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File: 1612287470328.png (917.21 KB, 1180x1232, TradthotBANNERUntitled.png)

No. 1149313

A woman who claims to hold 'traditional values' and claims to believe that women are below men but has benefited from modern day women's liberation and feminism.

Usually educated women from privileged backgrounds who have led very sheltered lives.

Most are pick mes addicted to superficial male attention and will make whatever talking points red pilled incels and neckbeards want to hear.

They often fetishize female bodily functions and traditional gender roles and cringingly over perform femininity.

Many are also racist white nationalists aka "wignats/wigger nationalists".

A few examples are:

Lauren Southern
>Former costhot
>Failed journalist, pissed off both the left and right.
>Got famous for her anti-feminist MRA content
>Was in multiple anti slutwalk videos
>Promoted traditional values and white nationalism
>Dated an ethnic man
>4chan nazis found out and got big mad
>Made multiple shitty documentaries where she misrepresents facts and pushes the far right narrative.
>Recently married, husband is allegedly Asian, she hides his identity
>Whitewashes her poor baby, insists he has green eyes and a ginger gene
>Released a pro-cop documentary

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/Lauren_Southern?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/laurencheriie/?hl=en

Robyn Riley
>Ex yoga teacher and libfem hippie.
>Supports rapist Roosh V
>Used to have pink hair and a nose ring and spent her 20s traveling and dating abusive bums.
>Born again Christian housewife
>Had a baby at 31 married to some Slovakian meat head.
>Writes for Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/rrr0byn?lang=en
YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/user/robynhriley


Lisa Britton
>Ana chan pick me who wrote an MRA children's book.
>Did some shitty acting gigs.
>Is engaged to some old fat, frumpy bum with greasy hair.
>Posts about cooking like it makes her special.
>Tweets daily about how oppressed scrotes are.

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/LisaBritton?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisabritton/?hl=en

Honorable tradthot mentions:

Brittany Martinez:
>Evie magazine aka Tradthot daily
>Crossovers with both Lisa Britton and Robyn Riley
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BritMartinez?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

>PhD but preaches traditional values
>Spergs about how amazing eastern European men are
>Eats raw ground meat with shit bacteria mixed in
>Wants to live in a hut in Sibera
Twitter: https://twitter.com/margaritaevna95?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

>Married an ugly abusive cop
>Youtube channel where she teaches her tradthot ways
>Follows rapist Roosh V gospel
>Said women are genetically predisposed to cleaning
>Weird posts about her own pregnancy
>Caught following WN accounts on instagram
>Tries to emulate WN promo material aesthetic

No. 1149321

File: 1612288340925.png (17.68 KB, 597x214, piscmekickstartCapture.PNG)

Couldn't possibly be because male idea of "opening up" is getting unlimited sex, emotional labor and coddling from hot women. It's never about male to male support because god forbid poor mens are ever responsible for anything.

No. 1149397

File: 1612293214547.jpeg (224.76 KB, 828x1228, A3EB0CC6-644D-4650-9D28-E97B2A…)

No. 1149408

sage for OT but why is the Tard Thot thread much slower then the Left-thot one

No. 1149424

the trad thots usually discussed are pretty boring

No. 1149437

probably because the left thot thread has so much unsaged self posting its insane (and honestly it kinda makes it one of my favorite threads to browse because its pretty funny watching these cows come to here just to be pissed about some gossip forum). honestly I think the left cows thread has attracted some of the dumbest off-site posters that stalk one thread. like even nika's crazy drug addicted friend group can figure out how to sage unless they post there crazy mental break downs or stuff exposing each other (but atleast in there case it's actual milk against themselves and each other).

No. 1149458

Also I think there's a lot more genuine "drama" with in the left-thot thread, most tard-thots rarely interact with each other but left-thots all seem to know each other, interact and even have dated the same group of men, also you can talk about the "dirtbag left" community as a whole there

No. 1149780

File: 1612306981645.png (162.25 KB, 592x518, abbysharpieCapture.PNG)

Ben Shapiro's sister has entered the chat

No. 1149992

I swear I used to chat to this girl on ask.fm and she used to frequent Yahoo answers. This was about 6 or 7 years ago. I noticed the profile pic straight away.

I can't remember her name. She had a chubby African American boyfriend who she would post pictures of and she was Jewish. She was really sweet and kind of quwerky and everyone liked her.(no1curr)

No. 1150118

I think you may be really reaching anon here with this

No. 1150277

loving the addition of marga(rita) kek she's so milky in her own way

No. 1150288

more scrotes in the left thot thread. There are plenty in this one too, but the type of scrotes the left thread attracts are just more avid posters

No. 1150629

File: 1612359670557.jpg (360.36 KB, 1080x1306, 20210203_143453.jpg)

Lisa tweeting tradthot talking points as usual, funny enough she has no children despite being over 30.

No. 1150695

Maybe she should ask her brother Ben. His fanbase know a thing or two on anti-semitism.

No. 1150796

File: 1612371386366.png (22.5 KB, 601x252, laurenannaCapture.PNG)

Cow crossover?

No. 1150810

>don't have one
spoiled, privileged bitch. just like the other tradthots.

No. 1150909

File: 1612376818237.png (85.03 KB, 597x901, margeritaannaCapture.PNG)

More cow crossovers. Is Margarita complaining about women sharing their sexual assault experiences? Is this more pickme pro-rapescrote anti metoo fecal matter?

No. 1150922

File: 1612377136203.png (37.44 KB, 598x494, rrobynarrangedCapture.PNG)

No shit they never divorce if said divorce most often leads to an honor killing. Also we get it, her husband is a solid 2.5/10 in the dark. We know she didn't marry him because he looks so good naked/in general.

No. 1151065

I wish anyone following her gave a fuck about what feminist are actually saying vs. fake arguments these idiots feel more equipped to respond to. Feminists have been criticizing random hookups for a very, very long time

No. 1151318

File: 1612398225149.jpg (179.63 KB, 731x1099, idiot.jpg)

Thought I'd share a glimpse of tradthottery in other cultures. For context, the "aurat march" was the Pakistani version of the "women's march" that has been occurring annually for a few years. Takes no genius to figure out why that country would need a march like that. So this intellectual thinks that women over there shouldn't advocate for themselves because "Allah has already given women their status" and that boys should be educated instead. Pakistani women overall are barely seeing the crumbs known as "rights for women in Islam" and it is 1400 years too late on "educating!!11" scrotes. Some other women like her (entertainers) give these lukewarm "ladies, we need gender equality but none of this aurat march stuff" or some lame attempt at trying to placate the feelings of scrotes and Islamic religtards in general. The retards she wants to appeal to so badly are still going to think she isn't a fully respectable woman because she is an actress and/or model. In a way, she is like the regulars in this thread–benefitting off of whatever protections/opportunities she has thanks to the progressive minded people of her country but shitting on that mindset to appeal to retards who want to reduce or outright remove the cushy liberal lifestyle that you know damn well she is enjoying.

No. 1151330

File: 1612398524011.png (41.59 KB, 727x425, idiotpt2.png)

Here are more comments from the interview that this came from. Apparently men over there need "equal rights as well" and it is mean to constantly remind that they treat women like shit. Anything for headpats, huh.

No. 1151410

I think its so funny how most of these tradthots sperg so much about "the family" and how women should have children when 99% of the time they don't have children themselves.

Holy shit. Weren't parts of Pakistan under Taliban control like 10 years ago or something?

No. 1151542

I believe some parts, yes although I'm not sure how long ago. Sage for sperging and blogpost, but I've seen far too many even regular women from there spouting tradthot-tier nonsense. From my experiences, these women are middle-class or higher and from a more developed area (and thus live a more privileged lifestyle). These women unironically believe the women who participate in aurat march are "taking things too far" despite living in a country where they could easily take a drive to some village and see some of the most extreme misogyny on the planet. Imagine needing to (excuse the tumblrspeak) tone police feminists from fucking Pakistan.

No. 1152015

Still pushing her victim narrative? She's so pressed that people found out her kid is mixed kek.

Even her replies are questioning why she'd even want women to stay quiet.

No. 1152035

What the actual shit? What extra rights and privileges do scrotes in Islamic countries need? They have all the freedom while women are treated like cattle. And if she's talking about said scrotes choosing to "die for allah" that is purely scrote-on-scrote bullshit that women are not obligated to give a shit about.

No. 1152104

It's almost is if trad lifestyle actually isn't appealing and you need to keep telling people about how great it is because it sure as shit can't sell itself.

No. 1152581

margaritaevna95's twitter in particular is toxic honestly. she thinks she's the belle of the ball because some loser russian decided to put a tacky ring on her indian finger, and she goes to lengths to pick apart women.

No. 1152644

she's so full of herself. I love how hard she tries to seem like some kind of genius philosopher and expert on every subject

No. 1152671

does she have a youtube channel? I could've sworn I've seen her before on there.

No. 1152711

where tf did ashley (turtleneck girl) go? she's a rare person on this site who i used to know irl back when she was a whole different person so i get reminded of her every now and then, even if she's one of the more harmless "tradthots" if you can call her that

No. 1152728

Can't find her on youtube. Maybe she used to have one and deleted it?

She's been active on her youtube channel but hasn't been posting anything milky.

No. 1152749

The Pakistan government supports the Afghan one but the Pakistani taliban fights the government. There are some really primitive areas in Pakistan, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (I think thats what its called) for instance

No. 1153724

File: 1612589190877.jpeg (154.37 KB, 828x492, 34152E75-FAB9-4CDB-ADE5-344D80…)

long hair has nothing to do with fertility. you can bleach the everloving fuck out of your hair, put extensions in, and you'll still be as fertile as before. she's truly an idiot for playing dumb like this to pander to her followers, as if she doesn't know the real reason why people get extensions lmao

No. 1153809

File: 1612598544020.jpg (310.31 KB, 1503x1016, cwhpzh0blbf61.jpg)

No. 1153887

Tbf beef tallow is the best moisturiser, one of the closest things to natural skin oils and free of irritants and hormone disruptors, and cheap asf. Reducing shampoo is also good for your hair and scalp, and it also contains hormone disruptors and irritants. Your great grandma used tallow on her skin. And raw liver is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, liver is the prize part of the animal, we are just brainwashed into thinking organ meat is omg gross.(derailing )

No. 1153989

I wonder what's her response to guys who get snipped or just don't give a fuck about fertility.

Caitlin is sneaky but people have found her liking white supremacist ig pages on the ~beauty of European women~ I don't think she's 100% a WS though. Like trying to impress that Yogiabs indirectly by showing that she could cook Indian food. He's just another one of those "trad" incels that still lives at home. She just loves any male attention even if that means those males like Yogi consider her as just a retarded baby maker.

No. 1154215

File: 1612642014780.jpeg (275.34 KB, 750x691, D4555D7C-0823-45C6-B87E-6F6597…)

is she genuinely this stupid or is she just trying to pander to trad scrotes

No. 1154457

Man, Megha seems to be so much milkier than her fellow Indian sister redpillchick kek. Nadia had braindead takes, but at least she didn't go uberretard like this.

No. 1154465

Sad to see a PhD student in the sciences peddling pseudoscience. And also to make such a bad hypothesis, pathogens are spread through other ways than respiratory droplets. Is germ theory denialism also something that trad idiots believe now?

No. 1154597

Let them. When they catch smallpox or polio or measles they'll whine and victimize themselves but still claim its all fake. There's been healthcare workers who work with covid patients admitting that while dying, only just then do these "skeptics" realize that covid is real.

No. 1154781

vintage trump era tradcow martina markota has resurfaced with a back and forth lawsuit between her and her old comic book artist. It isn't super good milk and I wouldn't bring it up normally but she mentions lolcow by name at the 43:53 mark kek

No. 1154784

Lmao she's not even 30 yet?

No. 1154787

Samefagging but I don't think she's straight up WN. Because she associated with ethnic scrotes like roosh pee and that other dipshit. But she does still want nazi scrote asskissers that's for sure.

No. 1154793

File: 1612697588623.jpg (169.77 KB, 1080x537, 20210207_123219.jpg)

Robyn does not like vaccines kek

No. 1154794

File: 1612697809158.jpg (531.93 KB, 1080x1438, 20210207_123612.jpg)

Ok trollface. Sorry about your scrote.

No. 1154851

>be bang maid to some sub-iq manchild
>or live my life scrote-free
That's a tough one…

No. 1154910

>nuclear family
are americans GENUINELY retarded? having extended family around is a good thing

No. 1155062

File: 1612724359614.png (37.81 KB, 724x241, TRADTHOT.PNG)


No. 1155093

File: 1612725731566.png (134.13 KB, 257x196, 1ED93482-3C3F-4F7A-BC03-CE4F60…)


They’ll never fucking learn.

No. 1155147

File: 1612729453247.jpeg (269.13 KB, 750x647, 4CCB8852-4C84-486A-BF18-7C5516…)

They're really giving anybody a phd now

No. 1155174

I know this is wrong because the I sat next to the hottest girl in my high school and she thought honey was made by gently squishing the bees. She was extremely lovable but had the mind of a stoner chihuahua (she did not smoke weed)

No. 1155178

>>1155147 kek Mag's looks are literally as basic as you can get I wouldn't look twice if I saw her walking down the street. Pickme's are such superficial and toxic people

No. 1155296

File: 1612741317077.png (209.26 KB, 1204x746, Screen Shot 2021-02-07 at 6.41…)

Speak for yourself, Lisa…

No. 1155301

Lots of ugly people have cute kids though, not that looks mean much anyway.

No. 1155302

It’s always scrotes and childless women with these sizzling hot takes about the MaGiC oF MoThErHoOd. I have kids and it’s really not the end of the world. They’re cute and fun but I know plenty of childfree people also living enjoyable lives.

No. 1155323


I love this smoothbrain conflation of health and beauty. Lots of "attractive" people with shit tier lifestyles, look at any "hot mugshots" page for attractive female junkies in their early 20s

No. 1155326

Milk the bee lmao

Tradthots like masala margarita pride themselves on being so religious and spiritual like wouldn't your soul matter more in that case?

Can't say I've ever heard anyone call motherhood a "burden". Anyway those tweets sound like projection

No. 1155331

this reads like a larp, what parent would downplay their kids to only being "fun and cute"

No. 1155339

let's face it, stereotypically attractive people tend to be really dumb, and that includes hot guys and hot girls. they don't have to prove themselves so they cruise by on their good looks. moderately attractive people tend to be smarter, and ugly people tend to be even smarter than that.

No. 1155343

lol please don't insult masala, it's actually quite yummy and that bitch is bland af.

No. 1155374

Lisa doesn't have any kids does she? She's about 35 so she's relatively close to the age of the women she's complaining about. She probably doesn't want to wreck her anachan body.

No. 1155379

I have never met a community that are so looks obsessed. I suppose when mom and dad can pay for your nose job and all your orthodontic surgeries while you just gloat on Twitter all day. Women in the good old days often had lice and rotting teeth and they didn't shave their body hair.

No. 1155401

Pretty sure she only has stepkids from her old husband. It's total projection.

No. 1155735

Could it be because tradthottery has less to do with genuinely caring about and upholding traditional, conservative values, and WAY more to do with judging, scapegoating and asserting moral superiority over the uggos, the poors, the slutty whores, and the single moms (the destroyers of society, i.e. everyone who won't live by their specific rules, don't meet their ridiculously high standards or is a threat to their pathetic marriages) in order to feel like they, a painfully bland woman in their early to late 20's, is a worthy, virtuous, morally superior member of society whose status is secure?
Nooooo… It has nothing to do with using religion (despite being the most shallow, immature, unwise, and judgmental group of people) as a cudgel because alternative lifestyles disgust/terrify them and therefore, they're clearly objectively wrong and ought to be replaced with what they, the arbiters of morality, think is right for everyone.

No. 1156042

Reality is gonna hit them like a train at 35. It’s always the same old story. Girl meets attractive well off boy, girl fashions herself into pickme doormat for him because she is desperate to keep him and really believes keeping a man faithful is about satisfying all his needs (bullshit btw, men just crave novelty, simple as)

Scrote enjoys the ego boost and worship for a while, girl tears her pussy in half for her man and he gets off on ruining her body through pregnancy and childbirth because it’s marking her as ‘his’ - dumb pickme masochist gets off on this too because she stupidly believes her hubby wont leave her.

Couple years down the line guy gets tired of fucking the same pussy and cheats on her, dumb bitch that poured everything into her marriage and used it as an identity is devastated, now she’s older and can’t find a beta provider as rich 35-55 year old dudes are all pedos who would rather betabux a fresh 17 year old, newly single mom pickme is finally forced to see the reality of scrotes and renounces all her trad values as she becomes increasingly bitter and angry that her prime years were robbed by some asshole who ended up cheating on her anyway.

There’s a reason the antidepressant use skyrockets among women after 40. These women are so sheltered and privileged that they cannot conceive the idea of being mistreated by men since they have been treated like princesses all their lives - until they hit the wall and the attention dries up. Because the blackpill is, men only care about beauty and youth. Sad it takes them so long to learn it the hard way, but that’s what you get for throwing your entire gender under the bus I guess.

No. 1156055

There's also a huge amount of arrogance there.
>oh you husband cheated on you? OH HONEY. you should have sucked his dick and baked him cookies more often like I do! I guess it's because you weren't the perfect wife for him :) my husband would never leave me because i'm such a good wife :) never ever :) #blessed

No. 1156061

File: 1612809383996.png (38.58 KB, 960x720, db283_fig1.png)

Some people just don't learn until it's too late, sadly. Reminds me of how Shoe/June used to make fun of Smegory's ex wife and call her an old hag and stuff. Meanwhile she got cucked repeatedly with teenagers and dropped on her ass at 30.

No. 1156228

dude i'm sorry your parents had a bad marriage but maybe you're scaring people away with this level of black and white thinking

No. 1156354

I was with you until you went all red pill and made it sound like you've got the same view the tradthots have, which is that post-baby bodies are ruined and post-wall single women are alone, miserable, and desperate for a man.

Honestly I think if a lot of them went through that and replaced male validation with antidepressants, they might have a chance of growing out of this dumb bullshit.

No. 1156444

So anon, maybe you should actually do some research on her?

Her YouTube content is mostly advice videos on traditional feminity + miscellaneous vlogs and Q&As. Her blog is of a similar nature.

Now, the issue with her is: to people that have little experience with christian extremism or the alt right - she looks greats. She presents herself as a very sweet homemaker that loves what she does, and accepts everyone.

Until you take a closer look at her content..

She had a deleted reddit account (under the name MidwestMrs) where she frequently posted in the redpill and redpillwives subreddits, as well as the now deleted donald trump subreddit.

☆ There isn't a problem with living how you want to live, or relating to your gender in whatever way you want to. If you're a woman who wants to be a homemaker, or submissive to your man, or whatever else.. that's your right to choose and that's okay.

But the red pill ideology is very toxic and sexist. To give a brief overview: it's basically a philosophy that centers around the worst aspects of traditional gender roles.

People that believe in this philosophy often argue for a kind of biological essentialism (men are this way, women are that way, and this is what's best for society) and that due to progressive cultural forces like feminism, society is in decline.

They argue that women are by nature hypergamous, and want to date men "above their status" which has caused an epidemic of male loneliness. They argue that women who don't want to be traditionally feminine are destroying society. They often advocate for straight up domestic abuse, or argue things like "women are less intelligent."


No. 1156448

It's basically an ideology made up by gross men who want to control women and feel powerful. ☆

2. She did an interview with Yogioabs, known misogynist, where she cited Roosh V (specifically, his website Return of Kings) as inspiration.

For people unfamiliar with Roosh V, do you remember in 2016, when everyone was outraged because a blogger wrote an article about why rape should be legal on private property? And then he wanted to host a bunch of meetings around the world to discuss his ideology? That was Roosh V.

He has a personal website, and used to run a manosphere collective called Return of Kings where he and a bunch of equally repulsive men wrote awful things about women.


She thinks HE is inspirational.

3) She follows a lot of white supremacists and misogynists on Twitter + Instagram. Including: Stefan Molyneux, Lori Alexander, and Ben Shapiro's sister (Classically Abby). Plus she recommends their content.

During the YogioAbs interview, she admitted that her political opinions are extreme so she tries to mask them with baking, cooking, etc.

You also have to consider "The Alt Right Pipeline" (how internet radicalization works). People may be drawn in by Caitlin's cute, palatable content then take interest in the nazi shit she recommends and end up becoming radicalized.

She's dangerous not just to herself, but to others. Especially her newborn son.

No. 1156449

Preaching Alt-Right Rhetoric and Content:

She has a video about why casual sex is bad. In it, she says there is data to prove her points, but they've been hidden from us. Historically, alt-right rhetoric.

She recommends Stefan Molyneux's history lessons. https://www.mrsmidwest.com/post/20-things-i-recommend

She recommends this book (Sex Matters) multiple times on her blog, and in her videos. This book is pseudoscience that argues the red pill ideology is truth.

Screenies from the deleted Quora:

Liking white supremacist posts on IG: https://imgur.com/a/4BleLbh

Where she highly recommended a sermon that explicitly talks about hating LGBTQ people, and calls LGBT-affirming christians "fake": https://www.mrsmidwest.com/post/discerning-false-religion

tl;dr Mrs. Midwest seems like a kind, charming young woman - but there's evidence to suggest that she's secretly quite hateful. Anons need to stop coming in and poking around with their

>b-but I-I don't think

when there's tons of evidence to the contrary and has been for quite some time. It takes like two seconds to look this shit up, guys. She's been dragged elsewhere.

No. 1156528

Biggest red flag to me is when bitches like this don't have any female friends and they all live in the empty houses with their husband & pets that they occasionally drag on camera. Just tells me that they're isolated and never socially tested, perhaps they are unable to form bonds with others because of their neurotic personalities despite coming off as superficially normal in their vlog performances.
You know if they had friends there would be videos about them too.

