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File: 1649048859531.jpg (71.08 KB, 540x583, v.jpg)

No. 1491990

violet hetson is daughter of replacement circle jerks band member greg hetson and her band powerviolets (very lame rip off an actual successful punk band powerviolence) and struggles to make it in the punk scene but trolls the haters as if shes cream of the crop

>nepotism baby

>uses her dad and photos of them from a decade ago together for clout / increased social media following
>says she worked hard for her music career all on her lonesome but her father (circle jerks) has her bands @ in his instagram bio for that totally coincidental promotion
>argues she is not a nepotism baby but her band is allowed to open for circle jerks
>brags about johnny knoxville whimsically following her on social media like she isnt connected to the celebrity world through her rockstar father
>cosplays poverty for her punk aesthetic
>takes videos of poverty stricken areas in her neighborhood for clout to further demonstrate poverty cosplay
>complains about never being rich enough to go to college but went to IAR and admits rockstar father owns million $ home in LA
>overshares to strangers about bfs libido, medication, father being in AA with courtney love, her UTIs & yeast infections
>her drummer suffers with addiction but openly tweets about addicts being "a specific type of evil"
>says slowcore is a fake genre and calls for people to stop making fake genres yet her genre, croc punk, is authentic
>never shuts up about being tiktok famous and being noticed as a famous punk at punk events
>is the product of a groupie and replacement band member hooking up on a tour bus
>claims her music originated in the big apple but just moved there
>goes on a rant about how annoying musicians are that promote their music but doesnt realize the struggle because nepotism baby
>lives in a $1500 apartment while not having a job
>broke into kurt cobains abandoned home & posted the location
>so adverse to criticism she will go as far as posting yt comments left on her videos to bring attention to a comment as tame as "i dont like your music"

https://mobile.twitter.com/avril___vagine(shit thread)

No. 1491996

do you know where you are? >>1491990

No. 1492001


No. 1492142

Lol idk if this thread gets picked up at all but any examples/receipts of what you listed? I enjoy rock cows but never heard of this girl, guess even nepotism doesn't help.

No. 1492149

File: 1649077301756.png (899.83 KB, 702x1080, sd3w.png)

Samefag but lmao 680 likes on FB, barely 8000 follows on Instagram. 34k on Tiktok but gets like 500 likes a vid. plays in shitty taverns, talks to herself on her socials. covered that one hit by Nickelblack.
very suspicious if that's a selfpost. Looked up her IG and first this i see
>4/15 @ Irving plaza with @circlejerksband (nepotism)
if not how tf did you find this shit? this is laughable, collab with Arrow when?
>Literally threw her phone at Dani Miller during show just so Dani picks it up and she gets that sweet clout

No. 1492238

File: 1649086687527.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1284x1439, F9059DA1-4A3F-4EAF-8ED1-43BE3E…)

she went to college???? quick fake poverty check

No. 1492241

File: 1649087078309.png (1.04 MB, 1582x832, 888.png)

Lol, what a cringe. guess her tiktok must be even worse.

No. 1492243

File: 1649087185061.png (1.28 MB, 784x894, zxczxc.png)

No. 1492247

File: 1649087472327.png (934.94 KB, 790x844, vv.png)

I remember her now, someone tried to make a thread on her before but it didn't pick up. She's this poverty LARP wannabe courtney love.
Waiting for OP to provide more info since she follows her longer i guess? girl's cringe af though, that's sure.

No. 1492252

File: 1649087867938.png (1.19 MB, 674x986, zxczxc2.png)

reminds me of that CLove copycat who selfposted in indie rock thread. all same trade Courtney ripoff nepotist idiots who wonder why can't they make it.

No. 1492256

File: 1649088161682.jpeg (963.35 KB, 1284x1962, 2D9F0668-C952-4519-9606-0DDBEA…)

queerbaiting kween

No. 1492258

File: 1649088243229.jpeg (388.2 KB, 1125x1698, D97297B1-F1C9-4DF8-ABEE-58100C…)

but shes so poor she couldnt afford college??????????

No. 1492260

File: 1649088344849.jpeg (240.79 KB, 1125x1418, D51E43C2-8837-4421-8641-EF40B0…)

No. 1492262

File: 1649088499195.jpeg (320.63 KB, 1125x1516, 06AB6FEC-2C04-44C3-B7A6-937244…)

No. 1492265

File: 1649088589128.jpeg (354.79 KB, 1125x1206, 4313EC5F-5903-45B0-8A5E-DF01CA…)


No. 1492266

File: 1649088832836.jpeg (496.78 KB, 1125x1972, A1ED7703-7D31-46CB-A4CE-12BE0F…)

take a look at your own shows

No. 1492270

her smile is so ugly

No. 1492273

File: 1649089429262.jpeg (182.02 KB, 1284x387, C11AAD94-5EA2-455A-86D2-BF6159…)


No. 1492314


Yeah powerviolence is a genre not a band and lmao at


Are you lost OP?

No. 1492315

Powerviolence is a genre, don't think there's a singular band with that name

No. 1492317

lol looked her up she's a nepotism baby but it's not like it got her anywhere. she'd be signed to a label if she was using her dad's clout. this thread is weak and she's been here before… try again

No. 1492319

It's a big no in the punk scene, so it would be relevant to her punk larp. Haven't seen any evidence posted of that, though

No. 1492322

File: 1649092231940.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1284x1965, F9C47969-0364-401D-9EC8-DF80F9…)

No. 1492323

File: 1649092319040.jpeg (186.4 KB, 986x1557, 581ABB66-9F1D-48B0-B5F6-2D8D9B…)

No. 1492327

This is Violet's friend and I'm just gonna quickly go through the accusations here or whatever. Most of this is pretty easily debunked so I'm not sure why the thread is necessary. Greg Hetson is an original member of Circle Jerks. Violet has a job she has multiple tiktoks about it and multiple tiktoks making fun of starbucks where she worked until a couple months ago. She went to audio school for two years lol why are you acting like that costs anywhere near even a state college. She has literally dated women and has close trans friends so the transphobia and queerbating thing… doesnt make any sense. She doesn't take videos of "poverty stricken areas" lol thats what her street looks like. I can vouch for the fact that on multiple occasions in our friendship violet has had $0 in her bank account. Her dad didn't make shit off circle jerks until recently its not like we're talking about the fucking ramones here, and his house isnt worth much he lived in a random part of the valley im not gonna name for his safety but its not fkn laurel canyon or something lol. The man is pretty broke regardless of what google says about his net worth.

No. 1492334

her life really isnt dramatic in any way so i doubt this will get many comments but since its gonna show up when you look her up now i felt the need to say something. yall are wild and just making shit up at this point lmao

No. 1492337

File: 1649092803937.png (770.99 KB, 756x1286, lolwt.png)

LMAO it's either selfpost or someone with vendetta. she's ridiculous and i had a good laugh at her bullshit tiktoks, but it's totally her selfposting and i bet this "friend" is actually her.
Hi Violet.

No. 1492343

File: 1649093191182.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1284x2020, 9833E620-7586-4A00-B937-FB0EFA…)

Poverty Check! As Long As She Doesnt Live In It

No. 1492344

op deleted her tumblr and is bored so she posted this again. it didn't catch fire last time, it won't this time. get a job, sophie

No. 1492345

File: 1649093236199.jpeg (142.75 KB, 1000x1000, B5DE2416-1233-4E8D-9FC0-E370B3…)

she got them cubist eyes

No. 1492346

File: 1649093268860.jpeg (534.52 KB, 1284x2041, 98A9FC14-4877-4F17-9169-08CA7F…)

Why Are Poverty Stricken Areas Tiktok Worthy?

No. 1492348

hi violet(hi cow)

No. 1492349

File: 1649093431201.jpeg (958.52 KB, 828x1309, 5EA3FC8B-6006-4687-80A9-E91E03…)

Not too milky but she also has been proven to be racist and have said the N word. She also talks shit about all her friends and made fun of one of her CancerSurviver friends but she’s too stupid to stop being friends with Violet.

No. 1492353

Nobody would care about her father if he didn't tag her all the time, and she didn't talk about him all the time. Violet's ""friend"", how would you know she had 0$ on her account? what a bullshit, lmao. Sure, doubt they're filthy rich but they're not poor either. Indie artists have more money than you'd assume, don't worry about it. She had enough cash to move cities and live fucking comfortably. "poverty stricken areas" is just places she visits to take #aesthetic photos. Doubt her father's able to buy her career like Starcrawler, but he sure funds her life. she's just annoying bitch, but not sure if that warrants a whole ass thread.
Her tiktoks are a cringefest and she tries sooo hard to be a troll and ~getting back at her haters~. idk maybe it's vendetta-chan but wouldn't be surprised if that was her selfposting. she's boring, so now she decided to selfpost on Lolcow to make 10 new tiktoks "responding to lolcow". what a bore.

