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File: 1623775876374.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x2187, Polish_20210610_134739209.jpg)

No. 1257470

A general thread for lolcows who are drag queens/kings. You may discuss famous drag cows as well as local or lesser known cows; you may also discuss cows adjacent to the drag community (i.e. Todrick Hall).

Racebaiting is highly penalized here. Do not post about drag kids.

Brief summary of recent milk:
>Nina West teams up with Blue's Clues for an eyesore PSA; with his foot fetish this could easily go the way of Dan Schneider
>The Vixen picks an argument with Monet XChange over a music choice
>Drag Race Down Under gets dragged for vagina jokes, contestants's past racism
>Silky Nutmeg Ganache has a habit of getting grabby
>Ilona Verley is the latest to make a ~dramatic exit~ from drag
>Widow Von'Du gets arrested for domestic violence; the victim was strangled and had to get 14 stiches
>Both Tamisha Iman and Serena Cha Cha are scamming people
>The next season is going to Paramount+ for some reason
>Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova continue to have the cringiest fan base
>Divina de Campo and Baga Chipz attack a fan for quoting something that happened live
>some random comes Jaremi Carey (formerly Phi Phi O'Hara) for an old JK Rowling cosplay and because a German comic con falsely advertised that he would be there in HP cosplay
>Everyone still hates Sharon Needles

No. 1257480

Oh hell yeah, love the subject and looking forward to seeing this thread grow. I stopped following drag in like 2019 and have only ever checked back in for milk kek.(no1curr)

No. 1257501

Yes!! the last couple of months and even weeks had been extremely milky, good timing

No. 1257526

fuck yes, but can the "saying fish is peak misogyny" farmers stay out of the thread? kek
i hate how the vixen manipulated everyone into thinking he can talk crazy to everyone.

No. 1257540

>Everyone still hates Sharon Needles

Not trying to be spoon-fed, but from what I could find on Google, is it from the sexual assault/abuse stuff that came out? Or is there a lot more to it? I've just watched the show so I don't know a lot that goes on online/the fanbase, etc. so I'm glad there's a thread for it now.

No. 1257552


She's racist too lol

No. 1257601

vixen always gave me an unhinged vibe, even when I was watching her season in which she was technically right about aquaria and eureka
allegedly she responded and got lawyers involved which swept everything under a rug
everyone kinda focused on the racist/transphobic remarks after that

No. 1257671

>Divina de Campo and Baga Chipz attack a fan for quoting something that happened live

Does anyone have screenshots?

No. 1257675

File: 1623797201938.jpg (646.04 KB, 1079x1588, Screenshot_20210616-004433_Twi…)

one more tranny in the alumni

No. 1257677

File: 1623797309402.jpg (149.49 KB, 1412x1222, 20210616_004441.jpg)

gia gunn told him he was a woman from the start? kek, wasn't gia always hung up on the "men in wigs" shit until recently?

No. 1257678

Not surprised. Laganja was always insufferable.

No. 1257695

Bless you for this thread, anon!

No. 1257719

It turned out to be false. The girl who accused him also went after multiple others including his ex’s brother

No. 1257733

File: 1623802782330.jpeg (125.36 KB, 1080x1003, DF31416E-B79A-4CFE-8D5D-48A4E2…)

here’s the link to the original thread for the rest of the screenshots too. they really went for her for absolutely no reason, even to the point where she had to lock her account over it. super weird https://twitter.com/appehmichael/status/1401626672173142020?s=21

No. 1257735

File: 1623802829459.jpeg (185.77 KB, 1080x1626, 67DA7688-2BF0-4C69-B079-8251A9…)

another screenshot

No. 1257754


So both Divina and Baga read this Tweet as "Shit stiring" when it's obviouly a joke? I also looked through the comments on that tweet and Davina and Baga started blocking anyone mentioning it, also going as far to find and block one of the commenters alt account, what a massive overreaction

must be drama between them behind the scenes if they're attacking a fan like that for making a joke

No. 1258075

File: 1623860688670.jpeg (1.9 MB, 3986x2319, 38E4D94A-541B-4CF6-AEE9-47AEB2…)

No. 1258278

File: 1623883479431.jpeg (98.52 KB, 828x563, 69E6F10A-6040-4D4F-9FB0-555179…)

There’s some speculation that she’s talking about Todrick Hall (who decorated his house with Disney crap)

No. 1258329

Excited for this, thanks OP. So many things crystallized for me when I read on PT's thread that Ilona made a video mocking her back in the day.

No. 1258406

File: 1623897747818.png (1.77 MB, 1200x800, fraudrick.png)

oh there's no way this isn't todrick, there's nothing he loves more than getting on social media and showing off his hideously tacky decor. picrel, the perfect case for money ≠ taste

it's funny though, you'd think all the money he saves by not paying his backup dancers could easily be put towards a down payment on a place.

No. 1258425

Hollow Eve was legendary

No. 1258486

File: 1623905555499.jpeg (159.87 KB, 1288x338, AAF47A89-B963-4195-9038-C890A1…)

Tamisha Iman shop should be shut down for the amount of chargebacks she’s getting

No. 1258497

File: 1623906853630.jpeg (252.48 KB, 828x786, 7274819E-54A5-49DD-8539-3445A4…)

It goes backs months (supposedly she had 300% increase for orders in February)… she’s been toxic, rude, bitter, and nasty to her “buyers”. Tamisha loves to delete anything calling her fraud out on Instagram. There’s a few videos of her going live and blaming it all on her “team”, the Chinese New Year, a friend/website manager’s family dying of covid-19/shop being hacked. She even made the email TamishaImanMerchRecovery@gmail.com

No. 1258545

I still can't believe she chose to destroy every bit of goodwill she built during her season. And for fucking what?

No. 1258593

yeah, but laganja was one of the minority that gia didn't consider as a slut obrigado

No. 1258596

>all of this LV
and they still hung up on the fact that he wasn't paid

No. 1258672

File: 1623939948617.jpeg (2.13 MB, 3024x4032, CA10D6FF-D9EF-45E4-BB09-E0AC6C…)

Have you seen the merch?!

No. 1258754

File: 1623950648315.jpeg (204.4 KB, 1280x720, C556265E-DA6A-4627-84A5-19F694…)

Just looking at the thumbnail and I can tell it’s going to be hilariously tacky.

No. 1258775

File: 1623954246357.jpeg (1.63 MB, 3464x3464, 4C81DA3A-6D6F-4DFC-A11C-B2B5FE…)

Coco Jumbo of DRDU is looking to be next on stage to be cancelled for being racist. She's seen in stereotypical Asian attire of the Tokyho and Coronavirus Party. Seems like a lot of Aussie queens love race themed parties and a good kimono. Down Under has been so terrible and off the radar, I don't even think this will make proper rounds in the Twitter cancelbox. My only takeaway from this: if you take out the u,t,r, l and one a out of "Australian", you get Asian.

No. 1259070

Kek, but the mistranslation is understandable. "Aquarius" is Latin for "water bearer" or "water carrier" and the sign is artistically depicted as a person holding a pot of water. Guess it just got miscommunicated as "something that carries water" and then became water bottle.

No. 1259343

it's missing a single hanzi to become "aquarius". but having shuipingzuo on your neck in a really basic font sounds a little retarded
t. not chinese

No. 1259441

File: 1624020442426.jpeg (238.44 KB, 953x989, 590DF176-8E73-4590-92AE-733D9B…)

Roscoe’s has just booked a violent abuser as a special guest

No. 1259483

are they going to make tranny all stars season in the future since there so many of them by now

No. 1259562

They've got two on the upcoming season, Sonique and Jiggly. They also put Trinity K Bonet on, who was cancelled for transphobia a while ago, so it will be interesting to see what drama they contrive out of that.

No. 1259777

File: 1624058112826.jpeg (302.96 KB, 665x1586, 11FFB446-C60A-4978-A5E8-B31CB9…)

Tamisha’s “Merch Recovery Update”: Don’t worry if you haven’t received a tracking number, just ask me for one! Also, it might be in Chinese… but when it gets to America (deff) then will be in English!

No. 1259806

trinity was cancelled for ~transphobia~? kek

No. 1259827

File: 1624061920814.jpeg (78.26 KB, 720x720, 052BAC44-9CC6-48C3-832D-D7213F…)

I hope she wins lol

No. 1260068

File: 1624107947881.jpeg (592.01 KB, 1125x1890, A249AF92-8348-4BAB-A3E4-5784CD…)

Roscoe’s is doubling down, plus they’re deleting comments about Widow/his arrest

No. 1260070

File: 1624108041103.jpg (200.83 KB, 1079x564, Screenshot_20210619-090711_Red…)

No. 1260095

First his “What A Man” lsfyl and now transphobia? I can’t help but appreciate trinity, though he may have “educated” himself since that scandal.

