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File: 1422479967864.jpg (15.6 KB, 300x250, mophead.jpg)

No. 115441

Whatever did happen to good ol' Lawl-cow? Last I heard was that she dyed her hair pink and went full Koreaboo, but then she kind of just vanished.

No. 115442

File: 1422480436630.png (499.27 KB, 531x531, M5oPcdBd.png)

She used to be on Tumblr under the URL's elfbabe and fliora, but she deleted, cut her hair really short and I think she's moved to Finland. Looks like she's grown up.

No. 115443

Deets? She looks a bit like Emilie Autumn.

No. 115444

File: 1422480759928.jpg (28.03 KB, 200x500, ZpFLQXbIerI.jpg)

Wait, is she the Dakota copycat who made a PULL account and humiliated herself a bunch of times?
Kek, nevermind. She looks pretty good when she's not trying to ape Dakota, honestly

No. 115445

File: 1422481216852.png (599.11 KB, 763x356, SLKNfol.png)

kek anyone else remember when she was trying so desperately hard to crawl up mila's asshole while at the same time she'd go on pull and talk shit about her. i miss her shenanigans tbh.

No. 115446

She looks so traumatized tho

No. 115447


No. 115448

I forgot she existed. Who honestly cares about this fugly bitch? Didn't she also make threads on PULL bashing herself whenever she needed a dose of attention?

No. 115449

she followed my tumblr randomly not too long ago, but then unfollowed me bc i wouldn't follow back or something idk. she seems to have grown up a lot, she's still into the whole kawaii/pastel goth/soft grunge/tumblr style stuff but she isn't trying to get online fame anymore, at least it seems to me. when i checked, she only had a few pics on her tumblr in her /tagged/me and they were old. even though she still seems to have her issues, i happy she's quit trying to be like all these snowflakes. i think her quest for internet fame was making her issues much, much worse.

No. 115450

With a name like Lawler, I don't think she could have ever avoided this fate.

No. 115451

where the fuck is her forehead???

No. 115452

she looks like a slightly less strung out Courtney Love in this photo.

No. 115453

my exact thought

No. 115454

I saw her on ello.co a while ago. I would have to hunt for her blog there, but the last I saw she was posting some pro-ana-esque materials and broadcasts her food intake (ie: "I live on a cup of coffee for the day I am so fat").

I think that she has an interesting face. She looks much prettier now than when she was trying to appear as a living doll.

No. 115455

She'd be pretty decent looking if she wasn't such an edgy tryhard. I kind of like her face.

No. 115456

isn't this kojirina?

No. 115457

It is, she also went by fliora.

No. 115458

you can blame pull for that one, when she had threads everyone on pull told her to do an edgy style instead of kawaii.

she looks much better with her new look here >>115442

No. 115459

i remember when she had an anti-dakota "art" blog on tumblr. she also used it to like her own selfies because no one else would. kekkers

No. 115460

Off-topic but holy shit 90% of Emilie Autumn fans (or Emilie herself, she's basically ~"victoriunnn"~ Traci Hines) are just as deserving of threads as this girl
She looks really pretty here. She doesn't really seem funny though, just a bit of an attention whore if anything, unless I'm missing something?

No. 115461

Aw come on guys she looks pretty there because she's hiding her worst features. She'd still look bad if you could see her nose and mouth.

No. 115462

File: 1422551749106.jpg (150.82 KB, 840x1513, kek.jpg)

No. 115463

File: 1422551770391.jpg (156.48 KB, 871x730, topkek.jpg)

No. 115464

i was going to say, emilie autumn could have her own thread, but it's literally at least 10 years worth of drama(I confess I'm addicted. it's all so much)

No. 115465

All I know about her is that she rips off her fans a lot, bitched on Twitter about being "poor" (lmao) among other things, and that her book is riddled with lies and half-truths.
Spill deets, anon

No. 115466


Maybe she's not a 10/10, but it's a cute picture. Even if it's because it's 40% flowers.


Aww yeah, glad it's not just me.



No. 115467


FPF is always golden. The whole incident that spawned from is a trip

Claiming her family died in a fire (they didnt), freaking out because she thought her stuffed bear was stolen (it wasnt), I mean, I know there's tons but I'm blanking right now.

The current thing is that she took preorders for an audiobook that was supposed to be due 9 months ago and she still hasn't delivered.

I can't hate Enchant though. That album is my jam

No. 115468

File: 1422583665011.jpg (40.98 KB, 368x487, holyfuck.jpg)

No. 115469

YES the suckerpunch thing. And the lady gaga thing. Oh and the thing about how the fact that she thinks pads are by baby stuff in supermarkets is with the intent of infantalizing women. And the thing about how some women who didnt agree with her should have 'their breasts removed' and, and, and uhhh, literally how she can't stay friends with anyone she works with and only has two dancers left?

i have a music friend who lives in L.A whose run into her a few times, and when I asked how she is IRL, he put on a fake british accent and said "Hi, I'm famous, who are you?" it was great

No. 115470

Oh yeah, and the ipod thing, and her obsessive iceaxe stalker who CALLED HER and ruined everything for everyone forever apparently, and how she closed the forum years later without any warning and blamed it on that incident

http://asylumplaguedoctor.tumblr.com/drama heres more links. I…confess she's been my lolcow for a long time

No. 115471

That's my jam too. I can't really listen to stuff that came after enchant.

No. 115472

Mine too. I'm surprised there hasn't been more threads for her considering just how easy she is to piss off. And she's slightly more famous than a lot of these girls here. We really should have a thread for good ol' emilie b'awwwwtumn.

No. 115473


Also, does anyone remember the social experiment girl? There was this girl that made a youtube video bawwwwing about the people bitching about her on tumblr, and then she deleted the video and made a new one claiming it was a "social experiment". Shit was hilarious

(Or does anyone remember when socklessfuck/Victor had an EA blog where he bitched out the SJWs? I miss him a bit)

No. 115474

I agree. I mean, herself aside, her newest album is fucking heinous. I like how she said she'd have a musical out by the end of 2014 on 'londons west end' lolllll

Tbh if she put out an album like that again I'd drop some cash on it. She was going to rerelease it with the puzzle, (never happened) and fuck, I'd have bought it.

I can't say I remember this. There's literally been so much that's happened though…

No. 115475

I vaguely remember victor though I was pretty heavy into following the drama. Did he finally baleet everything? I also remember another blog called "snowflakehalloffame" who changed their name so much I lost them. They also made fun of sjw's a lot. Hope they're still around.

And I remember social experiment girl, dear gawd. The muffins/plague rats/reformers are all lolcows within themselves tbh

No. 115476


He baleeted fucking everything. I think there was waywardvictoriansnark and waywardvictoriankhaleesi too, but they were kinda SJW.

You mean special snowflake hall of fame? I think they changed their name to demisnowflake and then deleted their blog later. They were pretty great. RIP in peace.

No. 115477


EA thread, just for the sake of not derailing this thread anymore

No. 115478

File: 1436405120774.jpeg (46.74 KB, 500x500, dsad.jpeg)

Soooo Lauryn has changed a lot.
Good for her.

No. 115479

No. 115480

aside from the extensions, she looks p good. what's her insta?

No. 115481


I don't know I found this picture on her Soundcloud where she goes by the name Lauryn Goulden now.