No. 1492365

Lots of bartards in these comments

No. 1492366

File: 1649093998603.jpg (185.81 KB, 828x1792, IMG_20220404_103616_609__01.jp…)

op crying when she was caught last year

No. 1492376

LMAO wtf is going on in this thread. Violet, you can stop crying about not being nepotist and shit, i scrolled down your account and you shown your dad on tiktok just a couple videos after you started posting. but right it doesn't matter, it doesn't even matter that your father has money, he can't buy you even remnants of fame. go back to acting unbothered on tiktok.

also, you can stop quickly making up "receipts" that some ex friend fucked you over. your plan didn't work, stop selfposting.

No. 1492378

File: 1649094722077.gif (2.27 MB, 480x360, 9676253e798ead471262d3f8b9f814…)

if the supposed "ex friend" OP is real then it's fucking kekworthy too. exquisite catfight
But… wait.
>Thread getting posted TODAY
>Violet's "friends" spots new thread IMMEDIATELY on the same day, a couple hours later
>or should i say Violet responds a couple hours later?
Nah, there's no vendetta friend. that's definitely Violet.

No. 1492383

File: 1649095019516.jpeg (67.38 KB, 1284x242, E9373C4A-3E75-4DAE-9FA4-6D4AD3…)

UR dedicated violet

No. 1492390

I can't get over how she made her own thread. a whole ass thread (made 2 threads?) about herself just so she could milk it and make new tiktok vids bitching about lolcow and pretend to be unbothered. bitch you made your own thread and got caught. what a cow
pro tip: don't acknowledge your selfpost thread existence 1 hour after you post in it.

No. 1492398

OP is named Sophie Holten lives in Washington DC, United States. This is her second LOL cow forum about Violet. It’s an obsession. She’s only mad because Violet rejected her offer to collaborate on a song. She has been known to be extremely transphobic herself, makes up harmful rumors for fun, and latches onto anyone else she can find that is as miserable as her. Misery loves company She also has doxxed multiple people online and then after all this she STILL plays victim LOL. Let’s just start a forum about her… Her instagram is mannysantosfromdegrassi(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1492400

Yea right nigga

No. 1492401

>>1492398 violet did you not read the rules no doxxing and stop using emojis kek

No. 1492402

File: 1649095826253.png (122.58 KB, 982x924, xxx.png)

she posted in March, but she posted 1 hours ago on Twitter >>1492383
On older TikTok she referred to 1st thread. This thread is second, someone made Violet Henson thread before but nobody cared.

No. 1492412

File: 1649096283301.jpeg (680.61 KB, 828x1403, F5BB79DA-09C2-46C3-BE9C-3F604D…)

here she is begging for money online for the millionth time. wonder where the nepotism money goes… maybe to the meth head boy friend

No. 1492428

not too milky but she supports supper problematic people such as her boyfriend who has multiple violent charges such as breaking and entering and is probably rac*st himself. she also gives money to the problematic suchaladybutimdancinlikeahoe, known for living a self-indulgent and destructive lifestyle, has cheated and said the N word in the past very publicly. they are probably commenting now to protect her image but the people you hang out with defiantly reflect who you are

No. 1492430

Who the fuck are you even talking about can we focus on the main characters here, someone delete this thread

No. 1492432

boring thread. just a cat fight from a girl who's obsessed about losing this violet person as a friend or not collabing on music. so many claims, no proof. anyone else bored?

No. 1492437

File: 1649097412326.jpeg (290.68 KB, 1170x1611, 7E465673-CCB7-4919-BC64-A28861…)

No. 1492438

File: 1649097414624.png (1.34 MB, 1036x916, zxcxzzzzzz.png)

Definitely not flexing her dad online. such a poor, poor spacious house

as opposed to her "punk" poverty LARP house flexing having dog shit on the floor:

No. 1492440

File: 1649097489487.jpeg (507.59 KB, 1170x1985, 474E50C2-9225-4788-BEF4-CC07A7…)


No. 1492441

Violet, you don't have to pretend it's different people posting these messages, we know all of these were written by you. there's a certain obvious thing revealing it's you. i won't tell which, but all of the fellow farmers will know.(hi cow)

No. 1492445

File: 1649097665569.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1284x2181, 0390C92C-EA84-4FCD-8774-893BBE…)

face it nepotism baby ur a nepotism baby

No. 1492446

Is that not an obvious joke

No. 1492448

File: 1649097802631.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1284x1061, D10EC533-F368-4821-9240-A6B1DE…)

violet makes fun of smokers and calls joints indica cigarettes

No. 1492449


She's asking for money? where? says she lost her wallet and keys. Is this the wrong sc?

No. 1492452

File: 1649097959827.jpeg (422.71 KB, 1170x2027, D97150B9-03AB-427C-A157-52D27F…)

When Daddy Wont Tag You in A IG Post

No. 1492456

File: 1649098069599.jpeg (260.36 KB, 1170x1275, C1497620-7207-4DF1-AEC3-9D45EF…)

i pity her it has to be difficult having a terrible band

No. 1492457

>violet makes fun of smokers
Why are you acting like that's a bad thing?

No. 1492462

File: 1649098219057.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 308.91 KB, 1170x1720, 24EC518B-4DB8-4F38-B144-CD023C…)

No. 1492464

she has pack of cigarettes in her hand so hypocritical when she needs views

No. 1492465

I love the sage function because it tells me which posts are made by newfags with vendettas who can’t read

No. 1492467

well she has that "intentional troll" and ""sArCasM oMg i"m sO famOus" vibe. one post doesn't give off that vibe immediately, but it's cringe and stupid in large quantities (basically everything she posts on tiktok). eyeroll.

No. 1492470

File: 1649098499345.jpeg (984.74 KB, 1145x1503, 584ECE29-8E73-4A0F-829C-E449FB…)

No. 1492471

File: 1649098552520.jpg (222.66 KB, 828x1792, IMG_20220404_103618_776__01.jp…)

oldfag op apologizing for writing the forum last year lol who wants to take bets on how long it'll take her to apologize this year

No. 1492472

Kek what the hell is going on over here

No. 1492475

I think it’s a couple people talking to themselves?

No. 1492477

File: 1649098666751.jpeg (414.41 KB, 1170x1737, A53920BC-BAA7-4A95-B35C-777CEE…)

ofc u dumb spoiled bitch ur nasty feet on a public table the fuck u think was going to happen ur punk edge would frighten any1 whod confront u?!?!?

No. 1492481

File: 1649098777901.jpg (29.03 KB, 400x394, 844c657e1304f9d4b25a4a9f60f1dc…)


No. 1492489

wtf i don't understand anything anymore. is someone making up these texts in a fake app or what
even if her bitter ex made that thread, she still knows about the new one and came here to whiteknight herself in disguise of her friend. so she's so smug about haters on tiktok but now she's crying about a forum on lolcow? i don't understand. what a failure, her, her imaginary friend, OP, whoever.

No. 1492492


femcel op's plan backfired

No. 1492557

what even is that
tumblr link? she's lowkey on insta but oh boy her tiktok is a deep source of semi-sarcastic "nerdy" shit that in reality seems so narcissistic and lame

No. 1492558

but of course it wasn't you posting Violet, right?

No. 1492567

File: 1649104589973.jpeg (390 KB, 1170x1660, A80ECDC8-9B01-4727-9B7C-DFCC9F…)

shes so famous guyz

No. 1492568

File: 1649104613419.jpg (12.66 KB, 517x140, Screenshot 2022-04-04 133700.j…)

No. 1492578

but of course. fuck this shit, did she really think it's not THAT easy to debunk? "i'm poor" my ass lol.
Guess she's having a dirty delete on tiktok now to hide something? is it private for everyone or just ppl who don't follow? i don't have tiktok so idk

No. 1492581

It's located in Greenwich Village, one of the most desirable places to be in Manhattan. Seems like a really nice school. She might be a better fit for the indie cows thread. This is a little bit milky but also like, who cares

No. 1492585

yeah, this. i've had a bit of fun at this ridiculousness but i don't think any of us cares enough to keep up with her for a longer while.