No. 1260141

Nina West pulling unconsenting guys up on stage to indulge in her foot fetish is fucking gross. I wouldn't be surprised if some Sherry Pie tier shit came out about her.

No. 1260147


Genuine question, but majority of drag queens ARE CIS men right? Why are they still referred to with female pronouns? Is it just to go with the character?

No. 1260167

Yeah its just to go with the character

No. 1260168

It's just a character thing to be polite. Some don't care though.

No. 1260217

Not that I don't completely agree, but did something new happen?

No. 1260242

i think you replied to the wrong post anon

No. 1260610

My bad, I have no idea how the
>Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova continue to have the cringiest fan base
didn't get pasted through, I was asking about that.

No. 1260739

Their show is cringe on a stick. Katya is funny and relatable because he's a self deprecating recovering junkie. Trixie was fun on season 7 before weird teenagers made him some kind of icon.

No. 1260833

File: 1624201827742.jpg (715.21 KB, 1536x2048, teef.jpg)

Trixie's new teeth are ridiculous

No. 1260847

mmm freshly rinsed with Listerine

No. 1260873

at least it matches the flowers on the shirt

No. 1260990

not trying to derail the thread with gc opinions but being a mtf is the opposite of tearing gender apart, it’s quite literally reinforcing misogynistic and homophobic stereotypes. coming out as a tranny isn‘t the progressive woke thing everybody thinks it is

No. 1261161

I'm glad I'm not alone on this. I was a big fan of Katya back when I used to watch the show, but I always found Trixie irritating

No. 1261172

Trixie is clearly trying to be the new millennial version of Rupaul and wants to replace him when he finally fades into dust but fails to realize that he’s just as unfunny and out of touch.

No. 1261833

I'm just always astonished at the fanbase Trixie has. I tried listening to his podcast with Katya (in the same boat of finding Katya funny, and genuinely inspiring to me of battling his addiction issues,) and Trixie makes so many jokes about raping kids/incest/whatever the fuck and parades around of "not giving a shit that I'm problematic!!" I had to turn it off because I was so fucking disgusted. I don't know if it's just his fans are willingly let it slide, or just nobody listens to the podcast.

No. 1261850

File: 1624340403170.jpeg (235.77 KB, 1125x897, 0DBB658C-42DB-44A4-A0CA-4374DC…)

did he die? I’m out of the loop

No. 1261853

Trooned out and no longer does drag. The RIP is more putting his dragsona to rest it seems.

No. 1261869

mentally unstable degenerate trooned out? wow, crazy

No. 1261872

i think his edgy jokes are fine (we're on lolcow.farm) but i agree, idk how his fans are such snowflakes. they spam his replies when he implies non-binary people aren't valid or something when he makes jokes about fucking his own dad.

No. 1262137

File: 1624383896328.jpeg (145.18 KB, 828x1026, 7F9C0DE2-43DC-4A09-93B6-DBEF9F…)

…yeah I’m not touching this one

No. 1269567

File: 1625206908435.png (567.38 KB, 1242x1421, 3421D0DE-6E28-4F0C-887F-15D25E…)

No. 1269571

File: 1625207510196.jpeg (225.24 KB, 750x1171, 5EB562B6-187D-43CD-B64A-94E9AA…)

She went private kek

No. 1269590

What point is he trying to make? Sounds like he's admitting something tbh.

No. 1269767

It seems like he's comparing drugging and raping women, to sleeping with underage people. Both bad, and both rape, but not the same thing.
Also he's implying that all gay men are pedos? So yes, it would seem he's telling on himself

No. 1269771

File: 1625235309406.png (63.17 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot_20210702-101337-390…)

No. 1269811

File: 1625239054679.jpeg (172.94 KB, 1170x1041, 5CF33821-5EDC-4395-ABA8-72A191…)

Some fan talking about AS6…and of course the troon interjects with this

No. 1269817

i mean… no? she’s saying dumb shit that has nothing to do with this situation. how does being a victim of sexual abuse/grooming have anything to do with being a hypocrite?

bitch sits on her balls once and thinks she has two brain cells to rub together.

No. 1270071

Yeah seems like projection, that’s not a normal thing to think, that everyone is sleeping with underage boys or was raped at some point by older men

No. 1270536

File: 1625297979536.jpg (135.14 KB, 681x1024, CeLWXVdUYAAwcf1.jpg)

The first sentence still confuses me. Bill who? Coming home from where? Is he referring to a legal bill? Idgi

No. 1270583

Cosby honey… Bill Cosby…

No. 1271971

File: 1625510859624.jpeg (224.21 KB, 1125x956, 37B80A09-CC69-46FA-AFA2-20CDF4…)

Someone broke into the Disney house kek

No. 1272315

[Bianca Del Rio cackling in the distance]

No. 1274480

Sonique came out during the s2 reunion

No. 1277795

So as per the last episode, it turns out A'keria is detransitioned and used to live as a trans woman. Not surprising in hindsight tbh but this season is really something else lol

No. 1279283

File: 1626576767095.jpeg (200.56 KB, 720x1449, 787AD24B-C745-49C2-8C62-A6F231…)

Gia Gunn got COVID after claiming it was a hoax last year kek

No. 1279395

a'keria is pumped everywhere, the claim that it was "just for the art" always seemed weird to me.

the way he's trying to play it off lmao

No. 1279423

bianca’s reply did make me cackle admittedly. gia is a fucking idiot

No. 1279461

Gia done been a retard, like double digit iq stupid, pre and post transition. It's nice to see kasha davis keeping it real tho, i always thought she was really slept on.

No. 1286316

File: 1627512866959.jpeg (544.52 KB, 1170x1869, FE824F88-E473-4806-AECF-4B6D82…)

The person Widow Von Du beat the shit out of released their statement today. She’s still getting booked and literally none of the other queens care

No. 1316241

No. 1316260

Embedding for ya.

No. 1316286

this is depressing. i always really liked gigi

No. 1316415

knew this was coming. shocker.

No. 1316818

Laganja always seemed like he had histrionic personality disorder with the way he behaved on the show. This is not the way to solve your overwhelming need for attention boo. Say it with me: therapy.

But really, it's sad because to me he always came across as someone really lost and desperate. Instead of addressing the issue of why he feels the need to attention seek, he chose to further the histrionics and troon out. Really sad.

Plus based on his boy pics, it looks like his hairline was already heading out the door. No way it didn't influence his troon decision.

No. 1317138

stuff like this is always sad to see, especially amongst drag queens, who you would think would know that it's perfectly fine to be a feminine gay man and that being more in touch with feminine things doesn't warrant medical transition

No. 1317154

Really weird seeing so many drag race stars trooning out lately. Sonique and peppermint I understand, but even Gia is a recent transition that just gives me the impression they couldn't get over their characters. Even Bob and Shea ID as non binary.

No. 1317158

It's so depressing how common this has become, like even Bob the Drag Queen is "nonbinary" now. Gender = clothes mentality is so pervasive with trans shit, they even got the drag queens with it. I hope it falls out of fashion soon and we relearn that men can wear dresses and still be men.

No. 1317225

Speaking of trooning out, does anybody find it interesting that Akeria Davenport is a de-transitioner and stated his only reason for transition was because he liked the love and attention his drag persona gave him. I can't help but feel like this has to be the case with every trans drag queen. Normally as men, they probably go about life with nobody paying attention to them, ignored and undesirable and they conflate the attention they get doing their gigs to drunken crowds as the female experience.

No. 1317236

Violet Chachki spoke of thinking about transitioning after season 7 for similar reasons but decided that he enjoys being a man or something like that. Gigi Goode would have probably benefited from a little more thought and a little less getting stupidly high and watching HBO Max.

No. 1317321

gia makes sense. another nikita dragun/blair white/eden the doll type. hyper feminine boypussy type that wants to prove they could be a beautiful woman and take your man.

No. 1317336

Laganja has an anxiety disorder and was on medicinal marajuana before s6, but apparently world of wonder didn’t allow her to smoke on set/in the hotel, despite other queens in seasons before and after being allowed to smoke recreationally. She’s still got issues but every queen talks about how drag race is a pressure cooker and can bring out the very worst in you.

No. 1317455

Nikita doesn't make sense because he decided he was trans because he took drag as cosplay. If you watch season 6 and look at his treatment of milk and his comments then you'll see through it.
>you look like a man
>that isn't drag you're a man with a beard
Not to mention Gias nasty treatment of Farrah moan and his retarded anti vaxx tactics.

No. 1317459

That's what I've been saying. You can tell how they conflate their characters and their real life identities. However the key difference is that for all intents and purposes, they are treated exactly the way any other gay feminine male is treated. The only exception to this rule would be gottmik.

