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File: 1467939219212.jpg (97.98 KB, 960x960, 1467847776164.jpg)

No. 152497

Leah Albee is a 21 year old spoiled girl from Lawrence, Kansas who worked for her father's medical practice, lived in a house he owned rent-free, received free health insurance, free phone, free Internet access, free car insurance, presumably gave her a free car, and allowed his daughter Leah to let three of her dumbass tumblrite friends also move into the house he owns.

Cut to the 4th of July. Leah Albee and her communist loving, capitalism hating friends decided that the best way to celebrate would be to burn a flag and use it to attention whore on Facebook. Kevin Albee, her father, being a military veteran had things to say about this but still believed in her freedom to burn the flag if she pleased. Her father only wanted to engage in a debate with his retard daughter and her special snowflake squad but instead found himself blocked on Facebook. She cited her reason for this being that she had freedom of speech. However she also believed that her Facebook page was not a democracy and he was not allowed to say what he wanted on her page. This was, in his words "the last straw".

He fired her.
Evicted her.
Cut her off financially.
Cut off her phone.

Being the snowflake that she is, this is when it gets good. Below are her links, though she's locked a lot down in the past few hours. I'll add more screenshots and photos below since I can only post one photo with the OP. Happy hunting faggots.

FB: https://facebook.com/leahpleah
The inevitable Gofundme:
Twitter: https://www.gofundme.com/helpoutakccomrade
Tumblr: http://leahpleah.tumblr.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leahpleah/
Her father, Kevin Albee:

No. 152498

File: 1467939290295.jpg (102.06 KB, 540x960, 1467848411426.jpg)

No. 152499

Honestly, her father kicking her out and cutting off all her money was very cow-ish in itself. I don't think he should have to let his adult daughter a house and money, but kicking her out and cutting off her money just because she defriended you on Facebook? C'mon…

No. 152500

File: 1467939417427.jpg (58.28 KB, 960x653, 1467847863614.jpg)

No. 152501

File: 1467939438901.jpg (112.49 KB, 444x790, 1467847917611.jpg)

No. 152502

File: 1467939457842.jpg (47.33 KB, 960x847, 1467847882531.jpg)

No. 152503

File: 1467939589304.png (389.92 KB, 585x937, e6282467cea92af6e5e01143009a21…)

No. 152504

File: 1467939628432.png (532.7 KB, 526x936, 0fe745c02a4f13241a7930bbd3e0c8…)

No. 152505

File: 1467939677666.png (417.07 KB, 532x922, 59852b8009602ba8deacd91230d113…)

No. 152506

File: 1467939756208.png (681.22 KB, 1306x671, bb7a0c7bde19131617696e6c22533f…)

No. 152507

This is quite entertaining. Good find OP.

No. 152508

the FB defriending was the straw that broke the camel's back I guess. He really did a shitton for his kid.

i went to a leftist school that was hilariously (or not) full of trust fund babies living off their rich banker/finance/businesspeople parents so I'm pretty sick of this type of idiot.

If you're a real socialist then ffs don't live like those capitalist pigs you hate so much.

No. 152509

It's fucking hilarious that this hog tubblrina (she looks well into her forties) expected to leech off her dad's well off titties while spouting SJW claptrap for all eternity. They are having their cake and eating it too, until one day daddy notices his lil princess has morphed into a mentally ill manatee and regrets never saying no to it before.

No. 152510

Lol, fuck America she says while enjoying the social media apps that capitalism helped build and and is able to live stress free with daddy's money that was probably made possible by a GI Bill that gives veterans free college and never mind the fact that in a communist society free market doctors don't work out so well.

No. 152511

her version of socialism is that "rich" people should just give all of their money to her and her fatass friends because muh wage exploitation and oppression blah blah blah. Her brain cell count is in the single digits. Dad should have given her the boot 3 years ago

No. 152512

This excites me. I want to see when she is actually out on the streets. Yum.

No. 152513

Her Tumblr is gone already

No. 152514

No. 152515

Can we get some links to her tumblrite friends she moved in with her?

No. 152516

Absolutely disgusting that she can just throw out allegations of abuse like it's nothing. What a piece of shit child and a failure as a human being. I weep for this generation.

Good on her dad though for putting his foot down and leaving her to see how well she fends without his "capitalist money". kek

No. 152517

Fucking kek at these comments, none of them know shit about landlord laws. Unless she signed a formal lease, which she definitely didn't, there's no contract to be violated. He isn't her landlord, and she isn't his tenant; he's her father and she is his adult child. Even a "verbal contract" wouldn't mean anything in this case.

Certainly she could find a lawyer willing to take her money even though she doesn't have a leg to stand on, good luck getting the funds for that without daddy's deep pockets or the capitalist regime lol

No. 152518


Also these replies have got to all be the same person

No. 152519

>promising new cow gets positive initial response
>must all be samefags

kys tbh. You're what's wrong with this site.

No. 152520

Eh, I strongly disagree with the whole "s/he's your parent, show respect even when they're assholes!" but this is not at all the case here and I can't possibly understand how she managed to convince herself she's right. She's no longer a teenager, right? What the fuck.

She could get herself a lawyer somehow and it still wouldn't make a difference because her case does not stand. I'd love to see her try.

No idea, and although I agree on the literally who? part, I'm not at all against a thread for tumblrinas getting rek't.

No. 152521

This is a possible roommate and was tagged in the flag burning post. Google her name for more lulz though her Facebook is chock full of good shit.


No. 152522

She could work as a poster model for Tumblr

No. 152523

I'd love to see her dad set up a go fund me.

No. 152524

the bit about the lawyer is the point i was making - like a snake oil salesman. take your money even though what they're providing you with will do nothing.

No. 152525

File: 1467944049872.jpg (179.99 KB, 810x652, IMG_20160708_111248.jpg)

her best friend calling out leah's "abusive father"

No. 152526

File: 1467944183879.jpg (190.59 KB, 809x698, IMG_20160708_111554.jpg)

Oh wait,I have an even better one

No. 152527

God damn it's fucking amazing to see rich spoiled kids use their mental gymnastics to try and prove that daddy cutting you off is child abuse.

No. 152528

Oh my god what an absolute airhead.

>Abusers damage their victims' capacity for independence

He's doing the exact fucking opposite! She's been dependent on him this whole time, living off of daddy's money while not contributing to society in any way to make money for herself. Now he's finally had enough of HER abusive and manipulative bullshit and is forcing her to stop leeching off of him if she's just going to disrespect him and fling shit. And she tries to play that off as abuse?? This is Margo-tier levels of narcissism and gaslighting.

Ugh. What an ungrateful, entitled piece of shit. I'm invested in this now, OP. I'm crossing my fingers for some bountiful milk in 30 days when her time before eviction is up.

No. 152529

File: 1467944841140.png (109.55 KB, 480x701, Screenshot_2016-07-07-21-25-39…)

Fucks sake she is really trying to ride this controversy to fame isn't she?

No. 152530

I'm loving this dumpster fire OP. Nothing to contribute but this is the shit i live for

No. 152531

how is it child abuse when SHE IS AN ADULT WOMAN!? i am legit triggered by this shit

No. 152532

Instagram is gone too.

No. 152533


Well, what kind of brain power do you expect from someone calling themself "Jamie Jammer", kek.

No. 152534

He never said he didn't love her, what a load of horse shit.
He said that she needs to practice what she preaches and stop living off of his capitalist dollar if she's claiming to be a socialist. She's a fucking NEET, what does she expect? No, daddy is not going to put you and your friends up forever in your party house while you blog about your white guilt. What's next, is she going to say that her dad is abusing her by making her wipe her own ass?

I feel so bad for this dad. It's my biggest nightmare to have a child one day and expect big things for it, only to have it grow into an ungrateful parasite like this one.

No. 152535

This bitch should be a lawyer

No. 152536

i really feel for the guy, but in a way its his own fault for giving her everything she's ever wanted/needed. i'm sure she's never had to work an actual job. i've known people who worked for their parents companies before and they always laze about doing everything half assed, take extra long lunches, call out whenever they feel like it etc. because they know there are no repercussions.

this bitch got a free house, free everything, and was PAID to boot. her entire cushy life was because of capitalism. she's the most privileged of the privileged.

No. 152537

File: 1467945757753.png (Spoiler Image, 389.76 KB, 498x667, nudes.png)

The tumblr might be gone but nudes are forever.

No. 152538

Euch. Did not need to see that.

No. 152539

File: 1467946296533.jpg (24.97 KB, 512x384, ren.jpg)

> My name's Leah Albee! (Some of you may know me as Noah or Leo)
I'm a radical nonbinary queer kiddo living in Lansing, Kansas with 3 other radical transqueer comrades.

uuuuugh. its like satire yet its real.

No. 152540

hahahah oh wow, this keeps getting better.

anything else from her tumblr?

No. 152541

>dat mcdonalds cup in the background

No. 152542

But fuck capitalism, right??

No. 152543

File: 1467946701002.gif (424.76 KB, 500x375, rV7jBEi.gif)

No. 152544


To nobody's surprise, her major was Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

No. 152545

that's a life of excess right there

No. 152546

she's so pro women and a feminist yet she's taken on two different male names. if she loves being a woman so much why does she need to be "gender fluid", other than wanting to pretend to be a man

No. 152547

So he should have to fund her life forever to stop himself being labelled abusive? Refusing to hand over his cash to someone who is perfectly capable of working is abusive?

If their biggest issue with him is that he won't pay for her shit anymore, then that's a real first world problem.

No. 152548

Still baffles me when fatties have no tits.

No. 152549


Lol all she did was change her url but googling her old screen name brought up all the posts others shared of hers.

