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No. 152260

No. 152261

curious but im gonna need more info

No. 152262

Oh he WAS hiding things. He was constantly afraid of people finding out who he was because apparently he was sort of an lolcow himself in the past. I know I might get banned again for this but FUCK IT. If you remember the chatrooms that were here he used to use the "hikki" one and liked the mod of that room. (oneesan) His dumb ass trusted that fat ho and she went behind his back and told about him to other people in the chatroom. Apparently his real name is Ian and he's scared of anyone knowing that. Looked up the only Ian on ed and found this https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Ian

No. 152263

deets bruh

No. 152264

he was asking another user to come to his state and when she said no banned her

No. 152265

proofs? you got the screen caps? if yes lulzy if no, sadface

No. 152266

he used the chats to pick up girls. im one of them. ask ur new admin, she's the one who outted him.

No. 152267

you're saying a straight man actually used to run this shit? somehow that boggles my mind.

No. 152268

so your proof is that he's named ian and there's a guy on ED named ian? not trying to white knight but is there more proof

No. 152269

Is this that dumbass that was spamming the threads

No. 152270

Not entirely SURE that it's him but having been apart of the chatroom he used frequent the mod whom he liked told others in the room about him having "an lolcow like past" and them being afraid of people knowing their name. Their name was leaked by someone they knew in the chat by accident. Curious, they looked the name up on ED and got only one person.

No. 152271

A straight 24 year old man.

No. 152272

File: 1467861824828.png (56.72 KB, 321x318, Screenshot_8.png)

in the "hikki" chatroom when there used to be chatrooms.

No. 152273

Anyway i'm bored of this now. Just thought i'd say what I know since the site is going down the shitter and this admin left. Also pissed that they banned me. Believe it or don't idc. Bye.

No. 152274

Also adding i'm not the only person posting about him and the person he tried to get to come to his state and meet him is a different anon.

No. 152275

so your just going to throw suspicion and then fuck off with no proof?

OH YEAH, i believe you soooo hard

No. 152276

still desperate to fap over a Taylor thread?

No. 152277

a lolcow actually has to be consistently fucked and consistently dramatic. have an argument with somebody does not a lolcow make. this "tea" is cold dishwater.

No. 152309

I thought he was gay

No. 152316


Does OP have any proof other than that cropped screenshot >>152272 ? It doesn't tell us shit quite honestly.

Besides that, could new Admin-sama verify >>152266 ?

No. 152318

So what we have so far is the name Ian, a shitty edited OP pic and a pointless chat screenshot? Wow.

No. 152319

Idc one way or another I just don't understand why everyone is so defensive and how did everyone even know he was a guy in the first place? From hanging out in the chats? I had no idea who the old admin was period until people started bringing this up

No. 152320

Can someone tell me why those ugly ass pictures where up for so long yesterday? Disgusting shit

No. 152321

farmhands hittin the hay? the spam usually starts between 1 and 3 for me in est

No. 152322

I didn't know anything about him until an anon brought up him being a gay guy in one of the threads. No idea how other people knew.

No. 152323

it's so weird to me that SO many people knew? just guessing by the other replies in the thread

No. 152326

this was being spammed last night, and there's really much not proof of anything here and neither is there really any milk, so why was this shit not deleted. for real can we have some moderation

No. 152327

maybe people chatted to him in townhall meetings or something

No. 152328

Kinda wondering that myself. I'm gonna guess either this thread has no merit and admin is getting some type of lulz which is why it hasn't been locked or deleted or this wasn't created by that stupid spammer and was overlooked. Either scenario admin is doing a shit job and should just let this site die

No. 152329

What, that he was gay? Previous Admin-sama pretty much let it be known he was gay in the townhalls. OP trying to say he was actually hitting on the ladies is just strange, and that requires proof.

Honestly, I don't really give a shit. He was fine as an admin even though it was obvious he wasn't into it as much towards the end. Why OP has such a vendetta against him is suspicious.

No. 152330

he made a meta announcement saying he was a guy. it's probably still up. as for the gay thing, i guess chat.


she said her vendetta is because she was banned. pretty lame. >>152273

No. 152332

If we let it die I'll have to sit in /manure and talk to the simulator all day

No. 152381

Not really. People asked a few times because of his writing style, I used to see it in threads and sometimes he would reply (also people used to assume he was a girl just by the nature of the site). That's how everyone knew.

Also I hope you get banned again, go fuck yourself.

No. 153823

File: 1468217754687.png (103.48 KB, 305x298, 1466002171427.png)

…..Who is Yamzies?

..That's my ex's name.

I suddenly feel really uncomfortable.

No. 1527004


No. 1549748

Why are there so many deleted posts?(necro)

No. 1549807


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