No. 1317527

Violet is one of the few queens that speaks out about toxic masculinity in the gay community, so i'm super glad he isnt trooning out. I think his female stage persona is really beautiful.

No. 1317545

I feel like gottmik can't really be used as an example in this instance because they weren't born a man.

I remember him saying that he would not want to do drag forever, mainly because those corsets can't be ideal when you are an old man. I respect violet for always being brutally honest and I also respect Akeria for shining some truth on troon shit. Too bad most people will gloss over it.

No. 1317636

I used to think Violet was a total cunt but honestly he’s kind of based. Don’t have the link but he was on Trixie and Katya’s podcast and went off about how he hates parents (read: woke straight women) bringing their kids to his shows and doesn’t think kids should come to drag shows period because their an adult space. How many other queens would be brave enough to say that without fear of losing their precious ally fanbase kek

No. 1317671

File: 1631009394508.jpeg (Spoiler Image,31.96 KB, 224x343, CE5E53C5-1DAC-41C6-955C-49F596…)

Didn’t look mad at a kid being in an adult space when he happily posed with 10 year old Desmond while wearing nothing but a merkin. He’s full of shit and just like all the others.

No. 1317672

Violet can afford to say that because he's famous enough. The rest of the not-so-famous queens have to tolerate the weird faghags with children. RPDR's fanbase is mostly straight women (normies and spicy straights), it would be career suicide pissing them off.

No. 1317747

File: 1631018713958.jpeg (196.44 KB, 730x486, 0C8016BE-404F-498A-8168-07208D…)

Anon, we all know that Desmond’s mom is a fame hungry wannabe club kid faghag who’s living vicariously through her son with the added bonus of woke points. She put him in a room to interview a convicted murderer (picrel). Violet’s in the middle of getting changed in that photo, they probably bumrushed him between acts for a photo op. Take your heart meds nona, you know the doctor told you to keep your stress levels down.(do not post about drag kids)

No. 1317766

File: 1631020238753.jpeg (770.9 KB, 1125x989, 14D22BC7-CCC8-4F94-BA84-5ACB87…)

Alexis Stone anyone?

>has a weird superiority complex claiming he’s too good for dragrace & tries to make a career out of makeup lookalikes and plastic surgery

>made fun of miss fames past drug abuse while being a recovered alcoholic himself
>constantly tries to beef with other people to stay relevant
>looks like a bloated deep fried corpse on purpose while pulling the “we live in a society” meme

No. 1317828

File: 1631025756918.jpeg (180.08 KB, 720x1025, 0AACDDFD-BC56-4508-9ADB-D1F426…)

Another one starts the trooning process, this time they’re not from Drag Race

No. 1317848

File: 1631028087985.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 3000x2000, 471F8A0A-BCF6-4D28-A73D-571B6D…)

Violet was not “in the middle of changing”. That was the whole outfit. Stop coddling a grown ass man.

No. 1317855

>toxic masculinity in the gay community
like what? Masculine guys not wanting to fuck feminine men? lmao

No. 1317858

nta, but yeah, it's that.

No. 1318145

anyone excited for the all-winners/drag race "superstars" season?

No. 1318151

idk if you check out spoilers but they can kill your excitement real quick

No. 1318168

Why production keeps pushing trinity on us is beyond me…

Where are the early winners? Where is Alaska and Bob? It’s gonna be a mess

No. 1318232

How the fuck does being both trans and non-binary work? Trans implies gender is a black and white thing, whilst non-binary sees it as a greyscale. So which is it Gigi

No. 1318262

i did, kind of disappointed since most of the queens i really like aren't on there, and the one i was mainly rooting for this upcoming season (raja) apparently doesn't do that well, not even the design challenges. apparently yvie oddly does well and i've never really been a huge fan of her drag. i saw a spoiler about who makes it to the top but i cant' remember who it was, which says a lot
at least it's not as bad as eureka being on like 4 seasons now. idk why they didn't ask alaska back since all of the other contestants always say that she's super knowledgeable about the show and just loves every aspect of drag
ive seen some people online say that the "trans" part of being trans nonbinary is that you've transitioned from living as whatever gender you were assigned with to living as genderqueer/nonbinary it's all "a not like other girls" thing anyway so whatever

No. 1318264

I know what she is. An attention whore.

No. 1318265

not yvie coming to terrorise us for another season, christ. her quirky not like the other queens bullshit got tired real fast and i doubt she's changed. i heard she only got more big headed after her win too

No. 1318267

You're a non-man or non-woman that feels your ~gender~ differently so you change your presentation accordingly (read: become a NLOB or NLOG with a horrible sense of fashion).
Yes, it's that stupid.

No. 1318273

I despise her and the “lol I’m maybe pan, I kissed a girl once playing spin the bottle, I was emo once! ” straight girl ally crowd who get rabid over how she def deserved her crown… she didn’t. And the fact her competitor got an entire season to host feels correct

No. 1318277

yeah i remember a lot of people gagging over her finale look which (aside from the reflective headpiece having some novelty) looked pretty poorly made and wasn't anything special. there was an interesting article in vice about how much it costs to go on drag race and how a lot of smaller, undiscovered talent is getting priced out in favor of queens who can pay to play (and are basically glorified models who have other people do their wigs and design all of their runways). yvie's wardrobe for the show was more expensive than other winners who have had better looks (yvie spent $14k and sasha spent $4k).
i like the all winner season format of having a smaller amount of contestants but not eliminating anyone and going by points, but the cast just seems very meh and not super exciting. do we really need another trinity and monet season? and shea (deservedly) just won as5?
top 4 are apparently monet, jinkx, shea, and trinity

No. 1318299

Alaska probably wasn't considered because she runs her own ~inclusive~ drag competition now and Roople likely isn't happy about that.

No. 1318322

I know Bob was busy with his HBO series but he'd been grumbling that he'd only go back if the financial compensation was right. I kinda suspect that's why Alaska stopped doing those dumb WoW Presents shows. She fought to get her and her brother pay for those but it was an insulting amount.

No. 1318334

I remember that vice article, though I absolutely cannot believe she paid THAT much more than sasha. I'm definitely biased because sasha is one of my favourite winners and her wig/rose petal reveal is still unreal, but she always came off so polished and hit that sweet spot between haute and draggy for me. same with queens like gigi, too, and she spoke a lot about how her stuff was homemade (thanks to her mother ofc, but still). yvie, on the other hand, always looked like an unpolished mess, so that's unbelievable.

also, jinkx in that list is a surprise - isn't she a troon now too? I did always have a soft spot for her though. I'm not surprised about shea either

No. 1318366

Nta but keep in mind it's burlesque that Violet does. Kinda weird to bring a kid to that and I totally believe the mom is for sure using that poor kid.

No. 1318382

i don't think it's that surprising, jinkx was really strong on S5 and has a reasonably charming personality, some of his fashion choices were just bad. im guessing since he has $ now he can just have people design for him and just focus on acting/comedy challenges, which is a lot better of a position to be in as compared to look queens like gigi goode or aquaria. im curious to see if jinkx is as likable as he was in 2012/season 5, since i think his personality really resonated with fans in a way that is very of that time, think "im so random lol xD" tumblr types that were into mustache and bacon-themed paraphenalia.

No. 1318388

There’s no BDR so I don’t care

No. 1318490

Mom is but that wasn’t a burlesque show either

No. 1318859

Yeah, this photo is from DragCon LA

No. 1318962

Not sure how true this is, because why would they be spilling how the whole show turn out. Is it to drum up intrest?

No. 1319006

the stuff in the video sounds like it was directly taken from the drag race spoilers reddit, which usually get their information from individual reddit users that have connections from the show or work on production.

No. 1319048

File: 1631128992751.jpeg (502.76 KB, 1125x1719, 20D32CAB-811F-4443-884A-36CECE…)

Anyone see the cast reveal for Dragula?
They fucking cast Jade Jolie

No. 1319055

Well there needs to be an early out. Why not bring in a few extra Drag fans too? I don’t begrudge the Boulet Brothers a strategic move. It’ll make good TV.

No. 1319061

Either children should be banned from dragcon or the drag queens need to tone their shit down.

No. 1319088

it's definitely that children need to be banned. even queens like trixie and katya have expressed discomfort surrounding kids and dragcon (trixie especially iirc). if kids or mothers with kids want to allow their children to watch a sanitised version of drag via drag race i don't see why not as long as they're old enough (like, 13+), but there's absolutely zero reason for children to go to dragcon imo

No. 1319109

I hate that Ru tries to pander to it with shite like DragTots

No. 1319189

File: 1631140421015.jpg (Spoiler Image,677.51 KB, 2376x1584, pzp_jolie-jade_009.jpg)

someone on twitter brought up that he apparently did nazi themed porn back in the day, it seems like a one time thing, still weird tho

(third along is him apparently)

No. 1319201

I'm pretty sure this was filmed in the same Jacksonville nightclub where Jade used to work pre-race. Early 2000s cheap Florida porn was something else.

