwhore called K8, she gives herself ketones all the time to stay skinny, uses the coinciding puking, shitting, sallow complexion and gum disease for bonus attention points and doesn't give a shit that she's literally killing herself

fuck off though, healthy people giving diabetics shit for having to wear pumps and cgms are cunts, I assure you we don't do it for fun, no matter what an attentionwhore shitass k8 in particular is

No. 1139581

Also this is so more powerful for young people with mh problems - like if things are a little tricky, you can take small steps to make a real difference. Pedalling an idea that just minor depression (/feeling a bit sad) needs extreme treatments makes recovery seem impossible.

No. 1139582

File: 1611358216420.jpg (476.42 KB, 1080x1510, 20210122_172832.jpg)

Ham and n2f do follow each other. Maybe Ham looks up to her.

No. 1139585

>rest day
>long walk

No. 1139590

At least she admits fucking herself up. I didn't know what the thing on her stomach was, but didn't really think anything of it. It's not as if she's a fatty who whined for a tube feed. Being diabetic's got to be a bitch and I doubt this "K8" thinks it's cool.

At least trying to do food like n2f is achievable with Ham. Difference being that when n2 actually shows a "normal" cooked meal (probably by her mum), it looks good stuff. Ham's going for the dump and stir style instead.

No. 1139591

"nip it in the bud"
try going to, idk, a regular therapy session? talk to someone? call a helpline? take a long walk? eat a fucking vegetable?

No. 1139592

Actually she openly shows it off for attention. She does not respect her illness at all, and does not take her insulin properly. It was sarcasm.
I am diabetic also, she is trash

No. 1139594

I literally said no matter what an attentionwhore she is, I know she does it for attention, she only lives for attention
I'm saying the rest of us don't
sage because no one care

No. 1139597

sage your shit and no1curr

No. 1139598

File: 1611358680601.jpg (Spoiler Image, 583.74 KB, 2161x1316, N2f hair.jpg)

Is that furry looking thing around her wrist a hair tie?

Spoiler because n2f

No. 1139606

No diabetic war. That girl's obviously a dick. There's always one. Most people don't think diabetes is either cool or there's a stigma to it.

Looks like a hair tie with all her hair caught in the elastic so it's a human hair tie! Her hair's even longer. Why does she look better here than a few days ago? Probably lighting/angle etc, but no chest bones. Why is she wearing a leotard?? Lol at her skinny syrups displayed.

No. 1139609

My first thought when I saw she was diabetic is that she may have diabulimia, and so she may actually be flaunting it bc it’s how she gets ~skinny~ uwu

No. 1139617

Who even is this? Dropping a couple of pics with zero context like come on, help us out here since anons are sperging about diabetes already

No. 1139618

Alicia is just mega sad, like she needs real girlfriends to tell her posting this shit is beyond retarded. Legit looks like an unkept bridge goblin, rank hair tie included.

Though I will admit, if she trimmed and treated her hair nicely she's legit BLESSED with that growth ngl.

No. 1139620

I agree with the growth blessing. The universe truly granted her this enviable ability. It'd grow even faster if she trimmed some off. I wonder how much her hair weights. How much does she take off her weight when she checks to account for her hair? Tbh, wouldn't know what to do with hair that long. She's kinda stuck in a rut with the baguette style on her head.

No. 1139626

File: 1611360246832.jpg (182.59 KB, 437x696, Screenshot_20210122-190419_Ins…)

This is the girl who cheated on her husband with a guy with a diaper fetish. Runs away to Japan for months while no one can reach her. Her husbands asks friends to help him find her. But no. She has to be kawaii and live off her rich mom.
Publicly announced her husband was exploring his gender identity…then shames him for it. Then she states she's confused now.
Then she "turns gay"….cheats on him again with some ugly drug dealer girl. Divorces husband to be with said girl, And now she has an ED and is a "them." Becomes addicted to heroin, and starts posting how she's fine and don't worry about her.
She has some serious milk from over the years. Lately though she does body checks constantly has really been looking like a skeleton.

No. 1139630

From her thread
Old Milk
>LACE dramu
>Comes back to western comm
> Proof she lurks on lolcow
> Shitty selling practices (i.e. says "never worn" while posting pics of her wearing said dress on IG, makeup stains, smells, etc.)
> Married
> Moves to LA
> Sits on her ass taking "aesthetic" photos while draining her husband of money
> Tries to stay relevant by begging pop up shops to hire her on IG
> Starts a YT channel which she rarely updates
> Tries to start a new BABYDOLL OS never to be heard about again >>602802
> Desperately tags every photo with brands and potential "collaborators"
> Made a public IG post about her husband getting sexualy assaulted in an uber, and makes it about herself >>666200

New milk
> K8 is "Gender queer" >>638704
> Comes out to everyone on IG >>640393
> Starts vague posting about her husband and how he is in the hospital
> Needs money for med bills and starts to "sell all her lolita", at ridiculously scalped prices ofc. (If only she had some sort of trust fund her father left her in case of an emergency like this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
> Creates a Ko-fi for people to donate to, and then posts photos of herself going to extravagant restaurants, as per usual
> Instead of spending time with her husband who is back in PA, she surrounds herself with her ~squad~ of Goose and ClaireMax
> Has the "opportunity to travel across the US" and basically asks to couch surf the whole way >>664017
> buying followers and brags how original she is and will change the world with her fashion

No. 1139639

File: 1611361011219.jpg (1.05 MB, 1079x1178, Screenshot_20210122-191529_Ins…)

Shames people for going out during pandemic…and calls them irresponsible and horribly human beings. 2 months later.
goes out daily to stores just for photoshoots, where she makes "real friends"

No. 1139642

Not tryna be a bitch but if she has her own thread why post it here? And a lot of the milk you mentioned isn't pro ana anyway imo.

No. 1139643

she glooks like she was kidnapped ten years ago and has never left her captor's basement since. how can she look at images like this in the context of what she sees in insta and think this is at all acceptable to share? god I want to pay for a life makeover for her

No. 1139645

I'll pass on the Japan fan. I prefer the ones who don't have much of a life outside their tubes and #challenges and cry faces.

No. 1139649

Why are you bringing her here? We obviously don’t care and if she has her on thread why bring it here? Idk feels like a self post or a personal vendetta bc they don’t know how to sage and have old unwanted milk.

No. 1139655

Who the fuck cares, skelly milk or fuck off

No. 1139657

File: 1611362242372.png (1.26 MB, 1914x779, an interlude.png)

Okay, let us forget the dramu queen that was posted.

Getting back on track. Don't know how old this photo is of Georgie, but it's obv before she let herself go.

she saw a RTA and it gave her nightmares.

No. 1139672

she already has a thread and her milk is rarely related to her diabulimia, she isn't relevant, fuck off

No. 1139687

I'd like to see how she looks in 6 months. She looks grungy af

No. 1139698

File: 1611365358460.png (735.32 KB, 806x514, excuse to post L7.png)

That's not grunge. That's regular person with a style, however shit, shopping.

She doesn't look spoopy compared to our genuine spoops. I hate that fashion, but each to their own.

If she's fucking with diabulimia, she could be dead in six months. Either way - meh.

No. 1139702

The whole Cooney/Jenn expose (eye roll) about skinny fetishists has provoked randoms to upload vids about skinny fetishists. It's insane to see how it's as though they never heard about it before.

I wish the perverts were more visible (apart from "Henry Roth"), because they'd make a good thread.

If you're bored, here's a recent one. Yeah, barely any views but def NOT self post because, blue lipstick? lol.

There's another by "BisexualHillbilly" which I found amusing because of her rage and I like her accent.

I keep getting suggested feeder videos now, and much prefer those tbh. Throwing this into the mix because quiet night here.

No. 1139708

nta but presumably "grungy" as in literally filthy, that's the definition of the world

No. 1139710

I'd describe it as "scuzzy". Never heard grungy used as non grunge definition before. She doesn't look dirty though. Not like our n2f.

No. 1139712

>Never heard grungy used as non grunge definition before
sage for derail
also I do not know how you can look at that and miss the layer of scum on her skin, the bitch is literally grungy

No. 1139718

Child? I don't hear "grungry" used that way because I was in my late teens when grunge was a thing, so fuck you, millennial. You know "punk" originally meant male rent boy yeah?

I missed the layer if scum because I didn;t care enough to look at that irrelevant pos that was posted.

No. 1139740

The term grungy existed before grunge music. Late teens when grunge was a thing? So you're…. in your fifties posting like this

No. 1139742

File: 1611370305144.jpg (533.04 KB, 1080x1172, Screenshot_20210122-215058_Ins…)

grimy; dirty.
"a dark and grungy basement"
Aka this bitch

No. 1139743

File: 1611370412803.jpg (109.72 KB, 716x801, 20210122_215317.jpg)

U mad bro? She a grungy anachan

No. 1139746

Damn she looks so fucking dirty for some reason. I can’t put my finger on it but is that girl even showering ?

No. 1139753

All I see is a dumpster fire when I look at this. Wow. She makes the other bitches look good in this thread…who looks in a mirror and thinks - yes I look fantastic to go out like this

No. 1139757

Her hands look sticky, her face looks like caked on foundation that hasn't been washed for two days, and that wig looks greasy and unwashed… Eugh.

No. 1139777

No. 1139778

Looks like Lana Rain, downsy horseface

No. 1139794

Anyway, back to the important stuff.

Did Ham have a snack plate tonight? She didn't share one in her stories. Has she relapsed? Those snacks are so important for anorexia recovery!

No. 1139796

Porgie is getting completely overshadowed by our new star Ham lately, it’s hilarious actually

No. 1139810

I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not

No. 1139816

Close. Your point being?

The porridge was her only upload. I thought she was having a ~relapse~ because no upload for more than 12 hours = Ham relapse.

That post was 2 days old! Hadn't even thought of checking in on Georgie for a while. She gives us ECT news to remind us she's still VALID.

No. 1139905

File: 1611390944845.jpeg (48.34 KB, 380x376, 61D49B7C-672D-4D74-9EF5-97615E…)

Porgie looks like a really fat ember, no?

No. 1139937

yes both fake anorexics

No. 1139947

Nah. Can't believe I'm writing this but Georgie scrubs up okay when she's not slobbing around making herself look tragic. Whann couldn't look any less tragic than her everyday self if she had an A list celeb MUA and high end designer go to work on her.

No. 1139988

medfag, ECT is only used in extreme treatment resistant mental illness. Usually if a patient has been living in inpatient for years, unable to recover, meds don't work, etc
NF really are scarily irresponsible to give her ECT

No. 1140007

Where are you guys getting these pics? I had no idea she was not overweight her whole life.
Yeah, ECT is really serious as far as I know- serious enough that the risk/reality of damaging your brain is an acceptable trade-off because of how badly you're functioning anyways. Having an active, involved, popular social media presence should disqualify someone.

No. 1140011

>>1140007 that's not porgie, what is up with the reading comprehension here lately

No. 1140033

As Anon said that’s not Porgie, she’s been overweight her whole life as far as we know but she pretended otherwise

No. 1140048

I know keeping busy and making routines is important in recovery but this girl never just fucking RESTS

No. 1140059

I know this ain't a hot take but it baffles me how orthorexia is so acceptable as a form of "recovery" from anorexia. SO many former spoops take up excessive "bodybuilding" as a legit pathway to recovery. Like I get it, you're no longer a skelly and at least they eat now and many go the personal trainer route so no longer are out of work, but how is any of the mental aspect of the disorder fixed?

It kinda does lend credence to the people so focused on being a certain weight to get treatment for ED, especially when treatment often stops when a person is weight restored. And often it's medical professionals that perpetuate this idea without overtly saying it. All this to say that it's clear as day ganer is still super entrenched in her ED, it just presents itself differently now. (for context i'm a UKfag so maybe my experience is skewed by limited availability of legitimate ED treatment).

No. 1140065

File: 1611416081617.jpeg (657.45 KB, 2048x2048, CB951075-5AA8-4BB2-860E-6A8E6E…)

I don’t know what you’re all talking about, ganer is clearly living her best life, eating the same slop and meticulously weighed cut of 99% cocoa chocolate #sarcasm

I thought that was senakot tabs in her drawer but closer inspection suggests it might be senacalm for IBS. Do we know whether she’s been diagnosed with IBS, or is it just possible that anyone’s bowel would be fucking irritated by all the salt, artificial sweetener and protein powder she gobbles?

No. 1140071

Agreed. It's absolutely crazy she receives ECT, if true. I can't get over which is crazier, the ECT for someone with not only has an active social media life but someone who can feed themselves, wash themselves and put on makeup, or the feeding tube for someone who eats and drinks plenty and if anything could stand to lose a few pounds. I'd love to talk to some of these NF doctors and clinicians.

No. 1140075

It's not accepted in the general ig 'recovery community', ganer only gets away with it because she doesn't use recovery tags/ follow recovery people/ generally engage with that group.

I think she gets praised for it by people in general society because a lot of people don't realise the extent of exercise compulsion or food rituals and just see an ex-spoop who is doing ~healthy things~. On her YouTube channel she does get quite a few comments expressing concern, especially because she normalises the 'it's ok to work out when you are the weight of an average small child' thing.

No. 1140127

Yellow tablet looks like bisacodyl to me!

No. 1140136

This this this. Slight blog but the few people I've known to receive ECT were each so, so unwell. They presented differently to one another but they were all quite visibly very sick and unable to function, let alone piss around on their phones. The difference after (x) number of sessions was no less than remarkable but I can't imagine any consultant here taking the decision lightly.
I still can't get over how for Porgie this is a semi-regular thing and how NF are happy to provide it as long as the $$$ keep rolling in. Like it's actually scary. It's scary how much she revels in it. She's dumb but not ~that~ dumb, she must know it's doing nothing

No. 1140139

I was indeed being sarcastic.

Can we stop the off-topic shit? I'm here to make fun of people, not read about what grunge means

No. 1140142

ntayrt but at least the ECT makes some sort of sense, like it's not too hard to beleive that she's still depressed despite having tried a range of meds and therapies but the feeding tube is extremelty hard to justify considering her weight.

In the UK I have only ever seen inpatients get ECT, I feel like if she keeps needing these significant interventions they should consider placing her in some kind of long term residential care similar to Laura because she doesn't seem to be actually making any progress.

No. 1140146

those little yellow ones in the top left are 100% ‘hard’ laxatives like dulcolax. 5mg bisacodyl and two will have you in pain on the toilet for hours. saging because gross but she’s definitely abusing them if she has them.

No. 1140150

File: 1611423549057.jpg (269.52 KB, 1080x1692, 20210121_122931.jpg)

I forgot to post this when I screencapped it, but here's more normal behavior from Ganer.

No. 1140152

So it would be safe at assume she abuses the laxatives and then uses the other pills to relive some of the pain afterwards? Gainer gets weirder and more disordered the longer she claims to be ‘recovered’.

No. 1140155

Sorry if this counts as derailing, but what do you mean by 'visibly sick'. I assume they didn't all have EDs so is it in terms of not being able to shower/ brush hair/ get good nutrition etc?

No. 1140159

10/10 that sugar jar doesn't contain actual sugar

No. 1140160

Visibly sick as in self-neglect and affect, nothing to do with ED

No. 1140164

Anyone would be depressed if all they did in life was schedule New Farm vacations and tubes for their non-existent ED.
I hate what I'm about to say because obviously the majority of people suffering depression/mental illness can't ~just fix it~ but Porgie doesn't even TRY to help herself. Her diet is terrible, she's allergic to exercise, she wastes too much time online checking these threads and cowtipping and waddles off to a dodgy clinic whenever she so much as misses a snack. Residential would do nothing because that involves working on shit and she's lazy.

No. 1140166

sage for dumb but this makes me feel uncomfortable and sad.

No. 1140172

Kinda shocking she posts this on her public account considering how disordered this is, like come on what is even the point in putting the pickles in a measuring cup? Is she weighing them or something?
Her personal trainer/coach should see this crap and realise this is not someone who is mentally healthy enough to train, it's irresponsible for them to encourage her when she's still this disordered.

No. 1140176

She’s weighing everything. Down to the 5 calories of mustard and sugar-free ketchup. What a life.

No. 1140208

Explains why her skin is so dehydrated.

No. 1140220

>5mg bisacodyl
>only two of them
>in pain on the toilet for hours
You must have weak bowels, anon. Kek. Sorry, poor attempt at humour.

No. 1140326

wow we really are/were all on the exact same bullshit huh

No. 1140328

Never go changin', proana thread.

I was more concerned with her popping ibuprofen. If she has pain, and she comments on injuries, is she still supposed to workout?

No. 1140329

File: 1611435880027.jpg (83.64 KB, 462x818, Capture.JPG)

Ham had a breakdown. This we must see.

No. 1140332

File: 1611436037210.jpg (128.18 KB, 1080x447, 20210123_150643.jpg)

Top part without the text covering it

Anyway, what was the fear food? Broccoli? Any kind of veg?

