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File: 1618326823008.png (750.92 KB, 1876x832, threadpic.png)

No. 1207265

Adam Johnston, also known as YMS or YourMovieSucks, is a popular YouTube movie critic and let's player. He is also a gay furry, his fursona is a horse and he wants to fuck the lions from The Lion King.

Adam also thinks that animals can consent to sex and that there is nothing wrong with letting your dog mount you or even sucking it's dick. This has caused quite the controversy amongst his fans, but once Adam choses to die on a hill you can not roll him off it.

Video about his views on bestiality:

His most recent controversy includes his retarded comments about MTF troons in sport competitions. Adam thinks that there should be absolutely no different categories, such as "men" and "women" in sports and that women should just deal with the fact that they will never win against men. He also thinks that "if trans women had an advantage in sport, they would dominate every sport they join." They do, Adam.

Video on trans women in sports:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSc16oMxxlcJSb9SXkjwMjA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/2gay2lift
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/anUnkindness
Fur Affinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/adam/

No. 1207267

Video about bestiality

No. 1207268

File: 1618326982533.png (783.06 KB, 838x5662, adamcomment.png)

Long argument he had on bestiality on his youtube channel.

No. 1207269

Video about trans athletes

No. 1207285

I liked him until I watched that video, the highlight channel which the video is on is run by someone else.
They are a big TRA though.

No. 1207290

I know that I'm quick into the tinfoiling here, but reading his arguments on how "if we can kill animals, we can fuck animals", I'm waiting for the day where he starts openly defending pedos. Anything he says about animals giving consent through body language or animals having inherent sexual urges they express, just differently is something that you would read in a NAMBLA pamphlet if you switch "animal" for "kid".

No. 1207297

File: 1618328741055.png (334.83 KB, 540x504, degenerate.png)

Well he is a gigantic degenerate, so it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1207299

>I'm comfortable with my body
I'll assume this is more ancient than 2 years ago because he really porked out from the shitty lifestyle and alcoholism in these past years.

No. 1207300

File: 1618329114674.png (49.48 KB, 621x423, thissoundsbad.png)

He really does talk a lot like a pedophile. I guess fucking kids and dogs is wrong for the same reasons, they can't consent and don't know what's happening to them. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 1207301

File: 1618329204915.png (Spoiler Image,559.38 KB, 845x467, avatar.png)

His channel avatar is also a cropped version of this… picture. Spoilered even to there's no nudity cause furries are gross.

No. 1207308

File: 1618329767795.png (75.63 KB, 617x403, yikes.png)

more shady gross stuff he said

Porn is meant to arouse you, illegal activities in movies are framed in a way that you know it is BAD. If a child gets molested in a movie it is usually not shown on stream and it is something that the viewer recognizes that it morally wrong. Your brain makes a connection that raping kids and violence is wrong.

When you watch porn you only make the connection "this makes pp hard, this gives me an orgasm."

What a retard. Spoken like a true degenerate.

No. 1207324

File: 1618331571779.png (114.04 KB, 822x806, 1618325002818.png)

From the other thread

No. 1207330

A gay man hating women, how surprising.

There is a difference between having athletic limitations and not being able to reach the same achievements on basis of biology. And this is not a new thing, we can look back on decades of data to proof this.
But why would Adam care to have empathy toward anyone without a dick…

No. 1207336

doesn't this greasy cumbrain also have a puke fetish?

No. 1207363

even the 'less-physically-capable' men he references would surpass a majority of women in reaction speed, grip strength, or lung capacity.

he's probably two steps away from trooning out himself. it honestly surprising he hasn't yet.

No. 1207367

No. 1207370

If this on the most abstract level, philosophically, doesn't matter to him, then…
I just don't understand what the point of his commentary even is. All that waxing contemplative and intellectual just to say "no one is entitled to anything, and I also don't care about it, so I don't get what the fussing is for." Which is literally the laziest thing to ever add to a discussion, no matter how many long paragraphs you couch it between.

I'm so sick of human rights issues, especially when it comes to women, being treated as flippant thought experiments.

No. 1207374

Idk about evidence of a fetish but he’s thrown in vomiting on himself in videos for dumb reasons

No. 1207378

File: 1618334185504.jpeg (49.71 KB, 686x686, F71AB379-7027-405C-92DF-AB6483…)

Well goddamn I knew he was a literal furfag, but his videos are so good and never about that outside of what I thought were self aware jokes. Had no idea about the rest of…………this. Males please die.

No. 1207383

Anon, he means that philosophically, he doesn't care about women but he cares about what men (TIFs) want so that's why he comments on this.

