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File: 1466320019598.jpg (880.33 KB, 2048x2048, So Quirky.jpg)

No. 144412

Last thread appears to have hit post limit

The Shit Show Itself:


Suzy "Thyroid Issue" Hanson:


Her Husband, Arin "Greaseball" Hanson:


"Musician" and "Jewish Hobo" Dan Avidan:


Holly Conrad, The Bird Fucker:


Ross O'Donovan:


Barry "Ex-Editor" Kramer:


PhD in Theoretical Physics, Brian Wecht:


The Pretend Editor, Kevin Abernathy:


No. 144413

Went a bit crazy with the links there, I wanted to include everyone.

No. 144414

File: 1466320357769.jpg (69.92 KB, 568x584, mort1.JPG)

Small pic dump from last thread

No. 144415

File: 1466320371114.jpg (83.48 KB, 572x635, mort2.JPG)

No. 144416

File: 1466320395467.jpg (41.63 KB, 581x308, mort3.JPG)

No. 144417

File: 1466320426286.jpg (24.33 KB, 570x162, mort4.JPG)

No. 144418

File: 1466320600586.jpg (64.1 KB, 594x586, insta.JPG)

No. 144419

Can anyone give a brief what makes these guys lolcoes? All I see in these thread is you bashing Suzy's looks or outfits.

No. 144420

She reminds me of a middle aged mother that's desperately trying to stay hip.

No. 144421

Mind that I only found out through GG/Snooze through PT, so this isn't comprehensive by any means, and I might be missing important stuff. If anyone wants to add anything, please do.


Disgusting, sell-out greaseball. Abandoned his animation channel to make recycled dick jokes. VA work consists of him doing his whacky cartoon voice in slightly different variations. Had some drama with JonTron, people believe they can't talk about it because of an NDA. Involved in Starbomb.
Disgusting, washed-up greaseball. Likes to talk about underage girls, how he finds them attractive, and the age of consent. He's nearly 40. Sings mediocre vocals in a shitty band with Brian called Ninja Sex Party. Also in a thing with Brian and Arin called Starbomb.
Had drama with her etsy store, where she sells her low-effort, $1 crafts for $100+. Claimed her specimens and materials were high quality, when she just ordered them from Chinese suppliers. Is Arin's dream girl (kek). Likes to pretend that she's the queen of goth and fronts as a make-up guru. Also has a sad excuse of a 'gaming' channel. Has a thyroid problem that she apparently can't afford the medication to treat, but can afford to buy shit like an electronic litter box. Has ballooned in weight because of her thryoid (read: eating too many doughnuts).
She's fine for the most part, but has an annoying tendency to say 'birbs' instead of 'birds'. Is a typical tumblr type, likes Burnie and social justice etc.
>Ross, Barry
Has a doctorate in theoretical physics, and decided to quit his job as a professor to do Ninja Sex Party/Starbomb full time for whatever reason.
He's an "editor" for GG.

No. 144422

It was mentioned on ED how jontron sexually assulted someone but that entry has gone now. any deets on that? I'm out of the loop with these guys.

No. 144423

so in other words, nothing then

No. 144424

If you just ignore that whole post and don't read it, yes absolutely nothing

No. 144425

Are you talking about the picture of Suzy, where she had her face jizzed on and somebody said Jon did it or something like that? I'm pretty sure it was outed as fake, last I heard.

No. 144426

Was it suzy? I cant remember it was some time ago there were a few lines on the site but I thought they said the girl was russian?

No. 144427

All I can find is stuff about Jontron making a joke about sexual assault?

No. 144428

File: 1466339509684.jpg (100.02 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_o6xaujG9la1qils0po1_128…)

People saying suzy is fat but idgi?

No. 144429

She has a really unfortunate body type where she doesn't have a huge belly but she's just really wide, wide hips, wide arms, wide thighs, so she looks a lot bigger than she is. I think she's only like a size US 8 or something which isn't super tiny but it also isn't fattie tier imo,

No. 144430

File: 1466341008007.png (1.07 MB, 696x1126, Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 10.5…)

yeah why would anyone say such a thing.

No. 144431

the only lowcow worthy thing you described was the etsy thing, which happened a long time ago and hasn't been anything like that since, so you niggas just resort to calling Suzy fat and ugly, and Holly, who has lolcow characteristics, but isn't active enough to make anything out of it

No. 144432

Well she STILL sells her etsy stuff overpriced despite years of being called out for it.. it defiently hasn't stopped… shes also perfectly delusional about herself, which is the biggest lolcow trait of them all.
But by all means, if you want a lolcow with more active drama than Snoozy, go to the Venus or PT threads, and leave our fun alone. Bitch bai.

No. 144433


You know what? I personally couldn't give a rat's ass about her weight. But I do give a rat's ass for her personality and hypocrisy and that ties in to her weight.

She doesn't own or admit anything. She claims all the praise of "body acceptance" and positivity while photoshoping her body, slimming herself and essentially fronting a false image of her body, face and appearance on social media. It's the same bullshit how a skinny girl can be "oh so quirky" for munching down on pizza (omg right?!) and it's so cute and "real" but if a chubby or overweight girl says the same she's a gluttonous whale and needs to eat a salad. She claims to be loving of her tummy, her curves and her "reallness" while obliterating everything "real" about her, ie curves, pudge and fat rolls. She is a complete lie inside out. She doesn't love her body regardless of its changes. Not really. She is trying her damnest to pretend she's as skinny as she used to be while claiming all the victory for "acceptance", which she's lying about because she's obviously altering her image. Liar liar liar liar liar.

She tries to be big-sisterly, to be open about her beauty, and she slims her face, enlarges her eyes and does super crappy makeup with her bad skills. She'll cry and waah about it if anyone says otherwise and she knows she'll get an army of young, brainwashed girls to pat her on her back for it. She's not a guru, she's not even good enough to put up a video about it. Her foundation is mismatched. Her eyeliner is crooked, her falsies unstick at the edges and her lipliner is a mess.

She knows that companies like Birchbox could be ruined or saved by her bad opinions yet she makes that awful video about her no longer supporting Birchbox for a fucking bonus point system. It's not even the entire point of Birchbox. She knows damn well that her fans support anything her asshole-for-mouth spouts and she doesn't even think twice about what she says to the world. She's irresponsible and greedy.

Her etsy is a mess. I can't even be arsed to go through with all the wrongs with it. From damaged frames to damaged insects and poorly pinned ones at that, to her price points, it's a total business and personal fiasco. And she knows it'll sell anyway.

She claims she's so dark and goffik and she doesn't even mention bands. She doesn't mention horror movies, or even noir crime thrillers. She couldn't even tell you what Wacken Festival or Mera Luna are and even my mum knows those. She wears generic trendy clothes that are just black with occult symbols, wow suzy you really proved yourself there. Most goths or metalheads have some story about being bullied or belittled for their appearance. She kept swinging between being "oh so bullied" and "liked by all the guys" when she talked about it. So… which is it, snooze? She listens to freaking light electronica music, ffs.

She doesn't wear her outfits out. She has hideous taste. She's stagnant and she doesn't improve. I don't mean that nobody can stay the same, but people usually evolve a little even if their essence of style is the same. But not Suzy. She's like a human time capsule into the past, present and future, stuck in an awful limbo.

She's also compared GG fans to shit in the park and even if one feels that way or agrees, you keep that shit to yourself. Those shits you mention are the ones keeping your career afloat.

No. 144434

How is she STILL going on about how expensive this thyroid shit is? She and her husband make six figures a year, maybe if they forgo one deluxe trip to Japan or Disney she can pay off her fucking thyroid shit. It pisses me off to hear this rich bitch complaining about how expensive her surgery is because she can afford it but doesn't WANT to pay for it, when millions of people in her country are dying and unable to afford healthcare.

No. 144435

I remember her talking about blink182 like they were the greatest goth band ever. I wish I could find the post

No. 144436

Did they not move into a bigger house, too? She not only bought one but TWO of those electronic litter boxes. On top of the clothing she wastes money on and doesn't wear out of the house and sells a month later on eBay.

Seeing her complain about the cost of thyroid medication or the cost of the surgery to take care of a thyroid problem blows my mind.

Does GG not have decent insurance for themselves or their now numerous employees?

No. 144438

Why has this been moved to /snow/?

No. 144439

Because there's really not that much milk anymore

No. 144465

Same with Dakota and JNig? I mean even if the're slow atm, they're still kinda OG as far as cows go….

No. 144474

Why on earth have we been moved to snow?
The game grumps are bleeding with so much damn drama. All of them hypocrites and retards. What a joke.

No. 144491

Didn't she get bangs recently? Why isn't she wearing them down at all? I have a p tragic forehead, but I still put them down for photos and events. If I were her I would definitely wear them down in ALL videos, and all photos unless it's just a one-off "hey I'm at home lounging," post.

I really, really wish she were more real, because she could be a good source/role model for girls with thyroid issues due to her public exposure, but goddamn if she doesn't watch her ass at all times while doing a terrible job of it. I don't understand how Suzy could justify the over shooping of herself when we all know what she looks like I'm videos anyway? Like, if you're cool with your weight and looks then own it, Jesus. I am just totally baffled that she seems so hyper aware of how the public sees her, but still publishes videos where she looks like trash.

Also, moving to snow seems okay to me, at least for the time being. Seems like they're just bored and putting minimal effort into their channel rn, so no real milk as of late.

No. 144492

Look here
They don't look good whatsoever, her face is too tragic to be fixed with simple bowled bangs.

No. 144509

Oh no.

Snooze your lower face is way too heavy for such thin bangs…

She needs extentions on the sides of her face or something. ANYTHING to hide the large gaps between her features and her hairline. Like early Gaga bangs or something, Jesus. What a tragedy. I was almost happy for her that she got them, ffs. I'm starting to believe that even shit that's supposed to compliment heavier girls doesn't look right on her. Between the forehead, teardrop face and overall wide body I can't even think of something to help her aside from "get off your ass."

No. 144540

Danny creeps me out. I'm just waiting for some 14 year old girl to come out and say that he sent her nudes or something.

No. 145676

She brings too much attention to her lips with the darker lipstick, it's the first thing you notice and the second thing you notice is the massive gap between her top lip and nose, then her shitty eyeliner and finally her bangs. The blonde streak doesn't help her case whatsoever, at least you don't see her forehead anymore so that's one check off the list. She desperately needs to lose the weight in her face, and all over as a matter of fact, and most of the issues will fade away, I actually thought she actually looked good before the weight gain. It's such a tragic distribution of weight and she has to learn to either compliment it or lose it, don't keep doing what you did before you packed on the equivalent of Ross.

No. 145768

Snoozy blocks people who probably give her truth and legit criticism, but she can't handle it.

Neither can Arin.

it's bullshit that this thread was moved to snow though.

No. 145801

Everyday cosplay outfits……….. enjoy

No. 145804

Her poses just get worse and worse

No. 145806

who the fuck told her it was a good idea to wear those god damn leg warmers again ugh

No. 145807

File: 1466444423107.gif (1.28 MB, 294x233, GIF.gif)

No. 145808

Are we so sure she isn't a little drunk in these videos?

No. 145812


could have at least worn sheer white tights and brown shoes to match the cosplay.. eh, who am I kidding.

No. 145813

File: 1466444741378.gif (1.6 MB, 294x233, 2.gif)

No. 145814


No. 145815

File: 1466444978767.jpg (15.63 KB, 281x350, 1450828077030.jpg)

No. 145823

I'm starting to wonder if she does this to find an angle she can shop for IG

No. 145826

File: 1466446627870.jpg (438.57 KB, 910x898, 6hEfJ0G.jpg)

No. 145829

File: 1466447324440.jpg (14.75 KB, 540x374, 1449812275738.jpg)

The holy trinity of cringe

No. 145940

This is so cringy. It should be a banner.

No. 145942

That 'Zelda' one is cringy as fuck.

No. 145943

What is even happening here? A stroke?

No. 145944

Has she never played a LoZ game in her life? ….The fuck is this trash?

No. 145951


Why are her arms so meaty and massive???
They look so huge in comparison to her torso.

No. 145958

It's all about the angles and photoshopping

No. 145960

File: 1466459244784.gif (470.58 KB, 228x100, cringe.gif)

what should the banner say?

No. 145961

Goffic guru~~

No. 145962

Because she's fat.

No. 145967

File: 1466460646505.jpg (82.32 KB, 540x572, tumblr_o93c4bxETD1qils0po1_540…)

>My suit for d.va came in the mail from @zentaizone but despite following the size chart it’s too small and the zipper came busted :(!!


No. 145970

File: 1466461062300.png (532.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-06-20-18-16-21…)

Those seems be stressing under her juggling arms

No. 145972

Put it in /meta
It's shit, but so are those costumes

No. 145973


I'm happy she can't ruin my second favourite ow character for me now

No. 145985

I'm going to put my money on her probably thinking she's a smaller size than she actually is.

First momokun and now Suzy cosplaying D.Va. Looks like D.Va is the new go to cosplay for gamer gurlz wanting to attract geek attention.

No. 145988

File: 1466463628380.jpeg (39.97 KB, 640x330, image.jpeg)

The place she ordered from only has 117 followers on Twitter and I'm assuming it's a Chinese or at least Asian site. She should've ordered a size up even if she went by the size chart

No. 145992

File: 1466464365372.png (380.1 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-06-21-01-11-52…)

You where right its in china

No. 145993

Is this old photo? she looks thinner here (or shop/angles?)

anyway she probably did follow the size chart but gained weight between then and when it arrived

No. 146000

Gotta cosplay the gamer character for those Gaymer Gurl Pointz.

No. 146015

This kind of pisses me off that shes saying zelda is some sort of damsel in distress and does nothing by cry and whine. maybe in the early games, but she's more than just "the princess" in the franchise.

No. 146016

i thought she didn't even play Overwatch, she just watches arin play it lmao

No. 146017


She ordered a size too small. No one wants to see her fatass in a bodysuit too..ugh. Hoping on the overwatch train, I see.

No. 146020

Angles, anon.. Overwatch is barely a month old.

No. 146048

File: 1466474337408.jpeg (222.06 KB, 1280x800, image.jpeg)

..the bunny…

No. 146057

I have never been able to watch this chick. There is something about her face that just makes me go, "What is wrong?" I think it's her lips/teeth and the wideness of her face. It's super odd.

No. 146062

I think her features are too small for her face. I couldn't figure out what was off until I saw a full body picture of her and her head is huge in comparison to her body

No. 146069

File: 1466482435502.jpg (100.88 KB, 640x861, image.jpg)

I was on PinkyParadise this morning and I found a godawful picture she must have linked to the site as a review…?
I thought she always wore makeup in her public pictures, it looks heinous. Circle lenses rarely ever look good without some sort of basic eye makeup.

No. 146072

The terrible lenses totally ruin it, but if you look past that she looks kind of nice here.

No. 146074

I noticed that too, it's about the only thing that's wrong from what she showed. I bet the sponsor text on the legs are wrong too.

No. 146075

She looks like a Halloween mask jfc

No. 146077

tbh I think she looks kinda downsy here.

No. 146093


good fucking christ these are cringey. thank you for the laugh, anon

No. 146131

Why does she always insist that she's so goth when she show cases shit like this? Honey just because you dye your hair black doesn't make you goth

No. 146132


I don't mind the influx of DVa cosplays if they actually get the RIGHT pattern… But Suzy bought from Zentai zone, which has a blatantly incorrect pattern design (bunny on the front has a happy face not angry face) and when I see people buy these it's just obvious they cared more for the attention than actually accurately cosplaying the character. There are so many girls buying these suits because you get them fast but they aren't even custom sized. If she bought the Pattern from Gunhead studios, then sent it to like the RPC studio, it would've looked better (if she had actually given her REAL measurements…)

No. 146143

She doesn't give a fuck about cosplaying, she just wanted to get nerd points on IG. You think this bitch is actually going to go to a convention? lmao
At least people like Momo and Jnig actually go out into the world and socialize with people with their shitty cosplays.

No. 146156

D.Va doesn't fit Suzy at all… maybe a Roadhog cosplay would've worked better.

No. 146186

Roadhog would give her a chance to milk the totes Asian thing.

No. 146244


Yeah you're right. I've never seen her cosplay at an actual convention in recent years. Only the same three photos of her cosplaying from high school.

She complains that thyroid surgery and meds are expensive, but my custom DVa bodysuit cost $300, so I can only imagine that pre-made one she got cost at least $100. If she has money to throw at cosplay she will never wear, she can afford something that is actually for her health :/

No. 146261

Oh my gods, haha. The bunny logo is so wrong. I'm not a fan of the game, so I didn't notice, but won't legit fans of OW and D.VA notice immediately?

No. 146270

File: 1466539898311.jpg (364.58 KB, 1514x1090, game_grumps_by_andreu_t-da6p0i…)

finally, some art that is actually accurate!

No. 146274

Much as I liked Dan at first, I agree but I think it would be worse than that. I think the only reason some teenybopper hasn't come out saying he's been fucking teenagers at shows is because he can't get any since his band is pretty mediocre.

No. 146275


but anon, you don't need a better than mediocre band to score teenagers. ;)

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised but I want to hold out hope that he's not a total slimeball just yet. He's been relatively good at hiding his relationships so far, as much as you could call them that.

No. 146279

Honestly it was the first thing I saw since the inside of the eyes have some kind of weird colouring and just overall looks stupid compared to the original design….not really sure why the company changed it

No. 146359

Did she cut her bangs to try and look more like the character? She's about as accurate on that as she is with the suit…

No. 146375

What if she got bangs just so she could have gamer guuuuurl rights in saying how devoted she is to the character that she even went to the extremes of getting her hair cut?

No. 146376

but not enough to get rid of the skunk streak i bet

No. 146402

arin needs to be more greasy and fat, danny needs to be older and gross looking.

No. 146421

Am I the only one that found the skit at the beggining of this episode painfully unfunny and cringey? Maybe it's because I already don't like Arin or Barry

No. 146640

._. This makes me want to die
I couldn't even finish half of the opening shit oops I mean skit

No. 146651

Arin is disgusting. So glad I am not married to a man child who likes hentai ladies and fake anime tits.

No. 146667

I have no words. Are they just taking the piss at this point? The 'grape crate' thing could've been somewhat funny ,I guess, as a parody on the 3 billion crates/boxes youtubers unbox and promote. But they completely fucked it up. Too much pointless hit, their "trademark" OTT bad acting to cover up that they're terrible at acting, Arin looks gross, the shaky fucking camera (does whoever filmed this have Parkinson's disease?)

No. 146668

*shit, not hit.

No. 147042

Can't say I can blame the man? Look at the thing he sleeps next to every night.

No. 147043

Ignore that question mark lol

No. 147051

I hate these kinds of dresses so goddamn much i just ??? what about this is an OOTD home girl didn't style shit, just threw on a buncha shitty nerd merch and those fucking leg warmers again i am unreasonably mad

No. 147070

File: 1466636794844.jpeg (414.34 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)


No. 147073

What the fuck, snoozy

No. 147085

File: 1466639403581.gif (928.14 KB, 500x231, tumblr_nudj0f6f0e1r91uyxo1_500…)

No. 147094

File: 1466642720340.jpg (16.33 KB, 306x306, 1436389840378.jpg)

Classic Snoozy, pandering for views and getting caught red handed.

No. 147106

File: 1466646079392.gif (1.98 MB, 271x276, tumblr_o1rg66KRXW1toe7eko1_400…)

Lol the lack of shame. How long ago were these even posted from one another? I'd check myself, but I can't access Twitter atm.

No. 147110

So Barry made a video and sadly this won't be on the main page. Adding more to the fact that he needs to leave those people.

No. 147114

Meanwhile on Suzy's page she has a new sponsor.

No. 147127

>It's better than birchbox has been for the past few months
>Hated everything except for the mascara, which she already uses
Suzy what are you smoking.

No. 147142

The tweets are about a week apart lmao

No. 147143

Are birchbox the ones she bitched about because she couldn't get free shit anymore? She hates everything she gets in these unboxing videos. I think she only loves lootcrate because she's a ~nerdy gamer gurl~

No. 147187

it's been a while since i unsubscribe, i just couldn't take it anymore, the episodes were painfully boring, as much as i like barry and ross, i'm just gonna wait till both make their own channel.

No. 147192

God she comes on so fucking BITCHY in this. I've not watched her unboxing videos before, but my fucking God. EVERY thing she pulled out she was so unrightly negative about. She sounds like a spoiled 14 year old on Christmas. GAHH.

No. 147283

That was actually really fun. I enjoyed it! Subbed. I hope Barry does more shit like this. It's refreshing to hear him just talk about games rather than make jokes about them.

No. 147384

Jeez she really can't summarize/review anything without saying "Amazing"

No. 147428

>"Girl Interrupted is an amazing movie! Hehe, a meeenttalllll institution!"
>"Angelina Jolie's hair and make up is goals!"

