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File: 1649574335214.jpg (88.69 KB, 720x900, Kuz-writer.jpg)

No. 1498101

Born Yuri Mikhailovich Kuznetsov, June 30th, 1988, Bologoye, Omsk, RSFSR, USSR.

Owner of KolymaNET (https://kolyma.org), Heyuri, VidLii, tcToruch, gurochan, BitView, etc., network administrator (and soyjak).

Alleged by 19 year old college student and owner of soyjak.party to have vandalised wiki.soyjak.party with CSA (child sexual abuse) material, including photographs and videos of real children being raped and screaming, in addition to images of large African phalluses (which he has a fondness for posting) under the same IP address he always posts under.

Additionally, the 34 year old Yuri ran a "groomer" discord server including several other CSA material posters, such as a 16 year old from North Cyprus (where Yuri is planning to relocate to) named Goth (a soyjak), who Yuri released a full dox of.

Both Yuri and Goth have so far evaded justice entirely in their home countries. It's unlikely Goth will ever face consequences as child marriage is both common and entirely legal in Turkey. It's claimed that his school has been contacted, but that remains uncertain.

Soyjaks can be and are lolcows.

No. 1498102

File: 1649574674418.png (26.41 KB, 810x1080, IAS_Kuzjak.png)

Yuri's "soyjak", for reference.

Despite allegedly grooming a 14 year old from Poland, likely grooming a 16 year old Turk (who was likely on his insultingly low pay roll), and actually griefing websites with CSA material and often hosting illegal material for a living (his website 2ch was taken down for essentially being a criminal confession website), his caricature remains popular on /pol/ and other far right communities due to its not commonly known origin.

No. 1498103

Worst “raid” ever

No. 1498104


not a raid. just genuinely interested in further info about kuz and goth's situations.

No. 1498105

he doesn't even look 34. i'd think he's lying about his personal information except he's probably just a major shut in. sunlight ages your skin a lot, and he's russian.

No. 1498106

To my knowledge theses pictures are quite old too, he probably looks different today.

No. 1498107

File: 1649575880442.png (580 KB, 1080x2520, goth1.png)

straight from the roach's mouth

No. 1498108


Yuri owned 9channel you retard

No. 1498109

kuz's gab https://gab.com/realkuznetsov

his pfp is strange since he claims he was exempt from serving in the Russian military due to poor eyesight

No. 1498110

>goth had a tranny homestuck trooncord pfp

OH NO NO NO! goth bros… this can't be happening!

No. 1498111

you think americans are the only people who buy military surplus gear to larp?

No. 1498112

kuz claims that goth's crowd was trying to use him as a scape goat… but he kept them on his discord server while they called him their bf

genuinely sickening. it makes it all the more likely that he was grooming them, too

No. 1498113

File: 1649577300827.png (304.07 KB, 1080x1845, kuzbtfo.png)

I hope he's lying about his age because this is very embarrassing behavior for a 34 year old

No. 1498114


His posts supporting russia (and its planned massacres of entire cities of ukranians) are almost as bad, for sure.

No. 1498115

File: 1649577860035.jpg (78.87 KB, 640x480, Kuz_little_girl.jpg)

pic of him with a young girl he claims to be his cousin. i assumed she was his niece or maybe daughter because of his age

No. 1498116

They look very closely related.

At least there arent't any rumours of Yuri abusing his family members. Child abusers often target them. He's a bit of a family man according to soyteens.

No. 1498117

samefagging intensifies

No. 1498118

meds. now.

No. 1498119

notice the psycopathy in his eyes. worrying…

No. 1498120

Yeah it's kind of obvious at this point. But this cow seems interesting, just needs to be in /snow/ and not /pt/

No. 1498121

i only made 12 of the 20 posts in the thread, schizo.

also do you think goth at the very least deserves pt? they've confirmed themselves that they posted violent CSA material, and then begged to be immortalised as a soyjak. i'd have to ask around to try and find it doe.

No. 1498122

Nta, but still over half, schizo. Learn2sagedoe

No. 1498123

Doesn't really matter what you think, new cows go in /snow/

No. 1498124

Soot never accused him of spamming CP and its a very contentious debate on the party as to whether he does or not

No. 1499166

At least the little girl inherited his insane-o eyes, maybe it's genetic.

No. 1499331


I think that's just because he's Slavic

No. 1499416

I look like this and do that

No. 1499488

Thread is full of samefagging kek. Seems interesting though, thanks for making it large william or bt.

No. 1499629

he doesnt look the way he does due to slavic genes you fucking idiot. imagine thinking russians are pure slavs, this guy is from siberia and clearly has asian blood, which a lot of them there do have due to their ancestors mixing with the natives

No. 1500174

Most Slavs have a lot of Asian features. There wasn't just mixing in the far east.

No. 1500282

Actually "most Slavs" don't have Asian features and look European, as one would expect for people from Europe. Contrary to popular belief, Russians don't represent how all Slavs look, especially not this mutt guy who is literally from Siberia and looks the part. Other Slavs don't have the RECENT Uralic and Siberian ancestry which so many Russians do have. So no, we're not all the same fucking people, and I'm tired of people online thinking Russians somehow represent all Slavs

No. 1501140

File: 1649914095179.png (117.87 KB, 600x600, image (9).png)

>most slavs look european

nice cope jethro

No. 1501142

youre like a mutt stfu

No. 1501143

I didn't make the thread. someone posted it on the 'party and I just provided what screenshots I had

No. 1501144

soot make /drama/(sage your shit)

