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File: 1468518463831.jpg (52.46 KB, 616x616, 13512128_988006514630361_66480…)

No. 155642

Old thread: >>140393

Kadee Konstantino is a morbidly obese woman who claims to suffer from anorexia in addition to literally hundreds of other diseases, ranging from alcoholism and schizophrenia to clotting disorders and cancer. This Munchausen's case is constantly in and out of the hospital, wasting doctors' time with pointless complaints. She's currently pretending to have an 'end stage pulmonary embolism' and will undoubtedly come down with another life threatening disease tomorrow.


No. 155644

File: 1468518636053.png (57.63 KB, 686x517, kadeelol.PNG)

She got kicked out of the hospital for faking and she wants to file a LOLsuit

No. 155647

Its about time tbh.

No. 155653

>>Thanks for nothing St. Vincent's, you killed my gramma 9 years ago today, and then you try to kill me.

She'd want to be careful posting libel like that online: begging for a counterlawsuit…that's assuming she's telling the truth about her lawsuit (which you know is bull - as if she'd already have one in place at night time mere hours after being discharged: lawyers ain't that fast with paperwork!). It'd give the hospital more ammo against her.

Also, if her grandmother was killed by that hospital like she claims, why would she go back there to be taken care of herself? No intelligent being would make a decision like that knowing there were other more suitable hospitals to receive treatment.

So I call bullshit on that entire post aside from the usual reasons being that she's a chronic malinger who loves attention!

No. 155669

No. 155672

Is Vincent's the university hospital she's always going to, or a new one? The old hospital probably started ignoring her malingering ass if she had to switch to something new.

No. 155701

Just a thought, but maybe the death of her nan triggered her obsession with hospitals and being ill.

No. 155702


I disagree - she claims in her tumblr that she was sent to a psychologist at 11 & put on meds… IMO Shes been like this her whole life and that to me screams its part of her PERSONALITY - its in her nature to go to extreme lengths to get her "needs" met and for her that has become making herself as fragile and vulnerable and pitiful as possible to get time/validation/attention from anyone and everyone. She has probably always been attention seeking to some degree from day one (as are most kids) but she just twisted it into something that has become pathological and cringey but she gets such a kick from it that even though she more than likely has some awareness of not being taken seriously, she cant stop bullshitting!!

No. 155715

Is every second word out of this girl's mouth a lie? Find me someone on the internet right now how lies half as much as this tub of shit does

No. 155734

there's a couple of chicks who got more money doing it, but even they only had three fake diseases, max.

No. 155736

File: 1468541020417.png (48.95 KB, 442x307, Likeifucryd.png)

She posted a similar post regarding the "situation" on Tumblr, but didn't go into details. It reeks of attention seeking just like the FB post: providing hardly any info regarding what happened so that followers would be baited into sending her messages like "OMG what happened? Hope you're ok!" etc. etc. This "pity me" bullshit is boring af.

No. 155738

She reposted the pic from >>155472 with another ambiguous ass caption

No. 155740

File: 1468541440331.png (2.35 MB, 1862x1198, Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 7.06…)

dropped pic

No. 155746

File: 1468546290554.jpeg (1.19 MB, 2447x3264, image.jpeg)

No. 155749

What the fuck is a lung soother

No. 155760


No. 155762


No. 155764

i wanna say that at some point she's gonna fake cancer but while i know she would shave off her hair and eyebrows for the attention, she couldn't lose weight that fast to keep up with the act. she'll probably find a mysterious lump in her boob and tell us to pray for her and then never mention it again.

No. 155765

please stop making me laugh.
and just an observation, prednisone >>155746 is a bitch as far as weight gain. if it's true of course

No. 155774

on top of that if they can provide evidence that shes malingering shes in even deeper shit

No. 155776

So why don't her parents beat some sense into her? Or how come she actually has people following her instagram and wishing her good health and shit. Isn't there a single sane person in one of her circles?

No. 155780

File: 1468554806503.jpg (177.54 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


No. 155781

I'm sure most are trolling. And have you noticed how at one point Margot had a good number of stans? People are stupid as fuck anon.

No. 155782

File: 1468554879276.jpg (105.13 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


Check out the #pulmonaryembolismsurvivor hashtag Kadee has tagged - few other fatties who use it & some even have it listed in their bios!

No. 155784

Maybe the idiot should stop injecting the one spot.

No. 155785

Samefag here, depending on the length of the needle, the injections may not even be making it into her muscle (provided its an IM)

No. 155792

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure she already implied at one point that she had cancer?

I might be confusing her with someone else…like kelly? but i'm like 99% sure it was her lmao

No. 155794

I've noticed that a lot of these fakers are hyper enthusiastic about their conditions. Almost to the point of being orgasmic over them. It's really creepy. It's like an illness fetish.

If Kadee had half of these things she says she's had then she'd be dead or comatose by now.

At least she seems to have dropped the anorexia thing. It takes a lot to maintain that blubber. If she was really anorexic you'd see the weight coming off. If anything I'd believe she has the beetus from the mountains of sugar she ingests because of her fake anorexia.

No. 155796

File: 1468559776916.png (1.54 MB, 1110x1210, Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 12.1…)

Kadee provides nightmare fuel

No. 155823

>seems to have dropped the anorexia thing

m8 its been a day, it just feels like longer cuz every day involves 5 hospital admissions, 2 medical issues and a relapse

No. 155832

Too late, she's already said she had cervical cancer

No. 155846

File: 1468580086164.png (378.16 KB, 602x388, image.png)

It's like someone took this photo and tried giving it a tumblr personality, but at the heart of it, she's still a meme

No. 155889

Why would a 20something have an american girl doll? She loves to infantilize herself

No. 155890

I'm 28 and still have mine.

No shame, they're cute.

No. 155891

Yeah, I still have one too. It's basically a collectible at this point, some of the dolls have been retired.

No. 155904

She posted on Instagram today that she's moving to Florida soon. Pretty sure it's because the local doctors have caught on to her shit.

No. 155906

Yep we came to that conclusion in the last thread

No. 155907

File: 1468604760629.jpeg (150.41 KB, 640x909, image.jpeg)

Ash and Kadee will be in the same state, imagine them meeting kek

>not posting pic on an imageboard

No. 155912

Also she seems to have forgotten she has a broken ankle.

Meanwhile, she has just updated on ig & tagged the girl that she is supposedly moving in with in Florida - who suprise suprise also claims to have anorexia (although this girl os slightly more believeable as shes not obese like kadee although she isnt skinny either, but maybe she actually is recovering fron a genuine ED…. Either way kadee is totally obsessed and so easy to read - cue her move to florida where she has a "relapse" and takes herself to the hospital to be ng fed!!!!

No. 155916

Don't forget all the narcotics she'll demand for her super serious condition!

No. 155939


Should have worded that better.

I mean if her nan was sick for years and they were very close she might have spent a lot of time visiting hospitals. There she saw the attention sick people get and she decided she wanted in on that? I don't know, I'm probably reaching by now.

No. 155961

File: 1468614060775.jpeg (268.6 KB, 750x1176, image.jpeg)

I wonder how long she'll last without her insta asspats

No. 155963

Lol bye for now kadee… But i can guarantee you will be back grappling for the attention sooner than you think. You definitely have an addictive personality: food, alcohol, prescription meds, and sympathy/attention from others.
I do genuinely feel for you though as it takes some pretty extreme denial and poor self esteem to go through life the way you currently do and i hope that for your own sake you realise you dont have to lie and manipulate to get your 'fix' in life…

No. 155967

Hi everyone, this is Kadee posting and I just wanted to tell you all that I Think this is a wonderful website you have running that you like to bash people on. Your parents really raised you all so well. I truly hope that you get your "fix" out of making fun of other people and becoming obsessed with their lives and stalking them, then harassing and bullying them online. I hope you know cyber bulling is a criminal offense. As for how sad I feel for all of you, words cannot describe. The fact that you sit there and literally just wait for me to post stuff so you can comment on it? That's pretty pathetic and sad. Good luck now that my pages are gone, I hope you have fun getting a new hobby. Please for your own sake don't go and bully someone else. I've seen in these comments you refer to a few "other girls" and it makes me sad that you like to attack people. Get the help you need, and I'll get the help I need. Thanks!

No. 155970

File: 1468616156405.jpeg (83.9 KB, 537x399, image.jpeg)

No. 155971

How about your parents Kadee? Are they happy about the way you turned out? But yes quit the internet and wash your grimy face ya dumb bitch

No. 155972

you don't need any help, other than a good diet and exercise regimen. you look damn near spherical.
pro tip: lay off the microwaved marshmallows you pathetic swine.
go ahead and get off the internet but we know you'll be back trying to get sympathy for your fake illnesses.
too bad you're too fucking stupid to realize everyone has been laughing at you all along.

No. 155974

File: 1468616831249.gif (108.64 KB, 220x164, raw.gif)

what happened to your pulmonary embolism tho?

No. 155979

People being pissed that you stole money from them some shit "illness" you make up is not cyber bullying.

How about you address those claims for once?

No. 155980

Also we'll see you in, like, a week when you realize the only people that somewhat care about your fake illnesses are people pretending to like you on the internet.

No. 155984

She's gonna go live with her so she can learn how to Ana properly.

No. 155993

What will Kadee do now that she can't take money from strangers on the internet?

Will she finally grow up and start to be a functional member of society? Or will she go back to social media and fake illnesses for asspats and quick cash? Turn in next week to see what happens!

No. 156000

you're not anorexic

No. 156005

you should return your goFRAUDme donations

No. 156006

aw Kadee, please stick around! We have so many questions!

What's a late-stage pulmonary embolism supposed to mean if it's a condition that can kill you in minutes? What happened to your cervical cancer? Why did a treatment center deny you for being "too sick" when your near death friend who wasn't faking it got in? What are you doing with all those gofundme donations?

No. 156015

I love how detailed the name you gave yourself is. Do you introduce yourself like that in real life? I get the feeling you do.

No. 156018

Could you explain to us what medical issues you have then? And perhaps explain why your gofundme vanished, and where that money is going? If you're innocent and simply trying to heal then it should be fairly easy to clear up!!

No. 156023

Let's not pretend she doesn't love this thread

No. 156025

holy double negatives

No. 156048

File: 1468648722870.png (258.62 KB, 380x600, image.png)

I… Just wish the milk would've lasted a little longer. Here's s picture of chest pimples

No. 156049

She's too much of an attention whore to stay off social media for long.

No. 156050

Yup. I mean, she did say she was gonna make a "secret/private" account eventually.

No. 156055

uhhhh what. What is she injecting herself with?

No. 156059

Do you really not realize how retarded you sound when you fake so many life-threatening illnesses that you would be a Guiness world record holder if you really had them all?

Also, fuck you for trivializing real illnesses that decent people are actually going through that stole their life away when you're just too lazy and attention-dependent to do anything with yours.

Go microwave a plate of sugar goo and cry into it, you overgrown sick kid poser.

No. 156062


We all know she wouldn't be able to resist eating the microwaved sugar before she cried her sweet beetus tears into it

No. 156066

File: 1468666150120.gif (40.49 KB, 364x241, moooo.gif)

>>cyber bulling is a criminal offense
>>cyber bulling

No. 156067

looks like it says lovenox which prevents bloodclots

No. 156070

File: 1468671255664.jpg (70.89 KB, 680x598, 1451654286942.jpg)


>I will be very slim

No. 156072

Oh man I'm gonna miss Kadee. She'll be back tho, she can't live without the attention.

No. 156081

Oh she's not really going to be gone! She's not known for telling the truth, is she…

No. 156087

not such a reach, it does happen

No. 156090

she actually looks kinda cute here. too bad she's so crazy…

No. 156098

She's not even completely gone, it's just a couple of her accounts. She'll be back within a few weeks I imagine, if she's not already made other accounts.

No. 156099

I think I found her https://www.instagram.com/kaykayzizzle/

Could be an old account tho

No. 156114

Wow that's old. I'm guessing she probably forgot she even has that account.

No. 156239

lmao this chick is hilarious.

Kadee, I hope you realise the longer you keep up with this bullshit the easier it's going to be for people to realise you're a fraud. Seriously, people who fake the severity of illnesses and fake even having life-threatening illnesses like you are pathetic.

You're the reason people with actually severe illnesses are denied treatment- because doctors start to think everyone's faking like you.

No. 156258

I'm actually surprised there wasn't some kind of 'just you wait and see' sort of threat about either actually losing weight/restricting calories or about her super serious self harm.

No. 156285

Its already gone kek

No. 156288

she's still lurking? cmon kadee, join the fun!

No. 156290

Same here honestly, it seems really common for people like that to do a "I'll show you I'm really sick!" when they get called out. Has she done something like that at any point?

No. 156292

You sure? I still see an account when I click. It's just private and has no posts.

No. 156458

I she she made her Facebook private finally. Sort of bummed, I was hoping she'd forget and I could snoop on her there.

She's watching this thread like a hawk, so if she does make a private account and it ever gets listed here she's probably going to delete it.

I just want to know if she's ok :C

No. 156641

I wonder if she'll actually proceed with the lawsuit. It would be interesting to see if she was just calling wolf or if it was a legit medical issue.

No. 156649

I have trouble believing it was anything other than the dr refusing to give her pain medication or to admit her.

No. 156650

No lawyer would take it, and she's got no money - it sounds like she's throwing a fit because her family told her to cut it out ("I'm moving to FL because of my abusive family!!")

No. 156666

Has anyone messaged her and found out what happened at st vincents?>>156458

No. 156706

There's no way she'd tell us the truth. What's most likely is that she got refused treatment for being such a huge drain on the hospitals resources over a long period of time with no real reason to be there, and they told her it was because of this behaviour.

Though I'm sure it'll be a lot grander in scale if you ask her.

No. 156761

I wonder if she's getting help for her Munchausens. That's the only thing wrong with her besides her obesity. If she lost weight and stopped the malingering behavior, she might be able to live a productive life.

No. 156763

St Vincent's… Is she talking about the one in Massachusetts or Bridgeport? I live in MA, but my sister got her appendix out at St Vincent's in CT. They were so good to her. It's not at all a bad hospital. I think a lot of bad reviews for hospitals in general are people who feel 3 hrs is too long to wait in the ER for a stubbed toe.

No. 156957

When is she going to receive her global delay diagnosis? Let's be fair, she hasn't got mental health issues, she's got developmental issues.

No. 157104

Really desperately don't want this thread to die because she's deleted, feels like she had 'won' as she is still getting away with her gross lies, yknow?

No. 157116


she looks really cute here :)

No. 157117

I've assumed that she already created new accounts when she closed down the ones we knew of. Or possible established herself in communities for people with illnesses. I just can't see her abruptly cutting off her supply of sympathy.

No. 157251

Hey friends! Just wanted to let you know I reopened my account called kadeelyn if you want to follow it and make fun of me. I won't be looking at this stupid site anymore but I just want you to know I'm not hiding from you guys, and you can have fun making fun of me while I live my life. Hope for the best for all of you with my whole heart and hope you find God. - Kadeelyn

No. 157253

Knew she couldn't live without the attention lol

No. 157254

File: 1468954906714.jpg (471.94 KB, 1018x804, screenshot.51.jpg)

Welcome back Kadee!

No. 157257

>Took me a few days to decide
lol as if she even considered not coming back for one minute. the only addictions she ~suffers~ from are food and the internet

No. 157264

what happened to "I will be very slim with who I give my info to"?

No. 157268

File: 1468956802989.jpeg (171.19 KB, 640x730, image.jpeg)


This is probably the most honest and least deluded thing she has ever saidlol!!!

No. 157270

You guys are right, why am I wasting my time with you worthless mother fuckers? Have fun with your boredom because you're not getting more posts out of me. Xoxoxoxo Your forever fatass friend Kadee ;)

No. 157272

Dis bitch

No. 157273

If you're still here I guess that you have read all the comments in this thread. Then WHY the FUCK can't you answer some of the more serious questions like: Why did you shut down your Gofundme-page? Did you ever refund all the money?

You accuse us of committing crimes by bullying you, but you're no better.

No. 157276

I used the money from gofund me to pay my therapist and the support group the Ed therapist runs, so no I didn't refund the money because I used it for treatment. I have receipts if you're that concerned. So I'm not a fraud, I'm not stealing people's money. I used it for treatment. I didn't raise enough to go to residentalx but that's okay because i got a really awesome therapist. Sorry to not answer your questions previously. And yeah, cyber bullying is a crime actually. But I'm over it and checking out. I hope I answered your questions.

No. 157279


Here's some good advice Kadee. Delete every social media account you have (facebook, tumblr, instagram) and go get some serious therapy.

The internet is obviously not a good place for you to be right now. And you're only hurting yourself by continuing to post on social media. Please actually take this advice and work on becoming a better person and a functional member of society.

No. 157280

Don't you have health insurance? Why not just see someone in your network? Please post receipts though. Also thanks for coming here I see the ritalin has made you accomplish so much today.

No. 157281

Is your leg still broken in 6 places? Do you still have cervical cancer?

No. 157282

So people can contact you and get their money back right? All they have to do is email you their confirmation number. Also if you could post those receipts it would help clear your image.

No. 157283

Yeah receipts would be great. Just wondering, if what you're saying is true, then why did you write something along the lines of "I decided to end this Gofundme-page because I no longer need the treatment" ? That's kinda confusing

No. 157285

Come on anon. No need to go that far.

No. 157287

Also I just wanted to add that we want you to get the help you need and be healthy/be a member of society/etc. You obviously do have some real mental health issues underneath all the false diagnoses and I know I'm not alone in wishing you get the help you need.

No. 157288

let's see those receipts. and how's that lawsuit against st. vincent's coming? still 'drinking and drugging'? still suffering that late-stage pulmonary embolism?

No. 157290

Do a sit-up.

No. 157293

Seconding this.

No. 157298


plz respond kadee cow

No. 157299

What you did not do: answer our questions
What you did do: cry wah wah cyberbullying, and disregard anything the board had to say regarding your very blatant munchausen's syndrome

No. 157303

So she knows that everyone can see through her lies and admits that she wants attention, but excuses it as "part of her BPD" and some sort of unchangeable self-acceptance problem. Newsflash Kadee: BPD is not a free pass for being a manipulative liar. Normally people with BPD try to, you know, work on it and get better.

No. 157305

BPD may explain your behaviour, Kaydee, but it'll never excuse it. And if you're blaming BPD on lying about the extent of your disorders for attention, then deleting your accounts was the smart thing to do. Coming back to social media isn't especially for that disorder. And neither was announcing your return on here. But anyway, come back and cry cyberbully and announce this will be the last we'll hear from you until you repeat the process again and again if it makes you feel better.

No. 157308

File: 1468960978897.gif (1.94 MB, 268x268, yas.gif)


No. 157328

She's says leaving the Internet would be letting us win, but… No? Leaving social media, actually living your life, and denying us the opportunity to watch that trainwreck would probably be the only way you could scorn us.

