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No. 1187195

>25 year old musician/entrepreneur/instathot
>Has fetishes for DDLG, incest, rape, etc
>Was a camgirl/sugar baby at 16 years old, used to post pornography with themes of child abuse and sexual assault
>Has a lot of minor fans (due to being friends with Melanie Martinez), still posts pictures of herself in lingerie/topless (but still technically sfw)
<Romanticizes serial killers purely for the edge points
<Admitted to some very fucked up shit on her old Tumblr blog (which has since been deleted)
>Now makes shitty sadgirl music, owns a jewelry store online, and makes YouTube videos promoting said jewelry.

Instagram: @yungelita, @elitamusic, @elitasjewelry, @elitaharkov2
Tumblr: @elitaisdead (inactive), @yungangelita (deleted)
Twitter: @elita_harkov (inactive)
Jewelry site: elitaharkov.com
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL9cHP0lWR2WoWASkUTz30Q

Didn't see a thread about her yet, but she definitely qualifies for one.(shit thread)

No. 1187407

Why is "she started whoring herself out underage" always the go-to BPDchan attempt at making their personal vendettas lolcow worthy?

This wouldn't even make a splash in the personal cow thread.

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