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File: 1466734953157.jpg (94.18 KB, 600x1067, CdHTRFvW8AAiYt4.jpg)

No. 152333

Whitney Wisconsin is a very young looking camwhore who is well known for scamming her own customers who pay her to make fetish specific videos. I remember hearing a story about how she claimed somewhere she finally made a k9 video but the thumbnail she posted was pointed out to be from a different, more famous, dog fucking video. She also threatened to sue encyclopedia dramatica over her article and was investigated by the police when she first became famous for looking so young. She was proven to be of age and doing everything of her own volition but she ended up catching a charge for a video she made where she fingers herself in a bathroom of a Walmart or some shit and then asks strangers to smell her fingers. Here's some links but feel free to Google her name to find much, much, more.


Ten reasons why women should fuck dogs:


No. 152334

that whole bullshit with leafy was annoying too

No. 152335

Isn't there already a thread about her? Who cares anyways, she hasn't done anything since the whole leafy/dogfucking thing.

No. 152336

She doesn't even look underage, just ugly.

No. 152337

I guess when it comes to girls who fuck dogs she's higher in the curve than usual though.

No. 158671

No. 159193

I swear I knew this chick's tumblr.

No. 201497

Whitney is on the run from the law for her porn videos, and her fiance is already in jail for child porn charges.


No. 201513

Ha, dumb bitch. Thanks for the update. I was wondering what happened to her.

No. 201517

>a very young looking camwhore
Kek if a 32 year old fake tan ho is your idea of young than sure.
sage for shit post/thread.

No. 201593

File: 1479618600756.jpg (35.33 KB, 528x960, Cfo6WpQUUAEbNan.jpg)

She's only nineteen and if you don't think she looks young you're fucking crazy. You sound angry, have you considered Xanax?

No. 201610

hey whitney

No. 201612

She has the face of a 38 year old, the body of a fat 25 year old, and the sense of style of a 13 year old who hates her step dad and is acting out by being a slut.

No. 201614

She looks like an unattractive grown woman trying to look young. The only way she could pass for "young" is if she was a fat 12 year old who already looks like she's in her 30s. An ugly kid that isn't aging well. If that's the type of "young" you want…

No. 201814

wow lol there r alot of jealous ppl here lol

No. 201816

Whitney, you're known for fucking dogs. No one is jealous here.

No. 201818

I am. No dog will even look at me.

No. 201822


No. 201849

apparently her and her black fiance are facing criminal charges for some of the porn videos they've made, one being the video where she fingers herself in walmart bathroom and then goes around to random people asking to smell her fingers.
the finace got busted on child pr0n charges

No. 201921

File: 1479688779994.jpg (48.79 KB, 630x370, 1460739754654.jpg)



No. 201930

She looks old af

No. 201944

File: 1479692789588.jpg (132.79 KB, 1280x720, dda.jpg)

>She's only nineteen and if you don't think she looks young you're fucking crazy.


No. 202282

In OP she looks between 20-23 and in the pic she looks around 30-32.

No. 202376

She looks like a 19 year old who's done fucking crack. I would know considering she looks dead on like this chick I knew who's her age and does in fact use crack.

No. 202397

>very young looking

Not woth those eyebags and flabby body she isn't keks anon are you blind

No. 202410

She looks like those haggard pornstars that try looking like slutty schoolgirls

No. 202505

Those charges r made up and u ppl r the reason Trump got elected bunch of racist ppl making up shit about blk ppl(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 202513

File: 1479786853727.jpg (56.71 KB, 720x563, IMG_20161121_235210.jpg)

her body is okayish but her face is beyond any help. dunno if that's just a really bad pic but……

No. 202523


Still on the run, or do you have internet access in jail?

No. 202558

>if a 32 year old fake tan ho is your idea of young than sure.

getcho eyes checked anon.

No. 202559

I too thought her body was ok ish in OPs photo it looks slender until I saw >>201593 she is very chunky for her age she carries a lot of weight in her arms and thighs it's hard to imagine we are the same age.

No. 202609

she looks like the ugly chubby girl in your 9th grade history class that smells like period blood and bushes baked beans.

so yeah… she does look young to me.