No. 1501151


No. 1508871

File: 1650653880446.png (397.32 KB, 680x593, 1650651777849.png)

you CAN'T PROOVE kuz isn't soot and soot isn't kuz.
soot = kuz

No. 1508872

Summary of the evidence:
>Kuz makes a thread on /b/ asking to buy the site
>He offers "a few grand"
>The next day, soyjacobson.party is migrated to a new host in Texas
>Both wiki moderators are demoted and a poll is added to the main page to decide who should be moderator (this is left undecided indefinitely)
>A thread on /b/ showing evidence gets locked
>Kuz adds a soyjacobson.party poster's IP to his spam database, which is a service that all his imageboards use to block known spammers. All entries have to be approved by a Kolyma agent
>Kuz adds Soot to his list of "handled" public enemies
All this time, Kuz (under his official tripcode stated on his personal website) and "Admin" are falseflagging (terribly) to imply it was never sold.
Observed behavioral changes in actions by "Chud
>Leaks a user's IP except the last number (Soot was strongly against any kind of IP leaking)
>Becomes trigger-happy stickying threads, locking, autosaging threads, adding public ban messages to posts (Soot rarely did this)
>More frequently falseflags his posts
Why this is bad:
Kuz is a criminal, who, according to his own wiki, fled Russia for tax evasion. He is also allegedly a pedophile (not surprising, he runs loli websites). His so-called network Kolyma has a "Surveillance Office" which datamines users and keeps tabs on Kuz's "enemies". If you were worried about Soot's datamining, you should be more worried about Kuz.
Excerpt from /b/16366:
>Surveillance Office
>“An office of the Security Division which is dedicated to keeping tabs on enemies of the Kolyma Network, monitoring users, and collecting intelligence information for use by KolymaNET”
>Collecting information and dealing with some kind of enemies of kolyma-network, interesting, isn't it?
>Here's an example of how they dealt with maki (altchans admin, mentioned in ED konatachan page encyclopediadramatica.wiki/index.php/KonataChan).
>srv.kolyma.org/bnt/2021/3/9/bounty/computer-hacking-fraud/maki_lolifox_64chan.txt – bounty on maki, 1000 USD(!)
>web.archive.org/web/20210314040236/srv.kolyma.org/bnt/2021/3/9/bounty/computer-hacking-fraud/maki_lolifox_64chan.txt – webarchive of this page in case they delete it
>After that, Maki had to delete his chan because, according to him, Kuz threatened him with ddos, spam, and abuse reports. The site was indeed spammed with child porn and >meaningless text. As of writing this, the site is down, but I was able to find an example in webarchive:
>web.archive.org/web/20210303115211/lolifox.cf/b/index.html – dead children, cp, guro
>kissu.moe/qa/res/4165#q70559 – discussion of events (warning: lots of meta and unrelated shit)
>They even had to justify themselves on their official website, since they could no longer hide the truth:
>kolyma.org/statements/Dismissing%20Rumors%20of%20Aggression – page itself
>web.archive.org/web/20210703155525/www.kolyma.org/statements/Dismissing%20Rumors%20of%20Aggression – webarchive
Evidence threads:

No. 1509249

meds. this never happened

No. 1511829

kuz is not the owner of vidlii

No. 1516122

soyjak.party has been too pathetic to even get him kicked from his school

No. 1516408

You cant kick someone from school for their outside actions retard

No. 1517409


i think in most countries you absolutely can get kicked from school for sharing CSAM. turkey has child marriage tho so not sure.(sage)

No. 1523716

File: 1652086824534.png (25.99 KB, 657x415, 1 1.PNG)

it depends on the school and country

No. 1591533

Child marriage is not "common and entirely legal in Turkey", it's a Kurdish tradition that's on the East of the country and when reported, they get arrested.

No. 1591598

All IRL images of kuz are of a different person. A thread on soyjak.party exposing this was deleted

No. 1592959

Child porn is legal to possess in Russia

No. 1592960

File: 1658376387153.png (839.34 KB, 2625x1333, 78870115-68AB-4E7A-AA10-7E62F6…)

No. 1593016

a little more information about him

No. 1593296

Yeah, it’s not him. And no way that guy is 35 even if he’s half Asian. He probably stole some random teenagers pictures off VK and uses them to throw people off the scent.

No. 1593311

Unless he posted a timestamp or passport pic before there’s absolutely no proof it’s him. I’d also be interested in anon linking the archive of the thread where they claim to deboonk it being him. I refuse to believe the guy in OP pic is 35 especially a Russian who ages notoriously poorly. Don’t care if he’s hapa, his physiognomy and skin simply isn’t that of a 35 year old, even if he’s a complete shutin. Also marriages between Russian men and Chinese women are extremely rare in Russia. Not unheard of but very unusual. If he said his mom was central Asian or Buryat or something then maybe, but being familiar with Russian society it just doesn’t sound true.

No. 1593332

I have no doubt he’s Russian. I just completely doubt the guy in OP pic is really him.

No. 1593342

No. 1593352

IDK, to me she just sounds like your average fat NEET girl trying to make her voice sound cutesier.

No. 1593359

Cope harder projecting fat troons lol

No. 1593364

I’m not attempting to blend with you bloated tranny russophiles. Don’t worry.

No. 1593386

Praying for a farmhand to finally come along and kick all you non saging shizo retards into orbit

No. 1593411

He said this and then left up a puppy getting sawed in half for 6 hours on Tuesday 7/19/2022 soooo what does this prove? That we should not believe anything he ever says? I don't already.