No. 157336

File: 1468968028102.jpeg (47 KB, 640x400, image.jpeg)

So much milk from her swollen, fat udders

No. 157341

I don't care that you're fat, Kadee. I care that you're fat and keep insisting you're anorexic.

No. 157365

>I'm leaving the internet!
>Haha hey I'm back everyone
>You're not getting any more posts out of me!
>Wait let me post again

No. 157389

lmao she made her account private. So much for not letting us win, and telling us to have fun. :^) Good job Kadee

No. 157410

>not following her account with a sockpuppet

No. 157423

Wasn't my point? I was just pointing out that it's hilarious how she pretends to be so unaffected by the ~haters~ but made her account private anyway

No. 157424

Tbh everyone saying "just leave social media!" is an idiot. I'm sorry, guys, but it's just not realistic. It's very difficult to properly function in today's society without social media. It's how we keep up with each other now.

Instead, the best thing for Kadee to do is take up another alias or perhaps change her name again. Let her have social media, but perhaps avoid so blatantly staining her name. You can post all the attention-getting shit you want, Kadee, but stop doing it under your real name and face.

No. 157429

>It's how we keep up with each other now.
The entire point is to stop doing this, distancing yourself from people is literally the cure for being an attention whore.

No. 157430

Then she can have a Facebook account, locked down with only people she personally knows on it. No need for instagram or twitter or anything else that's public. She needs to be cut off from meaningless asspats from randoms on the internet. They are only making her mental illnesses worse and validating her delusions.

No. 157435

Actually I know a fair amount of people who function well without it. Not too unrealistic for her if she needed to for her mental health. But you know, call us idiots because you clearly know better.

No. 157441

You all realise the only reason she came here to post her insta was to gain followers right?

No. 157451

It's actually a distraction tactic, she has a different account under a different name now, and is back to claiming super serious ~*anorexia*~

No. 157452

If you don't think that it's realistic to function without twitter and instagram then you're a fucking self-absorbed moron who is probably wasting your life on your phone.

No. 157462

File: 1469017556380.jpg (58.5 KB, 500x667, tumblr_o8yhhqbf4V1ugp61po1_500…)

actually it's the only realistic option.

kaydee does not need social media. her only friends appear to be the food she posts. maybe if she spent some time being more or less present in her own life she would have something interesting to share other than her fantasy anorexia. she needs space from her soap opera of an instagram narrative, and because she has no self control, it would be a huge step for her to remove the temptation completely.

No. 157482

Wow, I wonder what teens in the 80s & 90s did to fulfill their social needs?
If you can't give up SNS, you're doing it for the wrong reasons.

No. 157495

That's a much better idea. That's what I'd call a realistic proposal. I think you can make yourself unsearchable (I could be wrong), so if she did that, her Facebook could be left alone by us.

I'm sorry, but you're both hung up on the word "function." I clarified in the next sentence that I meant function as in "keep up with others."
You don't have to been obsessed with Instagram or Twitter (I don't even use either) to make such observations. It's fairly obvious that in today's "go-go-go" society, people are using social media to interact because they just don't have time to see each other every night or stay on the phone for hours. You can text while doing your homework. Talking on the phone is more distracting.

In the 80s and 90s, if they couldn't see each other, they called each other. These days, a lot of teens and young adults dislike phone conversations. Plus, like I said above, they can be distracting. As such, texting and private messages have replaced such phone calls. The world has transformed since the 80s and 90s. It's time to start getting used to it.

No. 157499

No-one's saying she should go into complete social isolation, that's obviously not a healthy thing for her to do, but do you honestly believe that you need social media to have a social life? You can just have a phone to keep up with people you want to keep up with, and find out news when you meet your friends. All Facebook does is give you a sense of artificial closeness with a whole heap of people because you know minor shit about their lives.

I haven't had it in years, and I don't miss it at all, because honestly, it makes no difference if I see 20 stupid statuses about "I went to some place today" and get to find out within 10 minutes whenever someone breaks up or even just argues. You really don't need to be up to date with everything that's going on with everyone you know even a little bit at all times. Your friends aren't going to abandon you because you ask them "So what's new?" when you see them and they have lots to tell you.

Social media is a tool a lot of normal people use to get attention, the last thing Kadee needs is to be on a site built to encourage people to get more views or likes or whatever. She needs to back off, and to rebuild her personality and ability to socialise so there's more to it than "I'm sick".

No. 157500

why are people suggesting she leave social media? That's totally not the answer, there's literally nothing wrong with her having an Instagram, what's wrong is all the lies she posts all over it. Just have an Instagram where you DONT claim to have multiple illnesses you've never suffered from n you're all good

No. 157509

People are saying it because it encourages her to do it. It's like an alcoholic working in a bottleshop or a pub really, it's possible they could recover anyway, but the odds are really slim, and they would be better off quitting for a while, remove the temptation to do it completely.

No. 157511

I just mean that social media makes it a lot easier to maintain a social life in some ways. You can learn about major life events like marriage or a baby without them having to contact you personally. Of course, you're right that it gives you a sense of artificial closeness, especially if you add a lot of acquaintances or even strangers. You don't really need to know that a childhood friend you haven't spoken to since had a baby.
However, I moved away from my home state at one point, and Facebook seemed more reliable than using a phone because people were better at replying when they could. That's part of why I'm more pro-social media as a whole.

Back to Kadee though: I still agree with the person above that Facebook is fine for her as long as she uses restrictions, but yes, she should indeed get off Instagram. All she uses it for is to promote her lies or get attention when she is in the hospital, which encourages her to do it more (essentially >>157509 ).

No. 157514

except only facebook is the type of sns platform that has functions for people to keep in touch with information that is more than just a snapshot and a blurb.
And although she does lie on facebook too, instagram and tumblr are the biggest issues. Her followers are mostly comprised of strangers she deceives and panhandles from. She doesn't need these to socialize.

No. 157515

Don't get me wrong, social media does serve a purpose, and it can be a good tool for keeping in touch with people, but I just don't think it's necessary for people you're living near and are close with. You can simply text them, and meet up regularly. But sure, if you're out of your local area for a while, Facebook is really useful, that artificial closeness I spoke about can be really useful to stop people just drifting off completely.

I personally think with Kadee that she should just leave all social media for a bit though. Sure, eventually coming back to Facebook isn't likely to be an issue, but for the beginning of her recovery she should just stay away completely, because the temptation is going to be highest right at the start where you haven't learned to go without that attention at all. Same as in AA they say you should just stay away from alcohol completely to begin with, don't be around people that drink, don't go places there's alcohol if you can at all avoid it, that sort of stuff. Eventually you can do more, but until you're at a point where you have a better grasp on your addiction.

No. 157520

spill anon, what's her new account

No. 157522

is it not this? >>157254

No. 157523

they were saying that account was the decoy

No. 157527

You can sent private messages on Instagram and Twitter. It's just more likely that you'll be keeping in contact with online-only friends than with real life friends, and that's the problem for Kadee.

Perhaps you're right. She did post that "burying my razors" video on Facebook, after all.
It just sounded like most people were saying she should get off all social media forever, and that's what I got worked up about.

No. 157529

I don't believe she's left this thread, so I'm waiting.

No. 157530

Waiting for it to be worth tracking her down again, I mean, as I'm sure she'll delete soon after.

No. 157550

Nah, I don't think it would need to be forever, though it would be a reasonable decision if she did choose that. She just needs to get away from the internet in general for a while, and get the therapy.

But people with these disorders pretty much never never admit they have them, so it's pretty impossible to treat them.

Hopefully she stops lurking here eventually so we can get some new content though.

No. 157567

No way will it be forever. She needs the attention. I doubt it'll last a month even.

No. 157615

But the people who you give a shit about, you'd know whether or not they're having a baby through other means. Like, if the first time you're hearing your "close friend" is having a baby through social media, well then maybe you are just not that close currently. And that's the truth. And it's almost insulting to find out that way at the same time as their baby daddy's sister's ex-boyfriend's neighbour who went to one housewarming party. Even if you're too busy to have night-long phone conversations: it takes 1 minute to send a text.

Anyway, in relation to Kaydee, it's clear she's not using it to just keep up with people that she knows personally, she's using it in a way that feeds her mental issues hence some distance away from social media (especially where the people she interacts with are random strangers) is best.

No. 157850

I meant more like, maybe the person would send you a message through Facebook. Sometimes phone calls just aren't reasonable, and it would take too many texts to update someone. You can have whole, long conversations over Facebook, so sometimes Facebook messages are just the best option. (Think of it as a modern email, really.)

No. 157861

Where's the receipts, you 300 pound fuckrag? Did you use them as a plate to melt your marshmallow snacks?

No. 157911

Kadee didn't accept my insta request. I wonder why.

No. 157916

File: 1469135383456.jpeg (136.48 KB, 635x902, image.jpeg)

Finally something other than "muh super serious anorexia"

No. 157918

File: 1469135455412.jpeg (132.64 KB, 640x747, image.jpeg)

No. 157919

No. 157921

What does this have to do with Kadee?

No. 157922

File: 1469135625628.jpeg (174.77 KB, 640x689, image.jpeg)

and the latest update, sorry for multiple posts like this. I figure to start at cancer and end with the flu was worth it enough though.

No. 157923


This is her secret account, I'm the anon who said the other account was a decoy and she actually had a different one.

No. 157928

first thought: looks like some sort of infected cigarette burns to me.

No. 157930

i was going to ask what confirms that this is kadee's account, but the countertops look pretty similar and she blocked me pretty soon after accepting my follow request which is pretty suspicious

No. 157931

Guys I don't think it's her. She never says she has anorexia and if it was her she would be broadcasting it every where

No. 157932

Sadly I think anon is right, Kadee would be broadcasting anorexia everywhere. So Addison or whatever her name is can't be her. I don't know her or know for sure, but she's probably just another chick who struggles with this shit.

No. 157935

At the same time, hadn't she mostly stopped claiming anorexia by the time she deleted?

No. 157936

Idk that's true, but she never states any where on the Addison account that she is even underweight or close to it. I feel like if it were Kadee making a secret account she would be exaggerating that she is like 70 pounds and about to die and get a feeding tube.

No. 157937

The samefag is strong here.

No. 157938

oh malto:Anon, you're so silly

No. 157940

I don't understand why you say I'm silly? We all know Kadee - she exaggerated everything especially having anorexia when she is 300 pounds. Why would she on a secret account not do the same thing? Let's think logically here.

No. 157941

At this point, it would be hilar if Kadee actually lost weight then blamed it on muh anorexia.

No. 157942

Yeah, that's not why the other anon said you were silly. I pointed out in >>157937 that you were samefagging which I'm assuming you're new as you blantantly pretended to be different anons to back up your own point while having "Anon" in the email field for all replies.

Sage for OT.

No. 157943

Yeah sorry I'm new. But kadees "story" is really hilarious is you read all her shit she makes up. She's fucking psycho

No. 157944

Actually i think this proves it IS her - she knows she doesnt have anorexia and no one was buying her bs on that, even her "true" followers questioned her constantly. Kadee always complains about generic symptoms that this addison account seems to be doing, also uses the same #tags such as "sickofbeingsick". Lets also take into account kadee claims "cancer" in her past too - 1) how many americans have an oncologist to call just like that… (Clue: a munchausens attention seeker OR someone who actually has cancer!) 2)the line about "considering my history" implies this person is hinting they either had a cancer in the past or had a scare… Again coincidentally the same as kadee

No. 157945

Well how do we find out for sure?

No. 157946

You may be new to Lolcow, but Kaydee's antics are certainly not new to me. Been following her story for a while.

The tags stuck out for me too. But as the insta is on private, I can't check for other Kaydee-isms in her posts.

No. 157949

If it was Kadee why wouldn't she go all out though? Like she doesn't post pictures of herself so far on this account so she could honestly say she is terminally ill and about to die and get everyone's sympathy and start a gofundme page, so as much as this sounds like her I don't think it actually is. Though I think this girl has some issues though I don't know what, definitely nothing in comparison to Kadee.

No. 157951

Well the whole point of a secret account is that no one figures out it's yours right? Posting pictures of yourself on a "secret account" can be incredibly risky as it supplies undeniable evidence that it belongs to you. Secret accounts like that always get found out eventually e.g. Felice Fawns secret accounts, Emily Crocker's secret accounts, and even that heroin junkie in snow's secret drug account.

Whoever is behind the account, clearly is looking for attention and support that they don't/can't get elsewhere.

No. 157956

IDK, a true attention whore would keep the account public for all to see. Maybe I'm wrong, though.

No. 157959

Exactly - thanks to her stupidity and web of lies she was unable to keep up with and this site discussing her, shes burnt out all her other options to claim shes deathly ill and soak up the attention & funds… So of course she no other choice but to make another, less personal account because now everyone knows her face and knows her game!

No. 157960

They do have a point. Knowing her the account would be open.

No. 157961

I agree but i bet you shes itching to post some sick selfies but shes holding off. I predict she will end up caving in and posting them anyways sooner or later, she cant help herself

No. 157962

Her account last week was on private (before she went AWOL) as it is now. Obviously, this secret account was on public at one stage as how else was it discovered for someone to know it's hers, follow it and stay following long enough to make screencaps to post them here before Kaydee finding out? Unless Kaydee herself has outed her own secret account on here?

No. 157964

And would you look at that? That instagram name has been changed in the last hour and is no longer available. I'd take that as confirmation that that (private) account belonged to her.

No. 157965

damn she is watching this thread like a hawk

No. 157982

Lol lol lol well baited guys

No. 157988


I'm (the anon following the account taking screen caps) not Kadee, thanks, but since you're curious I found her through a shoutout. The captions and hashtags were so blatantly her there was no question about it, especially when paired with the timeline.

No. 157989

Tbf, it would be difficult to find her secret accounts if they're on private so soz for the suspicion. Do you know if she actually deleted the account or just changed the name on it?

No. 157990

Sage for samefagging but I also want to add I'm inclined to believe this latest development really provides a strong indication of her as a scammer or at least a very clever troll. Anyone else pick up on that?

No. 157991

Appears to be actually deleted or at least a temporary deactivation.

No. 157992

Unless she had a GoFundMe on her secret account, I wouldn't think so. Very clever troll, the jury's still out on that one, but leaning towards guilty on that.

Thanks for checking!

No. 157993

Not to be mean or anything but isn't it a little weird that all of you people like stalk this girl who you don't even know in real life? I don't know Kadee in real life but I'm a friend, and I just think this is really bizarre and kind of fucked up. Just saying. I think you people need to stop wasting your own time with such negativity and leave Kadee and whatever that other girl that was mentioned, Kelly? I think, alone and work on yourselves. Though you can't see it Kadee is a good person and someone I value as my friend. On behalf of her, she has decided to lay low because you people terrorize her, and that's just pretty messed up in my opinion. The question I have is why? Why are you guys so obsessed with this girl you don't know in real life? It's weird.

No. 157995

You're terrible at samefagging, Kadee. Protip: we can see what you put in the email field.

No. 157996

>I don't know Kadee in real life but I'm a friend
sup kadee, got those receipts yet?

No. 157998

Not to be mean or anything but isn't it a little weird that you like pretend to be a friend of Kadee when it's obviously you white knighting yourself because no one is dumb enough to believe your bullshit? I mean, if you had any friend you'd probably eat them, just sayin'

No. 158000


Kadee's post everything about herself online. If she didn't want this attention she can get off social media or severely restrict her privacy settings.

No. 158001

hahaha she called herself a fat psycho faker and then pretended to be "kadee's friend"

No. 158002

Jesus, Kelly hasn't been mentioned in months. There must have been some amount of digging to find the threads she was mentioned in…

No. 158004

File: 1469145115664.gif (133.48 KB, 600x450, image.gif)

No. 158006

Well, if you think about it, it's wise to not start immediately money begging when you're claiming to be new to the community. She was in the process of building up her story again. From ED recovery, then into relapse, declining health, and now a big looming crisis. Same MO every time.
Although the evidence for simply trolling would be in my prior bait- mentioned I was "waiting for it to be worth it" to post her secret account and then all the sudden suggesting cancer.
Either she's having the time of her life trolling us all, or she's using this thread to try building up sympathy from others that not only is she ~*sick*~ but all a victim- which in theory can be used as part of her story to get donations.

I just can't decide which it is. Maybe both. A scamming fatass troll.

No. 158007

Who is this bitch that doesn't know how to post on a chan? Pls go

No. 158008

"My oncologist"? Fuck off, as if you can just ring up an oncologist to complain about lumps on your arm. It seems like Kadee's MO to exaggerate any minor problems and immediately claim cancer, so I'd be willing to believe she's running this account.

No. 158014

It's obviously Kadee herself. Read the posts by "mailto:anon". She starts out saying "addisonsbattle is t-totally not kadee you guys!!! stop paying attention to her!!!" and then pretends to be a friend who thinks we're all big meanies for posting about Kadee

No. 158020

What next? The stupid attention whore "suicide attempt"? You know, the kind where she is in a coma and her best friend who is absolutely not Kadee herself posts on her account, asking for people to pray for her recovery?

No. 158026

revealed your weight?
and outed your own modus operandi as a scammer lol

just can't stay away, can you? seriously get help

No. 158046

File: 1469153876677.png (473.77 KB, 943x455, 1467332211060.png)

It wouldn't be the first time she's burned herself with cigarettes.

Munchhausen's like a mofo.

No. 158048

those are definitely cigarette burns, i doubt those appeared overnight like she says

No. 158053

That looks so nasty. I want to cut it off and see what's underneath.

No. 158057

Lol could she at least try to be more cunning about this shit? "Appeared overnight" - yeah maybe if you pulled a Luna and fell asleep with a fag in your mouth. To be fair if she did something of the sort she'd document it, "I'm so borderline I set my sheets on fire!!"

No. 158068

She's already gone for the whole suicide attempt thing in probably the most retarded way possible, I'd be surprised if she did that again. Maybe a psychotic break or something so she can be really dramatic in her posts, don't know if she's done that before.

No. 158154

She deleted again. Goddamit Kadee, where's my milk?

No. 158168

bitch those are fuckin blisters come on. how did she even get in with an oncologist on the same day? the american health system seems so shit that i would think that it'd be a pretty long wait to see one.

No. 158189

If it's truly urgent, you can schedule emergency visits with drs. If it's really really bad, then that's when you go to the emergency room.

No. 158190

Still, I don't think "There's a weird lump on my arm" is exactly what they mean by urgent. Also, if it's anything like Australia, you can only get those sorts of appointments with specialists you're already seeing, you need referrals and all that otherwise. And urgent appointments are nearly always GP's here too.

No. 158193

As someone who works in the US medical field that's not how it works.

First you see a general practitioner or MAYBE if you have a lot of money, a dermatologist. They'll take a skin scrap and a sample and perform a biopsy. That takes a while. When the results come back, if it's benign they'll just treat it as a normal skin condition. If it's malignant they'll refer you to an oncologist.

It's a process and it's a long and annoying process.

No. 158196

They look like pus-filled blisters, so could they even do a skin scrape? Wouldn't that burst them?

