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File: 1645245393856.png (740.03 KB, 792x628, 643C04C7-840E-4476-ABDD-B335D7…)

No. 1446741

Raging narc woo-woo queen who permanently disabled her child through her own stupidity and now flouts her brain-dead daughter for insta clout.

>Crunchy instagram nutritionist, self-proclaimed empath
>Refused any medical assistance for her birth, wouldn’t even go to the hospital after 3 days of labour
>Got her pussy waxed before so she could take birth pics for instagram though
>Refused to take her daughter, Luna, to the doctor until she was skeletal and constantly seizing
>Luna’s brain is completely fucked with cysts, basically no brain tissue left and no hope for recovery
>Luna’s condition, multicystic hydrocephalus, is unheard of in wealthy countries because it is almost 100% preventable
>Robyn herself admits everything was ruled out except for birth injury
>No doctor willing to operate because Robyn waited so long it is totally futile
>”Mainstream doctors REFUSED to help my little girl!”
>Treats Luna with crystals and energy healing instead
>Finally find a doctor willing to do the useless surgery
>3 years later and Luna’s condition has only worsened
>Claims she can talk to Luna telepathically
>Claims Luna has psychic powers and is a master reiki healer
>Births another child totally unassisted but this one turns out fine; almost totally ignores her healthy child in favour of her spud
>Spends her days taking selfies with her brain dead child as a prop
>Also sells classes through instagram on how to be a better empath and tries to shill her MLM
>Entertains herself by scamming charities and companies into giving Luna free shit, including custom-made glasses that she sent back because they weren’t custom enough
>Luna is blind.

>Luna has “started school.” How Robyn plans to teach a child that is deaf, dumb, blind, and unable to move except for seizures is unclear.
>Robyn has obtained an assistive technology device meant to help children with disabilities communicate
>Must prove that Luna is able to actually use it in order to keep the device
>So far has not been able to show any thing of the sort, even in carefully edited instagram stories
>Luna’s cysts continue to grow, destroying more brain tissue as they do

Instagram: @empathic_mamahood
Website: www.empathicnutritionist.com

No. 1446767

File: 1645249704787.png (88.48 KB, 598x734, 1478143517211.png)

Hmmm sounds oddly familiar

No. 1446768

She surely is worthy of a thread but I can already tell this one is going to make me too sad and angry to participate

No. 1446769

I hope this poor vegetable child has a quick and painless death soon. The thought of existing in that state as your suffering gradually increases with time, yanked around like a rag doll by the insane narc mother who did that to you in the first place is the stuff of fucking nightmares.

No. 1446773

Honest question. Is the op imagine shopped in any way? That's not that little girl's actual head, right?

No. 1446775

Sadly that is the size of her head. It makes me sick that this could have been avoided completely had she just gone to a hospital to give birth.

No. 1446782

These make me sad as a mom cause I know this is her fucked up way of coping (but the worst part is that she decided to monetize on the sick child). I shall call thee copium cow. A cow by virtue of really publicly coping with her problems.

No. 1446793

so she didnt go to the hospital after a 3 day labour? i feel bad saying this but it wouldve been better if the baby hadnt survived… this is so cruel and disturbing

No. 1446794


It gets worse. The tard bitch opted for a second home birth with her son. Thankfully, he’s fine. But she didn’t learn her lesson.

No. 1446797

File: 1645253911582.jpeg (567.89 KB, 1513x1513, BBF09AB2-C500-4098-96B7-0640B0…)

I actually miss Claire and Lola and grieve for them weirdly. I guess they where special girls after all. I’m glad they’re at peace now and Lola no longer has to be dressed in a lobster costume and have pictures of her taken in a boiling pot. That was kinda fucked.

No. 1446810

File: 1645256245433.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1408, 9E17DFFE-AF16-4C86-B27A-AB41F8…)

What a surprise to see Robyn and Luna here on these particular farms on this fine day. To add to the OP, I think one of the most abhorrent things Robyn does is that she uses her daughter - who she gave such a devastating brain injury - to promote and shill various woo-woo products or clothing.

No. 1446811

File: 1645256566383.jpeg (638.32 KB, 828x1210, 83AACDCB-EDE8-44D6-B4FA-A62262…)

Luna and her younger brother, who had (by comparison) a lucky escape from the birth canal.

No. 1446813

I don't often hide threads on here, but holy shit I can't with this bitch. My heart is breaking so bad for that child.

No. 1446818

She’s literally 3 years old and her body is the same size as a babies. How old is her brother?

No. 1446819

If her husband knows it was preventable and knows her staying home with the child after childbirth made it worse, why did he have another child with her?

honestly if I knew my partner was responsible for my child turning out like that I would never forgive them.

Does he just not really care? Or is he just trying to stay dumb on it and not think about it?

No. 1446821

He very recently turned one

No. 1446825

i remember reading about her years ago shortly after Luna had the surgery. i can't believe it's all still going on, and she had another kid….yeesh

No. 1446826

These mothers disgust me. This child lives hearing nothing, seeing nothing, and unable to talk. I doubt she will ever be aware of anything and yet she is tormented by intermittent seizures in that dark quiet place. Her mother is waving her around for attention and I hate her for it

No. 1446840

I stopped reading Luna's thread around Thanksgiving bc it was just too sad. I have to say, I'm completely shocked she's still alive.

No. 1446852

He’s getting his cock sucked and his skid marks scrubbed out of his boxers, he doesn’t care. I’m sure he doesn’t think too deeply about it.

No. 1446855

even better, when Robyn wanted to go to the hospital during her labor with Luna when shit started to hit the wall, he convinced her not to go. he plays dumb but he’s as insidious as her.
that and he lets the toddler play with weights in his garage gym. disaster waiting to happen.

No. 1446878

this woman is an indisputable horrorcow. the pained, persistently sad expression on this little girl's face is excruciating to look at. this woman and her loser husband are legitimately evil. how can you deny this kid proper treatment, especially after everything you've done? entirely preventable, that's the worst part. at least with the hooligans they were doomed before birth i guess and at the least, she did go overboard with PT, OT, and treatments that very obviously would never work, but this one created all of this for an otherwise healthy baby, she feels 0 remorse and is actively causing the child to suffer more. i really hope she isn't aware of everything and that her ability to feel pain and fear is minimal

No. 1446911

So it’s mostly his fault? Luna may have had a chance if he would have taken her to the hospital then…

No. 1446919

Yeah, it’s been a while since I looked it up but the doctors investigated after she was born after she took her to the ER something crazy like two weeks after she was born, severely underweight and never crying. They ruled out all genetic issues and basically boiled it down to her birth. The Labour was three days, she was in agony, she was on the verge of giving up but her wacko husband and the second midwife who came (if I recall properly the first one was wobbling and may have wanted her to go to hospital), she praised both for talking her through it and encouraging her to have Luna at home.

When she was pregnant with her second I believe she sorta… alluded to getting help with her delivery and then still went ahead, full throttle and had her woo woo birth at home.

It doesn’t seem like either set of grandparents are overly involved. And Luna is repeatedly subjected to all kinds of feeding therapies (especially so she can have “mamas milk”), physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Dragging her poor little body around, holding up her oversized head, shoved a shit tonne of toys in her hands just so when she seizes they can squeal and ooooh at her for rattling a toy. Things might of changed since I last checked in but as far as I know, she also took her off her pain meds and like some twisted freak show lies crystals on the soft parts of her skull instead.

I read through the entire KF thread one weekend and it’s the absolute horror show you’d expect, this is all just from my memory. I think insta/blogger mums are bad enough, but they’re even worse when they’re exploiting not just vulnerable children, but vulnerable, disabled children who can never consent.

In a horribly twisted way Luna is the perfect baby, she’s a little doll for her mother to shove in peoples faces and force them to accept her, call her a warrior mother, all whilst parading her around all dressed up, never crying, never objecting, never learning and playing, just laying there, existing in her horrible pain, endless seizures, unable to see, speak or hear.

No. 1446922

Sage for double posting, someone correct me if I’m wrong but I believe she also just… found the midwives on Instagram and there was some doubt as to if they were even medically trained midwives or just… doulas/ women who’d had their own babies so perfectly qualified to be delivering other peoples armed with the science of woo

No. 1446945

The father is certainly an idiot who’s partly to blame, but I believe Robyn had come up with a birth plan in which she included the instruction that if she started to question the home birthing process that he encourages her to keep going. He was doing what he was told, but is to blame for going along with that fuckery when shit went sideways and for thinking that he or her know more than modern medicine does in the first place.

No. 1446975

Anon, this is the only way to describe my own feelings on the matter. This woman is a fucking monster.

No. 1447122

her new thing is healing vibrations, she’s been shilling the Healy device for a little while now. as well as reiki, essential oils and crystals. she’d forego eyedrops (Luna’s eyes never close all the way) and put essential oils in her eyes instead. horrifying.

>she took her to the ER something crazy like two weeks after she was born

iirc it was more like 3 months

No. 1447144

She’s not alive though. I mean yeah her bodily functions seem to work okay, but Luna is for all intensive purposes brain dead. When someone is suffocated for 72 hours they can’t ever be sentient. Robin interprets Luna’s seizures and muscle contractions as intentional movements and uses that to pretend her potato is a real person and not a husk that she literally suffocated to death with her vagina.

No. 1447194

Damn, there's been no single thread here that managed to infuriate me like this. Just thread summary is insane. This obnoxious, this evil person destroyed her daughter's life, because… what exactly? Because couldn't bother to go to the hospital properly cause she was busy taking pics of her pussy? And now treats the child as a prop.
This is absolutely heartbreaking. And i really can't treat it just as a thread about a cow to read, this is like documentation of something that should be treated as criminal case. If they lived elsewhere, the girl would be taken away from this complete fuckup of a human being.
These poor, poor children.

No. 1447219

At least those two were just genetic accident. Even if they parents knew they were playing the russian roulette with the second one and also them being anti abortion they never refused actual medical help like this psycho do.

No. 1447230

How long can a baby survive like this? Im surprised Luna is 3 years old if there is hardly any brain tissue left

No. 1447239

Jfc this was not what I needed to see or read today. That poor baby. I fucking hate narc moms.

No. 1447244

File: 1645309348900.png (555.13 KB, 494x881, lethergo.png)

That poor fucking child

No. 1447247

What kind of psycopath does it take to see your child literally not breathing, and then decide not to take them to the hospital? I feel like this is severe child neglect and she should be arrested, this have to be illegal???

No. 1447261

File: 1645310588247.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3464x3464, EDAE3A3E-B472-4121-B33D-02B199…)

Robyn got Lunas speech and language pathologist to recommend her for this AAC device trial. The videos of Luna “using” the device are just her involuntarily twitching and Robyn pretending it’s intentional and that luna’s communicating and making choices. It’s extremely sad to watch.

No. 1447280

At least those two were just genetic accident. Even if they parents knew they were playing the russian roulette with the second one and also them being anti abortion they never refused actual medical help like this psycho do.

No. 1447286

Wait she’s gone from putting coconut oil in her eyes to essential oils!??? That poor little girl.

What the hell is wrong with this woman.

