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File: 1633567230519.png (4.82 MB, 1910x1906, letsmovealongdogs.png)

No. 1342754

24 year old zoophile who does hypnosis roleplay using a retarded sparkledragon fursona on VRChat, a MMO where players interact with each other through virtual avatars. Use to study "Neo-Ericksonian" hypnosis at the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy but seems to have been booted out, because references to it are removed in her newer uploads. Has shot into notoriety in the furry fandom after it's been revealed she (? possibly is a tranny because the voice sounds distinctly modded, but currently unsure as her identity is not publicly known) is an out and proud dogfucker. Venturing through her following and her friends reveals an entire network of dog dick enjoyers who use the ζ symbol and the word ZETA, which allegedly means Zoophiles for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

notable milk:

>would toil around VRChat worlds to lure people into her hypnosis roleplays (see example of her hilarious group trance sessions here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-rAP-ePsY8)

>created a hypnofur discord server called "Momma Sappho's Hypnotherapy" which allowed minor users and had a 17 year old mod, despite having overtly sexual roles such as "harem"
>possibly did ERP with a minor
>server had NSFW channels that were commonly referenced even in the supposedly minor safe channels, most notably nsfw-feral, aka drawn porn of non-anthropomorphic animals. there were also hidden zoo channels such as zoo-media
>on September 8th, former mod Matcha resigned and outed her on twitter as a zoophile, after she had a conversation with Sappho where the hypnofag said zoophiles are misunderstood
>people dug around and saw her youtube favorite channels included horsefuckers and people like the infamous Zooier Than Thou podcast (as an unrelated aside, interestingly enough her youtube favorites also include soy hater Paul Joseph Watson and the ever euphoric SargonofAkkad, which are rather surprising choices)
>on September 11th, Sappho released a nearly 40-minute long video entitled Coming Out about Things, wherein she compares her love of dog bestiality (zoosexuality, in her words) to being homosexual and says the repulsed reaction her audience has to this is the same as the reactions people had to gay people in the 60s. tried to distance herself from the notorious zoosadist leaks of 2018
>since then, has taken to twitter to posting how sexy she thinks German Shepherds are and uploading drawings of dog knots

social media:

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ1398XCuoKfoDd2vP4nplQ
twitter: https://twitter.com/HypnotistSappho

other skim milk producers in the zeta community:


No. 1342757

hypno fetishists are all degenerates. Every single one. Always groomers, too. They love spawning more hypno freaks by grooming kids into their kink.
All furries are degenerates. But hypno fetishists are unique in that they don't believe their fetish is inherently sexual. So they impose it on children via erping and posting their fapping material everywhere. Always psychos, too.

No. 1342762

This is a male.

No. 1342770

Probably, but I couldn't find any discussion of being trans or gendershit, so in the meantime I used she. I have seen these delusional zoo communities include a handful of actual females so I left it open as a possibility, since it's not the most interesting thing at play here.

No. 1342793

I thought it was a fakeboi. Uses he/him pronouns but has feminine voice.

No. 1342812

File: 1633573803748.png (380.82 KB, 745x689, adsfsdsadsadsadas.png)


No. 1342818

Hypno porn, furry porn, and "sappho" in the username? 100% male

Also I hate furries so much, but god forbid you say that on social media. Why do people cape for furries so much?

No. 1342819

I don't know where you hang about. Only furries cape for furries. Most people hate furries or have a negative impression of them, especially mainstream media which always runs stories about how weird they are.

No. 1342820

sappho in the username but had a boyfriend that was just broken with presumably because of the notoriety of the zoophile drama, kek. boyfriend might also be a zoo though, i think

No. 1342827

I've been missing some of the truly insane antics of yesteryear, this looks like a very promising thread. Super curious if this thing is a man or a woman, could go either way in the furry community since that's where all the fucked up women tend to gather

No. 1342829

>Why do people cape for furries so much?
Since when? Most degenerate moids are more approving of and even proud to be lolicons than they would admit to being furries.

