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File: 1643785757763.png (899.17 KB, 702x800, Image4.png)

No. 1432730

"Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped”."

Prior Thread >>1191646

The worst offenders:

Erin Eevee/Pinkfox Cosplay:

Jenna Lynn Meowri:

No. 1432731

File: 1643785791560.png (1.78 MB, 882x1229, dfs.png)

No. 1432732

File: 1643785838390.jpg (1.1 MB, 2160x2880, g78t1kcfgpo61.jpg)

No. 1432734

File: 1643785871564.jpg (166.18 KB, 1242x1560, 55sht06qc4k61.jpg)

No. 1432736

File: 1643786301731.png (673.38 KB, 521x692, FKiGBpRXMAgaKy1.PNG)

Don't know if it's a bad bbl, bad implants or bad photoshop but her ass is so weirdly shaped and can't understand how people believe she's natural

No. 1432760

File: 1643789178554.png (11.33 MB, 2284x3740, life in plastic is fantastic.p…)

Violet Evergarden cosplayers are pretty notorious photoshoppers (have yet to see a cosplay of her that hasn't been shooped to hell), but I got curious if there was any Gilbert cosplays out there and ended up laughing my ass off at this one.

All that editing and couldn't even bother shooping his characteristic scar

No. 1432762

File: 1643789327665.jpeg (956.22 KB, 1242x1627, 800341F8-BA4F-4168-B469-E26D52…)

Kek he looks like the little who from Horton Hears a Who

No. 1432784

lmao exactly, couldn't he shoop that goofy looking upper lip while he was at it?

No. 1433192

File: 1643839670052.png (4.84 MB, 1366x2048, Image5.png)

No. 1433194

File: 1643839756905.png (Spoiler Image,3.42 MB, 1674x2048, Image6.png)

No. 1433198

should not have zoomed in on this one

No. 1433325

Uncanny valley levels but the outfit is really cute ngl.

No. 1433340

I wonder why do people still believe SeeU really looks like that… She's pretty without all the filters, but the amount of filters she uses to morhp her face into a "baby face" is ridiculous.
The worst part is that at least where i'm from, people make fun of cosplayers or bully them for using even the slightest filter ever, but idolize this type of cosplayers and really think they look like this.

No. 1433375

I literally busted out laughing when I opened this jesus christ lmfao

No. 1433494

At least say WHO these people are so anons can look at other photos or look them up so we can figure out of photoshopped they are

No. 1433716

File: 1643902348086.jpeg (274.72 KB, 1080x2217, 9BBB8DBC-F446-4C27-A018-E37C63…)

No. 1433718

File: 1643902369513.jpeg (222.85 KB, 1125x1460, A2765606-49F3-405B-B7B8-D9CE4F…)


No. 1433723

File: 1643902603023.jpeg (Spoiler Image,818.61 KB, 1536x2037, 7F32FEE7-B614-4372-A062-DA22BD…)

Never seen anything worse than this.

No. 1433787

Is this Gigi gorgeous?

No. 1434399

agreed lol, what's the point of dropping random pics? it really clogs up the thread

No. 1434541

Like I don't gaf if they are shopped if anon isn't doing the effort of saying what might be or who they are. Otherwise, yes. We know people shop.

No. 1434716

File: 1644006042904.jpg (465.08 KB, 2048x2048, 1BAC1035-81A7-49B4-BA81-9B997F…)

jenna lynn meowri

No. 1434719

File: 1644006235020.jpg (760.11 KB, 2048x3072, xu222a0eqzv61 (1).jpg)


No. 1434723

File: 1644006439008.jpg (366.84 KB, 2048x2048, j9kg7chm27r61.jpg)

Not a crazy photoshopper but I want to call out OMGCosplay- Does some photoshopping and claims she does none. Has even spoken against photoshop. People believe it as long as you leave zits or cellulite in your pics. You can tell the hair is even done by faceapp.

No. 1434793

File: 1644012469755.png (Spoiler Image,684.64 KB, 593x876, kfjszdsz.png)


it's just…. bad

No. 1434799

Honestly looks like shoop and a tit job.

No. 1434804

Anyone who does this or believes this should be shot in the back of the head point blank. What the fuck has this world come to where this is allowed and encouraged. She's infini fat AND has raging delusions. Barf.

No. 1434823

wtf is that waist to hip ratio? I'm aghast

No. 1434882

It’s like she photoshopped her already photoshopped face on an IMVU avatar.

No. 1435057

File: 1644036812112.gif (16.22 MB, 580x1280, ezgif-6-efbb408750.gif)

This bitch Sunny Ray who always talks about her body being naturally like this but you can see it warp in vids lol

No. 1435099

Wtf is going on with that bikini top? Is it upside down??

No. 1435105

It's not upside-down, the wire is on the bottom. It's from SHEIN from the cut of it. Their bras and bikini tops are always super wide apart for some reason. Shitty place to buy tops like those from it.

No. 1435447

File: 1644087979857.jpg (670.37 KB, 1920x1549, InShot_20220205_115941233.jpg)

This waist shopping is so overdone. How does anyone really feel good about themselves when this is what they reduce their self image to

No. 1435458

The grain effect makes it look like her skin is made of sandpaper.

No. 1435609

File: 1644101077493.jpeg (Spoiler Image,140.8 KB, 576x802, image0.jpeg)

shiftymine's totally real face and breasts

No. 1435611

File: 1644101220893.jpg (Spoiler Image,130.46 KB, 862x1280, IMG_20211120_011732_988.jpg)

No. 1435616

File: 1644101526465.jpg (Spoiler Image,608.73 KB, 2276x3040, 2276x3040_1edb0c26c51bd7fa4145…)

No. 1435652

Why are her fake nipples so blurry kek

No. 1435658

this is getting ridculous with shiftymine. people are absolutley moronic for thinking she wearing a chest plate in these. First of all, just go back to her instagram and lookt at the pictures before she started to heavily photoshopping them. All she's doing is using a filter and perfectly smoothing out the skin and removing any imperfections like birthmarks and freckles and so on she also is wearing pasties which she then blurs out. see in this one she's just blurring out her real nips because she doesnt want to do full nudity. see how the breasts still contain imperfections? There are plenty of pictures which also show she has in fact huge boobs. Second of all, do you virgins know anything about female bodies? A woman's breasts can change radically over time especially as they get older. Breasts grow. Eyes grow. Hell even noses grow with age.(sage your shit )

No. 1435667

She's never going to let you stroke the breast plate and suck her "real" tits. You will continue to white knight her for diminishing returns (if any) and you will die with your cock in hand, alone at a computer. This is your life. Defending a con artist's drag breast plate because the broken illusion gets in the way of your only ritual. Choking your sad cock day in and day out to fake tits and Photoshop while you're drained of your time and money. For nothing. How much of your life have you spent masturbating to this and defending it on forums? Is your mother proud? Are you fulfilled? Just some things to think of during your refractory period, if your porn addiction even allows that kind of awareness anymore. Also, sage faggot.

TL;DR tits are fake and you're a retard for believing any of this, ratio + cope + erectile dysfunction

No. 1435684

There is seriously no way you aren't a scrote. How can you see this >>1435616 and think those are real? They look like silicone. They literally look like the figures she's holding. Are you gonna say those Rick and Morty figures are real people too?

No. 1435720

File: 1644110157564.png (1.24 MB, 936x1174, 8563847673.png)

@katee.bartlett on instagram is out of control with the 0.5x zoom and leg lengthening filters. I love when nyc influencers from this scene photoshop themselves so much because there are always photos of them from events on bfa

No. 1435723

explain her multiple sets of nipples then

No. 1435724

File: 1644110300268.png (2.72 MB, 1152x1368, 22.png)

she posted this one today… photoshopping herself kendall jenner's photoshopped proportions kek

No. 1435725

ever since i noticed that trick she does where she pushes up her shirt to cover her collarbone/ armpit area and disguise the chestplate seams i can't unsee how she does it in like 90% of her nudes

if you like what she posts and think it's hot then surely it really doesn't matter whether it's a chest plate or not. we just like to be catty and gossip, it really doesn't affect you.

>do you virgins know nothing about female bodies?

we are the female bodies mister

No. 1435726

File: 1644110339806.png (830.91 KB, 404x1132, 33.png)

meanwhile this is what she actually looks like

No. 1435728

This drag was almost poetic

No. 1435729

Anon I love you, I'm stealing this as a copypasta

No. 1435755

Her legs are actually pretty, I don’t get these people who photoshops themselves to hell and back.

No. 1435762

I agree, I don't even know how these girls fall into the trap of editing their already great bodies to insane proportions. it's so rampant on ig & tiktok since they have editors to do this to videos now

No. 1435763

the internet induced dysmorphia is so severe that these attractive girls want to look like marfan syndrome sufferers…

No. 1435832

This makes squidwardthigh look natural kek

No. 1436229

File: 1644170986936.jpg (2.04 MB, 3600x1548, 1614356622118.jpg)


Honestly don't understand all the scrotes who worship her and don't understand how shoop works. One of my colleagues is a mad simp for her and when I told him that she's Photoshopped he was in disbelief.

He's in his thirties. Men are truly blind then feel catfished when they see their waifu idols irl….they also don't recognize implants…..

No. 1436233

>He's in his thirties.
seems they only get worse at this the older they get

No. 1436238

File: 1644171596678.jpg (143.42 KB, 1280x720, 43994.jpg)


It's awful isn't it? Sometimes the things he and other scrotes say just makes me vom in my mouth. It's like pick a side, either accept that these ethots are heavily edited and curated and don't be so angry when your delusions get shattered or live blindly. Blogpost sage, but relevant: I was thinking about this mentality considering he was always cynical about me having a long distance partner, and lectured unsolicoted advice about how he can just appear as perfect when he isn't. We've been together two years and he's genuinely the sweetest, but this coming from a thirsty lonely man who desperately used to be in Twitch thot's chats begging for acknowledgement made me kek. So it doesn't apply to them, only other men

Disgusting stuff

No. 1436270

She's also lying and has had LOADS of surgery. She's had every part pf her face done since that first pic

No. 1436801

File: 1644218099649.jpeg (551.02 KB, 753x977, 3562366C-4B98-4ABD-9C9F-3C8D8D…)

French insta thot (@tootatis on Instagram) that claims to be all natural, photoshops her pictures like crazy, wears hip pads..and of course scrotes believe it is real.

No. 1437403

File: 1644280885950.jpg (398.05 KB, 1080x1213, 20220207_193714.jpg)

No. 1437876

Why is shorty wearing yetti boots in a hot tub tho?

No. 1437941

I can't tell if you mean a real type of shoe called Yeti because I don't see any boots or if you mean figuratively because of her feet.

No. 1438272

those are her hooves you bitch

No. 1440256

File: 1644544653446.jpg (54.81 KB, 1080x1536, FB_IMG_1644524051485.jpg)

Popped up on my Facebook timeline. I checked her Instagram, and it's new-ish. Pretty sure she's a catfish.

No. 1440284

The fact that scrotes think you can have a big ass, thighs and boobs naturally while also having a super tiny waist is so fucked. What do they think makes up most of those body parts? Fat. Or silicone.

No. 1440292

or photoshop

No. 1440369

You can though, certain races do all the time and random white girls do too. It depends on bone structure and genetics, but fat distribution for women has to do with estrogen. Not that long ago you would be humiliated for having a body type that wasn’t stick thin, including just hips and thighs, if you were white or Asian. This body type isn’t impossible at all and if it’s exaggerated it’s usually slightly and it’s the posing. I never thought I’d see women complaining about curvy bodies being desirable even by other women to have when we have bigger hips naturally. Some people don’t gain weight in their stomach but still got teased for gaining it anywhere else even if that’s what is trendy. Yes this is a personal issue and I’m not here to argue this thread is so dumb

No. 1440381

She has cankles and a warped waist. Bye.

No. 1440413

You just know she's massive judging by the size of her legs, she probably photoshoped her waist. You can also see how blurry and wobbly her left thigh looks as well.

Why are you here then? Seriously this entire post didn't make any sense, why did you bring 00's body standards even tho they haven't been relevant for a decade?, why did you bring race? why did you talk about being teased and how is it relevant in any way to this thread?, I know you're probably a pear-shaped girl but that doesn't mean her body is real like yours anon, some people lie on the internet.

No. 1440759

File: 1644606413174.jpg (134.78 KB, 1280x944, 8FB74666-E4D0-42F3-975E-48EB98…)

do plates naturally sag and look like this? Thank you. My point is made. ShiftyMine has done numerous twitch streams.

No. 1440763

those look like two giant pieces of bread

No. 1440787

These literally look so fake. Breasts that large would usually have some level of veins, stretch marks or even minor skin details on them. This literally looks like a shitty rubber chest plate and she does a terrible job of disguising it given that she obviously covers up the seam in every pic - including this one kek

No. 1440796

File: 1644608899121.jpg (27.1 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.3663793743_j6as.jpg)

No. 1440813

This is embarassing

No. 1440839

Her ugly mutt ass will never fuck you and you will never know the tender touch of a silicone mommy, croak

No. 1440913

i personally like the piece of hair she accidentally got under the tape.

No. 1440949

fuck off scrote

No. 1441056

this is possibly the fakest looking photo you've posted yet lol

do you have a humiliation fetish? is that why you keep coming back here just for us to tell you how stupid and gullible you are

No. 1441173

You absolutely can have it but you have to be born with it, in South Africa you can see a woman like this every day

No. 1441707

LOL gotta give her props for scamming scrotes who can’t recognize silicone tits. Kinda wish I thought of that.

No. 1441859

File: 1644710833458.png (2.1 MB, 924x1155, 1644583488693.png)

No. 1441864

Mewto lookin ass

No. 1441973

File: 1644722902097.jpg (203.49 KB, 1483x2048, 20220213_002425.jpg)

No. 1442118

Even photoshopped, they still manage to look overweight

No. 1442120

the fat ass hands lmao

No. 1442196

File: 1644764418008.png (1.29 MB, 768x1024, FKiM6TRX0AYBU5U.png)

Stumbled upon this thot called Bunnie Wifey and she edits so much that her face is inconsistent even in recent medias when looking at them together. I'm 100000% sure this bitch is more of a fatty than she lets on in the waist.

The shoop on the face makes her look like an alien with the overly tiny mouth and chopped V chin. She might be wearing a corset or waist trainer but it looks like shoop is in effect. Especially looking at her fupa and lower tummy in comparision to that nonexistent waist


No. 1442198

I’m so tired of fat bitches

No. 1442199

File: 1644764515088.png (3.17 MB, 1536x2048, FK729VUWQAsSjzB.png)


The weird distortion around her fat arms

No. 1442203

Who in their right mind thinks that those proportions are actually attractive? She looks like a cartoon character.

No. 1442204

File: 1644764777121.jpg (Spoiler Image,202.73 KB, 1143x781, holy shoop batman.jpg)

Nonnies I'm laughing so hard, her OF is public and these were literally two sets apart, at least be consistent with what body shape you want to delude coomers into thinking you have Bunnie sweetie?

No. 1442333

File: 1644781021896.jpeg (391.29 KB, 694x831, A0CB6D79-82F7-4EB8-A671-EFDB55…)

Do i really need to post the unedited ones..

No. 1442341

kek she has the facial proportions of the zootopia fox

No. 1442423

File: 1644789929798.png (348.42 KB, 702x970, Nick_Wilde_Zootopia.png)

peak female face. seriously the kind of people who fall for this level of shooping, do they just believe there is an underground city full of these cartoon hotties or something? I don't often say touch grass…but if you think a woman could walk upright with proportions like that, lay down in the grass and watch the clouds roll by for a week pls

No. 1442709

File: 1644841028805.jpg (371.25 KB, 719x1157, Screenshot_20220214-161203_Ins…)

Wtf I can't believe ppl think this is real… she did say she got work done but the waist shook is just oof

No. 1442733

I'm starting to miss the times when being a flat spoopy skellyton in low rise jeans was all the rage.

No. 1443030

kek maybe i’m stupid but her waist looks normal? her hips look weird though.

No. 1443071

what the fuck is this thing? i don’t understand how my mutuals repost this shit when its so fucking obviously fake no one is built like this

No. 1443075

File: 1644870151872.jpeg (282.66 KB, 1517x2048, 7C20DE8B-20C2-4946-B3F7-6F0068…)

she can get rid of her whole jaw but not her double chin whats the point?

No. 1443088

I went to high school with her and bitch was built like a fridge. Definitely had work done but the waist is shopped.

No. 1443385

File: 1644894364218.jpg (Spoiler Image,354.48 KB, 718x888, Screenshot_20220215-071044_Ins…)

What's up with her right tit it looks lumpy or something she's so weird idk why bitches photoshop period

No. 1443412

and this… isn't a man? the jaw and shoulders…

No. 1443511

obvious boob job and bbl

No. 1443719

File: 1644929749420.jpg (Spoiler Image,198.61 KB, 683x1024, weirdarm.jpg)

People pay money for that?!

No. 1443803

I can understand the jaw but are you male? those shoulders are obviously feminine, especially if you work out.

No. 1443996

nah i'm not male. i guess all the obese cows in this thread were throwing me off bc i get what you're saying now that i googled her. my bad.

No. 1444888

Is pointing out fakery via shooping and plastic surgery ~mAlDiNg~ now kek

No. 1445072

looks more like some weird-ass implants than photoshop, the gnarly scars on the underside of her boob are a good indication that the surgery/ aftercare wasn't properly done and they may well be fucked up and lumpy due to that

No. 1445231

I hope she sees this, bro.

No. 1445235

File: 1645090634383.jpeg (326.81 KB, 1638x2048, FI_rtjCXMAgLAsZ.jpeg)

This chick is unbelievable with an Insta bio that insists she's real but her shooping is so sloppy and ridiculous as well as the proportions that it's cringe. The worst part is that there are scrotes that genuinely believe that this is how she looks I'm gonna need a minute

Same on Insta and worse

No. 1445236

File: 1645090670506.jpg (191.34 KB, 706x425, SNOW_20220217_093132_485.jpg)

No. 1445237

File: 1645090742469.jpeg (51.07 KB, 788x936, FJliWAFVQAMlRfu.jpeg)

Apologies nonnas it's anny my phone autocorrected that and I'm halfway through a coffee to dezombify

No. 1445259

Men are truly an inferior species. I’m convinced they don’t even see women as fully human, therefore they don’t need to have a body that is practical, functional and normal, with room for their organs and tits that don’t cripple a person to a life of misery and back pain. How the fuck would a person stay alive built like this? If this was real she would have to sleep sitting up like the elephant man because lying down would probably kill her.

No. 1445275

Call me a wk if you must, but I don't think that online coomers who follow those outrageous photoshop accounts are exactly representative of the entire male species

No. 1445282

File: 1645101420246.jpg (255.27 KB, 719x1116, Screenshot_20220217-163815_Chr…)

Idk if she photoshops and ik no one cares abt imvu hoes but this bitch is such a loser she stays at home taking pics and videos of her in her bed or room…she never leaves the house except to go visit her weird bf and she didn't wear a mask while she was there lol hopefully she gets covid eventually dumb bitch. And when she was at her bfs house in Sweden she posted like 2 or 3 stories of her outside his apartment or house whatever type of place he lives in sage for dumbshit no one cares abt 1/2(vendetta post)

No. 1445283

File: 1645101458247.jpg (211.29 KB, 717x515, Screenshot_20220217-163918_Ins…)


No. 1445288

Stfu male

No. 1445298


does your bf simp for this girl or something nonny you're kinda salty, you might be better off posting about her in a more general thread because her photos don't look ridiculously shooped and this feels vendetta

No. 1445343

No. 1445348

No. 1445350

Not a vendetta I was just wondering bc if you look at her wasit in both pics it looks different like the first pic her wasit is wide asf then in the second one it's narrow so I thought she did photoshop also this bitch has cockeyed tits she used to be an A cup but got a boob job and two nose jobs…I'm not salty she's just annoying she claims she's all natural when that's not true lol also my bf doesn't simp for gross bitches who send their nudes to multiple guys while in a relationship but anyway pls link me the Gen thread I'd love to hear what ppl gotta say abt her lol but imma sage this post

No. 1445356

this website isn't for children.
videos can be filtered in real time. and sage goes in the email field, no need to bump the thread with your useless nonsense

No. 1445359

She's huge like her tits wouldn't be able to fit on the body she's portraying if she wasn't big look at her hands she has fat fingers also she might be doing that Korean make up trend where they use this tap around their double chin and it lifts and hides it

No. 1445403


You type like you're 13 and you haven't provided any milk let alone her handle, she's a friend you're jealous of or a boyfriends ex guaranteed kek

No. 1445441

How do you photoshop yourself this hard and still look fat?