No. 1492586

File: 1649105632373.jpeg (205.22 KB, 1125x1886, 80B4AFE0-40A1-40FA-8534-2FBD6E…)

twitters gone as well

No. 1492605

File: 1649107006520.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x2203, B333D5D5-00F7-4CD3-9FE1-8AB88B…)


No. 1492612

File: 1649107292015.jpeg (1 MB, 1284x1904, AA32AAAE-A702-4CB2-A983-DF4F96…)

pls read

No. 1492613

File: 1649107372999.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1284x2092, FACB4263-BB96-4A91-9328-822946…)

what’s wrong w her neck

No. 1492618

File: 1649107577207.jpeg (1003.9 KB, 1284x1678, AC68F603-F3A0-4061-818C-FB11AD…)

i mean ya

No. 1492622

File: 1649107742139.jpeg (61.43 KB, 1284x306, 162CB7FF-9BC5-45D5-A135-C48498…)

No. 1492624

File: 1649107786963.jpeg (47.81 KB, 1283x312, CBAE0FF3-3ACA-411D-B33E-D13A5B…)

No. 1492626

File: 1649107827050.jpeg (158.21 KB, 1284x761, 4A6DD6A8-9039-4870-B688-96188E…)

No. 1492627

File: 1649107941112.jpeg (105.02 KB, 1284x427, 07209451-88D5-4A91-8FCC-AC8CAB…)


No. 1492628

File: 1649108026874.jpg (64.55 KB, 1015x1024, me@u.jpg)

she will never care about you sophie put the needle down get a fucking life

No. 1492631

File: 1649108088193.jpeg (94.13 KB, 1284x571, 6F7660EF-6489-45D3-890F-A309E2…)

No. 1492634

my tinfoil is that she found her first thread and probably lurked and found arrows thread and the indie cows thread and decided that lolcow was a good way to self promo and the unsaged retard is one of her friends who she pressured into defending her or something

No. 1492636

Meth head boyfriend? He’s been completely sober for like 2 years now doesn’t even smoke weed. What the fuck are you talking about

No. 1492640

nah im just someone who actually knows the girl that made this thread imagine a heroin addict trying to criticize your life because she hasnt shit with hers yall need to go tf outside

No. 1492641

Lmaoooo are you too stupid to see clear sarcasm? Wtf

No. 1492661

Why would it be pointless just because it doesn't exist anymore retard

No. 1492663

being ugly is punk you stupid bitch

No. 1492666


No. 1492667

good observation, was fun while it lasted but it’s boring when they’re self posting

No. 1492681

damn for how many people are complaining about her feigning being a celebrity and hating on her every move and screenshotting every post you’d think she was a celebrity

No. 1492684

File: 1649111589036.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 780.97 KB, 1284x1241, 99CC996D-04A5-4AFB-B6FF-B79F1B…)

no jus rly annoying

No. 1492694

i have a bit of her Twitter archived if anyone wants but its just pointless shit. she didn't have to delete that one, lmao.
lmao, no. Violet, it's going to work for you. A lot of cows have tried to sue, never worked. it's gonna stay here forever. My advice: stop caring, move on. you're a nepo baby, you're not poor and struggling, that's not defamation of character. that's truth. Unblock your shit, go on with your life. Tbh we would lose interest anyway soon. we already lose interest and probably won't keep up with your life. you're making it worse, same as OP. move on with your boring life.
>damn for how many people are complaining about her feigning being a celebrity and hating on her every move and screenshotting every post you’d think she was a celebrity
Lmao, typical violet "people care i must be so famous" talk. just admit you are her. don't fret, this thread is gonna die either way. we already lost interest in you. you're boring.

No. 1492697

I think so too. This smells like a selfpost gone wrong. She thought having thread like Arrow or Indie cows would actually gain her a couple generous listeners. She probably thought this thread would 100% end up like previous, being ignored, just with a couple of posts and gone but doing the promo work. So then she would make a new tiktok video saying "omg my haters are so dedicated i have lolcow thread can you imagine lmao". She ALREADY done a video like that, a week or 2 ago. but that went the wrong way and anons started debunking her lies so she panicked.

I'm still curious about vendetta chan storyline. anyone thinks that's true or did she just fabricate message "proofs"? Vendetta chan, if you exist can you speak up, are you her ex friend and why did you bring her up? come on, just say yes or no, so we know if she selfposted or not.

No. 1492706

File: 1649113369708.png (1.12 MB, 830x774, 555.png)

samefag but wow, she used to have such a Courtney Love ripoff, cottagecore sadbbygurl image a few years ago, before she adapted the "unsettingly weird Aubrey Plaza tier awkward nerdy girl" image for tiktok.
Violet, don't panic. you can continue releasing shit music for 800 of your subscribers, you're not interesting enough for us to check up with you everyday. Just stop lying. Don't lie that you don't use nepotism, and don't lie that you're not rich. really. when musicians lie about their ubringing, sooner or later truth comes out and you end up exposed. thank you, next.

No. 1492740

How was anything about this girl “exposed” when she posts this stuff publicly herself? I think op jealous seems like they keep major tabs on her for no reason. I don’t see any actual dirt on this person

No. 1492746

lolcow farmers really fell for the idea that violet started this thread and the one from last year because vendetta chan failed so epically. let's make this a tradition, let's make a powerviolets lolcow every year.

i dmed powerviolets and she did send more receipts from that text convo with vendetta chan crying. should i post or should this die

No. 1492748

File: 1649116135623.jpeg (2.06 MB, 3088x2320, 30A50769-DAF1-4B57-971C-85DA26…)

My new tumblr is onmycigarettebreak.tumblr.com(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1492753

File: 1649116201886.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.56 KB, 1006x801, 7D8206C5-E275-4364-9492-FF5684…)

Why are u so insensitive to addicts when you face a similar reality

No. 1492759

Yessss, I love the rich girl who never had the love of her celebrity dad turns poverty larper pipeline

No. 1492762

who tf even is this, and why tf are you even here trying to defend yourself violet? No one here is rooting for your self-obsessed ass

No. 1492766

File: 1649116775979.jpeg (100.45 KB, 750x553, 3DD4B1EF-ADD3-4DEA-BB42-C277FA…)

violets MO is drawing attention and playing victim when she gets backlash she clearly yearns for this cycle of negative attention but yet needing to claim a narrative?

No. 1492771

who the hell is this and why should anyone care about her? did someone request this thread? this whole thing is a mess with the cow herself in here

No. 1492773


nah, im convinced that she actually has no haters and all of this is fabricated.

No. 1492775

the punk herself prob requested this thread to promote her album

No. 1492777

violet stop

No. 1492778

thought she posted the text convo already, just need to let this die

No. 1492779

Molly you’re so dumb

No. 1492781


if this was a genuine attempt at a lolcow from one of her haters then this makes me like violet instead of the opposite. good shit vendetta chan, you just gave her another fan.

No. 1492782

lol wtf she doesn't even know how people here talk

No. 1492783

Tfwyourejustagirl with no life that brags constantly about getting a raise at UHAUL lmfao and won’t spay her ratty ass dog

No. 1492837

Newfag detected

No. 1492846

Not much of it, but things that were exposed here along the way
>not a nepo baby!
uses her father for clout, immediately after making tiktok she posted vid of her dad and started talking how Rob Zombie was her babysitter etc. Plays before his band, her father always tags and promotes her on insta.
>pretends her father is fucking poor
He's been in a lot of popular bands, he accumulated notorious money throughout the years.
>pretends she's poor
see above
>pretends to live in a poor area, poor house
tiktoks shot showing her & her dad inside the super spacious, comfy looking house. her & her boyfriend's house (I guess) also looks way above what's called "poverty" house.
>says fuck you to college kids, as if she never went to college/uni
Her father posts pic from her graduation and lists the place where she studied. >>1492258 Anon lists monthly fee they had to pay to be able to study. >>1492568 Poor people cannot afford such money.

Has her friends posting on lolcow defending her ass saying they sure can swear to god her father's struggling af and Violet always has 0$ on her account! Sure anyone's going to believe you after seeing that study fee. lol

Anyways they're both a fucking cows, Violet and that vendetta OP who posted her. I thought it's Violet who self posted, which it probably weren't. Idk. However still believe it's her posting as her "friend". Pathetic altogether, I feel like we all wasted time.

No. 1492870

>let's make this a tradition, let's make a powerviolets lolcow every year.
This sentence makes me think you're the same person as >>1492375 >>1492398 You whiteknight Violet, cry how dare you post about Violet here but each of your post ends with "let's make a forum about OP! Let's make a forum about Sophie!/whoever. Shut up, no one's gonna make a thread about bitch you're fighting with. You're just as bad as OP because you want us so bad to make a thread and flood her with criticism too.
literally stop, whoever you are, you're pretending to be a hater/vendetta chan but you don't even know that nobody here talks like that.
This. She posts about haters all the time. Her tiktok was full of her responding to each and every hate comment, even least important shit. She went crazy about some nobody fanzine that messaged her back and said "Sorry we won't feature your album. We like the dreamy pop sound of your song but it's recorded in too low quality". Instead of ignoring hate, she's THRIVING on hate/criticism comments and inviting more of that hate. Perhaps she's writing that hate messages herself? Which makes me think she's thriving on negativity and she staged up the whole thing, for promo and to have a reason to put on unbothered bitchy persona and say she doesn't care about her "haters". Perhaps she even throws a totally random anon from the net under the bus. she just wants epic drama.
Nah not sure about vendetta chan version story anymore, I say there are good reasons to think Violet selfposted.