God she's such a fucking annoying ass bitch with no substance

No. 147440

It's not him playing a game, so of course it won't be on the main channel. he's just talking about a game.

No. 147442

No. 147458

what the FUCK is this list!!!

SPEED RACER, HOCUS POCUS are you fucking kidding me? out of all the films in the world! and why do all these basic bitches like the shining, girl interrupted, and addams family

No. 147463

Gotta namedrop at least 1 Kubrick film to show she knows the good shit.lol. That's funny she makes people watch that movie if they never seen it. What a great friend.

No. 147484

The Shining, Girl interrupted the Addams family movies aren't bad films. Just because snoozy likes them doesn't degrade their value. They aged pretty well.

Snoozy is a try hard goth bitch, so of course she like Addams family.

No. 147488

Because Suzy is a total goff hehe~.
Seriously, though, all those wannabe goth girls and Tumblr alt girls love almost all the movies she listed. Suzy is basic and boring.

No. 147505

File: 1466730813684.jpg (48.14 KB, 1360x768, -Girl-Interrupted-girl-interru…)

How is this goals, suzy?? She's literally supposed to look unhinged???

No. 147524

It's so disheartening to hear how shitty Suzy is….my little sister idolizes her and is even saving up all of her money to buy something from Suzy's etsy.

No. 147538

Yikes, how old is your sister? I know a lot of girls who watch these YouTube gamers and and look up to their girlfriends/wives and wanna be just like them and it's just…they are like the worst people to have as a role model

No. 147540

….I feel so bad for your sister and even worse for you to have to witness that…

No. 147543

She's thirteen…She loves Game Grumps so I'm not surprised but jesus. I just wish I could gently nudge her away from Suzy without upsetting her.

No. 147546

File: 1466739823122.jpg (614.76 KB, 1536x2048, Alien Isolation HD.jpg)

You can always tell her the truth about it "you know she's full of shit, right?"
If she's 13 and already watches the grumps with their dick jokes, some harsh words about her e-celebs won't kill her.

No. 147550

She'd be much better off buying from a different seller since there are literally hundreds of other bug displays and jewelry sold by other people who are far better at framing and presenting quality specimens, not some crookedly glued butterflies missing antenna and chunks of wings in frames bought from Michaels.

No. 147563

File: 1466744421899.jpeg (22.96 KB, 215x234, image.jpeg)

No. 147616

She looks like a man here. If you cover her eyes it looks like Arin in drag tbh.

No. 147685

So has Arin just bail on these boxes? Good for him if so. I know he played dumb when he didn't get his boxes in past months.

No. 147689

If you want to protect her innocence without giving Suzy money, why not make her a bug display similar enough to Suzy's? You can tell her you made it yourself since those ones on etsy seemed expensive and you thought it would be nice. 13 year olds aren't exactly sentimental though so it might just be a massive waste of time.
Sage for not really contributing.

No. 147715

You're probably right haha. She's my only baby sister though so I just want to coddle her, y'know?
That honestly is a good idea! I think I'll even try and see if she'd like to make it with me. It'd be a lot funnier + cheaper. Considering the quality of Suzy's it'd probably be a step up lmao.

No. 147725

File: 1466798945567.jpg (27.39 KB, 437x277, x.jpg)

Her rabid fans in a nutshell.

No. 147730

File: 1466801056918.jpg (25.52 KB, 536x607, 13501845_109690702794853_19645…)

Well that's embarrassing.

No. 147733

They have no money for Suzys life saving thyroid surgery though

No. 147737

What video is that?

No. 147740

Loot Anime X Crunchyroll Video

No. 147746

That picture is years old and Suzy doesn't do her brows like that anymore. What are you on about?

No. 147799

You're right it is old, since then imagine the picture gained fifty pounds and the skin got worse only to be covered in so much more makeup

No. 147803

>Gives Inafune $2,500 for his shit game that basically robbed its fans blind.

Haha, Oh Arin.

No. 147861

So I went back and rewatched Suzy's last everyday makeup video, and of dear God.
>rubbing on BB cream (Dior, at that) very roughly into skin
>putting on powder with a tiny blush brush
>talking about how liquid eyeliner will look better when you don't worry too much yet her looks like complete shit
>messily lining waterline/lower lashline with a silver eyeliner, then just outling that with a black eyeliner despite it being wonky as fuck
>"this is a stila lip liner!" even though you see the logo clear as day and it's too faced

There's probably more shit I missed, but fucking hell.

No. 147875

And don't forget the "I'm not gonna overline my lips like most people do." while she proceeds to overline her top lip.

Her makeup tutorials were a mess but I miss them. They were entertaining with how messy they were and her channel is boring and repetitive nowadays.

No. 147885

fucking christ who the hell taught her how to put on lipstick

No. 148041

this website is going downhill, gg thread being in /snow/ is proof.

No. 148045

We've milked GG/Suzy dry anyways

No. 148048

>"this is a stila lip liner!" even though you see the logo clear as day and it's too faced

you're right she is still a mess and this video is garbage but she actually uses too faced for the bottom and the stila liner at the top. She shows products.

>inb4 "hi suzy" for pointing out nitpicking

No. 148049

File: 1466893933423.png (347.54 KB, 644x359, Capture.PNG)

No. 148050

File: 1466894001254.jpg (48.46 KB, 640x640, 13422860_1777312105815165_9927…)

If she got rid of the inner liner and black lipstick, I don't think I'd mind this look.
(It's probably the wig.)

No. 148067

ugh doing that inner liner thing just makes eyes look really close together

No. 148163

>messily lining waterline/lower lashline with a silver eyeliner, then just outling that with a black eyeliner despite it being wonky as fuck

the liner isn't even silver, it's white, but she put it on after she smudged the grey under her eye so it gets all muddy :/

No. 148186

I mean it was moved here but there's no milk anyway.

No. 148278

Tfw you look like an alien

No. 148392


I don't know/don't care who she is, just scrolling through, and while her face is scary I wanted to say her hair looks cool in this picture.

No. 148452

File: 1466970562551.jpg (28.79 KB, 618x144, contouring.jpg)

Yeah, I agree, because you need it.
But please hire someone who does it for you.
You're really bad at it.

No. 148500

Someone should tell her that now drag queens are offensive because they dress like women and that obviously mocks MtF trans people….or something.

No. 148501

oh good, now she's going to be a goffic instathot instead of a goffic kawaii goddess

No. 148513

I wish she did her hair this way irl because it would look nice on her, but I'm 99.9% sure it's a wig since she recently got straight-across bangs.

No. 148521

She looks nice here, The inner wing doesn't look too bad here, in fact it's enhancing her eyes quite well (assuming this isn't shooped)

No. 148544

File: 1466992745899.jpeg (146.27 KB, 640x885, image.jpeg)

Is it just me or does something always look weird with her head/face in the full body pics? Like her head is too big for her body or something lol

No. 148547

Probably because she shops her body to hell and back but forgets that her head would look like a watermelon attached to a very blurry violin.

No. 148549

Why does she always pick out the ugliest patterns?

No. 148552

Those arms. Hit the gym snooze

No. 148560

Remember that tumblr post she made where she said she thought girls with short hair were ugly?

No. 148564

File: 1467001099160.jpeg (36.78 KB, 640x503, image.jpeg)

To be fair it was 5 years ago but still lmao

I wonder if her and Holly were friends back then?

No. 148583

for some reason she's giving me jnig face in this pic
maybe it's the extreme dark black eye makeup that takes up the whole face

No. 148585

shooping her body smaller + not shooping her face + fat round face + dark, chin length hair + short neck + turtleneck dress + darker colored dress

The problem with Suzy is I can get making a few of these mistakes but somehow she just does EVERYTHING wrong to make herself look worse than she can be.

No. 148592

I see it too. It's the make-up and heavy mouth lines aanndd paper thin lips. At least Jessica has a nice body though lol

No. 148670

Christ, it still gets me every time that she's 5'8". How the hell does someone that tall look so stumpy?

No. 148683


I think it is because it's shot from an higher angle. That makes her head appear weird. Also it makes her body look skinnier though we all know it ain't.
Just think of all the girls taking selfies from above. Its the same thing.

The dress is hideous. But i feel like Black Milk Clothing's time is over too… Personally i think all their patterns and fabrics are absolutely horrible. Except for their bathing suits maybe. Anyway, imho, Snooze is the last person on earth who can rock this.

No. 148686

She says in a video that she's 5'5" but wears heels to look 5'8" and up.

No. 148687

She looks shorter than 5'5. Even in the shoes she's wearing in the picture, she looks short and stumpy af.

No. 148690

File: 1467042570279.jpeg (145.5 KB, 1200x481, image.jpeg)

It's a monday so i made a "Snoozy's toes being squeezed out of shoes/looking weird"-compilation.

I literally cringe everytime she wears those ugly af shoes with the straps…

No. 148698

Ugh that second outfit is so awful

No. 148703

None of these are flattering on her at all. They just make her look dumpy.

No. 148704

God her fucking arms….she looks like an overweight friend I had in 7th grade, lmao.

No. 148706

Also, sorry to samefag, but I like how the title of the video is "How to stay cool when its hot!!!" That handkerchief in the second outfit, the tights in the last outfit, and even the high collar of the first dress would smother you in hot weather.

No. 148725

Wish somebody in the comments would point that out. But waIT!!! SUZY IS NEVER WRONG!!!!

No. 148732

File: 1467051339302.png (1.26 MB, 1280x720, Ouiha.png)

It's little wonder that Arin and Suzy are always begging for a sponsorship from Wendys - it looks like they're eating there every day.

Don't give me any shit about Suzy having 'violin hips' either. That's a fucking Double bass.

No. 148735

I just wonder how she looks like without the spanx/shapewear

No. 148736

File: 1467051957546.png (521.02 KB, 669x856, ViolinHips.png)

Looks about right.

No. 148748

fucking kek

I mean, if the handkerchief was one of those ones you wet/freeze and wear to keep cool throughout the day, then maybe it would make sense.

No. 148752

Has she gone back to wearing wigs again? I guess she doesn't like her new haircut… (A few months back she was wearing a wig in most, if not all, of her OOTD etc vids, people were speculating that she was losing her hair due to her thyroid issue)

and what's with the random hand appearing in the top of the shot at about 1:13? I guess Arin filmed it…but, you couldn't cut that shit out? Crop the frame? Is it supposed to be a superfunnyhahahajoke?

No. 148756

I wish Danny or someone would do something. I'm bored of always discussing Snooz.
A nice scandal involving NSP would be cool.

No. 148760

Give it time, There's this one girl on Tumblr that keeps on saying suspicious shit about dan fucking underaged girls and I feel like she's super close to spilling the beans. Can't take that much longer kek

No. 148761

File: 1467057747890.jpeg (57.19 KB, 640x433, image.jpeg)


No. 148762

I don't quite understand why she would think otherwise, basically 90% of her videos are unboxing lol. Basically all she's done in the past while has been unboxing and an occasional OOTD vid

No. 148763

Let's just hope she's telling the truth too. I don't want another repeat like that girl who falsely accused Markiplier of "using her"

No. 148766

I think the hand is supposed to be a "Haha my husband is soooooooooo random!! xD" kind of thing.

No. 148778

could you link that anon? I know it's twisted but I would LOVE to see all of Dan's fangirls bend over backwards to defend him if something like this was revealed.

No. 148797

Sounds like she's just looking to get attention and asspats. I'd ignore it.

Nah, she's most likely gonna post some story filled with holes, piggyback on the one minute fame from it then disappear when she gets called out on her bs.

No. 148825


I'm calling bullshit right now - I'll bet that her scathing treatment towards Birchbox made a lot of her sponsors wary in supporting future unboxing videos.
It might sound a bit extreme, but something had to happen outside of the narrative she's providing to just give up on all of that sweet YouTube paydirt.
Unboxing videos have been one of the main driving forces for her channel for ages - I have serious doubts that one viewer that she probably made up could inspire her to get rid of all future unboxing videos.
Somethings up…

No. 148849

umm…pretty sure women made contouring a thing…

No. 148851

Hahaha! Is Snoozy going to be the next Charms?? Will she continue to balloon up and constantly make excuses?

What a cunt.

No. 148852

She's gained more weight. Those arms are huge.

No. 148853

File: 1467082834332.jpg (11.71 KB, 245x188, pucklaugh.jpg)

You two are killing me. holyshit

No. 148858

> Plays basic shit techno while the third outfit tries to desperately scream how GOFFIK she is while I bet she wouldn't dare wear this in public

Jesus christ Snoozy stop being such a poser for fucks sake lol
Also holy fuck I live in LA and nobody would wear outfits like that because all of that looks so hot and suffocating what horrible fashion coordinations…

No. 148869

In Ep 72 of Zelda, Arin says he has a personal trainer.
I actually got 1 hour free with one, when I signed up for a gym membership.
How much they wanted for one month: $400 roughly.
Just one month, that's not even considering that you probably won't reach your goal in just one month - especially since you're starting out.

I mean, good for him, he has the money so it's good to use it on something that's beneficial.
I just keep thinking about how much it is, like jesus christ I'll just push myself and save.

No. 148874

Didn't link it, sorry.
Hopefully Suzy is hoping on that bandwagon too, shit, If I had a rich husband paying for a trainer I'd tell him to add me in.
Especially because it would be even more beneficial for her health, more so than his.

No. 148876

Suzy is just not cool/pretty enough for this shity 'nu goth' style. Second hand embarressment

No. 148899

marky mark comunity is pure cancer, but the dude is golden and waaaay better than arin or snooze.

No. 148900

File: 1467099623144.png (1.18 MB, 1071x1747, Screenshot_2016-06-28-09-36-31…)

No. 148901

File: 1467099636912.png (1.21 MB, 1080x1735, Screenshot_2016-06-28-09-36-33…)

No. 148909

File: 1467103139567.jpeg (28.9 KB, 300x450, image.jpeg)

I get really sad when I see where Suzy ended up, she's only 27 but she looks like she's pushing 40 now. It's a shame, she had such a good body too

No. 148927

Lool, yep, looks like an old woman in latex

No. 148945

File: 1467113456642.jpeg (92.89 KB, 1423x631, image.jpeg)

She bought another fucking litter robot.
She complains about not having money for medication but she's now bought "at least" 3 $400 litter trays

No. 148955

What a dumbass, people like her deserve to be poor

No. 148960

File: 1467122852886.gif (718.56 KB, 250x156, 1455653660408.gif)

>"I don't have enough money for my thyroid problem"
>"I have LITERALLY bought everyone in my family with a cat a litter robot now."
>sells her sponsored clothes via ebay auctions on top of it all

No. 148971

Oh, so she's been doing the "random-legwarmers-that-don't-complement-my-outfit-in any-way" look for a while now. Yikes

No. 148992

that wig makes her look like a mom


No. 148994

Honestly just looks like he's trying to block out the sun/glare

No. 149083

>No more unboxing guys
If she really thought that way then she would just stop posting them. She will never stop being a box whore.

No. 149084

lmao really? one day later and she's doing another one already?

the problem is she has no shred of creativity, so all she has is her shitty ootd and unboxing videos to do

No. 149085

They have to at least spend well around $100 for all the monthly sub boxes they get. Suzy makes no goddamn fucking sense

No. 149102

Yup. Same. I got a half hour free session at my gym and he straight up said 'So, my monthly rates start at $280 ."
All people have to do is eat right and burn more than they eat… You do not need a personal trainer when youtube has hundreds upon hundreds of training videos. Or you can buy a machine for home and weights with a mat area.

No. 149160

File: 1467184477842.jpg (47.48 KB, 509x380, mimi.jpg)


So i haven't been on any threads since i was like 16 and found /b/.

I found this place about a month ago after googling "suzy is fat" and have been lurking this place from time to time.

Never have my thoughts on the matter ever been said in the ways you guys have said them.

No. 149161

Realistically, she probably gets most of them for free.

No. 149164

File: 1467185494326.gif (799.66 KB, 360x202, tumblr_nexqs3ZV9H1u1jvb0o3_r1_…)

make me famous and buy me a robo litter box

No. 149179

I would also like a litter box and a dozen donuts please and thank you

No. 149185

This is the biggest fucking nitpick ever, but jesus christ I hate that she says "4 to 5 to 6" instead of "4 to 6" in all of these stupid unboxing videos. Even before I actively disliked her, her saying shit like that drove me insane.

No. 149188

I'm just going to assume she didn't do very well in high school. In all seriousness her vocabulary is so primitive and it's not even difficult to just expand the words you use instead of saying the same adjectives for every item in her boxes

No. 149191


Literally lost punds over pounds by just cutting out fast food, candy and sweet drinks.

No. 149211

File: 1467202202094.jpg (13.89 KB, 497x133, comment.jpg)

wonder how long this lovely comment on the video will last

No. 149223

Hahaha. Wow.

No. 149230

Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up like this at all

No. 149236

What kinda gets me about the whole "muh can't afford thyroid meds" is like…looking like shit aside, she must feel like absolute shit constantly. Especially if it's as serious as she says? hypothyroidism makes you feel totally awful. Depressed to the max, fatigued, not to mention symptoms like hair loss. plus, doesn't it scare her that terrible shit could be happening inside her body and she is doing nothing to prevent or help it?

I dunno. It just blows my mind that someone who obviously has money would be so careless about their health, when they were tweeting about possibly having thyroid cancer…like, it's your fucking life.

No. 149306

This is the worst thread on the site, Suzy doesn't even do anything. So boring.

No. 149308

Hi Arin!

No. 149311

Its not very realistic to have a big machine or weight set in apartments, condos, small houses, etc.

I don't know much about the Game Grumps house, but it looks big. It seems like realistically they would probably do better with their money if they just had a home gym.

No. 149313

The place they film in, the one with all of their arcade machines and desks and video game collections isn't even their apartment. They have an actual home, so it wouldn't be an excuse for them to say they don't have any room for a treadmill. And a set of hand weights could easily be stored in a closet. You don't need an entire home gym to stay in shape, but even if they had one, it would be a waste seeing they seem to love eating shit on a daily basis. To Suzy and Arin, a dozen donuts is a snack.

No. 149316

I remember seeing a treadmill in one of Suzy's older ootd videos

No. 149320

File: 1467231774140.jpeg (88.22 KB, 699x633, image.jpeg)

You can see it in the background. Don't know if it they ever used it though

No. 149326

Judging by those hammy legs, probably not.

No. 149345

slightly besides the point: but can anyone who speaks Japanese tell us how good Arin's is? I remember him talking about having a Japanese teacher coming to his house for lessons.

No. 149351

He's not even beginner level, he just spouts random Japanese words he's learned

No. 149353

Just watched the new Nostalgia Critic video…
and this bit made me chuckle:

(with time stamp:

No. 149354

Why does black milk keep sending her countless dresses for her to make look like absolute crap on her fridge body

No. 149357

There hasn't been a good opportunity to gauge exactly how good or bad his Japanese is. It's obvious he knows some words because he'll say a word or two to Dan, once every blue moon. I wouldn't count that as an appropriate measure of skill level though.

No. 149381

His pronunciation is abit off so it makes it sound alot more like he isn't too good at it but just because he's not good with accents doesn't really mean he's bad at it…though from the way he talks about it he seems still rather beginner. I'm sure he hasn't gotten his level one testing yet because I'm sure he'd be bragging about it as much as possible. I don't remember what the name of the testing is called but my teacher had me practise for it so that legally I can say I have level one speaking in another language. They give out a certificate for it so I'm sure if rain got it he'd be talking non stop about it

No. 149382

Arin * not rain sorry about that

No. 149389

Does Dan know French? Fluently, at least slightly? In one video he was talking about how he went to France to study flowers in the Alps just because he could, and I think I've heard him spout a random sentence or two a few times.

No. 149430

Do you mean the JLPT? I doubt he'd be getting anything any time soon, his concept of another language is still at that 'this directly translates to that' stage, which is weird considering he's talked about how games are translated a lot?

Also, maybe it's just bc my own native language is very similar to Japanese in pronunciation, but I literally cannot stand how he pronounces anything

No. 149564

File: 1467305942611.png (615.94 KB, 805x904, Untitled-2.png)

No. 149570

>goodbye unboxing vids
>posts more unboxing vids

No. 149572

File: 1467308192168.gif (2.42 MB, 480x270, jif.gif)

~ Oh, don't mind me,
I'm just casually modeling by ~

No. 149588

Honestly, I'd rather see her like this than her current tryhard outfits. It's simple but still kind of casual scene? It'd be more believable that she goes out and does stuff in an outfit like this than her bodycon seconds-from-an-ass-flash getups.

No. 149595

File: 1467314293909.jpg (129.28 KB, 540x657, tumblr_o9lmr3wOov1qils0po1_540…)

Ok, I like this wig on her tbh.

No. 149601

I legit found her cute back then, how times change

No. 149607

She seemed so much more authentic and joyful 3-4 years back then. Now she seems like someone sucked the life out of her and replaced it with sth else.