No. 152550

>all the butthurt Republicans getting triggered that someone dared to burn a piece of cloth and not give total reverence to the group of government-sponsored murderers that they worship

How can one woman be so based?

No. 152551

damn she is obsessed with black people/women to the point of fetishism. she doesnt see them as humans, but as a way to rebel by supporting their cause while being white.

No. 152552

I don't give a shit about flags and I'm not an American, but you have to admit that this chick is a spoiled brat. Who talks about/to their parents like that? Especially when it seems like her dad did a lot for her. I'm just soaking in the sweet justice of her being forced into independence.

No. 152553

its not the burning of the flag, even her dad said she had the right to do it. he kicked her to the curb because she blocked him from her facebook while denouncing his capitalism (despite living completely off his money) and the fact he used to be military and denied him HIS free speech.

No. 152554

says it doesn't exist anon

No. 152555

Nobody cares about a flag, everybody just wants to see what happens when she realises she fucked herself over.

No. 152556

I love how she was completely funded by her dad, threw him under the bus by telling everybody he was abusive and is now wondering why he doesn't want to fund her anymore. How does anybody get that stupid? That's like quitting your job and asking them to keep paying you.

No. 152557

File: 1467948664372.png (99.81 KB, 480x188, Screenshot_2016-07-07-22-27-25…)

Wow she changed the url and deactivated from the time I posted the link. This was the url when she deactivated, anyone know if you can reactivate a tumblr or did she delete it forever? Anyways if you Google leahpleah you are still able to see everything she posted that was reblogged by anyone because reblogs are forever.

No. 152558

looking at her go fund me reveals that not only was her father a softy enough to give her a free house, car, job, and pay all her bills, but he also hired her friends. can you even imagine how spoiled this bitch has been that he actually hired two of her freeloading genderunicornfaggot roommates?

"daddy please hire my friends despite there being tons of people more qualified for the position! i wanna work with my friends!!!!"

"aw well okay pumpkin, anything for you"

i guess he finally woke the fuck up and realized he's been taken advantage of a completely ungrateful, spoiled cunt.

i honestly hope he holds on to his resolve and really kicks her and her friends out and stops all contact with her until she humbles the fuck up and begs for forgiveness.

No. 152559

>starting a gofundme after 21 years of handouts
Girl couldn't have saved anything up in that time?

No. 152560

*taken advantage of by a ungrateful etc etc

this bitch has triggered me into typoes. i would kill for a rich father who funded everything for me.

No. 152561

Maybe she is browsing this thread.

lol maybe this is her >>152550

No. 152562

Her gofundme raised $769 so far. Really? Her asshole friends couldn't have donated that to somebody that actually needed it? She hasn't even been properly cut off yet!

No. 152563

File: 1467949215266.png (164.19 KB, 480x734, Screenshot_2016-07-07-22-38-50…)

Lockdown mode initiated.

No. 152564

>Due to some disagreements with my father over politics along with his abusive power complex and financial manipulation
>financial manipulation

it's HIS fucking money fam. He can manipulate it until the cows come home.

No. 152565

File: 1467949554375.jpg (65.17 KB, 600x400, top-20-middle-children-tv-carl…)

I think the cow has already come home fam.

No. 152566

She's a radfem queer socialist so she literally believes that his dirty capitalist patriarchal money belongs to her. Hence if he cuts her off, it's "abuse".

this fuckin cow

No. 152567

Not even hamerican so definitely not invested in the flag (don't hate you, fam) but oh so invested in seeing first world snowflake tubblr wastes of space getting their come uppance.

No. 152568

It really is. He raised this monstrosity, should have seen this coming before she turned eighteen.

No. 152569


>muh socialism!!!!

>muh conspicuous overconsumption of junk food produced by multinationals!

Choose one, tumblrtards

No. 152570

File: 1467950939179.png (76.24 KB, 480x584, Screenshot_2016-07-07-23-07-57…)

Dr. Dad is pretty fucking rad.

No. 152571

Maybe I'm overestimating Leah's intelligence, but the reasoning is probably that they are so oppressed by capitalism they have no choice but to stuff their face with glorious capitalist junk food (and live off rich parents' money, use fancy iPhones, buy ugly hipster accessories etc). Kind of like how slaves are forced to perpetuate slavery because they have no option for surviving otherwise which is ofc bs.

No. 152572

Team Dad

No. 152573

So he's not even some millionaire businessman profiting off of slave labour? He's a guy that got into a career in healthcare after seeing his own father struggle? God damn it leah

No. 152574

She has a Pinterest and her largest board is 13 year old edge lord satanist hot topic shit. Just like Margot!

No. 152575

>we also offer free in-home services, and when you buy your hearing aid from us, you get free batteries for life.

evil capitalist dad strikes again!!

No. 152576

Fuck people like her. You dont bite the hand that feeds you

No. 152577

The gods have blessed us with this spicy new cow. I don't understand how someone could be so shortsighted and ungrateful. She has had literally had everything handed to her and yet she doesn't even show the slightest respect for the man who has provided her with it all. If she really was being abused, you would think she would have got away when she was 18 or something?

No. 152578

I mean, it's kinda rough for her father to leave her unemployed and then expect for her to find housing by the end of the month, because you sort of need a job to pay for rent. Maybe he's just a little out of touch with the struggle in the current market. I know she has until the end of the month and I do kind of hope she manages to find a job because it sucks. But she should have savings if she wasn't paying Daddy any rent, and she shouldn't have expected that shit to fly when it's so disrespectful toward her father.

I hate tumblr trash like her, but I do feel bad because it's a shitty place to be put in. Not saying she doesn't deserve to be in that shitty place when she's so anti-capitalism, but eurgh.

Anyway, this belongs in snow, not pt.

No. 152579

But he sent her to fatcamp, he's the devil! /s

This warms my thin privilege.

No. 152580

You feel bad for this piece of shit? How?

No. 152581

>I'm not a Republican, I just hate this stupid liberal because blah blah Republican talking points.


No. 152582

I secretly hope having to get a job and find a place to live teaches her a lesson but let's be real, it will just give her more fodder for her anti-capitalist act.

No. 152583

Her dad seems pretty reasonable. He'd probably not write her off if she apologized and stopped acting retarded on social media. Instead of friends encouraging her to reconcile they're crowd funding her dumbass and standing in solidarity with her.

No. 152584

This human garbage deserves 0 sympathy. The fact that her father gave her until the end of the month is generous as it is.

No. 152585

i doubt he would kick her out if she was actually in a bad position. He looked after her for 21 years and he won't leave her to starve on the streets. He's probably just annoyed by her ungrateful attitude

No. 152586

Sorry if I wasn't clear; I ONLY feel bad for the double-whammy of losing income and accommodation.

No. 152587

agreed. All she had to do for her free ride was be polite to her dad. He wasn't even bothered by all her shit or her dumbass opinions, only that she was disrespectful towards him. If she can't manage to be civil to the person paying for her lifestyle then she doesn't deserve the lifestyle. Even if he was a complete dick (which i doubt tbh) she should have either swallowed her pride and played nice or she should have accepted that she could no longer rely on his money. You can't openly disrespect people and then still expect them to give you everything in return for nothing

No. 152588

Agreed. She put all her eggs in one basket and then tripped and smashed them all. I'm >>152578 and I don't disagree that she was a disrespectful little cow, her speshul snowflake persona was probably built because she was getting away with everything. Maybe a better thing for her to have done would be for her and her friends to live in a house not owned by her father. How they expected to pull this shit and be fine is beyond me.

Feel bad for her situation, not bad for her punishment.

Also, in America, don't you need a job to get a rental property? That's going to be great. Too bad working for a doctor looks good on your resume. Also too bad her father probably won't give her a good reference lol.

No. 152589

Are you retarded?

I agree with both statements. What is it with overly privileged American bitches like her and their caricature of """socialism"""? Reminds me of that punk kind I saw with his iPhone on the subway the other day. Except he was 15 at most.

No. 152590

What does him being 15 with an iphone have to do with anything? He could had a job or got it as a reward for gard work.

No. 152591

It keeps getting better: Jamie Jammer is a transracial trannie.

No. 152592

Oh wow, this just gets better. I looked through her fb and she just struck me as an idiot.

No. 152593

It's not child abuse lol but yeah it is pretty fucking dumb of the father to fire her from a job/evict her because… They disagreed on Facebook? I don't see how you guys can be like oh go team dad! when his reaction is just a stupid and over the top. You can claim "it was the final straw" but it's still not a reason to do these things.
Also this is definitely not pt tier, this belongs in snow. All the samefagging is making me think vendetta because this is really not this juicy. She's just another run of the mill tumbrina and you decided to make a thread on her because of 1 event? Yeah this belongs in snow.

No. 152594

Then tell farmhands/new admin to move it.

No. 152595

how about no to everything you just said "lol"

it's not samefagging you faggot how new are you

No. 152596

She's an idiot and a hypocrite for happily benefiting off the system she attacks. Hopefully, now she'll understand you can't have your cake and eat it too. You can't be a dick to anyone (especially not your own parents) and then expect them to support you.

No. 152597

File: 1467966698653.gif (467.95 KB, 150x121, 17539380593295.gif)

>We're desperately trying to move as quickly as possible to Kansas City. All of us are under financial constraints, as two of us were employed by my father, one of us just moved here from across the state, and the other just ended a semester of art school.

No. 152598

So she lived in a house rent-free with free phone, free internet access and also had free health insurance and free car insurance.
Was also employed by her father who was a doctor.

So all she had to do was pay electricity and water bills and food bills.
And she somehow has no savings at all?