No. 1447289

>her condition means eyes can’t fully close
>needs eyedrops
>”reee muh new age medicine!”
>puts drops of essential oil in the eyes
That’s literal torture. I bet that stings. I’d like to see her put essential oils in her own eyes when they aren’t permitted to ever fully close. She should try it.

No. 1447290

Oh gosh your right! For some reason I thought it wasn’t that long and they’d taken her to the hospital much sooner, but no she was a few months old before they took her to the ER.

I had another glance through her KF thread and had to turn it off. I’m not even a mother and it would have struck me as odd immediately that she didn’t cry or put on weight. But Robyn just kept shoving her tit in her mouth because mamas milk cures all (and she had no maternal instinct at all?) and waited until things were so bad she clearly had no other choice but to see a doctor.

No. 1447293

>put essential oils in her eyes
I am going to be sick, fuck cowtipping, anyone who can, call cps/dcfs, you can't legally torture a child, and that one has no plausible deniability; bitch put the shit in her immobile child's eyes, it happened

No. 1447301

I get the outrage don’t get me wrong, I also felt sick when I first found out about Robyn/Luna but try to remember Luna can’t feel anything. She is brain dead, so she’s can’t feel her eyes burning. Luna died 3 years ago, this is just a deranged woman keeping her body alive for her own selfish needs.

No. 1447306

yeah anon I know, but still. how she's still breathing is beyond me

No. 1447307


I appreciate that it’s only her brain stem that’s likely working now, but it just destroys my heart. That poor little girl is so innocent in all of this and is completely taken advantage of. Even if she can’t feel anything, where’s the compassion for her as another human being.

Even if she can’t feel the essential oils in her eyes. Who in their right mind would do that to a little girl. It feels more like she’s some kinda fucked Auschwitz experiment than Robyn’s daughter. People are usually careful what they post online, if she’s prepared to put essential oils in her eyes then what else does she do that she doesn’t post pictures of and put online.

No. 1447334

It looks like Robyn wiped her social media presence, probably thanks to this thread. I hope she's in legal trouble for the child abuse. This story reminds me of the the boy who died from meningitis because his asshole parents refused to get him medical help for a curable illness. https://canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes/2020/5/2/67-the-death-of-ezekiel-stephan

No. 1447342

It looks like Robyn wiped her social media presence, probably thanks to this thread. I hope she's in legal trouble for the child abuse. This story reminds me of the the boy who died from meningitis because his asshole parents refused to get him medical help for a curable illness. https://canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes/2020/5/2/67-the-death-of-ezekiel-stephan

No. 1447344

It looks like Robyn wiped her social media presence, probably thanks to this thread. I hope she's in legal trouble for the child abuse. This story reminds me of the the boy who died from meningitis, Stephan Ezekiel because his asshole parents refused to get him medical help for a curable illness. https://canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes/2020/5/2/67-the-death-of-

No. 1447350

More like thanks to the kf thread. This has like what 40 posts?

No. 1447357

File: 1645316656500.jpeg (1.16 MB, 3039x3087, D1068B01-00AE-4D74-9A1B-ACDD94…)

what? All she has is a website and Insta and they’re both still working fine for me. Maybe she blocked you on Instagram?

No. 1447391

>but Luna is for all intensive purposes brain dead
look im sorry but i cant leave this one alone, you mean to say 'for all intents and purposes'

No. 1447409

Luna is really old for someone with her condition, it tends to kill quite quickly for… obvious reasons. As fucked up as it sounds I hope Luna can pass away quietly soon and be free from her life of constant torture.

Her instagram is still up. Maybe you got blocked?

No. 1447414

File: 1645320469334.png (1.32 MB, 750x1436, Screen Shot 2022-02-19 at 9.24…)

This is the latest post from her instagram. The way she ascribes her own emotions to Luna is chilling to me. Luna is not excited for school. She's not nervous or happy. She can never feel any of those things, ever, because she was fucked over before she even had a chance. It's okay though! Robyn can just decide what Luna's feeling!

No. 1447427

oh cool I'm crying now. This unspeakably horrifying. I actually don't know what else to say. Even if this kiddo is brain dead, the possibility she still "alive" enough to feel some kind of pain and possibly fear while what's left of her gray matter is slowly destroyed as her mother give her no helpful medical treatments or pain management. Wow. Pure evil.

No. 1447428

Isn't weird how a lot of those woo enthusiast are so afraid of getting an autistic child they refuse to vaccinate them yet they do literally everything to keep their meat puppets alive?

No. 1447429

It’s always women with comma brows who are batshit crazy. This poor child.

No. 1447439

This really fucked me up. She clearly has trauma from her labor and is now in denial of her daughter’s condition. But honestly this all could have been avoided. Her “natural” birth didn’t go the way she wanted and now that poor child is suffering because giving birth at home was such a great choice. Just overall very bleak and depressing.

No. 1447455

this is heartbreaking. this bitch is retarded and doesn't deserve to be a mother. i hope the kid isn't sentient enough to be able to feel pain

No. 1447466

I don't think she's traumatized by it at all, or at least not traumatized by guilt. She doesn't think she did anything wrong. It was the evil allopathic doctors!! In her own mind Robyn is the hero and Luna is full of gratitude for her awesome warrior mama. She had another unassisted birth with Atlas (her son) so if she was traumatized by killing Luna, she wasn't traumatized enough to not risk it again.

No. 1447474

Damm OP. Thanks for the thread, this lady is a piece of work. I went and looked at her IG (forgot to take caps sorry) and her pics of baby Luna seem normal in the first year or so, it's only recently that her skull has grown so huge and malformed. That's scary man

No. 1447481

does anyone know why luna's skull would become this malformed recently? like is there a medical reason for it seemingly getting worse?

No. 1447493

File: 1645328933011.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3464x3464, 94B33F94-4574-4410-BFE0-ABFC80…)

She hid it pretty well until it was no longer hide-able. But around the 8-9 month mark Luna’s head had already reached a concerning size. Luna did have a shunt put in to drain some fluid from her skull in April of 2020 but now the fluid is accumulating faster than the shunt can drain it so it’s not really helping anymore.

No. 1447534

If you look at baby photos, it's clear that something's wrong with Luna, and it gets worse over time. She had a shunt placed that could drain the fluid. This is a fairly effective treatment for hydrocephalus, but Luna has multicystic hydrocephalus, meaning multiple cysts growing where her brain should be. The shunt was placed over one mega-cyst and it approved her appearance for a while, but since more cysts are growing/joining together all the time, the shunt can't do it's job properly. That's why her head is l growing larger on one side recently and looks so much worse… that's the side the shunt can't reach. The gap inbetween the two split sides of her skull is soft exposed cyst/brain matter under her skin. Robyn thinks that Luna's "heart-shaped" skull is unique and cute.

No. 1447581

The whole reason this shit happened is because Robyn was in labor for 72 hours with the cord wrapped around lunas neck. She suffers from cystic encephalomalacia caused from lack of oxygen during her home birth with two so called “doulas” or “midwifes” who were just women she met off of Instagram that had a home birth, they had no education or experience other than that. Robyn started this whole woo I have to do the birth with my crystals in the tub and told her man if she asked to go to the hospital to talk her out of it. She asked/begged, he talked her out of it. If these women were really aware of what should be done during birth, or anyone for that matter- Robyn and her man are as much of idiots, an ambulance would’ve been called. I can keep goin but I suggest everyone go read the kiwifarm thread. As for
It’s because she doctor shopped for the shunt. She went through many before someone would do it because all the others said it was pointless because with her disease it’s irrefutable. Like I said I can keep going but it’s in your best interest to just read the kf thread

No. 1447582

an ambulance would’ve been called within 24 hours

No. 1447592

This is one of those threads that just makes you feel sad and depressed. Quite heavy stuff, i feel bad for the kid.

I really think theres gotta be a study done on these types of moms. Its almost like extreme denial mixed in with fake and toxic positivity and self victimization. Its really prevalent with mommy bloggers that have a kid that has a disability or severe autism. You see them posting their kids meltdowns or really intimate health problems with no respect towards their kids privacy. Theyre always shilling mlms and posting toxic positivity quotes in live laugh love type font and vibes.

No. 1447600


I 100% believe it's traumatic copium cause crunchy mamas don't ever want to believe that home birthing can be dangerous especially unassisted. Same with hospital birth mamas who don't want to admit that doctors also CAN and DO also make mistakes.

What usually happen is:
- mom's have idea of how they want birth to happen
- birth happens not how they want
- ????
- psychosis and heavy copium

A lot of moms have long lasting trauma over just the fact that their birth went wrong. Fairytale births are another thing women invented to argue over who did it right and perfectly.

No. 1447704

I'd recommend not reading the kf threads unless you feel too good about life.

No. 1447780

So I was reading the thread and a few questions arose
how do people know she was in labor for so long before going to hospital?
also, is hydrocephaly really preventable? I thought it was a birth defect.

No. 1447801

Luna doesn't have hydrocephaly, she has multicystic encephalomalacia, which was 100% caused by Robyn strangling Luna in her birth canal. Doctors have ruled out everything except birth injury. Robyn and Glenn did this to Luna.

Here's her KiwiFarms thread, if anyone is feeling masochistic today. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/the-empathic-nutritionist-empathic-mamahood-robyn-grogitsky-ramirez-luna-elva-ramirez-glenn-ramirez-atlas-glenn-standford-ramirez.84621/

No. 1447804

File: 1645363758891.png (1.03 MB, 508x900, 1612848404555.png)

This is her original birth story, which she has since deleted. Emphasis mine; credit to the other farms.

>It was Thursday, January 17, 2019. I had started feeling the contractions of early labor. Just crampy and feeling overall crappy. I had also started my bloody show, making me feel compelled for one last Mama pampering session, just in case we went into labor over the weekend. I went and got my nails done, picked up my cute and comfortable nursing bra to wear during labor from Target, and then went and got my lady bits waxed. There’s a lot you cannot control with labor, but feeling and looking my best was the one thing I knew I could control. That night was a tough one. I was awake most of the night with irregular contractions.

>January 18, 2019; Friday. A cold night in the dead of winter in Indianapolis, Indiana. Fresh snow blanketed the ground in sparkling, frosty white. A huge snow storm was due to come blowing in. My irregular contractions continued as the power went out in our area, not for a little bit, but for HOURS. Glenn and I were getting nervous because we knew Luna was coming and it was getting pretty cold in the house. With the power out we would no longer have access to hot water to fill the birthing tub or heat to keep the house warm! Thankfully, that was not the case. About 3pm the power was restored and stayed on for the remainder of our birth (thank goodness!). Around 7pm that night we felt the contractions were getting intense enough that we wanted the midwives to head over, especially since it was about to start dumping snow! As soon as the midwives (Brandi and Joi) arrived, it was time for our first ever doppler during our pregnancy. Our original game plan was to not use a doppler (and we had no ultrasounds) at all during pregnancy and birth, but moving to Indiana changed that. Since Indiana is a licensed midwifery state, they legally required us to use the doppler during birth (where in Las Vegas our midwife was comfortable and competent to use a fetoscope instead to check Luna’s heart rate). So up until this moment, only our midwives had heard Luna’s heartbeat (via the fetoscope- she always hid from Glenn and I when we tried to listen lol). They took out the doppler and placed it on my belly. Loud and clear as ever was the sound of our little lady’s heartbeat. The sound overwhelmed both Glenn and I and we both cried. It was such a special experience and I think well worth the wait. After finding that Lunas heart was strong, the midwives suggested that I try getting in the birthing tub. Once it was filled with warm water, I got in and from that moment on I was in the tub for pretty much the rest of the birth. (This was not something I thought I would be doing since I am not a bath lover, I find the pruning of my digits to be quite painful. But, guys, the pain relief I got from the water and the warmth was enough that leaving the water was OUT OF THE QUESTION!).