No. 149608

God she's so fucking awkward. If shes going to make "modeling" videos like that, why doesn't she just pose a few times and show the pieces of the outfit? Have some damn charisma.

No. 149623

She looks good here! Her body is a great healthy shape, her hair is super cute in this style, and that outfit is actually practical! God if she just lost the wight and went back to dressing like this she'd be fine

No. 149631

This video makes me sad. She had a nice body, and I also thought she looked really cute. The outfits are still weird but whatever.

No. 149633

because she just can't get over the FACT she got fatter!
If she's so stylish she should do outfits FLATTERING her. But she doesn't.
Because she can't, she'll probably never accept her different body.
So, we'll get more hilarious shitty ootd videos ….

No. 149636

File: 1467325975891.png (619.33 KB, 1280x720, Triple_Chin.png)


If you were ever wondering what Suzy was using front lighting for, it's a method that makes your field of view appear flatter without casting obvious shadows.
Why is this important to know?
Well, if you block the light with a t-shirt in an unboxing video it's going to negate the effects of the light entirely.
What happens then?
Well, as long as Suzy is blocking the light, you'll manage to catch a glimpse of a TRIPLE CHIN.
No wonder Suzy carefully edits all of her videos with front lighting or excessive bloom.
Suzy now has more chins than Arin.

No. 149638

I remember us bitching about this outfit. But honestly, compared to her recent ootd videos, I'd rather see this. But I still think >>149572 fits her presumed lifestyle/persona more… and >>149631 is still better than what she tries to pull off now. She can do a casual/functional punk but not whatever sort of 'goth' she thinks she's doing.

The second one would work better with, like, cutoff shorts or ripped jeans… not those weird all-lace pants. Those pants just make me think of, like, a swimsuit cover up? They're in those boutique stores in The South but I do not understand them.

No. 149639

File: 1467327038132.gif (376.98 KB, 300x300, PacSuzy.gif)


Here's a .gif of Suzy doing a bakery unboxing.

No. 149641

A+ anon

No. 149642

You are amazing anon

No. 149645


Jesus, she looked SO much better here. And weird tail-thingie aside, I even liked her first outfit, it was kinda cute and I think it suited her.
Also, her posing was a loooooot better. More simple, less spastic and no dumb faces or whatever.
Gaaah, this is so frustrating.

No. 149646

File: 1467329829881.jpeg (35.32 KB, 640x324, image.jpeg)

Did Suzy just tweet someone from that shitty Teen Mom show?

She always struck me as the edgy "I don't watch reality tv" kind of person

No. 149658

nah, Arin's talked about how much suzy loves reality TV quite a bit on GG

No. 149678

File: 1467338372951.jpg (2.98 MB, 500x368, 8E1ZpwL.jpg)

No. 149679

A little yeah. Barry knows some Chinese cause he did a semester there

No. 149722

I can't believe this was only three years ago. She aged so much in three years.

No. 149757

Suzy is trashy enough to be a reality tv watcher.

No. 149758

They live in a pretty big house, nigga. Also, you don't need a giant gym at home to stay fit. A bench, weights and a small stationary bike will do. Most bikes fold now too. It's mainly diet though and Suzy's diet is doughnuts.

No. 149759

You must be fat. She is flabby as fuck in that gif.

No. 149760

File: 1467390562525.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, girls-laughing.png)

Never thought I'd see the day when Suzy has more chins than Arin. Both are fat, but Suzy is gaining momentum.

No. 149762

File: 1467390600158.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta.pn…)

I'm done. You are golden.

No. 149771

File: 1467393061598.jpeg (156.75 KB, 750x539, image.jpeg)

unedited pic of suzy at animeexpo

No. 149774

I was skimming through her old videos, specially her OOTD ones and… what happened? Not only body-wise, but.. The lightining was better, the outfits were usually better coordinated AND it was believable that she actually wore them outside, the video was quicker and more informative, and she would actually show you the clothing instead of fidgeting like an idiot. Such a shame…

No. 149781

She is so much more likable here and the red streaks fit her more than the blonde ones. But she has always had a weak chin though but it isnt as visable when she was thin

No. 149788

Lol @ Mexican shorts. Bitch isn't even smart enough to say Aztec print or some shit like that. Why is Suzy so dumb? Is it the FAS?

But yeah still sooo much better than the garbage she churns out nowadays. She should go back to doing videos this way.

No. 149790

File: 1467398678298.jpeg (73.75 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

No. 149808

Is she there for all days? I want to see her in the flesh

No. 149817

aren't you supposed to sell your own art work at artist alleys??

No. 149823

I hope someone snaps some pics of her at Anime Expo

No. 149832

take pics! I want to see the bugs she puts on display and her choice of outfit

No. 149838

File: 1467414075168.png (202.32 KB, 500x385, tumblr_mcddf8GaWX1r96eme.png)

No. 149844

Honestly it was so unremarkable to see her in person it didn't even occur to me to take a pic. I had more fun tryingto guess which of the other people looking at her booth were farmers.

She did have a small line up of young fans waiting to get an autograph

No. 149856

You know i was just about to ask if she does those pics themselves because isnt there a law against selling someone elses art? I know there is for photos.

On another note i ended up checking out some of her unboxing videos and glad i did. A lot of those packages dont seem to be worth the money especially the make up ones. One she did was either $100-$200 from japan (clothes) and they were all basic and I think she ended up selling them all because she didnt like the style and they were all different sizes. seems more worth while to save up for something you want then spend money on blind boxes.

No. 149872


Yeah, you can see her chin was always kinda flabby. Makes me feel bad for her, almost. But when she was thinner it wasn't so much a big deal 'cause the rest of her body would compensate for it.

I think she's just a bimbo girl, FAS or not. She tries to pass as this ~super quirky goff~ when she's a basic bitch with a dark-colored wardobre. You can tell her vocabulary is not very good, either.
Nothing wrong with being a bimbo, btw, but it annoys me that she tries super hard to be percieved like anything but.

No. 149877

As someone happily working in the world of marketing, everything about this branding triggers the shit out of me…

Just looking at this image brings back the dull, heavy, pit-of-your-stomach sort of shame that I experience when I have to turn over a project that I just couldn't for the life of me get inspired about.

I just find it really sad that Suzy decided "new-age word" + "shape" + "drawing of an eye" + "generic old-timey overlay" was an adequate way to represent her alleged life passion. Though I guess it's pretty fitting considering the product it stands for doesn't have one drop of passion put into it either.

No. 149896

As far as I know she has commissioned all of her gaming channel art to someone, but I can't remember their name now.

No. 149908

I believe it's linzeb0t

No. 149925

i'm pretty sure it's fine like, to commission stuff for your own 'brand' but in an artist alley specifically, which is about artists selling THEIR work, it seems weird :/

also with Lucky Packs (those japanese bags) you should really have some info going in first. I buy them a lot but only if i know i'll like them, which seems weird but you can actually get an estimate on what you're going to get if you spend a lot of time in the fashion communities. It's either a specific set of items, sold for less than what it would normally cost, or it's and end of season bag, so it's usually the less popular stuff. If she actually spent time in the comms and following the brands, she'd have a pretty good clue as to what's in them. Also she had no idea what 'F' size meant (it means 'free size' as in, there's only one size,no s/m/l sizes, very common in Japan with boutique brands) which she really should have if she had been 'buying lucky packs forever'

No. 149969

File: 1467458100450.jpeg (42.43 KB, 400x225, image.jpeg)

Arin and Suzy cosplayers at Indy Pop

No. 149974

I looked up anime expos rules in selling art thats not yours and yea shes breaking a rule unless the artist is with her:


Proxy selling (i.e. selling the works of a person who is not present and a registered artist in Anime Expo Artist Alley) is strictly prohibited. Collaborative works, such as anthologies, would be an exception to this rule."

No. 149984

Why? No seriously, why?

I don't get "cosplaying" as real people. Especially as random youtube personalities. I could see why someone would dress up as, lets say, Elvis Presley or someone else with a unique, iconic look/style. But just putting a shitty blonde streak in your hair and call it a day? That's fucking embarrassing.

No. 149990

No. 150018


Somebody please report her if your at the convention

No. 150019

you're* sorry.
If you dont know what to say, say to staff something like "I'm a fan and follow her so I know these images arent drawn by her, I feel bad saying this but I also feel it isnt right to sell this at AA"

No. 150020

File: 1467477198671.jpg (129.54 KB, 929x594, ss (2016-07-02 at 09.33.07).jp…)

No. 150021

No. 150022

File: 1467477307617.jpg (139.63 KB, 805x589, ss (2016-07-02 at 09.35.03).jp…)

No. 150023

File: 1467477403307.jpg (431.14 KB, 892x957, eyes wide shut.jpg)

Did she accidentally glue her eye shut or something?

I know winky-face is one of her standard super~fashion~model poses but she really does looks extra "special" in these.

And again she's just wearing a t-shirt and black pants. I get that even the most fashionable person probably doesn't wear a dress if they're just getting milk and bread, but come on Suz, this is a special event. This would have been a great opportunity to wear one of your OOTD.

No. 150024

File: 1467477574394.jpg (47.77 KB, 720x361, tumblr_o9njgy8sAT1v1eqs5o1_128…)

No. 150025

File: 1467477624410.jpg (156.32 KB, 591x583, ss (2016-07-02 at 09.40.15).jp…)

No. 150026

File: 1467477670500.jpg (134.42 KB, 720x983, tumblr_o9nq95IXMX1v1eqs5o1_128…)

No. 150027

File: 1467477736884.jpg (242 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_o9o8sn9DzW1r6wg8vo1_128…)

No. 150028

File: 1467477744535.jpg (250.79 KB, 958x1280, tumblr_o9o8sn9DzW1r6wg8vo2_128…)

No. 150029

Because it's her image and the artist doesn't seem to mind her selling it in her store I think it might fall under collaborative art

No. 150032

Just when you think you've seen all the cringe

No. 150044

HAHHAHA God her fans are worse than nigris

No. 150053

File: 1467481959142.png (37.91 KB, 100x161, mcik4.PNG)

oh please god more, this is too hilarious.

No. 150063

File: 1467484089491.jpg (65.64 KB, 624x960, CmVZQb5UkAIhiZB.jpg)

No. 150064

File: 1467484124914.jpg (81.41 KB, 720x720, CmXmdPQUMAAAr5F.jpg)

No. 150065

File: 1467484176854.jpg (272.06 KB, 1200x1200, CmVE_qoVYAIGnQ-.jpg)

No. 150066

our tru goffic queen

No. 150067

File: 1467484257647.jpeg (52.53 KB, 640x272, image.jpeg)


No. 150068

File: 1467484410519.jpg (84.44 KB, 768x433, too_good_for_grumpy_cat.jpg)

No. 150071

File: 1467484515894.jpeg (42.66 KB, 250x250, image.jpeg)

No. 150072

File: 1467484584291.jpeg (44.32 KB, 250x250, image.jpeg)

The best fan art I've found on Tumblr

No. 150074

File: 1467484612523.jpeg (40.27 KB, 250x250, image.jpeg)

No. 150075

File: 1467484643627.jpeg (32.73 KB, 400x533, image.jpeg)

No. 150076

File: 1467484703552.png (1.43 MB, 1440x1403, 20160702_113634.png)


No. 150077

File: 1467484710661.jpeg (99.64 KB, 500x375, image.jpeg)

No. 150079

File: 1467484907387.jpeg (131.37 KB, 1080x1153, image.jpeg)

No. 150080

File: 1467484953165.jpeg (172.69 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpeg)

No. 150081

File: 1467485050524.jpeg (40.42 KB, 640x262, image.jpeg)

No. 150082

File: 1467485077187.jpeg (50.28 KB, 640x391, image.jpeg)

No. 150084

File: 1467485096308.jpeg (38.13 KB, 640x390, image.jpeg)

No. 150086

File: 1467485146376.jpeg (22.92 KB, 640x150, image.jpeg)

No, she shouldn't

No. 150087

File: 1467485193776.jpeg (12.95 KB, 640x137, image.jpeg)

No. 150088

File: 1467485221206.jpeg (19.33 KB, 640x137, image.jpeg)

Sorry for the dump

No. 150105

it's not even that hard like, i sell at AA's and I always wear my alt.fash shit like it's not that hard to wear something a bit OTT but still practical

No. 150114

File: 1467489945598.jpg (53.69 KB, 545x380, enhanced-buzz-10527-1389900392…)

No. 150116

Is it just lighting, or is she terrible at blending? (I see a few spots but I'm talking mostly about under her eyes)

No. 150118

idk, in some of the pics she looks really greasy and sweaty so that might reflect the light quite a bit?

No. 150119

Gamegrumps on fucking youtube red, the dumbest fucking thing youtube has ever made to get people to hand over their money

with that said, Dan honeslty looks really handsome in this video, maybe its because his gross hair is away from his face

No. 150124

Literally what somebody already said?

No. 150142

Danny has fucking huge monkey ears. He should date Sheena.

No. 150151


Why would you pull this face, Suzy. Why. Why. Why. It's so fucking unflattering, it's beyond me.

No. 150157

Danny is a nasty goblin, ew

No. 150158

literally highschool weeb tier

No. 150159

File: 1467500933639.png (633.41 KB, 502x499, tumblr_nghdw0lV4F1t41f7yo1_128…)

No. 150178

Don't people usually grow out of their weeaboo phase? Arin and Suzy have been weebs for like 15 years

No. 150197

That or they get more mature about it and just weeb-out privately.

No. 150297


wtf is this hand on shoulder pose?

No. 150300

File: 1467558991990.jpeg (62.58 KB, 640x767, image.jpeg)

Ass kiss incoming

No. 150309

Enter the cringe fellow anons

No. 150314

What's cringe is that I saw someone selling Game Grumps fanart a few booths away from Suzy

No. 150373

File: 1467577928244.jpeg (103.09 KB, 640x692, image.jpeg)

Why are gg fans like this? This "precious cinnamon roll that needs to be protected!" shit is cringey

No. 150420

I follow fans who call em out for it. Same with fans who think chub=buff?? Fuck off it's over eating.

the rtx panel I actually found not too bad, only some people I had to skip through. They've really learnt from the magfest shitstorm of 2015 and whilst some fans still push it, I'm glad that stupid bulshit is not being tolerated anymore. Mags is off the cards for Ross now anyway he expressed he hated it. I'm surprised Projared still turned up.

No. 150421

File: 1467597350173.jpg (178.63 KB, 960x1280, smile.jpg)

No. 150442

I know it's just a matter of personal opinion, but am I the only person who finds Dan fairly attractive? I'm kind of into the curly hair, he has the guy aesthetic that I like, but I didn't really thing he was hideous.

No. 150444

I think Dan is good looking. Especially compared to the rest of gg (though they're not really a good looking bunch to begin with)

The only thing about Dan is that he looks greasy and like he probably smells bad

No. 150456

nah if you go back in some of the older threads there's farmers who think he's attractive

No. 150609


I think he's a handsome dude, but even with my affinity for lanky Jewish dudes the hair is turning into a turn off for me. Two years ago when it was shorter and better kept, fuck yeah.

The fool made a personal Instagram. Has anyone been brave enough to sift through some of the comments? Oedipus complexes are strong in this generation. For every "daddy" comment a part of my soul withers and fucking dies.

No. 150612

So she's definitely reading this thread lol. She's gone back to doing voice overs on her OOTD videos and is posing much less spasticly.

No. 150615

She is so tacky it hurts

No. 150617

I like the second outfit, third outfit isn't bad either. Too bad her body is fucked

No. 150618

the hip dip strikes again

No. 150621

Is it just me that thinks the bone dress looks way better on her than all the bodycon shit she wears? She says it looks "boxxy" but it flatters her way better

No. 150623

why do you think she's reading this?

No. 150627


"I'm wearing the size medium they kind of run in kind of small, cause uh they're for teenagers"


No. 150633

Now it makes sense why all her clothes are so tight and don't fit. She still thinks she's a size small/medium

No. 150665

File: 1467671487860.jpeg (152.44 KB, 640x960, image.jpeg)

Lmao at her just only airbrushing her face

At least be a good friend and airbrush the other persons face too

No. 150679


>tactical crop of triple chin

No. 150691

Why did she cut her hair if all she does is wear wigs in her ootd videos, I highly doubt she would wear wigsomething out on a daily basis

No. 150762

Well it's not like she wears those clothes out on a daily basis either

No. 150768


>"This month I'm showing off a cute gothic crop top"

>"Uhh, Suzy… that's meant to be a dress. And are you holding your breath?"

>"I don't know what you're… exhale"

Suzy's stomach bursts out of the dress

No. 150769

kek she died a little when she actually said one of the pieces was a size large

No. 150776

File: 1467687681101.jpeg (560.56 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Is Vernon considered a grump? And can I talk about how much I hate this stupid fucking pose he's got gg fans doing?

No. 150788


did anyone else notice in the first outfit her toes were literally screaming in discomfort? seriously? are those shoes too small? what the fuck? Im so fucking? what?

No. 150848

Third outfit is the best cause it actually suits her size for once. Im always scared she will flash her ass in those short ones. also does she hate her new haircut or something always with the wigs.
And i usually think farmers are full of themselves when they say "she actually listened to me!!" and "zomg she reads lolcow" but this time she did the voiceovers and stopped with the stupid poses and even WORE A SIZE LARGE! Maybe she does go to lolcow idk, lets see what she does in her next outfit vid.

No. 150867

The hideous Walmart wife beater lace tank she wore with the gorgeous blouse for the third outfit fucking killed me. And you could see her bra straps under the tacky tank. She does not know how to put an outfit together.

No. 150892

What are you even supposed to wear when you have a hip dip? It's a curse.

No. 150893

Things that don't emphasise it? Hardly difficult.

No. 150898

Don't wear anything tight, look for skirts/dresses that flare out a bit and hide the hip dip. If you have to wear something tight, wear shape wear.

No. 150923

Love how this bitch is selling other people's art. Does she even draw anymore? I know Arin doesn't.

No. 150925

Oh lord, look at the size of that wrist. Bitch keeps gaining.

No. 150927

This is the most exercise Snoozy has had in months.

No. 150929

Gurl, love yourself. That's pretty sad.

No. 150932

Jon was responsible for GG. Without it, Arin would still be making terrible flash movies on newgrounds and youtube.

No. 150933

That pose looks like someone farted something fierce and they're pretending not to notice. Perfect analogy for Game Grumps.

No. 150978

File: 1467735359575.jpg (72.2 KB, 672x545, 1443353641929.jpg)


Suzy, send me a robo litter box

No. 150983

and yet he still ditched it to make overly and shittily produced reviews so who the fuck cares.

More than Arin or any of the grumps group Jon is a bigger retarded cow than the rest of them. He could have easily just stepped down and done less videos while making his own videos but he moved back to NYC for his own personal harpy of a girlfriend at least the grumps sold out and are making money where as Jon produces like what? one or two videos a year? I dont care enough to start a Jon thread or bring him up but he's way worse cause at least the grumps put effort into skating by on their fame where as jon expects his fame to drag his fat ass through life

No. 151014

so much white knighting

it was a fucking train wreck with how they dealt with it. Jon wants to talk about it but cant. His girlfriend knew he couldnt talk about it but was trying to get herself in on the drama i remember that shit, holy crap are they still together????

they both fucked up that situation bad like jesus

No. 151048

I feel like we can include jon in this thread, he was a grump.
I hate him so much. He's obsessed with himself

No. 151049

He's their "creative director." Whatever that means.

No. 151057

Honestly I prefer this, I hated the music she used to use and this actually makes those videos slightly better since there's more content.

No. 151059

File: 1467752803528.png (11.56 KB, 827x139, 02d8d20991bdc1869606f825732895…)

No. 151074

Yeah, I mean her fashion sense still sucks, she's still not convincing anyone that she wears this stuff IRL but at least the presentation is a lot more pleasant. Her just talking over the footage, actually giving some information…she even sounds less annoying, fake and squeaky than usual. Well done, Suzy.

No. 151080

GG fanboys are the worst

No. 151083

I just don't get why Suzy spends so much money on clothes and doesn't even wear it out. Every time you see her she's always wearing a plain t-shirt or a hoody and jeans. She doesn't even wear the clothes in her other videos either.

I hope it's not because of some bullshit excuse like "it's more comfortable" because she can find comfortable clothes that still fit her goth aesthetic.

No. 151097

That was me, some dude who laughs at all these.

No. 151102

(armchair psychology incoming) I sorta get it. It's the modern social media way of life. The 'I'll put on just a bit of foundation, concealer, light mascara, thin eyeliner, touch of blush, lipgloss' to take my NO MAKEUP selfie-generation.

OOTD aren't supposed to be jeans and a grey or black t-shirt. They're supposed to be special. So you make them special.

But she generally seems like a pretty insecure, unsure person with no real opinions or likes of her own. So she'd probably be far too nervous to wear something that draws too much attention to herself in real life.