No. 152599

It's was his money, his practice, and his house. He could do whatever he wanted with it, and he apparently chose to cut off his entitled, shit for brains daughter. Frankly, it's probably the best thing he's ever done for her if she ended up being such a tumblr stereotype.
Pretty sure the anons saying how awful the dad is and that he had no right to do what he did are either this chick herself or her dipshit roommates. One of them seems to be in this thread since her tumblr was gone minutes after it was posted.

No. 152600

She bit the hand that literally fed her.

No. 152601

The dudes a veteran and she went and burned a flag, obviously he disagreed with that, and she's basically slandering him all over FB and blocked him so he can't defend himself. That's why he's angry and decided he'd had enough of his faggot tumblr daughter and her friends who he was also supporting.

She did the equivalent of burning a flag on her boss's lawn yelling FUCK CAPITALISM and then started screeching about facism when she was predicatably fired. She's an idiot.

No. 152602

And she's deleted her pinterest.

No. 152603


I love it! She postures as this hardcore radical, but the minute she starts getting input from folks not in her delusional Tumblrite hugbox she goes into hiding!

Sorry sugar, but it's time to put on those big genderqueer panties and face it: You brought this on yourself because you are a spoiled, clueless cunt.

No. 152604

Aw, not so edgy and progressive now that you realised how people in the real world wont buy into your safe space censoring bullshit are we?

No. 152605

Lol at this bitch deleting every single social media account of hers.

No. 152606

File: 1467977719199.gif (942.86 KB, 340x255, tumblr_m874e5kBkv1ra9lt2o1_400…)


Think about it from the fathers' side. Say (or at least pretend) you have some values in your life, something that has had a big impact in your life and because of that you respect it a lot.

Then let's pretend you have a family member or a close friend you want to help. You offer this person a free housing, hire them to do something for you. So at this point instead of paying you rent for all the expenses that housing takes you actually PAY THEM salary, pay their living expenses and pay all the other expenses that come from hiring someone (I don't know about US but in my country hiring someone costs way more than just the salary because of all the additional pays).

You also provide them phone, internet, car and insurances.

So now you have someone living with you for free… or not for free - you pay them. You pay them EVERYTHING.

And then they start bashing your values. As they literally live on your support, they burn down everything you think is meaningful. And when you try to have a conversation with them or try to defend yourself they block you and proceed to call you abuser and all those names.

You still seriously want to keep that kind of person wasting your money away?

No. 152607

File: 1467978368104.png (135.73 KB, 349x192, jamie_gerard.png)

"Jamie Jammer" is Gerard G. Dabu. He is a military brat. Possible DOB of August 27

No. 152608

File: 1467978469701.jpg (143.28 KB, 1442x1024, dad w potus.jpg)

Jamie's father with Obama.

No. 152609

File: 1467978535795.jpg (245.72 KB, 1362x2048, dad.JPG)

Son I am disappoint.

No. 152610


Here is a summary of a presentation Gerard did at Hawaii-Manoa in May 2015 entitled "Online Social Justice Movements and Countermovements".

No. 152611

Guys is this shitposting? I'm confused

No. 152612

File: 1467979292913.gif (943.69 KB, 500x280, giphy.gif)

No. 152613

The dad is basically Venus and the hambeast tumblrina behaves like maggot.

No. 152614

>>If she really was being abused, you would think she would have got away when she was 18 or something?

Exactly! Her friends are trying to make it sound it like he abused her by giving her no choice but to live in her own house rent-free, have a free car, have free insurance and a job with salary. And he was such an abusive asshole that he gave her friends no choice but to live with her rent-free and to work in his office while being given a salary.

If she were trapped (i.e. abused) in that situation, she would've had another source of income/been saving to make a getaway. And she certainly wouldn't have only started a GoFuckYourself page the day after he cut her off - she would've started it sooner if she were abused longterm.


No. 152615

File: 1467980029627.png (56.45 KB, 480x359, Screenshot_2016-07-08-07-11-48…)


No. 152616

File: 1467980052614.png (84.45 KB, 480x564, Screenshot_2016-07-08-07-12-42…)


No. 152617

File: 1467980344116.png (32.96 KB, 480x253, Screenshot_2016-07-08-07-16-37…)


No. 152618

File: 1467980484763.png (231.44 KB, 480x717, Screenshot_2016-07-08-07-18-12…)

No. 152619

pot, meet kettle

No. 152620

Pot calling the kettle black much? Also, love how the word abuser and made-up definitions of abuse are getting thrown around like frisbees on a hot summer day in the park.

No. 152621

Jamie's daddy didn't spank him enough.

No. 152622

Looks like Jamie is as much if not more of a cow here.
Damn, I was sorta excited to see a girl with a real tech carrier, but of course, it's a fucking tranny.

No. 152623

Did Jamie bleach his skin or what? No way that happened naturally.

No. 152624

It is weirding me out. I'm not well versed in SJW-ism, but I thought it's easier to be an SJW if you're not white, for those oppression points. His dad has a skin tone similar to Obama, and Jamie was trying to pull a reverse Dolezal. Why? Is he insane?

No. 152625

Asserting his tranny-self, I think. It's harder to associate his brown true self to his whitey tranny personna.

No. 152626

clearly insane

No. 152627

ugh, i wanna punch this tranny in the face

No. 152628

He does look more brown here : >>152618 than here >>152607
I think it's part lighting, part not exposing to the sun. You can still see his typical ethnic traits in the last pic.

No. 152629

File: 1467982197267.png (598.89 KB, 810x434, 1lnxeZG.png)

Stolen from the Kiwifarms thread:
>>that bio
>>actual princess
Princess? As in spoiled ungrateful asshat who literally had everything in life handed to her? Definitely.

No. 152630

File: 1467982904053.jpg (175.98 KB, 720x960, Fleah Fupa.jpg)

Imagine having a fupa at age 21. How the fuck does that even happen?

No. 152631

That's where she keeps her mashed potatoes

No. 152632

What an infortunate body. It's more of a man thing to have just a big belly like this, isn't it?

No. 152633

Ayyy before looking up close at that photo I thought that was her mom or some shit. I wonder where her mom is during all this anyways.

Ironically princesses were part of a class system that exploited and oppressed lower classes of society.

No. 152634

Go cry somewhere else about deadnaming, nobody here gives a shit.

No. 152635

Don't all tumblr SJWs have PCOS? It's like a hospital waiting room in there.

No. 152636

Honestly, i wonder how the hormonal thing is at play in their craziness.

No. 152637

It accounts for the crazy fatties (they also lack white and gray matter in important regions of the brain), but what's Jamie's damage? Why's he so crazy? Men don't get PCOS.

No. 152638

Jamie/Gerard seems to be pretty intelligent and has a possibility of having a pretty lucrative career ahead of him. Does he not realize that sperging out over his special snowflake friends in a very public manner will probably reflect poorly on him when it comes time to find a job? It reminds me of when Alex Lifschitz spent years sperging out over #GoobyGrape and then had the nerve to bitch about how all the AAA video game companies that he'd been bashing publicly didn't want to hire him.

No. 152639

Mhm, deviant personality agravated when they start HRT? Tranny are always so fucked. I think it's BPD, except it doesn't really manifest the same as in females.

No. 152640

It makes no sense, if you're good in tech, you're pretty much garanteed a job. Why would you fuck with that by getting on the tranny SJW train?
It really boggles my mind.

No. 152641

In my personal experience, in general FTMs - the ones with clinical gender dysphoria, not fakebois - are far more laid back and just want to blend into society.

It's the MTFs who are complete attention whore snowflakes for whatever reason.

No. 152642

Anyone know how squatter's rights work in Kansas? I would not be the least bit surprised if Leah and her faggot friends decide to just squat in her dad's house because OMG WE ARE BEAN OPPRESSED FIGHT THE PROLETARIAT

No. 152643

IMO it's because a lot of MTF are just fetishists. Extreme fetishism isn't as common in women.

No. 152644

File: 1467985453370.jpg (16.64 KB, 300x235, 1343312262458.jpg)

No. 152645

he really is a contribution to society, while his daughter never will be. he's a fucking DOCTOR. he served in the military. he's helping deaf people. he actually was kind hearted enough to hire his shitty sjw daughter's friends. like, goddamn. i wish he was my dad.

No. 152646

File: 1467986577254.png (37.65 KB, 480x295, Screenshot_2016-07-08-08-52-12…)

[eyerolling intensifies]

I'll do it tonight after work if nobody else does, but holy fuck Jamie has so much retardation on her Facebook and it's all public.

No. 152647

I was about to yell at OP but continued to read on. Nice find. Probably belongs in /snow/, but it's still quality. Remember that /snow/ is no longer a containment thread (seeing how Kooters and GG were moved there), but a place for lower tier cows or dried up cows. /PT/ houses legends such as the Queen and Chris-chan.

Anyways, this was an enjoyable read. I wonder if she'll ever go crawling back to Daddy.

No. 152648


Probably not if her "friends" are egging her on. Honestly, I think a real friend would have told her to get her head out of her ass, but apparently she doesn't have anyone like that in her life.

No. 152649

all this cow had to do was be civil to her dad and she would've been set for life. She could have kept on stuffing her face and ranting about oppression on tumblr and burning through his money, but she had to go full sjw retard with him.

Go Dr. Dad. Unlike her, he practices what he preaches.

No. 152650

she's had a job without having to pay bills/housing. she SHOULD have a lot of money in savings, the fact she spent it all on capitalist food and other useless shit is her own damn fault. anyone with half a brain would save at least part of their paycheck each week.

this time of year there are always places hiring. just shopping around this week i've seen the pizza place i go to is hiring, target is hiring, mcdonalds is hiring, the list goes on. sure the market is shit in real career type jobs, but crappy minimum wage jobs are everywhere.

fuck, all she has to do is walk into a temp agency and they'll set her ass up with something in a ware house / packing plant / plastic factory etc if she has no other skills.

or go to a fucking work-a-day agency if you're desperate.

she has no excuses.