>Once I was situated in the tub, we placed all of my pregnancy and birthing crystals, that were able to be, in the water. (This was very important to me as I feel a deep connection with crystals and their healing properties.) We also used Himalayan sea salt lamps, Palo Santo, essential oils (lavender and lemon grass – my favorite combo) and Christmas lights to create the ambiance that we wanted for our birth. During the labor, we had a birth photographer, Piper, capturing the moments of our labor. We were so lucky to have met her so soon after moving to Indy! She is a very talented photographer and stayed with us for so many hours capturing some beautiful and life changing moments.

>At first the contractions had been bearable and fine. I even felt they were a bit exciting, just knowing that the time had come for me to birth my baby! As labor intensified and the contractions quickened, they were so intense and NOTHING like I had thought they would be! I had the thinking, that since I had studied hypnobirthing so much and so hard that I could and would have a pain free (but very intense) birth where I breathed my baby out, instead of pushing. I could not have experienced anything more different! Labor, and my experience, weren’t even close to what I had thought! My contractions were extremely painful and made me moan and scream out; at times, uncontrollably. To be completely honest, eventually it felt like my butt was birthing her and I was in so much pain in that area! LIKE SO PAINFUL! They were strong and powerful! I would try to remind myself that each one was bringing Luna closer to being in our arms.

>We tried to put the hypnobirthing tracks on, but I found myself getting lost in the words and having to restart the track over and over. Instead, what ended up being my birth soundtrack was Glenn’s meditation/breathing app that just plays a sound every time you need to breath in and breath out. The simplicity of it was perfection for me.

>Halfway through Saturday, when I thought Luna had to be near making her grand entrance, I kept checking to see if I could feel her head (not knowing yet that it would feel VERY different when her head was within touching rage). At this point, I allowed Brandi to do the first vaginal exam I had had thus far in my pregnancy, to see how I was progressing. The exam was one of the worst experiences and I hated Brandi in that moment as she had caused me so much pain, and what I believed to be, unnecessary pain in what was already a tremendously painful situation. We found that I was not progressing as fast as I should have been for having been in labor for over 24 hours at that point. At this, Brandi suggested that I try relaxing in bed for a little to get some sleep. (HA! I don’t know how one would relax and sleep through such an intense and painful situation).

>Glenn helped me to our shower, where I knelt on the floor with the birthing ball in front of me for about 10 minutes and then we laid in our bed together for what felt like forever, but was really only around 20 minutes, before I just couldn’t take the pain and had to get back in the birthing tub. I felt that I could only fully relax in the water. Knowing that I needed to get my body and mind to surrender to the process and relax enough to allow Luna to begin her decent. The water was the only option, because at this point, I was also starting to be over it all and just wanted Luna in my arms already. I was starting to doubt myself, starting to doubt that if my choice to do it naturally was the right choice, and if I had to strength to birth a baby without medical interventions. Several times, with complete seriousness, I told Glenn that this was all his fault. Several times I told him I wanted to go to the hospital and just have a C-section and be done with it all. To which Piper, our photographer and friend, told me about her C-section and how this was not an easy alternative to what I was experiencing (in the moment I thought anything would be easier than what I was going through). Thankfully, Glenn knew how important it was to me, to us, to birth Luna at home without unnecessary medical interventions. He knew I didn’t really want to go to the hospital and I am truly grateful that he stayed strong for us in the moments I was not, and doubted my own strength.

>On Saturday evening it snowed so much. It was beautiful watching as I lay in the birthing tub with Glenn. Brandi, the main midwife, was making sure everything was moving along smoothly. Making sure Luna and I were still okay. Every time they’d check her heart beat and tell me it was strong and Luna was doing amazingly, I’d breathe a sigh of relief and think how proud I was for her for doing so well after such a long time laboring already. Kristen, the birth attendant, made sure that the water in the tub stayed nice and warm and got me ice water and ice-cold rags for my neck. Sometime on Sunday, during the second half of my labor, Rachel arrived (the stand-in midwife in case we went into labor while Brandi was out of town for our estimated delivery date). I had only met Rachel once before this and I had immediately connected with her. She reminded me of the midwife I had to leave behind in Vegas. I was so overwhelmed with gratitude when Rachel showed up. This was a complete surprise, as we went into labor before our main midwife Brandi left town. She was exactly what was needed and who I wanted to help me get through the coming hours of labor. She showed up at the perfect time and when I was at my weakest. She was so quick to jump in, to coach me and help guide me through the contractions. She let me squeeze her hands (so ungodly hard- I don’t know how I didn’t break any fingers during this all!), massaged my shoulders and played with my hair as I rested between contractions. She encouraged me to drink my green juices/smoothies, coconut water, and water as often as I could to help keep my strength up. She felt like the best doula Glenn and I could have ever asked for! Rachel kept reminding me how strong I was and that soon I would be meeting our little lady Luna.

>To be honest I did not fell strong, I did not feel brave, I didn’t feel powerful or like a beautiful birthing goddess. I felt scared, in tremendous amounts of pain; I felt exhausted, completely. I cried, I screamed, I moaned, I cussed and said, “my butt” and, “oh God” more times than anyone can remember. Birthing Luna was the HARDEST THING I HAVE EVER HAD TO DO! Thankfully, I had Rachel, the other midwives, and Glenn there to help me and keep me strong. Allowing me to relax enough for my body to dilate and surrender to the process. Allowing my body to begin moving Luna down to meet us.

>At 3:43pm on Sunday, January 20th, my water broke. As soon as this happened a sense of calm came over me. I knew I just jumped another hurdle and Luna was that much closer to being here. The pushing started at 5:11pm. Once I began getting the urge to push, the act itself made me dry heave and gag. It was terrible. I was told by the midwives that this was normal and meant the urges were getting stronger. At this point I was outwardly yelling, “I surrender, Luna, just get out of me! GET OUT!”.

>Luna came earth side at 6:34pm. Her heart beat strong and never wavering. She was the brave one. She was the strong one. The final pushes were painful, but the drive I had to just GET HER OUT of me was more powerful. I instinctively got in a squatting position in the water, the one that came most naturally. I pushed, HARD! Over and over. All the while gagging and dry heaving. I could feel her head descending and making the progress and then, when I couldn’t push any more, she would slide right back up. The midwives said this was good, as she was stretching me and would likely mean less tearing. One HUGE push later and out popped her head. Brandi told me to reach down and feel her head, but I just wanted to get her out! Glenn reached down and felt her little head and I think that was a magical and crazy experience for him. After a few more ridiculously painful and hard pushes, all while roaring powerfully to get through the pain, out came our beautiful daughter. I reached down into the water and grabbed her while Brandi helped get the cord from around her neck. I puller her up onto my chest and sat back into Glenn’s arms. Luna took her first few breaths and then just stared up at the both of us, silent, soaking in the world. It was seral and magical, as if she had known us all along. We rubbed her vernix into her skin and then she let out a few big cries. Glenn cried and I was just in so much shock and awe over this being that I had grown now being in my arms; this little being that I didn’t think I would get to have (if you know my husband and I), as we were not initially planning on creating a human family. Instantly I think we both fell so deeply in love with her. Like she’d always been ours, always been the plan. The universe has a funny way of working itself out. We waited until I birthed the placenta and the umbilical cord had stopped pulsating and then Glenn cut her cord at 6:50pm.

>After the birth, I was helped out of the tub and onto our couch where I nursed Luna for the first time. She had a strong latch and immediately nursed! I was so relieved as she came early and I worried my body wouldn’t be producing colostrum quite yet. But my body is amazing and it did! In these moments I felt amazing. No pain. No tiredness. No fear. Just powerful, intense, amazing love for my daughter and my husband and tremendous gratitude to my birthing team. Rachel the midwife made me rotisserie chicken and broccoli and fed it to me while I nursed Luna. She was still so motherly to me after the birth. This was so meaningful to me. Once Luna was done nursing they took Luna to be measured and check and I was checked out as well. I got through my 40+ hour labor with NO tears (I credit that to my daily intake of collagen!). After Luna and I were checked, and I urinated, and the team had cleaned up 95% of the birthing gear, the team left.

>Then it was just the four of us; Glenn, Marley, Luna and I.

>And so, this miraculous journey of parenthood begins.

>Luna Elva Ramirez was born on January 20th, 2019; the night of a super full moon blood wolf total lunar eclipse. Luna came into this world on her own time frame, on a day that couldn’t have been more powerful and fitting for her namesake. We named her Luna well before she decided to be born on a day with such a special lunar event. We chose Elva as her middle name as it is Glenn’s Grandmothers first name and also means leader of the elves (which added to the magical nature of her name and spirit). She weighed 6 lbs 8 oz., was 19.7 inches long and her head measured 12.5 inches. Our little Aquarius star child came 1 week early to make her big debut on a such a powerful astrological event.

She didn't go to the hospital during or after the birth. She waited for months until Luna's head looked like it was about to explode and her body looked like a Holocaust victim. She did take her to the chiropractor and use lots of crystals though!

No. 1447847

The original description leaves out something: Robyn tricked the dr into doing the shunt surgery. What happened was she went to an out of state Dr, one that never saw Luna before. He agreed to do the surgery because some of her cysts had merged together into one cyst and the dr wanted to have it drained. The doctor expected Luna to die on the table and only agreed to it because he didn’t know how bad off Luna was since their correspondence was through teleconference only.

No. 1447851

Ugh, this thread could’ve stayed on KF. I don’t need to see that poor suffering baby’s lifeless face every time I refresh this page. Such a dark, nasty story and such an absolute narc horrorcow.

No. 1447852

Looking at old photos of Luna compared to now is so scary, her head is the biggest it has ever been, is the shunt working at all?? I wonder how long she can survive like this

No. 1447853

Yep. IIRC she had to go through the emergency room too, even though the surgery was scheduled in advance, so that it was technically an 'emergency surgery.' Otherwise the hospital would not have been able to do it/insurance wouldn't have covered it because it was so dangerous and the chance of it improving her life so miniscule.

It drains one of her cysts, but Luna has multiple and they're always growing. Robyn wants to do another reconstructive surgery but has been told no by the surgeons.

No. 1447854

The mom is the cow here,I think it belongs. None of us are making fun of Luna.

No. 1447855

This is such a sad & effed up story, jesus.

No. 1447864

You know you can hide the thread, right?

No. 1447868

nta but no shit anon, but that’s not the point. I kinda don’t wanna be reminded of this kid’s torment and literally see her swollen head every time I open lc for a laugh, at least on kf you can avoid that

who doesn’t use the catalog? can’t hide it from there

No. 1447880

How do we know she can’t feel any pain? It is the harm of a human body and it’s abhorrent. People just say that as a way to cope but she was given pain medication for a reason (that Robyn stopped) so clearly she can feel something.