No. 1156647

File: 1612847824366.png (1.44 MB, 1076x1520, 5fw0cwi9iuv51.png)

The thing is, she used to have female friends BEFORE her husband. And she just dropped all of them for him. When she's lurked fundiesnark and saw people commenting about it, she's made conflicting posts about how she has 'sooo many friends and is so busy!1!' and how she and her friends just all went their separate ways.



No. 1156648

File: 1612847873109.jpg (102.84 KB, 640x917, 58g2ackcy9561.jpg)

No. 1156707


That's pretty sad. She looks so genuinely happy in these. Then at some point the brain rot politics stepped in.

No. 1157287

It's another "I'm persecuted because I'm rich and beautiful" diatribe.

This time from Brittany Sellner/Pettibone

Apparently you are not trad if you are ugly or pore.

I'm sure women in the most 'trad' communities around the world have every single day to go on diet plans, shop at sephora, recieve the body of a nulliparous porn star and orthodontic treatment.

You can only be part of the trad wife club if you are white (unless you apologize profusely about your race and marry a white man, bonus points if he's blonde and no one can speculate that he's not a real viking) rich, have had work done, own a fitbit and dance around in spinny skirts.


No. 1157295

I think it can be difficult to make females friends for a number of reasons. Women who are not sentimental at all, need a lot of personal space and don't pick up on small social cues often struggle to make solid female friends. I think this is why a lot of women become pick mes and why there is such an autistic overlap in the trad wife community.

No. 1157303

Her 'husbear' is such a manlet. I skimmed the vlog and he helped her go grocery shopping and she makes such a big deal out of it, as though he's a saint for helping her while she's heavily pregnant. The bar is so low

No. 1157305

Maybe this is true for many of the women who follow these public figures in an effort to feel and be more 'feminine' but the public figures themselves just seem vain and narcissistic.

No. 1157310

I actually disagree that husbear is the one in control in the marriage. Kaitlyn not the 'soft and submissive' personality she makes it out to be. She's a covert narcissist.

I'm not saying he's the good guy but she at least looks like she calls the shots more than people give her credit for.

Behind closed doors it wouldn't surprise me if in their arguments she let him know how ugly he is compared to her and how he will never meet someone as uwu and as beautiful as she is again. I just get that vibe from her. She's all sweetness on the surface but she has a really nasty streak.

People who are so desperate to promote a certain kind of public image often have a private life that is the opposite way. Kaitlyn is so desperate to promote herself as this cutesy, lovely, kind, nurturing woman but I get the sense that she's not always that way.

No. 1157314

So, have you not seen the videos where she looks genuinely frightened of him and he is terse, standoffish, and an all around ass?

No. 1157315

Double post and also how he controls all the finances including having her exclusively thrift everything in their home? There's nothing wrong with thrifting inherently, but this woman has second hand lingerie and furniture that looks like it's about to bust the moment its sat upon.

No. 1157356

Idk Lisa, still waiting on that pregnancy announcement?

No. 1157360

File: 1612909033029.gif (361.99 KB, 220x140, tenor.gif)

No. 1157386

She does seem really narcissistic but she's very subtle about it. A lot of the other cows IIT are very full of themselves but they don't hide it as well. Anyone who tries to present themselves online as some kind of ~feminine beautiful traditional goddess~ is just larping.

No. 1157483

No I haven't. I'm interested to see them now. They sound milky.

No. 1157486

Wtf she wears secondhand underwear?

No. 1157565

Give it time until mgtows are angry enough to sit all day at their computers to harass evie until they disappear. Then some will try to come back and claim it was feminists who were so mean to them uwu get attacked more mgtows who hate women existing then go offline indefinitely

She studied marketing and knows how to tap into the market of red pill white males for a profit. She was really active on redpillwomen

No. 1157736

It was posted in the last thread.

No. 1157754

File: 1612941777993.png (93.19 KB, 1200x378, Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 2.19…)

"Women who have gone out of their way for years to avoid having my lifestyle secretly want my lifestyle, obviously."

No. 1157841

Kek she shounds bitter and competitive. Compensating for not being aryan probably.

No. 1157843

File: 1612954060456.jpg (383.02 KB, 1080x1269, 20210210_114700.jpg)

Lisa trying to win mgtow brownie points in vain kek. Does she seriously think that they will give her the "good one" badge now?

No. 1157847

File: 1612954472228.jpg (374.42 KB, 1080x1058, 20210210_115251.jpg)

Samefagging, but the reply lmao. Yes suuure you are incinveniencing women by standing there idly, couldn't be any other reason. Does aggressive flirting count as "existing"?

No. 1157848

File: 1612954535314.jpg (129.47 KB, 1080x404, 20210210_115309.jpg)

Another reply, more samefagging. In short, no brownie points.

No. 1157849

File: 1612954857531.png (8.5 KB, 158x319, images.png)

Is she the Meg of tradthots? Eh, they all look kinda Meg but most compensate with bleach.

No. 1158065

this is so illogical lmfao unfortunately ive read several logic free tweets from these women i cant take it anymore

No. 1158078

Really the only thing missing is that the man is hot and rich, or just rich, or just hot. If you're going to be a SAHM, you might as well get one or the other, or both.

No. 1158448

File: 1612994356793.png (3.15 MB, 1804x1323, grimesCapture.PNG)

Love it how Grimes got everything a tradthot should want: a mega rich provider scrote- by looking tumblr af.

While most tradthots love the thrift store kek

No. 1158648

She’s definitely bitter and/or narcissistic. Don’t care to check if she’s still doing vlogs, but the one I watched of her daily life was boring as fuck. Not sure why she thinks a video of herself doing laundry and making ungodly food combinations will make successful childfree women envy her.

No. 1159191

tradthots stay coping knowing that there's no such thing as the handsome, tall, broad shouldered, suit wearing, 50s husband that only wants a housewife to cook and clean while he has elon's money. Reality is that they only attract the bottom of the barrel incels who have nothing and no power so they insist on women being jobless housewives to feel powerful

No. 1160056

Don’t give me that passive aggressive bullshit lol. Men are not programmed for monogamy. I know this is a hard pill for you to swallow. You can either accept it or learn the hard way later on.

I don’t think you understand how men’s minds work. The vast majority of men do not want to marry a 40 year old single mom. That’s just how it is. Most men are hebephiles and ephebophiles who like girls aged 16-23 most. And a lot of older men have plenty of money to attract these girls with.

No. 1160067

Funny thing is my brother is a Chad and he has a lot of wealthy tall good looking Chad friends, and they all have extroverted independent normie girlfriends who look like instagram thots and can’t cook or clean for shit. The men I know from work who are married to nice stay at home traditional type women cheat on their nice wives with prostitutes or loose women/thots all the time lol. It’s really fucking sad.(blogpost)

No. 1160100

Seems like people love to say shit like this, but they don’t even know any rich people irl. I grew up in an affluent area and huge gaps where 50 year old men are committed to women half their age aren’t all that common. When men remarry the age gap is more likely 5-10 years, not 20 or more

No. 1160108

Not sure if true but I heard he cheated on her with his ex Amber heard. Also tbf the majority of millionaires and billionaires end up with preppy clean cut types, not pink haired tumblr girls

No. 1160182

Sage for blog post but I'm a sex worker and every single 40 yr old single mom type was easily able to get remarried.on top of that I'm 22 and it alarms a lot of older men because it makes them feel pervy. As long as if you're not a literal crack head and know how to somewhat present yourself in a decent way there will be some men that will want marry you. You'd be surprised how many men are married to models and then go to the whore house and get STDs from a morbidly obese hooker. If it exists men will fuck it

No. 1160325

Men will fuck anything, they won’t marry them though. More and more young attractive girls are getting into prostitution, there’s no need for men to settle for obese old hookers when they can bang pretty college students. And you’re just proving my point that men still cheat even when their wives are angelic model Stepford wives. Another reason why the whole tardwife movement is a scam for women.

No. 1160385

>men cheat on traditional well put together older women

>men cheat on young wild promiscuous women they fantasize about

Men will literally cheat no matter what kind of woman you mold yourself to be for them. They've been socially conditioned to think their lack of self control is "normal dude" stuff. Every single time I see someone complain about their boyfriend looking at or following irl girls who post thirst traps there's always a gaggle of handmaidens there to pat pathetic scrotes asses and say "oh well that doesn't bother me! I'm not a jealous harpy who stalks their partner uwu how controlling."

It makes me sick. Men can literally get away with everything short of sticking their actual dick in someone and they still will cheat. How many avenues of catered "sexual relief" can one get before they realize it's a male issue and women will always be the scapegoat for.

No. 1160589

Humans were not made for monogamy, period. In old history of various religions, lineages were traced through women and not men. You raised your babies with fellow women while men went and did dumb shit.

Men have overestimated their importance and convinced everyone else of it. The whole 'daddy isn't around uwu' didn't mean shit back in the day bc we were actually Woke. Once your son grew up, he fucked off to go hang with the boys and would eventually pick some random man to be his second father and mentor to manhood.

we are de-evolving. thanks for listening to my sperg derail.

By men, you mean men who aren't hideous. Plenty of men at the bottom have to settle for fuglies bc they have no options lol. Anyone remember Ed from 90day fiance? that fucking neckless scrote actually cheated on his wife. if you want a true loyal man, you need to go even uglier kek

No. 1160602

Men are obsolete, most of our ancestors are female bcause so few men are able to reproduce. Only the rich 1% of males can buy themselves partners, the rest of you are destined to rot alone kek

The truth hurts.

No. 1160697

People use to kill each other over dumb shit, fuck children, shit in the streets and so on. Human decency is about overcoming your poor human tendencies because humans suck but we've become smart enough to do the right thing to improve quality of life

No. 1161168


The same evolutionary biology that makes them prefer 18 year olds also makes young 18 year olds repulsed by their forehead lines, gut and dad smell. If this was a impassable conflict the human race would have gone extinct already. Yeah you have mentally unwell women who have daddy issues and pickmes who will take literally anyone but even those are rare in their true form, even most "daddy" girls I've seen are just LARPing pop culture troupes and will dump their old BF as soon as they et bored of the lolita shtick for a normie chad within their own age group.

No. 1161264

The majority of 18 year olds with a genuine daddy fetish aren’t conventionally attractive, then the small amount who are attractive have some horrible mental illness (bpd is a big one) then they end up cheating on their daddy. Good luck to older men who are willing to go that young because they’re in for a real shock when these women are not the innocent little girls they imagined

No. 1161343

File: 1613297512760.png (Spoiler Image, 1.63 MB, 1440x1923, Screenshot_20210214-045606~2.p…)

Midwest's kid looks large for a newborn. I know it's weird to talk about other people's kids but I can't be the only one that notices this.

No. 1161368

Pfffpt I like the juxtaposition between her enormous creepy smile and that incredibly bored looking baby.

No. 1161431

>>1155174 i'm dead anon thank you for this. I once thought fish sauce/oil was obtained through similar techniques. I smoke weed though.

No. 1163039

File: 1613496586810.jpeg (510.09 KB, 750x1092, D6C3DD6F-B07D-4FCD-A97C-FB38F4…)

margarita wrote a story about herself

No. 1163066

>Brown eyed newborn
Highly unlikely, especially for a pure white baby that's born to blue eyed blonde hair parents. Unless midwest wears contacts or cheated . The baby looks like neither
>The baby being that big. There are some big babies don't get me wrong but that definitely looks way too old especially with hair that long for a baby when her supposed birthdate was

Maybe the whole midwest faking her pregnancy was true. That or she simply cheated and wasn't smart enough to cheat on her husband with an aryan white guy like all the pics she liked on ig

Something about her entire pregnancy does rub me in a very wrong way though. Not just because she's a redpill pickme

No. 1163154

Maybe it's just me, but I think he looks a lot like her husband

No. 1163163

Her husband looks like a big ugly baby so not hard to do. Their eyes look nothing alike though

No. 1163184

Ok maybe I am being weird but her hairline looks odd, like she has a ill placed lacefront or a poorly sewn-in weave that she brushed her real hair over? Or maybe it is just editing. Sage for hair autism lol.

No. 1163195

File: 1613508046717.png (542.54 KB, 698x731, jv4kjdwg9ou41.png)

I also think her look is a lot faker than what she leads on. I could definitely see her having extensions + some other surgeries. I also feel like her claiming to be on a budget is BS considering the fact not many people I know who are living paycheck to paycheck go to Europe, Israel, several vacations, and have several properties. Maybe she means her allowance is her budget? Also what midwestern cop is getting paid enough to support a family, own a house and have several properties with no income from the wife + paying off student debt from Israel studying abroad which is costly.

Nothing she says adds up

No. 1163208

I think you're right about the allowance thing. They look like they've got a pretty decently sized house too. I don't know how expensive the area they live in is but the travel stuff is suspicious. I highly doubt she lives paycheck to paycheck

No. 1163209

The only conclusion from everything you said:

She’s probably hiding that her family is wealthy and privileged. I’ve seen her house in one of her videos or ig stories and they literally live right near the beach or some large area of water. I think real estate where she lives is relatively cheap, but waterfront property? Lmao

No. 1163212

File: 1613509649399.jpeg (95.26 KB, 750x1334, EBC347AC-7733-43A1-A934-187B34…)

Bernadine Bluntly has been discussed before in previous threads, but I remember having a funny personal interaction with her once on IG. I remember dming her after my comment got removed on one of her posts about why I’m not allowed to speculate her ethnicity, since she likes to play the whole innocent soft gentle fragile ethnic wholesome woman who isn’t like those other ethnic women trying to get their rights. Anyways, I ended up getting blocked for pointing out that she looks non-white, so I didn’t understand why she was posting white nationalist bait on her page. She does not like coming to terms that no matter how much you reject your heritage, you will never be accepted by the brain rotten audience you’re trying to pander to.

No. 1163218

Exactly. Another thing is that if her husband supposedly met her abroad while studying in israel why is he a cop now? How did they pay off both hers and his student debt + a house in this economy + dogs,children, etc +have enough disposable income for things like sewing machines, paints, vacations and etc? Cops only make like 50k a year. Maybe her family didn't cut her off and is shoveling money to her on the side? Who knows. Either way Caitlyn is a liar

No. 1163223

What ethnicity is she anyway? Can’t tell if she’s Latina or half Filipino or sth

No. 1163278

File: 1613516320125.jpeg (451.56 KB, 750x1196, 9E0D0E9B-D4A8-4143-9AB6-649996…)

Her Instagram is like the white nationalist version of those accounts that post those colourful "let's talk about x" infographics

No. 1163455

She's said both her parents were hapa, white/Chinese and white/Filipino I think. Pretty sure her husband and Fuentes got into a fight once about if it was trad or not to have ~20% Asian children.

No. 1163540

That's hilarious. Wats to be a nazi, but that pesky dna kek. She will never be able to be seen as a top tier trad girl by her desired audience.

No. 1163577

The funniest part is that she always dogwhistles the JQ when it comes to feminism, but the nazi narrative says (((they))) are to blame for race mixing too. Very convenient omission Bernadine!

No. 1163581

They look dark blue to me.

No. 1163905

Way too dark to be dark blue. I think you're seeing her circle light. She likes to use lighting and filters to emphasize her, her husband and babies blue eyes

No. 1164155

they look blue to me too tbh
most (white) babies have dark blue/ grey eyes that lighten up as they get older

No. 1164442

Anon please unironically write a book. Sage for absolutely 0 contribution and I will now take my ban

No. 1164536

I thought it was the other way round, that babies are born with lighter eyes which get darker as they get older.

No. 1164699

I think that’s hair

No. 1164755

Yeah it's hair. Not eyes. If Mrs midwest had a blue eyed blonde hair baby then we would never see the end of her shoving a camera in it's face

No. 1164799

what a lonely woman

No. 1164812

This, except the betabux bit. You don't go young to pay, you go young to find someone dumb enough to entertain you cheaply/for free. Most scrotoid sugar baby forums will confirm.

For a man, novelty is often a woman who triggers his carrot on a stick mentality, which more often than not means doing the opposite of appeasing him. Tradthots would have no problem hopping on another cockwallet as soon as their marriages fall apart if they had a different mentality, as tons of older women do. But if they were that kind of girl, they wouldn't be omega pickmes in the first place at any point in their lives, or at least past the age of 13. The proverbial bitter old hag is always some gimpgirl who spent five decades of her life licking balls and was too retarded to get a clue after three. At that point she either becomes a sad radfem, or doubles down on her retardation.

No. 1164832

Totally not projection to just insinuate something like this unprompted.

No. 1164850

Sage for blogpost but. In terms of dating and sex, things are going to change a lot in the next 10-20 years by the time these tradthots reach middle age. Things are already changing a lot. It used to be that older men (such as divorcees) were expected to date older women/divorcees and that men dating very young girls (like 16-18) was socially unacceptable and looked down upon or the guy was made out to be a creepy loser, but speaking from my own experience I have seen older men a lot more open and brazen about liking barely legal girls, and sometimes even younger than legal.

There are studies proving that the majority of men are sexually aroused by 12-15 year old girls, and a worrying proportion are also aroused by prepubescent children. I don’t think these pickmes understand the male mentality very well - they THINK they do but the reality is if you lurk any manosphere long enough you realize that pedophilia is rife and that all men are manwhores or at least aspire to be - some of them just lack opportunity. I don’t think tradthots realize they are fighting a losing battle.

The truth is, every guy gets bored of the same woman eventually, all men watch porn even if they say they don’t, all men are sexually attracted to teen girls, very few men are genuinely monogamous. You can suck your mans dick and go to church every Sunday with him and restrict calories to keep yourself thin and make him a delicious dinner every night for 40 years straight and fashion yourself into the ultimate wife, but that doesn’t cancel out his innate biology. He will still crave another woman after a couple years max.

No. 1164857

Oh, it's that time again! Sign me up.

Women are not programmed for monogamy either, to the point of evolving concealed ovulation to deceive you about paternity and get betabux from 10 different men. What men want and what they're reasonably able to get are two entirely different things, and that's assuming that men know what they want in the first place. This is your daily reminder that social monogamy is enforced by men to help betas, and without cultural constraints, up to 60% of all males either straight up die virgins or raise someone else's young - a pattern observed in most great apes.

The only thing you're reasonably "programmed" for is that exact fate. You know very well that men want to be polygamous, while women are actually able to be polygamous. Tradthots fail precisely because they self-handicap by buying into beta male narratives, thinking that men are doing them a favor by committing when it's exactly the other way around. That kind of woman is equally doomed to wade through garbage whether she's 17 or 45 with 4 kids.

It's fairly common for freshly divorced men to be delusional about their value, especially after a few decades of perpetual ass kissing and not having to compete. However, they tend to find out the hard way that young hot girls want young hot guys or A LOT of money (your le STEM salary, especially after being picked clean by child support, isn't even close), and consistent sex isn't a thing for most non-hitched men regardless of age. Most old farts are able to get are 5/10 hookers who charge $400+ per hour or 19 year old mentally ill tumblr fuggos they wouldn't have looked at twice when they were young. That brings us to another fact - older women are not particularly attracted to older men either unless he has the bux, which is precisely why traditional monogamous relationships were established (besides preventing women from selecting only a very small top percentage of genetic stock and distributing male sexual access more "fairly"). No man is hotter at 40 than he was at 20, and the older he is, the more he has to bux. I suppose at this point it doesn't need to be mentioned that even if you do manage to find someone decent to take your money and stay faithful (most "arrangements" are milking 25 other old farts, hence the frequent insistence on LOYAL sugar babies on dating profiles), you'll always seethe about the fact that all we want from you is cash.

Good luck!

No. 1164873

> answering to 6 DAY old post
Anon… you are wasting your time

No. 1164997

Shut the fuck up with the mental breakdown disguised as sociology and armchair psychology bullshit and let's get back to the tradthots

No. 1165040

Are women really not programmed for monogamy though? I’ve read those studies about women raising the kid with the tribe and craving more masculine partners during ovulation too but I think it’s somewhat exaggerated. I don’t think you suddenly lose all interest in your average or just above average bf and crave Chad for 2-3 days a month.

Most women I know, when in love get very emotionally attached to one guy and wouldn’t dream of cheating on him. Of course female cheaters exist but very few women cheat when they are IN LOVE. Meanwhile guys claim to be able to cheat sexually without falling out of love with their gf/wife.

Meanwhile I agree with you in that 99% of guys have the mindset of ‘ill stay physically loyal to you but I WILL fantasize about other women and watch porn too’. It seems like women are genuinely capable of voluntary psychological and physical monogamy but men aren’t. This is why pickmes are retarded because they are trying to force men to override their basic biology which is never gonna happen. I think the bit about men being unable to find a lot of attractive young girls to fuck is cope though. Plenty of attractive young hookers and sugarbabies around these days, sure they might not be ‘exclusive’ to that dude but most men lose interest after fucking them once anyway and have no desire for a relationship with these women. It’s women who crave a relationship + sex with one man they really like. Men are just happy to coom and dash.

No. 1165189

We've been hearing this for hundreds of years and you're desperate to settle even more in the age of rampant thottery. >>1165040
There are no animals in which one sex is monogamous and the other isn't. Males enforce fidelity through violence, which wouldn't be needed on the first place if women weren't built for polyandry. That being said, women also tend to be more moral, so we are capable of choosing monogamy, often out of pity and guilt. Men have no such constraints, and its not like women beat and murder them for infidelity.

However, self-enforcement of fidelity doesn't signal to men what women think it will.

No. 1167193

> tradcow martina markota
She is part of a very strange and small trad movement. While the others are extolling the "peasant life" (or their romanticized version of it) Martina is emulating some kind of aristocratic decadence.

I used to try to make sense of it but then I realized it didn't even really make sense to her.

No. 1167578

File: 1613942662600.png (242.55 KB, 1204x1098, Screen Shot 2021-02-21 at 4.21…)

It's hard for me to comprehend that she's actually this stupid. Several people have turned her "all unmarried childfree women would jump at the chance to be married stay at home moms" rhetoric back on her in reverse and she doesn't even get the point.

No. 1167593

Running a household is basically a full time job unless you have a nanny, split it with your husband, or the grandparents.

It’s hard to imagine there’s an actual woman typing these tweets.