Her most recent activity was liking Kirsten's shitty Fairy Fountain "remix".

No. 115482

I just made a search on Google and it turns out her new Instagram page goes by "leafgreengirl" but she made it private.

No. 115483

File: 1452712082235.jpg (25.07 KB, 320x430, wHTWVyNwiIg.jpg)

Obviously this thread hasn't been migrated to /snow/ yet although I'm not entirely sure that she doesn't belong on /pt/ given that she provides wave after wave of lulz.

Well she's returned after almost a year of hiatus and her new schtick is anorexia and sucking Ember and Emily's dick on Instagram.

No. 115484

File: 1452712211521.png (779.42 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-13-19-09-00…)


Forgot links.



She's also hopping on the David Bowie hype train hard despite not being born until like 1998.

No. 115485

File: 1452712357235.jpg (40.04 KB, 480x499, dookie-brows.jpg)

Jesus fuck what is with cows having the ugliest goddamn eyebrows imaginable

No. 115486



this bitch is younger than me? Yikes.

No. 115487

Oh god, it's like Asha's brows

No. 115488

Not even close to Cara. Hideous.

Now…there seems to be a lot of self-post in this thread. Reeks of it.

No. 115489

File: 1452715981789.jpg (105.17 KB, 760x507, 1363719329663.jpg)



For those that don't know, "Kojirina"/Lauryn Lawler emerged on PULL in 2012 trying to self promote herself as the "next Dakota" under a sock puppet account.
She got caught and absolutely BTFO by the users, and for a while continued manufacturing out these horrifying mega-shooped photos, sometimes literally copying and pasting Dakota's facial features over her own thinking that nobody would notice (picture related).

After a while she calmed down and joined PULL ("Oh it was just a phase guys I was being immature teehee"), and began shitposting regularly alongside the userbase, although she remained a frequent source of ridicule.
One day she went off on one, befriended Mila Mortice and began pulling the whole "URGH! PULL is full of meanies!" bullshit again, but a few months later somebody linked Mila to Lauryn's PULL account which contained posts Lauryn made ripping Mila apart and the pair had this big, dumb (hilarious) fallout over ASK.FM.

Lauryn then attempted cosying up to Kiki of all fucking people and tweeted at her something a long the lines of "PULL is disgusting it deserves to be taken down. They bullied me too :(" after Kiki made a tweet about PULL, but Kiki obviously read the subforums and knew EXACTLY who she was and how she made shitposts about Dakota (see >>115462)
and proceeded to tear her a new asshole kek

After that she had this weird gangster phase where she started acting all bling-bling and worshipping Tyler the Creator and "tlkin just lik dis u a waste gash bruv u get me", THEN she moved onto imitating Charlotte Free/Crystal Castles as evidenced in the OP.

After this she vanished for over a year and we all thought she was gone for good but now she's gone back as one of those faux-recovery proana cunt and looks to be imitating Ember note, judging by the…. eyebrows.

I actually think she deserves to stay on /pt/. Her original drama was fucking glorious for those who witnessed it.


So, how new are you again?

No. 115490

File: 1452716036010.jpg (174.51 KB, 1476x793, 1363720790303.jpg)

Dumping some of her old Dakota-phase pics.

No. 115491

File: 1452716061992.jpg (68.41 KB, 806x354, same.jpg)

No. 115492

File: 1452716073697.jpg (178.5 KB, 1175x612, 1342185775576.jpg)

No. 115493

File: 1452716086155.jpg (94.97 KB, 497x610, 1342185844002.jpg)

No. 115494

File: 1452716107821.png (1.41 MB, 900x1200, 1342187593441.png)

No. 115495

File: 1452716124238.jpg (45.73 KB, 500x441, 1342186109631.jpg)

No. 115496

File: 1452716135184.jpg (29.41 KB, 866x1356, 1347903277523.jpg)

No. 115497

File: 1452716217632.jpg (12.08 KB, 200x195, a_aa6b8640.jpg)

No. 115498

Sweet lord are all these pics the same person?

I see pics like >>115478 and it's like 'oh, she's pretty' but you see these others and sweetener fuckery doo

I was feeling kinda unkept lately but seeing these are reminding me I'm decent looking sweet lord

No. 115499


I'm so sad that more people weren't apparently around on PULL to witness this between 2012 - 2014 because you've no idea how fucking funny it was, especially when she cosied up to Mila and then got #rekt by her when someone forwarded her Lauryn's PULL account.

No. 115500


Don't mind the Cara fag.

No. 115501

File: 1452716863646.png (790.71 KB, 1080x1402, 1452705727577.png)

The only reason I noticed her is because somebody posted this screenshot to the Proana thread on /snow/ and I noticed her comment.

Seems like Ember is her new object of affection. This girl is scary.

No. 115502

File: 1452717043769.png (191.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-13-20-29-22…)

No. 115503

Does she not own a mirror? Lol the nerve to bash someone else appearence with those chupacabra eyebrows of hers.

No. 115504

File: 1452717951235.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-13-20-41-21…)


I have no idea what to make of this girl anymore.

No. 115505


Bitch looks like Helga Pataki

No. 115506

..is she choking herself?

No. 115507

Looks like it. Rolling around in bed alone sticking her own fingers in her mouth and making fake sex faces.

No. 115508



No. 115509

Where is she from? A very British looking lass if I ever saw one.

No. 115510

oh my god how can anyone be this ugly

No. 115511


Liverpool, lol

No. 115512

I don't frequent PULL nor care about /snow/flakes. So new to this shit, yes.

No. 115513


You can tell you're new because Lauryn isn't a snowflake, she's a full fledged cow in her own right and had her own thread on Staminarose and Maxfaggotry and was talked about a lot on /cgl/.

Just a shame that PULL was kill because now evidence of herfuckery is lost forever…. unless somebody fancies hunting through the Internet Wayback Machine.

No. 115514

I hid her threads just like I did with the berry thread. I found her SWF as stalker-ish as Doe Deere's but she always struck me as a desperate nobody.

Other than that - I'm willing to try the milk again. Any more Sauce?

No. 115515

This unwashed little scruff is from my city. Her shitty fanart she bangs out of other cows makes me laugh.

No. 115516

tfw you want to have the ddlg tumblr girl aesthetic but you don't got no man. :,(

No. 115517

She looks like spoony except with pencil brows.

No. 115518

Spoony wasn't that ugly. This girl looks like a man.

No. 115519

Pretty cruel to spoony imo.

No. 115520

File: 1452737690290.png (353.9 KB, 560x375, dembrows.png)


her brows are actually real it's like irl muppet shit.

No. 115521

I actually think she looks better than spoony

She's less doughy

No. 115522


I think she is filling them with colour though, they're a totally different shade here >>115442

No. 115523

File: 1452738430513.jpg (29.55 KB, 520x248, 9576955_f520.jpg)

No. 115524


well yes that picture is hella old and she used to bleach them.

No. 115525

she's like some sick combo of PT and Dakota

No. 115526


That's a uniquely defensive comment you got there containing information only she'd be privy too…
Why do I get the feeling that you're Lauryn…

No. 115527

Exactly what I thought too.

Hey Lauryn, you look like shit.

No. 115528

Dun, dun, duuun.