No. 151103

Tfw bf loves gg but when you try to point out some of the flaws or just say it's not really funny he gets all salty and getz super offended
And then all he ever watches when you hangout is game grumps when I can only tolerate it as background noise

No. 151162

Dump his ass. GG fans are the lowest of the low

No. 151166

One of my friends was dating a hardcore GG fan who would always get salty if we even slightly criticized them and she ended up emotionally cheating on him. Every hardcore GG fan I know is awful.

No. 151177


Dump his ass and get a bf that isn't a neckbeard loser, you can do better

No. 151178

find something else you guys like or break up with him if his liking a youtube channel is something you can't get over. end the relationship if you are just going to hate on things he likes and end up being like >>151166 's asshole friend. I'm not saying it's great he likes this particular shitty thing but honestly you can't change people and if he's just making you watch game grumps you should probably save everyone some time and end it.

No. 151179


in my opinion GG are pretty weak these days, everything feels less fun and forced whereas Jon always makes me chuckle. If he wants to make less videos then… why not? At least his content is always funny. Like you said, GG "sold out" but I don't think that should be commended since the quality of all their churned out videos is meh.

No. 151232

And a fuckin wig like??????? Im a lolita from florida and just seeing that makes me sweat.

No. 151263

Ok I stumbled across this girl, shes got the same shitty shiny background that suzy had, her icon, which apparently she drew, looks just like suzy's art for kkg. When I clicked on her page, SHE DOES TAXIDERMY and it looks JUST like suzy's. WTF

No. 151274

File: 1467772910051.jpeg (62.66 KB, 600x581, image.jpeg)

Not that Suzy's original or anything but they post a lot of similar content. Ipsy unbaggings, ootd videos, and she even played Hunie Cam. She's probably a fan of her and gg.

I just noticed some of her thumbnails are similar to Suzy's too. Lemme see if I can make a good comparison picture.

No. 151305

File: 1467773451032.jpeg (337.87 KB, 2560x1110, image.jpeg)

It's hard to make a collage on mobile but yeah she likes and follows Suzy and gg. Suzy has a lot of copycat fans, it's crazy. There's this one girl that's always tagging Suzy in all of her pictures on Instagram. She's like creepily obsessed with her and even has a skunk stripe just like Suzy.

No. 151618

File: 1467781649478.png (456.51 KB, 952x580, Screen shot 2016-07-06 at 1.10…)

And she over charges just as much.

No. 151724

…so anyway can you explain why you don't like Jon? I'm passively into him because he collabs with other youtubers I like, and I'm interested to hear why you dislike him.

No. 151752

Can you not?

No. 151758

Ignore them. It's just a shitty troll.

No. 151773

She barely has any followers. Who the fuck is gonna buy her overpriced shit? At least Suzy has a big following

No. 151775

File: 1467791067591.jpeg (803.01 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Shitty collage but come on. Why would you wanna copy Suzy of all people?

No. 151776

File: 1467791109145.jpeg (401.05 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Even their etsy store logos are similar

No. 151785

she actually makes suzy look good.

No. 151789

this. Ross and Barry seem to put in the most effort, een then just barely. Arin and Danny..they scream? About it. Fuckin Pewdiepie admits screaming is a shit way of comedy and finds most of his old videos cringey, so the shit now with grumps is like? Arin just acts smug, constantly changing opinion of the game hes playing. Dude your not a game designer. Danny even gets frustrated with it.

2016 has been the rise of the shit with gg. calm the fuck down, get arins head out of his ass and sort out your image.

No. 151794

>199 sales
Though I'm guessing it's not all $80+ since its since 2011

No. 151797

Holy shit the whole copy thing is honestly really creepy. She even does the weird dumb poses what the heck.

No. 151804

File: 1467806555564.png (Spoiler Image,128.46 KB, 400x511, image.png)

No. 151805

File: 1467806596748.png (Spoiler Image,90.42 KB, 400x329, image.png)

No. 151811

-insert 'men are disgusting' post here-

No. 151813

File: 1467809835135.jpg (160.49 KB, 700x700, 1168525.JPG)

The tits look like egg plants, I'm dying

No. 151873

I actually think Jon's reviews are much better than anything GG is currently releasing. I hope he does a Halloween thing again this year. Starcade was an overall disaster though.

No. 151874

That's really gross. Who even writes that on someone's youtube video? I hate GG fanboys.

No. 151875

Why are you dating him? He sounds like a man child.

No. 151877

Fatass tumblrina. Nothing special. Snoozy will be as fat as her soon enough.

No. 151878

At least they got Snoozy's fat arms right.

No. 151883

THIS VIDEO IS ALWAYS IN MY RECOMMENDED. It's so fucking weird, I even cleared my history and she STILL pops up, wtf?

No. 151889

No. 151892

File: 1467831300049.jpeg (44.72 KB, 387x438, image.jpeg)

No. 151894

File: 1467831327719.jpeg (11.77 KB, 196x276, image.jpeg)

No. 151900

File: 1467831873041.jpeg (31.28 KB, 419x315, image.jpeg)

No. 151904

Haven't watched GG in a couple of months. Are any of their newer series worth watching?

No. 151918


Awww man this makes me chuckle. Aww the chins, the chins.

No. 151937

The reason why suzy keeps changing outfits is because she probably out grew them, I don't think the others have changed theirs but this is her third one?

No. 151941

File: 1467845481738.png (309.04 KB, 465x289, Tableflab.png)


When you compare her face now to what it looked like back then, it's really obvious that Suzy has gained a lot of weight.

No. 151946

File: 1467846162311.png (293.96 KB, 374x375, Scalelook.png)


The look Suzy makes when she looks down at the bathroom scale.

No. 151947

No. 151949

Why does this series the best suzy candids

No. 151953

File: 1467849584332.webm (2.79 MB, 1920x1080, Suzbrp.webm)


They must have filmed this episode right after lunch because Suzy was BURPING every 5 seconds!
It's not even lowkey either - she darts her eyes around the table like she's in a poker match and then tries to belch without anyone else noticing. So gross.
The camera manages to pick up Suzy's burp at 17:36, and otherwise she's just sucking back her gas into that massive bullfrog chin, fucking disgusting.
I'll bet the entire room smelled like greasy burgers and chocolate cake after too - if I was there I would have gagged.

No. 151954

I'm baffled why she thought wearing a black bra under this was a good idea. Is she too goffik to own white ones, or…?

No. 151959

>just sucking back her gas into that massive bullfrog chin, fucking disgusting.


No. 151960


Well, thank God. This is actually a big improvement. I was the anon who posted >>149774 , so i am actually very glad she listened to us.
The filming location is also an improvement, the light inside is so much better, IMO. And the outfits are better also, i like the second and third ones. Congrats Suzy.

Now, avoid burping like a homeless motherfucker, please. Not because you're girl; because it's gross for both men and women. You don't need to "fit in" among your fellow men if shit's gross, dude.

No. 152077


Agreed. I hate the burps. Not only on Snoozers but also when Arin burps. Its the fucking grossest thing and doesn't make them any cooler or whatever. But well i guess thats the 13yrs old audiencea humor…

But ah well… U know. arin is gross over all but soozy just doesn't know who she is… The elegant goffic lady or the tomboyisb quirky buroing ass gamer girl.

Or the fat girl next door.

No. 152147

This is so hard to watch…

No. 152154

I figure this'll be interesting and since he's pretty much with game grumps 24/7 it fits here a bit


Pretty much tl;dr
Mark has been caught lying once again about hiding his girlfriend, she has been rudely responding to fans, mark has been silent, even long term fans are noticing now he no longer seems happy and everything seems forces out of him

No. 152156


That Tumblr is a waste of space, go away.

No. 152160

Went through five pages of this garbage with no milk. Most posts are "omg he said he likes being lazy!!1" and "I can't believe he hide a gf! He betray us!". Who the fuck cares? Milk please?

No. 152161

Who even cares about Mark anymore, it's so clear that he doesn't give a shit about his fan base. He's only in it for the money, just like the Game Grumps.

No. 152164

Who wouldn't be

No. 152166

His fans are such sperglords, wow. Doesn't Mark lie because his followers are psychos who stalk the shit out of him and show up at his house? He should probably make a blanket statement for the autists about wanting to keep his personal life private (and get his gf to agree to keep the silence) so whenever people find out he's getting his microdick wet they don't collectively shit themselves.

No. 152168

I honestly think Mark unlike Arin and Suzy is genuinly a nice person who cares about people and his content

The problem with Mark is that now everybody has told him he is so nice, he plays it out WAY too much and milks his niceness, trying to make him seem oh so nice even when its not needed, or try to force it out. A shame really.

No. 152170

Sorry m8, just thought it would be better then hearing the same ol "she got fat" "Arin and Snooze are gross" and thought maybe some might find it interesting since there was a pretty large discussion last thread about it.

Will try to find better milk for ya
Sage for boring shit

No. 152175

>her bullfrog chin

I love you.

No. 152184

File: 1467921609095.jpg (15.58 KB, 223x312, Arinhandsome05242013_zps66b1c4…)


It was just really disappointing is all.
Am sure the next one will be better.

No. 152193

has anyone watched the RTX panel? Any milk? I'm trying to watch it and I'm only 10 minutes in and already bored out of my skull.

No. 152195

I think it was just their usual fans with no social skills asking questions. I heard a fan asked Danny and maybe the others when they lost their virginity lmao

No. 152204


This is absolutely awful! I mean, I know she's trying to pander to the Overwatch crowd, but this is just terrible… At least not all of the comments are kissing her ass.

"Lucio has the weakest character design"
lol Right.

No. 152206

I'm sorry, i'm trying my best.

No. 152210

File: 1467930809641.gif (484.51 KB, 300x160, tumblr_lryh6z7nia1qzt3y0.gif)

No. 152281

I can't place what it is, but every single word that comes out of suzy's mouth just sounds so fucking fake to me. Like this persona that we're getting is so obviously not natural way of acting. Does anybody else get that impression?

No. 152288

teeth like butter.

No. 152308


The only slightly interesting thing about Mark is his psychopathic fan base. Where else will you see fans giving themselves a hernia over whether or not a grown man is getting tail… oh, wait. If Danny was ever seen with a female she would be hang, drawn and quartered by a herd of jailbait. The communities are one in the same, I guess.

No. 152315

Take a shot every time someone says dad

No. 152340

Definitely. I think it's her intonation? You can hear her trying to sound like she's interested or excited in what she's doing.

No. 152366

File: 1467960831683.png (104.68 KB, 480x320, 1443895875271.png)

send me a robo litter box u fucking coconut

No. 152450


I think I know why. I get similar vibes from Hillary Clinton. Political beliefs aside, you can just TELL that woman's default emotional state is hissing, spitting rage. So when she tries to come across all chipper in her speeches it strongly reeks of bullshit.

In Snoozy's case, I'd wager that her "default" behavior is to whine and be negative. You can just kind of hear it embedded in her vocal chords. So when she tries to act all upbeat and positive, it sounds really unnatural.

No. 152465

I think she just knows she sucks at the actual game, so she tries to be all quirky entusiastic overly excited cute to pander to people watching it instead. Seen alot of comments saying "oh Suzy isnt so good at overwatch but her excitement is so cute"

No. 152698

File: 1468007190968.jpeg (85.44 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

>That feeling when you get your makeup just right and then plans fall through

No. 152705

She looks like an off-brand RealDoll.

No. 152725

Do you guys remember that brief moment where she stopped lining her inner corners and everyone was happy for her?

No. 152755

she's back at exaggerating her eye shape since she got her ancestry results back, trying to ham up the fact that she's """exotic""" (read: weird) looking cause shes 0.0002% distantly asian and not just cause she's got hooded lids and FAS face

No. 152792

I can't believe that she can actually fool people into thinking she's Asian. Or maybe people are just that stupid.

I remember seeing post in the game grumps tag a while back about how "Kevin and Suzy are the only asians/people of color (or whatever) in the group"

I'm waiting for some stupid sjw on tumblr to say that if you hate Suzy you're racist like how they do with calling people sexist for not liking her.

No. 152795

Her wigs are so cheap looking.

No. 152823

Homegirl must really hate her bangs. She is forever wearing wigs.

No. 152840

>Kevin and Suzy are the only asians/people of color (or whatever) in the group

fucking hell really, she literally proved she's whitebread as fuck.

No. 152858

File: 1468033171227.png (975.67 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

I still can't believe she put a picture of an Asian woman next to her and said "look at the similarities". She even called them her people lmao.

Like if you're 2% of something I don't think that even counts?

No. 152862

File: 1468033255348.jpeg (369.99 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)


Also the comments on the video are dumb. Stop encouraging her.

No. 152870

No, 2% does not fucking count. Snoozy is grasping for straws.

No. 152889

Have these people never seen an Asian person or????

No. 152926

i work at a grocery, like i can even afford my own shit, you kumquat.

that's because the only people who watch her gameplay video's are children.

what was the end results?

We need more posts here, i need more game grumps drama. Where's the sex tapes? The legal battles? More shitting on arin and suzy.

No. 152932


I think if Suzy has 2% asian in her, she should also have to break down the percentages of alcohol proof her mother drank to give her FAS.

2% Asian
5% European
7% Smirnoff Vodka
5% Pilsner Lite
6% Jack Daniels

No. 153070

File: 1468086487639.gif (133.12 KB, 256x194, 3b5.gif)

anon, you savage

No. 153083

File: 1468090118090.png (186.74 KB, 264x353, bruh.png)

what a papaya

No. 153088

Is anyone else getting slightly annoyed by them pushing their live shows before episodes with zero effort "skits"?
I could understand if they would do it once before a video, but they will keep doing this until friday, hell maybe even longer if the tickets miraculously won't sell out within an hour

No. 153090

Dan looks hot in this though, sorry not sorry

No. 153178

I know. The grumps are so boring right now. We need another etsy scandal or just any drama in general

No. 153196

Does anybody else think that Suzy hates her new bangs? I feel like she's been wearing wigs a lot more since she got them

No. 153224

No. 153429


I kinda like Dan but he could be singing the saddest song in the world or the happiest party-tune ever - he always sounds exactly the same.

No. 153430

He has like no emotion in his voice. Also you can still hear his voice straining even with all those layers, yikes.

No. 153448

He always sounds like he's putting literally zero effort into singing. He's just so boring to listen to.

No. 153460

File: 1468192240139.jpeg (111.61 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpeg)

What a difference two years can make

No. 153466

Egoraptor was on Philip DeFranco's podcast.

No. 153918


"omg yah, i just love it, I look like a goth hamburglar lol its great, lyke goals and shit, you
know? HAHA"

i'm dying

No. 153920

>that part where her cats both just fucking run from her
I probably laughed harder than I should've.

No. 153927

These outfits are all so ugly! That striped shirt does not go with that skirt at all and it makes her look top heavy. Ew.

No. 153935

still couldnt dress for shit

No. 153936


why does she hate her hair

No. 153939

>>153918 Jesus Christ for the last outfit, she needed two pair of body spanx and provably two more sizes up in that thing. Body rolls to hell and back.

No. 153969

Imagine taking a nylon stocking and filling it with Cream of Mushroom soup until it's completely lumpy and mishapen.
That's what it looks like when Suzy wears spanx.

No. 153972

wow I really wish she would shut up again in these videos.

No. 153986

Something about that goat Satan cooch protector skirt pisses me off. Can't imagine anyone being able to pull that off.

No. 153989

oh boy, I was giving her props for the last OOTD vid because the 'new' setup seemed so much better. But now she's back to doing her overly cutesy voice and just babbling on about nothing.

And really, pencil skirts are not the thing to wear if you're shaped like Suzy.

No. 153995

People who are in the music industry and just people in general who enjoy good vocalists can tell Danny is shit. He is just average, but has no range or control.

No. 154019

File: 1468273370978.jpg (46.45 KB, 545x524, 2000.jpg)



No. 154022

Please it looks like she IS the mom who's having a late midlife crisis

No. 154027

File: 1468275269218.png (99.9 KB, 301x227, tumblr_lud785ZmQT1qzt3y0.png)

Jesus fucking christ that first outfit is ugly, she looks like a mom trying to embarrass her daughter. The wig really tops off how bad it is, it's so cheap looking and everyone knows that bob cuts + a double chin is a big no. Suzy really is fashion-retarded

No. 154028

She looks like one of those homestuck characters I see art of on Tumblr… which probably isn't what she's going for.

No. 154031

She has awful coordination. Even that girl who was blatantly copying Suzy had a somewhat better style than Snooze herself

No. 154034

Yeeah, me too.. I hated her new high-pitched voice, just.. eugh.

tbh i kinda like the second outfit. Also the dress in the first one.

No. 154069

File: 1468284568032.jpg (181.02 KB, 662x724, 1444784251585.jpg)

She looks like the mom that got knocked up at 16 and never truly got a chance to mature so she just sticks to what she did in high school but kept her horrible sense of fashion and wasn't able to lose the baby weight.

No. 154088

>that third outfit
>you can even wear it to the airport!
uuuugh nooo

also that you can peek at her undies in it is so tacky imo

No. 154106


Wow yeah I used to dress like this too….

….and then I turned 14. Seriously, how is this an adult woman?

No. 154116


Samefag, but I genuinely have a hard time believing even Snooze thinks these look good. It's like she knows she looks stupid to anyone with pubic hair, but makes $$ off the videos so sacrifices her dignity in the name of profit. That's literally the only way I can comprehend this mess.

It's clear that she isn't very creative between these horrible outfits and her crappy butterfly business, isn't it?

There's no way she wears those outfits out… It's clear she shoots the outfits in one afternoon. That's been established but it just makes no fucking sense. Why not feature whimsical, avante-garde-esque outfits/looks, in that case? Because that takes creativity and effort? Why does she do this at all, then?
Doesn't it make her nervous that her source of income is so fleeting? That she doesn't enjoy it?
Sage for getting fake-deep but damn it gives me second-hand anxiety lol

Does Black Milk send her all this shit for free? If so, why doesn't she collab with a company whose clothes she actually feels comfortable wearing in her day-to-day life?

What a sad, shallow existence. I hope she grows into her age and finds contentment one day.

Until then she'll continue to be a grade-A cow.

edited a few times for clarity

No. 154119

That wig is so fucking bad. She has the money to afford a good wig (so many people wear lace fronts nowadays) and yet she wears wigs that look like she got them from Party City. She probably doesn't take care of them either. Probably just shoves them in her closet until it's time to film another ootd video.

No. 154122


lol sorry. this is what happens when you lurk for a lil too long

No. 154123

Either she's extremely delusional or she knows that she can be mediocre and that fans will still buy her shit and praise her.

Especially after the whole etsy fuck up I think she realized that she can do the bare minimum and get away with it while her fans will still call her a "queen".

No. 154130

He can harmonize like a fucking saint, though. As someone who thinks i can sing pretty damn good, i envy that.

His voice is more for ambiance, look at his old band Skyhill, it's just a bunch of harmonies and reverb. In a way, that's his only strong point.

The last unicorn cover was pretty damn good, too.

No. 154133

Yeah, he keeps asking me for shit, it's weird.

Also, wtf are the pictures?

As i said earlier, i'm new here.

No. 154200

Gotta love that ugly ass yellow bruise on her right knee.

No. 154204

that's what I thought too, didn't she get a haircut recently? ever since then she's been wearing these ugly wigs, regret maybe?

No. 154216

I have a feeling she regrets getting them cut so short and is waiting on them to grow out

No. 154219

File: 1468320222108.jpeg (158.22 KB, 640x965, image.jpeg)


No. 154239

>slaying fashion

people who make fake tattoos are embarrassing. it's like being underage smoking paper and pretending to smoke cigarettes. this is the most generic thing i've ever seen right down to the caption

No. 154257

He doesn't even have that by the way of working hard. The guys got perfect pitch. It's like he never actually put in work and only used the natural talent.

No. 154288

I think she has ambition but no talent or real work ethic to back it up. Its strange. She has some weird drive to do all of this stuff but not the drive to do it WELL.

She also, obviously, has ZERO qualms about piggybacking off her husbando's success. If she'd had to rely solely on her content to get where she is now, she, well, wouldn't be where she is now. Not anywhere close.

I really hope that hard truth looms over every day - that she'd be nothing and a nobody if Arin hadn't become successful first.

No. 154290

Yeah, I think she suffers from the same thing so many other minor celebs (youtube and otherwise) suffer from: they're far more into the idea/image of themselves as a singer, fashionista, makeup artist, whatever than they are into music, fashion, beauty and make up.

No. 154313

I disagree, being able to find harmonies is more practice than anything, and if he's at this level, he's been doing it for some time.

I also have perfect pitch, but being able to make the harmonies sound as if they were at no effort IS hard work.

No. 154317

File: 1468350050371.jpg (44.4 KB, 492x475, merr.jpg)

His fucking pit stains, holy shit.

No. 154323

Not gonna argue with you but I got perfect pitch too and harmonies are the easiest fucking shit to me. I guess it depends

No. 154753

He clearly didn't wear any dang deodorant before recording but holy shit. Not just that but. . He got really "plump" looking. What the fuck did Suzy do to him? He was rather adorable prior to their engagement.

