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File: 1612914213832.jpg (27.09 KB, 500x281, tumblr_peoeccCGoW1vm1a2eo1_500…)

No. 1157412

Obese neckbeard coomer scrote possibleautist with wild fetishes who over-shares and has bad enough takes on rightwing politics even fellow right wingers disown him. Real name is Matthew Innes and lives in the UK.


First became famous cow on Tumblr as "the human pet guy" for his cringe post (will be itt) he made. It was suspected he was elaborately trolling at the time, however he is not. To this day claims the post was "taken out of context"

His posts even modernly are always mashups of his weird fetishes, politics, oversharing, and holier than thou attitude. He has a habit of always adding hid (milky) 2cents to every post.

Topics he's tfw two intelligent on:
>"""Human Nature""""
>Politics (right wing)
>Shit tier fetishes

Alphabetical lists of Fetishes Include (but are not limited to):
>ABDL (adult baby diaper lover)
>Morbidly obese black women
>Pet play
>Troons (both mtf and ftm)

Known Social Media (its nsfw browse at own risk):
Twitter handle: thecybersmith
Tumblr handle: thecybersmith

Previous milk will be posted for relevancy and cataloging.

No. 1157415

File: 1612914302980.jpg (47.01 KB, 500x502, EIng07FXUAAB0kz.jpg)

The Human Pet post which was posted after someone talked about how bdsm in public is non consensual on the part of people who have to view your degeneracy

No. 1157417

File: 1612914369098.jpg (234.49 KB, 1440x2049, Screenshot_20171021-180331.jpg)

No. 1157419

File: 1612914515684.jpg (298.56 KB, 1280x1707, tumblr_pc27vxUYIu1vm1a2eo1_128…)

Another view of his sensual neckbeard

No. 1157420

File: 1612914550561.jpg (115.21 KB, 1080x1431, 1xzk227bzwg31.jpg)

No. 1157426

File: 1612914615805.jpg (48.23 KB, 640x891, uz21vvueumi21.jpg)

A kek worthy comeback

No. 1157427

File: 1612914686955.jpg (232.65 KB, 1440x2168, Screenshot_20171023-002238.jpg)

No. 1157434

File: 1612914929984.jpg (47.61 KB, 680x734, 4bw4yd3l7p901.jpg)

View icon to figure which is him

No. 1157436

kek, are you gonna include his beef with samoyedcore on twitter? if not I might try and dig up some caps

No. 1157437

File: 1612915019000.jpg (98.56 KB, 820x1024, hRmk0Kqh.jpg)

Tfw i forgot to put trains in his fetish list

No. 1157438

Pls dig caps! Im still working on his "greatest hits" and only have a few from twatter

No. 1157441

btw, does anyone remember the "womb witch" from tumblr?

No. 1157442

She has a 1k+ page kiwifarms thread, yeah

No. 1157445

File: 1612915325361.png (14.12 KB, 507x224, tumblr_inline_oznmmtLUvC1uqkfe…)

He is reffering to Trump here

No. 1157446

File: 1612915369155.png (18.01 KB, 658x256, Mr8XsO3.png)

No. 1157449

File: 1612915513575.png (41.4 KB, 1085x499, kodr1DH.png)

Cybersmith advocates for "farmland" in antarctica (very old milk) pt1

No. 1157451

File: 1612915553809.png (13.69 KB, 668x209, AVHs89T.png)

Cybersmith and Antarctica pt2

No. 1157456

File: 1612915712173.png (26.99 KB, 586x263, fp0RKDR.png)

His second life. See tags for keks

No. 1157472

File: 1612916199141.png (7.11 KB, 313x38, cGyk1ov.png)

Not sure if im allowed to post fb page so i didn't link it in the OP post but here's a sample of what you're missing

No. 1157474

File: 1612916413957.png (685.58 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20210209-181609.png)

Land of the eagle saga 1/2

No. 1157476

File: 1612916457213.png (692.47 KB, 1080x1822, Screenshot_20210209-181618.png)