No. 1140333

bet other anon wishes she had a sooper severe laxative abuse pwoblem like u

No. 1140339

Ta for that. The text gets all covered on a desktop view.

She's going to post it, of course she is. She'll make a point of TW TW TW so sensitive souls don't have to watch.

No. 1140346


how many fear foods can someone have to be conquering one every single meal

No. 1140349

File: 1611436963034.png (709.45 KB, 1035x613, STILL VALID.png)

No. 1140368

I was joking uwu

No. 1140380

HAHAHA gtfo…
So the day after someone mentioned the lack of any talk about the mental aspects of ED's she posts this?!

Bring back Molly, what an angel in comparison

No. 1140386

Oh be quiet, Hammah. You DON'T HAVE an ED. If you were having a real ~breakdown~ you wouldn't even think to record it in the first place. Fucking ridiculous. Wash your hair.

No. 1140399

File: 1611439587171.jpg (504.39 KB, 1077x1915, 20210123_160553.jpg)

So glad Ham isn't relapsing. 1/2

No. 1140400

File: 1611439607123.jpg (49.34 KB, 808x593, captcha.JPG)

Shampoo is a fear food.

No. 1140401

A rice cake though?! Not very anawarriorpwincess of her!

No. 1140403

File: 1611439632970.jpg (475.28 KB, 1080x1903, 20210123_160503.jpg)

2/2. Manilife?

No. 1140409

File: 1611439814026.jpg (4.91 KB, 290x174, chin chin.jpg)

>I want to be real and open on this account

Stop larping anorexia then.

Is brushing eyebrows upwards like a werewolf a thing?

No. 1140412

Molly was adorable compared to this nob. bring back Mollmum and hilarious Jamie!

did not expect to see Brucie here lmao

No. 1140421

i know she's only 17 but her skin has always looked so bad. is it all the sugar she eats?

No. 1140428

Good game, good game lol.

Refined sugar's a killer for my skin and the reason I cut it out. Eat some of that shit and breakouts like crazy. I think she mustn't use a cleanser or have a skin care routine. Her hair is oily and it's on her pillowcase. The cheap skin care stuff at Aldi is pretty good, so there's no excuse to neglect her skin unless she doesn't care about it.

No. 1140458

arghhh (!!!) yeah, some of those Aldi skincare knockoffs are excellent. I know it sounds like a nitpick but everything about her just seems so lazy.

No. 1140460

She always talks about how she doesn't eat just junk, and her account isn't FDOE, and how her off camera meals are usually nutritious. All these snacks ON TOP of normals meals is binge tier. She doesn't even explain her meal plan, and anytime she's asked to share anything that will validate her ED she claims is private and she doesn't need to validate.

She's so boring it's just a matter of time before she fizzles out.

No. 1140466

File: 1611442017629.jpg (7.58 KB, 293x172, images.jpg)

The hot cloth cleanser! I've had the Liz Earle and the Superdrug B one, and the Aldi one is just as good. Sells out too quickly.

She really is going to run out of things to post. She already posts other peoples motivation posts as a lazy option. I'm waiting for this breakdown video. Unashamedly F5ing.

No. 1140469

Next post 'I really struggle with self care, it's another thing my anorexia gas taken from me blah de blah'

No. 1140474

For sure. You're worthy of looking after yourself!!!1

Nobody's offered to send her gifts yet. Remember that stack of post Elzani was sent?

No. 1140482

ah hell I'll risk the redtext for derailing, was gutted when I missed out on that one! their dupe of pixi glow tonic and mascara are brilliant. love those middle aisles.

we're just giving her ideas here innit.

No. 1140495

Ibuprofen can also cause painful gastric symptoms. She must feel like her insides are on fire.

No. 1140506

I miss molly. I can’t handle this bitch

No. 1140508

Late but can anyone confirm that what nfc gives patients is actually ECT? Can't help but think they're just sticking a tens unit to Porg's forehead and just telling her that's how ECT works. Especially since she's never out of commission for any period of time like you would usually expect from someone receiving that treatment.

No. 1140515

not to defend the NF doctors but perhaps when they say they will "administer ECT" to Porker, they actually don't. by now they're probably well aware of her malingering and need for attention because of her sooper sick illness, so they admit her as often as she wants (because $$, let's not forget they make money off her fake illnesses) and 'feed her through the tube' and 'give her ECT' to appease her illnesses. in the meantime they actually don't follow through with the therapy because who is Porker to know the difference between ECT and a little zap on the forehead? dunno if that makes sense, but its a thought I had.

No. 1140517

Lying about the treatment you provide, especially to a paying patient, sounds super negligent. But it is New farm so anything's possible

No. 1140518

File: 1611444721674.jpg (201.62 KB, 1222x764, moo farms.JPG)

No. 1140520

I used to want to believe they weren't putting high calorie feeds into her tube, but nah they can't do that.

No. 1140522

File: 1611444885377.png (20.26 KB, 993x279, NFC hell.png)

This is a review from the website…

No. 1140523

Three stars?? For being almost killed? ECT really did fuck up that person's brain.

No. 1140526

lmao i know, I think it takes overall average, so 5/5 for facilities, 4/5 for cleanliness etc.. hence the 3 stars

No. 1140564

Obligatory grapes make another appearance to show us she "eats fresh fruits and vegetables, guyz."

No. 1140599

her only ed behaviour is always having exactly 10 grapes

No. 1140604

there’s only about 20 calories in 10 grapes, somebody call the hospital and warm up the bed with ham’s name embroidered on all the linen.

No. 1140714

I don't know the peculiars of laxative abuse, but is it possible if she's abusing lax that she's taking the IBS medication to help ease the pain of spending half her day shitting? I mean that's basically what IBS is anyway, isn't it?

No. 1140733

File: 1611464165615.jpeg (250.33 KB, 1333x999, A0EC24B8-F3E7-4ED3-81C3-27DA46…)

Poor thing is just wasting away

No. 1140746

File: 1611465248394.jpg (520.31 KB, 1079x1919, IMG_20210124_151334.jpg)

Gotta show off that tube and show how TERRIBLY MISERABLE YOU TOTALLY ARE with a cherry blossom backdrop

No. 1140838

File: 1611479854230.jpeg (341.61 KB, 828x1443, 90FC8558-79A3-44F6-95BA-34522E…)

This post gives me similar vibes to Ham and her crying over a slice of brown bread.

No. 1140840

File: 1611480078880.jpeg (861.71 KB, 828x1453, 4AD17A52-2FC1-47CF-9878-3530A6…)

After looking at her other posts she is definitely another hannah

No. 1140952

reeks of self post or vendetta. her account really comes across as an average teen girl in the “recovery” community. not to WK but this isn’t milk.

No. 1140968

Agreed she isn't milky, just overly dramatic with her ~critical weight bed rest~

It made me laugh where she writes she's a vegan but eats eggs. I reckon her emetophobia could be a reason she has eating issues, but meh. Whatever.

No. 1140971

File: 1611507899339.png (515.17 KB, 648x593, 1611423096808.png)

no not necessarily, you can also have the constipation variant, which i have.

where not shitting for 3/4 days is normal and it can regularly get up to 7

No. 1140981

File: 1611509116365.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 174D8E06-C072-47C6-8E42-0E7ADA…)

Bored with ana looking the picture of health here

No. 1140986

She’s also 16 - wish people would actually check a potential cow’s age before they posted them.

No. 1141001

16's okay. I used to think it was 18, but 16 year olds have had their own threads.

No. 1141005

Who knew underweight people had such a remarkable power of healing. Can't say I've heard of a symptomatic covidian recover so quickly, and ran miles while feeling the effects.

No. 1141035

feels like a nitpick tbh, she looks fine.

No. 1141051

I think ?? anon means she looks healthy even though she's got Covid and hasn't stopped running/being busy.

It's strange to see her look "normal" in an ordinary setting and not posing. She suits normal.

No. 1141076

File: 1611515622088.jpg (309.26 KB, 1080x1920, 20210124_103742.jpg)

maybe we were wrong and she does actually have brain damage from anorexia

No. 1141084

File: 1611516059450.jpeg (151.56 KB, 750x988, 9C907E33-F4D1-4360-9BDE-7E9E96…)

Ayrt here, I forgot to attach the second part - sorry. Basically she looks fine but at least to me looks pretty similar to the ‘before’ pics in her ‘weight gain glow up’ tiktok where she talks about looking so sick.so which is it? Is so actually super healthy like she claims? Or was she not actually on deaths door?

No. 1141102

File: 1611518455966.jpg (178.8 KB, 1080x1636, 20210124_140049.jpg)

The meltdown is here! I'm going to screen record. Brb

No. 1141111

File: 1611519008996.png (773.03 KB, 720x861, Screenshot_20210124-200921~2.p…)

Lawless. Gonna watch. Hammum's truth?

No. 1141112

Pizza scary.

It's not her crying, it's the eating disorder (or something).

Ham has friends?

Pizza good! Smile for pizza.

No. 1141115

It's a frozen pizza. I'd be crying too.

She needs to fight fru the forts

No. 1141116

this reminded me of elzani's breakdowns in her earlier videos. maybe ham watched this video and got inspired to cry over pizza?

No. 1141117

That entire video was so pre planned as a post. How embarrassing.

No. 1141119

Except Elzani looked like death and Ham looks…not like that.

No. 1141120

It's the multiple looks to the camera for me.. what a joke.

No. 1141121

File: 1611519924893.png (745.57 KB, 1219x738, pizzuh.png)

She already had pizza.

>I don't want to film me crying
Films herself crying
Uploads it

No. 1141131

File: 1611520563987.jpeg (172.52 KB, 750x789, B830F0D2-8AB9-4ED3-933C-35ADA2…)

why does this photo give me Ashley and mama bear vibes?

No. 1141134

lol it’s both?!! thought everyone was in agreement that she probably had a mild case of anorexia and overprotective parents. hence never being sooper sick?

No. 1141140

I mean, she could have something healthier, right? Not a spoop and would cry at the thought of eating that greazy slop.

No. 1141142

What's the username for this account?

No. 1141145

that image is fucking horrifying

No. 1141148

It's ashleyshalleat. The account was deleted, I believe, but her batshit crazy mother is discussed around thread 20.

No. 1141159

File: 1611522676622.jpg (155.31 KB, 1477x484, motherhood.jpg)

No. 1141178

Anon if you did screen record it please post because she’s already deleted it. I think it should be saved for accountability (or whatever bullshit ham says)

No. 1141180

nta but it's still there

No. 1141184

Well, regardless, I did screen record it. I can't upload it right now because my phone is being difficult.

No. 1141187

Gone now, she's dead.

No. 1141189


Favourite part is the overdramatic shoulder heaves when she's crying. Moll was an amazing actress compared to Ham, and Elzani now looks uber authentic. Sorry I doubted you 'zani.

No. 1141191

Oh whoops - ignore me i’m technologically incompetent.

No. 1141192

I have a hardened mind and stomach, out of all these threads this was the only thing that genuinely fucked me up.

No. 1141206

File: 1611524805337.jpg (125.5 KB, 1080x702, words of wisdom.jpg)

N2F is cheering Ham on.

No. 1141209

can't forget her "it's actually really good" and painful smirk at the end. it's so obviously larping

No. 1141210

do you have proof that she's dead? can't be arsed to search for it right now but IIRC an anon found a YT channel of hers with her singing and it seemed she was doing better after a period of homelessness.

No. 1141214

File: 1611525093710.jpg (362.22 KB, 753x1194, Screenshot_20210124-155114_Vid…)

She didn't lick the plate. Is she really trying to recover?!

No. 1141215

File: 1611525100521.gif (8.33 MB, 480x596, hamsad.gif)

No. 1141218

Maybe it was just the angle but that looked like enough pizza to feed a family of 4, I’d need to take a break from that shit too

No. 1141220

Yeah, I thought someone found a post from Ashley on some forum a couple years later, IIRC she’d recovered?

KEK this is the fakest shit, even Molly was a better actress

No. 1141223

File: 1611525783687.gif (5.17 MB, 600x746, try not to look at the camera.…)

The singing account was fake.

Looks like she had a box of the Asda 2 pack sub pizzas. The whole box.

No. 1141246

Just gonna throw it out there that I kinda feel bad for ham being served absolute shit everyday. Like her Mum could make the bare minimum effort to make a decent meal but she just sticks frozen food in the oven and calls it a day. If she is in a low income household, I doubt that she has any legit say on what food gets bought.

No. 1141266

agreed re the low income, & I also feel bad for her because her mum's so uneducated especially re nutrition. She's saying it's just some bread and tomato and cheese, but they have so much crap in them, sugar, dextrose, modified starch, loads of salt, etc - like in that case why not just get some pizza bases and put some veg and a bit of sauce and cheese on? but maybe I'm just being an anachan

No. 1141273

I just can’t see someone with ‘such severe anorexia’ eating that meal with a smile on their face after such a breakdown. It would be a struggle with every bite, especially after working yourself into a stressed headspace. There’d be more picking at the topping and pushing it around the plate. And I love that she has a full face of makeup to cry off

No. 1141275

imageboard… how do you know it was fake? samefag asking again, do you have any proof she died?

No. 1141283

I was called orthorexic for saying how bad her food is, as if you need to give a shit about in depth nutrition to know it's crap and no nutrition.

Then called a Tory for saying her foods supermarket shit like people on low incomes (self inc.) don't know how to buy fresh and make good food. Even in those Take A Break magazines mum's like they give easy recipes with veg and break down the cost.

Her mum reels off all the ed motivation stuff yet doesn't know her daughter needs vitamins.

TL;dr. It's okay to knock her shit diet because it's obvious shit. I don't understand why Ham hasn't taken something from her dietician or workshops EDS have. Unless she never had help from an EDS.

No. 1141284

this mentality is kind of privileged, if it were the case that they are so destitute that they can not afford "better" ingredients. however i know that some frozen pizzas actually end up being a bit pricey, so not convinced that is the explanation here is. I suspect they are a family that does not cook - she eats everything pre-packaged from apple slices, to pancakes, to pizza. And unlike most other insta anawarriors we have never seen Ham cook/bake, which is a huge trend! So I think she grew up eating like this always due to maybe lack of education and definitely lack of interest on the part of her parents.

No. 1141290

There's no proof she died, but the yt was sketchy. She didn't appear in a video and the person wrote how she'd been living on the streets. To go from what looked like brain damaged spoop to jolly musician in less than a year? Nah. The account was deleted (insta) because it was mentioned on mpa and here. It was obvious her mum was running the account.

All I know is she lived in London, so no real way of finding out what happened to her. The YouTube channel reeked of troll bullshit.

No. 1141297

samefag but 1) forgot to add she eats rice from a fucking bag too!
2) scrolling through her feed she has posted exactly 3 foods semi cooked at home - one being soft boiled eggs, her bacon and egg sammy which i guess counts because it requires a pans, and her dinner of undercooked chicken. Everything else is from a package, bag, tin, jar, or pre-made from a store.

No. 1141301

I challenge her to make a stir fry not using pre cut veg. Student food, but it's a start.

No. 1141304

God forbid your mom try to say supportive things because she cares.
After as well… I'd think that'd make a rough night for someone in recovery (though I'm sure it's worth challenging yourself and all that) but she seems to only get upset before eating.

No. 1141306

Damn I wish that was true, she'd probably have a better chance of recovering homeless than staying with her mom.

No. 1141313

File: 1611531718018.png (1.76 MB, 1846x1192, toilethugger.png)

aussie lax-lover has stopped eating completely and can't remember the last time she ate but! she's not! pro ana!

No. 1141321

thought someone would pull me up on that kek. agree it's a privileged mentality, but I think more in terms of educational privilege. It does work out cheaper to cook from scratch than live off frozen crap from asda, just takes time and knowledge

No. 1141324

>Stumble to the bathroom as my vision goes black

Concerning to know she's driving. At the very least don't put others as risk as well, jeez.

No. 1141331

File: 1611533375844.webm (6.5 MB, 720x1054, Screenrecord Ham.webm)

Ham's breakdown .. I thought I was watching Elzani… her comments are EXACTLY the same as what Elzani used to say (plus same accent lolz).

Seriously watch first 5s.. the part where she said "I feel like i've let myself down, because I've been doing really well haven't I?" .. if you close your eyes it sounds identical to Elzani.

Other comments that are copying Elzani..
"now i've ruined everything coz we were all going to have pizza"

"im sorry because I'm crying over pizza"

"im really annoyed at myself"

"I hate how I'm crying over a pizza"

"it's actually really good" and "it's so nice" x2 (once she'd eaten some of it - I was waiting for the "its divine" but thank god she didn't sink that low)

"im so proud of myself"

Gosh all of these comments have come from Elzani, this sounds staged. Her parents are probably like why is she saying this shit about being sorry, she's probably never needed to apologise before.

