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File: 1426468527464.jpg (15.12 KB, 236x234, 55148f344475910eb1ee17767ae420…)

No. 13218


Let's talk about the blatant camwhore who only serves to make ugly girls feel better about themselves, because this bitch is far from pretty and knows fuck all when it comes to makeup.

No. 13219

/cgl/ used to gobble up every word this bitch said. Her videos are cringe along with that unfortunate mug of hers. She looks like a fucking gross waxy man.

No. 13220

File: 1426469305727.png (572.52 KB, 713x1554, PuEFg.png)

No. 13221

File: 1426469372845.png (444.32 KB, 654x1445, uEfNQ.png)

No. 13222

I think shes cute.
Meet her a few times shes really chill.
Personally dont care for her makeup tips though.
Don't get why making "ugly" girls feel better about themselves as such a bad thing.

She's also not a lolcow.

No. 13223

Too bad you don't get to say who is and who isn't a lolcow. Not really sure why bitches like you feel entitled to make the rules on this website.

Also not sure why you didn't even bother to read the blog link. The bitch is a desperate attention whore who gets people to send her free shit if she cries enough and if anyone calls her out on it or her past, her precious "family" attacks them.

You like them? That's great. Then don't post here.


No. 13224

File: 1426469645794.png (84.58 KB, 228x171, 228px-Loudred_anime.png)

My only complaint is her need to yell and open her mouth as wide as possible to speak. Maybe the yelling is part of her persona or something. I dunno if she actually does that irl.

No. 13225

File: 1426469658726.jpg (29.35 KB, 480x480, Fa4ZHMJ.jpg)

A ham-planet I went to high school with is getting really into beauty gurus and is weirdly obsessed with them. She even started her own channel for "makeup tutorialzzz!!" This was on my newsfeed this morning and I almost choked on my coffee.

No. 13226

lmao shut the fuck up rachel, nobody gives a shit

No. 13227

Bruh an attention whore isn't a lulcow.
What attention whore doesn't have whiteknights?
Like how fucking dense are you?

No. 13228

How dense are you, nigger?
You're bitching about content on a fucking site dedicated to irrational hate, gossiping, and bitching. Like where the fuck do you think you are exactly? Fuck off back to PULL with your ridiculous standards.

No. 13229

I actually like her look and think she's adorable, but her fans are insane. Unfortunately she has become really, really popular, so she has to constantly the whole 'you're beautiful no matter what!!' speech to her 12 year old fans. So many sad people comment on YT videos with "my 7 year old watches u, bunny!"

What the fuck

No. 13230

White trash attracts white trash.

No. 13231

She's cute with a unique face, but she just needs to learn how to apply foundation. It's always really dark or the wrong color entirely on her face. I am in love with her natural eye color though and want her shoe collection.

No. 13232

She's either partially or completely dear in one ear, so volume control when speaking is an issue for her. However I do agree with her horse mouth, she should learn how to not open it so wide.

No. 13233

meant to say deaf.

No. 13234

This bitch bought Lime Crime.

No. 13235

She bought it or was it sent to her by Doe?

No. 13236

I will say I was mad when she reviewed the Jeffree star lipsticks. I know her followers hang on her every word.

No. 13237

Oh god, it begins.
All Doe's little fuckers moving onto JS like they did nothing wrong.

No. 13238

I actually quite like her nowadays,
Her ''Swamp family'' army consists out of annoying 14 year olds and i don't really give a shit about her makeup tutorials (I can apply my own don't need some makeup guru to tell me how)

I used to find her extremely obnoxious.
When i first started watching her videos i wondered wtf was wrong with her.. loud.. obnoxious.. horse mouth… all of those things that OP describes but after watching a bunch of her videos i started to enjoy her content and now i actively look forward to her videos and she kinda grew on me.

