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File: 1620764091661.jpeg (169.24 KB, 1100x825, frenemies-01.jpeg)

No. 1228044

No. 1228071

Can someone include deets on why they're worthy of having a snow thread? I'm not doubting they're milky, just curious.

No. 1228101

I'm not going to do a comprehensive write-up to make up for a shit OP, but Trisha is unstable as hell (despite keeping it together for a few months), they have had multiple huge fights on camera on their podcast that ended in her storming out. (The whole podcast is entertaining, but those two episodes are a good place to start for understanding the milk.) She's now engaged to Ethan's brother-in-law so they are very much a part of each other's lives.

There was a ton of drama around Moses and Trisha in the beginning of their relationship, she got physically violent with him in at least one instance (said later they were both pushing each other, but he had some pretty dark bruises). Moses was telling Trisha shady things about his family that Trisha would bring up to Hila (Ethan's wife, Moses's sister) and it would cause drama in their family. Trisha called Hila a cunt at one point. Moses was supposedly messaging other girls on Instagram, so Trisha had all of his passwords and was snooping every day. Just a ton of shit there.

But that's all water under the bridge now, apparently. The last few months have been relatively stable between everyone. Trisha will NOT stop saying stereotypically antisemitic stuff about Israeli/Jewish people, even when Ethan tells her how offensive she sounds. He picks on her weight a lot which is a known sore subject, and now he's starting to lose weight, and Trisha feels everything is a competition and is a very sore loser (watch their first trivia episode, still topkek at "we don't need gravity, we were fine before it was invented, who invented gravity")

Just knowing Trisha's capacity for dramatic meltdowns and Ethan's tendency to say insensitive shit, the whole show feels like a pressure cooker waiting to explode. The audience can feel it, just read the comments, and Trisha can feel it too. She always talks about wondering what "their downfall" will be.

TL;DR my shitty off-the-cuff summary: there's not very much fresh milk being made, but there was a TON last fall, and knowing these two personalities, I'm betting on one of three things: Trisha and Moses's relationship implodes, Trisha loses her shit at Ethan out of insecurity, or Ethan gets sick of Trisha's Jewish LARPing. Then there will be plenty more milk to come.

No. 1228116

lol every new thread is shit isnt it mods. god u guys suck at modding, ive been wondering for a long time why no thread on this bunch(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 1228193


>ive been wondering for a long time why no thread on this bunch

if you provide some milk on this dumbasses instead of complaining about the mods then the thread would get somewhere. but no lets throw a tantrum instead.

if you know theyre worthy of a thread… share why, OP didnt and neither did you, thats why the thread is shit and its not the mods fault. OP just put links and nothing else and you arent contributing either to why they are cows, so… COPE

No. 1228214

Because youtuber general covers them just fine.

No. 1228276

Hila and Ethan are not milky, only Trisha is. I think a Paytas thread would’ve been more suited

No. 1228432

I don't know if any of you followed the gaming chair controversy inbetween Zack and AB but that shit was sad and retarded as fuck.

>Zach threw a proper manchild tantrum because AB got a free gaming chair

>Ethan and Hila defends Zach's awful behavior by saying that he's a poor uwu baby who's under a lot of stress because he's moving out of his parents'
>AB ends up giving Zach the chair under the pretext that "it doesn't fit in his bedroom" (untrue)
>Zach still resents him despite him wanting to give the chair "Yeah I guess I'll take it", but demands that AB brings the chair to him instead of moving his fatass to get it himself
>Hila takes Zach's side, as always, enabling him
>Zach gets called out on his childish and narc behavior in multiple podcast vids comment sections
>Gives an half-assed apologies to AB because of it

No. 1228445

AB interrupting the apology with the phone call was hilarious though. and delivering the chair to him with a "cursed" Bill Cosby doll on it. Zach almost cried, he had sage ready to go in his house to cleanse, and refused to let the doll cross the threshold, the whole show has some really ridiculous dramatics

No. 1228446

>those two episodes
what are they called

No. 1228450

File: 1620810123174.jpeg (68.56 KB, 515x389, 7ACD9AF9-8D8F-40B2-B60B-51585D…)

Does anyone else find Zach extremely creepy? He literally makes my skin crawl

No. 1228451

Who is Zach and who is AB what does this have to do with Trisha and Ethan/Hila? I stopped watching h3 in 2018 because he stopped being funny. I don’t hate him but his content is boring and he only does podcasts

No. 1228452

For those who are interested here is the podcast highlight where Trisha describes Moses cheating on her

No. 1228454

His “joker brain” thing is kinda fun tho ngl. I get what you mean tho

On another note, the podcast is so much better when Ethan doesn’t go on his politics rants. Latest episode of frenemies was really good. The interaction Ethan had with Trisha’s family might also be good for him so he stops with his weird coomer commentary about Trisha’s onlyfans and porn. He really got to stop being so fixated about it.

No. 1228457

here is the first one. the other one is episode 13, if you search "frenemies fight" on YouTube it'll show up in the first few videos. (delete/repost because I forgot to attach sorry)

Zach, Dan, and AB are h3 employees who run tech stuff for the podcast like sound and hosting trivia and stuff. I don't know what their exact job titles are but they're usually on zoom call during h3 podcast. Moses and Dan sit behind the camera on frenemies. Trisha got super angry at AB for calling a sexual assault victim a liar so he does not appear on frenemies anymore.

he seems way less creepy than AB and Dan to me, but I also only learned of his existence like last week

No. 1228463


Holy shit I am so glad someone said this. I have always thought he was so quick to anger and just seemed like an asshole. It really surprised me when I found out we were the same age. He just takes everything so seriously, and is so hot headed, I feel like one day he’s going to snap. I would not feel comfortable alone in a room with him.

No. 1228468

how old is he?

No. 1228473

File: 1620817004281.jpg (61.73 KB, 1188x890, k9e3lxlpozw61.jpg)

Redditors think that the Zach vs AB chair shit is a skit kek, as if Zach wasn't a creepy neurotic coomer to begin with
"Haha joke on y-you I was only pretending to be retarded"

No. 1228476

Wasnt he the one being super gross to belle delphine when she was interviewed on the podcast? Whoever that was was creepy as fuck

No. 1228490

hela looking exceptionally horsey, ethan with the drugged glazed eyes and surprisingly, trisha looks the least unhinged. probably because she's the only one not faking a smile.

also the teddy fresh wear looks quirky as fuck.

No. 1228492

File: 1620821963088.jpeg (106.67 KB, 1280x720, DAC355F6-2562-45EB-975E-CFBDCA…)

Yeah he also strikes me as extremely misogynistic. His girlfriend is a porn star (picrel) and he brags about it, fuck knows what she sees in him

No. 1228494

She's a porn star, she won't get a guy who isn't a creepy coomer cause a normal man isn't ok with his girlfriend whoring herself out for money. She made her bed, idk why you feel sorry for her.

Same with Belle Delphine, the only price you pay for the easy money that comes with selling butthole pictures for millions of dollars is that you have to deal with bottom of the barrel men being disgusting to you, but they chose that life.

Either way all the backseat guys are incredibly cringe and keep playing stupid soundclips during the podcast that NOBODY ASKED FOR and are disruptive as fuck. Idk why they are even allowed to talk. Fuck all of them.

No. 1228496

Sorry for samefag but forgot to add I think this thread is a good idea, cause there is a lot of discussion about the podcast every week and it's pretty interesting.

I can't help watching this trashfire even tho I dislike both Trisha and Ethan, they bring out the most entertaining sides of each other and I want more jewish trivia or Trisha learning about the Holocause, that shit is hilarious.

No. 1228498

ethan is likely a coomer, he barely hides it. i remember back in 2016ish how there was a “reading your comments” video where a fan asked them if they engaged in anal and i was in HS and thought it was out of the blue and creepy to ask. also his obsession with belle delphine is so gross and cringe. hila bleaching her hair then coloring it that pink gave me weird vibes, and the videos where she was wearing those cheap black cat ears put a weird ass taste in my mouth. i havent even watched them regularly since 2017 and used to love them, i hate them now but i like trisha because she gets under their skin.
i wouldnt be surprised if ethan and most if not all the guys working for him and creepy coomer men. i mean 90% of men seem to be total coomers even if they hide it well. ethan is the kind of guy who makes his wife feel kinda bad that he jerks off to porn and loves pornstars, doesn’t like it but she like a lot of women have been memed into thinking its normal or okay or abusive of a woman to forbid it.

No. 1228499

there was an episode when trisha, ethan and all of the staff did personality test to show who in the most sociopatic/narcissistic etc. and ofc. he was the one with the higest score, trisha was the second.

No. 1228502

lmao i remember that. didnt he throw a fucking fit?

my favorite episode was when ethan got so fucking butthurt over trisha winning that trivia game. i like her because she gets at his ego really good. he is a grown man, yet such a sore loser in that episode.

No. 1228505

Ethan also bragged about his English degree while he can't even read correctly. That's funny as fuck tho
>he is in prison for jail
>Ghost of Sushimi
I also hate how much of a boomer he is and doesn't understand anything but tries so hard and jumps in trend bandwagons like with the fucking NFTs. I guess I'm the only person who likes Dan, thank god he's here to correct Ethan about everything

No. 1228508

Why does he always dress like he's homeless?

No. 1228511

Not trying to defend Ethan but he is dyslexic which would explain the trouble with reading

No. 1228513

based. i dont even blame men for not wanting to date pornstars, I wouldn't want to either.
the belle delphine stuff is why I'm convinced he's a coomer. there's one video where hila is literally begging him to stop playing one of belle's videos and he just wont stop. it's so fucking embarrassing. Especially because he's like double Belle's age.
that's their fashion brands entire aesthetic lol

No. 1228514

Yes he did, he throws pissy fit at everything though, so it's hard to keep track.
See how he reacts at 0:30 when he is cut off? It's so fucking annoying, he always does this pretentious eyebrow raising when he feels offended. He responds super aggressively to anything that doesn't go his way too. AB is chill and has more followers than him on every platforms despite being quite a new addition to the team.
People have been speculating that Zach lashing out on AB for stupid stuffs probably come from a place of jealousy and seeing how childish Zach is, I wouldn't be surprised if it's true

No. 1228515

It's expensive hipster clothes from Teddy Fresh

No. 1228550

He seems like a total loser kek, like he created his personality in a lab to seem like the ultimate cool guy but he’s obviously a tryhard. The only person on the crew that I actively dislike

No. 1228555

Am I the only one who cannot stand AB? He seems so full of himself and has some coomer 4chan tendecies imo. like for example in this vid he defends gary vee

No. 1228569

yeah people are saying ab is better than zach, but he seems super misogynistic. one time he went about his religion (Muslim) and how women should dress modestly and shit but he has tattoos, drinks and has talked about having a thresome, it also looks like he treats his wife like shit. he also defended david and tried to discredit the girl that came forward with sa allegations against dom

No. 1228572

Zach is shit and obviously has some issues but AB does seem misogynistic

No. 1228576

File: 1620833112942.png (85.22 KB, 550x408, 1.PNG)

he also moderates the h3h3 subreddit and deletes posts that are criticizing him. one of the posts was about a now deleted video he posted on his channel of him drunk driving and acting like a dickhead to people

No. 1228577

File: 1620833159714.png (38.64 KB, 543x294, 2.PNG)

No. 1228579

File: 1620833290161.png (16.81 KB, 626x97, 148317437_445580099915493_6446…)

the video was deleted but there are some descriptions

No. 1228581

I am also out of the loop. What happened to Ian, the intern? Did he got fired?

No. 1228583

File: 1620833338958.png (33.26 KB, 539x214, 148317437_445580099915493_6446…)

No. 1228585

he made it public again

No. 1228592

>H3H3 is such a boy's club
true, also tinfoil hat but pretty sure they keep AB around for the "muslim token worker" aspect, neither Ethan nor Hila seem to truly like him

No. 1228595

File: 1620834616217.jpeg (572.43 KB, 1242x954, 3DC9734A-961D-4CC2-829E-D52A6A…)

Ian is still there, he was in the last podcast. Personally I find him to be the most likeable of the tech crew. Dan is an insufferable yes man to Ethan

No. 1228597

She may be a porn star but she’s 1000 x more attractive than Zach. He’s repulsive and has a horrible personality

No. 1228598

he looks like shrek

No. 1228609

>where hila is literally begging him to stop playing one of belle's videos and he just wont stop

link to vid/episode?
gross and shitty. he is such an insufferable cunt, imagine being hila and dating a fat pompous idiot, trying for YEARS to have children, only for him to turn around once you had said child and obsess over a 20 year old. anyone with morals would know how fucking cruel it is to do that to the woman you married and dealt with the pain of birthing your child. i dont like hila either but i do feel like, ouch, for her over that occuring.
ethan never seemed creepy to me until she got pregnant, then suddenly he was like, "omg her tits are HUGE" and it put me off so fucking much, like that was an instant red flag for me.

No. 1228616

The fact that trisha is the most likable of this bunch says a lot. She’s easily more entertaining, but the others manage to eclipse her in terms of being insufferable. If hila loved herself she would leave but she’s just as equally retarded as ethan is.

No. 1228620

Tired of seeing people defending Hila as if she was a mentally disabled child, she's a grown ass woman

No. 1228622

I like this thread because the whole cast is worthy of a thread - Trish (obviously), Hila and Ethan have their own weird shit, Moses (Hila's brother) getting engaged to Trish has confused me to no end, I have had a hard time following the drama and I wish this thread was made earlier. I have no idea how tf Hila's brother ended up engaged to Trish and buying a house with her. Youtube thread moves way too fast for coherent cataloguing of this hot mess. And the AB/Zach shit is also a landmine of weird shit… Zach is such a cringelord and H3H3 treats him like their 2nd child.

I'm also really confused about Hila/Moses family and what is going on there wrt Trish. I wish this thread was around last year to explain that. But it is a good thread to keep around, when the gravy train ends inevitably Moses will leave Trish and the implosion will be a disaster

No. 1228624

File: 1620836689574.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1536x2048, CZOkPQJ.jpeg)

Teddy Fresh is ugly as shit and apparently has huge quality control issues. 60$ for a hoodie and people complain.

Ethan is so cringey when he talks about Hila being an amazing fashion designer… there is a reason why they had to use their youtube $$$ to create this fashion line, NO ONE would fund this if it wasn't youtuber merch lol

source: https://www.reddit.com/r/TeddyFresh/comments/ekje3s/poor_quality_control_and_csbuy_at_your_own_risk/

No. 1228626

AB live streams occasionally and is clearly trying to make a career out of it, and there was a couple of streams where it bothered Ethan so much, you could tell. Apparently he made like $1000 off streaming one night. AB is no doubt a cloutgoblin who is using the podcast to get big on twitch lol

No. 1228627

he gives me such sketchy vibes he's the type of person I would avoid

No. 1228634

I also am majorly creeped out by AB, I don't remember him blatantly trying to discredit any girls speaking out about David, but when Seth came forward with his story (being tricked into kissing Trisha's then-boyfriend without consent from Seth OR Trisha) that had multiple pieces of video evidence of it happening TWICE and him clearly not giving prior consent, AB just straight up called him a liar and said it wasn't true. Despite most of it being on camera. Like he had no explanation or reason for why he thought that, he just said "he's a liar" and laughed about it. Then later gave an apology with the shakiest anxiety voice because he knew he was so fucked.

He does seem like he's hiding some shitty views on women, and whether men can be sexually assaulted, and just yeah seems like a frat guy who would cover for his rapist buddies >>1228583 in college

No. 1228641

He couldn’t even name Joey as one of the Ramones on the rock music trivia they did. I know it’s a matter of personal taste but that solidified for me that he actually isn’t a ‘cool rocker dude.’

No. 1228655

I'm not a fan of Ethan but I don't get why ppl say that Teddy Fresh is ugly. I feel like a lot of complaints have been from scrotes who wear cargo shorts every day.

Hasn't vibrant color blocked been in? Or is it out already? Personally I love stuff like bright/pastel colors so I always thought it looked fine. However yikes on that quality control. How hard could it be to properly make something as simple as this? Just shows that Ethan is really looking for that $$$

No. 1228658


So what do you think keeps Moses from leaving Trish? And how long do you think its gonna last?

I think she's going hold on releasing the true trish until after the big wedding. After putting up with some of the shit with Jason, she can obviously deal with a lot. So even if there are issues with Moses, I think she cares more about having a youtube vid/tik toks of her getting married as some sort of revenge on her exes and people who said she could never keep a man.

I just cannot see them lasting longer than a couple years though before she manages to find something wrong with them.

No. 1228662

I think the issue I have as someone who is in the fashion industry is that these hoodies for example are 4$ at most and they charge a 56$ mark up not counting shippings fee's, warehousing etc. Not only this but the color block hoodies are fine but they throw that fat ugly brand logo on the front it's vile.

No. 1228670

There's something odd about their relationship. I wonder if it will really last. Are they truly in love? I mean, Trisha won't ever shut up about David/her ex and that must be a little uncomfortable for Moses? Then again, he may be a doormat like his sister. Who knows? I just don't buy Moses and the relationship. Something is off.

No. 1228673

File: 1620840787295.png (3.81 MB, 2558x1100, teddy_fresh.png)

The color-block hoodies are cute, but the rest.. I mean… this shit looks like a chris-chan drawing.

No. 1228676

KEK lord the resemblance is uncanny

No. 1228685

It just bugs me how they pretend to have some huge fashion empire when they make those childish designs/character collabs and it’s supposed to be cool because ~fashion~ but it just looks like cutesy edgy stuff from hot topic? You can create anything, put it on a bored looking model, and fans will think damn bro that’s fire

No. 1228686

Now this is something you can just ask your relatives’ children to do for you with some markers.

No. 1228691

well they are nothing if not crafty

No. 1228701

File: 1620842522904.jpeg (527.49 KB, 968x700, CA52E40C-B500-4B0D-956C-01B4C9…)

I haven’t caught up to their podcast, have they ever addressed hila’s time in the Israeli army or which side they are on?

No. 1228704

It was mandatory and no one cares

No. 1228718

A lot of countries actually require youths to serve in their armed forces for a certain amount of time

No. 1228726

They lived in Israel, they vlogged in Israel, their families are in Israel, is it not a valid question to want to know where they stand in the current conflict?

No. 1228729

So glad to see a Frenemies thread. It's nice that I can finally discuss the fucking madness. Everyone involved is a shit show lmaoo

It was mandatory service but the Israeli military have a penchant for unusual cruelties. It would be interesting if anyone ever came foward about what Hila has participated in.

No. 1228733

Ok, western people seem to struggle with the concept of mandatory army service, even more when it comes to the Israeli one, so let me help you out; Imagine that during WW2 when France was half occupied by nazis, the young people from the nazi-occupied side had to do a mandatory army service. Do you then understand what it would lead to if you refused to participate in this mandatory service or do you need further autistic imagery kek

No. 1228734

Israel's side, probably? I mean they are jews.

Dude, even countries like Germany used to have mandatory military service until like 2011. It's not a big deal to anyone except woke twitter-fags.

>OMG I can't wait until it is revealed Hila Klein has murdered a bunch of babies
Calm down, twitter-fag.

No. 1228735


they're both jewish, proud of it, and don't talk about that for a reason. ethan has been tweeting a lot of dumb political shit for a while now, it's no brainer they are likely very pro-israel, regardless of what israel has done to palestine. yes a lot of countries have mandatory military service and i understand nationalism to a degree but israel takes it far and nobody talks about it.

No. 1228736

>Israel's side, probably? I mean they are jews.

heh be careful, even saying just that is considered "antisemetic" lol. says a lot about jews. ethan and hila likely have a lot of skeletons in their closet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1228737

I remember there was an episode where Ethan snaps at Ian because he kept correcting him. Ethan scolds him live in the podcast. He tells Ian that he should be kissing his ass for giving him a job and that Ian would be fucking nothing without him.

Agree. I just wish the OP had a summary because most of us stopped paying attention to H3 a while ago.

No. 1228738

This is literally what woke twitter-fags see when they find out Hila has held a gun before.

No. 1228739

File: 1620844473110.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1242x1607, 0333015E-B42C-4FD4-AF4C-7343E7…)

I find their relationship fascinating because well…Moses never looks that into Trisha when he’s around her??? Also there’s something about the “quiet, nice guy” persona he has that makes me suspicious he’s using Trisha

No. 1228740

No. Ethan explained the palestinian vs israel conflict to Trisha in a surprisingly pro-palestinian way

No. 1228742

i dont care that shes held a gun, people who care about that are braindead. the real controversy is that they're zionist jews who think they are better than everybody else. that's why the pic made a stir, because she had to serve in the israel military, not because omg she literally touched a gun.

No. 1228743

lol probably just did it that way to save his own ass, otherwise he knows what kind of attention it would draw.

No. 1228746

You can criticise Ethan and Hila for a lot of things but I genuinely don’t think they’re zionists. If you watch the earlier vlogs Ethan constantly refers to Israel as a “shit hole” and speaks quite disparagingly of the country.

No. 1228747

I'm just telling the facts, I'm not analizing the pseudo mental gymnatics that Ethan (aka the fat cunt who can't even read properly) would had to go through in order to fake his pseudo pro-palestinian stance

No. 1228749

No. 1228751

Woah, I forgot about that. Didn't he try to play it off as some kind of joke in the episode after the Ian incident?

No. 1228752

File: 1620845162245.png (10.12 KB, 1246x98, idiot.png)

No, there are definitely people on this site who think she is a bad person for holding a gun in pictures.

No. 1228756

File: 1620845373703.jpeg (76.75 KB, 800x1000, 01170010_800x.jpeg)

I rather wear cargo pants than pay $200+ for this abomination.

Also, Teddy Fresh is made in China…

No. 1228757

the amerimutt ginger they chose as a model for all their clothes is a statement in itself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1228761

lol, based
of course these woke jews would use someone like that to promote their brand.(>>>/pol/)

No. 1228763

actually yeah i did see that too. what a retard haha they might as well write off every single person in every military in the past 20 years then.

No. 1228764

Just waiting for Trasha to say something inane and ridiculous about Palestinian/Israeli conflict, kek.

No. 1228766

Ethan goes off on fashion nova for being fast fashion trash and polluting the world saying how his fashion brand is so much better and quality but it’s basically the same thing lol he’s just not making mass produced slutty dresses so he thinks it’s better because it’s so artsy and unique

No. 1228776

people don't settle, marry and build a family based only on what someone looks like. A pornstar isn't longtime material for a decent average person, be the pornstar male or female

No. 1228781

Anon please, those pics you see are during training judging by the uniform, she could've been assigned an office job like most people are in the army kek

No. 1228783

ot pretty sure he's stated that his eyebrow raise thing is mild tourettes

No. 1228791

It is, the thing he does with his right hand is too

No. 1228793

The eyebrow comment was referring to Zach doing it in the video not Ethan

No. 1228805

File: 1620848659326.png (1.4 MB, 992x1236, 1520713795420.png)

Too lazy to read the thread but, wanted to bitch about their shitty fucking "fan" animations being recommended to me constantly. They all looks like shit by souless animators and 100% bet they paid random ones who aren't even fans in hopes it'll get frenemies more views.

No. 1228817

the mod who said that this is shit thread should ban themselves this is fun lol (jk im joking mods stop)
ive been wanting to shit on frenemies for a while but every space is filled with trisha stans and h3 sympathizers except for gurugossip but who uses that anymore lol.

Anyway what do you guys think of Ethan gifting trisha an MCR makeup palette that was apparently limited edition. I think personally it was kinda thoughtful but also i was expecting more. Maybe he gave her more and I didnt see it. I dont care because they are millionaires but i can just see trisha when this shit goes south talking about how she bought him custom shit a ps5 etc and she just got him a shitty makeup palette. I think she gives people extravagant gifts so that she can gaslight them later.

No. 1228826


Kind of feel like this too… that he’s playing up the good guy/doting boyfriend angle because he knows how well he’s being received by the community from it. And how easy would it be if they broke up to blame it on Trisha being Trisha. Kind of worried about her giving all her trust and financial control to the guy.

No. 1228827

Ian's the most likeable and fun of them all

No. 1228845

she could simply be generous but extravagant giftgiving as leverage is a bpd trope

No. 1228863

Tbh I doubt Hila and Moses are all that zionist themselves. They both moved here and out of israel for a reason. Most American jews are disapproving of israel's actions rn.
I would love to hear their take on it but if they're smart they won't publicly talk about it

No. 1228874

if i've ever gotten a zionist vibe from them, it's probably because they were playing it up for a joke.
I can't imagine seriously thinking of those two as zionists..

No. 1228876

who the fuck reads thread OPs anyway

No. 1228878

They don't seem like zionists but they seem naive and biased in >>1228749

The way they say the two different sides are "orthodox jews and terrorists" in the first few minutes is already weird when it's the Israeli army involved not just random orthodox jews and on the other side a lot of the deaths have been palestinian children and civilians not just extremist terrorists.

I don't blame Hila because she was brought up with Israeli media so it's probably hard to shake that naivety but Ethan just strikes me as someone who makes up his mind and then will never change it but he'll do his best to pretend he's the most educated on the subject.

No. 1228895

You know not all Jews are Zionists/pro-Israeli government, right?

No. 1228896

No I understand mandatory service. But she and Ethan seem proud of it, these photos weren’t leaked. She uploaded them herself to show how badass she was. Why were they so happy to show these photos off but quiet now?

No. 1228917

I don't think she cares/knows enough to tweet about it, she usually only tweets about herself and people she hates. And if she speaks about it on the podcast it's gonna get cut out most likely. Ethan may have already explained how aggressively controversial this subject is to warn her to keep her mouth shut

it was a collector's item, so it was probably pretty expensive, and he could have brought more stuff to her party. I don't think she expects over the top extravagance, because that was a personally thoughtful and very rare item. She said she tried so hard to find it but they sold out so quickly.

No. 1228930

It’s not that deep you autist

No. 1228946

why are you wking so hard

If it's not that deep why do they constantly try and take down these pictures on the h3h3 reddit. Why aren't they bragging about it like they used to. Ethan used to be "haha look at my badass wife in the military. Haters better not post"

No. 1228965

I've hated Zach ever since his virginity story. A girl got a crush on him during a cruise so he took advantage if her crush to fuck her then ignored/avoided her for the rest of the trip.

He was a cock head teen, grew into a cock head man child "adult", and I hope the devil uses his spine as a ladder into hell

No. 1228973

a lot of orthodox jews are anti-israel for religious reading reasons, too

No. 1228977

I don't know why people like Ian, he's just as tryhard and unfunny as the rest of the crew.

No. 1229023

For some reason I'm hooked on this show, it's weirdly comforting to have playing in the background while I do work. I didn't know a ton about Trisha before this, she's fucking fascinating. I love when she speaks 100% seriously about the spirit/demon voices that communicate with her.

No. 1229120

i think people "like" him because in comparison to everyone else he doesn't seem so awful

No. 1229142

Cause she had a fun time doing basic training with her friends. They also encourage young women to upload pictures of themselves because they use that to entice men to join.

Go back to twitter.

No. 1229149

Same!!! They're barely animated too kek

No. 1229154

Why would they need to entice men? Isn't military service compulsory anyway?

