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File: 1622700142738.jpg (181.91 KB, 844x844, fridge dj.jpg)

No. 1244842

>Marceline is a Puerto rican LIGHTSKIN who is the average narcissistic “they/them” bpd sex worker sjw. Only redeemable quality is that she DJs

>uwu im so shy and have anxiety… meanwhile just whores herself out on OF
>Shows off her body in tiny ill-fitting outfits that show her areolas pretty much everywhere she goes
>Actual fridge but acts like she’s better than literally everyone else
>“I am actually god’s favorite”
>has a ridiculous obsession with race “politics” day in and day out, from the hatred of white people to a weird disdain for mixed people even though she’s a lightskin
>weird seemingly normie cuck bf just gets to hear how much she hates white people probably everyday and put into demeaning ‘twink’ outfits to show off for twitter, IG and god knows where else
>nitpicks and bullies randos on twitter all day and loves to repost on IG to feel good about herself
>don’t know if its normal to trip at Disney, but she has tripped at Disney lol
>also forever immortalized in Shayna’s #80 thread pic kek

Recent milk with Marceline and Friends! :
>Summer is one of Marceline’s friends and a bootlegged version of her. She also DJs and is the same kind of narc sjw only that she is infrequent with her outbursts
>It begins with a rave ending in the cops being called on Summer after she physically assaults some jew for apparently saying some racist stuff ( 99% most likely didn’t happen knowing these people )
>17 year old witness who has been their personal tattoo artist at raves ends up calling Summer ‘toxic’ because of the whole ordeal
>This leads to Summer, a 25 year old, to start talking shit about this 17 year old. 17 yo goes on meltdown because she had housed Summer for a bit, gave her a free back tattoo, and looked up to all of these older rave dj people and felt taken advantage of
> In comes our cow Marceline to chime in about how 17 yo’s older trans gf is a racist and was insulting not one but THREE black women! And saying the N-WORD! ( most likely didn’t happen either, just another lie to appease her incessant narcissism )
>Marceline starts a “safety fund” to raise $400 for Summer since getting the cops called on her she was getting kicked out of her place
>actually gets random white guilt clout chasing losers to donate like 1k
>Very next day ID vice writes a really cringe article on the Miami underground rave scene with Summer being the face of the ads.

Honorable mention:
>Babeslayer/Dee is a white anachan who occasionally makes some laughable ig stories
>another awful liberal sjw and bartends most of the raves
>somehow is also an actual anti-vaxx alkaline vegan/vegetarian
>does whippets frequently but goes on rants about health and how “we don’t know what’s in the vaccine”
>possibly maybe thinks the government created the virus
>”The plan is to depopulate by 2030 so it brings me to wonder the side effects of a drug their injecting 9 years before that” “yall be eating meat which literally has live bacteria”
>doesn’t know shit about immunology or viruses lol who would’ve thought!
>thinks vaccines cause autism and cancer
>heavy metals
>HAS A KID ON TOP OF ALL OF THIS KEK. And has kept him home from school, apparently has religious exemption and a “very healthy immune system” lol. Forced him to be a vegetarian since birth

Twitter: https://twitter.com/marcelineFsteel
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/marceline.steel/
OF: https://onlyfans.com/marcelinesteel
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cowboykillrr2001/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cowboykillrr69 (Privated)
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/babeslayerr/?hl=en

No. 1244843

File: 1622700263160.jpg (782.59 KB, 2386x2166, It begins.jpg)

Reuploading collages from personal lolcow thread. This one is the recent drama in the group + rants

No. 1244844

File: 1622700293723.jpg (1.73 MB, 3911x3493, NarcBehavior.jpg)

No. 1244845

File: 1622700325203.jpg (1.08 MB, 2268x2910, WeirdScroteBF.jpg)

No. 1244847

File: 1622700359644.jpg (1.43 MB, 4202x2994, AnnoyingRacistRants.jpg)

No. 1244848

>Puerto rican LIGHTSKIN
this is sending me

No. 1244849

File: 1622700468379.jpg (1.04 MB, 2268x2910, summer crazy rants.jpg)

And this last one is a compilation of Summer's crazy rants, top ones are from earlier today. This group really really loves to go on crazy rants

No. 1244850

File: 1622700623013.png (1.63 MB, 1395x2048, Screenshot_20210601-203427.png)

aaaaand one last post for good luck

No. 1244858

NGL I wanna know what happened with the white troon fucking with the black women. I've never seen a special gender, side with a woman over a troon. Especially if the troon is calling a woman "transphobic", usually they let white troons say whatever they want to and about women, especially black women.
This thread seems like it'll be a laugh.