No. 13239

she needs to stop wearing all that makeup, and that hair is trash.

i think she's alright though. she's trying to appeal to people on a large scale, so ofc she has to be obnoxious as shit. i think it's pretty cool that she doesn't wear makeup all the time.

it's a good representation of how women are. we don't wear makeup all the time, and it shouldn't be expected. plus, she doesn't know how to do her makeup, but i digress.

she's alright i guess. i don't watch her shit tho, bc too obnoxious.

No. 13240

Basically. I mean, I'm glad JS gets more cash because his products are great and excited to see more of his line, but these bitches are so fake.

No. 13241

I like her ' Does this thing really work?' videos a lot. I also like her hair. It's crazy and messy and the fact that she only wears make up sometimes is pretty good. Makes me laugh when people like Suzy from GG wears so much of it on film.

No. 13242

No. 13243

Reading that link in OP i was worried i'd find something out about her that would ruin her for me.
Thank god it's a whole lot of nothing.

I don't mind people hating on random youtubers i like because we all have shit we hate so get your hate on i suppose.
But for a sec i worried i'd find out she was actually really shitty or something.

No. 13244

Your post is totally valid.
Like why is it such a bad thing that she gives not so good looking girls inspiration and something to look forward to, Wat? Are you that bored to run out of people to talk about that you nitpick a "normal" loud girl on the internet and girls with low self esteem?

This seems personal, are you okay anon? Everyone agrees she is loud, shes not great with makeup, shes basically like any other teen but older guru that knows nothing about makeup. Shes an entertainer obviously no one take her seriously?

This looks personal? She said something mean to you anon? Lolcow anon? Ha.

No. 13245

>This looks personal? She said something mean to you anon? Lolcow anon? Ha.

Changing your typing style doesn't hide who you are, honey. You've been crying for hours over the EYK thread and now this one all because people don't like what you do.

No. 13246

that eyemakeup and those lips ffs its a sacrilege

his older vids from the stylish were funny, his newer ones… eh, i could take or leave

No. 13247

Are you implying everyone in this thread is the same person?
Because you'd be wrong.
I am :

No. 13248

God those are the best.
Im such a sucker for those things.

No. 13249

File: 1426473401637.png (185.35 KB, 426x458, 1338255200071.png)

You seem really upset that everyone isn't bashing her.

I mean if she were a shit person okay but this just seems like a personal vendetta.

Like nigga stay mad.

No. 13250


I adore those but sometimes when she fails to follow simple instructions i get just slightly peeved.. then again it's also entertaining to watch her get really frustrated with herself for not figuring it out.
I just wish she'd stop that fucking sippy sippy thing it reminds me of something we did as 8 year olds

No. 13251

People are annoyed that you're going around shitting up countless threads and then whining to the admin about why things you personally dislike shouldn't be here. If anyone is mad, it's you.

No. 13252

>Sippy sippy
Yeah, I get that's her thing, but it's weird. I like how all she does is buy 4-6 cups of tea from starbucks instead of just making it at home. Bitch is def rich though. She's always buying from dollskill and that other company that sells overpriced frankenstein leggings.

No. 13253

I always wonder how much she must be making from her YT.

No. 13254


She is kinda shitty though. Not like a horrible person, but she gets a fuckton of mail, mostly from kids who scrape together whatever money they have. She get's more stuff than she can actually keep, and you know she probably throws half of it out.

No. 13255

A lot. She buys so much make up, but I also think she can put those off as tax deductible because it's a business expense? Also know her boyfriend works a lot. One of those on the road jobs for a few weeks type things I believe.

No. 13256

That's not really her fault though, is it? She isnt asking them to mail her stuff and she definitely isn't forcing them. At least her shop isnt overpriced like Suzy's is.

No. 13257

lol no one is forcing 12 yr olds to mail her shit.

No. 13258

Won't lie kinda jelly she can write her makeup off like that(if she does that). Doesn't she still live with her parents? It might have been an old video though, not that its a big deal or anything I would think she would be able to live out on her own with what she makes.