No. 1492876

>I feel like we all wasted time.

maybe YOU wasted your time but this was a fucking hilarious car crash to watch unfold


Hows the tinfoil cap fitting? need any adjustments? you farmers really have zero critical thinking skills. Honk honk

No. 1492881

Wow, someone learned to sage! Too bad your newfag vibe is still showing, everyone can tell which posts are yours. lol
>tinfoil hat
Cry me a river, nothing like screeching tinfoil hat theory when someone got caught lying
>maybe YOU wasted your time but this was a fucking hilarious car crash to watch unfold
Lmao did you even think before posting that? So you just admitted this was all staged up/selfposted for attention or lame attempt at trolling. you got your 5 minutes on lolcow, glad that YOU didn't waste your time. kek

No. 1492882


top kek indeed, m8

No. 1492896

I don’t think she self posted. She wouldn’t have deleted all of her social media if she wanted the attention. I don’t even see her insta anymore

No. 1492900

File: 1649124512379.jpeg (157.46 KB, 1284x603, DCD23A8E-3706-49F4-9500-CFA83D…)

is this how you promote your music by directing traffic to self made thread

No. 1492901

the newfag is still showing

No. 1492907

She deleted her Twitter: this is not recent.

No. 1492908

sage on the email field damn

No. 1492921

look im not violet and she didn't "have" me post on here, in our group chat i quite literally apologized for fanning the flame but here I am again because I'm a protective friend.

We wouldn't be as concerned about the thread if the person who made it hadn't had a blog basically dedicated to violet for a year and dmed her dad about how horrible of a person she is trying to get her FAMILY involved. This girl tracked Violet's mfing IP address. It's truly and honestly stalker behavior and I doubt Violet would care if it had been someone random but all her friends know it wasnt lol.

ps. I learned how to read the rules f yall

No. 1492923

you didn't, you didn't even learn to fucking sage, also it's all your word against proof of her larping as a poor person and being annoying. Also if you knew the first thing about this site you'd know that either you post proof it didn't happen and we don't care newfag

No. 1492924

Newfags are still showing.
I knew this was coming, archived some just in case. She should've left that one, her insta was pretty tame and mostly didn't have that narcissistic lame vibe.
I don't get why she panicked so bad. On her social media, she was so attention starved and bitched that she wants to be so famous. And she got alot of hate, i mean typical hate like you're so ugly, racist shit etc. And here people are largely calling out her nepo/pretending to be poor shit. Lol, is that why she panics?
I cringed at her stuff, but I think she shouldn't have deleted her socials. Only a handful of anons post in this thread and everyone said they're bored. A couple of screenshots were posted but everyone collectively admitted its boring and not worth keeping up with her anymore. On her tiktok she acted so unbothered and laughed at people who said she's nepotist baby (and her tiktok had infinitely wider audience than a couple farmers here). I absolutely don't know what is going on, but if OP vendettachan is even real, then Violet should ignore and continue posting on socials nonetheless. that would be a biggest fuck you to vendetta chan. But then again, not sure who OP was.

No. 1492928

also for the record I know when she has no money because in general close friends know when the others cant afford fucking food lol. I don't know why people are so attached to the narrative of her being secretly rich, how much do you think he dad made off an 80s punk band? he's been in other shit but circle jerks is the only thing hes still in and the only band he receives royalties from. if anything theyre more popular now than they were in the 80s or 90s, but he sure as hell wasnt making good money off of music when violet was a kid and hes not rolling in it now. Idk why people are acting like IAR costs anything near a four year state school, or like loans dont exist. As someone in the working class my friend being painted as secretly rich is almost as annoying as when actually rich people pretend to be poor lol. i woulda sniffed it out by now and called her out myself but she doesnt have any money to call her out for

No. 1492930

fr, I'm just here because I'm bored lol but I wish there was more milk since I do hate nepotism

No. 1492932

Okay violet, I'm sooooooo sorry you have to live with your rockstar dad while you starve, also I'm so sorry you went to college and it must be so hard knowing famous people to listen to your shitty music! lol u still don't know how to sage after deleting your last post.Well this is getting boring, no one cares this much for this pathetic foepunk to even stay here talking about it. I'm calling a okay cow here, bye.

No. 1492935

Even if that was true, doxxing is against the rules on Lolcow. IP, address and shit would be immediately deleted by site handlers. And tbh we don't care about her IP. we said she's cringe, that's all. As for alleged obsessed stalker, deal with it privately. I mean deal with stalker's blog. Nothing important has been posted here, just stuff we noticed on her public socials. Things she posted for all to see.
This thread would fucking die and be forgotten 1 day later. You make it constantly running, with your WK posts, Violet's reaction to it etc. Now people are speculating.
Please explain how she affords college. Nobody just gets whole 16,000$ as a loan. Explain that huge ass house. How is her father affording such a big house? How is Violet affording her own house? (assuming she lives elsewhere w her boyfriend and not in the same house as her dad) Ok, maybe they're not stinking rich but they're nowhere near "poor". You LA/NYC people have really skewed idea of what is poverty and what is not. This is fucking laughable.

No. 1492938

File: 1649127104047.jpg (98.79 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20220227-160734.jpg)

no sage needed bc I have lots of proof. Here's vendetta chan bragging on her old tumblr how she and her friend were comparing their asses to violets but they were assuming violets ass size from a tiktok? Like they drew a squiggle over it lol wtf seems pretty insecure to me anyway i have more screenshots but idk if you all deserve them anyway violet didn't selfpost, you're all cringe for even thinking that, and vendetta chan thought this was gonna blow tf up but it ended up exploding in her face lel

No. 1492942

im from bumfuck NC in a town with dirt roads where half the people have no running water so please dont call me a NY or LA person LOL worst insult ouch

No. 1492944

File: 1649127299497.jpg (233.29 KB, 1080x1494, Screenshot_20220301-175059__01…)

rich that op is complaining about violet being rich when she is a trad waifu whose hubby brings home the bacon

No. 1492945

also what do you mean nobody gets loans like that… student loans are very common?
she lives in an apartment in brooklyn with 4 roommates idk its not hard to believe she could pull that off. i moved from nowhere to ny knowing nobody and managed to get a job and an apartment, people do it every day, she just has a job and pays the rent lol

No. 1492946

And yet all that "dirty streets no water" upbringing didn't teach you to differenciate I see. You lived in such a poverty but you think Violet's comfy house is a top tier poverty. Lmao

No. 1492950

dirt roads not dirty streets lol. clean, just not paved. Also said she had no money in her bank account and was in debt, never said she was living in squaller. The tiktoks she posted of her "poverty stricken" street are just what the area of brooklyn we live in look like, if you think I dont know the difference thats on you obviously theres a reason I left home. I also had running water and electric my point was dont act like im some LA bitch lmfao

No. 1492953

and she lives in an apartment not a house. Her dad has a house in the valley, really not worth much in the 80s when he moved there but people here seem to think the valley is rich, the part he lives in is just normy families not celebrities. Her boyfriends house doesnt have anything to do with her and he lives with his parents. If youre looking at what SHE pays for, its an apartment in brooklyn with four roommates that she covered the rent for working part time at starbucks

No. 1492954


yesssss go off queen

No. 1492955

Wtf. Well that looks pretty fucked up. no chance to see anything else though, seems the blog is deleted now.
I'm not saying she HERSELF has a lot of money. she's a young person, of course she doesn't make enough on her shitty music or wherever else. I said her dad has enough money and Violet grew up in a comfy neighbourhood and her dad allowed pricey uni. She sure still gets help from him too. That's not poverty if your parents could finance all that.
Once again, the interiors she showed on her TIktok aren't poverty houses. Her dad's house is not poverty house, but you conveniently say nothing about that. Nobody says they're millionaires, but they 100% have money and they're not struggling. But you make it sound like they're barely living, cause they both have nothing on their bank accounts. Which i very much doubt. This is hilarious. Quit excusing Violet's poverty LARP, nobody believes your shit.
>Her dad has a house in the valley, really not worth much in the 80s
Still he had enough money to afford a house. that's not struggling. Waiting for Amerifag anons to verify this but "struggling people" can't afford Valley houses, no matter how cheap.

No. 1492958

you annoying bitches arguing for violets honor are whats keeping her thread alive the irony is breathtaking

No. 1492960

will violet spend all her dads $ on lawyers trying to get a gossip thread taken down

No. 1492966

Lmao i forgot she's looking for a lawyer now. How? Honor-protecting anon says she has 0$ in her bank! Or will anon claim now that she's looking for pro bono lawyer? kek

No. 1492971

File: 1649128613561.jpeg (77.45 KB, 1284x395, 2B46ABBA-2E52-4943-B797-0AB45C…)

Care to explain Violet stans?

No. 1492972

when did anyone say her dad has $0? i just said he didnt have enough to support them both. Violet has no money. Her dad was a p average working class guy and in the 80s people could afford houses much more easily than now, california or otherwise. Not sure if he outright owns it or not though I've never asked lol.

No. 1492973


and this is why i said you guys lack critical thinking skills. lawyer isn't for the gossip thread HONK HONK!! might be time for a masterclass on context clues

No. 1492974

this was in response to people saying people only find her music through her dad. shes never said she has no leg up in music its just annoying that people think shes rich and like living off her families money lol. she also didn't live with her dad most of her childhood but nobody has brought her mom up so it seems irrelevant

No. 1492975

File: 1649128866412.jpeg (51.49 KB, 1125x262, 4C53A138-C2C4-4A73-A1E8-3087AB…)

how does her pussy taste

No. 1492976

No, you don't get the context anon. doesn't matter who she wants lawyer for, who cares that she wants lawyer cause some stupid tumblr bitches were screenshotting her ass (lmao). Point is, she wants a lawyer. Means she has money for a lawyer. Not poor.