No. 1229216

I felt bad for Ian when Ethan lost it at him

No. 1229240

Never watched them. What’s wrong with his eyebrows and eyes? He looks like he’s got tics or something

No. 1229243


No. 1229245

yup he has tourette's syndrome
THIS. some are alright with the way they exagerate little movements etc but 99.99% of them that come up on my homepage are scuffed, traced 2010 flash era garbage lmao. also the tik tok account that got popular where they put frenemies clips over ACNH gameplay, the bar is on the floor for views these days

No. 1229249

Him talking about the threesome was so awkward because of how much he was obviously loving the attention. I don't want to know about some coomer zoomer's sex life, barf

No. 1229250

I just watched the newest episode, I do agree with another anon’s comment here that Frenemies is going to explode one day, like at the end when Ethan got actually mad and srs snout the Tourette’s thing at her. It feels a lot of the time like Ethan is just barely putting up with trisha and you can tell he is annoyed by how retarded she is and her two modes are literally not paying attention or sperging at things super hard. I also don’t understand how Ethan snd hila can just like…forget about Trisha abusing moses? Like hitting him and other things??? How does this friendship work lmfaoo

No. 1229256

he's had this 'persona' his whole adult life, but yeah i see what u mean, he seems kinda detached and in the beginning, grossed out by trisha

No. 1229257

he's money hungry and she's his current largest cash cow. that's the entire "friendship".

No. 1229264

samefag, btw trisha has said that when moses was messaging other girls, they were the complete opposite of her & that made her insecure. LMAO

No. 1229266

sheesh she looks like a baked potato

No. 1229268

He also told a catfish that Trisha has a “stinky pussy” and issues with food kek

No. 1229276

Anon let it go. Ethan sperged about it because he thinks it's cool and many non-Israeli fans through it was badass or some bullshit. Of course they're going to take those photos down due to current events. It's not that fucking deep.

No. 1229308

Wow. How any of her fans think he's this perfect dream guy is beyond me. He gets praised for doing the bare minimum and yet he still was flirting with other women kek

No. 1229310

holy FUCK I missed this details, do you remember where this is mentioned? Moses plays such an uwu watery zenboi character on camera but it's obviously just a facade when the drama starts and his private words come out. Trisha goes on and on about how supportive he is over her disordered eating, to hear that he was gossiping about it, how is she saying this?

No. 1229315

File: 1620923827222.jpg (69.58 KB, 640x1085, s91ubc66ict51.jpg)


Does anyone have the caps of Moses saying this? When this first came out I couldn't find him saying her pussy was stank anywhere and I'm dying to see what he said. I was only able to find the screenshot where he sends a someone a picture of his bruise and says she's calling him or something.

No. 1229318

The podcast highlight where Trisha talks about Moses talking a catfish was posted at the start of the thread: >>1228452

No. 1229319

File: 1620923997236.jpg (53.22 KB, 576x1024, 769fc13b2c119abc4d7d6b17ec7f1b…)


Ok I'm dumb, I guess it comes up on google images like 4th photo.

No. 1229323

File: 1620924143108.jpg (50.99 KB, 576x1024, 13392f3ab178baab858b6122125d87…)

No. 1229326

File: 1620924317232.jpg (62.37 KB, 576x1024, a9ea3f161b2a29608e1a945d509572…)


pt. 3.

Holy Shit. Saged for old milk, but wow. It's so weird seeing this side of Moses when he's toted as being the "perfect boyfriend" on the podcast and trisha's vlogs. Embarrassing.

No. 1229357

Why is trish with him?

No. 1229365


She's afraid of being alone and constantly lovebombs him while also outing all their general drama, but it has slowed down since the proposal.

In the first episode of Frenemies Podcast she said that she got with Moses to fuck with Ethan and Hila and it was a 'joke' to fuck Hilas brother and infiltrate Ethan's family but it turned into something real.

No. 1229367

Am I looking into this too hard or does Hila start to tear up around 1:31:30 after Zach plays a soundbite of Ethan saying titties

No. 1229377

i think you're reaching

No. 1229385

I think Hila's fine with it because she's just in denial about Ethan getting off to it.

No. 1229394

There has been many speculations that Moses is on the spectrum, he said it himself on the podcast that he thinks he has asperger bc of his obsession with water, his smell sensitivity (can't handle even the smell of candles without sperging) and skin sensitivity (has trouble wearing certain fabric without sperging)

I have tism and I can't stand smells either, whether they are natural or not. Also if someone triggers my tism enough by touching me, I get violent. I think him being autistic makes a lot of sense and explains his behavior but yes, it doesn't excuse it

No. 1229396

jesus imagine reading your boyfriend saying that about you and staying with him, not that Trisha is a great person but that’s just sad

No. 1229400

BPD makes it hard to make boundaries with people, and most people with it have pretty low self esteem.
It's not that suprising that she's staying with someone that treats her like shit so that she can hold the image of "the perfect relationship". I'm just shocked that Moses hasn't pulled the plug either, but he's obviously a spineless pussy.

No. 1229407

holy shit, how did i miss this? wtffffff ew he's such a coomer spilling this shit for a catfish, any more milk/screenshots on this? i'm intrigued

No. 1229415

File: 1620931360992.png (117.35 KB, 735x524, Moses.png)

No. 1229419

File: 1620931642643.jpeg (23.43 KB, 399x755, son7zl66ict51.jpeg)

This is the image in >>1229315

No. 1229420

File: 1620931733401.jpeg (33.52 KB, 511x746, g195lc66ict51.jpeg)

This is a bruise of on Moses’s arm. See the window in the back?

No. 1229421

File: 1620931793448.jpeg (93.88 KB, 640x972, 7l8fxm66ict51.jpeg)

It’s the same window behind Moses in this photo.

No. 1229424

File: 1620932011633.jpeg (11.83 KB, 480x360, WFMuUWB1vLGbPVyxu0KSigECWzaF-4…)

This is a picture of the catfish. Apparently she posted a video explaining her side of the story, but she took it down.

No. 1229427

ew lmao no wonder she catfishes Z tier celebrities

No. 1229430

File: 1620932360421.png (126.59 KB, 620x607, 9u68s41bejh61.png)

Found another summary of what happened

No. 1229433

trasha deserves it and i still think this is a fake engagement. i don't see anyone ever marrying that trainwreck.

No. 1229436

Not defending trisha but Moses is disgusting. Trisha is obviously mentally ill and then having a low value male come and ruin you even more sucks.

No. 1229445

these sort of people attract each other though

No. 1229449

She's also low value. She does porn so she will never find a high value man. I do feel bad for her, but I think Moses is about as much as she can realistically hope for.

No. 1229457

And trisha is high value? She looks like a bloated pig.

No. 1229476

Not saying Trisha is high value but she is obviously a vulnerable woman that was previously an addict. She may have been a shitty person but also a victim and I can't help but feel a bit of compassion for her.
>>1229445 Sad but true.

No. 1229484

File: 1620936483317.jpg (132.15 KB, 1199x607, 5656589.JPG)

Hila and Ethan both look weary in their latest live as they discuss how they are continuing to be sued by Triller after showing clips of Jake Pauls fight.
She seemed bothered to be included in the lawsuit since she was not present at the time but he reminded her it's "their company"

Ethan also announced they are going to have that tiktoker Bella Poarch and I can imagine that interview will be similar to the Belle Delphine one.

No. 1229516

I mean I empathize with Trisha too, but let's not kid ourselves. She chose this live and I think it is partly because she thinks she is not worthy of true love. So she self sabotaged herself to the point where she will not find a man who will truly love her because she is just a complete mess nobody wants to clean up.

A lot of men want to play captain save-a-hoe aka Pretty Woman, but they expect the hoe to be a 10/10 and willing to give up the hoe-life forever. Trisha is not that.

No. 1229521

Wasn't there drama between Moses and Hila during the early stages of frenemies? It seemed to be actually centred on Trisha and what the rest of the family think if her. I don't think Hila actually likes Trisha at all

No. 1229526

It's incredible to me that people still fall for her victim shtick. I know we're mostly all radfems on this site but she's a genuinely terrible human being and we don't have to be on her side just bc she is female. She's raging BPD and has zero friends (especially no female friends) for a reason.

No. 1229540

from what i understand there was drama between moses's whole family and trisha/moses in the beginning stages of their relationship. kinda lengthy but this article gives a decent timeline - https://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/lifestyle-buzz/a-timeline-of-trisha-paytas-and-moses-hacmons-relationship-which-started-on-a-youtube-dating-show/ar-BB1ddwrz

No. 1229550

True she continuously lies about everything and changes events when it suits her so she can get attention/be a victim. Shes always been a troll playing up a dumb bimbo act so she can get away with saying offensive shit and that’s still happening to this day but she latches onto whatever gen z SJW Twitter woke trend so she doesn’t get hate for being ignorant. All you have to do is skim the top comments and you’ll see a lot of the new fans and they eat that shit up because they’re like 12 years old and “omg Trisha is they/them and has mental problems so let’s not judge her because she’s been through a lot”

No. 1229581

I also seriously hate this “ yaaaas queen omg !! “praising attitude towards trisha. She is genuinely an awful person and I cannot stand everyone acting so protective over her. She’s abusive while also being fucking brain dead, or more irritatingly pretending to be brain dead. Like when she claimed not to know about the Holocaust but saying she read a lot of Jewish poetry…not knowing abt gravity…how are people falling for this schtick of hers. Also on the last podcast she said “if you’ stop worrying about making money, you’ll have money.” What a fuckimg privileged stupid thing to say ..and she kept saying this about money and how people shouldn’t worry about money , Ethan was clearly trying to restrain his thoughts lmao. Also episode one she brags about spending 80k on a fuckimg crocodile purse so evil Jesus
Sage for no contribution just me bitching into the void

No. 1229605

This is why I sort of like Trisha in spite pf myself though. I know she’s trolling woth the they/them shit, the “I hear voices!” schtick, and its all so she can A) fuck over her ex boyfriend with a Gen Z personal army and B) get away with saying and doing offensive things still by using ‘mental illness’ and troonery as an ethics shield. She unlocked the code to continue being her ‘problematic’ self in a world of cancellations. She is a shitty person and I wouldn’t be her friend (obviously no other woman is…) but she’s entertaining and I cannot WAIT for her to go off on h3h3. I think old Trisha fans understand she’s a grifter and a fun person to watch (like old reality tv stars) but her new fans expect her to be a “good person” like Gen Z tiktok sweethearts are.

No. 1229644

I wonder if he knows she's out of his league (not that its saying much) and is trying to neg her or something. Hope she calls off trying for a second kid and dumps his greaseball ass.

No. 1229647

Does anyone else ever get the vibe that Hila is a little resentful of Ethan now that she is mostly running teddy fresh? Like maybe she feels like she didn’t form her own identity enough during the H3 years and instead put that effort into supporting Ethan. She seems so much more assertive and confident since becoming a mother and having a successful company. She does so much more for herself instead of just him now, even though she’s a mother on top of it.

Idk I just get the vibe she’s bottling something up with the two of them and that Ethan doesn’t realize how serious it could be for their relationship. Like he probably thinks that because he’s willing to support her and share the spotlight that things are 100% equal and she has nothing to be resentful about.

No. 1229654

Nice headcanon, maybe you should start posting on AO3 instead of figuratively shitting yourself out of your mouth.

Anyway, Ethan and Hila were circlejerking about how they can afford lawyers. It's hilarious how this kinda monkey brained beef can be milked into adsense and patreon and merch sales. Anyway unlike AB the meltdown isn't even funny or savage.

No. 1229691

I’m not watching the three hours but that’s pathetic, I’m sick of the woe is me I’m being sued thing. Maybe he should sell some of his multi million dollar properties and rolls Royce he bought on a whim Jesus they act so miserable over this dumb shit as if they’re not set for life and can easily win this stupid lawsuit that’ll just get them more publicity. On another note, I have noticed them act more tense because hila didn’t get pregnant and they have fertility struggles so maybe it’s something there. Regardless their fanboys are desperate to throw money at their lazy asses at any sign of trouble.

No. 1229693

All they ever talk about is james charles or david dobrik. It's pretty pathetic

No. 1229698

you're not wrong but I have to imagine getting sued does suck lmao

No. 1229703

Yeah, the low effort rotoscoping is probably one of my least favorite animations to come from the community. Might as well just post the fucking clip itself, tracing adds absolutely nothing to the content.

No. 1229776

File: 1620968677346.png (20.62 KB, 759x400, b2s69eu9ejh61.png)

No. 1229822

She always exposed their sex life and basically coerced him into having sex with her all the time, it was so grossly manipulative. Then after they break up all of a sudden she makes him out to be some creep who preys on teenagers and “he did this he did that” (not that I’m doubting that) so everyone ignores what a terrible partner she was and the actual abuse she inflicted. I still watch their vacation vlogs because of the toxicity being so entertaining and it’s so prevalent in all their videos.

No. 1229827

I always found this segment to be extremely awkward and Hila honestly looks like she resents Ethan so much here lol.

No. 1229830

Lmfao the frenemies couples game had a question of what is your partners worst/least favorite habit and hila wrote “eating pizza” for Ethans and then tried to walk it back lol you know shes sick of him stuffing his face for stupid YouTube videos

No. 1229836

I loved the cook-off episode where Trisha + Ethan cooked and Hila + Moses judged the food. Everything looked so half-assed and Trisha confused a garlic with an onion.

No. 1229861

But he is a creep who preys on teenagers. A literal grown ass man who spends his days hanging out with 18 year old influencers and creeping on Tana asking his girlfriend for threesomes. Trisha is a horrible partner, but let's not white-knight this sexual predator kissing people against their will.

No. 1230033

seriously you can even see trisha is getting sick of it on freniemies she is like "ugh i dont care about any james charles updates" and then he proceeds to talk about james for 15 mins and show cringey flash animations. Dude is weird as hell and acts like a 15 yr old drama youtuber from 2015.

No. 1230036

i've felt this way about hila for years. divorce when

No. 1230096

Ethan is obsessed with keemstar as well, he literally brings him up in every podcast

No. 1230123

eww. i love how they turn eating pizza into a 'challenge!' - it's not a challenge, you are just gluttinous my dude, why not do that shit off camera… i cant imagine watching myself eat a large dominos pizza in a youtube video.

No. 1230127

One thing I find really bothersome about their 'podcast' is that it's not a podcast at all. Most of the time they're referencing visual stuff (what trisha or ethan is wearing, what is going on physically in the studio, videos, images, etc). There's so much quiet empty space that it's undesirable to be a podcast. This is just a youtube collab. I'm sure that 90% of their viewers/listeners do so on Youtube and not spotify or any other podcast platform.

No. 1230331


tbh keemstar is fucking scum and has it out for them so of course he'll bring it up when he can.

fuck keem and him saying you can't being orally raped bc ~just bite down~

No. 1230400


It’s getting a bit old but when they start talking about real life things they tend to start talking about money, and that’s when they really lose me. I get that they’re rich now but EVERY single episode is them talking about how much they spent on this or how much they spent on that. It’s honestly so off putting to hear them throw around thousands of dollars like they’re pennies.

No. 1230435

This 100%, but at least Trisha owns up to being a disgustingly wealthy shopaholic who gets genuine pleasure out of burning money. Ethan is so insufferably fake woke that he makes all 48 of his podcasts unwatchable with his plebian boomer political takes that nobody wants to hear. The dude is a literal one-percenter who couldn't be more detached from his wagecuck fans if he tried. Nobody who lives in a $10 million house and buys a Rolls Royce for a meme is "relatable." He would be far more likable if he shut the fuck up about politics forever and embraced being a vapid rich bitch just like every youtuber he can't stop gossiping about.

No. 1230597

File: 1621069988670.png (134.73 KB, 608x646, trisha thristing keem.png)

No. 1230610

File: 1621072242790.png (2.87 MB, 828x1792, 05FDE748-0AD0-4C43-AA4A-B6580A…)

Ikr I saw Ethan on Instagram dancing around in his underwear looking bloated and stupid. Hila looked done. She’s really out grown him…

No. 1230612

eww how can she fuck him, does he not crush her? can she even kiss him with that huge belly on the way

No. 1230614

people reading into her dead-fish behavior always boggles my mind. she's always looked uninterested and low energy. and he's pretty much been hideous for most of their relationship.

No. 1230615

It probably sucks when you've developed a clothing brand that's relatively popular amongst tiktokers and youtubers and their fans and your husband burns every bridge he comes across.

No. 1230620

Ethan posted this song for Hila last year. The lyrics are pretty telling of their relationship. At least, he is self-aware of how shitty he is, I guess.

>I get the best of you

>You get the worst of me
>Baby I don't know how you're good all the time
>I give you misery

>I got a baby she's worth better than she's got

>I ask you baby do you really know your man?
>He's a man I’ve always known and fought
>Baby gonna break your heart

No. 1230733

You all are reading way too much into their relationship. It's been a running joke since the start of h3h3 that Hila is way too good for Ethan. Like when they still had the joke of calling Hila Ethan's caretaker.
And everyone analyzing the way Hila looks "done with Ethan". That's just her demeanor. She's a low-energy person. You can also tell that Moses is similar. And they talked about it before that Hila and Moses are both like that despite their parents being very outgoing etc.
Personally, I think their marriage is going well for one already lasting quite many years. It's the small things where you can see that they are still going strong as a couple, little moments in their podcast where they show appreciation for each other. Plus, do you think they'd try so desperately for a second child if their marriage wouldn't go well? I feel like people here just really want their marriage to be bad for some weird reason.

No. 1230993

i think a lot of people that think their marriage might not be going well just find ethan so repulsive and annoying that they don't understand how she could stand him

No. 1231107

File: 1621142735951.jpeg (227.86 KB, 1242x1183, E1dqM0XVcAIsY8F.jpeg)

Ethan has weighed in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in Twitter

No. 1231112

holy shit, is he seriously modeling his career EXACTLY like a budget brand Tim Heidecker? Start off a funny, irreverent person. Slowly begin to allow too much of your milquetoast neolib political takes to seep into your humor through podcasting. Then, release shitty songs that you're taking seriously. The only difference is Tim Heidecker has actually also stayed pretty funny alongside the lukewarm takes and bad songs. h3h3 is just all bad.

No. 1231127

Oh so he’s decided on both sides bad stance, very cool

No. 1231135

Maybe she doesn't really love him and thats how she is able to stand him. I don't think any woman could be with a man who treats her that bad for so many years and lusts after barely legal sluts all day, unless she is just staying for the money. If she loved him she would be in a lot of pain.

Maybe she is asexual, she kind of gives off that vibe, but it could just be her total lack of personality.

Gotta say Ethan really lucked out tho finding a woman who is both out of his league and lets him disrespect her and treat her like shit.

Personally I hope she realizes that it is not that hard to slowly poison your husband and not get caught.

No. 1231157

This is an accurate comparison, imo.

No. 1231189

Being asexual doesn't equal being devoid of emotion, anon.

No. 1231359


I kinda get the vibe that she's a closeted lesbian.

No. 1231398

Hila if you're reading this, I am too, and I will leave my bf for u if u leave Ethan.

No. 1231750

He literally has autism though. I think he's just an autist

No. 1232074

anon, she literally looks like a trooned out Zach Braff.

No. 1232254

No, Hila is a doormat and and enabler. She seems to have basically given up on trying to rein her in and just passively agrees with what he's saying.

How old is Ethan, again? It still astounds me how terrible he looks now, even compared to three years ago.

Imagine admitting to this

No. 1232258

ntayrt but zach braff used to be a qt what’s your point

No. 1232553

He’s 35

No. 1232892

i hated how ethan tried to embarrass trisha for mentioning his tourettes. Like i get it a little bit she does cross the line a lot but so tf does he? He always jumps at the oppurtunity to call her fat and make fat jokes even when weight isnt being discussed. fuck him

No. 1232904

File: 1621362874152.jpeg (518.88 KB, 2048x2048, 19435AD7-3CDB-4C77-A7C4-663632…)


No. 1232912

Why are men allowed to post unflattering shit like this but women get ridiculed?
>Imagine being married to that
I don't find Hila particularly beautiful but she can do better personality and physically wise

No. 1232935

he is just lonely and autistic thats it.
Thats why he stayed with her after she beat him and forced herself on him.
And him talking to those catfishes was also a sign of him being lonely because he was venting to them about trisha instead of talking to his friends or family about it.
I read all those messages when the old account still existed and other than the sexual stuff it was basically just moses telling those catfishes how mentally unstable trisha is, that she is living in her own personal hell (wtf does that mean),that she hit him, and that she did horrible things to jason that he cant say, oh and he also compared her to miss piggy and himself to kermit..
They're both a mess but moses has paid the majority for the house and is her house servant that does everything for her so lets not act like trisha isnt the one benefiting the most in this weird relationship.

No. 1232962

He literally stated that the Israeli government is to blame for the escalation and is responsible for future peace. If you can't handle him condemning a literal terrorist group who rapes, sells, and murders children and women, who supports killing of gay people, who would rather see Palestine under complete sharia law you're an idiot.

No. 1232964

he doesn't actually try to have a music career though. the "band" he created for this song is literally called "the jokes" because it's not supposed to be taken seriously. and it's also old news. he hasn't made music since then. it was also just a callback to how ethan used to write songs for hila at the start of their relationship when he still played the guitar.

No. 1232970

His outside just matches his inside now

No. 1232991

>They're both a mess but moses has paid the majority for the house
really? isn't she making like mid to high 6 figures per month?

No. 1233012

Yeah but she spends most of her money on her 100k dollar purses weekly and whatever her current spending obsession is at the moment.
She says that lives paycheck to paycheck because she buys a lot of bougie shit that she never even uses and that she has bad credit.
She is also going to spend 500k for her wedding and is going to go on a hotel with Moses that charges 50k a night.

No. 1233016

File: 1621370818455.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, trisha ( 720 X 1280 ).webm)


No. 1233018

not that it's not gross and weird, but the courts ruled that it wasn't predatory behavior so it would prob be hard to get her canceled over this

No. 1233019


as her old fans who remember this shit age out of her demographic she keeps reeling in new 12-16 yr olds who don't know that she's a monster. she gets a pass for what would normally qualify as cancel-worthy unwokeness because she's "uwu mentally ill and a victim" and now a they/them

i'm annoyed that she hasn't faded into obscurity and poverty the way she deserves

No. 1233025

sometimes i wonder why i see people defending her but then i realize that they know nothing about her except for the episodes of frenemies they watch.

Its a shame that the owner of gurugossip went insane and banned alot of members and deleted alot of posts and threads because there was alot of information about her there and now its all gone and now the threads look weird there. So much receipts of downright disgusting horrorcow behavior is gone.

No. 1233030

i got it from here, you can skip there to what timestamp you want.
0:58 defending a pedo, 1:02 pedo tweets and shaming victims

No. 1233034

Yeah for example people give a lot of shit to Gabbie Hanna then turn around and defend and excuse Trisha's behavior when they both deserve to get called out for being pieces of shit.
What is it about this cow that makes even the woke crowd give her a pass kek it's truly baffling.

No. 1233039

she’s campy, that’s the only thing i can even come up with as a specific reason

No. 1233046

there's a lot on youtalktrash but there are like 30 threads each like 40 pages long and no one has time for that. i've just been following the trainwreck as a personal lolcow for a long time

No. 1233051

there's barely any actual receipts about her there , the site is mostly dead and people barely post there.

Sad to say but now with gurugossip being destroyed trisha is now free to be the biggest hypocrite and horrowcow without ever being called out or having anything from her past being found out.

No. 1233055


Maybe not as easy for Nikita Dragun to easily google during a spat, but trust me anon, the internet is forever. Trisha will eventually piss off the wrong group of people with her careless statements ok frienemies.

No. 1233058

Trisha tried to embarrass him first by mentioning his tourettes so it's fair.

No. 1233442

In the latest episode trish mentioned knowing robin William's and Ethan kept hounding her if it was from her escort days despite her saying several times she didnt want to go into it and he even ended up googling it right there. It's clear his coomer ways dont care about her boundaries(not to mention him talking about the candlestick thing in front of her family)

No. 1233459

I feel like he is secretly attracted to Trisha and enjoys the attention she give him

Trisha is just as much as a coomer, we aren't forgetting how she would constantly beg Ethan to do onlyfans with her and then gaslight him when he says no or touch him without permission. She only stopped being weird around him recently.

No. 1233469

I thought it was funny ethan knew about that Lana porn star and how super famous she is when no one else had heard of her lol and then he promoted doing onlyfans because some people can be rich from it? Like ok dude. Also that Adam guy who Trisha banged is a rapist and she’s never acknowledged that despite it being news before they did the collab so yeah gotta love that selective wokeness.

No. 1233479

Yeah the dynamic switched. At the start of frenemies trisha was vying for ethan to sexualise her. Not sure on the intent as to why but she was being provocative. I think she shot herself in the foot over the wrestling thing and is now trying to come off like she's only ever been platonic with him.

No. 1233522

He enjoys her attention and compliments and that she obviously wants to bang him, I don't think he is attracted to her. He likes his women skinny and child-like looking like Belle.

No. 1233527

File: 1621426825098.jpeg (196.17 KB, 1242x1263, FFB855C8-24F4-43F1-B25A-A80855…)

No. 1233531

File: 1621427706027.png (10.62 KB, 235x196, ice_screenshot_20210519-143251…)

not her now throwing her rapist friend under the bus to save face when she has known about his accusations for a long time and was okay with that
She has also stayed silent about the demartino onlyfans scandal (and is still silent about that)
I hate fake woke people like her who only call out predators when its someone she hates or its to save face after being called out for associating with them.

Even her own fans are calling her out for this. (and its rare for her dumb fishies to call her out)

this bitch will either be a pig or a snake in her next life

No. 1233543

>she obviously wants to bang him
what? why would she?

No. 1233549

considering she has sent him unsolicited pussy pics, made a OF video of her masturbating to a vid of him, constantly negged him about them doing a onlyfans and got angry when Ethan declined her advances to wrestle with her.
Now ask yourself that question again.

No. 1233556

I stopped following them a long time ago. I didn't know. Why is Hila okay with them having a podcast together?

No. 1233557

Damn, he already looks like he's in his 40s.

No. 1233566

Because Hila is a cuck.

No. 1233568

>>Why is Hila okay with them having a podcast together?
because money and relevancy considering both h3h3 and Trisha have been on the decline and losing relevancy before this.

No. 1233588

File: 1621432239239.jpeg (Spoiler Image,374.49 KB, 1282x1260, EwytmLBU8AAc_uJ.jpeg)

ot but I went to Trisha's Twitter to look for this >>1233527 and got greeted with picrel

No. 1233599

i know no one cares but me but whatever in the podcast yesterday i hated when ethan ssaid that george washington was a "woke" slave owner just because he "freed" the slaves he had tortured and abused his whole life after he diied and they could no longer be of use to him. It just irritates me because there are so many instances of him brushing off racism as not a big deal or justifying it if its against black or asian people (basically anyone who isnt jewish) but the moment someone says something even tame about jewish people he makes a big deal about it and spergs about it for 15 mins.

Also its fucking annoying that he never allows trisha to speak and whenever she tries to make her point he just starts yelling like a banshee so you cant even hear her. Meanwhile he gets to talk about kkkeemstar and telling the same stories about him for like 20 mins. Trisha is right he kkkeem likes to be talked about because it feeds his ego but ethan is too much of a self obsessed dipshit to realize it. The more i watch this show the more i question my sanity. I just like hearing trisha scream at unknown people because its funny lol.

No. 1233604

>>there are so many instances of him brushing off racism as not a big deal or justifying it if its against black or asian people
Ethan has always been highkey racist, lets not forget that he used to pander to alt-right white men only three years ago
>>Also its fucking annoying that he never allows trisha to speak
Meh i disagree with this, they are both the same when it comes to NOT allowing the other to speak. Ethan has to walk around eggshells around trisha so lets not act like someone like Trasha is the better one in their shit podcast

No. 1233606

Every time they bring up that Seth prank bullshit I roll my eyes. You cannot compare that shit to actual sexual assault. Seth was an autist for eagerly making out with someone in a disguise, he wasn’t being forced to do anything. Case fucking closed.