No. 13259

I think a lot of them send her mail just hoping she'll read it on her channel and get some fans that way.

No. 13260

She lives on her own with her boyfriend. They make enough money together to do that.

No. 13261

You don't actually know what she does with it though. And how does that make her shitty? She can't really stop these kids from sending her all that stuff. Even if she said "stop sending me mail" that'd seem pretty mean. I'm sure she reads as much of it as she can. I think(?) she used to make videos opening all the mail and thanking everyone for the stuff. So at least the kids who sent her it would see her getting it and appreciating it and that would make them happy.

No. 13262

This. EYK fans and GG fans do exactly the same thing.

No. 13263

>implying she doesn't do what traci does lmao

No. 13264

I think she'd look pretty good if she got jaw surgery to fix that massive overbite.

No. 13265

Is that some Youtuber?

She does have a jessica park mouth.

No. 13266

Jaw surgery is incredibly invasive. If she doesnt want to do that, she really doesnt have to.

No. 13267

>Not knowing your mermaid queen.
So many fucking newfags tonight.

No. 13268

I think she's referring to Traci J Hines the chick who thinks shes a real life disney princess

And yeah her jaw/mouth is terrible but i kinda like her like that.

No. 13269

I don't know much outside of PT.
The only reason why I'm here. lol

No. 13270

Kekking hard at how much this thread has backfired on OP and how mad they are.

No. 13271

Jesus, right?
Explains all the pissy anons going around.

No. 13272

>people still posting shit

Keep telling yourself that. You wash in from being linked by that tumblr ED tranny, hun?

No. 13273

> tumblr ED tranny
I have no clue who this would even refer to

No. 13274




No. 13275

File: 1426474504993.png (476.53 KB, 560x500, Girls.png)

I know.

No. 13276

I don't even care if she's the nicest person in the world, she is insanely annoying.

No. 13277

I don't get why people are so butthurt that people don't like an obnoxious try hard who went from 2spoopy4me to fail makeup "guru". Nobody liked it when other cows leeched onto being makeup gurus in order to get fame yet its okay for this chick to do it? lol The bitch is a leech, an attention whore, and just overall American white trash.

No. 13278

of course not, because you're a fucking newfag

No. 13279

>implying you didn't at all expect people to agree with you
People are still posting shit but it's mostly about her being likable and not lolcow material.
You're so sulky, it's hilarious.

No. 13280

Came all the way from staminarose for my queen PT, and occasionally indulge myself in some Kooter,Kiki,Traci and my new fav Asha. I don't keep up with all these other lolcows.
if you're referring to the alien anorexic one then no i didn't come here through her.
i refuse to click on her thread and see more pictures of that monster she looks disgusting

No. 13281

Most people don't have time to spend lurking all threads and studying up on each and every cow on here, 'cause you know, they've got lives to attend to.

No. 13282

You're doing a bad job at sounding like you're from here. Only knights get pissy and throw the bawnolyfeyolo retort out when they're BTFO. It takes like five minutes to look something up, lol. Why do you cunts act like that somehow puts a dent in one's life.

No. 13283

She gets free products from Tarte if I remember correctly and their shit is super dark for her but obviously she doesn't give a fuck.

Anyway she's ridiculously annoying to me but I get her appeal. She hasn't really done anything awful though imo

No. 13284

i haven't watched her in two years so lul to know she's still not matched to her foundation apparently. i know she said back then that she was matched to lighter shades by employers but she'd refuse to buy it because she didn't want to look too pale, and then buy a shade up.

she was wearing the lilac lipstick by Lime Crime for a long time and then Doe sent her some stuff. In her review, Bunny said she didn't believe any of the stuff that was documented about Lime Crime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKqFfJ2lsPY

How about the fact that people found proof of her begging companies for free products when she's clearly well-to-do enough to actually pay for shit?

she also (at least used to) whine when she doesn't want to buy something for herself, knowing that her swamp family would then buy it.

also, in her pretty_vacant days, she and her best friend at the time kept talking about a pact they had on twitter to get themselves e-famous so that tells you what kind of person she was from the beginning

No. 13285

This… is still not something lolcow worthy.