No. 1342831

Are furries just any people who like anthromorphic characters or are they specifically people with sexual attraction to anthro? If it is the latter then it is clearly some type of zoophilia.

No. 1342833

How are you enjoying your first day on the internet?

No. 1342834

I remember people were discussing this in the fakeboi thread. Furries say anybody who likes anthro is a furry but it sounds sketch to me.

No. 1342835

Not everybody is going to research furry culture like you.

No. 1342837

anyone who likes anthro art or at least the specific style of cartoonish furry anthro, but I'd say the proportion of furries who never draw nsfw/look at it is the minority. but they do exist.

i don't know if i'd class them exactly the same as zoophiles, since anthro art mostly doesn't resemble real animals at all. still weird and fun to mock.

No. 1342838

Furries are really big on community and I feel like some of the newbies just like anthro with no sexual stuff involved. However, since there is so much porn in the furry community, their initial non-sexual interest ends up turning sexual anyway. The constant exposure to furry porn desensitises them and their fascination escalates. They go from furry yiff to feral yiff and eventually they become full-blown zoophiles who get sexually aroused by their neighbor's pet chihuahua.

No. 1342841

I do think being a furry leads to zoophilia since furries anthromorphize everything about animals and identify with them heavily. They start thinking animals are just like humans but humans are too speciest to understand their complexity. Zoofurries say they only have sex with sexually mature animals so they aren't "pedos", and they always talk about how animals are able to consent to sex with humans.

No. 1342892

I would say that if a woman or girl just casually enjoys something like original MLP or Carebears for what it is, what it was originally intended to be, and stays the fuck away from fanfiction and hentai, that is not furry. But if it involves men, obsession, and sexual fixation, it's absolutely furry.

No. 1342923

I know lots of online women who are involved in the furry fandom, both the sexual kinds and the more above-board fandom things. Furry fandom attracts people (& degenerates) of both sexes, for the most part. It's not really an exclusively male thing for once.

No. 1342929

I can't get over the fact that this dogfucker watches Paul Joseph Watson and came out as a dogfucker on 9/11, it's really a lot to take in

So true, some of the worst people on the internet

No. 1343177

Sometimes I wonder if the apparently non-degenerate female furries are just better at hiding it than scrotes. Why would anyone want to associate with something that's full of dog fuckers?

No. 1343234

File: 1633637744797.jpg (84.36 KB, 733x369, fbi.jpg)

Of course the dogfucker also thinks that sex offender lists are discriminatory. Most certainly not something a sex offender would say.

No. 1343448

None of you freaks should ever see an animal again regardless of what your parole officer thinks, how’s that for “discriminatory” you sick fuck

No. 1343475

>has taken to twitter to posting how sexy she thinks German Shepherds are
Dogs look like stuffed toys and act like perpetually retarded toddlers. Man, I really just don't understand other people.

No. 1343618

you can't reason with zoophiles, their attraction is fucked up. that's probably the appeal for them.

No. 1343972

I watched an hours long Deadwingdork stream about this person. I'm glad to see a thread about them (I can't figure out if they're a fakeboi or using a voice filter) because I find it extremely fascinating that furries will routinely out themselves online despite knowing that there consistently has been and always will be negative backlash to admitting zoophilia

Do remember that there is a GIGANTIC number of nonces within the furry community. The thing about furries is that they use the excuse that a majority of furries are also autistic as a scapegoat for this issue, and it always circles back to accusations being somehow ableist against autistic people.

Deadwingdork made an interesting point during his stream about this bitch and it's that every single furry seems to be obsessed with German Shepherds and wolves specifically. I wonder of there is a reason for that beyond having a sexual awakening while watching Balto

No. 1344096

It might be a problem with "dog people" in general. A lot of dog people are extremely attached to their dogs, they treat dogs like they are superior to all other species (including humans), believe dogs are incapable of doing anything wrong, and constantly defend them when they end up killing other animals (including humans). The second most obsessive group are horse people and horses are the second most popular animal in the zoophile community.