No. 115529

File: 1452743991010.jpg (285.34 KB, 693x598, fyytwzlxymne.jpg)

After Dakota filed a copyright claim against Lauryn after Lauryn ripped her site's graphics lel

No. 115530


How is that defensive? I think her new eyebrows are ridiculous, but I went through her instagram to check to see if she was filling them in. It's not defensive, I don't want to take away from the fact that those brows are both terrifying and real.

No. 115531

wow didnt know this thread existed but i remember this bitch from when i use to lurk on pull like everyday
someone made a thread about me on it like years ago, i told them to take it down and i think thats how kojirina found my tumblr she kept following me and i had to block her like three different times
its crazy how her face changed so much by just growing out her brows it seriously looks like she has shit smeared on her face i think she still edits her face cause she looks really different

No. 115532

But how do you know she used to bleach them

No. 115533



I have a magnificent memory for written/visual information and I do not remember Lauryn ever once stating that she bleached her eyebrows.

Hi Lauryn.

No. 115534

File: 1452745374842.jpg (42 KB, 334x500, ZYhPKd8.jpg)

No. 115535

File: 1452745433327.jpg (109.5 KB, 1024x768, ZMqI6HX.jpg)

No. 115536


Oh my god you two damn, I lurked for three minutes and she posted some tbt and her eyebrows were thin and light - I guessed, I lightly bleach mine and they look the same. Maybe she's a natural blonde I have no fucking idea.

>magnificent memory of Lauryn

Well let me not challenge your encyclopedic knowledge of this random bitch.

No. 115537

File: 1452745446183.jpg (92.6 KB, 540x401, hVsBS8E.jpg)

No. 115538

File: 1452745589230.jpg (7.9 KB, 268x478, 2XpuxU7.jpg)


Bullshit, this isn't a "well I used to do this thing so I guess she did it too!" situation, you CLEARLY stated that she USED to bleach her eyebrows.

Nice to see you haven't changed Lauryn. If have a wealth of respect more for you if you just came clean at first.

No. 115539

File: 1452745611761.jpg (41.46 KB, 468x247, GnDjW8z.jpg)

No. 115540

File: 1452745621705.jpg (133.28 KB, 768x681, DoZILjs.jpg)

No. 115541

File: 1452745633002.jpg (27.66 KB, 368x504, 471R1wQ.jpg)

No. 115542

File: 1452745643176.jpg (23.19 KB, 235x604, 4qrPD91.jpg)

No. 115543

File: 1452745652407.jpg (5.93 KB, 178x283, 57nG8lu.jpg)

No. 115544

File: 1452746038488.jpg (108.88 KB, 795x375, e0oXmAV.jpg)

Her backstabbing Mila after she got caught bitching her out on PULL and Mila refused to accept get fake apology.

No. 115545


Oh my fucking god I am not her, it was a speculation not a published study you absolute idiot.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 115546


Also really out of all the things that would potentially bait her into a response, do you really think that would be it? Who the fuck cares about such an offhand comment besides someone as thirsty as you?

No. 115547


>you absolute idiot

Well you're definitely a Brit :^)

No. 115548

File: 1452746472074.jpg (61.76 KB, 725x302, 2vb23rc.jpg)

From when she was friends with Mila.

No. 115549

File: 1452746481809.jpg (9.1 KB, 726x99, ejydmw.jpg)

No. 115550

File: 1452746741603.jpg (47.05 KB, 604x598, aHuaRTDpI2A.jpg)

No. 115551

File: 1452748377449.jpg (34.92 KB, 604x453, 2sUX0YPcYKU.jpg)

No. 115552

File: 1452748389380.jpg (25.66 KB, 375x498, AyJqyjz.jpg)

No. 115553


eye pubes

No. 115554

So how old is Koji now? Over 18?

I remember she actually copy pasted Dakota's eyes on her own face in one of her tragic doll-shoops.

Also, she so reads this, because now her IG is suddenly set on private.

No. 115555

Of course she reads it – she's posting in this thread!

No. 115556

I think she's 17 turning 18 this year. I remember her being like 14/15 when she was trying to be a Kota clone.

No. 115557


Her birthday is 1997 so she'll be 20 soon.

No. 115558


>also, she so reads this, because now her IG is suddenly set on private

I fackkin' knew it was her m8.
She undoubtedly lurks the new PULL and probably found lolcow some time ago from there.

No. 115559

She'll be turning 20 next year, pal.

No. 115560

bitch pasted the logo on her sweater

No. 115561


Okay sorry Lauryn, my mistake, thanks for the correction.

Why don't you just come out already and admit you're here? Making your Instagram private after the thread updated pretty much already cements that you're in the thread reading everything.

No. 115562



Lauryn, pls.
You're doing a really shit job of masking your presence. At least switch up your Liverpudlian dialect.

No. 115563

She doesn't have any milk to keep her floating in /pt

She's never had milk

All she is, is a sad horribly ugly girl, she photoshops but admitted it back in her dakota phase

this thread belongs in snow

she doesn't scam people, or do anything worthy of being in /pt

she's ugly, stupid, and edits her face

No. 115564

>she doesn't scam people, or do anything worthy of being in /pt

Ex pull fag detected. How worthy someone is of being in pt is based on how funny their actions are. IMO Felice doesn't belong here, despite her popularity, because reading about her isn't funny. It's not milk. Laryn's bad editing, ugly face, samefagging and so on are funny.

No. 115565

and she's not funny at all????????????????????????????????????

she's a flake

this thread is sad, she fell off the planet for a year and now that she's back she's just jumping on the newest bandwagon

if this is "funny" to you, you must just sit at the pc all day and do nothing with yourself like she does

No. 115566

i actually want to know how she went from thin ugly eyebrows to full thick ones

lawlyn pls tell me

No. 115567


If a cow has a high-volume of quality retroactive drama, which Lauryn does, then the rule is that they stay in /pt/ otherwise we'd be bouncing threads back and forth between /pt/ and /snow/ constantly.

If Mila has a thread here than Lauryn deserves to stay as she was just as bad as her at the time.

No. 115568


Lauryn you really need to stop.
I know you think that non-capitilisation and insulting yourself makes you seem more Anonymous but just FYI Admin and the Farmhands can see your IP and that these posts are being sent from Liverpool so samefagging like this is only going to make them less likely to consider moving your thread seeing as you're providing consistent drama.

Admin is not an unreasonable person and will consider personal requests such as this if you ask politely and explain your reasons but right now you're only making things worse for yourself by samefagging.

Probably the only reason it wasn't moved straight to /snow/ when it updated was because they could see you posting in it and wanted to wait to see if it got any better you know, which is steadily is.

No. 115569

File: 1452812716830.gif (481.46 KB, 400x307, d6809e0237e621a7184f1a1cfe67eb…)

No. 115570


Why would you want to keep her in pt, it's only going to feed her ego
like that time she made her own hate tumblr, all of it is for attention

I can understand this

but she's really not fucking interesting as you're making her out to be

No. 115571

Well, even if she's not interesting you're sure doing a great job of making the thread itself interesting by throwing a shitfit in here lol.

No. 115572

>all she is, is a sad horribly ugly girl, she photoshops but admitted it back in her dakota phase

An attempt to divorce yourself from your identity by insulting yourself but is unable to fully follow through completely so throws in a defence at the end to negate responsibility.
The shallow, clichéd nature of the insults appear forced also.

>she's ugly, stupid, and edits her face

More surface-insults. Lack depth or any substantial attack on character.