I mean yeah sure she's annoying and she has an army of 14 year olds willing to go great lengths for her but she's not that special or milkable.

>inb4 white knight or newfag

I find her annoying and lol so random XD attitude exasperating but she's meh besides that.

No. 13286

You can say it's not lolcow-worthy but there's not much point to that. Thread's posted. If there's not much to talk about, and it becomes stale milk, so what? It'll just end up like other less-trespassed threads on here.

GG has ten threads on her by now and efagz always ragged on her every time a post would come up about her, so it's surprising that lolcow of all places is getting worked up about a thread on her being posted.

No. 13287

pretty much this, no I don't like grav3yardgirl and I find her videos obnoxious (and I think she's pretty hideous) but compared to people like Ashley and Pixy she's boring, so what she implies she wants her fans to buy her things? it's their choice to do so, she's just boring white trash, it's not like she's raping people or posting nudes.

No. 13288

Shes an adult so posting nudes wouldnt make her a lolcow

No. 13289

I actually think she could model because her face looks interesting enough to me

No. 13290

I think those pictures are her most attractive tbh. Everyone always says her skunk hair and red lipstick always make her less attractive and ia. But she addressed that once and said she's gonna go on wearing red lipstick because she likes it, regardless of whether everyone says it doesn't suit her. Can't h8 for that.

No. 13291

Yeah. I like her "gonna wear what makes me happy" attitude. I actually really liked her tutorial for Sarah from Hocus pocus.

No. 13292

who dis? shes cute in a weird way

No. 13293

If you can't be bothered to Google. No one here is going to spoonfeed you.

No. 13294

This chick is like every quality that annoys me but I find it endearing like having a half-retarded older sister or something.

No. 13295

I thought this was a man.

No. 13296

ur mean

No. 13297

File: 1426523971118.jpg (4.97 KB, 259x194, 153456851321321.jpg)

Niggah do you know where you are?

No. 13298

Same here. She was recommended to me a while ago but I couldn't last more than a few seconds into the video. I'm really really glad I don't know her IRL because I don't know what I'd do if she was actually in front of me, screaming like a Muppet on LSD.
I don't think she's lolcow material but hey if she's not, this thread will die on its own. When people go into a thread to demand that everyone stop talking about a certain person it just adds fuel to the fire.

No. 13299

>When people go into a thread to demand that everyone stop talking about a certain person it just adds fuel to the fire.

All it does is cause unnecessary bullshit. Nobody is off limits or above reproach. If it isn't posted here, someone will just make a thread in /b/ about it or post in that "not-quite-lolcows-but-have-potential" thread. If someone whines about someone being talked about here then they seriously need to leave the site. This isn't PULL and I'm so tired of seeing people derail threads because they personally don't care about someone and a person doesn't fit their speshul list of what makes a bitch gossip worthy or not. If you don't like it then just hide the goddamned thread like it isn't hard. This place has suffered an abundance of autism in recent weeks.

No. 13300

File: 1426529566796.jpg (195.79 KB, 780x770, e2e.jpg)

It hasn't even been just recently. It's been probably every single thread. People still come into Quirky's bitching about how she's not a lolcow to them because she's just a fat slut.

And make it about, "lol i jus dun understan lol".

bitch what is there to understand? you are on a chan where girls bitch about things get the fuck over yourself.

No. 13301

I really love her personality and her videos and I love how butthurt people get because she has a huge following and makes a ridiculous amount of money for yelling into her camera and badly applying make up. Role model tbh.

No. 13302

Are you twelve?

No. 13303

This. Aside from her giving poor makeup advise, "promoting herself", and using free shit I don't really see a whole lot that's funny about her. She's obnoxious, but whatever. It doesn't really seem like she has any drama.

