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File: 1635943900643.jpg (1.95 MB, 4699x3294, Hotep.jpg)

No. 1360838

A Thread to discuss all the hilarious online and IRL afrocentrists and Hoteps
This thread is specifically about afrocentrists, mostly african americans who genuinely believe that black africans were responsible for all human advancements and sciences and that greeks, romans, arabs, moors, native americans and especially Egyptians were all black, basically the black counterparts to Varg's Ilk except imo somehow even more delusional

a common trait among afrocentrists is they often look to Ancient Egypt as the source of all human culture, hence the adoption of the Ancient Egyptian term Hoted and recently many have gained an obsession's with the MCU film black panther and have adopted symbolism and rhetoric from the film


IMPORATANT NOTE - No racebait, no posting normal african americans and no regurgitative comments about "black culture" or other bullshit, go to kiwifarms if your gonna behave like that

No. 1360898

Welp, this thread surely isn’t going to veer off into racebaiting retardation

No. 1360969

You should have made this in /ot/. Or, not make it at all and go back to LSA with this shit.

No. 1361048

Wouldn't OT attract more racebait and then it would get locked immediately
I think its a bit more safer on /snow/

No. 1361057

Alright I think we should mention some genuine historical facts about African civilization history

for starters African is continent with many diverse cultures and various civilizations all of whom different origins, beliefs, languages, religions, cultures and world views

Most Western African Empires were chiefly in the north and were Islamic thanks to Arab traders who brought along the religion as well as extended Shariah law and methods of government and warfare which helped give these african states the ability to create coherent feudal states, the history of west africa is incredible in its own right, you could fill an entire library with the actual history of this regions and then black americans themselves, created new, hybrid cultures–mixing many west African ethnic influences with native and European elements. Afrocentrism replaces this complex history with a dubious claim to distant glory.

For me Afrocentrism is more than simply bad history–it substitutes a feel-good myth of the past for an attempt to grapple with the problems that still confront blacks in a racist society. The modern American black identity is the product of centuries of real history and mixing of cultures

No. 1361068

It's incredible that hoteps will do the mental gymnastics that they do to insist that all Africans in America are Egyptian pure blood mega spiritualists. They completely ignore the fact that actual African people don't even see African Americans as African. Africans see African Americans as just Americans, amd they're right because they are literally just Americans at this point, so idk where they're getting this idea that Africa is this big sacred motherland beckoning for their return. I can't imagine how annoying it is for real Africans who have to deal with hoteps making a pilgrimage and having to accommodate their typical American tourist behaviours

No. 1361075

There was a video going around of Tariq Nasheed(famous Hoptep dude and ex-pimp who created the "historical documentary" buck breaking) when he went to Egypt to connect to his motherland and most of the locals just called him racial slurs while he was there

No. 1361174

File: 1635976839358.jpg (356.82 KB, 1284x1904, FCk-BqoX0AYlzrQ.jpg)

Its all so tiresome

No. 1361181

this account has to be a troll kek

No. 1361190

Looking at the main pic… What is their problem with people living in caves? It was cold damn it, i'd like to see them building a huge sphinx from the snow.

No. 1361194

File: 1635977888916.jpg (79.31 KB, 735x490, b444311a439faf6b4373fb724efee5…)

Idec about anything they've got to say, I just love their art

No. 1361199

I don't get why they all scream we was kangz and queens. Like if you really were wouldn't you get one of those DNA test to prove it.

No. 1361215

Who are the people in the picture?

No. 1361231

Ok I am legit digging this painting tho kek

No. 1361266

File: 1635985392888.png (521.01 KB, 662x489, dmtibet.png)

Plenty of Hotep pages saying that those people are either Ainu or Chinese, but they're nothing of the sort.
These are Tibetans. These pictures were taken during the British invasion of Tibet.

No. 1361342

technically speaking the average AA has potentially some well "Noble" background from their paternal side, as in there's a good chance that there descended from English and Scottish nobility as that's what majority of slave plantation owners background

No. 1362207

That is legitimately so funny. Imagine building an identity around how African you are and then your glorious return to Africa is just actual Africans ripping on you for pretending to be African

No. 1362618

File: 1636160226511.png (931.55 KB, 901x628, 75C8F485-E745-44BE-A9F3-7EECFA…)

Oh I have been wanting a thread like this for a while now.
Time to talk about some of the crazy bs Young Pharaoh is believing in and his scammy Aten Nation projects.
Although he should have a thread of his own.
He thinks he is Ra and a real god and alien on planet Earth
„The most wisest…handsomest…smartest man on Earth“ as he would say

No. 1362843

tbf it was Egypt(an arab country) and the people are very racist there to black africans

No. 1365722

File: 1636514182276.jpg (1.35 MB, 1241x6701, 111.jpg)

>I can't imagine how annoying it is for real Africans who have to deal with hoteps making a pilgrimage and having to accommodate their typical American tourist behaviours
reminds me of another Tariq incident, Tariq and his followers accused Africans who’ve lived under the Mugabe dictatorship as being white worshippers and calling them ungrateful for not appreciating his dictatorship

No. 1365763

File: 1636517424202.jpeg (32.68 KB, 400x392, D4_lybEX4AE8nUi.jpeg)

some stuff from twitter

No. 1365764

File: 1636517449184.jpeg (78.66 KB, 749x647, D4_gNltWsAAEP6r.jpeg)

No. 1365765

File: 1636517488295.jpeg (90.82 KB, 749x950, D4_eIv9WwAAw-94.jpeg)

No. 1365766

File: 1636517513888.jpeg (79 KB, 600x600, D4_d1j6XsAASx07.jpeg)

No. 1365768

File: 1636517545413.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 39.49 KB, 490x589, D4_d1j5WAAUrtBb.jpeg)

No. 1365776

See the problem with some of these posts its hard to tell which ones are shitposts and which ones are genuine
for e.g I'm sure I've unironically seen this retweeted >>1365764 but this looks fake asf >>1365766

No. 1365816

As a Gulf Coast resident I fucking hate this stupid meme, someone without fail posts it EVERY hurricane season.

No. 1365823

Kek. This is highly debatable. I


Nah, they genuinely don’t know that nigger is a slur. They think it’s a normal word to describe western Africans. A big hunk of the country is poor and haven’t went to school, much less kept up with American history and culture.

No. 1365837

Lol wut(sage your shit)

No. 1365854

File: 1636528644567.jpg (582.59 KB, 1445x1140, huh.jpg)

There's a lot of weird psychosexual shit that comes out of these groups

No. 1365862

Kinda hot, ngl(sage)

No. 1365866

How So ?

No. 1365873

I'm laughing so hard. I didn't think there was a black version of white Americans who keeps insisting that Eastern Europeans are disgusted by communist dictatorships because they're greedy.

Tariq is, without a doubt, one of the worst people to spearhead any kind of movement. He is a brash and uneducated man feuled by bitterness and thrives on being a contrarian. He has barely anything of educational value to give his demographic and I hope AA aren't taking him seriously

No. 1365877

Lol no it's not, they are extremely racist and the men are probably the worst. Just look at how they act toward black women on social media. On top of that, they literally still enslave blacks there. Your post is like when weebs infantilize Japan

No. 1365878

Is that some weird cuck or ntr fetish or whatever it's called? wtf

No. 1365879

File: 1636533415480.jpg (155.39 KB, 1038x1942, Least_racist_Somali.jpg)

nta and I actually agree with you of Egyptians being massive racists but your probably thinking of Libya, they are the one's who do the literal slave trading

No. 1365904

File: 1636537087791.jpg (232.98 KB, 936x659, melanin-energy.jpg)

Do melanin supremacists belong here? I remember coming across Melanin: What Makes Black People Black and it was an experience (example attached). It has all those claims how melanin makes you a better human, but reads like a school report made last minute by copying wikipedia articles

No. 1365921

This is just some femdom spa fetish art, isn't it.

No. 1365924

Yesss, omg. This dude is nuts. A manipulative, scamming fraud. I can’t believe I unironically agreed with the shit he was spouting in the past.

No. 1365925

File: 1636542175375.jpg (Spoiler Image, 795.64 KB, 1000x1200, 04719YYgg.jpg)

Seems to be inspired by the story of Cimon and Pero. Exact same concept, except whoever's behind that caption failed to mention that the guy is her father lol

Yeah, that was actually Libya with the slavery, my mistake

No. 1365926

I mean yeah these are more ore less the same groups and the whole "melanin magic" shit is a big aspect of afrocentrists belief, its a delusional belief of how dark skin makes them superior same with white supremacists beliefs

No. 1365932

Why do I feel like all these memes are either 1) blatant trolling or 2) made by sexually frustrated black incels who think it’s d’wight man’s fault they can’t find a big tiddy melanated gf?

No. 1365941

about a quarter are obvious trolls but yeah the black Incels aspect is also true, just like WN these men blame all their problems on a grand international order of whites(including Arabs in their definition of white as well) who keep them down

No. 1366033

A lot of these men really do just come across as garden variety incels encased in some extra layers of larping

No. 1366128

I know it’s been said before but the horseshoe theory really applies to black & white nationalists, at least the online Ameritard ones. Both groups seem to harbor high numbers of bitter incel moids obsessed with “other” men stealing “their” women. They all deeply believe they’d have their own harems of big tiddy Aryan/Nubian mommy gfs if there wasn’t some vast international racial conspiracy against them kek

No. 1366252

I haven't looked at the ig, just going off the handle. There's people that believe that trauma and struggle are passed down from one generation to the next, so if your great grandmother was a slave then you somehow inherited that trauma through magical genetics and that could explain why you have trouble trusting men today, so you need to forgive the men in your past before you were even alive(?) in order to heal.
They're not trolls they truly believe that horseshit.

No. 1366608

File: 1636608328607.jpeg (226 KB, 2048x1684, media_FDiuDM9WUAMFZK1.jpeg)

No. 1366610

File: 1636608352907.jpeg (22.46 KB, 551x266, DabRM40U8AI99HJ.jpeg)

No. 1366612

File: 1636608384657.png (40.65 KB, 540x714, w_null_jc3w1qhyu1v21.png)

No. 1366613

File: 1636608407662.jpg (55.45 KB, 720x923, w_null_6wbu2ppjeor71.jpg)

No. 1366642

I never thought I would read the words “Anne Frank is a perfect example of white privilege” in my entire mother fucking life.

No. 1366655

I refuse to believe these people are real

No. 1366681

youre gonna LOVE black israelites

No. 1366688

>Anne frank is an example of white privilege
>said without a lick of irony
>”she had an entire diary written ABOUT her”

No. 1366697

File: 1636626586971.jpg (Spoiler Image, 792.63 KB, 1600x1048, 1632410598118.jpg)

ok, that might be my new favorite thread along with the varg one. attached is an image that's so insane i had to save it.
interesting, thank you !

No. 1366704

Some people really don't know how to read a map…

No. 1366705


No. 1366706

I have noticed that Blacks do not know the difference between white and jewish. Good for them I guess, it is socially accepted to be anti-white, but not anti-Semitic. Imagine if they shit on jews while calling them jews instead of "white people".

No. 1366725

this particular bran of afrocentrists believe Arabs are white people

No. 1366729

Which time period and which countries are this picture supposed to represent?

No. 1366739

File: 1636632926524.jpg (130.54 KB, 1600x1026, sj.jpg)

Ashkenazi jews are actually white (no matter how much it makes the broke whites, aka /pol/tards, seethe), but they like to hide behind religion to pretend they're not when it's inconvenient. And then in Israel, they make life hell for Mizrahi and Ethiopian jews but cry about racism and anti-Semitism in America lol
I don't get why hoteps just ignore Ethiopian jews while they make their kangz stories. US education must be garbage

No. 1366741

>that could explain why you have trouble trusting men today, so you need to forgive the men in your past before you were even alive(?) in order to heal.
I think there may be truth in trauma affecting DNA and therefore future generations, but it certainly doesn't work in that way lmfao. Nothing to do with memories or forgiveness, purely biological issue.

No. 1366819

> they make life hell for Mizrahi and Ethiopian jews
How exactly?

No. 1366829

File: 1636643924989.jpg (881.96 KB, 1080x1440, PhotoCollage_1636644420473.jpg)

So people have been all over this. It's big in hotep circles at the moment. I don't know much about theatre, but basically they have a black actor playing a role as an Egyptian. This has caused two massive arguments:

1) People are clashing over the Egyptian enslavement of jews because it would mean that black people had enslaved white people first and Americans aren't intellectually equipped to have complex arguments

2) apparently Egyptians weren't black. I've clearly bought into hotep propaganda because I thought Egyptians were black as well, but apparently they were more like middle eastern than black

No. 1366890

Damn, this thread made it further than I thought before the inevitable spergouts about Jews began. RIP

No. 1366905

>2) apparently Egyptians weren't black. I've clearly bought into hotep propaganda because I thought Egyptians were black as well, but apparently they were more like middle eastern than black

Don't waste your time nonnie, only Ameritards argue about whether Egyptians were "black" or not. People in antiquity didn't conform to modern racial binaries. Ancient Egyptians, like many Levantine cultures, were quite diverse and had both light skinned and dark skinned individuals. Their cities were global trade hubs ffs, of course all kinds of people lived and traveled there, intermarried etc. But Amerifats of all colors struggle with profound retardation around this topic because their backwards ass country continued practicing slavery for centuries after the rest of the civilized world abandoned it as an outdated barbaric practice. They literally can't help but see the world in black & white due to the shitty racial caste system they inherited. I feel bad for them, but not enough to sit and debate with them online about "was (x) black or white?" all day.

No. 1366917

Not that anon, but it's a necessary topic to bring up. Two major points that hoteps push foward are that Egyptians are black and that Egyptians were a completely peaceful culture who fell to the tyranny of slavery by white men and this disrupted their innocence. It's an important part of Egyptian history that they took Jewish slaves because it goes against the hotep narrative entirely (because admitting that Egyptians took slaves, especially white ones, means that they're human like the rest of instead of these spiritual chosen ones of total virtue).

Talking about the relationship between the Jews and the Egyptians in a historical context isn't a sperg out if it's to point out why Hoteps don't actually know what they're talking about

Ayrt. I'm western European myself, and even where I am there is an understanding that not all of Africa is black in the way that Americans perceive black people

No. 1366920

I mean technically the cows in these threads are already sperging about Jews

No. 1366942

They literally sterilized swathes of Ethiopian women without consent for a start (don't even get me started on the Ethiopian Jewish suicide rate), they're notoriously racist to Mizrahis, they call people slurs, the list goes on. They're the biggest hypocrites but this is honestly off-topic

No. 1366972

Discuss if you want, but how is it "necessary"? We're not here to debate hoteps or factually debunk their talking points, we're here to laugh at the cows and enjoy weird Nubian titty art. I've seen plentyyy of these types of threads devolve into racebait/Jew sperging and become exactly what they were designed to mock, but hey - maybe this one will be the exception.

No. 1366975

Someone literally posted a tweet about Anne Frank having white privilege and we are not allowed to talk about the J-word when discussing it? Why do twitter-fags always have such thin skin?

No. 1367029

Exactly, anon is Jerry the manager at 3:00. Love how no demographic is off limits for criticism except for one very specific one. Chill the fuck out lmao

No. 1367148


You mean “sabras” (Israeli born descendants of original Zionists) and they don’t like/look down on/degraded on Soviet Jews as well when they came in the 90s to the point where a bunch of frustrated Russian speaking teens started their own retarded neo-nazi gang called Patrol 36 in Jerusalem the early 00s. I like how no matter how woke ameriburgers are,they still manage to export their retarded race structures onto other places with their own history, lol

No. 1367175

>Real Egyptians Are Black - The Original Egyptians Were Black

No. 1367195

As a Coptic Egyptian (ie the closest living descendants of the pharaohs who have resisted Arabisation) these motherfuckers are my personal prize heifers. I mean, she’s right about us not being Arabs and being subject to aeons of colonisation, but the rest is hilariously ignorant. Present day Nubia (eg the area of Egypt south of Aswan) is not homogenous with regards to skin colour and Arabic is still the dominant language. But then what can we expect from someone who has probably never left the US?

No. 1367199


>no it’s not

The country where 80 percent of its women had FGM performed on them and a good chunk of its population can’t even read? You think Ali is keeping up with US race relations in-between shifts at his 65$-a-month factory job?

>literal slavery

You mean the Gulf. Maybe don’t get all your info from Twitter.