No. 152651

actually since they werent paying rent and the house is legally in his name, he could just call the police and say they were trespassing. which is definitely what i would do to this scum.

No. 152652

They're fucking squatters.

No. 152653

i find it hard to believe you can't get police to take away people who are trespassing on your property.

No. 152654


I'm not sure, a lot of places there's tenants' rights that exist even with no contract, usually on a month-to-month basis. That's probably why he gave them a deadline, so he could initiate eviction proceedings if they didn't leave.

No. 152655


the letter he gave them is equal to an eviction notice. if they stay, its illegal, and they can be kicked out. you know goddamn well she has no paperwork at all saying she had any kind of rental agreement prior to this, same for her friends. she has no leg to stand on.

No. 152656


No it isn't. He's ending her tenancy (which she doesn't need a contract to have, she has an implied contract because she has been staying there regardless of if she's been paying rent or not). The notice he gave her serves as notice to leave. If she doesn't leave at that point he files eviction proceedings. You don;t need a written agreement to have an implied contract.

No. 152657

he could have been a mega dick and only given her 3 days to get out. apparently that's all you need in kansas


No. 152658

she deserve it

No. 152659


The fact that he's going about this legally (rather than being all GTFO of my house) makes me think he's serious about it. Also, she's going have a hard time if she has eviction proceedings filed against her. No landlord wants to deal with someone with someone who had to have an eviction filed.

No. 152660

i'm sure his disappointment and resentment of her lack of gratitude and disrespect has been slowly building up for years, but his love for her prevented him from reacting. i'm not saying he doesn't love her anymore, but its clear that her behavior really is the last straw of god knows how much shit she's given him.

you just know she's the type to insult everyone at thanksgiving/christmas dinner/family gatherings. i can't imagine how many time's she's likely publicly embarrassed him

No. 152661

This. While we are hearing about the flag burning episode now and many here are crying about how unfair it is to cut her off, I guarantee you that there are at least half a dozen stories in their past that are just as ridiculous if not many times worse.

No. 152662


I think you hit the nail on the head anon. Hope he stands his ground, he will be much happier without this piece of shit.

No. 152663

Unconditional love and financially providing for an adult/capable child are two very different things. It seemed to me that she's in the middle of a tantrum and happily accepted his decision so that she could play a victim.

No. 152664

can you imagine her rants about capitalism and what a horrible consumerist, oppressive, hateful evil religious holiday christmas is while opening all the presents her family got her?

No. 152665

It's only been a few days. I'm personally withholding judgement whether it's that big of a dick move for the time being.

No. 152666

to be honest i expected him to cave and forgive her (he's likely forgiven her for tons of shit for her to behave this way) but seeing >>152616 makes it clear he's being harassed by her friends and followers, which is going to keep his anger fresh and strengthen his resolve to kick that cancer out of his life until she can learn some respect

No. 152667

I think she would do great in the porn industry. She could be the next big thing over at facial abuse, then she'll understand what cismale oppression actually is.

No. 152668

Yeah I agree. If she hadn't lashed out immediately like that I think her father would probably have backpedaled.

No. 152669

Already done

Then explain how this random literally who got like 200 posts in under 24 hours for something that is really not that interesting? This was obviously made by someone who knew her. Look at the responses to my comment, a lot of them came in at the same time at a time of the day with very little activity. That's a bit suspicious roflcopter XD :P


Ok, you're missing my point though. I'm not talking about from an ethical standpoint. From a father's perspective, he can do what he likes, I certainly don't give a shit, that's his personal business.
But this guy was her employer and landlord (well, I'll be a bit lenient on that because she wasn't paying rent). Those are professional agreements, not personal ones. Imagine if an employer fired someone because they disagreed with them on Facebook.
Do you honestly think that is professional or fair in any way? Ignore the father stuff, he entered a professional contract with her when he gave her a job so it's not a personal matter. To fire someone because of a personal matter completely unrelated to work is ridiculous and an overreaction and he is 100% in the wrong to do so. Yes he can do what he likes but if she brought that to court he would get fined, you can't just fire someone for something like that, it has to be related to the job.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not on this girl's side or anything, but like how can you guys think that it's fair to fire someone just because they did something in their personal life not related to work in any way you didn't like? I'm just saying.

No. 152670

lmao people get fired for shit on facebook ALL the time. make a racist comment? fired. say something homophobic? fired. burn the flag? fired. its within his right.

you are the ONLY anon with your panties in a twist about this being posted on /pt/ go police the internet somewhere else you faggot, we're having fun here.

No. 152671

It's not because they disagreed, though. It's because she openly slandered and then blocked him. If you did that to your employer in any other circumstance you would get fired.

No. 152672

forgot to add its SUPER in his right because it makes his practice look bad to have someone so anti american and hateful working there.

thats why people get fired for social media posts. if people know where you work, then you represent your workplace even when you are not clocked in. anything said in social media that looks bad for your employer is means to get fired.

places where i've worked actually have things posted in the break room about not saying stupid shit on social media. everyone knows you don't act like a retard online where your employer can see / hear about it.

No. 152673

It's true faggot, I am actually Kevin Albee and instead of working at my medical practice I've spent the last day cyberbullying my daughter while pretending to do it for her own good on Facebook. This is what happens when you fuck with a marine trained teen.

No. 152674


But that's not what she got fired for. She got fired for disagreeing with him and blocking him, didn't he say that above that that was what he got pissed about? Something about she censored him and he got pissed. If she went to court and could prove that, they would see him as in the wrong, regardless of how she "represents" the company.

Keep disagreeing though, doesn't make this thread any less vendetta

>inb4 I'm accused of being idk whatever the fuck this girl's name is

No it's just a shit thread and nothing is even happening here, this is a run of the mill tumblrina and it doesn't belong here on pt, should have been made in snow.

No. 152675

she cant prove she got fired for a disagreement. all he has to do is show that she posted her burning a flag on july fourth and that she publically slandered him. she has no right to anything in court.

you seriously must be underage / never held a job to not understand how this shit works.

No. 152676


Yet, as has been pointed out, you're the only one crying about it.

Exactly.. Plus, Kansas is a "right to work" state and you can literally be fired at will.

No. 152677

It will probably be moved to snow soon, stop whining about it and go to a better thread if you don't like this one. It's as simple as that, or are you the taylor stan anon?

No. 152678

File: 1467994235192.jpg (123.8 KB, 889x915, comrade.JPG)

Jesus, almost a thousand shares as well.

No. 152679

This will end up in /snow/ in a matter of a day or two. Calm down, pet.

No. 152680

Hes in his right. She slandered him and his company and then blocked him. He can fire her its just like goung up dircetly to his office and shouting. You arent gonna have a job after that.
And fuck this hypocritical bitch. You dont bitch anout the system when you are actively benifiting from it.
Her dad worked hard for his shit and made aname for himself and all she did was live off it and bitched.

No. 152681

I think this shit is interesting.

But why do I get the feeling that this cow might already be here? Or is it just some other teenage tumblrina trying to defend her friend or something?

No. 152682

People like her make my blood boil. I know some of those disrespectful, ungrateful, self-righteous twats IRL so this thread makes me happy.
Her father is doing her a favor by forcing her to function in the real world. Someday he will not be able to care for her anymore. I doubt he'd actually let her get in serious trouble though if she apologizes.

Look at how she behaves publicly on social media and you will know what shit she most likely pulled at work.
People can get fired for being late for three times here, for stealing a pen or for simply being very disrespectful towards their superiors. I imagine it's similar or worse in the US like >>152676 pointed out.

No. 152683

File: 1467997413861.png (345.23 KB, 505x524, 1460933590444.png)


No. 152684

Being so assblasted by a thread on a lolcow board that you have to contact admin.

Nigga you're turning out to be a bigger lolcow than Leah.

No. 152685

Oh ho ho - legalfag here and I WORK in Employment Law.

Kansas is an at-will state which means you can be terminated for no reason or at the discretion of your employer. The only exceptions to this are specific contracts drafted to waive the at-will status. Two other exceptions are discrimination and retaliation covered by Federal Law. Now I know you guys are thinking "OH BUT HE'S RETALIATION BECAUSE OF THEIR DISAGREEMENT!" But the legal definition of retaliation must be a defined protected activity specified by Federal Law, i.e. Whistleblower Act, etc.

Evicting her and firing her is perfectly within his legal right.

No. 152686


No. 152687

So according to the wayback, sometime between May 2013 and November 2014 Leah went from your typical theater geek tumblr user to a "fat femme queer" sjw

No. 152688


You are obviously not a parent. Do you have any concept of what it feels like to bust your ass your whole life to provide your kid with everything they've ever wanted, supported them almost 100% so they don't have to struggle like the rest of their generation, only for them to basically spit in your face and tell you to fuck off? Do you even have an inkling of what that feels like? Or are you just another NEET sucking on dad's titty, asshurt because this hits too close to home?

Btw the only samefag I see is you, moaning and crying over the fact that the fastest growing thread in MONTHS has been posted to your ~super speshul exclusive lolcow board~ and not another board on the same fucking website. Control your autism pls.

No. 152689

I know we're all laughing but ppl like her usually end up in Deadly Women or Snapped.

No. 152690

Tbh I've never wanted to fast forward life so badly to wee where this stupid bitch ends up six months from now. And yeah, not a lot of content at the moment but she will get her confidence back and be back to shitposting SJW bullshit in no time and I have a feeling this will be a cow that we can watch for years to come.

No. 152691

>roftcopter xD :P
Kill yourself

No. 152692


Also, Kansas is a Right To Work State. Which means her boss (her father) is within his rights to fire her for anything she does, without having to give her a reason.