No. 1447885

I think people just assume this because her brain is just swiss cheese. she only has enough to breathe, blink (kind of) and have constant seizures. but you’re right, she has been prescribed pain meds and Robyn won’t give them to her, so clearly her doctors think she can feel pain.

No. 1447887

File: 1645376480726.gif (991.89 KB, 500x256, B0E469C2-A0D7-44FA-855E-5F5256…)

>Normalizing and glorifying a birth that should have killed her baby and could have killed her
>supposed doula/midwife telling a mom that what she was going through was better then a cesarean

I don’t want to keep going but I can’t help myself.

No. 1447889

yeah, the friend is a fucking cunt for telling her that a c-section wouldn't be a better alternative. she had been in labor for over 24 hours, no progression, and only used a doppler once. i hope that "friend" feels the weight of what this kid is going every single day. probably fucking not though.

No. 1447892

Her brain is swiss cheese. The parietal lobe is responsible for pain but she doesn't have that. Brain matters gets replaced by cysts instead, there's nothing substantial. She's blind, can't feel pain. This is a terminal condition in everyone with the disease.

No. 1447902

File: 1645378160652.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1110x1545, C1D3AE08-DA29-434F-B48C-EF842E…)

From kiwi farms kek this is accurate

No. 1447905

File: 1645378288853.jpg (62.97 KB, 740x493, 65e3b0b685ee9af22ff056ef59667d…)

she looks so much like Lili Taylor it's uncanny, who also played a dangerous crunchy granola mother in Six Feet Under.

No. 1447906

File: 1645378466143.png (5.52 MB, 1242x2208, E33E2F49-24E1-445E-AC45-2609C8…)

Glenn and Robyn both are narcs obsessed with documenting themselves instead of taking care of their children.

No. 1447924

This is so fucked up to say but this kid should not be alive. Her quality of life is a big zero. There should be an option to humanely put kids like this down.

No. 1447928

Thankfully I dont think Luna is conscious enough to be in any pain, at least not something she can register. The only good thing about this horrible story is that Luna will never know the horrors that has happened to her by the hands of her parents

No. 1447943

I think she could feel pain before but she's lost that ability. If you look at her older videos Luna could move more and make sounds. Now she 'doesn't need' the pain meds anymore and can only blink, smack her lips, and move one arm back and forth.

Letting Atlas run around a gym full of equipment and weights with no supervision is tempting fate. One slip and he'll end up like Luna.

No. 1447953

It’s not fucked up at all, the ‘life/babies at any cost!!’ mentality causes so much needless pain. What’s fucked up are people who look at a writhing spud living in torment and call it a ‘miracle’ and use every tool of modern medicine to prolong the suffering. What a nightmare. Don’t get me started on Tinsley.

No. 1447958

i don't mean to sound like a white knight because robyn DEFINITELY could have prevented this and screwed her child out of a normal and healthy life. but i have a special needs sibling that would be in the same class group as luna (if they were closer in age), and i did want to add to the school aspect of this thread under new milk. the fact luna has as many disabilities as she has, it is a bit relieving to hear she's at least attending school. at schools that actually care about special needs education and has the funding, they usually spend the day with physical therapists. even higher functioning special needs students do more with learning basic skills but it really wouldn't be focused on teaching luna anything if she was in school. this only applies of course if luna goes to a charter/public/private school and not an lazy excuse of "homeschooling". if robyn is making luna attend an actual school or learning program, it might be the closest to real medical attention luna will ever recieve and could honestly be a light of hope for luna to live a better quality of life of having stimulation and the right movements for her body. if luna is homeschooled, yeah she's fucked. i never reply on threads but like i said, i have years of experience with my sibling so it does hurt my heart for luna to be exploited by her own mother who caused this. but yeah if i did anything wrong for the reply or said anything too obvious, ill take the ban

No. 1447964

I have this scary thought that she didnt lose the ability to feel pain but lost ability to express it

No. 1447965

Did you not read >>1447414 ? It is homeschooling. Sorry but there is no hope.

No. 1447966

Did they take Luna to the hospital, or did they stand around giving her encouraging words while she turned blue and her heart stopped? If they didn't take her to the hospital, I can't believe they weren't hoping she'd die.

Raging narcissists should be sterilized.

No. 1447967

i did totally miss that somehow, my bad. thanks for tagging it. i hope luna has some sort of case worker to see all of this. there really is no hope. damn.

No. 1448023

did you miss the part where Luna is 3 years old and pretty much brain dead?

No. 1448026

I could be wrong but I think that might of been when she was on an end of life pathway and was taken home to be comforted until she passed away. When people die they do have periods of stopping breathing and there’s a lot of tense “was that it” moments until they die.

Nothing a few shots of essential oil to the eyeballs and crystals plopped on her head can’t fix of course!

No. 1448030

I hesitate to ask, but who/what is tinsley?

No. 1448094

File: 1645396519425.jpeg (290.84 KB, 1920x1080, 271B291B-B598-4559-AEF7-8E21A0…)

Tinsley is a girl who has some sort of condition that is terminal and incurable. The hospital sued the mother for the right to take her off life support because she would die multiple times a day and have to be resucitated. The nurses were getting traumatized by being forced to change her diaper because even that much movement would make Tinlsey's heart fail. The mother is a bit like Robyn but doesn't seem to really care about Tinsley at all, apparently she never visited the hospital. I don't even know if Tinsley is still alive or not. Hopefully she's passed, but I'm too scared to google it.

No. 1448131

Unfortunately the hospital is still fighting in court to stop treatment and her mom is fighting back to keep her on life support despite all the doctors and professionals saying she has no quality of life and will continue to deteriorate and suffer. I think this case is worse because Tinslee’s brain isn’t mush so she can feel the pain of dying multiple times a week. It sounds like hell being kept alive just so you can die and then be brought back to life on repeat.

No. 1448170

I think the hospital just won this case and are taking her off.

No. 1448222

That’s really good news if so, this case actually really bothers me and I regret bringing it up. Sorry for bringing extra bad vibes to an already sad thread.

No. 1448350

this is a woman who found birth "experts" on instagram, how much you want to bet thats the pedigree of her teachers too

No. 1448379

>forcing a scratchy, uncomfortable princess dress on a toddler in unimaginable pain for a photo op
Everything about this is awful but that's the part that broke my heart. Babies hate that shit, why isn't she wrapped up in soft, cozy fabrics? Why can't her parents let her have even the bare minimum of human dignity? That bow is probably pinching her scalp.

No. 1448381

Genuine question here but could Luna be put on hospice? Is the only thing keeping her alive modern medicine? Bc if that is the case it is so cruel to prolong her life. Poor thing, truly heart breaking.

No. 1448386

File: 1645423641958.jpg (59.58 KB, 609x342, e20ce47842ae160a28e57add3a34e8…)

There is an absolute fuckton about the brain, sentience and consciousness we don't understand, from my humble viewpoint I believe that pain is the most primordial factor of all living existence and is deeply embedded in us, I don't want to overly med and philosophy sperg right now but I would bet that your speculation is indeed the case, that this brain stem which is holding the body in homeostasis is still functioning with regards to pain; the brainstem is a critical area for nociception and pain processing.

To put it simply, I would wager that there is definitely reception of painful stimuli within this consciousness, but the nonfunctioning areas of the brain do not allow what remains of this soul to be able to conceptualize what is happening in their dark and silent universe, nor form a signal with their body to scream, cry or show distress. And because of that we cannot even know the extent of the pain she could possibly be feeling.

This is a lot for most to delve into; the possibility that you are keeping a tortured consciousness in a dark purgatory and allowing its only stimulant to be pain would put the ones keeping it alive in a role not far from something like Satan itself. So they prefer to be optimistic and assign this half dead child the mother's own pleasant emotions and interpret the siezures as a sign of life that isn't there.(unsaged medfagging)

No. 1448394

> T.L. continues to be in constant pain, and her care exacerbates her suffering. Not only are her medical treatments painful, but basic life necessities – such as a diaper change – are excruciating for T.L. Because of the stiffness of her limbs, an extreme amount of pressure must be placed on T.L.’s legs to separate them enough for her to be cleaned and changed. This causes such extreme pain that T.L.’s nurses typically begin by apologizing to T.L. in hopes she will understand that the torturous exercise she is undergoing is not their choice. But, of course, due to her medication, T.L. has limited movement and is unable to communicate.
> And, absent a court ruling, this is the only future T.L. can look forward to: Spending day after day in needless agony until, one day, she suffers a dying event that she does not recover from. Her pain and suffering is made worse by T.L.’s brain function. She is not brain dead or in a coma. Though she is paralyzed, she feels every painful intervention and suffers the fear and anxiety that comes along with it. And as a baby, she cannot understand what is being done to her. She can only know that her doctors and nurses hurt her.

> As would be expected in light of the extreme efforts that have been required to keep T.L. alive since birth, Cook Children’s and its physicians have incurred more than $24 million in billable charges for T.L.’s medical care through 2020.

Jesus Christ.

No. 1448533

That poor child. I'm not a mother but can't imagine being so fucking heartless to your own child.

No. 1448703

It’s like I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream for real, her mom is a narcissistic monster.

No. 1448705

I remember an article about a woman who was gonna have her first child and got really into the home birth crap trough Facebook. Like Luna, the home birth went wrong and the child didn't survived.

No. 1448707

>There’s a lot you cannot control with labor, but feeling and looking my best was the one thing I knew I could control

I hate this narc shit so bad, there is a reason why makeup is prohibited during any medical intervention because it's a fucking health hazard

No. 1448742

What's even the point in trying to educate a kid with her condition? Even if she had the ability to remember what you taught her, when would she be ever to use it? I don't even think she can be taught to wipe herself.

No. 1448788

This is horrific. This poor girl has no quality of life, and never will- never had the capacity to. I honestly feel a bit ill reading this thread

No. 1448794


No, it's even worse because she had the capacity to live a normal and healthy life if her mother had prioritized her child's health and well-being over her own hubris. Robyn completely caused all of her suffering and continues to prolong it because she can't accept accountability for any of her choices.

No. 1448795

That sounds like a legitimately hellish existence. I hope the poor thing is able to pass on as painlessly as possible

No. 1448840

File: 1645477580993.jpeg (281.5 KB, 1242x2208, 64117FDD-3F97-47BE-9236-E325A0…)

This is from her recent IG story. "The Emotion Code" is an energy-healing thing that Robyn is a grand high wizard in or whatever. Good to see she hasn't stopped her tradition of using her potato in her instagram ads.

No. 1448841

That’s what kills me about Luna. Sometimes it’s like you can see what could have been when you look at her. Luna was perfectly normal until Robyn strangled her in her vagina. I actually hate Robyn. It’s so hard lot to a-log.

No. 1448844

File: 1645477940496.png (2.1 MB, 894x1448, Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 5.08…)

This is how her schooling is going. I can't upload the video but the "teacher" (who I'm pretty sure is the same PT she's always had) picks up Luna's hand and makes it hit the toy piano. It's chilling to watch, like they're playing with a deformed doll. Which I guess they basically are.