No. 1344124

Anon, I don't know how to tell you this, but not everyone who likes dogs is sexually obsessed with them to the point where they live their life in a dog costume. What the fuck does anything I said about furries being specifically obsessed with German Shepards have to do with normal people who like dogs? Stop shagging your cat and kill yourself, doghatefags are above and beyond the most annoying people on any platform because you actually are so intent on wanking off about how much you hate dogs and dog people that you INSIST on bringing it up whenever there is even a hint of dog mentioned anywhere.

No. 1344145

I don't like animals in general and I never said any person who owns a dogs will fuck them (the hell?). I just think a lot of people who own dogs tend to be weirdly obsessed with them and elevate them above humans. Same with horse people.

No. 1344148

holy fuck calm down deranged dogfag

No. 1344164

File: 1633747928832.jpg (36.67 KB, 615x625, e6fe5b40296509fb8e2c00cd16173d…)

>Stop shagging your cat and kill yourself, doghatefags are above and beyond the most annoying people on any platform because you actually are so intent on wanking off about how much you hate dogs and dog people that you INSIST on bringing it up whenever there is even a hint of dog mentioned anywhere.
Are you trying to prove the point of that post or something?

No. 1344202

Yeah, I've noticed the particular fixation on German Shepherds in particular. And huskies. Maybe because they look more wolfy than other dog breeds? Even zoophiles seem to agree pugs and their bulging eyes are fuck hideous.

Sidenote, I've also found zir's tiktok account (https://www.tiktok.com/@hypnotistsappho). Saged because there's nothing new on there, just a repost of the zoosexuality is valid video, but might be worth keep an eye on.

I would say they're getting dogpiled in the comments but they'd probably like that.

No. 1344209

>Even zoophiles seem to agree pugs and their bulging eyes are fuck hideous.
Hah, you must have missed that Twitter scandal where some men were fucking pugs and bulldogs.

No. 1344272

Take your meds.

No. 1356143

File: 1635258711773.png (429.95 KB, 878x541, Screenshot 2021-10-26 9.41.16 …)

well she has said any type of evidence on her is fake when there is actual evidence on her pedo/zoo behaviors online, plus the trying to deflect hate to someone else cause she got caught in multiple lies and something over her sending zoo porn to a Twitter user which she took down after. she hasn't uploaded in 4 week on yt since she is on Twitter arguing with a user since she can't bring any evidence up on them so she has to keep saying they are a pedo to justify herself for being a degenerate of life.

No. 1356300

How is this person not on a FBI watchlist?

No. 1360858

File: 1635946116689.jpeg (10.88 KB, 1025x120, image0 (1).jpeg)

Sappho did groom a minor and stated they did when they liked humans…

No. 1360916

"consent is an outdated framework" is a weird way to spell "i'm a rapist"

No. 1361021

File: 1635961969527.jpeg (10.45 KB, 232x422, FC4jLB3XoAMMYDQ.jpeg)

welp she deleted this to hide the fact she posted it

No. 1361040

My dad caught a guy trying to fuck our dog in our farm and he almost killed him, the guy never came back and everyone calls him a dog fucker. I'd like to see one of these psychos actually try this shit and get knocked tf out. sage for storytime lol

No. 1361091

…what kind of dog was it…? Wtf?

No. 1361094

I had a neighbor once whose husband fucked a dog and got caught.. AT WORK and then fired. She stayed with him and said, "at least it wasn't another woman." Barf.

No. 1361097

"consent is a bad framework" good god. definitely not a rape apologist!