No. 13304

It's more that it's annoying to see these obvious vendetta threads dedicated to people who aren't funny or interesting. Why not post in the "potential lolcow" thread? Or maybe guru gossip?

No. 13305


Are you seriously pulling that tired old /cgl/ shit here, where the entire premise of the chan is to talk shit on others? You may as well accuse everyone here of having a vendetta on every single cow, since you don't know everyone or their intentions. You don't have to have a vendetta to hate someone's fucking stupid shit. That's normal. Everyone hates someone or something.

No. 13306

>implying those same threads still won't be shitted up by defensive anons getting fee fees over useless "gurus"

No. 13307

You've been pulling "hi X" this whole thread. Shut the fuck up already, no one cares about your personal grudge.

No. 13308

>go through entire thread
>only one person accused an anon of being grav3yardgirl

What the fuck are you smoking?

No. 13309

I find her obnoxious by herself sometimes, but I love it when she has her boyfriend in her videos. Her personality softens a little and isn't as forced, they're so cute together and their relationship seems so genuine.

No. 13310

Yeah but people keep trying to convince others that she is a lolcow when she's just an annoying youtuber that asks her cult for shit. It doesn't go beyond that and people should think about this because what do you want us to talk about? Do you want us to bitch about every single youtube video she makes? Or about her boring ass vlogs? If a person's not exploitable there is absolutely no need to make a thread about them. All this thread has caused so far is people throwing shit at each other about whether or not she's an actual lolcow, and that alone tells you there's not enough milk in this one to talk about her. So if anything yeah, we should just let this thread die.

No. 13311

any other cow here who has begged their knights for shit is ridiculed to hell and back. grav3yardgirl is immune because a few of you like her?

No. 13312

I'm just getting a little annoyed by how many boring ass people are being posted lately, idk.

No. 13313

What? Whenever Wannablaze was begging people to buy her crap people lost their minds. When Quirky and other cows spammed their Amazon wishlists everywhere and whined/demanded for shit people also lost their minds. You're doing a really bad job at hiding the fact that this is just a case of you not liking that someone you like was posted here and nothing more.

So hide the threads? You have the ability to never see them again and literally none of these affect you if you don't click on them.

No. 13314

lolcow isn't all about you

No. 13315

oh god just fuck off to 8chan rather than shitting up every new thread jesus christ

No. 13316

This. Go to fucking /cow/ on 8chan if you're that bored.

No. 13317

Shes a role mkdel for making money by yelling into the camera and badly applying makeup? You're retarded

No. 13318

By their logic, foreverkaylin and Quirky are also role models.

No. 13319


No. 13320

Can I say that, what people say about her being deaf to justify why she speaks so loud is a lie? I watched her old and "paranormal" videos and TBQH she spoke in a pretty mild voice tone, if not a pretty low one and seemed to hear herself just fine.

So yeah.

No. 13321

>Your hearing will stay the same your entire life!

No. 13322

she was born with problems in one ear and it probably just got worse as she got older.

No. 13323

Idk, I can't control the levels of my voice and as a result I talk very loud a lot of the time without meaning to, my friends all have to tell me when to drop it down a few notches, it's a really serious problem for me. I didn't have this problem too badly when I was younger but my mother is deaf in one ear and always got angry at me when I spoke to her because she couldn't hear me and made me speak louder like almost everytime I said something, I'm convinced it's why I speak so loud without meaning to but sometimes I can speak at a normal tone, I don't even realize when I am being too loud, it's not a conscious thing. I can see exactly how it could happen to her with hearing problems.

No. 13324

This. I'm normally a very soft spoken person but when I get really into a conversation/excited/talkative, I start to talk obnoxiously loud without noticing it. That could also be the reason why she's very loud. I don't really follow her, but a lot of online personalities don't seem to have lives/friends outside of the internet, she may get excited to actually be talking, even if it is just talking to a camera.