No. 1448899

>talking about yourself in 3rd person
I hate it when mommy bloggers do that. I don’t know why it’s just so….narc-ish.

I’ll bet she only gives that poor potato affection when she uses her as an internet prop.

No. 1448909

You took the words out of my mouth. This child is living (if you can call it that) in a hell of her mother's making. That woman is fucking monster.

No. 1448926

File: 1645484708733.png (1.03 MB, 746x754, 1619118204826.png)

She was a very cute little baby.

No. 1448930

File: 1645484968173.png (595.77 KB, 506x900, 1619116448832.png)

May 2019 - Luna was 4 months old. This was few weeks after they finally took her to see a real doctor.

No. 1448947

File: 1645486718850.jpeg (46.03 KB, 624x630, a993e91a071ea2db9c71684027c16f…)

I just want everyone to be clear: Luna wasn't born with hydrocephaly. She doesn't have hydrocephaly at all. She has multicystic encephalomalacia, and she wasn't born with it, Robyn caused it. Luna's brain was totally normal, but the trauma of 72 hours in labor and hypoxia from being strangled in the birth canal caused cysts to form, and now the cysts are growing out of control, taking over her brain and blowing apart her skull.

When we say her brain is swiss cheese, we mean it. Picrel is probably a more mild case than hers.

No. 1448987

File: 1645488326327.jpeg (243.41 KB, 828x1007, 54A7D940-B150-499F-B04A-AB8E38…)

Here’s a picture (from may 2020) of Luna’s head from an angle Robyn doesn’t show too often. You can really see the cysts ripping apart her skull.

No. 1449024

She look deformed already

No. 1449030

oh my god. that's why robyn doesn't let anyone see her side profile. jesus fucking christ.

No. 1449032

Seriously, why don’t they euthanize that poor child already? This is vile.

No. 1449039

Because anyone who would intervene would be called a horrible monster and child killer

No. 1449048

fundies have such a childish idea of death/‘killing’ they’d rather let someone live an unimaginable nightmare than let them pass. Literal torture advocates, I hope every single one of them develops locked-in syndrome and sees how they like it.

No. 1449105

Not that I don’t believe this, but is there any way of truly knowing? They clearly had NO ultrasounds, genetic testing, etc.

So fucked if traumatic birth is the literal only possibility and they don’t acknowledge that? AND had another one?

No. 1449123

multicystic encephalomalacia in infants is almost always caused by hypoxia, most of the infant cases are from trauma during birth that caused severe hypoxia, like an umbilical cord accident or placental abruption. But it’s not a genetic defect or something that happens naturally. This was without a doubt caused by negligence on the part of Luna’s parents and their woowoo doula.

No. 1449132

The doctors ruled out everything but birth injury. This isn’t genetic or some freak accident. Robyn did this.

No. 1449140

When they finally did see a doctor they supposedly ruled everything out besides birth injury

No. 1449235

It can also apparently develop after an abusive head trauma. Either way, fucked.

It's actually unbelievable that Luna wasn't taken into care after the first hospital admission. Denying medical care is straight up child abuse. Had she died as a baby, it should have been a manslaughter case.

No. 1449251

Disabled children can and do have happy and fulfilling lives with loving families. This is not it.
It's so fucked, this is the kind of thing that happened all the time in the past and we look back and breathe a sigh of relief and say thank god we have better healthcare and safer births now. It's so hard not to a-log, I get angry when I see this thread come up in the catalog

No. 1449277

>Autism bad, epilepsy bad
>Potato good
Why are fundies and woo enthusiast like this?

No. 1449280

>cysts ripping her skull apart
That is one of the most hellish sentences I've ever read, nonnie. Ever have someone talk about lice and then you feel itchy in your scalp? Reading this, I feel my skull slowly pulled apart by growths in my brain. Holistic narcs need to be held accountable this is absolutely horrific.

Does this count as munchausen by proxy?

No. 1449303

cuz kids with autism or epilepsy can still tell other people "please take me away from my crazy mom"

No. 1449387

I haven't read through the whole thread yet, but what's the projection? Is she going to linger as long as the Hartley's did or is she on the way out soon?

No. 1449453


Afaik, she can survive as long as the cysts don't cut off blood flow or destroy her brain stem.

Nah, she was cute. Not Gerber baby cute, but definitely not an uggo.

How the hell could Robyn and her fuckboy husband be so egomaniacal that they'd let their baby waste away so severely before deferring to the expertise of an actual medical professional?? I get that they're both completely up their own asses, but how did the suffering of their little girl not snap them out of it sooner?

What the absolute fuck is wrong with these people??

And of course this stupid cunt puts emphasis on how "empathic" she is. Every single self-proclaimed empath is a gigantic piece of shit.

I've gotta bail before I catch a ban for a-logging.

No. 1449458

Same nonnie. I went somewhere dark after reading that shit. Every mom in here is reading this thread and trying hard to not alog.

I think it would count as munchausen by proxy since she caused the injury and is now benefitting from it. Even if she doesn’t actively cause her child to be sick or injure her. Luna’s illness is severe enough to do the work for her. All Robyn has to do it take video of Luna flopping around on her “school” gear and she gets all the wonderful mom praises she needs.

Pls no ban for armchair

No. 1449492

This feels like one of those photos taken seconds before disaster.

I read a sad story the other day about a toddler being killed accidentally by a modestly-sized flat screen tv that fell on her. Surely the contents of an at-home gym are 100 times more dangerous.

No. 1449509

It’s so fucking infuriating that she did this to Luna and then risked it again with Atlas. She talks about how she had some kind of vision or whatever about how she’s meant to have three kids, and that she’s already met them all in the astral plane. So she’s planning to have one more baby, and she’ll risk its life for the sake of her eMpAtHiC ego, too.

No. 1449515

File: 1645554770851.jpeg (120.25 KB, 828x506, 2EBB2D9E-7306-4927-9E32-3FAA35…)

Looking through Robyn’s account is so eerie. This caption from luna’s 2 months, before she was diagnosed or taken to the hospital:
>she is such an easy baby! She rarely cries; mostly just little whines here and there.

She’s not crying because her brain is Swiss cheese and she’s not capable of crying Robyn.

No. 1449526

Her lack of pain is the one thing that gives me slight comfort in this existential horror show.

I can only imagine how bizarre Luna's internal experience must have been, whatever is left of it. I don't know if there's an afterlife, but if so I genuinely hope her soul has left her body by now. I wonder how long it would take for her idiot parents to notice once the rest of her body stops functioning.

Let's imagine Robyn stopped being an insane delusional horrorcow and realized how dire her child's situation actually is. She throws away the crystals and essential oils in favor of cold, hard reality. What are her options?

Just wait it out? Put her in a hospice or at least get palliative care? Are there legal, ethical options for medically-assisted euthanasia? Should there be for cases like this? If they just stopped feeding and hydrating her like Terri Schiavo and passively let nature take its course, would that legally be considered child abuse or murder? Seems like such a gray area especially when her capacity for physical suffering seems gone at this point.

I am genuinely curious if any farmers with a background in law or the medical field want to weigh in.

No. 1449578

File: 1645561256037.webm (823.42 KB, 742x1244, Screen Recording 2022-02-22 at…)

Latest ig story about the miracle healing device, Healy. Notice how one of these women was supposedly cured of pain from pressure on her brain. Good thing Luna has access to this amazig technology!

No. 1449593

Quackwatch wrote about the Healy. https://quackwatch.org/device/reports/a-skeptical-look-at-the-healy-bioresonance-device/
>Many of Healy’s marketing materials carry a disclaimer to the effect that “Healy and its applications are not acknowledged by orthodox medicine due to a lack of scientific proof in accordance with scientific standards.” It should be noted, however, that claims for the Healy are not merely unproven. There is no logical reason to believe that the “frequencies” proponents describe are actual physical forces. But that doesn’t stop them from suggesting that they provide great health benefits.
>The 510(k) application described it as substantially similar to Omron’s Avail, which is a respectable transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) device that is cleared for the symptomatic relief of various types of pain. TENS devices are postulated to relieve pain by releasing endorphins and/or blocking the transmission of pain through local nerves [13]. If the Healy can deliver electric currents that enable it to function like a TENS device, it would be legally marketable for that purpose. However, it is not cleared for any of the uses related to “bioresonance” that dominate the company’s marketing materials. Any claims that the Healy can be used to prevent, mitigate, cure or treat a disease would be illegal.
>Healy devices have been claimed to help a wide spectrum of health problems. Their use is based on notions that may sound scientific but lack real scientific support. The FDA has cleared Healy devices for sale in the United States for temporary relief of pain, but claims made for them go far beyond what the clearance allows. Healy’s marketers have even admitted that there is no scientific proof that they work as advertised.

No. 1449643

Robyn says she is.

Also it’s a progressive disease for those wondering why her head gets bigger. The cysts grow as more brain matter deteriorates.

Most babies with his disease have lung hypoplasia which causes death.

No. 1449667

To fundies, the only way to be truly "innocent" and worthy of unconditional protection is to have zero agency; literally to be mindless. Hence why they're obsessed with embryos and pudding-brained gigaretards like this poor girl, but couldn't care less about normal children or those with less profound disabilities.

No. 1449677

could not have said it any better myself.

No. 1449723

This thread made me cry in frustration. This bitch is vile, I can't believe even after causing the death of this poor girl she still shills products and crystals. I know I'm repeating the other anons but I don't remember another thread that made me feel this awful in cow threads. Hopefully the child passes soon. How the fuck does she even have this many followers?

No. 1449736

>the trauma of 72 hours in labor
How did this happen??? And how does one prevent this? This is horrible holy shit, 3 days of labor is insane

No. 1449750

Worth noting: Robyn seems to be ex-LDS. I think she was raised Mormon, or LDS-adjacent.

It’s so easy to prevent: don’t wait around and snap pictures for three days. Monitor the baby. GO TO THE FUCKING HOSPITAL.

No. 1449814

>how does one prevent this
Literally call the hospital and time your contractions. There’s nothing wrong with a home birth. Shit you can even go to a birthing center where there’s no “medical” intervention but they have trained staff and offer you a clean comfortable room to birth in. Basically a home birth but not in YOUR home. Everything she did was inexcusable and I’m just shocked she didn’t get into legal trouble. I mean- junkies get their babies taken away when they neglect their pregnancy and use. I don’t see how this is any different.

No. 1449815

>Treats Luna with crystals and energy healing instead
This is why I don't believe in this bullshit.

No. 1449819

Please this is a genuine question: when will this kid die? I don't think there's that much time left for her, right? Like, the cysts will eventually consume her entire brain or something? She's already deaf, blind and can't move, I can't think of any worse situation than this, her brain and other organs will give up eventually I'm assuming. I just feel bad for this kid who is basically a prop for a narc mom made of flesh and bone.

No. 1449822

What she's doing is clearly child abuse. I don't know how they haven't detained her yet.

No. 1449824

My bet is she'll wait for Luna to die, and then she'll make another deformed baby on purpose. I wish this woman didn't reproduce anymore, or didn't do it in the first place. Wackos like her shouldn't have kids.