>weebs infantilise Japan

Amerifags strike once again. I was born and raised in the ME. Quit thinking through a purely American lens; ME countries don’t have the same history with blacks as the US. There are no racism infographics or BLM. Everyone just hates everyone. Egyptians are racist with everyone, including Saudis and Syrians and Asians, and Saudis are racist with Egyptians and Palestinians, Africans, and Asians; Palestinians and Syrians and the Lebanese are constantly at each other’s throats, and everyone hates Qatar. There is no secret racist conspiracy against Desireé from Chicago.

That guy is using formal Arabic. He’s not even Egyptian. Most Egyptians don’t even use formal Arabic, kek.

No. 1367202

File: 1636672393507.jpg (254.88 KB, 408x1231, scarlett'smother.jpg)

Sage for derailing but Ashkenazi jews aren't white. There are some genetic studies on it that show most paternal bloodlines are levantine and only a slightlier bigger percentage of their maternal bloodlines have some eastern european origin (I wonder why that is…). I'm tired of people picking Scarlett Johansson as an example of ''jews are white''. She's half danish and had plastic surgery done, and to me she does look exotic still either way. This is her ashkenazi jewish mother. Do you think her mother looks european? Does Sarah Silverman look european to you too?

No. 1367209

File: 1636672923089.jpeg (44.93 KB, 500x614, D31ABF6A-427D-4AC2-98DA-F6279B…)

Thing is even those in Aswan and Luxor still look very Egyptian. If you’re not an American, and you put Ahmed Zaki next to Daniel Kaluuya, you’ll instantly know which is the Egyptian.

Pic unrelated but I’ve always found Ruby gorgeous.

No. 1367210

Lmao call me a twitterfag if you want to, I'll be sitting here with popcorn watching this thread derail.

No. 1367214

File: 1636673099485.jpeg (180.18 KB, 750x1036, 7F84AF98-3CFD-4AD6-B76B-7BA1D9…)

Okay if we’re going to derail we’d better derail with something worthy like picrel.

No. 1367236

File: 1636674922684.png (35.72 KB, 947x440, LSA (1).png)

No. 1367237

File: 1636675028332.png (31.82 KB, 945x347, LSA (2).png)

No. 1367241

>Anne frank is an example of white privilege
>said without a lick of irony
That was really obviously said with a lot of irony, dummy

No. 1367242

File: 1636675298381.png (35.88 KB, 981x396, LSA (3).png)

No. 1367246

File: 1636675390507.png (24.46 KB, 964x250, LSA (4).png)

No. 1367247

File: 1636675419561.jpeg (129.33 KB, 1080x1083, 8D8234A3-E848-4ADE-9090-E878A5…)

ayrt, one side of my family is from Luxor and we’re all fair and green eyed, but we look Egyptian. Which is why it cracks me up when these hoteps want to claim our lineage. I’d love to see some clown on YouTube sperg about how fellow light skinned Copt Rami here not a real Egyptian purely on the basis of his skin tone
>Egyptians are racist with everyone
And fucking how. Colourism is RIFE amongst different groups in Egypt too

No. 1367254

>Y-You're from Twitter and also definitely American!! And racism is purely American, it's about US race relations!! BTW they're ackshually racist to everyone so please don't say they're racist to blacks! Stop!
Keep projecting, egyptboo. And another anon already corrected me on the slavery part a full 2 days ago, if you can read. Who the fuck cares about Chicago? Do you think black people only exist in the US? Embarrassing

No. 1367257

Question: Do you consider Slavic people white?

No. 1367299

Switch the genders around and it would be a more accurate representation of the current state of the black community. I doubt the man who made this would do this for a black woman.

No. 1367300


Projecting….what, exactly? Do you know what the word projection means, anon?

Okay, I’m going to expand you brain a little bit: “black” people only exist in the US. Yes, because in Africa you will never, ever find someone who will define themselves as “black” — you use black, or African American, to define yourself against an other, perhaps a default….so why would anyone define themselves when they’re THE default inside their country? No one calls themselves black in Egypt, or Morocco, or Algeria, or Tunisia. People will cal themselves tan, brown, wheat-coloured, caramel, chocolate literally anything but “black” — that’s a Western term informed by Western material conditions, which include race relations. Do you not see how absolutely absurd it is to try import this term and apply it to another place, a place which does not share your local dynamics? How ridiculous the way Americans and Westerns discuss race becomes? How limiting? Because I can tell you, your average farmer from your average village does not think of himself as black, at all. What does he share with a black American? Why would he take offence at being called an American racial slur? He knows his ancestors names, where they lived, and what were they doing at the time. It doesn’t matter if someone calls a Nubian a slave; they were always free. He can not relate to the “black” experience, because he has never had it.

Yes, black people only exist in the US, because no one except the US and some other mentally colonised countries employ this type of thinking regarding race.

No. 1367303

This is why i am glad the thread is here and not on lipstick alley.

I really hate going deep into this stuff because it actually makes me depressed and sad.

All this hotep bullshit is so fucking embarrassing and seeing women getting into is even more aggravating. The reality is that other races of people don't give a fuck about black women like that. This ideology is just a way for black men to act like a bunch of babies and blame da white man or black women for their lives being shitty because they can't be bothered to get an education or are still stuck on trying to become a famous rapper. Black women are bringing themselves down being pickmes for men who hate them and murder and abuse them as insane rates. Sorry for ranting.

No. 1367304

Most people see them as white.

No. 1367306

EXACTLY. I don’t think anyone is going to dispute the deeply ingrained culture of colourism in North Africa (an example of this is darker skinned Egyptians from Upper Egypt being referred to as falaheen and baladi as pejoratives) but the concept of “blackness” does not exist.

No. 1367307

LMAO since when we’re Slavs ever considered anything other than white? They’re some of the most virulent white supremacists to boot, look no further than the Balkans for evidence of that

No. 1367310

what do you expect from a nation in which most people never leave the country? Many Americans see themselves as the default and the centre of the world. I've seen plenty of arguments of black Americans getting angry at Sub-Saharan Africans for not caring about racism enough. Most of these people would really benefit from having a trip to Nigeria or something and getting a reality check to remind them of their privilege.

No. 1367314

>Okay, I’m going to expand you brain a little bit: “black” people only exist in the US. Yes, because in Africa you will never, ever find someone who will define themselves as “black”
Stopped reading there. I'm half-Eritrean, retard. No one cares about your "Black is only a thing in the US" when we're on the internet, we all know what the word "black" describes, and I'm going to be called a nigger in any language and spat on in any country filled with low IQ backward scrotes, especially ones who worship a pedophile.
You got mad because someone said Egyptians are racist, only to admit that they were racist yourself anyway and then try to center burger politics when no one was even talking about that. Get help, you literally are at war with yourself lol

No. 1367319

>I'm going to be called a nigger in any language and spat on in any country filled with low IQ backward scrotes, especially ones who worship a pedophile
ntayrt but I agree with this, however I think it’s on account of universal racism/colourism rather than the American concept of blackness as something exclusive to the descendants of slaves on US soil. The low IQ backwards scrotes see non-white Africans as one big nigger monolith, and that helps perpetuate the hotep narrative

No. 1367327

Yeah, and that's what I was talking about. Literally no one outside the west gives a fuck about identifying if your name is Tyrone Shaniqua McDonald and you live in America. They see dark skin, curly hair and case fucking closed. It's not rocket science. It's a catch-all term at this point. Negro, black, nigger. The fact that that person is accusing me of American mindset when they're the one pushing the irrelevant, very Americentric "black = ADOS" take as universal is retarded. Ironically, I see that the most from hoteps and LSA schizos. Wait til you guys see the LSA members who say "Only African-Americans should be allowed to call themselves black!" as if that will ever work. They don't live in reality
>Yes, because in Africa you will never, ever find someone who will define themselves as “black”
This part especially is bullshit. All my African friends and family (especially Ghanaian and Nigerian) call ourselves black when we're not speaking of specific tribes and ethnicities. That's how I know it's a tone-deaf Egyptaboo LARPer and not someone who's actually from Africa lol

No. 1367332

No. 1367338


>You got mad because someone said Egyptians are racist, only to admit that they were racist yourself anyway and then try to center burger politics when no one was even talking about that. Get help, you literally are at war with yourself lol

I'm not the one seething here. Nor did I say that Egyptians aren't racist; they can be, like every other population in the ME. It's just that they don't specifically target those of a darker skin color. There's no conspiracy. They target everyone, from gingers to Asians to Syrian refugees.

And I've never centered burger politics –however, you do automatically employ them when talking about "blacks" or "niggers", and both are imported terms to your average Nubians – who has been hurt more by the Aswan dam than an American word – whether you like it or not. You're not the main character.

> They see dark skin, curly hair and case fucking closed.

And that's how I can tell that you've never actually set foot in Africa, and if you did I can guarantee you you've never stayed for longer than a month. You can always tell a Nubian apart from an Aswan native apart from a Ghanaian. And they'd only go for one of those, because at least the Upper ones are known for being completely fucking insane (and they wouldn't know what American racial slurs are, anyway).

No. 1367342

You're not seething, but you sure are typing multiple-post essays of rage. I literally admit I'm not reading them, and you're still so desperate that you type them anyway and do all this work lol
Egyptians don't like black people. No one cares if you think "black" is a special snowflake term only for your fellow Amerilards. Egyptians are indeed racist. That's a fact. I don't really give a fuck what else you're trying to argue because we've established that this is true, even you have admitted it, and your burger imperialist logic is delusional and irrelevant to the discussion. You honestly sound like a hotep yourself at this point
>You've never set foot in Africa
I'm obviously talking about how non-blacks see us, but keep projecting. To even try to argue about this, you're obviously not African, you've probably never spoken to a single African person and you probably believe no African person owns a computer. Did you just Google to learn what an Aswan person is, btw?

No. 1367343

I can only speak from experience as a Copt born and bred in Egypt (for reference I’m >>1367319 not the other anon you’re addressing) when I talk about “blackness” not being a concept in North Africa, at least not in the way it is in the west, but I don’t doubt that it’s used as an endonym amongst the African diaspora. Arab Egyptians are especially racist and colourist, no matter where you in Egypt you’ll hear slurs leveraged at Sudanese, Somalis, etc. Copts just hate anyone who is muslim, regardless of skin colour.

No. 1367346

>Egyptians don’t like black people
And this is why the hoteps screeching about how they’re the trve Egyptians is all the more hilarious

No. 1367348

i… refuse to believe someone said something like this for real. it can't be

No. 1367355

>I literally admit I'm not reading them
And yet…..you keep reading them, nonita. Keep pretending not to and we might just become more than two retards fighting on the internet.

>>Did you just Google to learn what an Aswan person is, btw?

If we're going to establish a courtship, nonnie, I'll have to tell you that it's not called an Aswan "person". You can even use computers in the villages there. It's just that the internet connection isn't very good all the time. And all of my ancestors and family are from Africa, and I've lived here for the majority of my life. I don't enjoy the low IQ retards, but one good thing I've learnt is not give a shit about how any other person views me. It's good for your sense of self after all, to keep it immune from external feedback.

No. 1367358

>>Did you ever actually deny being American, btw? I'm curious.

Are you offering to marry me so I can get a green card?

No. 1367359

I'm trying to get a green card for myself bitch

No. 1367360

File: 1636688188493.jpg (248.68 KB, 969x906, TamaRe.jpg)

Can we post about Dwight York in this thread? He was infamous in those circles for luring women and children for him to abuse. He was technically a "nuwabian moor", but he rolled around in the same circles.


Dude even built himself a Disneyland compound for his moorish community.

"Perhaps to avoid scrutiny from the international Muslim community, the Nation of Islam, the Nation of Gods and Earths, legal troubles, and the negative history of his group during their New York period, he changed his own name several times, as well as the group's name, and masked different parts of their doctrine.[15] In Georgia, they changed their name to the "United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors."[11]

At York's direction, the community purchased land and built Tama-Re (originally named Kadesh), an Egyptian-themed complex built on 476 acres (1.93 km2) of land near Eatonton, Georgia. It was built over a period of years and completed in 1993.

Tensions with county authorities increased in 1998, when the county sought an injunction against construction and uses that violated zoning. At the same time, the Nuwaubian community increased its leafletting of Eatonton and surrounding areas, charging white officials with racial discrimination and striving to increase opposition to them. Threats mounted and an eviscerated dog carcass was left at the home of the county attorney.[5]

Within Putnam County, the Nuwaubians lost black support, in part by trying to take over the NAACP chapter. But outside, they appealed to activists, claiming to be persecuted in the county. During this period, the group maintained Holy Tabernacle stores "in more than a dozen cities in the U.S., the United Kingdom and Trinidad."[5] And York purchased a $557,000 mansion in Athens, Georgia, about 60 miles away, the base of the University of Georgia.[5]

In July 1999, Time magazine reported on the "40-ft. pyramids, obelisks, gods, goddesses and a giant sphinx," built by York's followers in rural Georgia in an article titled "Space Invaders".[26]

In 2005 federal government officials acquired the property of Tama-Re through asset forfeiture after York was convicted and sentenced to prison for 135 years. He owed money for violating financial laws. After the property was sold, new owners demolished the buildings and monuments. "

No. 1367375

This has been the case since the beginning, these beliefs easily become a way for BM to delude and harm BW on a massive scale

Eligio Lee Bishop also known as Nature Boy is modern example of these types, his Hoteps beliefs include believing that polygamy and women being submissive is the true "African way", he has six wives and god knows how many children cause he also believes contraceptives are a white invention

No. 1367401

is this the same dude who did gay porn and fucks troons?

No. 1367402

I don't know anything about that, but I'm sure he did

No. 1367450

Ayrt I don't like the term "white", I'd rather use European. I think slavs are European and look European.

No. 1367516

Its necessary because they do shit like >>1366975 constantly. Believe it or not, people can discuss things without it having racist motivations. Hoteps are racist, the reason why it's so milky is because they are hilariously racist. Part of why hoteps are something to point and laugh at in the first place is because they do incredible mental gymnastics about Jewish people for no other reason than people keep pointing out that Egyptians enslaved them, and the result of that is pure comedy.

It is necessary because hoteps never stop trying to shit talk Jews. Saying it's not necessary is like making a Neo Nazi general and then not talking about the fact that they're racist

No. 1367823

I'm Maghrebi, these people don't realize that native north Africans aren't Black and aren't White or Arabs either.

No. 1367834

Jewish people are white. Ex. whenever they say western civilization is influenced by judeo-christian values, that already tells you how much they want to be adjacent to whiteness. Their long history of prejudice and oppression towards Arabs and other ethnic groups in the Middle East should already tell you that Jewish people identify with whiteness.

No. 1367958

Can u fags quit arguing about whether or not Jews are white. There's diff groups of them anyways you're fucking retarded acting like all Jews are white Jews like Seinfeld them mfs literally dispersed everywhere buddy I know this is insane but there are gasp BLACK Jews n middle eastern n Hispanic n shit even Asian Joos just shut the fuck up omfg. Fucking retard cracker bitch .

No. 1368131

>Her ancestors were from Poland and Russia.[20]
>Scarlett's mother, Melanie Sloan, a New Yorker, has worked as a producer. She comes from an Ashkenazi Jewish family from Poland and Russia, originally surnamed Schlamberg
So yeah, they look European because…they are. There's more than one way to look European than the stereotypical "Aryan" look, you know? "Exotic" lmfao

No. 1368254

File: 1636822419810.jpeg (179.19 KB, 1080x1380, B6940F1E-8A20-4947-9BB7-B61A19…)


By that logic you can also argue that romany gypsies and Sami people are both white. Congratulations on your PHD in anthropology from Wikipedia.

I don’t wanna add more to this retarded derail other then stop exporting American slave economics understanding of race based on skin color/facial measurements to other countries/areas of the world, it’s embarrassing burger retardation that you should be ashamed of, not endorsing. By American “whiteness” logic half of northern Indians are European

No. 1368279

Yes, Sami people would be documented as white because they're from Europe. Idk why that triggers you, are you one of those "Finns and Italians aren't white" people? Lol
"Gypsies" are originally from northwestern India, so they probably wouldn't
I'm not even American, but you sure sound like you are. I've only seen Americans get triggered when anyone points out their retarded flip-flopping about Jews (even though you literally impose your racial BS to the rest of the world and harass people for not posting BLM in their bio). Everyone's seen the "As a white person" screenshots followed by "Dear white people, I'm a Jewish person" from the exact same accounts. It's tiring. Now give this a fucking rest

No. 1368310

Ayrt, do you even know what the jewish diaspora is? When they say german jews, polish jews, italian jews… whatever the country it is… it means those jews originally came from their native land centuries ago and settled on different european countries where they established very closed communities for cultural, religious and political reasons. Unless they have european admixture, jews still look levantine.