No. 1233617

Does someone remember a podcast where Ethan talked about being scared of black people and that he crosses the street every time he sees one walking towards him? Then he asked Hila if she felt the same way and she said no kek.

No. 1233621

Seth is literally best friends with Dom (the guy that raped those girl) That says enough.
Also people who watched the full prank kiss video said that Seth knew about the prank and even agreed to do a second prank kiss.
If he was really assaulted then why the fuck would he agree to do a second video?
Also he is just a loser with a vendetta that changed his story multiple times during the years when it comes to the vlog squad. First it was ''uu vlog squad racist let me leak revenge porn of erin being racist'' then it was him claiming the kissing prank video made him look gay and now its him claiming to be SA'd

No. 1233634

>Then he asked Hila if she felt the same way and she said no
Based Hila

No. 1233641

Omg I remember this

Also when Ethan said that men want to “conquer” women

No. 1233664

i agree with this.
Trisha too was openly racist and a pedo sympathizer so it does go hand in hand.
Trisha and Ethan still hold the same views they just learned how to hide it better. But they sometimes end up contradicting themselves but thankfully for them their fans are too retarded to notice.

No. 1233699

this is my last time bringing up race because i dont want to get banned but this is a BIG reason why i think people with openly racist pasts should not be forgiven or given 2nd chances. TOo many of these people are often revealed to be shitty people. Its like if you are racist then 9/10 you are probably misogynistic and maybe a pedo etc. No one is ever JUST racist especially if they are male. But people ignore the racism part becuase it doesnt affect them but then get shocked when its revealed the dude is a pedo or rape apologist. Like if a dude hates someone because their skin happens to be darker then it isnt far fetched to think they will hate you for having a vagina or have other depraved thoughts. But no one cares so these ugly fat chodes with legs get to get rich off of laughing at stereotypes of women and minorities and only get called out after they've made their millions and it no longer means anything because they have their forever simps.

*i accidentally deleted because im afraid to get banned but i really odnt want to racebait mods this is just something that i noticed and that keeps happening.

No. 1233702

you wont get banned for that, i agree with what you are saying, also please sage because you've bumped the thread atleast 3 times by now.

No. 1233704

lol did you see the episodes of h3 that she was on at the beginning of 2020? there was one ep where she was going on and on and on about how ethan is "her type".

No. 1233713

Yea Seth is just butt hurt he never got to be part of the inner circle of the vlog squad. It was really telling how silent he was after that girl came forward with her story about Dom and David. He was clearly doing it all for clout.

No. 1233715

im sorry!!!!

No. 1233720

I remember there was a podcast episode where Trisha was being extremely manipulative and grilling Hila about whether she finds Ethan attractive and Hila was clearly uncomfortable.

No. 1233732

>grilling Hila about whether she finds Ethan attractive and Hila was clearly uncomfortable.
Trisha knows kek

No. 1233778

That's right, people should never be given second chances and someone who once said he changes the street when a group of black men walks his way is basically the same as a pedophile, probably.

You are retarded, please go back to twitter.

No. 1233807

its because he has also said pedophilic shit too dumbass

you are retarded please go back to /pol/

No. 1233809

I'm trying not to be mean but there isnt a nice way to say it so I'm just gonna be blunt:

Hila is a dead energy stick insect. Of course Ethan is attracted to Trisha. It doesn't matter that shes a nutcase because Trish is the opposite of Hila in every way. She has boobs, a big ass, and a "lively" personality. Any idiot coomer scrote is going to want to fuck Trisha after a while and even more so if they've been chained to a woman who looks and acts like a plastic Halloween skeleton

No. 1233819

File: 1621447979159.jpg (141.96 KB, 1080x1294, hy7oxcv9kx9z.jpg)

Scrotes sure are entitled

No. 1233823

File: 1621448237219.png (Spoiler Image,640.59 KB, 858x590, Screen-Shot-2021-02-19-at-4-54…)

anon no…..Trisha looks like a obese dwarf with a mutilated body.
And she may be ''fun'' to be around with but any person after some time with her get their energy drained because all talks about is negativity.
Both of them aint shit but atleast Hila made a respectable business for herself without having to resort drama or porn.

No. 1233833

I mean, who the fuck would have energy for this creature: >>1233819? Maybe she'd be more thrilled in his presence if he put down the fork.

No. 1233849

>No one is ever JUST racist
Yes this is why I can't stand racists. Sure, if someone hates a race that's not mine I just mind my business but what else do they hate? How do they end up hating people so intensely? There's also the tribalism, us vs them mentality, I hate it.

No. 1233870

File: 1621450300419.png (1.49 MB, 760x1212, eee.png)

this is before she gained even more weight,
anons do you suspect that trisha will reach 300lb by the end of this year because she seems to be going that route and moses seems like a feeder

No. 1233876

Yeah he seems very much like a /b/ creep. He also cannot take a joke at his expense at all, and loves to be the centre of attention (hence the eating mayo shit and getting so pissy about AB's popularity). I also think the personality test thing was him trying to pick the most insane answers for the attention.

Anyway trisha rules and actually made me like ethan after I stopped watching them for having the shittiest people as guests on the show.

No. 1233879

Nah, fat men especially are repulsed by fat women. Fat men are almost exclusively chasing super skinny or athletic chicks, they idolize what they themselves don't have. You will almost never see two fat people together unless they have met skinny and gotten fat over time.

Not saying he wouldn't fuck Trisha if he was drunk and single, men will fuck anything that has a hole, but I believe that he's not attracted to her.

Also lel that you think men are attracted to women with a good personality. Cute.

No. 1233922

Pls. Trisha is the biggest narcissist/ abuser.
Hila is an angel compared to her.
I'm shocked Ethan chose to stay close to Trisha after she called his wife a cunt.

No. 1233925

Nta. Irrelevant to the thread, but Kendall Rae (true crime YouTuber) and her husband are both chunky. I think she's heavier than he is and gaining.

No. 1233944

yes! This was the only good one I saw tbh. Reminds me of the midnight gospel.
The rest are cringe, wish they'd get off my recommended.


No. 1233978

Ofc there are rare exceptions, but like I said a lot of fat couples you see also met when they were skinny and they then both let themselves go.

No. 1234029

File: 1621461856219.png (97.3 KB, 545x583, wer.png)

No. 1234031

But, we think rationally because we're women, Ethan thinks like a scrote and not a particularly advanced one. We know Trish isn't better because that's a rational thought. But a scrote, who almost by nature seeks out tits and ass, and has spent 10+ years with someone who barely reacts to stimulus, is going to fuck Trish is given the opportunity

No. 1234043

Learn to sage, you "rational" woman

No. 1234060

The fact that people are trying to enforce Trisha’s they/them pronouns on people in the frenemies comment section is sooo telling of the audience Frenemies has attracted impressionable children who shouldn’t have access to the internet

No. 1234155

it’s all woke tiktok kids

No. 1234211

just say you hate hila and go. her designs are shit but she's the least offensive and interesting of the entire bunch so idk why you're hung up on her

No. 1234260

Peoples' criticism of Hila being boring is apt since she's an entertainer. However, I don't think that it's an actual bad trait for a person to have. Not wk'ing but it seems like she doesn't even want to be on camera or participate in regular talk show-like streaming. She probably is less responsive because that warrants less screen time therefore less criticism.

I don't think she hates Ethan but she is annoyed by his over-the-top cringey persona that he tries way too hard to put on for the podcasts. If you had a partner who acted a certain way when one on one vs. Acting like an ignorant buffoon when on camera, you'd wanna run too.

No. 1234268

that tragic wig omg

No. 1234282

She's already a pig in this one, snake it is

No. 1234292

File: 1621490619913.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, 39a.gif)

>who looks and acts like a plastic Halloween skeleton


No. 1234387

Was it because of Ethan's ethnicity? Trisha has a creepy fixation with Jewish men.
I wouldn't say that Ethan is automatically a pedophile because he has made questionable comments about race either. However, he has defended pedophiles like Britbong and is a fan of pedo-baiter Belle Delphine. He is a degenerate coomer that views women as pieces of meat. He has made really gross content like his photos in diapers and tiktoks that look like he is eating shit out of an asshole. It wouldn't be surprised if we found out that he is flirting or exchanging nudes with underage girls.
Does anyone know if the house is under the Moses' name only or does it belong to both of them?

No. 1234481


Hila has a respectable career but that doesn't mean a man won't gravitate towards a bimbo porn star. Scrotes choose tramps over good women all the time, so it isn't exactly off the rails to think Ethan would diddle Trish

No. 1234577

How much further do you think defnoodles could go up Ethans and Trishas butt?

No. 1234582

Well there is difference between platforming a rapist and facilitating rape. False equivalencies do bot make a valid argument. Adam22 is bottom of the barrel scum and his gf is gimp girl tier pickme., and associating with them gets ur hands dirty, but its not the same.

No. 1234599

and who said it was the same, people are calling her out for platforming a rapist which is what you said.

No. 1234608

adam22 is not the first rapist or pedo she has platformed or sleept with see >>1233030 for more, and she also had a fling with some pedo named Brandon Moudy in 2020

No. 1234613

what? why tf would someone sleep with someone who is a known alleged rapist if she is so high and mighty and able to call out David. Im not even a david fan he is ugly and i have no idea what the appeal ever was. But don't sit here and tell me that someone making millions off of sucking an alleged rapists dick that you KNOW has allegations for rape out and make it seem like "it is what it is". I dont care if its the same or not you dont get to make millions off of a rapist but then get mad someone else is doing the same shit. Trisha doesnt stand for shit she only "stands" for things when it benefits her. I dont even like ugly ass jason and i laugh whenever she trashes him but this bitch is a psycho who abused him too and drove her fucking car in his home. Like his kids couldve been home. S She is nothing more than a self serving drug addicted fat cunt who got lucky because people enjoy trainwrecks. >>1234608 EXACTLY ANON

No. 1234747

File: 1621545808929.jpeg (27.49 KB, 480x480, 1612075671682.jpeg)

>a woman who looks and acts like a plastic Halloween skeleton

No. 1234793

File: 1621550725733.png (1.51 MB, 1262x964, Screenshot 2021-05-20 at 23.43…)

ethan sperging over belle's spit again 10 mins into latest h3 podcast

No. 1234800

why is he so into belle and how is hila okay with him constantly talking about her like he‘s in love

No. 1234804

Remember that time they interviewed Belle Delphine and Ethan called her “Hila” at one point lmao

No. 1234823

I thought the obsession was a joke like he’s aware it’s cringe so he’s doing it as a bit but is he actually that enthralled with her? She’s not even relevant or active, she literally does nothing except act like a stupid uwu anime underage meme gf anyway, the bathwater thing is a dead horse and he’s still beating it

No. 1234824


Her lower half is getting g-i-a-n-t. she even mentioned on one of the last episodes that her knees are basically ready to buckle at any point, which is probably preventing her from exercising to try to get her weight back down. She did one day of tiktoks of when they finished the gym in the house, and she hasn’t mentioned it since. I’m thinking she probably injured herself already and now its collecting dust, or has officially become a free gym for Moses, her sister and Mom while Trish lays around in her pissy sheets.

No. 1234827

Gosh I couldn’t stand being with a man who makes everything into “Its just a joke! Im just joking for the podcast, Hila”. Ethan is okay until he gets his fee fees hurt or ego knocked, then he immediately turns into a giant gaslighter.

No. 1234866


Dorky men who have smart, kind, successful, out-of-their-league wives and openly thirst over the bimbo types is suuuuch a common trope. I used to be surprised by it, but they are usually the worst offenders.

No. 1234871

Hila said it's because they both "respect her" for the "hustle" and she knows that Ethan doesn't think of Belle sexually.

Ethan will lovebomb her too when she says stuff like that. "That's because you're so smart and you get it Hila. Of course I don't see her sexually- that is so not my thing."

She's just sorta blue-pilled.

No. 1234976

men will fuck hotpockets anon. It really doesn't mean anything if a man will fuck you.

No. 1234998


Never underestimate the madonna-whore complex of pornsick men(most men).
They will lust after every women that is objectified and degraded in their eyes, her attractiveness is secondary because they view her as a flesh light. Men with model tier GF’s will seek uggo prostitutes because they can use their bodies with comfort without their own insecurities seeping in.

Literally men willing to fuck u is more of an insult then a flex. Unless u r literal deformed obese troglodyte , u would have no problems getting dick. Dick is worthless and extremely low in value.

No. 1235003

File: 1621580943701.jpg (231.5 KB, 800x800, 36inch-90cm-Halloween-Skeleton…)

Am I wrong though? At least the skeleton has the inherent charisma due to radiating fun Halloween energy. All Hila radiates is a thousand yard stare and the vague feeling that she has never had an orgasm

No. 1235021

What else can Hila say? H3 panders to the liberal woke "sex work is work" crowd.

No. 1235024

Why would anyone respect her hustle, didn’t she only get viral because pewdiepie made videos on her? Then she just made porn for the money and attention, her whole appeal promotes pedo shit and sexual violence lol like Trisha is more respectable with her content and Ethan used to act disgusted by it. I know this is unrelated but it’s gross how everyone sucks up to her just because she became rich like especially hila I would never see her as the pro porn career advocate

No. 1235026

No, you're right. And the fact that Hila has bulging and empty fish eyes doesn't help.
People think she's super funny but it's mainly because her making basic jokes catch you off guard. Same when she got mad at Ethan because she thought he called her a bitch, ppl were like
but it was just surprising because it was so outside of her usual dead self

No. 1235028

I always wish Trisha would call him out on his Belle Delphine love versus his ranting Instagram vs Reality video that brought the two of them together in the first place. Ethan likes when girls have fake looking pictures of themselves online as long as they are filtering themselves into something he'd jerk off to. Stupid fake bimbos like Trisha and Tana Mongaeu can fuck off; but I guess Belle's pictures are of a cool, natural gamer girl. kek. I feel a little bad for their son, I'm sure they are trying to be good parents but with such a cold fish as a mother and a weird powder keg of a father…bad mix. I hope Hila is more demonstrative with her son, because plastic halloween skeleton would be a depressing mom.

No. 1235065


I've only recently started watching their podcast and Hila literally adds nothing to it. She barely talks and she sounds completely bored when she does. The podcasts where it's just Ethan are exactly the same as when she is there. I do not get it.

No. 1235076

How has trisha ever made money from sucking a pedos dick? She exploits herself got money, David dobrik exploits others for his money.

No. 1235079

find it funny that Ethan called out hating "boy's club" YouTubers when the usual H3 podcast team seems like a bunch of bro-y yes-men themselves. I honestly think they need a competent woman working behind the scenes to break apart the insufferable AB-Ian-Dan-Zach energy. someone who isn't clamoring for daddy ethan's attention and their allotted five minutes of fame per episode

No. 1235081

Exactly, trisha and david would be comparable if she was a porn producer who got girls drunk and made them have sex with known rapists. U all r delusional and hold women to a different standard. Most male pornstars r extreme degenerate
rapists, if u picked one randomly, there is a good chance that he is a sex offender. There many things to hate her for, and you all choose to act like supreme autists and WK.(integrate)

No. 1235083

I rather they don't get a woman because they will probably sexually harass and humiliate her, while everyone laughs and Ethan says: "It's just a joke, dude". Besides, there is no way that they will get someone smarter or funnier than Ethan either, because it will make him look bad.

No. 1235085

Yeah I agree, it's ironic that Ethan would call out 'Boys clubs' when you could count the amount of women he's had on the podcast as guests
on one hand and aside from Hila and their domestic staff no woman has ever contributed professionally to his work. I physically cannot listen to any of the other podcasts he does, because they are so overwhelmingly male. Plus most of the women he deems worthy of being on the show are porn stars which shows you were his coomer brain is at when it comes to viewing women.

No. 1235086


i kinda think this is why frienemies is so popular, because it was refreshing to see someone not give a fuck if Ethan liked them or not, and to have someone call out Ethan when he said his usual dumb shit/hot take. Sadly, I feel like Trisha has been “tamed” by her desire to be liked by Moses’ family and both Trisha and Ethan are basically a neutered versions of the people they were when the show first started and actually was entertaining. Them being “family” has killed the show, it feels like watching two people walk on egg shells for an hour+

No. 1235089

Nothing wrong with being a zionist, maybe keep your mouth shut about topics you don't understand you little brat. Calling them naive and then saying 'b-but the IDF' is hilarious just stfu

No. 1235095

>Literally men willing to fuck u is more of an insult then a flex. Unless u r literal deformed obese troglodyte , u would have no problems getting dick. Dick is worthless and extremely low in value.

I couldn't agree more, anon.

No. 1235099

>especially hila I would never see her as the pro porn career advocate

Hila is one of those feminists who has bought into the idea that the source of female empowerment is "sexual expression." It's the mainstream takes, and I'm personally exhausted by it. Porn gets lumped into that.

Super neolib girl boss view that doesn't recognize most sex workers are groomed, exploited, and trafficked.

No. 1235102


Their son is probably mostly being raised by nannies or their parents or whoever stays at home with him while they do the podcast, run teddy fresh, etc.

No. 1235108

They do indeed have a nanny for Theodore. Ethan talks about it in the episode where Trisha attacks him for leaving his kid with a nanny all the time (and claims that if she could have children she would want to spend as much time with them as possible).

Yeah I went through their podcast guests after another anon commented about Ethan’s racism and noticed that the guests were overwhelmingly white men

No. 1235112

But Ethan does know though. When they were discussing Trisha's prostitution past, Ethan asked her if she had a history of sexual abuse to choose that line of profession. Evidently, he knows that those women are exploited, but he doesn't give a fuck.

You are not wrong. Here is the video mentioned by >>1235108

No. 1235128


Trisha's actually right. Children far less likely to be abused if they're with blood relatives.

Not saying that eliminates the possibilities for abuse and neglect entirely, but it helps. I wonder if something happened when she was younger that makes her especially sensitive to this subject.

No. 1235141

No. 1235144

Belle Delphine is hot. Is this controversial? Young women are attractive, younger is ALWAYS better than older. It's natural to be attracted to 16 year olds(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1235147

Is that what happened? I was wondering what happened to gurugossip. The Trisha threads on there were full of soo much horrible shit she's done.
Once it all resurfaces, there's enough stuff to cancel her just like Shane Dawson was cancelled. She's just as bad as Shane.

No. 1235150

> It's natural to be attracted to 16 year olds


No. 1235151

Just ignore and report trolls

No. 1235152

Hey can you post ur dick so we can make fun of it????

No. 1235153

Oh my God, leave you filthy little pedo scrote. No it is NOT normal for hoards of adult nerds to lust after a pedopanderer

No. 1235156

please stop bumping unless there's milk. sage in email.

No. 1235159


I kind of wish she'd slip up again and show her true nasty colours. But ever since the fiasco where she called Hila a cunt she's been on her best behaviour, making cringy instagram posts like "omg!! so proud of my girl boss sister in law for making teddy fresh!" ….Like how can you switch up so fast from calling her a cunt?

No. 1235160

Trisha was molested by a teacher. She didn't specify her age when I heard her say this, but the context of the conversation implied that she was very young. I can see why she feels that leaving kids with someone who takes care of children professionally (like daycare teacher or a creche nanny) can be more dangerous

No. 1235161

Why does he have this? Why does he keep this? WTF?!

Hila you need to fucking get it together and get some self-respect. Divorce this loser and take all of his shit.

That is unacceptable behavior.

No. 1235163

Given how much Ethan simps for Belle, I don't even want to know how disgusting/awkward it'll be when they have Bella Poarch on as a guest. Not nearly as pedo-baity as Belle of course, but ya know, close.

Anyway, love how the subreddit is turning on Trish. I've hate-followed her for years and couldn't believe her stupid redemption ark.

No. 1235164

Trisha isn't stupid though, she's knows a good cash cow when she see's one, why do you think she put up with Davids shit for long, she waited until things were completely wrecked with that lot before trashing them. She'll play nice with H3 until things are her relationship with Moses deteriorates

No. 1235166

Belle sent them a bunch of her "merch" a while back and I think this was included in it?

No. 1235168


Realistically Moses will not be around for long. I'm aching with curiosity over what will happen when Moses shits the bed on this relationship

He's another plastic skeleton. His blogs with Trish are so dead on his end

No. 1235169

The way he forced the whole crew to smell her spit………like come on bro. You could tell Dan was grossed out by his behaviour.
Death to all coomers

No. 1235170


Only because she knows how obsessed with her he is. Trust and believe Ethan would have bought that shit under the guise of 'content' regardless.

No. 1235176


I have this strong feeling that they won't get married, but who knows my intuition isn't perfect. Regardless I don't know how anyone could willingly be in a situation as volatile as the Trisha x h3h3 one. There's so much time, money and emotions tied up in two people who are fucking retarded when it comes to being functioning human beings.

No. 1235178

It makes the video in >>1235112 worse in context. Trisha was just speaking from experience and Ethan was taking it too personally and twisting her words to make her look bad.

At least Moses smiles and looks somewhat happy in Trisha's music videos. But even in skits, Hila has such a dead-pan expression and monotone voice. She is like Droopy.

No. 1235203

A compilation of Trisha hitting on Ethan, although I feel like she is being sarcastic in most of these clips.

No. 1235209

No. 1235211

inb4 the ''this is a imageboard'' i screenshotted the text but the words didnt even look readable.

No. 1235214

you all really believe what she says huh. She is a psychological liar and changes her storys everytime she gets called out. She never had a nanny, her mother was a alcoholic who would leave her alone with her sister without a nanny.

No. 1235216

>psychological liar

No. 1235231

i dont really understand all the "SEE SHE IS A BAD PERSON" stuff. like yeah im pretty sure she never claimed to be a good person? trisha isnt exactly a saint and i dont think its a mystery to anyone who knows trisha. i do think she deserves credit for being someone who owns up to their own shit more than 99% of other content creators though, but it doesnt make her free of fault.

No. 1235240


Thats whats given her so much longevity she's always erred on the side of problematic and brought in views from that so when its revealed she's a bad person most of her fans/viewers go 'yeah duh we know.'

But thats why frememies could be her downfall. For the first time ever shes built a platform and fanbase on being a 'good' person. So when she inevitably crashes and burns it might actually cause a fallout this time

No. 1235255

I prefer when Hila is there so I don’t have to look at Ethan the whole time.

No. 1235280

Trisha is smarter than the people that try to orchestrate hate campaigns. She's been problematic for years and she has a fanbase they just might not be as vocal. I know I like that she'll say stuff others are too scared to say. She'll be blunt or tongue in cheek about a lot of things. I don't get her relationships with Moses either and they're buying another property in the same neighbourhood, they're already hedging their losses if the relationship fails. Who knows what the future holds

No. 1235342

File: 1621627022341.png (642.45 KB, 704x534, Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 3.56…)

why does her hair blend in with her skin (live now)

is this fashion?

No. 1235350


girl if you believe Trisha has more than two brain cells to rub together I have a bridge to sell you. You sound like the people who say Trump was playing 8D chess lmao

No. 1235354


samefag but this absolutely never happened, she's classic BPD and a lying liar who lies

No. 1235357

I feel like that's her BPD-ass defense mechanism when she first encounters people. like, hypersexual and flirtatious behavior to gauge reactions. I noticed that over time as she seems to become more comfortable with him (or maybe more trusting of him?) these things have kind of stopped… Actually, when I think about it more, during the past several weeks on Frenemies the sex jokes are always being prompted/goaded by Ethan. these days he's the one to bring up her onlyfans, for example. you think he's subscribed? kek

ayrt, I tried to listen to the After Dark that I guess is airing now and how do are they gonna have like five fucking boys behind the scenes (whose groundbreaking and hot takes and cackles are indistinguishable), post up our favorite cardboard-cutout Hila and call themselves a pro-woman podcast

No. 1235358

Just looks like all the pink washed out and she hasn’t done any upkeep, that’s all.

No. 1235359

maybe a cool tone blonde or something like blue or lavender would suit her much better but I guess that's not enough like belle-chan

No. 1235360

Smarter? This bitch lost all revelancy in 2020 and had to resort to doing actual porn while on xanax to make money.
Unfortunately the accident that is frenemies happened but there will be a time where she will be too old for even gen-z to support and that time is approaching fast.
Also what stuff does she say that people are too afraid to say..her putting a donut up her vag,her weaponizing victims against people she hates,her changing her story's all the time, her calling out people for the same things she does….that's her saying what others are too afraid to say.
How does she "own up" to her shit? I've followed her content for a long time and everytime she got called out for something she would either tell people to get over it, say a short sorry and roll her eyes or have a mental breakdown.

No. 1235376

I remember when she dyed her hair and had it cut like a bob and looked like a generic tumblr high school art hoe, this is way better. I have nothing against her besides being embarrassingly passive but it’s funny how people gas up her fashion and style when it’s mainly just because she’s tall and thin. People were complimenting the oversize tee she wore at Disneyland when it’s the most basic shit, impoverished children have the same sense of style what with all the teddy bears and cartoon character shit they do.

No. 1235459

Jesus, can't rely on Joe Rogan for real drama. When I seen the whole "Rogan trashed Hila" shit I thought maybe Rogan did basically the same thing he did to Trisha, but no he was just being autistic about masks again. Bonus cringe for complimenting Olivia Munn in the process, gross.

No. 1235463

File: 1621639797622.png (195.05 KB, 372x386, Screen Shot 2021-05-21 at 7.29…)

in the h3h3 among us video she was wearing a pink wig, literally like belle. kind of around the same time they were sperging about belle i think. its pretty cringe and sad…


No. 1235468

i seriously want to know where everyone in this thread got from that ethan is thirsting over belle. i literally never saw it and i admittedly watch most of their podcasts. i know belle sent them stuff before and ethan acted even grossed out with the tube of spit she sent. i only always noticed zach acting creepy about her and the rest making fun of him for being a simp-

No. 1235478

just projecting insecurities as usual

No. 1235515

it's the video where they're watching her "I'm back" video or whatever.
who is projecting? Do you even understand what that means? Be retarded elsewhere.

No. 1235533

Lmao women can wear wigs and change their hair color, and honestly the pink looks really good on her and brings out her eyes. How is it sad she saw something and had fun with it herself? Pink hair isn’t exclusive to one cam girl. It would be sad if she wanted to do it and didn’t, or let a crush her partner has affect her negatively. She looks genuinely happy, how can you project “sadness” onto her

No. 1235588

and that's not to mention that pastel pink hair is literally the 2020-2021 trend. up until recently it has been the most popular unnatural hair colour on women. i also just don't see how ethan is obsessed with belle delphine. all i saw from her cameos with them was that the team treated her with respect that the brave empowering ethot deserves per libfem agenda. i'm not big on controversies and youtuber drama, but if h3 deserves a thread here it really can't be because "ethan is a scrote". not trying to wk, just my honest impression that he seemed equally repulsed by belle delphine's internet hoe escapades as he is by trisha's onlyfans

No. 1235597

I think this conversation sums it up. people here are truly reading way too much into some stupid jokes if they truly think ethan is into belle.

No. 1235600

I always find it funny how he hypes belle up for doing onlyfans but never extended an interview invite to idubbbz girlfriend. If he gave her the time, it would improve her image, but Ethan decides to get idubbbz instead lol

No. 1235604

He hides his interest in repulsion, if he was really 'repulsed' he would just avoid her content and ignore her. He's morbidly fascinated with her and he's low key ashamed. It's like your friend who talks about gay shit all the time because he's 'grossed out' but can't stop talking about it cause he's a closeted homosexual.