No. 1449826

This pic makes me so angry but it kinda proves my theory they want more retarded children on purpose.

No. 1449831

>It was Thursday, January 17, 2019. I had started feeling the contractions of early labor.
>I went and got my nails done, went to target, went to have my pussy waxed

What the fuck????? you were IN LABOR

No. 1449834

>>Once I was situated in the tub, we placed all of my pregnancy and birthing crystals, that were able to be, in the water. (This was very important to me as I feel a deep connection with crystals and their healing properties.) We also used Himalayan sea salt lamps, Palo Santo, essential oils (lavender and lemon grass – my favorite combo) and Christmas lights to create the ambiance that we wanted for our birth. During the labor, we had a birth photographer, Piper, capturing the moments of our labor.
Holy fuck, I just have no words. Fucking narcissistic consumerist shit only for show for show. And the baby has to suffer the concecuences. Barf.

No. 1449838

>Several times I told him I wanted to go to the hospital and just have a C-section and be done with it all. To which Piper, our photographer and friend, told me about her C-section and how this was not an easy alternative to what I was experiencing (in the moment I thought anything would be easier than what I was going through). Thankfully, Glenn knew how important it was to me, to us, to birth Luna at home without unnecessary medical interventions. He knew I didn’t really want to go to the hospital and I am truly grateful that he stayed strong for us in the moments I was not, and doubted my own strength.
W…What?? so she let a fucking moid decide for her in the end?

No. 1449840

Luna died so Robyn could LIVE

No. 1449842

Did Luna die?

No. 1449844

File: 1645582040482.jpeg (682.7 KB, 1466x3464, 238E6288-C1AD-4413-BB54-166C0C…)

No. 1449849

>her life is filled with joy
No… just no.

No. 1449851

technically, not yet, but she was dead before she ever escaped her mother’s cursed womb

No. 1449853

my very normal kid has all of this and I didn’t have to strangle him with my vagina to do it

No. 1449854

Is she able to hold her head up on her own?

No. 1449856

not even a little. she does nothing on her own but have seizures.

No. 1449859

She won’t be able to use the walker on her. They are torturing this child with abuse, why hasn’t cps stepped in?

No. 1449863

Luna is unable to do anything but seize. I do not know how she’s lived this long, honestly.

No. 1449866

I couldn't really read much past that point. Vile!

No. 1449868

Can someone link the kiwifarms thread please? As much as I hate kiwifarms, I would like to read more info on them.

>why hasn’t cps stepped in?
I have this question too.

No. 1449870

No. 1449871

It is vile. Also don't worry, you're not missing much, she basically wasted a bunch of time on unnecesary narcissistic shit, and it was too late for Luna at that point.

No. 1449873

This is the video where Robyn claims Luna's newborn stepping reflex is proof that she's learning to walk. This reflex is supposed to leave after 3 months, which gives you some idea of how fucked her brain is. Also, I'm pretty sure this is the second or third time Robyn's claimed that Luna is walking for the first time.

No. 1449884

File: 1645584197474.jpeg (225.28 KB, 1080x1920, C991C259-DBE2-45DA-AC36-0E798B…)

No. 1449885

File: 1645584239643.jpeg (488.92 KB, 2483x1586, 947B1B1C-9A84-4604-9FD3-FF0D51…)

quick q, warrior mamas. which one should I buy for my sick baby?

No. 1449889

Don’t you know you can only get true love and support if you’re child is brain dead?? No one will love your potato more than a bunch of strangers with medical equipment!!

Fucking bleak dude.

No. 1449896

Isn't owlet not FDA approved?

No. 1449897

File: 1645585131705.webm (2.38 MB, 720x1280, 2986790-df60eab7f667c3abe4b590…)

I can't believe how RETARDED this whole fucking family is. Click to play.

No. 1449899

Yea the FDA pulled the sock I think which is why she’s probably looking for one 2nd hand. Never used one but I read up on it before. Gives a lot of false negatives I’ve heard.

No. 1449900

I mean false negative readings. Like it will alert when there’s no significant reason for it.

No. 1449903

the baby monitor is different than the sock. she should specify.

No. 1449911

This is one of the most horrific things I have ever seen. I feel so sad for this poor child.

How have the doctors this cunt and her husband have gone to not reported them to some sort of authorities? How have none of their followers called CPS? This is abusive. This is horror.

No. 1449920

The mom is treating this little girl like a doll. Heartbreaking for this child.

No. 1449929

Damn, it’s always women with comma brows. Poor kid.

No. 1449974

That's suck a hazardous place to put a child. He is gonna strangle himself one day.

No. 1450032

Plenty of doctors eat this shit up, anon. Freaks like them and troons are easy money.

No. 1450131

nonny thats already very clear hydrocephaly on display

No. 1450137

nonny she doesn’t have, and has never had, hydrocephaly. the cysts had started to form and grow by this point, but her skull was totally normal when she was born.

Robyn didn’t see anything abnormal about this. she thought Luna’s misshapen head made her look like a funny alien baby, and laughed about it.

No. 1450168

In most locations, CPS will bend over backwards to keep kids with their bio parents. Unless the kid is being raped, beaten, or starved, they're unlikely to be removed.

Luna is getting enough medical care (having her cysts drained) to keep her alive, and isn't raped, beaten, or starved, so CPS won't get involved (and a lot of locations actually allow parents to murder their children by refusing real medical care as long as they use fake medicine (such as prayer) if they "sincerely" believe it will work).

As for Atlas, the neglect and irresponsibility shown toward him is nowhere near enough for CPS to get involved beyond maybe a case worker coming out and saying "Hey, stop doing that" and then never following up because they're busy dealing with moms who pimp out their toddlers for meth.

No. 1450259

That hideous unsightly sick nasty bitch, you’re ugly as fuck with those sperm cell star sign cancer eyebrows. That poor child should be put down instead of living in constant suffering as a rag doll exploited for money and attention, and that sick stinking dirty child murdering bitch Robyn should be put down with her.(a-logging)

No. 1450268

>I was starting to doubt myself, starting to doubt that if my choice to do it naturally was the right choice

This is when she should've gone to hospital, the baby would probably still be ok if she got it out then around the one day mark. It seems nightmareish that the man sat there for three fucking days while this child was obviously doomed and his wife suffered a prolonged labour and left it like this? He is to blame too since she was in labour she lacked control, it was up to him to fucking drive her to hospital.

No. 1450270

Samefag, the very next line says it:
>Several times, with complete seriousness, I told Glenn that this was all his fault. Several times I told him I wanted to go to the hospital and just have a C-section and be done with it all.

Several fucking times! I think this bastard (and the "friend") needs to be getting some ire too since this is the moment the situation could have been saved and they both declined to help.

No. 1450313

>Robyn didn’t see anything abnormal about this. she thought Luna’s misshapen head made her look like a funny alien baby, and laughed about it.

Wtf? So she saw this happening in real time and she did not worry that her baby's head was morphing into something huge? How the hell does someone not worry about their child's wellbeing? And just laught it off like that???

No. 1450505


This is what is so disturbing to me. This poor child almost certainly was harmed in the birthing process but there were signs long before the mother took her to the ER that something was wrong.

The child was clearly malnourished (some of the photos look downright skeletal), you see the expanding skull and the continued lack of focus in the eyes. You see things getting worse and worse. And she waits until her child is having terrible seizures to take her to the ER.

I have to log off. This is just too horrific.

No. 1450519


I understand the high standard for CPS stuff, I really do — but what I just cannot understand is how when the parents took the child to the hospital and the staff saw the condition of the child and the lack of any health records, that it wouldn’t be a requirement for the doctors or nurses to at the very least file a report. Because this is straight-up child abuse. That child was straight-up malnourished and uncared for.

Now that the child has been given a terminal diagnosis, there are more limits on what the state can do, but the stuff that got the poor child to this point is still straight-up neglect.

I’m just yelling at the sky now, but it’s beyond fucked up that if a child like Luna was somehow discovered (like has happened with those kids in cages), the parents would almost certainly be investigated. But because the mother puts all of their abuse on Instagram, it’s completely fine.(learn2sage)

No. 1450590

I skimmed this and didnt see the part where she said she got her pussy waxed and her nails did. The logic makes no sense, so shes gonna allow herself the room and justification to do all this unnatural shit to her body during labor in the name of ~mommy self care~ even though shes a crunchy mom but giving birth at a hospital is sooooooooo unnatural and wrong? If you can get your pussy waxed during labor, you can drive to a hospital to give birth with actual professionals who have years of training and experience delivering babies. Pure narcissism

No. 1450619

>I went and got my nails done, picked up my cute and comfortable nursing bra to wear during labor from Target, and then went and got my lady bits waxed.

It’s in the first paragraph.

No. 1450626

I'm convinced that a lot of people see this as "brave" and "heroic" or even worse "heartwarming." It's some kind of twisted conditioning. People only care that the baby ~survived~ and that the mom is ~so strong~ and they don't even see reality. Messed up.

No. 1450630

I imagine a good amount of her followers are women who have lost babies to genetic diseases, or have/had a severely disabled child and follow her. Also women who have had babies and use crystals to cure their baby’s colic or whatever the fuck.

No. 1450951

If they are raped or beaten, of course that first needs to be proved and if a child gets starved well might be a medical condition so that has to be ruled out too. Usually years pass until someone even reports a family to the CPS and then they will take their time, enough time for a child to die

No. 1450958

anon, hydrocephaly in this case is secondary to the encephalomalacia. the raised pressure in the head caused by fluid buildup in the brain (hydrocephalus) has been caused by the cysts from the encephalomalacia. her skull/brain was probably normal in utero, but the issue would have been present since she was born if it was caused by injury during delivery. in the pic this >>1450131 anon replied to, she already has an abnormal skull shape from fluid buildup in the brain (hydrocephalus) caused by the underlying issue of encaphalomalacia. sage for medfaggotry

No. 1450985

There's a certain type of person who loves to make themselves feel better about their lot in life by reveling in the misery other, dumber people experience over their own objectively poor life choices; see: women who waste their lives cleaning up after water-brained retard kids with no hope of recovery, or rape victims who make the choosie choicie to birth their rape-spawn. "Bless your heart, you're so brave" = "What a dumb bitch, glad she isn't me lol"

No. 1450989

Maybe she hoped for Luna to die. She clearly knows that the birth wasn't normal >>1450270. Now she is coping by being the mother should have been but she is still failing because she knows how much she fucks up. It sounds hellish.

No. 1451059

CPS is woefully underfunded and understaffed, AND Luna is so fucked up they'd never be able to take her. If the hospital reported Robyn I'm not sure what could happen besides CPS taking Luna but then they'd have a potato tard baby to take care of themselves. Luna's condition is so severe they likely don't even want to bother trying to take her away because she's so beyond fucked up. The money and effort Robyn is putting into her care is unfortunately still more than CPS could afford to do so they've probably deemed it better for Luna to not be removed because they know they can't match the level of care she's already getting at home

No. 1451096

No, even if she's truly coping "trying to be the mom she was meant to be", her narcissism was present since the day she had the first contractions. She's clearly using Luna to promote things too. You might argue she's letting Luna live until she's complete mush because of faith too, but then again she's a terrible mother, look at the other poor child they have.