No. 1361178

god zoophiles make me want to a-log

No. 1361237

why does this chick even call herself "sappho"? i know someone in here said that could be proof its a moid but she appears to be bi at the very least (if she is same sex attracted at all, i don't consider roleplaying with 3d animal avatars to be having actual sex). i know the name is the least concern compared to the dogfucking and grooming but it's the first thought i had when i saw her called out

No. 1363839

It was a female dog, I only have strays but she looks like a mix between a racing dog (very tall and skinny) and something else. She is still a little traumatized and will bite you if you touch her belly, even tho she asks for belly rubs But the guy never came back after the beating.

No. 1364436

No. 1378154

does anyone know her email? or address? i wanna report her to the police(cowtipping )

No. 1378378

she already shown her face on twitter had been reported to law enforcement

No. 1378732

The majority of furries are bisexual or same-sex attracted.

No. 1378736

File: 1638257569387.jpg (219.38 KB, 1148x1801, FFYsHE9XEAYL4wP.jpg)

No. 1378738

Looks like a tranny

No. 1378748

gives me tumblr fandom white girl vibes

No. 1378750

Doesn't ping my tranny radar. It looks like a real woman to me.

No. 1378859

we might want to fucking report her ass for child grooming, she is 21 (she lied about her age saying she was 24) and is grooming 10 to 17-year-olds on twitter spaces telling them beastiailly/not telling your parents is ok she removed the 18+ from her pf,posted fucking in-est kink pannels a few times and has asked a 16-year-old to make art of them together and she made her pfp that(@gruesomezoo is the 16-year-old he removed his age from his bio)and is actively asking minors to draw art of her and she has started calling them her pups/asking them to call her mama or mamasappho(Cowtipping)

No. 1379185

yeah, but as an ex-furfag a lot of "bisexuality" among furries is jailhouse gay shit or their same-sex attraction is only in the context of looking at porn (not attraction to real life people), for the males at least. i remember reading somewhere that most female furries on the other hand, are heterosexual

the 14 year old that valerie appears to be grooming has she/her in the tiktok bio, so assuming this kid is a real female and not a young TIM then she really is some kind of bisexual or equal-opportunity predator(sage)

No. 1383690

can't tell with mask, could be a troon. Is there any more pictures of it?

No. 1383726

File: 1638554809292.jpg (75.57 KB, 490x720, not the zoosperg.jpg)

sage for samefagging, but it was confirmed that it wasn't her


No. 1388388

deadwingdork found a new zoophile podcast run entirely by kids and at one point they talk about watching her hypnosis videos. i know she's a groomer but jesus christ

No. 1388957

and now we have Sappho deleting tweets and now has minors harming themselves for her attention and it took her 2 days to tell them to not harm themselves for her attention

No. 1392566

How do I get to the discord server Momma Sappho's Hypnotherapy?(namefag)

No. 1393564

we now have reached a point where Sappho is openly letting minors draw her in "suggestive" shit and that video of her disagreeing about the age of consent plus the wtf thread she made a few days ago…

No. 1393570

All furries are like this. You should get out of the fandom while you still can.

No. 1393577

the fandom was fucked from the beginning…Im already thinking about leaving it since pedos/animal fuckers have just ruined it

No. 1393578

Unfortunately it was always founded on degeneracy. It has never been a place for children.
It's also deeply misogynistic. The definition of a boy's club. I don't know what gender you are but either way you should get out. Either you leave or you get groomed into thinking what they do is okay.

No. 1393580

there was an attempt to remove pedos/zoos from the fandom but that shit failed

No. 1393597

Weird that a fandom based around jerking it to drawings of animals might have animal fuckers in it. Learn to sage newfag

No. 1393613

it doesn't matter what fandom you're in there is always some level of degeneracy in it and yet we just deal with or pay no attention to it (I've been in the fandom for a while and just didn't pay any level of attention to that side of the fandom until Sappho the dog fucker popped up in my tl/yt)

No. 1393633

but other than that uh…merry Christmas to everyone here

No. 1393673

>>1393570 There are plenty of creeps, pletier of normal people who just enjoy the art and suits and then there is even plentier more of social justice warriors twitter snowflakes who are usually zoomers. And most of these zoomers hate pedos and the creeps, so i wouldnt say all furries are like that, the majority is very against pedo and zoo shit. In my countrys furry fandom pedos and zoos are always kicked out of the community, some people are even piling evidence on them for the police.
I think furry fandom isnt lost because of zoos and creeps, only this level of degeneracy can be seen rising everywhere, in every fandom and community because there is something terribly wrong the whole society right now.