No. 1235613

That video is exactly what >>1234871 says. Hila is on ShoeOnHead's level of dumb cuck.

No. 1235615

Hila actually got someone to marry her though. Shoe couldn't even tie down Greg

No. 1235625

There is nothing wrong with Hila's stance though. How insecure must a woman be to get upset about their man talking about some e-thot? You can just tell she doesn't worry because there is nothing to worry about. Besides, even if Ethan was thirsty for Belle, it's not like he'd pursue her or if she was even allowing him to so why should Hila be pressed about it?

No. 1235652

Ntayrt, but avtually yeah you have a point. Sometimes I forget that grown women have a strong established sense of self and their own worth, and it can be difficult to remember that some people aren't afraid of whores. While Hila is quiet I do perceive her as being strong and independent. Would in all likelihood up and leave if Ethan did start screwing around with Trish or Belle

No. 1235657

Being cool with your husband constantly bringing up ethots and prostitutes while touting the benefits of porn and only fans is not having a sense of self and worth. A woman with a strong sense of self and good self worth wouldn't put up with that shit.

No. 1235692

>who is projecting you dumb retard idiot??

>Sometimes I forget that grown women have a strong established sense of self
>(unlike me)
>it can be difficult to remember that some people aren't afraid of whores
>(unlike me)

No. 1235693

Who is Greg ?

No. 1235700

shoe’s ex fiancé who she was in a “ full time “ bdsm relationship with. he would simp over thots publicly on twitter. known on youtube as armored skeptic

No. 1235701

A self-respecting women doesn't let her man publically disrespect her by lusting after sluts half her age. That is peak pick-me doormat behavior.

Moids will always be gross but you need to teach them to keep their gross thoughts about other women to themselves and not blurt them out infront of you or an audience of people.

Pick-me doormats keep using this logic of "oh you don't want your bf to jerk his dick to other women? You must be so insecure!" then they cry, seethe and cope cause their boyfriend jerks his dick to whore and talks about it openly. If you let your man do this you're not self-respecting, you're a cuck.

No. 1235702

I wonder what kind of fucked up relationships these anons have if they believe that letting your husband publicly obsess over ethots is empowering. Ethan's coworkers and their fans have noticed and are rightfully mocking him too… but somehow anons here and Hila the doormat are defending this.

No. 1235708

Right? No 'empowered' woman would ever let her husband talk like that about other women on the internet. And the idea that Hila is anything but a pick me doormat is laughable. She's always cowtowed to his stupid ideas she played along with the 'carer' joke that ran for ages which is gross and demeaning. But it's not surprising the only woman Ethan was ever going to get would have to be a pick me.

No. 1235760

It's pretty clear that they have a dead bedroom. Hila is grossed out by Ethan's looks right now, she has expressed as much in streams before. She's probably just grateful that he can coom to random egirls instead of bothering her to have sex. Hell, they might even have an arrangement. Not to mention potential psych meds Ethan might be on that would kill sex drive. Didn't he mention antidepressants before?

No. 1235826

Not sure who has a lower iq, you or all the anons falling for this bottom tier bait. Yawn!

No. 1235830

Trish is a scrote level coomer, she'd probably fuck a rotting corpse.

No. 1235847

File: 1621708083201.png (280 KB, 760x900, Screenshot_20210522-142225.png)

they talk about fucking all the time because they're trying to have a second kid, Hila I think has been doing hormone treatments recently too to increase fertility

Speaking of TTC. Trisha has said that she KNOWS she needs therapy before they have a kid, and yet every month she's still trying as hard as she can to get knocked up. It's fucking weird the way she talks about it, like it's all about the acquisition, and the work that goes into raising a child has barely crossed her mind. I seriously hope that Moses has had a secret vasectomy and is just lying to her about it. She would ruin any child's life unless she gets years of intensive treatment first, and probably still even then

No. 1235859

The idea that women who don't like e-thottery must necessarily be insecure or jealous is scrote logic. You've been brainwashed.

Ofc Hila is entitled to her opinion. It's just a very blue-pilled one in that she assumes Ethan doesn't see Belle sexually. A more realistic "empowered" perspective would be:

"My husband is going to get a boner from a young girl taking her clothes off and giving him attention. But…

>…I don't care because it helps the success of our podcast with humorous content."

>…I don't care because this is all essentially fantasy as he has 0 chances with her."
>…I don't care because sex is not as important in our relationship at this point."
>…I don't care because I would leave him if he ever disrespected me enough to make a move."

"He's not attracted to her" is self-delusion.

No. 1235860

look at the way he talks about kendall jenner (she should just disappear off the face of the universe, she's the worst human ever, this is the worst thing i've seen) who he can't coom to, vs the way he talks about belle. he's not repulsed by Belle at all – i don't know what these whiteknight anons are talking about

No. 1235866

I almost posted this too like why is she even tweeting about this? Why is she trying to get pregnant before the wedding? It comes off as so desperate like just fucking chill

No. 1235888

Honestly Ethan is extremely repulsive, I genuinely believe that Hila would rather he cooms to death than touch him, she doesn’t really care if he is attracted to her or not because that is irrelevant, she knows he is so repulsive that no women would want to genuinely fuck him.

>see this old video where they do a tinder experiment.


Note how he is making himself uglier to be funny but it’s really because he can do process the rejection.

No. 1235893

The issue with the 'Ethan is attracted to Belle' tinfoil is that there's no point to it. All scrotes are attracted to e-thots. Your boyfriends and husbands included. Unless he actually cheats on Hila with her (which will never happen), there is no milk and it's just pointless tinfoiling to distract from the minimal amount of milk.

No. 1235903

I think people are just bringing it up to say Hila's being Ethan's doormat.

A woman with more respect would understand this is a fact

>All scrotes are attracted to e-thots.

And because of that, they would not condone their significant other publicly reciprocating attention a an e-thot. It's embarrassing.

No. 1235905

this absolutely terrifies me the thought of someone who is so mentally ill raising a child..

No. 1235906

I think she is trying to cement her place in the family, like Moses could divorce her if they get married, but once she's got a kid by him then they'll never be able to fully get rid of her. I can't imagine a non-selfish reason why she's trying SO hard to get pregnant as quickly as possible, it also seems like a weird competition since Ethan and Hila are trying too

No. 1235914

I don’t think they are having sex to get pregnant- pretty sure it’s IVF. Ethan was talking recently about having to masturbate into a cup

No. 1235920

It’s probably just because Trisha has such a hugely low chance of actually getting pregnant that any chance she has she’ll take. I don’t think it’s smart for her to have a kid without being completely emotionally stable but I HIGHLY doubt she would be bad to her kid, she’s wanted to be a mom for a while but the damage to her sexual organs has made it near impossible for her to conceive apparently.

No. 1235935

Yeah, I think she’s just being really mature about everything and making the best out of a seemingly difficult part in their relationship. She’s not attracted to him and he’s on anti-depressants, but I think he’s talked about working out and how he recently could pick up Hila for the first time and she thought that was hot lol. She’s married with a kid, of course she’s going to try to make things work and it’s cool she’s just remaining level headed and not let superficial things create damaging and unnecessary narratives. Sexuality is complicated and no one can control ethan’s relationship to porn but ethan, and I’m glad she’s not concerning herself with it. I agree he’s being a gross loser, and a huge hypocrite considering how he’s treating James Charles when belle edits herself like a literal child, but Hila is above getting involved until it’s past a certain point. She lets his dumb jokes be his dumb jokes, it’s bizarre how people make a woman responsible for a man, or let stupid jokes have that much control over your self esteem or how other women’s self esteem is perceived. Lmk how being a correctional officer towards anyone’s masturbation habits is solid relationship advice when if a man did that to you it would be controlling af, and a person who is going to cheat is going to no matter what.

No. 1235940

Real question what could be done to make him more attractive because I have literally no idea. He looks short too

No. 1235946


Bitch doesn't want a child. She wants the pregnancy and the attention that comes with it. Just like people who want weddings not marriages.

No. 1235966

Trisha's reproductive organs are so trashed from std's she probably can't carry a pregnancy to term anyway

No. 1235971

>she’s just being really mature
>she’s just remaining level headed
>she’s not concerning herself with it
>Hila is above getting involved
Is this what Hila also recites to herself to cope?
The truth is none of us know what’s really going on between them, but it still doesn’t make sense how people come up with this narrative. These sound like daily affirmations so she can be convinced that doormat behavior for her husband acting freakishly immature and inappropriate for years is tolerable.

No. 1236031

I feel like people in this thread are forgetting that Ethan made her rich and famous. She has a super successful clothing line because of their audience being so big and that was all built on him being an immature loser for laughs. I really don't think she's all that embarrassed by it

No. 1236049

No. 1236101

Ethan did not make her famous, they did together.
In the earlier days of h3h3 hila basically did all of the editing, which anyone who watches them knows was a huge part of their comedic style.

No. 1236110

I second this. I don't know why people always claim the man in a public relationship "made" the career for his female partner. That's a weird stance to take as if a woman's success is only ever thanks to their male partner. H3H3 has always been a team effort, even if Hila was less on camera at the start and even if Ethan is the more talkative one, she didn't work any less hard than he has. She doesn't have her success all thanks to him tf. And their audience isn't just there for Ethan, at least half of H3 fans are simps for Hila. And if someone wants to bring the argument that Hila couldn't have found success without Ethan I say, Ethan couldn't have found sucess without her either, and I'm 100% sure of that.

It's weird how many anons think Hila sticks around for Ethan because she owes him something or whatever. It's also weird how many people here think they know about what's going on in their relationship and that Hila must be repulsed by him or whatever. People here are projecting because they find Ethan repulsive so Hila must think so too.

No. 1236125

>I highly doubt she would be bad to her kids
As someone who was raised by two parents who suffered from BPD (much milder than Trisha's), I have two questions for you:

1. Have you ever been around someone with BPD during a time of severe crisis?
2. Would you, as a child, be capable of dealing with your caregiver smashing objects into walls in a rage when you get hurt/injured, putting you down/abusing you when they feel weak/inferior, not meeting your needs because they're too drunk/high/depressed to care for anyone, or playing the role of a parent/therapist whenever they can't handle life (i.e. most of the time) because they are too emotionally immature to realize how inappropriate it is to put so much responsibility onto a child?
3. If she can snap and chase Jason around with a knife, do you just assume that's where she draws the line?

It's honestly insane to hear someone claim that the risk of a severely mentally ill person who's chased their significant other around with a knife snapping and being abusive towards their kid is low. If you haven't been around someone during their BPD episodes, it's incredibly hard to imagine the toll it takes on you (or how far they're capable of going during times of distress), but it's truly one of the worst environments to grow up in. It doesn't matter that she's rich, that child will grow up in hell unless she permanently changes, and change usually takes a long time. Do you think someone who sobered up JUST because they found someone is fit to be a parent?

No. 1236153

But she said that she was sterile in a podcast with Ethan.
Tbh I feel like Ethan and Hila only want kids for the same reason.

No. 1236191

Can someone explain to me how Trisha has fans? Where did they come from? E.g. the Trish stans on the subreddit are fairly woke and easily offended by things Ethan says. But then they stan Trish? Are they new to her? Do they not know about her past? I'm honestly so confused.

No. 1236202

>we think rationally because we're women

No. 1236205

You expect Trisha to care about any of that shit?

Wasn't the "competent woman" meant to be Hila?

Zionists are scum.

Why are you willing to believe a pathological liar?

No. 1236225

To blog post I am a Trisha fan. I've been a fan of hers since the do dogs have brains thing. She's hilarious and she highlights how retarded others are. I grew up when Simple Life was first airing and Trisha is my YouTube Paris Hilton, I assume this is how a lot of her female fans view her. I don't spend time getting combative with David dobrik fans or posting in subreddits so to a lot of people we simply do not exist.

No. 1236228

How are you ok with all her lies and shitty/abusive behaviour? I'm kind of a fan but since I read all the milk on her throughout the years I am shocked

No. 1236234

What milk? She's upfront she has done drugs, had toxic relationships, does porn etc etc etc. If Moses wants to air out their stuff and still stay with her that's on him. I'm close to Trisha age I wouldn't be looking to her as a role model or anything. I can choose to ignore her sex work and find her funny.

No. 1236236

Is this the best bait you could bring to the table? Take it and go fishing, scrote

No. 1236246

nayrt, but >>1234031 is ironic considering that we are also talking about Trisha's low standards in men and how she would fuck a disgusting fat retard like Ethan.

No. 1236263

I completely agree, trisha is not milky and never will be because she doesn’t hide behind a veneer of normalcy, all her dirty laundry has been aired by her, she has addressed most things she has done. Not to mention along with being extremely unstable she is also one of the greatest longest running trolls the internet had ever seen.
Hate her all you want, but denying that she wasn’t raped by or molested as a child, what makes you different than the average scrote, as if women being sexually assaulted is so out of the ordinary, and not a common thing most women endure.

No. 1236275

Idk she was trying to hide those texts of her hitting Moses, she lost it at Ethan for reading them.

No. 1236278

That's hardly absurd though given the context. I doubt Ethan had read texts between him and Hila. They've been out for a while, before Moses proposed even or they bought the mansion, so if it's milk, it's stale.

No. 1236304

I don't think all her stories about molestation and abuse are lies (she was absolutely taken advantage of by Anthony Michael Hall when she was young and honestly Roger Bart did her dirty too) but the teacher thing is a lie she made up to promote that "hot for teacher" video.

Its like when Robin Williams died and she put out that video implying that he was one of her escort clients (which is also a huge lie, she was never an upscale call girl).

No. 1236324

Id consider myself a “fan” in a way. I’ve been watching Trisha since her Andy Kaufman days. She’s entertaining plain and simple, I like seeing people get rilled up by her. It also amuses me to see someone so messy manage to last so long, in a weird way that deserves some respect. As for the shitty things she’s done, either 1) I don’t actually think it was bad (her DID stuff was hilarious to me) or 2) the people she hurt were just as bad of people as she is so again, I don’t really care. Also I loved the tranny madness she indirectly exposed when she came out as a man.

No. 1236345

I defended Hila cause she does let ethans shit affect her but what the fuck

No. 1236348

BPDfag here and agree. There's no way Trisha is ready for the responsibility of a child. She wouldn't be a good mother even though I'm sure she WANTS to be a good mother. She's simply too emotionally unstable and her behavior hasn't improved to the point where she'd be able to handle motherhood. You can have good intentions but emotionally unstable is still emotionally unstable.

Her child would likely end up with psychological issues from inappropriate situations Trisha would inevitably expose them to: substance abuse, domestic violence and learning about sex and porn way too young from having a hypersexual mother (hello OnlyFans).

Trisha is funny and relatable at times but anyone with common sense can see she'd be a terrible mother.

No. 1236362

Maybe safe the "would Trisha be a good mother" debate for if she actually gets pregnant.

No. 1236366

Exactly, the problem with this thread is its treating trisha like the other cows, when in reality she is way to meta to be one. Her persona to an extent was curated to be mocked and when juxtaposed with her innate unstableness it’s difficult to decipher where she is trolling or not.

Whatever she did with jason or her other ex’s was countered by their own shittiness , I really don’t care, he has the dignity of a rotten cadaver of a sewer rat. David had treated him exponentially worse than Trisha but that never stopped him from sucking his dick. , honestly he is more deserving of a thread than trisha is.

Trisha is a supremely autistic and unstable but she is more transparent than probably any other Internet personalities.

No. 1236378

nta but I share similar sentiments with the ayrt, and I don’t care about what she did anymore. There was a time (before j* and shane fall out) where a lot of people were becoming fans of her but weren’t aware of her past shitty takes and behavior and it was the opposite of how things are now. Then she and jason broke up and she started getting her dirty laundry brought to the forefront, and that’s when she became most entertaining imo. She’s not hiding her shit and is still trolling in the process, is still a hypocrite, etc. But she doesn’t have to have the history of a good person to be entertaining. She’s trashy and funny, that’s all. I don’t think anyone expects her to be a paradigm of justice and good morals.
Is right.
I wish she’d do the DID shit again.

No. 1236382

I think most people who have followed Trisha for many years (myself included) just aren't shocked at anything she does anymore. It is all very clearly attention seeking behavior to cause controversy whenever she does another dumb and offensive thing. You can only be shocked and think "wow what a piece of shit, I can't believe she would stoop so low" so many times until you become kind of desensitized to it.

I used to be angry about people constantly giving her the 100th chance and how she still has followers, but let's just be real, she is about as true of a representation of the LA mindset as you will ever see. Everyone knows people in Hollywood have child sex-trafficking rings and yet they still have careers. Nobody is holding these people accountable as long as they are creating entertainment and it will always be that way.

People just don't care about how horrible of a person someone is as long as they are entertaining. It also helps to have a lot of money cause retards will be impressed by sparkly stuff.

Trisha has been cancelled 6 Million times and she's still here, just sit back and watch the show.

No. 1236414

I think it's funny watching dobriks young audience try to cancel trisha. I had no clue who the blog squad was until trisha and since the vlogs are short it was easy to go back and watch some. She made the VS out to be idiots and older female viewers could immediately notice the clear drug usage and weirdness with this group. They were use to pandering to teens or freshmen in college they didn't fathom people would see through their bullshit. The same people that can see Trisha isn't a problem to others unless they themselves are trash.

No. 1236443

Ethan and Hila sperging about Joe Rogan who said that it was dumb to go masked at a party where everybody was covid tested in ref to Hila. They make jokes on Rogan's physical appearance and how they're more intelligent than him for 30 minutes.
The comment section is mad at them for preaching so hard about the importance of not going anywhere during the pandemic while Hila attended a party like a dumbass

No. 1236462

the fact these two are picking at how anyone looks is hilarious.

No. 1236476

You sticking up for Joe Rogan on lol cow dot farm. Weird flex.

No. 1236479

nta but is that sticking up for joe rogan? All 3 of those people are gross looking.

No. 1236484

>lol cow dot farm
>weird flex
ew, kek

Also no one is sticking up for Joe Rogan, he's moron, but those two retards are genuinely offended by his 1 sec comment, they were both unnecessarily angry

No. 1236592

Haven’t seen more than 1 comment among the hundreds I’ve scrolled through relating to Hila going to the party, so I don’t think anyone is actually that flustered over it anon it was pretty dumb for her to go to that party though

No. 1236687


They are not actually mad. Ethan alluded to this before but they are thriving whenever Joe Rogan gives them something to talk about. Rogan mentioning Hila in this clip was 100% the best thing that could happen to them. It's given them material to talk about the number one podcaster again for guaranteed views and make it look personal for some street cred. Just how when Joe Rogan made a comment about Trisha's looks before and Trisha absolutely enjoyed it.
Joe Rogan is an ape who thinks he is smart but exposes more and more how simple-minded he is, especially with the whole covid situation. I can't believe people are pointing their finger at Hila who was at an outdoor gathering with a mask on, instead of focusing on this dimwit calling her stupid for wearing a mask. Besides, this panedmic has been going for over a year. Do people really think Hila and Ethan never left the house during this entire time? It's not like they are out partying at superspreader events.

No. 1236735

It's not for nothing that some countries have a curfew and make parties illegal whether the attendants get tested beforehand or not. For real tho, do rich people even realize that you can still have a social life during the pandemic without throwing or attending a party, or are they that retarded?
Shitting everyday on people going to parties and then proceeding to do the same is still hypocritical, tested & masked or not.
Ethan managed to turn his whole "podcast" into a Tea Spill brother channel, can't wait until Rogan mention them for more than 5 seconds so he can make a whole ass 2 hours podcast about it

No. 1236739

If you don't like H3 you don't have to watch their podcasts.

No. 1236742

do you know where you are anon

No. 1236767

>tl;dr: Ethan accepted he is a clout-chasing attention whore and is happy that Rogan is talking about him. Also, H3 is allowed to go partying while they tell us to stay home because of reasons.

If you don't like this thread, you don't have to read it.

No. 1236920

This is true. Some people are genuinely ok with being a relationship where their partner watches porn/ they watch porn themselves. But I don't get the impression that Hila is into porn, she doesn't even mention having celeb crushes. I remember once on the podcast Ethan asked her if she thought some actor was fuckable and she said she would not answer such a question because she's a married woman KEK. Meanwhile Ethan thirsts over porn stars openly, the energy and respect levels is not the same.

No. 1236954

Hila couldn't be into porn. She barely looks like she's into being hugged, let alone having sex

Can you imagine her having an orgasm? Pure plastic skeleton just totally still with empty eyes staring at the ceiling. I wonder what makes her horny

No. 1236980

File: 1621884235155.png (1.25 MB, 1342x710, Screen_Shot_2021-03-18_at_11.5…)

t. ethan

No. 1237005

Fuck off scrote. Most women aren't into porn and still have great sex. Only men think that porn is the height of sexuality. Women are actually quite turned off by seeing other women exploited and violated you sick fuck.

No. 1237175

Nta but i thought it was funny lol

No. 1237242

>>I wonder what makes her horny

Ethan being thin. She has said she finds a thinner Ethan more attractive and has forced him to diet and get a personal trainer to make shagging him less of a torture

No. 1237329

Have they ever discussed their sex life on a podcast or anything?

Holy shit, did she? That must be why Ethan seems to be on some kind of (failied) on and off diet. He mentions it sometimes but never actually seems to lose weight

No. 1237335

Nta, but I'm pretty sure they just meant that >>1236920 saying "But I don't get the impression that Hila is into porn" is unnecessary considering Hila is so obviously a non sexual person. It's like saying the sky is blue or a tomato is a vegetable. We already know Hila isn't into porn or any kind of heavily sexualized things because has outright stated that she values things like modesty, self respect, and doesn't like touch/hugging from people. Chill with the scrote hunting

No. 1237344


sex repulsed or not, Hila is a robot. I recall when ethan described her birth experience, and how NONE of the hospital staff could believe it was her first birth considering how little reaction she was having to the whole thing. she just sat there, blankly staring at everyone, not reacting to contractions or anything going on around her.

never mind the sex or arousal talk, what kind of mother is she? she seems like she can't be silly or warm at all. i know plenty of stoic women raise their kids fine, plenty of type a cold women raise their kids decently but damn, what must it be like to grow up and live with an actual robot? her vacant soulless eyes really kill me.

No. 1237363

Reaching a bit there to the point of cringe. We get you don't like Hila but let's not go as far as to say she's an awful mother because of her personality on screen.

If anything, Hila and Ethan can balance each other pretty well with the kid if you want to talk about being silly around the child.

No. 1237370

Oh wow that’s crazy, I thought her reserved personality was because of being on camera with an audience and sperg personality Ethan but to act like that during giving birth with your husband is pretty weird. Better than screaming in pain I guess but lol I’m imagining the doctors being creeped out by her doing the Instagram photo stare.

No. 1237423

Considering Moses is autistic, maybe Hila is too. The calm robot thing seems to run in their family. I don't dislike it though, I'm kind of the same way. I guess I have no personality.

No. 1237430

nah anon. being reserved/quiet has nothing to do with not having a personality and people who think just because someone doesn't talk a lot that makes them boring or whatever are the simple-minded ones. still waters run deep. a lot of creative people are quiet and reserved. personally, i'd rather spend my time with these kinds of people than loud and obnoxious ones.

No. 1237481

>It's like saying the sky is blue or a tomato is a vegetable.
Hate to be that guy, but tomatoes are fruit lol

No. 1237483

I did consider that Hila could be autistic. Does her childbirth experience line up with any autistic mothers? Assuming Ethan isn't bullshitting, not responding to pain at all is REALLY strange

Girl, listen, until the day I see tomato flavoured starburst candy or ketchup flavoured chapstick in between the cherry and pear flavours, I will not accept tomatoes as a fruit

No. 1237510

she's just a reserved person it's not that deep

No. 1237515

You guys really are brainwashed by scrote and libfems if you think that a woman who doesn't like porn or doesn't like her husband simping for prostitutes, doesn't like talking about her sex-life infront of a huge audience means that she is basically an asexual robot that couldn't possible have a fulfilled sex-life.

I mean, obviously the only way women can feel fulfilled is if they have kinky BDSM sex while watching porn with their man and then talk about it afterwards on their show, amiright?

Really shows that a bunch of you are zoomers who grew up watching porn and exposed to all sorts of degenerate behavior on social media, that you think people keeping their sex-life private and being reserved makes them basically asexual. Get a grip.

No. 1237516

No. 1237523

>doesn't like talking about her sex-life infront of a huge audience
I actually don't remember if it was Hila or Ethan that mentioned that their sexual life was handicapped by Ethan's weight. They said they could only have sex on the side or smth

No. 1237530

That's bullshit lmao. He would have to be way fatter for it to impact positions.

No. 1237532

That was on a recent one of their uploads and I think satire is lost on some anons. Ethan basically said because of his weight Hila goes on top and Trisha got triggered because Moses made a comment that their sex was just OK because Trisha is basically immovable.

No. 1237535

A while ago, I think they mentioned in a podcast that Hila was trying to gain weight, so she bought a bunch of high-calorie food. But Ethan kept getting into the pantry and eating everything before Hila got to do it. Does someone else remember this or am I confusing them with someone else?

No. 1237543

I found where Ethan and Trisha talk about this. It's around the 3:40 mark.

>Ethan: Why are you so good at this? Trisha is an elite athlete.

>Trisha: You got to be on top more.
>Ethan: Oh… interesting.
>Trisha: You hold yourself up, 'cause you don't want to have all your fatty weight on top of your partner, so you have to hold yourself. I feel like when you are on top, you are one of those guys you put all your weight down like this.
>Ethan: For sure. Hila says… Hila complains that I hurt her back once.
>Trisha: It's because you put too much weight on her.
>Ethan: That's why I try not to be on top, that's why we do it from the side. I want her to survive having sex with me.

No. 1237546

How is it possible to be so based anon?
Really not bragging about how much you like to get kicked in the face while having sex or sharing the details of your sex life does not mean you are sex repulsed it just means you haven’t been coombrained yet.

Sex-pozzy culture is zoomer cancer and girls will always suffer accommodating degenerate fantasies.

No. 1237619


Not autistic myself but my mother is and Hila reminds me a lot of her. Robotic, cold, doesn't react mucy… great sense of humour though, just a bit weird. My mother also barely showed any reaction during labour, even though she said the pain was excruciating. No idea if that's coincidence. I can't relate, I screamed so much the couples in the other rooms asked if the doctors could just give me an epidural already so I'd shut up.

No. 1238307

I feel like Trisha is too sensitive to be dating an autist. From seeing autistic acquaintances of mine struggle socially from accidentally hurting people with their bluntness, I imagine Moses giving Trisha the brutal honesty she doesn't normally get from ber enablers.

This will either set her off or, by some miracle, set her straight

No. 1238343

Yes she is. Prime exemple is Moses complaining about the way her vagina smells, which is a pretty autistic remark in the first place. If master sperg Moses can't even stand the smell of scented candles, you can't expect him to not be triggered if he smells your pussy

No. 1238408

It’s funny you say that though, because Moses is her biggest enabler. He feeds her, buys her gifts so she’s doesn’t throw a fit, takes care of their house, does whatever videos she wants. She has him wrapped around her finger. And you can tell he does what she says because he’s scared to trigger her, or get beaten up by her again …

No. 1238411

did anyone see the latest frenemies episode? i hate how Trisha said she sympathised with Israel and said she would invite the h3 crew to her wedding… except AB, the one muslim guy . idk if i’m reaching

No. 1238416

I think yes you're reaching. I don't think she really understands anything about the Israel situation and she more likely hesitated to outright invite AB because they're not friends

No. 1238423

He already made a bunch of blunt comments about her when he was messaging the catfish (about their sex life, her overeating and the fact that Trisha makes life hell for herself) which was enough to trigger and go on about it for months on the podcast. An autist is not a good match for “walking on eggshells” BPD

No. 1238437

Trisha probably doesn't want to invite AB because he defended David Dobrik and called the girl who was raped by Dom a liar.