No. 1167766

You also can’t undo being a mom and housewife. Like if you don’t like your career you can always change it, but you’ll always be stuck with kids if you have them

No. 1167771

So retarded to limit yourself to one area of your life. You can be a mom while also having passions, interests and pursuits of your own. When her kids grow up she’s gonna realize they have their own lives too and don’t want their mom micromanaging everything for them. When they leave the nest she will be very bored/aimless if she doesn’t have her own hobbies and passions.

No. 1167781

File: 1613964325668.jpeg (383.8 KB, 750x888, A0E49B0C-C5AA-4B39-9018-2DB24F…)

Have you guys seen this girl on twitter? I know most of the tradthots itt are desperate for male attention but wow

No. 1167804

Yeah I came across her a couple months ago and her twitter is a bizarre look into how quickly one can get sucked into tradthot ideology. Go back a few months into her twitter and she doesn't sound anywhere near as insane.

No. 1167812

You have brain rot. Go outside.

No. 1167814

For people that constantly bitch about how unmarried childfree career women are going to be lonely cat ladies, these "I don't have any female friends" trads aren't setting themselves up for much better in the future.

No. 1167833

File: 1613971778989.jpeg (195.07 KB, 828x772, CD9A7C74-A135-4B77-8F47-295793…)

Margha wants to live in rural France now instead of rural Russia. Maybe she and Varg's wife can exchange tips kek

No. 1167851

Sounds like a typical cluster b who thinks everyone is out to get her

No. 1167908

File: 1613984041068.jpeg (310.15 KB, 828x861, E2CA04FC-B386-4C0E-88FA-8393B4…)

An Australian senator stated that sky news hired Lauren Southern after she promoted the great replacement theory, the same one that the Christchurch shooter did. Lauren gets mad and cries defamation. Remind anyone else of when she got banned from the UK and asked for a bunch of donations to sue them and then literally nothing happened after lol

No. 1167950

File: 1613992744411.png (217.64 KB, 497x417, 0ADE619E-FCC5-453E-9231-8093CA…)

It's funny cause margha isn't gonna live in rural russia or france. I feel like she thinks farming would just be her frolicking in a field and not actually working kek

I doubt anything is gonna happen tbh. She was pushing the great replacement shit pretty hard a couple years ago though, so I don't know if that would count as defamation? Idk anything about law

No. 1167961

File: 1613994230700.jpg (59.36 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

lol good luck Lauren. The Christchurch killer literally gave her shoutouts. He said he was "inspired" by her. In law it is a statement of absolute truth, but beyond that Australia now has a "public interest" defense.

What's the over/under on how quickly she puts together a GoFundMe to handle her "crippling legal bills"? I say it'll be two weeks until she "relents" from the tidal wave of fans that beg to give her money for her legal adventures.

No. 1167971

File: 1613997258421.gif (18.93 MB, 600x662, 3F2ADE1A-C7F9-4A43-BABF-C8B265…)

One of bernadine’s latest attempts at being cool by making a tiktok like this, kek

No. 1167981

So embarrassing that an adult woman would make something like this. If you're attempting to brag about being "picked" as if it's an accomplishment, you've accomplished nothing in life.

No. 1168012

Good for u he’s still gonna cheat and treat you like a domestic servant. You have to do more than just get picked, you have to cater to his ever increasing demands and sense of entitlement until one or both of you are dead. Good job for getting picked but it’s literally step fucking one of being perfect trad wife material, and step two is deleting your social media and stopping the vain and attention seeking behaviour.

No. 1168088

Is being "picked" supposed to be an accomplishment? Lol there are female inmates who are average looking with no money or education who get marriage proposals daily. If you exist and actually put yourself out there, there will be a man who wants to "pick" you. You'd really be doing something if you find a decent man who's rich, doesn't cheat and supports you and is decent looking

No. 1168110

aileen wuornos got at least seven dudes to pay to fuck her and she looked… well she looked like how she did. any woman can get a dude to pick her bc men are animalistic trash.

No. 1168114

Wow, she got picked by a man who gets bullied by Nick Fuentes about how he should have married a fully white woman instead of her, and now has four kids at the age of 30 who will probably each pack up and leave once they become adults and realize how she exploited their existence online for her social media personality. Very enviable.

No. 1168158

Does she think being in a relationship is some kind of ultra rare achievement? Most of the pink haired feminists I went to school with had boyfriends.

No. 1168182

andrea dworkin was married to a man

No. 1168222

She thinks that being married at 21 is, but most people aren’t married young simply because they don’t want to be.

No. 1168361

How do we know that this isn't a scrote larping? So many of them love to take random photos of girls from all over the internet and larp as their perfect self hating trad wife that hates everything and anything to do with women and is just pro scrote

No. 1168369

Except for the part where he literally never mentioned her name and the NZ inquiry never mentioned her name.

No. 1168398

Given the fact that this one doesn't have "her" face as a profile picture I would say you're probably correct. All the real ones have their faces visible because they're narcissists and they don't have a real job they could lose.

No. 1168408

The senator only said that she promoted the same idea that the shooter did, she never said the shooter viewed Lauren’s content. This will never go to court

No. 1168478

OT but dworkin wrote a whole book on tradwives. I wish she was still alive so bad

Yeah, I could see zoe being a scrote tbh. Even if she isn't one, her tweets don't give off a feminine, wholesome personality at all. She seems angry as fuck all the time. And you're right, the ones who show their faces and attach their real names to this are narcs seeking validation from men.

No. 1168511

Looking through Zoe's tweets for the first time, she just seems extremely pretentious if anything imo. Apparently she's at an Ivy League studying languages or something and has wealthy monarchist parents, if she's not a LARP of course. To me Bernadine seems the most angry and straight up malicious at all times for some reason.

No. 1168530

Ofc her parents are monarchists. I've noticed that quite a few people in trad circles are monarchists actually. I guess it goes in part with romanticizing peasant life. Although that part doesn't really sound like it applies to zoe.

No. 1169542

i wouldnt say abby shapiro is a tradthot. sure, she holds trad values but she doesnt seem to be doing for male attention and doesnt really exhibit any pickme behaviors.

No. 1169593

Sure, Jan.
Evie magazine…

No. 1169993

She's obviously pandering to scrotes with her "muh modesty" crap.

No. 1170024

>Guys, hating jews is bad
>The majority of "trads" and right wingers are anti-semit.

No. 1170113

Aren't a lot of trad christians pro-Israel?

No. 1170135

Not in this scene. These aren't boomer evangelicals.

No. 1170471

idk if this was posted before, but the white noise documentary was posted on youtube some days ago. it's pretty hilarious imo, kind of like a reality show about WN influencers.

No. 1170503

They're only pro-israel when it comes to saying "fuck Muslims and fuck Palestine." Anything besides those things it's antisemitic as usual, at least that's the impression I get.

No. 1170604

They're only pro-Israel in the sense that they believe it should be a recognised state as it was widely believed to be the birthplace of Jesus. They're willing to share it with jews because they believe the bible proves it was jewish land but they'll never stretch to sharing it with muslims even though it's considered holy land to them too.

No. 1170677

The sheer amount of self owns in this documentary are unreal, I was planning to just skim it but they ended up being parodies of themselves. The editing made it even funnier.

No. 1171012

File: 1614344654347.png (187.59 KB, 720x624, Screenshot_20210226-175049.png)

So I don't know If this belongs here or not cause its not about one specific tardthot rather a troubling trend, I'm sure some Anons here remember Giggle, it was supposed to be a woman's only social media space that used facial recognition technology to varify proof of gender, inatially it had a small handful of radical feminists and some lesbians, it made troons seethe which gave it more fame and it quickly picked up steam, now most women there are mostly normal but based women, however there are Also active female Nazis on the platform as well

And sometimes you can't tell if a user is a cool radfem chick or a Nazi, its gotten bad

No. 1171196

Lol. This is how it was meant to be Borat 2.

No. 1171233

I'd have more respect for Lauren if she owned her bullshit, but now she's acting like a fucking victim and it makes me sick.

No. 1171845

Lmao she continues talking about white people becoming a minority.
Also Lauren southern on her boyfriend not being white “race doesn’t matter”

No. 1172087

Dworkin married a gay man. It wasn't sexually or even "romantically" motivated. It's more of a "kindered spirit" thing. And it's also like a big fuck you to the heteronormativity of marriage institutions.

No. 1172332

File: 1614477973697.jpeg (434.36 KB, 750x1169, A8782044-CE5D-44F5-BCE0-338A25…)

More tradthottery from Patriarchy Princesses from Pakistan. They love to get angry at the aurat (women’s) march. This English speaking, probably educated middle to upper class Twitter user (aka, the type of Pakistani to benefit most from whatever attempts at liberalism and feminism have occurred) thinks that women asking for “equality” means that they should get treated as shitty as scrotes over there treat each other. Of course, the hilarity being that Pakistani men already abuse Pakistani women. They already treat them like shit. There are already women doing hard labor. This is what happens when rampant tradthottery in your society goes unchecked. (1/3)

No. 1172334

File: 1614478015569.jpeg (492.95 KB, 750x1063, C8D330CE-ACAF-4975-89FE-49FEB9…)


No. 1172337

File: 1614478256105.jpeg (451.21 KB, 750x900, 76D7C124-5415-44CE-B61C-1CB9EA…)

(3/3) for reference, Marvi Samad is a political commentator who got into an argument with some pathetic scrote who wrote some shitty soap operas that had misogynist undertones, I believe. He cussed at her and this genius Twitter user thinks women asking for better treatment means they have to endure everything men throw at them. Why these bitches believe that every woman lives a cushy life like they do I do not know. Pakistan is known internationally as a misogynist shithole.

No. 1172347

Not Stoltenberg, her first husband.

No. 1172440

>Ready for [things that literally already happen right now everywhere]?

No. 1172457

jfc, how brainwashed is she or what deluded fantasy does she live in. pakistan is a fucking coutnry where honor killing and acid attacks happen and culturally men are worhsipped and they dont even do any chores at home and their even fed first at family gatherings and such. men need respect too?? men are treated like gods ffs.

No. 1172460

its literally society and men that devalue motherhood and men dont help around the house and ignore their wives after they give birth bc they dont think their post baby body is hot lisa. maybe ask yourself hmm whats the reason for womens actions.

No. 1172461

uhm nah. women are actually kind of the oposite, their more likely to be emotionally sensitive and be there for each other in hard times. not saying all women are like this or that female frienships are perfect but compared to men? men themselves whine about how men dont care about each other or suport each other. i think the real reason is trad girls are catty and hate women and view every female as competition so they cant bond with other women.

No. 1172465

this is one of the biggest proof that pickmeism doesnt work. it attracts bottom of the barrel men who are insecure and want a power trip, will cheat on you, ignore you after you have a baby. men that are successful and have a healthy sense of self go for women with personalities not bangmaids because they want a partner not a slave. Just look at famous male celebs businessmen and entrepenurs, they often marry other women of equal social status, not for suburban women who have done nothing in their lives. sucesful rich men arent perfect either but thats bc men in general are garbage though thats a dif story

No. 1172466

marriages with age gaps statistically have a higher chance of divorce and most marriages are only a few years apart in age.

No. 1172472

group sex is one of the most searched porn video for women and i once read that in caveman times women would fuck around with multiple men. the shape of a males penis head is supposedly evolved to scoop out any semen in the vagina. the whole women not having polyamorous fantasies thing is bs, women just have morals and empathy and self control is all.

No. 1172497

I mean to be fair those marriages with wealthy businessman and the women of equal status and success often don’t work out. Ideally a businessman would find an attractive woman he enjoys being around, close to his status but who isn’t quite as successful and independent as him. It’s just really hard for a marriage to work when two people are highly independent and driven type A people. You need to have more of a yin and yang situation

No. 1173063

>girls are more precious than men
Lmao this will never win over trad scrotes and the lie of men being protectors of women is such a meme at this point. They support segregation and patriarchal societies because they believe women are worthless and useless in everything except being abused and raped. It's all for control while women do everything, are blamed for all the bad shit that happens and are forced to accept it. I don't think it will take anything short of pickmes getting suckerpunched in the face by one of their "male supporters" to get that

No. 1173122

> dairy farm in rural France
French farmers are shooting themselves in the head in record numbers. I assume they haven't gotten to "Serotonin" in her right wing book of the month club yet.

> she thinks farming would just be her frolicking in a field and not actually working kek
That's it exactly, people brought up on farms and who have dedicated their whole lives to it find it hard for a lot of different reasons, I guess they're just not "trad" enough.

I find it so strange. Imagine someone saying "If money was no object, I'd like to be a brain surgeon" or "a bond trader." It's a real vocation, you can go out and work at a farm at harvest to see how romantic it is. Such strange people.

No. 1173650

I couldn't have said it better myself. I've never heard anyone who's actually worked on a farm talk about farming the same way tradthots living in the suburbs do. She's not ready for the cow poop.

No. 1173878

so Lauren got pregnant out of wedlock? shocker.

No. 1174464

W8 so Gavin McInnes called up Lauren Southern to hook up? Whilst he has a wife n kids? Wowwwww. And Lauren said he kept trying to sleep with her.

No. 1174882

she would've if he wasn't married lol

No. 1175049

File: 1614769347898.png (312.34 KB, 1094x592, lauren.png)

I didn't know Mike Cernovich sounded like such a tard. The Lauren Southern parts were most interesting, here's her face when she was sitting right in front of Gavin McInnes who said "women ruin everything".

No. 1175638

the way Lauren Southern tried to hint her date that she wanted to have kids and he only shut her off by responding with nationalist bullshit is honestly LOL..

No. 1176320

It was quite a shock when he started doing periscope streams and Chad GamerGate Gorilla Lawyer guy turned out to be a lisping unemployed suburban dad calling people "cuckth."

He is really one of the most comic figures in this whole thing because he alone is incapable of the introspection required to see how he actually looks. It's been 4 years since he "won" and he's still living off his wife's income, filming in closets and calling people "dumbshitth" on the internet.

No. 1176672

File: 1614933532266.jpg (127.64 KB, 1979x1064, lo-lo.jpg)

I just finished watching this. I thought it would be bad, it's still not very good (I'm not sure I learned much about why these people are the freaks they are) but it's different than I thought it would be.

As it ended I realized the same footage could have been edited to make it a comedy.

These are all extremely weird people. I don't just mean they believe in strange things or do strange things. If you met Cernovich at your local community garden, you would think "What a weird man. Something off there." Gore Vidal once said someone had "eyes of a failed rapist." That's Mike Cernovich.

Richard Spencer seems like the kind of person who, after you apologized to him for bumping into him at the supermarket, would answer by reciting a sonnet from Shakespeare and smiling like a maniac. Strange, strange person.

Lauren seems like the least authentic human being that has ever existed. I don't believe she's done anything in her life without first weighing what other people would think about it, and that includes having a baby. Yet living her life this way has lead to her being despised, lampooned and hated. She went looking for affection, tried to win affection from some people and got the opposite from many more.

On a purely superficial level she looks worse and worse as the film goes on. But nearly everyone looks wrong in this film, even guys in the background. They look bad in suits and the men look like they cut their own hair to save $30. Maybe the worst advertisement for the alt-right that ever existed was a picture of the alt-right on TV every night for a month after Charlottesville. Nobody would willingly want to join a group that looks like they live in houses without mirrors or running water or all the chromosomes most people have.

No. 1176939

The shots of that fat alt right member walking with the group killed me. I thought fascists are obsessed with physical perfection.
Also the guy with the wonky eyes saying the dresscode is white shirts because they are hard to keep clean and signal you belong to a certain class. Homeboy looked like a divorced dad who just lost custody of his kids.

No. 1176940

Lauren has a masculine face and heavy makeup + lip fillers + straight hair only help to emphasize that.
When she has less makeup on and wavy hair she looks so much younger and cuter.

No. 1176942

File: 1614966274857.png (762.84 KB, 882x700, dy.png)

Dummy thicc, gettin' dick

No. 1176944

File: 1614966393872.png (820.94 KB, 1054x868, dy2.png)

Samefagging because I can't not post this one lmao

No. 1176971

File: 1614967778421.png (39.06 KB, 393x229, 1598447518183.png)

They actually know about this problem and when they were planning the Charlottesville march the organizers sent a memo that all the ugly and obese men shouldn't come and they should go to the gym instead. So the Charlottesville thing was the best they had to offer.

No. 1176983

>her face when Gavin McInnes said "women ruin everything".
No sympathy for her. she knew who these scrotes are and how they really think. But Gavin should have gotten divorced by now. He's such a useless edgy old scrote that got scared shitless when law enforcement came to him about his Proud Boys group. I remember reading that his wife didn't like the person he was becoming. He has daughters too iirc. That woman just needs to run and never look back. These men will end themselves when they get up to their 50s,60s and 70s and realize nothing they did was worth it.

that's hilarious

No. 1176991

Is there a thread for the altright in general? They have so much cow potential.

No. 1177054

File: 1614974723670.png (2.45 MB, 1900x994, ogonleg.png)

>So the Charlottesville thing was the best they had to offer.

No. 1177079

sorry if i am late to the discussion, but didn't she marry a mixed Asian guy? And if so, how did they meet? I really can't believe she married a non-white guy. Her poor hapa kid. However a lot of racists do marry POC and think their POC spouses are special and not like "the others."

No. 1177207

He probably has self hatred of his Asian side like Elliot Rodger

No. 1177483

When I saw this scene I said "Oh wow, the director is cherrypicking." But nope: every scene has people who look like they escaped from polygamist cults or were homeschooled by the Manson Family.

No. 1177734

Her husbands seems like a trad catholic guy unlike the super autismo guy from the dinner scene. She wanted to be married and have kids as soon as possible and he delivered.

No. 1177777

>Her poor hapa kid
It’s between her and xiaxue’s kid to be the next Elliott Rodger.

No. 1177797

File: 1615047472774.jpeg (131.55 KB, 598x376, 6B16F649-E731-419B-8D80-8713C1…)

>a challenger approaches

No. 1177868

There's an interesting part at 42:00 where Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern talk about women not having the ability to get married and be a mother after working in the corporate/media world for a couple years…yeah

No. 1177884

So they only want good looking people in their movement? Even disfigured people are excluded? You know people can't help being disfigured, right? The majority of america is also overweight or obese so they are alienating a significant portion of their potential audience by eliminating fat people. White, rural poor people were one of Trump's main demographics. Most of them are missing teeth and don't exactly dress a million dollars.

Part of being successful in politics is making yourself relatable and likeable to the average person who is part of your target demographic. They have failed to even do that.

They would rather bathe in their own narcissism by eliminating the uglies and the pores.

No. 1177888

That's fascism for you.

No. 1177899

File: 1615060616520.jpeg (694.13 KB, 1900x2375, right-wing-vs-left-wing-women.…)

They only want the uggos, fatties, and losers to be perceived on the left so they can keep believing anyone who disagrees with them are just jealous snowflakes. It's why traddies creamed themselves when pictures of ugly feminists were spammed all over the internet for years because even if they weren't that attractive themselves, they could still fly under the radar as Übermensch just for dunking on feminism.

Same reason why there's memes of left women being portrayed as slovenly, old, pink-haired xirbeasts meanwhile right wing women are flawless youthful instagoddesses. These cherrypicking memes are fucking everywhere. Most disturbing is that tradthots are genuinely flattered that they're being hoisted up as superior broodmares for the same men who don't even think they should be able to vote.

No. 1177906

the thing where they compared Biden’s press secretary, Jen Psakis, to Kayleigh McEnany was hilarious
compare her to Sarah Huckabee Sanders for a laugh, MAGAts

No. 1177945

It's good to keep this in mind when dealing with conservacucks and other varieties of racist idiots because inevitably, they are almost always some funny looking weirdos like >>1176672, the kind of people you just look at once in the grocery store and a U-turn down another aisle to avoid.

All they can really do is run their mouths on 4chins and talk a good game, but then you see these literal chicken legged >>1176942 soyboys and one big blubberbutt waddling behind them, and supposedly they're the pinnacle of western civilization? None of them look like they're over 5'10'' tall, they're not the handsome, broad shouldered Gaullish warriors with white blond hair and sea blue eyes like they wish they so desperately were. They're a bunch of dorks, and it's hilarious.

No. 1177949

The difference looks like makeup and styling, wow. Such a big difference

No. 1177966

Isn’t most of Hollywood left anyways? doesn’t that disprove the whole right wingers being attractive myth

No. 1177974

File: 1615068772831.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x3376, inCollage_20210307_001042183.j…)

Two can play that game if they cherry pick

I thought this was kinda funny

No. 1177994

This made me burst out laughing, good shit

No. 1178002

File: 1615071508544.jpg (75.27 KB, 1036x801, _20210306_235624.JPG)

No. 1178006

No, they're honestly not. A lot of them are hardcore Republicans, they just don't say anything.

No. 1178011

I dont know any guy obsessed with trains and nineteenth century conflicts unless hes a poltard

No. 1178032

In both cases it's literally comparing young women to old ladies.

Socialists have Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, right wing nuts have Lauren Boebert, both are hot.

No. 1178073

Yeah, have to agree. Many are republicans (or at least conservative/right leaning centrists) and they just larp as super liberal to fit in. The rest are just flat out apolitical but they espouse Democratic/liberal views on social media to bolster their career because they would be cancelled if they told the truth (they don’t care)

No. 1178083

I think people only say this because of Beverly Hills and Brentwood. The rest of L.A voting precincts map don’t seem to reflect this.

No. 1178162

lol bullshit, you conservatives have such a whiny fucking victim complex. It's all "trigger the libs," "facts don't care about your feelings, Snowflake" nonsense until those big meany Democrats hurt yout feelings for being a fucking moron who's more concerned about Neo-Nazi YouTubers getting demonetized, and taxing millionaires too much, than you are about healthcare

No. 1178590

Ok mental case

No. 1178591

The fact that you think most celebs actually care about politics means you’re fucking stupid. Congrats

No. 1179015

What a weird take. Besides Lauren Southern, most of the right wing women in the picture are in their 40s and 50s.
Why do so many posters here shit on older women and push the idea that men are only attracted to teens?