No. 1451099

Yeah, this baby looks severely underweight even for a sick baby

No. 1451248

File: 1645734561443.png (1.59 MB, 800x1414, Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 4.29…)

Update on Luna's custom glasses. Does anyone understand what the fuck is going on with that head scan?

No. 1451295

The kid is cortically blind. No need for glasses.

(Cortical blindness is blindness not caused by an eye issue like glaucoma or macular degeneration)

No. 1451325

She's medically negligent, they'd probably take the little boy if God forbid something bad happened to him and he ended up NEEDING to go to the hospital.

No. 1451337

I just need to rant that this woman is not traumatized by labor. She's thriving in her life: in everybody's eyes she's "warrior", brave and stunning.
She loves this, that's why she posts everything that she does to "improve her daughter's life quality".
Furthermore, she doesn't feel guilty, she loves it.

No. 1451368

holy fucking shit tell me that isn't cyst and bone material

No. 1451374

I guess its just whatever held her head up during the 3d scan as she cant hold it up on her own

No. 1451441

I just want to say that a 3-day labour isn't super unusual. The latent phase (<4cm dilation) can drag on for ages. If a woman goes to the hospital during this period they'll usually just tell her to go home. The hospital will recommend an induction 24-72 hours after whenever the waters break (different places have different policies) because of the increased infection risk, but I think she had an injury rather than an infection anyway.

I was born 3 days after my mother's waters broke with the cord round my neck and I turned out normal, no balloon head or anything. Was born in a hospital though

No. 1451471

The umbilical cord was removed too late-you're supposed to loosen it as soon as the baby's heads out, not wait until the mother finishes giving birth. But I don't know whether or not that would cause the kind of damage she has.

No. 1451513

According to someone on the other farms, there's still time to treat the condition after birth and a chance that, if Robyn had decided to go to the hospital after noticing Luna wasn't eating or crying, Luna could have turned out normal (or maybe still retarded but like, normal-retarded).

I also had my umbilicle cord wrapped around my neck and was upside-down and I turned out normal because my mom got a c-section. This kind of thing doesn't have to cause disability at all. Robyn had to almost try to get it to turn out this badly.

No. 1451530

Apparently, at least 1/5 of births have the cord round the neck. Most of the time it doesn't do any real damage.

No. 1451564

it’s true that normal labor can last a really long time. especially in the first baby. it’s pretty much safe to wait until contractions are five minutes apart to go to the hospital. but Robyn didn’t go to the hospital even when things were obviously going sideways. I blame the people around her for that, though. like someone else said, she was in labor and she begged to go to the hospital, and everyone around her told her no. but, everything after that is on her. she still waited for months to take her dying child to see a doctor. she still uses her to shill her MLM woo garbage. she still shits on medical professionals and shares harmful misinformation. she’s still fucking awful.

No. 1451839

Has it ever been proven that anything went seriously wrong in the birth itself though? From her account of things it sounds like she just wanted to go to the hospital because she was miserable and in pain and the birth was progressing slowly. I know the midwife wasn't exactly top of her class, but it doesn't sound like she thought anything was amiss.

She said that the doctors had ruled out every cause of Luna's condition other than head injury. I don't trust this woman's ability to understand what medical professionals are telling her, but assuming that's true, couldn't it have been caused by one of these idiots dropping her on her head or something?

No. 1452020

They ruled out everything except for birth injury, anon, not head injury.

No. 1452282

her condition is only caused by a hypoxic event at birth or abusive head trauma later. the doctors would’ve been able to tell if this was caused by hitting or shaking Luna. therefore, the only other explanation is hypoxic event. and that was entirely preventable.

No. 1452603

File: 1645902963613.jpeg (18.77 KB, 250x307, 8F5FEF40-FE2C-4703-9A1C-E9C61D…)


No. 1452629

It can also be caused by meningitis, germinal matrix haemorrhage (type of brain-bleed most common in newborns, especially if they were born premature/small, the mother was in labour for a long time, or they were oxygen deprived), or fuckups during brain surgery.

No. 1452633

Anon, that would constitute a birth injury then. This cunt absolutely smothered the child in her for three days.

No. 1452796

I'm sorry, I can't believe this poor little girl isn't feelig any pain. Look at her face, some of the expressions she makes are clearly pained and scared, even my autistic ass can see that. How could you see your baby like that and not feel horrible??? "Empath/empathetic" is just a buzzword label tossed around the most by the worst and least empathetic people to cover their asses against bring called selfish.

No. 1452906

in the early stages, she definitely felt incredible amounts of pain as the cysts ate away her brain and the seizures ramped up. within the first, what, 4 months? she went through enormous pain and her parents ignored it. that picture is disgusting. now, she probably can't feel anything. it's hard to tell. her brain might be akin to swiss cheese. we'll never know because they never take her to a damn doctor.

No. 1454048

File: 1646072834748.png (1.74 MB, 1012x1432, Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 2.26…)

Luna's in the hospital. She didn't say what for but the 'second opinion' part makes me think the hospital suggested hospice again. Or she's not as stable as Robyn says.

Cut off text says "we've been a little quiet over here"

No. 1454054

File: 1646073229477.png (2.13 MB, 792x1386, Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 2.29…)

I think her brainstem is finally failing. Fly high, Luna.

No. 1454059


How the fuck can you smile when your kid looks like she's seeing and feeling every layer of hell Dante ever imagined all at once?

No. 1454075

Hopefully, finally some peace coming for this little girl

No. 1454093

People who willingly give birth to children with severe disabilities or are responsible for their illness because they refuse to vaccinate their children are evil. I hate that kind of selfish scum. They should be neutered and get the electric chair.

No. 1454102

It's worse than that. She didn't know Luna would be severely disabled, she was catastrophically brain injured by being stuck in the birth canal for hours during home birth attended by untrained 'midwives' Robyn found on instagram.

I see she's finally panicking and taking the poor spud around evil western medicine hospitals for a 'second opinion' - I would guess the first (and correct) opinion was "she's dying, let her go".

No. 1454130

Luna is gonna be diagnosed as brain dead and Robyn is gonna take her to a state that will allow her to keep her alive for religious reasons. mark my words. the woman will do anything to torture the poor girl. it's barbaric.

No. 1454145

What do you even do as a doctor when people like this come in? I would think a medical professional would be a very reputable source if they were to reach out to child services of any sort. And I’d love to know what people irl think of this family. The doctors they encounter, family members, friends? People who actually know how Luna got to where she is, and watch all this horror happen in real time. How do they sleep at night?

No. 1454146

Narcissists will not admit fault.

No. 1454199

Even though Robyn hates "allopathic medicine," she's absolutely going to use extraordinary measures to prolong Luna's life. I imagine she will hook her up to a ventilator/life support if she has to and continue to claim that Luna is talking to her telepathically.

No. 1454557

I've read bits of the KR thread so I have the jist - I think!

Husband's family are Mexican Catholic so love the precious disabled gift from god. Husband himself seems checked out and gives more attention to the non-disabled toddler who had all Luna's milestones beat by 9 months old.

Robyn's mom was a nurse and just looks pissed off with the situation.

and Atlas won't be the last woo baby becase Robyn claims she has heard 'psychicly' from all three of her unborn children before. So there's going to be another one. I'm guessing as soon as Luna gets her deserved release, she'll get pregnant again.

No. 1454610

Many women will do things at the beginning of labor before eventually going to the hospital, especially first time moms because the less kids you have the longer labor typically takes. My mom's first labor with me was 42 hours, my younger brother's only 20, and our youngest sister 18. The difference between this freak and normal women is that eventually you're going to admit yourself to the labor and delivery so your kid can get actual fuckin medical care.

No. 1454614

God this thread is insane. The poor girl. It’s so unfathomable that a mother who was directly responsible for her child’s condition would publicly display her for the world to see. If I did something like that I wouldn’t be able to overcome the shame. But I guess these crunchy moms are all about ego in the first place.

No. 1454664

i really don't know what you think the doctors are going to report? you think theyre gonna call CPS because the parents arent euthanizing their daughter? everything that has happened to luna is a horror show, but none of this would meet the legal definition of child abuse.

No. 1454665

Ntayrt, but is there any hope of someone or some organisation helping Luna? There are cysts ripping her skull in half and her only movements are seizures. can CPS really do nothing at all? I feel like this is a category of abuse

No. 1454673


See this post:

Despite the situation, Robyn is able to care for Luna more than CPS. Luna was unfortunately doomed before she was even fully born.

No. 1454760

even if it was recognized as the fucked up form of abuse that it is by CPS, what do you expect them to do? euthanize her like a sick dog? they can't put her out of the misery her mother created.

No. 1455208

Good Lord anon, But people who wish a terrible death on others are so superior, right? What a hypocrite.

Honnestly, out of anything this crazy bitch does, wishing her child to live seems the most normal. Can we really know if this woman has no guilt in what she did? I cant help but wonder if all these moms, like Robyn, parade these kids around because their hoping it gives their life some meaning. Sure it might just be narc supply but it might not be. I read this thread and wonder if when the cameras off Robyn cries in a dark room with Luna in her arms. I dont know how bad I feel for the other kid, he looks clean, well dressed and obviously fed. Kids are resilient. Only time will tell how this is affecting him.

The fact that CPS isnt currently involved or may have never been involved is because their was likley more to the diagnosis and situation than was publicly stated, the home situation doesnt indicate the type of abuse that requires CPS to be involved, or the state cant place her because the resources aren't available. Not to be mean to this child but typical children are hard enough to place. Families "send them back" all the time. Would the state even find a place for her if it was necessary?

No. 1455626

I'm reminded of the Gabriel Fernandez case, where CPS was called six times before his eventual gruesome death at the hands of his mom and her boyfriend. CPS is a fucking joke, they're so terrified of the bad press from taking a kid away that they'll let parents get away with almost anything as long as they say sowwy.

No. 1462693

theres a look that says 'yup, i did this!'(sage)

No. 1462789

File: 1646895535892.jpeg (42.4 KB, 474x546, 3047CA0F-28BB-4129-A350-AF59A2…)

Peak soy

No. 1465727

File: 1647134153993.jpg (496.71 KB, 1080x1610, IMG_20220313_003753.jpg)

Found a twin

No. 1466863

does he have the same condition?

No. 1470397

No it’s osteogenesis imperfecta. A genetic bone disorder.

No. 1505055

File: 1650342228659.png (1.27 MB, 646x1136, Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 1.23…)

Luna's getting strapped up to this eye movement communication device for school. It's meant to help paralyzed children talk but Luna's eyes just move randomly so the machine never says anything that makes sense. I can't figure out how to convert to webm but the video is on the other farms here https://no-cookie.kiwifarms.net/data/video/3191/3191885-96728ce6e5d6b8885c33849f3e772833.mp4. The 'teacher' asks a question that Luna ignores, then Luna's eyes fall on the 'I love you' button while she seizes, which Robyn fucking loves. So creepy to hear the soulless robot voice tell Robyn that her daughter loves her over and over while her actual daughter died years ago.