No. 152693

File: 1468003534603.png (82.57 KB, 479x538, Screenshot_2016-07-08-13-41-53…)

Either this dude Jamie is reading this thread and responding to our posts (>>287857) or he just decided to elaborate on a six day old post on his page. My money is on the former.

No. 152694

trying so desperately hard to be a special STEM snowflake

No. 152695


Hold up bucko she isn't a radfem. Radfems think trannies are abominations, she clearly fuckin loves them/ pretends she is one.

No. 152701

Sorry, I meant that her brand of feminism is radical, not that she was a TERF.

Im not fluent in SJW.

No. 152703

You're thinking of TERFs (trans-exclusionary radical feminists). Only a small subset of radfems are TERFs.

>needing $5000 to move 30 miles

Oh for fuck's sake.

No. 152739

>Throwing the radfem name every time some retarded fun femishit exposes herself as, indeed, a retard.

Every goddamn time.

Never change, libfems.

No. 152741

she contested her father's authority, she wanted to be an adult, her father shows her how it feels. Good lesson
Dat bitch deserves it, the law should fine those who burn the national flag.

No. 152745

No. 152747

Its been legal to burn the american flag for years now. Its protected by freedom of speech/expression

No. 152752

>The flag, when it is in such condition >that it is no longer a fitting emblem for >display, should be destroyed in a >dignified way, preferably by burning.
US flag code.

No. 152758

Anon, there is nothing radical feminist about even being on this website. Making fun of other girls' appearances is the opposite of liberating women. Get off your high horse (and this is coming from a ex-radfem).

No. 152775

Is that you Leah?

No. 152776


she deserved everything that she got.

No. 152802

dude, there are no males in radical feminism. it's a female-only political movement with clear cut rules and goals. radfems are anti-gender and anybody claiming to be transgender can't be a radfem. or anybody claiming to be ~kweer~. let alone a kweer male tranny.

No. 152810


You have no idea of what your are farting out of your ass.

No. 152812

"Radical feminism views patriarchy as dividing rights, privileges and power primarily by gender"

right, a site that denies the existence of sex based oppression and redefines it as ~gender inequality~. just the thing to learn about radical feminism from lol.

No. 152829

File: 1468029725730.png (277.67 KB, 496x717, 05GIFhr.png)

being told to grow up is malignant abuse now

No. 152834

This whole thread fits into that Annoying Lazy Males thread from /b/ perfectly.

No. 152836

File: 1468030965291.png (78.39 KB, 509x583, EdZOzUP.png)

I'm just snagging these from the kiwi thread, for those too lazy to check over there.

No. 152839

File: 1468031085109.png (41.51 KB, 493x542, KwTDyT.png)

More abuse from the fascist father

No. 152841

File: 1468031153704.png (27.69 KB, 487x255, bc9e204beef8d7c5f751de54cc8536…)

No. 152842


uneven power structure…children. dude, you're a grown man!
what kind of grown man on grown man uneven structure?? where are the children?

No. 152844

File: 1468031459319.jpeg (239.69 KB, 930x912, image.jpeg)

>burns flag and bashes military/veterans
>Dr. Dad: now you know I don't agree with this, but I will respect your right of free speech
>I was NEVER respected REEEeeEE

No. 152845

lol dope job doing what? i can only imagine. free house, free phone, free car, guaranteed job, AND you get to live with your friends? i'm so sure your dad forced you back. this fucking bitch, i swear.

she's only 21, what kind of "dope ass" career could she have had with only a genders study degree? lol

No. 152846

File: 1468031527248.png (602.63 KB, 850x627, my_dad.png)

photo evidence of the abuse she suffered as a child

No. 152847

File: 1468031612726.png (21.29 KB, 508x194, 8500c8db1e8b3636e9cb21ecd25c9a…)

our friend Jamie is back at it

No. 152848

File: 1468031626193.png (65.33 KB, 499x518, 4cba6d2f2aa58536600bc7a8b7dbb4…)

No. 152849

you know you dun fucked up when minorities put your sjw bullshit ass in place

No. 152851


No. 152852

"daddy daddy there are spiders come kill them for me!!"


No. 152860

File: 1468033215613.png (36.5 KB, 470x498, kQEaBv7.png)

No. 152861

File: 1468033231857.png (16.67 KB, 470x236, DKBiZPK.png)

No. 152863

File: 1468033547230.jpg (117.69 KB, 825x712, 2fO4h3T.jpg)

her former "sweet" job was just a seasonal haunted house gig


And apparently she received a scholarship to study Genderqueer Arts

No. 152866

Ive seen stupid classes but what the fuck is genderqueer arts?

No. 152869

yaoi fanart

No. 152871

Our little white washed friend Gerard is such an instigator. He's not happy just watching the fire burn, he needs to pour oil onto it. Your typical tumblr whackjob.

No. 152872

Like employment laws are going to cover her (huge, beetus ridden) ass for a job where she did fuck all but suck in mickee dees all day long, posted dank memes on tubblr, and let's face it, is a job daddy only gave her for form's sake, so she could keep throwing money at her even though she doesn't deserve a single cent.

No. 152873

Now that he's already been doxxed, this is like asking for 4chan trolls to call the police and tell them he's dangerously suicidal.

Protip: if you've got triggers, you speshul snowflake, don't post them in public, online, so the whole damn world that hates you for good reasons can get right to it.

No. 152874


>dont use phrases like "if you actually cared" because that's literal emotional manipulation

Is this shit for real? Are the cameras from punkd somewhere? It's real obvious how sheltered and privileged these snowflakes are. The chimp out they're having because they can no longer suck dads tits is absolutely hilarious and this is top tier milk

No. 152876

If she really has those problems I don't see her first few points as too extreme, but if someone is suicidal you totally should call the cops on them. Like wtf.

No. 152878

No. 152879


people who use suicide threats as a manipulation tactic don't want you to call the police because it will leave a paper trail of their fakery

No. 152881


>suicide threats as manipulation tactic

Gerard "Jamie" white washed genderflake confirmed for BPD? His poor decorated dad.

No. 152890

He probably has damage from Agent Orange, it fucks up your kids genetically in more ways than just physical.

No. 152928

First anon is right, radical feminism is (according to crazy kweer people) trans exclusionary. It doesn't accept males or trannies (since trnnies are males).

Of course, tumblr likes the sound of RADICAL feminist so they'd call themselves that, but this brat and her boyfriend are not radical feminists.

No. 152931

the basis of excluding trannies is because they were raised as men and, therefore, were raised with more privilege. Modern feminism is now just about protecting women as a whole no matter how they were raised. Most true radfems are women in their 40's who don't see the world is changing because of crippling tunnel-vision.

tumblrtards just like the sound of it, just like they are socialist gender non-conforming radfem queer intersex bois.

No. 152945

You're forgetting that trans people get treated like shit by the police though. I can see why Jamie wouldn't want the police involved. There's a ton to point out in this thread but that specific point is not one of them.

No. 152948

Yup, that was the point.

But there are still young radical feminists. Sure we're shunned to hell and back, but we exist. And the way the world is changing now (the whole queer trans lib drama) is probably a huge catalyst, the younger "TERF" crowd is mostly composed of girls who adhered to it after watching this SJW nonsense unravel.
Sage for semi-derail.

No. 152949

It's only because they don't want a paper trail of their manipulation and/or oppression points. You're either him or an idiot.

No. 152953

To be fair, at least this MTF tries to actually pass as a woman. If their gender hadn't been posted, I'd have called them a her.

Actually trying to transition vs tumblr 'transitioning' (sharpie brows, a piercing near or on the nose, short hair, pentagram halters and sexy photos with a caption saying (male pronouns please)) is pretty different in my books.

Not to go against the flake, just pointing out that Jamie may be actually serious about transitioning.

No. 152955

Yup, there's a bunch of us. People also forget than in many non-western countries "regular" feminism is actually pretty radical. Hell, I'm from central Europe and being against prostitution, porn, gender… is pretty much expected from a feminist.
Sadly the queer bullshit is invading us pretty fast - I expect things to change radically in the next five years or so.

No. 152957

>>152948 >>152955
Whoops, tagged the wrong post.
Sorry for samefagging.

No. 152958

Wait, being against all that is considered feminism? That's so strange. What do you mean 'gender', though? I'm curious. Sorry for being OT.

No. 152969

This just makes me sad. His intent behind kicking her out was for her to grow up, not amass an army of internet faggots to laugh at her, but it happened anyway.
I'm still laughing, but it's sad.

No. 152972

gender is sex roles expected of male and female people under the patriarchy. basically, the things that male transgenders use to prove they are "really women" - shaving, wearing skirts, liking cooking, liking make up and heels and other nonsense is not what makes a woman a woman - it's just stereotypical sex roles. sex stereotypes that you Americans call gender. men identifying with (let's be real here, identifying just means they masturbate to) sex roles expected of women under patriarchy does not make them women.

No. 152975

That's just called "gender roles" here and is usually something that bullshit transtrender types claim to be against, but then perpetuate the stereotypes by using that as their reason to transition. Actual transgender people are the type that are more bothered by the physical aspects of their sex. (Breasts and such for ftm and penis for mtf) often to the point of expressing desire to self mutilate to rid themselves of these sex characteristics. Pretty much every feminist here at least claims to be against gender roles. (Mind you, this is in the US where transtrenders outnumber actual trans people.)

No. 152977

body dysphoria doesn't make one a woman either. males who have an issues accepting their body as it is and are pushed into surgery in order to alleviate that discomfort have nothing to do with us.

No. 152982

body dysphoria is literally the reason that trans people exist. Lolcow isn't against people with actual dysphoria, it's the tumblrtards who claim they're trans without dysphoria who we hate. Fuck off back to reddit if you think that all trans people are stupid ass bitches on tumblr riding the fame train.