No. 1179098

this is beyond cringy anon

No. 1179158

File: 1615213897632.jpg (306.8 KB, 1908x1146, 3902206200000578-0-image-a-24_…)

>Barbara Bush
>Right Wing
was this created using information from 2005, she supports BLM and also supported Clinton in 16

No. 1179183

Lack of real world experience.

No. 1179935

Putting people like Debbie Schultz and Milo Stewart in the same graphic under "left wing women", lmfao

No. 1179945

This isn't even remotely correct lmao but a for effort I guess

No. 1179976

Timestamp pls, I tried skimming through it but there is so much shit I can't find it.

The part where Lauren and Brittany try to convince interviewer that women working in media can't get married and have kids after 4 years is tip top lel.

No. 1180005

19:36 is the dinner scene

No. 1180027

They didn't have to do Andrea dirty by putting her next to Milo like that

No. 1180434

File: 1615332769918.jpeg (557.35 KB, 828x1330, 27B883E1-E4FE-4229-B2EA-8CA72C…)

When you’re a salty grifter because you know you’ll never be an actual respected journalist

No. 1180520


No. 1180892

If only HuffPost journalists knew how much money you can get from right wing men if you just make anti-feminist and anti-migrant videos!

No. 1180900

more like



No. 1181032

These cherry picking memes are always so retarded. If they included all the liberal women in Hollywood who they jerk off to, the right wing women would look like bridge trolls.

No. 1182231

File: 1615511045401.png (1.76 MB, 1868x1190, Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 8.04…)


No. 1182407

Not watching it but if I had to guess, she either justifies being one to make her watchers (men) happy in the comments or she says she's not like other girls and doesn't like pick mes for whatever reason that's somehow tied to politics and nationalism

No. 1182490

I get your point but ew is that shuwu?

No. 1182495

No. 1182510

Memes aside shoe is not a bad looking girl

No. 1182559

She's bald.

No. 1183056

> Left wing
> June the grifter

Idk, I’m a lesbian and to me she looks like the lovechild of a chipmunk and momo with boxxy makeup on

No. 1183155

File: 1615600151173.jpeg (230.92 KB, 750x627, 74D42CDD-DCC7-43B6-A853-12ABCA…)

This old witch loves to talk about humility and being submissive but she’s extremely loud and mouthy about her opinion online. Excuse me but why are you allowed to voice your attention-seeking opinions but other women who are opinionated need to shut up and listen to their useless husbands? Lmao the absolute hypocrisy of this woman. She hides behind christianity as a power trip over other women and for what?

No. 1183314

Lori is so boring, all she does is post the same thing about women being submissive over and over again so the inevitable backlash on every tweet can fuel her narcissistic supply.

No. 1183316

They also demand mothers stay home and educate their male kids (so they don't get brainwashed at school) and teach them about life including what spouse to pick. Sounds like they want to have a lot of influence but in a low key way.

No. 1183611

Don't find anything wrong with what she said in the video. Esp the part where she said
>wanting to care for [our] men shouldn't be interpreted as some kind of threat to other women
>a woman loving and caring for her boyfriend and husband doesn't equate to hating other women
which is basically where the misuse of "pick me" stems from anyway. The usage of the term has moved away from making fun of women who make fun of other women, to making fun of women who do or say things that you don't agree with.

No. 1183643

Nothing to see here, she's just focusing on women being criticised for being nice to their men and pretending that's the only reason she and the other manosphere thots are being called Pick Me's.

No. 1183739

I've always loved the 4d chess logic of the woman without a combination of self reliance and no education [if we are following their ideal of married young] made to home school the future SUPERIOR MALES. Idk what kind of excellent home schooling they think those children will recieve.

No. 1184018

Tagging it with #notallmen, and oh the cringe. I get that she began her career as a visible antifeminist and the only people giving her money at this point are probably the kinds of men who were initially enamoured with her, but Jesus Christ, I'd rather go bankrupt than pander to them and have my name attached to this.

The actual video isn't too bad, though rolling eyes at le feminist rage reaction to Sarah's murder is pretty cringe considering she seems to have done most of what Lauren cites in this list and that's the whole point. There comes a point where so many precautions are asked of us that it's not unreasonable to ask why danger signs from these men are not paid attention to.

No. 1184628

Why is her face 6 shades lighter than her body

No. 1184636

Her brain tumor isn't operable so we'll have to endure her boring twitter ramblings until she drops unfortunately

She looked at other thots that got attacked for just talking about the misogyny in the alt right and still wanted their approval knowing that it could be her next. It would probably take Brittney to get punched in the face by one of her supporters for her to see how stupid it is to be "picked" by those men

No. 1184786

Was it really necessary to make a video invoking a woman who was just found murdered to scream about feminist platitudes endangering women, random people on twitter, and how #notallmen kill women? She and her clumped false eyelashes need to log off

No. 1184854

File: 1615790861833.png (583.47 KB, 620x581, 1.png)

She really needs the $$$ and attention from her male followers even if that means shaming rape and murder victims.

No. 1184856

1.Marry uneducated women who have no interests outside cooking, cleaning and breeding
2.Let your stupid ass wife homeschool your kids
5.All your sons are scientists now

No. 1185000

I know this video is mostly standard fair for Lauren, what with the whole "and my friends who work in security think they can't tell women not to dress inappropriately because they are so scared of losing their jobs thanks to the feminists" thing… and yet, I still think this is one of the worst ways an influencer or whomever has used Everard's death for clicks so far. The way she added it was an insult to a woman who did nothing wrong and still met a horrible fate, if she wanted to make this retarded video she should have kept Sarah's name out of her mouth.

No. 1185069

You'd think with all the emphasis these women put on rapey Muslims and toxic cultures putting poor western women at risk, they'd be able to acknowledge at least a little the social factors that go into instances of extreme violence against women like the cases we see in India and sub-saharan African countries. But no, it's not all men and they can't be expected to do literally anything to change this situation, women have to put up and shut up. No other angle to tackle this from whatsoever.

No. 1185128

I couldn't take this for very long (why does her mouth move like that) but what I got from the first few minutes is that men incorrigible monsters who will never not rape so we might as well shoot them. Based

No. 1185130

exactly. If the attacker was muslim then it would be "ban muslims". If the attacker is unknown, there's a reasonable chance the attacker was white, in which case it's not "ban men" it's "women, don't walk outside" aka ban yourselves from public spaces during certain hours.

No. 1185199

Not just banning yourself from going out as a woman, Lauren is very clear that if you drink or dress the wrong way you are being an idiot who has it coming. She used to be into drinking wine and posted about it, I wonder where the threshold between "it's ok for me to do" and "asking for it" lies for her

No. 1185289

I don't think she even knows where the threshold is. Lauren's just a pathetic hypocrite who ruined her image so much before she hit 30 that she can't even pick up a normal quiet job to pay her bills. And she's definitely not going to be a quiet mother and housewife relying on her husband's income by her actions.

It's ok for her to throw herself at PJW and Molyneux and not be called a whore for it but if you go out in the evening wearing a skirt, then that's slutty and you're to blamed for getting raped and murdered.

No. 1185301

All these women are educated and obviously have careers. I mean vlogging on youtube if you make money from it is still considered a career, as is what Lauren does. They are all educated and all have their own source of income.

Robyn even admitted that her husband helps look after their baby when men are apparently not supposed to share childcare.

No. 1185312

Right wingers always like to bring up the UK grooming gangs as an example of white oppression like it relates to them for being white in some way. No it's because the girls who are victims are poor with many from broken families and many in foster care and the whole police and child protection system is run by psychopaths who abuse and profit from the poor and marginalized. If the same muslim men targeted white middle class women in universities the police would shut that shit down in a heartbeat. That's why they groom and target marginalized girls, because they can get away with it. Many of these same girls are also groomed individually by older white men but you just don't hear about it.

Lauren is an educated woman from a reasonably wealthy background who probably lives in a gated community. She's never going to have to deal with the same issue as these girls because she's so fortunate. These people complain about left wing snowflakes when they do the same thing. It's just privileged people trying to gain oppression points but under a different label.

The sarah everard case was something else entirely. Of course the right are going to be ignoring the fact that police officers are one of the most violent male demographics out there. Not only that but they have more power and status than the average male. I have seen lauren and her buddies kiss up to police multiple times.

No. 1185461

She’s a college drop out actually

No. 1185492

Leaving university to make money as a very popular political YouTube personality is hardly on par with failing out due to a drug problem, anon-it’s not really respectable but it’s the sort of move that was probably financially wise for her, and doesn’t speak to ‘hardship’ at all.

No. 1185499

no one's claiming she neber experienced hardship but calling her educated is giving her way too much credit. NTAYRT btw

No. 1185536

She left because she thought she would learn more by traveling and creating biased documentaries. She even said in the white noise doc that she wasn’t a good student, another likely reason she dropped out. She is not employable even at sky news because these companies require at minimum a degree in media studies/journalism/writing. Her latest videos aren’t even breaking 100k views, I doubt she’ll keep it going. Unless her husband is gainfully employed she’s pretty much screwed when it comes to making an actual living

No. 1185548

File: 1615869334051.jpeg (322.25 KB, 1452x1525, DBC1A052-76F7-4875-81DD-467E40…)

But I thought they loved the West.

No. 1185638

I don't think she's completely irrelevant and there are deifinitely simps who donate but she's definitely not pulling the same numbers as she did in 2016-2018. Since then there has been an influx of attractive conservative influencers/e-celeb chicks who don't have such bad reputation and drama around them.

No. 1185640

What's wrong about what they said tho?

No. 1185642

Because they're huge hypocrites, can you imagine how either of these women would react if they saw someone else say "Islam may have a point about the West?" They're the ones who make a living talking about preserving Western culture

No. 1185679

File: 1615897540061.png (42.06 KB, 676x211, Screenshot 2021-03-16 at 12.24…)

Tee hee aren't women dumb and hateable but I'm not like those other stupid airheaded bitches but I'll laugh at them with you

No. 1185723

The joke is that Islam is saying the west are degenerate because of degenerate behavior like having softcore pornography on prime time television like picrel. And in this case they are right, it is degenerate.

I don't know why this makes them hypocrites.

Islam and far right people have a lot in common when it comes to renouncing things that they deem degenerate such as homosexuality, pornography, drugs, alcohol, etc.

No. 1185725

i'm sorry but what kind of stupid ass comment is this? The alternative to that picture is a country that legislates so women can't do certain things. Is that really what you want? Move to Saudi Arabia then. They've got you.

Women being able to be retards to their hearts content is why Lauren Southern is allowed a career and to leave the house without her manlet husband you dumbass pickme.

No. 1185737

Wow I can't believe Lauren Chen still exists. Does she still have a following at this point?

No. 1185762


Oh boy. I like how Muslims were the super baddies not even a decade ago to these people, and now they’re all “well actually” about it.

It’s almost as if they support religious authoritarianism no matter whose God.

No. 1185799

I understand the joke anon, it's not that coomer shit isn't degenerate. It makes them hypocrites because they make money by pretending the Western world is being overtaken by Muslims and that muh white babies are in danger because of Islam specifically, but cherrypick which parts of the religion they think are agreeable. Lauren being a proponent of great replacement conspiracy theories and then saying "oh but I agree with Islam sometimes!" makes her an obvious hypocrite

She does, but mostly just scrotes who constantly beg her to make OnlyFans

No. 1185816

>She does, but mostly just scrotes who constantly beg her to make OnlyFans
I wonder if it will happen someday. It proves that scrotes don't care about women's political views, they just want to coom.

No. 1185896

I'm guessing they'll champion islam if only it's about the treatment of women because that's what their male fan base wants - white sharia law for white women to make white babies and out breed muslims. But islam has alot of brown people and therefore, is still bad. Unless white people can take it and make it white. The mental gymnastics of it all…

>if I shit on women with you will you treat me nicely as one of the boys please

No. 1185924

They will be right back to hating Islam in a couple of months when the borders start reopening in Europe and immigration begins picking up again.

No. 1185943

It was a very hard watch (like a Lauren Southern video typically is) but I managed to sit through the whole thing. What's so astounding is that she doesn't seem to realize how hypocritical she is. She literally says that it's bad that women are being portrayed as victims while at the same time talking about how horrible it is that men aren't being victimized enough. Just say that you hate other women and go ffs.

No. 1186231

no not that west, the other west, the one in movies made for children

No. 1186289

>"Islam" having a point about the West

Oh please, "Islamic countries"/Muslim majority countries have loads of degeneracy beneath the the conservative veil (some pun intended) they display to the world. Maybe that is why Lauren Southern over here wanted to co-sign this stupid take. While none of this shit is socially acceptable, viewing of this kind of stuff or worse is an open secret. I know this was a lot of sperging, but these broads are so annoying. Hypersexual female artists, especially rappers, whether we like it or not is blasé and has been for a long time and people only clutch their pearls because they have amnesia and of course these intellectually deficient broads have to churn out some drivel since their kind of tradhottery's influence has been waning. They have to let the world know that they are still good little pick-mes!

No. 1186467

File: 1615969823383.jpg (879.46 KB, 4063x2292, sdk226jev8y41.jpg)

No. 1186488

I don't understand how tradthots can be racist but they can't use the same logic to reason that men are the jews of gender.

No. 1186512

File: 1615977837652.png (11.4 KB, 420x466, FT_18.01.04_muslimPopulation.p…)

>they make money by pretending the Western world is being overtaken by Muslims
It's true tho?

It's also true that they are more conservative and align more with Lauren's views than a lefties. You can agree with someone and not want them to overtake your society?

Most people on this site probably think trans-women are not real women and agree with tradcaths that way. Does that mean you want them to take over and turn everyone tradcath?

No. 1186545

Sorry, how is less than 1% of the population (US has over 330M people) "taking over"? Get a grip you baiter.

No. 1187329

Back to /pol/

No. 1187513

2nd gens and later are 100% not conservative. Also, even the adults/first gen immigrants who are socially conservative will never vote Republican after 9/11. They are just out there voting for democrats and keeping their views restricted to their own community. They eventually all lose their grip because their kids get Americanized for the most part.

No. 1187585

File: 1616093916542.png (598.78 KB, 501x598, Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 18.55…)

This is on Lauren's instagram-it barely looks like her? Is this shooped or is everything else?

The Muslim refugee scare is only really relevant in Europe, you have to cross an ocean to the US so there won't be migrant boat situations like there are in the Med.

No. 1187607

the only thing i ever liked about her was her style, looks like she's lost even that

No. 1187621

lol what, her style was always cheap forever 21 core

No. 1187658

Way too much Botox

No. 1187715

What's going on with her stomach?

No. 1187722

A belly button ring, so trad

No. 1187761

can you point to where she said those things because I didn't get that from watching the video at all. She gave a disclaimer and said obviously women don't deserve it didn't she?

No. 1187780

"Some women don't deserve it" but then highlights that mistakes are to go out alone, drink, or dress a certain way (which she never defines) will all lead to this happening to you, comes across as her saying those are the things that make someone "deserve it."

No. 1187788

I interpreted that more as "Don't be stupid" by putting yourself in dangerous positions

No. 1187807

File: 1616111299425.jpeg (100.7 KB, 1415x765, Ewu-3CzWEAEe2VH.jpeg)

In addition to being an anti-vaxxer, a tradthot, and a germ theory denialist, Margerita is a water truther

I hope I can someday again experience the pure joy of finding a take as rxtxrdxd as "water is bad because it dehydrates you"

No. 1187815

But Lauren travels alone, drank, and wears revealing clothes sometimes. So is she saying that she's stupid, in that case? Or is she saying that women who do those things have it coming but conveniently excluding herself?

No. 1187824

KEK holy shit can't wait to see her male followers start to call her retarded for having these retarded takes. She'll have a meltdown over it

No. 1187842

didn't she delete this

No. 1187853

File: 1616117044972.jpeg (213.9 KB, 1079x1557, EwvZ6oSU8AEWFYZ.jpeg)

Yes. Shame, the replies were fucking gold

No. 1187924

File: 1616129472171.png (400.28 KB, 589x463, accommodationism bullshit.PNG)

Doesn't she study neuroscience? Seems like they just accept anyone these days. huh.

No. 1187971

File: 1616136591921.jpeg (373.58 KB, 750x959, 58BAFD4B-28F6-4A8D-8423-83DCFC…)

This is old milk but I didn't see it get posted here. She's also a fan of drinking blood apparently.

No. 1187974

>water is the least hydrating liquid
she's right, this is 100% true and the reason why I only drink pure unfiltered sea water

No. 1187992

How does she look so different in every picture?

No. 1188083

Damn, better throw out my brita filter and go find some blood to drink then

No. 1188234

who said she's a good student

Countdown to when her religious followers start calling her satanic and denounce her for it

No. 1188370

>always be MODEST and against societies pressure to be half naked!
>Takes and frames photo of herself wearing nothing but a bra

Why do trad thots seem to think their their "rules" apply to everyone but them?

No. 1188372

File: 1616183127480.jpg (991.09 KB, 1080x1998, ae2522d.jpg)

Pic I forgot to attach

No. 1188439

File: 1616187765448.jpg (363.49 KB, 800x1280, tradwhores.jpg)

saw this posted on a generalist discord from a small european country. Nedless to say, moids here were amazed to read this : "eventually respectable women!" "where can i find this channel?" and so on.

Notice the classic "if you don't live your life exactly like i do, you're a whore". It's obvious that it's made to pander to scrotes.

Also, why do they constantly talk about raising white "babies" instead of raising children ? Is this another level of virtue signaling ?

No. 1188506

>choices you have forced upon the rest of us
What exactly someone else getting an abortion forces upon them?

No. 1188539

File: 1616195114249.jpg (75.28 KB, 676x676, tradwhores2.jpg)

That simply shows that these women are nuts. They are unable to think a tad bit logically, but since no matter what they say, their opinion will be valued by scrotes because they're le fascist waifu, they think that their opinion matters.

Another stupid image a scrote deemed worth sharing, with a sentence that makes no sense : in which way does having a career prevents you from raising your children ? Especially since models on the picture are well, actually, employed women with a career, lol.

Their mental illness is really eating their brain.

No. 1188562

>hey goys im not anti white or anything but if you have white kids your evil

om glad the freat replacement is just a conspiracy theory(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1188606

She's at the PhD level so it's confusing how she can be that smart but also this dumb at the same time. I wonder if people who work with her know about the stupid shit she puts online, she post her real name and picture so it wouldn't be hard to find her.

No. 1188608

>Nedless to say, moids here were amazed to read this : "eventually respectable women!" "where can i find this channel?" and so on
Goddamn, I hate tradthots but pandering to them is so damn easy isn't it. Bet you that those posters are all larping males who really think saying "I'm female" is 100% fool proof. It's truly amazing how retarded scrotes, especially white supremacist scrotes, really are. They see "I'm female" then read the exact same words they would have written and think it's actually from a woman.

Lauren missed that message kek

No. 1188643

It is, you're just retarded

No. 1188687

Marie Curie had two children, morons. Katalin Kariko, who basically invented mRNA vaccines, has a daughter. Jennifer Doudna, CRISPR pioneer, has a son.

No. 1188700

just because you have a PhD doesn't mean you're smart

No. 1188736


You very much do not have to be intelligent to have a PHD. You just have to keep trudging along in one hyper-specific realm of a particular field of study.

Frankly, if you spent 8 years learning something and couldn’t write a dissertation or defend a point at the end, you would be a moron.

That’s not to belittle the commitment required, but you don’t necessarily need to be of exceptional intellect.

No. 1188791

True. I mean, Ben Shapiro is a Harvard Law School suma cum laude and he's still the biggest blabbering moron who thinks people affected by rising sea levels could just easily sell their homes as some sort of crisis aversion.

No. 1188833

File: 1616239749313.jpeg (638.74 KB, 828x1155, 1ABEA6F5-8704-4FED-A49D-1D11BA…)

have to bring back this banger from last year lol. sage for old milk

No. 1188955

she already deleted her water =/= hydration tweet bc she was out ratio'd by people calling her a dumbass. this was also a bad take tweet that was out ratio'd, but she didn't delete this one. i guess she has more confidence w her boring art opinions than her awful medical takes lmao

No. 1189466

These bitches are really dry and boring arent they? Pretending to be sooo cuwultured

No. 1190100

File: 1616393099350.png (144.2 KB, 588x1524, moron.png)

what sort of bubble are they living in to have these thoughts regarding human society?

No. 1190195

Scrolling this twitter account is weird. She keeps jumping between not like the other girls tradthotting and trying to seem like a libfem idiot.

No. 1190207

She is right tho.

No. 1190274

congratulations on not understanding art at all

No. 1190293

They think everybody used to get married out of love until <insert ideology here> ruined everything or something.

No. 1190328

I know it's been said before but I am convinced that many of the weirder accounts are men and this screenshot is a great example. Especially seeing as it is twitter and people love to roleplay and skinwalk as some overly exaggerated caricature of specific identities all the time.

No. 1190337

Congratulations on being a pretentious idiot who thinks that popular artists are popular because of their "skill" even tho their art is ugly as shit. Imagine thinking that expensive art is anything but just a huge money laundering scheme by the rich.

Imagine thinking there is anything to "understand" about art other than pretentious idiots sucking each others dick over a bunch of mediocre men who don't even understand perspective.

Imagine deluding yourself into thinking the painting on the right looks better than the one on the left because some smug fartbag told you to think so.

No. 1190349

cope a little harder, thomas kinkade

No. 1190350

ntayrt, but holy shit. shut the fuck up.

No. 1190354

Imagine thinking that more details = better art

No. 1190360

File: 1616426944707.png (62 KB, 588x588, ok.png)

That's true, I'm convinced some are LARPing too.
I read an article about Lana Del Rey and Laschian Conservatism, and there really are those tradthots type where it's like a mix of the aesthetic of left thots but with the values and virtue (emphasis on family and feminity) of a tradthot.

pic related is an example of an art school drop out (imagine being proud of that) pickme who also fits the description

No. 1190363

It's not just more detail tho, it's also realistic perspective, dimensions and lighting as opposed to something that looks like it was drawn by a beginner.