No. 1244859

Wow she's so fucking angry, seems like she walks around starting trouble with whoever she can

No. 1244887

That whole scene is fucked they turn down DJs for “not looking gay enough”

No. 1245141

File: 1622738759246.jpeg (699.83 KB, 1242x1440, D44A0588-A060-4633-B7F8-433D9D…)


No. 1245143

This is cursed, I thought she was right side up, she’s actually upside down. It looks like the picture of a frog.

No. 1245229

She seems like the type to google herself habitually. This thread will be good.

No. 1245254

I'll be honest I didnt want to mention it because I didn't want to involve the 17 yo and give her some kind of a hard time, but she basically got into a poly relationship with that same white trans bitch and the trans person whose bf Summer assaulted kek. I know it's a complete mess but it isn't related to marceline so I didn't wanna mention it but since you asked….

I truly worry for that girl because poly relationships are just weirdly abusive. ( Not to mention all of these people are a bit older than her..)

I've been following Marceline for a good while and she is for sure lying about the white bitch being racist though, she has done this A LOT.

No. 1245267

File: 1622746781076.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20210530-192927~2.p…)

Forgot to add my image but this is the poly relationship. It was so out of the blue after the drama happened, at first I thought they were just being quirky but the more they all posted I realized the girl was just sucked into it. She now posts stories as if it's great and "send money to your fave lesbos". I love miami

No. 1245348

File: 1622752407394.png (158.32 KB, 720x656, Screenshot_20210603-133231.png)

I think it's moreso the aggressive narcissism and gatekeeping.

she's also spamming a bunch of milk on twitter right now

No. 1245353

File: 1622753366219.png (762.45 KB, 1231x2048, Screenshot_20210603-164805.png)

Don't really know what this would prove at all other than that identity politics is liberal and shallow

No. 1245354

File: 1622753423619.png (793.22 KB, 2048x1501, Screenshot_20210603-163631.png)

Also I think it's hilarious she can't just do some research into other forms of birth control? Or just use a condom??!!

No. 1265090

File: 1624749869209.png (92.74 KB, 720x900, Screenshot_20210626-162050.png)

she always posts shit like this and hating "yt ppl" and goes home to her white boyfriend everyday

No. 1265092

File: 1624749902318.png (62.98 KB, 720x579, Screenshot_20210626-162120.png)

No. 1266677

File: 1624928127423.png (26.77 KB, 601x281, forlolcowfarm.PNG)

No. 1266679

File: 1624928344176.jpg (98.01 KB, 828x1406, howdidyoumissthis.jpg)

the reason she's on a new account btw

No. 1266966

kek how did I forget about this. kind of sad it made it onto that insane people tweets account because she probably ate it up for edge points

No. 1267868

File: 1625023680299.png (97.25 KB, 720x694, Screenshot_20210628-225526.png)

complaining about whites and punks like people want to read 20 tweets in an hour about her asshole and toe blood

No. 1274778

File: 1625971480121.png (1.74 MB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20210710-223001~2.p…)

She's made instagram stories about leaving the Internet Friends collective. She's being very vague here so that everyone can turn on the one member they won't work with anymore, Gami: the only dj people ever ACTUALLY give a shit about, which must make her seethe since Gami is a white colombian lmfao.

If she cared about there being an actual danger in the community she would be fucking specific about who she's talking about, which is Dyl the white trans bitch that dated the 16 year old and groomed them into a poly relationship that quickly didn't work out thankfully.

No. 1274785

File: 1625972189621.png (890.39 KB, 1080x1925, Screenshot_20210710-222155~2.p…)

I don't know how she thinks she looks good in these outfits. She literally always shows up with the least clothing than everyone else

No. 1274787

>learns from my absence
Bitch you're not that important

No. 1275497

File: 1626111819584.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, 61CD398B-E623-4822-BF2C-420EA3…)

I guess people wondering why you made a public declaration against the dj collective she just very publicly accused of being racist pedophilia apologists is traumatic. Themlet, pls

No. 1275567

it's always the pot bellied bitches who insist on wearing bikinis indoors

No. 1275716

The only thing people noticed is that the music got a lot better when she wasn't at the deck.

No. 1286018

lol wow can't believe i just saw this thread. literally saw her and her lil friend group skip everyone in line at floyd saying "its juneteenth you dumbasses let us through. we deserve to be ahead of all yall"
bruh she was ahead of me in line and smelled so musty

No. 1307880

File: 1629850371250.png (433.29 KB, 607x519, AHater.PNG)

>I'm sexy and I KNOW IT?