No. 154841

File: 1468412797865.jpg (88.06 KB, 500x401, tumblr_oa8cloRPae1qils0po1_500…)

Apparently Suzy, Arin, and some others streamed MH Generations yesterday. Here's the link for the archived video if anyone wants to sit through ~2 hours of it: https://www.twitch.tv/capcomunity/v/77724123

No. 155063

Honestly the host girl is terrible.
I watched ProJared on there and she's asking the most basic MH questions. Like, get someone who knows the game…

No. 155298

File: 1468450696526.jpeg (76.4 KB, 640x558, image.jpeg)

No. 155300

god, the girth of suzy's legs compared to the girl over on the left is kind of freaking me out

No. 155302

Does he mean a girl who's shitty at games and fashion?

No. 155317

I'm guessing Suzy posted this as a joke but it's not even funny.

I thought the point of this joke was there's supposed to be a stark contrast between pictures? These are just two different selfies of Suzy lmao

I think that "i can be your angel" meme of Arin is stupid but goddamn it makes me actually laugh every time I see it

No. 155319

File: 1468452761789.png (367.32 KB, 615x333, image.png)

Same. I hate it but I also laugh every time I see it.

No. 155543

Is this person 12? 13? I feel embarrassed for it.

No. 155544

Uhh, Arin has been gaining gradually for years now. It's more like sitting on his ass to play nothing but Game grumps has made his bad diet even worse.

No. 155545

That must piss him off considering how big of a fan ProJared is of the MH games.

No. 155546

File: 1468479506928.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, 1465727987638.gif)

But Snoozy…you can't even game properly.

No. 155567

This makes me laugh every fucking time I see it.
You'd think over the years she's been doing these OOTD videos, she'd have some co-ordination and have improved a lot with her 'posing', but nope. She's still so tragically awkward.

No. 155568

File: 1468490540019.jpeg (146.61 KB, 640x952, image.jpeg)

No. 155580

Suzy's pants must be too tight because it looks like she's struggling to squat lmao

Also I hate this stupid fucking pose. It became annoying very fast.

No. 155582

File: 1468494677764.jpg (25.85 KB, 600x450, CZnpFoKXEAAyMKd.jpg)

>"rather adorable"

No. 155585

God, I know they're old and have been posted so many times before but I can never get enough of fedora-tipping teenage Arin cringe. I lose it every time.

No. 155596

pardon my raceposting but jesus christ this is so fucking caucasian

No. 155604

He looks like euro trash

No. 155691

One of the kids at the camp I'm volunteering at was talking to me today and telling me about how game grumps is their favourite let's players, they also then proceeded to tell me about mlp, onision and showed me their undertail oc's….

No. 155692

Not exactly names of companies and such you want to be included with from an 11 year old

No. 155704

File: 1468533116899.jpg (64.55 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oa9qvxgAsf1qils0po1_500…)

How much did she shoop this? I can't quite put my finger on everything (like I'm sure there's leg shop) but, as a whole, the picture looks…off? I can't explain it well.

No. 155707

New Suzy video, lookin' chubs as all fuck.

No. 155708


If I had a dollar for every chin that Suzy has, I would have three dollars.

No. 155709

It looks like she shopped most of her body smaller, but she left the gigantic ham arms in for some reason

No. 155710


No. 155711

File: 1468533602753.png (529.61 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-07-14-17h55m14s82…)

No. 155713

File: 1468534291446.png (339.96 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-07-14-18h09m17s52…)

No. 155718

Awful. Each of her three chins are super obvious too, not just kind of there, but really prominent. How does she film these vids and not feel bad? As soon as I saw a 2nd chin forming I'd be on a treadmill…

No. 155723

She shooped overall body except for the arms she even removed a few chins, there's a great big blur right under her 1st chin

No. 155727

Christ, what kind of though process do these people go through, "I'm going to photoshop myself obviously thinner than what I really am but continue to produce videos that clearly show I'm a tub of lard."

No. 155732

Looks like someone rendered a Sims character.

No. 155735

Those bangs are so crooked, holy shit.

No. 155745

I dunno if it's shopped but it does look like its posed and angled where she looks thinner. She can't hide her arms though.

No. 155751

The fuck is up with her bangs? Did she try to trim them then get bumped into or something?

No. 155761

anon from above hit it on the head: she hates her bangs so much she's been wearing wigs for most of her recent videos and tbh they are really bad

No. 155769

File: 1468552261714.jpeg (114.09 KB, 640x670, image.jpeg)

Judging from this and Vernon's tweet they're gonna be hopping on Pokemon Go train

No. 155770

Also I hate Vernon for bringing that stupid "hard" pose to the grumps. Like some anon said above, its just so….white

No. 155775

I'm almost certain her bangs are doing that because of the way she did it that day.. Could be wrong though. When I fix my bangs they end up uneven sometimes because of the way I straightened them.

No. 155799

File: 1468560635916.jpeg (37.93 KB, 640x220, image.jpeg)

No. 155800

File: 1468560807403.jpeg (73.09 KB, 640x449, image.jpeg)

Suzy complaining about shit that no one cares about once again.

Also I have seen literally no one talking about her wedding ring? Unless I didn't look good enough or she removed the comments like always

No. 155812

Such tryhards. I hate that fucking pose.

No. 155816

No shame.

No. 155821

>I don't want to be an unboxing channel anymore!!
>keeps posting unboxing videos

Well done for ditching the wonky eyeliner, I guess. But she looks like a chubby 8-year old who tried to cut their own bangs in this vid.

No. 155825

I know this is p superficial but I fucking hate nerdy snapbacks so goddamn much.

No. 155826

I swear unless you are trying to show off your dope fit or something you look like a dumb tryhard doing this pose.

No. 155852

Couldnt she have just gotten regular bangs, the sjw tumblr femnazi bangs is making her look fatter. Why suzy!!?

No. 155901


I like the happy background music while she's talking about her thyroid problem and depression.

And please, no. No 'how to deal with depression' videos. Get professional help, talk to your friends and family. Do not listen to some retarded fucking youtubers wife.

No. 155902

I fucked up the link because I'm a moron.

No. 155917

File: 1468606134549.gif (1005.25 KB, 268x168, tumblr_nk1uxb7G2D1qiju81o7_400…)

I am just baffled.

She's talking about her thyroid issues and the fact units growing so huge you can actually see it bulging from her neck and that it could turn cancerous… and all she's fucking worried about is "I'M SO BUMMED I CAN'T SLEEP ON MY SIDE ANYMORE BECAUSE I CAN'T BREATHE"

are you fucking for real, cunt? how detached from reality are you where you care about being able to sleep then the fact you could end up having a cancerous growth in your throat?

No. 155926


To be fair, when she first mentions the sleeping it's as an example of how big it is and the second time she mentions it it sounds like she's trying to lessen or make a joke. Because, in reality, she's probably nervous af. She is probably going to have to have surgery sometime this year. I've seen a lot of people do this when an upcoming surgery or a medical issue is afoot.

I'm not really a fan of Game Grumps as they're all horribly annoying. But, this seems like you're reaching for anything to be pissed about her over.

She really does seem nervous here as most people would do. And it seems like if she were to post a video crying her eyes out and really fucked up over the surgery she would get hate for being a whiny bitch.

No. 155927


If she was that concerned she would have gotten medication for it ages ago instread of crying it was too expensive, while spend over $1k on fucking litter boxes. Instead she ignored it and now she has to go into surgery because its gotten way out of hand. I'm sure she is worried, but its completely her own fault tbh

No. 155929

you have a fair point, I'll give you that. But I guess people are mocking it because she really doesn't seem concerned any further than 'social media cookie points'

She has plenty of money to take care of her medical needs. To get clarification whether it's cancerous or not, to get the right diagnose/treatment/meds/therapy. She chose to not get any of that. (At least from what we can tell from her social media)

No. 155931

Pretty much.
I mean, she had the money for the meds, she just chose not to spend the money on her meds. That's how it looks at least, and that's fucked up. But hopefully the surgery goes well.

Her fringe is very lopsided though, that kinda bothers me.

No. 155935


>"I did cancel Birchbox, if you guys have seen my last Birchbox video you'll see why…"

It wouldn't be because Birchbox stopped paying you to sit on your expanding ass and unbox their products, was it?

You know, most people are content with getting a monthy box because they're interested in the packages contents, but what Suzy has proven here is that she doesn't care about the product, but she will fake enough enthusiasm so long as she's paid for it.
What a greedy, fat, disgusting Pay Pig.
I hope the next Birchbox has a cure for her thyroid problem.

No. 155944

More or less. I guess they're changing the point system so you can only review an x amount of items every year. She said this system made it worth buying BB because that would make the boxes only $5 with cash back instead of a whole $10.

Not sure if she is actually paying for any of these sub boxes, but idk how she can bitch about $5 extra when she's still subbed to multiple $20+ boxes.

No. 155973

Damn karma suzy. So she's still doing ipsy and loot crate? Cool still an unboxing channel then

No. 155981

So, is there any proof she even has a thyroid issue? Because I feel like putting down the fork would fix her issues a lot.

No. 155983

>"I haven't had it checked in over a year"

??? She went over a YEAR without having the growths on her thyroid checked? Apologies for personal blogging but I figured it was relevant - I have hypothyroidism and PCOS and see my endocrinologist every 6 months minimum. Much more frequently if there are problems. So just from my own experiences, none of the shit she says really adds up.

It really just sounds like she stopped caring and let it go, didn't keep up with appointments or anything. Which adds up with the whole "ohh I can't afford my meds, but I can buy robot cat boxes etc." I can't imagine a doctor would let her go a year without having those growths checked. She might've wound up in this position anyway, but she didn't get check ups or do any kind of preventative care either, so.

No. 155989

I really don't want her to get cancer. Pls suzy keep up with your health.

No. 155994

A very close person to me went through what it looks like Suzy has. They had a golfball sized swelled thyroid and they were terrified that it was cancer and avoided the doctor. That was 5 years ago, today they're doing fine. They changed their entire life, exercised everyday and diet to be healthier

Suzy is being fucking lazy by getting it removed instead of trying

No. 156030

Her swollen gland will become cancerous at this point. Honestly thyroid surgery is a breeze to deal with. I had it as a teen and got my surgery stayed in the hospital for like a week and then went on with my life. Now I do have cancer but it's not that serious so she needs to just go get that removed now.

I feel like her dumbass is seriously trying to wait it out so people can keep feeling bad and worried for her. Narcissism at it's best.

No. 156035

Ot but holy shit anon I wish you the best of luck fighting that

No. 156047

I'm so glad your survived that, in the future please try not to remove any lymphnodes if possible, they are so valuable to your body.

No. 156186

Even if she gets surgery, her diet is a huge issue. She's going to be one of those people getting multiple surgeries for preventable problems because 'muh donuts'

No. 156195

Maybe the reason she never got the medication was so that she can blame her weight gain on it where as if she got the medicine she would no longer be able to say teehee it's just my thyroid guys and totally not the fact that I eat 6 donuts in a sitting

No. 156201

File: 1468715120204.png (89.14 KB, 144x396, ffs.png)

No. 156206

oh my fuck. it's getting bad.

No. 156207

i-is that suzy?

No. 156209

oh my fuck. it's getting bad.

No. 156213

File: 1468717974247.jpg (54.89 KB, 540x304, 1436674570102.jpg)

No. 156219

File: 1468719007744.gif (968.05 KB, 245x245, tumblr_nj06byBQb11smcbm7o1_250…)

She's getting so big that she's starting to look flat chested

No. 156220

File: 1468719069580.jpg (49.7 KB, 600x376, 1468122379697.jpg)


No. 156222

File: 1468719182403.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x382, 1449280993376.jpg)

No. 156228

this is honestly really good workout inspiration.

No. 156229

File: 1468720665397.png (145.05 KB, 328x276, 61af816051345f4c320cc082535146…)

Now it's really making me think more and more that her "thyroid" problem is mostly just lack of self care for her weight..

No. 156230

File: 1468720671346.jpg (16.81 KB, 325x251, mysides.jpg)

Shit, she's huge.

No. 156231

No. 156233

Where is this from?

No. 156236


I don't doubt it's her fault, but since it's not life threatening, she probably figured it'd be fine. Which is dumb, but not surprising. I think now that she actually has to do something about it and surgery is in her future, she's scared. So, I'm going to feel for her a bit and I don't think it's wrong. It's someone who doesn't understand their actual condition, which is unfortunately too common in these issues.

>> 155929

I think she just figured since it's not life threatening, it's not important. A lot of people do this. It's definitely dumb and I can't deny that. I think now it's just becoming more real so now she's scared since something came of it.

No. 156237

Game Grumps instagram

No. 156245

Haha the big fucking pop in her hands completes the image. Man she is gonna absolutely balloon to gargatuan size after surgery because she won't fucking put in the effort needed to take care of herself. It's sad.

No. 156251

File: 1468726068500.png (1.21 MB, 1170x694, gg.png)

Special shout-out to Ross for posting the picture.

No. 156252

Her neck is disappearing!!

No. 156274

>I can recognize that fat chick Suzy from a distance!!!


No. 156281

I didn't even notice the comments lmao yikes!!! She can't remove the comments either since its on Ross' instagram

No. 156283

She seriously edits her pictures and videos alot. It looks nothing like her even from a small glance.

No. 156302

inb4 Arin quits/shuts down game grumps or suzy an heros.

No. 156303

Also Ross deleted the most buttery comments.

No. 156316

She does creepy pasta asmrs now?
Can't link because shitty internet

No. 156320

Yep lmao. I tried watching one and the fact that she uses a bright fanart picture of herself in the video instead of some creepy picture kind of ruins the atmosphere imo.

I honestly prefer her asmr voice to her regular speaking voice though tbh it's less grating.

No. 156321

Also Suzy messed up again. She uploaded another creepy pasta that was the same from last weeks plus the new one. Kind of like that birchbox rant mess up where it was combined with another video lol.

A couple interesting things is you can hear her groaning and complaining for a second at 15:28

And eating something(?) at around 18:20 lol

Does she not check her videos before she uploads them? Does she edit them herself or does Kevin edit them?

No. 156325

I agree it's less grating but she's so uninteresting to listen to.

No. 156327

Kevin edits and uploads for KKG

No. 156334


Great - everyone is out catching Pokemon, and she's out catching cheeseburgers and milkshakes.

No. 156339

This is honestly fucking hilarious - it's one thing to leave some dead air at the end of a video, but in this case Suzy takes a snack break in between recordings and because it's ASMR, the audio is tuned waaaay up.

Here's a breakdown for those interested:

15:26 - Her ASMR reading officially ends on an upbeat 'bye everybody' and then she takes a deep breath.

15:35 - She shuts off her timer with a beep, and then grunts "Ughhhh" in a disgusted manner. She probably doesn't want to read Creepypastas or do ASMR videos but she's 'forcing' herself to do them.

15:38 - Suzy inhales deepy and exhales, then sings 'last one' as she scrolls down.

17:02 - Suzy inhales deeply and exhales again, it sounds like a resurfacing whale because she's fastly becoming one.

18:04 - Suzy stretches back, winding herself as she reaches for her bottle of Coca Cola.

18:07 - You can hear Suzy undoing the cap.

18:15 - 18:23 - Suzy starts guzzling the soda down, and each greedy gulp and sugar-filled swallow is captured in high definition to really make your stomach turn.

18:25 - sounds like a crunching of a chip.

No. 156352

There's a more recent comment that I swear has to be from a farmer:

>fadedisgrace: omg Mss. Tess Munster o.o

No. 156353


I can't type for shit.
(or copy/paste. I thought I could on desktop)

No. 156367

Wow, she really is pushing herself and working so hard doing this incredibly hard task of reading a couple short stories aloud! No wonder she sounds so exhausted and out of breath and needs to refuel!

No. 156380

haha, what the fuck is going on? She probably spends so much time shopping and editing her pictures she just doesn't have any time left to edit her videos as well.

And is it just me or is she really shit at this? Not really familiar with ASMR (so maybe it's supposed to be like this, but I doubt it) but she sounds kinda monotonous, not much intonation, pausing like you'd normally do if you're reading a story to an audience. And sometimes she sounds like she doesn't know what the word means: i.e. 'it always perplexed her' sounds like 'reflexed' or something.

No. 156382

File: 1468770679515.jpg (61.77 KB, 640x640, 12729580_241110656222369_37974…)

Even if she was chubbier here, I thought this look made her so much cuter… too bad her weight is getting out of control and dresses all spoopy

No. 156389

Omg someone please save the video in case they remove it so I can listen to it when I get home. I need to hear the grunting queen myself

No. 156403

I just checked and it's already fixed.

Does anyone have a mirror?

No. 156418

brb working out

No. 156426

What's bad is that this picture is only from February.

No. 156430

Oh my fucking god, I'm crying.
For a second I thought you were making it up for a laugh but it's absolutely for real. Fuck me, she is an absolute pig.

No. 156433


The original video hasn't been taken down, though I suspect it will be eventually.
Nonetheless, I've saved the video and I've isolated the outtake where Suzy is grunting, groaning and glugging back soda like a sow.
As an extra treat, I've looped Suzy's disgusting gulps, bumped the audio and have bookended the clip with it. Enjoy!


No. 156442

Damn, I was just about to post the .mp3 I made and had clipped to just her glorious grunting and feeding sounds but you beat me to it.
Ah well, no harm in posting it anyway.


No. 156444

>Suzy Berhog

No. 156445

>I think she just figured since it's not life threatening, it's not important.
ot but this is HAES in a nutshell

No. 156448

holy fuck. why doesn't she just turn off the recorder between takes?

No. 156449


I bring you, the Song of Suzy Berhog!
Stick with it, it gets very good now that it's been made into an orchestra!


I love you guys - I hope you like this!

No. 156451

This was more golden than I could ever imagine.

No. 156453

This is fucking incredible, you are god anon.

No. 156454

I lost at 30 seconds and then it kept getting better

No. 156591

File: 1468796331098.jpg (301.67 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20160717_185526.jpg)

Knowing snooze I'm sure it was

No. 156600


That was brilliantly edited man

No. 156608

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I'm kind of really starting to like the boots Suzy is wearing in OP's photo. Like, they make her legs look like tree trunks, but there's something about them that I like.

(sage for blog post)

No. 156663

File: 1468812337798.jpg (325.99 KB, 960x960, 1460850070343.jpg)

No. 156697

>ethan is getting cucked by jon
LMAO. it always seemed weird to me that Jon collaborated with George, they don't seem to have anything in common. It probably just happened naturally since Ethan is friends with both of them.

No. 156698

File: 1468823477321.gif (471.17 KB, 215x211, dis-gunna-be-good.gif)


ROFL oh my god, you were not kidding. She openly sighs and groans and starts wheezing. She's got that fat wheeze going on already. I can't wait until she gets even bigger and tries to blame it on something else other than her shit eating habits.

No. 156699

File: 1468823649637.jpg (89.42 KB, 700x520, mysides2.jpg)

You are golden. I lost it once the horns came in.

No. 156700

This is getting weird. Who is that gremlin looking woman next to Jon?

No. 156701

Hila, Ethan's wife. Together they're h3h3. Although Ethan is 90% of it, she usually just films.

No. 156717

Holy shit anon my sides.. You've done the lords work, this is amazing.

No. 156783

Thanks, anon!

Yeah, Ethan is funny. I enjoy watching what little I've seen of him so far.

No. 156807


Since Kevin edits I wonder if he ever gets in trouble with her because that isn't just sloppy editing, that had NO EDITING AT ALL. Like that's a new level of laziness and he even gets paid for it, dammit.

I just have a feeling Suzy would be less lenient than Arin on sloppy editing work. Kevin is already a useless turd but when he is a useless turd on other peoples' channels that's just extra bad.

No. 156811

File: 1468854080218.jpg (240.34 KB, 1127x745, hash.jpg)

uuuh you sure you added enough hashtags, Suzy?

No. 156814

Does Kevin actually edit for Suzy's channel, though? The title 'editor' is a joke to begin with but I thought he was just employed to work on Game Grumps (unless he gets a second paycheck to do "editing" for his boss's wife)

No. 156818

File: 1468855217121.jpg (129.74 KB, 1920x1080, 12052414_756122507849935_21753…)


Maybe I'm genuinely wrong about this but I honestly thought Kevin did the editing for KKG and Suzy edited her beauty channel.

If he got a second paycheck for that I would love nothing more than to fly to LA and toss him in cow shit. He's got a comfy well paying job with exposure and an audience from the get-go, with people he considers his friends in a loose environment, and he doesn't even do his job properly.

It just rustles my jimmies, is all.

No. 156827

I actually like that shrug and dress. The shoes are awful though

No. 156829

Reeeeeeeeeeeeeee i've wanted that shrug/bolero for the longest time. Looks shit on her. Would look better on me.