No. 158510

File: 1469270515488.jpg (34.12 KB, 1083x563, happynothealthy.JPG)

The beast moved to a private account

No. 158511


She moved to a private account which was exposed elsewhere

No. 158517

Kadee. I'm the anon that asked about the Gofundme-page. I'm also one of the anons who wish you good health if you're really sick. I'm grateful that you answered but we're still waiting for the evidence you were going to provide. By stop posting you just make it seem like you were lying about that. If you don't respond to this I'm just going to take it as you're a lier as we all know you're still lurking here.

If you decide to ignore this, then fuck you. Even if I (we) don't know you, I'll gladly continue to post about you here and there to expose your lying ass. Just confess already.

No. 158518

Wow my English is on point today

No. 158720

File: 1469347016618.jpg (148.28 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

No. 158726


>greatness inside me

sure is

No. 158730

how did the lower half of her face go so orange?

No. 158732


I wish she'd sort her brows out

No. 158733

I never get why people who're making no attempt to recover at all always talk about how they're rising or similar stuff to that.

The only thing that's rising is her chance of having a heart attack.

No. 158754

She always looks so dirty like there's a thick layer of grime and crust covering her

No. 158787

It's clearly heroin or meth skin

No. 158789

she wishes, its probably because she doesnt wash her goddamn face

No. 158861

I think it's a very poor attempt at make-up.

Me too. How is she not compelled to at least try controlling them?

No. 158863


LMAO you can literally see the ash from the cigarette burnt into her skin on top of the blisters in the pic!! The first one she posted I wasn't totally sure about because it looked like a different kind of burn but you can literally see where the cigarette ash got burnt into the wounds here

No. 159028

File: 1469423879197.png (1.16 MB, 1440x2465, Screenshot_2016-07-24-23-14-24…)

She seems to still be using her tumblr, posting mostly thinspo though. That caption though: "I'd rather you not become anorexic because then you'll weigh less than me"

Nah Kadee, I'm pretty fat and definitely not anorexic and I'm STILL thinner than you.

No. 159030

Okay wait, I'm retarded. Someone from MPA took it and turned into just thinspo, kek.

No. 159194

Will you all just leave Kadee alone already? Who cares if she is or isn't making things up, she's not hurting anyone. Harassing someone to the point that they don't feel safe being who they are is disgusting. I am sick of seeing my friend hurting because of what you all say.
Sometimes her issues aren't as serious as she makes them out to be because of her BPD, but she definitely has physical and mental health problems and they are bad.
The constant harassment is making her want to kill herself. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be the reason that someone commits suicide.
Think what you want about her. You have the right to an opinion. You don't have a right to break someone down this much.

No. 159197

Hi there Kadee. Any chance we could see those receipts?

Also, just take the bullets out of any guns around yourself if you think you're a suicide risk, you'll be fine.

No. 159198

Not Kadee, so no receipts. I'm just done seeing my friend so upset over the bullshit you guys post.

No. 159200


Kadee, if people pointing out all your lies and attention seeking bullshit makes you want to off yourself then
1) just fucking stop it
2) quit looking at lolcow
3) seek help for your ACTUAL disorders

No. 159204

When you know there's a website bashing you, it's hard to just ignore it. Especially when the website has said that everyone supporting you is just doing it to get more milk.
>still not Kadee

No. 159209

Well even if you're not Kadee, next time you talk to her, let her know we're still waiting for them.

Also, this >>159200
Stop posting your shit online if it bothers you that much, if you put it out there in a public space we have the right to do whatever the fuck we want with it, no-one's actively harassing her or doing anything to her, she's coming here and choosing to look at things she doesn't like.

And the whole "it's my BPD" thing is bullshit. You're not being a good friend and helping her recover if you let her get away with that, she's not psychotic or out of control of her actions, she's choosing to do these things, and excusing it just lets her know it's okay to do.

No. 159210

You guys are sociopaths. Is this who you want to be? Do you want to be the girl who torments people you don't even know for your own amusement? This is incredibly disturbing. I know you think this is funny, or even that you may be justified in being so nasty because she made stuff up, but regardless of how little you think of her, she is a human being. She's a real person. She matters, just like you do. She bleeds red, just like you. Somehow I doubt that your friends from real life would think you were cool if they saw the kinds of shit you say on here.

No. 159212

>Is this who you want to be?

No, I was forced into this by my 19 different mental disorders.

>she is a human being.

She could qualify as several of them I reckon.

No. 159214

Will her proving she's used the money for treatment get you off her back?

No. 159215

You know what? You guys fucking win.YOU WIN! Are you happy? You brought me right back down to wanting to kill myself and end my life? Sure I'm not the best person, or not even close to it. Sure I exaggerated things, I crave attention and that is part of my illness. BUT I AM STILL A FUCKING HUMAN BEING ! I dont knoow how many times I can apologize or what the hell I have to do to get you people to leave me the hell alone, but I'm literally done. I just can't take it any more. I'm not going to kill myself over you fuckers because that would be ridiculous. But I will say you have succeeded in bringing me to a very low point. So I hope you're all very very proud of yourselves. Now please for the love of God, leave me the fuck alone. - Kadee

No. 159216

I honestly don't know why you find her weight so amusing. It seems to be your fallback jeer when you can't come up with anything wittier.

No. 159218

File: 1469475687043.jpg (27.42 KB, 300x260, tumblr_inline_ntxdci0HyS1tvdtn…)

No. 159219

It would definitely be a good thing to do.

>Sure I exaggerated things, I crave attention and that is part of my illness.

What illness would that be Kadee? Just going to open the DSM to another random page and claim it's that one again?

No. 159220

Do it, faggot.

Samefag. Side note, fat people are funny because they're disgusting.

No. 159221

You all have crossed a line. You would hate it if someone constantly made fun of you, manipulated you to get entertainment, and flat out fucking stalked you online like you're doing now. Kadee is human and she has feelings just like the rest of you.
Be a decent fucking person and keep your negative jokes, opinions, and insults to yourself.

No. 159222

Not samefag. The only posts I'm making are with the name B

No. 159223

File: 1469475945230.jpg (17.7 KB, 310x317, 1431997081959.jpg)

Fucking hilarious.

No. 159226

You are all lowlife scumbags and are so sad in your own lives that you feel the need to try and take me down and that in itself is fucking sad. What illness? I HAVE BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER. For those of you who don't know what one of the key components of this is - is emotional disregulation - its basically hell on earth. engaging in risky behaviors, feeling lonely, worthless, having bad body image, depression, anxiety, and more if you'd like to look it up. Is lying part of it? No. You're right there, I lie. I've struggled with that for awhile in my life, and its something I'm actively working on in therapy, but even with that being said I don't deserve to be treated like a fucking animal or a "cow" as you people on this stupid site call it. Please I beg of you leave me the hell alone. Move on with your lives. Stop finding it fun to make fun of me, harass me, and point out all my flaws. I am truly sorry for all the mistakes I have made.

No. 159227

So she brought the whole gang in then? That's even worse.

>keep your negative jokes, opinions, and insults to yourself.

They were being kept to ourselves, she's the one who came here. You can't stalk someone by following their profiles either, she put the info out there.

No. 159229

Kadee if I were posted on lolcow, I would fucking delete myself from the internet. You're proving to us that you're an attention whore. Your "illnesses" don't excuse anything.

No. 159230

No you're right, my illnesses don't excuse anything - which is why in my last post I took accountability for lying. But my whole story isn't a fucking lie. I struggle with a lot of different things, mentally AND physically. But even if I didn't how do you justify tormenting someone online? Behind anonymous screen names no less.

No. 159231

You guys search through years of content to find past dating profiles, posts from when she was a teenager, accounts that are years old and haven't been used. You go out of your way to find this shit for your sick entertainment. Just stop posting about her and making her feel horrible about herself. It's pathetic to be the reason that someone wants to die.

No. 159232


how's the cancer kadee? can I donate to your gofundme?

No. 159233

Kadee, as someone who also has BPD, fuck off with your excuses. Constantly lying about having a million different medical conditions, manipulating people, and begging for money for "treatment" isn't BPD. Maybe you should stop wasting your time treating your "anorexia" and "cancer" and get tested for Munchausen's.

No. 159234

>Just stop posting about her and making her feel horrible about herself.


Gee, have you considered that the solution to this isn't to tell everyone else to stop pointing out how retarded you're being, and maybe to stop being retarded?

Still waiting on those receipts, too.

No. 159238

Then maybe she should stop posting bullshit. lol

No. 159239

Hi Kadee. If you don't want people to pay attention to you, stop drawing attention to yourself. Stop samefagging and selfposting on lolcow. Stop begging for asspats on social media. Go see a therapist for your BPD, Munchausen's syndrome and binge eating disorder. Then people will stop pointing and laughing at your ridiculous behavior.

You like the attention, though, which is why you keep coming back here.

No. 159241

People like you are the reason why people with BPD get treated like children and animals. maybe consider the way your actions affect the rest of us once in a while.

No. 159243

If you legitimately have BPD, you should be in therapy for it, not spending your time pathologising every action and self diagnosing other shit on the internet.

And you admitted yourself lying isn't part of it, so why bring it up if you're not just looking for more attention?

No. 159244

I'm sure that you would hate it if some coddled brat who's never struggled a day in her life started pretending to have a serious disorder that has ruined your life and driven your friends away from you. All just for sympathy and attention when she's done literally NOTHING to deserve it and is only co-opting the struggles of real, suffering people without any of the negative consequences.

Kadee, you make me fucking sick.

No. 159245

Lying about having cancer and being raped and sexually assaulted? Go fuck yourself. I bet your mother is very happy to have such a leech burning her life savings so you can get some attention because bawwww you have BPD and therefore no responsibility for your disgusting actions.

No. 159247

I'm still not Kadee. Won't prove it because I don't need to be attacked the way you've been attacking Kadee.
Let her do her own thing. Why does it concern any of you?

No. 159248

She didn't lie about being sexually assaulted.
The cancer thing could have been an exaggeration for being tested for it, but even then it really isn't anyone's business but hers.
Kadee never did anything to you guys, so why can't you just leave her alone?

No. 159249

Lmao no one's buying it, Kadee. The next time you samefag, you should try to change your writing style and try not to post at the exact same time as your other persona.

No. 159250

Why does this concern her? She won't know unless she comes here.

I dunno, I reckon that lying about having disorders and illnesses to get more money sounds kind of fraudulent to me.

No. 159251

She actually is hurting other people by falsely claiming to have these illnesses. Making it harder for people who have these disorders or ailments to get help or even be taken serious, cause all they see is this whiny overgrown baby and think so thats what its like when its not. And bpd doesnt make you lie and i dont think kadee have bpd anyway. bpd is the popular disorder of this year everybody thinks they have it so kadee probably just picked that up too.

No. 159252


does the B in your name stand for "bitch this is kadee"

No. 159253

Didn't intentionally change writing styles to pretend to be someone else. I'm not Kadee, nor will I ever be Kadee and have no intention of revealing who I am because I know I'll be attacked for it.
Sorry. Not everyone who stands up for someone is said person.

No. 159254

But she is posting it publicly for everybody to see

No. 159255

I do have some of these illnesses and know what it's like to be accused of being a druggie because of the people who show up pretending to have problems. I also know what it's like to have people constantly think you're faking your illnesses.
If she were faking, she wouldn't be treated. Doctors would recommend treatment for mental illness after doing an exam.
Stands for who I am.

No. 159258

>I do have some of these illnesses and know what it's like to be accused of being a druggie because of the people who show up pretending to have problems.

Then why are you supporting her doing exactly that?

>If she were faking, she wouldn't be treated. Doctors would recommend treatment for mental illness after doing an exam.

I can't remember the last time she's said she was treated for something that wasn't obviously bullshit that just got forgotten about two days after.

You should at least keep the stories straight, is she someone who's struggling with a factitious disorder, or is she legitimately diagnosed with everything she can think of?

No. 159260

So you're just going to ignore the people answering your question? Kadee will continue to be mocked and reviled for as long as she continues to appropriate illnesses from sick and suffering people. It's absolutely disgusting that she would choose the weakest, most vulnerable people in society to star in her make pretend game.

How can you possibly wonder why people are angry at this faker when there are actual people out there with the actual disorders that she pretends to have for asspats whose quality of life is fucking shit because of it? Lupus fucking sucks. Cancer ruins lives. What she's doing is spitting in the face of terminally ill people.

No. 159264

Kadee lies. A lot. We get it. But why does this thread keep getting longer? Nothing new is happening. You've already brought attention to the fabrications. She's already in therapy. She's already being treated. It's time to leave her alone now. You're beating a dead horse, and it's getting old. Party's over. Get off the internet and go outside. And if you still feel like making fun of someone, take a good look at yourself in the mirror, because your parents would all be horrified to find out what kinds of people you've become.

No. 159267


Literally because you and your friend keep starting it up again. It was dying of lack of milk before you came in here kicking and screaming.

No. 159268

Kadee I think you will satisfy at least some of us if you post those receipts. That's the biggest reason I'm here. I mean, you have posted a lot of stuff online, and when I see a person that might have scammed others, it upsets me. So show us?

No. 159269

If you want people to stop posting about it, why come in the thread and chuck a tantrum? Simply stop providing interesting new content and let it die.

Also, I'm serious about the receipts, if she's got proof the money was spent in a legit way she should show it, because ripping people off using fake illnesses is fucking disgusting. And also illegal, which is important to note.

No. 159271

Your constant samefagging is what's happening and what keeps this thread going. You're a fucking joke, Kadee. If you want us to stop, maybe you should stop coming here, starting shit, and begging for asspats on Instagram. I think it's you who needs to get off the internet and go outside.

No. 159273

Kaydee samefagging under the identity of at least 3 people at the same time but swearing she's not while leaving hilarious clues that she has no idea how to use an image board is cracking me the fuck up. Must suck to be so stupid.

No. 159286

She's not faking. She exaggerates some of her health issues, but they definitely aren't fake.

No. 159289

I have BPD. Fuck you, Kadee. No one takes me seriously because of lying morphine addicts like yourself.

No. 159290

She claims to have anorexia and is obese, but she's definitely not faking, you guys.

No. 159294

She's claimed to have things that directly contradict other diagnoses, having had major surgery overnight and be fine two days later, having tests done in the ER that can't be done there. The major thing is the amount of diagnosis that destroy peoples quality of life that just appear and then disappear a few days later.

There's a list someone made in one of these threads that's like 40 long of diseases she's claimed.

No. 159295

Why don't you just say sorry? That you know what you did is wrong and you won't do it again?

No. 159302

File: 1469480991248.jpeg (16.68 KB, 188x275, 1468079463876.jpeg)

Here is one

No. 159303

I've never posted here before but I do like reading this thread and seeing what a lying sack of shit this girl is. As most of us know she's obviously lying about using the gofundme money for "therapy." I have Medicaid and I'm not even lying when I say that shit covers almost EVERYTHING, including therapy. So I'd like to see those receipts as well. There's no way she'd have to pay for therapy if she had medicaid.

No. 159304

File: 1469481037514.jpeg (21.82 KB, 275x263, 1468079496885.jpeg)

Here is the other one with mental illnesses she claimed she have

No. 159305

Thanks anon, I think the second one was a little short too, there was a couple things she's claimed no on it.

No. 159306

By the way how's the lawsuit going?

No. 159308

>I want the love, support and attention for my illnesses!
>but pls don't call me out when you see me lying through my teeth
>and pls don't make fun of the ridiculous ass I make of myself

Nah. We're not bullying you, we're just laughing. And about the "boo hoo i aint no cow" - that's a cultural barrier. Lurk moar and see what it really means.

If pixyteri can lose weight, look nice and become a somewhat decent person after years of being our cow, I'm sure you can too.

No. 159309

Lol ecstacy. She probably needs a couple hundred grams just to get a good roll considering how ham she is

No. 159310

Look up the anatomy of an apology. Exploding and admitting to lying doesn't count. A genuine apology is smoething that specifically outlines the wrongdoing (specific lies), how it hurt others (others who actually have the illness), saying SORRY, and saying that you'll never do it again. And then following through.

No. 159313

Kadee, what actually happened at St. Vincents? My sister has been in out of there (you're talking about the one in brideport right??) and we've never had a problem. WE did have a problem at another hospial. If you wouldn't mind telling me waht happened to you so I can know what to expect if it happens to my sister. I can give you my email address if you're not comfortable posting here. I'm legit worried about st vincents treating my sister now. Please reply, I can give you my email if you don't want to post it publically.

At another hospital they stuck her in a bed in the hall for 2 days and basically forgot about her. She literally could have DIED. St Vincents isn't the one closer to our house so it's kind of a hassle to take her there vs the one closer to us. If she has to go back, we would take her to st vincents i think… But not if they treat people like shit.

I'm not a troll, this has nothing to do with the forum. I honestly would like to know your experience in case it's likely to happen to my family. We are very worried about my sister's treatment and I'm trying to find out as much as i can before she has to go back to a hospital. Our insurance is pretty good so we might be able to go elsewhere if necessary. What did they do to you that day??

No. 159314

I should mention that the hallway was in the emergency department. They basically forgot she was there and walked past her for 2 days. I've heard horror stories about many hospitals, but i thought st vincents had a decent reputation. Can you please let me know what happened? I would just pass on the general story to my mom because she's asking (I mentioned something about an internet friend having a really bad experience there). I wouldn't say your name or anything, promise. Thank you and take care.

No. 159315

Kadee I have one of the illnesses you say you have and it RUINED my life. That's why I take it personally when someone like you PRETENDS to have it for the sake of a little attention on the internet.

Mental illness isn't well understood in our general communities, and it's people like you who make people think that our struggles aren't real and don't demand proper support and attention. Every time you lie about an illness you're making it harder for someone who has it to be taken seriously.

So don't give me this bullshit about how you're not hurting anybody.

Speaking of hurt people, I recently spoke to a very sweet girl who considered herself a friend of yours until she found out who you really are. She talked you through crisis after crisis, shared her own struggles with you… And let me tell you, she was HURT. And who knows how many others you've hurt in the same way.

You're garbage.

If you really want to do right by everyone you ought to post your receipts and issue a MEANINGFUL apology. Not here, but somewhere public so you're coming clean to all the people who have supported you over the years. They deserve that.

No. 159316


She was turned away because they knew she was making shit up. Don't take anything she says seriously.

No. 159317

Kadee, do you ever feel guilty? (actual question)

No. 159319

Aaaah, I missed the cow again! Why can I never check the thread when she is actually mooing?

Also, Kadee, I've never seen a worse samefagging than this one. You seem to be really stupid.

No. 159320

Bless you anon.

No. 159323

This. It's pretty obvious she was just mad she got refused an admission or meds because she's constantly making shit up, I wouldn't stress about your sisters wellbeing if she's never had an issue there before.

No. 159324

i try to give kadee the benefit of the doubt but this is ridiculous.
if you aren't faking prove it. show us the receipts and apologize for the bullshit you've said and done

No. 159329

Yeah, I really don't get why she claimed she had the receipts like she could prove that it wasn't her ripping people off, and then has just ignored everyone asking her to show them since.