No. 1393705

never come back

No. 1394024

i dont give a flying fuck

furries disgust me and fursuits genuinely scare me, cant trust any of them, and i agree with the anon who said people cape for furries too hard. i will never accept their shit. ppl go "but they're just harmless and enjoying their hobbies" yeah well the chess club doesn't have prominent members posting videos of themselves raping puppies to death.

No. 1394366

and now she made a second account and posted herself in suggestive shit again but has a 12 yro/16yro replying to her after she posted more cursed shit of herself, I thought her pedo/zoo shit couldn't get worse but holy shit…(I'm not posting any images/links cause there may be minors here and I'm not risking their mental health or innocence cause that shit is cursed)

No. 1394395

File: 1639670201008.png (1.6 MB, 1472x2048, Screenshot_20211216-075602.png)

No. 1394398

File: 1639670334312.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1568x2048, Screenshot_20211216-075832.png)

tranny confirmed

No. 1394401

File: 1639670676022.png (123.37 KB, 738x382, Screenshot 2021-12-16 11.03.43…)

those images are confirmed to be from that cursed anime…

No. 1394430

Can't believe some anons actually thought this was ever a woman and not a pornsick tranny.

No. 1394431

of course it’s a fucking moid

No. 1394476

every fucking time

No. 1394480

File: 1639674399690.jpeg (32.29 KB, 455x422, IMG_8169 (1).jpeg)

a tf is this

No. 1394485

File: 1639674898328.jpeg (43.68 KB, 702x422, FGvf3rDXsAcpoby.jpeg)

a small update to sappho's zna organization she is now stepping down from her own fuck ups

No. 1394487

Should've known from hypno porn alone kek

No. 1394489

File: 1639674946693.jpeg (33.75 KB, 368x422, FGvf3rSXEAMlgmk.jpeg)

the second part of the tweet

No. 1394505

Hope this shows everyone what degenerates hypnos and especially hypno furries are. They are notorious for grooming minors into their fetish even by furry standards lmao

No. 1394510

File: 1639676383267.jpeg (58.46 KB, 750x464, FGvsaKxWUAAqFE8.jpeg)

isn't cub art the near level of cp/loli..

No. 1394954

i swear to god zoophiles are one of the most retarded people ive ever seen. who could have guessed that sappho, someone who openly talks about ageplay, needed to step down from an organization meant to help zoophile teenagers or w/e? i wouldn't be surprised if the org was his sick idea to groom on potential kids.

No. 1394994

File: 1639712000256.jpeg (40.27 KB, 750x430, FGvRTHDUYA82blm.jpeg)

Well let me add this here for when she decides to attempt to sue everyone here for posting evidence on her

No. 1395002

And yes she has threatened to sue a user for a thread about her and a fake fbi site she made in html with shitty errors on it

No. 1395005

literally just pedo shit, but also could mean attraction to actual baby animals since they are a zoophile too. Twitter is such a cesspool for giving these sick fucks a "safe space" to form these communities to begin with tbh.