No. 1368328

Do you know what a convert is

No. 1368426

NTA, but no, Sámi people are classed as an indigenous group, the same as Native Americans and Inuit people. "Doesn't have obvious ethnic features that I'm familiar with - must be white!" is retarded logic.

No. 1368659

File: 1636895146113.jpg (154.25 KB, 1080x1080, E-69mKnWUAM9WAQ.jpg)

No. 1368662

What do you think "white" means? Genuinely curious. Are you American?

No. 1368664

This is a joke right? If it isn't, why would you want your ancestors to be known for raiding and pillaging?

No. 1368667

Rewriting history before our eyes. White is caucasian and that includes Europeans, asians and middle easterners as well as North Africans and yes Jewish as well which can easily be looked up. White is more than a skin color, its decoration of ancestory as is African American. Black and white are now politicised in the US and have lost their connection to ancestral history.

Vikings were not a race but a mixture of scandinavians which would include African Smericans that had migrated. Just more role switching done by the media to use the black and white eenotation to create division and that's not racial bias by any means before anyone goes there.

No. 1368668

Yup that's the sad thing, they have deluded themselves into believing all history is false and created scenarios where the "whites" who control everything are suppressing their history

No. 1368692

Do they really believe that everyone across the world was black until very recently in history?

No. 1368753

Wtf they are just as european or "white" as any other finno-ugric people. I don't understand how can anyone see them as some completely different race.

No. 1368839

>>1367202 She does look european to me. Could be a part of my family.

No. 1368953

>kinky red headed Irish and Scottish people are African
I'm Irish, in Ireland, and I promise you our homegrown strain of gingers aren't black. Do goteps think they invented and now own the rights to curly hair? The people they're referring to don't have "kinky" hair. A big head of CURLY red hair is totally normal in Ireland and Scotland. Not kinky

No. 1368956

File: 1636927324836.jpg (91.14 KB, 600x900, 3ec8c2f07721d7006409cc1d8dbb47…)

For reference, this is the kind if hair that they're trying to call kinky. "Kinky" hair is hair with afro-texture, hair like picrel is just defined curls

No. 1369979

Egyptians never enslaved the Jews to begin with. None of that exists in recorded history except the massive cope and Mesopotamian-copypaste that is the tanakh. Only Christfags truly believe Exodus happened. Not even Jews think it was real

No. 1369983

Omg anon I’m a big fan of the Varg thread too. He’s like a milk machine.
Is there some parallel universe “Black Varg” who lives in a village in Nigeria with his pure African waifu who gave him seven pure black kids??

No. 1370014

>the woman is kissing a dog
100% this was drawn by a blackcel

No. 1370018

Perhaps it could make you more prone to follow specific patterns of thinking, ie be more likely to come to a specific conclusion in a case of dilemma when both answers are equally true, but imperfect. Think of people answering what they would prefer: a steady but average paid job or a risky but occasionally extremely high paid one - both are legit, but everyone has their own subjective preference, that can be considered to be influenced by epigenetic memory, and is more prone to choose one over another. This sort of interpretation seems less woo-woo, I guess

No. 1370027

Ask Varg about it lol

No. 1370290

>Is there some parallel universe “Black Varg” who lives in a village in Nigeria with his pure African waifu who gave him seven pure black kids??
Lots, there are literally tens of thousands of them in the american black community, but for a 21 st century example just look at natureboy >>1367375 he literally has six wives

No. 1371122

File: 1637262175065.jpg (166.09 KB, 584x513, Miisa_Nuorgam_näyttää_suomalai…)

here's a sami chick from my country. what does she look like?

No. 1371130

vittu hämmennyin kun näin tän etusivulla

No. 1371145

Kek the jews were literally never enslaved by the Egyptians. It's a myth, why the fuck do people keep talking about this shit as if it actually happened. Some faggot ass religion says it happened & now everyone's just running with it. Use your brains lmao

No. 1372137

Young pharaoh apparently shot up golden beauty's house who i believe has a child with young pharaoh and is attempting to co-parent with him. You don't have to watch much of the video to get an idea of what's happening as she shows the bullet holes that he left behind. I have yet to find a short form video on the situation but maybe once he gets arrested, considering he has admitted to it on camera, I will post that too and maybe some anons who can understand his cancerous mush mouth can decipher the words he is saying. I hope this is the end for this retard, as long as she presses charges. Fingers crossed she does.

No. 1372139

Prepare to lose brain cells.

No. 1372224

NTA but I interpreted "inherited trauma" to mean there's a distinct domino effect in how previous generations were treated.
If you were enslaved and abused your whole life, had children who you couldn't properly care for due to the trauma you've endured, then they grow up in poverty, without proper care, then they have kids and so on and so forth, that's generations that have been affected by the same trauma as their ancestor.
Rarely do I see the claim that "generational trauma is a DNA thing"

No. 1372557

I can promise you this girl isn't fully Sami, she's a mix of white and Sami. I live somewhere with a lot of Inuit people, and almost all of them have some degree of white in them. There are people who just look white but are still legally recognized as Inuit because they have an Inuit grandparent or something and can still get government benefits from it. The same is likely true of Sami.

No. 1372688

What??? Inuit peolle and Samis are completely different.. Have you ever seen Samis? They're white people, just shorter and more stocky than the average Nordic person. DNA tests prove their European ancestry. I know lots of Samis, live among them and have Samis in my family. You're incredibly ignorant, shut the fuck up.

No. 1373530

My moms side of the family is Sami. All of them are blonde and look white.

No. 1373830

This claim is valid though - look up epigenetics

No. 1374171

These hotep idiots are so desperate. This reminds me of how the egyptians had a god who was explicitly described as white skinned and redheaded. Whenever these people try to explain something that very directly has to do with him, they find a way to omit him and fabricate everything they say so that it's about a "black" god instead. Or, they uncomfortably gloss over his existence as fast as they can and claim he's just albino, despite being associated with foreigners and green eyes. It's frustrating how hard they try to blackwash literally everything.

No. 1374218

>Admixture analyses indicate that 87% of the Sami gene pool is of European origin and that the Asian contribution is 13%
>On the individual level, about 60% of the Sami individuals belonged mainly (more than 90%) to the blue (European) cluster. A few Sami belonged almost entirely to the yellow (Asian) cluster and about 30% of the individuals represented various mixtures of the two cluster


White and Asian genetics mix poorly imo, never understood the hype. Creates such plain faces.(racebaiting)

No. 1374268

File: 1637646904759.jpg (104.25 KB, 1200x900, EMB-The-First-Brit-Secrets-Of-…)

Some Black Brits had a field day with Cheddar Man. But he was not "black" as in African, this is a misunderstanding, and it turns out his skin probably wasn't that dark anyway. Tho tbf to them, many pop science writers and journalists didn't exactly do much to disabuse them of Afrocentrist interpretations and imo did much to deliberately confuse the issue. They had their own political motivations.

>Look closely, and you will notice that the authors are careful to stipulate that they can’t really infer the pigmentation of ancient peoples, only the alleles ascertained in modern populations. This matters, because naive deployments of polygenic risk score models trained on modern populations projected on ancient ones seem highly suspect. I’m thinking here mostly of the “Cheddar Man is black” meme. It is true that using modern SNP batteries Mesolithic Europeans are predicted to be rather dark-skinned, but higher latitude humans tend to be paler, on average, than lower latitude humans.

>Much of the media is focused on the predicted pigmentation of Cheddar Man. That is, dark. Back when the La Brana Western Hunter-Gatherer results came in with the same finding, several population genomics people pointed out that it might not be valid to predict their phenotype based on modern training sets.

Also, that ancient pop was pretty much replaced. Black people are not The Real Brits!! and most Brits aren't descended from them either.

>Ten years ago many people thought that Cheddar Man and his people were the ancestors of most of the people who lived in Britain today. At the same time as this preprint came out, the Bell Beaker paper was officially published. We now know that Britain went through two massive demographic transitions in less than 2,000 years, with on the order of a 90% replacement in a few centuries both times.

No. 1374281

File: 1637648785449.png (338.56 KB, 1030x876, untitled2.png)

This woman is nuts and I used to have a huge folder of screenshots on her afrocentrist craziness, but I had no where to post them (hadn't discovered lolcow by then) so I deleted it. I regret this as her original twitter account was 100x worse and funnier. She used to post every day, literally all day. She made Roslyn look like a technophobe. Many of her battiest youtube videos are gone too, what remains is mostly mayo ranting type stuff, but there's still some funny history content if you look for it. And stuff like picrel.


No. 1374309

I never got the hysteria over this from either side. The initial human inhabitants of Europe were dark skinned? Like no shit. The Out of Africa theory states that early humans evolved from apes in Africa and then spread throughout the world. Different populations evolved differently depending on the environment where they lived, such as lighter skin is found further from the equator because it enables vitamin D synthesis in lower light conditions.

No. 1374431

>It is true that using modern SNP batteries Mesolithic Europeans are predicted to be rather dark-skinned, but higher latitude humans tend to be paler, on average, than lower latitude humans
Anyone stopping Cheddar Man to be dark skinned in a paler way than most black people are? He could be brown, there are plenty of mountain people who are brown and brown still qualifies as "dark-skinned". I don't see how your sperg disproves the theory of this cheeseman (i am not anglosaxon who the fuck is this) being dark-skinned, this seems to be the most logical conclusion at the moment, because it is supported by material evidence (DNA) and not just incorrect assumptions (mountain people do not become light-skinned by the virtue of living on hills, just somewhat pale _compared_ to everyone else that live on the flat part of their habitat area and "everyone else" can be coal black for that matter).
I thought this thread was for making fun of African Vargs not just dunking on everything that triggers some racist anons' "we wuz kaings" detector.

No. 1374434

This is a gem, thank you nona

No. 1374655

please post a pic of "real sami" I'm really curious about what you would come up with

No. 1375194

File: 1637765525249.png (440.21 KB, 666x917, wetkmrktrdh.png)

I told people that these freaks(hoteps etc.) were going to become dangerous sooner than later and here it is.

No. 1375211

I don't see the problem here white people need to be eradicated anyways(lipstickalley.com)

No. 1375216

are you dumb?

No. 1375226

Glad black people are finally being honest about this and people are starting to see it. Maybe then we can finally help you return to the glorious motherlands and become kangz again.(racebait)

No. 1375234

black men arent goign to fuck you

youre aware this isnt a common sentiment among foreign blacks, the only ones who think like this are sjws, hoteps,and tethers who cry about racism but wont stay in their dirt huts and medieval socail structure

No. 1375236

probably either a black scrote or a hotep herself

No. 1375267

hating whuitey and blaming whuitey for everything is absolutely a common sentiment amongst blacks(racebait )

No. 1375277

>promoting violence to white people
that was half of twitter after the potato child was found not guilty of shooting the rioters. It's not surprising a turbo autist eventually got weaponized.

No. 1375308

File: 1637786129167.jpg (15.9 KB, 170x258, 170px-Sea_sami_man.jpg)

>They're white people, just shorter and more stocky than the average Nordic person
>My moms side of the family is Sami. All of them are blonde and look white

That's because Sami have been mixing with Nordic people for probably at least a hundred years.

Also Europe is a geographical area, just because someone is born in Europe doesn't make them white. Genetics has shown that Sami originated in Siberia. So have Yupik people. Are you gonna tell me Yupiks are white too? Anyway here's an old picture of a Sami man.

No. 1375315

File: 1637787178391.jpg (35.68 KB, 410x559, auvinen2.jpg)

finns tend to look like that there's a reason for fingolia jokes

they're not like inuits deal with it american retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1375323

File: 1637787891451.jpg (261.6 KB, 833x1024, 3568624288_9239b6a644_b.jpg)

here's another old picture of a sami person or was this one already bred out of saminess

No. 1375333

File: 1637788423480.jpg (179.23 KB, 1163x695, kjshdkjshd.jpg)

and you know what do derail more and drive the point home here's old picture of a sami and finnish formula 1 driver mika häkkinen comparision just for the hell of it

No. 1375343

>"Sami are all blonde haired blue eyed white Aryans therefor white, post a picture of a nonwhite looking Sami"
>Posts picture of nonwhite looking Sami
>"Well hurr durr most look like Asians checkmate"

So what do you define as "white", just curious. Also why are you reacting so vehemently to the notion of someone not being fully white, is that a bad thing?

No. 1375498


So confidently incorrect. Wish I had the same sort of belief in myself as an uneducated 'Murican.

No. 1375660

File: 1637840573811.png (248.6 KB, 710x1424, Screenshot_20211125-023627~2.p…)

>Of all European populations, Sami are the most evident representatives of the Siberian genome


No. 1375815

File: 1637867840108.jpg (91.74 KB, 638x821, zidane.jpg)

>white skinned and redheaded
They'd have a stroke if they saw 100% genetic native north africans who are pale with dark blond or red hair or with blue or green light. How would these people react if you told them that this guy is genetically more African than them? Even though genetics doesn't matter as long as your healthy but the point is that these people care too much. I'm sorry for the old pic but I can't look at Zidane now, he's so… bald.

No. 1375889

I feel like this has to be a joke/troll. But I can't really tell at this point.

No. 1375970


can we stop talking about sami people please? we are not in the eu thread, i want to dunk to hoteps. There was actual milk above posted about a hotel yung pharoah but everybody only seems to cry when it's white people being victimised and not when they turn against other black people who go against their lunacy, which usually results in death and violence because these people are fucked in the head.

It's almost as if this thread only exists to make white people feel better about themselves when we should be calling out retardation that is harmful primarily to black women in particular who are the least likely to support these people without getting dragged and called a ghetto gagger. I don't see how being called a cracker one time is going to hurt any of you or make you lose opportunities in life. These people are all talk, they will not be trying to conduct any kind of white genocide anytime soon because they don't actually have any smoke for the white people who they claim are "oppressing" them. They would rather blame black women for being bed wenches, gold diggers or want to punish them for having misplaced faith in black men that they are actually capable of being providers when time and time again they have failed to deliver.

No. 1375972

>It's almost as if this thread only exists to make white people feel better about themselves

stupid reasoning, the thread mocking white supremacists existed years before this one. I'm white and I don't care about being called cracker, I'm just here to laugh at all the dumbasses who claim that all egyptians, greeks, biblical figures etc. were all actually black.

No. 1376123

There’s literally a Varg Vikernes thread on snow and some people who post on this thread also enjoy posting on that one. The man is Nordic with blue eyes and blonde hair. Ironically, there are the occasional spergs who litter the thread with their unsaged posts, claiming it’s cope by people of color.
The thing is, racism exists in every society and people of any racial background can be racist, and it’s fun to laugh at them.

No. 1376672

I agree, but who's to say the anons derailing this thread with the eu genetics sperg and racism are the same people dunking on varg? At least nobody is hijacking that thread to talk about irrelevant shit. I just wanted to laugh at crazy people too but apprently people think every single black person believes this shit, which is bizarre when you take into account that the vast majority of black people on this planet don't live in the US and only Americans believe this shit.

No. 1377013

>> anons derailing this thread with the eu genetics sperg and racism are the same people dunking on varg?

I agree on that anon, eu / Sami genetics derailing better stops or take their debate elsewhere.

No. 1377413

>Philly Store Owners Sue Black Israelite Group Over Street Protests

No. 1377438

Slavs are not white. Source: I'm a Slav.

No. 1377564

Nobody gives a fuck cracker, sincerely another slav

No. 1377654

File: 1638130937760.jpg (82.51 KB, 595x547, originaldonotsteal.JPG)

There are a lot of them on twitter, this one loves caps.

No. 1377668

File: 1638132193113.jpeg (50.27 KB, 480x599, Ex9y_5NVcAAP9SS.jpeg)

No. 1377670

>tfw my father is one of these types
>anytime I correct him on any of this he gets pissed and claims I'm part of the reasons black people are still under the foot of our "white modern slavers"
No Dad, we weren't kings and queens in egypt. We did not invent math, that's not even possible. White people aren't devils. Black people aren't physically and mentally genetically superior to white people. Stop indoctrinating my brothers into this tripe holy shit.

No. 1377706

These people were so genius but couldn't figure out that fucking your siblings made deformed retards. Aight pal. It's not like humanity has had very redundant symbology and traded ideas with each other throughout history. This is pure spergatory.

No. 1377732

Osiris is literally wearing huge ostrich feathers on his fucking atef crown, but these hoteps wouldn't know since they don't bother learning their "supposed" history.

No. 1377921

I am so sorry anon, that sounds like hell.

No. 1378115

Yes people have been wearing silly hats since forever, ancient Egyptians don't have copyright on them.