No. 152986

lolcow isn't some sort of hivemind, i agree with >>152977 in that no amount of surgery can make a man a woman i.e. i am gender critical but this is incredibly off topic
>telling radfems to go back to reddit, one of the most liberal websites there is

No. 152989

I was surprised when I first read this, even the most delusional privileged women are not blind to where their power comes from and will know better than to anger let alone attack their provider in public.

and then it turns out this was actually a coddled precious manchild with entitlement issues, not a woman.

No. 152993

I thought it was her friend Jamie Jamemr, who was trans, not her?

No. 152999

It is Jamie, but Jamie also believes they're entitled to free shit while calling the person giving it to them an abuser.

No. 153008

>spiritual abuse

No. 153018

Jamie/Gerard most definitely believes he's entitled to the 37 houses leah's family owns, being her commie comrade and shit. He's such goldfish stringshit.

I wonder how many "friends" leah schmeah would have if her family lived off food stamps instead of being filthy rich.

No. 153022

File: 1468073727363.jpg (36.19 KB, 438x459, 86194ad0eee5c605f9486df12a8ded…)

Kansas is an employment at will state. So he doesn't even have to disclose why he fired her.

Why are the ungrateful assholes the ones with supportive parents?
You'd think that she'd be respectful towards her father who gave her whatever she wanted.

No. 153025

burning flags is not a "basic human right" jesus christ

No. 153030

File: 1468076867520.png (71 KB, 480x641, Screenshot_2016-07-09-10-05-40…)


No. 153031

They posted her address too. /pol/ is going to have a good day.

No. 153056

>somebody gave her a 100 bucks
>just for being an ungrateful spoiled little shit
>over 800 dollars donated
>while I barely attract a few followers each month
>none of them willing to buy off my etsy

Is this what being an obnoxious retarded SJW snowflake on tumblr brings you? I might've been going all wrong about my internet persona

No. 153062

I mean, I genuinely noticed that the more you complain on your blog, the more likely people are to flock around you and there doesn't seem to be a tipping point after which they just become tired of your whining.
And of course you better be as nondescript and vague about your struggles as possible whilst still blowing your suffering out of proportion and using it as an excuse for not fulfilling your obligations
"the commissions piled up but there's just no possible way I could work :(((("
"I've been just too overwhelmed with the stress of everything these past few days, gomenasai"
"my doctor said I need to stop overexerting myself, ughhh"

Just playing that sweet juicy victim card.

No. 153063

So he not only abused his daughter financially and emotionally for years and then kicked her out on the streets when she finally dared stand up to him but also killed a BILLION defenseless animals???

Has this man NO SHAME smh

No. 153076

This is so cringe. This is what happens when idiot babies coopt the language of people who are actually fighting worthy causes, who are actually in need, for their own petty hissy fits. Who calls their parents "dude"? My dad's socially conservative and not thrilled with my sexual orientation but it doesn't keep me from listening to his perspective when we disagree instead of whining that he's a "FASCIST ABUSER".

No. 153080

I feel SO BAD for her father. He's now going around trying to get threads about her deleted? He genuinely cares about her safety. She's screaming about him being an abuser and a horrible person while he quietly goes and tries to protect her. This is high-tier sad shit. Not many parents would do something like that. Dad of the Year award goes to this bro right here. I hope nothing bad happens to him or his business because of this wank.

No. 153081

most likely nothing will happen to his business because it looks like its in a smaller town, where people are pro american and would definitely side with him for booting his flag burning lazy shit daughter to the curb to teach her how the real world works. plus, i doubt his business gets a lot of young tumblr-tier people. i mean, he's an ear doctor, the majority of his patients are probably old.

No. 153093

A+ comment.

No. 153101

Radical feminism opposes patriarchy, not men. To equate radical feminism to man-hating is to assume that patriarchy and men are inseparable, philosophically and politically.

No. 153104

This is honestly A+ too funny. She's completely fallen down the rabbit hole with liberal Tubblr echo chamber nonsense. It would seem she's too unintelligent to critically analyze her own place and privileges her life affords her and how that contradicts everything she parrots that she supposedly "believes in." I would like to think any rational person would want to stow their pride to fend off homelessness (and gasp, lack of internet access?) but she physically cannot stop, harping on about the "child abuse" of a 21 year old woman who has ungratefully taken every luxury her father has freely offered her - something you could ONLY find on Tumblr. The level of brainwashing that completely demolishes any sense of self-awareness is hilarious.

Sage for non-contribution, but oh my gosh this is too funny.

No. 153109

You are full of shit, anon. Don't spill it here.

No. 153120

I've called the police on a trans suicidal friend before. They refused to use the correct pronouns and handled him violently. I'm not pulling shit out of my ass by saying the police treat trans people like shit. Sage for personal blogging but being afraid of the police isn't milk. There's so much more actual milk to be discussed and that's what you pick on?

No. 153122

Her dads a bro and I feel for him. He supported his kid and was even okay with her views because he understands it's her right to have them. She's what, 21? He's not obligated to support her past 18 but he did so anyway because he loves her. He helped her friends out by employing them and even graced her with that 30 day eviction notice that wasn't necessary for their state. That gives her enough time to collect her feelings, find a new place, try to find a job ASAP and get out with time to spare if she's fast enough. The fact that he's finding and trying to get threads down to protect her proves he's a good man. It's just sad his daughters fucked up to see this as 'abuse'. He could have kicked her out at age 18 or made her pay at least the rent but he didn't. I doubt she'll realize how good she's had it until she figures out she needs to pay for a car policy, renters insurance, a phone bill, ect all on her own.

No. 153144

You consider it bad treatment that a few officers refused to play along with your friend's gender delusion and use their preferred pronouns? Why did they handle your friend violently? I have a hard time believing that it's because officers don't like transgenders.

No. 153146




No. 153151

>They come out of the woodwork like they're experts on things they've never experienced an spout out shit
oh the ironing


A riveting article by hers truly about "fatshion". She mentions that you should wear things that are comfortable, but I have a hard time believing that megamoons are really as comfortable as they say they are when squeezing into a size 3XL garterbelt that cuts into their fupa

No. 153156

I feel bad for Jamie's dad.

No. 153158

>it would seem she's too unintelligent

No kidding, it looks like she might be legitly retarded. Have you guys seen her college presentations? They are third grad level.

>The Little Mermaid

>It's a version of romeo and juliet because of the love in the story

>Romeo Mustne

Did you mean romeo must die?


No. 153159

Oh wow, a 200 word article with a quote from JK Rowling and a tumblr screenshot.

No. 153161

This is what is wrong with the U.S. education system: braindead morons make it in because their daddies have money.

No. 153163

Are you serious right now? What the fuck this is embarrassing

No. 153166

I think you are misunderstanding: we're not talking about feminism that can just be described as radical, we're talking about radical feminism, which is a very distinct ideology (does happen to be radical imo, but I wanted to clear up the distinction). Part of that ideology is that men are intrinsically patriarchal creatures because they were raised through it and benefit from it, you can't seperate the two.

What you're actually talking about is liberal feminism, which is a crock of tranny loving, cock worshipping shit. Libfems like to think they're radical but really they're just pandering to autogynephiles most of the time.

Not a radfem btw, I love hating on other women too much. But libfems are the fuckin worst.

No. 153167

File: 1468114400071.png (81.57 KB, 510x325, leah albee.png)

It gets worse. I think Leah might be suffering from early onset dementia because of her obesity? She has worse English on her college shit than I have on an anonymous Mongolian lipgloss hoarder board, and I'm not a native speaker.

No. 153169

File: 1468114517372.png (73.33 KB, 507x328, leah albee goes to college.png)

Dumping Best Of Leah's college presentations. Face it, farmers, you too would like to sit in class with an alcoholic who hasn't washed for eight months.

No. 153171

File: 1468114621402.png (48.22 KB, 521x344, leah hates popular girls.png)

Leave college restructuring to Leah & the tubblrinas, they'd kick out the mean girls

No. 153172

File: 1468114709247.png (118.26 KB, 501x353, Leah hates people who hate her…)

Leah would kick out the teachers, and everyone else who corrects her mental retardation levels.

No. 153175


Holy shit, is this for real?

No. 153176

Yes. I feel even worse for her dad. He's going to have to look after this trainwreck her whole life or she'll literally end up on the streets. She has 0 life skills and can't even manage her native language. Hole shit. Poor Dr. Dad. Where the fuck did he go so wrong raising this waste of air?

No. 153180

Are we absolutely sure this Prezi person is "our" Albee, though?

No. 153181

>what's wrong with ….
you answered your own question

No. 153183

Yes. Noah Albee is one of the genderfleek alters she uses on tubblr. 100% sure that this is her.

It confirms that her freeloading friends are only her friends because her family has money. Otherwise no one would be friends with someone who is this embarrassing in public.

No. 153185


I'm not sure it is. There are a couple of Noah Albees on Facebook, and at least one of them looks to be at a much more reasonable age for those prezis.

Even on her Tumblr she writes better.

No. 153187

But it's one of the things that has come up before, that she's a crusader for free college. There's nothing wrong with wanting college to be free, like it is in Germany.

If college were free, she would never get in, because to get in you'd need good grades rather than just rolling in on the strenght of daddy's money.

No. 153219

yeah but how many of those noah albees have gone to that college? or believe the stupid ass shit like this? or are retarded?

No. 153226

Oh man, how embarrassing. How can you never get over your 'omg my parents are so terrible' phase? Do none of her friends have legitimately terrible parents? She wouldn't know 'parental abuse' if she wrote a 15 chapter fanfiction about it

No. 153245

I'm sorry this HAS to be some elaborate study in online bullying or something. I'm almost so convinced that I think this girl must have made her own threads and everything.