No. 156830

I think she didnt shoop this one probably because she thought she could get away with the dress being a bit big and flowy. But no suzy i can still see the weight gain.

No. 156831


I edited her latest video for extra sounds
Not great, but hey? Just put your headphones on anyway

No. 156832


ewwww my soul is shrivelling up to those sounds. Magnified eating/drinking sounds are gross and should be banned from humanity's ears.

No. 156837

omg this made me so fucking uncomfortable

No. 156838

New outfit video.
In my opinion this isnt her worst, but I mean with Suzy that isnt saying alot…

I literally have to mute these to watch them

No. 156847

File: 1468863410642.jpg (974.65 KB, 270x290, 25kpgnq.jpg)

That weird lip smacking at the start tho

No. 156848

It seems she's finally getting self-aware.
The tumblr-bangs don't go with her face, the wig is way better. The clothes are progressing from sausage wraps to something that's at least a bit complementary.

No. 156851

Maybe this is just a coincidence, but all these brands have plus size options for all of these dresses… maybe lying about her size?

No. 156852

She admits in the video that she doesn't like her hair atm, so we were right as to why she's been the wigs in her videos.

No. 156854

Sweet Jesus. You got let us know if you get a DMCA notice anytime soon, anon.

No. 156875

File: 1468871203485.jpg (51.45 KB, 546x550, 1468239203708.jpg)


No. 156886

I assume she means the makeup, not the person

No. 157036

File: 1468893234615.png (207.4 KB, 297x722, chins.PNG)

I'm a guy that's not into fashion, are any of these good looks?

In my opinion, the first looks ABSOLUTELY terrible.

No. 157038

It'd be better on someone more slender… but it doesn't show much creativity because she essentially bought it off the mannequin–the bolero on the site is pictured with the exact dress she bought, meaning she didn't have to put much though into this.

Regardless, it's still better than her pretending she's the size she was a couple years ago and shoving herself into bodycon shit.

No. 157049

File: 1468895723658.gif (397.5 KB, 245x138, 1458315261653.gif)

No. 157056

File: 1468897271369.gif (78.77 KB, 500x413, goth=black?.gif)

I feel like she her style is just "buy black things" call it "goth". I hate to sound salty, but it just seems boring to me… lacking in imagination or originality.

No. 157057

I agree it looks terrible. Mainly due to her posture.

No. 157061

I follow a few girls on Instagram who are about Suzy's size and they know how to dress for their size and wear stuff that's actually flattering.

I think Suzy just lacks creativity. She probably sees stuff worn by other people who are way skinnier and buys it as is. She also doesn't accessorize or anything. She wears super basic dresses and shoes that "kind of" stand out.

No. 157196


♪ The tightest gothic wear you'll see,
♫ two sizes small upon Suzy,
♪ the fabrics bursting at the seams,
♫ but she's still eating cakes and creams,
♪ she photoshops her chins away,
♫ but keeps on eating every day,
♪ not enough cash for surgery,
♫ it's all for spoiled glurgery,
♪ she'll beg for cash, so lend a hand,
♫ she'll spend it all at Disneyland.

No. 157238

I really do like that outfit though, I think it'd look gorgeous on a skinny girl

No. 157318

In a way I kind of get it. It's scary to face, the dumbest thing is to ignore your health problems obviously but some people do just that because it's too scary

No. 157323

File: 1468965173853.jpg (88.29 KB, 600x900, fcf3eb36088ee72230bd9c674a726e…)

Jesus christ suzy what happened u used to be cute before

No. 157325


Married life happened. So many couples just let themselves go when they get hitched.

No. 157338

is that pic supposed to be an example of her looking cute? she looks even more downs than she normally does

No. 157340

Suzy got fat and blames in on her thyroid.

No. 157343

In Suzy's prime, she was 120 pounds at 5'6"

About a year ago she said she was bouncing between 125-130, but I think she's way over 130 now

No. 157351

Oh she's wayyyy over 130. I'm the same height as her and when I was 150 I looked smaller than her. I figure she's around 180

No. 157352

File: 1468970315643.jpeg (608.64 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

I think she used to be really pretty at one point but that was when I was a fan.

Looking back at some of Suzy's old "modeling" pictures and it's really obvious she has an unfortunate body type and any kind of weight gain is gonna look bad.

No. 157369

File: 1468978980222.jpeg (155.47 KB, 640x836, image.jpeg)

This is a mess..

The fucking makeup

No. 157371

Love that she is so desperately trying to get rid of her bangs already.

No. 157372


Suzy reminds me of that chick from drake and josh. the little sister. she isnt particularly ugly shes just

very unique
in a way I cannot describe

No. 157373

I wonder if the tumblr sjws are gonna call her out for dressing up as an Asian character and yellow facing like I've been seeing a few doing to people who cosplay D.Va.

Just slightly ot but I did actually see someone posting that Suzy does yellowface every day with her eyeliner a while back ago but I thought it was too irrelevant to post here

No. 157374

She could do alternative modeling, especially since she seems to like that sort of aesthetic. But even in older pics it's obvious she took a lot more care in the way she looked though she wasn't really fit.

I don't know why, the bangs really improved the way her face looked. Wth Snoozy?

No. 157400

File: 1468989517058.jpeg (861.3 KB, 2731x1961, image.jpeg)

Literally google'd "Suzy yellowface" and this was the first result
I'm assuming this was what you were talking about?

No. 157401

File: 1468989709521.jpeg (611.83 KB, 1499x2577, image.jpeg)

Thought I'd add that they were talking about this photo from suzys Instagram

No. 157404


I think bangs on her are better too, but hers are too crooked right now, so maybe that's that.

No. 157416

cateye = yellowface


No. 157419

Maybe they meant the way Suzy does it? I mean there's no doubt that Suzy is a huge weeb and probably does her eyeliner like that to look exotic. (Especially since she wants to be told she looks Asian so bad, referring to her dna video)

But yeah regular cat eye makeup doesn't make you look asian and it definitely isn't yellowface.

No. 157420


Nah, it's not the cat eye (on it's own i guess) it's the 'eye bags' underneath which are pretty common in asian eye shapes and in Japanese/Korean beauty standards they're what a 'youthful face' looks like so they sell a fuck load of 'eye contouring' products that you use to basically highlight and outline bags under ur eyes. It's pretty common in Kpop and Jpop and yeah, most weeaboos/koreaboos will do it

No. 157432

File: 1469002952554.jpeg (26.34 KB, 640x161, image.jpeg)

Well she sure is doing a good job tricking some people into thinking she's Asian.

This is the funniest one I've heard yet.

They also believe that lil 3% Asian she said she was in her dna video actually means that she is an Asian women. I shit you not.

No. 157433

Damn her fans want her to be Asian just as much Suzy does herself lmao

No. 157437

I would be more worried about the dva costume that is a bit off. She bought one of those cheap chinese knock off that is just not right the bunny emblem on the front is wrong and wasnt this one too tight on suzy? i remember her saying that.

No. 157439

File: 1469005101650.jpg (70.31 KB, 600x800, HsoJloF.jpg)

Oh god, the bunny logo. This suit is actual trash. Here's an example for other anons as to what it should look like at the very least.

No. 157444

File: 1469007242041.jpeg (438.57 KB, 1749x2160, image.jpeg)

Literally why did she give herself aegyo-sal? D.Va doesn't even have that?

Was she trying to look more Korean by imitating a Korean makeup trend or?

No. 157445

I didn't even notice at first holy shit. She complained about it being too small and the zipper breaking lmao (probably because she ordered the wrong size)

She didn't say anything about the logo being wrong when she complained to the company

No. 157447

Thats because Suzy hardly does research on things, I'm sure. I tried watching her when she played overwatch, and she didn't really listen to any of the advice and she didn't even know what d.va's ult was even though she said she's one of her 'mains' (Soldier & Widowmaker being the other 2). To all the advice she just said "oh cool" and did whatever the fuck she wanted while most often ignoring it.

So her checking if a design is accurate seems to be too hard for her.

No. 157453

The photographer is a motherfucker for letting that photo on the right continue to exist.

No. 157457

File: 1469014897945.png (549.67 KB, 520x767, soracist.png)

She got called out on racistbeautybloggers, lol. Dumbest blog I've ever seen.

She is reaching but to be fair, I've seen tutorials about how to look Asian and they often mention wearing cat-eyeliner to change your eye shape. But weebs probably wear it because it's in, and not because they think it makes you "look Asian".

No. 157459

File: 1469016620162.png (727.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-20-08-08-53…)

Ew wtf

No. 157463

People are calling her dad and daddy now?
Suzy/game grumps fans can be the worst.

It's bad enough when people call Dan dad but Suzy…?

No. 157465

If I pull that off, would you get fat?

No. 157469

They're calling her dad bc she's cosplaying Soldier 76 and everyone thinks he's the dad in overwatch and Mercy the mom

No. 157484

Sorry my mistake anon, I haven't played overwatch much
(Sage for non contribution)

No. 157503

File: 1469027285986.jpg (32.91 KB, 200x194, untitled311.jpg)

What the fuck is that awful attempt at contour/highlight on her nose.
Suzy the makeup guru, everybody.

No. 157552

New episode of Table Flip - this time Barry is pretending to ride a camel and Suzy is pretending to still be a size medium as her fat gut strains against her dress.

No. 157564

Jeff and Jimmy deserve better than this.

No. 157565

File: 1469044566798.jpg (221.03 KB, 2000x2000, those.jpg)

Now I'm scared of her teeth.

No. 157566

That fat just hanging in curtains off her arms though…

No. 157569

Everything about this picture is fucking awful. That inner corner liner is offensive.

No. 157576

That type of clothing+color makes her look like a mom and suits her. She'd look tons better if she just accepted her gains and dressed for her age/weight

No. 157577

how is it possible that she's been doing the same eyeliner look for about 10 years and she still sucks at it?

I thought they stopped doing tableflip? How much backlog is there?

No. 157594

File: 1469050012006.jpeg (31.36 KB, 299x449, image.jpeg)

No. 157602

Wtf how does someone who's not even 30 look 45-50 mom level without excessive smoking/drug use
Suzy wtf is wrong with you you look like a fucking mom with a body that looks like you've had five kids and didn't bother to try and get back into shape

No. 157665

But that's a normal thing in Japan, they're photo studios that let you dress up in traditional garbs for, Asakusa has a bunch of them and so does Kyoto.

Either they made her eyes look that way on purpose or she's squinting to give her that asian eye fold look, it just makes her look retarded.

No. 157672

"Suzy has south Asian in her"

Have they ever seen a south Asian person?

Suzy is fucking pasty white, deal with it.

No. 157679

I'm honestly fine with the dressing up as a geisha thing. Like its fun and it's a novelty thing but Suzy has done it, what, 3 or 4 times?

She does it every time she goes to Japan and when she goes to Japan again in the future she'll probably do it again.

That's why it bothers me. Not in a "that's cultural appropriation!!!!" sjw way but the fact that Suzy is such a weeb and doesn't hide it.

I may sound like I'm reaching but some other anons have said this too. I honesty think she enjoys being mistaken as Asian and that's why she never corrects anybody. You could tell by how giddy she was over being such a tiny percent of Asian that she was almost subtly bragging about it. Again I may just be reaching because I dislike her lmao.

No. 157683

File: 1469071100579.jpeg (8.25 KB, 147x175, image.jpeg)

No. 157740

No, you're right. She'll take what she can get and run with it. Remember, this is Suzy who made a DNA video just to say she's like, what, 0.2% asian?

What kind of person feels the need to make such a big deal out of that? Oh wait, Suzy.. She really is reaching.

No. 157769

There are mixed Asians who have a light skin tone. Yumi Lambert, for example. But I agree that Suzy looks doesn't look Asian at all.

No. 157788

That's because she isn't, she's just looking for weeb points
Even before the 0.2% Dna thing came about she would sometimes say shit about looking "slightly" Asian….although I'm pretty sure it's just the FAS

No. 157795

Yeah sorry, meant to imply that Suzy doesn't look Asian because she isn't. .2 percent is nothing.

No. 157948

The only thing asian about Suzy is that her mom drank too much saké when she was pregnant with the bulb-headed FAS.

No. 157952

This girl is cute too. Snoozy would hate her.

No. 157954

>those arms

>those chins

Holy shit.

No. 158035

Has she ever addressed her weight gain? I'm curious to know if she actually believes she's still thin or if she doesn't care about how fat she is.

No. 158042

she has a thyroid problem, I believe. Which is funny because under active thyroids should only account for 5-10 lbs of weight gain, not like 20+.

No. 158063

She definitely enjoys being mistaken for Asian, it's so obvious. I agree that it is rather weird that she insists on doing it every time they go, she's a total weaboo.

No. 158064

Ugh, Matt and Woolie from Super Best Friends were talking about making another collab video with Arin and Dan in the most recent part of their Catherine playthrough. I know it's not the worst thing in the world, but a part of me is like "noo, you're too good for those scrubs."

No. 158069

I haven't watched sbfp in forever but Woolie doesn't deserve to play with someone like Arin who apparently has to force himself from calling a black person the n-word lmao.


It's funny that Suzy's saying this because she wants to be super pc now and win over that tumblr sjw crowd since that's the only people that like her

No. 158159

No. 158163

you do realize theres a youtube option here so the video will be shown, right?

No. 158165

holy shit what an asshole

No. 158185


I'm not American so the whole n-word thing is not part of our culture or every day life but I never understood why he would have such a desperate "need" to say it that he has to get it out of his system in the first place. Just, why? Is it him being a stereotype of a small town hick? Is it his idea of "humour"? Why even say it at all?

No. 158202

It looks like someone 3D printed Suzy's face circa 2009, and then filled it full of cream cheese and retard.

No. 158203

File: 1469235270390.png (839.11 KB, 834x668, no makeup 2.PNG)

some mod decided to delete this double-chinned picture of suzy

but it's just too ugly to keep off the internet

No. 158205

The reason he would have a need to say it is out of immaturity – when he sees a black person he thinks "nigger" and can't stop thinking about it. I know a lot of white people who like to say it just because they know they "aren't supposed to".

No. 158211

Good example of YouTube becoming more and more like tv, everyone owned by the same company and arent allowed to go away from there shitty shekel earning persona

No. 158216

Someone deleted a gross onion pic in pt too. The fuck?

No. 158217

She looks like a freaky albino chick.

No. 158218

File: 1469237683025.gif (60.87 KB, 319x240, latest.gif)

What the fuuuuuuuuck. That's nightmare inducing. She looks like a gremlin. Or that creature from the Dark Crystal.

No. 158219

fuck off of kira she's perfect.

No. 158221


that's so ridiculous- not accusing you, ofc. Where I live we often have that thing where friends call themselves rude/offensive words and it's okay but if someone else calls you the exact same thing it's suddenly like WHOAH WHAT DID YOU SAY? So I guess I understand the idea behind only black people saying it, etc.

He does sound really immature and I think it's dragging everyone else along with him. Dan seems genuinely a nice and chill dude but his maturity level drops like freefall around him. Dan has had twice the life experiences Arin's had and yet it's Arin's sense of humour that gets taken over, blegh.

No. 158232

File: 1469243996391.jpeg (46.49 KB, 1080x565, image.jpeg)

New KKG shirts

No. 158234

File: 1469244008480.jpeg (110.41 KB, 640x762, image.jpeg)

Suzy's selling shirts with a knockoff D.Va logo lmao.

She sure is talking about Overwatch a lot. Is she even any good at it? Last I heard she was awful at it.

No. 158237

And yet the Tumblrinas go wild for Suzy when she's just as racist as Arin. Wow.

She's totally Asian, guys! That 0.02% really shows!

No. 158246

Can't she get in trouble for this??
It's clearly a rip off, and she didn't even say "Overwatch" in the comment

No. 158247


this looks like a lawsuit.

No. 158248

So she totally ripped off D.Va's logo and didn't even mention it anywhere?

>git gud
you first bb

No. 158253

File: 1469251125292.jpeg (69.75 KB, 711x700, image.jpeg)

Please lmao I hope she gets in trouble. Game Grumps are so boring right now, I need a scandal.

The etsy thing was such a let down. She scammed a bunch of people and didn't even get a slap on the wrist. Just people defending her and coddling her.

No. 158293

File: 1469259389057.jpg (71.03 KB, 800x560, ISMELLALAWSUIT.jpg)

I mean, really????
PC Suzy can't do nothing wrong, lol.

I mean not that she always fights for artists when they get ripped off….

No. 158294

File: 1469259469581.jpg (149.32 KB, 647x702, CREDIT.jpg)

Her laws don't apply to her though.
Recently she retweeted this.


No. 158295

File: 1469260282103.jpeg (78.45 KB, 640x761, image.jpeg)

"SuZVA" wow so clever!!!

No. 158296

File: 1469260371715.jpeg (68.42 KB, 640x563, image.jpeg)

She really don't care about her health, huh?

She also states she's been loosing weight. Bitch, where? Every time she posts a new video, she looks even bigger than before.

No. 158297

The top half looks good, where the ears are, but not the bottom half.
The cheeks should maybe have been kept the same shape as the pink lining.

for the rabbit it's round.
it seems as if she or someone else, just copy and pasted a cat head and took out a rabbit

suzva, that doesn't even make sense?? the least she could do is actually come up with a tag line

No. 158298


People are literally so far up her ass and think she could do nothing wrong. She's brainwashed people into thinking that if she ever gets criticized then those people obviously hate women!!

No. 158545


God it really grinds my gears. She gets away with so much!!! DOES NOBODY CARE ANYMORE?!

I wish someone could bring her down. She faced no consequences for the shit she's doing. Uurrrrrrghhhhh she pisses me off so much. I want to punch the highlights out of her hair.

No. 158558

She just doesn't care. When you've gained weight you either end up getting yourself together and losing it, or you end up with the "yeah i'm fat but i love myself so it's okay!" mentality. Suzy's case is clearly the latter. At the end of the day she'd rather sit at her desk scoffing down cupcakes and fries instead of watching what she eats and exercising even the littlest bit. It all comes down to laziness, and as we all know that's Suzy's specialty.

No. 158583

How can we report this to Blizzard?
I'm so sick of her fat hypocritical ass getting away with this shit.
This is the same Suzy that claimed copyright and took down those YouTube videos GG fans made just because they used short clips from her channel.
But of course she doesn't mind monetizing off of a completely stolen logo. As long as she gets more money to buy more boxes of donuts, robot cat trays and shoes she won't wear, she's happy.

No. 158584

It would've made more sense for her to call it like Su.Z or something.

No. 158589

As vindictive as it is, I'd like to see this happening too. Like you said: she's gotten people's vids removed, she's ripped ppl off on etsy, she whined at an airline how they should pay for her 'missed work' because there was a storm and unboxing shit is the most meaningful contribution to society anyone could do.

She's just a greed, selfish person.

No. 158603



either try and find ways to contact the company or use social media to reach out to them with links of it.

I wish they'd do something. Suzy by herself is small fry but she's the wife of Arin Hanson/Game Grumps and that offers her protection.

Still want to see her ass crash and burn.

No. 158607

that's 100 times better than what she came up with on her own

No. 158613

>end up with the "yeah i'm fat but i love myself so it's okay!" mentality. Suzy's case is clearly the latter.

Not even. She pretends to be ~body posi~ so she can hide behind white knights and retain the level of asspats (though, from a different audience I guess) but STILL shoops herself as small as she can get away with and wears clothes that she thinks/hopes she still fits when it's very clear to outsiders it just doesn't fit well.

Suzy wishes she was (still?) the thin girl who could eat whatever much she wanted without gaining, without wanting to face the reality that is just not how her body works (anymore? thyroid problems or not, idk).

No. 158616


bless you anon, that's exactly my problem with her. I don't care if she's fat or loves to eat, like it's not my body or diet, whatthefuckever. I hate her hypocrisy. I hate how she flaunts herself as "love u curves" and "yeah I love to eat and thats okay I don't care!" but is in total denial about it through shooping and misfitted clothes.

She's a slap in the face to the actual body positivity movement. She wants so hard to be thin but still appeals to bodi posi to excuse her behaviour. Eat those donuts and drink that soda if you want to, gurl. More power to you. But don't try to pretend like you "don't care" because you clearly do.

No. 158679

File: 1469327502661.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 1440059268404.jpg)

Starexorcist is actually a pretty good artist and she's involved with the Zaibatsu. I'm worried, fam, really worried that GG is attempting to stick their greasy fingers into their popularity. I really love Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam as a group. Their LPs and humor is very different from the immature trash that is GG. I don't want them mixing.

No. 158680

They've already collaborated and have talked about collaborating again, and anyway GG is already more popular than the Zaibatsu. Also Star Exorcist is a huge GG fan anyway.

No. 158681

File: 1469327635423.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

Lord, the cringe is real.

No. 158682

Ok fatass, keep eating those donuts.

No. 158683

That sucks. I've been a fan/watching Zaibatsu for years now. Their fanbase is chill and they do interact with their fans quite often online and offline. I guess that's what happens when you aren't GG. No idea why GG is so popular. Must be the toilet humor, as it reflect in their fanbase.