No. 13325

Everything related to her hearing problems have been said by her fans and I, at least, haven't seen a video where she talks about it
She could have a perfect hearing all this time and just tends to be loud

No. 13326

i'm surprised this thread was so short-lived

No. 13327

File: 1438771827902.jpg (231.61 KB, 522x564, BunnyStarsInStephenKing'sIt.jp…)


No. 13328


No. 13329

Ugly hair (altho a ch*nk fixed her hair)
Ugly face
Ugly videos
Ugly makeup looks
Ugly clothes
Ugly shoes
Ugly voice
Ugly mind
Ugly personality
Ugly house
Ugly friends
Ugly boyfriend
Ugly age

No. 13330

how is an age ugly?

No. 13331

File: 1438775935705.jpg (30.21 KB, 600x337, BuDDbKLCIAI0uYL[1].jpg)

Personally, I think her boyfriend is cute af

No. 13332


No. 13333

I think she's beautiful and her boyfriend is cute too.

This is another vendetta thead

No. 13334

>I think she's beautiful
I don't know about that. She even milks her strange big mouth and teeth for the funny faces.
>and her boyfriend is cute too.
This I agree on. He seems ultra chill and cute.

No. 13335


ch*nk? really? fucking kill yourself

No. 13336

She's not conventionally attractive, but she has the right proportion of weird in her face that it's not bad and somewhat interesting. It's really her personality that sells her channel, when you have a bunch of cookie cutter blondes all over YT otherwise.

No. 13337

I think Bunny is cute, but that personality… that horse mouth….

No. 13338

I dont understand how she has her own makeup line when she does her own makeup like a coked up hooker

No. 13339

She has a makeup line? I thought she was just sponsored by Tarte.

No. 13340

She probably just is, but I remember one of her videos where she's signing palettes I just assumed it was her own, my mistake. Still looks like a hot mess tho

No. 13341

Her boyfriend is pretty cute, but he's fat and I really dont like fatties.

No. 13342

More than likely it was a Tarte event. For some reason they sponsor her or something.

No. 13343

I think she's cute, especially now that her hair is fixed. She's annoying (using her anxiety as an excuse for things, being loud, etc) but I don't think she is cow worthy.

I don't understand why Tarte sponsors her either. I don't even think she really fits their image. But it must pay off or they'd drop her, wouldn't they?

No. 13344

i don't dislike her as a person by any means but i think her "Bunny" persona is extremely fake and her makeup skills suck

No. 13345

File: 1438848263684.png (165.12 KB, 372x393, Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 1.02…)

Guy Tang is probably cries on the inside as he watches her videos because yeah he fixed the color of her hair but she's SO BAD at styling it and it looks like it's starting to go back to being really crispy.

No. 13346

is he still doing softcorn porn on the side?

No. 13347

is that her? God, she used to be so much prettier. The makeup she wears now is so so so unflattering…

No. 13348

They sponsor her because she's popular and can make them money. It's pretty obvious when you think about it

No. 13349

She looks a million times more busted back then anon.

No. 13350

in what way? yeah the posing is retarded but her face and hair look way better than what she's doing now

No. 13351

You're kidding right? With the stupid not quite but basically skunk hair vs the blonde color it was fixed to now?

I will say more dramatic looks suit her better. She has super blue eyes, but doesn't seem to emphasize that much. I think most people watch her because she is a bit ratchet and stupid.

No. 13352

She went back to that hair (except it's a lot longer now)… With Guy fucking Tang. Bitch must be rich as fuck by now.

No. 13353

Saw an article about how much she's paid awhile ago… she's among the top paid on YT, if not the top paid.

I can continue to respect her if she doesn't move to LA. I swear all US YT-ers move out there.

No. 13354

That article is so ass licking."pretty (baby blue eyes teehee :3)", "fashion and beauty" when everyone can agree she can't do her makeup, her hair styling is poor and most of the time she tries a hair product her hair is so tangled it obviously doesn't work and then she says "oh it's just that my hair is so long and thick"

No girl, no.