You can't possibly be this fucking stupid, right? The pic of the homeless guy is the most suss.

No. 153246

not even that anon but that wasn't a question you fucking walnut.

No. 153272


Holy shit, it's like a third grade student made it, I'm actually not convinced this is real

>if I were the schools principal I would kick out ALL the teachers cus they're mean and the poor kids would get everything for free and we would all be nice for each other and play all day THE END

No. 153274


No. 153316

Apparently the University of Kansas accepts 92% of applicants and is #115 in best college rankings. Kek.

Is she still attending college, or did she fail/drop out?

No. 153323

this is what fucking happens when this sjw shit reaches middle america, fuck my whole life up damn this is the twilight zone IM DONE I WANT TO GET OFF THIS RIDE

No. 153326

WTF? Are you kidding? Are you sure it's her account? it's litteraly something a 9yo would put together (and I'm generous). That's hilarious.

No. 153328


No. 153345

hahaha no shit!

come to massachusetts some time bitch and i'll show you high cost of living!

No. 153346

No. 153435

>92% acceptance rate
holy hell

Considering her likely ultra-pampered upbringing, courtesy of Dr. Dad's pocketbook, I'm sure Leah enjoys a very nice, and comfy lifestyle and anything less will absolutely not do so she just HAD to return to the abusive environment because her shitty haunted house gig could not sustain her nightly McDonald's romps and overpriced sjw fatshion clothing.


No. 153437

if you told me those were actual pictures of her professors after hearing her opinions instead of stock images i would believe you 100%.

No. 153447

I live in San Francisco so trust me I hear you.

Because I'm procrastinating real work I looked at Craigslist in Kansas City and you can get a very nice studio apartment for 160. Like one hundred and sixty dollars. I am not exaggerating you would be paying literally 10x that amount to get a studio in most cities. Honestly her dad doesn't even have to be loaded to pay all her shit, including college in that state.

She could literally pay her entire fucking rent doing online quizzes for companies.

No. 153455

tbf their wages would be adjusted for the absurdly low cost of living there. Like the minimum wage in Kansas is less than $8.

No. 153478

Very true, but there's an online market for anything if you have even a modicum of people skills. Even begging like the manatee she is she's managed to get $500 being an all around generally dislikable person. Waiting for her to become ~*sex-posi*~ for fat fetishists and really stick it to her dad that's given her the best life possible in Kansas.

Maybe her supremely talented art school friend sell shit on etsy.

Also did anyone notice this on Jamie's Campaign Fund:
>Another $3000 will be used to refinance existing, high-interest debts (credit card, etc)

>As a note, I'm in the middle of a name change, and the contract will be out to my current legal name (last name Dabu). The campaign has my future legal, and effective current name (what everyone in my network calls me).

>Jamie Jammer

No. 153480

File: 1468198084402.png (45.58 KB, 504x494, axqH5oj.png)

No. 153482

Holy shit folks we have an ultra-supreme snowflake over here! Once again faking mental illnesses like Autism just to get attention.

No. 153488

My Immortal parody?

No. 153492

now that you say it, yeah it is.

No. 153505

>Im not related to Zoe Quinn but I wish I was
>Im not related to Zoe Quinn but I wish I was
>Im not related to Zoe Quinn but I wish I was
>Im not related to Zoe Quinn but I wish I was
>Im not related to Zoe Quinn but I wish I was
>Im not related to Zoe Quinn but I wish I was
>Im not related to Zoe Quinn but I wish I was

No. 153507

Holy shit I stopped right after I read that buy I went back

>Im not related to Zoe Quinn but I wish I was because she's a major fucking hottie

Why would you want to be related to someone you lust after what the fuck kind of shit logic is that

No. 153508

The original My Immortal has the same line.

No. 153517


I can't believe all of the babies here who've never read My Immortal.

No. 153518

Ah, man, you guys make me feel like an old hag. Vampire will never love me now. :((

No. 153538

I prefer Hagrid tbh. He may be a hogwarts student, but he is also a satanist

No. 153901

The amount of samefagging in this thread is just sad.

No. 153949



No. 153963

I suppose when you get handed absolutely everything, you don't really have a reasonable idea of what parents should and shouldn't do. She's spent her whole life getting whatever she's asked for. She probably thinks being made to get a job is like being shoved into a sweatshop.

No. 153964

She's dumb but not that dumb. This HAS to be a joke or something.

No. 153971

It's got to be fake. She isn't a fucking genius, but she's coherent and can use grammar competently. The only problem is her logic and the content itself.

No. 154005

So..basically the dad was being an actual parent. Sorry Leah, but being an obese child is not a good thing at all.

No. 154300

Still no updates from her and her trash trany lesbian friends??

No. 154321

I think the gofundme is down and she removed her social media presence. She'll probably go back to her dad and his capitalist cash.

No. 154620

Her dad showed up on kiwifarms, got verified, confirmed he's still kicking her out, and deleted.

Leah demands "reparations" from him,

No. 154627

Did anyone cap the responses that he deleted? I missed it

No. 154794

Leah demands "reparations" from him

Yeah honey, let me know how that works out for you mkay?

Honestly I can't believe this isn't an elaborate hoax. How can not just one, but a whole group of people be so delusional and self-important? I don't normally relish the misery of others, but It's going to be fun watching real life kick the shit out of these insufferable twats.

No. 155103

Everyone is bootlicking the father but let me put this in perspective:

Who raised his child? Someone else? Society?
No, he himself did.
He provided the housing with no real stipulations.
He used nepotism and gave her the job within his realms and supplied her with health insurance.

Yes, I know, how dare I criticize the parent because the child doesn't spontaneously sprout gratitude or grows a sense of self-motivation because everything is GIVEN to them BY THE PARENT WITH NO BOUNDARIES.
We criticize parents for neglect, yet ya'll can't see that this man is partly to blame for his failure-to-launch, spoiled daughter?
Now pops wants to act pissy over a burnt flag?
Hell, he has nobody to be pissed at but himself. He should have been pissed when she showed no signs to pay her own way through life, invited her friends to live with them, and worse.
Now papa is gonna pretend to be hardcore when he gives her the boot over the cloth? Psh. I'm not so easily fooled by grandstand patriotism.

This family caused a CIRCUS for themselves.
The father made himself look like a "tuff guy" nut (when it's been proven he has no real spine), and the girl is gonna be left high and dry because quite obviously she hasn't been raised to be a functioning adult and brainwashed herself with SJW tripe (so none of it is actually her fault ever abloobloo).

Fuck these people and they get what they deserve!

No. 155313

>(when it's been proven he has no real spine),

Really? Where is this proof?

No. 155327

Good parents can still raise a shit child you moron. that's like saying shitty abusive parents only make shitty kids. Think about what you type before you fucking type it.

She was probably the type to act perfect in front of him and she was so used to not being caught that that's how this started. Do you expect him to know the shit she's been doing on tumblr or whatever sites she uses??

No. 155350

How about >>152839 where he whines on behalf of his daughter for people to leave her alone when he made the shit public to begin with? You forgot about that.
How about letting her reap the consequences of what she posts on the internet, which yeah, is a barrage of opinions and empty threats. He still can't let her be her own adult.

He's not a good parent is the point I was making, you fantastic retard. Good parents don't spoil their kids rotten and hand them a life without earning it or working for it.
>she was probably the type to act perfect
After all the evidence that they've been fighting since she's been a raging tumblrina for awhile? In is words he was tired of it. What you're saying is cop out bullshit and you know it. He's an enabler.

No. 155353

>he whines on behalf of his daughter for people to leave her alone when he made the shit public to begin with
To be fair they both dragged this shit into the public.

No. 155413

>where he whines on behalf of his daughter for people to leave her alone when he made the shit public to begin with?
That's like saying 'ah yes other people are allowed to berate a child because they were put in time out'
SHE made it public. He only spoke up to defend himself when she had SJWs attack him.
>He still can't let her be her own adult.
Wow daddy issues much??? What was papa not there for you or something? My grandparents sill care about my parents being okay? Do you actually think that a parent stops caring for their child cold turkey when they become adults?
>He's not a good parent is the point I was making, you fantastic retard.
You're the retard here. You know nothing about their personal life whatsoever and tbh lots of parents will help their kids rent a place so if he already owned several houses it's basically the same thing as if she was still living at home. She wasnt really 'handed' shit since she still had to work for her money. There are tons of parents who continue to give their kids allowances after they hit 18 too. They're not 'spoiled' because of it.
Also if he's such an 'no spine enabler' why didn't he just GIVE her a house? No she was still effectively 'renting' and she still had to work a job even if it was at his own company. It's not that far-fetched and you should take your daddy issues somewhere else tbh.

No. 155560

Its so easy to simplify right? She pretty much shat on his chest by burning the flag. He risked his life.

Just looking at her, its safe to assume she's blowing shit out of proportion.

She's an entitled piece of shit. Waaaaah, actions have consequences!

No. 155597

i agree with everything you said except

>if he's such an 'no spine enabler' why didn't he just GIVE her a house?

Because that'd be much harder and more work than letting her and her loser friends just live in one of his houses. If gave it to her, made her the homeowner, she'd be responsible for property tax, utilities, maintenance. Thats a LOT of work and responsibility, i don't think she's capable of being a homeowner and he knew/knows that. How sad, even if someone handed her a house, she wouldn't be able to maintain it… though i guess the property tax/cost of living there is next to nothing, she'd still probably fuck it up.

No. 155598

It almost looks like Leah herself posting in this thread, or at least one of her white knights.