No. 1238507

Anyone else getting progressively more sick of Trisha each episode? She’s pretty one dimensional and I think everything worth exploring with her has been explored. After the wedding saga I can see Frenemies tanking unless she creates some sort of drama.

No. 1238598

Yeah I agree, she bugged me in this last ep because of how on crack she was acting. Ethan even tried to tell her to tone it down a little multiple times. It's jarring as a viewer to have her mood and energy change so much from ep to ep

No. 1238601

I’m getting sick of Trisha (and Ethan as well to be fair) flaunting and bragging about her wealth constantly. She brought on a handbag that cost her $50,000 on the most recent podcast

No. 1238700

>master sperg Moses

I'll be honest I don't know how someone as sensitive as Trisha can stand being with someone who is willing to tell people she is only ok at sex and that her pussy is bad. How does she fuck him knowing this?

No. 1238706

Do you guys think Ethan ever watches Trishas sex tapes?

I mean we all have at this point and I'm pretty sure she once tweeted her labia at him publically during a feud. It's weird to think he might just be like… a regular consumer of Trisha porn

No. 1238767


Its super weirded me out how Ethan asked Trisha what was biggest thing she’s had inside her during the fisting segment. I feel like he probably hasn’t actively looked for her shit, but he is strangely sexually fascinated with her. If anything it comes off more like he compares Trish/Moses relationship with his constantly, especially when it comes to eating. But it mostly comes off like Hila is boring as fuck in bed.

No. 1239134


but why would he do this? she is gross

No. 1239339

>I mean we all have at this point
Have we?

No. 1239350

if you followed her on twitter in past few years then yea. she used to always post her nudes and porn but she stopped since being with Moses officially

No. 1239388

…have you seen what the average scrote gets off to, anon?

No. 1239399

It's very hard to avoid Trisha porn. She used to post it on her Twitter and (to a degree) on her Instagram as well. Additionally, during the butt crumb fiasco, pictures of her anus were EVERYWHERE

No. 1239402

I'm not trying to stir up the argument of Hilas sexuality again but we already know she's not enthusiastic about fucking Ethan

No. 1239407

i don't think anyone would be

No. 1239440

Wasn't their marriage pretty much just a cultural deal? He fled to israel and got a jewish wife, and she got a greencard to the US.

No. 1239548

I don’t think so. He’s from Southern California; he didn’t have to go to Israel to find a Jewish wife. And she could’ve divorced him a long time ago and still kept the green card.

No. 1239601

>during the butt crumb fiasco
… someone PLEASE provide context?

No. 1239604

Ethan was sent to Israel by a Zionist organization called Birthright. They send jewish American young adults to connect with their roots and hook-up with other jewish single people in Israel. They disclosed this in the Holocaust Museum video where they talk about how they met. In the same video, Ethan also tells us how he proposed to Hila:

He placed the ring inside a box of baby wipes. Then he asked Hila to bring him the baby wipes while he was shitting in the bathroom.

No. 1239619

>He placed the ring inside a box of baby wipes. Then he asked Hila to bring him the baby wipes while he was shitting in the bathroom.

Any argument that Hila has a modicum of respect for herself is made null and void by this being their proposal story.

No. 1239622

A few months ago Trisha pulled her car over on the side of the road and made Moses take a picture of her anus. So, two things happened:

One is that her butt hole had toiled paper crumbs clinging to her anus folds. Uploaded it to Twitter as an OnlyFans promotion thus sending the entire website into an usumaki style descent in to madness but instead of spirals there was cute trishas asshole everywhere

The other thing is that I realised master sperg Moses really is a snake. Who sees their girlfriend have crumbs and just DOESN'T say anything? Snake snake ssssss

No. 1239628

Did Trisha upload this or Moses? Why didn't Trisha noticed it either?

No. 1239634

That was debated.

Trisha has never done anything like that prior. It's TRUE that shes crazy but shes been a sex worker and porn actor for years, she doesn't make Lillee Jean level mistakes like that. She has the experience to know that pornstars can't have dirty butt crumbs.

I actually seen people tinfoil that Moses did notice but didn't day anything to purposefully humiliate her. Imo hes just a dirty scrote who didn't realise butt crumbs are a deterrent

No. 1239738


Honestly I'm on team "Moses is a snake" BUT it's 100% obvious that Trisha knew she had butt sprinkles showing in that pic and posted it anyways to gain attention. Moses is autistic as fuck and definitely would have pointed it out to her but this is Trisha we are talking about. The same Trish that pissed all over bed, and drank blue gatorade so she would "squirt" blue coloured pee. During the peak of Trish's OF career she was doing anything for attention/the money that came from it.

No. 1239824

What was the stuff about Ethans supposedly fucked up childhood?

He used to make references to his dad being emotionally abusive back in the day. Gotta wonder how long until Trisha brings that up to hurt him in a future meltdown

No. 1239867

File: 1622132032406.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1561, 7E06E38D-9CD2-429D-AD32-97323A…)

From the H3 reddit

No. 1239993

Please correct me if I’m wrong but does anyone else remember when Ethan brought up how his dad didn’t know that his likes on Twitter were public and the fans found that he would like a good amount of porn gifs and videos. Yikes

No. 1240001

File: 1622143381390.jpg (76.33 KB, 754x729, ugh.JPG)

Agreed, I think she had to know. Probably even thought it was funny or knew it would stir up some attention..

No. 1240053

FUCK I forgot about this lmao!
He was pretending to take a shit in the bathroom and asked Hila to open the baby wipes and she opened the package and said “what is this?”
He did say that afterwards he proposed in a better way because that was awful

No. 1240055

Oh my god disgusting.

This makes so much sense for Ethan. I had to break up with a bf for being pornsick when I was in college. He talked about how he caught his dad sneaking into his room to watch porn on his computer growing up.

Men definitely pass along this behavior.

Also it's crazy looking at how ugly Ethan turned out because you can tell his parents were attractive when they were younger. His mom is still beautiful too.

No. 1240109

Ethan is the Homer Simpson of the internet, the epitome of "let yourself go" like something about Youtubers makes them be as low effort and disgusting as possible, and apparently the more disgusting they are the bigger their audience grows.
Ironic he used to shit on overweight women and clout chasers and his life is now embroiled with Trisha's.

No. 1240124

File: 1622152952160.jpeg (123.31 KB, 1014x557, E2DF1B48-CF79-4B5A-B3F5-8CA2C4…)

Hila looks like Ethan’s mom. Creeps me out

No. 1240145

I hate AB so much. He's such a smug little attention whore and there's literally 0 interesting things about him. On the ep that came out today he stole like 20 mins of air time telling a boring story about how he was mean to his dumbass trad wife. He's dead weight

No. 1240360

sage for nitpick but has anyone noticed Trisha has picked up a new laugh? I don't know who's personality she's trying to emulate now, but she's been doing this really forced like "bimbo" type laugh and I can't stand it

No. 1240375

Think she's workshopping a new persona, schizophrenic bimbo. Also why the fuck is it so hard to find these toilet paper asshole pictures? I don't want to look that hard but I also want to see.

yeah this IS creepy. Oedipus calling…

No. 1240383

his mom is hotter. jeez she is really beautiful

No. 1240386

I remember Ethan then placed her ring inside a baked turkey and asked Hila to find it… I guess it's slightly better but it's still pretty bad.

No. 1240426

File: 1622187992541.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x1644, 9F938391-40EE-4C7A-AE14-8B11D7…)

Does Trisha’s Mom just permanently ride on the coat tails of Trisha’s wealth or what? I know Trisha has spoken about her mother being an alcoholic, neglectful and bringing abusive men into her childhood. Now her Mom seems to come on every single expensive outing and is constantly round at Trisha’s place eating boujee food. Kind of sad.

No. 1240460

Trisha's mom and sister have always been pretty involved in her YT stuff. Her mom particularly seems like a real alkie. She even worked as a bartender for awhile before Trisha really took off. I think now she just lives entirely off of her daughter's wealth. This video has a super clickbait title but it also has a LOT of shading of her mom. In just the first 5 minutes Trisha says her mom rarely cooked for her, and they ate convenience store food. And it just goes on. Trisha's got a weird relationship with her whole family and I don't think that is part of her 'character' at all.

No. 1240468


I get the vibe that if Trisha was capable of making any sort of real friend who wasn't family or on her payroll, that she would ditch her hanging out with her Mom and possible sister immediately. Trish just doesn't want to be seen constantly alone so this is her "entourage". But yes, Trish bought her mom a house recently and just kind of lets her exist. Which hey, isn't the worst thing Trish could be doing with her money to be fair.

No. 1240499

Trisha has been open about her mom not being a very good parent, it seems she was that single working mom type who didn’t have the “energy” to cook or pay attention properly to her kid. But she’s also pretty defensive of her, like when Ethan joked once that Trisha’s mom giving her McDonalds for school lunch was abuse she got very upset and defended her mom hard.

I think it’s the type of relationship where she resents how badly she was taken care of but still loves her mom in spite of it.

No. 1240501

I’m not 100% on how legit this info is, but there’s some short bios of her parents on this website: https://familytron.com/trisha-paytas/

Basically her mom is a mess and got married/divorced 5 times. It seems Trisha’s dad was fairly smart and well off, but Trisha hated his new wife and he was also against her acting career so she likely lived with her mom for the most part because she didn’t care what Trisha did. Trisha’s mom like never had money though so I don’t know why Trisha’s dad didn’t financially support his kids more. It seems they had joint custody so I’m not sure he had to pay child support in that scenario?

No. 1240505

Tends to be if you're from a broken home you cling to the family unit you know. If her mom's been remarried that many times trisha live through that with her. Probably why she's so defensive of her. She also talks about how her mom was supportive and her cheerleader when it came to Trisha wanting fame. And it worked out, Trisha is very rich now.

No. 1240506

Information on Trisha’s mom and overall shitty behavior has also been discussed pretty extensively on gurugossiper.
Her mom is a drunk.

No. 1240516

Trisha once stated on an early podcast appearance with H3h3; "I've been showing my boobs for money since I was 15". Is she talking out her ass or?

Trisha seems to have a very tiny circle of genuine friends who make appearances on her Instagram sometimes. I always think of Shane tho

No. 1240766

They just announced Hila is pregnant on After Dark (or at least that she didn't get her period)

No. 1240783

Well that didn’t take long at all, guess those fancy injections and fertility things worked.

No. 1240784

i hope Hila agreed to announce this, it can be disappointing to share hopeful news so early to a big audience.

No. 1240792

Oh shit, pregnant again? I wonder if Trisha will get inspired

No. 1240807


Trish doesn't need any inspiration, she's been trying to conceive. I can see Trisha being a bitcha about this and trying to take away Hila's shine. I expect lots of back handed compliments and pointing out how STDs ruined her ovaries the next episode of frienemies.

No. 1240843

considering trisha hates or is jealous of other females her mom and her sister are the only females who she has been close to.

Also am i the only one that noticed that Kalli has better chemistry with Trishas boyfriends than trisha herself. Trisha must have been happu when she found out that Kalli hates moses (because moses said that Kalli was the one dildoing trisha in onlyfans videos)

No. 1240845


trisha looks cute here

No. 1240876


She didn't really seem comfortable with it since it's so early and not a sure thing, but she did get confirmed pregnant by the end of the show though as her blood test came back.

Ethan did say he jumped the gun but he's excited and they announced Theodore early so he thinks it's fine but she didn't seem to enthused about talking about it at first but it worked out in the end.

No. 1240877

The only reason to doubt it is because the internet was less of a thing and it was more difficult to make money off sex work back then. That said, she was definitely fucked up enough as a teen to do it bc she started stripping as soon as she turned 18, so if she found a way to make money while underaged it's definitely possible.

No. 1240878

That seems really early to announce…I hope it all works out fine. Trisha will definitely make it about her though haha

No. 1240901

Had a feeling this was coming with Trisha clearly being on drugs in the last frenemies. Her jealousy can’t take it

No. 1240978

did she even say anything about it being on the internet? she probably meant in real life

No. 1241001

>Does Trisha’s Mom just permanently ride on the coat tails of Trisha’s wealth or what?
whitetrash moms are known for that, imagine if Trisha was like actually successful

No. 1241005

I remember the last time Hila got pregnant, they announce it early, and she said something to the effect of, "I should hide it because what f I lose the baby? It seems like I shouldn't have to hide such a thing, why should I be alone if something sad happens?" And honestly, I really respect that. Hila is about as fa fro man attentionwhore as you can be and still be on YouTube, so I don't think it's for anything nefarious. I agree, we shouldn't make women feel like they need to be alone or be ashamed if they lose a baby.
I hope this one works out for her too
So she doesn't have to fuck Ethan anymore

No. 1241122

Do you really believe she was a stripper? She has the rhythm of a drunk uncle at a Bar Mitzvah lmao

No. 1241150

ah yes, you know how high the standards are at Jumbo's Clown Room

No. 1241161

I watched the infamous podcast episode where she storms out yesterday and boy you can tell that her resentment for Hila runs deep. I have a feeling it’s because Hila is Moses’ sister and they share a bond that Trisha feels jealous of? Either way her recent “cheerleading” of Hila to make up for that podcast comes across as pretty fake, I think this pregnancy announcement will possibly tip her over the edge again

No. 1241174

I'm 100% supportive of her announcing this early. Early miscarriages are sadly very common (about 1 in 4, risk goes up with age). But it's such a taboo to talk about it so I think if she is truly comfortable talking about it if it were to happen, then that's a good thing. Nobody should be forced to talk about an experience like that but those who are comfortable to share it, are really helping those who are suffering alone.

Also uugh, Trish will definitely go crazy and try even harder to get pregnant now. OR she'll pull this bridezilla shit of How Dare You Be Preggo At MY Big Day (it's a thing unfortunately).

No. 1241202

Anons are so funny when they act like sex workers need to be 10s and that moids have standards.

No. 1241376

i also find the fact that trisha makes moses do sibling roleplay with her to be disturbing, how is moses okay with it.
That man is such a loser simp i dont even feel sorry if trisha keeps on beating him.

No. 1241521

They're both shit, they deserve eachother.

It's going to be real sad when Trisha does eventually get pregnant. I think she has the best intentions, and that is only going to make things more tragic when her instability perks up and she is deemed unfit. Also if moses is capable of shagging around then he is likely going to piss off with some other girl. A cheating scrotoid doesn't want family he was shagging.

If Trisha hopes to be a mum then I honestly think she will have to go cold turkey from the internet. She needs to go somewhere with a good support network with her really friends/family, and actually commit to treatment while being open to accepting help with her baby every once in a while

No. 1241608

that makes sense considering she has admitted multiple times to wanting to fuck her own brother.

No. 1241984

She can’t get pregnant. She’s talked about it in the past. Her STIs made her infertitle

No. 1242034

Trishas sadboys2002 or whatever is literally just a ripoff of yung leans merch. Pathetic and ridiculous

No. 1242045

She has more than enough money to pay for IVF or if she can’t carry, surrogacy.
Hell Hila’s new baby is IVF

No. 1242069


topkek. i dont think someone born in 1996 has any claim to the word "sadboy". kid would have been 11 during the height of tumblr in 2007

No. 1242099

That's too much work for her. And she has alot of factors working against her (previous stis, obesity). I dont think she is 100% on wanting a baby either. She never strikes me as maternal. She just sees others her age, older one younger have them and wants one too

No. 1242109

sadboys 2001 is the album name and it came out in 2013 actually when he was like 17. tumblr wasnt even invented until 2007 and didnt catch on til later really. as a fan of both, i think its just a coincidence, she doesnt really rip off his aesthetic or anything. just the name is kinda similar. lean knows already and doesnt care lol

No. 1242118

you're an actual autist

No. 1242134

I don’t think surrogacy is too much work- another woman literally carries the baby for you lol. Trisha would probably get jealous of a surrogate though

No. 1242165

whats your point? i doubt trisha knows who lean is. and even lana did sadgirl…its not new.

No. 1242209

The new frenemies vlog is so cringe. Ethan talking to real people and trying to be funny is torture.

No. 1242226

the point is you have autism and need to learn to sage

No. 1242472

I got through about 40 seconds of it before I had to stop. Imagine paying $40 for a tour of Hollywood and the tour bus company wastes your time and money so some YouTuber can shit on the tour you were looking forward to. I hope they got refunds, I'd be pissed

No. 1242502

i'm scared to even try to watch it after the disney one. the zoomers that fangirl for them are truly bizarre.

No. 1242519

Yeah do they think people are going to be so starstruck by their appearance and swoon over such famous YouTube comedians lol I’m not sure I want to experience the cringe

No. 1242521

okay actually just tried to watch it and couldn't get past the first minute either. ethan is too straight up autistic to interact with the general public. i would've told him he was embarrassing himself if i had to endure that in person.

No. 1242561

I watched it, it doesn't seem like people are actually unsuspecting and know who they are

No. 1242563

Yeah, most of the people there are crew or the crew's partners. They still dont laugh at Ethan's jokes though so RIP

No. 1242604

She would have to get a surrogate because you still need good eggs for IVF

No. 1242662

File: 1622448051333.jpg (346.41 KB, 1076x606, SmartSelect_20210531-035859_Yo…)

Oof no one looks like they're having fun tbh. Ethan just isn't funny enough to host a tour, especially since he seems to know little to nothing about the places they're driving by. His edgelord humor makes the video so painful

No. 1242690

The vlog was unwatchable and Trisha was the only one laughing at ethans cringe-tier boomer humor.

No. 1242718


I couldn't make it past the start where Ethan is ripping on everyone for paying for the ride and saying its a waste of money and they won't get their moneys worth. Like dude just doesn't know how to read a fucking crowd and just stop doing what isn't working.

No. 1242775

Honestly now i can understand why Ethan sold out himself to porky trisha paytas.
Ethan has become such a unlikeable boomer snoozefest, nothing that he says is funny or entertaining at all, he also focuses on one joke too much until it becomes repetitive especially on sex jokes.
Trisha's meltdowns are more entertaining compared to anything h3h3 put out in the recent 3 years.
And this coming from someone who hates trisha btw.

No. 1242822

The part where Ethan starts screaming and shouting at random celebrities houses………..cringe

No. 1243104

Same. That was really painful and I am sad we didn't get a proper episode instead.

No. 1243250

the podcast will still have a new episode coming out tomorrow if that's what you mean by proper episode, they've just started also doing fortnightly vlogs that I guess get posted on Sundays

No. 1243330

File: 1622513274765.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1125x1877, 79F6C173-2802-4F40-B99A-09DF91…)

Yung Lean quite literally birthed the “sad boys” trend with his music and clothing line you retard

No. 1243743

its ugly as shit so who gives a fuck. who wants an ugly ass dude on a shirt.

No. 1243757

Keking at you autists thinking a neo-emo birthed “sad boys”.
No one cares, her band is very clearly inspired MCR, she has said so several time.
Imagine posting his hideous merch to proce a point.

No. 1243761

>the height of tumblr in 2007

No. 1243795

File: 1622574828465.jpeg (573.79 KB, 828x920, 1E0CB94C-982E-46DB-844D-8675B8…)

I’m sorry but I cringe every time Ethan tries to make a point of how “beautiful” Hila is.
She’s objectively not attractive.
Probably a normie. Her upper jaw is really fucked.

No. 1243797

tbf that's a bad picture. But yeah she's very average

No. 1243800

He's calling his spouse beautiful, whatever works for him.

No. 1243804


If anything he should do that more often. Men should call their wives beautiful and act like it.

Even better if he really believes it.

No. 1243807

Woah how cringe when a husband calls his wife beautiful. Goddamn get a grip

No. 1243810

damn she looks just like the caricatures people draw of her lmao

No. 1243811

You were wrong, sorry.
>height of tumblr
Painfully wrong

No. 1243822

Have you seen him tho?

No. 1243828

Nothing wrong with calling your wife beautiful but there is something wrong with pushing your perfectly average wife as a “beautiful girl boss” to a majority white male audience while simultaneously being a raging misogynist that calls other women horrible names just because he doesn’t find them attractive ie tana mongoose. Let’s not forget the Zack “all those women were dogs” comments that he felt the need to put on air

No. 1243829

Yeah he’s not cute himself she’s miles above him still and she’s a lot more talented

No. 1243836

File: 1622577634195.jpeg (221.42 KB, 1531x813, 0D921F89-E004-4887-8C46-7F3613…)

Trisha was just on frenemies talking to Ethan about their pregnancy. She said that her and Moses have been trying to get pregnant but it hasn’t worked. Plans to get fertility treatment after the wedding and talked about wanting 3 babies.

No. 1243837

He knows he can't do better

No. 1243839

I agree. But as much as I hate keemclown Ethan has no right to get angry at him for tweeting pics of horses in reference to Hila, when he’s done much worse

No. 1243860

I too believe that people should call their spouses ugly

No. 1243874

AHH a troll doll came to life

No. 1243944


You're retarded. Ethan's a scrote, but doing the bare minimum of publicly doting on his wife while being unattracted to other women doesn't mean there's "something wrong."

No. 1243952

I mean…he loves her.
To him, she is beautiful.

No. 1243963

Idk, personally I think she has really pretty large eyes and I can see why people would find her attractive. Her personality is what ruins her for me.

No. 1243969

are we really out here cringing and complaining every time a man calls his wife beautiful when you don't think she is?

No. 1244028

I would definitely enjoy this thread a lot more if anons didn’t sperg about how ugly they find Hila every other post.

No. 1244074

File: 1622604620764.jpg (78.92 KB, 600x698, Source-H3h3-Wiki-Hila-Klein.jp…)

I think she can be quite pretty. Not enough men compliment their wife like that, most men do that boomer humor "I hate my ugly wife".

No. 1244082

In the latest podcast, when Ethan told Trisha she could probably punch pretty hard I wonder if he was thinking about the Moses bruise pic after he said that kek

No. 1244089

KEK at trisha repping ravenclaw

No. 1244120

Seriously anons, there is no fucking way Trisha and Moses are going to get married, right? And if by some act of Baal they do, they WON'T have kids, right? Trisha would be an insane mother - emotionally unstable & prone to fits of extreme rage. And Moses is at best mildly autistic.

No. 1244131

Not only that, but Ethan constantly disrespects her in public. His flattery is nothing more than empty words.

No. 1244152

you are a fucking weirdo even by lolcow standards

No. 1244259

The "tourists" on this bus are just their friends. it's the h3 crew and their spouses, partners, family etc. they didn't actually hijack a random tour bus and made paying strangers sit through an awful tour. The whole part with ethan talking shit about the tour is supposed to be satire. i can't believe how many people don't get that.

No. 1244289

>i can't believe how many people don't get that.
if he wasn't so painfully unfunny (not even in an ironic way) it probably would have been more obvious

No. 1244889

Didn't Ethan want to be a stand-up comedian at one point?

No. 1244949

yes, then he realized he couldn't remain upright for an entire set

No. 1244956

Realistically Trisha and Moses will break up

No. 1245020


She shot herself in the foot with the ripping on Ethan for having a nanny. She is the exact type of person who would most require having some sort of nanny to help assist her and get the child away from her when she goes through her clockwork manic depressive episodes.

And she strikes me as someone who would choose her pride and reputation over doing what's best for the kid and not get a nanny to somehow show she was "right" in that argument with Ethan.

No. 1245021


All responsibility would fall on Moses, who is already Trisha's live-in caretaker. She would become jealous of the attention being more on the baby than her.

No. 1245093

I’m 95% sure this is just Trisha being Trisha and doing this for attention because her peers are having kids. At least that’s my wishful thinking.

No. 1245151

Should we crowdfund one of those realistic baby dolls that crazy women take care of and give it to Trisha? At least then we won't have an uncomfortable child abuse arc

No. 1245173

This. She has alot going against with her past stis and obesity that makes it difficult to conceive. Trisha doesnt want motherhood, she just wants a baby to say shes a mom but none of the life long commitment or responsibilities.

No. 1245195

>objectively not attractive
Well, she's attractive to Ethan. Guess that bores a hole in your "objectivity" argument, huh.

It won't be fun for Trisha if she can't ruin a real-life human being's life.

No. 1245237

Not like Trisha is a afraid of being a hypocrite. If she did have kids and got a nanny she'd just talk it off and move on.

No. 1245291

hopefully she just gets a dog and calls it a day. maybe moses or an assistant can actually take care of it.

No. 1245305

Sorry to add to the nitpick but I agree. She's pretty in an 'interesting' way and her big eyes looked striking with her dark hair in their old videos.
But the blonde/pink/art hoe things she's done with her hair is not it.

No. 1245325

File: 1622750501504.jpeg (98.95 KB, 640x640, 78FC919D-83F7-4511-8A89-D3B8F2…)

She already has a dog. What if the baby inherits Moses’ autism and can’t outwardly express affection towards her? She’d lose it kek.

No. 1245346

Is that dog still alive? I am shocked.

No. 1245349

It lives with her mom and/or sister because Trisha can't take care of a dog let alone a human baby

No. 1245388

File: 1622755488020.jpeg (1.74 MB, 1242x1811, D84D8033-FC17-42F0-A403-45A9BC…)

still alive…taken 2 weeks ago

No. 1245395


trish been drinkin lots since her bday. why she drink when she try to make baby boom

No. 1245445

Tbf Jason Nash surprised her with that dog out of nowhere. Her sister is the main owner and spoils it. She even runs an Instagram for the dogs it's very much loved considering Jason bought it for one of David's vlogs.

No. 1245458

Wonder how many people would agree with his assessment

No. 1245490

Ehh she’s not ugly but not attractive either

No. 1245646

I think most reasonable people would agree it's not an objective fact that she is unattractive

No. 1246055

Yeah. Trisha said somewhere that she doesn't even really like dogs, is scared of them because she was bitten by one as a child. So she actually did the most reasonable thing by giving it to her sister who takes care of the dog well. As for Jason and David, they have a history of treating animals like probs in their videos instead of living beings.

No. 1246068

They just confirmed on the podcast that Hila is pregnant with twins or possibly even triplets. A Trisha meltdown has to be inevitable at this point.

No. 1246071

Ethan keeps talking about how hard it is to have triplets as if he’s the one carrying and giving birth. I don’t know how Hila deals with him

No. 1246088

he acted shocked and disgusted on the last frenemies when trisha suggested that there could be 4, so i'll feel bad for hila if it's 3 or more because he doesn't seem jazzed about the idea.

No. 1246193

Does anyone else really dislike zach and AB

No. 1246318

the chair thing with zach was so weird and dragged out

No. 1246331

I feel bad for literally anyone who has 3+ babies at the same time, that's a fucking nightmare
Like I don't even mean giving birth/carrying that many, I mean think about having to take care of that many newborns at the same time

No. 1246424

yeah honestly it's the harsh reality of ivf though. if you get pregnant on it you're way more likely to have 2-3+ so they should've considered that outcome for sure beforehand.

No. 1246621

shit, they're going to be very happy they're already set up with a nanny. It is difficult having a newborn + a toddler, make that twins or triplets and it's very intense.

No. 1246660

I feel sorry for Hila, being pregnant with one kid can be hard enough, twins or triplets is going to be rough unless she is extremely lucky.

Otherwise I don't feel bad for them at all. Twins/triplets is not a surprising outcome, and more importantly they have a shitload of money to hire all the help they could ever need. I doubt they work 80h/week and can never take care of the kids either.