No. 1378188

i didn't watch all of this, but this person is claiming that olmecs, a native american tribe from pre-columbian mexico, were black because of one statue showing a wide nose and shit. there's other statues of that time, made by olmecs, despicting obviously native features such as high nose bridge, angled face and mongoloid eyes.
also mayans, the descendant of olmecs, were known for raiding and killing other near tribes for nothing, yet these people expect that blacks would have survived at least one day in precolumbus america.

also, this person discloses that there's some dna being done to some corpses, to prove the existence of KANG dna. i think the results were ready and these people obviously had 0% KANG dna.

not even a near extinction race can be free from this narrative.

No. 1379446

I remember reading about that recently. It's upsetting that these people are invading other cultures and forcing themselves onto it. All achievements, discoveries, and knowledge is instantly taken away from the natives and given credit to blacks because apparently no one else is capable of doing these.

This is why "BIPOC" is a bullshit term since they rarely give a fuck about indigenous peoples.

No. 1384938

File: 1638646369115.jpg (129.49 KB, 603x415, 44444.jpg)

So I found this Hotep comic and I've been trying to figure out for hours now WTF does this even mean ? like can someone please explain
I don't get it

No. 1384994

It's portraying the ancient Hebrews in The Bible as black. It's a reference to the story of Joseph in The Old Testament. Basically Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers and is taken to Egypt where he becomes a trusted aide to the Pharaoh and saves Egypt from famine. The Pharaoh rewards him with gold and other riches. I think this might be a parody though because the Egyptians are portrayed as black as well as the Hebrews, so it could be laughing at the claims by hoteps that both Old Testament Hebrews and ancient Egyptians were black.

No. 1385455

File: 1638700839800.jpg (139.41 KB, 1283x1018, wakanda1.jpg)

No. 1385456

File: 1638700957387.jpg (141.19 KB, 1284x1437, wakanda2.jpg)

No. 1385457

File: 1638701099947.jpg (84.4 KB, 1284x907, wakanda3.jpg)

No. 1385458

File: 1638701281253.jpg (78.53 KB, 1284x746, wakanda4.jpg)

No. 1385468

File: 1638703235073.png (616.15 KB, 783x528, ugly.png)

No. 1385496

File: 1638707278442.jpeg (156.57 KB, 1200x1200, A766AE86-9856-43C1-9C96-68E6A5…)

Ok please remind me what race is this man again? Latina? Caucazoid?

No. 1385502

Jay Z looks like a literal human ass but please no racebait

No. 1385504

In a nutshell, LSA. Trending today is the delusion they'll marry rich white men once they quit being hamplanets. Fighting ensues.

No. 1385505

The simple fact that if someone were to respond with a picture of Pete Davidson or Mick Jagger the thread would devolve to enraged sperging lol. I hate the kind of racist tards this thread attracts

No. 1385511

that is vastly different from the hotep movement, that's a whole separate movement called Divestment
see african american relationships are unique in the sense that they are the only group in the entire world where women out earn their male counterparts
black males further have a high incarceration rates, low education, poor income. while bw are the breads winners in the relationship forking in majority of the income to their male parnters, "The ride or die" and "build a man no matter how poor or a fucking loser he is" is beaten into black women at their expanse for the sake of "the community" divestment is as the name suggests about divestment to other races of men, its not about dating white millionaires but men near their financial bracket weather they be black of latino, its not that they would be inherently better its just a relationship would be easier with a man who isn't earning less then 60k a year

No. 1385515

I can't believe this ugly mf had the audacity to cheat on Beyonce. Solange should have beaten him harder in that elevator.

No. 1385675

Both of those men are ugly as fuck. Pete Davidson is nicknamed “butthole eyes” and is mocked regularly kek. You’re doing gymnastics like Simone bile except mentally.

No. 1385693

I'm saying you'd seethe and try to make it into a race war, like you're slowly trying to do now. Please stay seated like the Slaton sisters.

No. 1385721

Anyway, the amount of derail in this thread is impressive.

No. 1385753

How am I trying to make it a “race war” when im agreeing with you retard? All 3 of the men are fucking ugly. Also
>stay seated like the slaton sisters

No. 1386176

as a middle eastern, people trying to erase arab/north african culture and history is very hard to watch and nobody really takes our side on this, ancient egyptians were not black they were much like egypt now but egpyt now has more subsaharan dna mixed in it

No. 1386215

You're expecting way too much from people who don't know how to read a map and who never had good history classes. These people legit think that North Africans are Arabs and that people weren't already crossing the Mediterranean sea on a regular basis during Ancien Egypt to buy and sell goods.

No. 1386278

No. 1386619

Yeah true black rights activists do not claim Egypt. but anyway hoteps make me laugh if they weren’t so fucking pervasive and stupid. Them and the black Israelites make me cringe. But I’m glad they are getting made fun of. This is one of my fave sketches

No. 1387047

File: 1638862418335.jpeg (141.79 KB, 826x869, F1E8A186-2D72-4333-BBE5-4442C5…)

The attitude towards nonblack women of color of extreme afrocentrists always astounded me
This screenshot is old but nonetheless, seeing it not disputed at all was shocking

No. 1387907

File: 1638954736270.png (489.52 KB, 768x602, media_FE5I3iFXsAcDq5V.png name…)

No. 1387909

File: 1638954768298.jpg (151.22 KB, 1284x1388, media_FE9e8tOXoAMeGZn.jpg name…)

No. 1387912

File: 1638954789371.jpg (154.74 KB, 1178x1458, media_FEgpSNFWUAICwWh.jpg name…)

No. 1387914

File: 1638954821691.jpg (166.68 KB, 1235x2048, media_FFMPd1gWUAIUV1g.jpg name…)

No. 1387917

Yeah I remember that article, its not that Vikings were all diverse brown people, more that according to Genetic evidence Vikings had a little more Germanic, Celtic and Slavic then previously thought, there may have possibly been Vikings with southern european and arab/berber cause of the raping and raiding the Vikings were known to do

No. 1388250

I wonder if he stay very still, will birds perch on his hair?

No. 1388301

File: 1638998292819.gif (2.64 MB, 400x244, rihanna-dance.gif)

to be fair a lot of latinas (not all) DO act high and mighty around black women. Its obviously black mens fault because they are the ones who usually put down black women first in order to hype up latinas. But latinas who date black men often (not always again) will shit on black women. It happens more than you'd think. It didnt get called out because its a common occurrence. i only know this because i've been around latina women who date black guys and if you get into an argument with one thats the first shit they throw at you. AGAIN NOT ALL DONT YELL AT ME!!

A lot of women who date black men hate black women and assume we are all jealous because they took tyrone from us. Its an ongoing meme. As a black woman myself im actually afraid to make eye contact with blackmanxinsertraceherewoman couple because often times they assume that im looking at them with disgust and jealousy when really im just walking. its hard out here for a pimp

No. 1388706

Honestly I hate seeing black women involved in this movement, cause this whole fucking thing has always been centered black men and their insecurities about being "conquered" by other races(as they put it) and seething about it to this day, at the same time they still lust after white women

No. 1389053

File: 1639071269923.jpg (988.35 KB, 1920x1080, yousraelbagir_tf1920x1080.jpg)

shes Sudanese, not exactly the same as those dumbass hoteps
offtopic but shes a qt

No. 1389065

Who is he comparing himself to? So I can have a good laugh.

No. 1389424

I guess in that case it makes a little more sense, Sudanese and Nubians have been quite literally fucked over by the Egyptians for over 1500 years now
enslaving them, raping them, castrating them and not really ever stopping, It's a wonder why someone from these regions wouldn't hate egyptians

No. 1390726

Doesn't change the fact that her take about it being about white supremacy is retarded

No. 1393660

Ayrt, genuinely thank you for pointing this out and because I genuinely wasn’t aware of this kind of phenomenon. Sage for non contribution

No. 1407445

File: 1641181808761.jpg (168.61 KB, 825x877, zxWHoLZp9L6AIwKVUCp5NJIpvFmyhu…)

Marcus Wesson
a cult leader, afro-centrist "vampire", mass murderer, pedophile and practitioner of incest.

He forced his own daughters (at 8y/o) to commit bare his children. to create an army of pure blooded africn vampires to inherit the earth, when the police finally caught up to him, he killed his entire family

No. 1407452

Typical moid I guess

No. 1407695

>to commit bare his children
girl what?

No. 1408865

Nta but I think shes saying he made them commit to him to bare his children, like promise to have his kids?? I think

No. 1409553

No. 1409844

that thumbnail is also so wrong bc that indigineous group is not from mexico they are from panama and they are called "emberas".(sage)

No. 1412533

It's 'bear children'.(learn2sage)

No. 1415500

File: 1642019675134.jpg (5.83 KB, 191x284, 18922100_1862819680710625_5739…)

The guy who started all this WE WUZ KANGZ bullshit was Antenor Firmin.

>Outside Brazil, an energetic protest came from Haiti, a country with an almost 100 percent black population, which, like all African and African-American countries, felt humiliated by the new racist philosophy of racial superiority. Anténor Firmin, an Afro-Haitian, published in Paris, in 1885, therefore only three years after the death of Gobineau, a monumental essay in French, of 650 pages, whose title is a parody of Gobineau's essay: L'Egalite des Races Humaines ("The Equality of the Human Races"). The book highlights the achievements of black culture from ancient Egypt and the Nile Valley countries, Sudan and Ethiopia, to the first "Black Republic" of Haiti, as evidence of the potential of African peoples

>Joseph-Antenor Firmin was a journalist, writer, lawyer and foreign minister under President Hyppolite in the Government of Haiti. A rebel at one time in the history of his country, he was exiled to St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands, North American territory. In addition to the work in response to Gobineau, he published in 1905 a book of great repercussion on President Roosevelt, of the United States, in relations with the Republic of Haiti, prophesying an American intervention that later actually happened

No. 1416048

bruh there was and is indigenous people in haiti.

No. 1416094

NTA but while you're right, the indigenous population is exceedingly small, bordering negligible, in Haiti, and those who are indigenous are going to be fairly mixed anyway (like in every Caribbean country). So it's not wrong to say that Haiti is almost 100% black.

No. 1420884

Can we post black hebrew Israelites here?

No. 1451716

File: 1645783047839.jpg (72.84 KB, 720x338, 20220225_100806.jpg)

Hoteptwt are exhausting themselves trying to think of ways to make WW3 about themselves. Imagine having no empathy. People are being blown apart, children dying, people who never wanted anything to do with violence are going to be forced to kill or be killed, and still some retard in America is going to yay stupid shit like this. The narcissism

No. 1459080

File: 1646547318347.jpg (98.14 KB, 1042x334, Screenshot 2022-03-06 011517.j…)

No. 1459088

seriously black american men have the most retarded victim complex in the world

No. 1459118

They're literally brown is he blind

No. 1459148

many Hoteps believe modern Egyptians aren't real egyptians, they believe they are the rare babies of the the Persians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs

No. 1473517

File: 1647652976009.jpg (269.96 KB, 1800x1201, merlin_199731273_3856bfb.jpg)

Metropolitan Museum currently has an exhibition called "The African Origins of Civilization" that pays homage to Cheikh Anta Diop, one of the most notable hotep scholars.

Basically they are straight up endorsing the Black Egypt theory and claiming that white civilization was copied from them. Artworks by white artists are meanwhile all getting labels explaining how racist/colonialist/whatever they are (no such labels for African items, despite them often being connected to wars and subjugation of other tribes).
Hotep shit is now as mainstream and uncontroversial in academia as gender theory is in medicine and if you disagree, you are an ignorant bigot.


No. 1474149

>and claiming that white civilization was copied from them
Hoteps love to ignore Mesopotamia. Hell, I even heard them trying to claim that Sumerians were black since their name means "black headed ones." Nothing to do with their hair, nope!

No. 1474219

MET used to be one of my favorite places. This on top of the sexist stabbings for two women, i'm gonna pass for a while.

No. 1474289

File: 1647722154109.jpg (5.56 MB, 5088x6299, tableofnations.jpg)

pic related appears in many ancient egyptian ruins
it is called the table of nations
in it the ancient egyptians catalogue their view of the human races
they see themselves as seperate from subsahran africans (black people)
and refer to themselves as 'red people' iirc

No. 1474296

File: 1647722375438.jpg (80.89 KB, 435x331, book of gates.jpg)

you can find more esily under 'book of gates'
pic related 'the four races of the world'
a Libyan "Themehu"
a Nubian "Nehesu"
an Asiatic "Aamu"
an Egyptian "Reth"

No. 1474373

Not archaeologists, faggot?

No. 1474412


No. 1474418



Imagine being this smoothbrained and making it into adulthood.

No. 1474493

I like how they didn't go for the obvious, like CLEOPATRA'S NEEDLE IN NEW YORK AND LONDON.

No. 1474835

File: 1647759197159.jpg (353.35 KB, 1080x2146, LSA.jpg)

No. 1479642

File: 1648104970206.jpeg (121.8 KB, 681x1124, 1_laZVEjlg3LLVCIhVw5j6_Q.jpeg)

>Nation of Islam

The founder of the Nation of Islam was a man who was radicalized by an agent of the Japanese Black Dragon Society. He called himself Allah and went door to door selling pamphlets. After famously teaching his version of Islam for four years he disappeared, leaving everything to Elijah Muhammad, the most famous leader of Nation of Islam and a close friend of Satokata Takahashi.

Satokata Takahashi was fingered as the man behind the Pacific Movement of the Eastern World (PMEW), a "1930s North American based pro-Japanese movement of African Americans which promoted the idea that Japan was the champion of all non-white peoples."

His main goal was to convince black people that they would be liberated by the Japanese Empire, while also setting up a criminal organization to get rich (most black dragon society hubs were run like the mafia). They also claim they set up the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League, which was famously headed by Marcus Garvey.

Fard, the founder of Nation of Islam (the door to door salesman) was apparently in a group called the Moorish Science Temple of America and many early members were a splinter group from them, more than likely created at the behest of the Japanese. Their core belief was that as African Americans they were the direct descendants of Moors and actually not black at all. They were also black supremacists approached by the Japanese as early as the 20's. The Moorish Temple was particularly influencing due to them being set up during the initial Great Migration, swelling their numbers among the many poorly educated blacks.

Fun Fact: Charles Manson possibly learned the concept of "Race War" from these black muslims in prison.


No. 1479819

The fact that some people truly believe living off benefits long term isnt hurting them and setting them back kills me.

No. 1485686

this is why i label people by their ethnic group instead of their race. when american say black or white, their mostly refering to each other, not mbappe from congo or jean from france

No. 1485701

File: 1648534563659.jpg (26.31 KB, 382x384, Screenshot_14.jpg)

i think why a lot of black american wewuzzing as egypt bc some of them have this particular admixture that they can relate to ancient egypt art (not saying black africa only has one feature tho, they are very diverse continent after all). some black african wewuzz but they mostly care about their tribe/ethnic group since claiming themshelves from egypt will have risk isolated from other tribe and disqualify them from claiming their ancestral land. Land grab and tribal conflict is issue in africa and claiming yourself from egypt is just give xenophobc response from other tribe since you've seen as not origin to that place

No. 1485708

also what i dislike from hotep is that they are simplify africa into one giant group, claiming that indigenous west african and SSA art have influence from egypt, while they mostly developed independently.

No. 1485713

When you said Mbappe from Congo I was like "no, Kylian Mbappe is in France" kek, I'm dumb.

No. 1485948

Sounds like it was written by someone who doesn't know an actual white person IRL lol.

No. 1488172


I was 'poor white folks'.
Not American, but yeah, seeing this shit posted by a non white person who seems to think whites are all privileged as a non privileged white person… fuck them, they have no idea.
Yeah I get the whole racism thing in America, is not the whole world, though they expect worldwide 'support' and understanding, BLM etc.
But as a white person having faced discrimination from my own government for being white and not 'brown' (which would have given me the help I needed), I say no matter your country, less privileged and poor need more support and help no matter the colour of your skin.
I am sure that is as true for some black people in America as well as some white…
And talking about 'black' and 'white', life is not black and white, there are grey areas where what that person saying 'all whites don't want us to have anything'…
It isn't ALL whites.

Sage for blogposting

No. 1488188

when you live in a poor neighborhood, you really see that the world is actually divided by tax brackets and it's the elite that's pushing the idea that's it's divided by skin color. and they get all of us to buy in on that idea so we don't see how they're playing us. poor white people have way more in common with poor black people than they ever will with rich white people and vice versa.

No. 1488266

This is true but race still plays a role. A rich black family isn't going to be as respected as a rich white one, even if they have roughly the same amount of money in there bank accounts. The U.S was still made for white people to succeed first and foremost, so while underprivileged white people do have it rough and face things like home and food insecurity, they have less of a negative "living off food stamps" stigma than black people.