No. 1445476

Her handle was mentioned before scroll up

No. 1445492


ngl anon I agree she doesn't seem like she edits more than average. not wking, I watched all of her tiktoks and the walls don't warp around her at all when she dances. I don't see why it even how someone could edit their waist small but keep the rest of their body that fat if they didn't look that way at least and have it be so consistent in all of her photos. it would take a lot of skill someone with her size of following wouldn't have. maybe she corsets or something but she definitely doesn't edit more than other people do

No. 1445515


double post but I watched through again, there's a TikTok where she puts her hands infront of her waist but they don't warp at all. also one where she holds two gross meat rods infront of her boobs and they stay straight. I don't think she's editing her videos and can't find any proof of actual shopping in her photos besides how strange her body looks. she's either really really good at editing more than anyone else on TikTok, or just actually looks like a freak of nature

she also has the same head size in photos other people have posted of her and has used built in TikTok filters before and looked the same. I don't think she's secretly huge and edits only her waist and jaw tiny, I think she just looks strange

No. 1445564

her waist on tikok doesnt look anything like her photos… probs waist training and editing the shit out of her waist. chin shoop is clear as hell too

No. 1445569

its completely possible to fix warping if youre editing with a finer software like after affects, also shapewear exists.

No. 1445583


anon are you retarded? she looks mostly the same, it's literally just a different angle where her tits are the main focus in these. even if she does edit her photos they definitely do look enough like her tiktoks to an extent I wouldn't consider her a bigger shopper than the average like this thread is about. this seems like a reach because she's fat and not that hideous, waist training doesn't make a fatty suddenly have a waist if there isn't one or every fat bitch would just do that instead of shopping. also after effects to edit a tiktok filmed on an android for just 1k views?

No. 1445632

File: 1645133749858.jpg (98.49 KB, 1001x880, 88477563.JPG)

i dont see what you mean. she looks fat hourglass consistently. her body isnt that unbelievable to need to be edited to exist, ive seen it before its just kinda rare

No. 1445638

Her face and waist are clearly very edited. It doesn't look natural. No matter how many posts you make saying it does we aren't going to believe you.

No. 1445665

i don't see editing more than average like the thread topic implies. theres no real proof of it besides her looking unnatural. shapewear =/= editing. why would a person edit their videos so skillfully to keep her hands walls unchanged but be leaving her legs and arms so fat and leave her double chin? i dont understand

No. 1445676

Every single one of these "people" are either obese ugly or both

No. 1445681

this is jumpscare worthy

No. 1445691

My younger sister is a fan of hers and whiteknights for her and thinks this is her real body shape. I am in awe at the stupidity of terminally online people who genuinely think anyone looks like a mommy milkers coomer character in real life.

No. 1445695

Because nobody cares about her arms and hands. She clearly edits her stomach and her face. She wants to have a extreme hourglass look. It doesn't look natural, you can keep claiming you don't see it

No. 1445697

ntayrt but you do realise editing apps these days are extremely good at keeping you edited flawlessly through the whole video with extremely low effort
I agree that for her waist she's likely tightlaced a corset so hard it's splitting apart, but thats about it. No living human stores all their fat so its floating above the waist area. You're telling me you think all her back fat just sits on her upper back?
The face area is as easy as one tap to edit, you don't have to dakota style meticulously hand edit videos in aftereffects anymore

No. 1445719

she said she uses beauty filters on her twitter, so it's not like she's pretending she doesn't retouch her pics

No. 1445824


You're either a deluded scrote or you are her trying to grasp straws, give it a rest

No. 1445826

No. 1445886

No one cares about your personal vendetta. You're way too angry about a random thot

No. 1446052


Probably some random girl who got angry her boyfriend liked her posts or she was an ex or a friend or something,

General question: do you think any of these women seriously think badly shooping themselves is convincing or is it because they genuinely think that they look like that to enough of a degree that they try to shoop? Some of these are so ridiculous I find it crazy that they don't recognize how deluded they are, especially the ones that claim they're all natural

No. 1446054

>skinny waist
>still has the sloppy tits of a fat bitch

No. 1446062

I'm baffled you don't see the obvious shooping signs around her waist. Notice how it's blurry on the right side in both these images. Ontop of that, apps nowdays can keep the shoop consistent throughout a video even with items being held infront of them. Besides just the obvious signs from looking at these pictures, biologically nobody can actually look like this nona, and I'm concerned that you think it's real. She would topple over from the amount of weight she's carrying ontop with no support from the middle. It's just not physically possible.

No. 1446070

Weird that most of her stuff is private now.

No. 1446102

she's been talking on twitter since her cosplay went viral about how bad it's been for her mental health. before her Vanessa cosplay she wasn't well known she gained 10,000 followers in a week. a lot of people were calling her deformed but she says she has lipedema on her hips and someone pointed out she has signs of gigantomastia because of the fat on the sides of her boobs

No. 1446162

I still think the excessive editing in her pics and vids are hilariously bad but ah, I sorta feel bad for her.

No. 1446181


No. 1446599

File: 1645231876189.jpg (Spoiler Image,391.82 KB, 1080x1401, 20210926_020342.jpg)


No. 1446625

bitch just cannot edit her ~totally real large doe~ eyes the same size to save her life can she

No. 1446676

this proves nothing actually

No. 1446702

File: 1645241796355.jpg (Spoiler Image,70.37 KB, 669x1024, FLnYH0AVUAMbTau.jpg)

warning picture is nsfw, stumbled on this account on twitter (@_sup3rrnova)

men are incapable of critical thinking

No. 1446824

There is no way you're not trolling at this point, or I'm dumb and your comment is a joke.

No. 1447337

This is a joke right? Has to be trolling. Worst photoshop I've ever seen.

No. 1447836

File: 1645369871970.jpg (428.5 KB, 720x1005, SNOW_20220220_151020_181.jpg)

Terrifying but also scrotes fall for it and think she's youthful kawaii uwu

No. 1447873

File: 1645375188208.png (899.16 KB, 1472x856, sepukko angel empath chan.png)

empath-chan photoshops all her pics

No. 1447883

Off topic but "doxxing is often fatal for the victim" bitch what

No. 1447929

File: 1645379467088.png (1.71 MB, 1858x1821, 1644612007268.png)

I think she is refering to getting stabbed by one of her orbitors. She posts her adress in the server she created once in a while because she wants to get the same faith as bianca devins

No. 1447989

Oh Jesus Christ she's hideous woof

No. 1448042

So she actually wants to be stalked and murdered? What an absolutely insufferable bitch

No. 1448596

File: 1645456748528.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5761.png)

she simps for guys that talk down to her and then they post screenshots in her server as well

No. 1448606

File: 1645459281603.jpeg (79.07 KB, 988x1024, E9Bui_zVUAYhJBr.jpeg)

empath-chan deserves a thread of her own

No. 1448654

Are the bottom pics really her? She looks like someone's mum lmfao
I'm certain pics she posts of her body are also shopped too

No. 1448766

This one makes me so sad/angry because she already has a nice figure. I saw her on instagram as a teenager and she gave me some self confidence since we have similar lower bodies. Now she’s trying to edit her hips as wider and for what??? The videos of her from years ago speak for themselves, all she’s doing is raising the bar to unattainable levels.

No. 1449588

this is a bait. Good job I guess.

No. 1450919

File: 1645699985901.jpeg (345.33 KB, 570x973, 72697B69-70A9-43C2-A73C-000FA7…)

Regardless all the drama with her pedophile boyfriend, does anyone know if she photoshops or if it’s just surgery? Because she obviously got surgery in Korea. (nosejob, lips, fat transfer in her hips/ass, double eyelid, and now she’s lightening her skin)

No. 1450920

File: 1645700064904.jpeg (445.85 KB, 550x838, 3448FEFE-FA9B-44EC-9D37-B15022…)

how she used to look around 2019/2020
she had hips dips and now she doesn’t?

No. 1450932

File: 1645701949851.jpeg (850.99 KB, 995x1123, BB8897B6-B2A5-4C65-9B90-EF8CDF…)

Shame bc she’s way cuter without ps but alas, wants to be a kawaii nihonjin uwu

No. 1450983

i think she just lost weight

No. 1451266

Sadly it’s not. Look up any shiftymine forum thread. Sexyegirls thread has the same simps that defend her chest plate nonstop. They have to be mentally ill. It’s embarrassing.

No. 1451380

Hard to tell because she's doing the anachan rotating hips back pose

No. 1451616

Given the blurry/wobbly edges, I'd say it's a combo of weight loss and photoshop

No. 1452203

File: 1645836132150.jpeg (150.7 KB, 1200x1600, FMeAoD8XsAQ3hhL.jpeg)

No. 1452432

File: 1645875708764.jpeg (313.72 KB, 1538x2048, FMd7BoUVEAAmWWi.jpeg)

Susu_jpg must really hate herself to edit her entire body so much when she doesn't even look bad on webcam. Where is the ridiculously skinny waist she shooped last time bit can never show on video?

No. 1452454

kek she is literally floating in space. Also wtf are those tats

No. 1452455

File: 1645880322151.jpg (11.55 KB, 480x360, onwaytobeach.jpg)

She looks like that pedo from to catch a predator lmfao

No. 1452692

File: 1645912570303.jpg (344.33 KB, 1044x1200, 1601326349570.jpg)

this reminder of what she actually looks like needs to be posted in every thread

No. 1452748

did she bleach her skin?

No. 1452767

File: 1645917736313.jpeg (56.85 KB, 640x360, susu_jpg 2020-06-03 Goosebumps…)

its a filtered photo as well as super photoshopped, anon >>1452432 i dont like her but ive seen clips of her from twitch on my recommended and her skin doesnt look very different from those old pics, she just photoshops her new pictures to high heavens. same with her body, it doesnt seem botched, but she photoshops herself an entirely new body and a new skin for her twitter. on twitch she looks normal (to me), idk why she photoshops to cartoony shit like that.

i dont think shes ugly but i dont like her cause she photoshops her shit obscenely and never fully apologized for her fake lesbian relationship a few years ago.

No. 1453000

File: 1645942259624.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, B41DDDC0-1625-4F9C-BA4E-7468C1…)

This guys feet took me the fuck out

No. 1453087

Belongs here because she does photoshop every image of herself to hell + she uses filters on videos and stream to smooth her face and body but I got the impression this post was supposed to be tongue-in cheek and a joke? Everyone knows her legs aren’t stilts and the caption was “anime legs”. I’m guessing in reference to sailor moon legs.

Surely she doesn’t actually think this is convincing? She’s an Ana Han shopper but I don’t think she’s that deluded.

No. 1453120

i think about this girl sometimes when I feel shit about myself because even with filters and a breastplate she's still dog ugly.

No. 1453140

File: 1645969554693.jpg (48.97 KB, 688x960, FB_IMG_1645969434841.jpg)

This is disgusting

No. 1453160

When I first scrolled past this I thought she was donating the proceeds to Ukraine, which is okay I guess. But a 50% off sale so Ukrainian scrotes can whack it to her porn while there's a war going on? Wow, what a public service she's providing.

No. 1453305

What the actual fuck. Give 50% of your subscription fees to Ukrainians if you can afford to do half off. People in Ukraine have more important things to do than Jack off right now. I hope she got ripped apart on twitter

No. 1453339

File: 1645993733385.png (972.3 KB, 523x688, susu.png)

She has been shooping herself into a cartoon character for years, they're just more well done than someone like Eevee so it flies under the radar. She is that deluded, I remember seeing one of her cartoon shoops about a year ago where someone said it looked photoshopped, and her friends/fans flocked to her defense to say "SHE REALLY LOOKS LIKE THAT YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS" kinda like what sometimes happens when she gets posted here, kek.

No. 1453343

File: 1645993882664.png (64.54 KB, 613x559, 34kjd9ads2.png)

Samefag but forgot to mention, here she is confirming it's not a joke and she is genuinely claiming to look like that.

No. 1453345

jfc coomers and nlogs are a disease. I thought it was donations going to ukraine as well, but nope

No. 1453412

File: 1645997251913.png (618.94 KB, 575x1244, lmao.png)

So apparently this is fake and the girl from the pics (https://twitter.com/mia_mikan_) has been sperging out about this on twitter all day. She covers her face in every photo because she is a giant butterface. She wants 40 euros for this set kek the fucking lips

No. 1453471

Holy shit. You’re right. It’s so obvious from the angle alone that the entire image is stretched and narrowed significantly, too. It’s funny because all the girls who are commenting have posed or streamed with susu IRL so they know exactly what she looks like/is doing and are doubling down because they do the same shit.

Bugs is obese and jowly without angles and filters and Tasha applies so many filters to her face on stream it looks like a white plate with the eyes drawn on. Even that doesn’t completely obscure her unfortunate head shape. Reading the non-shill comments makes me want to rip my hair out. Scrotes are retarded.

No. 1453479

File: 1646001292397.jpeg (106.72 KB, 800x1133, FMoH794XIAokwx-.jpeg)

this is some egirl @minenmi on twitter, the warped backgrounds in every pic is so fkn lazy

No. 1453481

File: 1646001348853.jpeg (88.95 KB, 679x864, FMoH79wXoAknSJB.jpeg)

No. 1453483

File: 1646001444195.jpeg (103.98 KB, 828x1372, FG1c6w_XoAggAEi.jpeg)

No. 1453518

File: 1646004820607.png (808.82 KB, 971x710, naturalbeauties.png)

Sage for old milk but I found an example, just posting because this interaction is hilarious

No. 1453958

File: 1646062329763.jpg (Spoiler Image,160.42 KB, 1000x1500, lady.melamori.jpg)

She literally looks like cgi

No. 1453959

Couldn’t she shoop the neck too? Her chin is merging with it.

No. 1454097

File: 1646077129196.jpg (4.49 MB, 3264x3264, aw46776fvjb.jpg)

Senyamiku. Hard to find candids but her shops is still eerie.

No. 1454521

also she isn't even short. she's 5'5. i dunno why she keeps saying she's small. it's just that tasha is an ogre so It makes her look small in comparison.

No. 1455606

File: 1646222128228.jpg (Spoiler Image,61.22 KB, 642x887, WTFIMG_20211120_141820.jpg)

Just what the fuck even is this

No. 1455612

This isn't exactly milk, but after learning about breastplates here I can't unsee them. They are on so many costhot pictures. Them hiding their sleeve area behind straps, clothes or hair is a dead giveaway. Straight moids are so dumb they will literally believe anything kek

No. 1455622

File: 1646224299097.png (Spoiler Image,3.03 MB, 2136x1116, siliconebewwwb.png)

Just one example

No. 1455666

i dont understand how you get tricked by this. The nipples and how they hang are so obviously fake.

No. 1456139

yeah there's been a bunch of fake posts with that exact text going round twitter, idk if someone actually did make a post like that and it became a copypasta or if it's all just a meme

am i the only one who thinks susu looks uglier photoshopped than irl? it's like she stretches out her face to make her nose thinner but she ends up looking kinda horsey as a result

No. 1456501

I was kinda shocked to learn she's around 30. Also she could pass for any age really, it's not like we can tell what she looks like because she filters everything. She acts and presents herself online in a way that caters to cringy hormonal tweens. Most people that age are not so maladjusted and childish kek. You'd expect more than "uwu animu goth gf" humor at that point

No. 1456502

Something weird is going on with her shoulder. Her trap is kinda big compared to the rest of her frame.

No. 1456552

File: 1646310958828.png (377.57 KB, 587x640, spidermone.PNG)

Wait wasn't she just larping as a kid?

No. 1456736

She was larping as a dude

No. 1456745

Wait wasn't she just pretending she was a boy?

No. 1456748

I thought she was a lesbian? What happened to her "MILFY mommy" gf? Did she get tired of pretending like she was in a shota hentai or something?

No. 1456772

this is such an unattractive shot. she could make some pretty & suggestive scenes as like a tim burton waif but she looks like a drugged out paralyzed bimbo here, bad dissonance

No. 1456821

those tits are about as real as her penis

No. 1456824

yeah, now that anon pointed it out, i'm like "holy shit, rubber boobs!"

No. 1456833

File: 1646335210721.png (18.28 KB, 337x267, 25yearoldman.png)

this bitch is beyond retarded and has a meltdown every time someone refers to her as a woman

No. 1456836

File: 1646335469943.jpg (Spoiler Image,320.98 KB, 1536x2048, E9-6v0IXMAMtAPN.jpg)

samefag but I also hate how she uses her fat manatee built gf as a prop to make herself appear smaller

No. 1456863

Yeah, her whole gimmick is purposely trying to obscure her real gender and lie about being a femboy. She knows the tits are obviously fake to anyone with a brain. Also, her relationship with bugs is just a copy of bunny and susu’s fake lesbian relationship. They’re “long distance” and basically just friends.

No. 1457497

She probably almost cooms anytime she gets to say stupid shit like this publicly.

No. 1457510

File: 1646393647903.jpeg (124.05 KB, 675x900, FMThtbGWYAwFejj.jpeg)

Most blatant coomerbait

No. 1457511

File: 1646393851136.jpeg (75.1 KB, 675x900, FEu8weOXoAAfU0m.jpeg)

Older milk but their whole shtick is just haha horny uwu

No. 1457512

imagine how awkward it would be into even picture that

No. 1457576

this chick repulses me to the core. and i have been into shayna’s thread. there is just something terribly rotten about her, the pedo baiting, the photoshopped mangled dicks era?? i’m baffled.

No. 1457588

File: 1646407689924.png (455.89 KB, 549x570, warped.png)

the fish tank on the right is warped towards her. This is meant to be her job and she sucks at it.

No. 1457589

kek that pic is hilarious

No. 1457606

I just hate how people actually believe their eyes are naturally that big when it’s so obvious they’re opening them as big as possible in every photo/video

How are people so dumb

No. 1457753

crispys probably on a low dose of T cause in her recent videos her voice is froggy as hell, she’s got her “smol emo mexican man” larp set kek
I wonder if she got tit lipo or just goes through the hassle of editing them out every pic

No. 1457900

File: 1646425893916.jpeg (1.78 MB, 4032x3598, 66D7963D-6E00-4915-A90B-731388…)

She’s lazy as fuck because her coomers don’t care and will eat it up anyway, she can post a tiktok the same day that exposes her body (I guess she couldn't use a body filter with her friend next to her?) It’s obvious her real body type matches the old pics, she’s more of an inverted triangle with broad shoulders and slender hips. Her waist is nowhere to be found.

No. 1457920

Apparently she didnt do the photoshopped dick imgs, some fan did

No. 1457945

She looks really pretty in the video compared to the uncanny photo.

No. 1457957

She has a normal petite body type, a bit of a waist and proportionately long legs for her height. I don’t know why she feels the need to stretch and squish her body so extremely. Body dysmorphia brain damage I guess. The “candid” is still smoothed significantly with a filter but at least their bodies real there.
I am just glad she stopped outright lying about being in a lesbian relationship in favor of vague coombait collabs with other models. It’s at a bit less scummy.

No. 1457961

uh she has a waist and looks better in the unedited picture then in the edited one. Her unedited body is perfectly fine and coomers probably don't care she looks different sometimes because she looks good in her actual pictures.
She still shops and edits but she's not a bad looking woman with a bad body either.
Coomers can't tell the difference unless it's extreme and the woman looks bad irl, imo. Then again Scrotes can't even tell the difference between a man with a breast plate with a filter over it.

No. 1458000

File: 1646432273546.jpeg (210.1 KB, 899x1200, 1B3E0024-41F8-4F84-B4BA-F05D12…)

…No one said she was ugly and I think her real appearance is prettier as well. Saying she has no waist was an exaggeration, but it looks nothing like how she’s been editing herself for 5+ years. When you distort your body that much, the real version starts to look jarring in comparison and starts the cycle of continuous editing.

