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File: 1617313668654.jpg (229.94 KB, 837x1188, IMG_20210401_225433.jpg)

No. 1199740

Danielle Marie Miller / Danielle Jones Miller
Snowflake,attention whore
>Danielle stalks and reveals personal information about people and pretends that it's their "exes" such as Colin Kroll, Douglas Diggle, Brendan Carey, Phil Bak, Elon Musk, and Donald Trump. Brendan Carey, Colin Kroll,
>danielle suicide baits on social media on 12 february 2021, the police had a welfare check down and she told them she was "just using a figure of speech" and it was a "political post".
>shits on drawers.
> she's claiming she has been trafficked and owns a business called The Trillion Network.

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/peacefultea

No. 1199766

File: 1617315424123.jpg (Spoiler Image, 205.28 KB, 803x1066, IMG_20210402_001159.jpg)

Her shitting on drawers

No. 1199801

Okay I’m intrigued. Very disgusted. But intrigued.

No. 1199816

I've accidently unspoilered this by hovering over it when scrolling three times now and I want this pain to end.

No. 1199852

I feel like my soul has been made impure from seeing this image.

No. 1199855

What. Context???? What the hell. Why did she do that and why is there a picture taken of it omg.

No. 1199860

Here's a video of her faking being american idol

No. 1199862

right? why?!(!!! so confused

No. 1199873

This thread is a bit lacking. Seems she has a thread on the other farms, couldn't you plagiarise that?

No. 1199881

Yeah but i thought she deserves a thread in here too

No. 1199897

Never heard of her but based on her ig posts, I wanna say she must be just very sick. Why the fuck was she pooping in boxes and for how long has she been like this, she seems to be a teacher irl?

No. 1200011

File: 1617338464085.jpeg (45.94 KB, 446x250, 37C6AF57-7524-4B58-A09A-5ABC08…)

Please sage posts when no new milk.
I’ll add some (old) milk on her. She is extremely mentally ill. Online she sometimes speaks about herself in the third person and makes outrageous claims, like picrel.

No. 1200016

File: 1617338929640.jpeg (747.4 KB, 1242x1104, D453684A-F5BA-485E-9F96-ECE843…)

She sounds full on schizophrenic.

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