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File: 1437157755019.png (156.12 KB, 297x277, tumblr_nr7h5uMDD11rowzato1_400…)

No. 15202

Can we talk about daddyissueshotline, pls?
What's up with this girl? Her blog makes me cringe so hard. Know more about her?

Her tumblr: http://daddyissueshotline.tumblr.com/

No. 15203

File: 1437159094652.png (444.4 KB, 535x517, why.png)

pretty fucking weird.

she also throws away perfectly good jelly and watermelon.

No. 15204

File: 1437159121192.jpg (132.82 KB, 640x887, image.jpg)

i don't know if it's really cow-ish behavior— these cryptic posts and odd images make it seem like this is he blog of someone who is very ill or hiding something very huge. her appearance (and the look she gives in her selfies) doesn't seem to help; it all looks like a blog you'd see before a girl kills someone or goes missing or is murdered or some shit. it gives me the creeps

No. 15205

no way. she is too self aware for that. this is all about attention.

No. 15206

>I want to crawl into your hair and nestle where your neck meets the rest of your body
What possesses people to send weird asks like that? I see it around on Tumblr and it's just odd. Like a parody of compliments.

No. 15207

This strikes me as either a self-post. At the very least, this: >>15204 seems to be by the girl in OP, because that's exactly the type of pretense that she wants to convey.

Give me a fucking break. Nothing like this is sincere. I'm embarrassed on the behalf of everyone who thinks that this is 'cool' or 'mysterious.'

No. 15208

Ahh, she's one of those "im so unique and weird cos i like guns, creepy things and bugs now love me nicole dollanganger" type bloggers


No. 15209


I question it too, fucking weirdos.

No. 15210


pretty girl with a psuedointellectual internet presence plus garnish of self-infantilizing idiocy.

No. 15211

Shhhhh. I just want to burrow inside your limbic system so I can smell the world the way you do ;)

No. 15212

I like that she is keeping the persona up.

No. 15213

shes really pretty

No. 15214

File: 1437161220766.png (1.17 MB, 1126x640, tumblr_nrf22hdhDD1rowzato1_128…)

Anatomy of a shockingly cool and unique tumblr chick photo:

Bloody bath shot - check
Shot of palms of hands - Check
Shot of cool retro sweater that people will totally ask where she bought - check
Shot of all the medications she takes BUT NOT THE NAMES! - check

No. 15215

She looks a lot like Lisbug from youtube

No. 15216

I don't understand the people calling her pretty. She looks very white trash. Like she would have a kid and prostitute it for heroin money.

No. 15217

No. 15218

i agree (and she does too). but what the fuck is going on with her? sure, she's portraying this ~edgy~ and ~spooky~ persona on tumblr but…what's her damage? is she actually really boring irl? does she live with her parents? is she really totally out there? seeing some of her pics and posts i do wonder

No. 15219

im so mad her skin is so clear

No. 15220

yeah but that's what she wants it to look like. she's very talented at it, i'll admit. that's why i got interested. not your run-off-the-mill tumblr ~nymphet~ imo. i'm kind of curious about what she's really like. it feels like she's trolling/being artsy but that doesn't make her any less fucked in the head so it's intriguing no matter what.

No. 15221

I thought this was Kiki for a second. She looks like a prettier version of Kiki. Shame she has to be an edgy attention whore

No. 15222

I spotted sheet music in the back of one of her photos, perhaps a music student?

No. 15223

but that's her ~aesthetic~ anon

No. 15224

oh god yes, i feel you.

No. 15225

>plain white girl makes blog and shitposts on it all day with random, badly-taken photos and word salad
>"Who dat"
>"She's so interesting"
>"Wow great aesthetic"
This trend needs to stop

No. 15226

wouldn't be surprised. she's got money and too much time on her hands, i'm pretty sure of that. arts student of some kind would've been my first guess too. with some of these girls i get the impression that they study very carefully what is popular on tumblr, then add their own twist to it and create a new "brand", like a little pr/self-propaganda agency

No. 15227

tbh I think the only reason this even works is because they're all mildly pretty and thin.
It's like heroin chic but with an added layer of grease from not bathing.

No. 15228

sure. if a pretty girl takes "unflattering" pics and pretends not to care about her looks (i just happen to look that way uguu), it attracts a certain kind of following. especially on tumblr, obviously

No. 15229

You guys nailed on the head. Just add some dolls, circus imagery, and maggots and ribbons and you've got tumblr fame. If any of these girls were ugly and doing the same thing they wouldn't be noticed at all. I'd be going so far as to say I bet IRL they've never really been as ~strange~ and ostracized as they like to pretend they are online. It's formulaic and blase.

No. 15230

seven dollars says they're innocuous acne meds anon

No. 15231

just looks like some edgylord faggy aesthetic shit
2deep for me, clearly

No. 15232

Looks like she's trying to be the next Ali Harvard…

No. 15233

this thread honestly reeks of samefag and selfpost. please no one else reply

No. 15234

I kind of hope she really is crazy as sad as that would be.