No. 1593592

File: 1658432943378.png (1.28 MB, 2012x1969, crazy tranny.png)

I feel like "Erika" is the cow here, writing "kuz" all over your body and emailing him 50+ walls of text and then trying to convince everyone he divorced his wife to fuck you before threatening to DDoS the sharty and not following through, all while having meltdowns across 3 different websites is not a good look all over a denied janny application

No. 1593603

If you want to talk about out of context, talk about how you just deceptively edited kuz's response to a different question to make it look like it was to another, and your 3 cherrypicked examples of soyteens being edgy. There is literally no cp on the 'ty and the twitch raids just say nigger and have jaks on them. Very obvious samefag since you keep complimenting yourself btw

No. 1593606

> how rent free she is in your head. She beat your entire site
Hello UH

No. 1593608

HOLY shit can we stop bumping this shit thread? Who let all these newfag scrotes in?

No. 1593656

Who is UH?

No. 1593667

> doxed individual
Do you mean that they themselves were doxed?

No. 1593762

Erika is apparently tranny and is not "she"

No. 1593807

Why is soyjak.party down right now? How long has it been offline?

No. 1593808

> she is not a creepy loser
I thought most of nonnies are terfs here

No. 1593814

I am, she is the only one I give any iota of respect to their gender delusions.

No. 1593824


Jesus fucking christ they are not even hiding they are pedophiles.

No. 1593826

How is this related to kuz? This seems off topic considering this stuff has been going on long before he got the site a week ago (check the upload dates on the booru). Also not every post on the site is made by kuz, i hardly believe he can bare to go without namefagging for 12 minutes

No. 1593827

It's the site he owns, are you new?

No. 1593828

No shit. Read what I said again

No. 1593829

Its like going after moot for whats posted on /b/

No. 1593830

I did, how is it off topic, are you just here to pick a fight?
When m00t had loli on his site people would post that to the thread he had on /cow/ you are a newfag so I will assume the best this time but you are WK'ing a cow.

No. 1593832

Because its not related to kuz. Your just posting random peoples messages and putting kuz in the filename. Im not white knighting a cow for pointing out that your personal vendettas do not warrant a thread, especially when theres nothing cow worthy to discuss

No. 1593833

I have zero personal vendetta, his name is in the file because this is milk for his thread. I am not responding to your next hostile post as I will assume youre one of his groomed jannies if you do so.

No. 1593834

Whos the tranny that obsessively makes falseflag posts on .party and then goes here to post his le ebic screencap that totally owns and exposes us? Yikes, get your wound checked

No. 1593835

It isnt milk though because its unrelated. But go ahead and run away with your tails between your legs UH

No. 1593837

The moids learned to sage, oh joy.

No. 1593838


No. 1593839

Going on my last post you cant make a cow thread with random anonymous imageboard screenshots otherwise your left with a bunch of conjecture that is ultimately meaningless, take your personal grievances with this man elsewhere erika

No. 1593841

This is not erika, this is not a personal grevance and I did not claim he made the post, I claimed he made one of the posts he did not admin tag on and it is not that one. Glad that's your last post.

No. 1594150

All trannies are creepy losers
Keeps up

No. 1594156


His website just got an article written about it for getting content creators banned on Twitch. Yuri does literally nothing to stop this despite posting every day.

No. 1594191

no idea who this guy is but i'd fuck(b8)

No. 1594232

No. Bad moid, bad, go to your room and get off the internet young mister!

No. 1594259

And I'll just report that for being a moid too.

No. 1594443

I'm gonna go collect a cap but Yuri is trying to blame EVERYTHING wrong with the site on UH, it's insane. What one tranny buck broke an entire site by himself?

Wtf is going on with this retard? Why send his jannies to bump a previously dead thread? He's gotta be reallllllly dumb but hey, he's about to find out. Seems he already fucked around on this UH person and they're fucking him over so much he decided yupp double down blame it all on a tranny.

Well okay Yuri sure, your site of roughly 50 ppl, your 5 jannies, you and all your money lost to someone who apparently actually has autism and cross dresses.

In America we have this thing called pride Yuri, your Russian children might accept this big lie you groomed them to accept but nobody else will when you blame it all on "attention whore tranny Nazi".


Absolute brainlet.

No. 1594447

…he doesn't know how to see posts his jannies deleted. Okay yeah Kuz is retarded, nvm I got upset at an actual retard.

No. 1594466

Its painfully obvious that you have been bumping this thread and talking about yourself in 3rd person for hours.

No. 1594499

The fact that you are constantly complimenting yourself, know so much about drama that involves yourself, and consistently use the same speech and typing mannerisms and vocabulary as UH is more than enough. IP addresses dont matter since you can and will VPN hop.

If you want to samefag about yourself, drop some of the speech patterns you cant help but use over and over again. Like referring to kuz as "yuri", talking about yourself in every post, saying that "wow some epic lone tranny broke kuz! so cool! but hes just some stupid tranny not that i know him or anything", knowing weird and intimate details about yourself and of course the overuse of exxageratives and "…".

Your not as smart as you think you are.

No. 1594514

Nice doublepost. you made this thread about you now. Have fun

No. 1594515

Jumping in to say I'm someone else and he banned me for telling him he could pull up deleted posts from his admin account. I doubt any native will fall for his lies but bear in mind he's pissed over a dozen people off by now. None of this is personal.

No. 1594521

>magically "wakes up" to selfpost 5 minutes after being mentioned

No. 1594525

If you had been here for any length of time you would know that admin check my ip is a meme here.

No. 1594532

dw nobody here seems dumb enough to fall for his obvi Jew lies

No. 1594806

What's his server? I wanna orbit him

No. 1594808

So is there any proof op is really him or not? I feel like the real kuz is some ugly 35+ blonde guy not some cute hapa

No. 1594848

There are rumors that he has Uzbek ancestry so it could be him

No. 1594888

One minute someone is saying he is Uzbek the next someone says he has a chinese mother…what the fuck get your damn story straight

No. 1594890

Post the book pic pl0x…I'm very good at telling people's chronological age

No. 1594892

Found this VK profile with his pics.