No. 1319303

sage for semi blogpost and no milk but michelle visage's oldest daughter went to my college (i think she transferred out) and i wonder what it'd be like to have rupaul be a close family friend of your parent lol

No. 1319380

File: 1631155511415.jpg (89.63 KB, 957x479, MV5BNDBhZGVlYzEtYzdmMS00ZjhlLW…)

IDK who the Hell Drag Tots is supposed to be for. It sure as hell isn't for kids.

No. 1319549

No one watches it so we may never know who it's for.

No. 1319714

They have said repeatedly that they do not cast people to be early outs

No. 1320151

why do i feel like rupaul crowned kylie sonique love as as6 winner to throw the people who have wanted a trans winner for the past few years a bone

No. 1320166

i loved kylie this season but it felt like it was a marketing/social media thing

No. 1320187

It really would have been if Gottmikk had won the previous season. Editing kept having to hide how not great everything was going, and having a rich family that helps you afford expensive shit isn't really a talent.

No. 1320200

Honestly AS6 felt so lackluster, the whole top four made me go "ehh okay I guess" so Sonique winning didn't seem too unrealistic. I think they brought her in with the intention of having a trans winner to full out another diversity bracket in the hall of fame, but didn't have to edit too hard to make it happen.

No. 1320201

>Sonique winning didn't seem too unrealistic
yeah, gottmik shouldn't have even been in the top 4 imho and was (very obviously) strategically kept out of the bottom 2 because then people would see that he's a weak lip-syncer and would have been easily washed

No. 1320302

Holy fuck. I must have spaced OUT during the episode they had for that, because I had no idea this was a real show? I thought it was a joke thing they did simply for that episode of RPDR. That's horrendous.

No. 1320445

Not with the obsession with promoting unhealthy waist training to his legion of fangirls he’s not. He’s as disgusting as any other man with insane beauty standards for women.

No. 1321140

Isn't smoking weed part of the reason Willam got kicked off? I know there was a lot more to it, but I recall him mentioning weed as part of the reason.
> they
> he
Is this thread full of troons and TRAs?

No. 1321180

Nah, what actually got Willam kicked was fucking a producer.

No. 1321637

Source for this? I thought it was just because his husband would visit him, and thus it breached confidentiality

No. 1322360

> Is this thread full of troons and TRAs?
….it’s a drag thread… so yeah probably. but honestly i just think anons are trying to be respectful of gottmik because he’s a woman.
love that ru can make 97 shitty versions of drag race but can’t make anything that includes women or non-males.

No. 1322387

There are also probably anons who don’t know that she is a pooner

No. 1322650

> but can’t make anything that includes women or non-males.
Right, they let men, transwomen, and now transmen participate, but not women?
Could be they just don’t want to let women compete in a competition designed to parody them.

No. 1322880

File: 1631526026045.jpg (376.77 KB, 1152x2048, willam8.jpg)

No. 1322882

File: 1631526131281.png (35.25 KB, 598x322, willam8b.png)

Samefagging, but there's also this.
They made up that story to cover up for the asshole producer.

No. 1322891

I know a handful of straight women who got into the stripping and performing part of drag and now identify as “she/them”s, say they’re lgbt, and the more they perform the bigger their fragile egos seem to grow. There’s a woman who has never worked a real day job who has some sob story about how her parents cut her off financially and yet she was recently able to afford to move to an expensive city with her troon friend. She repeatedly e-begs for help with vet bills but then takes every opportunity to show off her new outfits,wigs, and makeup.

No. 1322918

File: 1631534645874.png (4.16 MB, 750x1334, 981121B1-085E-4F6A-B91F-5E3A8F…)


No. 1322964

What's the consensus about shedevilbynight? I thought when the account was first exposed everyone agreed that it's Trinity's, and Trinity even admitted to it. But when Trinity suddenly dug it up recently to accuse of being defamed, most agreed that the account wasn't hers? I am confusion.

No. 1322975

File: 1631544225450.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1242x1728, ED4945F9-D71C-4D66-96E2-FC58F2…)

Came across my IG freed and just about took me out. They look horrifying standing next to each other but so much worse next to beautiful women, even doing toned down looks.

No. 1323008

I think it's a fake vagina since that seems appropriately katya-ish but I have no idea

the toned-down looks are what make it worse in these situations. they can't do full draggy makeup, even if it's supposed to be glam and femme, and then make zero other effort beyond dressing up all pretty and feminine, and then just expect to look natural beside real women. if he dressed draggier, I'm sure it would look fine - he wouldn't look like a woman, but he's a drag queen, so that's fine. (off-topic but the woman on the far right always looks so gorgeous every time I see her! she really suits any look.)

No. 1323016

It seems like it really was Trinity, it's just that there are Trinity Taylor fans who've gotten really defensive about it in the lead up to All-Winners.

No. 1323017

Definitely thought this was Courtney love and I was scrolling past the celeb cow thread for a second. kek


It's definitely something like printed panties. Still gross though.

No. 1323074

nothing to say here except todrick hall has always pissed me off with his claims that he has SooOoOOOoOo many "haturz". he sounds like such a arrogant, know-it-all prick.

No. 1323144

If you're not Blair St. Clair level of natural makeup you'd always look like an absolute clown wearing toned down looks when surrounded by real women. Those lashes and contacts really pop lmao.

This is why I don't understand signing drag race queens for modeling agencies, they have to do a whole lot more makeup to look femme, more often than not the makeup makes them look defining. Which really limits what jobs they can do, outside of pandering to the crowd during Pride Month.

Also sidenote, betting on Symone trooning within a few years.

When Bussy Queen made the video on the drama the comments section is like "oh she said she isn't shedevilbynigt so it can't be her!". The amount of stupid really blew me away.

No. 1339386

File: 1633143755138.jpg (756.82 KB, 2000x1146, image.jpg)

no milk but I feel bad for olivia lux. Took a hard fall from grace from fan favourite to death threats just because denali stans are retarded. Hope he takes 4-5 years to polish up his act and come back to murder a season of all stars

No. 1365786

Is anyone watching the new season of Dragula? I can’t fucking stand Zev and Merrie. They’re both so blatantly misogynistic every interaction they have with Sigourney makes me rage. Also Betty being a troon terf (pic re) is so odd to me.

No. 1365787

File: 1636519830046.jpeg (226.51 KB, 1147x1199, 99D8BF80-97F8-44C9-96CB-6C4BD6…)

Forgot pic

No. 1365789

File: 1636520640133.jpg (1.89 MB, 3986x2319, ljlf79s0inn31.jpg)

Are there any good kings this year? I watched the previous seasons but I'm so far past my limit right now for troons after Gottmik that I don't even want to google it.

No. 1365801

The only woman is Sigourney Beaver and she does female drag. Dahli who was on s2 and resurrection has some amazing androgynous looks. Def one of my favorites with Hoso and Saint. Sigourney's drag is beautiful and i want to root for her but she's almost too clean idk. Zaveta is also insanely talented but he's such a cunt and it kinda ruins it.

No. 1365818

I thought Astrud would go a lot further than she did. I’m kinda disappointed she acted so unhinged when she found out she’d be in the bottom. I think she’s soooooo cute as a boy/out of drag tho kek(learn2sage)

No. 1365875

Based tbh

No. 1365997


anyone who isn't cis is considered trans, as trans means not feeling aligned with your biological gender. Some non-binary people don't identify as trans because it can confuse people who think transness exists in a binary (trans man, trans woman), or because they feel they are stepping on binary trans people's toes. Transness is encompasses anything Not Cis.

No. 1368539

"The way you identify is how you identify and noone can take that away drom you"

No. 1368541

I like drag, but the advent of Drag Race and the commercialisation of it has really started to put me off. Now it's everywhere it's not as interesting to me.
That's my bit.

No. 1368542

File: 1636867963839.jpg (59.81 KB, 800x370, nuwVX53.jpg)

No. 1368638

Same, anon.. Everyone and everything is now yasss qweennn work it!! and it's gotten old ages ago. It's time for drag to fuck off back underground already.

No. 1368640

pedo vibes

No. 1368651

The fact that there are at least three concurrent Drag Races going on internationally (Italia just about to start, plus Russia's offbrand version makes it four) is like a race to the end. There is a point of oversaturation.

No. 1368670

>>1368651 there's a version in Russia? how does that work without them all being shot?

No. 1368674

kek, Russia is not actually this strict, at least if they are strictly female impersonators who are truly male. It is considered funny. There are people like Verka Serduchka here that are well-liked for the most part. But probably not that many people will even watch it anyway.