No. 1395045

File: 1639715708257.png (252.67 KB, 599x653, unknown-9.png)

It is her job to prevent minors from viewing/following her nsfw account it doesn't take hours to look through your followers and block people so yeah its her responsibility of monitoring your account hell privatizing it would even work

And yes she added the M.A.P symbol to her account now

No. 1395047

File: 1639715772769.png (225.49 KB, 750x486, IMG_3118.png)

>>1395045 part the post I made for the M.A.P symbol part

No. 1395052

you fail to mention that they're always moids

No. 1395226

if you don't give a fuck then fuckoff from here and do something productive with your time that you give a fuck about lol

No. 1395264

twitter got sued for letting cp stay up a few years back and they are doing the same shit again, allowing cp/Beastiality to be posted again they didn't learn their lesson the first time that shit happened

No. 1395322

File: 1639754911411.png (152.43 KB, 581x572, Screenshot 2021-12-17 10.27.31…)

the fact there is some tweets that show sappho is a manipulator

No. 1395323

File: 1639754995196.jpg (26.68 KB, 242x421, IMG_0975.jpg)

>>1395322 pt 2 of 3

No. 1395325

File: 1639755358300.png (47.81 KB, 680x264, Screenshot 2021-12-17 9.59.59 …)

trying to not flood since is accurate to what sappho is doing to people

No. 1395370

so yeah be extra careful around Sappho when you speak to her since now she added that she is attracted to 16-18-year-olds (please don't make a bait zoo/pedo accounts if you're a minor, you're putting yourself in danger and doing more harm than good so please take what I say and use it wisely don't put yourself in a bad situation don't harass the minor zoophiles just tell them to get help from an actual therapist and not Sappho since she is just preying on their emotions and taking advantage of them like that)

No. 1397463

And thus we reach a point where Sappho is now dating a minor and has finally got all her twitter accounts suspended/locked but she is now letting minors send her cub/loli on a different site…(this is an imageboard)

No. 1397599

File: 1639984680244.jpeg (106.34 KB, 828x1205, FGsXUR1X0AMY7ps.jpeg)

This is from before suspension and it's just as creepy

No. 1398087

They mentioned moving to another platform before getting both accounts nuked. Any follow-up info would be appreciated.(namefag)

No. 1398385

Stop saying 'she', this isn't tiktok or twitter since I am damn sure many of you have come from those circles. This is a man, you saw the nasty gooch.

No. 1398495

Exactly, I'd respect the use of 'she' if it wasn't to look uwu different and lure people in to groom them. If they were outwardly a dude they'd have been cancelled way quicker imo

No. 1398918

>respecting a troon's pronouns
Do you know where you are
>if they were outwardly a dude they'd have been cancelled way quicker imo
begone moid. the reason he's gotten a pass is because he's a troon not because people think he's a girl lmao.

No. 1398960

I know there was a zoophile who who came out about her taking all the money for herself saying it was for zna they made this thread about it


Plus it was confirmed she was in fact dating a 16 yro(this is an imageboard)

No. 1399010

Calm down retard

No. 1399078

Shouldn't you be dilating? That wound is gonna close down anytime.

No. 1401597

so there is proof that sappho was asking minors for nsfw images of themselves ranging from 9 to 17 years old and shows everything that happened before her coming out vid from her guilt-tripping to her having the address of a 16-year-old she was dating..

https://kiwifarms.net/threads/valerie-hypnotist-sappho-succubus-sappho-vin-r-wolf-f1r3fr0st-v3xarray-r00tlulz.108414/(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1413368

File: 1641775088136.jpeg (33.92 KB, 777x474, 1F75CC10-02DB-4C56-BD9F-B96760…)

I posted his picture in the mtf thread, and an anon posted this.

No. 1440690

Yea, there was a Mastodon instance. It's been taken down.

No. 1442501

I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but here's his stackoverflow acc

According to it his name is Theo and he's in Portland, OR. Not only that but in this post:

He uses the username 'ade' in his pc. Relevant?

No. 1442522

of course it’s Portland. The degenerate Mecca.

No. 1442530

I also found a github acc that might be his. It follows his 3 other accs (succubus-sappho, cfr0st and f1r3fr0st)

He forked a dumb VRChat project and made it gross

!gg => GOOD GIRL

No. 1485428

There still out there.(post milk)

No. 1486367

No shit sherlock, got any insightful info to contribute?(sage your shit, watson)

No. 1486371

there isnt much info other than rumors so its pretty much safe to say their gone for good

No. 1498484

The Kiwifarms thread is a shit show right now.

