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File: 1649700532748.png (Spoiler Image,4.13 MB, 1746x3657, Untitled29_20220411210130.png)

No. 1498807

>be Bonniex345
>involve in an internet drama
>play the victim
>"haha triggered you SJW I'm a better artist anyway"
>delete everything
>post new art

Madelyn Emma Brown (born May 9, 2003), also known as Bonniex345, is an autistic lesbian digital and traditional artist. She thinks she's better than any online artist and can't take criticism while mocking others for not accepting any criticism. Bonnie had kiwifarms personal army thread made on her.

Bonnie mentions everywhere that she's an underrated artist and working on a very unique (!) comic project. She likes to mention how she is better than someone. The main reason for not being recognized as an artist is that Bonnie always get into internet drama that doesn't concern her. Her Twitter posts were frequently shared on kiwifarms threads (puppychan thread, after page 299). Bonnie would tell people to "go outside" but in reality she is terminally online and requires a constant flow of attention. When she was 13 and tracing other people's five nights at Freddy's fan arts to make original (!) character art.

She claims to have Body Integrity Identity Disorder but as you could expect, she was not diagnosed. Bonnie wished that a train ran over her legs and cut her legs off. Her latest Tumblr post mentions how she had burnt her leg with lye and the previous post is the photo of it.

>social media

IG: @bonniex345, @uppumine (previously @avoidacetone and @thechemicalmadelyn)
Tumblr: @suicidedimension
Twitter: @bonniex345, @G4YT4R0T (previously uppumine)
Deviantart: @bonniex345
Various abandoned FB and reddit art accounts.

No. 1498834

No. 1498856

No but that thread is funny with the OP sperg. He had one job and failed.

No. 1498858

File: 1649705057653.png (74.99 KB, 737x434, 1643219289566 (1).png)

Is this really her?

No. 1498866

File: 1649706069774.jpg (259.66 KB, 720x1391, Screenshot_20220411_224010.jpg)

The post still exists. Considering that Bonnie DFE's everything. First information matches her.

No. 1498913

There's no way that she can't do anything by herself? What happened to the drain cleaners, Maddy?

No. 1498931

File: 1649710083370.jpg (175.81 KB, 720x1163, Screenshot_20220411_234546.jpg)

lol fat

No. 1499359

Is Bonnie trans? I've never seen an actual 19-year old saying ":3"

No. 1499415

Imagine simping for a d*ke

No. 1525060


No. 1525066

this is a pretty oldish thread(?) but i also wanted to bring attention to something else messed up she has been doing. so basically she has repeatedly leaked another user’s personal info (gonna keep them anonymous for safety) such as their full name & their parents’ names & i’m pretty sure that’s considered doxxing, which is a crime. her excuse was something like “it’s not doxxing it’s public information”
like no it isn’t??? they don’t want their full name leaked so that’s a huge invasion of privacy?????

No. 1525110

I have only read the OP and the last few unsaged replies and what a shitty thread lmao

No. 1525172

Who the fuck cares. This person isn't milky at all and this whole thread is self-posts from what I can tell. This individual is an autistic weirdo and probably a tranny but not the entertaining kind

No. 1525280

Since when doxxing is a crime? Go back to your safespaces.

No. 1687984

File: 1667062353294.png (16.43 MB, 5000x3537, chloroform_logic_2022_redraw_b…)

rip to dafuckers who thought bonnie's chloroform character was a fetish art

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