I like her videos etc but the person wrote that is pushing things about her way too far.

Either way. Holy world of YT money.

No. 13355

She's def not the top paid, that would be pewdiepie. Unless you mean top paid beauty guru, which I could believe, even though she barely qualifies as one.

No. 13356

Well 2 years of not even trimming your hair will do that. I get why she refused to ever go back to a stylist, but come on. Even she could have done the weird front pony tail trick.

Eh. I think most really follow her for her As seen on TV review thing rather then any actual beauty "advice".

No. 13357

Does he charge for the make overs or something? I just know him for his colorful hair jobs and din't know he was some kind of star hair dresser.

No. 13358

File: 1438875759553.png (4.5 KB, 718x55, yt-description.png)

i find her videos pretty entertaining generally (i don't watch the make-up ones btw) and she really doesn't qualify as a lolcow for me.
she is actually sponsored by some of the companies that she reviews.
would be nice if someone could post proof/indications of that.

No. 13359

Why wouldn't he? He appears to be a private stylist, and likely rents the space he uses, and lately he's been doing more YT-ers hair. Jen/FrmHeadtoToe and Cassey from Blogilates have both been on as well. The girl he normally does the crazy colors on is annoying as fuck tho.

YT requires all content creators to state when they are sponsored. So far with Bunny only Tarte has sponsored her for a photoshoot and a meetup. She does get sent stuff from time to time, but that's pretty normal for most known beauty gurus on YT.

No. 13360

Wait, people take her seriously? She is extremely annoying and ugly, holy shit

No. 13361

She's sponsored by Tarte but tries to hide it. I have no idea why.

No. 13362

Still not a lolcow.

No. 13363

Still on the frontpage.

No. 13364

I remember not too long ago the ads for her videos were everywhere and they kept me far far away from her channel. She is like the pewdiepie of the beauty guru part of YT.
Loud, annoying and forced. I hate her.

No. 13365

To be fair, she's 30 now. Probably a teen/young adult in those Myspace pics. Faces change.
Reading through this thread is hilarious because you can see where OP samefags and gets mad that people aren't agreeing with them, so they resort to crying newfag.

No. 13366


so people don't think she's all about the money or something idk

No. 13367


Damn right I think she is. Where in the world would a balzac-ian woman of the 21st century think it's funny to do that dumb "sippy sippy" thing if not for her infant YT audience?

No. 13368

Im not a fan of hers, but whats wrong with making ugly girls feel beautiful of confident or feel good about themselves?

Sorry OP but youre probably ugly LOL aint nothing wrong with ugly girls having confidence, right OP? You should know, you actually think yourr attractive

No. 13369

Most of her videos is she trying makeup and other crap and giving her opinion. How is that bad or lolcow worthy?

OP if you don't like her don't watch her videos, don't bring your personal beef here.

No. 13370

is the only thing lolworthy about her that shes ugly? really? who gives a shit, she's rolling in dough making shitty videos on youtube for a living. people watch her because she's animated and fun, not a sour, bitter stuck up bitch like y'all are. IMO she milks her ugliness by putting on stupid makeup and wearing her hair all stupid and people buy into it because she obviously comes off as relatable.

inb4 "ur graveyardgirl!" - no, i just dont really understand why this hasnt moved to /b/, while other threads have

No. 13371

also im gonna samefag here and say that her boyfriend is almost as ugly as she is. jfc the anons calling him hot in this thread need to get their heads checked. he has a pig nose, droopy eyes and a fivehead.

No. 13372

What is a balzacian woman?

No. 13373

File: 1439342751526.jpg (252.05 KB, 640x480, 4680810631_0faefd4a8d_z.jpg)

sup lolcow

No. 13374

Guy Tang?

No. 13375

They do all move out there, don't they? I wonder what is going to happen when Youtube becomes irrelevant in a few years?