No. 1492979

kek. you just know Violet's friend will tell you next that it was 20 years ago, and 20 years ago houses in the valley costed 5 dollars tops.

No. 1492980

File: 1649129068273.jpeg (368.96 KB, 1284x940, 6CE91001-3E9A-4D20-90E6-774101…)

looking @ her tiktok about her orig lolcow the commenters r prob some of these newfags

No. 1492981

How many of us in this thread grew up living in a house? It’s not that deep

No. 1492985


ever heard of a free consultation? do you think breathing costs money too

No. 1492986

not for nepotism babies

No. 1492991

File: 1649129280473.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1284x1632, B63D36B0-E95B-409C-A0BA-B70953…)

The punk roams the thread herself I know it

No. 1492995

Told ya. recognized she's this type of personality immediately when I scrolled her tiktok page. Responding to every hate comment, even if it's very vanilla or technically not hate at all.
Not in such big and pricey Valley house like her father.

No. 1492998

No she doesn't. Learn to sage

No. 1493000

Damn it is this one person mass producing all these posts at random? Who looks kinda cool? This is not her on this picture >>1492991 Nothing cool about her personality either.

No. 1493001

How many bedrooms is her dads house

No. 1493008

File: 1649130127439.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1284x1967, 749E8991-0BFF-477C-B3DF-582509…)

My dad doesnt help me!!!!!!!! I’m authentic punk!!!! Real deal!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1493009

File: 1649130268987.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1284x1796, 414C2227-BBF1-4D5F-8859-215765…)

does she not realize shes so nauseatingly unfunny and projects the truth about her “music career” by attempting to pawn the haters

No. 1493010

This is kinda cute ngl

No. 1493012

Aren’t you bored?

No. 1493013

if its close to a million now what do you think it cost 20 years ago? not a million. again, not poor, but not rich for sure lol

No. 1493014

not yet

No. 1493018

suspicious that people have this many screenshots from her Instagram stockpiled. Screams obsession

No. 1493019

thats because it is lpl

No. 1493020

I thought this was Billie Eillish

No. 1493021

Her dad is probably a nice person and looks like he's very supportive, I get he probably wants to help her. Especially since that nepotism doesn't even get her anywhere, he's her only chance to play any bigger shows. What I dislike is her attitude, SHE is insufferable.
like clockwork. looked some shit up, houses in LA roughly costed 100,000$ in 1980. Not sure how exactly, depends on side of the city, condition etc. However the house/apt shown online was very spacious. Definitely not for very poor person. nobody says he's rich ass but stop lying they're poor.
I thought the same thing. Like yeah it's good to have proofs and all but it's obvious someone followed her for a long time and stocked those screens.

No. 1493022

Real nepotism baby, eilish

No. 1493024

I think her attitude is kinda funny. I hated her at the beginning of reading this forum seems like she’s just a #funnygirl also I checked out her music, not bad at all

No. 1493025

her instagram is public is it not? are you stupid?

No. 1493026

jfc this is pathetic. Don't want people calling you nepotist baby? Then stop fucking playing with your dad's band and asking for favours, problem solved. This is plain fucking stupid at this point, idiot lies in bed bitching woe is me, people are calling me nepo boohoo. Change your fucking ways then instead of posting half baked sarcasm and arguing with everyone that you're so poor and defo not supported by famous daddy.

No. 1493027

Nta but is it? Last time i checked (1-2 hour ago) it was privated/deleted

No. 1493028

past doesnt exist anymore?

No. 1493031

chill, i just thought she unprivated it and that's a most recent IG story.

No. 1493032

Violet doesn’t.

No. 1493034

Her hair is blue right now it’s not recent

No. 1493036

You should look up how many times she's played with her dad. Easy to disprove this stuff, Google exists. Powerviolets never played a show with circle jerks. Upcoming one is first one ever in her entire music career kek

No. 1493038

Doesn't matter. She's still planning to do that so what difference does it make?

No. 1493040

>stop fucking playing with your dad's band
Stop playing? O rly? present progressive tense indicates your feelings are hurt bro

No. 1493041

how many other bands w 800 listeners gets to play with circle jerks for no reason other than relation

No. 1493042

the disbelievers are keeping this thread alive thx

No. 1493044

File: 1649132195349.jpeg (1.84 MB, 1284x2189, 152C2490-D86B-4B1F-B883-2D19D0…)

it is okay Violet you will still survive financially if you do not write a hit song (bc you never have) or any songs for tht matter

No. 1493088

File: 1649134776998.jpeg (517.98 KB, 895x979, D5CE9B44-B236-4481-B098-DC8312…)

Hi violet it is ur unfunniness that gives u away

No. 1493089

why is newfag bumping

No. 1493091

Molly is that you

No. 1493093

grew up in the valley with a ton of kids who’s parents were rock/punk bands - even dads in bands that were far less well known than circle jerks were able to afford a comfortably middle class lifestyle even if their houses were “more affordable in the 80s”. maybe she should be more transparent about her own privilege instead of fighting so hard to be seen as a poverty bb kek

No. 1493097

Yeah, it’s still MIA.

No. 1493098

Poverty LARP 4ever

No. 1493099

tbh her and her friends haven't said her family is poor, just that they aren't rich

No. 1493108

violet cannot let something go so this thread will be on its second in no time

No. 1493134

Wait how is this any admission to starting an lolcow

No. 1493293

God I used to follow this bitch on IG/tiktok for a while but I ended up unfollowing her because she is just sooooo insufferable, boring, and condescending kek. Her music isn’t any better either. Funny to see her on lolcow, even if this thread is a fucking mess.
A little funny that she wants to sue over lolcow while simultaneously larping being a poor little impoverished punk girl, no nepotism involved!

No. 1493331

No. There were countless anons here saying "Ok no she isn't hysterically rich,they're not famous superstars etc. but they're certainly not poor or struggling either, and they can afford big ass comfy house" And that "Mysterious Friend" is still losing her shit trying to tell everyone that she has inclusive look into her bank account and Violet has 0$ there, that she's in debt, that she lives in impoverished side of Brooklynn and they document trashy sides cause that's where they unfortunately live, and that her father have no money to support her too and that million dollars worth house was in fact very cheap in the 80's, so don't be surprised that impoverished man in the 80's just singlehandedly afforded a house that probably costed 90,000-100,000$ or more. Meanwhile she claims her father CANNOT afford to support both him and his daughter (bs). Everybody here says it's not what poverty is, but she just won't let it go
Shh, don't tell her that or Mysterious Friend will tell you have no logical thinking skills honk honk! lol She now tries to spin this around saying ~it's not for the lolcow~ it's prob for the randm tumblr chicks who might or might not exist.

No. 1493335

What's ironic is that everyone would lose interest, but that whiteknight is who's keeping this thread alive. Maybe there was some vendetta idiot who started the thread, but the whiteknight is making everything worse. on top of Violet being generally unsympathetic and annoying, i think i can say that there's one thing that people there hate collectively and that is nepotist babies crying that they were poor. if you do that, people won't let go. just had to admit she has money instead of fighting for honor, lol.

No. 1493343

They sell Circle jerks shit at hot topic. They're one of the most commercialized punk bands I can think of. Every mall goth has a circle jerks patch.
Maybe you don't understand that your dad doesn't have to be the one to "book the shows". You're only getting shows by virtue of being his daughter and telling everyone you're his daughter. You really think the guys booking at those venues don't take that into account?
Actually yes, they do. No PL but I know bands that opened for them that don't have social media presence. Streams don't mean much.

No. 1493414

where did the friend say that though? from what ive read they just said violet's dad wasn't rich am i missing something
a house worth $100,000 in california is pretty normal lol this thread should have already died

No. 1493442

u dk how to read?

No. 1493443

>i just said he didnt have enough to support them both
>Her dad was a p average working class guy
> I know when she has no money because in general close friends know when the others cant afford fucking food
Soo her dad cannot support her too, cannot even buy her food when she has no cash in the bank? This person always states that he doesn't make much, and
>Her dad didn't make shit off circle jerks until recently
Oh. If he didn't make shit then, how the fuck could he afford buying that valley house?
>the part he lives in is just normy families not celebrities
surprise, normie families houses cost much too! there's a reason not every normie family can buy a house, in the valley or elsewhere.

Idk if that's how much they paid, tried to guess how much that "low" cost was in the 80's. Maybe I live in some other world than you or something, but 100,000$ is not how much POOR people pay for their houses. If Violet is poor, then I guess I must be barely fucking exisiting level of struggling, cause I can't afford that house even though I'm working class "like her" too. Most of people can't. Again, sending you back to this post
>grew up in the valley with a ton of kids who’s parents were rock/punk bands - even dads in bands that were far less well known than circle jerks were able to afford a comfortably middle class lifestyle even if their houses were “more affordable in the 80s”.