It would look much less shady to just say you threw them out or something.

No. 159332

>Human being
You're a Big Beautiful Whale, and nobody should tell you otherwise.

No. 159333

No. 159336

don't you just love it when cows milk themselves

No. 159338

Kadee you said you would post proof of the bills you paid with the gofundme money. Why did you say that if you had no intention of following through? You could have done so by now. Plenty of us here still remember when you were asking for 100K. What would be doing if you gotten that much money?

If you really want to be accountable and start fresh online you need to make an indepth post detailing ALL your lies and exxagerations. Then some people might be willing to believe the real illnesses you claim to have. Being vague and basically saying "Ok I lied a little bit so what" is NOT owning up to shit. Yes it will be very painful to admit to all that you've done but this is the hole you've dug yourself into. It could be the most genuinely therapeutic thing you've ever done. Doesn't lying all the time make you constantly anxious? By the way quit blaming BPD for all this crap, plenty of people struggle with that and your behavior isn't typical at all!

When you come here and flip out it makes me suspect you just want us off your back because you're antsy to get back on social media and get your fix. This is why farmers are still checking for you.

No. 159346

Honestly I would respect her if she made a post (on tumblr, insta, even here) explaining her lies. Even if she says her BPD did make her do it, she would be owning up to it. I have mad respect for people who can do this, even if they're horrible. If she made a mass post explaining the various conditions she lied about and what caused her to lie, it might explain a lot about how her mind works.

I'm just thinking… It would make a lot more sense to us and I think a lot more people would be nicer and understanding if they knew Kadee's thought process. When she hides, it makes her look more guilty.

I honestly want to know. Kadee, if you're reading this, I don't think you're a bad person. If you wrote a book, I would buy it. Munchausens isn't ever talked about, and it might help a lot of people if you considered writing a book about your experiences. I've read books about children of Munchausens parents, but never from the Munchausens suffer themselves. She could write about her illness and what she sought by lying/exaggerating. It might help the stigma and therapists/doctors would be more understanding in the future. It's stigmatized, but until someone writes about it, it'll continue to be terrible for everyone.

No. 159347

Calm the fuck down. There are no receipts, she's not going to post them.

No. 159350

I do 100% agree with both of you in the mass post idea. If Kadee wrote a massive post explaining her experience. It's completely useless when she says "yeah, i lied. so what. i have bpd" but if she actually took the time to explain- start from the beginning- and what she was trying to achieve by lying/did she know how transparent it was/reactions from doctors and family. If she did this, it would explain so much to all of us.

And it would be SO beneficial to her therapy. To actually write down everything and figure out (by herself) what made her do it and what actually happened, she would be doing a very brave thing indeed.

No. 159352

Yup. I don't think she's a bad person. I would give her a hug if she did a mass post explaining it all.

No. 159353

I think she's a bad person now, but she can change that by owning up to her mistakes and giving us the actual story. It might even help her to read (in her own words), the reactions of her doctors and how no one fell for it.

No. 159354

It would be a great idea, she's very obviously suffering from some sort of factitious disorder, and I think her being able to admit that she has been doing this without trying to play it off as because of some other illness she has would be a great step towards recovery.

I think she's a shit person for the fraud, but that admitting she did that would at least be something, even if she never pays it back.

No. 159356

If you want attention you should try and earn it in more positive ways like not being a blimp who calls herself Kadeelyn and scams well-meaning dipshits on the internet.

No. 159357

I second (third?) this idea. If she just owns up to it we would have nothing to bash her for and people would actually get behind her and support her through her bed/Munchhausen/bpd recovery.

Also I'm pretty sure reaching out to people that you've hurt in the past and taking responsibility for your mistakes is one of the 12 steps is it not? Kadee you can also make it part of your mental health recovery.

No. 159359

How do you propose that anyone proves they're not a samefag anon? Also, I'm the last of them, and outright disagreed on parts.

What purpose would there be for someone to samefag for that anyway?

No. 159362

I think her whole 'wah wah I have BPD' thins is just as pathetic as her obsessive pretending to have an ED.

Faggots like Kadee are the reason nobody takes actual BPD people seriously, because they use is as an excuse for being a shitty person.

She can watch 'girl, interrupted' as many times as she likes but its not gonna excuse her stupid actions or her awful personality.

No. 159365

It definitely is, it's not really admitting responsibility for your actions if you go "But it's not really my fault it's this other illness I have that makes me do it".

Even with BPD, you're not out of control of your actions, you're just poor at making decisions. It's a reason why you might do dumb shit, not an excuse.

No. 159385

Hi this is Kadee. I am going to be 110% honest with you all. I am clinically diagnosed with BPD, bulimia, GAD, and major depressive disorder. Physically I struggle with fibromyalgia, lupus, a blood clotting disorder which has led to multiple problems with pulmonary embolisms and lung issues, many GI issues - like internal bleeding, kidney stones, pylonephritis and reoccuring pancreatitis. I also have poly cystic ovarian disease. I am owning up to any time I have lied right now. Fully fledge owning up to it. I never said I had cancer - but I did have a cervical cancer scare a year ago when I got two abnormal pap tests, and the only thing I posted in relation to that was a keep calm and pray for those with cervical cancer or something. And for my blood clotting disorder I see both a hematologist AND an oncologist regularly, but no I don't have cancer, but again I never claimed to have it. I have exaggerated different illnesses . In my posts I have tagged all the eating disorders, including anorexia. I generally tag them all because I know we can all relate to the feelings people with EDs have. No I do not have anorexia, yes I know I'm overweight but I still do have an eating disorder. I have had 4 surgeries this year all for GI issues. I do have PTSD from sexual abuse, that is something that I have struggled with. I have never been diagnosed with Munchausen's - and yes my therapist and psychiatrist know all about my medical history. They have access to all my medical records and charts. I am not diagnosed with schizophrenia. My grandfather suffers from schizophrenia and is in a mental institution currently, and it was thought because I've had some hallucinations that I could possibly struggle with it too - but I don't, and I'm sorry for exaggerating that when I didn't know for sure but to make things clear I don't have that. My therapist believes I struggle with addiction issues - both with alcohol and drugs. I don't believe that I do to be completely honest, but it has been a question of concern over the years. I currently have an amazing therapist who is helping me tremendously. And a great psychiatrist as well who is managing my medications. As for the gofundmepage - I really and truly did use the money to pay for an eating disorder support group that my therapist recommended for me that my insurance (medicaid) didn't cover, because the therapist who runs the group doesn't accept my insurance, I don't have physical receipts, so I'm sorry for claiming that I do. But I do promise you that that is where the money went to. I do have chronic health issues that I deal with, which does lead me to going to the hospital, and I will be honest I go more frequently than necessary. I am always expericing some form of pain or nausea, but sometimes I feel it gets out of hand and thats when I go to the hospital. Sometimes I should really just toughen up though and not go, which again is something I'm working on. As for my foot and ankle, yes I broke both of them. Not in 6 places, but in 2. A bone in my ankle, and the heel of my foot. I'm sorry for exaggerating that. It was uncalled for. I honestly believe the reason that I lie and exaggerate things is because I feel like no one would care about me if nothing was going on in my life. And I know that sounds sort of ridiculous, but it is part of my illness where I feel like I need to be loved, nurtured and cared about and when I don't get that affection and attention I don't know what to do with myself, so sometimes I go to extreme lengths to get that - which is again something I'm working on in therapy, and will continue to work on. I see my therapist 3x a week, and she knows all about this site, and has read all of the comments, so trust me she knows what people say, compared to what I'm medically diagnosed with. I am hoping that in me taking accountability for my actions right here and now that as people said they would that they show support rather than hate. Sure there will be some people who just hate me and are mean - there always will be, but I literally struggle with mental health issues just like you. My issues are different than yours most likely, we all have our own battle. I never was maliciously trying to hurt anyone, I was trying to make myself feel less alone because honestly I feel really alone in my world and I hate myself quite a lot. At least on instagram I had an online community of people who were my friends and cared about me, now I don't have that. So I really have no one, which is why I said earlier that I honestly felt suicidal and hopeless because I really do feel alone in this world. And I know a lot of that is my doing, and my fault, but I'm trying my absolute hardest to move forward with my life and move on and get the treatment I need and get healthy and learn to love and accept myself and realize I don't need to dramatize everything and that its okay to be sad and not know why sometimes - there doesn't have to be an explosive reason as to why, which is something I struggled wityh and why some exaggeration happened - because I felt like I couldn't just say I'm sad because I'm sad and I don't know why. I felt like no one would care if I said that, so I would make something up. And for that, again, I am sorry. This is something I seriously struggle with. This is something I'm also getting help for, I promise you that. I just really hope in posting this and coming clean that this ends the hateful posts, clears things up for people, and gets people to stop attacking me and saying such mean and cruel things. I hate myself for who I am and what I've done over the years. More than you all hate me. And I take it out on myself in some way every day, and I'm trying to learn how to not do that. We all make mistakes as humans, some bigger than others - and mine are pretty big, but I'm trying to own up to mine on a public forum and I hope for the people who hate me that you at least see that I am not running and hiding from you people. That I am facing this head on. That I am a person too, and that I deserve respect and love even if I've done shitty things. We all do, every single one of us. I am sorry to any one I offended or hurt throughout the years, I am truly sorry. Trust me when I say this, I do really really feel awful for all the mistakes I've made and how many people I've hurt and let down. I hate myself with a burning passion and feel like I deserve to be dead and hated and alone. But the people who are my friends keep telling me that I don't. That of course I have made mistakes, but if I own them and move forward and don't remake the same mistake that its okay to move on and be myself. I am not a terrible person even though I feel like I am. If you really knew me, you'd know I'm witty, sarcastic, can make you laugh all the time, and I have a big heart and go out of my way for those that I care about. I love animals, writing, reading, coffee, singing, and traveling. I am a 21 year old girl who is very lost in this world, who has dug a deep grave for herself with all her mistakes, but who wants to not bury herself in it, but to rise above it, own up to my shit, and move forward. I hope some of you can at least forgive me, or at least respect that I am posting this. I hope that I cleared things up. And again I am truly sorry. Honestly, tonight it has taken a lot of strength for me to not hurt myself in response to all the posts I have read about myself, because some of them are true and I hate myself even more, some of them aren't though and then I feel sad because I know who is going to believe someone that has lied so many times? I have to earn your trust back. If you get anything out of this post, please just know I'm truly sorry and I'm working on being a better, healthier, happier, honest, stable, and compassionate person. I know I will get mixed messages after posting this - the people who will tell me how awful I am, but honestly - I already know, so you don't need to waste the time to tell me. I'm sure I will also get a few people who are thankful that I took the time and had the courage to write and post this. I'm sorry for being such a horrible person, and like I have said multiple times I really hate who I am, have become, and the mistakes I have made. but I'm trying to start over and not make them again, but with people constantly attacking me on here its a little difficult to do or to even try to move forward. I'm trying, and that's all I'm going to say. I'm sorry, and I'll prove it if you give me the chance to. - Kadee

No. 159387

No. 159391

Thank you for explaining things. And I think you nailed it on the head, as long as you move forward with your life and don't make the same mistakes again your life will get better. I'm glad that you're in therapy and getting the help you need.

I still would recommend that you limit your interaction on social media and the internet, just because it seems it's really tempting for you to exaggerate or make up claims to get attention or a reaction from people (whether it be positive or negative).

I think the only social media account you should keep is your Facebook (but please delete everyone you don't know personally). That way you can keep in contact with your friends and family but not feel as tempted to go down the rabbit hole and continue this cycle.

No. 159394

was the stillborn baby a lie?

No. 159395

We have no reason to believe a thing you say, could you at least post some proof? And use paragraph breaks, jesus christ. It's obvious you're having a pity party for yourself and you're not going to get the asspats you crave here.

No. 159396

Good job for owning up, but in all honesty I still resent the hell out of you for your false portrayal of the disorders that have already claimed my chance to get old.

If you aren't just lying again about having BPD, which clearly nobody is obligated to believe, you need to get off the Internet and stop contributing to a disgusting Instagram community of fakers or people who refuse to recover and are the reason the stigma of 'BPD psycho woman' exist.

Stop actively contributing to groups that hurt the very people who have the conditions you want attention for Kaydee. I know you still have very little insight into what's wrong with what you've done, but you need to stop. End your online presence. Any decent therapist wouldn't encourage you to keep fulfilling your unhealthy need for attention and praise, especially when you're getting it in such an easily escapable place.

No. 159413

File: 1469506398703.gif (437.95 KB, 400x225, 198eflwp1pvkwgif.gif)

No. 159416

Oh Kadee, I wish you wouldn't feel like you had to live through illness to feel validated. You're really such a sweet girl. Bpd is a bitch and you as well as your peers deserve some peace. You deserve to recover,'move on and only look back to motivate positive reinforcement.

No. 159419

I sympathize with you, I really do. I also have BPD and all the addictions that go along with it. I even understand the need to exaggerate illnesses for attention, in order to feel loved and cared for.

It's good that you're in therapy, because you truly need it. Like >>159391 and >>159396 suggested, it's really in your best interest in limit your social media usage for your own good; to keep the temptation to bullshit and exaggerate at bay and to avoid reading things that might make you feel worse about yourself.

You need to start focusing on yourself, understand how and why you've fucked up over the years, and then work hard to right it all and improve yourself. That's all you can do. You can't keep carrying on with all the lying and bullshitting, and you know that. Best of luck to you.

No. 159421

Idk why all the farmers are suddenly treating you like a princess. Your apology is still hella pathetic and you're still full of shit. Get off the Internet and go on a run, you dumb fat bitch

No. 159423

This. It's great you apologised, but you did it in a way that still portrayed you as the victim of all these disorders, and ignored pretty much all of the ones you obviously lied about to just talk about a couple, and even then you didn't admit to flat out lying, just "exaggerating".

I honestly think you're just using the BPD thing as an excuse, but this is better than nothing.

Oh, and it's obvious you didn't spend the money on therapy, hence why you're trying to backpedal to say the receipt thing was just a lie and you never got one, despite there being no reason for you to lie about that at all except for trying to dodge the question.

No. 159425

It's good that you're in therapy Kadee - really.

This post is casebook BPD mindset, and you're not being 110% honest but it's only because you're not able to be honest with yourself.

Commit to your therapy "110%".

No. 159426

Thank you to those of you who are being kind to me and wishing me the best. I appreciate those kind thoughts and wishes. I am getting off social media, that is a good suggestion. So thank you for that.

No. 159434

File: 1469511243616.jpg (77.93 KB, 643x820, do you expect me.jpg)

Get a grip. No one cares about you being sick; we care about you being spastic liar and scammer. You haven't stopped any shit behaviors, and haven't changed.

No. 159436

The rest of you guys: you need to get a grip and stop sucking up to this cow. You're giving her the things she thirsts for most of all: asskissing attention ("So brave! Thank you! Such truth!").

If she keeps making milk, we will keep documenting it, and laughing at her. If she gets her shit together, the internet is full of other cows to laugh at.

But let's be real: this girl's drug is attention, and we're the only ones giving it to her right now. That's the only reason she keeps coming here. Feeding into her neediness only makes you like like a sucker, and puffs up her sense of satisfaction. Let her put up or shut up in terms of change.

No. 159437

Agreed. She has been getting sympathy from fake ED to fake cancer… Now her new deal is whoa I gotz dat ole BPDZzzz… Bitch is looking for anything.

Fuck you Kadee your BPD isn't a free pass especially to those of us who have cancer (for realzzzz u slut) and your wall of babble just shows what an addict you are for attention….

Mayhaps another "emotional hospice" is in order????????

Fucking crumb bumb pop'n'fresh

No. 159439

>You're giving her the things she thirsts for most of all: asskissing attention ("So brave! Thank you! Such truth!").

This. She just realised that this forum was the only place giving her any attention at all, and successfully manipulated you into feeling sorry for her and give her asspats.

It's great she apologised, but she did fucking shit things, including blatant scamming, and going "Sorry it's my BPD though" isn't enough to make up for it. It's a step in the right direction, but she hasn't done anything but right a rambling post that dodges taking any responsibility anyway.

I wouldn't be surprised if she's back online within a week.

No. 159441

I really hope the best for you and I hope this is the kick in the ass that you needed. There are plenty of communities for the specific illnesses you have and there's no need to pretend to be the sickest to get the support you need. You'll just end up being disliked and hated if you act like every flare up is cancer and you're dying because these people have been through the same things you are and can tell you're lying. They can also relate though, just tell them you're going through a flare up (when you actually are) and could use some encouragement to make it through it.

Cut down on the suicidal posts. All it does is make people angry. Telling people other than your therapist every time you have suicidal thoughts is going to wear on those close to you and drive them away. It can also make people take your life or death suicidal situations less seriously. Don't lie about not having them, but don't go out of your way to tell everyone. Also realize that suicidal gestures is a common part of BPD manipulation and that you need to learn to separate suicidal thoughts and plans from BPD thoughts and plans. Are you telling people you're going to kill yourself because you want a result, (like to make someone feel bad or make people worry and give you attention) or are you telling people because you need concrete help with those thoughts? (Drive you to the ER for a psych hold)
HAVE A WRITTEN ACTION PLAN FOR SUICIDAL/SELF HARMING THOUGHTS. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. It cuts down on having to tell people and also with reliance on others. Telling yourself you are solely responsible for yourself and your condition will help a lot with recovery. (Particularly personality disorders)
Have a list of coping mechansims and distractions you go down, each one getting stronger down the line. The last one would be ER, but you ONLY use it as a last resort. (Like going to attempt suicide asap)

Remember that ER psych admissions are just expensive glorified baby sitters and that the thoughts aren't going to magically go away just because they took your shoelaces away for 72 hours. (This is from both a psych patient and someone who has worked an ER with psych admissions) 72 hour holds are there to make sure you don't hurt yourself or someone else and that's it.

I think you got caught in a loop where you started having a flare in both mental and physical health and exaggerated how you were feeling to get help, but it ended up driving people alway (which triggers BPD) so you exaggerated more to try and bring them back, which drove them further away, and so on.
I still don't believe the embolisms and such, sorry. (I believe BPD, PCOS, and mayyybe fibro) The entire reason you have a thread here and on MPA is the lying, remember that. People see through it and get angry and spiteful because some of us have the conditions you lie about and get so angry we can't overlook it. An IRL friend and I watched it go down because we both have chronic physical and mental conditons and got super angry to see you fake them for money and attention.

No. 159442

Damn. Kudos for owning up to it, Kaydee. Respect.

No. 159443

if i made a patreon for a specific reason i would pay attention to save receipts for that reason so i could properly prove it to people. Also that whole text was basically you going "im sorry for my behaviour but its my bpdz". Basically making yourself the victim again its not really genuine, also nobody changes their whole life that fast nobody goes from "i'm exagerating a bit so what? you guys are mean wah wah" too "i have seen the errors in my way and will change my whole life" in a few hours.