Is it Kuznetsov or not?

No. 1594895

File: 1658538521401.jpg (530.51 KB, 1200x900, collage.jpg)

From what I gathered from his profiles this boy is born in 1999 and works as a construction worker and still lives full time in Russia. Kuznetsov definitely stole his pics.

No. 1594901

Thank you so much nonna

No. 1594908

File: 1658539666725.png (831.79 KB, 720x1041, Screenshot_20220723-022457~3.p…)

No problem. From what I can see this pic from 2017 is a school trip. If this boy is born in 1999 he would have been around 18 here so it fits.

No. 1594911

File: 1658539752568.png (630.9 KB, 720x739, Screenshot_20220723-022543~3.p…)

Also thought maybe he was lying about his surname but he seems to have a shirt with it on it so I doubt he is lying.

Also when browsing this boys pictures it's clear he is very young and is often pictures with classmates.

So yeah, I'm 99.9% positive this is a completely random boy whose pics Yuri stole and used as doxxbait. Sad.

No. 1594913

I also highly doubt a 35 year old pedophile who nolifes retarded imageboards all day is popular with the ladies and has many friends.

No. 1594916

>liked by elenamiller6521
I did a double take

No. 1594922

Who is Elena?

No. 1594924

How true and credible is this information?

No. 1594928

File: 1658540966008.png (477.78 KB, 720x984, Screenshot_20220723-024520~3.p…)

Assuming this kid is really born in 1999…in 2018 (when he would have been 18-19 aka when uni/college starts for most people) he posted a picture of a campus pass and a college logbook saying 'it begins' as he was starting his course. Does this not lend more weight to the idea he's really only 22-23 now?

No. 1594947

Gothi is a mexican pre-teen whom he groomed and then pinned the blame for his CP spamming on, so probably the one that got away ew fucking moids omg.

No. 1594951


Self racism, the mongols intermixed in Russia, how he does not know this is beyond me but explains all the white supremacy on that site that is under a thin label of satire that it no longer is after he chased off anyone making actual jokes and not hate content.

No. 1594958

Gothi is doxed, as is his family, it gets posted on his website a ton as Kuz doxed him to finger the blame on him.


The fucked up eyes are exactly how I picture him as he stares at his computer all day seeing the report bar fill up with the words poopie and fart from immature trannies trolling the site from 4chan, rdrama and Crystal Cafe rn.

No. 1594962

Btw for any new nonnas, learn to sage, the jannies here do not like you bumping threads without milk. Sorry for the double post.

No. 1594963

Wai is Gothi cow too?

No. 1594965

Underage so imo no, if they keep spending time on weird scrote websites after 18 then sure.

No. 1594971

Be about 80% less /pol/ and stop bumping the thread without milk.

No. 1594976

Then how do you know about him?

No. 1594978

No. 1594986

> his website
What's site?

No. 1594996

There are many humiliating soyjak edits the mods could use to replace it until we have a real face dox on him lol, some are not just moid sex fuel but most are so I would suggest just leaving it blank or having a picture from one of his sites(most are dead)as the stand in.

No. 1595012

How likely is it that he is simply lying about his age? That would be the alternative explanation for these pictures. Its not like theres any concrete proof behind anything he's done beyond 5 years ago. Hes an illegal immigrant to the US with no documentation and a constantly shifting past.

No. 1595024

Plus ive seen several pics of kuz that i cant find anywhere, ive scoured his VK and instagram but they arent there. I am pretty sure this is him but with a false age. Kuz has been known to fabricate his history

No. 1595026

How did Eduardo afford $600 to buy his website if he's just a zoomer Russian construction worker? Did he have to actually eat his dog to avoid starving to death

No. 1595028

On the other hand, I just found this description of him posted online

>kuz is 5'8, and of an "unknown oriental ethnicity", as said by 9chan co-developer, dcpdev. It is widely believed that he is of korean-russian ancestry. He is very private about his personal appearance and life outside of a select instances. Notably, a 3 page biography written by dcpdev and an unnknown american translator. He is described as quiet and polite in real life.

and also

>personally i assumed he would be some young, scraggly nerd with 0 social skills, and was very surprised to see a somewhat normal looking adult man with swept black hair, a gaunt, slightly thin looking body, and a thick eastern accent

source: https://kuz.neocities.org/kuz.html

No. 1595031

I don't get how he bought himself a computer in 2002 when he was 3. Was Eduardo some type of child progidy?

No. 1595032

How are people like this not arrested?

No. 1595034

God he looks like a fucking rat(sage your shit)

No. 1595038

Whats the explanation for this

No. 1595042

No one said that, UH. I asked for an explanation on the handful of pics of kuz that dont come from his online accounts, or pictures with timestamps, etc. Theres a possibility the reverse effect is being applied and he is just lying about his age.

No. 1595047

Calm down

No. 1595049

Then how does he afford thousands of dollars to purchase and host multiple websites while running a business with multiple paid employees? Construction work in Russia doesn't pay that well, does it?

No. 1595055

File: 1658552777091.png (228.77 KB, 298x320, kuz (2).png)

Why are you getting so defensive? Heres one pic

No. 1595057

File: 1658552824200.jpg (233.56 KB, 1680x1260, Clipboardimage(3).jpg)

and another

No. 1595058

File: 1658552899587.jpg (311.24 KB, 1260x1680, kuz weird girl.jpg)

and one last one.