No. 158688

SBFP are literally the only gaming channel I watch anymore (unless vinesauce counts but they're streamers).

I love that they're so passionate about games and actually enjoy playing them. It's a big difference from GG because it's almost like all Arin and Danny do is complain and make it obvious that they're not having fun.

No. 158689

I'll bet Suzy is saying "And", probably between each menu item she orders aloud.
And of course she's been getting comments about how much weight she's gained since she started her channel, because SHES BEEN GAINING WEIGHT SINCE SHE STARTED HER CHANNEL.
These aren't unfounded claims Suzy, it's the same realization your bloated ass arrives at when you step on the scale - you're getting fucking huge - you've been developing a third chin which is starting to really droop, everything you wear looks like it's either going to burst at the seams or shred itself given a particularly deep inhale!
But please, continue to provide us your insights on the community noticing your weight as you shovel greasy, disgusting treats into your expanding maw - I hope the YouTube money is worth becoming a triple-chinned oleaginous blob of your former self.

No. 158693

File: 1469333073892.png (15.36 KB, 633x107, Loosing.png)


Really? Suzy has been 'loosing' weight?
If that's true, the next episode she'll be missing a leg to make up for it.

Seriously though, we've all be collectively documenting Suzy on this site for ages - if she started 'loosing' weight we would have run out of ammunition.
Instead, over the course of a year, we've been able to say,
"Wow, this Suzy chick is starting to get a little bit of a double chin if you look closely"
"Okay, that double chin is clearly visible" to
"Wow, her face is extremely puffy, and her double chin is hanging an inch from her jaw line"
"Holy shit, Suzy is actually getting a third chin"

Thanks to her unboxing videos, we're all given at least a monthly update on Suzy, and every time she gets fatter, and fatter and fatter.
"Tee hee, I'm loosing weight" - you lie about as well as you spell, Suzy, the only 'loose' definition with your weight is that all of your loose clothing is now like skin tight spandex you greedy, greedy fucking pig.
Oink oink.

No. 158694

holy shit you guys are savage, don't stop

No. 158695

I'm the same poster, I just lost it at the 'loosing' comment.

No. 158702

I thought i enjoyed suzy's makeup videos, but then i just realized i have never actually watched make up videos before because i'm a dude.

I found this girl with no appendages who does make up videos and she actually has a personality, it's really good for some reason. I just zone out and become mystified.

Anyone who watches a bunch of make up vids, is this girl i'm watching actually better than suzy?

No. 158704

>is a public figure

>on youtube

>has a gaming channel

Bitch, one you put yourself out there, you put yourself up for criticism and critique. That is how it goes online. If you can't handle it, get off the computer.

No. 158707

she definitely has better understanding of how to enhance her facial features than Suzy does. compare the way this girl's eyeliner draws attention to them and opens them up to the way Suzy's makes her eyes appear quite slanted. she also did a good job covering up the discoloration on her face. This girl's eyeliner is better than a lot of people I know irl, so kudos to her.

No. 158709

Thank you for confirming my thoughts.

No. 158712

>enjoys Suzy's make up videos despite zero interest in make up (or seeking out other make up vids) because teehee I'm a guy
>posts 1 hour ago about a video posted 2 hours ago from a channel with barely over 500 subscribers started 2 weeks ago
>girl in video barely exhibits a personality beyond quirky editing, suzy-tier tbh fam

Her make up is pretty good if you consider that she has zero arms and a prosthetic, compared to Suzy's two fully functional arms and hands, and the fact that Suzy has been doing the same eyeliner look for over a decade, but it's still fairly amateur.

It really only seems good and ~mystifying~ because she has one robot arm. Her eyeshadow doesn't look like it's been blended out enough and her eyeliner is wonky to an almost annoying degree. She knows enough to know what looks good on her (the blue eyeliner was a neat touch imo) but it's still a pretty basic application.

No. 158715

i've only watched suzy's. saw her video's on reddit the other week, she just posted a new one, stared at it for 14 minutes. wondered if this place would agree with my thoughts.

i've never did seek out other make up videos because i was subbed to suzy for arin lootcrates (even those i don't watch anymore) and her make up vids were new to me so i watched them.

No. 158768

Yeah, that video screams self post. I'm not giving it views.

No. 158797

Oh god

No. 158822

This is so bad omg.

No. 158825

It's always so jarring when you click play and her face transitions from the more flattering edited thumbnail to her actual thumb-like head.

No. 158832

I hate the way she shapes her brows, why does she do them like that reeee

No. 158841

>has make up tutorial/unboxing channel
>but wants to do make up tutorials on her gaming channel
??? why tho

No. 158873

I don't get it either. She got an extra gaming channel so she could do lets plays and now she's posting makeup tutorials and ASMR videos on it. This woman is such a mess.

No. 158876

That's what happens when you have someone who is completely unoriginal. She literally copies whatever is popular on Youtube and tries to does it herself, regardless of how terrible she is at it.

Her entire personality screams "PLEASE NOTICE ME!"

No. 158878

File: 1469386516203.jpg (23.87 KB, 619x320, J-Jonah-Jameson-laughing.jpg)


give it time and she'll do a 100 layers of eyeliner video

No. 158881

The bagged eye look I think actually works for her because it helps her eyes look less flat and alien like.
But the brows, and the circle lenses need to go as worst offenders, and the rest is just… why?

She really needs to lose weight, too…

No. 158882


I just find it funny that she is all like "It's none of your business that I gained weight!" when she is a public figure and its literally her job to make her business the public's business.

Not to mention all that horse shit about her "loving her curves" and being "body positive" yet she constantly complains about how she wants to be thin like she used to be yet still stuffing her face with doughnuts and cupcakes.

I just laugh at how she's like "Actually, I've been losing weight, so nuts to you" yet we get a monthly insight into her life because of her shitty unboxing videos and it is clear as day she is only getting bigger. Yeah, those three chins and flabby arms are surely the signs of someone who is losing weight.

But her legions of "fans" constantly defend her and kiss her ass like she isn't ballooning at all which will keep happening until she has someone sit her down and tell her that she is gaining weight and she needs to change her habits if she wants that to change.

But this is someone who writes off any kind of criticism towards her as "sexism", that will never likely happen.

No. 158892



>I just find it funny that she is all like "It's none of your business that I gained weight!" when she is a public figure and its literally her job to make her business the public's business.

Pretty much this. Once you publically put yourself out there, you better learn to accept criticism, even hatemail and bad comments. I don't even feel bad for Snooze since she is lying, stealing scumbag. She needs to calm down and get a better, less sugar and carb filled diet.

No. 158894


She's never going to. She has legions of "fans" waiting to defend her from any criticism. Literally everyone is telling her "They are just haters who don't have what you have" and "You're obviously not fat all, screw them!".

She has no incentive to change when she is surrounded by people who are so concerned with not hurting her feelings and making her feel bad.

She'll just end up a bloated whale by the end of all of this, complaining about why she isn't as thin she used to be and realize its too late to change.

No. 158900

File: 1469391383626.png (152.35 KB, 345x350, Suzhog.png)

Maybe instead of trying to cosplay D.Va Suzy can cosplay something a bit closer to her body type, Roadhog. They're both fucking huge and disgusting. Suzy already has the drinking and belching down and I'm sure she scratches herself inappropriately behind the scenes. She's just needs a nasty crop top and a cheap China made mask that doesn't even look the same as the character.

No. 158906


Damn dude. That was a deep cut.

But yeah, that is one of the more unfortunate habits she has picked up from Arin.

Which is just another of her multiple personalities, which that one is the "I'm not like those other girls. I'm just like one of the guys!"

And that makes her just as insufferable as her wannabe "goth/creepy" girl routine.

No. 158910

File: 1469392695488.jpg (3.34 MB, 4608x3456, woHVLSZ.jpg)

I guess the couple that gains together, stays together.

Dear lord, the two deserve each other at this point

No. 158913

Fucking hell his arm is almost the size of his head

No. 158934

Roadhog may be fat but he doesn't belch and drink like a disgusting pig (hah) like Suzy does.

No. 158937

File: 1469398697074.jpg (29.96 KB, 450x450, laughingcheeta.jpg)

I wish!!

No. 158944


why do her eyebrows look like tildes.

like who wakes up and thinks YEAH I GOT IT ILL MAKE MY EYEBROWS LOOK LIKE ~~~~~~~~

No. 158945

her nose contour is SOOO bad. Why does she even contour it? It's already small! Why does she turn it into a literal rectangle? WHY SUZY????

No. 158949

File: 1469401498805.png (272.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-24-18-57-27…)

I don't know how to send 3 pics at once on the phone so I'm going to do it in parts please bare with me

No. 158951

File: 1469401593646.png (356.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-24-18-58-35…)

No. 158952

File: 1469401814500.png (377.4 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-24-18-58-12…)

Kay so her point is that the way that she can sell those d.va rip off shirts is that it's a parody but the thing is that I'm pretty sure even if it's a parody it still falls under the fact that you have to say that it's a parody. I mean she says it in the comments but hat wasn't until somebody challenged her to plagerisum, I'm pretty sure that you have to source the original or at least put a disclaimer that it is a parody which she didn't do to any of the other posts of her t-shirts

No. 158954

Sorry for so many spelling mistakes I'm still getting used to my phone

No. 158955


Her attitude is "Fuck anyone else that does this, but if it's me then it's totally fine".

Seriously, she can just go fuck off with that shit. She knows she's in the wrong be she obviously won't admit it because at the end of the day, she knows she'll get away with it.

No. 158958

Not Jace did she claim that it was a parody off of overwatch, and guess what, not everybody knows what the fuck overwatch is so jut by calling its name suzy.va doesn't actually credit the original creators at overwatch. You have to state that it is a parody which she didn't do until a couple days later from posting it when someone called her out and she had to get rescued by her white knights

No. 158959

Not once* sorry again

No. 158966


I'm just waiting for the inevitable meltdown she will have when more and more people start calling her out for this kind of shit.

No. 158974

God I really want her to get slapped with a lawsuit or just SOMETHING. She needs to be brought down from her high horse.

Her and Arin are the fucking worst.

No. 158976


Seems like the proper channels are to contact the PR when dealing with plagiarism. The email above the the guy you should be emailing to get the word out about this. Hopefully, it will lead to legal action being taken. Hopefully enough people take to it.

No. 159020

File: 1469421589638.jpg (109.44 KB, 750x750, tumblr_o7c5l1fUka1qils0po1_128…)

Jean is so fucking cute holy shit

No. 159021

It's crazy because Jean and Suzy look so much alike. It's like seeing what Suzy could be if she wasn't such a try-hard or a lazy slob.

No. 159084

Suzy looks like a shitty little goblin woman.

No. 159101

Also the lightning in her videos are always so bad, this video literally looks like the light is just her computer screen.
We all know she has a huge light setup and ringlights, why is her lightning so bad? It makes her skin look awful and she looks tired by default, nobody can put on good makeup in this.
Also those eyebrows just make her look nothing like D.Va at all. The only thing D.Va about this look is the pink triangles.

No. 159105

Yeah. When Suzy ditches the terrible makeup and has bangs she starts looking cuter like Jean but she always goes back to her 50 year old overweight psychic shop worker look

No. 159115

I am curious about artist alley character art. I don't buy fanart for that reason, but why is it allowed?

Because every one knows it's just fan art? I don't play Overwatch so it didn't immediately connect that her Suz.Va shirt was from D.Va

No. 159118


The reason why artists can sell their art at conventions is because their work in transformative. While their artwork does contain characters from existing IPs, the artwork itself is wholly different from the original. Artists aren't literally drawing someone else's work, they at least make an attempt that is completely there own and isn't a blatant ripoff. Where as Suzy literally took D.Va's logo and made minor changes and tries to claim it as an original thing, or "parody" as she keeps stupidly spouting.

Take the guys at TeamFourstar as a perfect example. While their work contains characters and concepts from DragonBall Z, any content that is paid for like their t-shirts are completely original concepts and parodies the original work. They don't simply take DBZ stuff, slightly alter it, then try to sell it.

That's why she us in the wrong. It's not parody, it's a blatant plagiarism of the original with no attempt at making it look any different

No. 159147

…slight improvement? Fugly shoes tho

No. 159149

she has no damn clue how to accessorize

No. 159160

Flattering cuts for once at least!

No. 159167

First outfit is ok. The dress fits her well but I'm not a fan of animal print, it just looks tacky. The hair accessory is cute too. The shoes though do not match. They're too complicated for her overall look.

Second outfit is ok but again I feel like the shoes are too complicated because the dress has a pattern.

And the third one is ugly.

Suzy has a shit load of cute clothes and nice shoes, yet she can't put any of the together well??

No. 159175


My guess is that she has no knowledge of fashion or basic color complementing. As far as I know, she is self taught, which usually translates to ripping off other people's style without learning fundamentals.

No. 159184


She literally wears what she considers "trendy" without aknowledging her body shape and fit. The last Outfit video is okay but the others she did are a clear proof that she has no knowledge about fashion whatsoever.

No. 159186


~_~ <- literally Suzy

Also yes that's PLAGIARISM you obtuse cow. It's not parody. I wish I could make like spam mails just to spam that blizzard email and make twitter acconts to report it to blizzard cause damn I want to create as much hoohah as possible about it.

No. 159195

That choker in the first outfit is a horrible decision. She looks like she has no fucking neck. It looks so strange me, like it dwarfs her head somehow which makes her body appear larger than it needs to. If she had a longer neck, maybe it would work better for me; as is, she just looks like a poorly designed, broken bobble head

No. 159203


Which is funny, because it's hard enough already to find her neck with all those chins hiding it.

Again, no concept of fashion. She just picks out with she thinks looks good, regardless of body type and size or colors.

No. 159206

Actually really like that second outfit. Maybe a different belt around the waist, though, assuming it's not part of the dress

No. 159285

Her whiteknights are infuriating!

No. 159288

File: 1469480055488.jpg (12.54 KB, 500x385, bigboss-smile.jpg)

Lord, those flabby arms. It's going to fun watching her get bigger and bigger.

No. 159292


"But don't you see, she's actually losing weight!"

Like, fucking really? Those arms and chins say differently Suzy.

No. 159343

Suzy could literally be 500 lbs, starting off every day drinking five litres of heavy cream until her stomach threatened rupture, and there would still be a white knight taking in the sight of an engorged gorging Suzy and say, "She's looking great, Suzy has never looked thinner"

It's an Emperors New Clothes everywhere.

No. 159363

non-bodycon dresses wooo

No. 159374

This is a huge improvement for her. This cut is way more flattering, it hides her muffin top and gives her a nicer waistline. Now if only she'd learn to stay away from the tacky prints and learn how to accessorize. It's like she's forever stuck in early 2000's HotTopic mode.

No. 159418

File: 1469507280225.jpg (221.32 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Looks like people are starting to draw SuZ.Va more towards her actual figure.

Seeing as how she "doesn't care" how people see her gaining weight by the tons, I hope to see more art of her like this. I wonder if she'll still retweet any of it if it gets to that point?

No. 159420


She'll literally retweet anything, as long as it doesn't make her blatantly look like a slob. If you present her with anything that "puts her in a bad light", she will probably end up blocking you and then go on bragging about.

Which, wow. How much a of a fucking coward do you have to be to literally brag about how you block anybody who says something negative about.


No. 159424


This is an improvement, indeed!

I think the first outfit is too busy. The print, the necklace thing, the hair accessory and the shoes… I think she should drop/change two of these, at least.
I really like the second one, actually haha. I think the colors fit well, and the soes are cute. Even if the shoes are a bit more unique with the bat wings, it doesn't look busy because it's all black and the dress is discreet. I couldn't tell there were coffins in the pattern until the close-up.
The third one is kinda.. eh. I think the harness didn't go very well with the dress, the leather didn't match the breezy, chiffon dress. I think the shoes are fine, though. Just IMHO.

But I think she's learning, kudos Suz!

No. 159435

Take a drink everytime she says uuumm

No. 159555

oh. That was all. I was waiting for her to do more to finish the look but she was already done.

No. 159712

>The headband is from a Halloween shop
The dresses fit better. I checked it out and it seems that they do plus size? Maybe she's figuring out she isn't a medium anymore?

No. 159714


But according to her, she's "losing weight". Why would she buy larger sizes if that were true? And I thought she didn't care that she was gaining weight and that it was no one's business.

So many mixed signals from this hypocritical, lying sack of shit.

No. 159736

File: 1469574274339.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-07-27-01-03-42…)

No. 159739


I'm sure in a universe where infantile puzzle games count as actual games, she would be right. But she has proven time and again that she can't handle any kind of game that moves faster than a snail's pace, as shown by her shitshow Overwatch play where her constant complaint is "It's hard to shoot and move at the same time". And of couse she leaves out the part where that boyfriend would completely push her shit in at any video game.

But yeah, typical "Gurl gaymer" attitude coming from her. She can just go fuck off and we can all move on with our days and let her keep pretending that she knows anything about gaming other than what she watches her husband play as she sits on the couch and stuff her face with cupcakes and doughnuts.

No. 159741

Wow what a gamer grill

No. 159742

She forgot the part about no being good at any of them.

No. 159743

No. 159753

File: 1469576312107.gif (1019.87 KB, 500x281, Britney-Spears-Cringe-Face.gif)


those brows
at least the sixteen head is kept under wraps

No. 159836

Suzy, everyone plays video games. Get over it.

No. 159881

Is this Suzy trying to pick up chicks?

No. 159900

We get it you play video games

No. 159907


But don't you get it? She's not like those other "gurl gamers". She actually plays videos games. Look how "nerdy" and how much of a "real gamer" she is!

Fucking lord. For once would she just get over herself.

No. 159984

How about one with a Loot Crate theme?

"My box is only worth 10 dollars too!"

No. 160108

considering it's your job you should play more games then the average joe. and jesus christmas those eyebrows

No. 160135

File: 1469593655359.png (384.89 KB, 650x488, 1461278007450.png)

Is it 2010 again? Who fucking cares? You aren't even good at them, Suzy.

No. 160490

This coming from someone who doesn't even know what "afk" means.

No. 160856

Why is she on Kojima's dick so much? Bitch, stop. It's embarrassing.

No. 160858

She doesnt know what 'afk' means? Seriously? Was this an Overwatch thing?

No. 160908


It was during one of her Overwatch playthroughs with Arin and Barry. She asked what it meant and Barry had to explain it to her.

Surprising no one that the "try hard gamer girl" didn't know a phrase used in gaming.

No. 160965

No, she wishes she plays more than him tho. Probs wishes she'd be half as good as him at overwatch too.

I don't really get why she's trying to hop the gamergirl bandwagon, she doesn't even play half the games on her channel and she doesn't stream? It would at least be a little more believable if she had a twitch where she streamed regularly.

Is it just because she knows she's fat and she wants them beta orbiters?

No. 160967


Low self esteem I guess. She wants everyone to like her so badly that she'll latch on to anything if it makes her more popular. Barely plays half the games on her channel because she has to know that on her own, she won't get nearly as many views. Also has no Twitch presence outside of Game Grumps streams, which they hardly ever do anyways. Yeah, im so sure that she is a "real gamer girl"

No. 161073

File: 1469679343480.jpeg (8.73 KB, 182x173, image.jpeg)

Caption this

No. 161076

>when the bacon donuts are buy 1 dozen get 1dozen free

No. 161086

File: 1469684369592.jpeg (159.56 KB, 640x957, image.jpeg)

She's still trying to sell her knockoff D.Va shirts while wearing a Chinese knockoff D.Va outfit with the wrong bunny logo lol

No. 161087

File: 1469684551349.jpeg (111.57 KB, 639x768, image.jpeg)

Her hair looks good here but I wonder how long until she fucks it up again and goes back to the wigs?

No. 161088

She really looks like one of those ugly white girls that film those "how to look japanese/korean" makeup tutorials here

No. 161089

It's weird how she gained weight everywhere, but her boobs. They seem so small compared to the rest of her doughy frame and the jumpsuit only makes it more obvious.

No. 161162

>when he asks if you want to order cupcakes from amazon

No. 161164

She couldn't fix or shoop the rabbit for this picture?

No. 161195


I imagine that there is a lot of sucking in going with that catsuit. It's probably bursting at the seams without it.

No. 161200


When you realize the double bacon burger is made with doughnut buns.

No. 161208


She'd actually look quite cute if she only skipped the shitty ass eyeliner. Gosh i could rage about this for hours how can she think it looks cute.

Btw you can cleary see she hates her bangs am i right? Lately she kinda pushes them to the sides more often

No. 161209


When bae cleans the creases between your fat rolls

No. 161218

Don't forget she mentioned before how the zipper is busted for it. so she's just wearing it cause her back is wide open so she doesn't have to suck anything in.

No. 161227


I figured she would have replaced it with a new one if the zipper was busted. But that would force her to acknowledge she is a bloated pig now and needs a larger size, so that'll never happen.