No. 1493445

I mean, it's just like Autumn De Wilde thinks that she lived struggling hard in such a poverty, in a comfy family sized house, in a poverty stricken neighbourhood Echo Park, LA. priviledged ppl complex shining through.
But you're right, this thread should have died long before that "Friend" came to bitch and fight for Violet.

No. 1493446

“this thread should die already” keep squawking that while keeping this thread alive bozo

No. 1493448

u dk how to write?

No. 1493468

I didn’t write I typed

No. 1493485

File: 1649176747975.jpeg (170.75 KB, 426x577, 3C0FBE83-3F6B-4F8B-BB75-5916B7…)

She is everywhere.

No. 1493491

nobody said he was "struggling" though just not a millionair like google implies lol

why does everyone think its one or the other people just said he was a middle class guy

No. 1493492

except literally nobody called him impoverished lol but why would an adult woman be getting checks from her dad

No. 1493510

kek u spending time defending a cow keeping the gossip lively thx for the entertainment

No. 1493609

>nobody called him impoverished
And yet you said "HE'S BROKE". people very much doubt it.
>why would an adult woman be getting checks from her dad
It's good that she doesn't, but I don't believe he would not be able to give her cash if he wanted. WK anon said her father CANNOT afford to support both himself and Violet, i call bullshit.

Impoverished or not, rich or not, thing is that this chick grew up priviledged and WITH money, and her dad HAD money. and probably still has enough to help her out, even if he doesn't do it now. Aside from Circle Jerks, Greg Hetson also played in Red Kross AND Bad Religion. In various years but iirc he was there in Bad Religion's best, most cash fueled years. Epitaph Records is no small deal, ppl who recorded for them can afford to live very comfortably now. So no he wasn't rich but he 100% has or had more money than most of us posting here. Nobody believes that they have no money. Get over it.

No. 1493616

Have you guys seen that episode of King of the hill when Bobby thinks his dad is rich because Hank got a 1k bonus and doesn't understand how money works. That's all of you rn lmfao please keep going

No. 1493699

File: 1649191493866.jpeg (952.68 KB, 991x1581, 4AAF5E76-C6E9-45BD-8E0A-731472…)

what is up with her spiteful obsession w college?

No. 1493742

all im getting from this post is that she was stupid enough to click on an ip grabber. lol.

No. 1493752

stalker apologist lol

No. 1493778

How often are you refreshing this thread don’t lie

No. 1493816

File: 1649198765937.jpeg (325.31 KB, 1284x1265, C4529DC4-4814-4FF1-8FAA-B3F6E3…)

idt she cares about trivial ip addys shes a badass dnt u kno

No. 1493819

its prob violet who thinks defendin herself will kill the thread kek

No. 1493828

Probably lmao, embarrassing.
Don’t post people’s addresses wtf is wrong with you??

No. 1493831

read the rules violet

No. 1493834

the same girl that thinks ip grabbers is stalking will call a lawyer over lolcow and post addys kek

No. 1493840

Tinfoil she posted her own address so she could say the “stalkers” posted it for pity points/totally gonna happen lawsuit points.
It didn’t even say who’s house it’s supposed to be though, I’m still not sure if that was supposed to be hers or? The supposed OP’s?

No. 1493857

File: 1649201316579.jpeg (213.36 KB, 828x1361, 83018948-B9E8-4FA7-902C-33816D…)

No. 1493872

shes 25 and acting like my cringe ass did in tHe PuNk sCeNe when i was fucking 16. grow up.

No. 1493884

this is such a normal house, like it just looks like your average lower middle class inland empire suburbs ass track home. don't get me wrong this girl is cringe but there are a million girls who act like this online, she belongs in one of the "general" music or social media threads. same with that arrow starcrawler girl tbh and a few others

also sage for extremely ot dumb blog but i just found this thread today and was so surprised. she has always been one of my like "personal cows" i semi would keep up with and then lose interest in, but i only knew about her bc of very faint irl connections to her (one of her friends is an ex of one of the garden twins) and had no idea she made music or had some viral tiktoks or whatever it is that she does. i haven't looked at her socials in years though. between her, sandra popa and bree mcgee all having threads (all of whom i thought no one else rly cared about) i'm feeling very unoriginal right now lol

No. 1493932

Tbh nobody aside from OP would post Violet here, not even in indie cows. the girl's boring and i thought convo would die today but thread is continuing because her/her friend sits all day whiteknighting, which people thought was dumber than anything listed in the summary. WK is keeping this thread alive, which i guess make farmers watch in amusement.
Arrow warrants her own thread at this point, she ticks the cow boxes, rides nepotism full time compared to Violet and has milk. ofc she's not everyone's cup of tea which i understand but there's a lot of anons who enjoy her thread so i i'm kinda bored with people still whining about that, she makes more sense than Luna Aquafine or a few camgirl with separate threads. there are cows of all kinds and no guidelines that rock cows aren't cows. I agree though that Violet has no milk and thread is useless.

No. 1494065

She’s finally getting her fame.

No. 1494103

File: 1649216865502.jpeg (142.58 KB, 1093x1119, 7100297B-E0C6-4115-9DEF-CB80BB…)

the bitch deleted her instagram!!! hahahahahahahahha

No. 1494494

It's already been posted. i've seen her insta, wasn't as cringe as tiktoks, no milk besides a few screens posted in the very beginning of this thread. are you the alleged vendetta OP? you sound oddly delighted that she deleted. thread's been fun and this bitch is annoying af but as a few nonitas mentioned, it's getting really weird posts lately.
what is this? Violet's house? OP's house? how the fuck this person got this address? is that the person who tracked her IP posting or Violet showing her pricey suburban house looks absolutely #valleypoverty? this is really getting obsessive.

No. 1494585

sophie get a job and stop obsessing over violet shes not going to fuck you

No. 1494600

is masturbating to your exes little sisters and spending your prostitution money on lain figures not doing it for you anymore sophie

No. 1494604

that sentence is fucked up!! what a freak!!

No. 1494641

>>1494600 newfag thread is dead stop refreshing your tabs

No. 1494658

No. 1494695

lmao i have less and less sympathy for violet/whiteknight friend. constantly refreshes this thread, won't let this discussion go and writes awful sentences like that, as well as shitting on heroin addicts >>1492628 >>1492640 "put the needle sophie!" lmao shut the fuck up. with shit talk like that, you only make people turn against YOU. would be hilarious if that's Violet posting, because Violet pretended to be ohh so understanding for heroin addicts in one of her tiktoks, getting all preachy and saying her family members dealed with addictions and "heroin addiction is a serious subject". OP/sophie/whoever (if they exist) are cringey for having vendetta, but you sure are no fucking better.
you bitch about this person doxxing, yet you just doxxed her yourself. perfect.

No. 1494697

also i'm pretty sure most of newfags are in fact one person writing "arguments" pro and against Violet. that or it's just Violet and tumblr bitches having a catfight because they just can't let go getting everyone's attention. nobody cares.

No. 1494724

no wonder sophie ran off tumblr, everyone knows about her obsession with violet. how long has this consumed you now? a year and a half? two years? so this is what you do now that you're not on tumblr? stop embarrassing yourself & get some help. this is on tumblr, we know it's you and it's just worrying you're still at this

No. 1494739

>>1494724 white knight why are you so obsessed with this sophie person? you’re the reason this thread is alive go back to tumblr you’re a cow yourself

No. 1494740

you’ve said she ran off tumblr yet you doxx her and posted her tumblr all in the same day make it make since

No. 1494769

sophie, at your big age you still making incel forums about a girl who didn’t know you existed til you started cyber bullying her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1494772

kek you are going hog wild to keep this thread alive

No. 1494774

me thinks violet doesnt know how to sage here she is crediting herself to be a celebrity who knos nobody but earlier said they were friends???

No. 1494776

File: 1649280282873.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 541.64 KB, 828x1362, D94FAB29-E248-4569-BB8E-7B48A9…)

Anyone ever noticed she has a lady-dick?

No. 1494777

kek seems like the girl can't stand that thread is getting slower and people don't post here anymore. you know she'll just bump this forever talking about some nonexistent sophie.
are you gonna bump this thread and bring everyones attention here every 30 minutes? lmao

No. 1494781

I'm dead. You shouldn't have posted that tiktok screengrab or maybe you should've from a different account because it's confirmed it all. Thanks soph!

No. 1494793

tinfoil: she posts both whiteknight AND sophie posts. crazies and cringiest thread on snow ever.