Ooof she really should have read that image a little better

No. 1307912

File: 1629855821308.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20210824-213527~2.p…)

Babeslayer got in on it too and doesn't really understand what words mean, antivaxxers aren't really the brightest.

No. 1307916

File: 1629856688187.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1947, Screenshot_20210823-173621~2.p…)

And just to add some milk: Keanu has been outted as a sexual predator from one of their old friends recently. The accuser says that Marceline was a witness but she defended Keanu endlessly to the point where they've both made posts saying the victim was "not to be trusted" and Marceline stating " we were all on drugs, how am I supposed to remember!!" When other people have screenshots of her basically saying otherwise prior in text. It's all very self incriminating as most rapists/rape apologists posts tend to be.

Now to explain picrel, there's this account that had circulated an image of a girl and saying that Keanu ran her over with a car. It's been proven to be a fake story and all accounts have been silent about it since. But it's left people in miami to speculate that the ex-internet friends group fabricated this to maybe get people off keanu's back? He can just call everyone crazy for even believing such things, including his rape allegations.

No. 1307918

File: 1629856882487.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1704, Screenshot_20210823-121556~2.p…)


this is what the account claimed but whoever wrote this sounds actually retarded

No. 1307919

File: 1629857218389.png (Spoiler Image, 2.48 MB, 2048x1883, Screenshot_20210824-220303.png)

Oh and I almost forgot, since they're all reading this thread now. this is babeslayer and her weird ass scrote. I wonder if Marceline cares about seeing her WHITE bartender basically using and treating a black woman like this kek

No. 1307970

>last thread update 27 days ago

No. 1307978

File: 1629863636535.png (3.07 MB, 2048x1809, Screenshot_20210824-235242.png)

It seems to me it's just some unfunny meme page that posted the thread pic and I'm guessing some of the twitter screenshots. Marceline says "meme page" on twitter so they probably haven't caught wind of the actual thread yet lol

No. 1309615

Lmfao is that marceline on that dude(emoji use)

No. 1314039

File: 1630601064512.jpg (218.14 KB, 947x2048, 20210902_124046.jpg)

These onlyfans bitches put so little effort and want the status of being a "sex worker" so bad.

No. 1314048

ummm i don't even follow this thread but selfpost girl???

No. 1314050

File: 1630601417468.png (650.3 KB, 2048x1905, Screenshot_20210902-123412.png)

To no one's surprise she's been throwing raves in miami+New York and travelling without getting vaccinated. Added bonus she admits to abusing coke

No. 1314052

She posted this on twitter from her instagram stories like she always does

No. 1353088

File: 1634839203053.png (1.59 MB, 1201x2048, Screenshot_20211021-131154.png)

They've officially found the thread, I wonder who found it first.. it's so funny knowing she probably didn't speak like this a few years ago, "square up hoe"

No. 1353089

File: 1634839232464.png (2.43 MB, 1162x2048, Screenshot_20211021-131300.png)

funniest part of this is babeslayer having a meltdown about how her kid is in homeschool and that she's not a liberal. You really think a child whose mom constantly talks about the evils of meat and how vaccines are a plot to kill the population is going to have free will on what he would like to do or not? He can't even choose to go to public school. I bet if he wanted to eat meat, everytime she'd see him eat it she'd be like "oh my God that's so bad for you" and make stank faces kek. I remember she made a post on her story saying "people who push their beliefs on others are so annoying", it's all so ironic it's beautiful

No. 1353092

File: 1634839326916.png (938.08 KB, 1911x2048, Screenshot_20211021-131948.png)

And Marceline reacts in the most paranoid way not realizing that all of the info is from her own public accounts and that maybe people don't actually like her like she thinks they do

No. 1353186


No. 1353427

this is lame as hell for bringing babeslayerr and her child into this when none of you know her.(obvious newfag)

No. 1360602

File: 1635905596070.png (322.1 KB, 2048x613, Screenshot_20211102-220412.png)

No. 1368428

File: 1636848904711.jpg (209.56 KB, 1152x2048, 20211113_191330.jpg)

Like walking in on your aunt in bdsm gear KEK

No. 1372412

File: 1637430754111.jpg (158.98 KB, 946x2048, 20211120_124942.jpg)

She really really really has no regard for anyone else

No. 1372414

File: 1637430950253.png (1.47 MB, 1500x2048, Screenshot_20211120-124637.png)