No. 1207392

Holy shit that's him now? So glad I stopped watching him. Why do all the movie review channels turn out to be such fucking psychos? What a shame

No. 1207417

I liked him too, especially the videos with his friends, but after rewatching his long reviews, I noticed they're extremely nitpicky. Like mauler level of autism. That Lion King remake review he's been working on for more than a whole year now is gonna turn unbereable

No. 1207437

File: 1618337442502.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.62 KB, 805x417, animal sexual abuse Stern & Sm…)

I found a scientific article about animal sexual abuse (ASA) and it sickens me. If he defends this it is likely he participates in it as well. Why else would you consider it to be okay? Apparently bestiality is commonly found among sex offenders. Zoophiles are similar to pedophiles according to the article, so the theory that he might be a pedo as well is not far fetched.

No. 1207439

there is also a history of serial killers starting by killing little animals, too. People with animal paraphilias get off to the power inbalance. Dogs have evolved to trust us and love us, and zoos enjoy abusing that power. It's sickening

No. 1207459

i used to watch this loser and stopped when i found his reddit account and read his defences of raping animals. anyway, unsurprisingly, he tried to kill himself around the time him and mark (or maybe someone else i can’t remember) stopped being friends, IIRC. if only he’d succeeded. his film reviews have aged like shit and now all he does is sit on his ass that grows fatter by the day streaming shitty games on twitch and making racist jokes with his one remaining friend.

No. 1207480

Not really milky, but a good look at what kind of relationship he holds with his online fanbases. Sardonicast is a podcast he does with IHateEverything and Ralphthemovieguy talking about movies, and their listeners constantly rip into Adam being a pretentious, insufferable critic, so he goes through their comments and gets offended. Also he says here that his own subreddit is "fine", but I'm pretty sure I heard him talk trash about it too because they downvoted his comments.

Also I don't know about now, but I watched a few of his stream like a year or two ago and his twitch viewers literally spammed the chat with furry porn, because that's "their thing".

No. 1207492

Sperg- what's with movie guys being weirdos? Knew a guy in high school who considered himself a film buff and later found out he was bought an inflatable fuckable sheep for his birthday (as a joke from his friends) and fucked it, told one of his friends that "It was nice." Also said "Some cultures view semen as holy, well my bedroom wall would be considered a shrine." The ego.

Not shocked Adam is into raping animals. His Fursona is a Horse iirc. His movie takes are luke warm at best. Subreddits for creators are just awful, the person with their own subreddit knows they have a place where 90% of the time their ego is stroked. Any bad comments get deleted by the mods.

Of course a beta fuck like him doesn't mind men competing against women. Haven't some men said they identified as women (that the time being) just so they could come in and win? imagine having to beat women at a sport just to be a 'winner'?

No. 1207511

I also thought they were extremely nitpicky and have little actual criticism. I don't think there are many good youtube movie review channels, text seems to be a better format for film reviews.

No. 1207513

Glad I never watched any of this retards videos. I'll just stick to those fat hacks from Milwaulkee for my movie reviews. Even if they can be retarded sometimes too, at least they aren't furfag trannylovers.

No. 1207556

as memed as they are, I still think redlettermedia's reviews are solid and fair.

No. 1207620



>degenerate homemade porn
>'but what if the animal consents?'
>le edgy racist jokes are cool but twanswimmin must be protected
>suicide attempts

adam is ridiculously overdue for his stunning trans journey

No. 1207721

Honestly, this. When you get past their retarded shtick, their reviews are pretty interesting/insightful. (said as a big rlm fan lmao)

No. 1207758

>what's with movie guys being weirdos
Probably has to do with movies offering an escape of reality and many of these guys are addicted to because in reality, they're not much

That or gets outed as a pedo with cp on his computer

No. 1207816

I really liked his videos a couple of years ago. I mean, it wasn't real criticism but it was entertaining. But he after a while he kind thinks he is a movie critic and stopped making reviews so he can go to movie festivals and make quickies about movies no one cares about, and slowly felt comfortable enough to slowly insert his fetishes in his videos and streams.

It wouldn't surprise me at all if he gets exposed for trading pictures with an underage fan or something like that.

No. 1207846

I liked him until he made jokes about the women abuse by harvey weinstein making out it was no big deal last year. Hes trash.

No. 1207850

He did actually defend pedophiles in his Nymphomaniac review. Vid related, it's at 14:14 if the timestamp doesn't work.