No. 1190377

Art is not just about painting things as realistically as possible, it's also about bending and breaking the rules. Van Gogh's art was revolutionary for its time because he knew the rules and knew exactly how to break them in an original way that helped shape generations of artists to come, which makes earned him a place among most notable artists ever. I'm not disagreeing that art business is a giant scam, but c'mon, there's more to art than making your painting look like a photo. Painting a hyperrealistic picture is a skill that pretty much anyone can learn given enough time, possessing Van Gogh's level of raw creativity is not.
I'll take my ban for derailing now, thx.

No. 1190614

Imagine knowing so little about art, yet feeling the need to form such a strong opinion. Congrats on possessing the open-mindedness and the intellectual curiosity of a vegetable

No. 1190781

Looks like she could be an Anna Kachiyan orbiter kek

No. 1190896

File: 1616473459850.jpeg (129.3 KB, 750x1185, D3114AA2-9593-425D-9624-20FBC5…)

Why do trad thots think cooking for their husbands is some giant feat?

No. 1190898

>inconsistently cut pieces of an unpeeled (and most likely unwashed) carrot chopped up on the worlds thinnest cutting board.
Fuck kaitlyn, if you're going to insist on LARPing at least put some effort into it.

No. 1190909

Ah yes, the two paths in life for a woman… being Cardi B or doing the same shit 99% of women have felt obligated to do for men for most of human history but also bragging about it online.

No. 1190911

Most humans over the age of 8 can cook for themselves. If your husband can’t cook… he ain’t a man. It’s not not cute that you have to do it for him (and do so poorly from what this pic shows kek)

No. 1190922

She's so stuck in 2012. Obviously, women and girls are still encouraged to protect/defend ourselves, but ultimately, the goal is to change the culture.
The world does need to change. Or is she saying she wants her country to be third world tier with men running around harassing women freely and women being blamed because "#notallmen"?
>And for my dudes, because technically you are more likely to be murdered by a stranger than a woman is
Because men are more likely to go out on their own and be vulnerable, as they aren't pressured to protect themselves as much. Also, why don't men talk about their own male on male violence? If I was talking about race, alt right tards would jump on this point to agree and write schizo essays, but they somehow refuse to rub together two brain cells to think about sex, lmao.

No. 1190965

when will tradthots realize they're not radical for being housewives? women get push back no matter what. working full-time, working part-time, being a housewife, having kids, not having kids…it doesn't matter.
at least be a better housewife and buy an actual cutting board kek.

No. 1190994

Who dat

No. 1191074

None of them being able to cook is too much

Kaitlyn Bennett, the campus gun girl who did all those ambush interviews a few years ago and shit herself that one time

No. 1191077

>Lana Del Rey and Laschian Conservatism

No. 1191080

No. 1191083

They probably don't have many close female friends and do not know how women who aren't tradwives get treated.

No. 1191138

It’s always been pretty obvious she’s pandering to conservatives.

No. 1191183

she didn’t even trim the broccoli, no wonder she shits her pants

No. 1191300

I completely forgot she existed
Her platform is so forgettable and boring too so when she loses all relevance, she won't have much to fall back on to support herself. And the core audience she wants to support her want white women like her to leave social media, shut up and make kids. She's doing none of that.

No. 1192372

File: 1616636912804.jpeg (283.65 KB, 828x704, 5CF91AE5-6F78-47C8-80ED-1C8171…)

No. 1192429

major sperging but anon, have you ever minded shutting the fuck up?

i don’t even think it solely has to do with van gogh’s or the other person’s idk or care about them skill, it has a lot more to do with the historical importance and the art movement he was associated with, that’s why he’s more important than some realism painter.

No. 1192430

Wow you can see the nasolabial folds in that 30 pixel high icon

No. 1192518

She looks like Shrek… She's legit one of the ugliest white females on the internet, wtf did she smoke

No. 1192522

I thought this is a fake tweet but she actually tweeted this lmao

No. 1192523

Well yeah everyone has them when they're smiling.

No. 1192546

File: 1616663406461.jpeg (723.28 KB, 828x975, 325B1B67-705C-4BAF-BC02-D8AF20…)

She’s always looked manly and old to me idk why, like a guy in his mid 30s but with a wig and makeup on. She’s boring anyways, also there’s a reason why Fox News hires Tomi Lahren types and not her, they know sex sells. She’ll forever be an infowars nut

No. 1192560

I remember a video of her following a dad and his small kid around a women's march asking the kid if he knew the number one cause of deaths in children is abortion. The dad handled is really well, I would have fucking decked her.

No. 1192563

She harassed a bunch of the parkland shooting survivors. I’m surprised no ones punched her yet but I’m sure she’d love the attention if they did

No. 1192564

kek, I didn't know about this video

No. 1192572

>I'm beautiful
Girl what. You look like Shayna when she was still skinny. Especially in this pic >>1190896

No. 1192574

File: 1616668257171.jpeg (157.48 KB, 713x900, D8DBA11C-AD6C-487A-AF78-5A3FDF…)


Here’s one of her fans admiring her “beauty”.

No. 1192594

The edit in front of the church where he looks like Lucky Luciano is killing me

No. 1192726

File: 1616682685342.png (68.22 KB, 615x411, Screenshot 2021-03-25 at 14.29…)

What a way to announce to the world that you not only have no friends, but have zero idea how social interactions work. If it weren't so obviously untrue it'd be sad cringe.

No. 1192780

Beautiful eyes and hair, EXTREMELY unfortunate hobbit-like body proportions and bone structure. She’s one of those girls who will never look like an elegant, fully grown woman. She will just look like a troll doll forever.

No. 1192796

Bitch can’t even chop up a fucking carrot right, hahhahahah.

No. 1192851

>harassed school shooting survivors
That's fucked. Like that Marjorie Greene woman who harassed and followed David Hogg around on camera. At this point, she and her kind are supporting the shooters and want more mass shootings to happen while claiming that shootings don't happen and are false flag operations.

>old, overweight, bald, grey-bearded
This is who she posts those "I'm a trad wife I hate wap uwu" posts for.

Trad wives also don't use social media as they're too busy managing the home, Robyn

No. 1192918

ummm?? who the fuck brags about getting an abortion or having WAP? Homegirl must hang around trashy skanks if she thinks women talk like that.

No. 1192954

Hey Kaitlin, genuinely happy people don't feel the need to brag about their life on Twitter as an attempt to make themselves feel superior to others. A radiant person with a happy life would never write something as undignified as this. This is just sad and pathetic.

No. 1193152

File: 1616709289760.jpeg (185.89 KB, 1152x2048, CF4D22C6-245F-435B-A077-D65701…)

So beautiful

No. 1194315

File: 1616818612577.jpg (135.92 KB, 750x908, 1616804732275.jpg)

What do you guys think about the rumours she met her actual(not >>1192574) husband while in conversion therapy
>She seems kind of butch but her husband looks flaming

No. 1194466

She gets her confidence from having blonde hair and blue eyes. It’s cope.
She’s “average” at a quick glance but if you look at her features and the way it harmonizes, it’s honestly below average.
To be fair, this is the effect of being blonde. It fools people into thinking you’re attractive because it’s a bright look and it’s not as common - like black hair and blue eyes.
Kaitlyn has got to be the ugliest tradthot posted here and ever. The only thing that looks nice about her is that she has a head full of hair and the curls. Everything else, inside and outside sucks.

No. 1194514

Don't forget the big boobs! Blonde girls with big boobs are automatically hot! Well, unless they have unpleasant facial features and are built like a brick shithouse.

No. 1194574

Her hair looks frizzy as shit, it might be nice if she learned how to tame it

No. 1194726

No. 1195372

she used to be a pvris fan, maybe she could relate to the extremely gay frontwoman

No. 1195704

Her husband looks like a complete fruit cup but it's funny, everyone who's seen this picture says the same but I can't pinpoint exactly why. He just looks effeminate to me.

No. 1195713

He looks like he's wearing makeup.

No. 1195843

She needs some argan oil. It’s Moroccan though so she probably won’t use it.

No. 1195844

This is proof as far as my autistic, schitzo brain is concerned

No. 1196220

File: 1616996499249.jpeg (59.11 KB, 916x567, 1537D660-3EA3-42BE-BAB6-53E0B6…)

No. 1196221

File: 1616996522741.jpeg (150.75 KB, 1080x998, EC821389-572A-4B11-BB31-A8C5B1…)

Lol wow the hypocrisy

No. 1196226

>says racist shit to a black guy about not knowing his dad
>gets told they might have sex
>help this black guy wants to rape my dad

No. 1196313

File: 1617006231283.jpg (327 KB, 654x699, bennett.jpg)

lmao aside from being a racist piece of shit, bennet is literally one of the ugliest women I've ever seen. there's something about her facial features that really freaks me out, it's like she has some sort of syndrome or maybe multiple syndromes. You can already tell that she's going to age horribly.

No. 1196535

Now that you point it out I totally see it. It looks like the natural eyeliner/mascara/foundation/brows/filled in beard look a lot of male MUAs do day to day.

No. 1196540

Looks like her cheeks nose and chin are already sagging, agree that she’s not destined to age well.

No. 1196586

i think it's funny all these tradthots are usually the ones to wear the pants in the marriage. all of them have more of a masculine energy, usually have a more stocky posture, to them compared to their husbands. usually always a feminine leaning guy.
i question if our appearance shapes the way we think later on. just like the fakebois who are either naturally androgynous or hyperfeminine.

No. 1197018

It's funny, it is like tradthots overcompensate with the superficial aspects of femininity to make up for the fact that they have more masculine personalities kek. They would not survive under the ideology they spout.

No. 1197065

That’s why they always emphasize having to teach themselves femininity and make “how to be more feminine” videos because what they aspire to be doesn’t come naturally to them and they’re insecure.

No. 1197169

File: 1617071204007.jpg (158.6 KB, 750x1000, kaitlyn bennet.jpg)

she looks like a hyper-realistic cabbage patch doll.. and her whole appeal with that hair screams "i'm stuck in the 80's" too

No. 1197247

File: 1617083854209.jpeg (29.97 KB, 592x518, images.jpeg)

Is it common for these women to have closetted looking husbands?
>Abi and her husband

No. 1197314

they both look like they had a sex change operation

No. 1197727

These two couples would look better together if they swapped man&man and woman&woman lol

No. 1197938

this tweet genuinely sounds like it was ghost-written by trump, I'm 90% sure she's given up on actually making a career in conservative media, so now she just trolls anyone left of centre to get attention (which was how she rose to prominence, basically)
I've noticed this too. most women I know, myself included, are happy to dress nicely, take time on their appearance, be pleasant to talk to, and do their fair share (or often more) of the house-work, and don't see it as some special thing that they have to do because they're women. It's only those who it doesn't come naturally to who get all up themselves about having to "work hard to be feminine"

No. 1197940


But she does have a career in conservative media. She's employed by Liberty Hangout. Small media, sure, but media nonetheless

No. 1197954

She created liberty hangout, that’s just like having your own YouTube channel it’s not that impressive

No. 1198136

Do you have any idea how hard and difficult it is to straighten hair that is curly like hers or curlier? I don't give a fuck about Kaitlyn poopguns but this is ridiculous.

No. 1198201

we don't care about her shitty looking hair get over it anon and sage your sperg next time

No. 1198368

File: 1617197662408.jpg (2.15 MB, 2290x3264, female nazi guards.jpg)

She reminds me of those female nazi KZ guards. They were extremely mannish in appearance, doing a cruel mens job but at the same time being put on a pedestal as some kind of weird role model for other women. A feminine and truly traditional type of woman wouldn't seek this kind of approval (nowadays online validation), it's always the sickos und uggos that are doing it.

No. 1198438

Seeing pregnant tradthots fill me with a violence i didn't think i was able to feel. I want to kick them. The thought of those kind of being reproducing makes me a-log

No. 1198440

kek what did you except from Bennet? She litterally shat her pants at a frat party she's beyond trailer trash

No. 1198477

So the woman who lives for sucking white scrotes' dicks never heard said scrotes making a "i fucked your X relative" joke? It's a threat because a black guy made it?
She's always instigating people with this offensive comments to the ones she sees as inferior and when they respond in the same tone she starts playing victim.

I always wondered if this bitch truly believes what she says or if she only does this for attention because it gives her bank. I find her behaviour almost caricaturistic.

No. 1199374

This is pretty bog standard behavior for people like her. They love to make nasty comments out the side of their mouths to people, usually a minority, usually someone black, because they want them to chimp out and attack them so that they can go cry about it.

No. 1199884

Lol I’ve noticed ever since this whole thing came up, Lauren has not been on sky news. I think it’s killed her chance of being on there again

No. 1199933

usually hateful, abusive narcissist cunts like tradthots, end up being shitty parents and their kids grow up and hate them and rebel against them. so it would be hilarious if the kids turn out to be liberal and troon out.

No. 1200138

>nicely dressed man must be gay
You might cool down on the gendered stereotypes, anon.

No. 1200302

he actually looks good, nothing gay about his style, what's wrong with men dressing stylishly and wearing nice fashion? some of yall are truly deranged and would rather see "real men" dressed down in plain clothes and have bad hygiene.

No. 1200799

File: 1617423516572.jpeg (441.93 KB, 2048x2048, ExXfjlbWgAEEfTo.jpeg)

No. 1200811

no, he just had blatant gayface. that is not a straight man.

No. 1200812

lmaooo you just know tradthots think a beard makes a guy the manly alpha viking type, funny to see them end up with a quintessential soyboy instead.

No. 1200818

he literally looks like a ftm tranny

No. 1200823


This is quintessential lolcow.farm post kek

No. 1200829

exactly i was like "are those pre op badly bound ftm boobies?" but nope just some sort of unfortunate weight distribution problem.

No. 1201064

File: 1617463955076.jpg (407.4 KB, 1200x1180, Ep302DsXMAE3F0u.jpg)

this is what an unfashionable man thinks a fashionable man dresses

No. 1201069

File: 1617464367649.jpg (216.38 KB, 1024x1024, EGiSRc7W4AArBOU.jpg)

>nicely dressed
He has the fashion sense of a neckbeard.

No. 1201514

File: 1617536483994.jpeg (537.74 KB, 750x1065, 8E7BB0D4-CC60-4ADD-9E12-E4442E…)

Lauren Southern has a children’s book coming out.

No. 1201515

File: 1617536538173.jpeg (738.8 KB, 2048x2048, 90F41011-648F-45B1-BD21-9046E1…)

No. 1201518

File: 1617536638127.jpeg (591.05 KB, 2048x2048, 52350D1F-58B1-4962-AB33-C3AA8F…)

No. 1201519

File: 1617537071512.jpeg (566.81 KB, 724x1122, 0F19CA6C-7FA4-4AFE-B450-C9CB0A…)

No. 1201520

File: 1617537130321.png (122.56 KB, 569x584, B0CDF384-96B9-4DC3-956F-A2DB48…)


Sure Jan.

No. 1201521


Xanderhal (breadtuber) bought the book to review and will have her on the steam. No announcement on when.

No. 1201530

File: 1617538446028.jpeg (514.55 KB, 750x911, E4013DD9-F005-4A2B-99DF-E845B6…)

lemme awkwardly tilt my head sideways so I don’t give away my unreasonably uncanny barbie doll larp

No. 1201532

File: 1617538572165.jpeg (519.68 KB, 750x1003, 55428ECF-5B12-4AE2-85CD-0FC2DF…)

muh traditional barefoot waifu look on modern concrete

No. 1201537

I'll also add that Kaitlin Kariko's daughter is an olympic athlete with like two gold medals

No. 1201538

> That pickme Instagram name

No. 1201542

a woman too traditional to own an iron

No. 1201562


Or shoes. The irony is that none of them believe in proper skincare since that’s consider “vanity” so the skin is going to age like shit. I can easily see her looking rough soon and her husband getting the upgrade.

No. 1201586

It's the awkward overlined lips for me

She looks rough now despite trying to be uwu feminine. They desperately want to bleive hard work under the sun without sunscreen or a good moisturizer will make their hair shine and skin look healthy and tan. They do this all for a man who most likely has a second ig to follow ig thots

No. 1201738

"think if you have shown it if you triumphed recently" is this sentence even grammatically correct? it sounds wrong

No. 1201813

Everything she writes always has errors

No. 1201834


didn't she write another childrens book sometime back or am i misremembering??

No. 1201854

Yes she did. It was full of typos too.

No. 1201871

Here is lauren talking about how bad it is to sleep with different men, despite fucking her way through the alt right back in the 2010s.


No. 1201872

File: 1617576851447.png (39.6 KB, 720x237, Screenshot_20210405-015030~2.p…)

One of the comments on that video

No. 1201877

She also got pregnant out of wedlock and said once she had kids she we would be 100% committed to just being a mom yet she is still making dumb videos/dumb kid books and posting selfies for her simps, tradthots are everything but trad

No. 1201879

File: 1617577535022.png (871.84 KB, 891x891, Ex5Er0iWUAY-UYg.png)

This is p for patriotism in laurens book.

Notice how she includes 3 western countries, 2 northeast east asian countries and then Brazil.

No. 1201881

File: 1617577956691.png (256.67 KB, 389x1091, Screenshot_20210405-021103~2.p…)

Lauren doesn't want African people to be patriotic now does she.

No. 1201884

File: 1617578493956.png (165.13 KB, 720x732, Screenshot_20210405-022039~2.p…)

No. 1201892

File: 1617579365952.png (578.97 KB, 720x1389, Screenshot_20210405-023458~2.p…)

The discussion she had was with Bettina Arndt who is a men's right activist. I wonder why lauren would want to talk to a men's rights activist…

No. 1201895

File: 1617579681685.png (33.08 KB, 720x368, Screenshot_20210405-024040~2.p…)


Another gem of a comment on laurens video with this woman

No. 1201925

File: 1617581731593.jpeg (48.55 KB, 640x427, Eat&Drink_Ingredient_Sage_GETT…)

No. 1202021

You…know it’s not pronounced like the plant right?

No. 1202035

Nta but you’re wrong. People on the board even post old sage men to reference it or the naruto reference (I don’t know it but saw it)

No. 1202046

…no, it's pronounced "Sah-geh" anon

No. 1202058

File: 1617606819782.jpeg (225.24 KB, 827x1302, CCE4F3E5-6C36-4AD0-9FDF-3CDA7D…)

Wow it’s almost as if your followers only care about what you look like and not what you have to say

No. 1202063

Only weebs and 4chan incels care about that.

No. 1202092

might have been discussed but she's making her next movie about the ~dangers~ of casual sex, and of course it's all womens fault for having sexual freedom. it seems that it'll also touch on porn and related issues which is ironic considering her fanbase are literally all coomers.
full body cringe

No. 1202105


So is this just a cope since she fucked around too much and couldn’t get a white man?

No. 1202206

>I live paycheck to paycheck and have the live on a budget
>Except my teeth whitening, fillers, pro camera, photoshop program, tan/tanning products, hair and obviously high end products and manicures

I get when you learn how to do stuff at home it's cheaper but it still adds up, not to mention the lakehouse, constant vacations they take, constant spending on the baby, groceries as well as student loans and everything. All on the budget of a cop and small youtuber? That makes no sense
Who even lies about being poor?

No. 1202214

>who lies being poor
To be super relatable to the tradthots-in-waiting that have to live on a budget and to attract the poor scrotes watching thinking that they can get a girl exactly like Caitlin with their 20k annual salary. They want their cake and eat it too

No. 1202223

Makes sense, probably why a lot of her videos and posts look like neck beard bait with how much she talks about her tits and pleasing husbear

No. 1202485

File: 1617670138463.jpeg (175.07 KB, 828x694, 4EB898E4-1F9D-43F5-8FB3-199C9B…)

found this gem in marga's likes
>just don't open your mouth at all and take shit from people at all times

No. 1202492

She lives in a slab house in bumfuck Michigan and her husband probably makes 55k a year, which is peanuts. From the videos it looks like their house is stuffed with grandma’s hand-me-down furniture, woefully disguised with $20 Ikea fabric covers kek

No. 1202496

"stay home where you are safe" but then how am i going to get a man to abuse me and make me push out eight kids?

No. 1202500

Statistically, home is the least safe place for a woman to be.

No. 1202504

who cares

No. 1202591

I didn’t know they had computers and broadband internet in 1241 AD.

No. 1202865

I don't know what needs to be saged. It was milk in regards to this particularly thread. There is one anon here who seems to come here to defend lauren southern. I don't understand why they haven't been banned yet. They have been around on every thread.

No. 1202868


8 kids? As if. They generally stop at 1 or 2 because they don't want to wreck their tight skinny bodies. Plus looking after 8 kids is a tough job when you are arguing on twitter with wokes all day. Do you actually think these women are genuinely 'trad'? Lol

No. 1202871

I don't understand why Caitlin even allows men to make these comments on her videos. Isn't her channel meant to be female centered? Or am I missing something?

No. 1202874

The more I see of this online subculture the more I think it's akin to some kind of internet finishing school for larpers. It's not really about having kids or being family centered or fighting for freedom ect. It's about personal image.

No. 1202905

Oh yeah, everyone knows white men are such a challenge for women to “get” because they value sexual purity so much

No. 1202909

It’s been well established that her videos are coomer bait for neckbeards and aren’t marketed toward women at all, “trad” or otherwise.

No. 1202953

Most comments are from other girls praising her and the comments men make are deleted by jealous husbear. It's like she's sexually repressed and craves male attention but can't keep husbear interested so she gets attention from the low hanging fruit just enough for validation but let's husbear delete icky perverted male comments because if she kept them it would ruin the image

No. 1202955

That's 4500 a month, not to mention student loans, insurances, lakefront property, vacations, taxes, caitlyn's shopping and beauty addiction, food, etc that's barely nothing for them to save yet we always see Caitlyn shopping and everything else. Now they have a baby all the while Caitlyn made a huge deal about how they had to sleep on a cheap old tiny bed with husbear and she thought it was a genius idea to bring a child into the world while they can barely scrape by? I feel bad for the child, the narcissism is beyond me

No. 1202961



did you mean: scrotes's sockpuppet accounts

No. 1202965

Anon we have an entire thread dedicated to tradthots, why do you find it unlikely that other girls follow along? Do you really believe that it's impossible for women to be shitty tradthot followers as well?