These were all posted on the soyjak.party site. Assuming kuz is jut taking these from eduards social media we should be able to find these readily available, but nope

No. 1595059

File: 1658552957336.jpg (413.71 KB, 1280x720, 1658431098340-1.jpg)

Thank you, I had a hard time finding them but here is one.

No. 1595061

File: 1658553012978.jpeg (67.4 KB, 640x480, 1658431098340-2.jpeg)

Anotha one

No. 1595063

File: 1658553035262.png (117.86 KB, 259x329, 1658431098340-0.png)

And one last, Russians are all creepy pedos I swear though.

No. 1595065

This is me, not sure the other person posting pictures of kuz. But anyways these pictures I cant find on reverse searches anywhere.

No. 1595067

Where is your male supremacism bullshit now Yurine-kun?
Your moids cannot keep up.
It's me lol

No. 1595068

A lookalike? No, they look to similar, it has to be the same person

No. 1595071

Nobody should as it's obviously not Yuri-kun, the 6 pics + others are more than enough of this innocent albeit creepy scrote.

No. 1595072

Heres my current theory: Given the proven history of kuz's websites going back less than 3-4 years and there being virtually no proof of his existance before then, Kuz/eduardo fabricated a new name and history, and lied about his age.

What about the pics that dont show up on a reverse search engine?

No. 1595075

File: 1658553378453.jpg (14.3 KB, 265x471, kuz (10).jpg)

No. 1595076

File: 1658553488408.jpg (218.75 KB, 2080x1560, EG9l7enUUAAVPD9.jpg)

Some of the posts in this thread are so obviously astroturfing I have to share this cat so maybe they pick up on that and stop posting the young kid their pedo owner simps for.

No. 1595078

File: 1658553532278.png (455.04 KB, 689x713, 84320423-395538352-5285375.png)

>kuz (10).jpg

No. 1595081

You seem really afraid of the possiblity that you've been exposed for lying about your history, kuz

No. 1595084

Whats the source on this

No. 1595085

It's in the comment that one is quoting.

No. 1595086

I saw: https://archive.ph/QWh0b - but whats the source? Is this just some random guys account?

No. 1595089

Spoonfeed yourself scrote.

No. 1595090

Next level cope. This whole detective thing is not your suite, Erika

No. 1595093

Forgot your meme arrow…

No. 1595115

Выпускник, alumnus or graduate (of high school)

No. 1595122

More friends than Yurine-kun has ever had in his entire life in one picture right there nonna.(sage your shit)

No. 1595128

He gets less likes than I do, and I have 7 followers, I was so shocked tbh when I found his twitter.

No. 1595137

He looks like a Picaso painting.

No. 1595738

File: 1658617901970.png (1.23 MB, 720x1469, Screenshot_20220724-000821~3.p…)

Eduard posts a lot of Instagram stories that only stay up for 24 hours. It's perfectly plausible Kuz screenshots them which is why they're not traceable.

No. 1595744

I also looked through Eduards followers and following and he seems to be followed by a few family members who resemble him and live in Germany and have the same/similar surname Folz.

No. 1595750

Eduard also has quite a lot of photos of himself in swimming shorts and shirtless at pools and beaches. It seems Yurine obsesses over him because he looks like a skinny twink of his fantasies.

No. 1595753

Also seems to have a little brother and sister that he loves a lot. Yurine probably sexualizes all of them because he's a pedophile.

No. 1595916

Is it possible for us to contact Eduardo? I feel like at the very least we have a responsibility to tell him that there's a major creep using his photos, including from when he was a child, without permission. :/ Do you think we'll learn anything conclusive about Kuz, or will Eduardo just not let himself be contacted by anyone here?

No. 1595928

File: 1658637393071.jpg (43.43 KB, 600x647, tumblr_inline_nxmyb7qUab1teu4o…)

I think I know someone who'd do it if someone were to find the phone number for him or someone that knows him. Pic related as a joke about their morality.
I wouldn't be cowtipping and honestly that's not a cow so no rules broken imo. Jannies can ban me if they disagree.

No. 1596012

File: 1658650814910.png (80.41 KB, 1080x333, Screenshot 2022-07-24 at 07-09…)

Apparently the obnoxious tranny that has been infesting /meta/ and some threads on /snow/ and /w/ has been stirring the pot on the soyjack site and dropping our name there. I don't know what his fucking game is but I'm glad it's not here this time.

No. 1596115

No he didnt?

No. 1596270

We can always tell when you talk about yourself, too, you don't hide your male ego any better than you your Adam's apple and conspicuous bulge. Neck.

No. 1596295

I'm the Nona who found his Instagram. I dm'd him and just let him know there's a catfish using his profile pictures. I didn't tell him he's a pedophile stalker who owns a monkey torture and soyjak board because I didn't wanna freak him out I just told him he's not a good guy and he should start privateing his profiles. I assume he's sleeping or somethhing now so just waiting for a response.

No. 1596301

Also told him to be careful uploading pictures of his little siblings in swimsuits and stuff because the guy stalking him is a creep.

No. 1596342

Honestly I'm kind of concerned for Eduard. I have no idea how popular Kuz's imageboards are in Russia but imagine becoming an internet meme because some evil degenerate pedo faggot stole your pictures and larps as you online to Americans and Russians alike. It might genuinely hurt Eduards employment or personal life. I wish he would sue Kuz for defamation or impersonation/identity theft.

No. 1596586

Did you tell him in English or Russian?