No. 1368680

They get around the dominant issues by having the show be mostly about the celebrity host (she's huge on Instagram) and not mentioning the LGBT aspects, and making sure the contestants are viewed as strange funny clowns who only do this for a laugh.

No. 1368861

Random but something about Illona Verley making a video to shit on Pixyteri in the height of her era way back just tickles me. Starts at 50:50; couldn't find the video anywhere else

No. 1368883

Forgot to attach vid like the idiot I am

No. 1368917

It's not really the same but Farrah Moan liking Vicky Shingles' dumb IG posts because they were old MySpace buddies tickled me.

No. 1371601

File: 1637321455083.jpg (304.92 KB, 1170x2882, 876543245.jpg)

Dragula anons from upthread are you still here? I wanna alog Merrie Cherry so bad.

No. 1371602

this person is a narcissist

No. 1371656

fuck merrie. he was an insufferable asshole the whole time he was there. he never shut up and made everything about himself. and he literally hates women so there's that.

No. 1371671

>She didn't name Zav or I because she hates us.

I mean, do you blame her?

No. 1371684

File: 1637333542602.png (45.54 KB, 736x185, 43234543277.png)

She's also made general tweets calling out the abusive fans and has this currently pinned on her Twitter, she's been pretty classy despite Zav and Merrie being awful. It's so retarded, it's not even fun drama at this point it's just sad. and giving me flashbacks to every time I've ever had to work in a male dominated environment.

No. 1450934

(sorry to necro) is anyone watching the new season(necro)

No. 1451000

>>1450934 blu: im scared to do anything incase i get canceled and ruin my career
Also blu: ruins her career the same episode by eliminating competition

No. 1451132

Why do u call these fags "she" can I call bad bhabie my nigga since this is what we're doing? Handmaiden retards(sage)

No. 1451140

merrie cherrie needs to shut the fuck up. the fact that no one eviscerated her for wearing house slippers and pajamas to one challenge because she refused to make a second outfit is sickening. michelle visage please roast this man until only a puddle of rendered fat remains.

No. 1451182

sig is a female…

No. 1451994

Yes, nona, I'm still hate watching this stupid damn show and idk why. I'm pretty pissed to hear that Bosco trooned out, he was one of the more interesting contestants this season (aside from the obvious Ru favorites Angeria and Willow), but he is from fucking Seattle and he already styles himself like an AGP out of drag, so not sure why I'm shocked anymore honestly. Totally expected the Jasmine trooning, he's the exact type. Four troons this season… wonder what Ru thinks, he's been kinda terfy in the past lmao.
Other than that: Willow is my fave, I kinda liked the straight guy (loved the raincloud costume!) but he clearly was not comfortable around all the gay dudes, Daya is boring and derivative and should have stayed eliminated, and Lady Camden is pretty fun.

No. 1452110

You can clearly see Blu having a full on panic attack after she won the lip sync too.

No. 1453541

Hide the thread, snowflake.
I’m only watching Sibling Watchery and Pit Stop. Did anyone hear the rumor that WoW supposedly made Monét quit Watchery this season because they were being too mean? Apparently they just say what the producers want on Pit Stop and they didn’t want Monét contradicting their ad revenue machine.

No. 1460051

Samefag returning to lament that the troon count is now up to five, and my favorite, Willow, is the most recent. He has so many health problems already, how in the world can any ethical doctor put him on hormones? He's gonna die chasing the delusion.
Also, this is such a clear-cut case of social contagion. The show is just depressing to watch now.

No. 1462465

File: 1646869016042.png (187.05 KB, 414x586, pt1.PNG)

it's so sad watching all these contestants literally just jumping on the trend of being trans. Willow Pill has cystinosis which affects mainly the kidneys but also the rest of the body and is terrible in general.
His body is all kinds of fucked up already, he doesn't care and is pressing his doctors to give him hormones anyway on top of the countless pills he has to take daily…

No. 1462468

File: 1646869135728.png (187.93 KB, 385x600, pt2.PNG)

>i had surgery to make my face a bit more feminine (why i've been looking so cunt)
>I want to cry more, have softer skin and a fatter ass
This is disgusting

No. 1462511

drag slang is so misogynistic jesus christ “that’s why i’ve been looking so cunt” wtf? and there’s the whole fish thing which is just plain wrong and speaks volumes about how fucking dumb fags are it’s disgusting

No. 1462667

I was just gonna say. Drag is literally sexism against women and i feel like we're in a clown world that no one is calling this out. tr00ns and handmaidens go together. this shit is disgusting. Hope he dies soon.
Seems a lot of men have been trooning out during the beginning of the pandemic

No. 1462919

drag is like a modern day minstrel show where I feel like they really make exaggerated black women stereotypes the joke

No. 1463141

Bianca Del Rio comes to mind, he always says disgusting things and then uses excuses like "it's drag" or "it's comedy". I am sure all these mean queens use drag as an excuse, to be assholes without repercussions.
Don't get me wrong, i think drag can be fun and harmless in some situations but what most of these queens are doing is just plain disgusting.
Don't even get me started with BLM queens and fans, they complained a lot back in 2018 that there were too many white winners and i fully believe they had the double win in AS4 with Trinity and Monet for this reason, do not lie to me, Monet did nowhere as well as Trinity did.
And now that we've had 5 black winners (normal + all stars) in a row, nobody is saying anything. Did we forget other ethnicities exist and where did "the most well rounded queen wins"? Ru definitely has some power when it comes to crowning the winners but the directors of the show definitely are the ones making the decisions. They definitely decided that way to feed the BLM shit show and get that sweet US liberal money in.

No. 1463148

Love how these men can wear womenhood as a campy, offensive costume and be celebrated for it. Meanwhile if you even lightly joke about gender woo you will be crucified. Dave chapelle is a good example, especially where he made jokes about stuffing women into the trunks of cars in that same show he caught heat for poking fun at trannies. Saged for blog posting but years ago I was out at a gay bar for nye with a group of friends and some random man came up to me and groped my boobs out of nowhere and was upset that they were real (I am a very tall gender no conforming woman). Men are disgusting.

No. 1463150

Also funny how these men can be offensive and brush it off as “oh I was joking” but you can’t use that same logic with jokes about gender woo bullshit. You’ve got vaush out here suggesting women shut up challenge saying it’s a joke while at the same time he’s the type to point out how the alt right get away with being racist through “jokes”.

No. 1463154

Yeah, I found it very interesting that Chappelle was getting cancelled for his troonchat in a special where he said NOBODY wants 30 year old pussy, in reference to R Kelly's sex tape talking about 14 year old pussy. Women can be mocked for natural things like aging, but males are to be revered when they clown around in wedding dresses and call their assholes pussies.

No. 1465092

Oh god that Snatch Game was traaash, they should just kick them all off(sage)

No. 1465173

I cannot believe it was so bad. The worst yet.
Love how they were shouting on twitter etc "queen's name I know you will win Snatch Game" before the episode went on air.
Good for Deja, all the other queens were underestimating her and shot the most embarrassing SG ever.(sage)

No. 1465174

to be fair, look at the way they treat queens who don’t automatically bend to lick their boots. when rupaul uwu validated their stupid tranny shit by pointing out that trans ‘females’ would have just as much of an advantage over males as cis women in a drag show, they started reeing and crying because they wanted to have their cake and eat it too. all of this shit is about narcs getting what they want, it doesn’t matter who it comes from

No. 1465846

In that same special he claims he beat the shit out of a lesbian and gloats. Nobody said a damn thing about it.

No. 1489803

File: 1648880634987.jpeg (639.01 KB, 1125x1705, 459657EC-3054-447A-8944-C344E9…)

BDR fucking called it KEK

No. 1491837

File: 1649036782951.jpg (98.97 KB, 828x1050, rupaulstrannyrace.jpg)

No. 1492239

Not surprised. I wonder if gay men have the same feelings that lesbians do seeing all these drag queens fully troon out.

No. 1500424

Getting tiring seeing these Drag Queens just trooning out of nowhere now as if dressing up as a woman to mock real women wasn't enough.

No. 1514307

bosco just reeks of autogynephilia at this point it's so funny

No. 1544102

File: 1653913941842.jpeg (755.06 KB, 1125x1610, A7B5E7C7-B790-48AF-91F5-F30A59…)

So staff at DragCon Los Angeles were caught encouraging kids to dance provocatively in front of an audience full of adults and even accepted tips

No. 1544621

>dance provocatively
I'm no supporter of drag kids, especially performing for adults. I went to their twitter and the video is a kid doing bad cartwheels and flapping/flailing his arms about while wearing cargo shorts and a regular t-shirt. Not very "provocative" tbh.

