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when trannies claim there is no way to tell if someone is trans / what someone has in their pants.. trust me, we can tell.

99% of trans people do not pass. almost every "trans man" just looks like a butch lesbian woman and almost every "trans woman" looks like a bulky, hairy, balding, deep-voiced man in a dress and lipstick.

it's especially sad for mtfs because they almost always just sound like a gay dude unless they tried to transition extremely early or have been on hrt for many many many years.

if it was so easy for trans people to "pass" as cis people, there wouldn't be so much dysphoria involved and crying over being misgendered/"clocked" all the time.

and don't even get me started on genitals.. i have never seen a mtf bottom surgery that didn't look like something straight out of a horror movie. most people who like vaginas like actual vaginas, not some weird dry tube someone stuck in you.

be whoever you want to be, identify as whatever. i'll even respect your pronouns. but there's a 99% chance most people can tell you're trans and simultaneously will not be attracted to you in the slightest because of it. and that's okay!(we have an mtf thread)

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You're preaching to the choir bro

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the heads on this lot, you would not let them into a women's bathroom. they are essentially the blaring siren and flashing lights that go off when people mention men sneaking into the ladies in dresses to be deviants.

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There already is a thread for this, retard.

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