No. 1596651

Post proof of the bot

No. 1596659

If you actually had a bot you would be posting pictures of it everywhere for attention. Please realize that no one, not even the people here actually believe that you programmed a bot kek

No. 1596664

That doesnt make any sense

No. 1596676

I know you have never used the site for anything besides uploading your child porn drive but thats not a derogatory soyquote, bananajaks are widely considered gemeralds

No. 1596680

What are you talking about? I am not kuz you insane tranny

No. 1596685

Didnt you say you were never gonna stop posting and dividing the site and then you just claimed to be a victim of drama? Stop making this thread about yourself

No. 1596690

No im not from this site, and its just something anyone who actually lurked on the site would know. Which is why you are so clueless

No. 1596691

Wheres the proof of kuz being a pedophile?

No. 1596697

If your going to samefag and pretend to be someone else, wait a few minutes and try not to use the exact same wording as your last posts. Also try not to respect "her" pronouns on a site which is anti-tranny

No. 1596700

Lmao you did not make a bot

No. 1596714

Russian, I doubt he speaks English.

No. 1596715

Can you idiots stop derailing.

No. 1596750

> Most people on .farm know I am not an attention whore
LMAO we know you are a disgusting little toad of a moid who likes to insert his rape stick into female spaces because you think it makes you "one of the girls" fuck off and 41%

No. 1596755

File: 1658714035554.png (1.49 MB, 1030x1167, 9Dgy6wy.png)

Calling everyone a moid wont do anything. You are undeniably a male and couldnt even help then to make this thread about you by talking about yourself constantly. No one here is going out of their way to white knight you and defend every comment made against your favor. You are not a woman and do not belong here.

No. 1596758

Go make a thread on me and stop shitting this one up lol.

No. 1596759

>please make a thread on me i need attention bad please please
Fuck off.

No. 1596760

That is one ugly moid

No. 1596764

You made this thread about yourself by acting like a bigger lolcow than Yuri

Doesnt help that the only reason you ballooned this thread was because he denied your sexual advances you projecting pedophile freak

No. 1596765

I knew that wasn't an actual farmer, no nonna is so dumb they wouldn't just post to kiwi.

No. 1596766

No, you misogynistic perverted little shit, that was probably a TERF. I don't know if that is language that I would use but I see why she did. Your presence here is against our consent and against the rules. You keep coming back even though they keep banning you (or taking advantage of lax moderation even though you have been banned dozens of times), literally overpowering the site for your sick satisfaction of thinking you are "one of the girls." You are disgusting and it reeks of entitled male ego. This is 100% a fetishistic little performance of yours because you get off on it. You will never be part of this community and will never be a woman. We don't want you. Trying to trollshield by going after some pedo isn't going to make us accept you and it is pure gaslighting just like the tactics of an IRL abuser. I feel sorry for the women in your life, you are why people hate troons.

No. 1596777

Entitled. Male. Ego.

No. 1596779

>lalalala i cant hear you
And you have the balls (lmao) to call anyone else here immature or underage. Fuck off moid

No. 1596783

All trannies are narcissists, the primo example, except this one has some deep ass schizophrenia, too. He belongs on a mental ward, not online. He also doesn't get that probably nobody here who has kiwi accounts don't want to post on his thread and become the next victim of his next harassment campaign. Yeah, I think the abuser analogy has some real merit.

No. 1596788

Suggest something for what? We just want you to go away. Or ideally kill yourself. Major, major abuser vibes you have. You're only proving the aptness of the analog the more you talk.

No. 1596792

So what you are saying is you enjoy making women uncomfortable. Noted and filed under you being a rapey scrote.

No. 1596794

File: 1658717032988.png (6.41 KB, 588x112, 2022-07-22-42699.png)

On the threads topic…

99% of the stuff this guy has been posting is completely untrue. Kuz did not mass ban /sneed/, he doesnt own 0chan.life, there is nothing online to suggest he abuses women (or children for that matter), and kuz has posted email chains where this guy essentially just begged him to add the namefield and give him a janitor position or he would DDoS the site and "turn him into a lolcow". Whether that last thread is the reason this thread exists or not is unknown, but it certainly shines a different light on all these completely foundationless claims. And for future reference: soyjak.party is an anonymous imageboard with many posters. No one will take you seriously if you post random troll threads from there and claim its kuz's doing (e.g. the request for a cunny board).

If anyone is genuinely interested in kuz's disgusting past (and yes, kuz is a disgusting person, regardless of the bullshit this tranny is posting here), check out his bibanon article. This thread is probably not going to go anywhere because it is filled with garbage

No. 1596797

Proof of what exactly? That your claims are untrue? Thats not how it works, your supposed to show proof. But you havent, instead you just jerk yourself off and fight with other posters here. You made this thread because you didnt get what you wanted and threw a tantrum. YOU show proof

No. 1596803

There is no proof in this thread, I've looked up and down. If there was you wouldnt dance around it. Also what is that thread suppose to mean? How does it prove kuz is a pedophile?

No. 1596805

>Seems like you're vendetta posting
Funny that you say that considering that kuz posted the emails you sent him which were just constant threats if he didnt cave into your demands. You dont realize it but your emotions and patterns of thought are unmistakably male. Your an aggressive freak. Read the rules and get out of here

No. 1596808

Saving pictures of young girls? What? Are you just projecting your perversion into this thread now? Also that is not his likely dox, that is a famous incel from reddit. Your not even trying anymore you disgusting tranny

No. 1596819

I posted that on accident, you attention deprived schizo. Go somewhere else, your not welcome here

No. 1596836


nice try, public enemy number 1

No. 1596842

We know the real Kuz is an old, ugly, terminally online, aspie, black haired, 5’6 half chink hapacel friendless loser who pays underage trannies to spam child porn and procures the webms for them
not a cute popular zoomie twunk sandy haired Russian angel with lots of friends and girlfriends and family who love him and look up to him, like the young boy whose pictures he stole and catfishes the world as.