No. 1458017

she's so dead inside and seems like she hates streaming. I hope she has money saved up. Sometimes I wonder if she wishes she could go back to her old SW job.

No. 1458024

If she doesn't like streaming, I doubt she ever liked sw.

No. 1458030

File: 1646434472980.png (60.98 KB, 749x348, toecontent.png)

She basically posts paid sexier sets on her fansly and then claims it's SFW. I agree she probably hates streaming but she seemed to hate SW too. I think she's too ashamed to go back anyway which is why she has to cope by pretending her fansly is something it's not.

I mean.. I don't think I'm going to bring my family to her feet content social media.

No. 1458097

Gosh this is so fucking cringe. Can you imagine if scrotes started uploading photos of themselves staring into the camera holding knives? We would absolutely laugh them into oblivion and beyond. But if it's a (heavily photoshopped) woman doing it, then coomers will just happily coom and donate to her patreon.

No. 1458152

scrotes do, and we women often do laugh at them. you forget about that era where they would just hold up samurai swords at the camera for no reason? there's a reason they stopped doing that shit. we laughed at them enough.

No. 1458435

I wouldn’t even be so confident that the video doesn’t have a body filter on it. They’re getting better by the day and with how fuzzy all the edges look, I’d be more surprised if it wasn’t warping one of their figures. I suppose she could be wearing a corset and hip pads like she sometimes does, but given that we also know she’s used video filters on her body before, it’s hard to trust anything she puts out.

No. 1458485

File: 1646489959934.jpeg (139.47 KB, 674x900, FBxXMzeUYAUGAop.jpeg)

It looks like she's spreading her ass in some pictures, it's a surprisingly common trick apparently

No. 1458490

File: 1646490820028.png (1.95 MB, 1492x748, magicboobs.png)

Boobs always switching sizes

No. 1458493

everything is fake about this girl. She constantly deletes her tweets in fear. She lives in fear that she might bite the hand that feeds. Being fake all the time must take a massive toll on your mental health

No. 1458501

top kek so she is still doing SW while pretending to have completely stepped out of the industry. She constantly deletes her Tweets out of fear people might catch her lies. Her lie about quitting sex work was that Patreon reported she was making twice the amount she was actually making, so she had to pay double the taxes which was a baltant lie. She probably didn't pay her taxes, that's why she lives in Texas now. This bitch is so insufferable because she's so fake and constantly shoving herself down everyone throats and trying to grift, but she ends up making herself look more pathetic. She should stay in her lane. I hated her when she was with Hasan Abi on a stream, Hasan seemed like he caught up onto the fact that she's trying to grift off him. Her friend Tasha and ex girlfriend Bunny are so much more likeable because they stay in their lane and don't lie non stop.

No. 1458527

Such an ugly mutt, look at that grey tinge in her skin. What ethnicities mixed to create this?(racebait)

No. 1458627

gtfo retard

No. 1458660

The double income thing w patreon is a known problem.
The money from patreon goes into PayPal … both patreon and PayPal report to irs. So it looks like you made double the amount.
It’s a pain but you report to irs and fix it.

No. 1458669

shes right tho. so unfortunate looking ,looks like an ashy creature thats not seen the sunlight in years, dark circles from staring at her own sad porn and the disgusting coomers in her chat. dark life

No. 1458733


I've noticed her lying about multiple things just from catching her streams in different time periods. I remember when she first started streaming, she said she didn't know Spanish and got offended when someone spoke Spanish to her. Then when it seems she could capitalize off of it, she added "boricua" to all her social media, and told everyone she's a bilingual Puerto Rican… her entire personality has been curated to what can get her the most simp bucks.

I remember a post in /ot/ where an anon said it's the ones who are manipulative enough to keep their image clean that don't have threads (talking about susu) and I think they hit the nail on the head.

No. 1458854

anon it was clearly a racebait

No. 1459200

sorry for late reply, but this bitch's whole shtick is "i am johnny the homicidal maniac irl, but don't call me that or i'll cry", real 2012 tumblr shit.
pretty sure it's just her face shooped on her fatty gf's body.

No. 1459952

File: 1646627738408.jpg (873.57 KB, 878x1310, Image3.jpg)

Bunnie_cosplay / bunnie_wifey is a weird one. Claims she's naturally curvy but you can easily see the photoshop and she's def using the teen filter also

No. 1459953

File: 1646627843548.jpg (1.63 MB, 1545x2037, Image2.jpg)

No. 1459955

>the two different arms
Not only she’s cosplaying the secretary dog from animal crossing, sexualizing her horribly with the bimbo nails, she’s unable to shoop those 300 pounds off properly.

No. 1459957

File: 1646628005843.jpg (1.12 MB, 1536x2024, asdasd.jpg)

No. 1459959

Sorry forgot to add the above one is erin eevee

No. 1459995

Never seen a more punchable face, why does she pout or do the little o thing with her mouth.

No. 1460136

Every time I see photos of this woman she has her eyes open as wide as they will open. She’s got to have the worst forehead wrinkles

No. 1460159

File: 1646660571646.png (1.58 MB, 1168x886, F60A37FD-30A6-4634-BF1A-494DEE…)

Sophiagiannamore / sadbabydoil a.k.a one of squidwardthighs friends. Same weird pedo pandering “I’m just a little girl while also pushing 20” aesthetic. Found her from random exposé Tiktoks calling her out for homewrecking and scamming

No. 1460234

LOL I knew this girl from imvu! she has been exposed by Orb before.

No. 1460438

File: 1646678306789.jpeg (249.14 KB, 1170x1395, 49EB858F-EC0A-446F-918C-65D948…)

Sofia Sivan doesn't even look human at this point

No. 1460450

File: 1646678606266.jpg (1.15 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20220307_124047.jpg)

"itziar.obrien", runs the "classicnymph" aesthetic instagram… Doesn't shoop and definitely doesn't have an ED, her haters are just pathetically jealous of her natural skeletal beauty.

No. 1460479

kek glad people are finally talking about her. btch is crazy

No. 1460483

I’m 99% sure this is a troon iirc

No. 1460662

I thought the same. I think squid posted a video along the lines of “my BFF is trans so everyone thinks I am too” or something like that

No. 1460707

File: 1646696094889.jpeg (456.41 KB, 1536x2048, 323CFF7E-C0C8-422A-84BE-5AC5E6…)

Wtf is this?

No. 1460725


That statement applies to so many, including Jenna Lynn meowri. If you can manage to sit threw her streams, she’s a lot more milky these days but is crafty enough to cover her tracks when controversy arises so she’s not up for discussion.

On the topic of susu, I notice she lies like crazy and regularly contradicts herself. If memory serves, wasn’t she scamming people for months on patreon? Not uploading or sending out sets, claiming she was “too sick” to do either but was regularly posting her meitu shopped selfies on Twitter? Then she tried to make it sound like she had no choice but to do sw?

No. 1460920

File: 1646715049702.jpeg (136.88 KB, 1170x533, 69B5D9A2-7B24-4828-84B5-45406F…)

i found this account of two german girls who’s shops genuinely took me aback. they’re 29 and 26 but try so hard to look like teenagers and some of it is just straight up pedo baiting imo. gave me a laugh.
the girl called lei has some of the worst shops i’ve seen in a long time and it seems like she’s been doing this extreme-shopping for multiple years

No. 1460921

actually I think that's the only thing she HASN'T lied about, when I met her I practically towered over her and I'm only 5'4. Tasha's a fucking tree though that's true.

No. 1460923

their accounts are @id0lls @adi.and.leo and @m00n.dolls forgot to add in last post

No. 1461048

File: 1646731733192.jpeg (19.05 KB, 360x194, FBTdKI_WQAEAMt4.jpeg)

Her body looks nice, it's embarrasing that she's trying to make herself look like moid-drawn art.

No. 1461052

File: 1646731986972.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.03 KB, 640x843, 6e5a4a77c61e918bcb3818fda02b0e…)

This looks uncanny

No. 1461053

That bellybutton kek

No. 1461219

Her and orb are friends now tho he follows her on Instagram and shit saged for useless whore talk

No. 1461289

How was she when you met her in person anon?

No. 1461395

File: 1646771855281.jpg (480.95 KB, 1536x2048, FNRXdWMWYAMS3sj.jpg)

No. 1461409

lol he even made a song about her confessing she got e-raped and sent me unedited pics of her it's rlly tragic imvu ppl are another level of cancer, same like myah

No. 1461528

What the fuck does that even mean?

No. 1461638

File: 1646786604336.jpeg (860.7 KB, 1170x1156, E819AEE7-03FD-46D6-B4B1-6BAC0B…)

deleted her 1 mil account with her videos that warped in the background, the comments from scrotes defending how it was totally a natural body were so funny, she’s had a ton of surgery but still photoshops the fuck outta her pics

No. 1461674

how would you even pull the shorts on?? dumbass scrotes can't even think beyond their dick for two seconds to see how fake this is.

No. 1461697

File: 1646792842987.jpeg (Spoiler Image,886.72 KB, 828x1420, 0218228B-EC1B-446A-A341-FAD23F…)

@Deusamelada on twitter
She pedo panders a lot, all her photos are trying to be child-like

No. 1461701

File: 1646792915375.jpeg (737.69 KB, 2048x2048, B7787250-A388-4F85-9440-631806…)

I mean, WTF?

No. 1461715

File: 1646793632285.jpeg (660.12 KB, 828x1032, AD9248C1-865C-48AE-A1EF-AE15F5…)

They were part of Puri Puri Squad, the most flopped and photoshopped cosplayers of the internet
Her handle is @GiuHellsing and all the girls from the site are photoshop nightmares

No. 1461723

File: 1646794134738.jpeg (162.55 KB, 800x1200, EA255167-BF7E-4C34-862C-D75B6C…)

Another photoshop nightmare from them, @adami_langley
The project was such a flop and does not exist anymore. They didn’t even give reasons why, the website was just off and they stopped updating their insta

No. 1461732

File: 1646794497375.jpeg (761.71 KB, 828x1037, 29568DA4-8A15-4ED2-B6EF-469E88…)

I mean, even xkalty and her plate. Xkalty basically invented shiftymine >>1440759
They had girls from all over the world,all of them having ridiculous photoshopped and warped pics

No. 1461735

something very Down's Syndrome about her face

No. 1461760

She basically said her bf raped her over the phone

No. 1461774

end… the call?

No. 1461792

So she's lying about being raped and just using the term to exaggerate sexual harassment (if that) for ass pats?

No. 1462231

Yep but she's also into age regression and she would even send her nudes out to her friends bfs and shit she's fucking weird now she's all about angel numbers and when she went to visit her bff in Texas she wore lingerie around her bffs mom's house to impress her bffs brother…weird asf if you ask me sorry for long text

No. 1462236

She's so pathetic it's truly sad I can see why she stays in doors all day because there's not much else she can do lol she also is a "cam girl" on mfc and possibly other sites but I'm not sure sage for annoying talk about a dumb imvu bitch

No. 1462818

File: 1646898111348.jpg (975.62 KB, 750x1426, RDT_20220310_18264962061775323…)

Emma Watson skinwalker Ella Norton back with her fucked up selfies. Clearly had enough of being called out on Insta so she has moved onto Reddit

No. 1462819

File: 1646898291446.jpg (720.95 KB, 750x1440, RDT_20220310_18271235643075751…)

No. 1463833

what thread is she from?

No. 1464712


Sorry, I'm not a regular so forgot to refer to previous posts:

Was going to make a thread for her back then but she fell off the face of the earth and deactivated insta. Will make a thread later if she continues to post content.

No. 1464973

File: 1647090339474.jpg (120.04 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20220312-124300_Chr…)

No. 1466625

File: 1647210868217.jpeg (136.39 KB, 2048x1364, FL6F3r4XMAcLrKP.jpeg)


Oh my god vendetta chan do you ever stop? You're so desperate to milk this girl you're clearly jealous of that you schizopost and reply to yourself, you don't ever drop her handle I presume because you know she'll know its you posting because you have such a hate boner for her

Anyway check out the awful blur and transparent broken tail on this

No. 1466644

Slightly OT but am I just a little bitch or is it really not that hard to do a winter photoshoot? Like how do you not freeze your coochie off being in the snow naked. I would shrivel up and die a painful death if I spent even 2 seconds trying to pose for a photo.

No. 1466678


She said her photographer laid a blanket then shopped it out, you're right nonna it would be painful on the skin

No. 1466690

sorry you got e-raped over the phone, anon

No. 1466704

eh i don't see any signs of shooping and the proportions on this look realistic, i think she's just thin

No. 1467053

this is probably the most reasonable picture in the entire thread

No. 1467054

^ accidentally didn’t reply to the post. my bad

No. 1467067

agreed it's really not that crazy

No. 1467075


Her proportions aren't edited but whoever smoothed the skin and made the tail and foot merge is committing a crime(learn2sage)

No. 1467085


Samefag vendetta-chan are you 13 or something? Sorry your imvu boyfriend got caught flirting with this random chick but posting here and talking to yourself every few days looks cringe

I know the others are you because we called you out for being a newfag and you clearly aren't a regular and also type like shit, you just came here to >>1445283 vendetta starting with >>1445282, >>1445283, >>1445350 etc just talking random shit about her but nothing to do with shooping. Suddenly you pop up again to add even more shit that suggests that you just came here to bitch about her, nonny get over your personal vendetta and stop obsessing over this girl so much that your e daddy retweeted or something

No. 1467100

those are 3 different girls, am i missing something?

No. 1467170

Idk why you're still talking about her stop derailing you clearly are obsessed

No. 1468192

File: 1647311402917.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, DC49CB55-A7FA-4FA3-AA68-49C9C5…)

I don’t know what is going on here

No. 1468198

kek at taiyolux, is she over her fakeboi phase already? Her pics have always looked really heavily edited in the worst ways.

No. 1468304

I don’t understand this new trend of shooping/lining out the Cupid’s bow so it just looks like a vagina or sausages. Do people think it looks good? It looks unnatural and cartoony.

No. 1468310

>unnatural and cartoony
Tbf she's dressed as a cartoon character, but in general I totally agree with you. Doesn't make sense or look cute for every day makeup

No. 1468689

File: 1647358371945.jpg (326.61 KB, 719x1235, Screenshot_20220315-193842_Ins…)

Is there shoop going on the doctor in the insta post said it's after surgery results but idk about the waist..

No. 1468971

File: 1647373149702.png (1.22 MB, 1018x907, Untitled.png)

I think this scrote has been posted before, Isn't it shitty to PS over a photogs own photo?

No. 1468978

yes it's edited, the proportions look absolutely retarded and the doctor clearly took that from HER social media and reposted it knowing her low quality ass photo was altered. plastic surgeons are scumbags

No. 1468991

Kek at the fingers disappearing.

No. 1469070


not the worst not the best seems like it might be a vendetta?(sage your shit)

No. 1469998

File: 1647444964323.png (229.36 KB, 286x427, Capture.PNG)

breast plate seam?

No. 1470041

No, it's not wrapping under the armpit. I'm still under the impression Susie got small implants. It's already confirmed, even though Bunny refuses to admit it, that she got implants after the breakup too, and a lot of Susie's images in the past year have seemed too rounded and perky without bras and her cups, if she's supposed to still be the same weight as before, is bigger.

No. 1471215

File: 1647511406476.jpg (Spoiler Image,377.67 KB, 1536x2048, FEbjxuEXwAMY30L.jpg)

found on twitter. i have no idea how scrotes are dumb enough to fall for this

No. 1471773

Wrong thread. it's being discussed already in the cosplay thread in /w/

No. 1471802

I'm not convinced they are? I think they're just looking for lazy fap material and don't care if it's realistic or not

No. 1471804

File: 1647545418389.jpg (73.21 KB, 720x960, b_60504.jpg)

I stumbled upon this….

No. 1472606

File: 1647592669414.jpeg (Spoiler Image,616.07 KB, 1364x2048, 4290EC29-FECD-4222-B711-262BBA…)

Photoshopped to be smoooooth as a doll… but they seemed to have missed a few spots.

No. 1472608

File: 1647592714762.jpeg (Spoiler Image,174.1 KB, 1365x2048, B2BB54F7-910B-42BC-8A6B-4E39DE…)

I would fire my editor what the fuck

No. 1472624

Kek the fucking cellulite she forgot to edit out looking like Shayna’s obese ass

No. 1472625

You can tell she’s a fucking hamplanet irl put down the cheeseburgers fatty

No. 1472774

The elbows give her size away

No. 1472819

http://twitter.com/shapemewtwo is full of bad photoshoppers

No. 1472846

File: 1647618236289.jpg (275.38 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_pbrku2Ca1R1uw6xp9o1_128…)

her real waist is all over google, pretty brave to keep up those terrible shoops

No. 1472864

kek at "around" 30…susu is well into her 30s, and looks it. Those pictures with the flash are taken with a digital camera from like, the early 00s and she looks at least 16 in them. She's one hundred percent 35+.

No. 1472881

They aren't that old anon. She's at 30.

No. 1472976

File: 1647624718054.png (105.69 KB, 209x275, serving2006teen.png)

Yes, this photo is of a 20 year old woman taken in 2012. Didn't the swimsuitsuccubus account start right around then too? She learned how to photoshop & switched to a way higher quality digital camera…or this is an old ass photo that looks just like every other teenage girl's pictures from 2000 - 2010. She is not 30 anon, and she is also not 38b 23w 40h, either. She's just a big liar making coom bucks. She belongs in this thread as much as Erin Eevee.

No. 1473065

I said nothing about defending get or saying she doesn't belong ITT. And yeah, that is a believable 20 year old. She's 30 anon. Just calm down. That's all I said. Are you also the one who demands Bishoujomom is in her late 30s? Kek

No. 1473206

File: 1647636564212.jpg (74.91 KB, 960x768, 23031633_1948229882116896_3960…)

I wish the rest of this album was up/someone had the rest of the images saved, it got deleted soon after it was posted here (makes you wonder who the poster was with the drama that's going on right now)

No. 1473221

it's kind of infamous in these threads that once susu gets brought up, someone will pretty quickly jump in and talk about some other rando cosplayer. I think the defenders now cop to the photoshopping itself but add how she looks better when she's not shopped lol. Getting slightly less transparent…here's an example btw

No. 1473702

File: 1647666158592.jpeg (1.84 MB, 2880x3840, 3FA02995-37CB-4051-8D6F-DBFDC5…)

Bishoujomom and her ridiculous shrunken head and warped elephant hips. Idk how she keeps getting away with this.

No. 1473747

m'am thats a troon

No. 1473830

is that dildo in the bg there on purpose or

No. 1474040

It's easy to fool men who haven't seen a tit since they were diapers and bibs years old.

No. 1474123

anyone ever hear of inihelene?

No. 1474204

No, if she's egregious or milky then post her

No. 1474274

File: 1647721528345.jpeg (492.03 KB, 1440x1781, 42EC2442-F060-4A13-B061-3E374A…)

This was from an invincible group on Facebook. And all the scrotes in the comments think it’s real lmao men are the dumbest most backwards creatures ever

No. 1474278

The tits look like they’re hovering circles lmao

No. 1474301

I can’t really see anything particularly outlandish other than oversmoothed facial skin…?

No. 1474311

Her face is the only thing that looks too worked on, and it's not even that bad. I think her body just looks a little off because of the contouring printed on the suit and the angle. This seems a little vendetta/jelly driven

No. 1474350

Some of the posts here seem like either self-promo or moids posting their fave thots.

Can you costhots stop promoting yourself here.

No. 1474369

Yeah, this doesn’t look too shooped when you take into account that she’s resting her ass on the balcony ledge. It makes her hips look wider than they probably actually are when she is standing up straight.

No. 1474436

that's a fucking jumpscare lmfao

No. 1474468

No it was just a flat ass Chan kinda assumed such big squid wars thighs were fake af. Sorry about that

No. 1474648

File: 1647745694877.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3840x2880, 8BFCD55B-440B-4DE9-89D3-0EC45F…)

Got this pic on my explore page. The boob shoop sends me.

No. 1474811

we need a new rule for not posting random asian women because 99% of them can be posted in thread, it's a trend there and everyone is aware that it's edited, it's pointless derailing every time. only post people who are somewhat relevant to the thread please.