No. 1246668

Yeah they just work in their own house maybe a few hours a day plus random vlogs now. It’s not like they’re both working 9-5 having to deal with kids pestering them while they try to get work done lol otherwise having 3+ is terrifying and financially devastating for the average person. I hope she gets through it just fine I can’t imagine the logistics of having more than one living thing inside your body.

No. 1246736

Hila looks a bit small to ba carrying 3 whole babies. Obviously I'm not talking about the current size of her belly, I mean 3 babies is A LOT and she seems rail thin. The physical stress of triplets might be a lot for her. I wish her the best

No. 1246762

I have a question. if they already have a kid, why did they use ivf for more? it's insane. Hila is gonna be emotionally wrecked from this. Ethan will probably neglect her

No. 1246763

Iirc they had a hard time getting pregnant the first time. They probably figured they'd take a shortcut, or they might have developed other complications. Or who the hell knows, maybe Ethan can't even get it up anymore with grease for blood.

No. 1246766

Yes, zach's soundbites are awkward and rarely funny. How has he not gotten better with the timing of that by now? Both him and AB are self absorbed dicks and contribute nothing

No. 1246778

File: 1622903056744.jpg (82.08 KB, 750x1095, o6grix9b98h21.jpg)

Hila has a naturally very skinny frame, so I wonder if they'll end up getting a reduction in fetuses. This was her with only 1 baby.

No. 1246793

if you listened to the podcast you would hear them say they would never do that

No. 1246802

>reduction on fetuses because Hila might get too fat

wtf is wrong with you, ana-chan?

No. 1246808

What the hell are you talking about? Are you projecting or something? Or just baiting?

No. 1246819

Kek.. retard anon, fetal reduction is basically an abortion to reduce the number of fetuses when a woman becomes pregnant with triplets/quardrupelets etc. Its not about being fat it's about the very real dangers of childbirth, especially when you're popping 3 out at a time w/ a small skeletal frame.

No. 1246831

Probably a combination of dead bedroom (the advice is to have sex every other day in order to conceive), perhaps other existing fertility issues (Hila being underweight and Ethan having terrible health) and they are loaded so can easily afford multiple rounds of IVF anyway.

No. 1246874

yeah if it's 3 or more the poor girl is probably going to be on bedrest before her first trimester is even over

No. 1246919

Ethan found her attractive enough to fuck her multiple times, so…

No. 1246927

Hila is gorgeous on that photo. I remember the first pregnancy looked good on her and made her glow. Even in the last podcast, she was glowing too, pregnancies really make her beauty come out because she seems sincerely happy. She was way more talkative than usually too, you can tell how hyped she is about her pregnancy and how much she wants to talk about it.
I think having more kids was a great decision for them because I feel like being parents really changed Ethan and Hila for the better. I know Ethan isn't very popular on here but can you deny that he has at least matured a little since he became a dad? If you watch at his old stuff vs his current one, he's changed for the better, no doubt.

No. 1246928

very weird 3rd person flex but ok

No. 1246930

Men will fuck a chicken sandwich so….
She’s average

No. 1246934

I agree anon. I like them both so much more since they've had kids. It's made Ethan way more chill as well

No. 1246985

I don't get why anons insist they have a dead bedroom and never want to touch each other and immediately jumped to IVF, when they've been so open about actively trying to conceive naturally for so long. like I only started listening to clips of the podcast occasionally in the last 6 months and even I know that Ethan would embarrass Hila, talking about how they'd spend every free day they had in the bedroom trying to conceive while their son was at his grandparents or whatever

it just comes off so weirdly bitter, like are you just talking out of your ass and haven't ever listened to them talk about their fertility struggles, or can you just not accept that they are a married couple trying to build a family

No. 1247022

Anon, why are you even on a gossip site if you’re going to criticise farmers for speculating?

Also, Ethan has spoken a lot about receiving treatment for depression this last year, so it’s not a stretch to think that this might have impacted his sex life since anti-depressants can cause weight gain, impotence etc. Hell he recently mentioned that his weight gain has fucked with his self esteem and Hila has to be the one to “get on top” when it comes to it.

No. 1247121

They're not criticising farmers they're asking if you watched their previous videos were they discuss they've been trying to conceive naturally, but it's ethan with the fertility issues. Tinfoil is all well and good but the cows have literally been open about this.

She looks beautiful here. I think a lot of people fall for the myth women have to eat double when pregnant. Like fetuses are pretty small. You only need to increase your calories by a few hundreds and it's more about the nutrition. Like no point boasting about a big baby bump if it's most McDonald's you know? She looks like she carries pregnancy weight well. They've enough access to resources to even have a nutritionist. I'm sure they'll be very attentive to hila since they already know multiples is likely.

No. 1247181

Dude, his sound bite timing sucks so fucking much. I don’t know why Ethan still has him working for him when he only ruins the quality of the podcast.

No. 1248393

nta but I also hate it so much, especially when he keeps spamming the same one super loudly and you can't hear people speaking anymore

No. 1248446

Not a hila stan and not a fan of her newer hairstyles but she looks properly pretty here
If she ends up with triplets, Godspeed to her body

No. 1249154

File: 1623118646668.webm (1.47 MB, 576x1024, download (1).webm)

>by giving it to her sister who takes care of the dog well
Speaking of….does anyone else get weird skinwalker vibes from Trisha's sister Kalli? All of Kalli's most popular Tiktoks have Moses in them and are making fun of Trisha, or are using Trisha Frenemies audio.

My prediction is this is all going to go down in flames when she and Moses mess around behind Trisha's back. They're both entirely reliant on Trisha, Moses has already shown himself to be sus, and imo Kalli's better looking than Trisha. Plus iirc this is the sister she did Onlyfans content with. Feels like only a matter of time.

No. 1249159

File: 1623118981613.webm (3.2 MB, 576x1024, download.webm)

No. 1249174

Cringe, but that's tiktok for ya.
The skinwalking tinhat is a stretch, since it just makes sense to capitalize off your more successful sister's numbers. Trisha used her sister for OF content, so it's fair game for it to go both ways. I don't think it has anything to do with wearing her skin. As for Moses potentially cheating with the sister? Could happen. He's an untrustworthy scrote but I'd just chalk that up to slimy one-upmanship between slutty sisters.

No. 1249180

they probably are having twins thats common with ivf
its so weird tho that they are having twins so is the maranda sings girl wtf

No. 1249265


nah anon, you're reaching. i don't see kalli skinwalking her at all. they are just both your typical valley girl girls and them being sisters and best friends at the same time is bound to make them even more similar. i also don't see any malice in her onlyfans videos and don't read them as making fun of trisha. is she riding trisha's coattail a little? probably. as most every sibling of a more successful online personality would. as for moses, while idk if i'd trust him, i don't get the feeling from kalli that she'd be such an asshole and do something potentially life ruining to her sister.

on a whole other note, trisha and ethan fight on the coming frenemies episode again and it turns really ugly. but you didn't hear this from me.

No. 1249335

Thought this was a parody at first, but Trisha is working with a very unknown/suspicious looking company to bring out some probably dogshit skincare. Shades of her stupid subscription box, haha. She hustles her fans with some of the worst shit of any Youtuber.

No. 1249398

In their recent podcast together they had a caller talk about fetal reduction and Hila gasped at the thought of it so I really doubt she’s going to terminate any of them. Unless it endangers her health I don’t see her changing her mind tbh

No. 1249471

Idk why people are assblasted trisha gets half of membership fees. Membership is £5 a month. I only joined for trisha. I will not begrudge her £2.50 a month. Off the rails and after dark I do watch, but I don't enjoy them as much as when trisha is on the show. Tinfoil that all the ones moaning on the subreddit are dobrik fans since they keep mentioning him lol

No. 1249543

The third baby isn’t confirmed yet tho…..all they saw was a third sack with fluid in it. It’s more likely to be twins, in which case, Hila will be fine.

No. 1249604

their subreddits are weird places. because it looks like the h3 subreddit and the frenemies subreddit are extreme polar opposites and start fighting each other about any discussion. but yea i agree that half the membership is fair because i know many members only signed up after frenemies.

No. 1249644

File: 1623165857886.jpg (215.69 KB, 1078x1183, Screenshot_20210608_182430.jpg)

Its happening, the stupid bus was the last straw lol

No. 1249647

I saw the thumbnail for this scrolling by and I legitimately thought it was LJ.

No. 1249682


Watching now

No. 1249689

File: 1623168582067.png (541.42 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20210608-170845.png)

David Dobrik subreddit blaming trisha and H3 for Dom getting sponsored. So retarded lol

No. 1249690

If she's leaving I'm cancelling my membership and emailing for a refund for this month since it's already came out. I hate H3 fans lol

No. 1249693

same. i'm going to hold my opinions until i see the frenemies episodes but i agree with a lot of her points so far like the fact that if the money situation was such an issue that frenemies should have been a totally separate thing from the h3 channel.

this too. i'd have to guess the majority of the money going into ethan's pocket from members right now is because of trisha/frenemies.

No. 1249697


Is someone able to give a tl:dr for this? I watched it and still don’t understand?

So in an unreleased episode on their patreon, Trisha was rude to someones girlfriend on the crew and now that crew member wants to quit? And now Trisha is mad that she doesnt have control over either crew?

No. 1249701

Idk but I found this on reddit
>Trisha was kinda feeling meh because she said she didn’t have anyone to do her makeup for the ep. They were also talking mainly about Gabbie which probably upset her. Then moved on to some other quick topics, and then ordered domino’s pizza (the curse + ethan was uncle fester again LOL)

about 1hr 30min in, Ethan wanted to do the email advice segment and she was saying how that’s a lazy idea, hates it, etc. And the convo somehow basically went to the money side and Trisha was talking about how Ethan gets an extra 5%

Ethan kept trying to explain how it’s for production of the show, and pointed out how they(him/other h3 crew) do everything and Trisha doesn’t really do anything.

Again, it was just her getting super upset at him because of that and him pointing out how she gets a generous deal since she gets 50% of memberships, frenemies money, etc. And she was saying how she was frustrated, but then said she wasn’t frustrated. Ethan also says he is tired of walking on eggshells with her, and I think(?) trisha made a comment that he was gaslighting her. Which really made her upset because she immediately wanted to stop.

And ended with her saying like “we need to stop now. this needs to end.” and telling Ethan that she didn’t want to get up and leave him just sitting there with pizza talking about it and it being a “meme” and stuff. So it ended very abruptly around the 1hr 30min mark. She was crying, it was awkward.. yeah.

No idea what the 'girlfriend' shit refers to tho, sorry

No. 1249705

Last 10 minutes of frenemies there was a fight. Ethan talked over trisha wanting to talk about lgtbq stuff presumably for pride month. Ethan wanted to do a fan qna, trisha said it was lame. (It is. The worst part of rylands podcast is when they have fan questions as well as other podcasters when they ask their unfunny fans to participate). Ethan then said she doesn't do work for the podcast. Trisha states she comes prepared and then mentioned some stuff they (H3) do is recycled material or just not good.

Money is then brought up. Trisha asks for a break down of the productions costs. Ethan says she should be happy with 50% cut of member fees. Trisha states she doesn't feel like she has creative control for frenemies and her ideas get shot down.

Her video.on her own channel she apologises for how she stated some things but she does feel ostracized when working on mondays. The H3 crew are all close friends and she hasn't been allowed to use any people she's made productions with.

No. 1249710

For a Trisha crying video this is really good, as in: She's not just pushing blame or trying to expose anyone. She's actually talking respectfully about Ethan, Hila and the H3 crew. IDK but I just feel like Trisha has been growing a lot. I don't think this is the end of frenemies because I can tell from her video that she's not actually ready to give up on it.

No. 1249713

File: 1623170455622.jpg (128.1 KB, 828x974, y2giaul7l2471.jpg)

A comment she left on the video

No. 1249714

I agree
>I can tell from her video that she's not actually ready to give up on it.
Maybe Ethan/Hila/the crew is tho. If I was going through the stress of having twins/triplets the last thing I'd want would be being around a neurotic sperg

No. 1249720

I mean Ethan is neurotic with or without Trish lol. Hopefully they just take a break or Ethan pays Trisha more lmao #teamtrish

No. 1249724

I have a feeling if this is true then it's going to be the downfall of their personal relationship and Trisha and Moses's relationship. if there's tension then it's going to carry over to their family, Trisha cannot separate work feelings and leave them at the door

also absolutely not surprising this is happening the week after the pregnancy announcement

No. 1249725


honestly with the potential twins/triplets, I could see Ethan and Hila just deciding “just fuck it , let her go, maybe we can pick it up after the pregnancy” type thing.

which… is going to trigger trisha.

Knowing how she is, this feels like typical “i fucked up and was wrong, and instead of facing it and dealing with the people i hurt, im going to try to put them in a situation where they need to fight for me until the original situation is forgotten about”

its manipulation and i dont buy the “trisha is growing!” bs. if h3 truly is done, trisha is gonna go full mania and start “exposing”

No. 1249730

Pretty sure the crew is far from being underpaid, however I'd be pretty mad if a rich midget pulled up and backhandedly said that they wanted my cut, my fucking sides

No. 1249733

>I could see Ethan and Hila just deciding “just fuck it , let her go, maybe we can pick it up after the pregnancy” type thing
I hope so for their sakes, kek.

No. 1249738

I really do wonder if Moses will stand for that if she starts ‘exposing’ them. He seems like a pushover so probably.

No. 1249740

H3 crew sucks and they're audibly and visibly absent on frenemies apart from Dan. H3 has more than one channel and the crew gets a cut of everything. Trisha said she always thought frenemies was a 50/50 collaboration,but when the crew sucks ethans cock she feels an imbalance of control. She said she'd have loved it on her channel or she had people she wanted for the production. She doesn't want frenemies to be synonymous with the other h3 shows which is fair enough. She didn't sign on to be a h3 cast member

Kek, my side's, lolwtfbbq

No. 1249742

her doing this in the midst of the pregnancy excitement is not surprising at all she really can not stand not being the center of attention

No. 1249744


considering how often she rips on shane/ryland, david/jason, gabbie, charli demilio - shes not gonna be able to stop herself around moses. moses will basically be barred from talking about his own family unless he wants to hear venom from his fiance about it.

No. 1249745

Can’t even feel bad for him tbh he chose this lol. Hopefully it doesn’t get to that and she can make up with H3 but who knows with Trish.

No. 1249746

Ethan should have just let her talk about the gays on this week's episode.

No. 1249747

why is she like this
>inb4 she is going to attempt suicide

No. 1249748

The one thing I will say she’s right about is the fact that the H3 crew is a boys club and their jokes do make women uncomfortable. The only other woman on the podcast is Hila who just laughs awkwardly at their sexism and doesn’t challenge it at all. This has generally got worse since they hired those creeps AB and Zach. I’m guessing the crew member Trish fell out with is AB’s wife?

No. 1249749

$10 on trisha somehow spinning this to be be Hila’s fault. She seems like the type who will try to play nice with Ethan because he has a penis.

No. 1249752

Yes and Hila is the one who is currently pregnant with two if not three babies which will be a source of resentment and fury for Trish

No. 1249754

Exactly. There's been a lot of times Trisha has had to correct and headdress some points they've completely missed in regards to sexual assualts. AB has come off as a victim blamer a few times and said problematic shit. And Trisha points out a lot of the H3 staff are all dating like the crew members gfs end up working for Ethan too. Imagine the workplace politics. Especially when so many clout chasers in the mix

No. 1249781

File: 1623173360128.png (47.76 KB, 720x251, Screenshot_20210608-102858.png)


No. 1249784

Now that Trisha is leaving I don't find this endearing or cute and if they don't refund my membership for this month I will be vocal hater.

No. 1249797

this is autistic. trish is a bpdfag, but not on that level.

No. 1249800

>I’m guessing the crew member Trish fell out with is AB’s wife?
IDK about that. AB's wife is already working for Teddy fresh in a somewhat high position, like team manager or something. I think they might have employed someone else, maybe a gf of another crew member. Dan's or Ian's. Ian's gf is my guess since she had already helped behind the scenes sometimes. They talked a while about getting a female crew member. I guess they'll announce the new member on their H3 podcast

No. 1249802

I think the new crewmember she is talking about is this random swedish nobody called Love. He used to run a random highlights channel focused on the H3H3 podcast and recently joined.

No. 1249806

I thought so first, but Trisha referred to the new member as "she" so it's not Love. Plus, Love isn't really new anymore.

No. 1249810

she already ripped ethan and hila repeatedly before frenemies while she and moses were in the beginning stages of dating kek

No. 1249812

Yeah, let her talk about the gays because she’s totally a gay man herself and has even slept with gay men! kek
I couldn’t watch that ep because I didn’t want to see a spicy straight person sperg about how much they love pride month
Honestly I hate that nobody in the crew or Ethan himself has ever called her out for her blatant homophobia, claiming she identifies as a gay man and all that retardation. Probably because they don’t want to get cancelled for “telling people how they should identify” what a shit show

No. 1249814

… Ethan talked over her on the new episode and interrupted her planned segment to do the fan qna. If you think trans is real and Trisha is serious I don't know what to say.

No. 1249816

Gatekeeping sexuality, kek. If Trisha identifies as a gay man, then she is a gay man. Those are the rules that lefties and woksters have set and now you gotta play by them.

No. 1249817

Do not watch frennemies, but doesn't she keeps telling the story of her wanting to throw herself out of a window or smth

No. 1249823

Doubt it's regarding Love's gf too (if he has one). If it is, that would be pretty sad. It would mean that Ethan feels the need to hire the gf of some rando on top of the rando himself

No. 1249825

Episode is out

No. 1249828

I can't believe he's dressed in a ridiculous costume again for their fight. it makes them so much more entertaining topkek and the pizza curse is real. this episode was doomed from the start, I'm watching it now and Trisha is clearly looking for an excuse to break down from the beginning

No. 1249829

i swear uncle fester and pizza has cursed the show more than an indian burial ground ever could

No. 1249831

I just really don't get how she lets all this stuff bother her and then explodes about it, literally every fight they've ever had could easily have been resolved if she spoke up about things that were upsetting her about the production

No. 1249836

What's with all the kek and topkek comments seems so tryhard. Ethan didn't start off great slagging her skincare. I don't think she was looking for excuses she just had a bad day. Her complaints are valid. Ethan does reject a lot of her ideas. He also isn't great at de-escalating situations. What's the point of making someone admit they're upset or mad when it's obvious? No one needs a room read of how everybody is feeling, how about just listen to her and stop always assuming what the issue is

No. 1249839

Where did I claim trans is real? My point was pretty much the opposite. Her trans identity is bullshit and her claim of being a gay man and having somehow slept with gay men is retarded and offensive, no different than a greasy fat guy saying he’s a lesbian and somehow slept with “lesbians”. >>1249816
I wish they actually gatekept shit that matters, instead of going along with everything to not get cancelled by trisha’s tiktok teenagers. Its obvious that Ethan has to watch every little thing he says because it will trigger Trisha and/or Trisha will tell him “oh you can’t say that, I found out that’s wrong”

No. 1249840

This is fucking dumb. She's insisting she's not upset after bringing it up and arguing with Ethan about an extra 5% of the money. It's Ethan's show. Of course he doesn't want to build out a separate team and studio just for Frenemies when he does 2 other shows already, just so Trisha can have creative input. Trisha probably could have made the show better but that's a lot of extra work for them when they both have a lot going on and multiple other avenues of income

No. 1249841

Sorry your post didn't make sense. Trisha has a pretty big gay following lol

No. 1249844

Jesus I forget that Love is even a member of the crew lol. His addition puzzles me since all he seems to do is pout????

No. 1249845

The context of the argument was Ethan insinuating Trisha does nothing towards the input of the show which is just not true.

She agreed to shoot frenemies at his house, not the new h3 studios. She said she would have paid the cost to set up frenemies stage and shooting but Ethan declined because of his own set up. And due to it all running thru Ethan he essentially gets to veto the ideas he doesn't want to do and Trisha indulges him. If he wants to run frenemies as an extension of h3 give Trisha the revenue she's entitled too from the other shows she has boosted ,otherwise let her have more creative control.

No. 1249847

Idk what age Dan is,but Ethan is 35 and the rest (excluding Dan probably) are all young to mid 20s. Ian only just turned 27. And then they also hire on the gfs. It's like Ethan needs a bunch of yes men.

No. 1249851

What part didn’t make sense? Having a large gay following doesn’t make it less embarrassing and tasteless to claim you’re a gay male who has fucked gay dudes, which is what she has claimed multiple times on the h3 podcast and frenemies. She’s is a cringe fest, so I did not want to watch her be giddy about pride month as if she’s a part of it, and since these days everything under the fucking sun is meant to be celebrating during pride it’s extra annoying

No. 1249852

>It's Ethan's show.
frankly he brings the show down kek. i get that it's an "h3 production" (the production in question is pretty awful to begin with). but at this point i'd rather watch trish melt down and speed talk about her stupid drama than ethan's boomer "memes", autism and shilling his ugly ass clothes.

No. 1249855

Some of her ex btw have been closeted gay men did you not know that? Trisha makes a lot of jokes seems.a few of them go right over your head

No. 1249857

He didn't insinuate that though. He pays the crew and Trisha doesn't. The crew is who is making the show possible in the first place.

Trisha isn't on the other shows and has nothing to do with them. H3 had millions of followers already. I don't know how she thinks 45% of a show she ONLY HOSTS is unfair

No. 1249866

Yeah I agree with that, this feels like more valid criticism. Ethan doesn't put 100% into it and it shows I understand why Trisha would be frustrated with that, but for her to make it about how much money she makes is bizarre? Like it almost seems like she started a fight to get out of it which is some BPD mess shit

No. 1249868

Squawking over who gets paid what aside, Trisha’s insecurity over Hila getting attention for her potential twins/triplets pregnancy is so obvious. She can’t stand not being the center of attention, but will never outright admit it. For fuck’s sakes she can’t even admit when she’s mad. The immediate “you’re gaslighting me” and “I go to therapy 4x a week” when Ethan dared to point out she seemed upset kek

No. 1249869

Ya he did. Then he had to apologise because he did reject some of her ideas and recycle content from his podcasts.

Trisha said in her video frenemies was suppose to be a 50/50 collaboration and she would have wanted it to be on her platform but Ethan insisted otherwise. She's also complained on the show about the h3 logo being the podcast logo before they changed it. Like she's complained a few times about how the show has been marketed as an h3 productions when Trisha has said she is more than happy to pay production costs too and have other people produce but Ethan rejects it.

So if he's not willing to let her do her own ideas on the "collab" and not so any of her ideas for vlogs she should get the revenue from the boost in views she brought to the channel. There's a reason Ethan agreed to membership fees and not adsense. You're retarded if you think the recent increase in views across all 3 podcasts is because AB has more of a handle on things or because Zach got better on his soundbites timing etc etc.

No. 1249875

>You're retarded if you think the recent increase in views across all 3 podcasts is because AB has more of a handle on things or because Zach got better on his soundbites timing etc etc.
this 100%. watch their viewership drop hard if she ever actually leaves the show for good. i've never watched h3 and honestly didn't even know who they were before frenemies and i can't be the only one.

No. 1249879

The way she describes her past history with gay men does not come off as a joke whatsoever. I don’t watch her videos, and has not brought up the fact that they were closeted on any of the h3 videos. She heavily implied those men slept with her because in her delusion brain she thinks they saw her as a gay man, when in reality they were obvi just weird straight dudes or bi. If you don’t understand why this isn’t embarrassing behavior to people who aren’t watching every thousand video she puts out then I can’t help you anon

No. 1249883

The exes have been in videos with her since and even one that slandered her. Trisha is hardly homophobic. She's been with both sexes and advocates for gay rights. If you don't get when she's making a commentary on society or being humorous that's fine. Sure you don't need to take hormones or have surgery to transition these days and gender is fluid. You are what you think.

No. 1249892

are you a newfag or do you just take things seriously at all times? no laughing at cows allowed? this is lolcow. lighten up

same, it's obvious that having Trisha is saving their channel and that's both why they don't want to split frenemies to its own channel, and why they need to do that now that she's refusing to continue until things change. I doubt Ethan wants to lose his cash cow but at the same time I could see him wanting a break from the stress to focus on his pregnant wife. which will piss Trisha off even more

No. 1249894

the "growth" is just manipulative spin. her humility is not genuine, it's textbook lovebombing "ethan has been so great, everyone is amazing, the show has been so positive" etc. In between all that she throws her real jabs and she completely lies about how she didn't know what the agreement was. she has always known that she was the talent and loved it because all she had to do was show up and get paid. her criticisms of the creative direction are fair because ethan's ideas are genuinely awful (the hollywood bus tour belongs in a cringe compilation) but this is what she agreed to. it was never 50-50 and she knew that from the beginning. all she's doing in the video is oscillating between cushioning her bad behavior and expertly playing a poor baby who is still gwowing uwu. her resentment has been brewing forever and the pregnancy announcement was the tipping point.

No. 1249899

File: 1623179559572.jpeg (218.53 KB, 750x650, BA86D4C9-8EDA-4FA0-9139-5BB27F…)

“Gender is fluid” jfc, please go back to Twitter.
Ethans most recent tweets, I assume he’s just going to sell them and give Trisha half the money or maybe 60/40 out of guilt. Considering they’re almost family now it’s concerning that most of this was not communicated privately

No. 1249905

It’s baffling to me why they insist on publishing these episodes where she has a bpd episode and they get into a really personal argument. This conversation should’ve been had in confidence with a mediator but now it’s been seen by millions of people who all give their two cents about it. I get that they have sponsorships to keep up with but they should have never released the footage of that argument! It’s beyond immature that H3 published it

No. 1249908

with all due respect anon, are you new to Trisha? This has been her thing for what, over a decade now
Plus I can't blame H3 for wanting people to see how it really went down as opposed to just getting Trish's story

No. 1249909

Honestly. They should have just cut out the last 10 minutes on this podcast. It's uncomfortable to watch and I don't get why they felt the need to leave it in. It's not like the drama on previous episodes got them any clout. Actually, the episodes where they fought did poorly views wise in comparison to their other podcasts.

No. 1249910

Somehow I doubt this is the end of frenemies. For Ethan it’s too much of a cash cow and for Trisha I think it gives her a weird sense of belonging to Moses’ family

No. 1249911

It was a coup by the h3 crew, they want Trisha out. They all moderate the subreddit too and it's an absolute mess currently, but they'll delete posts about AB drink driving.

No. 1249913

oh this 100% isn't the end of frenemies, ethan will cuck to whatever trisha wants bc he doesnt wanna lose his cash cow & trisha can't live without the attention that the podcast has given her in the past year(?)
no matter how you spin it h3 & trisha need each other to not only fill their pockets but their egos/attention whoring

No. 1249915

>If you don't get when she's making a commentary on society
Lmao anon please don't tell me you think anything trisha says is valuable "commentary". I like her too but she's ignorant as fuck and just repeats whatever dumbass teenagers are saying on twitter

No. 1249917

i mean as much as the h3 crew sucks i don't blame them for not wanting to deal with someone as mentally ill and retarded as trisha
i can totally picture her spewing abuse at them off camera and ethan turning a blind eye to it bc she makes them money

No. 1249918

they knew what they were getting themselves into when they set this whole gig up, let's be real.

No. 1249919

ur right they 100% did but i dont think they fully knew just how bat shit insane trisha really is and they got fed up

No. 1249920

Oh those poor boys making absolute thousands from her and the worst she's done is call AB out for victim shaming.