No. 13376


No. 13377

File: 1439343173563.jpg (Spoiler Image, 295.14 KB, 1280x960, guy-tang-11.jpg)

No. 13378

>sippy sippy
That shit grinds my gears so hard.

No. 13379

so I guess that's a yes then lmao

No. 13380


No. 13381

File: 1439345119909.jpg (70.9 KB, 606x606, 1zfr0x3.jpg)

just a fedora bro and his white trash girl, your friendly neighborhood couple

No. 13382


damn, she looks better with just blond hair. Much better

No. 13383

She almost looks like a gyaru here

No. 13384

He looks like he gained a shit ton of weight since this pic. and I kind of like her Peggy from Married with children look here.

No. 13385

Youch. It kinda really hurts seeing her on here. I actually really enjoy her videos and find her to be a fun person.
Also all of the comments about the hair, she just got it dyed back to blonde and made a video saying that she hated her old hair. Yall will pick on literally anyone.

No. 13386

moralfag get out

No. 13387

I think you need to research what gyaru is


No. 13388

Hi OP.
Yeah, I don't think they were being a moralfag, it's just there is genuinely no fucking milk to draw from her.
This thread was made 4 months ago (with a measly 164 posts) and not one person has given a legitimate reason as to how she could be a lolcow.
>she's so loud and annoying ugh
>she has skunk hair
>she has a horse mouth
>she makes ugly people feel confident
So fucking what, this thread is boring, screams of vendetta and belongs in /b/.

No. 13389

No. 13390

Where do you think you are? This is /pt/, the board exclusively for lolcows. I'm not saying this thread doesn't belong on this site, it would make sense in /b/, just not here.

No. 13391

I'm not the original person you replied to, I just wanted to point out that a response was made a whike ago to something similar you said.

My thing is, if you don't like a thread, hide it. Simple as that. If you don't think a thread should be here, report it and hide it. Admin will take care of things from there.

No. 13392

do you care

No. 13393

I agree but I disagree. Is that ok? I don't like her videos. I find her loud and obnoxious and she has stupid hair. Oh well. Not really lolcow worthy. Her crazy swamp family fans on the other hand… they might be lolcow worthy. They'll dogpile on anyone who disagrees with Bunny, and that's weird.
And I've been on sites that will pick on literally anyone. This is not one of them honestly. Here's pretty tame, and for the most part just observes and doesn't dick around with people.

Ugh why could she not keep this hair though? What is it with hot topic alt chicks and skunk hair anyway? It's gross. It looks gross on Suzy and it looks gross on Bunny too. ffs.

No. 13394

She no longer has skunk hair.


No. 13395

I'm glad. Golden blonde is a much better look for her.

No. 13396

Ugly bitch as fffff

No. 13397

Does Guy Tang need his own thread? Ew

No. 13398

File: 1440212920992.png (536.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-22-04-02-34…)

Just seen this on some clickbait trash website and as a Britfag I am THOROUGHLY insulted.

No. 13399

I agree with you.
The people who disagree with you are the same people who think berry is a lolcow
ignore these dumbasses.
they think any "youtuber" they dislike on the internet is a lolcow lol

No. 13400

tons of people are extroverted and very loud and act like her.
i can't stand them but it's just her personality

No. 13401

I what's inside what matters, you superficial whore

No. 13402

I think she's annoying as fuck but if she was a lolcow, she would be in /pt/, hence why the admins moved the thread in b
she's a harmless loud annoying "attention whore" so meh
at least she doesnt scam people

No. 13806

It's OP and they're immensely assmad that their garbage thread backfired and barely anyone agrees with them.

No. 13807

lmao are you fucking kidding

No. 729758

good thread :-)(necro)

No. 729767

Yeah thanks for bumping it you sageless fuckwit

No. 729768

if you have no milk then sage

No. 729774

we have a new graveyardgirl thread, use that one

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