No. 1207883

>"Sexuality is the strongest force in humans, pedophiles who go their whole lives without fucking children should be given medals"
>The right side on certain social issues
Oh no, won't you think of the poor pedos? Honest to god, this self indulgent fuck has the ego the size of Mars and thinks he's so intelligent and above everything, but all of that posturing vanishes the second cooming is brought up. Suddenly he goes from genius big brain academic to muh animal instincts. Are we supposed to feel bad about a misogynist who really wants to kill women, but hasn't because he would go to jail for it? Should we give him a medal, too, Adam? No. We're human beings, we're conscious of when we mistreat others. You shouldn't be given a medal for not doing something horrible to another living being, it's the bare fucking minimum. Frankly, if you don't think the "price" of keeping a few men from their ultimate fetish (they can still have sex and masturbate, just not with or involving actual children) is worth it for the reward of keeping children from being molested/raped, you're just a full on monster. Holy shit, this penis brain is insufferable.

No. 1207914

He’s always been a complete retard. He actually thought old people had wrinkles and sagged because they have been exposed to gravity for longer. That anyone would care about the opinion of such a smoothbrained degenerate is baffling.

No. 1207958

Animals eat other animals, that's just how the world works. But you don't see lions raping gazelles. People who want to fuck anything other than adult human beings are mentally ill at best and dangerous at worst.

Even if he wasn't a dogfucker (which is cause to immediately discard all of his opinions) why the fuck does this fat male soy think he's entitled to an opinion on women's sports? The only exercise he gets is the walk from his computer to the fridge. A slug could tell you more about sports.

The number of supposedly "irreverent" people who stop at troons is what really chaps my ass. "Ironic" racism, homophobia, and misogyny are all a-ok, but jokes about trannies are verboten.

No. 1207971

in my view he’s always been an edge lord (started watching him wayyyy back in the day) but now he has these mega liberal stances on select things. I know he’s friends with people like vaush, amazing atheist, and shoe on head so maybe that explains his insufferable ability to go with the flow on the trans trend while being able to make rape/misogynist/racist jokes all the time. I’d respect him more if he didn’t feel the need to coddle the trans crowd in particular and eat up the Twitter politics garbage. It’s hard to get a good read on guys like him though because everything is shrouded in passive sarcasm.

No. 1207991

sounds like he’s admitting he would rape kids if he had the urge without actually admitting it. i cannot think of a single reasonable person who would go “well, I mean, you have to admire Jared Fogle! if you think about it, he’s spent most of his life not raping kids! who cares if he raped a few?”

No. 1208018

>But you don't see lions raping gazelles
Appeals to nature are never the greatest of arguments, various animals have been known to engage in inter-species sex (and thus rape), even between complete different species, like macaques-deers or famously, dolphins. That doesn’t stop YMS from being a disgusting degenerate, though.

No. 1208026

By his logic the special Olympics is also pointless. He's a fucking retard that thinks he's super logical when he's just autistic
That happens in abnormal cases. It is not part of animal culture. Take this reddit devils advocate bullshit back there

No. 1208040

As opposed to normal animal-fucking human culture?

No. 1208058

Agree, loved the videos as easy entertainment to throw on, especially because I was a snarky asshole when I was younger too. They've really tanked in quality though, can still be a bit funny when he's ripping on shitty movies but when he tries to talk about cinematography or narrative it's insufferable. You can tell he thinks he's the most intelligent person on Earth when really he's saying the most basic boring shit. Wish he would just get combination furry/retard conversion therapy and go back to making vids about YA novel adaptations. Those were the days…

No. 1208066

Hope this thread lasts. This guy is so milky and absolutely stupid. But maybe he'll get off to being called a 'cow' since he's a furfag.

No. 1208069

Yeah, (unfortunately) none of the zoophiles try to fuck lions and bears and rhinoceros. Why, if animals are so willing to have sex with us? Anyone openly saying it's ok to fuck animals should be made to try fuck a rhino.

No. 1208096

Adam is pretty damn retarded, but he rarely goes off in a spectacular way. He knows he got lucky by being accepted while being a furry, his main channel is still widely disconnected from the audience that follows his livestreams where he talks about his sex life and political views.

No. 1208099

I remember he used to have a podcast with ralphthemoviemaker and ihateeverything. I have listened to some episodes, and he’s such an obnoxious dumb cunt, maybe there is some milk in there, but I really can’t bear to relisten to it.

No. 1208111

that podcast was quite revealing. Ralph liked the Joker, and got mocked by both IHE and Adam relentlessly for it, they insisted how it's such a shit movie, and then Ralph came with a very bad, souless joker video.

No. 1208115

OT but I can't stand Ralph. His early videos were full of violent mysoginy with big incel energy. Maybe he's changed since then?