No. 159445

Not sure why you quoted me, but the point about her changing her entire attitude so quickly is a good point. You could maybe blame BPD, but I think it's just more likely she's trying to get of a bad situation after people pointed out that fraud is illegal and that having any sort of crowdfunding thing based on false premises is fraud.

No. 159447


Did you dumb fucks not bother reading what she posted? Here are some highlights from her wall of text:

>I am clinically diagnosed with BPD, bulimia, GAD, and major depressive disorder. Physically I struggle with fibromyalgia, lupus, a blood clotting disorder which has led to multiple problems with pulmonary embolisms and lung issues, many GI issues - like internal bleeding, kidney stones, pylonephritis and reoccuring pancreatitis. I also have poly cystic ovarian disease.

>I did have a cervical cancer scare a year ago when I got two abnormal pap tests, and the only thing I posted in relation to that was a keep calm and pray for those with cervical cancer

>I still do have an eating disorder

>I have had 4 surgeries this year all for GI issues

> I do have PTSD from sexual abuse

>I am not diagnosed with schizophrenia. My grandfather suffers from schizophrenia and is in a mental institution currently, and it was thought because I've had some hallucinations that I could possibly struggle with it too

>My therapist believes I struggle with addiction issues - both with alcohol and drugs. I don't believe that I do

And all that is in the first fifth of what she wrote!

I can't believe y'all are falling for this. She's so completely full of shit, and she's telling her same lies, but she's peppering it with some bullshit apologies and you retards therefore think she's being sincere.

Knock it off!

No. 159448


I only read through the first fifth of the wall o' text because frankly it's making my eyes hurt. So don't think the rest of what she wrote isn't also overflowing with lies and insincere apologies.

No. 159453

Agreed. She also references her "wonderful therapist" and how that therapist knows about and visits this thread and all of her social media. I suppose we are to assume this is "Gretchen," who has been pretty much unanimously decided is either not a real person or is falsely portrayed by Kadee - buying "stuffies" and sending "I love you" texts. Either way, I highly doubt any legitimate therapist willingly reads your rapid-fire lies and doesn't tell you off the bat to get your attention-seeking fat Münchausens ass off social media.

No. 159457

This. She's trying to play her ridiculous behavior off as "exaggerating things a bit". Have you all suddenly forgotten the she was pulling off all this time?

This is not owning up at all, Kadee, and deep down, you must know it too.

No. 159465

> No I do not have anorexia
Thank you for finally being honest about that. Remember that 100k gofundme? You claimed that solely for anorexia treatment, that lie was about way more than just tagging all EDs to draw more people your way. Maybe you shouldn't read books like Winter Girls it encourages you.
>I really and truly did use the money to pay for an eating disorder support group that my therapist recommended for me that my insurance (medicaid) didn't cover, because the therapist who runs the group doesn't accept my insurance
Why would they recommend a support group to you that does not accept your insurance? Your an unemployed 21 year old. I'm sure there are free support groups you can go to.
>As for my foot and ankle, yes I broke both of them. Not in 6 places, but in 2.
I have to be skeptical, you took a bath like days after this happened. Way back on one of your tumblrs you also claimed an ankle that was broken in multiple places and that you even required surgery. Is this an old injury you brought back up for attention or was it a lie then too?

Why didn't you answer this anons question?

Your therapist may know of lolcow vaguely but I seriously doubt they've read through everything here. If they did then they would know how disastrous social media and internet communities are for you and would tell you to stay the fuck away. You probably referred to us as a bunch of mean haters ganging up on you for no reason but we were right about a lot of your lies. If you come back to IG or tumblr you need to put up a bolded disclaimer telling people that you are prone to major exaggeration. This shit hurts nice people who are suffering themselves be honest with them that you are not to be trusted 100%.

No. 159466

I can't believe some of you bastards are giving ass pats to this insufferable cow. Do you realise how much she STOLE from people?

No. 159467

>Do you realise how much she STOLE from people?

This. Her apology doesn't change that she outright ran a fraudulent gofundme. The receipts would help, but even if she did use it on therapy, she didn't have the disorders she said she needed it for, and it's fraud anyway.

It's fucking insane how so many people fell for that manipulative bullshit of a rant she posted.

No. 159571

>It's fucking insane how so many people fell for that manipulative bullshit of a rant she posted.

responding to you - but there were similar remarks above, so this goes for those as well.

people have responded kindly to her because most (not necessarily the vocal majority) here are actually decent human beings and want to see her lose some weight, make friends, have a real life etc; they want to believe the best of her.

and kadee is preying on this natural humanity. not only in her gofundme but also just a few posts above - by absolving herself of her actions because of her bee pee dee.

kadee, you are responsible for yourself and your actions. i'm not condemning you and i'm not congratulating you either but just know that you have the ability to make your own choices. it doesn't make you less of a person to be sad or depressed without reason. you can just admit that you are feeling low, and i promise that lots of people can relate to that. but on the other hand, it won't MAKE people love you to always be in a "crisis." that's not real love, that's manipulation. wouldn't you like to experience kindness and friendship of its own accord, as opposed to attention derived from suicide threats and exaggerated illness? because that's what love and friendship is - natural honesty without threats and lies. i hope you stay off here and get better. i am not hopeful that this will happen, exactly, but i do want you do get better, you're young and you can improve upon your own life until it's enjoyable enough that you don't have to make up stuff to experience attention and affection.

No. 159573

File: 1469541706512.gif (771.7 KB, 400x226, bbwives-reun-tamilyingbitch.gi…)


No. 159575

remember: kadee's word has never been trustworthy, why are y'all believing her now?

No. 159582

I thought you were denied from that support group because your ED was too severe?
What happened at St. Vincents?
What is a late stage embolisim?
Did you make up being an alcoholic and drug addict? Were you ever using drugs or alcohol on a daily basis?
Did you lie about having that giant feeding tube in for a day?

No. 159585

Kadee, if you are serious about this I wish you good luck. I came here because scammers rustles my jimmies, not because I'm a bully. If you from here on out get your shit together, I (and hopefully others) will stop posting about you.

And no, I'm not blindly trusting Kadee right of the bat. I'm not sure if she'll keep her word or not, but I hope.

No. 159587

>Did you make up being an alcoholic and drug addict? Were you ever using drugs or alcohol on a daily basis?

She did say her family/ therapist think has a substance abuse problem, but she doesn't think that. Doesn't explain else.

I have to say, Kadee is a fucking manipulative GENIUS. She said just enough to get people to think she's actually owning up to her shit while also saying absolutely nothing at all. She never admits to outright lying, just exaggerating, and blames most of it on her BPD.

I can't believe farmers are falling for it.

No. 159595

>she doesn't think that
Kadee, yes you DID think that. you outright fucking said you were addictied to alcohol and coke and "pills" and having seizures.

No. 159602

I'm one of the anons that is forgiving her for her past mistakes, but only going to take what happens from here on out at face value and to see if she really has changed.

I do believe she's actually in some sort of therapy and working on these issues. Whether her therapist actually reads the thread or not… probably not, but it's not completely out of the question if Kadee had screenshots on her phone or printed it off.

I think it's important that we let her at least try and get better and give her a chance for the tools she learns in therapy to be put into action. And she did say she's going to get off social media at the advice of myself and other anons.

Yes her faking and exaggerating every illness under the sun, taking money from people, making it seem like she's dying is horrible. But we can't keep slamming her for things she's done in the past or we're going to create another Ember and Emily. And just like we do to Ember/Emily we should ignore her and not give her the attention she craves. You don't have to forgive her but try to forget about her.

No. 159607

You need to post your apology to your facebook or tumblr or something. You owe it to the people who have invested their time and themselves into supporting you through your lies, not us.

Also, do you have bipolar? Did you have a stillborn?

No. 159613

Kadee, you need to issue a (real) apology to your tumblr/instagram/facebook, every platform you lied to people on.

No. 159618


I third this. The apology means nothing if the people most affected by what she did won't ever see it.

No. 159628

My eyes glazed over after her first few sentences when she started listing off all of her disorders and diseases (including lupus).. are you guys serious? She's doing the exact same bullshit

No. 159631

She probably wrote a fucking wall of text so that maybe no one would actually read it and she could pull more shit over on us

No. 159633

Actually just half of those are mine. There were more than one people on a public forum at one time GASP. I know it's hard for your little brain to fathom, but do try to keep up.

No. 159639

What happened at St. Vincents?? Please be honest because I'm worried about my sister going there. Were you accused of lying by a doctor or were they medically negligent? Was the fault on them or you? Are you still pursuing a lawsuit?

Thank you so much for owning up to your lies and mistakes. Hugs to you.

No. 159643

Kadee, has your therapist specifically talked to you about Munchausens? Thanks for coming clean.

Do you have BED? Again, thanks for the honesty

No. 159648

Kadee, do you know Kelly? Is she receiving treatment for Munchausens? You two can support each other. It's VERY rare when two Munchausens sufferers are able to connect and sympathize with each other. I wish you and Kelly the best in your recovery from this terrible disorder. <3

No. 159649


Actual question because I kind of struggle with the same thoughts about wanting to be cared for, though I'm too scared to actually act on them. My therapist has made a big deal about boundaries. Has your therapist brought this up? How does she approach it? Have you specified boundaries or are the lines crossed? I'm honestly curious and a response from you could really help. THanks!

No. 159651

This thread is actually really cool. She's not fully taking responsibility for her actions, but this is SO MUCH PROGRESS compared to a week ago. How cool would it be if she recovered and we were able to actually assist/be supports in some way?

Starts as a hate thread, but we all end up friends. How cool would that be?

No. 159652

why are you up her ass all of a sudden, she hasn't changed. she's still using her fake illnesses as an excuse and is just trying to get us off her back, she's not sincere

No. 159656

I can't believe how many of you are falling for this. Kadee is so full of shit her eyes are turning brown.

She didn't apologize. She made herself feel like a victim and said she "exaggerated" things so she could feel better about herself. She isn't sorry. She just wants attention.

Kadee, I could care less about you losing all your blubber, making friends, going to school and living a productive life. Some people can't be saved; they will just struggle and take as many others as they can down with them. You have to want to change your life to accomplish anything in it. But you don't want to change. You just want attention.

Oh boo fucking hoo, you're mentally ill. So are 75% of the people in the world. You're not special. Stop excusing your actions. Start owning up to your bullshit, and not in a way that propagates your sense of victim hood and your need to be validated.

You're a piece of shit, Kadee. You're not special. You don't matter. But if you actually tried to change your life, you could be someone better. I don't see you doing that. Your "apology" is bullshit. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and prove us wrong.

No. 159662

I swear to fucking god I'm going to come back in here and start banning people for this white knight bullshit. Do not fall for the bullshit flying from this cow's mouth. Her entire screed is full if excuses and outright lies.

Laugh at the cows, don't become one of the asslickers.

No. 159665

File: 1469557510049.gif (750.42 KB, 200x200, 1459703079904.gif)

>and start banning people
>anonymous(not an idle threat)

No. 159681

Mod on phone and not logged in.

No. 159688

Wouldn't surprise me if Kadee already has more accounts up for asspats because she is clearly still trying to be a victim and of course none of her lies are her fault!
Her Facebook account was gone for maybe an hour and it's back.

No. 159705

They're asskissing and it's annoying but I don't think it's banworthy. I'm tip-toeing here but that seems kind of power-tripish.

No. 159707


If her apology was truly meaningful she would make it in public and I completely agree with you.

As for the asskissers… It's OK I guess that she admitted some stuff but that isn't enough. She hasn't come clean about everything, she's just blamed some of her lies on her BPD (the ones she addressed anyway). I don't have that illness and I'm not going to pretend to know a lot about it, but what I do know is that it's not an excuse to behave in such a vile way without remorse.

No. 159711

I don't believe anything she said tbh. Maybe the pcos thing because she's obese, maybe bulimia. But beyond that, nope.

I don't think she is sorry in the least. She's just sorry she got caught faking stuff.

No. 159715

Based Mod. It's hellweek,they don't deserve the warning. Thank you

Polite sage

No. 159725

"I am not a terrible person even though I feel like I am"

This sentence literally makes no sense at all and gives away that all the self deprecating shit is for ass pats. It's basically 'I think I'm great but I'm going to pretend I think I'm awful, but while simultaneously insisting I'm great' IT MAKES NO SENSE (not that any of this does)

No. 159764

Because an "apology" full of excuses and claiming that she didn't really do anything wrong isn't an apology.

She's not agreed to return any of the money she stole, she's not admitted that obviously pretty much everything she said was just a flat out lie, she just manipulated people by posting "Oh it's not my fault I'm so sorry I'm the victim here though".

Even if it was a full on apology, without returning that money and some proof that she actually plans to stick to a treatment plan for her malingering, it means nothing. Anyone can go "oh, sorry" and not mean it.

No. 159823

She IS a terrible person. Kadee, if you feel like a terrible person, YOU'RE RIGHT. Start taking responsibility and working towards being a good person.

No. 159827

Wow. I'm trying not to say anything to make you mad… but I don't think the ass kissers deserve a ban. That's a little nazi-ish. They're on topic and have their own opinion. You might want to think about your power complex. :/ Everyone can have their opinions, and not everyone is white-knighting her.

It's possible that Kadee is ass kissing herself on this forum. Don't ban her though. She's entertaining.

No. 159880

that pic kek
literally saw her wall of text and nope'd.

No. 159933


You know, it is not that complicated to actually prove you spent the money on treatment. If you paid for it with a credit card or something, you can just go into your bank account and see your spending history and it tells you what you spent your money on and when. So…

No. 159964

File: 1469589188100.jpg (37.55 KB, 362x346, 1463333305492.jpg)

>I am not a terrible person even though I feel like I am.
>If you really knew me, you'd know I'm witty, sarcastic, can make you laugh all the time, and I have a big heart and go out of my way for those that I care about.
Uh…People who think they're terrible generally don't big themselves up like this.

No. 160032

>word choice

Fuck off, newfag

No. 160046

Been on this site for longer than you have. Try again.

No. 160082

jesus fuck what did i do to deserve this great wall of whine-a

No. 160230

It could possibly make sense for someone in recovery, but yeah, not really for her. Even then it would be more like "I can't help feeling like I am even though I know I have no reason to".

She does that shit all the time though, tries to play something off as what a person in recovery would say but getting it completely wrong.

No. 160331

I do, you're just buying into their shit if you start ass kissing them. I don't think that the admins are legitimately saying that we should try to force people to avoid recovery, just that buying into their shit and going "Wow you're such a great person, you're right, you are the victim here!" is retarded and against the entire point of this board. Especially with her in particular, when that's her entire thing, lying and manipulating people with illnesses.

No. 160336

on a side note, why isn't there a farmhand label anymore? an appearance by someone tagged as working here usually calms things down right away.

No. 160361

There is, that one said that they were browsing from their phone though. You see them on /meta/ all the time.

No. 160455

As a diagnosed borderline person I'm super offended that bitch is using BPD as an excuse to behave the way she does. Thanks to bitches like her people will never take those who suffer from BPD seriously.
Sorry Kadee I'm not buying your pity confession, just like I'm not buying you have BPD in general, considering how many times you lied about everything, because being a pathological liar doesn't make you borderline. Oh yeah, I forgot you were officially diagnosed with BPD. By imaginary therapists who treat you like their younger sibling, have girlfriend chats with you out of therapy and give you stuffed toys.
You seriously make me sick and there's no way I can forgive you for giving people yet another reason to believe borderlines are pathological liars full of shit. I didn't even feel like I hate you (I used to just find you entertaining as a lolcow) before you came here with your ~pity me I have BPD~ story, now I sure do. Do really sick people a favor and go choke on whatever junk food you're consuming right now.

No. 160647

>If you paid for it with a credit card or something, you can just go into your bank account and see your spending history

i am NOT WK'ing Kadee, i think she has munchausen's and lies more than all but 1 or 2 other cows.
that said, no support group for EDs takes credit cards. i've been to ED support groups and idk how i'd get proof of payment, everyone paid cash. She could ask whoever runs it to create a receipt of some kind. Kadee, you could tell them you're going to submit it to medicaid in the hopes of partial reimbursement (the group leader will tell u its a waste of time bc u won't get it) tell her: "I know but I'd like to try anyway, and if medicaid gives me zero reimbursement, my parents want it for their taxes bc they still claim me as a dependent." …though any BS receipt the person who runs the group could also probly be made by kadee too, so idk.

more importantly, no ed support group is more than like $15 a group. didn't she collect like $400+? so that wouldn't add up either..

No. 160673


you shouldn't have to explain yourself, girl. i truly wish you happiness and health <3

No. 160677

No. 160699

No. 160702

How do you figure that someone who stole from people and trivialised serious illnesses has nothing to explain?

The least retarded possibly explanation for this is that Kadee just figured out how to reply.

No. 160710

See, now I'd be okay with that farmhand above banning this particular WK… Some of the others are just too empathetic, but this one is an idiot.

No. 160939

But what if it was Kadee herself? I don't think anyone else would be retarded enough to have so much sympathy for her after everything she's done. And I don't want Kadee banned. It's so great when the cow milks itself.

No. 160948

It definitely is. Not many people have that speech pattern and use "<3".

No. 160970

Then you should know better

For shame

No. 160987

General warning: this thread has been a shitshow for the past couple of days. Stop kissing the cow's ass, stop samefagging, and stop arguing over who has been here the longest.

No. 161012

If you're gonna kill yourself, throw yourself to the ocean because any other way would be a pain in the ass to the doctors and the dudes who prepare the funeral you fat whale

No. 161039

It seems pretty obvious by now she didn't spend the money on treatment, how she's been changing the story about the receipts for a while, and if I remember right, she posted a whole bunch of shit she bought not that long after she got money from it.

It really is disgusting, BPD, even if she has it isn't an excuse for acting like this. Being a shit person with BPD doesn't make you a victim, it makes you a shit person.

It's telling that even in her apology she did the same shit she's been doing all along.

No. 161107

File: 1469689493513.png (211.31 KB, 1261x1782, Screenshot_2016-07-28-01-01-30…)

Someone on Kiwi made a list of all the conditions she claimed to have in that tl:dr explanation post. I'm kind of pissed I had a momentary lapse of judgement and gave her the benefit of the doubt, both at her and myself.

No. 161109

Wait, did she actually add in new conditions in the apology? I don't remember her claiming to have pyelonephritis before or pancreatitis.

No. 161116

I don't remember seeing them either. Hopefully the white knighting will cause her to make an "honesty account" so we can read more about it. It's hilarious that she made up more illnesses when "owning up" to her lies.

No. 161117

1. I'm pretty sure fat people float easier.
2. It's possible her body will wash up on shore, so not only would someone have to deal with a fat corpse, but it'd also be bloated and more decomposed.

I say this because we all know Kadee wouldn't take a boat out to the middle of the ocean and attempt. Similar to her gun experience, she'd probably jump off a dock and expect to drown to death.

No. 161118

>I jumped into a swimming pool but there was no water in it

That would be great, though she's probably still lurking and won't ever mention those again now.