No. 1141334

samefag but I managed to screen record the whole video incase it gets deleted.. the bits i've posted were just the parts where she copies Elzani :)

No. 1141341

This is profoundly sad

No. 1141349

File: 1611534035901.jpeg (615.71 KB, 828x1326, 7371FAFC-0BE3-47CE-A8C1-864D92…)

Wow, how embarrassing, she’s got less muscle definition than your average Jane despite three(?) years of srs bodybuilding

No. 1141353

if anything she looks like she's losing muscle definition

No. 1141366

damn, who knew starving was bad for you

No. 1141367

seems like shes lost about 10 pounds no?

what an embarassing existence.

No. 1141372

is growing that really long pale body hair like a side effect of anorexia or just a coincidence?
I feel like I see that on them a lot

No. 1141374


No. 1141377

damn, thanks

No. 1141380

It’s so bizarre seeing someone this ill big up ham. the comment sounds almost sarcastic, like she’s taking the piss, but I doubt that from n2f

No. 1141389

her LW doesn't even look low. sound a bit bone rattling here but dem thighs though.

No. 1141392

Sorry but there is no reason why she has to devour that big calorific hunk of "pizza". If it is allegedly so distressing, don't. Eat something decent and healthy. Not a cardboard pizza brick filled with calories.

No. 1141395

Having known your daughter for 17 years, surely you'd know when she's bullshitting this hard?

No. 1141401

tbh its probably the terrible lighting.

not to WK, but she needs better light and probably a tan to highlight any definition she has

No. 1141433

File: 1611541322234.jpeg (59.11 KB, 509x603, 85D261C8-8438-4266-AB0C-D522E4…)

All I got from that post

No. 1141470

Kek I can't stand this girl. Posted an OOTD the other day and stood on her dog. Poor thing jumped out of the way and she was too concerned about getting her shitty bodycheck on the internet to react.

No. 1141499

Her skin walking of Elzani is so fucking creepy… Her accent sounds exactly the same as E and nothing like her normal midlands? accent, this girl has serious problems and it isn't ana.

No. 1141517

Right! It is so creepy. It's SO like Elzani that I had to play it multiple times and check it's not a voice over or some shit.
When Elzani used to apologise to her parents for crying, it was because it had caused an argument .. partly because her sisters were sick of her but partly coz her family was scared for her life. I don't think anyone in Ham's family cared if she ate the fucking pizza or not.

No. 1141556

Aly is bragging about shop lifting again :))))) how nice LOL(imageboard, don't use emoticons)

No. 1141571

Ham makes Molly look like an actual recovery inspiration. Molly if you're reading this: come back! We need you! We have seen what an actual larper looks like and it's not a pretty sight! Aarrgh!

No. 1141572

File: 1611556383998.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1242x1211, EC051A44-3A1D-4D6B-90CA-435843…)

Other than the ratty hair she has color to her face so maybe that’s why she looks better.

Also, I don’t remember this pic being posted but her bleeding lips and bulimia teeth have me so concerned.

No. 1141574

Learn to sage.
Aly isn’t relevant anymore. She’s weight restored and has been for a long time. All she does is complain, mooch of her parents and do drugs, which is nothing new. Sure, it was a laugh when she posted about doing crack a few weeks back, but that’s hardly milk here.

No. 1141585

Her colour is yellow though. In the past I noticed an olive tone, but it's increasingly yellow.

No. 1141603

If she were healthy she'd be so pretty, she has a really nice smile. Shame about the dead hair and the even deader eyes

No. 1141624

Not really. She's had countless opportunities to get better and hasn't taken any of them. She's a shit person who doesn't care how many people she hurts as long as she gets to prove she is the sickest anachan. Brought it all on herself, to be honest.

No. 1141629

you sound unjustly bitter, kek. Kudos to you to not having a chronic ED.

No. 1141636

And it said “Excuse my dog” or something like YOU excuse your dog, bitch

No. 1141641

I do but that's irrelevant

No. 1141642

File: 1611570919751.png (159 KB, 300x300, 292407B1-3BD7-43B4-B774-E5A20A…)

c’mon, let’s not pretend it’s not normal to have frozen pizza sometimes. Especially if she does come from a low income family and doesn’t have the privilege of knowing how to cook, owning the right utensils etc. Lots of poorer families live off frozen food because it’s cheap, easy, and can be nutritious.

Judging by the video (I just watched the full thing) it looks like one of these type things, not a full pizza as well.

(Never thought I’d actually defend Ham over something - the fake crying was unbearable and embarrassing as was her smug when she finished the plate. It’s her larping we should be mocking, not the fact she’s eating frozen pizza, it’s not exactly n2f slop.)

No. 1141643

But you're not the anon who made the 'unjustly bitter' post, I am? Good for you, letting everyone know about your chronic ED though.

In regards to anorexiadiary or whatever her name is, having a mental illness doesn't give you a free pass to be a scumbag and complain about how hard your life is when you put zero effort into improving it - see Ash, Becky and so on. Anyway, she's like 18 - that isn't really old enough to be diagnosed as chronic, is it?

No. 1141672

>Especially if she does come from a low income family and doesn’t have the privilege of knowing how to cook, owning the right utensils etc

Argh. Since when does low income = inability to learn? You can find all cooking utensils at Poundland. I don't expect her mum to own fancy gadgets or know about Greek food like Mollmum, but she's obviously been married 17+ years and you acquire basic knives and pans over time. A frozen pizza isn't the issue, it's EVERY meal is frozen rubbish. Can she even peel and mash potatoes? Idk, I'm a pov but you don't have to be Jamie Oliver to figure out how to make a stew, cauliflower and cheese or a pie from scratch.

No. 1141673

She is forcing herself to eat absolute shit she doesn't need to challenge. She isn't malnourished, and if she is, its due to poor nutrition from eating junk.>>1141641
Doubt it.

No. 1141691

File: 1611580161790.png (6.83 MB, 1125x2001, C84FE0F5-D487-4FF2-9466-245ADA…)

I doubt Lee even bothered unpacking her bags. She’s ready and rearing to get back to new farm. She only went home for a couple of days to suck down a truckload of booze and ‘celebrate’ a music countdown. Bc we all know alcohol calories don’t count

No. 1141693

Hans crap eating has nothing to do with being from a low income family. In fact it's cheaper for a family to cook well than a single person. She's going for the typical Ana recovery. So fake.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1141696

File: 1611581188384.jpeg (917.17 KB, 828x1706, C70B0A5F-9792-4AB8-9077-FEC44D…)

This is ham’s idea of a healthy breakfast I guess? No wonder she’s got such ~*~extreeeam hunger~*~ if she’s eating only carbs. Why have these recovery warriors decided normal, healthy eating and including all food groups and whole foods is “letting the eating disorder win”?!

No. 1141697

you know you're a fake when your mental illness can be paused for music

No. 1141700

File: 1611581645257.png (5.12 MB, 828x1792, 8C4DAD34-EC90-44FC-A3A6-264E85…)

of COURSE recovering starfish was so unbelievably sick that the doctors “didn’t believe it” god send her a reality check plz

No. 1141701

what a shocker, elzani cuts up her apples like that too and same with the pancake placement. she's not even subtle anymore she's just straight up LARPing elzani's entire personality

No. 1141702

File: 1611582113553.png (3.03 MB, 750x1334, 66F79DE0-9C90-4596-8DAC-8095ED…)

Ebegging for the “only thing” she can eat. Which is? Subway.

No. 1141706


Ntayrt but Aly was also bragging about fasting for the past two days and posting memes about being "stereotypically anorexic" so maybe she's on her way back to being milky

No. 1141711

this is perfect

No. 1141714

File: 1611583515709.jpg (253.56 KB, 1080x1718, 20210125_140048.jpg)

another cow trying to be the sickest but failing miserably. Tachy of 70??? Medfagging sorry but the normal resting heart rate is 60-100 bpm so shes literally on the low end of normal, kek. tachycardia is classed as 100+ bpm but the majority of health professionals arent concerned until resting heart rate is 130+ bpm. if youre going to try to larp being the sickest at least fucking research first

No. 1141716

Yeah, this entire post is "I am daintier than you and very tragic tru ana". These kids crying about being chronic while being on earth fewer years than most "chronic" anorexics have been sick is ridiculous. Need to get over themselves… but also, brains don't stop maturing until your mid-20s so it also is probably a product of thinking you're unique as most teens do. I wish people would call this out on her page, it's so embarrassing

No. 1141717

samefag but im basically trying to search for a few new cows cause ngl ham, ganer and n2f are our only consistent sources of milk rn so im trying to find a bit of variety

No. 1141720

talks about DNR…right. Says shes admitted due to ED slip up yet orders an Archies Cheetos Chicken Burger. Right.
Another one of these Perth revolving door youngins who get tubed as soon as they hit bmi 18.5

No. 1141726

What the fuck is she even on about, every day she posts how super sick she is and how she has all those doctors and posting her messages from mummy yet she never actually updates, attention whore or what

No. 1141730

File: 1611586300610.jpeg (464.01 KB, 828x1710, 74E2A8E7-30EC-478D-A58C-2B574A…)

Oh I am very curious how she’s going to recreate the exact macros of her current safe dinner. Not curious enough to risk actually voting on her narcissistic poll though.

No. 1141757

File: 1611591853843.jpg (154.96 KB, 1080x1932, Screenshot_20210125_162417.jpg)

No. 1141764

>"it's so unfair!"
What does she expect them to do? Damn you'd have thought she'd have learned the score by now, it's like how smorven acts shocked when she gets ""mistreated"" (kek) despite repeating the same song and dance for years.

Congrats Laura, finally got that tube.

No. 1141783

KEK only took her like 10 fuckin years. Well done Laura, you’re finally *~valid~* now! Don’t forget to take a million photos to roll out whenever someone points the fact your weight has been healthy since forever!

No. 1141814

Oh my god poverty isn’t just about money, in this way the thing they’re referring to is that some low income people don’t always have the opportunities to learn about basic cooking I don’t know about where you are but unless you wanted to do it cooking wasn’t taught in schools. My parents toyed the same 6 dinners almost every night for most of my childhood because they didn’t know any thing else. My father did lots of oven pizzas when they split because he didn’t have a lot of skills then. All of this being said not having the opportunity young to learn how to cook and nutrition doesn’t excuse the fact that EVERY meal is like that. Sure some that’s fine but wouldn’t you want to learn to cook for yourself at that age? Especially if you have an eating disorder so it’s more control?(derailing and blogposting)

No. 1141866

actualy nutritionists and ED recovery plans involve teaching you about food and cooking, in the UK at least
So the point is more that Ham clearly isnt getting that despite the hospital bed with her name on it

No. 1141874

Someone Laura's size doesn't need a tube. Not eating for a few days isn't going to kill her.

No. 1141877

Is Ham even under CAMHS? We know she doesn’t have an eating disorder but I wonder what put the idea in her head

No. 1141880

I obviously don't know where in the UK you are but I've never known a op programme which offers education on nutrition, and I'm pretty sure a fair few ip don't either.

No. 1141900

please come back mol perhaps ham is what karma gave us for being evil bitches

No. 1141926

File: 1611604507206.jpeg (253.64 KB, 828x1364, 7E6C957F-BF6F-4788-9771-107621…)

Bored_with_ana got her period back is going to give us all some great medical advice. Can’t wait

No. 1141934

File: 1611604641195.jpg (454.67 KB, 1080x1835, 20210125_135701.jpg)

Ham also asked her followers to pick what she ate in addition to her biscoff porridge a la n2f.

No. 1141936

She claims to be ecstatic but I'm guessing she must be devastated she can no longer hit us over the heads with mentions of her super severe hypothalamic amenorrhea.

No. 1141942

Img board

No. 1141967

kek, ikr?

Her skin looks so bad, pale and with acne like someone who rarely sees the sun and eats only sugar and grease. It is definitely getting worse. Hannah – eat a vegetable!

No. 1141975

>>1141934 God, Ham is so insufferable. Take off your nasty PJ's, have a shower, then have a salad. This moaning about your anorexia when as you visibly continue gaining past a healthy weight while eating food that would give most anorexics a heart attack just from looking at it is so obnoxious. LARP better.

Sage for rage but god her ig stories always piss me off. They're so condescending. At least she's not taking up beds in ED wards like Porgie, I suppose.

No. 1141983

File: 1611608046184.jpg (20.01 KB, 290x290, 5f1c35c531cadf6c762ae5aea83975…)

All this menstruation!

Ham is far off that stage yet.

No. 1141991

“Dainty” aly is back to bragging and showing off stuff she’s shoplifted(newfaggotry)

No. 1141998

It's a PD unit thing. Pretty common for patients to go on hunger strike (for want of a better description). So they take that option away.
Laura says she's just come out of isolation so she potentially refused food whilst in isolation.
Means they have to actually express their feelings rather than act them out.

No. 1142003

No one cared the first time, and no one cares now.

No. 1142018

why is she obsessed with making ugly faces

No. 1142038

she looks so unhealthy. not in the dainty ana modellesque way, but in the greasy neet slob way

No. 1142045

Laura's tried that before. Some time last year she was saying they were threatening her with a tube because she refused food. She uses it for attention as opposed to having an ED.

It's her trademark face like Molly's amazed face. I miss Molly but it's good she did piss off if she had any problems with food. Everyone has negative comments at some point, and her leaving if makes it more legit she had mild problems. Ham sticking with her account proves she's not arsed how she looks with her weight.

No. 1142060

File: 1611614759212.jpg (93.61 KB, 1000x582, shimtheythem.JPG)

Jenn can't get enough of those hits from Cooney's fans. ANOTHER video about fetishists. Eyes rolling to the back of my head.

Haven't watched it because I've had a decent day so far, but if anyone's interested…

No. 1142091

And that post is merely the tip of the iceberg. She is one of the most selfish ana chans I've come across.

No. 1142096

If she was, I'm sure we'd know about it by now. A story about her appointments and weigh ins and how the doctors are super concerned about her weight. At this stage I'm convinced the only time Ham leaves her bedroom is to go to the kitchen.

No. 1142133

Maybe you should'nt, that person called herbs has been said to still be an anachan and says stuff in their videos to deliberately trigger anas. Some comments in their video point this out but also

No. 1142167

File: 1611622372290.jpeg (854.01 KB, 1125x1553, B3815C1C-0408-4C6B-9A66-C11740…)

You guise think that's enough photoshop ?

No. 1142169

That article it's impossible to read, is written in woke. Maybe if someone can find it in english, that would be great. The whole "they them" bs pronoun thing it's too annoying.

No. 1142174

Thanks, anon, that was an interesting read ngl

No. 1142180

you cant be serious right? 'they' is a simple pronoun and the article is easy to read..

No. 1142184

No way, she forgot to make the collarbones pop, amateur mistake, I guess.

No. 1142194

I know. I despise her. That's why I didn't give the yt link. The fetishists are often referred to, so threw it in. A few others have started uploading videos about them too because they WOW just discovered it's a thing!
No, I'm not bigging her up. She's a twat.

Looks like a filter. That alien face one.

No. 1142201

If you're gonna brag about being illiterate, you should at least sage your shit.

No. 1142205

I get what your saying and i'm going to sound harsh but a lot of poorer families, speaking in terms of the uk, have absolutely zero education/knowledge on nutrition, do you really think Hams family don't have a set of knives and pans? Not to mention that Hammum seems pretty old and a lot of boomers, even upper working class- lower middle class, live off of frozen ready meals because they genuinely think it's a nutritious/ staple meal because why would corps lie to us.

No. 1142206

Chill, it ain't that serious. It's not bragging to say I refuse to read stuff written in crazy. Sorry not sorry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1142214

Yet obviously you also suffer from terrible reading comprehension because missed the main point and still can’t sage.

No. 1142217

Oof I literally unfollowed this bitch today because she ain’t fooling NO ONE with those selfies and I’m sick of her boring ass posts lmao

No. 1142218

File: 1611625755076.jpg (100.42 KB, 1435x515, eg.JPG)

The knives and pans things was in reference to anon I quoted who said low income families don't have access to utensils. I was saying of course they have things like that.

I'm old anon, and when I was a kid during the 70s it was the 3 day week era. Most working class people had less than w/c people do now. This made my mum HAVE to create nourishing food with cheaper ingredients. Ofc we occasionally had boil in the bag fish with deep fried home chips, but most times it was home cooked food. Frozen food was more expensive then and a jar of coffee was a WOW thing at christmas!

Ham's parents aren't so much younger than mine, so they would've had basic cooking skills "Home Economics" at school, or learned by watching their parents.

Sorry, but I don't think there's any excuse for not knocking up something healthier and fresher except laziness. It costs the same, if not less, and tastes good.(derailing and blogposting)

No. 1142219

File: 1611625931412.jpg (255.81 KB, 880x1360, 7113fF1iplL.jpg)

Just to add, this book was invaluable. Still good to learn how to make basics.

No. 1142230

Just because your parents did that for you doesn’t mean ham’s will. Some parents are just lazy and prefer to take the path of least resistance to dinner. Whether or not they have utensils or cookery knowledge is irrelevant. It doesn’t need the weird class wars spin either.