No. 1544773

It’s still grooming them for inappropriate attention from adults. Imagine whiteknighting degenerates in womanface

No. 1619808

File: 1660884241314.jpeg (203.94 KB, 640x1123, DFEF41AA-F0DB-4F75-9EAE-D700A4…)

Wrong name, but Shannel stole almost $1K from a woman and harassed her when she called it out

No. 1619842

Tradthot detected

No. 1619845

imagine defending gay male degenerates, go back to stan twitter faghag

No. 1619962

That and they were responding to a 2 month old post kek

No. 1620478

She deleted the original vids but they're here: https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/wsd79e/a_bday_theft/
The woman said she entered the venue with $1.3k and was only left with $350. Shannel claims he didn't steal $100's of dollars, he only stole $2 from her "as a bit". She reported $700 missing but Shannel's total tips for the night didn't add up to $700. The cameras and witnesses said that Shannel picked out $2 from the purse, added it to the tips she was already holding then returned it later.
The venue offered to refund her the cost of her table's tickets (over $1k) and $700 on top of that but she didn't go for it. She wanted a payout of $6k, including the cost of the hotel she was renting to go to the show. When the venue told her to take down her posts about the incident, she said she'll remove them for $7k. They refused to pay her but she deleted the videos anyway after getting death threats for "lying".
Honestly whether she's lying about the amount or not, stealing is stealing. Lesson learned. Don't touch other people's shit and don't pay $1,300 just to see a sweaty man LARP as a woman.
Kek @ the woman naming one of the guys from Korn as the drag queen.

No. 1620857

File: 1661011082480.jpeg (632.63 KB, 828x1128, 299664F9-A74E-4276-AA8B-80351D…)

Trixie Mattel fetishizing and sexualizing young TEENAGE girls. So disgusting.

No. 1620859

I am completely fagphobic and it’s the faggots that made me this way

No. 1620865

Now imagine a moid without makeup saying this. Hell it's weird for adult women to say this. What the actual fuck

No. 1620872

For people who claim to not be into pussy, fags sure love talking and thinking about it, specially if it's underage… Nah I fucking hate scrotes, learnt the hard way fags are just a special kind of predators.

No. 1620877

I'm really starting to wonder if all these posts calling women expressing anti-coom opinions in this website "tradthots" are just male posters, faggots and left-wing coomers in particular lmao.

No. 1620959

Groomer lefttard detected

No. 1680458

File: 1666312441454.png (5.94 MB, 828x1792, 8D769793-3376-43A4-972E-39A491…)

What the hell is going on with Bosco’s face

No. 1680602

Not enough to necro the thread with it.

No. 1681064

what is this even in reference to

No. 1736138

File: 1672700601133.jpeg (14.27 KB, 300x168, 7C50E357-3042-4327-B376-EAC5A5…)

Sorry not sorry for the necro but can we please talk about the Christmas groomer shit? They had numbers like this, children were in attendance, and Nina West asked one of they wanted to suck on his fake tits.

No. 1736146

Literally who

No. 1736150

Are you new here? Nina West has been doing a lot of “queer ambassador” shit for children’s networks; this is a horrible look.

No. 1736204

He's the cartoon clown in the OP pic

No. 1736241

gross did he troon out too?

No. 1736392

File: 1672739683040.png (280.05 KB, 818x1168, Screenshot_20230103_145250_com…)

Remember when Twitter got mad at people assuming drag kids events would be sexual? They acted as if the men would exclusively be wearing respectable drag and acting normal, they acted like it would be just Latrice Royale types being mature and acting like old school divas. We were the ones making it sexual supposedly meanwhile they hire Nina West who is known for pushing consent boundaries under the guise of "well feet aren't sexual to you" and others are permitted to go on stage looking like hookers and twerk out. I also hated the twitter logic that it would be better for kids to see men dress up as women to gain an appreciation for women instead of just hiring old school divas in their old age and teaching kids to respect them directly instead.
Also in other milk Eureka came out as a trans woman again. He was one a while back before drag race too before detransitioning. I wonder how this will go cause he can't turn back if this was another spur of the moment attempt to be in the spotlight and more of his unstable sense of identity

No. 1736395

File: 1672740023025.png (38.93 KB, 1049x199, Screenshot_20230103_145513_com…)

>met two trannies on set
>became trans because old tranny transitioned at 70 and he didn't want to be like him. Literally doesn't want to be extra ugly so did a spur of the moment transition
>most difficult part of being a woman is appearance
>scared of FFS because "he's got a pretty face"
This article is a ride

No. 1736396

File: 1672740141134.jpg (21.37 KB, 189x281, IMG_20230103_150201.jpg)

"Pretty" face in question

No. 1736515

File: 1672759052666.jpg (43.35 KB, 634x659, lol.jpg)

sage but the sight of eureka makes me wonder how anyone can exist like this and be happy

No. 1736519

File: 1672759208446.jpeg (36.71 KB, 735x631, DaN89x2XcAAD_Hv.jpeg)

KEK literally picrel

No. 1736527

What in the fat retarded Jimmy Neutron is this

No. 1736528

File: 1672761104472.png (577.39 KB, 484x564, baby.PNG)

picrel. KEK maybe they just enjoyed the baby acting challenge too much.

No. 1736567

I'm conviced reversed body dysmorphia is a thing for these types.

No. 1736569

File: 1672763541200.jpg (16.17 KB, 300x456, 300full.jpg)

No. 1736594

nonnie do not compare the mildly-hammed out matt lucas to ham planet eureka
(still chuckled)

No. 1738552

File: 1672997113835.jpg (115.71 KB, 1080x1296, 322926274_1370965216975442_868…)

This is his troonface he posted on ig. Weirdly washed out due to overexposure and shooping. His noggin is HUGE..

No. 1738592

File: 1673009976028.jpg (397.59 KB, 1600x899, l-intro-1624408706.jpg)

i dont get why he wears wigs that do not shape his face at all (picrel) he looks like an actual meat boulder

No. 1738662

Why is it always the biggest, burliest, manliest, most caveman-headed/lantern-jawed moids who troon out? That contour isn't fooling anyone sir. Seems like a massive waste of time kek

No. 1738716

Is there any new Dragula milk? The last thing I heard about what Dahli getting accused of grooming a boy and Meatball trying to get the Boulet Brothers canceled

No. 1738732

File: 1673025709096.jpg (26.81 KB, 300x253, Phil-and-Lil-phil-and-lil-devi…)

No. 1738746

If these faggots hate themselves enough to think they're girls idk why they don't just try losing weight first

No. 1738759

Koco is ass mad that Victoria won Titans.
All the Abhora/Hoso/Asturid love triangle drama. Asturid went to Korea to visit Hoso (and maybe made OF content together?) and fans kept tagging Abhora in posts of Asturid and Hoso hanging out which resulted in Abhora sad tweeting. Honestly Titans is the gift that keeps on giving. Also Hoso made OF content with a tif.

No. 1738761

Samefag but also Asturid is a proud furry/scalie and won’t stop tweeting about wanting to fuck Pokémon and tweeting about “slits”. Vomit.

No. 1739000

There's some kind of drama over Saint, and he's been canceled or whatever by the dragula subreddit. Apparently there are rumors he was in a private group chat with pocs from the show and he told the Boulets about it. At least, that's what I could piece together from the subreddit trying to figure out why everyone hates Saint now. Now they're all saying that's why Saint won Resurrection, like as a reward for tattling?? Idk. Apparently that's part of why Koco hates Saint, too.
And the Meatball drama another anon mentioned is related to this because he's mad at Saint, and he was also apparently told by like a bartender or something that the Boulets don't consider him poc because he's mixed. It's hard to find a straight answer about all this because everyone's being vague drama kings and acting ~above it all~ saying they don't want to give the drama attention.
The guy who accused Dahli (which also happened on the subreddit lol) recanted a few days later, so most people have forgotten about that.

No. 1739218

File: 1673105038302.jpg (73.87 KB, 605x767, 5f8icv0d1n2a1.jpg)

Samefag, clarification on the Meatball vs. Boulets drama, apparently they said he's not really poc because he was adopted by white parents. Totally shitty if they did say that. All of this is coming through a long game of telephone where he heard it from someone who heard it from someone else who heard it from the Boulets.

No. 1739782

I looked more into this, and apparently Meatball tried to get them blacklisted and is assmad that it (obviously) didn’t work.