No. 1249921

i think that's giving them a huge benefit of the doubt but maybe. i feel like her whole brand is like irrational psychosis though so they kind of should have prepared themselves if they really wanted the paycheck.

No. 1249922

damn these tweets really sound like he's just dropping the whole thing and not fighting for Trisha to stay. I wonder if that's gonna set her off, if he wants it to stay civil he's gonna have to tread lightly, and it does seem like she's just bluffing and will lose her shit if she can't be the podcast darling anymore

No. 1249923

He's tweeted like this the other two times it happened too. And what was worse, after the second blowup he and Hila talked on after talk like they didn't want to give Trisha that second chance at all, yet they did. So I'm gonna guess they will be back next week or in two weeks with Dr Drew.

No. 1249925

dont get me wrong i feel no sympathy for them they deserve every bad thing that has happened to them but i also am not sympathetic to trisha

No. 1249927

Trisha doesn't get enough credit for being comedic. She'll intentionally play dumb or parrot retarded views held by others to make a mockery. She uses herself as a prop all the time. I doubt she even barely speaks to the h3 crew. Let alone scream or berate them behind scenes. Sure she's got Moses running around doing everything.

No. 1249928

they're capitalizing on the drama and ethan probably lowkey gets excited when trisha causes a stir to keep people watching

No. 1249929

oh i agree fully.
i saw a youtube comment saying they wish they could see whatever contract the two of them drew up for frenemies and i would be curious too. she's the draw, ethan is just like a little sideshow with his cringe commentary and showing his bare gut all the time.

No. 1249932

Honestly, I can understand Trisha's frustration with the crew. She has a heightened sense of humor compared to the rest of the H3H3 crew and I can see how they drag the potential of the show. Her mentally ill sperg outs never cease to be hilarious though.

She was sperging early in the episode about always being type cast by Ethan as the stupid bimbo. Maybe she wants to break out of that and that's why she has all of her gender autism?

No. 1249934

Just watching and Trisha says that Ethan is “recycling content” when he talks about the twins/triplets, Trisha is 100% having a BPD meltdown over the pregnancy and pretending it’s related to money/the podcast

No. 1249936

he did also do an exact segment on keemstar with trish two days after he did it on the Friday show. Like during that bit he said Trisha doesn't prepare as much material as him, but he's rejecting her ideas in favour of ones he already done. Like don't insinuate Trisha is lacking when she's not allowed the chance to showcase what she's prepared.

No. 1249939

tbf i kind of understood where she was coming from with that because the image they used last week and "PREGNANCY ANNOUNCEMENT" was lowkey clickbaity like they wanted people to think it was trisha that was the pregnant one and then he didn't even really talk about it much on the frenemies episode

No. 1249945

Has Trish said anything about having a schizophrenia diagnosis before today's podcast?

No. 1249948

yeah it's brought up all the time

No. 1249949

yeah she's talked about it in the last couple months and said she has a doctor who diagnosed her

No. 1249962

Agreed, to me it felt like she was keeping the fans in mind with her comments about this recycled content. I’m tired of hearing him talk about one thing on Wednesday then bring it up to Hila on after dark and then to Trisha on the Tuesday episode. I watched both channels before frenemies but trish has definitely made the channel what it is now and he’s not giving her the credit. I can see why she’s frustrated

No. 1249970

File: 1623184174592.jpeg (961.77 KB, 3901x2049, 521CDA3F-1709-4AF2-874A-90D75E…)

the tiktok zoomers are losing their minds on trisha’s most recent post from yesterday

No. 1249973

I'm honestly always surprised that Ethan is that much more popular with the tiktok kids than Trisha is, who is pandering much more to Gen Z than he does. Ethan doesn't give a shit about Gen Z and even makes fun of all their bs on his other podcasts a lot. Meanwhile Trisha is acting like one of them.

No. 1249976

A lot of them and the ones on the subreddit seem underaged. Minors always cap more for men. I blame fathers.

No. 1249981

i think most of them only know his frenemies persona and don't consume a lot of his other media or haven't gone back and watched his old content

No. 1249991

Ethan has honestly always been a huge control freak when it comes to his shows, I remember when he’d have guests before he refused to let organic conversation happen and had an autistic questions list he wouldn’t budge from. I feel like part of the reason he won’t accept more from Trisha in terms if production, staff, and ideas is because he gets anxious about not having 100% control over the situation, which is also why he only hires Yes Men and dismisses Trisha’s topic so instantly because they aren’t a part of HIS plans.

Obviously Trisha shouldn’t be spurging out about the crew getting paid, she always goes way over the line with her issues, but I get being upset you’re the star of the show that garnered a lot bigger of an audience and you have almost no say IN the show.

No. 1249995

The argument they had was completely something a normal team would discuss off the air in an actual meeting. They're milking their creative differences for money and I guess that kinda is their entire format. I'd say it's a lack of people skills but I think Ethan is well aware of what's happening. Trisha… idk. People insist she is self aware but imo it's more that she is merely aware that she attracts attention and attention is money. I don't think it's an act on her part. Feels like this time Ethan pushed her buttons to get a nice outburst, reinforces the Epic Pizza Curse memes.

The deal she has with him is more than fair anyway so the argument was extra retarded. Again, the stale content and reruns of topics is actually a valid criticism and they should probably discuss that but not on air. It's all Ethan's calculated effort to milk the cow on air imo. If Ethan truly cares about Trisha as a friend then they need to re-negotiate their setup. Have a new set if you must, hire a team that Trisha has a stake in. The deal they have is already fine but Ethan does veto her ideas a bit and falls back on the "I pay for it" thing so… I do get Trisha's frustration.

>Trisha yapping about muh gaslighting for like 20 minutes

Teaching mentally ill people lingo was a fucking mistake. Mfers go to therapy and think they are self aware while having a meltdown.

He should not be tweeting though it. He doesn't give a fuck. They're both just trying to see who comes out on top in the council of the fans. Trisha had a couple valid things to say but the way she said it while shitting herself made her look really bad. Ethan ended up looknig reasonable even though he (imo) purposely didn't deescalate.

I didn't know this cause I'm not an Ethan follower. Thanks for the info, control freak sounds about right.

No. 1250016

Exactly. I’ve watched each episode and the amount of times Trisha got into an argument over the stupid 5% shit for no reason is pretty telling but then she’s also like yeah I love showing up and getting pretty much half the pay with no other work expenses. It’s so pointless too like ok girl I’m sure you’re not desperate for that extra bit when you’re going around buying birkins to show off and saying how you make so much money from onlyfans porn. Their fight was the most entertaining thing to happen that whole episode honestly like do we really need to talk about “gabbi Hanna is sooooo psycho!!!” Trisha is just not someone you can have a consistent show with when she can snap at any little thing because muh mental health/therapy/gaslighting.

No. 1250021

I don't think that's the reason, since Trisha is a they/them now. I'm pretty sure it's just because she's a more notorious cow and has a ten year track record of acting fucking insane, so most people assume she's the one at fault (often true). Ethan hides his cow tendencies better, on a surface level. Not that that's saying much.

No. 1250022

Plugging Trisha's video here for easy access for all. Throughout she reiterates that she is apologetic. Some notes:

>She doesn't mind the cut she gets but went into it initially expecting to have more input.

>She initially wanted Frenemies on her channel. Does understand Ethan and H3 do a hard job but she had ambitions too and felt too attacked being discredited on air. She knows she overreacted but she did feel bad.
>Would not have done Frenemies at all if she knew how excluded she'd end up being. Everyone's got a bond with each other and do a good job but she feels isolated, they're all Ethan's people.
>She has brought up her frustrations before but it kept getting ignored, she does resent the crew. She says they're good people but they did exclude her.
>Hopes her relationship with Ethan and Hila won't be affecter further, knows she should not have done business with family.
>She regrets the way she said things in the episode but she stands by the message of it.
>She ended up blurting out "this segment sucks" because she was annoyed about her aside about trans people getting killed, she feels she should have been given the space to talk about her pet issue.
>She thinks Ethan should continue the podcast without her, (fuckin somehow?) thinks he can make it work without.
>She deeply appreciates how much he stood up for her in Dobrik drama and the other shit, she acknowledges he was a fierce supporter in her corner. She weeps a lot, gushes about Ethan's friendship and talent.
>Laments her ambitions of being more active creatively in Frenemies.

Seems like she is doing the classic personality disorder thing of pushing her close friend away to protect herself from damage.

No. 1250034

I get that there are maybe some valid points she made but bringing the crew/money shit into it while her obviously being filthy rich is no doubt just gonna make all the fans she made that are just h3 fans hate her now, it's an awful look

No. 1250045

She was criticising some of the ideas the crew members have. Like even on the live shows that have fuck all to do with Trish, members on the live chat have been complaining about boring and over done bits. Sometimes they hit and sometimes they miss. Like I still don't understand what people are on about that she discredited the crew or was out of line. She kept asking about production value and Ethan made it about employee wages. He also did not drop the topic. And he also agreed to letting it be published in the video.

The H3 crew will be making well above their pay bracket, they're far more rich than the dumbasses that feel so bad for them lol

No. 1250078

He didn't just not drop the topic, he WANTED her to storm out. She asked him to end the show multiple times and he's just like "you can go lol". Like bro she's asking you to end it so she doesn't have to storm out and he's telling her to just go ahead and go because he knows that it's good for views if she does it on air.

No. 1250081

File: 1623192827968.jpg (79.23 KB, 1424x1265, chuckles sadly.JPG)

100% this. He knew what he was doing. Tinfoil time: he wore the outfit and insisted on pizza because he was planning on triggering her from the start. It's not only good for views but repeats that meltdown pattern they've established. Note how he was hostile and inappropriate about her commercial at the beginning even though he always plugs his own shit without issue normally.

No. 1250084

i wouldn’t be surprised at all if that was his plan from the jump. production, amirite?

No. 1250085

Exactly that added to the tension.

Also unrelated, but there's been a few podcasts, some odd the rails and live shows Dan and other crew members have had an attitude about the showing running in long. Yet that's never called out as being ungrateful, yet people in the live chat have commented on it as it happens.

No. 1250096

There's no way he'd want to trigger a fight. Their episodes where they fought have less views than their usual ones, so they gain nothing from it.

No. 1250099

I think Trisha hit a sore spot with Ethan by calling out his lazy recycled content, I get the impression that he thinks pretty highly of his shows. Maybe that's why he egged her on instead of dropping the subject.

No. 1250100

Maybe you're right and he's just a little bitch. He's probably so use to dealing with passive Hila.

No. 1250101

I’m pretty sure Trisha is triggered that she got her period after it was announced hila was pregnant. And then on top of it she is having potentially two or more.

No. 1250104

Does he really gain nothing? Because they're trending today and they don't trend every week.

No. 1250105

I really don't think Trisha cares that they got pregnant. If anything it just shows how effective ivf is that it worked. If she marries Moses those children will be her family and it's pretty obvious she spoils members of her family. I don't think she would have any animosity towards her potential nieces and nephews. Probably the implication that she'd be triggered gets to her more. She reads the comments and keeps up with what fans think. That's probably also why she was pissed with the title of the last episode.

No. 1250106

What is to gain? They’re trending preceeding the death of the show because of Trisha rage quiting. Ethan now has a fuckload of Frenemies merchandise on his hands to sell and no show. It’s not like they had a problem getting viewers/selling merch before.

No. 1250109

>Their episodes where they fought have less views than their usual ones
Where are you getting this from? They get just as many, if not more, views.

No. 1250110

But do we really think this is the actual end of Frenemies? This is the third end of Frenemies. I'm absolutely not buying that this time is somehow different.

No. 1250111

Some people are speculating now that it's to hype up the merch when it drops with a comeback. If it is I won't be sorry I cancelled my membership. I'd rather watch the shows for free a day later if it is orchestrated. The way the subreddit has been flooded with hate towards Trisha doesn't make me want to support the show if that's who the fanbase is.

No. 1250113

Go to the H3 channel and sort from the most popular videos. Ep #5 and #13 are where they fought and they are among the lowest viewed frenemies episodes.

No. 1250125

Those are not the only episodes where they fought. If you're talking about the storming off only, that's not what I was talking about.

No. 1250126

Eh, she'll be back in a week.

Hila, maybe.
Ethan, no. It's not like he's the one carrying the babies. And he still has time/the mental headspace to bitch about Keemstar every other episode.

No. 1250128

You pay these people!? Are you dumb? Or are you 15

No. 1250131

Did anyone else catch that Trisha said she was diagnosed with schizophrenia in January? iirc I could have sworn she said in another podcast that she wasn't diagnosed with anything (except maybe bpd?)
said around 57:38 in todays ep, reposting yt link

No. 1250141

none of the people involved know what "gaslighting" means and it's so frustrating hearing them accuse eachother of it

No. 1250142

I'm actually having fun with the fact that Gabbie finally got what she wanted: Frenemies podcast to talk about her.
But now no one will be talking about Gabbie's part in the podcast at all because everyone is talking about Trisha and Ethan's fight this episode instead. Just poetic.

No. 1250236

Yes, it was mentioned ITT already. She's been speaking about her diagnosis for a while now.

No. 1250378

It's confirmed Ian's girlfriend Sam. Trisha is hilarious for calling out her sucky segment

No. 1250380

File: 1623215840107.jpeg (413.32 KB, 821x1102, 8DF2B9A0-8CEE-47A3-A848-E98BAE…)

It continues. I think this is probably going to escalate and Moses will probably be forced to make a choice.

No. 1250381


lmfao she just can't help herself

No. 1250382

File: 1623215900615.jpeg (449.98 KB, 828x1240, 38651B3B-451C-48BA-A006-94906D…)

No. 1250383

File: 1623216076350.jpeg (487.42 KB, 828x1286, 65D29CA4-D52B-4110-BA89-810A08…)

No. 1250386

File: 1623216414054.jpeg (549.49 KB, 828x1358, CE23CC6F-E2F6-47E2-8224-FEF363…)

Forgot to sage my bad

No. 1250389

File: 1623216670612.png (77.39 KB, 720x312, Screenshot_20210608-223048.png)

No. 1250392

File: 1623216777236.png (108.53 KB, 720x526, Screenshot_20210608-223113.png)

No. 1250393

File: 1623216807711.jpeg (463.93 KB, 828x1191, F35E8924-8400-472B-BDDF-DA7BCF…)

At this point I wish she’d shut the fuck up

No. 1250394

kek she's rich and she's still on about the 5%, they are literally in ethans studio, he and his employees do everything for the show and she is having a tantrum

No. 1250397

Ah shit here we go again.

>Ethan doesn't just make 5% more, he also gets 100% from highlights and other stuff. She's okay with it but it's not just that 5% diff that pays for the salaries of the staff.

>There is no producer, everyone just works for Ethan.
>She didn't know the prompt/segment was by a crew member's gf, didn't know she was there that day.
>They specifically didn't want Moses there for a shoot and it made her feel not-great, she wants there to be a person who isn't just an employee of Ethan's.
>She doesn't know how they come up with the segments. She isn't involved in the process so she didn't know whose idea it was. Assumed it was Ethan or the crew she was used to working with.
>She is proud of the work she did on Frenemies, she sees it as her best content.
>Staff thinks she is rude, she doesn't think so. She was told to her face that her ideas suck before, why can't she say it about a segment? She's not sorry.
>Laments that they never did get a dedicated Frenemies producer or other staff member she felt comfortable coming to and wouldn't be in Ethan's sole pocket. She went into it thinking it was Ethan and her, 50/50 creatively. It was not.
>Apologizes to fans for the breakup and to staff for sounding like she doesn't want the 5% income to go to them.
>It's not about money.
>She loves her team when they do music videos, she prides herself on her courtesy towards them. She respects them and is polite. It weighed on her that she made staff feel disrespected at Frenemies. She can't go back bc she blew it? Or something.

They really need to stop talking about this money thing. It's clearly not about money at all.

No. 1250398

Oh honey….why do so many people give them money despite criticizing them and knowing they’re unbelievably unnecessarily wealthy?

No. 1250406

It is so fucking retarded to hire the girlfriends of your dumbass friends instead of… you know… hiring someone who is actually qualified for the job? Trisha was right about the segment being dumb and lazy. And they have the other one in a high position at TF? wtf

No. 1250408

To be honest I was expecting Trisha to be the enemy more here but I think Ethan is being a huge child about this, watching the podcast she literally doesn’t say anything bad against the crew just that she wishes she had some say in the crew or had some involvement in the staff because she feels like an employee of Ethan’s instead of a head of the production. He’s talking around what she’s saying and acting like he didn’t do anything, Trisha has been a huge bitch and started unwarranted fights but here she just seemed frustrated by her lack of power and Ethan treated it like she was just being pissed off and petty.

No. 1250440

hate both but wow serious ethan continues to play up his jewish stereotype.

Wasn't he the one blasting other creators for being unprofessional but here he is trying to make a business deal via text? I pray to god sponsors and youtube drop his deals one day and he hits rock bottom to build some fucking modesty.

No. 1250464

it's such a shame that it has come to this, i've been getting used to them and their podcast. anons who predicted the frenemies crash and burn really had a hunch there. i kind of hope that it's just some kind of publicity stunt to sell merch tbh, but i also agree that they both are handling this poorly (if it's not staged).

No. 1250473

I know it is declasse these days to question anything anyone says, but obviously Trisha isn't schizophrenic, and her BPD is how they diagnosis mental health malingerers to give them "something" to treat, without having to give them pills.

Meanwhile there are people in the Frenemies subreddit literally saying she has a disability and can't be held accountable like a normal person. All that being said Ethan was definitely setting her up or in a shitty mood himself this episode. He was pretty weird at the very beginning with her about the costumes (he claimed it was her idea then quickly backtracked like, Ok it was mine) kind of dismissive during her commercial, and totally interrupted her story about Brokeback Mountain. It seemed to me Ethan was really feeling himself from the jump in this episode, like Trisha complimented him and he really just accepted it. I think he's getting big for his boots and that is why he was more dismissive with Trisha. Anyway, his crew isn't getting "hate", Ethan is pretending to defend them so he looks noble when it's just windmills, no one is attacking any of those goobers who work for H3.

No. 1250478

I understand her issues with Ethan's way of doing shit, but I'm honestly sick of people having to tiptoe around her as if she was a child, because otherwise she gets vile and keeps on attacking, spitting bile all over the place. The thought of her raising a child is awful if this is how she reacts despite realizing it's self sabotage.

No. 1250483

I noticed Ethan has got a bit more cocky since he started working out (he still looks just as fat to me though)

No. 1250489

I don't really get the argument. She was rude and obnoxious and when Ethan says anything it's gaslighting. I don't understand why Moses tolerates this behavior?

No. 1250504

Because moses is actually fucking retarded

No. 1250508

File: 1623231184847.jpg (50.15 KB, 735x233, seething.jpg)


No. 1250512

I also don't buy this idea that Trisha really wants to be a mom. Maybe in an abstract sense she would like to have a child but she definitely conducts and carries herself like a person who enjoys their independence and isn't trying to nurture anyone or anything. Not that there is anything wrong with that. If anything I hope Trisha doesn't think she wants a kid just because she believes that will be the best way to lock a man down. Which tbh always seemed like her TRUE life goal.

No. 1250516

File: 1623231619537.jpeg (38.11 KB, 441x411, BC9BDEAE-34F8-4A6E-A323-F1E1F9…)

Honestly I think this is all fake drama to drum up views. Trishas oldest trick in the book.

No. 1250525

tbh I understand why Ethan would shoot down most of Trisha's ideas. She said she wanted to do a segment on trans issues, can you imagine how bad and confusing (and possibly ~problematic~) that would be? She has shown to have a very superficial understanding of honestly everything but especially political issues

No. 1250528

am I crazy for kind of agreeing with OP? like. congrats on the life event Ethan but he or whoever titles this shit knew it would bait viewers thinking it was maybe about trish. the ambiguity of “pregnancy announcement” is deliberate and as others ITT have mentioned, they only talked about it for maybe 5-10 min. why bother making THAT the frenemies theme of the week or w/e, they have like 3 other shows, namely the one that actually involves the pregnant party in question as a cohost

No. 1250535

im kinda happy for ethan now, no more walking on egg shells, no more tantrums, no more dealing with her stupidity.

No. 1250536

Honestly, I would have looooved a segment on trans issues because it would accidentally peak some people kek

No. 1250537

Isn't Trisha supposed to be Ethan's friend? Wouldn't you want to discuss the big news with your friend? They named other Frennemies eps in more nonsensical and clickbaitish ways in the past, most of them revolving around Trisha, even though they dealt with the topic for like 5 minutes.

Having to constantly be careful around someone because you might 'trigger them' sounds tiring. BPD fags are the absolute worst

No. 1250548

Ethan is a big fat Cancer sun baby. Not surprised.

No. 1250551

>Seems like she is doing the classic personality disorder thing of pushing her close friend away to protect herself from damage.

No. 1250554

I agree with Trish. Ethan is a shite boss. He encouraged the convo about the employees/crew, Trisha was making a point about production costs. Ethan had the final cut of the podcast and released it. It was a 10 minute fight that happened at the end he could have cut it. Their gay little boy club thought they could dismiss Trisha as crazy as per her persona but she's not as dumb as she let's on and far more articulated when not stressed out. H3 are dumb.

No. 1250559

Just to point out H3 crew members moderate the subreddit and have left all the hate up about Trisha but delete posts that criticise them lol. No wonder some fans went to their instas. What a bunch of pussies.

No. 1250564

Has trisha claimed to be actively trying to conceive for years.. ? I always got the impression that trish was milking her fertility thing for sympathy. She's too bpd to manage a kid or even truly want one. But she loves the sympathy that infertility gets you. It's a win win situation for her.

No. 1250571

I think she sometimes likes the idea of it in a shallow way, e.g- making a mini her to show off in Insta posts and probably thinks it will cement her relationship even more but I agree, I don't think deep down she actually does.
That dog that Jason gave her she basically gave to her mother and sister and she wouldn't react well to not being the centre of attention.

No. 1250572

I knew things wouldn't last and the greed would take over. I said last thread that I enjoyed frenemies but fucking hated everytime they talked merch or money. They are Jeffree and Shane incarnate. Money money money

No. 1250600


After watching this and reading through some of the reddit comments it seems obvious to me the main reason Trisha is mad is that Ian's girlfriend Sam got hired when she wanted her sister to be hired instead.

I feel like she's lying about not knowing it was Sam's idea and first project she worked on, and wanted make Sam look bad so she can justify how her sister should have been hired instead.

Mix in jealously over Hila's pregnancy (her whole 'dont call it an announcement because it looks like youre announcing my pregnancy" rant was embarrassing and childish) and you got what happened on the last episode.

No. 1250602

Nah I really don't think so. She's bringing up her sister to show the scale of nepotism with H3. 3 crew members gfs/wife now work there.

She was mad about the title of the frenemies video insinuating trisha is pregnant. It was clickbait and she's discussed she thinks she infertile so it's a bit fucked up in that respect. It's like people are wanting her to be triggered over the birth of her potential nieces and nephews.

Fans complain live all the time when the crew or ethan do shit over used jokes but because Trisha said it, it's out of line? Even though they reject her ideas? Reckon Ians just worried the gf he got from purely just being on H3 might leave him and he'll be a virgin again. The men seem extremely insecure.

No. 1250604

File: 1623240233900.jpeg (24.6 KB, 780x277, FA934016-BCCC-43BA-9AAA-1C5EE6…)

So the girlfriend didn’t even come up with the idea? Who has Ethan been begging trish to apologise to then and why is anyone on the crew even upset.

No. 1250605

File: 1623240260685.jpeg (58.82 KB, 780x601, 98575AF2-6C00-472B-BB53-898059…)


No. 1250606

Lol seems like the boys don't know how to control this anymore. What a bunch of retards.

No. 1250607

Saw people saying apparently it was Love that came up with the segment so who was it trying to make out that Trisha was jealous of another woman? Who name dropped Sam?

No. 1250613

>Reckon Ians just worried the gf he got from purely just being on H3 might leave him and he'll be a virgin again

Kek Im dying anon

No. 1250614

File: 1623241210711.png (34.79 KB, 639x304, trisha's fat vagina.png)


Trisha didnt know whose idea it was and claims she was happy to have a female crew member added

No. 1250625

Does anyoen have a pic of Sam? I thought she was the winner of the first H3 Bachelor for Ian? But I just skimmed through all of them and there were no contestants named Sam? Also no pics of them online and Ian's Insta and now private

No. 1250628

They deserve to make each other miserable and I hope they get back together with their gay show for twitterfags. Which they will because one is a money hungry attention whore and the other is a money hungry attention whore and the show creates drama and revenue.

No. 1250630

She wasn’t a contestant she just found him through the show and they started talking. Think AB posted a pic of her recently

No. 1250632

File: 1623242278412.jpeg (849.96 KB, 750x1096, 238E0EEC-6E15-4088-AF61-90AD7C…)

Think she’s on the very left with black hair

No. 1250633

File: 1623242291559.jpeg (104.16 KB, 828x1792, so9jj9ciunh61.jpeg)

I think this is her

No. 1250637

Wonder if they'll hire zachs gf too and completely the set.

No. 1250639

Doubt it, he seems to lose them too quick

No. 1250643

He's recycling this gf, she was before the porn star he dated. Imagine going back to your ex that had no qualms dating a porn star lol.

No. 1250649

imo the reason money comes up as an issue is because it's Ethan's main excuse and justification behind him being the one who "does all the work", and that's where trisha's frustration stems from. when ethan claims she does nothing to help the show yet she's actively suggesting things and saying she's up for even putting her own money into it (for camera men or w/e), but is then shot down as it's ethan who's the ~producer~ at the end of the day.

also the fact that ethan is this big boss, hiring fans of his to work for them is kinda weird lmao. no wonder she feels uncomfortable in these situations as it's the h3 crew vs her.

No. 1250664

Astrology fag kys

No. 1250670

I mean, it's Ethans show and I wouldn't trust her with really anything because she seems very incompetent. Until she can manage how her brain is because of her drug problems and her mental illnesses, I don't think she should be in charge of anything other than showing up and talking about herself. And her ideas are tone deaf. Why would they have a segment on trans issues like.. She's like a child.

No. 1250674

Trisha was so right all the time, hesitating to trust h3h3. Ethan is a money hungry cow and not authentic. Team Trish… Ethan just seems like a cunt?? Always talking over trisha, and she is right she doesnt have a say in anything. Its all ethan show, eww… Like their award show or ads, why is Ethan deciding and announcing everything. Like with the ads, Trisha would be/is so much better at doing them but Nooo Ethan just has to do them.

No. 1250676

Wth come on. Bullshit

No. 1250677

So Trisha says Ethan gets 55% because 5% of Ethan's share supposedly goes to the crew - but doesnt show where the money goes. Also the crew handles all their shows so their paycheck can't all be from Frenemies.

Ethan Also gets ALL the highlights-money, which is 50-80k/mo according to Trishas estimate.

Frenemies is popular cause of Trisha, and she should have a say in how things are done. As a fan Im glad she left. Ethan has gotten so icky to me its not even fun to watch the episodes, I hope Trish starts a new podcast with someone else

No. 1250678

I am a fan of Trisha but you are being purposefully naive if you think her fragility and erratic behavior (perfectly exhibited in her recent tantrum) make her ideal for being in charge of making decisions.

No. 1250680

File: 1623247594329.jpeg (222.25 KB, 828x770, EF16F4A2-92B4-486B-91F3-6D62D7…)

Trisha finally admitting that theres something thats been overwhelming her and I’ll bet every penny I have that it’s the fact that Hila is having a multiple pregnancy and Trisha is having trouble getting pregnant.