No. 161289


No. 161364

So I guess we can add "Accusing potential abuse victims of faking it to gain attention" to the list of things that make Suzy and unlikeable cunt.

Like, to me, it wouldn't matter if the girl was faking it or not. The fact that she thought that was on okay response to someone who might actually be going through some serious shit just makes her confirmed filth.

I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate people accusing her weight gain the result of her being a fat, bloated whale who would rather eat the fork than put it down instead of her "thyroid" and that she only mentions it to get sympathy points from the internet.

And she actually had to nerve to say "No shade, I hope she gets better", which she only said because people actually pointed out how shitty she was being. Like seriously, she can just go fuck off.

But yeah Suzy, it's clear people don't like you because of "sexism" and not the fact that you are a toal lying, hypocritical shitbag

No. 161365

Pics? I have no idea what you're on about.

No. 161366

File: 1469749388813.png (352.13 KB, 585x728, 8c8ed5972fbafd695b58e04e98d9cd…)

I think Anon means these recent Suzy tweets about that Marina Joyce girl.

No. 161367

How do you stop a hashtag

No. 161369


You really can't. But shit for brains Suzy assumes that you can make people do stuff just by telling them not to. And some of her "fans", to defend her of course because their special snowflake Suzy is above reproach and can't possibly ever be wrong, even accused the girl of starting the hashtag in the first place.

No. 161372

Suzy is just mad bitter she didn't think of it first.

No. 161379

Damn she's really been fucking up lately….more than usual anyway
First there was the whole telling people to kill themselves after the Florida attack
Then copyright infringement against the d.va logo
Claiming the "fat" comments don't hurt and that she's lost weight…
Now this….?
What happened to the grumps' PR department (vernon?ithink)

No. 161380


That's what happens when you surround yourself with ass kissers. She thinks she can say whatever she wants and face no repercussions because she knows she has legions of "fans" ready to defend her from any criticism.

No. 161382

File: 1469751504446.jpg (22.16 KB, 480x480, tumblr_ob1uiihDgn1qils0po1_500…)

good news! we get to make fun of her crying while "reviewing" a game.

No. 161394

God, she needs to stop riding Metal Gear's dick so hard.

Glad her 12 head is back in this photo too, land a damn Airbus A380 on that shit.

No. 161410

And she's defending herself like "well she said it herself that she's okay!" Well Suzy if I have problems I tend to tell people that I'm okay all the time even if I'm not! She's such a fucking idiot.

And her white ass used no tea, no shade incorrectly. If you're gonna use black or gay slang at least know how to correctly use it because this isn't the first time. God I fucking hate her, sorry.

No. 161412


No apologies needed. She's a total shitbag and deserves it.

No. 161427

I cackled so hard when I saw that tweet earlier. Bitch is clearly jealous someone is getting attention that isn't her. Couldn't keep the cattiness in - "THIS SKINNY BITCH HAS NO PLACE ON THE INTERNET". Girl. She's on drugs or has a mental illness or both. Get it together, what is it exactly you're expecting her to do? Be normal? SHE CAN'T FORM FUCKING COHERENT SENTENCES AT THE MOMENT.

No. 161429

Lmao she actually agrees with someone who said they went from concerned to annoyed. YOU WEREN'T ACTUALLY CONCERNED if you found out she was okay and then got annoyed, you were just on the drama hype train. She's coming off as so salty like she's personally offended by all this lmao. She has no reason to be taking it so seriously.

No. 161435

she's not mentally ill or on drugs, she's just stupid and inarticulate. have you never watched any of her videos?

No. 161436

watched the recent ones. she seemed cracked out to me, but if that's just her natural state, fine. point still stands, not sure what suzy really expected her to do.

No. 161437

Lmao Suzy shouldn't be talking about some other girl being an attention whore when she's the definition of one.

This is the same Suzy that uses hate comments to get sympathy from people, claimed her mom was abusive because she said she couldn't be a model, and has to always one up every other girl. Just watch those Valentine episodes with Holly.

OT but it's crazy how fast people turned on this girl when it turned out she wasn't being abused but that she possibly has a mental illness or is a drug addict

No. 161511

File: 1469800564752.jpeg (72.88 KB, 640x569, image.jpeg)

> could be good, could be bad

Will this girl ever stfu. She's literally going to whore this illness as much as she can when its her own lazy ass fault for not doing anything about it in the first place

No. 161514

Let's hope it's bad so she finally realizes she might need to stop spending so much money on donuts and robotic litter boxes.

No. 161515


It's her own fat ass fault for doing nothing about it in the first place, and her bullshit excuse is "Well the medication was too expensive". Yet she has no issue dropping hundreds of dollars for superfluous shit for her dumb cats. Fuck outta here with that shit Suzy. If it's bad, she quite frankly deserves whatever is coming to her.

No. 161529

lit how much of a dumb asswipe u have to be to consider calling sb fat or overweight a constructive criticism lmao

No. 161530


No. 161531


It doesn't count as pregnancy if you eat the baby

No. 161539

I think she's going from totally-not-an-unboxing-channel to totally-not-a-random-cat-shit-channel…

And is it just me or is she getting 'crazy eyes'? Maybe it's the glasses but she's kinda reaching Brianna Wu levels of crazy eyes.

Not a newsflash or anything: but her arms are huge.

I kinda like her bangs a little bit more here, I don't understand why she didn't get some soft, side-swept bangs in the first place.

No. 161555

ass cancer

No. 161557

starts at 3:15
huge arms, 4x15 doughnut curls

No. 161565

Good god, I certainly hope not. Could you imagine Suzy and Arin as parents? I see them as the type of folks that would name their kids after video game characters or some shit.

No. 161572

Oh my fucking god they absolutely would. We don't need little Rock Mann Hanson and Meryl Ocelot Hanson crawling around. Or would Suzy make sure they had her name?

No. 161575


They'd probably end up killing them with all the pseudo-science bullshit that they always follow. Suzy is the type of dumbass to read a single article and extrapolate that it's always true and constantly peddle it to everyone like she is right. Not to mention all the fad diets they keep jumping into and then immediately dropping.

No. 161576


She'd force her kids into the goffik dark lifestyle for sure

No. 161580

That Chinese knock off bunny logo is so embarrassing. Is she actually that stupid or does she not care it's so wrong?

No. 161582


No. 161583

You can't and you don't, but Snoozy has the feminist sjws mentality that if you say you don't like something, it will automatically make it go away.

No. 161585

I legit thought she was wearing a prison jumper. It looks bad.

I like MGS too (I went to uniqlo when Kojima came out with the shirts for a limited time and got two of them) but she needs to stop with 'OMG DID YOU GUYS KNOW I LIKE METAL GEAR??' thing.

No. 161593


She doesn't care because she knows that her "fans" defend her from anyone who has something to say about it

No. 161596

I love Metal Gear but its not some obscure series anymore, I can see if she was an ultra fan of something weird and not regularly talked about but its MG, everyone knows about it.

No. 161600

File: 1469818924033.png (978.05 KB, 1148x591, Arin get the donuts.PNG)

More chins than a Chinese phone book.(no race derailing, focus on snoozy.)

No. 161604

File: 1469819065931.png (1.89 MB, 2560x1440, thyroid.png)

Look at this hot gamer girl who plays more games than your boyfriend ~~

No. 161605


It feels like she believes that if she doesn't constantly fellate Kojima and the series, everyone will find out how much of a fraud she is.

No. 161606


For fucks sake Suzy, put the fork down. It can't take much more

No. 161607


Seriously though, I really hope she's actually trying to do something about her weight.
She looks just as heavy as my mum and my mum has literal health problems related to her weight. She really needs to be careful about gaining any more.

No. 161608

She's in such denial about it causing any health risks, like the "Fat is beautiful and healthy" ring within the SJW subculture.

Gotta pick a game with a huge following to cash in those gurl gaymur pointz~ Just like with Overwatch

No. 161615

File: 1469821269530.png (78.56 KB, 250x250, tumblr_inline_nv8zbwgBsx1s1b6f…)

She might just out-chin Arin at this rate

No. 161617

Holy fuck the eyeliner looks so out of place and awful there. It just makes her eyes look even smaller than usual.

No. 161645


and here's abother installment of, how fucking autistic is this mod


jesus christ, at one point I thought he'd make a cute trap

No. 161647

File: 1469828855483.png (125.85 KB, 1080x539, Screenshot_2016-07-29-23-46-00…)


No. 161648

Was just about to post this. Any Cali Anons able to check it out and observe our cows irl?

No. 161649

Holy shit, I know the camera adds 10 pounds, but I didn't know it does it successively with every video! By this time next month, Suzy will have four chins.

No. 161652

why did this get marked as race derailing? that's not my post, but I don't get it. other threads are filled with "basic white girls in japan basic white girls with their basic faces and basic white shit" and that's okay?

No. 161653

We live in a world with a Pokemon art show.

No. 161656


But of course, "it's none of our business that she gained weight" or whatever. She knows damn well she isn't losing weight and is totally lying to herself at this point.

No. 161659

I would love to see them be shitty parents, but no child deserves that.

No. 161678

My thoughts too

No. 161692

they're having some live event in DTLA tonight.

I was tempted to go just for milk for this thread, but then I'd have to deal with DTLA traffic and Game Grumps fans.

No. 161694

Same. Not worth being stuck on the 110 also that would seem really awkward to go to alone. Especially cuz it seemed like her last "art" show was only attended by kids lmao. If anyone does it, take pics please

No. 161695

I'd go to something of their if it were just Ross and Barry at a bar or some other venue 21 and over.

No. 161696

I live 20 minutes from LA but god I don't want to waste my gas just to cringe.

No. 161704

File: 1469847227612.png (1.31 MB, 1069x1493, Screenshot_2016-07-30-04-50-15…)

No. 161705

File: 1469847454414.png (1.2 MB, 1079x1445, Screenshot_2016-07-30-04-52-31…)

No. 161706

File: 1469847517456.png (1.32 MB, 1079x1466, Screenshot_2016-07-30-04-53-05…)

It's the mythical, magical art snooze!!!

No. 161707

File: 1469847613843.png (515.69 KB, 1079x1256, Screenshot_2016-07-30-04-55-32…)

And I am so sorry but who thought that a Pokemon art show was a good idea? Can't even imagine how low resolution the pics are, they were drawn on a tiny 3DS screen after all

No. 161709

I know we're kinda over her FAS-ness but that completely smooth, flat philtrum is just so damn /weird/ looking

No. 161710


No doubt its a stupid idea. But apparently the Game Grumps name somehow makes it worthwhile. I'm guessing this is another on of Vernon's "bright" ideas

No. 161712

>blue/colored eyeliner on lower lid
>robot arm nobody with blue lower lid eyeliner vid posted earlier ITT

No. 161723

It's so unsettling. I will never get used to it

No. 161724

i'm disappointed no one went by to take photo's, maybe there's some good ones online that we can see.

Is the "art show: Featuring suzy" really just all the art that ross/barry made via pokemon art academy?

How many stupid "spooky" looking moth's in frames were up on the walls?

No. 161725


Wearing a stupid beret doesn't make you an artist, Suzy.

No. 161727

File: 1469858370293.jpg (222.25 KB, 1200x900, ColITwGW8AEySDh.jpg)

Wow $60 for this? Fuck game grump fans are in a different level of stupid to be purchasing these

No. 161728

File: 1469858421652.jpg (141.05 KB, 1200x1200, ColYbd3WYAAmlE4.jpg)

Its like something you do in MS paint for luls

No. 161729

File: 1469858470610.jpg (215.27 KB, 900x1200, ColITjhWIAA-A6U.jpg)

No. 161730

File: 1469858726872.jpg (81.19 KB, 1024x768, Cola-_CXEAADyd2.jpg)

No. 161731

They're ripping off Hero Complex Gallery but the art isn't nearly value for money in terms of pricing.

No. 161732

By charity, she means donuts for herself, right?

No. 161733

She is the least creative person in the world, holyshit.

No. 161734

I wouldn't trust Arin near any underaged girls…

Snoozy was born in 89? So she's 27? 28? Damn, she is a mess.

No. 161738

She's dressed like a fucking Bratz doll.

No. 161744

Yep. Her and Arin are so busted for their age. You could tell me that they're in their mid 30s and I would believe you

No. 161752

I'm surprised she didn't go in jeans and a t-shirt.

No. 161771

File: 1469875792159.jpeg (412.62 KB, 1125x2001, image.jpeg)

You can try and pose to look thinner but you can't hide that double chin Snooze

No. 161772

File: 1469876066252.jpeg (114.06 KB, 640x811, image.jpeg)

This is really gonna show how shit she is with makeup. Just like the drugstore makeup video lmao

No. 161774

Should be hilarious. She doesn't even know apply normal make-up.

What the fuck is this outfit. Ugh. So fucking tacky!

No. 161776

File: 1469877179953.png (2.09 MB, 1440x1663, whatthefuck.png)


No. 161779

Why is she wearing that stupid beret anyway, It doesn't even fit to the outfit.
Arin looks daddy as fuck though, I would absolutely do him

No. 161781

What the fuck is wrong with you? Get some standard please.

No. 161782

he's gross as shit wth

No. 161783


No. 161788

Usually married couples compliment each other, but these two are seriously ugly. Arin looks like a sleazy man who'd pay for a blowjob in a backalley and Snoozy looks like a woman who grew up, but never grew out of her hot topic mall goth phase.

No. 161789

What even is that pose?

No. 161790

The woman on the right is way hotter and more put together (outfit wise) than Snoozy. She must hate her. lol!

No. 161794

They both look like cheap asian hookers

No. 161797

Suzy would probably take that as a compliment since you called her asian

No. 161798

Well, Snoozy looks like a pathetic non-asian math goth. But yes, they both look a bit.. cheap in that regard.

No. 161799

Why is she still wearing one of those fox tail things in 2016? I thought those things died when scene died.

No. 161800

The othe girl is a cosplayer who goes under the user @ vampybitme on Twitter
Neither of them looked great but I agree the Asian girl looked 100x better than snooze

No. 161801

She pushed aside her bangs again, she really must hate them. At least she is wearing goth clothes here, although she missed with the styling.

No. 161817

They look like they would smell like bad breath and hot dog water.

No. 161822

That's vampy? Well, >>161794
is right. She is an asian hooker.

No. 161828

Suzy should've sucked in more or worn more shape wear. You can see her gut.

No. 161829

Snoozy should actually work out, eat better and stop being a fat ass. She isn't even 30 and looks awful.

No. 161854

Kids Makeup Only Challenge vid is here. That shit is 24 minutes long.

No. 161868

Can someone brief this shit? And last time I checked, kids makeup is usually what? terrible 'lipgloss' and chalky eyeshadow. i don't even know why 'kids makeup' is a thing. Seems so creepy.

No. 161871

It's just girls on YouTube with too much money + they want the views. Just search makeup challenge on YouTube and you'll see all the dumb shit like "full face using only highlighters or lipsticks" and "100 layers of foundation/mascara/nail polish/whatever". It's a really stupid trend and they're wasting a lot product but they want those views and money.

No. 161874


Sounds about right. No wonder Suzy latched on to it.

No. 161877

File: 1469911320308.jpeg (109.29 KB, 937x918, image.jpeg)

Thought I'd quickly mention that the grumps now have snapchat…

No. 161879


If its just another avenue for Brian to shitpost all day, then who cares?

No. 161881

Makes sense, just like that massive attention whore Jenna marbles doing that 100 makeup thing.

No. 161887

File: 1469913156035.png (846.44 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

I didn't really watched but I skimmed through and took a few screenshots

First off her skin always looks so dry and dead?? Like it probably feels like sand paper or something.

Maybe she needs to get some Korean skin care products instead spending hundreds of dollars on high end skin care products that obviously don't do shit for her.

No. 161889

File: 1469913360163.jpeg (78.28 KB, 855x640, image.jpeg)

Her eyebrows…

No. 161891

File: 1469913463804.jpeg (83.78 KB, 904x640, image.jpeg)

She really did the exact look she always does even with kids makeup. You'd think she'd be a little more creative but then again this is Suzy we're talking about.

No. 161893

File: 1469913564423.jpeg (75.88 KB, 880x640, image.jpeg)

Tfw you make yourself look like a complete idiot but you want those views and that money

No. 161894

"I'm gonna cut these lashes and glue them to my eyeballs" eyelids, suzy… they're called eyelids

No. 161896


Holy hell. Her skin looks atrocious. Its so obvious she does little to nothing to actually care of it and just cakes on makeup to cover it up.

No. 161897

Oh and she also spent $57 on all this kids makeup.

No. 161899

File: 1469914046238.jpg (38.56 KB, 441x228, hahahahaha.jpg)

doesn't even look any different from her normal makeup

No. 161900



>on kids makeup

I can't…compute this.

No. 161901

Diet affects your skin too. Snoozy is worst makeup guru/gamur girl.

No. 161902

what the fuck is she even going to do with it afterwards?

No. 161907

File: 1469916838431.jpg (13.02 KB, 214x317, MV5BMTM0NTQ5NjA3Ml5BMl5BanBnXk…)


I'm going to dress up as Eugene Levy this Halloween, and this tutorial for eyebrows was very helpful. Thanks Suzy!

No. 161909

This one is decent. Did Ross do it? But it says Suzy. I dunno

No. 161915

Suzy did not draw any of these, Barry and Ross did on Pokemon Art Academy episodes. They played a copy of the game that belonged to Suzy, and at the end of every drawing it was placed onto a card with her original signature. The whole art show and artist Suzy C: thing was a joke because it appeared after every episode, hence the fake looking artist cap she wore, or so I assume. She was there to pander to GG fans, not claim she actually drew the work.

No. 161917


Although, Suzy is no stranger to ripping off other peoples work.

No. 161940

So….Suzy is stealing other people's artwork and putting her name on it and taking money for it, again?

No. 161951

File: 1469928103947.gif (1.96 MB, 384x216, 10.gif)

I see no difference between him and Snoozer

No. 161955

Not that I am defending stuff she did before, because she did some shady shit, but she couldn't have "stolen" anything that Ross, Barry, and the others promoted right along with her. They put the art show up with her name on the art as a joke to go along with her name automatically coming up on the card in the game at the end. If she was trying to steal their thunder, they wouldn't have been right there with her at the show themselves.

No. 161967

Suzy was just at the show to play along with the gag as well as the money was going to charity not to her, though I do wonder how much they actually donate and how much they keep for themselves

No. 161976

at first it confused the hell out of me, but I remember that they played it on Suzy's DS, so the game addressed them as Suzy

so yeah, Ross drew all of those.

No. 162127

More Overwatch shit. Suzy stands in the back like an awkward fat girl and says nothing. You can easily tell she is the worst player there. I assume that when their version of the footage comes out, she'll constantly complain about dying and just being dead weight to the team.

No. 162150

i hate how suzy tries to shoehorn her 'shoe garters!!' into EVERY SINGLE OUTFIT AAAAHH
also every time she plugs them like 'i have a tutorial on how to make these on my channel!' as though anybody else in the world would actually want to wear 'em

No. 162161

>spend money on kids make up for terrible bandwagon video
>"can't affrod muh medcushun"


No. 162170

She should really avoid posing with asian girls as much as possible, it just highlights her non-asian-ness even more.

No. 162195


>More Overwatch shit. Suzy stands in the back like an awkward fat girl and says nothing.

Here's what probably happened - there was an annoncement that they needed to film some 'Overwatch players', and Suzy heard 'Overweight players' instead.
Honest mistake.

No. 162196


Yeah. I could definitely see her making that mistake.

No. 162213

File: 1470048950989.jpeg (79.2 KB, 640x641, image.jpeg)

No one in the replies actually told her what it means…I feel like I should

No. 162284


I refuse to believe nobody has called her a window licker before - maybe it's all in hushed whispers, but she should have heard it nearly as often as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

No. 162285

Jean is her twin? I always assumed Jean was the younger sister. I suppose that's what an unhealthy lifestyle will do to you though.

No. 162296

I love how she made sure to add "twin sis Jean" as opposed to just "Jean"

No. 162342


It's more than likely because most people consider Jean prettier than her (Although neither one does anything for me personally), so she needs to keep mentioning "twin" so that people think of her the same way. Like an ugly mom who keeps telling everyone her hot daughter is her "twin".

No. 162355


Her hot pepper game review is up, hopefully will embed the video, on mobile atm.

No. 162356

File: 1470077325765.png (213 KB, 641x401, 1416886513900.png)

Anon, I love you

No. 162365

It's been 2 weeks since she posted this and she still hasn't edited out her mistake.

Has she just stopped giving a fuck?

No. 162371

File: 1470078653457.png (1.37 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-01-15-06-10…)

Yeah, "split" it with someone, suzy you've shown pics of you holding micky mouse treats from Disney land that were bigger than your hand, we all know that you ate that deep fried cancer all by yourself and probably had a second one to boot

No. 162385