No. 155601

> giving anyone over 18 an allowance
> not spoiled

wtf? how is that not spoiling your kids? 18 year olds dont need an allowance. the moment i got a job at 16 i was responsible for paying for all my own clothes or anything i wanted that wasn't the roof over my head or the food on my plate. thats how you teach your kids responsibility. giving a kid money just for existing once they reach the working age IS spoiling.

No. 155624

What a shitty autograph.


That explains it.

No. 155632

Not cool. Facial abuse is straight up rape, you shouldn't wish that upon your biggest enemy.

No. 155637


No. 155649

Dif anon but look that shit up, that company is notorious for forcing chicks into things after agreeing not to.
Yeah you should know what you're signing up for when you go into that place but at the same time that's no excuse for the fact that they do not respect any agreed upon boundaries etc whatsoever and it's heavily documented. You can't just reduce it to exploitation.

No. 155663

So is every porn company. "You want to get paid at all? You better finish the scene." They don't give a fuck about women or if they get rugburn in their cooch or can't take a dump for days or become infertile from the blunt trauma to their uterus. At least Facial Abuse is straight up about what they do. I like to think of it as a Scared Straight program for aspiring porn 'stars'.

No. 155685

She herself did not burn the flag, she just attended the flag burning and was in the pictures. She was a part of it but it's not like she organized it.

I think the dad had good intentions by giving her a better childhood than he had, but when people hide behind that SJW shit it's because they feel a loss of power and this gives them an "answer". The dad invited her friends in to live rent free in the apartment complex, of course they don't understand the real value of what they've been given, and why they think communism is a thing to believe in. They don't want to work, they just want to be handed things because that's what they know and their baseline is fucked from their parents being too lazy/unaware of child care to teach them that.

I think it's unfair that the dad taught her legitimately no fucking life skills and kicked her out, but it's inarguable that Leah was wrong in her ridiculous Facebook crusade about him to the point of accusing him of child abuse because it fit her agenda. She has no concept of the real world because of how she was coddled, and she is ignorant of all consequence because she was never given one, and just being cut off without that understanding is really harsh.

No. 155687

wooooooah her gofundme is deleted???

No. 155689

>ah yes other people are allowed to berate a child because they were put in time out
So? If their behavior merits it that's how the little shits learn, through shame.

>SHE made it public

Which in response the father also made it public.
No mature adult would air dirty laundry like that on fb for every fucking joe to witness and then get whiney when people form opinions and contact the daughter over what went down.

Know why the daughter is an attention whore? Because the father is clearly an attention whore.
These people make crises for themselves and then pretend they can't figure why shit got so bad.

>Wow daddy issues much??? What was papa not there for you or something?

Why does holding ACCOUNTABILITY for the shit she said imply "daddy issues" for you? You're strangely naive.

>you know nothing about their personal life

Well, thanks to them I know daddy raised a spoilt brat who turned around and threw a tantrum on social media when he tried to pull the rug out from underneath her all at once.

>but she had a job, so she had to earn money right?

That she was given. It's called nepotism.
She didn't have to have prior skills, she didn't have to interview, she was given it on the merit of being related to the owner. It's a negative trait associated with spoilt people. Look it up.

>tons of parents give their kids allowances after 18

Idiot parents, maybe. Like yours, and look what a whiney little bitch you turned out to be <3

No. 155697

File: 1468531424079.jpg (30.64 KB, 300x156, white-knight-300x156.jpg)


>She herself did not burn the flag, she just attended the flag burning and was in the pictures. She was a part of it but it's not like she organized it.

White knights having their field day.

No. 155706

>literally arguing that the spoiled womanchild needs to be held accountable for what she said
Absolutely fucked.

No. 155757

We are two different people, I am >>155685 and that's not what I had written at all. I'm saying that if she literally lit it on fire herself having full control and full knowledge of her father risking his life in the military it's a different thing than just being guilty by attendance. Sit down.

No. 155767

Is this Leah? Google pulled up this abomination of an article on how to not rape.


No. 155814

Probably, the little text it has seems to be written by an eight year old.

>Literally just do not touch a single person without enthusiastic informed consent



Unnecessary tumblr vocabulary thrown in, it's her.

No. 155854

>giving a kid money just for existing once they reach the working age IS spoiling.

really? then why is child support continued in many states until the age of 21 if the adult child is a FT student?
sorry your parents couldn't afford to help you financially past the age of 16.

No. 155856

>I had to work at sixteen so everyone else should too!
Some people actually go to college and study for ten hours a day, anon.

No. 155865

child support money doesnt go to the child, you dumb faggot. it goes to the cost of raising it. the parent is still paying for housing, bills, and food when they reach 18, they shouldn't be giving it that child support money to blow on stupid shit. they still get child support until the age of 21 to go toward college you numbnuts. if the child isn't enrolled it college, child support stops at 18.

No. 155866

its possible to go to college and work part time anon. and i didn't need mommy and daddy to give me extra money just for being alive. if your parents are still paying for the place you live in and the food you eat and you want money to spend on stuff just for yourself, then you need a job.

No. 155868

It's fine for parents to help their kids with money while they're still in college. Some parents would rather their kid spent their time studying than working a job. If they can afford it, why not? It won't spoil the kid if it's made clear that it's not a lifelong thing and only the necessities are funded.

It's not fine to fund every stupid little thing your kid wants, even if you can, especially when they're ungrateful, spoiled and disrespectful. It's generally a bad idea to give your kids and their friends everything they ask for. Leah was given too much and now she's an entitled pig.

No. 155885


it's near impossible if not impossible for some of us. taking 16-18 credits and having an actually hard major (not something like business) and working full time enough to be able to support yourself is actually impossible for me and many others.

I would not be able to make enough money to 100% support myself even tho I work a part time job, so my parents send me some money per week to help out. the cost of living is just way too high.

No. 155897


No. 156108

You said at 16 you had to pay for everything but the roof over your head+food on your plate. Thats sad, even at 16-21 most parents help their kid if they have the financial means, I'm sorry yours didn't (or that they didn't like u, which is understandable considering u throw the word faggot around for no reason)

>child support money doesnt go to the child, you dumb faggot. it goes to the cost of raising it

Yes, and the roof/food are not the only costs of raising a child, even at 16+. Did your parents have u paying the copay at your pediatrician at 16/17 too?

>parent is still paying for housing, bills, and food when they reach 18

not if that child is smart or talented enough to get a scholarship that pays for dorm, food, and tuition. And yet, such a scholarship would not = end of support. Divorce/child support or not, most parents do not make their kid pay for everything but roof/food after 16, I'm not pro spoiling, but thats excessive. Did your parents not give a shit about school? Did they not care if u went to college?

At 16, kids in 10/11th grade, so in class at least 6 hours a day. Add another 3 if kid is an athlete and/or participates in other extracurricular activities. Add another 2 if kid gives a shit and does their homework/studies. if they want to get into a decent school, or need a scholarship, they need to do all of the above.
At 16, kids brain/body are still growing, they actually do need 8 hours of sleep, even though most of them don't get it.
Total so far: 19 hours. So that leaves 5 hours left for eating, showering, time with family, and everyone does need to rest. Some kids make hour+ commutes to get to charter/magnet schools far away from the shitty schools in their neighborhood.
So unless kids a dropout, or isn't going on to college, working more than a few hours on the weekend really isn't in a 16 yr olds best interest.. and working sat+sun isn't going to cover "everything but roof+food".

Don't confuse this with defending Leah, she is a spoiled brat. Theres a difference between financially helping an older teen/adult child who deserves it, and creating an entitled monster like Leah.

No. 156117

Wow, the blogpost ITT is real.

Please try not to derail the thread.

No. 156118

>itt I'm a student so it makes sense that my parents send me an allowance

At least realize that you are not the norm.
While college students occasionally call home for bill or food money, that's a far cry from having their housing and every expenditure provided for like what happened with this girl.
It's good that your parents care about you. Hopefully you're grateful and realize that it can be taken from you at anytime. Surely you realize that for many people in your situation, having money handed to them every week isn't conducive to self-sufficiency and imparting a sense of responsibility.
Look what happened with this girl: The way she talks about the dad cutting off funds and you'd think he stabbed her.

Secondly, I and other students took out loans when our part time jobs weren't bringing in enough dough. I had to take out a grad plus loan halfway through my master's degree because my part time job was barely paying $100 a week and my course work was too overwhelming to take more hours. It was very unusual, and honestly embarrassing, to call mom and dad to beg for money.
However, my manchild roommate who never cleaned and didn't have a job would only buy things when his parents wired him money and would only shop for groceries when his dad was in town to 1. buy them for him and 2. lug them back to the apartment and put them away. He was a complete allowance baby who would be completely lost without their help. He didn't even know how to cook for himself and almost set our kitchen on fire with my good olive oil.(not your personal blog)

No. 156130

>not your personal blog
Thanks for the info!

No. 156145

How many more days remain till she's kicked out of her dads house?

No. 156225

You know its takes effort for a fatass like her to attend a flag burning event right?

>hurrr she dint organize it!

>therefore she has no wrong
My God are you stupid or what? Even if you witness and murder and don't report it, you're still an accessory.

No. 158238

found a working link to her FB if any one is interested in having a browse. not a lot to look at, though. https://www.facebook.com/noahfelixleo

No. 158660

More nudes? For scientific analysis and such.

No. 159762

How many more days remain until she's kicked out of her dads house?

No. 160906

Doesn't work anymore.
Anyone found any links to any of her social media?

No. 266986

What happened to her?

No. 371571


Check out kiwifarms. They're keeping tabs on the whole mess and have even had verified communications with her dad. Its goddamn hilarious. They call him Dr. Dad and ask him to adopt them while singing his praises for stepping up as a parent.

No. 514739

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