If Trisha acts like this now, I really dont think that bringing an innocent child into the world is the best idea.

No. 1250681


yeah, she bleeds money. Remember, this is the same woman who could not buy a house due to her terrible credit history and had to use Moses' (I think? someone else may have paid but not Trisha)

No. 1250682

idk i'm still not convinced that she actually wants a kid that bad. i think the pregnancy talk is just posturing for her relationship. being super bpd about not being the center of attention in general is more likely.

No. 1250683

Ethan keeps triggering her and no, not ideal but gimme a break. Ofc she could make decisions on topics, hiring people etc. Its not like she is dumb. Fr.

No. 1250684

she also has business experience and has been in the show business for a long ass time so it's not like it's just some random crazy bitch from off the street

No. 1250686

I am a Trish fan and I totally would understand and back Trisha if she wanted to move frenemies production away from h3 and into its own entity, but she should have approached Ethan privately and not on air. This was Ethans gig, she was invited on, and if its evolved beyond that now then cool, but its retarded of Trish to make out that the deal was previously raw for her when so many of her projects failed in the past purely because she was incapable of getting her own ideas off the ground.

This ep was doomed, you could tell she was gonna go south from the very beginning - the actual fight was so lame, it felt she was just hunting for anything to get a dig in about after being so triggered by the Gabbie shit and not having her feelings over it validated. Ethan was useless in predicting her cues and glossed over the warning signs in her behaviour because hes generally moronic.

Been waiting for this meltdown since Hila announced her pregnancy, Trisha is like fucking clockwork.

No. 1250688

same anon, asorry i replied to the OP thread because i am a stupid fag

No. 1250691

>but she should have approached Ethan privately and not on air
i honestly think this take is so dumb because he could have just… edited it out of the final cut of the show. it's not like they were on live television.

No. 1250693

>>1250691 I meant that she shouldnt have brought it up in front of the crew. But yea if I were them I wouldnt have aired this either, the whole episode was a shitfest

No. 1250695

i think this too i dont get why people don't think this!? the last time she got her period she was all upset and depressed and at the start of this episode she mentioned that she got her period. I dont care what anyone says Trisha is jealous. I am not giving her the benefit of the doubt because she has BPD no bitch the girl has always felt threatened by other women and is always in a one sided competition with them. Its really obvious.

But anyway i honestly hate how ethan always talks over trisha because her topics are literally 10x more interesting than his. I figured they were gonna break down soon anyway because of how fake nice to each other they were in the past couple of episodes. Ethan has absolutely horrible ideas and trisha is right about Q&As its stupid and overdone. Plus who tf wants advice from these two fucking idiots.

I also don't think its fair that trisha doesnt have a little bit of a say in segments but thats her fucking fault for not speaking up from jump. Instead she would always make these little jabs like "this is the one job where i dont have to be in control of everything i get to just show up" like why lie if you knew you always wanted a say. Ethan shouldve never said that she brings nothing to the show because it was rude as hell and i'd be offended too if i was trish. This shit is dumb and they have one more time to "break up" before i stop caring all together about these crazy rich white people and their petty "drama"

No. 1250698

one more thing im surprised no one mentioned how horribly ethan still talks to his employees. I actually commend trisha for speaking up for them and saying they are busy prepping when he was basically yelling at them to hurry tf up and get his disgusting ass dominos. Like it was so fucking rude. I could never work for someone like that we would have to fight LMAO. I am not your slave dude. But these pick me boys put up with it because anything for daddy ethan

No. 1250706

Yes ethan is a misogynistic dumb fuck. Be interesting to see if I'll get a ban since they won't refund me so I'll be able to participate in live chats until next month and I will be critical of all their shite. They ban people for little reason, they're all insecure cunts.

No. 1250713

Fuck the crew why are they getting treated like they should be wrapped in cotton and are fragile. It's a fucking job to them and they do have bad ideas, they don't need to gurn about it when they get called out. Ethan and the crew kept the fight in because they thought only Trisha would get criticised. Look at the subreddit they run. They haven't tried to mitigate any of the hate coming towards trisha but oh no they have to lock their account because of the small minority that has criticised them too. Boo hoo! Do they need therapy now as well Awk!

No. 1250723

IDK maybe I am weird but I can't shake off the feeling that Trisha is jealous over the pregnancy but not just because she wants babies too, but because Hila is pregnant with Ethan's babies.

It's just a feeling but I think Trisha actually has some sort of complicated crush on Ethan. And I wouldn't even be surprised if it's mutual. Like sure, Ethan loves Hila and Trisha loves Moses and yet Trisha and Ethan both notice that they have different chemistry with each other than they do with their spouses, giving them something more "exciting". I don't think they'd ever act on it but I do believe they have somewhat of a weird mutual crush going on.

No. 1250728

Nah I agree too, probably because we're both adults. Idc how excited about their new triplet swarm, it had nothing to do with Frenemies and he knows Trisha is barren. An adult would ordinarily know not to rub this kind of thing in. It's okay to want to share something exciting but one does not act the way he does around a woman he knows cannot have a child. >>1250537 Trisha is an unreasonable person but the fertility thing is not one of those unreasonable things. You are supposed to tiptoe around people with infertility.

While I think they both suck creatively, Trisha should have been given more control. She brings up wanting a producer, that isn't herself, who just happens to not be on Ethan's payroll as part of his h3 crew. They should have uploaded the podcast episodes to both channels until it gained traction then moved it to a Frenemies channel instead of putting it on h3 in the first place. Get an accountant, get a producer. Split things properly. Trisha doesn't know how to manage money so she let Ethan drive, you can see that she is not that assertive on the matter in the texts that she shared. Not setting this podcast up on neutral ground was a huge red flag. Also agreed about their little frat house of a production.

As other anons have said, the fans actually do regularly complain about recycled content and Trisha was right. She is too much of a BPD retard to articulate her thoughts and to bring it up in a way that makes her not look unhinged but she's right.

The only reason it's "Ethan's show" is because he purposely manipulated the situation to put the show on his channel, use his crew and set. It was meant to be a 50/50 effort creatively and that is not what Ethan's controlling ass steered it towards. He conned Trisha and he was able to because Trisha is literally too retarded to foresee how it would end up. She doesn't get business. A podcast can be co-managed by even a rock so she could have done it, not a matter of Ethan's know-how either. Anyone can make a podcast on YouTube. But the ownership thing went over her head, or maybe she felt like that was her only option at the time, couldn't demand better stakes. Some people are poor at negotiating equitable terms because they lack confidence, happens a lot.

>Frenemies is popular cause of Trisha
And this is the truth. The show is indistinguishable from his other 2 podcasts without Trisha. Trisha should have negotiated better terms but she didn't see what she was bringing to the table here. Ethan isn't even this extremely savvy guy, she's just that down on herself.

No. 1250734

>>1250713 lmao I dont give a fuck about the crew, I just think Trisha is retarded for crying about the lack of profeshunalism within H3, for which she is totally right btw, and then hashing out percentages and creative control issues infront of them. I dont give a fuck that they were told their idea is bad, I agree it was. Trisha is just slinging shit as Trisha does, she tries to frame herself apart from or above the situation but really she is just another pig in the same shitty pen.

No. 1250735

>I hope Trish starts a new podcast with someone else

Shane Dawson is going to read this and spill his Dr. Pepper in anticipation

No. 1250736

NTA but yeah, it's not about the crew being precious. It's just that in a team setting the leads are meant to hash stuff out between each other and present a unified vision to their underlings. You don't bicker in front of lower levels like this. I feel like the farmers ITT have never had a white collar job.

No. 1250744

>white collar job
it’s a shitty podcast, not goldman sachs

No. 1250748

Doesn't matter. It's a visual media set and they have people on payroll. They need to learn how to be bosses/creative leads.

No. 1250749


Eh, it's Trisha who wrote the jewy part, not Ethan.

No. 1250750

but is anyone really surprised that two speds well into their 30s don’t know how to properly run a show that has only become massively successful because both the hosts are retarded in their own way?

No. 1250751

Wait, Trisha had a temper tantrum over nothing? But she's such a based and funny person, who could've thought that an iconic queen like her would ever do that? She can't ACTUALLY be insane, obese, unintelligent, narcissistic trailer trash, it's clearly a thought-out, Andy Kaufman-esque act.

No. 1250756


Does anyone still believe that it's an act on her part? Like the whole thing? I'm sure she's aware that it makes her money when she lets her mental damage take over on camera but there is no act imo. She is right about some stuff though, much like Azealia Banks is. Not every time, certainly still a dumbass psycho but she is sometimes correct. This tantrum was technically over nothing but clearly they've had friction about the ownership of the podcast for a while now, just boiled to the surface.

No. 1250770

omg azealia and trisha should do a podcast now THAT would be a cash cow. someone get azealia on the phone STAT

No. 1250780

It's precisely that I have worked similar jobs I'm giving my opinion. The crew are workers not fucking kids. If there boses are discussing creative differences who cares if they can hear. Trisha is not their employer big gay ethan is and he didn't professionally stfu either and didn't de-escalte. He's a shitty boss no wonder he just hires fans.

No. 1250790

I’d almost pay money to see that. The zingers from Azaelia would be a fucking goldmine

No. 1250794

File: 1623255706413.png (178 KB, 682x583, dm 1.PNG)

Trisha on twitter sharing more dms between her and Ethan, making it worse.

No. 1250795

File: 1623255728537.png (296.63 KB, 705x642, dm2.PNG)

No. 1250797

For fucks sake Trisha, shut up.

She’s repeating herself and going around in circles when about an hour ago she was saying how sorry she was. Which is it Trish?

No. 1250798

she's also put out a third video, for anyone who hasn't seen it

No. 1250802

She's milking it for what it's worth. Fair enough. She even admitted that she cashed in a lot on their last breakup with the videos she made about it and how she'll also profit on future drama between them the same way. At least she's honest about it so we all knew what was coming.

No. 1250806

Nah let Trisha milk it Wtf.

No. 1250809

I hate the peace and love catchphrase so much, it's always been super condescending and an excuse to shit talk. They're both drama whores but it's annoying how Ethan pretends he isn't .

No. 1250810

Theyre deleted tweets now, screenshotted into an image board forever. I dont even think this is milking it, I think this is a manic episode.

No. 1250816

She posted another tweet showing a dm where they were still talking about filming tomorrow and it seemed a friendly conversation before Ethan suddenly changed his mind and said the crew needs a few days. And then she posted one other tweet after that saying something along the lines of "I don't know why Ethan lied to me about Sam coming up with the idea and the crew not wanting to film. This is making my head spin" (paraphrasis)
I didn't screenshot fast enough because I didn't think she would delete it so you have to take my word for it lol.

No. 1250823

File: 1623257508243.jpeg (189.52 KB, 1283x1505, B5701B5B-9947-42F8-B60F-C6D11A…)

My Twitter didn’t refresh yet so i still got all the tweets. I got you nonny

No. 1250824

File: 1623257608983.jpeg (211.27 KB, 828x818, 8E1A1B7C-04D8-4DF9-B049-5FE471…)

No. 1250825

It kinda seems like Ethan saw Trisha was still manic as fuck and decided to postpone, changing his mind. Not sure about the Sam thing, idgi. I think Trisha is getting ahead of herself thinking he's purposely crazymaking here. Doesn't quite look that way, it was just an evolving situation it looks like. HE LIED!!! is just a weird takeaway.

No. 1250827

File: 1623258035943.png (162.42 KB, 760x713, Screenshot_20210609-130012.png)

she's still going. I'm capping all of them but they're really repetitive and don't say very much in terms of new milk so I won't post them all

No. 1250829

Trish is business savvy, and in that respect, she was probably the smartest person on set.

Ethan and the crew did not understand or appreciate that about her. They clearly think she's a moron. She couldn't even get Ethan's permission to PAY someone professional to sit in the room of man-children and advocate for her ideas.

When she said, "I think this isn't for me," she knows that Ethan and his crew don't have what it takes. She has higher aspirations. With polish, structure and better direction, their podcast could have been on the level of Howard Stern's show.

Her time is better spent elsewhere.

No. 1250830

are you kidding? it was incredibly rude and insulting for trisha to insinuate that the crew doesn't need the extra 5%. they are the ones who do all the work as a regular job, not just for 'fun money' that they immediately blow on pride birkins. at the end of the day ethan is running a business and it's completely understandable that he would defend his workers when they're being shit on by an entitled guest who does nothing except show up and collect 47%. trisha is not risking anything financially, but ethan is, which is why he has the final say on everything. trisha didn't put up any money to build the set nor did she risk her brand, in fact frenemies ended up rehabilitating her image. ethan pushed back because she was being extremely petty. she hated that ethan talked about the pregnancy and used it for a clickbait title, but most of the frenemies titles are about trisha, who does most of the talking in the episodes, usually about herself, her exes, her internet drama, her music videos, her skincare brand, her clothing brand… but ethan can't talk about a life-changing event that also involves trisha, since she will become the kids' aunt someday? given their struggles with fertility (which trisha should be sensitive to since she can relate) it was not only petty but even cruel.

imo this is all rooted in trisha's hatred and jealousy of hila, because hila is not only thin, married, successful and pregnant (and all without ever having to do sex work) but protected by ethan and the entire crew. trisha is protected by no one, not even moses, and treated like a joke by everyone. that was the root of their last blowout and this time is no different.

No. 1250831

File: 1623258179017.png (842.4 KB, 760x2355, Screenshot_20210609-125814.png)

in the screenshots of them discussing their respective cuts from the frenemies money she calls Ethan "so Jewy" because she didn't (and still doesn't) understand how to speak about minorities so she posted the Wikipedia entry on antisemitism as her defense lmfao

No. 1250833

File: 1623258290035.jpg (218.6 KB, 947x2048, E3c_U4NVkAQOOnH.jpg)

Idk anon it does seem like Ethan made it all about her upsetting the staff while according to Dan the staff had no problem filming. Either Ethan is exaggerating or Dan is downplaying but the narratives don't match up.

No. 1250835

I think Ethan hides behind the crew a bit. I think he was the one who wanted a break from Trisha but didn't have the balls to just say that so it was easier to say "the crew needs some time"

No. 1250838

Yeah I didn’t post any more screenshots after that, its her posting conversations with Ethan, then deleting them, then saying how much she’s sorry, then going on a tangent about how she didnt say anything bad to the crew and that Ethan is manipulative/gaslighting her and repeat

No. 1250839

the crew are literally just a ragtag group of h3 fans that he slapped together though. it’s not like they’re actual professionals kek.
i get people hate trisha because she’s money hungry and crazy, but come on. she’s why the show is what it is.

No. 1250841

Trisha generally is good at delegating but she overspends like mfer, you can't call that "business savvy" in good conscience. She couldn't even negotiate with Ethan on terms she thought was equitable enough, or future-proof. She isn't savvy don't delude yourself. She is passionate and dedicated, though. And the main event of Frenemies. She had a good hand but blew it every step of the way.

No. 1250842

Trisha is smart and has pretty good awareness. She's right about a lot of things.

But she has no self-regulation. Where most people could say, "I'll wait to discuss this when the show is over, and deliberate over the most sensitive way to do it," she can't hold her tongue once she's upset.

I can tell her therapists have done a great job helping her to raise her emotional-awareness and give her a framework to articulate her emotions. But she has made very little progress on the behavioral piece other than saying, "This is bothering me, I need to stop."

Most people don't want to work with someone like that. It makes her a loose cannon. Ethan could have smoothed over the situation by allowing her to hire a producer to be her advocate in the room, though.

No. 1250845

I think so too. Also agree with the nonnie who said Trisha might be upset of Hilas pregnancy. And maybe Trisha needs some attention for the new skin line thing? Team Trish too anyway

No. 1250846

Maybe business savvy isn't the right word, but she definitely has vision. Which is more in line with passion and dedication.

I think she's also more aspirational than Ethan.

Ethan is fine with a boy's club where everyone fucks off as long as it funds Hila's triplets.

No. 1250851


I get where you’re coming from, but it seems like Trish is mostly looking for more creative control and I can understand her being uncomfortable with not having moses or sister allowed to be on set and being alone in “Ethan’s World”

Trish does bring good ideas, and understands better than anyone how to bring in views/keep up with the drama - which is basically what the show was grounded in - drama.

So even though she’s a piss baby I can actually understand her frustrations here when Ethan just shuts her down and blames her bringing it up on her previous mental illness.

I dont think she’s looking for the type of responsibility that would require actual elbow grease.

No. 1250852

Strong agree.

I listened to a clip recently where Dan kept playing the same sound clip over and over for at least 5 minutes. Nobody was laughing. Ethan made a comment, "You want to keep playing that sound Dan?" Then Dan kept doing it.

It's fine if Ethan wants to do his fans favors, but they need someone smart and professional in the room directing those people. And developing them so they actually have a future if this show fails too.

No. 1250854

Trisha is being a fucking moron and doesn’t have the talent or brain cells it takes to produce a podcast on her own. Her own podcast got canned, and she’s just making a fool of herself by crying on camera about the money while constantly reassuring her audience that THATS not what’s important. Personally, I think she just wanted her boring retard sister hired instead of Ian’s girlfriend.

No. 1250859


Wow theres a prime example of self sabotage. She barely gave herself a minute go decide on such a big move as permanently leaving the show. As soon as Ethan brought it up she immediately shuts down and quits without even processing it.

No. 1250861

Trisha clearly has issues and is not stable enough to be doing this show. But also Ethan is a controlling manchild incapable of dealing with anyone who is not a yes man. This could have been avoided or deescalated. I'm inclined to believe the tinfoil that he planned this. He even makes a point to say the dress up was Trisha's idea at the beginning but he backs down when he insists on correcting him. He probably didn't think it would go this far and thought something like "I'll do the uncle fester pizza curse fight thing again this week since there isn't enough internet drama to talk about"

No. 1250865

Yeah, it's so transparent that I feel bad for her at this point. While Ethan milks things like this, so does she so they're evenly matched there. I do think they were actually promising as friends. She's gone full BPD again. I've seen people say that she's conditioned by her previous friend groups to see everything as transactional and ephemeral, not as true bonds. I think a lot of her uncharitable interpretations of situations have been partially rooted in this idea of hers that everyone is like Shane/Jafar. She has been waiting for the impending doom of her relationship with people who will literally be her in-laws. She's trying to get out and self-preserve like before. It's sad to watch.

>He probably didn't think it would go this far and thought something like "I'll do the uncle fester pizza curse fight thing again this week since there isn't enough internet drama to talk about"
When I wrote the tinfoil my thought was exactly this. I don't think he intended to blow the show up completely, just craft some drama to get content out of it like they often do. If there isn't a YTer they can commentate on, they usually end up bickering for the content so this is par for the course.

No. 1250868

> imo this is all rooted in trisha's hatred and jealousy of hila


She wants to be respected and treated the same way she sees Hila being treated, and from that that power that Hila yields. Except she really hasn’t done anything to actually earn their respect that makes people treat Hila so well. This probably compounded by Moses loving and respecting the life his sister has built.

No. 1250870

The fact that he brought up the pizza curse and chews on a slice while Trisha is clearly on the verge of breakdown and begging to leave was so tacky and cringe

No. 1250873

I'm kinda in on that tinfoil now. I think Trisha looks up to Hila but doesn't really know how to deal with looking up to another woman and it manifests into jealousy. Even the way Trisha has started a sadboy2005 clothing line and all, almost seems like she wants to be like Hila. I remember a wholesome tiktok she made with that "i wanna be just like you" song while showing pics of herself and Hila. I think she wants to be able to look up to her normally but is incapable of doing so without feeling jealous too. And the pregnancy might have pushed her over the edge.

No. 1250874

ah ok it's just a miscommunication, ethan clearly made the executive decision to take the day off because the crew was feeling offended. trisha took this to mean they refused to film. dan said they would have filmed, then queue trisha spiralling about ethan "lying". case closed

No. 1250875

Hmm I think with Trisha there is a general abundance of ambition that is hindered by her mental illnes and lack of skills. Even with all these obstacles she was able to find some way of monetizing what she does have, that I think is something she should be able to appreciate about herself. She is extremely ambitious though and she'll always lose if she keeps comparing herself to others. Hila is in no way a high bar but she needs to drop it.

Skinwalking a bit, for sure. I don't think the current drama is solely about jealousy but it's definitely just facets of her unfulfilled ambitions in general. She wants ownership in a creative empire like that of the Kleins.

No. 1250876

i think she’s just keeping her enemies closer

No. 1250881

File: 1623260862620.jpg (12.71 KB, 360x262, imfine.jpg)

Extremely. He was acting extra callous that episode, started disrespectful and kept winding her up. The multiple pizza curse mentions sealed it for me, he meant to piss her off. Blew up in his face though because it went too far. Perhaps he just can't accept that while Trisha is cool with milking drama, she is also not stable enough to "be in on" the setup. She thinks it's all life or death, all against her.

No. 1250884

I'm curious if "off the rails" podcast tomorrow will make it worse. Because I'm sure Ethan will talk about it and he doesn't have his carer with him so he might fuck it up even more and send Trisha off on another tirade.

No. 1250892

you're surprised about a jew beeing greedy? lol(>>>/pol/)

No. 1250894

You're lost. Go back to /pol/

No. 1250896

Sorry for asking to be spoonfed, I'm not the biggest follower of Trisha but what is this Pizza Curse thing and why does it piss her off?

No. 1250897

it refers to how every time they order pizza on frenemies it always ends up in a fight and trish leaving

No. 1250898

the past two times they’ve gotten in big fights on frenemies, they’d ordered pizza beforehand. ethan’s just trying to make it a “meme” which is why people feel like it’s at least partially staged on his part.

No. 1250899

There is also the theory that whenever Trisha dresses glam she picks a fight.

No. 1250901

i just thought of something this is not to sell frenemies merch but to sell that trishskin shit. what a smart bitch. think about it she always used to have meltdowns right before she released a new music video to garner attention to it. I think she even ended up admitting to it. this bitch lmao

No. 1250905

i don’t think that’s the case because most of the frenemies fans appear to be taking ethan’s side

No. 1250907


I think Trish really buys into the "all publicity is good publicity" way of life so that might be irrelevant for her if she's drawing this out for attention

No. 1250914

i just don’t buy it idk i think this is just some kind of manic episode in response to whatever fucking triggered her to this degree

No. 1250921

yeah all the tinfoil is ridiculous. this is just what she's like, it's exactly the same attitude she had after the last big fight. she'll chill out in a week and probably come back at some point unless ethan cuts her off or completely snaps at her. but i'm guessing he will try to be patient, make amends, and keep the show going because he cares about her and also it'd be a pretty significant financial loss for him lol. might be a while before a new episode but who knows

No. 1250924

You may think I am retarded but I will miss frenemies, I actually feel sad about it.. it did make me laugh a lot.

No. 1250926

she’s already on tiktok claiming this isn’t a manic episode, she’s in control of her mental state and she regrets the last 48 hours and wishes she could take it back so you’re probably right

No. 1250928

exactly you guys think this bitch cares if H3 fans are mass downvoting her vids and trashing her in the comments? (well she probably partially cares) do you know how much money she is going to make crying and providing "receipts" for this stupid asss meltdown that didnt even need to happen like that? She even mentioned how during the shane fallout and that hair stylist video she got so much traction to her channel. And those were "triggering" events in her life. You guys give trisha too much credit. She is a horrible shell of a human being who lives off money and grease. Im pretty sure she even mentioned on the episode that she has a music video coming out soon.

Maybe a lot of you guys are new to trisha but ive been watching her trainwreck of a channel since at least 2015 and i remember her milking the sean drama rehashing old beef etc and then uploading a new MV like 3 days later. Trisha is not new to this she's true to this. You guys need to read her gurugossip thread and stop coddling this dumb mentally unstable rich bitch. She makes her own bed and now she has to lay in it.

Ethan is disgusting piece of shit too and he is unfunny and has horrible ideas, treats his coworkers like his personal slave and licks his own ass but idk enough about him to comment further because i only watched h3 for frenemies because i miss yt drama. But trisha was always sowing the seed that ethan was a greeedy money hungry "jew" since the show started. I think within like the first few episodes she mentioned how she wasnt getting 50/50. She definitely is anti Semitic as fuck and harbors gross views of anyone who isnt a white christian/catholic. You guys need to get a reality check and see through this clear manic bullshit. Trisha will never stop having breakdowns and fall outs because breakdowns and fallouts are the only time her channel gets a lot of views.

No. 1250930

some of us just like the messy drama, anon.

No. 1250932

Girl who said anything on the contrary?

No. 1250933

Ethan is such a dumb douche lol. He text her and told her Sam did the segment and Ian was upset on her behalf and trisha told him to fuck off lol. She might be manic I don't understand bpd tbh, but I do think she's justified for feeling slighted by Ethan.

No. 1250937

With peace and love I bet the crew are just as upset with Ethan but he's literally the hand that feeds them (their boss) and he doesn't want to admit he was also as rude as Trisha for talking about his employees wages. He also stuck Sam's name into it when apparently she had nothing to do with anything. He's deflecting. Not Trisha. It's so annoying how Trisha is always made to be the scapegoat.

No. 1250944

I really don't think Trisha is jealous of Hila lol. She called her a bitch and has talked bad about her. I don't think there's anything she envys or hers. Like I literally think Trisha feels like she's way hotter and Ethan has been the one hitting on her way more and being sexual in recent podcasts. Like fucking tinfoil! Maybe Hila wanted rid of Trisha since Hila is going to be pregnant and she got Ethans cum and Ethan might get horny or lustfully look elsewhere. Whether he cheats on her idk but he's gross either way.

No. 1250946

He already handles her with such kid gloves though..it was surprising seeing him get visibly annoyed with her but idk, I don't blame him when she's been acting some flavor of crazy this whole time. I think Ethan and the crew are genuinely getting sick of her shit and its getting harder for them to hide. She obviously sees that though

No. 1250950

damn this bitch can never let shit go

No. 1250951


>She called her a bitch and has talked bad about her.

lol anon, youre literally describing how a jealous person acts towards someone they are jealous of.

>I don't think there's anything she envys or hers.

Yeah Trish’s sudden desire to also start a clothing line and sudden obsession with being a mother must have came from nowhere. Get a grip.

No. 1250954

I largely agree with you but I think things would be better if they dropped the frat house mentality and just hired people who are professional and not just Ethan's fanboys. You can't hire fans and then act like they're just employees, it's more personal to them. Feelings get hurt, waters are muddied. If they're gonna move forward like they did in previous meltdowns, I hope they move the podcast to neutral territory. It needs to stop being perceived as "Ethan's show" because it never was. He probably thought he'd be able to get his crew on for cheap since they're already on his payroll and get some more control over it since Trish is volatile. It's not sustainable though, Trisha has a conspiratory mind and the boy's club isn't helping. And she's mostly right about them, it's not all in her head.

No. 1250955

tinfoil but i wonder if trisha felt connected to hila’s pregnancy struggles and having hila suddenly be pregnant with possibly not one but three babies probably made her spiral back into jealousy and spite. Even tho the “its recycled news” argument makes sense on paper, this is Trisha we’re talking about, and her telling Ethan she didnt want to talk about the pregnancy on Frenemies was kind of fucked up and pretty telling. I don’t blame Ethan for giving up on her when she couldn’t even be genuinely happy for him and Hila.

No. 1250957

Lol youtubers sell merch and with trisha being exposed to the channels of how Teddy fresh got made of course she'd think about it too. There's literally hundreds of youtubers with their own "lines".

I just don't think Trisha is specifically jealous of Hila. Like Hila is weird.