>if this is "funny" to you, you must just sit at the pc all day and do nothing with yourself like she does

Reflective attack as a means of further defending yourself.


Deliberate misspelling of name is contradicted by:

>like that time she made her own hate tumblr, all of it is for attention

Presentation of retroactive knowledge of a person (you) you're claiming to have never been interested in.
(lol it was you that made the hate blog about yourself? Okay now that I didn't know, I thought Liana/Taicato did that).

Goddamn Lauryn you're really bad at this. We know it's you because nobody else in this board would be campaigning so hard to have a thread moved unless they had some kind of personal involvement.

I know Admin-kun is probably watching this thread and going "wtf" which I love.
The fact that it's yet to be moved to /snow/ effectively confirms that it's you.

No. 115573


>check my IP lol

every fucking time

No. 115574

Omg I know Lauryn from fb and not only that she lives in my city and jfc people she's dead cringey she burns my head out.

I actually seen this fucking mess once wondering around in primark and just by looking at her hideous scary face and stick legs you can tell that she's definitely on drugs.

She made a post on Facebook once stating that she used to be so fat so she went vegan but someone said that she uses it as an excuse to secretly have an eating disorder. I would printscreen but I can't find her on my friends list anymore which is odd so yep she must be lurking these forums.

No. 115575

I wish "check my IP" changed font like triggered does. It's like the chant of the white knights

No. 115576


Yeah, it needs to be highlighted in blue or some shit.


Ayup' Scouse Anon.

No. 115577

Manc anon here, I remember this girl!! Her rip offs of Dakota's YouTube videos were so bad and hilarious.

No. 115578

lauryns on lemo mate

No. 115579


Coke? I could believe it, she looks fucking rough.

No. 115580

File: 1452955296600.png (854.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-16-14-40-31…)


No. 115581

How are you viewing her stuff her instagram is now gone private damn

No. 115582

File: 1452956337698.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-16-14-58-14…)

No. 115583

I wouldn't say her artwork is "shit" it's actually pretty decent but apparently she's starting her own online store so we will just see if she turns out to be a scammer

No. 115584

File: 1452958054113.png (968.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-16-15-22-31…)


I am confused by her art, although Tumblr-tier, because sometimes it looks like this…

No. 115585

File: 1452958070894.png (950.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-16-15-23-47…)


Or this…

No. 115586

File: 1452958150114.png (924.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-16-15-23-02…)


And then other times it looks like… this…

The change in quality is far too dramatic for me to not believe that she isn't tracing or heavily referencing from existing artwork.

No. 115587

File: 1452959185045.jpg (96.52 KB, 520x600, 1448343945464.jpg)

Maybe if you add more unnecessary question marks you'll actually be right!
You seriously reek of newfag, why does it offend you so much if she's in PT? It's not your fucking call.

What the fuck is this creature?

No. 115588

I find her unique

No. 115589

at least she doesn't do the living doll koji shit anymore she's grown up we all should bring an end to discussing her here because its getting on my nerves

No. 115590

She looks more like a man when she's so spoopy. Hope she posts more so I can have more lulz

I think it depends if she has a reference or not. If she's referencing a photo, it looks nicer, if she's not it looks worse. I think that's why referencing photos is normal practice.

No. 115591

Lmao she's literally an amalgamation of nearly every major cow on this site. Unique is the last word I'd use to describe her. She's copied Koots, Felice, Mila, and now she looks like a knackered Cara clone or whatever you want to call the look she's doing now. Who hasn't she copied?

No. 115592

last year on ello or tumblr that she made a ranting post saying that she has gender identidy issues.
she doesn't even have boobs apparently

No. 115593

nobody gives a fuck who she has copied of anymore the past belongs in the past
why is it that when you bring her up and you mention what she did do wrong you act like she has a criminal record on her shoulder pmsl

No. 115594

Why do I get that Lauryn is shitposting in this thread furiously about herself….

>>115593 is definitely her.

I wish I was Admin so I could see the post IP's…

No. 115595

File: 1452968361135.png (115.87 KB, 284x312, 1452550590683.png)


I think now she's hopped on the spoopy skeleton trend and is copying Ember.

No. 115596

It's not guaranteed that any of us here are Lauryn and this is exactly why I find it futile to continue her own thread because this is the reason why.

No. 115597

At first i thought she was copying of ali michael

No. 115598

she doesn't even know that this website exists so we are all safe

No. 115599

No. 115600

That one's definitely traced lmao

No. 115601

Ha you think I'm her that's insulting :( she's ugly and I'm better looking than her

No. 115602

File: 1452970703499.gif (995.37 KB, 500x319, I17oK8y.gif)

No. 115603


Lauryn stahp.

Also stop putting a fake email on all of your posts, you can see them when you hover over the Anonymous tag, jesus christ.


^ are all the same person.

No. 115604

Not in the slightest

No. 115605

>is informed that e-mails are visible
>enters the same e-mail

Lazy framing or stupid poster? You decide, farmers.

No. 115606

File: 1452972896780.png (49.38 KB, 1103x750, eewr.png)


How is it that after all these years you're still this stupid.



No. 115607

for all I know you could be lauryn catching yourself out? anyone here can be lauryn. all i do is come here to laugh at her alien shooped face and her fat eyebrows and to prove to you that I am not her im going to send her an invite to this website letting her know that she is getting blamed for "making shitposts of herself" lol

No. 115608


Emails entered don't actually exist but are of the .co.uk variety and the second one is named "sexycameron@gmail.com" referencing David Cameron so they're almost definitely British.

Typing style is the same as Lauryn's as is the general modus operandi of "I kind of don't want this attention to hurt my reputation online so I want this moved to /snow/ but I kind of like the attention being focused on me so I'll keep bumping the thread". She used to do the same shit on PULL all the time.

No. 115609

File: 1452973223640.jpg (34.27 KB, 599x516, CTtrA-AUEAAGpF7.jpg)


>still entering the same email address in the email field

No. 115610

Is she trying to look like PJ Harvey with those eyebrows

No. 115611

I don't know why you're having a massive L death note fit on me with your impressive evidence but I know for sure that I'm not her

No. 115612

omg don't say that or she'll start copying someone else

No. 115613

Oh Lozza babe, why do you not learn..

So glad she's back

No. 115614

What was the talk about her moving to Finland a couple of years ago? Wasn't she still a minor back then, and why would anyone want to go to Finland? Out of all the godforsaken places…

No. 115615

She's half Finnish

No. 115616

File: 1452981150181.jpg (48.91 KB, 480x640, 91508.jpg)


That explains a lot.
Aren't the Finnish considered ugly/retarded by the other Nordic countries?

The only Finn girl I know, surprise, surprise, was a hideously ugly Tumblrite bitch who severed our psuedo-friendship after I made a post on Facebook about the increasing benefits of homeopathy in relation to early cancers.

No. 115617


Idk if they are but yeah most people outside the capital Helsinki are ugly/borderline retarded lol.
Often they have the possibility to look decent but are too dumb to do anything at themselves.
This is coming from a Finnish girl, sometimes I'm just so sick of living in here….

No. 115618

She must be blessed to be that good looking for a half Finn girl it makes me wonder who's the scouse parent LOL.

No. 115619

I'd sever friendships with anyone who thinks homeopathy is good. Its not fair to trick regular people into thinking you aren't retarded and then drop homeopathy on them.