No. 15235

yeah, because crazy people are actually interesting

No. 15236

at leat three different people posted on here

No. 15237

>tbh I think the only reason this even works is because they're all mildly pretty and thin.

Isn't this her? She doesn't seem all that thin, nor is she pretty, imo. She definitely could be, though. A different haircut and different makeup would do her wonders. Then again, I guess she's going for a sickly and a not-so "conventionally pretty" look on purpose, so maybe it's by choice. It just seems like a waste.

No. 15238

Why does this picture of a bunch of fatties standing around looking horibble in black dresses have more than 5 notes.
Tublr started out as a cool picture place then turned into a hot ppl contest and now its an ugly ppl contest.

No. 15239

Someone sent her a link to this thread, I guess. Farmers who pull this "Hey you're being talked about ;^)))" shit are the cringiest people on earth, I fucking swear.

No. 15240

How do you even get this kind of Tumblr fame? I once found a blog with really nice OC, nothing but photography of cute things that would definitely get notes if any "popular" blogger posted or reblogged it, but there were literally no notes on anything and the person had been posting for years.
How does she post this stupid shit (without any tags, even) and get 100+ notes?

No. 15241

Oh god prepare for a wave

No. 15242

Nice skin nice hair. very cringy also…

No. 15243

File: 1437246042737.jpg (583.98 KB, 1269x1280, Uisdumb.jpg)

So edgy

No. 15244

File: 1437246261100.jpg (386.87 KB, 1203x1003, Panty.jpg)

her dirty and greasy aesthetic make me think about Raithha (Raisa alin) the camgirl. Except Raithha do it effortlessly

No. 15245

Usually I can see why someone is Tumblr famous, even if it's for a completely idiotic reason (blogger is thin, blogger has the most unique gender identity, etc). But this account just has me stumped.

No. 15246

Female Fatties are also popular now because of thirsty black nerds boosting their egos.
Just look at dirtydiana. She doesn't do shit, is boring, no unique style and is overweight but is tumblr famous. I used to think she was pretty and that's it until I saw her body. She mostly takes face pics for a reason. Recently she got tricked into posting pics of herself in bathing suits by some thirtsy black guy on twitter. It was pretty funny.

No. 15247

File: 1437251552078.jpg (241.39 KB, 1280x960, must remember to delete this.j…)

But this chick isn't THAT fat, neither does she post that many body pics or anything nearly pornographic.
Also, mynameisdiana is a legit plus size model it seems, and has an actual aesthetic going on on her blog. This girl's out here posting pic related.
The plot thickens.

No. 15248

File: 1437251778150.jpg (29.24 KB, 251x236, mmmdonuts.jpg)

She is THAT fat :/

No. 15249

File: 1437252267077.jpg (107.4 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_nr5m4rW0rg1rowzato1_128…)

Erm, I'm really not seeing it. She looks like a lot of girls in Europe and some parts of America. She's just not thinspo mode is all.
Looks like I forgot about the large ana population that cropped up on Lolcow during the Ash craze. Carry on.

No. 15250

>plus sized model

What exactly is Diana's super unique "aesthetic" tho? Lmao.

No. 15251

I didn't say it was "unique", it's just an aesthetic. Urban shit, random models, etc. Dime a dozen, but still has its own crowd and people who will follow.
Not sure why you doubt plus sized models are a thing that exist tho

No. 15252

File: 1437252506499.png (385.3 KB, 482x476, ??.png)

Nothing to do whith being ana… If pic related is not fat then I don't know what is fat. Same for panty shot posted earlier…

No. 15253

Well at least fatties stick up for each other I see. That's one thing they have going for them.

No. 15254

File: 1437252673123.jpg (231.01 KB, 1037x872, such obesity.jpg)

Yeah, that pic's not flattering.
The girls in the background are proper fat, though.


No. 15255

Never said they didn't exist. Just saying theyre laughable an no one care.
This creepy chicks blog is actually more interesting than Diana's and they're both stupid.

No. 15256

>urban shit

No. 15257

Modelling itself is a laughable job tbh. Literally paid to be a coathanger and no one except wannabes and psychotic, shallow cunts will ever recognize you or know your name unless you're Naomi Campbell or Tyra Banks.
Both their blogs are lame. daddyissueshotline has no aesthetic whatsoever, though, and that's what fucks me up.

No. 15258

Is this pic supposed to prove something because all it did was gross me out.

No. 15259

Imagining how normal and boring the life of those wanabe hardcore mysterious cryptic tumblrina always make me laugh.

No. 15260

the type of girls who know every single model names
-> the crazy hungry bitches from skinny gossip, those ladies are insane.

No. 15261

If its so laughable why the fuck did you even bring it up to try and defend Diana? Lmao. This greasy chick actually does have her own aesthetic: greasey, creepy, cute gross girl nicoledollanganger bullshit.

No. 15262

Yea also imagine how many times they take a pic to get that didn't pose for this look. Imagine how ridiculous they look truing to take these fucking pictures like the one with her leg up. Or telling their friend "quick take a picture of my greasy ass cheeks!" And they have to take multiple pics and shit.