This lady laid some fat guy from the crowd on the stage at her concert (brass against, shitty cover band), squatted down on him and peed on his face. It's so funny how people will applaud women who degrade themselves and also expose themselves to unconsenting parties ( the entire fucking venue no less), but we all know that's what marceline's whole personality is so ofc she supports this lady

No. 1549170

she was getting annoying so I unfollowed her when her and franscesco broke up. any anons wanna fill me in? I'm pretty sure her account with the reciepts has been nuked so sorry for spoonfeed

No. 1550749

All I know is that her new twitter is @notmarcelines and that they broke up months ago, not exactly sure when, but she's still obsessively tweeting about him almost daily it seems. She's even more boring now sadly

No. 1565718

File: 1655650396591.jpeg (680.24 KB, 891x1249, 19A775A0-CF4F-42B4-B633-DBC0D5…)

She said he deserved it because he was Irish. If only she paid attention in history class.

No. 1607100

Any new tea on Marceline? Haven’t heard anything wild from her besides the same obsessive self posting

No. 1612097

just her being self obsessed and posting about her ex on twitter. she's got beef with someone about said ex but I don't think it's milky

No. 1695140

File: 1667725823895.jpeg (156.46 KB, 1242x1118, 9FBA22CE-F715-4E40-AB32-3F6916…)

No. 1695141

File: 1667725853246.jpeg (464.73 KB, 1242x2146, 61C2BFF4-D1E6-4B38-A73C-512ECC…)

She pretty much got called a pedo for wearing this to see BLACK ADAM of all movies. Then said not to sexualize her when she originally said she’s the “sexiest at the movie theaters”

No. 1695142

File: 1667725964450.jpeg (170.99 KB, 933x1269, 539E39AA-EF64-4C84-B1ED-845B0F…)

No. 1695148

What the fuck

No. 1695160

File: 1667729737050.png (801.66 KB, 1242x1656, 04C5CA3C-228D-48A5-BF1D-8F6699…)

Says this in reference to ideal skirt length, admitting her pussy is showing, only to retweet this person defending her bs

No. 1695161

File: 1667729813062.jpeg (346.26 KB, 1242x1461, ADDD253E-3F45-450F-BEFF-62CD84…)

No. 1695163

File: 1667730005297.jpeg (460.17 KB, 1241x1984, 26A84B9A-2C8F-45A5-BCA8-E71204…)

No. 1695166

File: 1667730631805.jpeg (292.14 KB, 1241x1612, 62797A9D-85A3-4046-B533-FC80C2…)

No. 1695171

File: 1667731857293.png (427.23 KB, 543x728, naomi.png)

She's so stupid. Naomi has people call her out on her fetish wear around kids in public all the time. That said, Naomi never has her tits fully out and usually has her pussy covered. Same can't be said for her lil hank hill cheeks tho.

No. 1695178

File: 1667733751635.png (1 MB, 1105x707, HveZctM.png)

>Naomi never has her tits fully out
Not WKing the cow, but this isn't true. Both look/are stupid and shouldn't be defended.

No. 1695187

Gross, she's literally involving children in her bimbo fetish. My bad though, I missed this post.

No. 1695218

This is literally a fridge body with massive bolt ons kek. I swear to God straight women have objectively better taste in women than straight moids

No. 1695340

>Pussy out to go see black Adam, a superhero movie definitely marketed to kids and teens
>OMG my outfit isn't sexual to anyone under 18 u guiz r pervz and I'm getting hate because I'm black!!!
Is she fucking insane, holy shit. Yea sure wear whatever the fuck you want but don't be shocked when the average person is disgusted or freaked out by your daylight rave fit, what a dumb cow

No. 1695560

holy shit what a fucking deranged pedo. I dont know why marceline thinks she gets to flash everyone without their consent and not be considered a pedo/sex offender. fucking weird loser

No. 1761411

File: 1675577124835.png (1.18 MB, 1242x1656, 55B03897-0907-4129-AE8C-F0EF60…)

weird bitch is obviously fake non-binary lol. One day she wants titties (even would get a boob job) and the next you’re misgendering and they suck

No. 1761413

File: 1675577283599.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 270.07 KB, 1242x1838, 0B913C3D-C42F-4C4B-9854-05065D…)

No. 1761415

File: 1675577526355.jpeg (131.13 KB, 1242x643, 5C2773AD-A249-404D-A90A-DE3897…)

No. 1761639

Idk why but I get flashbacks to someone like Ariana or pumpy, just the crazy pushy cope behaviors they do. "I LOVE MY BF, I LOVE MY FACE, I LOVE MY BOOBS!!" But then in reality all those things fall apart for them

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