No. 115620

File: 1452984868796.gif (703.56 KB, 320x240, 1417248565528.gif)


Fucking preach, anon.

No. 115621

Well to be honest, I'd say it's much easier to find decent looking birds from Finland than from the UK. From a British point of view at least. They don't look that different to the Swedish ones.

No. 115622


agreed, people look very similar in Finland and Sweden (and probably Norway)

No. 115623

Well yeah the further north you go in England the uglier they get.

No. 115624


Except there's a ridiculous amount of research and evidence into homeopathic remedies fighting "early" and aiding various illnesses cancers dumb dumb.

>carcinosin and Phytolacca, were found to be as effective against breast cancer cells as the chemotherapy drug Taxol (Int J Oncol, 2010; 36: 395403).

>One trial of 254 people showed that calendula cream worked better than trolamine (a commonly used non steroid cream) for preventing skin soreness due to radiotherapy. A very small trial of 32 people showed that a homeopathic mouthwash called Traumeel S (containing belladonna, arnica, St John's wort and echinacea) worked better than a placebo to prevent a sore mouth due to chemotherapy

Even St. John's Wort is known to aid in helping depression, but I guess you reject this reality because "only muh synthetic compounds can help stuff".

No. 115625


lol don't ever say that to a Swedish person unless you're intending to insult them.

No. 115626

Seriously…have you ever met a Finnish person. They're very………..homely

No. 115627


Yeah, that's why I'm saying comparing a Swede to a Finn would be an insult to the.

No. 115628

That's herbal, not homeopathy. Homeopathy is basically diluting sometimes poisonous substances down to a level where there is probably not any of the solute left.


No. 115629


Huh, well I'll be damned I'm wrong.
I mean, I had the name wrong but still. Quick research indicates that there's some pretty wide scale confusion about whether herbal medicinals fall under homeopathy so that's probably where I made the mistake.

Does that mean that you disagree with herbal remedies then though?

No. 115630

I'm a completely different person than the first anon who mentioned homeopathy being bunk. I agree with some of it, but it shouldn't replace life saving medicine because you can't get exact concentrations with herbal remedies. That being said, I use valerian root because nothing else works for my insomnia.

No. 115631

It's freaking me out how many scousers/mancs are in this thread!

You know if she was on the beak, there'd be artsy photos plastererd all over the Internet. She'll be one of those edgelords who gets into drugs in uni and has to tell the world how cewl and enlightening it is.

No. 115632


No. 115633

File: 1452998478500.jpg (35.96 KB, 495x210, image.jpg)

>You know if she was on the beak, there'd be artsy photos plastererd all over the Internet. She'll be one of those edgelords who gets into drugs in uni and has to tell the world how cewl and enlightening it is.

No. 115634

File: 1452999326636.jpg (89.47 KB, 640x725, image.jpg)

what the fucking fuck do you think this is how she really looks? because she looks so different on this

No. 115635

Who is this mysterious man?

Seriously, looks like some guy in a horrible wig. Maybe it's a wig made out of rat fur?

No. 115636

Sorry to insult your Swedish superiority, but I've visited all the Nordic countries, and to my British eyes, the girls look very similar in all of these places.

Of course there are uglies everywhere, but I'm not talking about them. I'd never be able to guess that Lauryn is half Finnish. With her face and nose she looks 100% British to me.

No. 115637

>Seriously, looks like some guy in a horrible wig.
she doesn't give a flying fuck if she looks like a man! maybe lesbians get off on the way she looks. i think we should all agree that she'd make a great man in a relationship with a woman. has she ever considered going transgender?

No. 115638

are you sure? bc holy shit her nose is so big

No. 115639

File: 1453028148096.jpg (122.54 KB, 640x772, image.jpg)

No. 115640

apparently she had lip botox done

No. 115641

I was actually the one who started the thread about her on PULL in my short time there/before I knew what the place was like. I might still have some shit on my HD but I think you've got it all already.

I don't think I've ever seen a cow/snowflake switch gimmicks as fast as she used to. Do you remember when she posted her first alien-baby Mila shoop and everyone on PULL goes "OMG LAURYN UR SO PRETTY NOW <3"? lol

No. 115642

she's smackhead cow getting high on the snowflakes lol

No. 115643

im only gonna post here once and i only have one thing to say: you are all so fucking sick for attacking lauryn like wtf if she copies anyone's style or anything at all? You're all just making her more famous from all your bullshitting.

No. 115644

ps if any of you even have any balls fucking post in public on facebook or twitter if you hate her guts. people can only talk with the assurance that they aren't gonna get hit back for their dumb comments but ain't none of you can even talk shit without having the anon cover on. Bullshit. I call all of you on all your fuckin bs

No. 115645


>>making her more famous

You weren't famous to begin with, Lauryn. You're just a laughing stock.

No. 115646


The reason none of us are posted on sites like this is because none of us are retarded enough to make a public spectacle of ourselves in a pathetic attempt to get e-famous.

That's not due to a lack of balls, that's because only the biggest retards the internet has to offer would think it's a good idea to do that.

No. 115647


>>fucking post in public on facebook or twitter if you hate her guts

1. Nobody 'hates her guts' I can assure you. She's too much of a nobody, plus nobody really knows her enough to hate her. We're just laughing at her because she is funny and the things she does and says are amusing.

2. If we went public what if she targets one of us as her next disguise? I don't want an ugly man to dress like me.

No. 115648

There is no such thing as "lip botox", Lauryn.

No. 115649


kek yes.
PULL became so engrossed in that whole "board solidarity" thing that once they believed somebody had joined their ranks that it was then in bad taste to said person and that they were now immune from further criticism.
It was retarded thinking and part of what destroyed that board.

It's like when that shit with Orange Citrus and the Jessica Nigri thread went down and she locked it, and then when everybody discovered she was a legit cow and camwhore you were barred from making a thread on her because she was an "ex-member".

No. 115650


And who the fuck are you exactly.

No. 115651

Just thought it was funny that she comes here to tell us to stop, while she's over at Facebook publicly bullying females and posting about it.

No. 115652

I'm not telling any of you to stop, I'm saying grow a fuckin' pair dickwads.

No. 115653

lol you shouldnt post lauryn on this website she is allergic to milk like for real thats why shes vegan xD

No. 115654


>grow a pair


No. 115655


No. 115656

No. 115657

File: 1453071541794.jpg (118.33 KB, 943x611, z6K69SF7.jpg)

Oh my god the ride never ends with this moron.

>I hope this one gets featured on their banner because I love the attention and I'm really asking for it

Is that why you made your Twitter protected and your Instagram private :^)

No. 115658

Girl, can you just tell me how you got your eyebrows so thick

No. 115659

she looks like one of the hanson brothers

No. 115660

jfc i wish the thick eyebrow trend would die. it looks just as bad as those super thin brows that people used to do except this is worse because now they look like masculine men

No. 115661

File: 1453073560699.jpg (10.42 KB, 254x310, lauren loler.jpg)

No. 115662


They're obviously her natural eyebrows what do you want her to tell you.
Either your eyebrows are naturally thick or they aren't. You need to stop asking this.

No. 115663

This. Fucking thank you.

No. 115664

Thanks Lawlers

No. 115665

lol ok ty lauryn!