No. 1474915

are your feelings hurt because you're asian or did your boyfriend look at one too many asian porn instagrams

No. 1474952

lol how about no… asian women look ridiculous with these shoops idc if it's "normalised" where they're from

No. 1475057

File: 1647791575524.png (971.54 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20220320-155018.png)

Starryfawwn looks weirdly edited but I can't put my finger on why.(selfpost)

No. 1475081

So you'd prefer we instead post some random onlyfans thots pussy and asshole instead because thats what most of this thread is men posting their masturbation material and whores promoting themselves.

No. 1475102

go promote yourself somewhere else retard

No. 1475570

File: 1647824240806.jpeg (344.77 KB, 1365x2048, FOUqu3JXIAMmF4P.jpeg)

Girl knew she'd be doing the horse dirty shooping perfection but felt the need to edit this candid of herself in an attempt to compete with the horse's beauty


No. 1475572


I'm losing it at the warped wood fence and blurring around her ass kek

No. 1476079


huh wheres the warped fence i dont rlly see it(sage non-milk)

No. 1476119

AFAIK Hange from AoT didn't look like that. Disturbing bestiality vibes as well.

No. 1476130

What.. how? Anon your reading too in to it.

No. 1476179

NTA but that horse is literally licking her ass, she could have also picked a picture where he was just staring into the camera or something

No. 1476834

File: 1647924186642.jpg (1.38 MB, 1620x2880, FMxvEI2XwAM4Ol2.jpg)

Hidori Rose's editor has given up, just like those tiles

No. 1476861

She's her own editor. She usually even shoots her own stuff with the help of a button. There is a dude she does stuff with, probably her boyfriend, but overall she keeps her own editing to herself because she doesn't like others handling it. All her gear is hers, she doesn't have a photographer. She even has a seperate screen outside of her camera for field view before snapping.

No. 1478937

File: 1648062704580.jpeg (133.34 KB, 828x813, 921973B8-D09D-49D5-801F-51C296…)

meladinha/Deusamelada on twitter forgetting to shoop her waist

No. 1479488

File: 1648089890280.png (2.51 MB, 1079x1489, Screenshot_20220323-194311.png)

She has to be a troll, right?

No. 1479902

File: 1648138285263.jpg (515.76 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220321-200634_Ins…)

I meeeean did she not think her audience would notice the shoop? Compared to her in a vid and her in a pic??? 1/2

No. 1479908

File: 1648138499298.jpg (343.75 KB, 719x1379, Screenshot_20220324-202154_Gal…)


No. 1480771

File: 1648198474579.jpeg (158.22 KB, 800x1094, FN2dVeyWQAAlZ8H.jpeg)


I lost it at her arm and tiny shrunken lips

Bonus points that she's a pick me who catfought some other girl for being cute and showing her cleavage then got called out for also posting similar stuff but attacking other twitter thots

I was looking through a thread that got qrt and this image was too much to not share, especially as this account seems to be a pick me girl who shames other girls

No. 1480804


Maybe the shape of her face is throwing me off but the arm looks weirdly thin and distorted compared to the thighs and midriff and even then the face shape looks off nonny.

No. 1480809

File: 1648203492465.jpg (207.63 KB, 960x1792, FOqDFdrVgAwfbq-.jpg)


samefag but look at her arm here

No. 1480882


No. 1481130

She has major scars from all the recent plastic surgery. No way she's gonna let editors see it all.

No. 1481144

File: 1648228966010.jpeg (211.77 KB, 750x993, 7F74E8B0-18A1-4C7D-9D97-EC82DD…)

Found this on Pinterest the reflection doesn’t match the person

No. 1481150

this needs reposting to /x/ with theories about skinwalking

No. 1481180

Kek why would you want to look like the edit?looks like someone badly drew the girl while drunk from memory.

No. 1481202

OT but that dress is really cute idk where to find it, I can tell it’s from Abercrombie but I can’t find it

No. 1481211

File: 1648233574238.png (1.66 MB, 956x1343, Screenshot_20220325-142818.png)

Cosplayer with 100k+ followers. She photoshops her face to look different in pretty much every photo.

No. 1481212

Forgot link. Sage for double post.


No. 1481257

File: 1648235907380.jpg (1.06 MB, 1080x1696, Screenshot_20220325-120107_Ins…)

I've been following her for a while because I used to like her outfits (leave me alone, I like cute clothing) but her facial photoshop has been getting more and more extreme over time and this one took the cake. That smile is a nightmare. She has also been implying DDLG shit all of a sudden, and will now be selling "revealing" pictures. She used to be about the fashion. She used to be friends with @barbiecubana_ (who used to also be into cute fashion but turned into an instathot). Barbie had a picture of them together that showed her face a lot less photoshopped, the difference was so intense. Every little bit of her face is photoshopped to be tiny except her eyes. Her actual nose is a total hook, her cheeks aren't that full, her eyes are about half that size. I wish I had a screenshot of that tagged picture. Wtf is happening to make people want to look like literal babies?

No. 1481379

this would be a genuinely cute outfit picture without the creepy editing. every single one of these alien shoopers is only doing themselves a disservice

No. 1481578

its amazing that hidori doesn't get posted often enough, her editing is uncanny especially when you can see what she's looked like in her actual porn vids, the plastic surgery part is news though as she used to talk about how it was all angles/tricks ero cosplayers do. guess all of her editing really got to her in the end kek, as seems to be the fate of every girl in that industry

No. 1481694

learn to sage if you're going to post claims. Like >>1481578 surgery is news to me too. Where did you apparently learn of this or see it?

No. 1482058

File: 1648308365819.jpg (417.56 KB, 1903x1440, 277304953_1638609756475648_765…)

Kek at this girl shooping her chin into blur in the one "candid" she posted

No. 1482290

idk if this is a nitpick but holy shit all of that art is boring and ugly, I can't believe people waste money on that shit.

No. 1482385

File: 1648328055483.png (Spoiler Image,8.94 MB, 3252x1448, yuno.png)

I never post them here because there's so many of them it would take up the entire thread, but weeb e-whores have the most egregious shoops, they look like straight up dolls.

I'm convinced yuno_cos wears a silicone boob plate over her real ones, you can see seams between the boob and her skin in so many pics

No. 1482492


what seams

No. 1482709

You’re right anon, there have been 2010-era YouTube lyric videos that had better art

No. 1482776

those are definitely chest plates she's wearing

No. 1485073

File: 1648489987493.jpeg (203.89 KB, 1170x1579, DD862CC7-29B9-4546-B417-6C954B…)

Has she stretched her entire head?

No. 1485126

I was just about to post this. Look at the hair on the right side near her skirt, theres tons of sloopy editing/blurring. Same with the neck and left side.

No. 1486518

File: 1648606695308.png (940.64 KB, 562x758, unknown.png)

No. 1486766

omg this is flashing me back to the early days of Ash Coffin's thread, she legit looks like a creepy silicone sex doll

No. 1486833

File: 1648646061087.jpg (155.94 KB, 648x1207, fluffy barbie.jpg)

This girl's instagram is a goldmine

No. 1486975

File: 1648657963926.jpg (1.06 MB, 1440x1783, Screenshot_20220330-122731_Twi…)

The way people genuinely believe this chick is shaped like this , i feel so bad for girls growing up in this era

No. 1487138

it's not even just the fact that people believe it but also that they genuinely think this looks good. actual pear and hourglass shaped women are gorgeous but fridgechans who shoop themselves to cartoon proportions to overcompensate always look ridiculous and are only making things harder for themselves and other women by trying to live up to an impossible standard

No. 1487205

Whenever you see someone like this it is 9 times out of ten a fatty shooping themselves a waist and going so far to make themselves look hourglass

No. 1487255

File: 1648676161982.jpeg (649.84 KB, 1536x2048, FPH29mwVUAAaY1X.jpeg)

No. 1487269

mom arms

No. 1487356

her waist in the pics on her twitter are inconsistent as hell… why do they do this? it looks ugly as fuck. on another note, i think the simps that fall for this shit should be hunted for sport.(why don't you sage?)

No. 1487386

I'm very average but if I sit in this position and lean forward+ add a bit of shoop I too can get a hip to waist ratio of .3

Men really don't know how bodies move as you position yourself, and expect her to stand up and retain that

No. 1487407

she has normal arms, anachan.

No. 1487975

it looks like she's just asian and smiling anon

No. 1488068

she's not asian, she's white and tries to play her beady eyes off of being asian, she's been talked about in threads before, either photoshop or costhot threads

No. 1488095

I'm in both for years and never heard of her

No. 1488114

File: 1648740982751.png (402 KB, 512x512, avatar_27489fe775e5_512.png)

Lyniebean was her former name I think? She originally said she was British, then said her dad was Asian/west Asian and now she says shes both british and native (Cherokee)

No. 1488140

She anyway had eyes that would look like that if she smiled. Is this supposed to be an undoc photo? She looks like she does have native in here, not asian, polynesian at most.

No. 1489013

File: 1648826452394.jpg (804.58 KB, 1079x1340, Screenshot_20220401-082011_Ins…)

This unedited tagged photo also shows her with small eyes, so what's your complaint besides being utterly retarded?

No. 1489016

File: 1648826570843.jpg (746.41 KB, 1079x1953, Screenshot_20220401-082214_Ins…)


Actual eye editing doesn't look like this. She is mixed. >>1487255

No. 1490135

File: 1648918946491.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.89 MB, 1080x1458, RDT_20220402_10005083638474238…)

Found this person by chance and I'm fucking disturbed. It's a 26 year old pedo edit. Her body is actually thick and far larger than let on.

No. 1490172

This looks like a cryptid for real

No. 1490212

“We have Trisha Paytas at home”

No. 1490215

Fucking creepy. I hate these ones where they use a child filter on their faces. We’re really out here normalizing pedophilia

No. 1490711

deep fake cp is here and it's going to obliterate humanity for good

No. 1490797

File: 1648947624571.jpg (7.51 MB, 2448x3265, RDT_20220402_09592921214612501…)

This is Adi from insta Id0lls. It's sickening that she has an OF and has 250k followers. Attached is a still edited pic of her face as bare as it can be without makeup. The worst stuff is what she posts on Reddit.

No. 1490858

File: 1648949703718.jpg (526.43 KB, 1080x1324, Screenshot_20220403-113353__01…)

Someone make this image make sense

No. 1490953

What? Doesnt look edited, its using perspective here

No. 1490983

anon…she looks like she's wearing a prosthetic face

No. 1491025

That's just Susu holding her face in an autistic fashion. It's actually a rare non shoop because her ass and tits are regular sized (she's still probably stuffing though).

No. 1491153

Looks like smoothing filter that's applied automatically when taking portrait pictures on some phones. It's a very shitty and obvious filter compared to apps like faceapp.

No. 1491826

I knew it was something kek, her face looks like it's floating in this

No. 1493316

File: 1649160070835.jpg (4.14 MB, 2177x3264, Body horror.jpg)

Nonnas I'm scared

No. 1493318

File: 1649160174618.jpg (552.74 KB, 1080x1340, Body horror 2.jpg)

This one is so bad, here's a bigger version. How does she have 200 thousand followers?

No. 1493320

File: 1649160268417.jpg (383.98 KB, 1080x1178, Body horror 3.jpg)

For comparison this is the least photoshopped image she posted of herself. I think she actually posted this one by accident because the other image in the same set has the same body horror shoop as the rest of her posts.

No. 1493733

her completely flat decoletage above the weird stretched out tits is disturbing, looks like she has one huge flat boob

No. 1494737

File: 1649276698409.jpeg (503.26 KB, 1170x1137, 631AFA18-CF76-438A-A797-11A0BA…)

sommer rey is out of control with the blantant editing

No. 1494778

File: 1649280292189.jpg (224.43 KB, 1300x1254, japan-snake-woman.jpg)

No. 1494956

File: 1649291804898.jpg (717.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20220407-103508.jpg)

Is this shop or did she really just pull her ass out of her pants?

No. 1495092

File: 1649304083798.jpg (766.41 KB, 1440x1920, FPrXoOgWYAIZxNO (1).jpg)

lyvlas: creepy old lady that uses the teen/baby filter on her face

No. 1495159

Do you have any photo of her without it then? I can't find any.

No. 1495258

File: 1649319168554.jpeg (632.2 KB, 1170x1463, 92B0FB19-D9E6-46C1-B909-5BE6BA…)

The line where she attempted to shoop her double chin out is hilarious but the badly shooped on nipples really take the cake.

No. 1495267

The eyes are so bad my god

No. 1495585

File: 1649358645205.jpg (172.73 KB, 500x751, e6049e32d58747fd1accfc1d1cc2a2…)

No but you can easily see the baby/teen filter used on her face. Creepy.

No. 1495591

File: 1649359696179.png (2.48 MB, 1352x1020, a.png)

Lets play a game… which one is lyvlas real face?
Here's her pics (all obviously edited) she posted this year.
Hides any tagged pics. Not even sure its a real girl. Might just be a character made from an adult lady

No. 1495603

Top right is insane. Genuinely trying to make herself look like a toddler. Can't believe this shit appeals to scrotes

No. 1495606

File: 1649361191621.png (Spoiler Image,843.13 KB, 607x792, 49493933939.png)

Spoiler for obvious reasons but this chick and the waist blur and stupid proportions, scrotes are THIS stupid


No. 1495607

File: 1649361231675.png (880.76 KB, 640x853, lm29yargpuy71.png)

i think she wears the chest plates too

No. 1495608

File: 1649361370128.png (1.42 MB, 1060x1052, Untitled.png)

another great photoshopped pic from lyvlas

No. 1495609

File: 1649361398256.png (Spoiler Image,9.66 MB, 2160x2880, 040302.png)


> the waist

No. 1495640

Can't you, though? Because I can

No. 1495650

The way she shooped her belly button in the very middle of her abdomen

No. 1495740

File: 1649371465838.jpeg (323.07 KB, 1169x2110, D92E63F4-60F5-4E98-B5D3-48F928…)

scientifically impossible kekk

No. 1495792

Im asking about proving she's old. Even if she was in her 20s, these aren't too outrageous. I'm not saying she should be using the child filter, but even with the filter, the face only does so much until you have to literally edit everything else a second time.

Whats 'old' to you, anon? I was expecting her to look 45 or something.

No. 1495906

she must stand like those half goat motherfuckers

No. 1495941

File: 1649389187343.jpg (367.25 KB, 1080x1436, Screenshot_20220408-133830__01…)

I vaguely remember this creature being posted here before and holy fuck her edits have gotten even more obscene

No. 1496263

File: 1649438261020.jpg (208.64 KB, 729x456, 1.jpg)

here's the same filter on Nigri

No. 1496286

butt elephantitis

No. 1496354


cannot tell if sarcasm but she's definitely shooped anon

No. 1496514

I think the other anon is pointing out that belly buttons dont line up with waists and should generally be further down on the abdomen

No. 1496990

File: 1649514621768.jpg (342.82 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220409-183549_Ins…)

Uh I feel like this is ps because look at how inconsistent the shoop is but in all her comments she has ppl defending her 1/3

No. 1496991

File: 1649514651402.jpg (455.96 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220409-183616_Ins…)


No. 1496995

File: 1649514933164.jpg (277.83 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220409-184105_Ins…)

3/3 her insta is kristiarrt

No. 1497431

File: 1649549652535.jpeg (478.44 KB, 750x1334, 8A3506BE-6BAB-41FF-B25C-50B5BA…)

Are you fucking retarded? You can name ig highlights anything

No. 1497432

lol my bad, deleted the post

No. 1502609

File: 1650066468572.jpeg (282.8 KB, 1536x2048, B917378E-4CE3-44C3-BBCA-685867…)

Her face and her ass look so weird. I can’t tell if she is wearing butt pads, if it’s bad editing or a combination of both.

No. 1502771

File: 1650079030844.jpeg (475.56 KB, 750x996, 43711FC6-EB9E-4964-8D63-9C0424…)

Dunno if this chick has ever been posted but I remember she was outted for photoshopping her face when she went viral a few years ago. She was off social media after she got exposed but now she’s back and her face looks weird and uncanny.

No. 1502772

File: 1650079144320.jpeg (391.38 KB, 750x852, 5CDE8A1D-F9AE-4F6D-9495-E01D63…)

Same fag but this is one of the photos that went viral before she was exposed.

No. 1504757

Damn, I remember seeing her years ago and thinking it was just makeup tricks and contacts.

No. 1507968

File: 1650564129593.jpg (120.6 KB, 1170x1704, vq6qp5odxqu81 (1).jpg)

"I've never worn any chest plate thing. My breasts are real." LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

No. 1508031

What does she actually look like?

No. 1508040

Genuinely looks like blackface.

No. 1508050

What's wrong with that?

No. 1508289

she actually looks huge here in a really bad way. whats the point of photoshopping yourself to look obese?

No. 1508394

File: 1650596859905.jpeg (213.19 KB, 1170x1438, 2B1101DC-2443-4396-ADE3-ECE167…)

I'm shocked that this thread doesn't post sunnrayxo more. Her edits are grotesque and by far the worst I've ever seen.

No. 1508420

File: 1650599093204.jpg (328.36 KB, 1080x1598, lol.jpg)

The really obvious shops and photos of her old face have been deleted (this is the best I could find) but this made me kek

No. 1508560

that ogre hand

No. 1508575

File: 1650611771366.jpg (763.37 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_2022-02-19-14-56-38…)

As much as I hate her weird waist shoops, I equally hate her weird squinty face with the weird smirk she does. Whatever makeup she does make her eyes look strange.

No. 1508703

Is this anie.joy or whatever her @ was

No. 1509225

Yeah her @ is bug21x now

No. 1510859

File: 1650858744008.jpg (597.95 KB, 1080x1470, Screenshot_20220425-134807__01…)

This is the saddest glow down ever. If it wasn't for filter style I'd have no idea this girl is Thai with that Michael Jackson nose

No. 1510861

File: 1650858790088.jpg (118.77 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20220425-134618__01…)

Vs before

No. 1511352

File: 1650907784016.jpeg (607.58 KB, 1170x1400, 5EF6A8B1-12DA-4C5D-944E-CA7E8B…)

Coconutkittys assistant is even worse at photoshop than she is. The obvious facetune and nastiest fake boobs I’ve ever seen.

No. 1511362

wow she was gorgeous before
photoshopped herself into having dwarfism

No. 1511445

Actual Dr. Sueuss titties

No. 1511478

dunno if it's just how she's built but she somehow manages to shoop herself into ridiculous midget proportions

No. 1511501

File: 1650920868907.jpg (18.07 KB, 295x259, SIdSloth2.jpg)

Body like picrel

No. 1511556

File: 1650925292329.jpeg (381.26 KB, 1079x1918, 494AAE3A-9236-43FE-A59C-110E80…)

barely recognized @ch111oe on dollskill’s website. always knew she drastically shopped her pics but damn..

No. 1511643

She looks like a man kek

No. 1511813

she really does look like a tranny in the shooped pic but its probably just because the different makeup style and bad shooping
she looks normal in the dollskill pictures

No. 1512359

File: 1650996242306.jpg (2.59 MB, 3264x2448, pt2022_04_26_19_01_12.jpg)

@aminaantonova on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, she untagged herself from the picture on the right

No. 1512363

File: 1650996369868.jpg (572.8 KB, 1080x1325, 20220426_181018.jpg)

No. 1512366

File: 1650996414382.jpg (804.63 KB, 1080x1194, 20220426_181112.jpg)

She has a new face every picture

No. 1512408

I checked out her page and her boobs are like this in every photo. She has an unfortunately wide cleavage, you can even see it in some photos were she's trying to make cleavage and you can see the skin under the boob fold over because of how wide-set they are. She definitely shops, but those are her actual weird sloth boobs.