No. 1740110

File: 1673237638168.png (71.12 KB, 310x163, 378CF674-9654-4E18-92A2-EA17CA…)

Samefagging to add
>Abhora/Hoso/Astrid love triangle
I didn’t watch s4 or Titans. Picrel.
getting heavy 2018 jamhora flashbacks

No. 1740128

Dahli is Jayy von Monroe of Blood on the Dance Floor pedo fame. He was used and treated like shit by Dahvie with the HIV thing but there's no way he didn't know about the pedo shit yet supported Dahvie anyways even before Dahvie had him by the balls regarding his HIV medication. I don't like that he escaped all that unscathed just because he had a personal sob story with Dahvie too

No. 1740182

glad this thread is finally talking about dragula ! abhora has a disgusting feeder fetish and retweets really vile shit. there’s crazy beef between astrud hoso and abhora that kept getting worse throughout the airing of the show

No. 1740229

Wait Jayy actually has Aids? Wtf

No. 1741195

He's been out as a troon since his season aired. I think he came out while it was airing, on Twitter. Or maybe that was someone else, multiple people came out during the season like that. They seem to only date men in every case so I don't really give a shit but funny that they just announced that they are going to continue being fem gay men, like nothing changed? They probably do it for the clout but also for insurance. I think FFS and the rest get covered as opposed to being ruled as cosmetic if you troon out, so drag queens especially would benefit from transitioning.

Man they always do this game of telephone ass vague shit. Zero backbone, all claws.

No. 1741629

File: 1673406522414.jpeg (226.25 KB, 828x1217, D2DC40B8-3A9F-40E4-9FEC-59E52F…)

I’ve always wondered what this famed Soju post was all about. I remember during the airing of s2 the story was framed as Monikkie just randomly went on a racist tirade against Soju even though they didn’t know each other. When Monikkie was announced as being on s2 another Chicago queen along with Soju said that Monikkie called Soju a racist slur in a Facebook post in the past. To my knowledge we’ve never gotten a screen cap of this Monikkie post and only know if it’s existence through Soju talking about it.

No. 1741774

is this the same Soju that got fully cancelled for being an actual rapist? This is the first time I'm hearing of this drama with Monikkie.

(for the rapey Soju milk https://www.reddit.com/r/rupaulsdragrace/comments/l2pppp/allegations_against_soju_megathread/ )

No. 1742129

Bartenders always love to start shit too because for them it’s entertaining to watch fags in wigs slapfight

No. 1742305

Not AIDS, he's on meds for HIV and says it's currently undetectable. It almost turned to AIDS though because when he tested positive Dahvie convinced him to go on tour and get treatment when they got back. He said it in this statement he wrote for why he was leaving the band and in the Hansen doc apparently (but I haven't watched that)
Link to statement, not his original post but a copy on someone's blog:
It's stupid long and I'm on mobile so I can't screenshot it without making it thin and a mile long for archiving

No. 1743384

Do you know what his relationship to Shrinkle (of SugarPill) is? She has said (or at least heavily hinted) she was a lesbian but was married to man and refers to abhora as a significant other.

No. 1743465

I don’t know but Shrinkle is definitely a spicy straight.

No. 1743472

She does this with a lot of her flavors of the month. Abhora is just a close friend plus Abhora is always sadtweeting about how awful his dating life is.
I do wonder how true the feeder fetish stuff is with Abhora. If he’s into fatties then why was he so hot and bothered by Hoso who maybe weighs 30lbs? Kek

No. 1743701

There is no way that AMC didn’t pay that guy hush money to recant and go away. No way.

No. 1743994

He was trying to get with Hollow Eve after they did the spoof “straight pride” thing in 2019; that of course didn’t work out. Literally the closest thing he’s had to a healthy relationship was the fake one with Majesty.

No. 1744075

Abhora and Hollow? What’s the T on this? I know they’re friends but I didn’t know anything happened past that kek

No. 1744100

Unrequited feelings, never got past stage play. Abhora would subtweet about it all the fucking time up until he got hit by a car during the Floyd riots.

No. 1798155

File: 1680110333659.png (8.65 KB, 275x173, IMG_1884.png)

Reposted from the FtM thread because Peppermint was on RPDR. What the fuck.

No. 1798162

Gay men are the worst

No. 1798222

Absolutely disgusting

No. 1798289

Eurgh, fuck the kids am i right? How about codemning an evil violent child murderer than protecting your bullshit identity? Who the fuck cares that they are trans or not, that's actually not what the issue is with the shooting, but they need to pretend that it is to fuel their own egom. Btw, peppermint is a troon, not a very well passing one without makeup and a wig. He was supppsed to be transed out in dragrace but all i saw was a man who wears multipack t shirts.

No. 1801717

File: 1680551703032.png (277.03 KB, 527x606, jinxed.png)

Oh fuck off. Wasn't sure whether to post this one in the MtF thread because apparently he identifies as trans but a they/them one?

No. 1801800

He's been a they/them for like close to maybe seven years now

No. 1802240

File: 1680630768785.jpeg (208.48 KB, 1179x1904, IMG_1890.jpeg)

Rest in piss, faggot. That’s what you get for saying that the Nashville kids deserved to die.

No. 1802250


No. 1802291

Sorry I should have clarified that “you” was directed at the whole drag community, I’m an eslfag

No. 1802300

I think the other anon meant receipts on what he said about the Nashville kids

No. 1802344

nta but that anon explained themselves that drag queen did not say that and instead when they said ''you'' they were talking about the whole drag queen community >>1802291

No. 1802388

Ayrt, and thanks nona I'm just retarded and English isn't my first language either

No. 1806039

File: 1681081102526.jpg (124 KB, 605x872, Captura.jpg)

Dunno what is worse: Oli in general or the "terf are nazis".

No. 1872188

File: 1690565620307.jpeg (418.97 KB, 1179x1470, IMG_2157.jpeg)

No. 1872197

he wasn't already???

No. 1872263

My god, that moid looks absolutely disgusting. At least Oli is a cow that makes trannies seethe and implode with the transracial thing.

No. 1872292

This is gross and inherently exploitative of disabled people.

No. 1872626

He held off for a while, tbh I hoped he wouldn't because he talked a lot about looking up to women and his girl friends and surely you can accept you're not something you look up to. I remember him talking about how punk rock it was to see his friends smear their blood on an asshole scrote, our biology is what makes us us and adore used to act like they kinda knew that. Plus his attention seeking friend has been claiming trans and I figured that might help peak those around him that a trans drag queen is homophobic and/or an attention whore.
At this rate there isn't going to be a single effeminate man left untransed as being femme and a bottom now makes you a woman. So much for drag Queens breaking gender stereotypes, they're now enforcing them. Wonder if gay scrotes are gonna notice before they all disappear or if they're too busy clapping for their new favourite thing: women who aren't women and don't notice. Also gotta wonder if this is being pushed by all the closeted gays and bi tops who never want to admit they love man ass. They've always loved trannies and never really evolved since it's not like the world actually ever confronted their homophobia before jumping to the trans train.

No. 1919590

File: 1698327170820.png (94.78 KB, 1518x553, rupaulstroonrace.png)

No. 1919595

"I don't care about crimes so go for it, but make sure not to tattle on the cult."

No. 1919631

My tinfoil is that rupaul is a secret "terf" but knows his real opinions on trans people will get him and his money bag cancelled

No. 1919635

Agreed. I feel like he's old fashioned and would despise all of this modern gender shit. He's definitely a nasty old bitch but needs to keep up woke appearances and secure the bag

No. 1919654

i thought that was the case? a lot of the trannies that competed on his show talked a lot of shit about how he's very twansphobic. that's why some phrases from the show like she-mail had to be replaced and he had to start letting trannies compete to save face

No. 1919675

File: 1698334546978.gif (329.28 KB, 498x286, another-one-bites-the-dust-que…)

No. 1945988

File: 1703196610029.jpeg (965.13 KB, 1753x3597, F7CF0D78-8898-4A39-9C54-7DEE48…)

another day, another drag race alumni trying to escape twink death by trooning out

No. 1946007

I would die if these fags started stating they were straight, than saying that they are going to troon out.

No. 1946106

Man, that's a shame.

No. 1946410

At least that one chart that was going around that listed him as a hsts is accurate now.

No. 1954029

File: 1705029433264.png (3.79 MB, 2448x1002, Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 7.16.…)

How did this troon on Canada change their face so thoroughly?

No. 1954032

that's literally just lighting

No. 1954065

fillers, facelift, botox, and better eyebrows.

No. 1954071

Definitely filler in the forehead, cheeks and chin, they look smooth on the right yet have a lot of indents and angles on the left.