No. 1494796

it is not saged violet hetson are u posting degrading content of ur self to shift blame???? stop posting ur cringe on here and people will forget this

No. 1494803

File: 1649281373504.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 205.58 KB, 828x910, 8A48A27D-86B2-4AA2-80A2-F8DB78…)

No. 1494805

whoever has been constantly bumping this absolute nothing vendetta thread with all those weird warped face edits of random pictures of violet (OP i'm assuming by the OP's photo choice) is infinitely more cringe than the girl they're obsessed with. there are plenty of social media cringefests i hate watch too, i'm on a gossip forum i obviously get the appeal of a personal cow, but you won't catch me shitting up my phone storage with a camera roll full of le epic ugly edits of someone i don't even know or like, or worse doxxing their family home as if that contributes anything as to why we should think this random girl is a total phony punk poser or whatever the fuck. everyone remotely involved with this, log off for a minute and get help

No. 1494806

kek wtf is that shit. violet, or sophie, or whatever imaginary person you are, this is not how farmers post here on lolcow. get that cringe out of there. stop with your schizo posting as several different people.

No. 1494808

if you don’t like it get off snowflake(continuous shitposting)

No. 1494818

i hope this retarded self-post thread gets deleted. she’s a boring NLOG jewface. her faggot little friends are kicking the hornets by continuing to string this along. farmers don’t hop on spotify to stream retard music, we document milk. show us more shit or get off the pot

No. 1494827

I can't stop laughing that yall think this was made by violet honestly thank you. Thank you believing that. It's probably driving Sophie mad

No. 1494836

it's not that deep lol i'm just giving some much needed advice that you won't heed. here's another tip: you think you're integrating correctly by using terms like "snowflake" but you still stick out. learn how to sage your shit

No. 1494843

no. you are the one bumping this thread constantly with "sophie stop, sophie this, sophie that", and in turn GETTING EVERYONE'S ATTENTION TOWARDS THIS THREAD AGAIN. congratulations, Violet's friend, you probably just made "Sophie" delighted. aren't you witty?
Now Sophie, you can fuck off with your Word 2002 "meme" graphics. you're having opposite effect.
Doesn't matter who made this. both whiteknight, violet and sophie are fucking idiots. can't you see? All 3 of you, are sabotaging your own intents. nobody fucking cares about violet, all of you go back to tumblr.

No. 1494854

fake how do you know what was doxxed

No. 1494872

Even Violet?

No. 1494904

This is crazy, can't believe i've ever got invested in this shitshow of a thread.

No. 1494921

Molly McConnell needs to get a chin reduction

No. 1494925

Molly be photoshopping pictures of violet in this thread to make her chin bigger like her’s

No. 1494932

Eric Kane

No. 1494936

Someone’s daddy issues are showing. What’s the matter? Daddy doesn’t love you molly uwu

No. 1494941

No. 1494955

i don’t care that this has been asked multiple times already

what the actual fuck is going on here ??

No. 1494958

(Read the rules)

No. 1494963

Lmao she's been a personal cow of mine for years on tumblr. She's been claiming this "NOT A NEPOTISM BABY" thing for literal years, promoting her shitty music that is literally recorded and produced at her DAD'S RECORDING STUDIO, and also mentioning that she modelled for Vans literally with Henry Rollins but "thats not because of my dads connections, thats because they liked my pics" lmfao, okay. I wish her tumblr was still up because it was milky asf, she refused to hold a job and constantly sperged about her ugly fucking boyfriend being the love of her life and how his mom would yell at her and be like, "this is a toxic living situation" lmfao you were the one leeching off your boyfriend's parents and living in their basement, I think his mom had a right to yell at you

No. 1494965

File: 1649293092696.jpeg (137.19 KB, 345x512, A4CCDD48-406B-4EB3-9282-F849C9…)

Speaking of ugly boyfriends check out OPs

No. 1494966

File: 1649293222328.jpeg (328.83 KB, 701x580, 36A208CE-8EF6-480A-8244-CE8675…)

Op talking about ugly bfs like this isn’t what she sees every day

No. 1494970

File: 1649293435213.png (5.5 MB, 828x1792, 6498E52A-CD92-4E17-B1BE-D4A53E…)


No. 1494976

he’s v attractive. are we comparing bfs now kek? what does violets look like

No. 1494980

is that an ftm

No. 1494986

File: 1649294324446.jpg (468.15 KB, 1119x1915, Tumblr_l_770014545680949.jpg)

OP's current reading list apparently. definitely not like other girls

No. 1494990

Lmao, can you remember more tumblr gems like that? I think i found one of her older tumblr's but that's a pretty vanilla one, just very old art/photos etc.
also wtf is going on in this thread rn, who's this troll? not sure if that's OP/sophie losing her mind OR Violet having fun either to close the thread, or to make even more mess so she can be like "I trolled lolcow you guys can you believe"

No. 1494993

File: 1649294776634.jpeg (897.06 KB, 1103x1310, 478C1D24-D060-44FC-B808-2522D0…)

Is this why newfag (Violet) is posting her ex friend’s boyfriend? Bc this is hers

No. 1494994

Not saged, so, probably Violet kek. She does not kno how to use this site

No. 1495000

File: 1649295320637.png (5.17 MB, 828x1792, D35D1A0D-492B-43D9-84E3-F548AD…)

Spay your nasty dog

No. 1495001

File: 1649295344544.jpeg (274.77 KB, 828x795, D449A100-5970-42AD-8D55-9C9814…)


No. 1495005

violet start ur twitter again so u can post and dox there about all the ppl u hate also learn to sage

No. 1495014

dont reply to your own post

No. 1495017


No. 1495040

I know, go write a callout post or something stop shitting snow up

No. 1495046

how does someone acquire a single midget eye

No. 1495064

File: 1649300206993.png (861.4 KB, 1648x4672, wtf is this.png)

i was about to stop reading this shit thread anyway, but checked this blog out >>1495000 and it mentions Sophie, nepotism baby (some sort of doxx, i painted over the info) and mentions of trolling. Belongs to this person >>1495001 recognized it cause it features same disgustingly ugly emojis. Whoever runs this blog is a psycho, everything sounds like gibberish.
No idea who it belongs to and i still understand nothing, but looks like OP, Sophie or some other girl with vendetta (?) exist and have one big shit fight with Violet. no idea what is happening in this thread but you're all fucking crazy. Get a life and stop shitting lolcow with this idiocy. let it go.

No. 1495068

violet learned to sage yay will u finally let ur thread die hog

No. 1495080

Editing the pic on an app

No. 1495126

kek she made all her socials private but was able to find her new “secret” tumblr blog which is called suckmydickhaters444

No. 1495130

File: 1649307476080.jpeg (220.48 KB, 828x1246, 54A9C00B-9E4E-400A-971D-E3C615…)


No. 1495132

already deleted it cause she got exposed

No. 1495133

send to the thread if anyone finds any of her new socials. Getting boring

No. 1495140

Kill yourself

No. 1495145

File: 1649308856097.jpeg (568.96 KB, 1170x1518, 5FD24E3C-5939-4C46-8AA4-E722DC…)

No. 1495158

File: 1649309594553.jpeg (869.17 KB, 1284x1174, 0989F7E6-7A92-4E09-8444-A88BF7…)

No. 1495202

boringly obvious gayops. i was hoping for more fun out of the new newfag thread. oh well

No. 1495217

File: 1649316048408.jpeg (124.45 KB, 828x1080, 4626B149-3A2B-44A5-83AF-7687BC…)

I don’t know if we can keep this going guys, violets daddy knows someone in the FBI!

No. 1495218

up teh punx

No. 1495220

Hmm, so let’s get this straight shall we: Violet claims her daddy is sooo poor but he has enough money to be okay after having 18k stolen from him. Most americans don’t have that kind of money even in their savings. Just admit your well off violet, not even rich. And that he has paved the way for you to make your wannabe Alex G failure music. humble yourself(samefagging and ban-evading)

No. 1495222

hollllyy shittt i found this chick off tiktok months ago and unfollowed almost immediately after realizing how bitchy and lame she seems. she has the humor of a 2013 qUiRky GiRl but this thread is disappointing. where is the actual milk as claimed? i’m dying to hear cause she always filled me with rage.

No. 1495257

jesus this thread is more of a shit show than rachels

No. 1495403

Stephanie pearl

No. 1495406

File: 1649338649503.jpeg (1.2 MB, 828x1598, 58ABF23A-3D6B-4A49-B877-ABBD95…)

No. 1495454

File: 1649341897414.jpeg (738.23 KB, 1279x2307, 107FC615-AE02-495E-A668-7E109E…)

her secret “meme” acct w same username as her twitter and the memes look eerily similar to the try hard offensive word art memes that have been posted here by newfag(s)

No. 1495565

can we start a thread about my beautiful pussy

No. 1495573

Transphobia isn't milk because transphobia isn't real.