But yeah, poor whites and poor black people have a lot more in common than the elites want you to think.

No. 1515550

close but not quite

No. 1522440

File: 1651943635465.png (677.96 KB, 871x834, is6pzoc9zyx81.png)

these are literally just tanned asian dudes

No. 1522530

File: 1651951291130.jpeg (67.49 KB, 484x680, Ekyf8CJXIAMyYzZ.jpeg)

Hotep adjacent artists have varying degrees of skill but so many of them make the funniest shit

No. 1522570

ainu are indigenous people, they aren't fucking black.

No. 1522585

File: 1651955525598.png (185.5 KB, 1124x596, 3455.png)

Funniest shit is when Hoteps actually manga to write books, its always insane amounts of bizzare coping and the most racist shit in the world, like this book here declaring all caucasians(not just white people but brown people as well) as being literally the followers of anti-christ and being in cahoots of some grand conspiracy to oppresses the real Hebrews(black people)

No. 1522639

this is so stupid

No. 1522643

File: 1651962407842.png (247.56 KB, 480x480, FGb9dHCWQAcqJFX.png)

No. 1522696

can we discuss the fact that these people are disgustingly hateful towards black people, even whilst promoting this retarded Wakanda wonderland? So many of them were saddened by the death of Kevin Samuels despite the fact that he spread so much hate and vitriol towards black women and youtube were complicit in it by allowing his channel to be monetized. I also find it funny how a lot of these men have such a lust for non-white women and refuse to get married and settle down.

No. 1522698

*black women rather, black men might as well be seen as flawless angels.

No. 1522721

Kek at these men thinking KS was that important of a man that someone put a hit on him. Also lol at these same men calling him pro-black family when he told a black woman to not believe her child over the husband when it comes to sexual assault because "children lie."

No. 1527005

File: 1652390710382.jpeg (82.35 KB, 1142x846, media_FQe9f1ZXsAgGRrO.jpeg)

No. 1527007

File: 1652390785805.jpeg (166.6 KB, 966x1474, media_FPSl7a9WUAkkzOa.jpeg)

No. 1529298

File: 1652600802213.jpg (19.95 KB, 270x480, 27748041_1657073177720197_7144…)

Found an entire facebook page of hotepery, all the memes are so badly made they seem like jokes but their taking it seriously


No. 1532699

this is so aggrivating to see considering what the ainu people have dealt with/continue to deal with from mainland japan. like another anon said the label of BIPOC is so innacurate when it comes to these issues because there is no true solidarity and indigenous people often get the short end of the stick and, as seen here, are co-opted for other movements. sorry for sperg/derail

No. 1543451



No. 1544168

Its always the same with these kinds of men, whether its altrighters on /pol/, hoteps, ultra orthodox jews, etc, they claim they're just trying to defend the 'white race' or 'black race' or 'jewish people, when all they really want is fascism with themselves in charge, and with the oldschool patriarchy of women being totally and utterly subservient to men.

No. 1544598

File: 1653957119859.jpeg (122.91 KB, 732x1030, 1DC6D989-6617-49EB-BB1B-967683…)


No. 1545880

go back to lsa.

No. 1598123

>Gazi Kodzo (born Augustus Cornelius Romain Jr.)

No. 1598127

Chris Rock in the 5th Element

No. 1598240

File: 1658862843314.jpg (83.83 KB, 1280x720, y4gitCc.jpg)

Holy fuck isn't this the black hitler meme guy everyone and their mother was dunking on in 2016?

No. 1598992

kek is he gay? This is a real question, I'm not shitposting. He looks and acts like an gay theater twink who needs a good dicking to calm the fuck down.

No. 1614525

File: 1660368773849.webm (6.83 MB, 320x568, I5z5hnqM2sKyiuQo.webm)

I saw this video yesterday by a Hotep woman, that said feminism is a scam because it tells African Women that they are oppressed by African Men & that in our traditional cultures African M*n never held the power to oppress us which is all BS by the way

No. 1614528

Oh yeah, female genital mutilation doesn't exist, little girls arent suffering through that at the hands of African men! Feminism is such a scam lol

No. 1614535

american based afro-centrism has slowly begun infecting the minds of black people here in the UK, even though they have direct connection to their heritage and history they are now starting to believe "we wuz kangz" rhetoric, my cousin has started believing this, talking about how Sudan ruled the middle east and were the creators of all aspects of culture, he just can't accept the reality that the men of his race were the slaves of Arabs for 800 years and it was the English colonizers who freed them

No. 1615924

All of that is actually a bit depressing. Like, he can't unhitch his sense of being or personality or whatever from something that happened so long ago.

No. 1634249

They aren't. They're suffering at the hands of African women. Because it's not a male practice but a female practice. This is true the world over. Ignoring this because it makes you uncomfortable is tantamount to facilitating it. Like with circumcision, it is gender-specific private coming of age thing and not a matter for the opposite sex.

No. 1634290

That's bs. It's done for the benefit of men who will refuse to marry her in a society where there are no other opportunities for her support. It makes no sense for women to want to sabotage the sexual pleasure of other women. Just because men are too squeamish to carry out their dirty work doesn't make it a female invention.

No. 1634341

File: 1662203535152.jpg (258.36 KB, 720x1165, 20220903_122037.jpg)

I see this "fact" circulate every couple of weeks. What's nuts about it is that the whole point of Medusa is that she was a beautiful woman who was being punished for rape and that her snake hair was a "punishment" that was actually there to protect her from men trying to rape her again. People can interpret mythology whatever way they want, but the idea Medusa having snake hair was just a metaphor for black women just completely falls apart once you do the bare minimum of research. Literally just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks

No. 1634342

File: 1662203644970.webm (2.05 MB, 698x742, ssstwitter.com_1662202943936.w…)

I actually thought it was a shitpost at first because what is this audio

No. 1634349

File: 1662204776719.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 218.79 KB, 479x473, 4A0DD28A-8744-4E56-80D7-D393F5…)

Potato nose
This reminds me of Babyalien_on earth drawing

No. 1634376

File: 1662211274831.png (11.91 KB, 573x300, images.png)

I am highly offended they are appropriating my culture and they need to educate themselves KEK. Jokes aside I still can't believe they're trying to claim Cleopatra, a severely inbred Greek woman as black. Honestly they can have her because I'd rather not acknowledge this Crusader Kings tier family tree.

No. 1634377

Even if she was native Egyptian, she would still in likelihood be some shade of brown, like the vast majority of Egyptians

No. 1634471

I think this comes from the severe lack of understanding African Americans have about Africa. Remember when an Egyptian guy was cast as a pharaoh and they all got their pitchforks out because they thought Egyptians were black? Amaricans literally have no concept of what a continent is so them trying to adopt Cleopatra doesn't surprise me

No. 1637405

File: 1662400787289.webm (8.07 MB, 576x1024, O50Z06wMTpSe6e20.webm)

No. 1637418

Ok explain why Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito's daughter is pale as hell then

No. 1637434

File: 1662401472366.webm (16.19 MB, 576x1024, OGDcLPHiB9aFhLLd.webm)

he also believes homosexuality came from white people kek

No. 1637472

his dick is hard wtf

No. 1637507

It gets better when you're watching a video about Melanesians or Andamanese people. You will see scores of Afrocentrists in the comment section claiming that "they look like us, so they must be us".

No. 1638184

Men came up with it but won’t do it with their own hands because it’s ‘inappropriate.’
Such evil degeneracy can only be the product of the male mind, women don’t mutilate their own children for fun without extreme outside pressure. You should be burned alive for comparing fgm to circumcision.

No. 1638553

Can these speds open a history book instead of making cursory google searches for BuzzFeed articles? Someone explain ancient Japan to him kek.

No. 1640865

Why would have Greeks never seen dreadlocks when trade of goods between African and European lands was a thing since forever? Do they think people didn't travel before the invention of cars and planes? I'm not from burgerland so excuse my ignorance but is it the us history education that is this bad or is it the fake clickbaity news on the internet?

No. 1640874

Inb4 the Japs were originally black

No. 1641025

As if those two fatties could manage to outrun and catch someone let alone have the endurance to decapitate them

No. 1641035

Anybody with white skin is white retard, im so sick of this 'my first language isn't English so i'm not white' bs, if you're a European with white or slightly tan skin you are white end of story.

No. 1641041

It's not (necessarily) the education system, it's the idiot students who never pay attention. The same way most places have had comprehensive sex education for several decades, but idiots still graduate and are fucking clueless.

No. 1641048

>Anybody with white skin is white retard
Japanese confirmed for white

>if you're a European with white or slightly tan skin you are white end of story

Tatars confirmed for being white

No. 1641049

Um explain Mj's kids then sweaty

No. 1641058

Let alone outrun the ice cream truck.

No. 1641060

I've yet to see an actual japanese person with white skin, the ones online don't count they're edited to hell, also note where I said anyone with white skin from EUROPE is classed as white, also tatars are white, they have Euro features and are tanned at most.

No. 1641066

It's because people always disrespect history because it doesn't work with their current worldview so they just ignore everything and make up bullshit

No. 1641102

I've been to Japan. The people are very pale. Inb4 "it's makeup" I don't know, maybe. Did you think Japanese people are yellow or something?

No. 1641109

"White" literally means nothing in Europe because Europe is a continent with an insanely diverse range of culture. It doesn't matter if Eurofags have white skin, they're so different from eachother that you can't really geoup them together

No. 1641116

File: 1662571146343.jpeg (78.82 KB, 740x343, EUxtAZ_UwAAomDI.jpeg)

>I've yet to see an actual japanese person with white skin

I fail to see any distinct enough difference in skin color between Koreans and Europeans or Japanese and Europeans to pretend that diffrencese exist. I have seen them both in person and on photos of for example european-asian couples.

>tatars are white, they have Euro features and are tanned at most.

Only cough cough "Euro features" you see in Tatar population in Europe is due to the fact that these are descendants of originally purely or almost purely male groups of Tatar warriors that married local females.

You won't see too many "euro features" the closer to Siberia you go. Heck, non Caucasian features became very strong if not dominant even before you reach Ural. But even as far to the west as Lipka tatars you still can meet Tatars with features like slanted eyes clearly giving off noncaucasian Tatar roots.


No. 1641132

When we say "tanned" Europeans, what do we mean? Because Mediterraneans are 100% European but they have darker complexions and black/dark brown hair depending on where they come from which wouldn't be the first thing people note as a Euro feature. Same for Moldovans/Romanians/Bulgarians. They're Euros but they're def not white

No. 1641162

No one been calling "yellow" assians "yellow skinned" up until some dude came with his 5 colors partition in 18th century. Marco Polo in his chronicle been describing "yellow" Asians as white. This is photo of siberian Tatars in this post >>1641116 Tell me their skin is not white and tell me they don't have clear noncaucasian features.

>Same for Moldovans/Romanians/Bulgarians. They're Euros but they're def not white

Why are Moldovans and Romanians non white? They are as white as me and I'm from Poland. LOL.

No. 1641166

Holy fuck! More inbred than a bakery.

No. 1641167

File: 1662572319204.jpeg (79.54 KB, 750x500, moldovans.jpeg)

Moldovans are stock whities

No. 1641174

As I said, most of Slavs look like them. People looking like Moldovans in that picture live as far as North of Poland.

No. 1641176

i knew you guys would start race sperging in here, i just had to wait a lil for it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1641191

All the Japanese people I've seen in real life (which in fairness isn't many) have light brown to medium brown skin either way they do not have white (Euro) features and aren't even ambiguous, it's pretty obviously japanese people are not white, lmao.

No. 1641203

For fucks sake! What the fuck is this racebaiting bullshit! Yeah, of course Euros are gonna have fair, white or whathever skin. Look up the fucking latitude of the whole continent. Also the fuck hair or eye colour has to do with race? This thread got a potential to uncover a lot of retarded historical takes and cows with pathetic inferiority complexes, yet again we are here arguing over "How Euros or Japs or Tatars should look like". Can we lock up this retarded thread before it becomes cesspool of neo-eugenics please?

No. 1641209

>have light brown to medium brown skin

Which is not something non existing among caucasians. It could be seen as far North as central Europe at least.

>do not have white (Euro) features and aren't even ambiguous, it's pretty obviously japanese people are not white, lmao.

No one said they are white(caucasian) They are just white skinned. You are just imagining that someone wrote what was not written. There are differences between caucasians and so called mongoloids, but skin color is not one of them.

No. 1641221

Calm down your vagina. Race is just classification of some more loose some not so much physical traits. There are infinite possible sets of races possible to create. Africa is so diverse (much more than Europe) that there is enough features to create multitude of races.

No one here is also claiming that Tatars _should_ look like _this_. It was merely mentioned that Tatars are diverse in features due to their originally mongoloid genesis and intermixing into local population of Caucasian origin in the western isles of their presence. You are just imagining things about someone forcing anything on them how they shall look. Calm your hormones sweetheart.

No. 1641223

In an afrocentrists thread? I don't believe you

No. 1641250

File: 1662575463857.jpg (1.36 MB, 2598x3464, cz7lny95cw171.jpg)

Greek–Korean couple. Try to find significant skin color difference. There is none. Why? Similar latitude, similar UV exposure and somewhat similar amount of vitamin D in diet of both populations (if diet of population is rich in vit D they can preserve darker skin color for generations living even in arctica like Inuits whose traditional diet was rich in animal fat that is a source of huge amounts of vitamin D).(nobody cares)

No. 1641274

OT but he's absolutely hideous and she's gorgeous. Sad.

No. 1641333

File: 1662579797867.jpg (510.35 KB, 1500x999, northkoreakim2019.jpg)

koreans are mostly siberians mixed with northern chinese. people are kind of forgetting here that koreans come in shit tons of skintones and also tan more heavily than most white people. a lot of these ruddy pale ladies would look brown in summer cuz they're outside all the time. technically japanese and korean people have lower spf than most whites so this is another optical illusion given how easily koreans tan that makes it all confusing. all of this combined with kpop shitfaggotry and native confucian/westernizing self-hatred about skin tones makes people get confused as to what the average korean skintone is in both directions

not talking about greyed out, k-beauty'd, bleached and filtered bullshit here which is something else. you can't judge off of that(nobody cares)

No. 1641338

Since when did /pol/ invade this thread? Arguing over who is white and who is brown is beyond fucking retarded.

No. 1642135


No. 1642574

You sound insane.

No. 1685894

at first I thought this was a joke video, but looking at the rest of his channel and the comment section, its genuine, this man and his followers genuinely believe there's a conspiracy orcrasted whites and arabs to hide the "truth" about real black history, its genuinely kinda pathetic how much this guy claims the history of every other people except native africans

No. 1686591

They can't decide whether they were perpetual victims or every significant person in a history that doesn't belong to them. You weren't Hebrews, you weren't Egyptians, there is nothing wrong with being sub-saharan african just own it.

No. 1686602

They're hateful to other minorities too. So many Black Israelites (not actual Black Israelites) like Kanye say so much hateful shit about Jews, Asians, etc. I'm so sick of people acting like hatred only counts if its a light skinned person against a dark skinned person. Hatred is hatred regardless of who is hating whom.

No. 1695017

File: 1667704938720.jpg (277.37 KB, 1080x990, Screenshot_20221106-141828__01…)

You're not wrong this is an Afrocentrist I found shitting on a Filipina defending a model from her country against cultural appropriation claims just because she has dark skin, kinky hair (just like the natives did before Spanish, Chinese and Japanese conquests) and is wearing clean natural style make up. And yes before you ask half the conversation was black people created eyeliner because the Egyptians were black kek.

No. 1752806

I thought this was a meme but he's being unironic, also can't take Tariq Nasheed seriously, cause he keeps pumping out interracial homoerotic content, but denies it.

No. 1753437

File: 1674787459576.jpg (70.03 KB, 640x641, 0c3db5616c964cd1ef795f.jpg)

he's the one who made that buck breaking film btw, about how white(note he includes Arabs in his definition of white as well) have been raping in black men en-masse for centuries and still do it to this day

No. 1753440

Why the fuck would anyone want to buy buttrape-themed NFTs? Also the buck breaking thing (in addition to being a homophobic myth) pisses me off because it's taking slave rape (which overwhelming affected women) and making it about scrotes.

No. 1753497

For being a 100% straight heterosexual manly man he sure does have an obsession with gay butt sex…

No. 1753529

File: 1674791638080.gif (10.61 MB, 520x380, BuckBreaking2.gif)

I have watched parts online and read reviews of buck breaking and its something that you have to see to believe, Tariq uses one actual historical example of rape on male black slaves, and then extrapolates that to create a mythology of mass rape of African men. Basically, the argument is this: Whites are “people of ice” and blacks(which includes all dark skinned people) are “people of sun”, and the ice people sought to subvert and dominate the sun people. This is why colonialism, slavery and things like manifest destiny came about, which is really rooted in a desire for raping black people. Yes, the film really says this.