No. 115666


Either way, her thick brows look like shit. Fucking gross.

No. 115667

I don't think your brows are cute by the way. Thick eyebrows can be very qt but yours look like Groucho Marx.

No. 115668

Greetings to all of lolcow. I don't think I need an introduction of myself because I'm pretty sure you all know everything about me already but this is the real Lauryn posting. It appears you have some betraying snitches on here. It baffles me because I really don't get why someone would inform me about something to make me fully aware of the fact that a website is posting about me even so… the person who did tell me is probably the one who is already involved with this. This grass who told me was a new instagram account that looks like it was only just set up. I can see why this website is all masked anonymously and it's a smooth move that you all hide your real identities. In all honesty this website isn't as scary/dark as I thought it would be compared PULL. PULL was just as bad because I can recall a few members of by heart and that's their fault they made a bad move making themselves recognisable.

I have had a good read through this thread and I'm happy to say that I am not denying my past, any of it and you all have my word. I'm not arsed about having a thread about myself stuck somewhere on a place like this because at the end of the day people deserve to know how what I was really like because they'll just find out and discover it themselves. Anyway. Now, let me get to my main point. I wanted to make it crystal clear to you all that the people above making a show of the actual me and do correct me if I'm wrong, attempting look like me by posting what you all seem to call a selfpost (idk I've only started to learn this websites keywords) or to any posts that you suspected was me, cross my heart hope to die those posts are not me and with my kind permission you can scan my IP address. I don't want to cause trouble with anyone here it's not my intention to do so either and I would rather not be that kind of person who stays on a forum 24/7. I fully understood my actions back then on PULL when I was being a bully to innocent girls. Do not worry I'm not trying to be liked or to gain some sort of sympathy over here. What I really want is to get on with my normal life like what I have been doing for the past few years and I just want to grow up in the way that I think is possible for me right now.

This is the only one response I will be leaving here. I do not want to come back here again and I do not want anything to do with anymore forums. I'm sorry if there are things I still do wrong and the insulting comments on here towards me I don't really take it to heart. I get it everyone needs a place to vent and to have a good laugh at what they think someone's doing wrong. It's just like how people bitch about famous celebrities like the Kardashians for example. I also want to highlight that I am not copying of anyone and Ember is a girl I care about because of her eating disorder and her condition. I wouldn't claim we are friends but I help her on instagram to fight against the negative comments and I figured out that this is the stem of it all because who ever lurks on Ember from lolcow (and has a good knowledge of me of course) found me from there and started to bring me up again. Also, my eyebrows are all natural and I do not copy Ember for preserving my own big eyebrows it just makes no sense that I am somehow copying someone for something that I was originally born with. Don't get me wrong, I did giggle at the negative comments said about me above and for some reason I love all the criticism because it's only what a oneself that I am has to deal with on a regular basis.

Ah I don't know what else to say to extend this even further but it's getting late and I don't have time for this but remember, this is the only post I am leaving here and I no longer give a shit about what's being said about me. Farewell to all.

No. 115669


kek I'm not Lauryn, I'm the person revived this thread, I just think it's silly requesting to know how a person "got" thick eyebrows when nobody can develop them, there's no pill or special massage or cream that's going to make your eyebrows thicker and Anon should be old enough/intelligent enough to know this so idk why she's asking.

Lauryn's eyebrows are indeed overkill though and Groucho Marx is a perfect description.

lol see >>115668

No. 115670


>what I really want is to get on with my normal life

So why on earth did you just post >>115657 ?

No. 115671

>her condition
Dumb bitch isn't a condition.
>Scan my IP address
Every. Fucking. Time.

No. 115672

You're dumb.

No. 115673

>This is the only post I'm leaving here
>Posts again

No. 115674

you are a massive moron

No. 115675


Wow that was the most incoherent boring piece of shit I've read all week. Go away.

No. 115676


>but remember, this is the only post I am leaving here and I no longer give a shit about what's being said about me

>farewell to all

No. 115677

File: 1453081090559.jpg (183.08 KB, 1674x942, tpCxfV65afk.jpg)

>go to log into Tumblr
>this appears as my wallpaper

I shit myself.

No. 115678

She looks like a feral child

No. 115679

More like a feral ghoul.

No. 115680

looks like she just crawled her way out of a sewer after a homeless guy kicked her a few times

No. 115681



No. 115682

File: 1453086656982.gif (129.04 KB, 300x232, dead-horse.gif)

>this entire thread

No. 115683


To be fair it's not like we have a whole lot going on in here right now, so unless you're willing to contribute a new cow to the herd posting this is kind of pointless.

No. 115684

File: 1453096222522.png (305.62 KB, 447x322, dogrolleyes.png)

>scan my IP address

No. 115685

File: 1453100376381.jpg (38.36 KB, 427x384, Oh_you.jpg)

No. 115686

>I really don't get why someone would inform me about something to make me fully aware of the fact that a website is posting about me

I thought the general consensus was you lurk here in a regular basis?

No. 115687

lauryn's handsome :o

No. 115688

File: 1455863483069.jpg (1.62 MB, 2160x2160, IMG_35e4d9cde3fdf7b0bfcbd01fcd…)

No. 115689

To the people who are saying that lauren is trying to fight to go into /snow/

She's obviously proven that no, she wants to stay in PT, of course would
Its were her idoruuuus kota and mila are, of course she wants to be on the same level and aspect as them.

No, she doesn't want to be in snow, she wants to be considered equally dramatic and ~populur~ as her idols.

No. 115690

File: 1455864804178.jpg (840.46 KB, 2160x1073, IMG_64682e5c043efdf22cba4ecd91…)

the constant alien bullshit ugh

No. 115691

I think she needs counseling, not even trying to be mean. She just seems like she isn't wrapped too tight.

No. 115692

Same idiot bitch. Trying to hop on the next band wagon after Bowie died. I wonder if she downloaded all his shit the moment his death was announced.

No. 115693

Look, Lauryn and her good friend Lady Gaga were fans since birth, okay? Since birth.

She could always buy her Sharpies in different shades if she wanted to lighten those beastbrows.

No. 115694

File: 1456201699429.jpg (60.97 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

Looks like she changed her hair again

No. 115695

Who gives a shit

No. 115696

I'm pretty sure she's a dude.

No. 115697

Please stop bumping this shit thread. Thank you.

No. 115698

File: 1459873562292.jpg (86.14 KB, 640x684, image.jpg)

looks like she wants to be a model now

No. 115699


No. 115700

where'd you find that out?

No. 115701

Read into the comments

No. 115702


aw she might only make it because she's got a manly face

No. 115703

Ngl she looks good here

No. 115704

Ok but she doesn't actually look like that so?

No. 115705

Nah they aren't real.

No. 115706

Looks to me that she went back her natural eyebrow color. I knew all this time she was using dye and she claimed that they were her real ones lol.

No. 115707

If I'm not mistaken this bitch is a malnutritioned "vegan".

Aren't vegans supposed to not dye their hair or wear certain clothes? She doesn't seem very dedicated about it.

No. 115708

I think she's mentally retarded.
And eyeroll @ the whole ~I'm an alien lel look at me special people tell me I'm an alien beauty a creature out of this world~. A lot of inbred looking uggos with Peter Griffin features jump on this train. Real alien beauties are otherworldly and ethereal with unique features, not tards with beady eyes and a witch chin.