No. 161119

Not mentioning them again is basically proof she's full of shit though, she's trying to pretend she turned over a new leaf so she can't ignore it. All it did was back her even further into a corner.

No. 161140

You're right, but I doubt she'll ever actually admit to it being a lie, she'll just pretend it never happened, which she already demonstrated in her "apology", where she just ignored a good couple dozen illnesses she claimed to have, if we don't talk about the ones she said "Oh I don't have them (but I actually do)" or added.

No. 161151

So you can type out this novella but can't SHOW FUCKING RECEIPTS? Move it, Orson.

No. 161203


Addiction sucks. Jail isn't fun. You'll be treated like fucking shit. No one will cater to you. Detoxing from alcohol is fucking shit. No one will care about your BPD in jail.

You're sitting cozy in your house and able to go to the er while there are people with actual addictions, actual cancer, and actual anorexia who have lost everything. That's what pisses people off. And your half assed apology isn't going to cut it.

Come back when you're actually sorry. I hope you don't hit rock bottom to feel sorry for acting the way you have.

No. 161221

Pancreatitis and pyelonephritis were mentioned on the recoveryandkadee account and included in my original list

No. 161228

File: 1469720330875.jpeg (799.78 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Updated the list to show what illnesses she included in the apology

No. 161237

holy fuck, that's 18 illnesses claimed in the "apology" alone. this chick is nuts

No. 161277

The * by schizophrenia should be by sexual abuse instead

No. 161390

>I am clinically diagnosed with BPD

You didn't have to type any more after that, Jesus longwinded moron. Crazy bitch syndrome confirmed, but this is a pretty bad case. If you see one, run!

No. 161392

She could be lying about that, too.

No. 161393

she is

No. 161395

Yeah, isn't a clinical BPD diagnosis not really used because once you're labeled as such, doctors don't want to treat you?

No. 161397

she just slapped the word "clinical" on there so that people would feel bad about cyberbullying someone with super special chronic mental illness

No. 161411


Advoacting for those of us diagnosed with BPD who get shit like this from the uneducated public and the supposedly educated professionals: people like Kadee and her manipulative and extreme attention seeking actions are what give people with BPD the terrible name. Many of us have actually suffered relatively silently most of our lives and go through various BPD 'crisis' points without making scenes online and dragging the whole world into it with us. Just like with any disorder, there are plenty of "high functioning" BPD sufferers who on the surface can manage life fairly well but still struggle to manage their symptoms which causes extreme distress…then there are others who spend their lives as revolving door patients, either because they cant get the actual help they specifically need or because they dont WANT the help they need. Finally there are those like Kadee who use mental illness as an EXCUSE rather than an explanation and who take zero accountability for their own actions and mistakes.

Please stop stereotyping us as one person.

No. 161416

They don't call it borderline anymore where i'm from they call it emotionally unstable personality disorder.

No. 161428

In Aus at least, they do still use it, but like any personality disorder it's more used for the clinician, so the patient isn't usually told what they have. This is particularly the case for BPD, and there's always a risk of them completely identifying with that and becoming hard to treat.

She pretty clearly is just using it as an excuse though.

No. 161540

praising hands emoji

No. 161661

Kadee, how do your family approach your illness? Do they understand BPD? Are they just frustrated and through with you?

No. 161676

Its people with this attitude working in the mental health system that break the shitty BPD cycle. Thankyou anon. Not all of us are malingering cunts or trying to be girl interrupted.

No. 161921

Anyone able to update us on any developments with kadee?

No. 162025

Yeah, nothing great though. She's found Jesus I guess. That's about it. No mention of mental Illness or otherwise anymore.

No. 162027

It'll probably be a fair while until she goes back to publically broadcasting this stuff again, knowing that people here have been watching her, and that there was people pissed off about fraud. I find it pretty much impossible to believe she just up and got better just like that though.

No. 162030

it was four days last time. her need for attention is going to override any other concerns.

No. 162031

Its' been around a week this time I think. You're right though, there's no way she's just going to be all over the attention seeking shit miraculously.

No. 162032

Forgot to add the end.

>Especially when even her apparent apology was full of the same behaviour

No. 162051

File: 1469977577295.png (392.37 KB, 768x627, Screenshot_2016-07-29-09-17-23…)

Why is facebook suggesting Kadee to me as a friend?

No. 162052

If you search for her on fb it's gonna suggest her as a friend

No. 162113

I definitely never searched for her on FB.

No. 162120

Okay but have you visited her Facebook in a way that's in your history? (For example, without using incognito.)

No. 162133

File: 1470008943325.jpeg (73.67 KB, 640x974, image.jpeg)

omg i was just googling KK to see if any new profiles had cropped up and this link to her profile on a childcare site came up - if she ever seriously wants to find employment of any kind shes probably going to have to change her name again… there is so much bad and cringey stuff linked to her online that any future employer would have no trouble finding and seeing her drama-filled lies for themselves. Plus i swear she even lies on this childcare profile (states is a non-smoker when she has clearly bragged and documented about being a smoker on ig), also that she has all this paid experience lookig after kids…. Srsly finding that hard to believe when shes spent her whole life "in and out of treatment and hopsitals"!!!

(Pics related)

No. 162134

chronically ill people can't take care of children, lmao

No. 162135

Um yes. What do you think all the chronically ill parents do? I know of a few with a really horrible, terminal disease [cystic fibrosis] and they're amazing parents.

No. 162138

Exactly this. Kadee isn't fit to be a caregiver because she's a fucking asshole, not because she has an actual illness.

No. 162139

you're right, I meant it more strictly in Kadee's case as in: if she's in and out of the hospital and injured and suicidal she's not in a position to seek employment being responsible for someone else's kids

No. 162140

I agree. She shouldn't be taking care of kids because she isn't a nice, caring human being. And thankfully she isn't and most likely never will.

No. 162141

Luckily, employers will just have to google Kadee and they'll find this thread :P

No. 162142

right? she really fucked up picking such a special snowflake name/spelling, and attaching all this bullshit to it

No. 162143

isn't that her actual name?

No. 162144

No she changed it a couple of years ago

No. 162146

her real name is nicole

No. 162177

God, I can imagine Kadee taking care of kids.
>Her fat stomach bumps the kid down a flight of stairs
>Kid crying in pain
>Kadee starts screaming:
>"I'm in pain all the time"
>"You don't even know! #sickofbeingsick"
>"I have it so much worse than you, 3-year-old!"
>Kadee starts crying as kid stares at her in shocked silence
>Kadee: "I need to go the hospital!"

At the very least, I can guarantee she'd bump the kid around with her stomach/rear end. I have a morbidly obese friend and she constantly bumps her kid with her fat and doesn't even notice.

No. 162207

I think it really depends on the illness. Someone who's so sick they can't even care for themselves alone probably won't do a great job caring for kids either, but there's plenty of people who are sick and just can't work who make great parents.

No. 162376

>I have to say, Kadee is a fucking manipulative GENIUS.

She isn't in the slightest, the average person is just really, really dumb. Her wall of text is no different from her insta bullshit, the people here giving her asspats are the exact reason why she is still making her outrageous claims about her health.

I don't doubt she has BPD and as most people with BPD she uses her illness as an excuse for any of her shit behaviour.

No. 162382

doubtful but I can't say for sure, I suppose. I guess that explains it.

No. 162394

I actually thought people came to lolcow because they were sick of the average person being really, really dumb. Turns out some of them are just waiting for the dumbness to be stimulated and drawn out. It was weird to watch the asspatting.

No. 162541

File: 1470145717319.png (261.49 KB, 694x684, kadee.png)

someone on kiwi found her journal on a platform called happier: https://www.happier.com/user/51701a97c273ef32bdcccee6 (you need an account to view it but it takes 2 secs and doesn't require verification)

it's from 2013 and i still find it so fascinating how she's been doing this shit for YEARS now. it's the same exact content. posts about being oh so sick, fatty food and weird selfies.

No. 162545

File: 1470146229155.png (194.39 KB, 726x615, kadee2.png)

> rainbow princess

No. 162565

I feel like the asspatting happened as a result of guilt from the farmers. Dumb bitches can dish it behind a cows back, but oh noes~ the cow feels bad now and did some shitty faux apology. Better line up and gentle pat her buttocks

No. 162567


just be careful not to pat too hard, or her glass bones and paper skin will shatter

No. 162611

wrong, we're just trying not to scare her off the internet. need that sweet sweet milk

No. 162672

File: 1470177912176.jpg (77.62 KB, 680x1058, b29.jpg)

No. 162732

File: 1470202249063.gif (11.12 KB, 196x200, image.gif)

No. 162930

Out of all the illnesses she claims to have PCOS seems the most believable.

No. 163062

Not really. As someone with PCOS, I doubt she has it. It's not like it causes a massive weight gain (although her BED does).

No. 163078

You need to do as much research as Kadee is doing, especially if you actually have PCOS. Literally from the PCOS Awareness website:
>Weight gain. About half of women with PCOS will have weight gain and obesity that is difficult to manage.

No. 163081

Not the same anon but what does that statistic mean if most women are overweight and many obese?

No. 163088

I said massive weight gain. I know it causes people to gain weight.
It's also not overly difficult to prevent gaining so much weight that you become obese, especially when you get on the right mix of medications and lifestyle to manage it.
Kadee hasn't mentioned PCOS in months upon months. She likely forgot that she even claimed to have it. Don't you think that she would mention it all the time if she was truly diagnosed with it?

No. 163101

Isn't it more like…weight gain causes PCOS, not PCOS causes weight gain? 'cause Jillian Michaels, Victoria Beckham, etc have PCOS too and they're not fat cows.

Also pretty sure PCOS is only responsible for a ten pound weight gain, max.

No. 163102

That requires caring about yourself. I agree with you that everyone can prevent themselves from becoming obese but it's easier said than done. Some people emotionally eat. Just watch My 600 Lb Life and you'll see why the people got the way they did. Enablers and traumatic events.

No. 163104

You can gain a lot of weight and will have more problem losing it (not impossible but it will be harder). Other symptoms are hairgrowth on weird areas, your period might stop and will have a hard time getting pregnant.

No. 163120

File: 1470339947702.jpg (33.08 KB, 651x657, 6357184736508490781834828182_m…)


>Linda, the nurse who we just met with before my dad's surgery. She was incredibly kind, funny, and beautiful inside and out.


>A really mean nurse made me cry at the hospital but Linda (nice nurse) came and comforted me and made me smile.

She basically manipulated medical attention out of that nurse. But the worst thing is she comes across SOOO patronizing to the people she manipulates. It's like, if someone gives her what they want, they're worthy of all this sickly-sweet, over-familiar praise that's basically false and insincere.

It's so gross

Well slap my shit, you hear that?

No. 163430

File: 1470443254598.jpeg (243.78 KB, 750x1091, image.jpeg)

Kadee has made an appearance on kellyrocksrecovery
There's 2 other pictures but this one is gold

No. 163431

is she doing the edgy goffik thing now?

No. 163439

I can't believe this is real.

No. 163441

Fucking gross, nice yellow lipstick you gross bitch. Why do people wear that shit the fuck

No. 163442

how recent is that picture? there are older photos of her with silver hair

No. 163453

Taken within the past few days. They're on "vacation" together.

No. 163460

It matches her NG tube.

No. 163481

she looks like Quasimodo
her head starts like halfway down her chest
what is this

No. 163482

jesus christ her eyebrows are disgusting
they desperately need to be shaped and trimmed, holy fuckk

No. 163620

What the ever loving fuck is that girl doing with an ng tube up her nose?

No. 163622

the little mermaid's ursula is so goals eh

No. 163628

Gastroparesis from anorexia

No. 163631

How is it that she looks constantly filthy?

No. 163652

She looks overweight in that picture. She's not anorexic…

No. 163665

File: 1470518351622.png (116.85 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Anyone following her new account? It's private for "friends and family only"

No. 163669

Wut? gastroparesis is permanent. Even if she's not anorexic anymore doesn't mean she can't have a paralyzed stomach.

No. 163674

You can be anorexic and overweight. you might be recovering or in the process of losing weight but kadee has said she has had anorexia for years and never once lost any weight, more like she has gained over the years

No. 163676

Omg what is that!? The yellow and black lippies on the beach. They look so awful and how can kadees face still look dirty when shes been swimming.

No. 163686

I checked out her IG yesterday and if you go back far enough you'll see that she used to be underweight. She's legit anorexic and it's making nervous that Kadee is hanging out with her, she's probably researching.

No. 163730

It's actually a result of purging, I believe. That doesn't mean she's not anorexic, but she also purges, so it's more likely to be from that.

No. 163813

Actually it can be from both. Purging is more likely to cause it, but restriction can too as the stomach gets used to not processing a lot of food.

No. 163849

I went back and looked. She looked fine. I never would have guessed anorexic. She had ednos or osfed if anything. But definitely not anorexia.

No. 163851

Not true. You cannot be overweight and anorexic. You'd be osfed (previously ednos). The DSM took out the 17.5 number and replaced it something along he lines of "individual thinks they're fat despite being significantly underweight." You cannot be significantly underweight and overweight at the same time.

Osfed isn't anything to be ashamed. If anyone starts going on about "atypical anorexia" I will kindly remind that that that falls under osfed, not anorexia nervousa

No. 163880

Has Kadee addressed being escorted out of St. Vincents by security?? Cuz that's what she got for being a malingering attention whore.

No. 163891

Source? I don't remember her mentioning this anywhere, where did you hear it?

No. 163901

File: 1470591628492.jpg (450.27 KB, 1128x1196, jkfdsjfsd.jpg)

She was still chunky when she created her account, hit her lowest weight over 2 years ago, and then plumped back up. Being an ex-fatty meant that even when she was underweight, she was still weirdly doughy in a lot of places.

No. 163924


Can we all just take note that Kadee seems to have heard us when we said shes permenently ruined her name and will never be able to get away from the lies and attention seeking drama shes spread all over the internet - if this new "friends and family" only account is recent then shes obvioisly going by her old birth name again 'Nicole'…

No. 163926

>same pants
Same pants my ass…the ones on the right have an ugly ass pocket cover and the ones on the left are nasty ass tights.

No. 164008


Something tells me that this is all her. Kadee, Why would you fake your own supporters, to make it look like you weren't having your ass dragged from here to Timbuktu? You live in your head to a disturbing degree'

No. 164011

What's the other date? 2013 versus?

No. 164013

good point. it's likely a fantasy of hers to have people seeking her advice about matters victim.

No. 164021

It certainly reads like her nauseating drivel.

No. 164107

File: 1470676750853.png (787.35 KB, 595x576, fgd fdggh.png)

No. 164123

huh? did she sew a pocket on the right pants?

No. 164126


This thread is about Kadee, not her legit ana friends. Please keep it on topic.

No. 164235


yeah exactly. especially given how many people started saying "wtf why are you defending her" after those posts.

maybe she's trying to detract from the fact that she HASN'T SHOWN THOSE RECEIPTS SHE PROMISED YET!

No. 164236

I think she said in her "apology" that she lied about those too.

No. 164256


oh, my bad, i couldn't read it, it burned my eyes

No. 164444

Has anyone on here been able to be accepted on her Instagram and Facebook yet?

No. 164585

I haven't dared to try on insta yet, because I'm afraid she has already me pinged down as a farmer (if she was smart enough to keep track of her followers, but I think she is crazy enough about her attention-seeking to do so).

No. 164607

To kadee's wannarexic friend who keeps posting here: fuck off. No one is going to call you emaciated because you're not. You're clogging up the thread and wasting our time.

No. 164608

Hahaha omg that girl has too much time on her hands

No. 164609

She got escorted out of St Vincent's by security lol. She opened up to me in a private message. Apparently they confronted her about the malingering, asked her to leave, she refused, so they called security to escort her out..


No. 164610

Omg I believe it. Was this on her old insta?

No. 164611


actually I'm not sure. Did she remake/delete? She figured out I was a farmer and blocked me otherwise I would post screen shots.

No. 164612

Wonder if she previously signed a release of info sheet, surely her therapist knows by now she's a malingering idiot

No. 164614

Kadee needs to make a real apology that specifically addresses her lies. Not just "yeah I exaggerated. Mah BPD"

I would actually respect her if she did that. It might be therapeutic for her as well so that she can start to forgive herself and heal.

No. 164633

She deleted kadeeliveslife and the account she made after that using the name Addison. Now the only known accounts she has up are kaykayizzle (from years ago with nothing on it), kadeelyn (used to be recoveryandkadee and is inactive), and justbeingnicole.

No. 164634

If any of her doctors use the same system that the hospital does they would have access to the report. I hope they do and they kick her ass to the curb.

No. 164640

screenshots or gtfo

No. 164642

Yup. I have BPD myself. I don't go around faking every medical condition under the sun and using it as an excuse. It really gets to me because there is already so much stigma around it and she is just making it worse. Fucking twat.

No. 164648

no one cares about your totally real BPD

No. 164651

Almost forgot where I was.

Seriously though. It's people like her that reinforce that "insane lying manipulator succubus" shit that the rest of us have to deal with…

No. 164652

contribute something meaningful to the discussion or sage your dumbass blogposts

No. 164653


This entire thread is just bitching about her. I'm doing the same thing. Try to stay on topic lol

No. 164664

There are a lot of posts from people pitching in about their personal illnesses etc. Please remember, this thread is about Kadee, and we don't need blogposts. Unless your experience is somehow relevant, please sage, or don't post. Thank you.

No. 164798

If you want to bash me and attack me on this stupid site go for it, but leave my friend alone - you have no fucking right to bring her into this shit. Make fun of me all you want, since you idiots thrive off of it, but leave her alone. This thread is clearly supposed to be about me, so leave my loved ones out. Make fun of me day and night because I couldn't give a shit. Do it, I dare you. Have fun, go wild. Enjoy yourselves! But if you bring my friend into this who is CLINICALLY DIAGNOSED with anorexia and not fucking "wannorexic" as you people called it we will have a problem. I am not anorexic. I am fat. I get that. I accept that. But if you bash someone who is truly sick with this disease you're just fucked in the head. I don't have anorexia, but I do have OSFED and struggle with restricting and purging. Not anorexia. But I can relate to feelings of it. But seriously for you to stalk and bring someone else who truly is diagnosed with the disease into this is fucking pathetic and disgusting. You always say how you would never make fun of someone with anorexia and that its messed up for someone to pretend to have it and all that bullshit, but when someone actually does you bash them too? Hmm, interesting. And pretty fucking hypocritical and messed up on a lot of levels. Get your shit straightened out and if you need to get your fix on making fun of anyone let it be me, please. I LOVE the attention and honestly laugh at your comments. So keep it coming!

No. 164799

No. 164800

hey kadee. will you accept my follow request on your new ig? i also suffer from anorexia, bulimia, bpd, lupus, cancer, a broken ankle, a missing intestine, aids, and perpetual dirty face. would be awesome to talk and exchange dms and really support each other!

love you, honey. :)

No. 164801


No. 164803

You realized I only posted that 15 minutes ago and three people jumped on it? It's like you're fucking waiting for fuel for the fire, it's sort of pathetic..