The documentary then dives into the buck breaking in America, which is filled with pictures of it happening like picrel.(note has to be said here about the illustrations, which have been circulating online.1) They are drawn in a kind of cheap looking Deviant Art style 2) there are a lot of them and 3) they, uh, oddly accentuate certain “aspects” in strange ways considering this is an anti-LGBT film. Fetishistic would the right word.)
After the first half which sets the historical foundation of buck breaking, the film moves to the present day with a discussion of current day gender politics, and here the film goes completely off the rails. It’s just disjointed talking heads talking about things in a schizophrenic manner. Here’s some highlights,

>Muslim civilizations were all white and introduced gayness and pederasty into Africa,

>A really random bit about a slave owner turning someone into a human crab?
>Rap music isn’t popular in Japan, and Asians are the least Homosexual race according to Tariq
>Amazing quotes which frequently made me laugh hard: Here’s Judge Joe Brown: “Because we have so few men in the hood it's easy to condition them to negativity. The typical hood rat thug is a lesbian in a man's body. These lesbian hood rats are raised like girls.”
>Onions as a food additive was piloted in prisons to cause Homosexuality .

This feels like a shitpost but its real and it just baffle's me

No. 1753536

Thanks for the summary nonna, I was curious but couldn’t bother watching it myself. And yeah the artwork is, uhh…something. Incredibly trashy & pornofied for a supposed historic tragedy kek

No. 1753581

File: 1674796688838.png (1.28 MB, 1459x869, mh.png)

oh, my god, now i have to watch this. seems as bonkers as Matthew Harris' 800p manifesto, a schizo UCLA TA with a race obsession who was stopped from bombing the uni. here's a rare excerpt where he doesn't say nigger every 3 words. pic from KF and I recommend the thread

No. 1753597

File: 1674799400655.jpeg (20.62 KB, 332x500, 103947833821238.jpeg)

>I have watched parts online and read reviews of buck breaking and its something that you have to see to believe, Tariq uses one actual historical example of rape on male black slaves, and then extrapolates that to create a mythology of mass rape of African men.

That sounds a lot like the schizo I came across the other day. They were using a book "The Delectable Negro" by Vincent Woodard to insist that slaves were consumed en masse. As far as I can tell there's very few instances with any substantial evidence in the book for actual cannibalism (although I'm sure it happened on occasion). The book seems to use consumption in a loose, symbolic way to describe the taste men at that time had for African slaves in a commodified sense. The way it was written is intentionally disingenuous to empower people who want to spread the false narrative that cannibalism was normalised among white slave owners and not an act the most depraved of society engaged in. There's so much sketchy rewriting of history taking place the past few years that's given rise to more racial tensions and legitmate appropriation of other cultures.

>Winner of the 2015 LGBT Studies Award presented by the Lambda Literary Foundation


No. 1753608

File: 1674801810724.png (207.51 KB, 286x447, drink.PNG)

he makes so many tweets about it, it's a little concerning

No. 1753613

File: 1674802329433.png (25.11 KB, 593x293, splashing his bussy.PNG)

No. 1753614

This guy seems like a mega autist.

No. 1753638

tariq nasheed is already a minor meme in the pol sphere because buck breaking is hilariously inaccurate. He usually is going on about reparations or shitting on non american blacks most of the time

No. 1753670

Also seen Afrocentric pages on Instagram claiming to be the real 'Native Americans' and a Pro Native page was claiming that Afrocentric page is trying to erase Native American history by saying they were the first and the worst part of this is that there actually were brilliant black explorers, kings, generals and intellectuals who made significant impacts in and outside the African continent,
But trying to claim that black people invented everything and settled everywhere before everyone else takes away from the actual achievements of black people.

vidrel this afrocentric channel which claims that the native Taiwanese tribes and Polynesians are africans(cause they have dark skin)

No. 1753690

File: 1674819423938.png (2.71 MB, 4096x4096, We wuz maoris.png)

Found this guy who claims to be a Maori, Isrelalite, Moor KEK

No. 1753693

>Maori, Isrelalite, Moor
I don't understand how that works

No. 1753702

we wuz maoris KEK
not the first time i’ve seen hoteps claim being asian. i saw a twitter argument where a woman hotep claimed africans are the original indonesians during that whole “black lesbian in bali” debacle. anyone remember that?

No. 1753709

File: 1674823759773.jpg (183.55 KB, 800x533, aeta4yi1.jpg)

well here's the thing, there's often one kernel of truth in some hotep claims but its easily disprovable, the original population of most of south east asia were Melanesians(like picrel), who were either wiped out or assimilated by Austronesians thousands of years ago, but the fact is despite their appearance Melanesians aren't black either, their as distant to black americans as a Scandinavians are, they even have genes that allowed mutations that gave some tribes blonde hair and blue eyes

No. 1753725

Hell I have a few hotep-adjacent friends and they post memes every St. Patrick’s Day about being the “real” Irish people. I find it ironic and telling that hoteps call themselves pro-black, yet try to claim every ethnic identity EXCEPT regular black people. They also have zero understanding of genetic variation and claim to be the “real” version of every darker-skinned population on earth. And they clearly have no respect for their actual African-American ancestors and see them as tragic pathetic gay rape victims or whatever, rather than people who survived & overcame difficult circumstances. It’s easier to say “we wuz Irish/Maori/whatever kangz” I guess. The self-loathing is very obvious.

No. 1753733

File: 1674829703710.gif (Spoiler Image, 10.64 MB, 520x380, BuckBreaking3.gif)

the Illustrations used for the film are fucking hilarious, cause Tariq commissioned people to make these and then willingly included them, like picrel is not interracial gay cartoon porn or a 4chan shitpost, its an actual scene from the film

No. 1753742

He probably keeps all of these in a private collection to uhh…contemplate the horrors of slavery. He also talks a lot about “bussy” on Twitter and posts gifs of gay black teenage boys twerking to uhh…express his moral indignation. I’m guessing he also watches tons of gay porn to uhh…expose how the LGBTQ agenda is destroying the black community.

No. 1753840

Nta but that’s really sad. I’ve looked a bit into African tribes and they seem very interesting with rich histories and cultures. My friend who studies classics and history explained to me that the “people” with ancient Egyptian heritage were likely all killed off by the Greeks(?).

Off topic but aren’t Arabs considered Semitic or Levantine peoples along with the Jews? Jews are extremely genetically unique compared to non-Jewish people so idk why these people without our very distinct genetics from genetic bottlenecking are claiming to be Jewish kek. I also don’t get why hoteps or just Americans in general want everyone to be either white or black with absolutely no in between. It’s so culturally ignorant when you consider the histories of each region and country, take for instance how Asian countries are actually culturally and historically distinct and Asian countries all hate each other, and the same can be said for countries in the Middle East, etc. I feel bad for them but it’s really narcissistic/self-centered.

No. 1753932

File: 1674845066916.jpg (61.25 KB, 847x597, 279147543_4843228509109173_304…)

This is by far my favourite one though, cause its not even subtly homoerotic, It literally looks like illustrated gay interracial porn, also the way the slave master on the left is drawn sends me into a laughing fit

No. 1753952

Is Tariq an actual schizo? I know medfagging isn’t allowed but I’m curious what you all think. Classic grandiose narcissist?

No. 1753989

File: 1674848090801.jpg (659.62 KB, 990x1521, image.adapt.990.high.Ethiopian…)

Probably because of Ethiopian Jews

No. 1754134

File: 1674857126358.jpeg (194.65 KB, 1023x587, 7F74480D-44A6-48D8-B069-ABBF48…)

Egyptians were Asian.

No. 1754137

File: 1674857164404.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1242x1750, 1276260F-D1E2-4E13-A89D-F1F211…)

No. 1754140

File: 1674857195676.jpeg (511.48 KB, 2704x1408, 6CCB3E14-5523-4F3D-A2C5-48E3B3…)

No. 1754141

File: 1674857230545.jpeg (114.71 KB, 617x664, BA841874-434D-4187-A1FC-68AB1E…)

No. 1754146

File: 1674857335644.png (486.14 KB, 446x600, 0FCCE2D0-A5FF-4607-8C8F-969B32…)

Can clearly see they have slanted eyes and sallow or tan complexions.

No. 1754149

File: 1674857386922.png (1.96 MB, 1520x2027, DAE66CAA-8E81-48E9-A1BA-97C0CB…)

No. 1754177

>My friend who studies classics and history explained to me that the “people” with ancient Egyptian heritage were likely all killed off by the Greeks(?).
Nah, if anyone killed them off it was the arabs. The Greeks thought they were infinitely more superior to the native Egyptians, so much so that they married brother to sister to keep the bloodline pure and never bothered to learn Egyptian. After they conquered the place, they wouldn't have thought the Egyptians were worth massacring unless they were rebelling. And the Romans mostly didn't go in for massacres & genocide unless you were rebelling.

No. 1754180

Yes, Arabs are semitic peoples but not all Arabs are of the Levant.

No. 1754376

>The Greeks thought they were infinitely more superior to the native Egyptians, so much so that they married brother to sister to keep the bloodline pure and never bothered to learn Egyptian
That is literally untrue, the Ptolemies co-opted many aspects of the Egyptian social order, using Egyptian religion, traditions, and political structures to justify their rule, the incest marriage tradition was something the ptolemaic dynasty took from the Egyptian nobility to better assimilate

No. 1754634

Yeah I've seen them erasing Filos and Polynesians too. When they're disproven they just revert back to the "well everything comes from Africa anyways" argument like these cultures didn't develop independently. Seen a lot of sperging about the "Eve gene" on social media as of late.

No. 1754828

File: 1674926218242.jpg (556.36 KB, 2064x1546, E3T67u9XoAkv0H3.jpg)

I don't think he's a schitzo, rather he's just terminally online(like he's on twitter every couple of hours) and he's stuck in a perpetuating cycle of self-antagonization
his followers send him examples of a particular black man being gay or feminine and he see's that as proof of a grand plot of black men being feminized and emasculated by the WHITE MAN and examples of black women in relationships with white or non-black men (again he counts arabs and central asians in his definition of white), he posts those examples on his twitter account which gets his followers enraged and then they send him more examples of "bedwenches" and "emasculated black men" and he has followed this routine for for years now
picrel are his usual followers btw

No. 1754943

>>1754376 ayrt
Ok, I mispoke about why they married to brother to sister, but the Greeks did think themselves superior to Egyptians, and held themselves separate from them, despite co-opting parts of their religion and customs. They were the upper class in Ptolemaic Egypt and kept all military, political and economic power to themselves. They only thing native Egyptians were allowed was to continue to be priests and other religious officials and run local institutions. They had to assimilate to Ptolemaic Greek culture to get ahead. So, Ptolemaic Greeks still wouldn't have massacred the Egyptians, they just oppressed them a lot.

No. 1757495

File: 1675190756170.png (273.14 KB, 649x428, 45.png)

So one of Tariq's peculiarities is the fact he's obesseded with proving that African immigrants (who he calls Non Foundational Black Americans) collaborate with whites and that they have anti-black attitudes that they learned from their colonial masters

No. 1757872

Copts still exist

No. 1757900

I'm gonna put it down to they have priorities, and haven't undergone years of brainwashing that's attributed with Hoteps believing outlandish conspiracy theories as fact.

No. 1758025

File: 1675223338173.jpg (321.88 KB, 1283x2403, XukmmkuTWeO.jpg)

I really hope she doesn't, Egyptians are well known for being racist and harassing women

No. 1758028

Voluntarily moving to an islamic country is one of the highest forms of retardation there is. Good fucking luck girl.

No. 1758031

Thanks nonna, this is probably the single gayest image I’ve ever seen in my life KEK

No. 1758033

Lmao I’ve lived in Cairo and Western Egyptboos are a particularly dense brand of retard. The “we wuz kangz” pyramid stuff is just a tourist trap. It’s a really hard country for women, the street harassment is out of control. She will run SCREAMING home within a month.

No. 1758042

I think Tariq is a repressed homosexual who wants nothing more but nasty butt sex with both white and black men whilst they all shout racially charged expletives at each other. Race play is a very popular fetish amongst homosexual men.

No. 1758050

Nta but the story of the American news reporter who was sexually assaulted by like 300 men in a square still gives me shivers. There’s even a whole Wikipedia page on that pattern of assault where a crowd of men swarm a single woman because it’s so common there. If that chick thought men in America are bad then wait till she sees Egypt where men behave like rabid fucking animals. Fuck Egypt, my dearest apologies to any woman who lives there.

No. 1758077

That’s interesting, could you give me some details on what these scams are like?

No. 1758343

File: 1675269085503.jpg (49.87 KB, 655x468, mrasheed.jpg)

there's also mrasheed, he's also a Hotep artist who hates africans and is obesseded with white men having black wives/gfs and thinks native americans are actually Siberians(which he counts as white people)

No. 1758347

He isn't a real hotep unless he includes a gratuitous gay sex scene between the two men

No. 1758354

File: 1675269400108.png (535.15 KB, 602x469, main-qimg-06e25bf3c8d5b625f384…)

does this seem gay enough

No. 1758363

Getting there. Also, is he implying rich American tourists have ever been forced to work in African mines?? These hoteps are ENTIRELY blind to their Western privilege, huh?

No. 1758365

What in the Elliott Jamal Shabazz Rodger

Blackcel confirmed, I'm guessing a girl he liked got with a white guy in high school kek

No. 1758368

File: 1675270278653.jpg (373.48 KB, 2048x1575, AnyConv.com__DdIAZdPV4AAC06H.j…)

I don't know those characters are meant to be white or not though, like he draws arabs and native americans as white people as well

No. 1758378

It's amazing how him depicting Arabs as white very clearly shows these people's ability to literally only think in black and white

No. 1758392

we discussed this in the the tardthot thread, but most women of all races prefer and get in relationships with members of their own race, men date inter-racially slightly higher but still not significantly, its always alt-rightards, hoteps and aznidentity fucks who are obesseded with blaming some outside force for their failure in getting laid, they just can't accept the fact they personally are losers

No. 1759383

File: 1675361798243.png (69.85 KB, 645x494, Edomite.png)

Can someone PLEASE explain this to me!!!

No. 1759433

Edomites were an enemy of Israelites. Those people belive that backs are real Israelites (God's choosen people), while whites and Jews are Edomites (cursed by God). Some white supremacist belive in the same thing, but in their version whites are real Israelites, Jews are Edomites.

No. 1759437

what about middle eastern people

No. 1759487

ntayrt but it’s racist or prejudiced as fuck isn’t it? And yet we’re not allowed to say anything because you can’t be racist/prejudiced against yt people apparently.
Ive been to the deep confederate south and I have to say that online black spaces have to be some of the most racist spaces I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Every single thing is about a persons race, it’s really sad.

No. 1759966

It appears like schizophernia to me

No. 1760106

File: 1675437405983.webm (6.22 MB, 320x568, DyUewG3Xqu0SgwXh.webm)

this woman is claiming that Native Americans are covert white supremacists and in bed together with white people because they don't think that africans are Native Americans

No. 1760113

I lived in the "deep confederate south" for many years and you definitely didn't spend enough time there if you think it's less racist than "online black spaces", fucking KEK. That said, yes, hoteps are very racist.

No. 1760117

lmao so? It's just people talking online. It doesn't affect anyone and doesn't matter.

No. 1760156

File: 1675442600412.webm (3.1 MB, 320x568, G-BTXFg3IW9VOvJ5.webm)

>lmao so? It's just people talking online. It doesn't affect anyone and doesn't matter.
Hoteps literally caused parts of New York to shut down with one of their protests

No. 1760165

These are the dudes who dress up like gay wizards and heckle people in Harlem, right? Nta but this doesn't really support your case that hoteps represent a serious racial threat to America kek

No. 1760188

>These are the dudes who dress up like gay wizards and heckle people in Harlem, right?
some but many are general black nationalists

No. 1760255

Pretty sure the out of Africa theory has been debunked. Humans probably arose in Central Asia and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, then migrated to Africa when ice sheets started covering the northern hemisphere as it was warmer and most habitable in Africa. Then when the ice age ended many of them ended up heading north again.

No. 1760288

The day a hotep walks into a white church or white grocery store and shoots up the place, is the day you can start talking about how hoteps are a serious racial threat.

>Pretty sure the out of Africa theory has been debunked.
Yeah, no.

No. 1760313

File: 1675455963783.jpg (115.43 KB, 1080x771, 163d0b870dab58fe80624e16.jpg)

why are they all fat? shouldn't you be in shape if you want to be a militant.