No. 1208124

Maybe? Honestly I can’t remember the misogyny, I mostly remember him as extremely mediocre. He started out very young, so I imagine he oughta have grown mentally a bit by now.

No. 1208158

Do you have a source for this? It made me laugh at loud!

No. 1208167

NTA but I remember this from his In Time review, vid related from 0:50.
I also remember an instance where he told something about periods which made it clear he had zero idea about female health on even a high school level, but I can't remember what was the context and can't go through 1000+ hours of content he has out, maybe some other anon can help me out.

No. 1208168

I think Ralph was maybe my favorite out of the Sardonicast duo (based on their independent content, though Adam was a close second), but that dude is insanely pretentious, especially when it comes to his own films, which aren’t that good. I still go back to his Mystery Diners video all the damn time though.
I enjoyed them the most during my anti-feminist/sjw days though, so there’s parts of their content that I can no longer stand, like Ralph’s review of the Ghostbusters remake. Just say you hate women instead of skirting around it for a whole video.

No. 1208279

Lol the funniest thing about Ralph was the retarded movie (Lover) he made that he hyped for so long. Then it was trash and even his movie review friends were like "Sorry lol it sucks" on letterboxd.

No. 1208317

tbf he did annotate this back when annotations were a thing and corrected himself but it's still funny af he felt confident enough to include it in the first place lol.

No. 1208739

Lol. The dude made "let's listen to Anal cunt, and their hit I went back in time and voted for hitler" tier jokes. Why single out his misoginist bits. This board sometimes confuses me

No. 1266579

ahhh man. Cmon adam. I was always a bit weirded out by the furry thing but thought he was cool. I don't know why he would take such a stance publicly, moronic.

No. 1266581

Yeah we don't eat children tho. We have enough good arguments against him, this one is faulty.

No. 1266583

"we need to enforce rules so that less skilled men can succeed…"

Yeah… that's already what we have. There are usually many levels of skill in competitive sports, ranging from backyard baseball, to little league, to the MBA, and more in between.

No. 1266636

i used to love his videos and Let’s Plays especially with Mark, would literally watch them every day at some points… then i discovered he wasn’t joking about finding horses sexually appealing… he’s probably discord friends with Vaush lmao

No. 1266657

not surprised, he is also friends with shoe like adam is.

No. 1267009

Can you fucking imagine if someone said "well i don't think independent movies should be made because all the good ones come from Hollywood". It's the same logic. He doesn't personally care about womens sports so fuck everyone else. He only wants to watch the Olympic-level "blockbuster" males perform, so fuck you for wanting to see the best a woman can perform. Or the best from anyone that isn't the ABSOLUTE PEAK OF HUMANITY.

What's the point of the special Olympics then, Adam? I want to hear him argue they should be saved but womens sports should be gotten rid of with the same logic he's using.
There is no cure for scrote brain.

No. 1267958

>special Olympics
he'd probably say ARE YOU CALLING BEING A WOMAN A HANDICAP??? instead of addressing the question directly.

No. 1724548

File: 1670735980613.jpg (167.12 KB, 975x1733, horsewengh nonb.jpg)

super ultra necro to update you on Adum trooning out. he is "nonbinary" now.

No. 1724559

It begins. Does he look like Keffals to anyone else? Maybe it's the greasy degenerate Canadian man with long dark hair look.

No. 1724567

I knew something was up with him from the very beginning kek. Just a matter of time.

No. 1724571

Kek, though it was inevitable. Any man who capes for troons etc, etc.

No. 1724573

File: 1670738318833.png (139.81 KB, 886x604, Screenshot 2022-12-11 005716.p…)

Adum goes by "any pronouns" on his furfag accounts, has pretty much always defended trannies, and his editor GrandSalamancer is a tranny (who deletes any comments that "misgenders" him). you can hear the editor's voice at the end of every YMShighlights vid he edits and he has not voicetrained at all.

No. 1724587

i thought he was just super liberal and troon heavy but yeah, why am i not surprised

No. 1724638

Answering to a year old comment but I know what nonas talking about; in one of the walking dead reviews he made a joke about the female characters being more in danger when they ovulate. So he thinks menstruation and ovulation are the same thing.

No. 1724664

He sounds like John Mulaney and Bo burnham

No. 1726721

He got the genital electrocution thing from the dairy industry. One of the way they collect semen from bulls is by electrically stimulating their genitals.

No. 1730122

File: 1671387638820.png (27.75 KB, 894x142, Screenshot 2022-12-18 131953.p…)

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