No. 1505060

File: 1650342417222.png (1.6 MB, 1226x1134, Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 1.25…)

No. 1505074

I want to see that audiogram since she has a bone anchored hearing aid.

No. 1505094

Now that you mention the hearing aid it makes me think. Robyn has been acting like Luna understands her this whole time and that she could hear enough to use the communication device to play games etc. (before the hearing aid came in). The intrapersonal communication can be explained because Robyn thinks she's psychic and can read Luna's mind. But if Luna needs the hearing aid, how was she playing with the communication device before? How would she understand what words even are, if she's been deaf up until now? I mean obviously the answer is she doesn't understand shit and she's still deaf but I still wonder how Robyn works this out in her mind.

No. 1505115

Samefag, probably did an ABR (automatic brain response) test which would be an appropriate test to run on Luna. Infant needs to be quiet during test and has electrodes stuck on specific areas.
>Softband baha (due to age)
>forehead placement is probably better than mastoid placement
>But if Luna needs the hearing aid, how was she playing with the communication device before? How would she understand what words even are, if she's been deaf up until now?
Luna couldn't have heard Robyn if she needs a baha. Unlike a traditional ha, a baha needs to stimulate bone to hear. It would mean she has a conductive hearing loss meaning her outer and middle ear isn't letting sound travel to inner ear. So essentially she is deaf w/o the baha and Robyn lied/coped(?).

No. 1505117

File: 1650346231047.jpeg (7.52 KB, 275x183, images (2).jpeg)

Forgot to attach picture.

No. 1505126

So if this device even works, there's no way she should be able to understand words anyway, correct? Since it would be hard to learn to speak a language if you're totally deaf? So even if it works now (doubtful since her brain is swiss cheese) there's no chance she's consciously choosing that "I love you" button. The Hartley sisters had a similar device called eagle eyes I think, but even then the mom didn't pretend they were speaking, just picking out colours they liked and drawing or whatever.

No. 1505146

Technically she could have a unilateral hearing loss, but I'd have to see the audiogram. If she had just a unilateral hearing loss, she could hear words in the other ear. So what I wrote here >>1505115 would be incorrect about her being deaf (it's late and it's been years since I learned this so forgive my madness). However, I would think both ears would have been affected considering her condition. If both ears are affected than yes she absolutely can not understand words.

No. 1505213

File: 1650352362590.png (118.53 KB, 470x451, Normal-top-and-abnormal-bottom…)

ABR test responses top is normal bottom is abnormal. >>1505115 Also it's auditory brainstem response excuse my delirium as I go to bed finally.

No. 1505584


She’s been prolonged and going home to be on 24 hour life support. There’s no quality of life for her either sadly.


No. 1505866

theres no way she has anything besides central hearing loss, right?? dafuq is she doing with a baha? like other anon said her brain is straight swiss cheese, they must be grasping at straws here. even if this shit did work to let her hear, luna cant even control her eye movements enough to use a communication device

No. 1507121

So this kid isn't really a kid. Just a deformed shell that feels pain? Reminds me of Mitty from "Made in the Abyss"

No. 1739007

File: 1673058681358.png (20.55 KB, 610x198, 1672022448746.png)

Robyn is pregnant with #3

No. 1739008

this is easily the most disturbing thread on here, wtf. is luna still alive and suffering?

No. 1739037

Unbelievably yes.

No. 1739195

Aren’t we all?

No. 1739389

This news has upset me.

No. 1740377

Bump for porn

No. 1740440

Hopefully the baby is OK now . This is so sad to see .poor girl…

No. 1740463

How has this family not been charged with neglect, abuse and torture? This is fucking insane.
Essential oil in her eyes?

Yeh I’m a login today

No. 1740613

Another milestone for the books?! This isn’t some fucking achievement or great accomplishment. ‘The books’ are not going to be documenting anything except how disturbing of an individual this bitch is and how she managed to keep this poor baby alive through this endless fucking misery. May her poor soul be at rest soon.

No. 1740625

I don’t think I have ever seen a thread where every single person agrees simultaneously. There has been no infighting whatsoever. The hate for this woman is so complete. It’s too bad it comes at the price of what it does. And we all know when Luna finally passes Robyn is going to make it all about her and we’ll never hear the end of it.

No. 1741941

no, of course not.
robyn hasn't really spoken much about luna having a case worker at all.

No. 1759138

File: 1675329893462.png (1.63 MB, 1080x2039, Screenshot_20230202-042010.png)

I'm sorry to say but the little girl is already 4 years old now. I check on this evil cruel witch from time to time just to see when she'll finally make a post of the girls passing. Just thought to at least put the screenshot here

No. 1759140

This has to be a crime in some way, that poor baby looks like she's in constant agony

No. 1759353

It would be interesting to see if any of the people upset about Potato Baby are cool with trans kids. Luna has a healthier existence than someone like Desmond Is Amazing.

No. 1759887

No idea what you’re talking about. They are in equal levels of hell.

No. 1760110

File: 1675438278651.png (587.74 KB, 498x906, robyn.png)

Robyn has had a miscarriage.

No. 1760114

Not to mock her miscarriage, but counting back from august she would be about 6-8 weeks in this picture. There would be no bump, she's cupping her ponch for the gram.

No. 1760135

Sad, but honestly, for the best. She neglects the little boy she has & wastes thousands on torturing Luna. The husband is a mouthbreather that lets Atlas nearly brain himself while he works out…yeah adding an infant into the mix is such a great idea.And LOL at this bitch saying she wants to be authentic.

No. 1760164

Even if the boy survives to adulthood he will still be fucked up for life

No. 1760193

Wouldn’t say this for many people, but thank fucking god, she doesn’t need a third kid to ruin. This is why you don’t announce at just a few weeks, stupid.

No. 1760278

I wonder if she'll make a shill post about how she contacts her fetus in the Reiki spirit realm or some shit like that. I remember her saying a while back that she met the souls of her future kids in a Reiki trance thing.

Miscarriages suck, I wouldn't wish that experience on anyone, but Robyn can't even properly care for the kids she has. The universe probably made the right call on this one.

They're cut from the same MBP Narcissist cloth. Neither of those parents should be allowed around children.

No. 1760654

home-births are perfectly fine the vast majority of the time, though. it's even better, if the couple have a baththub the mother can lie in, during the labour. if they had a 95 failure rate, or something, then no one would do it, after all.

No. 1760670

Coming soon, Robyn claims her MLM shill Healy gadget can connect to the frequency of the foetus spirit.

No. 1760740

very sad to hear, but i'm glad she won't potentially veg-ify another child. her poor son smh.

No. 1760744

What do you do with all the matter that comes out in the water though? It would clog the drain

No. 1760752

Plug the bath, scoop. Realistically most people use something like a paddling pool that is intended for birth. Stats suggest it is better if your birth is "normal and healthy" but, as shown ITT, if there are complications it goes south quickly. Home birth with doctors is the way to go. Wild how that isn't a thing anywhere really when it makes the most sense for everyone involved.

No. 1760758

No it’s not weird. They’re narcissists and they love having a meat puppet that makes people see them as brave warrior mamas. A meat puppet that will never argue or be anything besides what the narc mom decides she wants it to be. Meanwhile autistic kid will most likely be opinionated and actually need a non selfish parent to flourish, and if you abuse an autistic kid they’ll most likely tell someone.

No. 1760763

It's kind of arrogant to assume that your birth will be "normal and healthy," though. I see so many granola tards assuming that it'll be fine at home because ~women have been giving birth that way for millions of years~. Guess what, women have also been fucking dying in childbirth for a million years. You were extremely lucky to be born in a first world country with access to modern medicine, yet you decide to endanger yourself and your baby because your house looks nicer for Instagram pictures than a hospital. Home birth zealots do it for the bragging rights above all else, lording their ~aesthetic~ birth videos and lucky complication-free births over other women. Not to mention how women are judged for getting fucking epidurals, as if experiencing more pain makes you better at giving birth. Then there's the orgasmic birth bullshit, which is just offensive and misogynistic.

Fuck "natural." If you want to be ~natural~, go live in a fucking cave somewhere. Hospitals aren't supposed to be cosy or aesthetically pleasing, they're supposed to be fucking clean. This is why the U.S. has the highest maternal mortality rate of any developed country; births are turning into commercialized spectacles carefully orchestrated to look pretty on camera. Hence you have retards like Robyn who wax their vulvas during labor and nearly electrocute themselves hanging Christmas lights around the bathtub.

No. 1760804

Ntayrt but some women choose home birth because they feel they lack agency in the highly commercialised medical system. Some hospitals, regardless of the lack of impact on health, refuse to respect the wishes of the women giving birth. Yes, there's narcs who do it for attention but there's also women who feel cornered into doing so because they don't feel the capitalist, misogynistic medical system has theirs and their baby's needs as number one priority. This isn't to say I think either outlook is the correct one, I just don't think you realise you're painting a lot of concerned/scared soon to be mothers with the same brush as Robyn who is a narcissistic monster by comparison.

No. 1760847

>join us earthside
Fuck me running, I hate the way these woo wizards talk. Glad she lost the baby, and I hope the suffering of her three year old ends soon. That child has known nothing but a life full of pain, or at most, constant discomfort up until now. FFS, Robyn puts fucking essential oils into that poor child's eyes because they won't close. Here's hoping that wacky wook bitch suffers.

No. 1760970

She’s 4 now. The only thing that reassures me is, based on everything I’ve seen and read Luna’s senses left her a long time ago and she probably doesn’t feel anything. Not that it makes this circus much better.

No. 1761064

NAYRT but that was a wild read. The uwu problematic and capitalist medical system might not cater to the specific needs of many unique indigo childbearing parents, but you know what they have? Doctors, midwives, and a shitload of necessary medical equipment. I think that might sort of make up for it being not a super duper personalized birthing experience?

No. 1761116

lmao sure, a handful of woo woo granola idiots like the one this thread is about is the cause of the high US maternal mortality rate, not the shitty and expensive health care system, or the anti-abortionists getting their way so that doctors won't even perform medically necessary abortions.

No. 1761119

I wouldn't wish a miscarriage on anyone, but good riddance. This bitch does not need to bring another kid who she will potentially turn into a potato with her new age shit. I just cannot fathom how this kind of people are even allowed to have children under they care.

No. 1761264

Idk what you're trying to paint me as seeing as I'm not a burgerfag or crunchy mum, but it's a well known fact how commercialised the American hospital system is. The rest of the western world doesn't place such a high emphasis on monetary gain because our systems are paid for. I'm not talking about a personalised birthing experience, I'm talking about placing the dollar above the wellbeing of patients. Which you'd have to be intentionally disingenuous to pretend doesn't happen, especially with vulnerable people like soon to be mothers. Soon to be mothers that may have been frightened off by their treatment from desensitised hospital staff. How you got so perpetually offended by that I'll never understand, but the "uwuing" indicates you're most likely not old enough to even post here. Have some empathy. Not everything is black and white, and not all decisions are made with a level head especially when in such a vulnerable state such as pregnancy.

No. 1761342

Please stfu about the hospitals.

No. 1761346

my mum was and still is a retarded woo woo crunchy mum who home birthed me and this thread is terrifying. it's a miracle I survived. jfc.

No. 1761355

Sage newfag

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