No. 1203024


The only tradthot who has followed through on the whole "Birth as many babies as possible while young" shtick is Varg Vikerne's wife (I forget her name). She had her first at 19/20 iirc, and is now on kid number 7, and it hasn't even been 10 years yet. Brutal.

No. 1203103


I can see why dating would've been hard for her though. She's a white nationalist, xenophobic, public figure with a near-universal horrible reputation. Most people wouldn't want to associate themselves with that. Also, she's a far right/alt right conservative, whereas most normies, even normie white men, tend to lean more liberal or moderate conservative. Sage for sperg

No. 1203126

> It's about personal image.

Well, duh lmao. Having kids = having sex which is apparently hard for most of these losers to do.

No. 1203362

File: 1617811225823.png (56.55 KB, 805x336, 1.PNG)

The expert in gender relations got dumped.

No. 1203369

She got un-picked

No. 1203371

Caitlin studied marketing in college. She knows what she's doing exactly

>but can't keep husbear interested
Before she nuked her reddit account I remember reading that her husbear was addicted to porn and how it upset her. Things probably have only gotten worse and he prefers jerking off to a screen than be with her so she gets her validation through men online praising her and wishing they were with her instead.

And vargs wife noticed that having all these babies took a toll on her body so now she's trying to justify being fat. No tradthot would actually do the same but still would preach that other women should

No. 1203385

That's every pickme's destiny kek

No. 1203392

Now if she was a proper tradwife and not a LARPing beta femcel, her husband would be buxing her enough for her to actually welcome being neglected in favor of porn. But she's a budget bangmaid, so of course it stings.

No. 1203402

Proper tradwives like women back in the day who had to endure cheating husbands with a side serving of beatings while living less lavishly than her? She's lucky.

No. 1203423

I swear, every pretentious tradthot (that ends up just being a womanhating lazy butt) always ended up getting dumped on a wedding kek. They keep saying how men only want tradwives who don't do anything that is not considered feminine by their standards just to end up not getting anyone kek

Are there any tradthots who actually healed themselves from whatever their mindstate is at?

No. 1203430

There's no way they're actually as poor as they let on, I'm sure either Caitlin or husbear has some inheritance or generational wealth they're living off of too.

No. 1203435

If one of them ended up with a terrible husband I wonder how quickly their tune would change?

No. 1203438

7 children in 10 years? I thought that varg's wife breastfed her babies. Breastfeeding generally causes a woman to be completely infertile for a year or more if you do it on demand for that length of time.

No. 1203481

It only reduces the chance of getting pregnant but isn’t actually reliable as birth control, which is why nursing-safe contraceptives exist. Of course, Varg’s wife wouldn’t be taking those.

No. 1203603

Maybe her family feeds her money? I know a while back she pat her own ass for her family disowning her because it's so uwu disney princess of her. I could see her lying about that

No. 1203615

File: 1617837855997.jpeg (494.26 KB, 1125x1254, 24E4672E-75FB-4592-B33D-7C2BE2…)


She once said that she breastfeeds 2 at a time and breastfeeds while pregnant

No. 1203753

File: 1617858924945.jpeg (582.64 KB, 828x1356, A4360052-676E-4636-9C5C-ED6B3A…)

Yeah it’s the lighting, totally not the plastic surgery and injections

No. 1203768

If we're gonna go there, there's no such thing as a "tradwife" because during most periods in history you had to be fairly rich to afford a stay at home wife. Women have always worked, they just don't always get paid. Tradwifery and "don't enter the workforce, just cuff some stank dick before you're 30" is a gigantic scam that most men can't afford even if they wanted to.

So naturally, I'm talking about their idealized, thoroughly upsold idea of being trad. And it just so happens that the only women who actually get this sort of life are promiscuous liberal Stacies who end up as trophy wives. It's never some pvre wheatfield waifvs (who too end up having to side hustle on YouTube and patreon kek).

No. 1203772

…and also breastfeeds toddlers apparently.

No. 1203803

File: 1617873102107.png (3.91 MB, 2068x2084, paganbios.png)

there's actually a thread on her family and their little twitter cult if you're interested, they have their own breed of nazi tradthots >>603226

No. 1203854

Brow lift and lip injections, I’d probably respect her a bit more if she just owned up to it.

No. 1203875

She has had a nose job that she claims as medical lol.

No. 1203890

what the fuck even is a Baltic worldview these larpers are so precious

No. 1203898


>>603226 for all the Nordic (and sometimes not as Nordic) trads

No. 1203915

>She's lucky she's in a miserable relationship that isn't AS miserable as other relationships

Either way still better than what most women have nowadays which is either ""50/50"" aka split finances in half but do all of the work even if he makes more or just straight up funding everything for the man while he simps over other girls the entire time. This entire generation of women are completely fucked when it comes to relationships nowadays

No. 1203926

>I'm PROUD of being white
>Gets lip injections and nose job to get rid of germanic/nordic/english features

What's with tradthots who claim to be proud of being white getting plastic surgery to get rid of white features? Lauren with lip injections, Caitlyn with lip injections

No. 1203935

My god. I never saw the comparisons of her nose from the side. That’s not medical at all.

No. 1203946

Milk dries up when a woman is pregnant half way through pregnancy or even sooner most of the time. A child can still suck, but it's usually very irritating for the mother. Tandem nursing is a thing that does happen but most kids wean when mom is pregnant again. Fertility also doesn't return until the baby is eating an adequate amount of solids. If she was nursing 2 at a time this would take even more of a toll on her body. Breakthrough bleeding can happen and many women think that this is a 'period' but there is no ovulation. I think she's lying. She's probably giving the kids formula (absolutely nothing wrong with formula, but I'm just pointing out she's bullshitting) so she can keep getting pregnant in quick succession.

I have a lot of personal experience with this subject so I know what I'm talking about.

No. 1203948

Either that or she's lying about the amount of kids she has.

No. 1203951

You can get pregnant while nursing,but generally not in the first year of a child's life if you feed completely on demand. I mean she could be consciously cutting feeds down and pushing solids as soon as the baby gets to six months old. She could be combination feeding, but I find it hard to believe she has had 7 children in 10 years while breastfeeding on demand at least.

No. 1203956

Sage for blog post but she's wrong about that. A friend of mine didn't get her period back until her baby was almost 2 because of breastfeeding.

Mine came back at 18 months.

Another friend had periods from 7 weeks after birth but she couldn't get pregnant again until she weaned.

No. 1203957

File: 1617900051494.png (304.75 KB, 720x720, Screenshot_20210408-194056~2.p…)


No. 1203961

How do you know that Lauren is an alcoholic anon? Spill the milk.

No. 1203974

Did she get dumped by her Russian fiancé? Anyone know the full milk?

No. 1203976


Sage for rant

Most women have the choice nowadays, at least middle class ones who have access to an education and generational wealth and don't have to worry about being marginalized. It really sucks being married to a man and having him control everything and having to beg him for as much as a haircut or some new clothes, or to have him threaten you with loss of custody, physical violence, immigration or the social service if you split from him. These women do have their own families and income and can leave if their marriage gets too tough. They won't be on the street with their kids or ostracized or punished by anyone for leaving their husband. This is why they frustrate me so much. They come from a life of privilege. Their identity as 'trad' is a choice. They claim to want to take these choices away from women because they have never experienced anything but privelidge. Women can still be housewives if they want to be. 20% of american women with children under 18 are SAHMs.
They're acting like the fact that women have the choice to be independent is effecting their choice when the numbers say that this assumption is complete bullshit.

They're all braindead clueless bitches and they make me seethe.

No. 1203985

i pity ppl who need gurus or whatever to guide them through their lives

No. 1204095


ah yes, the good old Autistic Placentaverse. Truly one of my favorite threads ever.

No. 1204107

We know she smokes or at least used to smoke frequently, wouldn’t surprise me at all tbh

No. 1204175

Theyre Beckies who struggle getting buxed so much they think women need to be legally barred from working in order for them to have a shot at finding a provider.


Getting dumped by a slav goblin lmfao holy shit

No. 1204640

File: 1617973504271.png (47.56 KB, 665x511, marga.PNG)

the retardation of this marga take can only match that of her take on water

No. 1204647

>Men are not programmed for monogamy. I know this is a hard pill for you to swallow. You can either accept it or learn the hard way later on.
The exact opposite is true, I don't even know why people try to deny it anymore. I have a lot of gripes with MGTOW but they are correct when they say that the sexual revolution largely emancipated (women) from the constraints of monogamy and heterosexuality, as is reflected statistically by the rate of male sexlessness being almost double that of women in the 18-30 age bracket, ergo two women fuck for every man. That's true today, and if ancestral genomic studies are to be believed it was also true in antiquity, pre-religiously enforced monogamy wherein we saw more equitable access to sex for younger men via egalitarian social conventions.

It's only once women transcend the fabled rubicon that is the "wall" we begin to see comparable rates of sexual activity between the sexes (for obvious reasons), however by that age most women are functionally infertile, the rate of congenital defects being through the roof, so the utility sex serves transitions from a "reproductive drive" into largely recreational territory. The average man, by and large, has no choice but to simp for female attention, and by virtue of economics the one required to invest the most for reciprocation is the least liquidatable and therefore forced into commitment, ergo men (unless they happen to highly sought after).

In closing, about a third of men under 30 largely have no choice at all regardless of what they do, and suggesting they jack each other off will not make that latent frustration with our "equal" societies go away. Pre-nuclearisation we used to send these men off to die in wars and high-risk work (if they didn't succumb to random violence, pestilence, starvation, etc.), however in our oven-mit candy world they'll just fester and naturally evolve into Elliot Rodgers.

No. 1204651

literally the reason that the Delaware delegation was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence is because Caesar Rodney was dying of skin cancer, but go off
there are discussions of skin cancer in Egyptian papyri from as far back as 3000 BC

No. 1204661

More like bogged.com

No. 1204678

It's almost like she doesn't realise the shade of one's skin serves as an evolutionary adaptation to one's environment: the darker being more saturated with melanin which acts as a natural blind to harsh UV radiation that’s more abundant in tropical and desert climates to combat the otherwise deleterious effects on skin health, hence why darker-skinned people rarely suffer sunburns and have much lower rates of skin cancer. The inverse is true for lighter-skinned people: devoid of melanin to soak up as much light as possible on part of having evolved in dark and gloomy climates (that, and conventions on what is considered "beautiful" played a hand in mate selection). Interestingly, dark-skinned people who migrate and are raised in the lands of people who evolved light skin face the potential of vitamin-D deficiency-induced morality and maldevelopment as their skin isn't able to sufficiently synthesis the essential nutrient in that climate, so they would die off prematurely or suffer irreparable deformities unless supplemented dietarily. The missing piece in this Twitter user's puzzle is she hasn't accounted for white colonisation of naturally brown and black people's ecosystems, and the unforeseen consequences that entails. Humorously, much to the chagrin of American wignats, if they occupied the land long enough they would evolve a swarthy complexion as the Europeans in the mediterranean like Spaniards, Italians and Greeks did.

Now, why is this important?

Lauren Simonsen is currently in the process of learning why Australian women have the highest rate of corrective cosmetic surgery in the Western world, and why they spend 40% more per capita than their Northern Hemisphere counterparts: the Australian sun, a land where the Aboriginals evolved to have a jet-black complexion, absolutely obliterates the skin of white people, so horrendously the average woman aged 25 looks like soured milk, usually through no fault of her own outside of UV exposure (although the binge drinking culture doesn’t help), even with moderate exposure, subsisting largely indoors. It’s not uncommon for the average European-Australian to suffer skin burns from a mere 15 minutes exposure to the sun, nor is it a coincidence Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world as well: the white colonisers simply weren’t cut out for the climate, and as Lauren slowly descends down the bogged.com rabbit hole her vapid vanity (as though she had any other redeemable qualities) inevitably leads and will irreconcilably force ever more surgeries to recoup what was cooked out and she becomes ever more a cartoonishly blown-out, cinched up bimbo she will come to realise this all too late.

Deliciously ironic that an ideologically-minded biological essentialist would succumb to biological essentialism and through a superiority complex not realise it.

No. 1204681

Guess she's never had to deal with excruciating sun burns.

No. 1204683

For new lurkers, if you're still interested in watching this documentary, you can get a 1080p version at the following torrent hash:

No. 1204687

Sage your cringey autism

No. 1204693

>like oh my gawd, didn't you read the only real girlz allowed sign at the door, gosh
Suck my fat cock you stupid bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1204699

Abs or gtfo, meat dildo

No. 1204725

>spend a million hours sperging about fake shit no one cares about
>throw a tantrum when no one is responding and praising you for your epic based redpill bullshit
sorry your mom never validated your special interests

No. 1204732

No one cares about your sad word salad scrote.

No. 1204779

Get fucking lost, incel.

No. 1204784

This is why tradthots age terribly

No. 1204807

Truth hurts, as shown by the incredible amount of seethe you've induced in a dead thread with just two posts. Good job, lol

No. 1204847


Scrotes so dumb, cant even intergrate and sage properly

Fuck why are redpillers so useless wastes of space? Kek

No. 1204902

Incel and redpill faggots have the rest of the internet to post their screeds but are always looking for new places to infect. They don’t even at least post anything original, just the same old NPC rants about muh enforced monogamy we’ve all seen before and whiny narcissistic rants that they really think people give a shit about.

No. 1205231

[Lauren Southern talking about her interracial marriage]

No. 1205237

File: 1618059824972.png (752.98 KB, 680x593, 12.PNG)

I'm creeped out

No. 1205271

Embedded properly cause you didn't.

Man her face, holy shit. She can't even emote anymore, it's completely frozen from the botox. Awful.

No. 1205301

File: 1618069254842.png (61.88 KB, 473x238, Screenshot_20210410-183926~2.p…)

If I saw this I would never believe she was 25. She looks in her 30s. I mean she doesn't appear to have bad skin, but all the surgeries have made her age terribly.

No. 1205303

When the farmer becomes the cow.

No. 1205309

Surgeries and smoking, she was lighting up the entire documentary. I’m surprised she did it while the cameras were rolling.

No. 1205322

File: 1618071034236.jpeg (168.71 KB, 828x556, 55B0FCA7-1B2E-43EA-9D7D-96975B…)

i can't fathom why these pick me's cream themselves over the fact that they like typical "girly" things

No. 1205334

I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!

No. 1205352

And this is the same internet subculture that hates on fat people claiming it's because they are unhealthy. Smoking is actually even worse for your health long term than being slightly obese.

Your paleo diet and uwu tiny disney princess waist doesn't mean fuck all when you smoke, Lauren.

No. 1205353

File: 1618073695901.png (302.32 KB, 713x715, Screenshot_20210410-195223~2.p…)

Another trad uwu smoker

Leyla: Like seriously, fuck those unhealthy fat feminists who eat soy and take contraceptive pills. I'm the epitome of health. Lights up a cigarette

Lauren: fuck those ugly unhealthy bitches, can I join you?

No. 1205377

Whenever I read the comments on Lauren's tweets and videos I still see multiple people making jokes about her being the 'hottest man ever!1'. We get it, it was funny at the time but it was going on 6 years ago. It proves that it's just about the only interesting piece of journalism she did.

No. 1205399

Her whole account is ridiculous and performative, it feels like it could be a dude larping

No. 1205477

File: 1618085609722.jpg (199.05 KB, 1080x1134, 20210410_211205.jpg)

My personal tradthot is Renaissance Zoe.


Sometimes curious if she's a man larping, though.

No. 1205491

That reads like it was generated by a bot that was given nothing but /r9k/ and /pol/ posts to study, then told to write a "female-sounding" post.
Seethe, based, politically incorrect, crop tops. Wonder how many posts there are about yoga pants.

No. 1205532

File: 1618093430063.png (15.63 KB, 583x246, Screenshot_1.png)

she is seriously deranged but i do find it absolutely hilarious how obsessed she is with "ugly girls" and "ugly girl energy". it reeks of the type of stuff actual unattractive people say to feel better about themselves. she's just the female version of an r9k incel

No. 1205533

File: 1618093703413.png (277.96 KB, 591x741, Screenshot_1.png)

i can't even tell if she's trying to be ironic or funny at this point. it goes without saying that that 99 year old reptilian was evil…

No. 1205561

>cartoon pfp
>overboard on the insults
Probably a man larping who craves the attention from other men or this is another Redpillchick scenario and the girl behind this is not white and uglier than the girls she goes after to make herself feel better

No. 1205681

This correct whether it was said by a farmer or an inceloid. Men are the ones who need monogamy, no matter how much they delude themselves otherwise.

The only problem I see here is that way too many men are having sex and reproducing still. It should be no more than the top 8-3% in genetic fitness, the rest should do hard labor so they have no time to think about cooming.

No. 1205683

she sounds like one of those redscare fans who pretend they're "hot" so they can criticize women like rihanna all day

No. 1205703

No! Facebook would never drastically exaggerate video views to encourage users to stay on their platforms and abandon others!

Feels like picking a character in the world's worst video game lol

No. 1205856

It's possible that's the part of twitter she is appealing to, after all >>1205353 is also Red Scare adjacent on twitter

No. 1206139

Amazing how these deluded wellbutrinas can be clocked just from their typing style.

No. 1206635

File: 1618257115970.png (283.18 KB, 468x642, conservatism.png)

this genuinely made me burst out laughing

No. 1206666

i know youre just being overly cynical since thats the point of this website but its very common for a lot of sheltered religious men to be very flamboyant or gay-looking/acting not because they actually are, but because they way they're raised is outside of stereotypes in which they think they need to act a certain way to be "coded" as gay or straight, since there's no default neutrality on sexuality at all in their belief system. with conservatives you have people like Steven Crowder who are def closeted, but dont mix this up with just random religious men.

No. 1206918

File: 1618276362608.jpg (769.87 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210413-110908_Twi…)

Lauren Chen needs you to get her parents a free trip to Japan. That's got to be about 5k worth of filler and botox in her face, that would more than pay for a decent trip to Japan

No. 1206920

File: 1618276510538.jpg (288.72 KB, 1053x1302, 20210413_111038.jpg)

No. 1206988

Am I crazy or is she trying to look more Asian than she was in 2017 or so?

No. 1207011

Highly doubt her not marrying a white man had anything to do with sexual purity or lack thereof. Probably more because she has an offputting masculine voice when you meet her + horrible reputation since she’s tied to the alt right. Anyone who marries her would run the risk of being harrassed because of her alt right associations

No. 1207024

You're probably only ever going to find family oriented/trad men who are willing to put a ring on it fast in the non-white communities. A white guy would have demanded she be a bangmaid for a couple years before marrying.
I always wondered if that's her real voice or she's trying to sound like the conservative anchors on tv.

No. 1207026

doubting that this trip is like actually legit. looked up the company website and they added “(post covid)” to the grand prize of a trip to japan. seems like whoever wins the prize ain’t going anytime soon.

No. 1207034

I don’t know, I think if a white dude knocks someone up he will marry them faster, just like Lauren’s guy did (didn’t they marry out of wedlock?). It’s just that Lauren can only attract psycho nazi white men now. Those guys all have obvious weird anger/control issues like the white guy she went on a date with in the White noise doc.

The ironic part is if she had just stayed anon and not attached herself so heavily to alt right and the nazi stuff she probably would’ve been able to get a decent successful white guy with money, lol. That ship has sailed because of her shitty reputation

No. 1207182

I have been told by /pol/tards that it is more based to marry asians (especially chinese) and jews now, because they are the "winning team" and going to take over the world, while the white race will get out-bred by black and brown people.

If she believes retarded shit like that as well maybe that's why she married an asian. Is he chinese?

No. 1207230

I’m not getting all the mass sperging about why Lauren “couldn’t get” a white man. Where did she say she even wanted one? Based on her old photos floating around the internet, she’s always had a preference for non-white men. And since plenty of “based” Nazi dudes still date & marry women of color, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Expecting any type of ideological consistency from these idiots is silly anyway. They’re constantly holding other people to made-up purity standards they can’t meet themselves.

No. 1207360

Karen chen really cant have a conversation without saying "I'm asian" every 5 minutes huh

No. 1207380

Will she just be using her parents for every grift at this point

>where did she say she even wanted one?
It was she actions more. She dyes her hair super blonde, pushed the narrative that she had those ~Danish~ genes and promoted the white replacement theory to the public. It was pretty obvious to anyone watching that she wanted a white trad man to fulfill her trad image of a white blonde woman making white babies with a white man to save the white race

No. 1207385

I'm honestly surprised that she couldn't find a wealthy (or upper middle class) white man to marry. I know this sounds stupid but I usually assume that most upper class white men are racist in some way and would prefer to marry a white woman (I am S. Asian and I live in a white majority area, so this is just from my own personal observations).

No. 1207414

They do but they also get power trips and don't want to marry a woman who embarrass herself on the internet, harassed feminists and acts blantantly hypocritical and attention whorey. Usually these men like very low key girls

No. 1207907

File: 1618369605930.jpg (114.93 KB, 1080x666, zoe.jpg)

Looks like a troll but it isn't. There is more trad stuff on there, I didn't cap all of it, I just thought you might find this funny.

No. 1207921

She definitely could, anons are forgetting how much more judgmental we are than men. We see the bad PS and the horrible personality and can't imagine someone wanting her, they just see a hot skinny blonde anti feminist and that makes her wife material for many white men, including well off ones (not legit high class/wealthy though). Men aren't worried about their reputation being sullied by a racist woman, they're the biggest racists of all and see it as a bonus.

Here's a take nobody seems to have considered: maybe she just likes this guy more than she cares about appeasing her right wing audience. She is a racist pos but I doubt it's to the extent that it would trump genuine attraction.

No. 1207932

Because she was trying to give those men what they said they wanted, not what they really wanted. Every woman who unironically does this will never get a man, and not getting a man despite wanting one is quite an accomplishment.