No. 164804

And you keep supplying that fuel instead of just letting your thread die.

Thanks babe.

No. 164819

That's not a great rate of return, I'll be honest. You should see how many replies some of the proper threads get within minutes when a cow visits. Are you sad that you're pretty low priority?

No. 164820

Absolutely devastated - going to cry myself to sleep now, lol.

No. 164821

Hope you choke on your tears. Do they taste of sugar instead of salt

No. 164822

Actually they taste like sweet sweet ice cream because I ate about 25 gallons tonight, DELICIOUS!!!! Thanks for the love and support. Xoxoxoxo

No. 164828

It almost hurts how much you can tell Kadee despises her friend for being REALLY CLINICALLY DIAGNOSED with anorexia despite still being fat. That jealousy.

No. 164833

We know, Kadee. Your body isn't hiding your eating habits. No need to give us the specifics of your binges.

No. 164836

Farmhand already told us to leave your personal thinspo you call a "friend" out of the discussion and the subject was dropped. You coming here just draws more attention to her. But I guess you can't see what a dick move it is to draw more attention to her seeing as you thrive off attention. Stop using ~~standing up for your friend~~ as an excuse to try and get people to notice you.

No. 164841

File: 1470910047039.gif (1.77 MB, 400x286, Thats-Gold-Jerry-Gold-Kenny-Ba…)

GOLD. This is amazing. I hope you post more. Seriously. I love this.

No. 164850

>Make fun of me day and night because I couldn't give a shit. Do it, I dare you. Have fun, go wild.

At this point you are the definition of pathetic. You don't care what we say? What a load of bull. If you didn't give a damn you would have made your accounts public and you wouldn't obsessively watch these threads like a hawk. Don't try to pretend to be strong when we can all see what a gutless coward you are. All you can do is hide and run away the moment someone calls your bullshit or writes ~*an unkind thing*~ about your fat ass.

You wanna dare us to make fun of us? Very fucking well. Stand your ground and go public again and I will gladly take you on it. C'mon Kadee. Prove us that you actually have a spine behind your layers of lies and fat. Stop being a joke at least once. I dare you.

But we both know you won't do it. You are completely incapable of doing anything else than spitting lies over lies and collecting asspats. And you wonder why everybody hates you.

Honestly, and there I didn't believe I could despise you even more.

No. 164861


Followed you for ages and noticed you imitating several accounts and watched you copy-catting illnesses and traumatic events and situations that genuine sufferers were struggling with. You were shameless on IG and a blatant malingerer to anyone with actual experience (read; 'CLINICALLY diagnosed'…) with the conditions you claimed to suffer with. People genuinely reached out to you (myself included) to support you or encourage positive change but all you did was use them for reference for your next bull 'prayers please' asspat invitations. Your fundraising lies are disgusting. You're being used by most as reverse 'thinspo' and a cautionary tale, you're shamelessly selfish and don't offer support to others unless it gives you more munchausens ammunition. It's just sad. You're not well, but not in the way that you seem to think.
Good luck with that hospital lolsuit…

No. 164864

>>164798 is most likely kadee, but i doubt that these two are

No. 164869

So she admits that she's a wannarexic and that her osfed isnt "actually" diagnosed like her friends eating disorder is.

No. 164870

And in her "apology" she claimed bulimia.

No. 164871

she probably thinks that will absolve her of lying about everything else

No. 164876

Being Kadee's size is absolutely agonizing. No wonder the poor critter is in pain. I feel terrible for her. Her sweet joints must ache constantly.

No. 164881

Kadee is wannaeverything tbh.

No. 164899

Once, I drank 20oz of mtn dew (270ish calories) and ate an entire bag of Reese's Pieces (1000 calories). I feel her pain.

No. 164909

I once told a huge lie and someone called me out on it and my feelings were hurt. I know exactly how rough Kaddle has it.

No. 164915

File: 1470945957892.jpg (58.01 KB, 360x284, wpid-house-its-not-lupus-its-n…)

ffs kadee

No. 164992


It's kind of hard to play it off like "I don't care about what you say" while you stalk the threads for any news and keep all your accounts hidden to try to stop anyone knowing about anything you're doing. Which says to us that you're still doing the same shit, as if you had actually stopped, your accounts wouldn't be interesting and there'd be nothing to hide. We don't care about the normal persons account.

No. 165075

File: 1471005705825.jpeg (173.76 KB, 750x1095, image.jpeg)

From the looks of it, she still is.
But now her friend is in on it by saying she's scared Kadee will die from her super serious fake illnesses.

No. 165081

jesus fucking christ can these two fuck yet? Seriously Kadee is psycho-obsessed with her - way past the point of a normal healthy friendship. She is extremely possessive in the things she comments on Kelly's instagram and she's clearly jealous of Kelly's relationship with her boyfriend.

It seems Kelly feels the same way driving 3.25 hours to "watch sleeping beauty over night" like an absolute creep, when the worst that's wrong with Kadee is probably her having pains from indigestion from eating so. fucking. much.

No. 165085


the fuck, there's two of them pandering for sympathy now? if this person is really your best friend then you should be telling her to cut the shit instead of helping her to be the most useless piece of shit ever.

No. 165093

Havnt followed this thread but how do you guys know shes lying ? And why is she in the hospital?

No. 165094

try reading the thread

No. 165095

File: 1471012494343.png (25.78 KB, 527x409, Yplh18u.png)

No. 165096

This is all in the thread, but we know she's lying because she constantly checks into the hospital with different "life threatening" conditions that are gone a few days later, and has claimed to have chronic disabilities that she then just talks about stereotyped versions of at best, if not just ones she made up herself.

Combine that with there being like 40 of these conditions, both physical and mental, and her saying she was tested for stuff in ER that they only really test for in specialist units, and it's pretty obvious.

Who knows why she's in hospital though.

Also, I get I'm just spoonfeeding, but you should really do what >>165094 said if you want to understand what's going on.

No. 165117

>Major blood clots all over her body. In one of her heart valves too. A full blockage in the right side. And she has multiple clots in all her limbs. I'm scared

Kelly reports Kadee's deadly illness of the week in the comments of >>165075 post.

No. 165119

two known malingerers validating each other. this is gold

No. 165120

wait, kelly is a malingerer as well?

No. 165121

At least it'll provide us with milky lulz.

No. 165122


Anyone know the backstory on these two? I don't remember Kadee ever mentioning her before, but now she's all over her instagram.

Also, Kelly links to her ebay in her instagram profile and she's selling a bunch of unused ng (feeding) tubes. WTF? Can you change your own feeding tube? Wouldn't the hospital provide them? I'm confused as to why someone would have a bunch of spare feeding tubes lying around.

No. 165123

Anyone else waiting for Kadee The Hutt to come back in this thread saying 'haha that was an old picture from my many millions of times in hospital and you fell for it! Just proving a point that you all can't resist talking about me'

I mean I don't know about you but when my friend is potentially 'dying' I don't plaster their photo on IG.

No. 165124

yes, she also claims to have anorexia and a lot of chronic illnesses. it was touched on in the ana general before along with kadee, but kelly doesn't produce that much milk so she didn't get her own thread.

No. 165125

these two are really a match made in heaven, then!

No. 165128

Kadee is not smart enough to plan for such a maneuver.

I think she is just trying to outsource getting her asspats to Kelly's IG. Her private IG probably doesn't provide her with enough attention and she is scared shitless of going public ever again, so she is trying to work around it.

And yeah, normal people don't plaster their dying friend all over their social network (unless they desperately need to vent and need some mental picking up), but those two are the worst of worst, so…

No. 165134

As much as I hate to admit it, she is gorgeous. Not really that fat either. Still a bitch though.

No. 165139

Did you post in the wrong thread or something? Kadee's seriously overweight, and while she stays this way, it's just dumb to say she's anywhere near average looking, let alone gorgeous.

No. 165149

I was born in the 80s and also had a crush on Miss Piggy for a while. :-)

No. 165163

>Miss Piggy

The alikeness between the two is quite there, I guess.

No. 165167

>Not really that fat eithe

top kek,, anon

No. 165171

Is this the same Kelly that was mentioned in previous Kadee threads? Wouldn't it be precious if they met thanks to lolcow and bonded over the evil farmers not buying their shit and calling them out on their grossness?

No. 165174

It's not the same Kelly from the previous threads, I had it mixed up when I wrote >>165124 , and as far as I know her illnesses are legit until proven otherwise

No. 165183

You guys seem kinda jealous and honestly, I feel bad for you. She is rounded in the face, yes, but more curvy or thick than fat. Which some people actually prefer, so stop acting like your preference is law.

Plus chronically ill people often struggle with their weight of no fault of their own. Maybe get a life?

No. 165185

Oh, and Miss Piggy actually happens to be a hero of mine. Sorry to disappoint, but she kicks ass. Try again.

No. 165187

Aww, is someone also """""rounded in the face""""?

No. 165188

Plot Twist: Anon is Beccabae

No. 165190

I actually am, yes. I have thyroid issues and PCOS, which is why I am jealous of her. Sorry, you can't make me feel bad about something I freely admit to.

No. 165191

>More curvy and thick
*Rolly and triplewide
She's passed beyond curvy, chubby, fat, and obese. She's a straight up obeast at this point, complete with terrible hygiene and awful personality.

No. 165192

Those won't make you a 300+ barge or obese. Fix your eating habits before blaming "MUH THYROID AND PCOS."

No. 165194

File: 1471037834864.jpg (12.78 KB, 201x201, 1463009962352.jpg)

No. 165195

>deadly illness of the week
>Kadee The Hutt

I love this thread.

No. 165198

More concerned about her friend's fashion choices. That mustard lipstick is pig disgusting.
>wearing a ng tube on the beach

No. 165200

to be fair, when you have a long-term ng tube you kinda have to wear it everywhere; it can't be taken out except by a medical professional

No. 165203

No. I know someone who puts in her ng tube and takes it out as needed. She needs it because she has CF and chronic rejection.

No. 165205

That's not true. You can rip those fuckers out, NG or NJ. However they both require a doctor or nurse to put back in, so like… If she legitimately needs it, it's impractical to take it out just for a beach trip.

But I have a #spoonie friend (a cow herself) who got a NJ tube solely because she bitched loud enough in the pediatric ward to get it. She took her selfies and then ripped it out an hour later because it was "too uncomfortable." It doesn't mean much and spoonie attention whores know they get mad #hospitalglam whatever bullshit disabled points for it.

No. 165206

Well, then that's shitty and embarrassing, but going by the lipstick and hair, I'm sure she doesn't mind drawing extra attention to herself anyways.

No. 165217

I wondering if she's gearing up for a fake death so she can continue to malinger in piece without BigOldMeanNasty Lolcow questioning all her bullshit.

No. 165263

You know, when you're writing bait you need to actually do more than just write retarded shit and imply that people are ugly anon, this is just low effort.

And in no world is morbidly obese just curvy or thick. Being one consistent curve all the way around doesn't mean you're curvy.

No. 165273

File: 1471065375358.jpg (44.77 KB, 571x429, ZTEoo.jpg)


There is no way around it, don't sugar coat it, because she's had quite enough of that stuff.
Just like she has blamed her BPD on her awful actions, you are blaming your weight on your thyroid issues, and PCOS.
I'm sure you have. Of course, you do. Everybody who can't manage to not stuff their face with crap 24/7 seems to have one nowadays.

Curvy is a body type, that's how your body is shaped, an hourglass body is curvy.
You could be curvy, be a size 0, and you'd still have a curvy figure, you can't help it, that's how your body is.
Being fat, is just that, fat. And it's something you can control. Now, if you don't care for your health, that's on you, not us.
You're not entitled asspats and sympathy from anybody just because you're sick, mentally or physically.

While, yes, it has been proven that thyroid issues and PCOS can make somebody gain weight, it does not make it impossible to either loose it, or maintain a healthy one.
Stop feeling sorry for yourself, start taking care of yourself, and stop making excuses for your poor eating habits. I doubt you live in a place like Japan where buying a melon is looked at as a luxury.

No. 165279

I'm not really getting why she's using her friend's IG to start posting the shit she used to post on her account. If she's gonna start that up again she might as well do it on another one of her accounts under whatever iteration of her name she's chosen this week.

She's following the same pattern on the friend's IG as her own. One day it's 'pray for me' and 'I've got multiple blood clots' death bed shit and then the next photo she's lying in her bed like a beached whale messing around with a giant plushie making jokes about IVs. She's obviously starting the cycle again but why do it on someone else's account and not her own?

No. 165282

All the excuses and delusion you can muster won't save you from the crippling consequences of obesity.
How much do you weigh?
How much do you eat per day?

No. 165284


I don't eat more than 1000 calories a day, and I still weigh over 210. Reconcile that.

No. 165285

So you're magically packing on mass from a small amount of food?
The only person you're fooling is yourself.

No. 165286

File: 1471069365913.jpg (8.44 KB, 320x180, 13906793_1172302322843316_8515…)

this is much sweeter than the ice cream you just ate. take a fucking walk or swim next time you go to a beach. pretty simple stuff

No. 165287

Low intensity exercise won't make up for a diet shitty enough to bring you to 210+ pounds.

No. 165288

Not the other anons and I'm all for a variety of body types… however, you should not be 210+ if you are a healthy person. Either you have an underlying medical issue you should get sorted out, or you need more exercise and a healthier diet. Eating too few calories can actually put your body in starvation mode and it will hold onto extra weight. Eat healthy, get exercise, and do basic portion control and you'll find yourself losing weight. It may not be easy, but if you keep it up, you will lose weight. The only other reason is a medical one in which you should get it treated asap as that's probably only going to lead you to become more obese with age.

No. 165289

There isn't an underlying medical condition that would cause anybody to be 210+ pounds on a 1000 calorie a day diet. They're either lying or delusional.

No. 165290

That's just flat out impossible, unless you're claiming that your body is the only thing in existence that doesn't follow the laws of thermodynamics.

No. 165291


Yeah, I'm The Big Bad Wolf. But too bad you're too fat to blow away. Kadee, and it's obviously you.
Even if you ate that little, your body burns more than that by just keeping it alive, and you'd end up loosing weight.
Whether or not you did any physical activity. Now that you're just a liar, that's another subject.

Stop eating entire containers of ice cream, and actually eat healthy and go for a 1/2-1 hour walk, even that little of an exercise does wonders.

No. 165292

swimming is highly recommended for obesity, couple that with changing her shitty diet, she might actually be happy with herself.
what, isn't it like 1500 calories and youre almost guaranteed to lose weight over time? i agree

No. 165295

Kadee you literally used to post your 700-1000 calorie treats all over IG. And that would just be 1 snack.

You're underestimating what you eat. Get over it.

No. 165319

Oh god i still remember that marshmallow with chocolate ordeal that was just a snack. >>165190
Thyroid problems like hypothyroidism ,hashimotos only counts for about 10 extra pound (give or take some)not 210+. It also gives loads of other problems but nobody ever mentions those
every fat person only talks about the weight gain, funny that

No. 165320

>struggle with their weight of no fault of their own

There is no illness that makes you generate energy out of nowhere, you dumb fuck. If your meds affect your satiety and hunger levels, then all you need to do is watch your intake more closely. It's not rocket science. Maybe stop failing physics and finish high school, genius?

No. 165322

a) you suck at calorie counting
b) you are a magical unicorn whose existence literally breaks the most basic law of universe

Yeah, don't give us that "you don't know enough about me!!!" spiel. The fact that you chose the believe to be b) and not a) tells volumes about how just pathetic sort of person you are.

No. 165323

Remember that Kadee photo with the giant funnel cake thingy? That was fucking gold.

No. 165326

I miss vintage, carefree kadee when she didn't know she was a cow and would mindlessly post as she floated through hospital to (mcdonalds and then) hospital like a bloated bin bag full of broken dreams

No. 165327

me too, fuck that candice bitch for spoiling the milk. that ride was absolutely beautiful.

No. 165337

I really wish there was a way to block users from viewing the site at all really, to stop this sort of shit. Just redirect them to a picture of a cow or something if they're cows who've demonstrated they lurk here.

Would stop people like Candice from being able to do that shit as much.

No. 165361


Screenshots pls… Which account is she posting all this on?

No. 165367

Kelly posts photos of Kadee on her IG acoount(kellyrocksrecovery). It's public.

No. 165385

Inserting and removing an NG tube yourself or even by medics can be dangerous and regardless it is uncomfortable and painful to have it constantly in and out. I'm sure in the USA you would need to pay for every new replacement also so why add even more cost so needlessly by ripping it out when it is deemed to be necessary.

No. 165386

I fail to understand how miss piggy would be a role model, she is selfish and acts in an abusive manner to her husband.

No. 165405

Please refrain from any more weight derailment or blog style posts like this one >>165284

Keep the thread on topic.

No. 165412

I haven't looked too far back but it looks like she's removed all anorexia and bulimia tags from her posts on the @kadeelyn IG account and replaced them with EDNOS tags

No. 165413

Dammit, kellyrocksrecovery is private now :-( no more cow in hospital bed photos.

No. 165458

The anorexia tags are still there in some of the posts, old and recent.

No. 165534

lol, but actually I agree.

No. 165585

Is no one else annoyed at her using her friend as an Internet shield? She knows if she's posting on someone else's account she can claim we're abusing her friend if anyone calls her out on her shit.

No. 165597


Not annoyed - it actually just proves our points & shows how absolutely desperate she is for medical related attention &/pity points… She is willing to literally use other people to get this attention from others and she hasnt thought for one minute how this so called friend may be adversly affected being dragged into her internet munchausens soap opera life!

From the very little i have been able to see about this friend (literally just the posts shared on here) it seems like she is highly likely to also have bpd OR have spent her life always being in unhealthy relationships and sadly it is very common for other bpd individuals to be drawn into codependant or obsessive/unhealthy relationships with very warped boundaries, because that is the nature of the personalities of people who have bpd.

Im super keen to see just how long her intese friendship with this girl lasts before kadee decided she is once again a victim in another shallow move to get validated and attention.

No. 165648

I wonder how long the monster will stay in hiding. Somehow I don't think Kadee's fear of farmers will be bigger than her need for attention.

No. 165650

File: 1471205274980.jpeg (197.13 KB, 630x945, image.jpeg)

Latest drams. KadeeCow has left hospital against medical advice! Just two days after being on her death bed! It's a summer miracle!

No. 165653

thank you good farmer for providing the news

she seems to be back to her usual routine. i wonder how long kelly and her followers are going to put up with her shit…

No. 165663

Kadee's the new Lazarus.

No. 165699

File: 1471218572008.jpeg (135.56 KB, 640x909, image.jpeg)

For anyone who missed it before The Enabler went private, here is a picture of The Cow in its natural habitat. Believe it or not this was a mere 24 hours after The Cow was on its deathbed. Be amazed by its regenerative abilities!