No. 1512443

File: 1651003221106.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.02 MB, 3264x2448, pt2022_04_26_20_59_01.jpg)

ig: ccentino

No. 1512493

File: 1651007899070.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.55 MB, 3264x2448, pt2022_04_26_21_14_11.jpg)

No. 1512503

Deepfake CP schizoanon was so fucking right

No. 1512538

File: 1651011926862.jpg (203.32 KB, 1440x1792, 278294678_5167199716679624_893…)

Ember fucking Wilson

No. 1512539

File: 1651011994869.jpg (83.86 KB, 960x959, 277775041_5131358203597109_702…)

No. 1512540

File: 1651012047380.jpg (111.63 KB, 1388x640, 277789849_10160849407932281_35…)


And a candid for comparision nonnies

No. 1513835

File: 1651121763402.jpeg (Spoiler Image,79.95 KB, 622x815, 315F4B14-A339-4756-87EE-8068E6…)

All of her pictures are so badly shooped it hurts

No. 1514174

She looks like a rubber suit filled with sand and small basketballs for boobs. Her body is disgusting. I bet her natural body is leagues better. What a shame.

No. 1517817

File: 1651510192588.jpg (Spoiler Image,162.29 KB, 720x1447, Screenshot_20220502-204548_Chr…)

This is some Twitter whore I found but her boobs look horrid like their just pasted on her chest I bet she used Ariana aka scorpioassheaux as a reference of what she wanted they just look so botched.. 1/2

No. 1517818

File: 1651510239786.jpg (Spoiler Image,160.08 KB, 720x1257, Screenshot_20220502-204630_Chr…)


No. 1523530

File: 1652067775479.jpg (387.78 KB, 1080x1456, Screenshot_20220509-134217__01…)

The side profile on this cosplay really does it for me

No. 1527222

File: 1652406794368.jpg (Spoiler Image,83.05 KB, 789x1024, FSOqjD0X0AA8ZMR.jpg)

came across this in the wild, her face looks truly horrifying. 17k followers on twitter and an onlyfans and this is the result?

No. 1527270

is this an ex fatty? she has the tits of one.

No. 1527389

File: 1652427420470.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 2296x1440, 20220506_164028.jpg)

Ex? Haha what do usee? She clearly still is. You cant even see her ribs. Yeah. No. Unlees u look like this, ur fat, honeybooboo. This shopped up freak is no exception

No. 1527390

That uggo in the soycuck ears has a gut. She forgot to edit her gunt out

No. 1527392

Why does your fat belly hang? Gross

No. 1527395

25" waist is fat? Ok anachan

No. 1527396

Any of these obese like lori cerda wannabes are all ugly. How come ppl actually pay to see shooped asianfishing fatties?! Legit find urself a actually fit girl and support her. Not some freak "gamurgurl" in wolf ears. Btw girls r game r fat ugly useless roastie foids(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1527605

stop posting here

No. 1531016

File: 1652734424251.png (853.55 KB, 604x800, really.png)


She really edited printable passport photos for the aesthetic I'm dead

No. 1531021

This is cool as, like, digital painting, it's sad that whoever this is probably feels the need to look like this irl

No. 1533899

File: 1653011653567.jpeg (423.59 KB, 1170x1533, 0753B796-09DF-4906-B6F0-526754…)

thus is truly the most revolting photoshop I've ever seen

No. 1533911

File: 1653013381066.jpg (29.12 KB, 576x461, why-god-why1.jpg)

No. 1533922

kek is she obese irl or is she photoshopping her legs to look obese??(learn2sage)

No. 1533940

She's one of those lipodema instagram models who are famous for being bottom heavy, so yes she shops herself to look bigger

No. 1533950

Love the bikini bottoms, looks like she's got a tremendous wizard's sleeve

No. 1534117

that bikini really does look like a vagina

No. 1534153

File: 1653054954614.jpeg (1.9 MB, 1242x1823, 72FE1C15-A435-44DE-82F9-1BEB7E…)

No. 1534387

Nice squished head

No. 1534822

File: 1653111713926.jpg (72.13 KB, 379x913, Screenshot_20220520-234026_Chr…)

The amount of likes on this tweet is actually disturbing

No. 1534823

skin detail says human; pose, boobs and expression says unfeeling blow up doll

No. 1534928

looks like a stuffed christmas goose in butcher wrap. Disgusiting. Why do ppl like these heifers? I swear theyre all bots buying likes

No. 1534975

can’t even comprehend what those bottoms are even trying to go for

No. 1535452

She’s cosplaying as this Chinese artist’s OC. He draws a lot of art of girls in weird hyper sexualized outfits and costhots love cosplaying it

No. 1537088

File: 1653320670153.jpeg (880.14 KB, 1536x2048, E9FAFFCB-D957-48F5-99DF-1195D3…)

Thoughts on Neneko? She got a lot of backlash on Twitter and people were accusing her of appealing to pedos/map. She looks like another grown woman photoshopping herself to look like a 3ft tall child

No. 1537091

File: 1653320701181.jpeg (510.51 KB, 828x1030, 4837BD8B-7F21-49ED-A1BD-D13C9F…)

No. 1537149

How old is she, wtf?

No. 1537178

Probably just another Chinese woman in her 20s.

No. 1537838

This looks like she’s using angles to look short, you can’t really tell how tall she actually is and you can’t see her body due to the outfit.
This one is a child character, and it looks like she photoshopped her skin smooth but it doesn’t look like a child to me (if the eyes were bigger and there was more roundness/rosiness added to the face it would read more as trying to look like a child). Based on just these pictures it’s hard to say.

No. 1539142

Gotta agree. Just looks like an ugly MJ nose job and filters to max. Anons have a weird idea of what a kid looks like just because someone lacks wrinkles when editing. There are way more ways to looking like a kid. The argument sucks because a lot of adult women do look under 18 and are in their mid-late 20s a lot. It's not uncommon and adding editing on it, doesn't magically make someone look like a child. Pedoanons are so obnoxious.

No. 1542012

File: 1653692009357.jpeg (318.69 KB, 1124x2043, 11662CC9-7ECA-4646-996E-2D44B3…)

Surprising nobody has brought up Annjelife and her circle of cosplay friends despite her size, no pun intended. She badly photoshops herself a waist and liquifies her face and body to be virtually unrecognizable from reality. Somehow she has managed to fuck her way though half the competitive gaming scene and continues to grift.

No. 1543765

Nice vendetta.

No. 1543768

File: 1653870324139.jpg (787.03 KB, 1079x1786, Screenshot_20220529-172449_Ins…)

Looks fine to me and in person bc also at the con.

No. 1543927


Also seen her at con and she looks good.

No. 1543935

I saw the photoshop a mile away, and don’t even read this thread. Strange how many people came to saw they saw her irl and she looks good.

No. 1543951

One of the most popular norcal cons is this weekend. Go figure.

No. 1545852

File: 1654089605196.jpg (2.56 MB, 3264x3264, bitch please.jpg)

This is actually just embarrassing, what's the point in posting such edited photos when candids are so easy to find?

No. 1545857

File: 1654089819531.jpg (234.76 KB, 533x762, Prolapsed anus lips.jpg)

No. 1545914

The one on the right looks like she hasn't put on any makeup yet and is goofing around..what kind of comparison is that bs?

No. 1545954

are you joking? she has a completely different nose

No. 1545997

Comparing 2 sides of the same nose will usually be different. She doesn't have a symmetrical face, plus makeup too. Not even WKing, but logically you're comparing the wrong images.

No. 1546019

honey… one side of her nose cannot be sloped down and the other side pointed up. noses don’t work like that. use logic.

No. 1546235

What? She's a serial photoshopper, the picture on the left just screams FaceApp and looks nothing like the one on the right, you'd expect some similarities between make-up and no make-up. She doesn't even look the same here >>1545857

No. 1546253

What type of logic is this? If you're so adamant about comparing photos from the same side, then compare it to this >>1545857

No. 1548250

File: 1654286546676.jpg (2.18 MB, 3264x1836, unedited v edited v very edite…)

I did some digging and found out that even "candids" posted by other accounts edited her photos. Here's a side by side of the original pic, what was posted to another account's Instagram and what she posted

No. 1548413

These hardly look like candids

No. 1548507

The left picture is a candid. Originally thought the middle picture was a candid until I found the left one. Since the account that posted the middle picture was some beauty pageant competition thing, I would've expect them to post an unedited picture but I guess not.

No. 1548512

Samefag, but what I was trying to outline was her actual face on the left, the slight edit another account did in the middle and the extreme editing she does on her own account on the right

No. 1548626

File: 1654322857501.jpg (303.59 KB, 2048x2048, wx3t4d5tztd81.jpg)


do these women just paint on a new face?

>adult women

asians are often short and small. ofc being stubby =/= a child but the pedo pandering fuckwits don't care :)
here's my favorite shoop. yes, this is a 'twanswoman'.(:))

No. 1548627

File: 1654323100417.jpeg (67.93 KB, 700x750, 2799e0f35a07991be835096c20bda7…)

ALL of the asian idols abuse tf out of angels/filters in their photos. popular models usually have a lot of surgery.

see: zawachin

No. 1548630

FaceApp has filters that basically paint over your features and yassify them.

No. 1548634

File: 1654324048993.png (371.22 KB, 633x701, ew 4.png)

he got called out for posting that on transtimelines or someshit. he looks like this w minimal shoop.

No. 1548644

File: 1654324941804.jpg (329.83 KB, 1080x1784, Screenshot_20220604-013752_Twi…)

It's true that Asian women tend to be smaller, but this is more about the weird trend with Japanese cosplayers using filters to make their faces look so small they look like uncanny children, picrel. Not going to argue whether it's pedopandering or not, but they're definitely doing this to look way younger.

This isn't Zawachin, it's Tomomi Itano, the idol who Zawachin did makeup to look like, but yeah.

No. 1548648

File: 1654325804716.png (1.19 MB, 1024x768, zawachin-b4-n-after.png)

i know it's tomomi
Zawachin's fakery's arguably worse. She REALLY abuses those angles (and shoop).

No. 1548652

File: 1654326468826.png (441.6 KB, 554x511, shoopdawoop.png)

if these girls are being influenced by anime/manga, it's definitely pedobait. Though, as far as I can tell the uguu babyface thing is a more general trend.


i find these girls' affectations aggravating so i usually avoid this shit like the plague

No. 1548658

I hate these because they always look way fucking better without the uwu baby editing.

No. 1548666

File: 1654328800224.jpg (62.27 KB, 480x640, 482.jpg)

for comparison, Zawachin's miranda kerr 'makeup' as posted by her vs what it looked like w/o the posing


she's shooping

No. 1548669

File: 1654328995307.jpg (575.21 KB, 2048x2048, 1654322857501.jpg)

No. 1548707

you can pay to use the same software that movie studios and shit use nowadays you do realize that? it's not very expensive. oceans are probably not hard to achieve if you're a decent cosplayer, too. the face is definitely not real though.

https://youtu.be/Vsl_Fph8Vng(learn2embed )

No. 1548993

lol when a bunch of anons instantly come out of the woodwork to defend a nobody, it's pretty obvious that the cosplayer is in the thread kek

No. 1549031

her tt says she's 19

No. 1549221

File: 1654378009589.jpeg (645.39 KB, 1556x2048, FNWzPZgXMAImdDB.jpeg)


This bitch can barely keep her face consistent let alone her waist and shadows, complete with uwu look at my figure collection reachy captions

Scrotes really fall for anything

No. 1549688

File: 1654405786714.png (659.61 KB, 2384x774, u59fnk00984gtojkl.png)

She's actually 30 she has been a well known cosplayer in Taiwan and started as far back as 2012. If you google her name theres articles about her from 2016 that out her as in her 20s back then.

No. 1550177

Lol he can edit his face all he wants but there's no hiding that obvious man body

No. 1550178

>do these women just paint on a new face?
Yup, pretty much. She legit has a different FaceApp painted-on mug every picture

No. 1550199

anon thats a man

No. 1550370

I'm talking about the girl in >>1545857(sage your shit)

No. 1550383

File: 1654467824480.jpeg (1.72 MB, 2560x2560, 4BA5B1B8-E7EA-4F2F-93EC-50BA02…)

all of her cosplay is photoshopped and she demands people use beauty apps to take pics of her at conventions.

No. 1550384

File: 1654467849875.jpg (520.67 KB, 1079x847, Screenshot_20220605-182655_Gal…)

These are certainly the hands of a 30 year old woman

No. 1550390

File: 1654468388920.jpeg (229.11 KB, 1094x1641, 1F2C1EB7-A67F-49DD-91D3-A61FDC…)

all of her cosplay is shopped and it’s ridiculous how her followers can’t see it.

No. 1550562

They probably follow her more for her v-tubing than her cosplay.

No. 1550574

i'm happy seeing an e-girl with actual anime posters and a husbando body pillow instead of all the pickme loli shit they normally pretend to like

No. 1550648

This looks pretty unshopped for the most part. What part are you talking about? She looks fine.

No. 1550666

Albany Cope /sweetwheat/babywheat is back

Redditor posted a pdf with a picture of her "natural figure"

https://www.reddit.com/r/cottagecore/comments/rlj8t1/anyone_else_remember_sweetwheatalbanycoop_on/(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1550719

NTA, but compared to other pics of her she does photoshop, but this one looks fine and doesn't belong in this thread.

No. 1551535

File: 1654557520688.jpg (2.85 MB, 2452x2958, yunalesckadoesntusefiltersyoug…)

What Yunalescka posts vs some tagged photos of her, LMAO. The audacity of this bitch. As expected, she denies using filters/photo editing software and gets really angry whenever people accuse her of using either.

No. 1552699

File: 1654653194260.jpeg (256.31 KB, 1024x1784, 7DA5B1C3-831F-423C-B46B-4A654E…)

Coconut kitty using so many filters on the video she just posted that her whole stomach warps and twists and you can see quick glimpses of her real face. (Or the filter under the filter) it's quite disturbing.

Currently laughing at her warped arms and background insanity.

No. 1552859

99.9% of female weebs and cosplayers r ugly fat or both. Mostly the latter. 2 fat to model for real designers. They shld stfu and learn how to fit hollywood beauty standards. they sure a shit AINT IT

No. 1552872

Anyone falling for this absolute shit show is a complete retard at this point

No. 1552919

Stop sucking in your gunt and tastefully cropping out your face if youre so much skinner and prettier than every cow or stop shitting up every thread

No. 1552928

wtf is that mole mouth? are you self posting here? yikes

No. 1552973

I'm pretty sure this is as natural as she's ever posted. She's just wearing a corset under things.

No. 1554364

File: 1654780447077.jpg (3.38 MB, 3264x3264, pt2022_06_09_14_11_03.jpg)

Ugh, she's a disgusting pedo panderer. She can't keep anything consistent between her posts, not her face or her body. These were posted around 3 months apart yet scrote will still fall for it.

No. 1554367

She has to stay really still. One little move and the face filter will come off lol
Also every time I see the videos of her from behind I just imagine her old aging face

No. 1554448

absolutely disgusting that it's public knowledge she does this but the coomers don't mind what they jerk it to. if she had some integrity, she could have advertised herself as milf or some other rancid shit to get those scrote coins

No. 1554513


Brainbroken scrotes and coomers deserve to be shot, how does that image on the right even make sense to them??? Disgusting pedo panderer.

No. 1554518

File: 1654789070663.jpg (183.35 KB, 700x875, coconut_kitty_4.jpg)


I know picrel is also edited to hell and back but her inconsistent face sends me

No. 1554523

This is much clossr to her real face though. She literally uses the child filter on faceapp for the other ones

No. 1554840

File: 1654802296192.png (4.24 MB, 2112x1609, Titelloses 29_20220609211632.p…)

Cosplayer Ruichiru has like 100 different faces "It's just makeup" for sure

No. 1554876

File: 1654803541503.png (3.76 MB, 2152x1608, Titelloses 30_20220609213517.p…)

Itskeeti or Katyushacosplay is even worse. She and her friends are known for their toxic behaviour and all of them love to make excuses like "every Cosplayer uses Photoshop it's normal!! Don't blame us. But we don't use it as much"

No. 1554880

already heard a few times that she and her friends are toxic. iirc katyusha stole her ex best friends boyfriend but did she and her group did other stuff?

No. 1555131

Her old pictures are definitely still edited to hell and back but she looks really good for her age. Suppose there isn't a market for "older" women, only for overly sexualized children. Disgusting.

No. 1555134

Lol, her wonky tits. Even the filters can't fix her botched boobjob

No. 1555141

File: 1654818128926.jpg (879.92 KB, 1418x946, FaceApp_1654818065700.jpg)

Kek she literally just uses the Teen filter on FaceApp

No. 1555240

File: 1654823547448.jpeg (445.87 KB, 1800x1800, 7F7D6D3C-46A5-418E-B87A-0FDA7B…)

sorry for the shit watermark but on the topic of pedobaiting cosplayers, this is lovelycatbuny on twitter - a korean woman (dunno how old) who shoops herself into a blurry anorexic anime character. the metal trim of the wall between her legs is literally warped and her breasts constantly fluctuate in size (ofc)

videos taken from the side have her face censored bc i’m guessing the filter just commits suicide lmao

No. 1555273

i think someone pointed out a few threads ago that she's a whole ass mom to a teenage daughter which makes this whole thing really creepy

No. 1555398

but how does she use the teen filter in videos?

No. 1555470

How the hell is this pedobait? A young face isn't what makes pedos attracted to these girls. No guy would want her to likes kids because she's actually filled out, nothing child-like at all about her body

No. 1555471

There's already a pedobaiting thread.

No. 1555525

File: 1654836516835.jpg (488.03 KB, 1080x1477, Screenshot_20220610-144636__01…)

Although I agree legitimate pedophiles are most likely not attracted to her, nonnies are calling it pedobait because her face resembles a little girl/teen more-so than a 30 year old adult woman. This chick does the exact same shit and honestly none of this would be an issue if they were born this way. The issue arises when you start asking questions like why, and who is their target audience?

No. 1555531


There are filters for video. When she uses them you notice she tries to keep her face very still so the filter stays fixed on her face.

It's like those crappy Snapchat video filters - if you move too much the filter loses track of your face and vanishes

But in the videos where she's just shakin her ass from behind she moves her head around because she can

No. 1555539

But the body. The body doesn't make sense to call pedobait.

No. 1555542

Girl the underage “teen filter” on her face is exactly what they are attracted to, and using her filtered body is the excuse they need to be like “she’s a woman”. I totally get where you’re coming from, but men divide women by body parts, the pedo face and the implants is a more perverted combination, and male sexuality literally isn’t something that makes sense at all let alone to women. They all will openly tell you how sick they are, every one of them. If they could imagine “their type” in all kinds of painful or humiliating situations, they would and do. A lot of them probably get off to her just because it negatively effects girls/women. Her face is what humans register first, and it’s filtered to look like a child.

This doesn’t look bad at all. Knowing she has a daughter and can’t fucking understand and accept that pornography is not and has never been good for women as human beings or the perception of them is insane, how does this woman think her daughter is going to look at herself and derive worth from? Her audience is so huge and obviously affects girls/women of all ages, it’s not like girls don’t have enough identity and dehumanization issues. She has millions of followers and an onlyfans where she makes most of her money as a “sexy child”. Again, literally don’t care if she edits her actual face or even does age play, the child filter for pornography is fucked.

No. 1555544

File: 1654838059424.jpeg (561.15 KB, 828x1076, 7C262CB6-DC35-4085-AAB7-DE4448…)

No. 1555551

A face alone isn't what would work for a pedo.. That doesn't even make sense, anon. That's absurd.

No. 1555554

let’s ask another question. why is coconutkitty doing this if she could just sell her photos and videos as a MILF? because gross scrotes love teens. it doesn’t matter if her body isn’t edited as a realistic teenager. men don’t care. they love the idea of teenage girls. even better if they’ve developed early, honestly. there’s a reason “barely legal” is so popular as a search term on porn sites.

No. 1555555

But she doesn't look like a kid or a teen. The eyes to ear proportions give it away right away. there's so much to these not being pedobait. It moreso comes from the women wanting to look younger because the face is the last thing a pedo would want. If you've taken any psychology classes, their whole schtick is the body. Someone like Belle Delphine is a better pass at this, but someone with fake tits and a BBL is nowhere near anything a pedo would want or could get off to. I understand the reach with the argument, but someone with actual woman features isn't something a pedophile is looking for. If they were, they'd faceapp any photo they could find and that's not what's going on. They'd rather make child-like 3D models or something.

No. 1555613

Nta, but it's the "barely legal" or "jailbait" fantasy loving ephebophile men that they are trying to appeal to. Maybe not your personal standard for a "pedophile" but a nonce all the same.