Land of the Eagle saga 2/2 bingo edition

No. 1157481

File: 1612916588608.png (910.43 KB, 840x1708, Screenshots_2021-02-09-18-23-0…)

Archive of the most publicly he's been owned

No. 1157487

File: 1612916815222.jpeg (98.83 KB, 1125x954, 855FBDFD-E8B6-41C7-A591-AD3472…)

ok I thought it would be annoying but farming twitter caps from this guy is too easy

No. 1157489

File: 1612916931217.jpg (166.39 KB, 988x1280, tumblr_own4b5daxO1sxd5yio1_128…)

He's absolutely never stopped being 100% whole milk

No. 1157490

File: 1612916986162.jpg (73.62 KB, 1242x1012, vzt4vgninht01.jpg)

Missing the joke but somehow adding more keks

No. 1157491

File: 1612917087077.jpeg (694.91 KB, 1125x1724, A0A4AF96-23BE-4BE0-9B0D-EB329F…)

for the uninitiated, his beef with samoyedcore (vietnamese-american commie twitter femboy) has focused heavily on insisting that samoyedcore is NOT vietnamese (and also lying about his age ig?)

No. 1157492

File: 1612917108719.jpeg (157.93 KB, 1125x1755, 8F8A6279-272E-4565-B090-1B3E92…)

No. 1157493

File: 1612917110798.png (Spoiler Image, 171.92 KB, 372x622, 1579494093369.png)

One of his mlady coomer posts

No. 1157496

Not sure there is actually any milk here. The guy just posts wacky shit on social media. After seeing him on tumblr for years, he really is just a one-trick pony. He's also too self-aware at this point. It would be like calling Tommy Wiseau a cow.

No. 1157497

File: 1612917281870.png (94.5 KB, 719x926, uuc7WOP.png)

Breastfeeding 1/2

No. 1157499

File: 1612917313404.png (90.39 KB, 719x891, mNsORil.png)


No. 1157503

I don't really know what you mean by this. He has absolute nonsense on multiple platforms in varying forms. Just because he doesn't public meltdown or have nudes leaked doesn't mean he's not a certified cow.

No. 1157504

File: 1612917573733.png (170.2 KB, 1080x428, Screenshot_20210209-183952.png)

Troon chasing. This is recent-ish milk

No. 1157506

File: 1612917988094.jpeg (109.15 KB, 1040x1413, 169655BB-E0EF-4E38-9A61-39740D…)

idk, i feel like “human pet guy”, “stalker with racial confusion over commie femboy target”, and “guy who makes self-insert watermarked memes” is a pretty broad range of content

No. 1157508

He's a troll

No. 1157509

If every online coomer who posted outrageous shit online to get attention on purpose had a thread the board would be unusable. The only "milk" is going to be screenshots of his own posts into the void. There's very little drama or events of interest here. Just saying that I'm not sure he fits on this board.
The watermarked memes are evidence he's self aware. Something he does on purpose because he knows it's cringe or whatever. It's probably been his goal from the start to wind up with a thread here or on kiwifarms.

No. 1157533

File: 1612919503677.jpeg (188.97 KB, 1125x560, EF95928D-F99D-478B-8D75-9E6EFA…)

nonnie pls, it brings me such joy to believe he’s a real autismo… but if y’all don’t think he’s milky then i’ll let the thread die & wait for the troonchaser saga by myself

No. 1157572

Is samoyedcore the same kid that got called out for e-rping dhameresque fantasies with other 12 year olds on tumblr a few years ago or am i thinking of someone else

No. 1157575

That was memufacturing, and there's no way that dude was as young as he claimed to be.

No. 1157598

same guy, memefacturing is an old handle (along with doggeaux). he mentions the drama sometimes, says his age was lied about and i think refers to it as “traumatic” or some shit but idk the details, wasn’t on tumblr for that

No. 1158735

Lol he was known in one of the tumblr circles I was in for not only being a trap but actually wearing a cock cage and posting about it. What a funny guy

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