No. 1498487

That's a different person, you'd know if you kept up with the Kiwifarms thread.

No. 1498587

And why the fuck would anyone want to keep up with that cesspool? Those threads are fucking unreadable and full of retarded scrotes repeating their shitty jokes and sucking their own dicks. Some anons come here so we don’t have to read KF.

No. 1527353

Umm, lots of reasons. If you base all your data on one source your going to have a highly probable chance your info is biased as fuck. But your also right, that forum is a mess of just absolute shit.(necro)

No. 1582501

as a furry myself, we don't claim her sis. absolutely disgusting(furfag)

No. 1582514

Go back to Twitter degen

No. 1582590

File: 1657192639991.png (169.38 KB, 637x772, 1153 - arm drinking drinking_s…)

>necro-ing is… LE BAD!
As expected of cowteens.
Enjoy your KiwiFarms lite with forum-tier rules, femoids.

Best regards,

No. 1582628

Late but please do humanity a favor and kill yourself. Preferably quietly and alone.

No. 1646257

File: 1663002814602.jpeg (333.38 KB, 1170x1051, BCF2F82C-FA83-4D82-9DFC-8CFDCB…)

It was always obvious merely because you can tell he used a pitch-adjuster for his voice on chat. His voice always had that faint metallic sound to it and that was a dead giveaway that he was a scrote.

Anyway, he apparently killed himself. Rest in piss, you won't be missed.

No. 1686153

Post proof that he's alive, sir

No. 1686179


Go away.

No. 1686219


I'm not a retarded furry but is this proven? it wouldn't be unreasonable for him to fake his own death and go undercover online. i mean, they never found him irl did they? also why would he kill himself? because troon?

No. 1686234

long story short they faked their death to gain sympathy. They were back on VR under a new avatar and name but wasn't hiding who they were
They did one last "Fuck you all" video and hasn't been seen since. I'm guessing they went in the way of that furry that literally ate poop and is now in a mental ward

No. 1686235

This. Before the farms went down, autistic kiwis were trying to piece together his name with a medicine bottle after he threatened to shoot up a hospital. Kiwis then started asking people to report this to the police in his general area, because whodda thunk threatning to hurt actual people while trying to attentionwhore online has consequences. Even though the farms are gone from clearnet, Sappho clearly wants to pull a byuu and start over (so he can keep grooming kids in private). This is like umpteenth time he's done this, only now he's scared his identity might get leaked.

No. 1717713

File: 1670104774302.png (238.27 KB, 640x548, FjALEFEXEAwzk4W.png)

He's back (?)

No. 1717861

“Anyone who has sexual relations with an animal must be put to death.” Exodus 22:19

No. 1718372

So where can I get his VR Chat model if it was supposedly leaked?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1734902

File: 1672503332941.png (239.47 KB, 580x550, Screenshot 2022-12-31 191522.p…)

This is the real account.

No. 1734985

Of course he’s fucking Air Force. For non-Burgerfags, Air Force is a military branch and they are notorious for producing tranny sex offenders

No. 1756977

Just stumbled across this and it has new information about him if anyone is curious. His real name/photos were confirmed and he's still as gross as ever.

No. 1898104

As a furry myself I’m pretty sure no NORMAL furry, and I think I speak for the rest of us, we don’t accept what Sappho stands for or Sappho themself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1898112

Do you know where you are?

No. 1898132

Shut the fuck up. Furries are creepy degenerates and no one trusts you guys.

No. 1898133

"As a furry myself"
Kill yourself retard

No. 1898151

Tone down your autism, nonnie. Never reveal yourself as a furry.

No. 1898153


All furries are animal fuckers, you guys literally make porn of animals just on two feet and call that shit normal kys.

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