No. 15263

File: 1437253523050.jpg (290.82 KB, 1280x840, (Project-gxs)_Ookami_Shoujo_to…)

>Photography, doesn't matter of what as long as the picture has the right "look" (ie the type of shit you'll find if you read clickbait articles with titles like "Breathtaking Scenery That Will Make You Rethink Life")
>Gifs from anime you probably don't even watch
>Stills from random movies with "deep" subtitles
>90s magazine editorials
>Shit like pic related (I can't even describe why this is a thing tbh)
>Whatever art people are gobbling up nowadays (eg textured paintings, some sculptures, minimalistic pieces and statues. add in the occasional digital or even 8-bit piece of some faggot's messy apartment) to prove you're cultured
Ta-dah, totally cool blog. Bonus points if you live in (or claim to live in) NYC. Did I miss anything?

No. 15264

What the fuck is your problem? I didn't "defend" her, I can at least understand why she's popular with Tumblr weenies. This girl, on the other hand, has no reason.
And what you're talking about has its own aesthetic, and I guarantee you this isn't it lmao

No. 15265

I actually like that picture.

No. 15266

Yeah! I was thinking about the number of photo she must have taken to capture perfectly the-wasn't-even-watching no 1 curr expression…

No. 15267

Tumblr loves weird shit. That's enough a reason right there. I don't see how its hard to believe.

No. 15268

Hats like that are popular for some reason

No. 15269

Not really the hat but I like the overall picture. Generic sky scenery pictures are boring to me. Pictures of random shit is cool. Like a still life or something.

No. 15270

Even when it comes to weird shit, when Tumblr likes something, it comes with its own art direction. Look at Molly Soda or nursary, their blogs both consist of "weird shit", but have specific leanings and motifs going on, whether it's childrens' toys or tacky glitter graphics.
What's this girl's motif? "ayy lmao i peed on an old shirt"?

No. 15271

If your hot youll have some sort of fanbase no matter how famous the model. Basicly its like being tumblr famous where you have a following but overall no one knows about you. Ex Diana.

No. 15272

Blood, dark, gross but clashing with girly. That's what it is. How can you not see how that is popular with tumblies?

No. 15273

There are blogs that do that, though, they're still miles different from this pile of shit.
See: funeralfaerie, moodymorgue, oldabandonedchurch, babyblanketcoughsyrupcarnival (yes this is a legit URL), etc

No. 15274

SAME! I never understood how people could be so interested in pictures of nature and landscapes. Nothing wrong with it, just leaves me, personally, bored out of my mind.

No. 15275

off topic, but I tried to read American Psycho but it was just so bad I couldn't finish it

No. 15276

I've never read it or watched the movie. Everyone acts like its great though.

No. 15277

I had the same experience. I'm an hardcore reader but this book was shitty and boring and too me, poorly written :/ maybe the movie is better.

No. 15278

I watched the movie and it was trash. I had to stop 20 minutes before it ended. Don't even bother.

No. 15279

I actually really like the movie but the book was impossible to read. Not because of the writing style, but the extremely graphic scenes of dog murder made me too sick to finish it.

No. 15280

Yeah, glad I'm not the only one who didn't particularly enjoy the book. I skipped the bit where he dedicated a huge fucking chapter to Huey Lewis and the News. I did manage to finish it, but it was a long journey and I never want to go through it again.
I liked the movie even less because it brought nothing to the table.

No. 15281

I liked the movie, its a bit less graphic and when it is graphic, it feels like it has a point. the book has no fucking point. I also hate the constant descriptions of everything esp the clothing because the author doesnt seem to know enough to make the descriptions feels accurate.it was just really disappointing

No. 15282

>our ancestors fought and died for a world where people like her pretend to be schizophrenic for attention

No. 15283

Raisa allin is the queen of all camgirls.

No. 15284


That's the point. He has nothing in his life, nothing to him, but his superficial self-made image…hence the descriptions, brand names, music focus. It's all about image. The book is a satire of late 80s/early 90s consumerism and corporate business culture. I'm baffled when people aren't able to pick this nuance up.

No. 15285

Different anon but it sounds to me like >>15281 didn't hate the descriptions for being detailed/long but for being inaccurate and thereby failing to convey what the author was trying to convey.

No. 15286

It seems like she deleted her tumblr because of too much attention and 'creeps' like us talking about her.

No. 15287

Literally no one here cares about her. I'd be more creeped out by her weird-ass fans who send her messages about wanting to lick her tears so they can feel her sadness and keep it inside themselves like a gift

No. 16507

Because no one here is licking her ass she deletes her blog. Talk about inflated ego.

No. 23644

the book is a good read if you're in a fucked up mental state and don't care about anything anymore. reading about music from the 80s for 5 pages won't even bother you, you'll feel as numb as always. there you go. that's how. you'll wake up a tiny bit on every gruesome part, maybe even smile a little.

No. 23983

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