No. 1142232


Her mother sounds concerned enough to sit with Ham while she eats and offer advice. Her only daughter has (apparently) been anorexic for years. She'd make the effort to feed her unless she's special needs.

Class war? Don't know where you get that from, but not going to do a politics derailment.

No. 1142241

She means postural tachycardia- in Aus at least it’s a big admission criteria if your heart rate jumps a lot when you stand.

No. 1142248

>Ham's parents aren't so much younger than mine

Unless your parents were teens when then had you its more like, "ham's parents aren't much older than I am."

No. 1142258

Sage for no milk, but does anyone have updates on Morven? She seemed to be posting a lot, but I rarely see her posted on her anymore. Did the close friends list anon(s) lose privilege?

No. 1142271

My mum was 19 if that matters? Got any valium?(stop)

No. 1142272

I think she just keeps attacking her face.

No. 1142280

Tinfoil, but Ham mentioned in her pizza fear rant post that she wasn't able to read when she was at her "worst", and Elzani talks about that in the very first video on her channel. She really is just a knockoff, it's so entertaining.

I think I'll skim the rest of Elzani's early videos just to see if Ham took any other possible inspiration from them.

No. 1142287

Return the slab

No. 1142289

Push her off the chair

No. 1142293

File: 1611634247504.jpg (1.36 MB, 1440x2864, 20210126_041101.jpg)

Must be all the gains from the cream of wheat and one chocolate square every morning, kek.

No. 1142298

Has she posted her new recipes? Imagining 6 blueberries arranged precisely 3 inches apart on top of the raspberries. Ofc taken away 6 raspberries to keep the exact same calories.

No. 1142358

Is she making the supposedly secret ana-chan forum predator story up or the forum she mentions is really real?

No. 1142368

It's definitely real, I can't remember the name of it though, the website with the skelly porn she is talking about in her new video, i'm pretty sure is the one May posted to mentioned in the previous thread. I do find it curious she managed to infiltrate and find all these sites though considering it's not something you just stumble upon even if you're constantly scouring the net for ~thinspo~.

No. 1142381

File: 1611653167456.png (4.02 MB, 750x1334, 3C381155-DC6A-470A-8D9A-9004B0…)

how long do you think this’ll last

No. 1142382

n2f is what the cottagecore lesbians are referring to when they talk about going feral

No. 1142384

I don't think Sophie photoshops, just uses filters - which is why her skin is always so smooth.

No. 1142386

porgie, if you wanna lose you have to actually eat less calories than you consume.

No. 1142389

those alcohol cals will cancel out any food limiting she does, kek.

i sense an incoming NF admission

No. 1142402

she needs to lose way more than 3kg, why are the ana fakers always so bad at faking anorexia? just lose weight

No. 1142405


No. 1142418

File: 1611658314252.jpg (Spoiler Image, 276.45 KB, 1080x1513, 20210126_044945.jpg)

Coo n cream…I know you Britfags don't say this. Right? Spoilered for n2f "food."

No. 1142423

Oh right I see sorry, yeah good call. I just wanted to warn anyone who decided to go on the video. Glad you are aware of this because they have some WK's here who stalk the other thread and throw shitfits if anything even slightly critical or neutral is said about them.

You're welcome anon!

No. 1142425

File: 1611660823350.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 262.45 KB, 828x1375, 4DE4A93B-574E-4CEC-A913-5B798B…)

Who called it?

No. 1142428

Wonder how she managed to get tubed, I heard it's pretty much a last resort in UK hospitals?

No. 1142440

We don't. Hersey's is also pretty rare in my area in stores.

Also that looks gross as fuck. How is that porridge?

No. 1142442


She’s possibly gone private a lot of these UK anachans do

No. 1142449

I wonder how fatties manage to get tubed? In my country this is when you have 1 foot in the grave already. It’s an extreme treatment

No. 1142451

I read on another site that the forum is called skinnyfans

No. 1142454

Haha she loves this. Still not anorexic though.

No. 1142457

File: 1611665623115.jpeg (1.77 MB, 1125x1988, 5D273B36-720E-4A7B-8149-6CC95B…)

What does Ham do OTHER than “rest” (slob around in her dressing gown)

No. 1142459

I read on her insta story that she was in isolation because she had covid?? That fucks with your appetite so bad so I bet it’s as recovery from that tbh I doubt it’s for her super special anorexia

No. 1142462

cannibalism! pig eating bacon.

Ham rests all the time. She thinks not sitting on her ass means burning off precious calories she needs to restore her ickle sick body.

No. 1142477

She had an alert on Track and Trace because someone she'd been around had tested positive. It doesn't mean she was infected (she doesn't mention being tested herself), if you get an alert you have to do isolation.

No. 1142481

File: 1611668312773.jpeg (180.3 KB, 1024x1024, 10387C0C-00AE-4872-BA5B-2919B8…)


Right on the money, second anon. Pretty much no milk, just the usual whining and pics of her scratched up face.
Zero change it seems, still in the same inpatient bed banging on about wanting to die.

No. 1142486

she's still got a few weeks to make it to NF by valentine's day. she'll be ramping up the "things r getting bad" posts until then to set the stage of course

No. 1142491

File: 1611668903099.jpg (253.25 KB, 720x1280, 1610747977598.jpg)

She apparently did test positive.


No. 1142494

I need to take more notice. Thanks.

No. 1142495

She's gone for self care but nothing about showering. How is anyone exhausted when they're locked up at home?

No. 1142505

It was posted without comment and the only reply on the thread was "lolz," so it was easy to miss.

No. 1142506

Holy hell Freddy Kruger has made a comeback

No. 1142508

File: 1611671876281.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 21.91 KB, 215x270, 37196BAE-D281-48FD-8156-CA2584…)



No. 1142511

1. Gain weight.
Love anorexics acting like anorexia is not solely about weight- challenging themselves all over the place as long as it isn't a sustained increase in calories and doesn't result in weight gain; wanting to give details on how they got their period back as if they're relevant

No. 1142514

She said in a previous post she was going to increase her consumption of ~healthy fats~ so expect that to feature. When really, as you said, the only responsible advice is to gain weight.

No. 1142515

Thanks for the nightmares

No. 1142516

File: 1611672289435.jpeg (61.72 KB, 1200x600, attention.jpeg)

No. 1142556

File: 1611679300072.jpg (356.14 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20210126_163926.jpg)

Yesterday says she can't eat food with her hands and posts a video of her eating fruit flakes from the packet with a spoon.
Today eats wrap with hands.
It's a bloody miracle how ed behaviours can change overnight kek

No. 1142655

This is honestly vomit inducing.

No. 1142672

What has she done to herself?

No. 1142691

Fucked up her face forever by scratching. It’s funny, seems to be a trend amongst SH cows but when she was asked about it (on tell I think) she claimed she’d always done it. Strange, we only ever got to see her showing off the massive head banging bump but never this latest hobby…

No. 1142703


Someone's been reading the Eugenia Cooney thread on kiwifarms

No. 1142731

File: 1611690983190.jpg (805.44 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20210126-135443_Ins…)

It's so obvious that you're sucking it in, Ham. Clean your mirror.

No. 1142742

She doesn't look as fat as I thought she did. Or maybe she's just lost weight since the post from Janury 2nd. Still doesn't need a toob, though.

No. 1142761

File: 1611692859803.jpeg (700.36 KB, 828x1580, 49D47E22-AD86-4C21-99DE-B00F63…)

Ganer made a bunch of IG stories literally crying about how her progress pictures got taken down. Apparently it feels like all her progress is being taken away, because pics or it didn’t happen right?

No. 1142771

File: 1611693273108.jpg (212.96 KB, 1080x1655, 20210126_143304.jpg)

Does she have ptosis? Is that why she wears that awful eyeliner? To distract from it?

No. 1142774

i'm so tired of this pig and her puffy face. she's not even huge and i'm compelled to ~fat-shame~ her because of how delusional she is. how can anyone enable her unhinged behavior?

No. 1142781

File: 1611693579344.jpg (986.62 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20210126-143919_Ins…)

No. 1142785

To be fair, I don't understand why that would be taken down when accounts which literally admit to being pro-ana aren't?

No. 1142795

so glad ganer isn't going to let this stop her continuing on her journey with orthorexia

No. 1142805

File: 1611695307759.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 13D632C4-FDAF-45EB-8D25-A407E2…)

On the wall behind her is what appears to be a portrait of herself? Is that weird? I’d understand if it were with someone else but alone it just seems a bit narcissistic?

No. 1142817

She probably deleted it herself and is pretending that it was taken down.

No. 1142831

Was this the post that was taken down? kekkkkk for real? and fucking ganer her posts are so beyond inappropriate

No. 1142871

File: 1611698725179.png (8.42 MB, 1242x2208, D4E79AFD-8E88-4537-85A8-1DA24F…)

Angry Ham is my favourite Ham. Want to see a full angry outburst.

No. 1142872

Removed for violating innocent eyes, kek

No. 1142877


omfg! the amount of grease in that photo puts KFC to shame!
does she never shower/wash her hair? was Elzani ever this bad at self care and is this just another attempt at skinwalking?

im gagging at the thought of how her yeasty, unwashed vajin must smell…

No. 1142884


No. 1142889

anon, Ham is a minor. too far

No. 1142891

Grosssss anon, gross. But also, anyone else find it weird that she puts a whole face of makeup on but doesn’t seem to wash her hair??? These 2 things seem incompatible…

No. 1142902

Reminds me of the girl in this advert

No. 1142909

There's no reason this would be removed. She didn't provide the notice as a SS which I'm sure she'd do.

When you look like this over Instagram
it's time to step away.

Ganer looks awful. She's lost weight.

No. 1142941

literally the two ugliest cows in the thread - their faces being posted back to back really cemented my opinion.

No. 1142956

>im gagging at the thought of how her yeasty, unwashed vajin must smell…
Why would you be thinking about a 17 year old girl's vagina?

No. 1142965

It could be a picture of her with her friends or family. Hard to tell from this angle.

No. 1142967

File: 1611706109573.png (553.22 KB, 776x564, Untitled.png)

She has a lot of photos on her wall and it looks like family members. There's a baby on one and a couple on some others. There's a panel devoted to her, but the rest I'm guessing are family.

Her flat's really nice considering she works at M&S. Rent must be cheap where she lives or Marks n Sparks pay well.

No. 1142970

Correction, the Hannah panel has photos of her sister underneath her row. I like how she loves her family, but it's mystifying they don't sort her out. Not that she'd listen. I was watching her first YT upload and even then she was really slagging off MH services. Okay, they're crap, but she definitely does things her way.

No. 1142981

Wrong. You forgot Porgie.

No. 1142982

It’s probably a man.

No. 1143020

I think Marks and Spencer's employees get a generous discount card for working there, so her flat is probably furnished with items she's bought in Marks and Spencer.

No. 1143024

All her stuff is nice- flat, furniture, today she showed an expensive cannon camera and has a MacBook Pro. I know nothing about M&S but can’t imagine working retail part time would pay for all this. Assume her family helps her out.

No. 1143033

she just looks so unhealthy…thin hair and anorexic smile lines

No. 1143037

She definitely removed the post after being called out for sucking in
maybe she thinks it got deleted cuz Insta doesn’t allow deathly thin bodies kek

No. 1143046

She lurks here so she'll be copying the Ganer spoop pic scenario, except she deleted it because she's not a spoop.

All I can think is she might've had an inheritance at some point and she uses that. Her flat's swanky for a retail worker. That kitchen's wasted on her. Idk, it's odd. It's not like she mentions having a side job or even selling shit on ebay. Good for her though. It's refreshing to see one of them maintaining a tidy home…possibly over tidy, if you get me? (OCD for the slow brained).

No. 1143097

That's what I thought. It plays right into her LARP that she would want to be part of the I'm-so-uwu-delicately-triggering-Instagram-is-deleting-my-posts clique. The only thing that is triggering is half a pound of greese on her head.

No. 1143130

yeah theres no sign of the "your content was removed" notification screenshot so we all know she self-deleted it

No. 1143131

I probably have to lurk moar but does anyone know why she works retail if she has a law degree?

No. 1143156

I don't think she's ever mentioned the reason.

No. 1143166

in fairness, it's really competitive to get a position in the legal field after you graduate. i've known people who've taken years after they finished just to get started. could be that she's trying and working in m&s in the meantime?

No. 1143168

… was this her low weight?

No. 1143182

I’d also like to know if she mentions this being her low weight or a relapse or something!

No. 1143189


Where was this posted? It wasn’t in her stories on her main ig. Selfpost?

No. 1143235

She has a video on YouTube titled 'why I left my job'. From Jan to July? 2019 she was working at commercial gym but left to become a personal trainer. Presumably quit because no one in their right mind would hire her. I only got halfway in because it's just her talking about how great she'd be at it

But sadly there is videos of her eating a sausage roll, garlic bread, granola etc - her eating is way more restricted now

No. 1143258

File: 1611746365370.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 742.59 KB, 828x1453, B5D08F6E-13FF-4314-A651-FBD9B5…)

Ganer showing the IG boolies who’s boss with another nasty progress picture. She said it herself though: she only feels like her ~*~progress~*~ [into orthorexia] is valid if she has the photographic evidence to prove she was the spoopiestspoop

No. 1143263

I could be mistaken but I've heard she has said that she doesn't believe people unless they have spoop pics? which ngl is pretty shitty if true

No. 1143269

She’s just gone from really anorexic to slightly less anorexic lol

No. 1143272

It's sad to see her what I eat in a day videos because she ate nice food and not solely protein powder.

I might be wrong, but I don't think a law degree automatically qualifies someone tfor a career in law. P sure there are years of study to specialise in an area of law. Perhaps she can't afford to study or she lost interest.

Tbh it might be a degree that's really general like psychology. After a psychology degree you have to study a particular branch of it or at least train for it with extra qualifications.


No. 1143275

considering the super-dainty porgie, ovi the obese & scared ham are out here claiming the same condition, it's not a surprise that she wants to differentiate herself, even if it is through disordered competitive ED behaviours

No. 1143277

Studying and law careers also both involve a lot of time seated at a desk. Somehow I doubt miss active rest day would be able to stomach the thought.

No. 1143278

somehow her hair looks worse in the pic on the right than the pic on the left.

No. 1143280

File: 1611747934048.jpeg (274.94 KB, 828x1459, 5DB71213-D8DB-4F01-814B-8554C8…)

Ham’s happy to extend her ana larper knowledge with the extreme hunger excuse for her pigging out!

No. 1143287

No, Ham, not THIS THIS THIS. You thought being hungry while nor eating for yeaaaars is extreme hunger. When you're anorexic, it's hunger full stop and only extreme because duh you eat very little. FFS, she does nothing right.

Does she have reverse BDS like Georgie, thinking she looks skeletal here >>1142731 ?

No. 1143288

No. 1143302

Not a wk, but she is gaining mass, albeit slowly. Her eating behaviors aren't anywhere near normal and she's probably orthorexic, but I don't understand people saying she hasn't made any progress. The difference is visible, and at least she is putting effort into not being anorexic. I think socializing with people and working with people at the gym will either spin her into orthorexia, or she will slowly change her ways and realize her behaviors aren't normal. She's definitely looking a lot healthier overall than she used to.

No. 1143305


Nitpick but why do all Ham's selfies look like she's being told at gunpoint to recreate expressions from the Tangled art book. So exaggerated and quirkyyy

No. 1143306

Ham really uses her post starvation hunger as an excuse to pig out. If she really saw a doctor who was forcing her into recovery she'd realize there's a refeeding process. Giving a starved and malnourished body a sudden flood of food can send someone into shock and kill them.

Also her anorexia advertisement pose in >>1142731 is hilarious. The dainty hand on the abdomen, grimace on her face, slouched position. Larp harder and see a real dietitian ham.

As for those saying she's probably in a low income household, she looks like she's at least lower middle class. Her family could absolutely afford to eat better, but it looks like her mom doesn't know anything about eating disorders or nutrition either

No. 1143312

Also to add, im_powering has been criticised for straight up copy-and-paste plagiarism of other people's posts before. Not the best role model for Ham

No. 1143364

its not extreme hunger in Hams case, its binging.

No. 1143376

Adding to your comment about low middle class, she also has an extremely expensive phone and no job so her parents must have bought it for her, so they can’t be that poor.

No. 1143390

File: 1611760477726.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, B45415AB-D3EB-4DF9-83A3-14C440…)

Scales positioned somewhere you’d have to step around them every time you wash your hands. Surely inconvenient, unless you weight yourself very often . Such an inspiration

Maybe it’s because I’m a maximalist, but her flat is so soulless.

No. 1143403

I agree, it's a significant improvement. She does still have disordered behaviours, but orthorexics aren't in immediate danger of death like anorexics are.