No. 203332

All of y'all r jealous of her she has thousands and thousands of followers and fans worldwide u haters ain't got nothing on this bad bitch who's making money she's on the run and still posting updates on her fetlife page that's being professional meanwhile u can't stop cryin about ur shitty lifes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 203469

>"thousands and thousands of followers" [i.e. 'millions']
But these thousands just love watching her doing her asshatery. Never confuse 'fans' from those that are just enjoying watching her downward spiral to obscurity and complete irrelevance.
>"…bad bitch who's making money she's on the run…"
Sure thing, Whitney. Sure thing. Anyone can make money out of sucking dicks at Truck stops. Goodluck with that.

No. 203473

I can't tell if this is someone being sarcastic or if this girl is just really bad at hiding her self-posts

No. 203494

Whitney seems to lack intelligence so I wouldn't be surprised if it's her.

No. 203530


Pal, if you think just having a Fetlife page makes you a professional…boy do I have a bridge in Alaska to sell you.

A lot of us lead happy, fulfilling lives and simply come here for schadenfreude.

No. 563115

File: 1524469586477.png (120.4 KB, 720x377, 20180423_031111.png)

She's back and going viral for making out with an opossum

No. 563116

File: 1524469655724.jpg (37.56 KB, 639x765, FB_IMG_1524469237324.jpg)

And more dog fucking stuff

No. 563117

File: 1524469704818.png (156.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180423-032601.png)

AND she's suing taco bell bc she was late for work too many times

No. 563138

>♥: you

No. 563223

can you read? whoever took the screenshot reacted with “wow,” not with a heart.

No. 564780

wow wont make it any better

No. 567673

why would someone jerk off to this, this bitch looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome or something. her head is shaped like one of those jap cube watermelons

No. 567695

what's up with all these delusional hookers thinking they look underage? it's like a fucking epidemic. they always look their age or way fucking older like this chick

No. 567882

3 in 4 women have done stuff with a dog?? Where does this nauseating moron get her facts? Unless she took a poll of her fans, in which case I could believe it.

No. 568180

File: 1524939947712.png (966.3 KB, 554x594, 0012811043011243028.png)

From her Fetlife account. Himeka (Daisy B, Angela, whatever) friended her on there, of course.

No. 812709


No. 812755

damn i thought there was new shit on her but someone just necro-ed it

No. 823919


No. 823921


No. 831516

I work security in a rehab. Even among drug addicts she's below average.

No. 851275

File: 1565449711118.jpg (315.41 KB, 1148x1228, whitneypleasestop.jpg)

Whitney Wisconsin

Fucks dogs, Drinks her dogs pee( it ‘cures’ cancer, depression, and acne), Got a puppy before it should have been taken from its mother, fed it hot dog bits, puppy chokes and dies, then she gets charged with two misdemeanor counts of lewd and lascivious behavior and three misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct, wasn't allowed online bc of her parole but now her parole is over.
Was on a fetish website, the people there had a boycott and she was banned.
Now on twitter @wh1tnywiscons1n saying her uncle is a federal agent and will arrest people who talk about her, also insists that bats arent mammals because god said so.

No. 851278

Lynn Lew is a huge troll and feeds off the attention. I think she monetizes it somehow.

No. 851514

bitch doesn't know the difference between an armadillo and an opposum… wtf is she doing picking it up and cradling it to her chest? it's a wild animal. and if it WERE an armadillo, she could catch fucking leprosy from it.

I know at this point there's really nothing that she can do to shock us. but I'm just amazed. she must have been kicked in the head by a horse or something as a child.

No. 851569

This is such obvious selfposting, or a really weird vendetta. This dumb bitch hasn't been relevant in years and even back then barely anyone cared. Go outside or something you autist.

No. 851780


NAYRT, but she was one of my first lolcows.
I'm sure others are nostalgic for the good oldfashioned buttermilk displays of Whitney's dog fucking dysfunctional desperation.

No. 851874

If there were actual milk to be discussed sure but these recent posts reek of someone trying to keep herself relevant

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