No. 1555628

File: 1654845780490.jpg (290.4 KB, 912x663, 1334863871565.jpg)


they all look fine in person, like generic white girls butt hey insist on upholding ridiculous standards of beauty. Shoop's regulated in some places b/c it has a known negative effect on young women/girls.


women who do this have worse self esteem than those who don't so…she's screwing herself over here.

>According to Diedrichs’ recent research with the Dove Self-Esteem Project, 60% of girls feel upset when their real appearance doesn’t match the online version of themselves. “Young women who spent just 10 minutes taking, editing and posting selfies to social media reported feeling more anxious, less confident and less physically attractive afterwards compared to those who didn’t engage in these behaviours,” Diedrichs tells Forbes.

and forget the straight up catfishing that's a norm in asia

No. 1555629

it's not normal to sexualize yourself if you "naturally" look 12

No. 1555630

her before photo was stunning, I'm genuinely heartbroken

No. 1555636

File: 1654846588952.jpg (682.21 KB, 800x1430, Asian_Cosplayers_Are_Superior.…)

she could use her jaw before. realself keeps sending me updated on women who have their jaws shaved and one of them COULDN'T CHEW well b/c her range of mobility was limited now. Her bones/tendons/whatever were so weak that she risked damaging the jaw by chewing. This is horror movie shit.

and whenever someone praises asians I'm reminded of insane asian otakus who hate white people. like… i feel like even the most homely Asian women get praise b/c they're a novelty in the west. I don't see the appeal. I don't look like them so this isn't a look i prefer.

No. 1555651

File: 1654848355624.png (489.21 KB, 700x589, Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 04-03…)

why are white people so dumb? Almost all of the afters are obviously edited/angled while a fair amount of the befores also have a beauty filter over them, and fat girl angles.

No. 1555656

File: 1654848700564.png (643.69 KB, 800x600, 1385734033402.png)

No. 1555659

File: 1654848979906.jpg (216.31 KB, 1198x1085, 1367251692428.jpg)

inb4 "they were young/these are unflattering photos!"

that's probably true but encouraging women to go under the knife isn't exactly empowering.

No. 1555660

File: 1654849075300.jpg (163.04 KB, 1433x780, gal make ba.jpg)

the makeup gives them all that surreal cakeface look too

No. 1555665

>>1554880 it's even more funny how Ruichiru always untags her photos right away when seen in public. She knows she looks completely different in RL. Not so waifu

Itskeeti or Katyushacosplay, Lillytime and a few of their friends are known to be hardcore cloud-chasers.
Both fake their voices and do Baby-Talk to appeal to their "audience".
And you know what? They love to gossip about other Cosplayers like Kaddicosplay and say stuff like "she photoshops sooo hard and tries to look like a Loli but isn't even that cute in Real Life, rather chubby and almost 30". (She's in her mid 20s). But they are such Hypocrites and kiss her ass in Public because she has a larger following.
And it's even better when you know how much the group edits their pics themselves.
I'd love to tell you who I am but they would start a witch-hunt immediately.
Kathi, Lilly + friends try hard to get some attention, even when it's drama and are always the loud and annoying ones on Conventions.
Most people who know them don't really like them. And it's an insider joke in the German Cosplay Community how they mostly have Neckbeards as fans (the only people who make photos with them besides their friends).

No. 1555672


is this you, anon chan? b/c i just had a look at her insta and yikes… the cos comm is petty drama central and full of horrible people. I mean, look at this board. Why would you want to be treated like shit?

No. 1555685

if you're a woman you can see under the makeup and i honestly think they all look like themselves except for taeyeon and jessica, not to mention they wwere literal children in these pictures

No. 1555691

"stunning" why do people lie like this lmao you can hate plastic surgery but pretending it doesn't improve people's appearance in cases where it very obviously does is so dumb to me, before pic isn't ugly but is most certainly not stunning, literally the definition of average looking

No. 1556718

No one said it was retard, but if you naturally look young and happen to chosoe to sexualise yourself that's a different story. It's none of my business what other women want to do with their bodies regardless of how I personally feel.

No. 1559884

File: 1655177321318.jpg (359.79 KB, 1080x1437, Screenshot_20220614-132758__01…)

I remember this bish getting talked about on pull all the time back in the day. Fuck had her shoop gotten worse.

No. 1559888

File: 1655177486865.jpg (388.12 KB, 1080x1312, Screenshot_20220614-133101__01…)

Samefag wow she can't be serious

No. 1559991

File: 1655185344034.jpg (302.12 KB, 1080x1065, IMG_20220614_073923.jpg)

Astrids new phase??

No. 1560291

File: 1655207016258.jpeg (540.94 KB, 828x1139, 64A9408C-2E20-4147-A6E2-A68DD4…)

Skyleigh still has her thread. On top of her horrid ps she confidently claims to be Japanese now after photoshopping her step father's 23 and me results onto her own and she gets procedures to make her eyes slanted to prove to minna she's totally asian. >>/w/201081

No. 1560322

Smells like a self post.
Sky/himeahri still looks ugly as fuck even after the photoshopping + cosmetic procedures

No. 1560352

lol this is meant to be Skyleigh? she really used all the filters and made herself look like an asian blowupdoll, who buys this and thinks it's real? literally looks like a 3d rendering for a coomer game

her real face is so entirely different and she has nasolabial folds the size of the grand canion

No. 1561319

File: 1655291806776.jpeg (174.76 KB, 900x1200, 9EC21250-77F0-42A4-814D-699712…)

this just makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1561320

File: 1655291839375.jpeg (173.63 KB, 900x1200, 07E42093-BABB-479A-A74A-58D4A5…)

No. 1561331

File: 1655293186785.jpg (4.96 MB, 3072x4096, Delusion.jpg)

So much warping in those photos I'm surprised they were posted

No. 1561958

Who is she? And are the pictures on the left your edits?

No. 1561962

Kek she looks like a Pixar mom, how would she even be able to get pants up if her hips and ass were that big?

No. 1561991

Ayrt. I have no idea who this is some other anon posted her here. The pictures on the right are my edits, tried to unshoop her pics

No. 1562006

File: 1655333816382.jpeg (86.64 KB, 1280x720, 8F771CCE-C4DD-4BC4-9029-9F6004…)

himeahri is my favorite photoshop cow.
That’s SeeU a Chinese coser. Her shops are obvious but I can’t bring myself to hate on her because her cosplays are good and she actually looks cute irl unlike himeahri. The difference between her photos and her irl is so bad that even her own scrotes can’t recognize her

No. 1562475

File: 1655368958007.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 1170x1067, 2ECA63DA-8EA4-4CFE-9116-26D64E…)

Fegalvao level of shooping. Cosplayer is Epicinternetgf and all her pics are ridiculous, can’t believe people fall for this shit

No. 1562518

File: 1655377469098.jpg (272.73 KB, 987x742, 1640215344724.jpg)

She also had a shitton of plastic surgery to look like that without shoop. Also is this >>1561331 really her? Looks different from her usual shoop but tbh I haven't seen her in a while since her face gives me uncanny valley nausea.

No. 1562527

File: 1655377861744.png (Spoiler Image,279.83 KB, 346x588, Screenshot 2022-06-16 7.10.09 …)

is this woman actually serious

No. 1562531

File: 1655378805559.jpg (246.15 KB, 1152x2048, 20220616_072705.jpg)

holy shit

No. 1562539

>had a shit ton of ps
Who hasn’t? Lol

No. 1562544

File: 1655381561444.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1242x1507, EFF1C912-6510-4C7D-813F-AA88E7…)

Kek wtf this can’t be real

No. 1562545

File: 1655381633593.jpeg (845.72 KB, 954x1454, 8D86B8A6-4693-4D7A-ACDE-BBF2BC…)

I’m laughing this is so ugly

No. 1562546

File: 1655381832196.jpeg (Spoiler Image,906.39 KB, 1242x1434, 5F18B9AA-A2EF-40BB-B41D-B926E9…)

No. 1562578

don't be so terminally online, of course it isn't real.

if you google her username, you can see how she actually looks, she has bigger type breasts but nowhere near this size, she is most likely wearing the H sized breastplate for her videos and photoshops the rest. probably also gained some weight so she is a fatso

No. 1562584

like a renaissance painting.

No. 1562589

the pics you replied to are not seeu, her shoop style is super specific. This is just some other overedited asian cosplayer

No. 1562597

I think this woman is trolling, like she's seen ridiculous photoshoppers and how many men fall for that shit and she thought to herself "I wonder how far I can push this and men will still think it's real?". That HAS to be it.

No. 1562825

I think the issue is photoshopping the face to be more child-like instead of sexy. But that’s what the coomers want and that’s what bring in the bank.

No. 1563278

File: 1655433333107.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1410, DF5238DB-7313-4B5D-B2AD-8B49E8…)

No. 1563280

It wasn’t a question retard

No. 1563416

You're genuinely disabled if you think me laughing at a nostalgia cow's bad shoop "smells of selfpost"

No. 1563509

Her arms and hands always give her real age away. She can edit everything else but those old tattoos and 40 year old hands kek

No. 1563529

These newfags have rabies istg

No. 1563599

they’ve got brain worms.

No. 1564595

She fr got old grandpa army tattoos

No. 1566222

File: 1655683227065.jpeg (196.47 KB, 828x1292, 3448EB66-497E-48CD-B7E7-86097B…)

this is genuinely funny lol

No. 1566329

File: 1655688973031.jpg (191.71 KB, 1440x1800, 20220619_213450.jpg)

No. 1566334

File: 1655689079143.jpg (Spoiler Image,193.48 KB, 1440x1800, 20220619_213453.jpg)

No. 1566341

KEK, this is my favorite genre of weird shoops

No. 1566494

Lmao I kinda like whatever this editing style is called, when they go way past “bad shoop” into total monstrosity.

No. 1566693

It's just East Asians being obsessed with having tiny heads. I'll never get it.

No. 1567309

No. 1569215

File: 1655937843610.jpg (210.75 KB, 1080x1723, Screenshot_20220622-234308_Chr…)

kitsuameinari is fcking unhinged

No. 1570070

i think its a meme in korea, thats what i heard anyway.

No. 1570190

File: 1656022821019.jpg (19.4 MB, 4480x6720, 05.jpg)

i wonder what sayathefox did all to her ass to look so diaper-y

No. 1571277

File: 1656125035405.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2500x3750, 16D0649F-0E04-4221-AE9B-6BFB73…)

She got a bbl some time ago but her wks will always insist it's ~just photoshoppu~ She gets every single plastic surgery procedure done to look like a irl character

No. 1571282

File: 1656125215813.jpeg (109.41 KB, 1024x683, 3100CBCA-6590-4953-9537-4BC0D3…)

No. 1573590


Funny enough this cam girl is somewhat friendly with another cow

No. 1573824

File: 1656357386805.jpeg (693.66 KB, 1946x1946, CE6ECB22-0AA2-4AD8-8956-DA1FDB…)


No. 1575383

Scrotes really believe this? Kek, it's so obvious
This is just depressing, she has a lovely petit figure
Jesus, no wonder she untagged herself

No. 1575391

I remember seeing a YouTuber saying that Asians Photoshop so much that if they were to go missing, they would never be found because of how different they look irl compared to their posted pictures

No. 1575743

Found @urfavekya on twitter today and instantly thought of this thread.

No. 1575749

kek this looks hilarious

No. 1576331

File: 1656576951581.jpg (2.4 MB, 3072x4096, pt2022_06_30_01_13_29.jpg)

This has got to be edited right? When I see these videos online I'm really skeptical because it just so happens I never see anyone irl with these proportions… Seems like everyone in the comments just believes it tho and feels bad they don't look like that

No. 1576348

Looks like she is wearing a waist-trainer in both pictures.

No. 1576358

i feel like this one could go either way, it doesn't look as ridiculous as most other shoop jobs in this thread

No. 1576996

She's got quite a lot of weight across her body, especially on her bottom half for this proportion to even be possible on her size. The clothes shrunk with the shrinking/editing tool and the background shows artefacting, but she was smart enough to take pics with a plainer background for editing.

If she was really that proportion, you'd see the clothes around the waist wrinkling from being too big for her and draping differently. Instead you're seeing the materials being strained and stretched tightly because she was squeezing in.

So I'm going with they are edited.

No. 1577124

Yeah if she was super skinny all over I'd probably believe it, but I don't see people with waists that small yet carrying all their weight in their hips thighs and even calves. And no not even pear shaped girls look like that, it looks cartoony

No. 1577277

This isn't how skeletons work. Have you ever seen a skeleton with a ribcage half the size of the hips?

No. 1577764

File: 1656690011106.jpeg (196.27 KB, 1170x1290, 9606BBA6-E319-48CD-9D42-E96161…)

Old pic of epicinternetgf before the photoshop

No. 1578656

The BBL diaper shape.. I can't

No. 1578689

File: 1656776327828.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3072x2304, 250A1095-1907-4347-AC19-9E4B92…)

Korean singer Jamie/Park Jimin’s transformation is insane. She’s had a shit ton of surgery, but she still edits her photos like crazy.

No. 1578780

Holly shit you wouldn't be able to look at your reflection in the mirror at this point

No. 1580353

File: 1656962899405.png (1.54 MB, 1219x1262, shifty.png)

Shiftymine is getting out of hand. Constantly saying she has never photoshopped or used prosthetic breasts. Does numerous tiktoks talking about her real big breasts. Doing instagram stories talking about the pain of being a "real anime looking girl", etc… Her simps can't tell the difference of when she uses the prosthetics vs stretching out her real breasts to look bigger (when each of her hands are bigger than her head). Its really sad and disturbing.

No. 1580362

File: 1656964035828.jpg (Spoiler Image,713.35 KB, 851x1214, Image14.jpg)

Shiftymine's dumbass simps have been linking/talking about this page so here's a little lesson for them…
How can you not tell the difference between huge tit prosthetics and her real breasts? Have you seen a real woman before? Women's breasts dont magically change from Hcups to C-cups in a day. Can't you see how big her hand is stretched when she shows her real breasts? lol

No. 1580365

Why are you trying to break through to coomers? Just laugh at the livestock.

No. 1580402

saw this too, luckily a large portion of the comments are saying it's obviously photoshop though.

No. 1580407

File: 1656967174630.png (10.32 MB, 2731x4096, E6UnFieUcAA66Vp.png)

No. 1580597

Another viet pretending to be japanese?

No. 1580890

She couldn't photoshop the ass to make it a little believable???

No. 1581443

To coomers who've had their brains broken by porn and hentai, this is very "realistic" and "believable"

No. 1581444

She must be extremely insecure and have low self esteem to wear literal fake tits, edit her face to the high heavens and post all this shit online for validation. Sad

No. 1582487

File: 1657173553814.jpg (445.51 KB, 1080x1333, Screenshot_20220707-155730__01…)

You can't convince me this girl's face isn't a 2d drawing

No. 1582563

SNOW filters to the max. Also what the fuck is going on with her torso, specifically the left side of her ribs?

No. 1582670

File: 1657205170422.jpeg (521.09 KB, 750x842, 0A877563-ECF4-4906-A336-D10304…)

Girl done shopped her belly button out!!

No. 1582675

that's her boob

No. 1582803

Kek why is she getting naked at some skate park, this is so embarrassing

No. 1583155

Maybe a bit of a nitpick but what the hell is that "cosplay"? D.Va swimsuit with Jinx's hair? Just seems weird. Also that fucking face, it's the stuff of nightmares.
Lmao imagine wanting to go for a skate with your homies and seeing some random thot taking pictures in the park half naked, do they feel no shame at all?(sage your shit)

No. 1583583

File: 1657305913517.jpg (113.56 KB, 869x1080, shiftymine_0276.jpg)

the "i've never photoshopped ever" girl- ShiftyMine

No. 1583594

File: 1657306797669.png (2.04 MB, 1273x833, b.png)

Bunnie Wifey in real life vs pics

No. 1583597

Lol I thought anon cut her out and put her in a bowling alley for a second, but this is from her.. You know right away when someone blurs out entire backgrounds that they shop. If there was identifiable information like an address or name of a place, I get it. But like.. This makes no sense.

You mean Bunny_Mommy The timestamps on these are way different. I follow her for shits and giggles, but the photo on the left is way older than the newer posted photo on the right.

No. 1583638

bunny mommy edits her face to look like a child/teen. its creepy.

No. 1583645

File: 1657310893993.jpg (458.35 KB, 655x1252, b.jpg)

Bunny mommy had a video in which she said this was her true self now …lol… she has tons of filters on her face and body. you can see where she edits her waist. look at everything so warped. Look at those steps. Look at her hands.

No. 1583944

File: 1657343585747.jpeg (1.65 MB, 2621x852, 114D9D31-CF5B-41EF-98FB-1D5A34…)

Himeahri is the best photoshop cow kek

No. 1584032

It doesn't matter how many or how obvious her filters are because her clientele of dumb drooling scrotes don't possess the needed cognitive power to figure that out anyway

No. 1584054

They locked their twitter kek.

No. 1584065

File: 1657368815463.png (451.12 KB, 1170x2532, 04DDD6AF-574B-41E2-B435-FCD8B2…)

She lies about her age too. Like, by ten years. I know her, her ex husband (Andy campos) is a tattoo artist in Sacramento and I have seen them together and know acquaintances and she’s 37 but She claims she’s in her early 20s. He’s at least in his mid to late 40s.

If you search her real name all her shit is laid bare

No. 1584066

File: 1657368952868.jpeg (217.57 KB, 828x1140, FXLw5yAXEAEI_0R.jpeg)

Yall remember Berry Tsukasa? Please tell me what is up with this picture. The longer you look, the weirder it gets- she has fat people features but a thin silhouette

No. 1584067

File: 1657368971066.jpeg (388.62 KB, 1170x1970, 661995BC-2975-4764-B978-2A0A21…)

Her model mayhem. Again, age 36. She turned 37 in may tho.

No. 1584068

File: 1657369024228.jpeg (325.52 KB, 1170x1741, DE6D6004-5276-42E0-99AD-BB5DA1…)

Even when she was young she looked beat and old

No. 1584070

File: 1657369127059.jpeg (538.84 KB, 1170x1900, 6DCD179F-8A74-4AF9-8BE8-3A0009…)

Before her tattoos, implants, and before she started doing cam shows and porn.

No. 1584076

File: 1657369776671.jpeg (Spoiler Image,270.55 KB, 1540x1525, C8C1448D-7ECE-4BA2-8990-EC839B…)

Just a comparison of her closer to the age she’s pretending to be. Same tattoo on her lower back.

No. 1584157

Either she is skinnyfat, or she is using slimming filters.

No. 1584274

That's such a nitpick

No. 1584281

I wouldn't be surprised if she was lying then about her age too. I've seen her around and always assumed she was late 40s. I always thought "oh she's so pretty for her age. she should just use her real face" lol but then you say she's only 37. She looks super old for 37

No. 1584297

You the same anon who insists Bishoujomom is actually 40 years old?

No. 1584301

File: 1657397860951.jpg (212.09 KB, 1039x1200, ExsU3AUWQAINVjE.jpg)

Bishoujomom is a compulsive liar.
Claiming she was 12 years old when theres pictures of her at bars getting wasted.
Also imagine ruining your appearance the way she did so she could look like her photoshopped pics. lol

No. 1584307

Kek Berry Tsukasa is still there after her 15 min of fame are long gone? She's obviously skinny fat imo, or chubby and photoshopping herself slimmer

No. 1584319

It’s just correct, considering she goes through incredible lengths to lie about her age.

No. 1584328

Anon, you have a retarded vendetta about assuming everyone is somehow lying about their ages.

No. 1584369

File: 1657403800646.png (876.89 KB, 775x521, sss.png)

You do realize Coconut Kitty says she's 23! That would have made her 13 when she did her first nude pics/porn.
Or 10 in the pic right here….

No. 1584371

Anon, sage your weird tinfoils that have nothing to back it up with. This is a photoshop thread, not a nitpicking and assuming the age of cosplayers thread. There is a thread on /w/ for that though.