No. 1143410

It’s definitely an improvement, I don’t think anyone’s denying that. But a) she must still be miserable because her lifestyle is so restricted and b) she presents what she is doing as completely healthy and anyone who disagrees with that is a mean bully

No. 1143412

I didn't take any other screenshots of the post because I obviously didn't know instagr(H)am would be taking it down. I also never read her captions because they're just so long. I don't remember seeing any mention of low weight in the text on the pictures.

No. 1143435

File: 1611766561945.jpg (380.98 KB, 1080x1493, 20210126_144603.jpg)

N2F's salad from yesterday.


Place the following ingredients into a bowl:

One whole cucumber
One whole tomato
Carrot shavings
Onion shavings(?)
A few spinach/lettuce leaves

Finish with Salad Cream and enjoy?

No. 1143441

that's the most appetizing thing i've ever seen her create

No. 1143459

Yeah, I don't think it's completely unappetizing. It's just one of N2F's weird things. A whole cucumber with grated carrots? I feel like the mix of texture would be awful.

No. 1143521

At least it's real salad cream.

No. 1143555

File: 1611774752901.png (2.48 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210127-162722.png)

Why do I not believe she actually eats cereal?
I know a lot of bodybuilders eat it for easy carbs and taste, but Ganer has never posted it that I can think of.

No. 1143561

>Post starvation
Bitch, where (not aimed at you)? She is normal. She has always been normal (based on her claims). The timeline doesn’t figure. None of it adds up. She’s convinced herself she has anorexia, but the closest she’ll ever come to an ED is ednos. Incidentally, not anachan over here.

No. 1143594

The picture's blurry because she took it as she was running in the opposite direction.

No. 1143611

File: 1611779568485.jpeg (97.85 KB, 631x445, 08524EC7-AFD9-4712-B5C4-1BED73…)

Possibly nitpicking about Skinwalking Ham vs Elzani, but has anyone noticed how similar even the profile pics are?

No. 1143612

I don't think anyone is disputing that she's gained mass anon.

No. 1143642

File: 1611781231857.png (991.74 KB, 720x1022, Screenshot_20210127-205759~2.p…)

Here's something we'll never see Ham posting no matter how extreme her skinwalking becomes.

Incredible amount of pancakes on Elzani's account.

No. 1143648

File: 1611781617316.jpg (10.19 KB, 281x300, 43cc8c684ee8bca6ce6dedf7929a05…)

Sage for no milk but damn thats making me hungry, its been so long since ive had a roast dinner

No. 1143654

Make yourself one soon! It does look good. If you've got issues, just eat what you can.

She's really done well. I hated her for a long time but kudos to her.

No. 1143658

I aint an anachan just lazy kek, but yes I shall make it some point this week hehe

No. 1143664

File: 1611782609003.jpg (517.09 KB, 1080x1381, Screenshot_20210127-152319_Ins…)

Ham had gingerbread biscuits. Take THAT, anorexia.

No. 1143666

i think this is her personal account instagram.com/hannahmblackburn/
i wonder if she'll unprivate it

No. 1143695

She had an Instagram at 13. That'd be interesting.

If she self harmed how likely is it she gives it up while going through the worst part of her hamorexia? Nah.

No. 1143697


haha, i screenshotted this the second i saw it to point out the exact same thing but you beat me to it!

ntb, but as a frequent weigher myself its the first thing i noticed. add in the suspect pills from her story the other day, the frequent obessive walking on her 'rest days', and her insane measuring cups of everything she eats… yeah, not anorexic behaviours at all…

No. 1143698

Doubt it. Also she made posts but has no followers yet. Does Hammum not have instagram?

No. 1143701

Samefag. I doubt she'll ever unprivate. It's definitely her account.

No. 1143730

is that chicken breast or whatever supposed to look like it’s a frozen mass? the rest looks okay, just that “meat” she has on there looks sus

No. 1143735

That packet of gingerbread men is less than 90 calories. Stop treating your followers like idiots, Ham.

No. 1143767

The meat looks like a raw chicken breast but I'll take the rest.

No. 1143780

Dear Ham,
Just because your belly rumbles a few hours after you've eaten does not mean that you are experiencing extreme hunger. Feeling hungry is normal. More likely, in your case, it's your body warning you that it's still trying to digest the disgusting, dense slop of sugar and sodium that you're so bent on feeding it. Eat an apple, have a drink of water, take a SHOWER and go for a walk.

No. 1143781

File: 1611789430754.png (3.06 MB, 828x1792, 474B8B96-0360-4650-AA21-CE2E5F…)

Don’t even know where to start on this one. Duromine is a hard core diet pill that’s prescribed to those with (I beleive) a bmi of over 30. How is she getting it and why on earth would she give it to her ‘ED friends’ it’s like she’s asking for their deaths. I don’t know which of her friends got it but some of the friends she’s posted are quite tiny and should definitely not be taking that shit

No. 1143800

File: 1611790376055.jpg (59.44 KB, 1424x303, yay death.JPG)

>"I would hallucinate – seriously – have strange dreams, sweat excessively, be nervous and twitch. One day my heart would beat very fast, and then another day very slowly. My mother thought this thing was going to kill me."

Give your friends kidney failure, hallucinations, make fatty shit exit their anus at random moments, etc.!

Seriously, these things are only prescription, right? What a dick.

No. 1143822

File: 1611791451922.jpg (579.58 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2021-01-27-23-50-49…)

No. 1143823

maybe i'm just a goblin but this actually looks way better than zani's raw chicken breast. it's like something i'd smash in a drunken/stoned stupor.

No. 1143850

File: 1611793389055.jpg (688.83 KB, 719x1344, Screenshot_2021-01-28-00-23-16…)

Okay, how about this. Skinny mix wants to repost this as an ad.

No. 1143856

File: 1611793914699.jpg (73.05 KB, 774x657, lazy.JPG)

Okay, none of her food is my thing, BUT the thing that repulses me most is those dirty bottles on her bed. The top of that Tschi (whatever it is) is open and all over her actual matress.

Is this the same day as the doorstep egg and sausage sarnie, because…at her weight she expects people to believe she keeps it down?

Psst, Tesco do a ready made roast thing. You don't get much but my mum and dad like them for a lazy tv dinner. Beef or chicken. £1.75

No. 1143857

File: 1611793989935.jpg (36.14 KB, 495x511, Capture.JPG)

Actual matress. Difficult to clean. Probably won't bother. AArrgh!

No. 1143860

File: 1611794378978.jpeg (980.43 KB, 1242x2021, 2B13A43E-E354-42C1-951D-E6C1ED…)

how is it possible to have opposite body dysmorphia?

No. 1143866

Her jeans are so tight it's holding fat in. Must be as uncomfortable af, especially squatting down. A good bra would improve her shape.

No. 1143879

she definitely reads here, since we have commented on her lack of non-recovery social media kek

No. 1143889

File: 1611796868798.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1059x1268, B30F0864-8124-4C23-B766-6E7E4F…)

This might be a nitpick, but Ham seriously eats pre-cut apple slices out of a bag? Even her fruit is prepackaged. She seriously can’t slice herself some fresh apple?

No. 1143895

Didn’t two of her friends die from heart complications? How could she willingly give that shit to her friends when it could literally kill them. Wouldn’t surprise me if she gave that shit or similar to her ‘friends’ that’s have passed

No. 1143898

No idea who this is but looks like she’s a drug dealer, not just “giving” it to her friends…

No. 1143899

Has she not been tubed before?? I'm kinda shocked

No. 1143907

Isn’t there always like added sugars and preservatives in the pre cut apples?

No. 1143937

Yep this one is notorious for posting about drugs and glorifying it. I’ve followEd for quite a while now. This is definitely a brag post too, wanting to let everyone know she has her hands on duromine. People will likely see it and complain over tellonym, to which she’ll cry and play victim in response - the usual shtick

No. 1144008

Yeah, to stop them going brown. But you guize this isn't a fdoe!!! She poked some grapes earlier

No. 1144018

File: 1611807640628.jpg (178.93 KB, 1080x1673, 20210127_220819.jpg)

What the hell are they talking about?

No. 1144158

>>1143889 not to be an eco freak vegan but to be an eco freak vegan… the amount of plastic and other packaging/waste she's producing is almost more disgusting than the food she actually eats.

No. 1144180

No there's not, they just pump the packet full of gas perservative to stop them browning (typically sulphur dioxide)

No. 1144301

I wonder if that person thought the NHS text was from a staff member and didn’t realize that Laura posted it?

No. 1144308

This must be from a literal child because they clearly have no idea how track and trace or screenshots work. WHy would a member of staff have a screenshot from lauras phone, I don't even get how they could be this confused.

No. 1144322

Inb4 she gets admitted and then gets out right in time for valentines chocolate deals post-valentines.

No. 1144364

File: 1611850642123.jpeg (594.03 KB, 828x1679, 1348A90D-E4DC-4B15-A724-68EDDE…)

Health and fitness qween ganer explaining how she makes sure to continue to take the exact same walk every day even though her gym (which she usually walks to) is closed. Even if it’s pouring rain, because that’s what champs do!

No. 1144385

All of these recent talking videos have legit made me dislike her when I wasn't even too bothered before. Her voice grates like anything, and she's so freaking pretentious jfc.
I used to just feel sorry for her.

No. 1144388

File: 1611852005376.jpg (625.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210128-163800_Ins…)

And pricking her finger to monitor blood glucose. Just a part of a normal, healthy fitness regime! Not obsessive at all.

No. 1144395

I should have payed more attention in health class but isn’t 4.1 nearing too low of a blood sugar reading? Is this after she’s eaten too? Gainer is obviously still disordered (just look at that healthy skin and hair) but in the last week she’s revealed some more concerning habits.

No. 1144400

Low end of normal I believe but I presume that's fasting levels

No. 1144411

I was thinking it must have been that because there was nothing else that could have been "posted by staff."

No. 1144418

Obvious idiot. Anyone who sends a tell to Laura's an idiot.

She needs a general psych ward. She's losing it even more.

No. 1144422

Googled. 4 - 5.4 is normal. Nothing else about her is normal.

No. 1144466

Agreed, hearing her speak makes her 1000% more dislikable. She is the definition of pro-ana/orthorexia masquerading as toxic positivity.

No. 1144499


I want, so badly, for her to exfoliate above all else. She has the complexion of someone bloated while looking dehydrated while looking malnourished while looking allergic to everything, ya feel? All the best to her on her journey to orthorexia though.

No. 1144501

wait is that a huge blob of jam in the center it doesn't look like a pancake

No. 1144512

File: 1611863580713.jpg (5.8 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)

It's one of the pre packed "pancakes" discussed earlier. Here's another with nutella (presumably to make it taste of of something).

No. 1144560

File: 1611868234892.jpg (42.31 KB, 640x640, trollface.jpg)

can't unsee

No. 1144564

troll face and Ganer both have those anorexic face lines kek

No. 1144578

File: 1611869209210.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x1993, 8A26DE06-331D-43CF-AAE9-1507F0…)

Such anorexia! Instead of decorating her pigsty of a room (another thing mentioned here lately, such an obvious lurker to keep indirectly responding to us ~~nasty ppl~~) how about taking a shower, washing her oily hair & face and getting dressed. You can literally see the grease from the shit she eats seeping out of her pores. What a lazy, useless slob.

No. 1144581

Did you know you can take pills and no one has to know, not even your anorexic friends and the entire world via IG?

No. 1144584

File: 1611869553772.gif (4.34 MB, 600x967, gulp.gif)

Love that screenshot, anon

Ham also discovered oat milk

No. 1144587

Why thank you anon, wanted to get one of her taking a big ol’ chomp as I’m sure everyone would be worried sick otherwise! She can’t afford to lose a single ounce y’know?

No. 1144589

File: 1611869922047.jpg (82.05 KB, 1143x783, yum.JPG)

How can these taste so good?
A: They don't.

The vegan anas use it, so… Her dressing gown is matted.

No. 1144594

Her dietitian must be menta— oh, wait. Slipped my mind for a sec that no professional would recommend these plus multiple servings of porridge large enough to feed a family of four. Though I guess if even Laura can wangle a tube after a decade of trying anything’s possible

No. 1144596

File: 1611870662505.png (16.4 KB, 670x293, real name.png)

Hannah's personal account is popular. 3 followers, and one of those is herself. Aww.

Finding it difficult what she'd post that isn't larporexia related.

No. 1144600

File: 1611871205519.jpg (467.33 KB, 1080x1873, 20210128_155441.jpg)

I find it hard to believe anyone really cares that much about her plain pancakes

No. 1144602

The fact she’s patting herself on the back for this is baffling given that her ED LARP account has always been public and she’s mentioned her full name on it several times. She lies about having anorexia so I wouldn’t put it past her to lie about bullying too. Everything she “fears” or finds “scary” she manages to do with ease, proven by all the videos, shit acting and shameless self-promotion. I doubt she’s had a genuine problem in her life.

No. 1144604

Reality, nobody's given a fuck about her "pancakes" but she' ran out things to say.

No. 1144606

lol is she trying to make herself sound more ~AnA~ by making out nobody believes she uses spread on them? pro tip, Ham: it’s not a ‘debate’ when you block anyone asking genuine questions and limit comments to those bored/false enough to blow smoke up your ass

No. 1144613

She'd be a tiny little bit more genuine if she was ~honest and open~ breaking down after a therapy appointment rather than an oven pizza.

No. 1144622

Gotta have an eating disorder to qualify for that (NHS) so I guess as an audience we’re shit outta luck. Thank god she has her mum with all her profound wisdom - just say those two magic words “sod off” and everything will be fine. BANG! And the fear is gone!

No. 1144636

I wonder what she did to get one? Extra-long time without eating? I'd think it'd be really hard for someone without a problem to go that long, but when it's the only thing you're attempting in life it's probably easier…

No. 1144648

She’s in a personality disorder unit so as you can imagine lots of em do it, staff know the score but still after x time refusing it has to be done because duty of care (even if someone’s obese). Laura will probably play it up and make out it’s for ~anorexia~ but she’s never been a spoop and has been a healthy weight for ages. Apparently it’s coz she didn’t eat in isolation. Also probably saw someone else with one and got jealous

No. 1144654

She mentioned her family taking legal action because of her treatment there, so they would've had to do it if there's any chance they'd get in deeper shit, OMG THEY LEFT MY DAUGHTER STARVING FOR 3 DAYS!!!1

No. 1144667

File: 1611875293020.jpg (840.5 KB, 1080x1718, Screenshot_20210128-170753_Ins…)

Wow, I wonder why that was?

No. 1144673

Couldn't see the vein because of all the fat in her hand.

No. 1144681


actually, you're not far off. we have to sometimes use bp cuffs as tourniquets on obese patients to get their veins to surface. it's even more difficult if they're dehydrated. obese patients are just more difficult to deal with, it's frustrating how long patient care takes with these people.

No. 1144696

At this stage I wouldn't be surprised if she also had a blood pressure machine in her dull little apartment as well.

No. 1144702

>not all i had for snack btw

oh phew. was so worried she'd relapsed! can't have that happen, she's already such a waif!

No. 1144704

I’ve never in my life seen them try to stick the top of a finger for a cannula… Has she said why she needs one?

No. 1144709

File: 1611877182820.jpg (272.1 KB, 1152x2048, 20210128_233819.jpg)

Why does she have a beard

No. 1144710

She's at NF getting brain zaps.

No. 1144711

File: 1611877214170.jpg (422.35 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_2021-01-28-23-38-41…)

No. 1144715

Going to guess PCOS

No. 1144727


Sage for bp but PCOS can be helped by losing weight. I get a super hairy chin when I weigh more lol

No. 1144745

File: 1611879499885.jpg (412.12 KB, 1080x1779, 20210128_181829.jpg)

Can't wait for the recipe!!!

No. 1144749

kek why does that look delicious and actually nutritious?!

No. 1144774

I feel pain imagining her meticulously weighing each item and calculating macros.

I like to see this because her early posts or yt videos showed she ate things like this. Is she trying to hard to convince us she's not relapsing? As arrogant as she is, I hope she isn't but she's looking bad.

Hold on Ganer! Lockdown review in approx 3 weeks.

No. 1144805

Didn’t she say she was getting ECT? That’s done under sedation nowadays. Ofc Porgie will use anything to larp sick even if it will fry what little brain she has left.

No. 1144870

Looks pretty good, though I'm assuming that's some sort of high-fiber/high-protein/mostly chemical bagel

No. 1144889


I know that this probably goes against the rules of this site but can we report this shit.. to anyone? This is really dangerous.

No. 1144957

She is posted an hour ago crying and wailing about how she’s a bad person and her life sucks probably because of all the hate she has been getting for giving her friends the drugs so I wouldn’t do anything

No. 1144961

she can cry and wail about how shit of a person she is… but a r@pist can do that too. Doesn't make it right, nor does it protect any future victims. I can't report as I am not following her, but I seriously think she could kill someone here.

No. 1144974

You can ask on her tell or send her a message but don’t report it to anyone but Instagram
demz da r00lz

No. 1144988

post caps, this is an imageboard

No. 1145000

I'm assuming it's lanugo, poor thing

No. 1145003

she "mourns" the friends shes lost to their EDs yet does this kind of shit.