No. 115709

How would you know if she is mentally retarded? I smell a self post.

No. 115710

You caught me. I just wanted to be an anorexic Spoony guise :P

No. 115711

I think her newest look is way better compared to all the failed attempts of every single snowflake she tried to be like. Her funniest and most notable phase was the living doll one.

>"I think she is mentally retarded"
Well if you put it that way I don't think she's mentally retarded. But if she's claiming to be an alien then she's got humanity issues. If you're referring to the way she talks someone on this thread already stated that she's half English. You'll have to have a good gander.

No. 115712

You can get Vegan hairdye that isn't animal tested, faux leather/fur.

No. 115713

I wasn't wholly serious lol but thanks anon

No. 115714

File: 1459883606514.jpg (140.02 KB, 640x871, image.jpg)

you're still not cara
try harder

No. 115715

I feel like she's going for the Sasha Vladamirnova look, From my memory she always had thinner lips now she's doing to duck pout. She's always copying someone.

No. 115716

If I remember clearly she tweeted that she had lip augmentation done

No. 115717

Sasha is totally copying of that russian model Alia Gludt or whatever her name was unless the pair of them are copying her.

No. 115718

File: 1459885947967.jpg (49.94 KB, 604x604, rus.jpg.5f03848f33114795e84157…)

Sorry to samefag, but her eyebrows are what remind me of sasha.

No. 115719

Also, she looks like she over did it with slimming her neck.

No. 115720

File: 1459886257876.jpg (14.64 KB, 223x226, image.jpg)

Well on this photo her neck looks the same to me?

No. 115721

Her eyebrow shape are so not for her face not to mention her brows are fake and filled in. I think she would suit smaller brows with her having womanly features.

No. 115722

Lauryn is jumping on the thick eyebrow trend because most instagram women are doing it. So, they are here to stay till a new bandwagon comes up.

No. 115723

Why does it feel like Lauryn is in here spamming the shit out of her own thread to draw interest towards it….

This post specifically >>115707 feels suspect since nobody here really rags on vegans.

No. 115724

She said so herself that she will never come back to lolcow anymore so obviously she doesn't know people are talking shit about her unless one of the anafags have told her.

No. 115725


>she said so herself that she will never come back to lolcow anymore

Hi Lauryn.

No. 115726

She's picking up lolcow info and makeup tips from her new BFF Ember

No. 115727

cos being anon makes it believable that someone is posting a load of bullcrap about themselves… nah im not lauryn at all. i hope someone tells her that she's getting talked about so we can all just have an endless laugh at her trying to stick up for herself.

No. 115728

Just nuke this thread already, she's garbage.

No. 115729


Lauryn, let me just make this clear, I've know about you from the day you first set foot in PULL with your little sockpuppet thread pathetically attempting to try and fluster up e-fame so I'm already pretty familiar with your activity and the way you repeatedly keep going about this shit.
Also I'm a Britfag myself in a location not so far from your own, so I'm very familiar with the dialect you're using. To put it simply, you type very 'British-ly'.

Removing capitilisation from your posts and not capitilising your name doesn't make it any less obvious that it's you btw. The users here may not be able to see your IP to confirm, but bear in mind the Admin can and it's not like he hasn't exposed people before.

Lauryn, just, get a hobby girl.

No. 115730

i don't really don't understand what you're talking about but i'm still not lauryn and you're probably nowhere nearby because i'm from brighton

No. 115731

Stop bumping your thread, Lauryn. If you really want to discuss yourself here, move to /manure

No. 115732


Could be a possibility you're not here, although I see that I was dead-on with being able to recognise you were also a Brit.

I'm still not convinced.

No. 115736

shit another self post

No. 115743

She looks like a crackhead

Why would anyone wanna scout her?

No. 115745

Thought the modelling industry goes for the crackhead look. Then again Kate Moss was a crackhead.

No. 115764

File: 1459897041938.jpg (101.61 KB, 756x950, Kate_Garner_-_kate_moss_coffee…)


Kate Moss was a fucking angel when she first got scouted.

No. 115815


RIP Kate

No. 115817

File: 1459905249027.jpg (447.79 KB, 1280x1920, KMoss_v_18sept12_pr_b_1.jpg)


Eh, I'd cut her some slack. Kate is 16 there, today she's 42 so that's a 26 year age difference. All being said and done, what with the lengthy history of drug abuse, she's looking pretty good.

No. 115819

Ugh stop bumping this thread its boring and Lauryn doesn't need the attention. Knock it off.

No. 115822

What's the point of having this thread about her then?

No. 115827

There isnt one! Thats why it got derailed to everyone talking about Kate Moss. So stop bumping it unless she give milk. Ffs

No. 115830

I see what you mean but it doesn't seem like she will ever give us another refill of milk. It just looks like she's getting on with her normal life now. Let's all just STOP.

No. 115843

Never noticed before that she had a stigma

Sage of OT

No. 115871

No. 115966

Lmfao the saged posted are definitely not Lauryn. Sorry, try again lolol.

No. 115968

I want her gone too buddy, hence the sages.

No. 115984

so you would rather have her dead?

No. 116096

Are you a complete idiot? I obviously mean her thread/presence on this site. Keep up.
Now stop bumping this thread already. Thnx.

No. 177447

File: 1474994106711.jpeg (288.67 KB, 750x1204, image.jpeg)

No. 177451

>made me give you a shoutout

Okay but how do you force somebody to give you a shoutout?

No. 177665

File: 1475076950385.jpeg (210.1 KB, 750x1088, image.jpeg)

No. 178086

Is she perpetually sucking in her cheeks for effect or does she smoke meth?

No. 181149

sucking in her cheeks plus absurd photoshopping lol

No. 504745

File: 1518770166344.jpeg (24.51 KB, 320x320, 0703469A-DC6F-441C-8E63-0C189C…)

No. 504800

She has the typical young women's problem of thinking all she has to offer the world are blurry, angled selfies. Interesting face but how = money from that

No. 504805

She’s paying for a website to host loads of shit quality selfies of her wearing stupid lipstick? Kek

No. 504831

I've been checking up on her from time to time. Jesus christ she's a mess, and somehow it's what's garnered her popularity. Her photos are edited to hell and back, if anyone remembers that pic of her when she shooped herself as Kota, they're practically two separate people. Not sure how she exists like this.

No. 504846

Looks like a bit of the Dakota idolization still lingers. Not only did she make a selfie-blog with a paid domain, but wrote this underneath
>© 2017 - 2018 Lauryn Lawler - All Rights Reserved.
same as Dakota's used to. only difference is Kooter's blog was generating her adsense money from heavy traffic, Lauryn's blog is just a waste of money.

No. 505190

I'm so confused about her current form. Did she have rhinoplasty or is it just editing? Her nose is entirely different to how it was during her Kojirina days.

No. 505531

is she trying to copy that tsunaina girl's facial features in some of these, wtf?

No. 508066

All I see is a dollskill version of a cheap creepychan ripoff

No. 508068

It's probably just contouring, when she posts side pics its still very ogre-y and you can see the dark bronzer

No. 534020

File: 1521574118955.jpg (504.36 KB, 1080x1920, 20180320_152712.jpg)

Hate to bump this dusty ass thread, but looks like she's made her insta public again. Girl still wants to be everyone but herself.