No. 1954079

FFS (facial feminization surgery), which contains a brown bone reduction.(sage your shit)

No. 1963389

File: 1707295059255.jpg (137.84 KB, 640x1028, amanda tori meat.jpg)

this season's troon out reason: woman is when slut
how is this behaviour different from any other drag queen or gay man out there?
This was in response to some troon on troon fighting where another troon questioned "amanda's" validity cause he claims he divorced his husband in order to live his life "as a woman" but he didn't actually come out for quite a while after and not even hinting at it while on the show. despite that, since coming out his whole media circus is that he was suicidal and needed to get away from his ~evil ex~ to transition. His response to the video was just to post this and comment on the video pulling the suicide card that his "dysphoria" was so bad he couldn't transition and had multiple suicide attempts during this time. also deflecting about being scared about "videos like these" being made when he transitioned (picrel in next post)
One of the other drag queens was bullying him during his short and hilariously bad run on the show (ironically his makeup skills highlighted how manly he looks) and honestly it was cathartic, he just had an off vibe throughout even before coming out

No. 1963390

File: 1707295217427.png (104.38 KB, 1176x387, i was suicidal so now you can'…)

his comment to the video
link to video (mp4 in next post) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z6JPwiVLcg

No. 1963395

video was too big but I archived it here (https://files.catbox.moe/ggsl89.mp4) in case it gets taken down since the youtuber says they will if amanda wants it down, less milky than the troon's antics but worth preserving

No. 1975404

Why doesn't Katya show up in I Like To Watch anymore?

No. 1977616

File: 1710792119927.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1179x2111, IMG_2766.jpeg)

No. 1977786

Out of all the drag queens i would have never guessed Shangela by any means because he had this acute moral fagness to him and wasn't as brazen of a degenerate like most drag queens are. Shit like this makes me wish the drag race was never popular ngl, the people accusing drag queens are being predators and shit are going to have a field day over this. I also wish that the buzzfeed article had been released, i'd like to know more details. Shame they shut down their news division.

No. 1977791

theyre not gonna care. they don’t give a fuck if gay men are raping each other.

No. 1977801

File: 1710821531685.png (482.23 KB, 604x894, Screen Shot 2024-03-18 at 9.05…)

They care. They're having their field day.

No. 1977804

As i thought.

No. 1977873

>the people accusing drag queens are being predators and shit are going to have a field day over this.
As they should, too many of them are misogynist perverts and groomers. I'm tired of women thinking these flamboyant gay men in womanface are uwu harmless.

No. 1977902

Why are so many of them trooning out?? Adore especially was just a giant fag. wtf is going on

No. 1977909

These fags are all trooning out to escape male aging. holyshit

No. 1977910

Mte. Way too many predators hiding in plain sight. Disappointed that Shangela is one of them, but I've learned my lesson to trust no crossdressing man ig.

No. 1977928

men raping other men is kinda based. not gonna lie(baiting)

No. 1977933

No this is like fucking crazy to me because the popular narrative here was always "drag is okay because these men know theyre men". Well clearly not. Not even these fully grown ass men in their 30s are immune to "gender is what clothes you wear". And also another reason why this is happening is because so many of them just want to avoid twink death. Adore has been some meth addled irrelavent faggot for a while now and he's probably desperate for some attention plus hes at the age where he doesnt even look cute anymore as a man. Same definitely applies to Farrah because hes always been an insecure fag obsessed with his appearance

No. 1977943

Men having mid-life crises and not being able to go beyond "dress, makeup and slut = woman". Ngl I think only women can grasp the concept of being gender non-conforming.

No. 1977962

I stopped watching Adore's antics years back, before the pandemic and he was already getting fat. He used to be kinda cute when he made his own music videos in cali, but when he started doing ig lives from his high rise apartment, I knew he was probably gonna get hard into drugs, but never thought he'd troon. It's crazy to me that the new mid-life crisis for men is now trooning out. Women dont even have this luxury. Men are going to continue to steal from women, their face, their hair, their clothing to make themselves feel better. I'm tempted to google what adore looks like now, kek

No. 1977963

I used to think Shangela was one of the okay ones. I watched the all stars event live at a gay bar when he lost to trixie and people were pissed. I guess he's always been a predator though. Gay men are the same as straight men, just predators in a different way.

No. 1977984

gay scrotes assault each other in insane sociopathic ways. the tif lie of gay male love being somehow pure and free from gross power dynamics is literally just that. a lie. gay males will drug each other en masse in the club, prey on and pick up very young and inexperienced males to do whatever tf they please with, lie and cheat on each other all the fucking time. if youve spent any considerable amount of time around normie gay males youll see just how normalized assault and unhinged dangerous fetishes are. pretty much every gay male has some kind of assault story

No. 1978009

It’s actually insane how many well-known drag race queens have been exposed as rapists and predators at this point

No. 1978010

re your spoiler, don't bother. he facetunes himself into a doe-eyed alien on instagram and doesn't go outside enough for people to take unedited pictures of him. he did get "facial feminization surgery" and tons of filler recently, though.

No. 1978023

I think Adore just got addicted to meth, got clean eventually and now is looking for a "brand new start" aka doesn't have to deal with the mistakes he made while high

No. 1978030

Gay males will also brush off rape like it's no big deal, even if they were the victims of it and especially if women are the victims of it. It's like it's all normal for them. Yeah I know psychologically someone may act nonchalant about it to feel in control but I've never seen women do this thing, gay moids literally get raped as teens, think it was hot and then they grow up to do it to others because they still think it's hot. The "gay men are more sensitive" is such a meme.

No. 1978034

No it’s not, they engage in dehumanizing behavior on the regular.

No. 1978214

With all the uwufying of gay moids online by women and the image rebrand that they tried to have, it's easy to forget that gay male culture was based on a teenager losing his virginity to a much older moid and then growing up and doing the same to the new batch of gay teenagers. This has been a thing for decades and every normal gay man older than like 35 will admit that to you. Pedophilia and inheritely exploitative dynamics are inherent to their community. So really none of this comes as a surprise when yet another gay scrote in a power position decides to exploit that power

No. 1978579

The I/P disaster triggered a relapse and she’s off the wagon again

No. 1978582

The what now?

No. 1978596

Israel/Palestine sorry, there’s some bizarro post on X where she talks about how the U.S. deserves to be bombed and that “the call will be coming from inside the house”. Lemme see if I can find that screencap

No. 1984172

wtf would that trigger it. Like hes never fought in a war how the fuck is he getting some non ptsd when he's never done anything.

No. 1984217

File: 1712726837043.png (653.67 KB, 915x744, image.png)

NTA but drugs, the relapse seemed to happen before the current conflict escalation in the West Bank. The post got traction cause it was one of the most schitzo of their posts but it's one of many. Last relapse I knew of they had the same behaviour of taking everything crazy hard, blowing things out of proportion, and a healthy dosage of self-hated and depression. Tbh they probably said the US should be bombed cause they want to be bombed and killed.
Went to go look for caps but saw this got released an hour ago. He indicates he might have been institutionalized by force (either legally or by friends/family) given the wording but clearly recognizes he needs it.
>There’s a saying for the active alcoholic or drug addict. The trajectory of the life course has three possible outcomes: A. jail; B. institutions; or C. death. Unfortunately, I find myself squarely and firmly and quite uncomfortably in the B camp right now
>I gotta swiftly and competently rectify my ass right now. Thank you so much for your patience and compassion and I hope that you have a wonderful day

No. 1984218

kek what a pathetic scrote
>wahhh theres an issue in another country and instead of dropping my crossdressing act and enrolling in the military i'm going to smoke meth

No. 1984219

File: 1712727132480.mp4 (3.84 MB, 480x854, katya rehab.mp4)

here's the instagram video they made

No. 1984229

if you don't stop calling that bald headed man a they…

No. 1984232

KEK since when is this faggot a nb? hilarious

No. 1984233

He’s not

No. 1984235

He's not, I'm esl and literally used "him" in the og post so I'm not calling a male gay drag queen a "they" to validate or gender him at all. Switching pronouns and using them doesn't mean I'm validating anything in english grammar. I just sometimes use the word "them" for people cause I like how it conjugates better than her/he does which I fuck up sometimes. Stop letting troonism ruin "they", it's a neutral pronoun to refer to males and females and makes sense in english
as funny as that would be, the drug relapse got triggered before the war. tbh it was probably the election or just a normal relapse cause he's relapsed quite a few times before

No. 1984240

He fucking looks like Fahrlight Loki

No. 1984254

as a fan of katya (and trixie) I feel bad for him. Drug really fuch up your brain.

No. 1984263

May I suggest an Aaron Bushnell drag routine in tribute? Might be healing and transformative!(a-logging)

No. 1984386

I hate the concept that for addicts there are only three paths: jail, institution, or death. I know so many people in recovery who are thriving. That kind of thinking is catastrophizing and fatalistic. And anyway, death comes for all, he's so dramatic.

No. 1984427

He was talking about active addiction i.e. people currently using but you’re otherwise spot on nonny

No. 1984485

You think his Mom/sister and Trixie made his ass get help?

No. 1984533

Theres something really sad about how he can't seem to escape the methhead within. Anyone with active addiction issues can probably relate to this. If I were him I'd just quit drag and get tf away from my legions of enabling faggot and unhinged tif fans. He has enough money to settle down and be comfortable forever. Anyone would crack if they had his type of fans

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