Of course Kuz being a repressed homosexual who obsesses over young boys is nothing new.

No. 1596850

You said you were going to bed but just couldnt stop but come back to talk about yourself some more. Why dont you explain you posting child porn before you ramble on anymore about your gay fantasies you narcissistic moid

No. 1596855

That the tranny is the one spamming CP makes more sense than I'd like it to. His mask really slipped tonight too.

No. 1596857

File: 1658722040068.png (44.64 KB, 246x118, male.png)

Why are you calling other posters a moid?

We know you dont care about doing anything about kuz or you wouldnt make this thread about you. If you genuinely cared about taking down kuz for his sick shit then you wouldnt have had a meltdown in this thread. No one here is accepting you, stop endlessly ranting about "Yurine" and go back to whatever disgusting moid imageboard you crawled out of.

No. 1596861

Giving this pedophile rapist attention is exactly what he wants. Even when he wants to blend in he cant. Not that hes making an effort to anymore.


You are a man.

No. 1596864

I was talking about you LMAO

You are so desperate for real female attention. Its so pathetic

No. 1596876


No. 1596884

File: 1658724761090.jpg (80.24 KB, 420x382, troon or russkie who do you be…)

I don't know enough about the altchans in question but this behavior is the same behavior that got him banned from KF which definitely makes you think. From https://web.archive.org/web/20220725034253/https://nss.kolyma.net/public-enemies/blaine-gaven-ross/ which got posted to KF a little while ago.

No. 1596894

Oh dear God this thread.
Now Yuri
All pedos.
Uh, not a pedo.

Hope that clears it up, Yuri wrote that fucking bounty you scrote faggot and you know it. Get out you're not allowed here.

No. 1596895

Shut the fuck up you can't even sage you retard

No. 1596897

(forgot to sage sorry sometimes it happens)
lol schizo tranny hands typed all of these plus the other ones directly above, who are you kidding, nobody else believes this garbage about Janke, as for the Russian pedophile I have no clue about that but I know the rapey tranny is in it for clout and to invade female spaces and nothing else so he can fuck right off

No. 1596901

it would be way more believable if you waited a little bit

No. 1596903

Do you know how many people use this site scrote? On Sunday night? It's popcorn time.

No. 1596912

Oh, he definitely is. And if the site really is a pedo haven or whatever he's gonna detract from any truth there by sperging out for his own need for attention, real voice for victims there.

No. 1596914

lol no, if you're not him with your "they" bullshit you don't know about how he operates

No. 1596918

lol you are really bad at this

No. 1596921

File: 1658727112000.jpeg (72.78 KB, 1062x323, god I hope this is true.jpeg)

file name

No. 1596925

he means to imply that anyone criticizing him is a pedo lol

No. 1596937

I'm OP. I'm not making a thread on KiwiFarms. You can, though.

No. 1596939

The charge Mike got was literally "child neglect w/o actual harm" so all you are doing is proving you will happily make shit up against your perceived enemies and adding to the credibility of people who are saying you are lying about the Russians. Which you may or may not be I have no clue but it's very plausible to me. You don't give a single shit about women or victims it is abundantly clear that you only want clout.

No. 1596944

I Stan Eduardo.

No. 1596945

> without actual harm
> almost died
> died
Pick one and only one

No. 1596948

My point is that you play fast and lose with facts (which in Mike's case are bad enough without you adding to them) and thus have no credibility whatsoever, tranny or not.

No. 1597140

All of his sperging makes me wonder how much of this thread is true. https://nss.kolyma.net/public-enemies/blaine-gaven-ross/

No. 1597160

Didnt you spam child porn on that soyjack site? And your calling other people a pedophile? lmao

No. 1597202

>Anyone attacking me is Yuri
This immaturity is the reason no one is taking this thread seriously

No. 1597208

Im not WKing anyone, you just cant keep deflecting criticism by calling everyone Yuri. You are a man and a pedophile. Your automatic response is just to blame everyone else but yourself

No. 1597213

No one but you derailed this thread since you couldnt help but bring up your imagined e-fame every 5 minutes along with constantly attributing every success against Yuri as your work. Not to mention constantly shoving your disgusting fetish porn in here constantly

No. 1597215

Your not him yet you just cant stop defending him every time someone brings him up. LMAO you are as transparent as glass you disgusting tranny

No. 1597219

File: 1658770278621.png (1.17 MB, 931x715, 2022-07-24-61838.png)

You are a 30 year old balding tranny but still havent been on the internet long enough to learn how to samefag

No. 1597225

The fact that you still cant control your male sexual drive and have to bring up your disgusting sex fetishes is all the proof we need that you will never be a woman, ID or not.

No. 1597241

File: 1658771365700.png (87.01 KB, 974x247, Screenshot_480.png)

Remember when the tranny said he hoped Elaine got raped? This is the sort of scrote we are dealing with.

No. 1597243

What a disgusting specimen

No. 1597249

The more you go around calling everyone who calls out your moid rage a janny the more people you end up turning against you and whatever cause you had in this thread to begin with

No. 1597259

Yeah real talk at this point I just come closer and closer to believing the tranny's enemies more than him and the more I think he's capable of being the one gaslighting Elaine, spamming CP, etc.

No. 1597263

nope lol I'm >>1597241 not >>1597249 but as bad as you are at samefagging yourself I'm not surprised you have trouble picking it up in others

No. 1597272

The level of rage just in this thread over being called out is more than enough to convince me that being denied a janny position was enough to make him spam CP

No. 1597291

And you know, maybe this Yuri character really is a pedo but by CP spamming or even just acting like a crazy escaped mental patient in this thread and on /meta/ Blaine has detracted from that and made it all about him just like he did with Rachel and Michael but of course that's the point I think.