No. 1584517

File: 1657416848818.png (3.15 MB, 1174x1464, Screen Shot 2022-07-10 at 11.3…)

The difference though

No. 1584643

File: 1657428240414.jpeg (77.63 KB, 1170x1263, 1DFDD522-7D74-4BB0-BE68-89B143…)

She’s not a cosplayer. There’s no tinfoil. She’s been around the town, her ex husband is one of the best known tattooers in Sacramento. I work in the industry and I’m good friends with his good friends. She’s been doing cam shows for over ten years alone. She’s the one who put her age up on her model mayhem, you get she made that profile herself over ten years ago right? you usually just put the year to confirm you’re of age for posting nudes. This is her confirmed birthday. I don’t think tinfoil means what you think it means. Her age is absolutely pertinent to her photoshopping.

No. 1584644

Being 36 and not 37 isn't a leap.

No. 1584675

And where did I say it was? I just CONFIRMED her actual age. Instead of whining and not contributing you stop derailing over some old pedo baiting bitch with a horse face because you’re starting to sound like another old bitch projecting.

No. 1584680

You're talking about ages in a thread for photoshop. Try the e-girls I hate thread or the /w/ thread for costhots for Bishoujomom.

No. 1584685

File: 1657434005591.jpg (80.98 KB, 700x583, aza6rKax_700w_0.jpg)

this older lady is photoshopping herself to look like a teen and claiming she's 23 when she has a history of doing camshows/porn since 2010

No. 1584687

I'm referring to the age on the website vs her DOB. I am not arguing she isn't saying she's younger in general.

No. 1584889

Kek, the hands and background warping into oblivion behind her

No. 1584925

Kek wtf, it's like she's wearing a mask of a pornified woman, men are so retarded and disgusting that they will fap to this.

No. 1584931

File: 1657470892043.jpeg (138.95 KB, 976x1220, 52AA7F0E-F970-4999-8D55-AF6768…)

has anyone talked about Alicia Ahe? (@alicia_ahe) she photoshops her face so much she looks like an alien.

No. 1584936

File: 1657471027339.jpeg (583.64 KB, 2048x2048, C14FBE38-954E-4E7B-8C76-83F3A6…)

her nose looks different in nearly every photo. plus she’s one of those pedo pandering ahegao bitches.

No. 1584937

butt out at the skatepark?! theres kids there

No. 1584973

troon Michael Jackson

No. 1585046

i love how shes just naked in her ghetto apartment block hahahahah

No. 1585055

this sent me flying

No. 1585091

>demon slayer tattoo

No. 1585252

File: 1657509864779.jpeg (975.74 KB, 828x1040, 26F1A21C-C16E-4125-9547-985D57…)

Coconutkitty’s friend has some comical shops too

No. 1585373

This is even worse than Emily Grove/ coconutkitty holy shit

No. 1585927

File: 1657572518749.jpeg (364.83 KB, 1125x1516, 1654313062722.jpeg)

The 40 year old botched photoshopped Bishoujo mom

No. 1585933

what are these midget proportions lol

No. 1585946

Kekek coconutkitty has her friend using the teen face app filter too.

No. 1586121

File: 1657589548163.jpeg (398.97 KB, 622x839, 2E188F10-4EFB-47C3-9618-596166…)

Oh my god. Is that lina Deppsen the notorious dollar store belle delphine

No. 1587960

She looks like some coomer's blowup sex doll, how is this appealing when it's so obviously fake?

No. 1589769

File: 1658014684182.png (2.17 MB, 1440x1903, 29282781.png)

The no lips… the left eye over the wig hair…
What in the mentally ill

No. 1589823

File: 1658025103822.jpeg (474.84 KB, 750x1094, 4C853AC3-2ACE-4237-8A29-101F41…)

Oh effina….

No. 1590393

File: 1658096743439.jpeg (408.37 KB, 828x1012, 46CF851A-429E-4CB5-A2DD-3AAE89…)

ilykimchi has an ideal body and she still shoops it terribly and men believe it’s real

No. 1590615

File: 1658125475901.png (1.04 MB, 710x712, Screen Shot 2022-07-17 at 11.2…)

Yet people still want to claim coconut kitty isn't trying to pedopander

No. 1590625

This is disturbing as fuck… Jon Benet Ramsay vibes. Very uncomfortable.

No. 1590626

Is that one of her images? That’s basically a copy paste of a maybe eight or nine year old, stone cold JonBenet Ramsey vibes.

No. 1590627

Lmao I was writing my comment before I even saw yours. I bet she is the type to be jealous of JonBenet, including her passing.

No. 1590640

This is the actual coconut kitty, she has been posting these on YouTube and I’m surprised they weren’t posted here.

No. 1590641

Only posted a day ago.

No. 1590652

"actual"- are you a moid? these vids are edited to hell

No. 1590655

No fucking shit but the masks mess up the face tuning she can either only do in a still photo or with the nearly CGI app she uses to edit videos to the degree that she does. Seeing a picture of her un/less edited is one thing, but so much of her regular filtering doesn’t show up with this and I’m shocked she posted it. She must have been drunk asf she sounds and looks like trailer trash. The way she says “coconut kitty” made me retch.

No. 1590670

File: 1658135077997.png (241.64 KB, 1206x471, Screen Shot.png)

at about 1:07 the filter blips

No. 1590772

File: 1658156052488.jpeg (914.84 KB, 1138x1488, 17437C0A-DA4D-4E1C-8BD3-1B59A1…)

sorry i’m pretty sure she’s been posted earlier in this thread but it legitimately looks like a paper mask over her real face lmao what the fuck.

No. 1592758

'ideal body' lmao all her pictures are clearly shooped.

No. 1593696

File: 1658439952094.jpg (63.22 KB, 576x865, thursday_night_creature.JPG)

I actually jumped when I saw this. Are men just attracted to abstract art?

No. 1593723

They're attracted to their coomer fan fiction and are incapable of comprehensive thought when they're horny. This sort of shit is so obviously fake but coomers refuse to accept it despite no human looking like this

No. 1593741

this looks like something out of a fucking creepypasta

No. 1594040

Yeah. They don't care as long as they can fap to it. You have girls wear fake chestplates and some men know it when they look, but the overall image of what they are attracted to is what they care about. They don't give a fuck if it's photoshop because the end result is still sexual to them.

No. 1594438

File: 1658505904218.jpg (153.39 KB, 705x805, Screenshot_20220723_015956~2.j…)

her old account has gotten post a few threads ago , Christ what is this

No. 1597765

File: 1658805272432.png (615.63 KB, 599x596, Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 11.1…)

yasmine lopez. scrote coworker told me about her. I guess they went to high school together. Claims no bbl, no shoop; just pure, all natural woman.
He was in genuine shock when I showed these two pictures side-by-side

No. 1597834

She's not famous or known though, so just personal cow?

No. 1597835

nta but
>not famous or known
>didn't even bother googling
I guess having 1.2 million followers makes her unknown, unlike the other scrub cows we have on the site…

No. 1597925

The waist shop is always so obvious, hair doesn't just naturally curve inwards around your waist and nothing else. Scrotes are incapable of thinking

No. 1598042

I don't think they have eyes. Have you checked, personally? I think we just see their faces and superimpose the eyes onto them in our brains because they should be there.

No. 1598203

File: 1658860301023.jpg (Spoiler Image,385.98 KB, 718x960, Screenshot_20220726-221757_Chr…)

Jfc why do bitches with the flat asses act like they have a big one?? Her butt cheeks are just as far apart as her botched tits
Sage bc shes not a huge cow

No. 1598204

File: 1658860343270.jpg (Spoiler Image,232.34 KB, 717x1118, Screenshot_20220726-221830_Chr…)

2/2 her profile

No. 1598294

Yeah honestly they clearly don't. Either that or they have no brain.

No. 1598589

why are south asian girls still getting posted in these threads? literally every single one of them, social media influencers or not, shoop themselves to hell and back.

No. 1598672

You know that even girls with actual meat on their asses, when you bend over like that with your knees apart like that, you ass will spread, right? Are you the same scrote who was mad anons pointed out that that one girl wears a chestplate? You need to learn some actual anatomy and maybe do other anons a favor and bother to see how bodies look in the same poses with a little google search. That's exactly what an ass is supposed to do in the pose she's in.

No. 1598673

Unless it's outrageous photoshop anyway, I don't even know if its even milky anymore to just shop alone and subtle.

No. 1599188

File: 1658943148924.jpg (1.46 MB, 3840x2160, sd.jpg)

angie griffin

No. 1599379

Looks like a Sims 3 character

No. 1599463

File: 1658962118082.jpg (473.03 KB, 918x1545, 20220727_234725.jpg)

@aminaantonova on Instagram looking like a shitty IMVU character. What the fuck happened to the face and hands? Completely void of texture

No. 1599487

File: 1658963093908.jpg (2.57 MB, 3264x3264, pt2022_07_28_00_01_48.jpg)

Lmao the background absolutely warping behind her, just look at the hourglass. Both pics from the same photoshoot

No. 1600485

File: 1659034524860.jpg (347.22 KB, 718x548, Screenshot_20220728-224736_Ins…)

I'm a bit confused about this girl I've seen her mentioned here before and she had a sort of fridge body
I'm just confused as to how her body got like this.. maybe it's not photoshop but it looks off

No. 1600887

You do know everything through glass warps, right? Theres an hourglass behind her. The warp in the wallpaper/floor isnt due to editing. Fucking idiot.

No. 1601226

Anorexia is a PSYOP, dont fall for it

No. 1601366

File: 1659116266627.jpg (518.97 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20220729-183535_Chr…)

Are you retarded? Explain these warped pixels then. Use your eyes next time, the glass is clearly like glass of a window, it doesn't warp anything. And it's the sand inside of it that's warping, not the wallpaper or floor.

No. 1601375

I hope other anons see this, for the love of god, please tell me you are not comparing a curved plane to a flat plane. Are you really, really serious, anon. That is not a warp. That's 3 different artifacts picked up behind and reflected by an hourglass shaped of real glass.

You learn how glass warps just like looking at fucking fishbowl compared to a window. You an an absolute idiot. It's not edited.

No. 1601378

Ntayrt but the back part of that table which is closest to the wall is not straight unlike the pic of the right and that bit isn’t being seen through glass

No. 1601409

You're really going to compare 2 different poses, when there is an arm creating an extra shadow? The camera is moved more towards the right and to the front of the table and the girl than the left photo.

If you guys are going t post bad photoshop, make sure it is photoshop.

No. 1601441

What does the shadow have to do with anything? Her poses are very similar too so I don't get your nitpick. Also the camera hasn't moved.

No. 1601444

What's wrong with this picture? Looks pretty normal to me.
Their faces look like cartoons with the absolute lack of pores and detail

No. 1601459

File: 1659125081211.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x1332, Screenshot_20220729-210301_Ins…)

coconutkitty143 back at it again with some of the worst photoshop I've seen in my life. Her face says 11 but her hands say sun damaged 40 year old. 1/2

No. 1601461

File: 1659125362047.jpg (2.94 MB, 3264x3264, collage.jpg)

Her waist filter is distorting her hand and arm so much it's comical. 2/2

No. 1601700

her mouth/ jaw looks like it's melting into the shirt, jesus

popeye arms aside, this is the most shes shown of her natural face in a while, not to wk but i think she's pretty gorgeous and could still make bank on OF if she decided to go the "milf" route. ik a lot of anons have theorized that she edits the way she does purely to make money, but tbh seems to me she does the teen photoshop thing bc she is honestly just degenerate and is getting off on the idea of herself as "jail bait" or whatever.

No. 1601777

10000% agree with the second part. she’s trying to be the most common type of OF girl when there aren't as many hot, older women on OF and she could be one of the few and make way more money

No. 1601818

File: 1659146425520.jpeg (141.01 KB, 828x1792, FWH3cH5UsAAZQue.jpeg)

>>1601459 Here's her actual face posted by a mua who did her makeup recently

No. 1601819

File: 1659146463839.jpeg (114.68 KB, 828x1792, FWH3cH4UUAA1llD.jpeg)

And unedited body

No. 1602170

Holy shit, those horrible lip fillers… She looks about 50 here

No. 1602178

File: 1659189826193.jpg (628.71 KB, 1126x1680, 20220730_150309.jpg)

Contrasted with the shit she posts

No. 1602253

This is so pathological because she's not ugly at all she's just way older than she shoops herself. Like why even bother doing that if you're trying to do regular model stuff where your real face would be exposed? It's giving mental illness

No. 1602305

Late, but yes

No. 1602648

File: 1659225975455.jpg (323.53 KB, 1080x1431, 20220730_170255.jpg)

Irl she looks more like this, and even this is still a bit shopped.

No. 1602653

File: 1659226211459.jpg (163.91 KB, 540x720, 8b1cff56d4c5d251cf11bf6a38096a…)

No. 1602661

hayley williams?

No. 1602716

File: 1659231236891.jpg (176.56 KB, 1080x1349, 296448512_116843664314917_7018…)

Dem wobbly hands

No. 1602726

are those tattoo lines or did she really edit her tits up to her neck

No. 1602735

anon… its a necklace

No. 1603281

kek the chairs and curtains are warping so hard into her how can people think this is real

No. 1607850

File: 1659691253735.jpeg (Spoiler Image,397.09 KB, 1125x1500, c0sUpJHW.jpeg)

From her OnlyFans, this is literally the stuff from nightmares

No. 1607874

File: 1659693389198.jpg (168.48 KB, 1080x810, 297010669_5456006291183288_154…)

Deleted from her account because of the blatant shop. Can literally see where she cut the picture, the girl in blue was done dirty

No. 1607877

File: 1659693908517.jpg (93.09 KB, 510x680, oofft.jpg)

This is just embarrassing


her face is so badly filtered as well

No. 1608018

lmfao it looks like she's wearing a cape so it's easier to shoop around her waist

No. 1608073

now that you mention it, holy shit you're right, is this a insta thot's method?

No. 1608389

Jfc that is terrifying

No. 1608981

File: 1659812727513.png (986.63 KB, 775x606, nattyornot.png)

Is this girl natty or not…something looks sort of off


No. 1609007

It's hard to tell. I'm inclined to say her bottom half looks disproportionate to her top half which is usually indicative of shooping. From a side view it's also difficult to see if she shops her waist to be like that. He bum also has a natural shape which is uncommon for shoppers, normally they go for a straight up sphere bum

No. 1609017


Definitely looks disproportionate, so it's hard to say, although it does look like there's shoop on the bum here:


No. 1609071

File: 1659820523039.jpg (348.86 KB, 1080x1931, IMG_20220806_221407.jpg)

Hahaha what the fuck

No. 1609186

Looks like she's in really good shape to begin with but exaggerated her waist and hips with shoop.

No. 1609554

File: 1659880725265.jpg (118.7 KB, 1080x1007, Screenshot_20220807-145853_Chr…)

No. 1609570

my dudes the horizon fully breaks behind her (its lower on the left side of the image)

No. 1610042

File: 1659926842417.png (3.14 MB, 1156x1462, Screen Shot 2022-08-08 at 12.4…)

Coconut kitty is ranting on instagram, saying it's just a character and she's so much hotter in real life.

No. 1610070

god those arms. bitch is like one suntan away from skin cancer. someone should tell grandma to put sunscreen on.

No. 1610090

Those 50 year old hands tell no lies. The army-tier tattoos don’t help either kek

No. 1610127

No. 1610167

File: 1659945400265.jpeg (423.41 KB, 1170x1974, FA291EF1-B6C1-4BE2-BBD0-4525C9…)

If you want a good laugh, definitely watch this video while it’s still posted. She’s slurring her words big time while ranting about people calling her 60 and 50 years old because “you don’t know how old I am” (we do. it’s public record). Claims that she got a lot of plastic surgery since her camming days which is true but she’s trying to pass this heavily filtered video off as her real face. Calls herself an artist and asks why no one gets mad at Gary Wolf for creating Jessica Rabbit. Ends it by almost throwing up saying “Literally learn. Get smarter”.

She completely ignores that the problem isn’t creating a character; it’s creating porn with an adult’s body and child’s face. Guess >>1601818 being posted really triggered her kek

No. 1610168

She posted a video on her feed where she is calling herself an artist and that the child version is like a character she drew, comparing herself to the creator of Jessica Rabbit. She talks like a literal hillbilly that has definitely done meth and dropped out. I understand her point about being a creator, but she built a huge platform making a loophole around cp. Idc if people edit pictures or use filters, whatever, it’s been pointed out she uses an app that literally makes you into a child that looks maybe 13. What would her artist statement be then?

There are women her age in the comments of it showing support, and they have hundreds of thousands of followers making money off of what they look like. She doesn’t need to do this and she has enough of a fan base to be more of herself or so different characters.

She has pictures of herself with the filter on while she’s smoking cigarettes and that’s one of the things I hate the most. Even Cardi B was mortified and made a huge public statement when a picture of her smoking a cigarette was found.

No. 1610171

File: 1659946029482.jpeg (145.46 KB, 1170x641, D8D05541-5AA4-47BA-92D2-CBE684…)

She sounds and looks like a meth head. Funny reading her go off on random comments like calm down grandma no need for all those paragraphs kek

No. 1610179

File: 1659946658134.png (440.79 KB, 1079x1170, Screenshot_20220808-041409.png)

She's copy pasting responses to people lmfao. She is super trashy.

No. 1610180

File: 1659946776232.png (400.89 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20220808-040512.png)

Samefag I also thought this reply of hers was very insane. ironic, just pathetic really

No. 1610183

She's only calling it a character now that she's getting found out, she was genuinely trying to fool people that that's what she looks like kek

No. 1610185

Calling that a paragraph is such an insult. That’s literally multiple sentences without punctuation or cohesive thought that relates to the topic at all.

The actual artwork she has is fucking hilarious though, there’s a colored pencil one that looks like what a 50 year old sex worker would draw in rehab while Guns N Roses plays in their head. They all have weird banana feet and there’s all these creepy military men checking out the lady figures.

No. 1610186

I’m embarrassed I know this but she has always said it was a character but claimed she was getting recognized too much from cam work, so she made up a new face. It was posted here and she said that in some interview years ago. Judging by her paintings I’m going to say she does not have the brain capacity to create and live a double life.

No. 1610188

File: 1659947435841.jpeg (518.78 KB, 1170x2687, 4BD833CE-CB63-4742-BCFC-86C4F3…)

Tag yourselves girlies. I’m “they don't want
to tell you because I'm rebel”

No. 1610189

Oh I wasn’t referring to just that one but the multiple word vomits she’s commenting lol

No. 1610190

She hasn’t always claimed that. She did an interview about a year ago and that’s when she started to say it.

No. 1610196

Ah yes because as an almost 40 year old woman, putting a child/teen’s face on your onlyfans porn is a courageous, authentic, and honest thing to do. Get the fuck out here. She isn’t putting out state of the art AI nudes; she’s doing loophole cp because she’s a very deeply disturbed woman.

No. 1610201

File: 1659948507321.jpg (156.15 KB, 1080x1024, Screenshot_20220808-013109_Ins…)

Lol okay this bitch is officially nuts
Picrel is in the comments of one of her posts a few days ago - she is now shilling a "book" in several comments and in her bio

No. 1610210

In her Instagram stories, she said she does it so she doesn't get recognised when she goes out, partly because she has a child?

No. 1610218

File: 1659949781016.webm (14.67 MB, 720x960, 10000000_583521010026481_31889…)

Here's the webm before she removes the post

No. 1610222

File: 1659950189988.webm (4.63 MB, 720x1280, 074485D867A6DE404022C5B6BA5D15…)

From her Instagram stories

No. 1610239

did she get hacked, does someone else have her phone or does she have a drug / mental episode? you'd think for someone who relies on making money off pedos, she'd keep her mouth shut and stay in character for her moidbucks

No. 1610241

So she wants someone to learn about her plan from a book that’s purely in her head at this point. Crackhead logic.

No. 1610276

Peak IMVU avatar impersonation

No. 1610277

File: 1659960818770.png (276.82 KB, 325x565, 3t23.png)

Her editing is horrifying.

No. 1610295

It's a cope from a mentally ill woman who has been found out. Even if she didn't mean to make her face prepubescent in an attempt to protect her identity, those 30 year old prison tats are a dead giveaway.

No. 1610337

This is for photoshop,not a thread for coomer idiot comments. Go make Kitty her own thread or something.

No. 1610371

These comments are about her photoshopping though, did you even read them?