No. 1145005

File: 1611900121856.png (196.05 KB, 335x398, 2021-01-29.png)

Noo that's not lanugo. She has short stubby dark hair, lanugo is long and really fine/fuzzy (attached a pic of it)

No. 1145007

I know i was going to mention that I’ve downgraded my phone & can’t screenshot
sorry y’all
if anyone screenshots it make sure yoi get a good shot of her open mouth foaming spit

No. 1145009

File: 1611901759928.jpeg (284.01 KB, 1170x1786, 2CC5EC88-E41B-4044-8F4D-085FAE…)

No. 1145016

File: 1611903412620.jpeg (274.75 KB, 826x1465, BE9AE670-6FC6-4511-AA6A-F62EED…)

When cows unite…

No. 1145023

Good challenge as not eating her dads share of the pizza too

No. 1145025

File: 1611904313517.jpg (56.37 KB, 640x637, 23c5ce3262f6fdc5009c024cb23398…)

Tl;dr for thread:

No. 1145028

>>1145016 challenged a takeaway pizza kek so dainty, much waif

No. 1145045


pretty sure it was a joke

No. 1145097

I dont get why zoe is losing her shit now… like, if you didnt want people jumping all over you for the duromine shit why did you post a story about it along with a pathetic caption of "how bad" you feel.. very easily avoided if she just dealt drugs n shut up about it

No. 1145114

File: 1611924224379.png (2.69 MB, 828x1792, 26DC7C05-EDAA-424E-B3D2-66E6C2…)

may is begging for money again, how dare not having money ruining her birthday

No. 1145115

yet before she bragged about spending all this money on amazon junk

No. 1145116

her and all her loser friends relate over their drug use. then sob and bitch when one croaks. if she is employed, im sure her boss would love to see her adventures.

No. 1145125

>I can even pay you back possibly

No. 1145128

She must be taking a significant amount of stimulants to have thick saliva and bulging neck vessels like that, she's gonna give herself some serious cardiovascular issues and really should not be driving.

No. 1145132

what happened to the skinnyfans money lol

No. 1145134

She legit said how she'd spent thousands on a shopping spree.

No. 1145135

Did you need to post your hairy ass arm in a reply to an obvious joke?

No. 1145140

Does she have rabies? This pic really triggered me she looks deranged and that spit, yuck.

No. 1145144

the video stories were worse

No. 1145150

Where did she get all these anorexic friends

No. 1145153

Is she bored with camming and unlike everyone else in the world just stops working if it's boring

No. 1145337

File: 1611946529149.jpg (999.96 KB, 1080x1728, Screenshot_20210129-125426_Ins…)

Woah, Ham, slow down! Three cups of coffee? Did you even eat?

No. 1145352

Oh great, another person drinking Oatly… They sold a stake in their company to Trump-linked Blackstone investors. One of the most unethical oat drinks you can get. They make their product in Sweden, pack it in Germany and then send it to the UK… adding to that package pollution she loves…

No. 1145357

In fairness, it's probably still better than dairy milks, it's just the hypocrisy of pretending they're ~super ethical~. It's still the most trendy/ aesthetic brand though.

No. 1145358

What account did she post this on?

No. 1145362

wow who cares

No. 1145366

anon at least learn to sage if you’re going to make me feel bad about my preferred dairy alternative…

No. 1145368


No. 1145375

don't mean to white knight but i don't think she ever said she drinks oatly because it's more ethical…
also like the other anon, it's probably still more environmentally friendly than dairy milk. weird nitpick.

No. 1145376

samefag, like the other anon said*

No. 1145380

in b4 she switches back to dairy because she ~can't be sure her preference for oat milk is not disordered~

No. 1145413

There's almost no milk in that, I wonder if she did that to try to make it look like she cares about calories? Alternatively, is that a normal amount and I just use way too much lol

No. 1145419

Oh no not blumpf, whatever will we do now!

No. 1145421

I'm with you, but I know people who have barely any milk because they prefer the taste that way.

No. 1145428

File: 1611953169415.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x1797, Screenshot_20210129-144514_Ins…)

I'm so relieved. Ham didn't miss her snack plate tonight. I was worried she relapsed and was just drinking coffee

No. 1145453


ah shit sorry guys I actually didn't think it was a joke. I actually thought they meant "poor thing" because.. having hair like that is really shit and I would feel sorry for someone with that issue. Im such a loser, sorry.

No. 1145476

Wow, she's having a bath!

The milk debate. I didn't know there was a dairy alternative that didn't curdle but why anyone adds anything to coffee is strange. Why mask the taste of the blend. She could be using it a lot today to use it up before it goes off.

No. 1145498

Oh shut up.

No. 1145516

friendship means sharing dangerous amphetamine analogues with one another

No. 1145533

Nobody cares that you hate Trump, you eco-warrior.

No. 1145546

Is she.. proud of it?

No. 1145561

Funny she's not in education but her "snackplates" are loaded with literal kiddies lunchbox snacks. Ham, if you're going to snack relentlessly at least have the dignity to eat something that doesn't have a malt loaf with arms and legs on the packet.

No. 1145603

none of them are anorexic, more OSFED in denial

No. 1145605

File: 1611968303048.jpeg (88.95 KB, 635x780, 9118C7A6-96D5-41DA-85EA-1949D3…)

I don’t think she has been talked about here before. She constantly posts pictures saying “she’s letting her eating disorder take full control” and that she will fast for 20 days and posts thinspo quotes then 2 days later she deletes them and complain her “alters” ate. Then she deletes it the next day and says she starting the 20 day liquid fast then 2 days later once again she says her alters ate and and deletes her fast post it’s a cycle that has been happening for months. She’s been called about that on her tell but she claims it’s bc she has did

No. 1145607

Her 'snack' plates genuinely look like an average primary schooler's packed lunch. Quite embarrassing.

No. 1145613

File: 1611968448004.jpeg (151.14 KB, 640x749, E5DBA5DC-1151-4EB5-B1B2-D83E33…)

Sage for spam, she’s also a “baby girl”

No. 1145616

File: 1611968752788.jpeg (101.24 KB, 640x619, 0113822E-BC48-46A7-8DAF-EFCCA3…)

She also posts creepy pictures of her boyfriend sleeping and claims she NEVER sleeps

No. 1145695

Ayrt, no need to apologize. Sarcasm doesn't project as well through text

No. 1145697

File: 1611982115620.jpeg (681.2 KB, 1800x1800, E68D2512-E173-4D13-B2B1-91174E…)

Aww bummer, someone’s not the getting stomach asshole she’s been dreaming of. After she tried so hard to make sure it happen, too.

No. 1145781

I’m going to bet the “Sunshine Coast treatment” she mentions is the new residential ED program about to be opened (first one for Australia)

And then also bet that it will become the nirvana for all Queensland cows….

No. 1145785

She will take up a spot that some severely unwell person will need. I bet it will become a hug club for all the wannarexics.

No. 1145791

Genuinely fascinated by some of these fairly healthy looking women getting the tube treatment (don't get me wrong, others look like death). Especially the ones who seem happy about it. Here it's typically the greatest fear of every anorexic, to be pumped full of calories. In Canada you have to be at least -17 BMI and meet the criteria for anorexia in the DSM according to at least one doctor. It's considered ethically fraught and almost always done against the patients will. Is it a private hospital thing in other countries? Seems really bizarre to me.

No. 1145820

File: 1612007962442.png (765.87 KB, 1080x1505, Screenshot_2021-01-30-05-55-27…)

Has this girl ever read the criteria for anorexia?

No. 1145821

File: 1612008130966.jpeg (251.74 KB, 1152x2048, Es2QtBBXIAYgFJY.jpeg)

The face of starvation and anorexia.

No. 1145836

Idgi she looks fatter

No. 1145838

It tends to be a popular "want" in people with personality disorders. A lot of these "EDs" are actually personality disorder attention seeking behaviours more than actual EDs.

No. 1145846

She looks the same to me except even more unhealthy because she's so grimy looking now. She's trying to larp what happens to actual normal weight women who suddenly drop like 30-40 pounds due to anorexia, when freaks congratulate them instead of being concerned. But it doesn't work because she was obese then and obese now.

No. 1145847

Bc Anas love posing with their iced coffees.

No. 1145894

>Fuck you, Mom, for being probably the only person in my life who gives me compliments! You're dumb and I hate you!
God these cows are such selfish, nasty people at heart.

No. 1145900

File: 1612018541502.jpg (389.89 KB, 996x1724, ECT has side effects.jpg)

Georgie may need an NG tube if she can't eat, she would hate that

No. 1145901

Really, I mean she’s still a hambeast who should take responsibility for her health and well-being and do a bit of exercise rather than LARP anorexia and be salty to her mom.

No. 1145903

>takes me ages to choke down most things
You’re not kidding anyone. Not a single one.

No. 1145917

Upcoming medfag, sorry…
Eating disorders are actually really really common among people with personality disorders, especially among people with BPD. Maybe someone with histrionic PD or another might just showcase symptoms for attention not too sure about other PDs

No. 1145926

File: 1612022554002.jpg (516.37 KB, 720x1362, Screenshot_2021-01-30-15-57-02…)

New cow, perhaps? Her whole account is her recovery journey from a restrictive ED (she doesn't specifically say anorexia but it's a restrictive one)
I haven't had time to really look through it all but from what Ibe seem so far it's funny af

No. 1145946

I only saw her mention BN and BED…

No. 1145978

She doesn't belong here but she is a cow, absolutely thrives of the attention she gets from posting her gross body. Shame the deathfat thread died.

No. 1145979

*off i'm retarded

No. 1145981

this one looks milky as hell, please post more

No. 1145992

I had her account recommended to me a week or so ago and eagerly dove in to find talk about anorexia. I didn't see anything about that or even a restrictive eating disorder. Where did you find that?

No. 1145998

ntayrt - I can only find her talking about bulimia, I think even she knows she can’t pretend to have ana kek

No. 1145999

File: 1612028997153.jpeg (344.09 KB, 750x962, 116778AC-62DC-4845-ADD7-653DF5…)

I’m not sure if anyone’s interested but what the hell does this mean? Is she trying to say her pancreas is not working? I’m not sure if the starvation has damaged her brain, if she’s just not that bright or if my reading comprehension skills are shit. But I find it
funny she says her bloods have improved when on her ‘you can work out and calorie count in recovery’ post a few months back she said she was completely healthy in the comments.

No. 1146000

File: 1612029096981.jpeg (159.25 KB, 750x999, 113F4991-FEEE-4D02-A8C9-819065…)

Also all of the comments so far are from other semi -cows.

No. 1146020

File: 1612030744431.jpeg (105.84 KB, 564x640, 44AA8D7C-32F4-4CC2-A729-CEE23C…)

Yes, she’s starving.

No. 1146022

Yeah sounds like she's saying not enough pancreatic lipase is reaching her small bowel to digest fats so she's getting steatorrhea.
Who knows whether she's telling the truth though.

It's super treatable anyway, loads of people take pancreatic enzyme pills before meals to deal with this issue.

No. 1146045

Isn’t recovery chii all preachy about not needing professional treatment or am I confused?

No. 1146147

File: 1612037761470.jpg (205.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210130-201451_Ins…)

No. 1146155

sage but where are you in canada that has a bmi requirement for tubing? blog but i’ve been on 2 med units where they tube if food/supplement is refused & 2 ed units where they do that AND use the tube to get up to 4000 calories in for weight restoration (can be used on anyone not fully restored whether they’re bmi 10 or 21)

No. 1146165

YOU BEAT ME kek. but literally, just eat laura you didn’t have an issue with it before.

No. 1146179

How is a BMI of 21 not "fully [weight] restored"? That's a perfectly healthy weight.

No. 1146208

Sage for canadafagging and blogposting but the frequency in which people are tubed is so weird/fascinating to me. I was in and out of psych wards/ED wards and med hospitals from like 2008-2016 and I saw one ED patient tubed in that time and that was bc of a messy OD.

No. 1146225

In the US around 2000-2005, tubing was really rare, and when it was done, they'd just take you into a med room, pour Ensure down the tube, and take it out before you leave, like a 20-min. ordeal, but it was rare and you'd never know it was happening unless someone told people. Idk what happened over the next few years but when I was back in 2014+ I was shocked to see how many people were being tubed and especially the fact that they were wearing them around all day.
Tried to make this not a blog, thought it was relevant

No. 1146242

File: 1612043314152.jpg (185.51 KB, 1080x1502, 20210130_154435.jpg)

Ham gets a scary cappuccino from McDonald's, rambles about how "challenges are different for everyone," ends post with an Arghhh

No. 1146274

even healthy bmis could cause serious health problems if someone were to fast for days at a time or something similar to get there. Not talking about any of the cows here, I'm talking about people that would be mortified to post pictures of their bodies or regarding an ED.

jfk she drinks something comparable every fucking day, maybe more since she's not FDOE. how do people not see through this shit

No. 1146277

File: 1612046374886.jpg (505.71 KB, 1080x1919, 20210130_163858.jpg)

I guess instagram doesn't like Ham's content. The post is gone.

No. 1146282

Wow you were fast anon. Was just gonna post this. Really an unflattering selfie

No. 1146292

Insta's bullshit detector works well. Next time post the burger and fries as well, Hannah.

No. 1146297

File: 1612047268235.png (995.51 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210130-213603.png)

Here ya go

No. 1146302

Yea and why is she still following bonafide anachans?

No. 1146307

Yup, restricting can get someone malnourished at any weight. If they're actually restricting lol

No. 1146312

File: 1612048052880.png (1.14 MB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20210130-230731.png)

No. 1146317

Not to sound like Ham or any of the other wannas, but I can believe for some people a BMI of 21 isn't weight restored; it's closer to underweight than overweight after all.

No. 1146318

Why do these cows need everything to be a complicated discussion? Take the damn tube out, you're done. The girl earlier who wanted to share all the things she did to get her period back like it's rocket science

No. 1146332

While it's not bad or unhealthy to unintentionally put on a few pounds at a healthy weight, I don't see why someone at BMI 21 should be on a serious weight gain diet. At that point in weight restoration, you should be reducing your calories down to a healthy maintenance level, otherwise you'll end up on the fast track to overweight like Ham.

No. 1146336

Ausfag here. Our healthcare system is pretty inconsistent when it comes to tubing patients. Some hospitals will literally tube you if you so much as refuse water, others will follow a stringent protocol that outlines at least twenty different criteria points required for a feeding tube. Private clinics are faster to shove hoses down the patients' throats as soon as they're admitted - why? I'm not sure. Probably a money thing.
A majority of hospitals threaten patients with a tube if they refuse their meal, then refuse the supplement. (Sorry for blog) but most anorexics I've met IP will drink the supplement and avoid the tube like the plague. Never met a tube-lover that actually had a genuine anorexia diagnosis.

No. 1146346

Isn't England still in lockdown anyway? I don't think "fighting anorexia one cappuccino at a time <3" counts as 'essential' travel, especially since she doesn't have a job, isn't in school, and her mum driving her to McDonald's isn't exactly exercise.
Besides, wasn't she eating junk from there all the time a few months ago?? Her larp is getting worse, no problem wolfing down fries for weeks but now suddenly a take-out coffee is a 'challenge' (even though it conveniently wasn't when she was getting that massive mince pie from Costa)

No. 1146355

Exactly, thank you. And although it's true a BMI of 21 is "closer to underweight than overweight", good luck trying to convince an anorexic that you're not 'secretly trying to make them fat' if you want to gain to like a BMI of 24, which is not that far off from being overweight. I believe some doctors are concerned about a BMI below 20 (as opposed to 18.5), which implies a BMI of 21 is fine. Sage for rant/no milk.

No. 1146358

File: 1612051250915.png (77.67 KB, 720x411, Screenshot_20210130-213625~2.p…)

Lockdown regs obv don't apply to them. They were "out and about".

No. 1146365

Ham, leaving the house to get McDonald's (which let's be honest, you don't even need anyway) is not a valid excuse to leave the house during an ongoing pandemic. Even if she just got coffee, it's not like she needs it. Not to be an eco-warrior, but imagine the wasted fossil fuel involved for that journey. It can be put to better uses.

No. 1146368

File: 1612051885550.png (3.21 MB, 828x1792, 1607630048018.png)

She had a McDonald's in her profile but deleted it.

This is after her ~relapse~ from previous thread.

No. 1146369

In the prairies, basically they said tubing is a last resort, unless patient is at risk of actual starvation related complications they wouldn't do it. So an underweight BMI was a requirement, but that was in one city. This wasn't temporary tubing though, this was strapping the patient to the bed with restraints and keeping the tube in until their BMI was back in the healthy range.

No. 1146373

Imagine being so scummy as to LARP anorexia but then, on top of that, going out unnecessarily, during an ongoing global pandemic, to get fast food, unnecessarily, that she absolutely does not need. This isn't 'essential travel'. If this was Eugenia Cooney? It could probably be excused, but Ham? No. God, I hate her so much.