No. 1208116

What are you on about she has a man

No. 1208119

Some anons seem obsessed with claiming she lost out because she “couldn’t” score a white man specifically. She’s only been seen dating non-white men and seems to prefer them, and it’s obvious her “white replacement” rants were just pandering to her fanbase. But they keep carrying on like white scrotes are oh-so-classy & selective prizes to be won, as if they don’t wife up thots and hoes at the same rates as any other scrotes. Kek.

No. 1208120

Women a century or two ago worked harder and longer and in more dangerous jobs than they did today.

Stupid tradthot.

No. 1208125

Exactly. The only women in the past who got to sit on their ass, make babies and do nothing useful were in the 1%. All the other women were cleaning their chamberpots and silverware, laboring over a stove or working in the fields all day. None of these tradthots are in the 1% and they’d all be cleaning rich lady shit for a living.

No. 1208132

I thought it was weird, too. Men will 100% cuff or fuck anything. This thread must have a couple of delusional tradthots, kek.

No. 1208262

Does she not want any midwives to exist or female gynos either. Tradthots are so weirdly hyper focused on removing women from "working" but I think it's just them wanting to remove women from working corporate jobs. They never bring up small businesses or women working as vets or farmers or any other job that isn't 9-5

No. 1208396

Tradthots are retarded beta females who believe redpill fairytales like "women never had to work outside the home before muh feminism". They also love pretending that unpaid housework (where you walk on eggshells to get "paid" in food and shelter) is somehow more easy and rewarding than paid corporate work, because they're all failed girlbosses. They unironically take men's advice on how to attract/keep a valuable man, which is like asking a fishes advice on how to catch a fish.
The kind of woman who didn't have to work in the past is the exact kind of woman who doesn't need to work today. Tradthots, like all femcels, think that their personal failure is due to external factors, like being "expected by feminism" to have a career. The fact is, they're just not the kind of girl who gets buxed and it makes them seethe.

No. 1212753

File: 1618893507083.jpg (147.54 KB, 1242x1113, EzXg1urUcAU5f9G.jpg)

owning the libs by admitting you're retarded. great job, lauren! keep it up!

No. 1212945

Marie Cachet the queen of trads (and Varg Vikernes’ wife) gave birth to her seventh child. Funny thing is her husband post tone deaf rants about how “civilization is a wheelchair for modern man” and she herself has posted about giving birth at home in a quiet place being ideal for women. Turns out she went to the maternity ward. They are much less autonomous and way more dependent on “muh evil civilization“ than they claim to be, at least once she confessed to ordering stuff from China for kids.

No. 1213094

Don't they live off government gibs and royalties from Burzum (i.e. the miracle of globalised consumer economics)?

No. 1213110

They deny it but the kids wear nice clothes & have many toys and educational materials. All seven of them, they need some sort of funding for this.

No. 1213231

Until that kids movie has a female protag that isn't a tired cliche then she'd make it seem that's all liberal feminist propaganda and terrible for kids to watch.

Don't they live in France too? Lol

No. 1214264

File: 1619116132436.jpg (45.68 KB, 828x1472, ashtonbirdie_176084966_9313645…)


No. 1214275

Lol wot

No. 1214479

File: 1619136219343.png (174.86 KB, 426x738, 1619128980295.png)

it's a joke. she just holds a sign saying 'Jesus Loves You' while wearing a nun outfit.

No. 1214769

File: 1619182625305.jpg (323.24 KB, 1080x1379, IMG_20210423_145403.jpg)


Today, in self-fulfilling prophecies…

No. 1214781

I hate to say it but that’s…kind of based. Fairplay Ashton.

No. 1214804

She was just recently on christlover2000's podcast (from leftcows etc.) and said she doesn't hold any of her own views anymore, and she seems to really look down on the exact type of people she used to pander to. I wouldn't be surprised if now that she's back online she keeps doing things like this to troll her old youtube demographics

No. 1215199

You sound unhinged af and you are wrong af. Men being sexually aroused by 12 year olds is not normal and it doesn't make any sense biologically as the chance of miscarriage and complications at that age are huge. This logic is scrote logic and used as a means to bring fear into women that they are "too old" and have no value in a red pill scrote world.

Believe it our not there are plenty of normal ass men in the world who like big titties and big pussies.

>Adolescent mothers aged 10–19 years face higher risks of eclampsia, puerperal endometritis and systemic infections than women aged 20–24 years.

>Early childbearing can increase risks for newborns as well as young mothers. Babies born to mothers under 20 years of age face higher risks of low birth weight, preterm delivery and severe neonatal conditions.

No. 1215521

File: 1619248451188.png (87.01 KB, 623x379, 33.png)

Kinda. I really have trouble saying anyone who wanted to be a tradwife to Baked Alaska is based, though.

This has been her thing since 2018 or so. She had an "awakening" and then would endlessly sh0epost, like, "BOTH SIDES R THE SAME" and then disappear.

I thought it was funny at the time but she is supposedly legit borderline personality disorder and I suspect a lot of her public antics in the past were probably a form of mental unraveling (I mean crying on cam, doxing her family to claim they disowned her, quitting, threatening to cut herself, quitting again to have mullet headed Baby Alaskas). Unfortunately this probably will be by the end of it too.

No. 1215789

This wont sit well with incels. Being told its their fault and theyd have to change wont make them change. And like clockwork, tradthots think they can help them only to find out the hard way that they will be chased off by their angry incel audience for talking too much about them and not shitting on women enough

No. 1215966

it's always weird to see these girls who create this "highminded and sophisticated" trad persona drop words like "trannies" which regardless of your opinion on the actual subject is objectively a pretty vulgar word, not something a virtuous church girl would be dropping left and right

they are so very bad at keeping up with their own larps

No. 1216081

File: 1619327113381.jpeg (23.87 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

What do you guys think of Vivien Vuong? Was a Trump supporting Asian girl, did some how to get a 1white bf and did some pro MRA stuff dressed as a man. Eventually she decided to trans or at least thats what her YouTube implies.


No. 1216091

Not that inceloid trying to pass as a farmer, but brace for tl;dr:

You are assuming that male sexual behavior is driven strictly by offspring quality. It's not the case. Yes, men desire genetically fit women, but the vast majority of males are not designed to get them. Beta males know this, so they shift focus towards ease of access. That is women who will not bear survivable young, but are available and controllable. For a man, no offspring is much worse than retarded/deformed offspring, much like any sex is better than no sex. Also, a common mistake by popsci journos is that male sexual strategy centers on variety and quantity, but that's only half true. The rest of it is mate guarding and ensuring that none of his women have cucked him.

So what does this have to do with pedophilia? It has nothing to do with sexual fitness, which children don't have by definition. Quite simply, a child is easy to get and will not betray the beta who can't compete with other males. This exact behavior is found in chimps for instance, and it's the only context in which they practice social monogamy - beta male abducts a young inexperienced female and lives with her in a "marriage" away from the tribe.

Another thing is, human social norms prevent female driven selection. That means women can't produce kids with genetically fit men and have to let betas coerce them with resources, which steadily decreases the quality of males born. In essence, today's men are genetic degenerates who technically shouldn't be alive, and normal mating patterns besides "bone anything that's easy and will stick around" do not apply to them.

No. 1216143

how did she troon out? she's just playing with the fact that she's horse-faced and "passes" as an asian manlet

No. 1216166

How is this a tradthot? That's just a regular thot.

Not every hoe who supported Trump is a "tradthot".

No. 1216346

File: 1619376826148.png (563.12 KB, 578x877, 1.PNG)

Why does Lauren look like a different person in every picture? Episode 1034701

No. 1216347

Is she trying to morph into Faith Goldy?

No. 1216525

Lauren, it isn't villain vibes just because you didn't brush your hair

IMO she's looked like a Faith clone for a while with the overdone lips, all she needs is some more sun damage and she'll be a dead ringer for her

No. 1218540

File: 1619586998442.png (490.11 KB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20210427-211203.png)

Im so confused. This guy is saying Lauren is his wife but if you google him it says he has a different wife that he married in 2012. I guess he could have gotten divorced maybe?

Also when i saw the pics of Lauren's wedding i didnt think her husband (even with his face hidden) didnt look like this guy.

Or is he just trolling and im retarded?

No. 1218568

He's joking about the fact that he's an Asian-Australian guy too.

No. 1218572

If you read the rest of that thread he's clearly joking. Lauren draws comment from non-white media figures and fascism watchers pretty frequently in Australia, since people are pretty disgusted with her being given a visa to have her anchor baby here.

No. 1218589

Lauren is definitely not married to this TV chef, anon.

No. 1218610

I couldnt read the rest of it because it wanted me to sign in for that and i dont want to make a twitter lol.

Are we even sure her husband is asian or is it just a rumor because of how her baby looks? Not that it matters.

No. 1218678

She said on Sky news that her husband is part filipino and has joked on twitter about Duterte being her husband.
Journalist Daniel Lombroso also claims her husband is not white and confronts her about it in the "White Noise" documentary.

No. 1218719

i can’t wait for her hapa kids to grow up and hate her. Australia has huge Asian communities and I read that Chinese Australians are the largest non-white minority group there.

No. 1218726

her hair is so fried i'm surprised it's not falling out at this point
what's funny to me is that she's stated her family had to move when she was younger because the area was like 90% asian or something and that she was bullied at school for being white

No. 1218967

where did she grow up? isn't she from Canada?

No. 1218994

Yeah, she's from British Columbia

No. 1218996

File: 1619636108598.jpeg (124.34 KB, 828x737, 53F4F3C1-E521-48FE-A030-1C2951…)

No. 1219043

Is there a link for the video where she confirms her husband is Filipino?

No. 1219047

B-b-b-ut I thought Hungary was based and redpilled.

No. 1219119

her idea of something meaningful is popping out children at 19. when are these tradthots gonna start receiving attention from the opposite spectrum of twitter? i'd love to see beef go down

No. 1219132

I can't take a screenshot because there is simply too much but Lisa Britton's ENTIRE twitter feed as of recent is about "boys" and "men", literally every single tweet. She's starting to sound deranged and obsessed.

No. 1219811

File: 1619726541815.jpeg (140.59 KB, 827x838, 890A3F20-FAF9-4284-A748-68CD27…)

what do you think her IQ is

No. 1220301

File: 1619788325609.png (28.09 KB, 600x270, lisaCapture.PNG)

Lisa keeps implying women need to be barefoot and pregnant and thinks she's being slick about it.

No. 1220312

The fake-dumb condescending way she words all her tweets is absolutely insufferable

No. 1220318

I actually have a fair bit of respect for Marie Cachet. She seems to be a genuinely hard worker. She's actually put her money where her mouth is. She got married at a young age, she had a big family, she homeschools, she runs a homestead, she's always doing activities with her family, she seems very dedicated to her family. There are no pictures of her on her social media accounts because she's not interested in flirting with random incels. A lot of her audience are actually other women with similar interests. I don't agree with all of her beliefs but she's chosen a path in her life and she practices what she preaches.

It's the not the fact that these women are housewives that piss me off, it's the fact they will say anything to get male attention and they are so inconsistent and hypocritical. They have benefitted from modern feminism while seemingly claiming to hate it. Lauren Southern is probably the best example. She's a high flying career woman telling other women not to work and to stay at home and have children. Lisa Britton is some anachan who doesn't want to ruin her figure and acts completely glib about what she says. She thinks men are the victims when it comes to everything when the real issue is her self hating and mental health.

No. 1220348

Lmao, she married a white supremacist who burned down a church and murdered someone. Are you okay?

No. 1220359

Ok Marie. Go look for placenta imagery in random clouds or something.(hi cow)

No. 1220365

Anon don’t bother, this is the same evo psych scrote always sperging ITT about ephebophilia and women hitting the wall. Just let him rant into the void until he gets b&

No. 1220544

File: 1619810323597.jpg (6.97 KB, 249x244, 1417492033040.jpg)

>this copium OD
A high IQ doesn't "hamper" a woman's chances, it makes her not want to get married.

Also, the only known genes that affect IQ heritability are carried in the X chromosome, so a smart mother is a must of you want smart kids. You would know this if you weren't a lobotomized phalloid with a mom retarded enough to let your dad cum in her.

No. 1220724

Sauce for the pic

No. 1220857

I love how conservatards push this whole "pull yourself up by the bootstraps/no one owes you anything" narrative and whine about paying taxes that actually go to worthwhile things like education, then go on the internet and shamelessly beg for money for their frivolities because they can't be assed to actually work for anything or be productive members of society. like, at least lefties basically admit they don't want to work. seriously, how can you whine about people wanting welfare to pay their bills and barely scrape by, then turn around and beg for people's hard earned money for your stupid fucking fruit carving endeavors and offer them nothing in return?

lauren chen really rubs me the wrong way and I have always felt something incredibly ingenuine about her, almost like she's playing a character.

one time she mocked marinashutup when marina complained that she didn't want everydayfeminism to shut down because getting a real job was hard (or something along those lines). which to be fair I'm sure marina is lazy as fuck, but it's not like lauren has ever contributed anything of value to society either. don't throw stones in a glass house etc.

these dumb bitches are no better than instathots or other influencers, they think they're entitled to our money just because they post their opinions on the internet.

No. 1221366

she's literally intellectually disabled which is why she married an edgelord nazi satanist murderer + arsonist and decided to spend the rest of her life completely dedicated to whatever bullshit belief system he makes up for her and the rest of his cult. anon if that's not desperate attention seeking pickme behaviour i don't know what is

No. 1221776

She has autism, so she likely isn't very good with social interactions or that interested in them, Varg really took advantage of that, I mean he's probably on that spectrum himself.

No. 1221799

She has fat wrists. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but she doesn't have the wrists of a hot girl. That's all I'm saying.(retarded nitpick)

No. 1221810

Why is she so creepy in this clip. It looks like she’s about to start crying

No. 1221888


That’s the whole point, the retarded boomer governments thinks this will free up more money for young couples to have 5+ kids again like they did in their day and avert Hungary’s demographic crisis because they refuse to face the reality that young people living in urban centers don’t want to have more then 2-3 kids max, this has been observed even in third world countries like Bangladesh. This is the kind galaxy brained thinking you get with based and chanpilled politicians. I’m just waiting for the first one of these based EE countries with demographic death spirals to officially ban the sale and use of all condoms, or instate some sharia tier law forcing young men to marry any women they get pregnant, just to see what kind of shitshow goes down.

No. 1221900

File: 1619994317445.png (501.25 KB, 817x941, 1604437198298.png)

You just reminded me of this, thanks for the kek anon

No. 1222204

Exactly, the birthrate will never be up to wherever they want it to be because most young people simply have better things to do than get married at 18 and have 7+ kids.

No. 1222208

The part about promiscuous stacies is so true. Most rich scrotes have attractive wives who are/used to be models, and have high body counts.

And whatever marriage issues might arise(scrotes being scrotes), those hot women can get a nice chunk of cash from a divorce. While tradthots get a shitty ebegging career with no compensation for touching uggo scrotes.

No. 1222216

> Kids are all messed up because they don't spend time with their fathers!
> Fathers work all day while the mother must spend every waking minute with the childern.

These trad retards keep contradicting themselves.

No. 1222286

Imagine "saving yourself" from kissing, sex, etc just to find out most HVM don't give a shit and don't think you're any better

No. 1222501

File: 1620065139928.jpeg (296.25 KB, 828x1620, 72C2E4CF-EF4A-4761-9455-3EC063…)

No. 1222666

That segment looked very different than the rest of the film. Lauren clearly doesn't want to be talking about the subject of her marriage and I would guess the filmmaker forced her to.

From the filmmaker's earlier article, she had been confiding in him and told him quite a lot about her new Asian husband. She would later claim he "betrayed" her confidence even before she saw the film, so this is probably the "betrayal" right here.

Lauren has the look of someone trying not to say anything quotable and was probably terrified he was going to drop a tweet blown up to poster size of her insulting Asians like the one that just impregnated her.

No. 1222700

>Continues to benefit from college
>Encourages women to not go to college and be homemakers
I don't get it why is every single tradthot like this? Are they trying to make the field less competitive for themselves by removing competition? I promise you ladies women willing to drop their career because strangers on the internet said so is no competition to anyone who has more than a handful of braincells

No. 1222824

Because it's a grift. They don't believe what they're saying, they just know they're going to be rewarded in some way for saying it because it's what their target market wants to hear.

It's agenda-serving performance art.

No. 1223240

Also a common interview technique- easy back and forwards, friendly, ask your gotcha question then go dead silent and film the person awkwardly trying to figure out why the conversation died.

No. 1223250

That’s because their target audience isn’t women, it’s male incels who fap to the idea of having submissive tradwives. The whole tradthot grift is pretending to address other women while telling the scrotes who buxx them on Patreon what they want to hear. Of course they don’t practice what they preach because it would be retarded for any women not to maximize her resources in every way she can, including investing in her own career & education. It’s just a grift.

No. 1223575

I have genuinely never seen a desirable man with incel standards. A brief look at any real life Chads and the women they settle with shows that they don't give two shits about anything incels claim is important in a woman at best, and are actively repulsed by it at worst. It's kind of fascinating how much self deception unfuckable front poles require just to get through the day.

Tradthots are once again hustling backwards by catering to men who not only don't matter to anyone, but actively lie to themselves and others about what men actually want. I can totally understand that as a grift, but there are dumbass non-youtuber women who buy into this. F

No. 1223740

Is it just me or does "robyn riley" sound like a porn name? Especially with how "robyn" is spelled

No. 1223808

Neither have I. Sure most HVM probably don't want a complete slut who claims she's changed her ways, but the amount of men who would make desirable partners who are also no hymen no diamond psychopaths is zero.

No. 1223885

File: 1620213426172.jpg (10.65 KB, 300x300, rileyreid.jpg)

Reminding you of Riley Reid subconsciously perhaps?

No. 1223886

File: 1620213530737.jpeg (55.95 KB, 547x623, 7FCE9ED3-5809-4BA5-8E2B-38FEEA…)

Why does Lauren talk from one side of her mouth lol

No. 1223915

Red Scare twiiter adjacents appearing in the tradthot thread so consistently (even if they hate the tradthots) will never not make me laugh

>The whole tradthot grift is pretending to address other women
This is it, I think Brittany Pettibone is one of the most guilty of this. She even wrote an advice book "for young girls" that was almost exclusively read and reviewed by RW adult men, and from what I remember of her videos she is always addressing women directly

No. 1223932

Too much botox kek

No. 1223986

Brittany is bad and Mrs. Midwest is also bad, she claims to give “advice” for women but talks about her tits constantly, only lists gross men like Roosh V as her influences, and the vast majority of her fan base is male. Incel scrotes get off on hearing women insult & degrade other women, plus it validates their misogyny to hear it coming from a woman. These tradthots know exactly what they’re doing. It’s not personal hypocrisy as much as maintaining a stage persona to keep their target customers happy.

No. 1223995

Speaking of Brittany, she uploaded a pregnancy announcement video yesterday.

No. 1224036

Lol margarita really had nothing to say after getting hit with that "you're an unmarried childless professional woman"
>not old
She will be. Shes getting older every day
>not retarded
Highly debatable
She and every other tradthot will never be exempt from incels rules

I'm curious about the future of these kids like Lauren's and Britney's. Like what if they find out that their kids dont want kids of their own or are gay

No. 1224042

The not retarded part made me laugh because this is the same woman who said drinking water is unhealthy

No. 1224128

Well, incels have been complaining that tradthots only talk to men and should instead be proselytizing to women, so they amended the grift. Which is fucking hilarious, because what desirable, sane woman would listen to what tradthots say? Women will listen to a woman who has what they want. Who the fuck wants what tradthots have? This is why redpillers will always lose - they tell feel-good lies themselves about what women "really want", like a girl who tries to impress a straight man with fugly avant-garde fashion. Trad youtubery is by design a cope performance for men, kind of like porn. A kind of therapy, but you don't have to acknowledge your own retardation at any point, doubling down on your delusions instead.

Incels want to "turn" hot women, and hot women can easily get married (to rich men, mind you) without being pure waifus. Ugly autistic femcels may fall for the meme, but incels don't want them anyway. Average women will look at the gutter trash lives these gimpgirls live and say "no thanks lol". They want what hot women have.

No. 1224203

There's just no logical explanation for her believing that other than purest strain of autism.

No. 1224308

This is how you age when you grovel before moids

No. 1224310

lol, stop trying to advertise your scrote sub by screenshot

No. 1224330

Reddit posts the sub under any picture you save dumbass

No. 1224444

I wish her a healthy pregnancy. Hopefully she finds mom life fulfilling enough to stop posting cringe on the internet.

No. 1224446

Aaaaaaaaand manosphere guys are already roasting her and saying her children will be disabled.

No. 1224448

She’s not even old is she? Like in her 30s?

No. 1224453

She's 28.

No. 1224455

And they’re saying her eggs are dried up and she will have disabled kids?
These people are sooo delusional. Any excuse to make women feel as expendable as they are, hey? Or justify paedophillia. One of the two.
And she deserves it because she pandered to these types of men!

No. 1224499

It's kind of shocking how genuinely uninformed these men are and infuriating they're so insistent in believing their own delusions. Dusty eggs in your 20s? Are they for real? It makes me wonder how young their own mothers had them for them to justify this line of thinking.

No. 1224510

She seems genuinely excited and happy in that video, and I think it's at least good that they want to keep their kid offline. Maybe she will change for the better

>Or justify paedophillia
Basically this, why else would they be trying to meme everyone into thinking women become infertile by 20 or 23 or whatever their arbitrary number is today?

No. 1224511

They want to justify lusting after 12 year olds with MUH BIOLOGY. Everyone knows 28 year olds are more fertile and have healthier pregnancies than young teens. Even the Spartans knew this. Absolutely ridiculous. Why would humans have an 80+ year lifespan but only be fertile for about 15 years, from ages 13 - 25. That’s literally what they think. Yet men can go on impregnating until they’re 80. Why wouldn’t we be menopausing in our late 20s if everything they say is true? They don’t know any women IRL. Most women I know give birth between 25 - 38. They will refuse to listen to any actual biology or science, even if it comes from a male doctor, and will just say it’s “cucked feminism taking over”.