No. 1597447

File: 1658785788256.jpeg (1.06 MB, 2854x1817, FA73EB2D-5EAE-4DE0-8062-AAC938…)

The picture in that article purporting to be Kuz speaking at an event (right) is really just Eduard F. at his high school graduation party (left) where he was tagged on instagram by a female classmate in 2017 (he would have been 17-18) he is even wearing the same clothes and their sashes say high school alumnus in Russian.

How fucking weird that this 30 year old guy just invented an entire persona and catfished the entire world as an 18 year old innocent high school kid. What an obsessed creepy pidor.

No. 1597449

Turbomanlet Yurine wishes he was that tall.

No. 1597466

Eduard is an angel, too pure for this putrid earth.

No. 1597468

Stop linking shit like this. This is just Yurine’s fantasy involving a teenage boy who has nothing to do with him.

No. 1597478

File: 1658787248918.jpeg (171.09 KB, 1242x839, 7D3A9CB6-F527-4CF8-8571-EA7B62…)

Two people on Eduardo’s profile calling him Эдик, diminutive form of Eduard. Went on their profiles and they both seem to be real people who post often. Further confirms Eduard is a real person and Yurine is a fraud.

No. 1597486

File: 1658787862415.png (151.98 KB, 666x439, illegalgun.png)

Does anyone know if Illinois has red flag laws? I don’t like the thought of this guy having an illegal firearm.

No. 1597488

Why are you bragging about spending your time parsing through a website you claim is filled with child pornography? Is this like the Josh Moon cope where he claimed he only downloaded terabytes of CP so he could study how to get people to stop posting it?

No. 1597500

I would stop using a website if I saw child porn on it all the time. When you say you expect to see it but still go there constantly it comes across like you’re just seeking it out.

No. 1597504

>you think I actually use that website?
>I only use it to ________

No. 1597515

When you used that website in the past was it filled with child porn?

No. 1597522

>haha if I say pee pee poo poo goo goo ga ga it distracts from the fact that I admitted to obsessively visiting a website I knew was filled with child pornography

No. 1597629

Not sure why you keep posting random threads from his websites and acting like its milk for him.

No. 1597640

>our pet
You will never be "our pet" and you will never, EVER be accepted here

No. 1597644

File: 1658797448546.png (180.23 KB, 250x404, wnbaw.png)

>Pedophile rapist
You should write an autobiography

No. 1597649

File: 1658797561323.png (124.33 KB, 670x368, Screenshot_482.png)

That was UH, he's bragged about it on discord a few times.

No. 1597650

>our pet tranny
lol. lmao

No. 1597652

File: 1658797708619.png (390.67 KB, 828x1101, 1658771642751.png)


No. 1597654

Im not a kuz janny. You repeating that over and over again wont make me one just like looking at your 5 o clock shadow and broad shoulders in the mirror and saying "I am a woman" wont make you one either.

No. 1597656

Your XY chromosomes are the only proof we need lol

No. 1597657

File: 1658797889323.png (95.36 KB, 817x189, Img_31982384.png)


No. 1597674

Would that be the Yuri that you've now made look like the good guy and basically made people forget about whatever the original drama was?

No. 1597686

Lol he did this same thing on soyjak.party - got banned once and then started to pretend to be multiple people to make janitors think they went overboard. He is so bad at it though

No. 1597689

> just go to kiwi farms
if only

No. 1597707

You are alone. By yourself. No one paid off the jannies, no one is siding with you, your not anyones pet. You are an annoying tranny who didnt fit in and is now raging at actual women.

But ill humor your schizophrenia for a moment. Kuz, if your listening, thank you.

No. 1597741

Seethe tranny. If kuz was a cow before you turned people away from him by having a 2 day long meltdown on this site. He never behaved like one anyways

No. 1597743

I legit have no idea who kuz is other than occasionally scrolling past this thread so unless I see evidence of kuz molesting a kid or something I'm going to go with kuz being based because he makes you angry. Neck.

No. 1597744

Imagine being such a retard you end up getting people to side with a creepy russian moid before they would begin to associate with you

No. 1597748

If your actually confused, some deranged tranny started pumping this thread will fake stuff and samefagging, aggressively harassing other posters here, eventually culminating in a very large /meta/ spergout which ended in him being banned and deleted.

No. 1597750

Erica you really need to relax. It's not that serious.

No. 1597752

aand thats how we know your not a confused outsider. You dont need to defend yourself anymore, its over. Just go to bed already

No. 1597754

Why is my thread about a tranny now? Wtf you guys!!!!!!!!
Kuz is insane!(troon hands typed this)

No. 1597756

Please stop embarassing yourself. Your acting is horrible and its not convincing anyone

No. 1597758

Basically this >>>/meta/36652

You need cow material and random imageboard screenshots wont cut it and all your doing is boring people here. That and pissing them off by being an obvious and annoying tranny.

No. 1597773

holy shit lmao (schizophrenia yes but also meth is a hell of a drug speaking of have you seen this degenerate's teeth?)

No. 1597788

File: 1658806704224.png (443.16 KB, 459x459, B6XEbNM.png)

You are so bad at hiding samefags. Just go to bed already

No. 1597790

File: 1658807053084.png (97.1 KB, 756x600, tranny samefag.png)

Looks like hes just as bad at samefagging on other sites as he is here

No. 1597793

Im guessing this is what he thinks women sound/act like. High pitched and lots of exclamation marks

No. 1597795

If you guys weren't so retarded and actually tried to integrate, this thread would've remained unlocked.

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