No. 1146375

File: 1612052520927.png (709.1 KB, 714x686, Screenshot_20210114-073212~2.p…)

Oh, sneaky. She deleted this before her recent pizza breakdown.

No. 1146380

Thanks for the info. It seems excessive to me tbh. And not necessarily effective. Many are extremely resentful and angry when they get out and just go back to old behaviour. Neither have I. Real ana's seem to do everything to avoid it- water loading before weigh ins, hiding weights under their clothes. Whatever it takes. The calorie hose is the stuff of nightmares to them. Not a selfie accessory.

No. 1146381


No. 1146382

I'm wrong
It's still there, but she deleted early pizza and some cream cakes.

No. 1146413

in long term edu stays they base it on your growth charts, menstruation, etc it’s not always as linear as Oh but it’s on the healthy bmi range !!1!1! or else everyone would get to leave right at 18.5 lol

No. 1146416

& the purpose of the tube is to get that excessive amount of gaining calories into a person WITHOUT getting their stomachs used to eating a huge volume of food, because that can normalize binging tendencies which obviously isn’t the goal

No. 1146438

Bit of a blog but I think this is relevant. Too bad some psychs and doctors don't give a shit about that. Work in healthcare and knew someone who was threatened with gaining a significant ammount of weight before their next weigh in (two weeks) or be forcibly institutionalized. They panicked and turned to binge eating and then couldn't stop. Now they are overweight and can't stop severe painful binging. Their docs just congratulated them on curing their anorexia. Medical malpractice in my mind.

No. 1146459

I’m from Canada too and my local ED unit uses the ng tube quite liberally - I’d say more patients than not have had the ng at some point while there, regardless of their weight/BMI

No. 1146470

File: 1612060465489.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 266.62 KB, 539x574, E5DDD9A7-6AE5-4ACD-8F96-125B5D…)

Let’s just take a minute for a close up.

No. 1146479

Where I live is super underfunded and usually ED patients just go in with other psych patients, so maybe that's part of the issue. Idk.

No. 1146481

File: 1612061418287.png (73.15 KB, 1080x364, Screenshot_2021-01-30-20-47-26…)

I love how she's "attempting recovery" and not "pro-ana" but she follows and retweets from lots of accounts that post extremely pro-eating disorder content and actual skelly pics.

No. 1146491

File: 1612062537105.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.72 KB, 400x400, 3siaNQT8_400x400.jpg)

She retweets from this extremely pro-ana girl, going bald from malnutrition, who proudly has her BMI of 15 in her bio. @madeline_xs
Spoiler for semi-nude skeleton pic

No. 1146502

File: 1612064528258.jpeg (433.48 KB, 1536x2048, EqyHiw1VoAAb4XU.jpeg)

Somehow this woman got a doctor to give her a vyvanse prescription despite it's known weight loss and appetite suppressant side effects. Picrel: literally balding from starvation. Lol at twitter allowing a zillion pro-ana accounts trading tips on how to starve more effectively.

No. 1146511

On the right is previously-discussed cow maddys.battle.

No. 1146520

Maddy's battle with what? Flaunting her bones? Encouraging other girls to destroy their bodies and minds? Even if these women are mentally ill it's really hard for me to feel sorry for them. They don't have to put all this shit out in public and encourage others.

No. 1146543

Major lol at them both doing the bent-forward arse-out magic thigh gap pose and not even TRYING to hide it.

No. 1147035

Porgie vibes

No. 1147259

File: 1612088233417.jpeg (143.79 KB, 750x895, AE63B178-795F-4AE4-968B-48772F…)

The long awaited period post is here! Other minor tips include not drinking too much alcohol or coffee and stretching! Notice there is no mention of limiting exercise?

No. 1147297

Ausfag. Porgie, the face scratching chick, lee and shay are all in Queensland which has a strict policy for tubing in both public and private. As in - refuse the meal, refuse the supplements, win a tube regardless of bmi or medical status. All other states are much less willing to tube and it’s usually only done under a compulsory order. Most people will do everything in their power to avoid it. Water and salt loading, hiding weights, refusing laxatives. It’s very easy to pick a larper.

No. 1147368

Inb4 porgie goes down the muchie route

No. 1147410

Sorry for blog but I don't think anyone posted from a US perspective on this topic. Since our healthcare system is all private it varies wildly depending on where you go. The unit I was on you had to either eat nothing for 3 days or be consistently not completing for an extended period of time, and you'd be given multiple warnings before it happened. Your BMI didn't matter. However I know people who went to a residential unit that is infamous for tubing nearly everyone, often the first time they refuse something, regardless of BMI.

No. 1147488

File: 1612119265484.jpg (194.66 KB, 1080x1355, 20210131_124412.jpg)

How long until instagram takes this down? Also, the post ended with "be kind to yourself," so I'm going to do that and not watch her rambling

No. 1147497

File: 1612120852785.png (1.72 MB, 828x1792, 14483001-58CD-4700-9C0C-394390…)

thank u anna for this enlightening meal plan, can i sue u when it doesn’t do anything ?!!!!

No. 1147515

Why are ana's so fixated on menstruation all of a sudden

No. 1147516

File: 1612123322711.jpeg (918.03 KB, 1125x1671, B00466E6-9C5B-43E8-972B-055A5A…)

Highlighted bit made me chuckle. It shouldn’t be a wishlist, Ham! Writing the word anorexia everywhere does not mean you magically have it

No. 1147518

File: 1612123682849.jpeg (160.4 KB, 828x1294, AFC1115A-015D-4568-A575-528DFE…)

Hamum have her flowers for her pizza “challenge” the other day. Fucking hell

No. 1147519

File: 1612123830209.jpeg (193.83 KB, 1024x1024, E56C8100-EBB5-45AE-A72B-AC3572…)

Samefag but could help myself: her acting skills have somehow declined even further. Not tech-savvy enough to link the video, sorry guise.

No. 1147520

how many students can afford to make homemade pasta, bao or miso salmon though?

No. 1147523

It's a more acceptable way to highlight how underweight and fragile uwu they are. It should be noted Anna has said she's only had like 12 periods in her life though because 'her school made her exercise 6x a week' so how is she even sure her 'HA' is caused by being underweight?

No. 1147524

Any student with a modicum of basic life skills can afford it, since it is much cheaper to make at home rather than order in or eat out. Much more time consuming though. Dumb nitpick in any case

No. 1147530

>scrapbook wrappers from your ""achievements""
is she seriously gluing chocolate wrappers into a scrapbook? doing her A levels would be an "achievement" but apparently obsessing over junk food trumps that

No. 1147532

>Keep bags of prawn crisps to sniff them later

Oh wait, that was N2F

No. 1147536

i still don't get why she isn't in school. her whole life is just larping it's sad.

No. 1147540

Is there anything she doesn’t like?

No. 1147547

She's had a nakd bar before on her ~snack plate~

No. 1147549

Ah yes, that well known facial expression anorexics make when they're eating something they find challenging: Joy. Keeping eating it to beat it, Ham! /s

No. 1147551

File: 1612127260993.jpeg (272.03 KB, 828x1445, DBE267B9-C070-4E5C-B0BA-C9A104…)

Ah a young Paris Melody Raven in training. Get those likes and followers whilst you’re underweight and you can I guess.

No. 1147553

That second photo makes me a-loggy so i’ll just settle for saying she has the face of a pinhead from a roadside freak show

No. 1147555

File: 1612127749787.jpg (35.09 KB, 657x490, trunchie.jpg)

i knew she reminded me of someone

No. 1147559

> can guzzle dozens of chocolates, sweets, pancakes, hot chocolates
> Had a wobble at a 150 kcal nakd bar
I know ED's can be weird but this is something else.

No. 1147560

"This" meaning obsessing over food on the internet with other anorexics?
Would love to see a "recovery made this possible!" post about something like getting a job, going to school for something that doesn't have to do with hospitals and sickness, going on a date…

No. 1147571

File: 1612129312219.png (2.02 MB, 750x1334, 5247D6D4-40D5-4AF9-9701-1C08DF…)

It’s the nasty people again

No. 1147575

Ham's challenge was a Nakd bar. A low calorie nut bar, and the facial expressions she's acting like she's eating the best food of her life

No. 1147576

"nothing about my needs"
Ham you eat nothing but processed junk food, with maybe some grapes. Please eat some fucking vegetables, meats, nuts, and everything that would be on a meal plan for anorexia recovery
Or is ham saying her special needs make her only need processed crap?

No. 1147583

despite being in 'all in' for weeks she has clearly not gained anything

No. 1147598

Is it just me or is this a smaller snack plate than usual? Also, claiming the coffee, bar, and a cappuccino are all risks… Is she trying to seem more restrictive?

No. 1147624

Is Porgie actually a Jew(ess) like she claimed a few threads ago? Because if so, that actually explains so much about her behaviour (the degeneracy, the attention seeking behaviour, the "[eternal] victimhood" that she feels despite themselves being a toxic person ("they cry out in pain as they strike you") etc.)(racebait)

No. 1147630

Same as usual. It looks less because she took the gingerbread men out of the packet.

No. 1147632

Oh piss off, anon. Her being jewish might explain why her nose is so fucking big but not her shitty personality.
Just say you hate jews and leave.

No. 1147644

>Her being jewish might explain why her nose is so fucking big
Oy vey! This is an atrocious example of anti-Semitism. Criticism of Jews or Israel should be ILLEGAL! Please shut this down mods (good goyim)!(racebait)

No. 1147648

And somehow we’ve been transported to Dickensian London. Yikes anon.

No. 1147650

You do know not all Muslims are terrorists, right? People are people whatever their cultural background. Some are cunts, some are fabulous people. Remove your blinkers and prejudices because you're talking shite. Georgia is Georgia because she's Georgia. Religion means fuck all even if she's a nth Jewish. Tickner claimed to be Jewish. That didn't make her a year, being Phoebe made her a twat. I don't get how a group of individuals are all lumped together as being this or that. Must sick having your mindset.

No. 1147653

Didn't make her a twat*

No. 1147700

File: 1612142879591.jpg (366.07 KB, 1072x1848, 20210131_185430.jpg)

Ganer's posting spoop pics again. Probably hoping it'll get removed so she can get asspats and lots of attention again.

No. 1147710

God. Sad how proud she looks in the second one.

No. 1147791

File: 1612151991420.jpg (385.58 KB, 1080x1397, 20210131_165442.jpg)

The grapes…Ham inspired?

No. 1147793

What is the grey on her drink

No. 1147803

That's the tea bag floating.

No. 1147815

Her spoop pose is very awkward. Makes her whatever it is she does pose look five stars.

Mmmm, a cardboard box full of expired chocolate bars.

No. 1147848

Coz Elzani got hers!!!!!!!!

No. 1147871

File: 1612162989905.png (4.24 MB, 1125x2001, 47DACD57-01D5-4456-AD74-66972A…)

Cemented.calories has been having a total meltdown since being called out for giving out duromine to her friends. So much self pity - openly announcing, story after story, that they’re too fat, too annoying, woe is me. This girl is sick, clearly, but she has such a huge complex when it comes to posting bs all over social media.

No. 1147900

Too ducking right!

No. 1147910

Feel like an asshole asking this, but is Ganer's eye-droopy thing getting worse?

And can any medfag explain like what that is or if it can change?

No. 1147926

not true she posted whinging about having gained “a fuck tonne”

No. 1147930


No. 1147936

i just don’t understand why she says she has anorexia

No. 1147939


She NEEDS to stop eating like this. In a few months she's going to have put on a lot of unnecessary weight and be well beyond a healthy BMI. Dentists aren't doing check ups right now in the UK unless she's under private care, which I doubt, and I bet her intake is doing a number on her teeth by eating sugary foods 5+ times throughout the day. Same for her gut and bowels.

Honestly it's sad. She's going to end up the same size as Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie, bewilderdly saying "eating disorders can happen at any size!!". And she'll only have herself to blame with her Ana LARPing whilst actually knowing fuck all about nutrition and dietary needs.

No. 1147947

File: 1612180269088.png (2 MB, 847x1478, willywonkyeye.PNG)


not sure if its getting worse, because she ALWAYS tries to cover it (poorly) with that horrid winged eyeliner… but heres a rare photo she just posted to her story without it. and yeah, shits not straight at all!

also, as anon previously mentioned its a condition called Ptosis.

No. 1147948

File: 1612180868904.png (2.2 MB, 861x1462, dehydratedface.hydratedear.PNG)

while i was screenshotting the last pic thought i might as well grab this one of our future Ms. Olympia, looking dehyrated af.
coincidentally she is complaining of water in her ear. if only she took the advice of her cochlea and drank some water her facial skin wouldnt look like a 90yo's labia

No. 1147950

File: 1612182261803.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.98 KB, 1052x1905, Screenshot_20210201_122524.jpg)

So good…

No. 1147955

ahh, i gotta love them vomit stains/splashback on her top there!

No. 1147958

File: 1612183315417.jpeg (18.59 KB, 600x450, 5cd2c96893a1521f73764134.jpeg)

Attention and clout, of course. While she's 'ill', her parents won't expect her to do anything or make any moves to build an adult life and she clearly enjoys being coddled. There's definitely something to be said also for the tendency nowadays to define yourself by how you're 'suffering' and it has to be something hip and in right now-look at the social contagion aspect of troons and how everyone puts their disabilities and wacky niche sexualities in their bio. Look at me, I'm vulnerable!

It's surprising she's settled on anorexia-it's very passé, very 2008. Probably just looked at diet videos and went down the rabbit hole of What I Eat In A Day ana youtubers and saw all the attention people like Elzani got.

No. 1147973

Why is she suddenly posting so many videos and stories?! It makes her 100% more annoying!

No. 1148057

File: 1612194559051.png (5.17 MB, 1125x2436, E4778076-8256-4EAF-88A7-27BDC1…)

on one of her recent posts she showed writing stuff - for her “how it affected me” she put no period - do u think this is true?

No. 1148058

and bones stick out as well … if she means by her collarbone showing in her pfp that does not count !!

No. 1148066

File: 1612195023492.png (808.07 KB, 1125x2436, A11A068B-DDB9-4AF0-9FFD-E3BD60…)

also if she was trying it for the first time why would she say “they are elite” like she’d had it multiple times - and how can she eat ice gems (packed with sugar), but not a nakd bar with considerably more whole food ingredients i understand being scared of both but omg i just can’t!!

No. 1148068

Yeah, people can lose their periods (although it tends to be more skipping them than complete amenorrhea) after a relatively small weight loss. Also consider she's still pretty young so might not even have had a very regular period yet to begin with.

Basically skipping a month or two doesn't necessarily mean you're on death's door; but if you wanted to larp it up as that, you could.

No. 1148069

File: 1612195197476.png (5.31 MB, 1125x2436, 316942CD-6473-4A34-B61C-8980B3…)

and she literally had a nakd bar here in early recovery this girl istg

No. 1148075

File: 1612195605422.png (518.02 KB, 1125x2436, DAA79256-17D7-4BB5-8F6E-551954…)

and in october she challenged pancakes but 3 months later said she needed to challenge it again:////

No. 1148078

Does it say purging on the right hand side column?

No. 1148094

Yes I think so

No. 1148106

Oh so that's where she kept her notes when she was planning the ana LARP. Shame she didn't put as much effort into schoolwork.

She's an odd fucked up kid.

No. 1148107

I highly doubt it. This is the same person who says she’s been in a relapse after missing one snack. It was probably a couple of days late and she classed it as losing it

No. 1148111

>dangerous weight loss

No. 1148134

>cold all the time
ham, that is due to low body fat

No. 1148135

I have noticed her recent spoop pics have disappeared. Looks like she's trying her luck with a dressed version of her old corpse self instead of the usual disgusting naked ones. Her phone is clearly full of these old body checks and the fact she's keeping them and continuously uploads them to show her "transformation" shows how delusional and fucked up she really is. Qween recovery, jfc, get a fucking job that isn't pure self obsession.

No. 1148138

I mistook 'fainting' as 'farting' lmao.

No. 1148139

File: 1612200124358.jpg (1.36 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20210201_172058940.jpg)

Oh dear, someone's hacked Mary's ig! How will we ever know if she's increased this week or not kek

No. 1148140

yep. One of the most important steps in letting go of your 'anorexic self' is deleting body checks. For someone who is so organised and minimalist I'd expect this to extend into her digital life, but clearly not.

No. 1148167

>can’t walk
>can’t sit down [something] hurting

I’m so done with this bitch

No. 1148177

19? Damn, being a full time spoop really does a number on you, cuz that face looks like a rough 30 … You'd think that "not looking like a gross chain-smoking aunt at the age of 19" would be somewhat motivational.

No. 1148245

File: 1612206813740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.4 KB, 640x513, aNggRM6_700b.jpg)

This meme, only instead of planking, it's watching Ham. She's truly a unique specimen, every fraction of her online existence is so effortlessly insufferable.