No. 1224558

A huge amount of manosphere ideology is just lame rationalizations for pedophilia. I once saw some autistic “lifetime female sexual market value” graph circulating around that placed the sexual value of a female INFANT above a 30-year-old woman because “at least she has all of her eggs.” And they’re constantly using evo psych junk science to justify having sex with underage girls, AS IF young girls in the bloom of life have any interest in gross pathetic old coomers leering at them from park benches before going home to wank and rage-blog. The entire manosphere is a cope for the fact that moids will never be as desired or valued as women at any age. Every so often one of them will admit all their sperging about the “female wall” is just a cope and ugly 60-year-old women can still get more dates than them, and the thought makes them legit suicidal kekekek

No. 1224613

That's why trying to appeal to misogynists always fails, you can't win because they'll just keep shifting the goalposts and you'll never be an exemption.

No. 1224626

"All women are whores, except my mother, but let's not forget that she's a woman too" - some French manlet

No. 1224673

Would love to know the age of the dude in the video who said thinking about a 29 year old's "eggs" was making him nauseous

No. 1224729

The mastermind behind their ideas about placentaverse is actually Marie, Varg is the one who follows her ideas

No. 1224749

Its hard to feel bad for Brit since she catered to these guys for so long believing she would be exempt from criticism.
But from one of the comments of that video complaining about Brittney not being a virgin trad girl at 22 who didnt even know shes already married
>…wants a traditional man yet don't want to compromise themselves
Lol the cognitive dissonance. Yet these scrotes
>want a traditional woman yet dont want to compromise themselves
They're throwing tantrums over the fact that theyll never manipulate a naive 20 yr old into a self hating submissive wife who's modest but has to fuck like a porn star that cooks all the time in 50s skirts and heels with 5 kids and a stable income but somehow never leaves the home while they sit on their fat asses playing video games and watching mgtow youtube all day long. It's such a retarded thing to hold on to. But it's a good thing they are since it means they're not reproducing at least

Meanwhile sperm counts are still on the decline all over.

No. 1224754

At least Marie practices what she preaches most of the time unlike other trads, but they are still far less autonomous then they claim to be.
Marie and Varg have their own thread:

No. 1224824

File: 1620326760540.jpeg (89.94 KB, 640x520, 3E616C44-28F8-4460-B90C-B64B88…)

It’s crazy how trad women bite into manosphere theories about women aging.

No. 1224848

“NoThInG aS tRagIc As FaDinG BeAuTy” like scrotes don’t get fat, pudgy, balding and even more tragic-looking than we do. These tradthots just project their own insecurities onto women at large and it’s pathetic. Not all of us base our entire identities around our SeXuAL mArKeT VaLuE to random dicks.

No. 1224853

File: 1620328279740.jpeg (118.02 KB, 640x670, D8EE6427-DE79-4B49-AD8E-CD3546…)

No. 1224862

She reaps what she sows

No. 1224889

Scrotes themselves have already admitted that they dont give a fuck about motherhood,fertility, having kids or anything. Spain gave men paternity leave then men suddenly didnt want kids after. They dont care about that shit. They want to manipulate young girls into anything they want for their own amusement. Being young and naive and not a critical thinker = easier to mold. But tradthots will continue with their fingers in their ears until it hurts them personally

No. 1224897

File: 1620330419051.jpg (59.55 KB, 680x866, a8c.jpg)

>nooooooo you can't get pregnant at 30 and destroy my wallerino cope wtfffff! I thought your job was to pander to me THIS IS SO FUCKED YOU FUCKING BITCH

No. 1224909

>before indoctrination by … school system
Since most people start school at age 5 or 6, is he advocating marrying toddlers?

No. 1225027


>Women aging and making less dicks hard is the most tragic thing that can happen to us, and there's nothing we can do to avoid it

>All we can do to forget about it is using maternity and housekeeping as a cope

This is such a doomer take, not even 17 year old edgelords who believe they have an IQ of 150 for reading Nietzsche can top this.

Also wtf is that contradiction?
>Aging and losing looks is the worst thing that can happen to a woman
>We must show we're worth more than our looks

No. 1225048

File: 1620342985945.jpg (86.7 KB, 1080x400, IMG_20210507_005755.jpg)

Who the fuck is feeding into these scrotes' delusion?
How can they be so retarded to think a virgin under 25 (who is saving herself for marriage, hasn't found the right guy, or just hasn't had sex with anyone because of shyness/insecurities or whatever) will pick them, the dudes that aren't talking to anyone outside the internet (because anyone with more than 5 functioning brain cells who knew these moids in real life would have given them a reality check already)?

If you go to check the comments, some of them are saying how their mothers had them at +28 and being confused as to why.

No. 1225077

Yeah I noticed in the comments that a lot of them were angry at their own mothers for having them at an "unacceptable" age and blame their mothers for having autism, ADHD, etc. Wild. I wish somebody would link them the research that shows it's actually old man sperm that is responsible for autism and schizophrenia and old woman eggs are mostly only responsible for Down's syndrome.

No. 1225079

File: 1620348771247.jpeg (244.67 KB, 827x1156, 51D772C8-0F95-4598-A980-919A47…)

No. 1225080

can you link the study? I haven't seen this.

No. 1225081

i can't make sense of this word salad she clearly should've used all that time she spent worshipping white men to get a proper education…

No. 1225125

is she retarded af? Aishwarya is South Indian, and India is very diverse with lots of tribes, castes and ethnic groups, and Indians come in different shades. P.S yes, we're still people of color, Margarita you stupid white wannabe cunt.

No. 1225129

File: 1620352552998.jpg (329 KB, 1079x1618, Screenshot_20210506-215207_Fir…)

>Where are the good men

Screeched absolutely no one except coping moids larping as "immensely regretful careercunt post wall roasties looking for pure love on tinder". I still remember them crymoshing over that obviously fake tinder profile of some hot blond MILF with excessively professional looking pictures that were blatantly ripped from stock photos or LinkedIn.

Wanna know how I know from this behavior alone that all of them were born to fathers in their late 30s?

No. 1225170

I know this bitch does not actually believe this position. Masala Megha is only doing this as an opportunity so she can be like "Aishwarya Rai is a light skint light eyed Indian lady, how could she be a POC" -→ "I must also not be a POC since I'm light skint Indian" since you know she wants to desperately be white.

If we're going to be autistic about it, any race can technically be Indian because Indian is a nationality and not an ethnic group, and it is possible for a foreigner to become a naturalized citizen of India. However, even the dumbest of us know that the vast majority of Indian citizens belong to ethnic groups (Rai included) that would be classified as POC in the US and Canada and thus it is no surprise that Indians overall are considered to be POC.
Lighter skin doesn't mean white, sorry Masala

Sage for sperg

No. 1225221

File: 1620363581085.jpeg (115.44 KB, 681x675, DBE925B2-76C5-45D1-BA96-8239B0…)

No. 1225229

Autism might also be an inherited genetic trait. Autistic men take longer to find a partner and start a family.

No. 1225243

The AZ vaccine has the risk of causing clots in the presence of blood thinners or low platelet count.

I wonder if it was an in-law in Australia and if she'll go full anti-vax now, or if she's already done so and this story is bullshit to promote that idea. You'd think there's no way she'd make up something so easy to check and it's definitely a plausible claim, but who the fuck knows with Lauren.

No. 1225257

Laura always has an personal anecdote about everything, doesn't she? She deleted the tweet.
If that relative exists and she was on blood thinning medication then surely she was already predisposed to blood clots. Foolish to take the AZ vaccine in her case.

No. 1225305

Sounds like they were already hospitalised and took it on doctors advice.

No. 1225333

Geez. Those poor women, I can’t fathom giving birth to and feeding those ungrateful incels for years, lacking sleep and worrying about their well being only for them to backlash at their mothers for internet points.

No. 1225336

Your theory has been proved on the Varg Vikernes thread. Here is some placentaverse male in his late thirties listing after a teen…..


No. 1225337


No. 1225346

I would be more shocked if she wasn't anti-vax already and just wasn't vocal about it, it's obvious what she's implying with that tweet and the kind of replies she is baiting

No. 1225378

Yes they definitely benefit from natalist policies in France, that give bux every month (CAF), that goes up for every kid you have, depending on your income.
So if you are in the lowest income category, and you have 3 kids, you have 301,30 € of bux per month, and 169,22 € more for each additional kids. I let you do the math for 7 kids, lol.

Varg blocked me off twitter when i asked how much of CAF welfare he got each month.

No. 1225388

I remember reading Roosh V’s forum one time and they had a thread about their relationships with their mothers. And nearly EVERY single dude reported having a horrible relationship with their mother, with plenty of them calling their own mothers bitches, whores and other misogynistic terms. The dysfunction and bitterness was out of control and made me realize how far these guys are outside of normal people’s reality in their hateful little echo chambers. And these insane basement dwellers who need decades of therapy for their raging mommy issues are the “men” these stupid trad thots think we should all be bending over backwards to please. It won’t be so fun when it’s their own sons, but hey - that’s life kek

No. 1225393

Tell that to the dumb anon in here constantly sperging about “respecting” Marie Cachet for “practicing as she preaches.” They are literally living off a welfare state generated by a racially diverse society, while preaching against all of the above. I’d have more respect for them (although still very little) if they went back to Norway and raised their 7 kids living entirely off the land, just like their autistic ubermensch FoReBeArS did.

No. 1225430

Dude chill, I said she practices what she preaches as she is married with 7 (?) children unlike other trads who are single or divorced and she puts some effort in to cultivate their land. Note that my point was followed by the argument “they are far less autonomous than they claim to be”. Their lifestyle is obviously endorsed by extra income, either it’s welfare or burzum earnings.
I have to agree with the other anon tho, she doesn’t cater to incels, & doesn’t post photos of herself online. Most of her pics are either with her kids or photos of their farmland. That doesn’t mean I agree with her opinions or disagree with the fact that they are obviously on some monetary support.

No. 1225525

It is, very tangentially, "biology" for men to want a teen or a child. Just not the "fertility" bullshit they claim.

What they're seeking is unquestionable fidelity and safety from cuckoldry. See, alpha males don't have to worry about that because they can just overpower their competition or use positive mate retention tactics like money and resources to prevent women from cucking them. Beta males, especially those of the incel variety, can't. They cannot retain a reproductively fit female, but like all males, they have a fixation on ensuring paternity (cuckoldry anxiety). Before anyone points out that children aren't fertile, this behavior is an instinct and applies even to unions that cannot (or don't want to) produce children. So they go after what they perceive as too inexperienced (and uninteresting to alpha males), something they can groom, hide from their competition and hopefully cultivate. Virginity also ensures that she was never with someone else and thus doesn't have an accurate gauge of what a desirable male really is. Sadly, this rarely satisfies the incel pedophile, because he knows that his solution is a beta's crutch. They continue seething about commonly fertile women in their 20s while claiming to be repulsed by them to cope.

This virgin-abduction behavior is found even in chimps, and it's always done by males who cannot compete and thrive inside the tribe. Pedophilia is exaggerated beta male safety seeking. It is undeniably part of male sexual strategy, but not the one they claim.

No. 1225529

Underrated post

No. 1226047

File: 1620499510893.png (230.37 KB, 1080x1548, Screenshot_20210508-134402~2.p…)

This all applies to herself too then, right?

No. 1226060

sometimes lolcow gets really based.

No. 1226064

Are you the dr Phil sperg from the mtf thread? Please write a blog. Or a book. We love you.

No. 1226089

I like to be anonymoose leejun, but I'll think about it. Love you too anonita.

No. 1226095

I feel like I recognise your writing style and have been screenshotting your work since the pp threads.

No. 1226096

Shes going to find herself getting hounded for not being married or having a baby until she either deletes and gets a shotgun wedding to a manlet like Lauren then gets treated like Brittney for not having babies sooner. She will never win lol

No. 1226110

File: 1620507748639.png (Spoiler Image, 742.14 KB, 1028x577, 00ubrZQerDWKrZIvGWe0tjx-158.15…)

No. 1226179


This, my friends, is the difference between Marie and all the other tradthots.

Marie: Doesn't post selfies of herself, posts farmland/kids/cooking/herbals and runes and Norse mythology and whatever else. Followers are mostly women (as seen in the Varg thread

Other tradthots: Plasters their face everywhere, pretends to be talking to women but in reality just says what every incel wants to hear instead of stuff that would be of genuine interest to other women. All a scheme to gather an army of rightwing simps for attention and bux. Followers are mostly, if not exclusively, men.

No. 1226197

Marie wouldn’t do well as a tradthot, though, because she looks like a peasant with too many kids, not a TV news presenter.

No. 1226256

Dude I don't care what she does she's still a fucking retard because she's married to varg and gave him children

No. 1226604

File: 1620585875572.jpeg (93.73 KB, 828x675, 1BBFBE1F-06B1-42DB-BD43-6B4E70…)

In case you weren’t aware

No. 1226782

Nobody denies the fact that marrying Varg Vikernes is not the best accomplishment in her life, but she certainly doesn’t have the same online behavior as most other trads. She is busy with homeschooling her kids, sowing seeds in the farm, cooking etc and she doesn’t post “so trad uwu” photos on twitter. Majority of her followers are other trad women or women who are interested in permaculture / country living. She doesn’t contradict herself for the most part like other trads who are single, catering to men, marrying non white men etc.

No. 1226859

Aktchyally, Margarita, mammalian bonding mainly follows the ersatz parenthood pattern. Your pets (especially cats) see you as a parent figure. Just a fun fact for your "PhD" brainlet and you, the eternal pickme femcel.

While le dog moms are annoying, you and him are no doubt projecting your own childless inceloid bitterness on other people's companionship and whatever lighthearted non-literal sentiments they use to describe it. Seethe.

No. 1227036

File: 1620633146803.jpg (122.43 KB, 636x630, louie.jpg)

> Like what if they find out that their kids dont want kids of their own or are gay

Best case scenario is their kids become chill like Lamb and Lynx, the "Nazi pop twins" who abandoned all that shit the minute they left home and have had nothing to do with it ever again. Their parents are doomed if they think they can stop it (especially Lauren, considering her kids are going to be part Asian lol)

No. 1227037

I am praying for her dead source of on-brand social media content as we speak.

No. 1227048

File: 1620635678657.jpeg (110.1 KB, 693x614, 13F7EC9D-BD5F-425A-A963-C48E17…)

patriarchy is literally a conspiracy to coerce women into fucking betas; few know this

No. 1227062

you're definitely right in that Marie seems to be using social media as a tool to spread her wacky placenta-cult beliefs, rather than just as a means to get attention like most of these "tradwives" do

No. 1227102

Exactly! I’ve noticed she is gathering a cult following. More and more Marie Cachet copycats become twitter users and share their daily lives involving feeding chickens, cooking with herbs collected from their garden, praising European artwork, customs and traditions, homeschooling if they have kids. Some of them proudly announce they have quit their job and now they’re full time placenta cultist. Their twitter feed go as follows: A photo from the garden, a nostalgic photo showing long hair, dinner, growing potatoes, seemingly innocent women living in harmony with the nature.. and than bam a wild swastika or Hitler picture appears.
What’s most fascinating for me are the women with part South European or Balkan origins bending over backwards to their ideology. Some of them go as far as renouncing or hiding their roots and pretending to be 100% Nordic. They are reviving racial hatred, slowly but surely, I wonder if they are on government watch.

No. 1227399

File: 1620682402621.png (171.26 KB, 534x591, a.png)

Tradthots can't cope when confronted with evidence that not all women want children and some mothers don't actually find it fulfilling.

No. 1227402

File: 1620682732149.jpg (130.67 KB, 753x1159, 71M6hGlWabL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

Tradthots with kids would off themselves after reading this

No. 1227408

she speaks as if there's nothing i'd wish more than be considered a mother lol

No. 1227428

if tradthots think calling yourself a pet mom means you desperately want to be a real mom, they better think that all men who watch milf porn want to fuck their moms

No. 1227487

>life for oneself
>life for those around you
god these women are retarded. the point here is that she did have to fucking choose between her own goals and the needs of her family. have they talked or listen to any of the women in their own damn lives?

No. 1227506

It really is simple. You don't need to shill eating, sleeping, cooming and having a shitton of money, because everyone wants it. If parenthood was so desirable, it wouldn't need to be shilled to death in societies where people have other choices. You'd have to actively shill NOT having kids, much like we have to shill not pigging out (or overindulging in anything else we are built to find pleasurable and irresistible).

Trads and other incels are autistic and have a meltdown every time reality hits them like a brick. They can't cope with the idea that what they wished women wanted isn't what they want, much like bodypozzed deathfats do with men and troons do with lesbians.

No. 1227573

Ashton is back.
>she admits she was wrong about her beliefs
>was in a the right-wing bubbles
>internet politics are a cult
>her thoughts were the ones everyone around her was thinking
>doesn't believe in left vs right anymore
>her old content was the same talking points rehashed over and over by others

No. 1227707

No offence but your point is kinda low iq and totally off mark. Of course hedonistic things don't need to be shilled that much, especially stuff like "having a lot of money". But parenthood doesn't need to really be shilled either because it comes naturally to so much of the population.

No. 1227765

governments in wealthy countries literally create advertising encouraging people to have children, offer cash to people who have children, and so on

No. 1227792

False. The reproductive drive is fulfilled through sex drive. On a basic level, animals seek sex, which is how nature tricks them into becoming a parent.

No. 1227868

It's a step in the right direction. She looks healthier? Hope she sheds that "trad" incel audience too since they'd just be whining in the comments at how shes damaged goods for not being married and popping out kids at 25 with baked alaska

No. 1228535

File: 1620828554900.png (573.17 KB, 1556x1264, radfem.png)

RW Radfem twitter is at war with trad thots and it's pretty entertaining.

No. 1228538

Didn't she recently start an OnlyFans tho? I don't think she's well. She's probably just denouncing tradthottery because you can't pretend to be trad and also sell pictures of your butthole online.

No. 1228563

I just discovered right wing radfems were a thing and holy shit, these cows are milky af

No. 1228612

She did as a joke. She had pictures of her in a nun costume.

No. 1228664

Allegedly that terfdavidicke account is actually run by a self-hating MtF too, cows on cows on cows

No. 1228679

>right wing radfem
So they hate women but also hate trannies?
It's like people who are marketing
themselves to be prolife feminists to be more appealing to women

No. 1228688

I love you so much "thems stinking betas"-anon

No. 1228698

I've lurked this side of twitter and they seem to be women who were formerly tradthots but because of all the misogyny they encountered they turned back to feminism while still maintaining other right-wing positions. Their profiles are mainly about critiquing misogyny from right-wing men and warning other women not to fall for the trad meme. They say that if men weren't so misogynistic and didn't drive women away from the right then that would help the right win. Most of them are using the radfem label incorrectly and are spreading misinformation about radical feminism.

No. 1228705

Sounds like bullshit tbh.

No. 1228762

File: 1620845634248.jpeg (256.58 KB, 828x1175, A2638251-7D12-4B85-BCB5-8FC2F3…)

No they hate minorities

No. 1228768

Doesn't sound like she hates minorities at all, though. There are actual legit reasons why racial diversity is not all roses, it does create social instability.

No. 1228785

I was using anon’s wording

No. 1228865

>men and women need to live together
Eh doubt. Women were shown to be more productive and less stressed in single sex environments like all girls schools while men suffered in them and do better in mixed ones

"Radfem" ex-trad right wingers are bizarre still tho like what are they aiming to achieve besides the impossible goal of making comverative alt right "trad" men not hate women and be misogynistic

No. 1228933

Women also live longer lives when not in heterosexual relationships, while the reverse is true for men. Women have worse sleep quality co-sleeping with a SO, the reverse is true for men. Women make more money when childless and unmarried, the reverse is true for men.

Is it really surprising that misogynists want to enslave women while misandrists want to isolate themselves from men?

No. 1229101


I have way more respect for them than I do for “radfems” who side with fundie christians to own the trannies. Radical feminists don’t go after conservative men nearly enough and their side of twitter really makes RW men seethe. It’s entertaining.

No. 1229109

sounds tinfoil

No. 1229111

File: 1620892860811.png (180.91 KB, 744x752, lockdown.PNG)

Anyone know why Martina has been on twitter lockdown? Does it have something to do with her lawsuit?

No. 1229214

Is it misandry when the only thing they're doing is trying to get away from literal leeches on their resources? Misandry doesn't exist lmao.

No. 1229950

a lot of them intersect with kaliacc schizos.
terfdavidicke often retweets a former kaliacc member that went by sunny

No. 1230151

I don't understand what these people have against multiculturalism. They talk about it not only like it's a new concept (different cultural and ethnic groups that share the same vicinity have always existed in different parts of the world) but that it's objectively bad. I fail to see what's bad about it. (Sageing for blog post) I'm speaking as a person who grew up in a very diverse part of the city and met good and bad from all different cultural and ethnic groups including my own.

Have these people ever been around non white people? Because they talk about them like they are alien invaders or something rather than other human beings.

I read a story about a nazi who started working with some blacks and Mexicans and he completely changed his views. It must just be that these people have been exclusively around only white people and are afraid of what they don't know and/or are looking for someone else to blame for their strife that isn't the government.

It boggles my mind and it's just so strange to me.

No. 1230158

Have you ever actually lived in a multicultural area anon? I can tell you that it's exactly the same as living anywhere else. There is definitely more poverty than in white suburbia but you get all the same issues in white ghettos and I have lived in those too.

Please take your racism and ignorance elsewhere.

I'm guessing you are probably that alt shite tranny scrote that the mods don't bother to ban that lurks and posts here all the time.

Go back to fucking 4chan.

No. 1230421

She'd have a point if she was talking about how importing men from extremely misogynistic societies and then wokely coddling their "culture" instead of promoting integration ends with things like the infamous Cologne incident, but she's just a retard.

No. 1230670

File: 1621085623479.jpg (5.21 KB, 217x232, index.jpg)

All muslim and whatever other trad moids need this asap.

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