No. 1760315

No. 1760331

I also don't think anyone here is saying they are serious threat either, people are here to laugh at delusional fat retards

No. 1760332

Black nationalists aren’t a racial threat to jack shit in America. Any group that ever gained steam had its leaders assassinated and replaced by CIA plants back in the 60s, and everything since then has been controlled opposition. You’d have to be the dumbest type of Fox News-watching boomer to believe otherwise. If anything white nationalists pose a bigger threat due to their increased numbers, but they also suffer from chronic obesity and glowing to the moon and back.

No. 1760663

nta and ofc not everyone being racist on the internet is a threat but we all know that people would never be like "who cares they're just talking lmao" if that was about black people and coming from any other race, even one that isn't considered a "racial threat"

there are people from all communities who act as she describes, people rarely appreciate when others suddenly claim a part of their oppression, but how can she come to the conclusion that they are white supremacists lmao at most she could say they are racists themselves.

No. 1760682

No1currs who you think is worse, this is the Afrocentrist thread for documenting insane Hotep antics. You can go bitch about white supremacists in the Varg thread and while you're at it learn how to use the reply function.

No. 1760714

Samefag but has anyone else seen the "Weird Weekends" episode where Louis meets representatives from the Nation of Islam and the Black Hebrew Israelites? Easily one of my favourite episodes. At the time I had no idea with the advent of twitter, fringe conspiracy theories like "insert historical figure was actually black", or "the inherent superiority of Black people over other races" would eventually become so common place.

No. 1761328

How do explain that west africans have been conquered by pretty much every group in the world, including black african muslims

No. 1761537

File: 1675605804129.webm (740.64 KB, 320x568, a4k7maVmMinMb2WF.webm)

appropriating two cultures with one bullet

No. 1761546

I think being ugly is a major factor in being a race fascist. When was the last time you saw an attractive white supremacist or a hotep? It is some sort of cope to deal with their own unattractiveness by claiming they're incredible and beautiful and smart just because they belong to a certain race.

No. 1761548

Okay there's the cue, who is going to post the played out "where the fuck is your chin" comic

No. 1761587

It's just low quality YAOI, LOL!

No. 1761595

File: 1675614377214.png (4.36 MB, 2963x1876, 1672226105595.png)

There was German author who saw the rise of the Nazis and noted how stereotypically non "aryan" germans were typically the most fanatical Nazis because they knew that they were on the fringe of being considered racially acceptable. Note how the entire high command of the nazi apparatus were men who were mostly dark-haired, brown-eyed and somewhat short by German standards and who personally proved the lunacy of the Aryan "race" as a concept by their mere existence,
I guess the same applies towards Hoteps

No. 1761664

This is also true of modern day /pol/tards, funnily enough. All either outright brown or otherwise considered "not white enough", poor, severely mentally ill or so degenerate that they'd be gassed if they were judged on the content of their character.

No. 1761740

there was a screenshot of a Vice article I saw about an alleged neo-nazi gangbanger group and it was filled with mostly mexican dudes and a few a white guys

No. 1761857

File: 1675645113123.jpeg (427.23 KB, 1242x922, F6B80D50-C324-4DCD-95F0-FB983B…)

This take pretty much sums it up

No. 1762000

File: 1675655826501.jpg (159.05 KB, 750x1176, FXwfBAOVUAEk2fA.jpg)

This sums up the majority of people interacting online tbh

No. 1762075

File: 1675661497898.jpg (226.01 KB, 1170x1598, FoDC6qyagAUvVrL.jpg)

found it, this is who spams the naggers copypasta every few days

No. 1763386

there is a certain subsection of black males that are really into nerdy mystical warrior stuff like kungfu and fighting animes. i worked with an obese 40 year old black guy who did kungfu and wore a naruto headband at work. my theory is that these hotep guys are those same type of black dude who either never found anime, or were too embarrassed to be an anime nerd, so they got radicalized into the black consciousness thing where they can take their larp to the next level but still have a sort of tough reputation amongst their own racial community. if they just cosplayed like this because they thought it was cool, other black people would make fun of them, but if they say it's their special african amulet and flute that wards off white devil spirits then it's seen as kinda unorthodox but still a legitimate character build for a black dude that stays true to his core black identity class.

No. 1763523

Unironically looks like Shadbase

No. 1763851

kek joey diaz has a clip about this called "black men who think theyre chinese" and another clip he said that i just cant help but think about all the time but can never ever find where i swear to fuck he said "the japanese fucked up the black people" not racebait i just think it can be true in that case.

No. 1767227

File: 1676296917747.webm (2.46 MB, 320x568, bb7d0eEZH_gTpXBT.webm)

This TikTok about how white people ate black slaves has 35k+ likes and 1500 comments, none of which are even slightly skeptical

No. 1767397

I've read of slave owners using slave skin for shoes and furniture so this isn't too far off tbh.

No. 1767403

I'm sure there were instances of slave masters mutilating slaves and I'm defiantly sure there were instances of cannibalism on slave cargo ships, but the book(like Tariq's buckbreaking documentary) tries to present this as an open secret among slave owners who all got together to eat black people as some ritual

No. 1767460

File: 1676320642761.jpg (359.68 KB, 945x2933, GW77huqPzh5.jpg)

I still don't get what the eve gene is supposed to be

No. 1767464

I don’t find it much of stretch to believe psychopaths who enjoyed owning other human beings and beating and whipping them would engage in other psychotic acts such as cannibalism(sage your shit)

No. 1767468

The unhinged black femcel reminds me of some aggressive schizo on r9k who constantly posts racebait and talks about how black women are superior and carry the eve gene lol, I wonder if its her

No. 1767470

again I'm sure there were isolated examples of this happening but it wasn't like a spread wide spread open secret that all slave masters engaged in

No. 1767473

Yeah, it's calling it a delicacy which makes it sound way more sinister.

No. 1767481

It may have been rare but it almost certainly still happened
And there are many stories of white slave owners becoming fascinated with African magic and voodoo and trying to partake in rituals
It’s definitely possible some of them engaged in black magic practices that involved human blood and flesh

No. 1767551

Sage your shit, no one said isolated accounts did not occur but chattel slavery did not happen because people thought African flesh was delicious KEK

No. 1767558

Femcels don't exist, go back already.

No. 1767572

pretty much what all the other replies said, but ill add that historically slave owners have had to look after their own slaves to some extent. what's the point in owning slaves to do your manual labour if you're going to be constantly mutilating and eating them whenever you feel like you fancy a taste of human flesh kek. plus, do people really think that slave owners would be kind enough to consider their slaves a 'delicacy'?

No. 1767577

Okay what author.

No. 1767594

File: 1676335612974.png (Spoiler Image, 278.51 KB, 487x427, kl.png)

>what's the point in owning slaves to do your manual labour if you're going to be constantly mutilating
NTA, but I don't know. Ask King Leopold why he'd cut the hands off the Congolese people he forced to do labor for him over not reaching work quotas. Children were often mutilated too. People who dehumanize and enslave other people generally do not make sense. It's definitely not off the table for them to do sick shit like cannibalism on top of the general abuse and rape of female slaves, I'm not sure why anyone would want to defend antebellum slavery. Some anons in here are almost as wacky as the subjects of the thread.
Also, the fact that you'd consider the "delicacy" thing "kindness" is kind of creepy. Reposting to spoiler for possible gore/mutilation

No. 1767614

i was using the word kind ironically anon, i didn't mean to imply that it was an actual act of kindness not to eat their slaves on the owners part lmao.
anyway i don't really disagree with you here, i just wanted to add into the discussion that cannibalising slaves probably wasn't this widespread ritualistic practice like the book in question claims. acting like it was just feeds into the weird buck breaking-esque mythos that only serves to spread misinformation.

No. 1767658

that's different though, Leopold owned the entire fucking Congo, he had almost an endless supply of slave labor, southern slave lords relied on their slaves for income and expenses
ever if your a massive racist who doesn't black slaves as human beings, from purely an economic perspective it would make no sense to reduce your means of income with ritual cannibalism

No. 1767737

accusing people of "defending slavery" simply because they don't want to spread the unsubstantiated claim that eating slaves was a common practice, really? i guess hoteps are based and we shouldn't have a thread about them if trying to be historically accurate means you're defending slavery.

No. 1767816

No one said hoteps are "based", but it's pointless to give a fuck about the honor of people who committed atrocities regardless. It's like getting upset because a handful of Jewish people are being too mean about Nazis or talking about the human lampshade thing. There were probably isolated cases of it, I don't see why it matters if people talk about it or some schizos even think it was more.

No. 1767819

Likely not "ritualistically", but I can see the particularly wealthy and/or deranged ones doing it for fun.

No. 1767836

Making fun of these schizos' theories is the point of the thread though.

No. 1767841

Just because slave owners were objective scum doesn't mean we can't laugh at unsubstantiated delusions perpetuated by hoteps who are desperate to convince everyone their flesh was super duper tasty kek

No. 1771872

File: 1676828528388.jpg (171.77 KB, 720x1086, FpKPKXEWcAEKiPs.jpg)

This is not gonna end well, like when wingnats go to Norway or Sweden they just get stared at for being wierdos but Egypt is a very dangerous for non-Muslim people, especially women


No. 1772301

You can’t deny that black women are known for their aggressiveness and bad attitudes. In high school many of them would literally beat on nonblack women for even daring to go out with black men. The fights would be so brutal that the security guards had to step in to protect the nonblack girl and they themselves would end up being beat by 15 year old black girl lol. Many were cruel to whites, latinas, asians and would get to be racist or xenophobic all day long but then would act like a victim if anything was said back.

No. 1772417

File: 1676884478968.jpg (107.65 KB, 1080x1360, FpW5oiTWcAAnWoy.jpg)

I genuinely can't tell if this is a shitpost or not

No. 1772470

black women are some of the biggest pickmes and it's sad to see. I wouldn't want a giant ass to appeal to men's caveman brains

No. 1772515

I’m sorry you went to a shitty ghetto ass school nonna, none of the black kids (or any kids) in my high school acted this way bc we were middle class and civilized but I digress

No. 1772548

File: 1676904441331.jpg (37.52 KB, 275x163, yskysn.jpg)

man, i just love racebait in the official racebait;the thread, where you're not supposed to actually racebait, but you guys' just can't help it! your weird ass inferiority superiority complex and disgustingly retarded obsession with black people is like air at this point, you'll die without it!!! and where would lolcor even be without our local racist-chans ans self-hate-chans to fuel the ecosystem and keep this chanboard autistic to the gallows(sage your shit)

No. 1772551

Sage your autism

No. 1772556

Why are some of you incapable of laughing at cow behavior without seething about black women? I don't get it. The tradthot thread isn't full of unhinged, high-testosterone rants about how evil white women are or whatever. Is this thread just full of /pol/cels? Sad.

No. 1772558

Sorry you went to a shitty ghetto school but
>You can’t deny that black women are known for their aggressiveness and bad attitudes.
Is a shitty generalization on par with "You can't deny that women are known for being emotional and weak."

No. 1772593

tbf, it borders on that

No. 1772780

Jesus Hotep is also another major figure among Afrocentrists, he is a man who claims radical Afrocentrism and how Indigenous people are frauds, north africans are recent foreign europeans

he have his own fucking site

No. 1772794

Right? Sage for mild blogpost, but I live in a city with lots of black people and most black women I encounter are college educated and classy. Racebaiting nonnas are just revealing they live in shitty hoodrat neighborhoods. It's like if you lived in a backwoods trailer park and tried to claim "white people are known for smoking meth and dating their cousins", no sorry honey that's just the trashy freaks you hang out with kek

No. 1772818

Most black people are poor and uneducated. Living in a nice area with black people who aren't poor isn't an accurate representation of the majority of black americans.

No. 1772985

the projection is off the charts lmao, you can shit on white women in basically any thread on lolcow or anywhere on the internet and you'll never be called out on it which is why it's so common. people didn't get mad about the anon criticizing latinas either. but one comment about black women and suddenly "omg racebait, racism, kill yourself, you're obsessed". grow a thicker skin or something, black people get the least dunked on on lolcow. if anything it's full of anons tripping over themselves to praise WOC and denigrate whities. maybe avoid that one thread about black cows if it's still too much

No. 1773704

File: 1677034071733.jpg (603.97 KB, 1947x1554, Fb5OXaDHQ3Ybw.jpg)

These people are putting their lives on the line for the sake of a LARP, they might actually end up kidnapped or murdered in these countries

No. 1774041

File: 1677053679384.jpeg (16.19 KB, 201x251, 589A9E2A-1685-47DB-993F-2E9530…)

I’m surprised dane calloway hasn’t been brought up in this thread

No. 1774043

>is apart of a new hotep group that claims to be native american, has over half a million subscribers
>is shilled by tons of rappers and celebrities
> believes black people (african americans) are indigenous to every continent, but america specifically
> wrote a book about “researching genealogy”, left most pages blank
> claims slavery was taught in reverse and whites were actually enslaved by black americans

No. 1774076

File: 1677060857076.png (657.89 KB, 995x562, 97) (2).png)

>claims slavery was taught in reverse and whites were actually enslaved by black americans
how does that work? I know many hoteps bring up the barbary slave trade as a feel to feel about better about themselves and claim how europeans were slaves longer then black people, but how does he connect that to the America's
also his channel is filled AI art

No. 1774085

Not all conspiracies are false but all of these are fucking retarded kek. Between the high elf larping in the trve Vikings thread and this I guess this is your brain on racial supremacy.

No. 1774091

File: 1677062486929.png (34.23 KB, 583x570, 06.png)

both are cringe, but you to admit that hotep is belief for someone is far less called out on fears of being labeled racist, like show me one snowtep post that has even quarter as many like and retweets as this post

No. 1774108

How are you black with pigskin? Amerimutt soyjak phenotype.

No. 1774158

Varg's entire account and all his white incel fanboys and tradthot/paki-chan fangirls on and off /pol/

No. 1774159

The barbary slave trade wasn't good for anyone, including black africans because it was part of the wider arab slave trade that took millions of africans from east africa as slaves to the middle east. This included sex slavery where arab men would purchase african girls to use as concubines.

No. 1774161

So many Americans do this bizarre thing where they want to romanticize or whitewash slavery. I've seen some liberal types insisting that some black female slaves in antebellum slavery were "empowered" because the masters wanted to rape them and would sometimes give them special "privileges".

No. 1774165

These posts sound so extreme and aggressive, it's no surprise race spergs come from trashy places and think that's the whole world.

No. 1774166

No Americans (black or white) have ever been forced to work in mines in Africa, lmao.

No. 1774174

can you show proof of a post by Varg(or any snowtep) claiming that native americans(or any other non-white ethnic group) were actually white, with as many likes and retweets as >>1774091

No. 1774181

I would if his accounts weren't banned repeatedly, he has a huge following. Are you a vargtard or something? Kek

No. 1774183

Ah yes, "extreme and aggressive", as opposed to the very sane reaction of >>1772548 telling anons "kys disgusting retards!1!" because one mentioned that some black girls would pick fights in her school. Also love anons equating poor with trashy when that fits them, like they wouldn't be the type to whine about rich privileged wypipo oppressing the poor in any other discussion lmao

No. 1774184

That anon didn't say "some black girls", she said black women, and here you are insisting everyone who disagrees with you is some schizo-tier strawman ("whypipo", pls go back to twitter kek). All sane people are put off by deranged behavior and blanket statements, sorry.

No. 1774196

always with the moralfagging when one comment is about black women, as if lolcow wasn't full of nasty blanket statements about women of other races or any other communities really. just learn not to get that worked up or stay on social media where you can report posts that offend you for hate speech.

No. 1774226

This isn't /pol/. Try reading the rules, all racebait gets banned. I'm sick of you mentally ill 4chan scrotes coming here and raging that you can't push your incel shit. Next you'll be saying men are allowed here and roasties just need to stfu and deal.

No. 1774242

nta but she's just asking for proof that your failing to deliver, show a post by some "hyborean/vargtard" that has anywhere close as many views, likes and supportive comments as vidrel

No. 1774247

Aren't there now two entire threads specifically for Varg and his followers full of screenshots, comments, his simps and some video reposts before his shit got taken down?

No. 1774258

And does anyone of those videos have 1.5 millions views and 3000+ supportive comments

No. 1774265

You really think hoteps wouldn't like/review bot? Besides, if his accounts get taken down, how are you supposed to accurately Varg's views and comments? At least old Varg has a Wikepia page and a career/media image that goes decades back, this thread is the first I'm hearing of this Dane Calloway autist you're claiming is totally accepted and famous kek.