No. 1148262

File: 1612207647074.jpg (56.63 KB, 639x746, this food is right for me.JPG)

You mean things like showing inside her bowl to the camera with a fake grin, her wonky teeth, her awful dressing gown/pyjamas, obviously never experiencing anything she's banging on about, her Friend's cup, her cut price children's snacks, greasy hair, saying fings like finking, her bitten down nails, her obsession with people watching her eat, her "truths", her googled recovery quotes, only allowing asspats, things like that?

No. 1148288

wtf is that in the bowl, is it chocolate yogurt??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1148291

>>1148288 porridge i think

No. 1148303

Fecal matter. It's the crap she talks, she catches it in a bowl.

No. 1148304

File: 1612209031471.jpeg (702.5 KB, 828x1685, EF665A84-FDB1-4066-BC07-7C484D…)

She’s just so overwhelmingly unlikeable! She should really stick to pictures because videos make her come across as rude, arrogant and narcissistic. She’s speaking as if she’s some serious professional athlete, trying to relate to all the other stage-quality body builders.

No. 1148307

She's the same in her early youtubes the way she talks about the treatment she received. She knew better than them, of course.

When she's eating her slop watching those women on her laptop, I wonder what goes on in her mind. Does she think she's anywhere close to that? Does she really think she'll look like that? I know nothing about bodybuilding, but if she's watching to improve her "posing", why doesn't she build some fucking muscles to flex? She must've always lived in a delusional world. Not even saying it to be a bitch but she really doesn't have any redeeming qualities.

No. 1148308

File: 1612209316774.jpg (457.6 KB, 1080x1733, Screenshot_20210201-135446_Ins…)

Is she doing a cut since she's been "bulking" for so long?

No. 1148313

Also a lesser know side effect of EDs! Kek

No. 1148316

I can feel how fed up Calum is with her without even looking at his page.

No. 1148319

"Anyone who trains will understand this feeling"


No. 1148332

No. 1148361

Maybe I'm the only one not following Ganer but could someone post vid? Dying to see how her face moves in action.

No. 1148366

Disregard I read further.

No. 1148519

File: 1612218327027.png (2.66 MB, 750x1334, 6F4E9A0C-145C-413A-AB96-A47D70…)

Oh my lord, she makes me so angry.

I know she’s not an overly ‘popular’ cow for discussion here but I honestly can’t see why. She’s so hypocritical and infuriating.

No. 1148534

The only reason she doesn't get called out more is because she's not super underweight and her FDOEs, while certainly not the 2500 cals she suggests, aren't tiny tiny portions. Doesn't make her a recovery kween though.

No. 1148541

How dense she is about the human body and, yknow, medical stuff, never fails to amaze. Kind of worrying to think she'll be giving medical advice some day.

No. 1148573

File: 1612221410035.png (736.51 KB, 750x1334, 299C9503-B33B-4810-A838-D0E414…)

“I don’t often post about exercise” she says but … she usually puts her posts from her running account on the story of her recovery account (if that makes sense?) and has the link to it in her bio, with distances and the like clearly displayed.

No. 1148587

i reckon she’s salty that her own account got deleted kek

No. 1148688

Plus she was posting Full days of eating when she was deep in her disorder! I bet she triggered so many people too she’s so hypocritical

No. 1148720

nitpick but it kills me that she's going to be a doctor and doesn't know the difference between there and their. Would also be helpful for her future career if she learnt how viruses are transmitted, and tried that thing called thinking of people other than oneself. Although whether she will actually graduate and practice remains to be seen I suppose

No. 1148731

Nope. That's not a common feeling people who train have. In fact I've never heard anyone say that except for her. She claims she LOOOOVES training but she always acts like it's torture.

No. 1148766

these bitches should just get off the internet they all enable each other and call it “recovery accounts.” posting every detail about everything you ate to the entire world and having people comment about it has to be detrimental to your “recovery”

No. 1148833

>no period
came on late by 2 days
>hair loss
doesn’t brush/wash it often enough
>bones stick out, can’t sit down
now that’s just ridiculous

No. 1148897

Not the brightest bulb, is she? Probably just pissed she’s not the ~skinniest~ …if this is the future of medicine, I’m out

No. 1148912

File: 1612239271560.png (1.65 MB, 1437x1303, eye.PNG)

oh, and after a quick google search on droopy eyes i stumbled across this gem which is no doubt the look ganer is going for. however she lays it on thhiiiccckkk af and subsequently looks even more ridiculous than without it. hhaha

No. 1148979

Pains me to say but I can sympathise with ganer with the eyeliner. The little flicks look awful but hooded eyes are fuckin hard. Or maybe I just feel sorry for her compared to jokers like Han. Idk.

No. 1149033

File: 1612253911206.jpg (423.41 KB, 719x1304, Screenshot_2021-02-02-08-18-32…)

No. 1149051

Her tash is impressive

No. 1149057

N2F has more muscle definition than ganer kek
do feel bad for her though, she's obviously struggling alot

No. 1149058


>So sowwy if I trigger any of u

Lol no you aren't. Ovi take note, this is what a body check looks like.

No. 1149063

>sorry if trigger
>fat arms y/n

fuck, man. she doesn't give a shit about ~triggering~ anyone but it's not nice seeing her deteriorate.
ham, porgie, ovi, is this what you want? shame on you bitches

No. 1149069

I normally don't care about grammar, mine is crap, but what annoys me is she talks about having issues with perfectionism and no major perfectionist would be ok with such glaring mistakes.
Multiple people told her that and she ignored them all. She doesn't give a crap about anyone but herself.

No. 1149070

I'm sure she'll be claiming ~hypothalamic amenorrhea~ because she missed one while on the pill.

No. 1149072


i thought those were SH scars on her right forearm until i realised it was just her filthy mirror. kek

No. 1149074

File: 1612258761017.png (1.3 MB, 767x1254, ntf.PNG)

#beatinganorexia #withbulemia

gotta love the literal shit eating smirk. and them glands… holy shit!

No. 1149080

holy fuck… her neck looks like it's about to burst

she really must spend all day just b/p in her room, what a sad girl

No. 1149082

How does she look more like a corpse than spoopy skeles? Her colour is so wrong. I doubt she takes a break from b/p. Grim Reaper over her shoulder.

No. 1149085

File: 1612260509261.jpeg (613.3 KB, 2048x2048, 0A973762-719F-470D-9783-7A08FF…)

Ganer seems to be back in action posting everything she’s eating, now claiming to be taking an intuitive approach to recovery but also eating high protein no fat because her body “isn’t processing lipids right” or something like that. Yes, must be the lipids. Cant have anything to do with the fact she’s been radically underweight for years, eating mostly sucralose and salt.

No. 1149086

File: 1612260730146.png (72.51 KB, 720x820, Screenshot_20210202-101140~2.p…)

Inb4 Ham starts giving herself asspats for 5k followers. The people following are either farmers, lurkers or bought. So many with 1 post.

No. 1149091


>A walk uptown

I bet.
I'm grateful I thought lipids were for face cream. She's going to crash soon.

No. 1149094

You mean ganer 2.0 aka Fit Vegan Ginger the second aka Dharma, right?
Still eating only high volume veggies and diet products I see.

No. 1149097

File: 1612261846575.png (125.96 KB, 1914x779, 01020100.png)

Any other reason this would happen apart from buying follows?

No. 1149101

inb4 lanugo (hint, ham: that's not the lint from your crusty dressing gown)

No. 1149103

can anyone transcribe the whole page?

No. 1149104

Or she's been saving all the greasy hair from her hairbrush to claim hair loss.

No. 1149105

KEK jesus christ can she get any lower

No. 1149109

An actual swine

No. 1149115

I got:

- a mental illness
- damages the brain
- damages the body
- restriction of food

How has it affected me
- no period -no energy
- hair loss -dehydration
- dangerous weight loss
- fasting -purging
-can't walk -headaches
-cold all the time
-heart pain
-shaky all the time
-bones stick out

other crap lol

No. 1149117

Thank you, anons! I love how she deemed it necessary to note anorexia involves restriction.

No. 1149118

a mental illness
some bullshit
something the body
something of food
(c'mon, Ham, surely your team explained the criteria to you upon diagnosis?)

how has it affected me?
no period
hair loss
some bullshit
purging ? (if so, that's a behaviour. try again)
shaking? all the time
more shit
bones something out
yet more bullshit

…I tried but it's hard deciphering lying nonsense

No. 1149119

I think the last one says "can't sit down without [something] hurting"

No. 1149137

i feel like she stole this one from molly. i remember her talking about this with her mum

No. 1149172

this looks like she's just googled symptoms of anorexia and listed them, she'd have to have been restricting a lot for those to happen.

No. 1149174

For someone who preaches about how "there is no sick enough" and all that she seems awfully focused on proving how physically ill she is

No. 1149175

Molly deserves an oscar compared to this clown. "Sod off" Hammum is even more insufferable than hilarious!Jamie. Ham is so fucking bad at this, it's almost an art form.

No. 1149237

This is what Elzani said in one of her first youtube videos when she was still a spoop. She said it hurt to sit down because she had no fat on her arse.

No. 1149242

File: 1612280719497.png (42.71 KB, 545x729, Untitled.png)

Hey, Hannah. Why don't you stop buying followers and use get some shampoo instead?

No. 1149246

File: 1612281498036.jpeg (919.6 KB, 828x1723, C306B099-0153-4482-AE27-F1429C…)

It’s like she’s giving lessons in high volume, low density eating. I don’t know what progress she thinks she’s making, this is the exact same shit she’s been eating for years.

No. 1149252

oh i guess molly stole it from elzani then. she talked about she had to use a cushion to sit down.

No. 1149359

scrambled egg white, riced veg, 0% fat yoghurt, lettuce wraps and what is sure to be sugar free jelly/jello. I have no clue who she is trying to fool here.

No. 1149360

also is it bad I'm relieved she has only raised 60 dollars of her 3000 target on GoFundMe? there are so many deserving causes and then her, trying to continue to finance her diet products and gym membership.

No. 1149371

File: 1612291175070.jpg (289.58 KB, 1080x1540, Screenshot_20210202-123830_Chr…)

No. 1149410

File: 1612293863596.jpeg (832.75 KB, 828x1706, 4AC19E7F-B077-4A0F-A2F7-91921F…)

She is very incredibly tragically poor and needs your generous dollars, but she also needs to eat CA$6-7 pints of ice cream. Necessities.

No. 1149427

File: 1612294714456.jpg (513.22 KB, 2178x2160, The pure essence of Ham.jpg)


No. 1149457

File: 1612295912501.jpeg (412.12 KB, 828x1411, AE654FB8-9F40-4314-95B6-4922D8…)

Is broke, yet has a home gym and got hair extensions for Christmas and has a job. Seems like she’s just a greedy attention whore with fucked up priorities.

No. 1149465

File: 1612296379167.jpeg (455.9 KB, 1800x1800, 7A2F93C6-A08F-4346-A27A-4B379F…)

Porgie’s recommending nutrition supplements. Any Aussie or UK fags want to weigh in on if these are high or low cal for us amerifags?

No. 1149466

Nope. Can't watch the piggy. Neither can her totally legit followers.

Should've gone for the 95calorie Skinny Delight rocky road if she's so wobbly. Wobbly in it's literally sense.

No. 1149467

We do kcal in UK. Wtf Australia?

No. 1149470

File: 1612296854276.png (106.79 KB, 720x1269, Screenshot_20210202-201341~2.p…)

Found this

No. 1149552

thats because she has bum sores from sitting down all goddamn day.

No. 1149566

Ausfag. Not really high cal, ~200 cals per 250mL. Not marketed as a 'supplement', but they're typically used as meal replacements for people on the go (hence the name 'up and go'). Pumped full of sugar but most people get the sugar-free ones. I've never seen a 'regular' person drink one, only athletes. So they're basically for busy athletes.

No. 1149601

File: 1612302186104.png (1.65 MB, 1629x1197, 'gainer' front-on.PNG)

our queen of lifting has graced us with another photo in her scanties! this time its front-on view which is a rarity too see without some angled leg and/or body.

still, she has to feel the need to tilt her anterior to create a box gap and get them freaky leg tendons popping…

No. 1149610

posing like minecraft steve, a classic

No. 1149620

Why does this look horrific to me? She's saying she doesn't feel like an embarrassment now? She doesn't have abs and …and…she looks like an action figure. A male one. The way it looks like her legs click on to some holes in the torso.

That's like how they do cereals you can drink "on the go". Loads of sugar and not filling.
Thank god Georgie's getting those calories though, phew.

Amazing how Ham's not even ashamed she's buying follows and celebrating FIVE FOUSAND.

No. 1149710

What app or website is this? Do Georgia!!

No. 1149821

That stance makes her look like someone shoved a pineapple up her arse.

No. 1149826

File: 1612308057898.png (3.2 MB, 750x1334, 03DEE039-C8DF-4CDB-8B5A-8C3BEC…)

Yet her application I think makes it even more obvious she has a bum eye!

No. 1149835

If she really wanted to challenge herself she should have had an actual rocky road not a protein bar which she had already been planning on having…

No. 1149989

Not that high cal but they taste like liquid breakfast aka awful.Perfect for wannarexics who feel they need a supplement to show off but can't sucker any medical professionals to prescribe them one.

No. 1149990

There are you tube tutorials for wonk eye. There are wing eye liner for all eyes. I know her droop is pretty bad, but she'd find a way of dealing with it. Sorted out my liner with epicanthal fold problems on there. YouTube improves life BUT Ganer allllwaye knows best. Can't think of a celeb with her wonk, only men like Columbia but he had a glass eye.

Ohhh did she plan a protein bar? She needs protein. And fibre. Might watch the video. Feeling strong arm emoji.

No. 1149995

I don't get who liquid cereal breakfasts are aimed at. TV and a guy's rushing for a train too busy so chugs on a crappy Weetabix milk think. Duh, pack a breakfast the night before or buy something in the station. Those Aus things seem to be a geared toward the ana crowd who, let's face it, real ana's would skip breakfast.

No. 1149997

File: 1612316234668.jpeg (6.74 KB, 194x259, images.jpeg)

Oops meant columbo

No. 1150019

File: 1612317271062.png (1.95 MB, 1125x2001, E2DCBA44-73CE-4DC2-8CB2-BF6CBB…)

Ausfag here, I think it’s a lot of low income families/even lazy parents are happy to give their kids what is essentially thick flavored milk for breakfast rather than deal with making actual breakfast - when I was younger it seemed to be targeted towards kids and teenagers to ensure they get at least the minimum nutrients required from breakfast.

No. 1150294

OMG what happened to Fit Vegan Ginger? I'd forgotten all about her and her crazy facial expressions.

No. 1150423

She's running her organic life empire.

No. 1150433

File: 1612339036387.png (615.72 KB, 720x1124, Screenshot_20210203-075449~2.p…)

Oh and she still looks crazy with most of her face hidden.

No. 1150474

File: 1612341760326.png (2.05 MB, 1644x1188, yippee i'm in hospital better …)

little miss "not pro-ana" giving a cute hospital body check update after she was admitted with sooper severe kidney stones from her sooper severe dehydration. probably woke up the whole neighbourhood. (blogpost, i've had kidney stones before. they hurt like hell, but nothing entirely unbearable).

No. 1150482

File: 1612342449015.png (1.95 MB, 828x1792, 1F6C1DCD-59F1-42E8-B5C2-67AB93…)

bored with ana now hopping on the oh so traumatised train??? this is a very different story from her few weeks of boarding school “restriction” . And anna, you look the same as you did when you were “sick”. stop with the dramatics

No. 1150487

Lmao thank you!! She was such fun to follow!

No. 1150490

File: 1612343588500.jpg (289.22 KB, 1080x1652, 20210203_220444.jpg)

I think I've just stumbled across the most fucked up thing i have ever seen. If miscarriage/stillbirth triggers you do not enlarge the image to read the post. Sorry if this has already been discussed. There's not much milk else, but she's one of those who lists their achievements in their bio.. "Inpatient x47" ffs

No. 1150493

File: 1612343892426.png (5.74 MB, 1125x2001, 124F8425-C153-4CC6-8741-D294A9…)

Lee complains about her sore ankle which is so severe it warrants her owning crutches . Yet apparently enduring this supposedly chronic pain is easier than using said crutches. Munch harder, Lee. Sounds like she wants a disability ticket

No. 1150503

she purposely starved her fetus? the fuck
sounds like she wants a toob too

No. 1150505

I hope she’s larping. What an actual psychopath

No. 1150509

Even if it is larping, why the fuck would you brag about this?

She should be banned as a subject here to starve of her attention.

No. 1150510

Yup. Purposely starved it to get back at her boyfriend for removing her laxatives.
Absolute psychopath 100%. Fuck I can't even believe what I just read.

No. 1150513

File: 1612347942612.jpeg (140.04 KB, 640x852, 4A0