No. 1611293

This isn't a thread to discuss one core cow and deep dive about.

No. 1611947

Oh please, what are you got to do if people post 5 times in a row about one cow in a multiple cow thread? Stop shitting yourself and keep the coconut milk going

No. 1612245

File: 1660160389217.jpg (762.34 KB, 809x1633, Screenshot_20220810-203412_Ins…)

Speaking of Coconut milk, here she is in her most recent post having a schizo rant about how much the haters totally don't bother her all the while trying to get sympathy for her child. If her child is going through so many issues, why are you posting poorly photoshopped provocative videos? Attend to your son, idiot.

No. 1612296

> what I do is affecting my kid severely but enough about how they’re feeling because I’M in pain because of it

No. 1612323

Has to be one of her worst shops yet. If you point it out she'll cope and say "it's just a character!" and then proceed to belittle the poster. I wouldn't be surprised if she was a heavy drinker with how much she slurs her words in videos and how unhinged her texts are.

No. 1612359

Her shoops get worse every post. She's now just facetuning out her entire rib cage

No. 1612535

File: 1660180310417.png (2.76 MB, 1826x1530, Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 11.2…)

All the comments on her new posts are 'fan accounts' owned by her assistant. How sad

No. 1612611

that face is now in my nightmares

No. 1612619

Literally all the top comments how pathetic go parent your poor kid

No. 1612620

>A literal retard trying to minimod

No. 1613513

File: 1660283680507.jpeg (261.65 KB, 933x1353, 24D469DB-0404-4E95-8901-366D27…)

No. 1613516

The book = faceapp teen filter $0.00 low IQ beta men like Jason R Womack believe her ridiculous photoshop. Nasty ass trying to larp as a young adult teen. Take care of your kid boomer

No. 1613617

File: 1660292313406.jpeg (953.83 KB, 1170x1778, CA691ED2-9365-4904-82F0-1FF4C2…)

what the fuck even is this

No. 1613624

File: 1660293244189.jpg (567.89 KB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_20220812-083230_Ins…)

Nonnie I love you for posting this, her profile is the funniest shit I've ever seen. Her little fat baby arm in this one absolutely sent me

No. 1613841

File: 1660314483699.jpg (607.31 KB, 1080x1312, IMG_20210801_140803.jpg)

i dont like her but she is not a boomer, her actual age is somewhere in her 30's.
It still is gross that she is pretending to to be a 20 year old and photoshopping herself to look like a teen, but we still need to stop calling women over thirty boomers or old.

this is how she looked like before she started to filter her face/

No. 1613877

She’s turning 37 this year. The youngest boomers are 58 so I don’t think anyone actually thinks she’s a boomer.

No. 1613903


Her modelling page says 36 and that was last updated over 10 years ago so that would put her somewhere between 47 and 50 now.

No. 1613955

Its photoshop and a massive chestplate.

No. 1613959

Post it

No. 1613969

Wouldn't that update each year by itself though? The page probably asks for your age and birthday when you first sign up and every year on your birthday it adds an extra year rather than you having to update it manually.

No. 1613970

Sage but meant for >>1613903

No. 1613971

Yeah that anon is probably talking about something that automatically updates yearly, so she's 36-37.

No. 1614079


Considering she's a liar, delusional and desperate, I doubt she filled in her real date of birth. She looks way older than 37 to me.

No. 1614092

I wasn’t serious. She has boomer tattoos and she acts like one. Just because you’re the same age as Coconut doesn’t mean I know you’re a boomer dumbass.

No. 1614291

Her behavior is boomer stop acting like someone is insulting you personally. Some people age like shit and not sorry she’s one of them, her voice is disgusting and no one put a gun to her head and made her smoke cigarettes until she sounded like a 50 year old methhead.

I don’t think you understand it’s not like she facetuned some bad shadows or minor things, she intentionally selected a filter that turns her face into a minor’s and made softcore porn that’s all over instagram. She has even posted that jonbenet-esque picture posted above where she’s a hypersexualized 7 year old. If her kid was a girl instead, we can all guess how that would be turning out. She’s not your friend.

No. 1614491

She acts like an entitled Karen archetype, especially in her sperg outs. Nothing screams boomer more than entitlement and internet illiteracy. There's nothing wrong with women over 30 who know how to act and present themselves.

No. 1614633

File: 1660383013946.jpg (210.38 KB, 1080x377, Screenshot_20220813-102836_Ins…)

Shameless. Her post asking for prayers for her sick child is sandwiched between posts of her being a whore. In the right picture she literally has her tits and snatch out

No. 1614635

File: 1660383195380.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.06 MB, 3264x1836, shameless.jpg)

Poorly shopped as ever

No. 1614711

The one on the left wtf. She looks like a toddler

No. 1614743


No. 1614815

teen face on her nearly 40 year old hag body is kinda jarring!

No. 1614903

That’s barely even her body, those pics are so shooped. But shooping a prepubescent face onto an extreme porn body is just gross, so the sentiment stands.

No. 1614967

File: 1660410179704.png (986.29 KB, 1052x1054, Screenshot_20220813-120244.png)

You know what I forgot about this bitch? She has a connection to Andrew tates brother and was one of the "sex workers" who would find and pimp girls for him. I genuinely forgot about this and I don't remember it being posted to any thread, but I could be wrong.

No. 1614971

Bitch sounds perma drugged, actual retard

No. 1614989

Holy shit this is actually insane. Any connection to Andrew Tate is scary tier

No. 1615046

We need a coconutkitty thread

No. 1615064

File: 1660417703674.jpg (546.28 KB, 2048x2048, okijmfiokwsejnmtfiuow.jpg)

Yeah she is managed by Tate nonnies. I thought this was common knowledge by now. Andrew's brother's twitter got suspended, but he had a tweet about being catfished by someone using her pictures saying something like, if ur gonna catfish me, use pictures of women i havent slept with. the funny part is the real her looks nothing like the picture they used, which was of the "character" coconutkitty

No. 1615110

File: 1660420374162.jpg (570.47 KB, 2048x2048, ejkwtgbnijeknjekngkengkfenjkfn…)

Same anon, found her saying they met i'm actually dying @ "click bate headline" comment this woman types like she's illiterate
and in the same replies to this tweet someone did point out that she edits herself to look like her 13 year old daughter.

No. 1615118

Those old hands. Hands never lie.

No. 1615123

Seconded. That woman is milky af.
I'd make one myself but I'm ESL and retarded.

No. 1615196

File: 1660426891593.webm (3.2 MB, 260x462, 184119dafd23b4c7f8557d01ca38fa…)

I might make one where people can post about her, the Tate brothers and anything related including other whores they may manage if anyone has any more info to contribute, here's video showing exactly what anon demonstrated here >>1555141 I would not doubt Tristan Tate encourages her to do this because he's openly a hebephile, as is his brother. He knows the younger a woman pretends to be, the longer she can maintain a huge following and milk retarded coomers because there are so many men into little girls like him who watch pornography. I feel so sorry for this woman's daughter. Imagine randomly one day finding out your mom photoshopped herself to look like you to be supported by hebephile coomers, if she doesn't know already. You can tell by the way she types and her bad grammar that she's low IQ and extremely uneducated too, she is teaching her daughter to make her way in life by scamming, objectifying herself, and instilling a horrible fear of aging and being perceived as less attractive by the most predatory scrotes in this planet, worse than what society and coomer media already conditions into us.

No. 1615349

Jfc this is so disturbing. I feel like I’m looking at cp. this woman is sick.

No. 1615394

File: 1660447464993.jpg (726 KB, 1080x1302, Screenshot_20220813-085032_Hig…)

some girl on an autistic dressup game i play posts the funniest shoops of herself unironically, this one is my favorite

No. 1615400

Her brain is fucking liquid and now that the tate connection is confirmed, it’s probably the first step to normalize this shit for the predatory males can make money from filters that turn you into a twelve year old.

She also has a daughter? I thought she had a son, extremely ironic she’s asking people to pray for the child when the mother is the one facemelting herself into her own child to sexualize. When that kid comes across any of her photoshopping it’s going to traumatize them. It’s traumatizing enough for grown women to see this and have to learn more about male obsession with female children, I literally never want to learn anything about male sexuality ever again and tbh never wanted to until men on the internet mass groomed children. So done

No. 1615497

File: 1660460720872.jpg (369.17 KB, 2048x2048, whehjknrejknjknwjkrnejk.jpg)

Here >>1615487 is a thread on Coconutkitty and the Tate Brothers since she seems to be taking up a lot of space here and surprisingly they dont have their own so may as well. And yes it is disturbing, although facial recognition AIs aren't the most reliable it's far from a reach to say her face is made to look 20+ years younger than how old she actually is. Users saying she's 50+ because her modelmayhem site hasn't been updated aren't the brightest though >>1613903 considering the age gets updated by the system automatically since you set your DOB upon registering, she is 37, but anyways please take Coconutkitty and Tate related posts here xo

No. 1615537

Pretty sure she has 2 kids, an older daughter and younger son

No. 1616244

File: 1660534325492.jpeg (287.49 KB, 1242x1335, A0BDCBA8-E876-44CB-BCB2-BC2587…)

@succubuzza photoshops the shit out of her body and face

No. 1616326

She already has a great body. It’s ridiculous the lengths these girls go to.

No. 1616368

yep, she's got that anime internet brain rot

No. 1616681

Just screams insecurity and low self esteem to me. It's sad really

No. 1617292

>>1616326 She has an under bust corset in the second pic. You can see the ridge under her boobs and the waist shape is very telling if you've ever had any experience with them.

No. 1617771

File: 1660665658623.jpg (658.21 KB, 1080x1543, Screenshot_20220816-170013_Ins…)

Whatever the fuck this is, I thought it was a digital art piece at first

No. 1617809

I mean tbh it basically is. Literally no one would ever be stupid enough to think that's legit. Uncanny and gross.

No. 1617922

File: 1660677222213.jpg (6.78 MB, 3072x4096, 000.jpg)

SeeU's face makes me feel physically ill, it really triggers my fight or flight response. To think she had a ton of plastic surgery yet filters to this extent.

No. 1617969

File: 1660681094112.png (1 MB, 734x747, really.png)

No. 1617984

this shitty editing makes her teeth look like they’re littered with cavities

No. 1618043

Do you have any before pictures of her? Another one I’m curious about is MONPINK. Both have been in the cosplay scene for so long abusing filters and PS, no one knows what they look like anymore

No. 1618082

File: 1660694454266.png (741.03 KB, 475x830, 37840dc9a6fad2ff6b2728b1ad35bc…)

No. 1618119

>>1618043 Here's a collage >>1562518

No. 1618415

File: 1660736423813.jpg (82.07 KB, 617x1200, D2dgVQ5U0AAXG6q.jpg)

Lmao what a throwback, LoL e-attention seekers are so trashy and women always throw lude pics or hook up with men for the sake of attention.

No. 1618618

File: 1660760835816.jpeg (457.19 KB, 828x1391, F53D1872-97B7-4877-88C9-16EE4C…)

I am just beyond words

No. 1618620

KEK i thought this would lead me to the bad art thread

No. 1618760


This is a human version of a yaoi hand

No. 1618801

Those neck "tattoos" looks like Sharpie drawn onto silicon

No. 1618830

Why did this happen to this girl twice, though?

No. 1618832


No. 1618834

Guarantee you this is a tif larping out her yaoi OC boyfriend gay demon dreams

No. 1619005

this had me cackling at my phone

No. 1619009

File: 1660794419114.png (798.39 KB, 775x1225, Screenshot 2022-08-18.png)

Went on their tiktok and they still had videos with their unshopped face. I'm honestly shocked.

No. 1619368

File: 1660841883185.jpg (461.81 KB, 1873x1233, Captura-de-tela-2022-08-18-133…)

(please excuse my shitty editing skills) This girl Diovana konigsreuter is worshipped, but am I the only one that think this is ridiculous??? She is already gorgeous, yet she feels the need to distort her face and body to the point she has an entirely different face on each picture (bottom pics are less edited/natural pictures, she looks infinitely better without those alien proportions)

No. 1619439

Editing herself into another race, shameless. She's very pretty, no need for all the shoopping

No. 1619441

she looks retarded in the top photos kek. why do attractive women do this to themselves?

No. 1619473

File: 1660852060608.png (3.85 MB, 1440x1799, 299179546_1511908985945780_795…)

from a clothing ad, not even close to believable

No. 1619488

From Disturbia right? I saw a lot of laugh reacts to this on fb and was waiting to see if it would end up here

No. 1619495

File: 1660854124405.png (1.19 MB, 720x900, 295840111_364898189175431_2646…)

yep, i cant believe they used this lmaoo

No. 1619496

Can't tell if she's insecure as hell or just trying to please an audience that's 99% made of incel men wanting to fap to plastic anime dolls

No. 1619548

dont feel bad for her shes a nasty cow

No. 1619693

100% a tif, their old tiktoks you can see it's just a lesbian

No. 1620873

what are we looking at here

No. 1620905

Wtf is this scrote? no one wants to see your gross x-ray porn.

No. 1621054

File: 1661027830298.jpg (Spoiler Image,529.28 KB, 2048x1534, FYXtAF9VUAI8wWS.jpg)

Yunocos' chestplate seam is so obvious here I suspect she's making fun of the moids who give her money

No. 1621068

That's what you have an issue with here?

No. 1621099

Those boobs look real, idk

No. 1621193

they look hyper shopped not necessarily like a chest plate that would be even harder to shop

No. 1621368

Gotta be a troll, because the folds on the bottom make no sense, the lack of texture and non-squish prove it's a chestplate. Not to mention the 3D floating copy-paste nipple on the left.

No. 1621399

File: 1661060718313.jpg (Spoiler Image,82.05 KB, 634x724, 67N0p1e.jpg)

oh this bitch, she has shown up advertising for other alt fashion brands with equally ridiculous images. she calls herself 'lilith fury' but in 2018 she went by 'lilith the cenobite' and parading herself as a feedee trying to weigh the most while looking like pic related.

the full article: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6347409/Web-model-Lilith-Cenobite-tips-scales-nearly-30-STONE.html

No. 1621533

File: 1661079958403.jpeg (220.66 KB, 1118x1813, 3D0ADDDD-5A1D-44DF-8F00-DD2429…)

Something is off about this microinfluencer with over 300k follower on ig @nlydiss her comments are praising her for how naturally ethereal.couldn’t find much about her online most her pics are indoor and her face changes mostly all the time, there s no apparent editing is detected but what made me actually start this thread is how rude she is to whoever points out at anything about her looks or makeup (she also claims to wear minimal makeup and that she has no skill at all) also she s a big @effina worshipper ,what are your takes on this one

No. 1621548

She looks like a sims.

No. 1621554

>>1621548 head size compared to neck is so weird also the things around her jawline

No. 1621557

Sage non milk, vendetta chan

No. 1621620

To me the jaw and neck looks unnatural. She probably just tryin to hide a Chad jaw or double chin

No. 1621621

Looks like she lifted and then tried to fix it with whatever photoshop an app would let her fix it in. The problem if that these apps can't mimic actual skin lol

No. 1621631

Aw yeah I looked at some of her other pics and she's messed with her jaw area in all of them so she probably has a square jaw and is insecure about it. Most her pics are 3/4 angle too, it's a good angle for those of us with Chad chins lol

No. 1621710

I remember seeing comments on this with people saying she has to wear the corset because her health condition but what condition other than being a pick me ham causes you to need to tight lace?

No. 1621722

I find the way she's colored in all her labia the same pink and the horrific face shoop way worse, tbh.

No. 1621752

File: 1661105240838.png (10.08 MB, 1125x2436, F27785B0-F1D5-4F1F-A18B-E58920…)

You cant tell me these are unedited whose head is nearly the same size as their hand,check her account on ig @nlydiss she claims to be all natural with minimal makeup and no photoshop whatsoever
Any insights?

No. 1621756

anon those are normal human body rolls and not all tits smash together into the center of your chest. These look very real imo. Maybe a tit job, but not a chest plate or photoshopped on. The rest of the pic could tone it tf down on the filters, but that seems super common for these wannabe cosplay thots for whatever reason.

No. 1621821

File: 1661110499603.jpg (Spoiler Image,585.76 KB, 1536x2048, FVh2bFfUUAAlMFa.jpg)

That's not the only picture that makes the boobplate seem likely, and half these japanese-style costhots have boobs identical to these, shape, size, nipples, etc. I don't think someone shooping themselves into a literal hentai blow-up doll would bother with an invasive and costly surgery if they can slap some silicone onto their chests kek. Previous post >>1482385 and you can also see skin color differences in picrel

No. 1621822

Are you the same moid who keeps posting random thots with not-even-that-ridiculous shoop? Yes, she's shooped, probably had lip fillers too. Good on you for noticing, but these thots don't belong ITT

No. 1621956

this person tried to start a whole thread based on this minor photoshop, the thread failed n they were told to bring her here. seems vendetta n looking for more info on her.

No. 1622334

File: 1661166815760.png (Spoiler Image,1.32 MB, 1110x910, image_2022-08-22_211135336.png)

You have to be retarded to think these are chestplate breasts and not her own awfully photoshopped breasts. picrel is from her twitter, she's just garbage at editing, if it was a chestplate it would be easier to tell again, due to her editing.

No. 1622462

The nipples and areolas alone should tell you it's fake and not photoshopped. Especially because it's symetrical each time, including the nipples, which is not how that works and fake boobs don't look this busted and plastic.

No. 1622850

>>1622334 You can literally see the lines on the top where the plate ends in >>1621821

No. 1623439

File: 1661270374260.jpg (3.28 MB, 3072x4096, bug_says_hi.jpg)

I get that scrotes don't care if they fap to women who don't even exist, but what is it about this girl and people swearing she doesn't shop when her waist is getting into coconut kitty territory kek?

No. 1623581

her shoops have been ridiculous for years i think, idk why people defend her so hard. maybe because retards still don't know you can shop videos too

No. 1623615

You right

No. 1624155

File: 1661337736440.jpeg (578.42 KB, 2048x2048, 4BFF1435-B6E4-4BE6-BD5A-E234EE…)

Stumbled upon this dude that photoshops himself into a yaoi bait wax figurine. Peep the one ‘candid’ pic of him with the mask on the chin to hide that he doesn’t actually have a Doritos jawline

No. 1624794

File: 1661382011664.jpeg (528.2 KB, 828x817, AFFD92BA-9EE9-49F9-8BA9-758284…)

@flandoseru on twitter
The overly shooped waist

No. 1624818

File: 1661384325698.jpeg (131.63 KB, 750x1230, BDEC4669-CC39-4264-92A7-B8F3B4…)

No. 1624872

Lmao she's an anachan & part of that nazi ED cult, she used to be a hot topic in the e-girls thread

No. 1624926

File: 1661394964998.jpeg (263.51 KB, 749x467, 2FBC8BFA-0F82-496C-BD81-8FE109…)

kind of stupid for flandoseru on twitter/nyabeat to shop her public cosplay pics when she got her pics taken by others kek

No. 1624935

File: 1661395490502.jpg (683.97 KB, 1717x1305, 1654240382550.jpg)

Really stupid

No. 1625029

her nose is half its original size

No. 1628204

File: 1661686599564.jpg (Spoiler Image,178.54 KB, 553x513, Screenshot_20220828-152738_Chr…)

Ew imagine gettin ps just for your tits to look like they're so far apart..is that in style rn???(Self-post)

No. 1628224

File: 1661688822026.jpg (232.74 KB, 689x773, 1661687417490.jpg)

Sage for nitpick but woof bitch got a whole camel toe must be sumthin sexy??(Nitpick and has nothing to do with the thread)

No. 1628297

this doesn't even look shooped

No. 1628417

Yes, anon, because it's clearly thin as fuck underwear and girls do have vaginas.

No. 1632593

File: 1662027165843.jpg (Spoiler Image,181.52 KB, 900x897, shhhoooop.jpg)

the stomach…..

No. 1632596

You're advertising on the wrong website. This is an imageboard for women.

No. 1632632

I'm more focused on the disgustingly botched tit job…

No. 1632848

File: 1662051664061.jpeg (480.7 KB, 1242x1546, 423140C6-10F3-4C5F-82AB-D02E77…)

Idk what to say.. has anyone talked about this chick yet?

No. 163286