No. 1495594

I’m working on this now thank you

No. 1495598

Word art meme has no resemblance to any memes on this account but ty for the social

No. 1495623

sage for off topic but my parents’ house was around $130k and they were approved for it while my family was significantly below the poverty line, have you never heard of credit or loans

No. 1495648

It’s obvious this thread was made by some stupid Twitter tiktok junkie trying to callout someone they didn’t like. Seriously all this stuff seems like dumbass nitpicks

No. 1495663


for all the tossing around of "nepotism" in this thread this girl is not remotely relevant in any punk scene

No. 1495673

this doesnt resemble word art? kek

No. 1495676

sage but mildly milky this girl blew up on tiktok for making fake punk history videos I don't think her music is what she is known for. not sure if her dad has anything to do with going viral on tiktok a couple times

No. 1495678

biggest clue is she doesn't make memes of herself on that social at least none that i saw. anyone can use a shitty word art app and make a bad meme

No. 1495680

Sage, I still struggle to see why this bitch is worth of a thread and OP's listing "transphobic" as the #2 reason automatically disqualifies her opinion in my mind.

>reeeee nepotism

jealous much? some people just have advantages.
>social media clout chasing
What zoomer doesn't?
>product of a groupie and band member
>broke into kurt cobain's house
based tbh

No. 1495684

Making memes abt X (a band her dad definitely knows personally) is so weird lol

No. 1495686

Nitpicking everything she does for no reason now

No. 1495687

im far more interested in the obsessed cow that made this thread

No. 1495695

Girl stop. No one cares bout either of you except yourselves. Whoever house your posting no care about either. Haven’t you got that from the non-replies? It’s just two people keeping this thread alive and people that you hope actually care laughing at you

No. 1495703

what did she mean by this

No. 1495714

I just want to laugh at both of them kek leave if you don't like it

No. 1495719

TBH it is times like this when I wish we were posting with names so we could track down the socials of OP and laugh at her for being a vendetta-chan and probably having a life less in order than even Violet.

No. 1495728

This might be OP???

No. 1495745

Op is either Sophie Holton or Molly McConnell but their socials are private so no use looking them up. Just a couple of losers that have nothing to do other than write about violet

No. 1495884

>(very lame rip off an actual successful punk band powerviolence)

also someone already pointed out that powerviolence is a subgenre but this might be the funniest sentence i've ever read on this site. there is no one band called "powerviolence" lmao, it'd be like saying "actual ripoff of very successful rock band 'punk'"

No. 1495902

This is such a valid point lmfao

No. 1495915


since when is that a concern here?

No. 1495992

Violet if anything has become less of a cow in recent years. I know her but I can’t say how ~ her bf, the drummer in her band has definitely been abusive at different points in their relationship. I hope that it’s just part of the past now but dudes like that hardly ever change. She’s absolutely not rich or pretending to not be rich, her dad fucked off most of his money on an ex wife and her mom has been chronically unstable financially as far as I know. He lives in the valley in a mixed middle class neighborhood and they’ve definitely had some insane and tweaked out neighbors so it’s not the nicest. She can be pretty histrionic but has a sweet heart and I’ve never seen her behave maliciously - she can be pretty self-absorbed and obnoxious online and it’s not surprising to me that she has a thread here. She’s not transphobic not like any of you would care. Never have witnessed any transphobic sentiments whatsoever and typically is into whatever trendy sj trend that’s happening at the time

No. 1495993

I can’t really call it a privilege to be raised by punks with abysmal parenting and I think she had to spend some time living with friends while she was still underage bc of her dad’s insane ex wife who stalked them for a while after their breakup

No. 1496682

her socials are back & posting bout lolcow

No. 1496902

File: 1649499317974.png (45.49 KB, 499x495, hghf.png)

She told her daddy

No. 1497001

She must be a time traveler! Thread started 5 days ago. This screenshot is from over a week ago.

No. 1497068

nepotism allegations have been going for a while

No. 1499156

I rebuke this thread in jesus name amen(jesus wants you to sage your shit)

No. 1499413

If you rebuke it then sage your fucking post and don’t bump it.

No. 1500432

Violet's music is not anything to write home about but it's even bad and I'm gonna give her money because OP is a faggot.

No. 1500434

jfc how is it 'nepotism allegations' it's very obvious that she's benefitted from her father's career, so fucking what, tons of actual celebs and people in every field you can imagine do, it's not a criticism, so why not actually go after her music or taste in fashion or cringey behavior on social media, you know, the stuff this site is meant for. you're seriously just making me want to like her with this bullshit.

No. 1500450

then like her retard?

No. 1500494

File: 1649870006423.jpeg (267.98 KB, 1112x1782, A0A03074-4C3F-4973-9EC3-79B5DC…)

the way she thought this outfit slapped

No. 1500526

seems comfortable

No. 1500551

must of been she wore it for a damn week

No. 1500560

How do you know? Do you live with her?

No. 1500593

Is that faggot Mitch in here? Hey mitch(no, faggot)

No. 1500628

isn’t op the girl bree/slipknotnightcore used to be best friends with? cow crossover?

No. 1500630

OP made a lolcow about bree too. Seems like it's a pattern with her friends.

No. 1500634

No. 1500704

I mean, Bree is an actual cow at least lmao.

No. 1500803

File: 1649893010224.jpeg (90.84 KB, 828x827, CAEB282C-2BA9-4390-8567-AC0085…)

When op pretends as though she is besties with Bree yet wrote a lolcow on her too lmfao

No. 1500845

File: 1649894652378.jpeg (499.49 KB, 781x974, 8E652364-BA94-45FD-AB09-0CE15E…)

Violet talking mad shit about her “best friend”… hmm… does anyone have the screenshot of her saying she doesn’t care that Hannah had cancer?

No. 1500858

Who’s tiktok is that lol it looks photoshopped

No. 1500968

Thread still shit, cow still winning. Based.(still a retard)

No. 1501523

how do you get these screenshots when i reverse image it dont exist

No. 1501589

File: 1649958344562.png (2.49 MB, 828x1792, F73A1691-7FEE-400E-B937-DCF3DC…)

No. 1501631

So you track down this person, but thread is about cow Violet?

No. 1501641

you what, nonna?
also sage your shit
vendetta-chans eternally btfo

No. 1504572

I want to hear her fart so badly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1522499

Possible derailing on an already dead thread but I’ve been following this girl for years and, as an autistic person myself, she shows a lot
of very obvious signs of autism. Lack of social awareness, obsession with hobbies, unemotional, etc. Not even picking on her, just an observation. It feels wrong talking about her in this way(learn2sage)

No. 1522542

please sage your posts no one cares about bpdchans with “autism”

No. 1522615

How would you know she lacks “social awareness” if you’ve never met her in real life?

No. 1522620

vendetta-chans can't sage lol

No. 1523067

File: 1652027667344.png (460.73 KB, 750x672, punkisdad.png)

Sage and samefag but all I'm saying is that when a fairly cringey but at the end of the day relatively inoffensive chick like this shows up due to obvious vendettaposting by people who don't get what this site is about, I can't help but root for the cow. Her music isn't really interesting but isn't even that bad. She's kind of cute despite having an atrocity of a fashion sense. She clout-seeks like a million other zoomers but at least has a modest talent behind it. And transphobia is still based.

No. 1524382

This girl is more likely autistic than she is a cow. Leave her alone and let her post her incest porn with her bf

No. 1524748

I saw her walking in NYC before. She’s really skinny. Possible eating disorder. Legs not make her more insecure

No. 1524760

Omg where and when did you see her????

No. 1526125

Anyone else get rachel berry from glee vibes from this chick?

No. 1526171

How old is she, 22 or 23? She has got to live off her dads money no way she can afford to live in Manhattan on her salary. Does she even use her degree?

No. 1526669

She always posts about working overtime at her job I think she pays for herself. Plus she lives with a bunch of roommates

No. 1541286

Dose any one know if she has an only fans or many vids(scrote)

No. 1542790

Shut up Sophie

No. 1601788

You are all just fueling her ego. You can tell based on her stories, that Violet, only gives a flying fuck about Violet. That’s all. About her music, or her looks, her cushy lifestyle in NYC, etc. I’ve followed her for a while and I don’t know the girl in real life, but I’m assuming that she regularly reads this and thrives on the attention. I do belied she is under the impression this forum gives her clout. It’s a little sad. This is from a long time follower point of view, to be fair. The thread seems to be dead at this point but I do suspect she will do things in the future to make us comment and engage with it more. Just saying.

No. 1616816

im just here because I’m hourny. I am hoping for her only f*n(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1620785

This thread is one of the least interesting. Don’t see anything milky about this girl she’s just a zoomer with a mildly “fanous” dad and seemingly a normal home life and normal zoomer tik tok behavior

No. 1632001

you can put me out to pasture as many times as you want youbcunt mod. I just am here searching for Violents onlyfans or many videos. I am a hourny young man. Don’t judge me. I know she is taken by a scrooge but I could still jerk off to her hot jewface.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1632091

It's vendetta shit. Violet is cringe but she seems no cringier than a million other zoomers.

No. 1632815

File: 1662049769472.jpeg (36.63 KB, 207x275, DB4F6E4B-076C-407C-AB98-4E1371…)

No. 1633589

>>167514 the bree mcgee thread was bumped with the same photo, why?

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