No. 534026

Meh. I don’t see what she is doing wrong.

No. 534027

Ugh how is this attention seeking cow not a banned topic

No. 534033

I feel like someone with a personal issue with lauryn is bumping the thread up I mean? The last post was 1 year ago.

Same. Looks like she’s moved on. I don’t see why people are bringing this cow up anymore.

No. 534037

Anon who posted the pic here, honestly I just posted it because her name happened to pop up as I was look for jfashion accounts on instagram and thought "oh wow, she's still around." If everyone is mutually uninterested, I'll just sage any subsequent posts I make.

No. 534046

I accidentally view her stories all the time and she’s kinda weird. I remember viewing one of them some time ago and she says she loves her parents for supporting her for surgery she had done to her face.

No. 534049

More like Lauryn is self posting again because she thinks she done did herself a “glow up,” even though she’s still a weird creepy midget irl.

No. 534055

A creepy midget in real life? Do you know this girl?

No. 534064


No one cares lauryn

Deadass lmao. She's just photoshopping.

No. 534091

I thought she was trans? mtf?

No. 534093

my thoughts too

No. 534097

Does this girl have a job or is she like most insta baddies who act like they're a model? What does she do?

No. 534103

It's sad that you couldn't read the thread to figure out that Lauryn is not a 'baddie' or even a person of note, but a sad, skinwalking husk.

No. 534240

Tbh considering her unavoidable koti handles along with other snowflakes she has ever copied, she looks really good with whatever she is doing right now.

No. 534670

No, just pitifully ugly

No. 534683

File: 1521610643814.jpeg (125.98 KB, 750x920, F94A2219-A829-4B51-8C10-740098…)

HAHA this creature is now shooping itself to look like Lilith Levisis oh my GOD

No. 534684

File: 1521610726872.jpeg (178.24 KB, 750x929, E151C844-D66A-45D7-BC5A-BDBB46…)

Hammerhead shark looking boil. She’s got to be special needs, I’m howling.

No. 534686

File: 1521610753667.jpeg (122.46 KB, 750x669, 32220C94-E204-434E-AEBF-A4CD3B…)

No. 534696

Looks like her lips were put on upside down. What a fuckin mess.

No. 534768

Why would you make fun of special needs? That’s just not funny.

No. 534772

Since when can you imply that someone has special needs?

No. 534774

literally since the dawn of this website

No. 534776

Yea but it’s not okay

No. 534779

By special needs are you saying something like she is autistic? Making fun of special needs is not cool anon.(autism)

No. 534792

You must be new.

No. 534793

Shut the FUCK up. Cry about it.

No. 545468

Well it is wrong.

No. 546657

File: 1522890624537.jpg (106.47 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

why anyone would photoshop themselves to look like a randomly generated oblivion character is beyond me

No. 547051

I can’t believe this is Lauryn now. I used to be friends with her when she went to the college I went to. That was in 2015. People on the course used to think she was crazy because she lived across the water from here.

I don’t know why she went this far and changed her face, but the Lauryn I knew was when she had those hideous eyebrows and her ex boyfriend broke her nose. Very strange girl with a weird accent. Too skinny and yes as some have already mentioned here she is short too, like child size. I think she was German or something because no one could understand what she says. Her mother went to the college too and she was persian looking…

I’m telling you… She is a very insecure and paranoid girl. I can remember clearly that one time when we was having a laugh together at lunch time and I googled searched her name in front of her and she started to get very aggressive with me when all these photos of her and this forum came up. Then she didn’t want to be friends because she couldn’t trust me anymore. She also didn’t turn up to the college anymore because she thought I was starting to bully her. I’ve been checking on this forum since then to see what’s new and it’s my only way I could check on her because she insists on blocking me all the time. I did notice she started getting dramatic fillers at the end of the college year but her looks wasn’t as bizarre as she looks on these photos. I don’t know what she does for a living anymore. She will probably notice I was the one who wrote this about her but I don’t care.

No. 547062

(Same anon here.) I also have the very last selfie of me and her on my old phone and her face was very different compared to what she looks like now. If you could just bare with me while I find the photo and censor my face you could see how she really looks and compare it to how far she changes it into now. I’m very unclear about her mental state. All I know is that she had ADHD issues, but I potentially believe she is severely body dysmorphic.

To the anons here who are wondering if she is ftm… you’re not alone as I have been asking myself that question for a while now because when she stopped hanging with me she started to make friends with a lot of gays and trans people in the college and her chest was really flat.

No. 548428

This is exactly the sort of thing Lauryn would post about herself for attention, so I have a hard time believing this claim.

Lauryn is worse than Mila Mortice was. She's histrionic and recycles through photoshop skin suits every few months because she can't accept the fact that she's just a pedestrian and will never be anything more no matter how much she copies others.

I have a hard time believing that this is a "friend," because it screams "feel sorry for me." This girl is so histrionic and has been since she began posting her fantasy photoshops on the net.

Some clues:
>too skinny and child sized
exactly the sort of humble-brag thing she would say, she shoops herself to look emaciated when in candids you can see that she is at a normal weight
>I did start to notice she was getting dramatic fillers at the end of the college year
the fillers did not start until 2017, when she debuted her new instagram, when your timeline states 2015
>her boyfriend broke her nose
This SCREAMS self-post the most. Her nose has always looked that unfortunate, no boyfriend broke her nose.
>wondering if she is ftm
Again, something Lauryn would say about herself to garner attention and sympathy because she doesn't sell as an unattractive female so now she needs to put an air of gender mystery around herself.

While I want to say you posting this supposed photo of you two together would be proof, we've seen her do some crazy shit and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if she posted a random photo of her she's taken with a girl and scribbled the girls face out a la pulling a Regina George.

No. 565945

File: 1524719269187.png (1.16 MB, 750x1334, 2F72C423-9A4D-418F-A49B-8B462D…)

No1curr but I stumbled across who ol Lulzer got the ideas to get those stupid challenged looking fillers from. Handle is tsunaina. Why is this a thing.

No. 565946

File: 1524719306087.png (110.72 KB, 281x500, 321631ED-EB2B-4915-A0F6-95FAA6…)

Her before.

No. 565953

p late on that one, bud

No. 565973

It’s really not a big deal and no one else has posted about it, bud

No. 566195

>Lulzer got the ideas to get those stupid challenged looking fillers

Ugh are you kidding? Every cow gets fillers anon and I don’t see any resemblance of her copying of this chick. It really looks like she’s morphing herself into Lana Del Rey.

No. 566198

Wtf who pays to get their face done like that? It’s just looks looks hideous as fuck she looked better before.

No. 566199

Btw did she give up on social media? I can’t find her Instagram or website anymore.

No. 566210

whos saying it is?

No. 892375

File: 1573576496123.png (126.65 KB, 611x382, IMG_9046.PNG)

is she fucking pregnant???(necro)

No. 892415

Yeah she’s pregnant so what? At least she’s moved on. Don’t bump a dead thread theres no milk on her.

No. 892748

i was thinking to myself whats brought her back to the top few rows of snow again and then saw ur post and wowed but it’s really not that deep anon this ain’t all milk/drama… aside from her pregnancy update u don’t hear a thing about her anymore she appears very quiet online these days. idk i’m happy for her .

No. 892780

She named her kid Elora Sakura, kek. Poor child.

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