No. 1774266

When you're done reading the rules, try reading what people post. If you consider any random comment about people of X race "racebait", then no, it certainly doesn't always get banned. Imagine acting this disingenuous and accusing anons of being scrotes from 4chan just because they pointed out your hypocrisy.

No. 1774267

Is this Poe's law?

No. 1774268

What hypocrisy? If you bash any race of women and have a dick, you don't belong here.

No. 1774272

*accurately count

No. 1774300

No. 1774313

No. 1774818

Yeah the hotep/Afrocentrist phenomena is like a cultural zeitgeist. From niche obscurity 20 years ago to being believed, celebrated and even perpetuated by media and history revisionists the whole thing is just crazy to observe. I don't care what races are cast in historical movies and theatre, I only begin to care when they disingenuously claim 14th century London was as diverse as it is today. I don't think there's anything wrong with acknowledging that the fringe beliefs of the cows mentioned here are now becoming mainstream because it makes people feel good as opposed to the truth. I'd feel the exact same way if it were any other extremist group.

No. 1775424

Why did this thread get so fucking retarded? It’s for making fun of hoteps, not sperging back and forth about which race is more oppressed on lolcow kek

No. 1775427

Nta but what’s your point? That hoteps are more popular than snowteps on social media? Who cares?

No. 1775442

anon just said that hoteps beliefs are far less called out because people are scared to be labeled racist, and now it's even spread by supposedly legit sources. that is all. why are people weirdly defensive in this thread kek

No. 1776303

>why are people weirdly defensive in this thread kek
The previous part of your post answers your own question

No. 1777690

File: 1677424102631.jpg (187.95 KB, 747x972, gu8m9k7vor731.jpg)

I really thought this was raceplay fetish art but I looked up the artist and he is a legit afro-centrist and this was made completely unironically


No. 1777700

Why do they always use black women for posts like this when black men have and continue to date racists no matter the color

No. 1777762

>now it's even spread by supposedly legit sources
Where? An anon claimed "tons of celebrities and rappers" supported the YTer, too, but I googled and didn't see a thing. Just seems like some people in this thread are determined to believe their pet schizos/spergs are big and important.

No. 1777843

In this case it's so obvious he wanted an excuse to draw a sexy naked woman he's attracted to, but that's definitely related to why it happens a lot in general. Many men doing this kind of art are not so much interested in confronting any kind of legitimate troubling social phenomenon; they're interested in projecting their sexual desires and anger at feeling like the object of their desire has been stolen when the woman should be rightfully theirs instead. The guy in that post draws a ton of giant round boobs, sex scenes, and "deep" porn comics.

No. 1777860

IDK where you live nonny, but in Burgerland hotep-y beliefs get taught in public schools in progressive states.

No. 1777878


No. 1777881

Ok desantis KEK

No. 1777979

lol no

No. 1778014

anon is right, I live in the Bay Area and it is a shit show, half the school board got voted out about a year or so ago because they made admissions and curriculum changes based on hotep shit.

No. 1778044

>curriculum changes based on hotep shit

No. 1778078

not really. a notable example

No. 1778221

In bongland too

No. 1778305

How come no one who says this can ever provide evidence?

No. 1778385

1619 Project and Hidden Colors being taught to 7th graders kek

No. 1778387

Media censorship, proof used to get taken down all the time pre-Elon. You'll likely have to peruse LoTT but it's definitely happening.

No. 1778415

>Just trust me bro, go dig on twitter

No. 1778525

File: 1677523101495.jpeg (605.82 KB, 828x1070, 44B2FE9E-8A9D-459A-A0EE-95A7BE…)

hoteps have found ai nonnies. kek more “the real asians are african” nonsense. this is just so embarrassing…and there are hoteps in the comments believing this picture is real. someone brought up malagasy ppl; they’re a multiracial group that is indeed afro-asian but they aren’t chinese, they’re african/indonesian/malay

No. 1778540

This isn't a new view either, fringe afro-centrists have been claiming that the "original chinese" were ackshully black since the 1970's and modern chinese are the result of "white" Mongolians and manchus raping chinese en-masse for centuries

No. 1778675

>Important man wear big hat
>that's crazy

No. 1778686

I love how the black women share their skin tone with the dead whites. come on hotep-chan coudn+t you make them a bit darker

No. 1778688


sometimes the fact that this was what he did before this sends me into orbit

No. 1778858

File: 1677553968849.png (70.91 KB, 646x564, Screenshot 6.png)

the comments are sending me

No. 1778872

File: 1677555179812.jpeg (681.53 KB, 828x1259, AA20EA7B-6DA3-4FDF-B433-347795…)

just found this screenshot on twitter. WE WUZ AVATARS!
actually cackled at this one. this logic goes against everything he technically stands for…why would you claim black ppl are an alien race made up by a weird white guy named jimmy cameron…his @ is tykenesis on tiktok

No. 1778897

>the oxygen rust out our avatars
what does this even mean?

No. 1778973

File: 1677565695077.jpeg (70.99 KB, 573x480, images (18).jpeg)

The hotep who drew that must secretly hate black women you cannot change my mind.

We wuz Vikings courtesy of the Jorvik Viking Centre York
David Olusoga a popular British historian from Lagos - pretty much anything he says is disingenuous, is convinced of hidden black history in Britain (most of what he mentions isn't obscured kek) and has written multiple published children's books.
The Black Curriculum: places important black sites in british history - children's book that makes outlandish claims like the beachy head lady (mummy dating back to the Roman period) is sub-Saharan African despite the Crick Institute finding her DNA 100% European. This misrepresentation has spawned the common misconception that Africans have been a big part of Brittan since Roman times, (I've seen plenty of plebbit threads, YouTube comment sections and social media posts espousing this as fact with a disturbing amount of updoots). Another one being that sub-Saharan Africans built Hadrian's wall when there's only evidence of a company of Berbers (north Africans) being in Scotland 130 years later. It also embellishes the lives and achievements of black inventors or outright claims they invented things they didn't. Much like that Steven Universe episode where they sperg about Lewis Latimer (inventor the of the filament) being the real inventor of the lightbulb despite only developing a component of the invention. This stuff is becoming commonly accepted, wouldn't be surprised if in a few years Shakespeare is reportedly African kek.

No. 1779004

NTA but he's saying that brown people were originally blue alien avatars until the Earth's oxygen turned them brown via rust. I dont understand why copper is important, it stains the skin green not blue? He's just showing marks from cheap copper jewellery reacting with his sweat kek, I'm so confused

No. 1779005

well its nice seeing them claiming history of people other then North Africans

No. 1779080

It's true kek, they're really branching out with the Vikings stuff.

No. 1779194

yeah he’s trying to say that black people are aliens not meant for earth, so the oxygen here is rusting our naturally blue skin into a copper color…confusing bc one of hoteps’ main argument is the power of melanin and dark skin so idk why our actual skin being blue would be a good thing. they just love changing goalposts. if anything the new avatar movie is mainly based on the maori ppl with the whole ocean plot line

No. 1779332

where did you go to school lol? I've never seen that shit happen in my life and I went to a hood ass highschool. Maybe back in the 60s or something but 2010s/2020s? Younger millennial and gen Z black girls don't care unless the non black girl starts thinking riding black dick makes her black as well.

No. 1780783

It's a mentally ill /pol/ scrote kek

No. 1781989

File: 1677881130363.png (956.08 KB, 651x1079, Screenshot 63.png)

can some one translate this for me

No. 1782053

I think what he is trying to get at is that he is saddened by the rise in black women getting tired of black men and calling them out and that everyone should just get in the spaceship and be happy idk.

I like in bongland and I have never seen this, although the exhibit looks retarded. I'm surprised this could be approved in the UK without people raising eyebrows since a lot of actual Africans live there, why not actually teach about something factual?

I'm going to go on a bit of a tangent here, but i always found it annoying how black americans can't just move on the from fact that they are no longer Africans culturally. They have more in common with white westerners imo and have such a distinct and noticeable culture that is so far away from most people on a dispapora. I also heard that a lot of them would bully African children who immigrated to the US, but suddenly when black panther got popular, it was cool. I wonder how many hoteps were like that when they were young.

Cuck porn is becoming popular with black men. That, and a lot of black women nowadays no longer give a shit about race loyalty or even only get attention from non-black men. I'm too lazy to retrieve the video, mainly because i don't remember her name so it will be difficult. But there was a tiktoker who made a video about embracing her natural 4c hair and casually made a statement that only white boys hit her up and she said she was ok with it. A deranged black scrote stole her pictures and made fake dating profiles to prove that black men were actually interested at her because he was so triggered by her video. There are tons of videos like what i have described of black men being angry at black women for dating white men or advertisements depicting this.

No. 1782099

Scrotes of every race chimp out whenever a woman of their race dates out. White men have a whole database devoted to doxxing women who date black men. Literally every race of scrotes is like this, they all have an obsession with other men’s penises and think of their women as their property that other tribes may not touch.

No. 1782228

I have no idea why this shit is being approved. The only thing I could think of is it makes the virtue signallers in charge, who think they're above Africans, feel all warm and fuzzy like they're giving them a crumb of relevancy. As if they don't have numerous cultures, histories and contributions of their own. Reality is often a lot more interesting than fiction, it's disappointing we don't get to explore factual African history in the West. It's boring inserting American Hotep idealogue into what we do explore as a cheap substitute. It doesn't even make sense in context of the UK where many Africans are still in touch with their cultural heritage and would call bullshit on this stuff anyway.

No. 1782454

File: 1677942101147.jpg (85.63 KB, 800x522, FqLNBPeXgAA44M0.jpg)

Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim One of the father’s of modern Finland. This is who they got to play him in a film about his life
the Director accused anyone of being against this casting decision as being racist, mind you this is from like 2015

No. 1782474

"Turning genders" sounds like he means troons

No. 1782483

wtf lmao

No. 1782516

that cunt killed some of my relatives, gonna let this one slip even though it was dumb as hell

No. 1782647

I was browsing neocities and found a hotep site, it's got everything from "true egyptians" to blurry images of art that kinda sorta maybe look black if you squint: https://blackhistory.neocities.org/

No. 1782648

File: 1677967787973.png (130.35 KB, 798x550, site pages 2.png)

No. 1782652

File: 1677968185209.png (404.72 KB, 941x570, buddha.png)

I have never seen them try to make buddha black before lol but here we are. Also this literally reads like what /pol/ scrotes say and yet it's dead serious

No. 1782658

I'm assuming this was a hilarious watch? Like watching John Travolta play Shaka Zulu.

No. 1782776

you really think hotep black guys don't post on pol too?

No. 1782830

File: 1677985723167.jpg (282.43 KB, 800x1343, modern Santorini, Greece) 1600…)

Its very common for hoteps to claiming anyone with braided hair as being black cause they genuinely believe only black hair can be braided. for e.g picrel shows up a lot in a lot of hotep conspiracy theories to prove the ancient greeks were actually black as well

No. 1783127

Literally we wuz kangz

No. 1787111

File: 1678597560853.jpg (235.37 KB, 857x1577, SvoqcCVZHN5UV.jpg)

Afrocentrism is getting so bad that ordinary Egyptians themselves are taking huge issue with it, Last week there was an article from bbcafrique
In this article, the authors defend the Afrocentrist ideology and blame the Egyptian youth for having suspended the performance of Kevin Hart, the article went as far to attack DR Zahi Hawass, the former Egyptian Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs for starting that "black people" were only ever minorities in Egyptian history


No. 1787168

1000% late to the party, but these people are somehow desirous to prove their D.N.A. is from a people of strong parental and sibling incest? I mean, you do you I guess. We wuz family fuckers would be more accurate.

No. 1788088

File: 1678734607138.png (99.45 KB, 648x1133, Screenshot 67.png)

someone please explain what she's trying to say

No. 1788111

>bashing incels

No. 1788145

File: 1678739422410.jpg (50.79 KB, 1280x720, 1589949791706.jpg)

She is dragging him for his dear life lmao.

No. 1788291

clearing page

No. 1788374

File: 1678799762274.gif (2.21 MB, 498x278, jive-airplane.gif)

You look like a woman, no way does a real man act like you, you will never get laid.

No. 1789601

File: 1678974842731.jpg (120.19 KB, 960x929, Fk4XqzLXEAAcqJJ.jpg)

another one by a Hotep artist, the message is that Joseph and Mary were black and Jesus was also black but white people made Jesus white, the artist represents this through a black Mary giving birth to a blonde haired blue eyed baby Jesus, implying she cheated on Joseph

No. 1789608

Why does literally all hotep art look like low quality Deviantart fetish porn?

No. 1789616

Fuck, these people really don't understand that there are races other than "black and white" do they?
>scientific research shows Jesus was likely a brown skinned middle easterner instead of the white blonde we tend to see in the west. You can even see our 3d models
>her der if not white must be black
Fucking brilliant amerimutt logic right there

No. 1789622

Sage for mild blogpost but I used to teach in a rural region of the American south and the kids literally believed there were four races on earth: black, white, Chinese & Mexican. Their entire global knowledge was based on the fast food options available in their area. The US school system really is that bad.

No. 1789625

technically there are only 4 races in this world(in terms of skull shape) Caucasian, Negroid, Mongoloid and Australoid(racebaiting)

No. 1789785

Kek Joseph isn't even the actual father, she's Virgin Mary for a reason. The story goes that Mary was impregnated by Holy Spirit and idk Holy Spirit probably doesn't have a race. This is so stupid on so many levels

No. 1790060

File: 1679026083207.jpeg (106.16 KB, 1080x1080, 849be0fb-f182-4212-8934-007141…)

i've noticed hoteps have this idea that everyone is jealous of them even when it comes to tragic stories like Sara Baartman's (pictured) who was kept on display as a literal freakshow act.

also there's a 50 yr gap between Baartman and the bustle. i think the public had forgotten by then.

No. 1790100

File: 1679035268830.jpg (189.78 KB, 900x1182, cdbbd209118e695f5f956f7f9d8226…)

Whoever made that has no knowledge of western fashion history. There is a long tradition of making women's skirts as wide as possible in various shapes. It was so rich women could show off expensive fabric and also to give the wearer some personal space.

No. 1790107

then there's you, a moid.

No. 1790192

How is this racebaiting

No. 1790349

The mods here are literal niggers, and like typical niggers, they are complete retards.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1790351

>anon use the term negroid
>how is this post racist ?

No. 1790373

Sadly, this thread attracts brain dead racists.

No. 1790459

I know this is an old post but they would shit a lot if someone tell them that Zidane is Algerian Kabyle descent.

No. 1790474

you must be sheltered. KKK actually kill people. These hoteps are pushable losers.

No. 1790487

File: 1679104626659.jpg (39.23 KB, 474x344, 96fd8e2e88f220cbd95eb2917b6101…)

Kek, the facial expressions are funny to me. Anons will focus on the race changing or the shoddy art, but this piece is more layered than you think and gives you insight into the world of the typical hotep failmale. Firstly, the notion that Mary "cheated" on Joseph. Hotep males often see women as whores and are paranoid at the notion of unknowingly raising babies that aren't biologically theirs. In general, they are apprehensive about child rearing and are often absent in the process regardless. Essentially, their fears are primarily projection. Hoteps also hate the fact that black women have started dating interracially at high rates and their attempts to shame them out of it are becoming ineffective. The particular interracial union that makes them seethe the most is black women x white men. Mass media has begun shilling this pair a lot and numerous FAMOUS black men like the washed up comedian godfrey, who doesn't deserve to have his name typed correctly, have made videos protesting this. Tariq Nashit has also expressed distress towards a romantic union between a black woman and a white man being depicted in the first sonic movie. They also can't fathom the idea that the men they deem as on the top of the racial hierarchy can be attracted to women considered to be on the bottom of the racial hierarchy. They think this, all while needing them for their hotep ethnostate as human baby incubators to produce more "pure" black sons. Hoteps also have a habit of shaming black women who date non-black men by calling them bedwenches i.e slave women who were used primarily as sex slaves during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. My autism couldn't be contained

No. 1790541

I hate Americans and their non stop obsession with race.

No. 1790542

They would force black female slaves to birth as many children as possible

Wouldn’t matter about killing/mutilating one when you had another 8 from that person growing up to become slaves later

No. 1790548

it's a scientific term isn't it?

No. 1790549

nta but look, there's also mongoloid, australoid, and even caucasoid if it makes you feel better.

No. 1790845

I think the main thing is that nobody except race weirdos tend to use those terms.

No. 1792898

Kek, still doesn't mean anyone (except for delusional hoteps who want to be fetishised) believes white people consumed black flesh en masse, or that it was intrinsic to the slave trade when the primary motivation was economic.

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