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No. 1413384

A thread to discuss the online hilarity of a subgroup of racial identitarians known as the goldensphere.

What would happen if white nationalists and hoteps had an interracial gang bang? The result would definitely be this group of cows.

This thread is specifically about light skinned or mixed-race African Americans who genuinely believe that they are superior to other African Americans (even blasians) based on their "golden skin" and that they need to secure a nation for "golden people" and "golden children".

Important Note: no racebaiting, no posting normal mixed/lightskin people, and no regurgitative comments about black culture, race-mixing.

No. 1413396

Notable cows:

Hybrid vigour/black knight fool:
>Will accuse women he disagrees with of being lesbians, masculine, or radical feminists.
>Calls other men gay/incels when he has incelish tendencies and a high pitched voice himself.
>Constantly accuses others of being mentally ill when he obviously is himself.
>Claims to hate BW despite talking about them constantly.
>Will post a wall of incoherent verbal diarrhea in the comments sections of videos either insulting the uploader or stroking his own ego.
>Uses white nationalist talking points.

Caesar Cannon:
>A literal criminal.
>A wannabe cult leader that uses occult symbols in his videos and thinks he has spiritual powers.
>His commenters/audience act like creepy cult members and even call him "patriarch".

Golden Goddess:
>Gets into online drama constantly despite being like 50.
>Husband left her because she was slutty and insufferable.

Smiles and the twisted MD:
>Claims to be a doctor but has time to do 2-3 hour long livestreams almost daily.
>Starts drama with others and has deranged, angry fits for no reason at all.
>Recently got exposed as a white woman pretending to be mixed.

Hybrid vigour channel:

Smiles channel:

Caesar Cannon's channel:

Golden Goddess channel:

No. 1487957

Hybrid vigour recently had a spat with another goldensphere cult member named mizzmm over him stalking on her 3 different alts and sending her messages desperately trying to get with her. Mizzmm has also been in some drama herself for allegedly saying mean things about golden goddess's kids (which is ironic considering how golden goddess called bossy empress's kids chimpanzees).

No. 1489165

File: 1648837104747.png (639.69 KB, 825x1354, Screenshot_20220331-081646~3.p…)

Here's a screenshot for context.

No. 1625814

File: 1661466441677.png (966.21 KB, 1106x1453, Screenshot_20220825-084222~2.p…)

Here's some background information on the possible creator of this thread.

His name is Atlantic Creole/Beige Pill/Kyle Griffiths and he's a known predator and stalker of the goldensphere and is a lolcow himself.
>Pretends to be pro black but has called black people apes and slurs.
>Has a rap sheet of stalking and sexually harassing both men and women.
>Has doxxed multiple people and made death threats.
>Has allegedly exchanged nudes with a 13 year old boy and has a collection of CP. Falsely accuses other people of being pedos despite this.
>Bragged about molesting his own father once and how he got away with it.
>Acts like an intersectional feminist but calls women he's jealous of whores and thots, especially mixed women.
>Tries to get women harmed repeatedly and puts children in danger

His YouTube channels:
His Twitter

No. 1632101

File: 1661976327680.jpeg (85.48 KB, 574x742, 68E3C79E-C0DA-4840-B4C6-BBCB3B…)

This is black knight fool, aka Shawn Seguin, aka hybrid vigour

He lives in the projects of Vanier, Ottawa
260 Shakespeare St
Vanier, ON K1L 5M7


No. 1703247

I don't normally post on /snow/ or lolcow.farm but here is some discord invite on his channel and his channel link.

These people are nothing but pure drama.



No. 1703392

Wait i second, i've seen that name bossyempryss tv before. I am not familiar with the "golden sphere", but i know she goes around looking for sympathy for people for being a felon who has to resort to selling soiled clothing. She also has a bunch of white simps she uses as her own personal army. Sorry for no sources since i got this information on the word of multiple people.

No. 1703538

this is not shawn seguin
that's someone else


No. 1703889

>bragged about molesting his own father
what in the The Strange Thing About the Johnsons??

No. 1750096

There's something weird about that guy.

No. 1756207

He gives me glowie vibes.

No. 1757001

I think that mulatto Vanguard guy he's with is a glowie too. That's probably why they were both kicked out of previous political movements they were in since the others found out the truth.

No. 1762931

Some say that hybrid vigour was once allegedly involved in the human trafficking of minors and is possibly working as a federal rat to infiltrate political movements to entrap it's members to possibly clear himself of his criminal history. That's also why you always hear him talking about how he has no criminal record like a broken fucking record because he's probably guilty of awful shit.

No. 1766599

The fact that this post starts with "some say" is proof that it's some tinfoil hat schizopost. I highly doubt anyone believes hybrid vigour would do that.

No. 1781009

biracialthingz is a stalker and Angry Biracial/Jesse McBeth made a fake screenshot, trying to say some mixed bitch called his wife a monkey. Lmao. This mixed race sphere shit is a joke.

They didn't want their own nation either. They wanted biracial categorization in America. But OP is a dumbass and so are they.

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