No. 165701

we need to find out more about this kelly chick and why she's playing along with kadee's delusions

No. 165703


Thank you kind anon. what did she claim she was in for this time & what did they actually do , if anything, to treat her?! Also having seen she then apparently left AMA that strongly persuades me it may have been another similar confrontational incident to st vincents or whereever she went last who finally told her she was a malingering time waster and to gtfo! …

No. 165704

File: 1471219575204.jpeg (125.56 KB, 640x666, image.jpeg)


For you anon! Kelly's explanation when questioned after she posted a pic of The Cow in its bed.

No. 165708

Do you guys think maybe Kelly is in on this and is trying to help her stage stuff because she believes The Malingerer and wants us to be proven wrong somehow? Like, I don't know how the hospital bed thing could be staged. But if 12 lipsticks isn't a fucking bribe, I don't know what is. And the blood clots are totally believable because you know she doesn't exercise and her blood type is Type Syrup+ except wasn't she injecting herself with blood thinners? There's so much here to digest.

No. 165716

marshmallow overdose

No. 165717

what's the likelihood that kadee herself is replying to those comments? that way she could give herself asspats in the third person

No. 165723

Kelly doesn't even know about this site, so leave her the fuck out of it. Again, if there is someone you'd like to torment let it be me - not my friends.

No. 165724

you dragged kelly into this by using her account to garner sympathy

No. 165725

That was fast Kadee Kat. Why're you living vicariously through your friend then? You really are a shitty person putting her instagram under our limelight like this. You genuinely don't care about anyone/thing except yourself and attention do you?

No. 165726

Almost definitely honestly, she's lurking heaps, any time the thread gets active again she comes in and throws a tantrum.

If you don't want your friends to get involved, don't get them involved by using their accounts to do the same shit you used to do.

And if you want us to focus on you and leave them alone, make your account public so we actually can, don't make it so just your friends are accessible and then bitch people use that.

No. 165727

File: 1471224320973.gif (318.24 KB, 330x182, Oh honey.gif)

Kadee, just leave the internet. You can function without it. Request that your family and friends keep you out of their social media, and keep in touch with them via sms and phone calls. You need to stop.

No. 165728

Kelly really is clueless

No. 165729


No. 165732

Kelly lost that privilege when she started to enable you on your quest for internet attention via her instagram account. Don't show up in anymore of her posts or pictures and people will likely stop caring about her. You might believe that there is no such thing as bad press, but I doubt Kelly agrees.

If you really want to be left alone, stop posting here and get off the internet. Don't post pictures of yourself, if you MUST have a Facebook, keep only family and friends you know in real life and trust. Erase yourself from the internet and there's nothing for us to talk about here. Your thread was dying until you revived it by posting in it.

Though at this point you seem to be so desperate for attention that you're willing to come here for your fix. Do what Ashley does and carry on online as if nothing ever happened and don't post in your own thread. (She tries to defend herself anonymously occasionally but fails hard. Don't do that.) Just sit back and soak up the attention like the bloated tick that you are.

No. 165742

Kadee, the only one tormenting you is YOU. YOU keep coming back here. YOU keep putting ridiculous shit on the internet. You are a perpetual victim, and you love it. Otherwise you'd quit doing it. P.s. nobody here is going to believe you about anything ever again, so save your breath.

No. 165744

Kadee, you have no place to complain that we're talking about your friend. Although, to be quite honest, we're not talking that much about her (since the thread isn't about her) but we're talking about the fact that YOU'RE pulling the same shit on her account.

And don't even try to use 'but I didn't know she was taking those pictures'. We all know you're behind it. People tend not to take photos on their loved ones in hospital beds and as for the one where you're hugging that plushie, you obviously knew where that photo would end up. Why else would Kelly have taken it? for posterity? hardly. Friends take pics of friends doing shit like messing around in the park or whatever, NOT in hospital beds.

TLDR: Don't come on here bloo bloo bloo-ing that your friend's account has been brought to our attention because YOU were the one that did it.

No. 165757

pssh she enjoys even the negative attention. why not gather people up, pretend that shes 'private' and leech points off randos. then come and piss and moan to fire up discussion. shes a pig

No. 165806


If Kelly doesn't know about this site, how come she went private right after her account got mentioned here? Try harder, fattie. Your enablers may be stupid enough to buy your half-assed lies, but we aren't.

No. 165808

>Again, if there is someone you'd like to torment let it be me - not my friends.

Again, you have no right to play tough, considering you hide and run away everytime lolcow calls you on your shit. Don't you realize how pathetic you make yourself look?

No. 165810

Kadee why did you leave the hospital AMA with so many life threatening blood clots in your body AND your heart ?!! You shouldnt be up and about with the risk of death so iminent. Do they know why you as someone so young, have been so unlucky with so many major embolisms ???

No. 165830

There's no way Kelly isn't kadee. Let's be real.

No. 165833

From what I'm seeing, Kelly is definitely a real person, but likely one that does similar shit to Kadee, though not as extremely.

You'd have to be literally retarded to buy into her shit assuming you aren't her mother otherwise.

No. 165850

Kadee you can have all the attention you want if you'd stay on lolcow for more than one post. Your attempts at damage control have failed miserably anyway

No. 165855

File: 1471271061387.png (731.5 KB, 937x591, COwUXkl.png)

I didn't see this posted about on here: I stole it from KiwiFarms. This picture was apparently posted after the first hospital pic of Kadee on Kelly's account. I couldn't imagine being this starved for attention that she felt the need to hack her friend's instagram.

No. 165857

did she do drugs again

No. 165858

File: 1471271773286.jpg (90.08 KB, 549x280, liberatorsoul.jpg)

>Her skin

No. 165859

Wasn't she supposed to be bedridden with multiple blood clots at this point?

No. 165861

as cringey as this is for an adult to do, 'hacked my friend lol xDD" isn't a new kadee-exclusive concept.

No. 165863


Lmao EXACTLY!!! omg this womanchild just cant help herself can she?! She cant stay away from social media long enough to at least try to make her previous dramas from minutes before seem legit!

No. 165866

Yeah, I really don't get how it can make sense to go "I'm going to claim to have an immediately life threatening disease and then have fun with no issues a few minutes later".

At least with a mental disorder you can just claim to be having a good day, or point out that not every day is proof of your worst possible moment(a depressed person can still laugh and have fun sometimes, as can any other disorder), but she seemed to have missed this memo.

No. 165870

> omg this womanchild just cant help herself can she?!

She earned herself a popular thread here and had to private her accounts because of the h8rs. That didn't teach her a damn thing and she just had to shit up her friends IG too. I'm very curious to see how long this love her cheeky butt/wanna marry her/spirit animal intensity lasts.

No. 165887

LATE STAGE embolisms, I'll have you know.

No. 165896

Wasn't saying it was a Kadee-exclusive concept. Just pointing out that despite her protesting to "leave my friend alone", she throws her friend into the fire by hacking her knowing full well that there are threads about her online. Also, this shit you can see on anyone's Facebook at that age (it's expected - but people do it for the lols not for their jelly haters to notice them on their social media ban…), but Instagram? She's definitely looking for attention by doing that knowing that we wouldn't have seen if she hacked her friends' facebook instead.

No. 165898

she must think that because she's using someone else's account that she gets a free pass from commentary

No. 165926

Ive followed kelly for awhile and she is nothing like this girl. As far as i know they just met. I was horrified to see that she had become friends with kadee when i saw her instagram today. Kadee is definitely lying to her.

No. 165929

I dont even think she knows about this shit.

No. 165945


No, Kadee, we are not going to leave your enabler alone, so you may as well give up.

No. 165951


Except this isn't kadee and I never said leave Kelly alone.
It does puss me off though that this attention starved piece of shit is now lying to Kelly and using her to continue her ridiculous lies.

No. 165961

Kelly doesn't know about this thread, but maybe she should, so she can see who she's really dealing with.

No. 165972

Kelly does know about this thread. For one thing there's no way that Everybody's Favourite Victim Kadee would've been able to keep her trap shut about the meanies on lolcow. Also Kelly made her account private after being discussed on here. Finally, the thread got derailed with talks about her NG tube and why she has it 24/7 and doesn't remove it and low and behold all of a sudden Kelly posts about her NG specifically mentioned she 'wishes' she could take it out but can't because it's too dangerous.

She knows anon.

No. 165985

Kelly here. I actually just found out about this site not too long ago. And my opinion is that you all all fucking twats yourself and you all need to grow some balls and go get a fucking life.! Seriously. I'm taking my Instagram off private. So creepy and stalk my account all you want. I don't give a fuck. I only put it on private because another friend of mine [not Kadee] told me to because apparently she found this site. Anything I have said on Instagram about Kadee was out of pure love and concern. I believe her. I don't doubt her. And if she's lying than she's lying. I don't care. The truth will come out eventually. I accept her. Whatever you guys have got going on with yourselves my friend you should go get it looked at. Because you're all fucking nuts.! And anything else I posted on IG wasn't for prosperity about this site. It is my insta, I'll post what I wan, when I want, how I want, or about whoever I want. Get a life children. You're all pathetic.

No. 165986

this is definitely Kadee

No. 165992


Your Kadee is showing

No. 165993

"I believe her. I don't doubt her"

"If she's lying then she's lying"

Said like a true supporter

No. 165995

Growing balls! Has Kadee had that as an ailment yet?

No. 166000

And… Kelly is back on public!

No. 166001

The "other friend" was Briana Petropaula who's another pro-ana LOLcow in her own right, complete with a "modeling portfolio" and drunk posts complete with self injury.

In't that right, Kelly?

No. 166002

Would that be the mysterious B that showed up to defend Kadee a while back? Or was that Kadee pretending to be Briana?
The plot thickens.

No. 166003


Pure cream. Absolutely fell for it

No. 166004

Has anyone looked at Kadee'a tumblr recently? It's full of thinspo and pro ana bullshit.

How are you gonna do all those crunches and ~fragile ana butterfly~ exercises with your multiple blood clots and shattered ankle?

No. 166006

don't mention specific posts without screenshotting it, that just gives them the opportunity to delete it

No. 166007

I'm pretty sure Kadee deleted her Tumblr and someone from MPA took her username and started posting their pro ana stuff. Anyway, it's not Kadee.

No. 166015

Hold up what did i do? Lmao ive never even met kadee and im getting dragged into this? I never made a post defending her

No. 166016

that was fast lmao

No. 166017

Decided to see what was said after kelly decided to post, but still not sure why i was brought up. Ive never even heard of kadee until last week

No. 166076

File: 1471320608595.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.13 KB, 526x526, TheSmellOfVomitAndDollarTreeMa…)

JFC this whole fucking crew is rife with chewed up hair and makeup done while on downers along with the histrionics and puke

No. 166134


wtf is this busted face about? and don't even get me started with the double lip piercing. girl, we know it's 2003 in your heart but that doesn't mean you can't blend your crayola cut-crease

No. 166140

Dear Kadee & Kelly

Please take 5 mins to read this article; it may enlighten you both and help you both make healthier choices in the future.

The cruellest of internet hoaxes

No. 166156

Interesting read, but I doubt it will do anything to Kadee. She's already been confronted and proven to be bullshitting, but just doesn't care, and keeps doing it. Only person who can fix her is her.

I imagine same goes for Kelly, she's aiding Kadee in her shit despite the heaps and heaps of evidence she's lying, and seemingly doesn't care about this.

No. 166166

Kadee is a bad person, and she should feel bad, Kelly. What she's done and continues to do is bad. We are mocking someone who richly deserves it. And call us all the names you want, at least I know I personally have never made myself look like I gave Homer Simpson a rim job before proudly posting it online.

No. 166169

Kadee fails at everything. Even after making all her social media private/ deleting everything she still somehow gives milk by posting on her friends shit and coming in here twice a week to defend herself.

Kadee, do you really think if you and your friends post here it will somehow make us stop? I just want to pick your brain and understand you.

No. 166177

There doesn't appear to be much to pick tbh.

BTW, is Kadee in uni? Does she has a degree of any sort?

No. 166184

I don't believe anything will make you guys stop unless she totally gives up the internet but that doesn't explain bringing someone like me into the fold when I've never met this girl, have no idea about her past or present and have never posted about her on my internet profiles and have never allowed her to hack mine. So I'm not enabling shit

No. 166186

All I did was suggest to Kelly that she make her ig private so that she didn't get dragged into some shit that has nothing to do with her because she's sick and dealing with a lot and the last thing she needs is a bunch of drama and people who don't know her putting her down because of something that isn't her fault and has nothing to do with her.

No. 166192

Briana you don't seem to have anything to do with this but while we have your attention: for the love of god fix your makeup. That whole eye thing you're doing looks awful.

No. 166194

>has nothing to do with her

Why do I get the feeling this is someone trying to stir up drama? It demonstrably does have to do with he.

No. 166200


I guess you guys didn't have many photos to choose from but I never wear make up so my lack of make up skills is hardly an issue since I only put the shit on once every 4 months and that's not the style I'd usually do

No. 166201

I think calling it a style is a bit of a reach.

No. 166203

cut crease eyeshadow IS a style. i'm just not good at it and made the mistake of attempting something new, and then deciding not to blend it out (again, in an attempt to try something new.) i never claimed to be a makeup guru (or to even have mediocre skills) or to not have a busted face lol(derailing)

No. 166205


Kadee's past does not have anything to do with Kelly or I. Kadee's present doesn't even have anything to do with me. Due to the fact that Kadee and Kelly are friends, sure I guess you can argue that Kelly is involved, but of course as Kelly's best friend I'm gonna tell her to just make her IG private so that she's not dragged into the name calling and shit when she didn't do anything wrong.

No. 166207

Unfortunately because of Kadee, both you and Kelly will get dragged through the mud because of it. I mean, Kadee is a POS and constantly lies, why would you want to be her friend?

No. 166208


i don't know anything about the girl, and i haven't even met her..i'm not the type of person to call someone a friend when I literally know nothing about them.
so…you're just assuming i'm friends with this girl because…why?

No. 166210


Just wondering… what's your opinion on Kadee and how her friendship is affecting your friend?

No. 166211

Well, maybe I was wrong, but why are you still here if you're not involved with this?

I get you're Kelly's friend, but she chose to get involved with this, why drag yourself into this if you're claiming it has nothing to do with you? You could have just posted "Yeah, I'm not involved with this, leave me out of it please", but you didn't.

No. 166231


In my first post I asked what I did and why I was being involved. I never posted until someone decided to post my full name and shit. People still seem to think I'm involved so I'm trying to explain to you guys that I don't know kadee or any details about what you're accusing her of.

As far as what I feel about kadee and Kelly's friendship: they're adults and can choose who to be friends with and I have no right to suggest other wise. I think kadee should have told her about this site right off the bat and avoided hacking Kelly's page but I dont think Kelly knew about any of this or the possobility of being insulted or harassed

No. 166239


LOL, bless your heart anon, do you really think with all her Super Serious Totally Legit and Not Fake Illnesses, that Kadee could finish undergrad?

She has a GED as I recall.

No. 166241

Sorry, I thought you knew Kadee since you came here to defend yourself for whatever reason.

I agree that people should leave you alone but some farmers here won't.

No. 166243


I only heard of kadee's existence last week because she came and visited kelly. Kelly told me about this site so i came here to see what was being said and saw that my damn name was thrown on here. I have no idea why or how they picked me out of kelly's and honestly id like to learn that information but i doubt i will.

So, if i could just be left out of this since i have no involvment and dont even know the person who this post is about past the fact that she exists thatd be nice. Thats really all i came here for. To clear up any misinformation.

No. 166244

I suggest not bumping the thread. Kadee keeps bumping it and just catalyzing more drama, better not add to it. Without that no one would even care and the thread would be forgotten about

No. 166252

since you know kelly better than we do, do you think >>165985 was written by her?

No. 166256

If Kelly is your best friend aren't you concerned about her getting mixed up with someone like Kadee? You just have to read the threads - her bullshit (including her scamming money out of people) has all been documented.

No. 166274

In regards to Kelly and Briana, since they have posted in this thread and involved themselves, they are involved in the milk for now.

In regards to posts about the two of them, please make sure if you're posting screencaps, that they relate directly to Kadee and this drama, or that you are directly responding to their posts. Please don't post anything off topic in regards to them (i.e. criticizing their looks, discussing their illness, weights, etc.).


No. 166283


Any concerns I may have would be voiced to Kelly.

No. 166307

>but of course as Kelly's best friend

Briana, these pieces of evidence contradict your claims of being Kelly's bff. How does it feel being dumped for a Munchhausen's walrus?


No. 166312

If you look back far enough on Kelly's IG you'll see that Briana "hacked" Kelly's account long before Kadee did. I think Kadee did it because she's super jealous of Kelly and Briana's relationship, so Briana might not have been replaced as bff just yet.

No. 166336

guys I'm not concerned about being replaced as Kelly's bff~ so you shouldn't be either. Although from where you're standing this must seem like a terrible after school special lol who will be Kelly's long standing bff? Will Briana and Kadee fist fight over the title? Stay tuned!

No. 166381

you people do realize there is a life outside of the computer and this creepy site right? go outside.

No. 166382

Shit, really? I didn't realise, thanks for letting me know though Kadee.

No. 166388

>>Meanwhile, you keep posting…<<

No. 166411


Cow goes "moo"…

It's creepier that Kadee is a real person who willingly posts her crazy everywhere IMHO

No. 166607

I honestly can't figure out which of the like three different cows posting in this thread this post is meant to be.

No. 166701

you do realise there is a life outside of filthy make-up and morbid obesity right? go outside Kadee (and I don't just mean to the nearest mcdonalds)

No. 167104

I bet her parents are fed up. I would cut her off and send her on her way until she decided to be honest. She probably ate them out of house and home (and insurance benefits)

No. 167327

How does she afford all this medical treatment? Doesn't she realised she could be taking a hospital bed away from someone who's actually dying?
Makes my blood boil.

Well kadee, how does it feel to know the internet fucking hates your guts? Do you love it? We know you do.

No. 167508

At least the hospital eventually refused to treat her, I imagine she just gets kicked out as soon as they can tell it's bullshit though, and doesn't get great treatment either way because they know it will be again.

No. 167571

Thing is people with ED's usually hate ensures, medical intervention and inpatient stays. Why this woman is trying her hardest to remain in hospital and be part of the online ill/ed community is weird.

Should she not have interests and goals that don't involve spending thousands on treatment that you don't need just so you can feel part of a community or not have the same expectations and demands that dos people her age have (job/relationships/hobbies./education)

No. 167574

does anyone here actually know kadee in real life?? (APART from yellow lipstick girl!!!)

No. 167577

You've actually got a good point that she seems to have no interests or desires in life about what she wants to be or do apart from being sick, it's strange.

Even other munchausens type people I've met in life still have hobbies and dreams, they just are more interested in being sick than pursuing dreams. But still, they have hobbies apart from hospital trips.

You're right in that she'd have been smart to at least try to pretend she didn't love all the medical attention, no-one with any disorder apart from fictitious ones really ever like medical attention they don't need.

On the topic of this, has anyone managed to get her to accept them on her new profile? Or is it still private and "family only".

No. 167585

I messaged her enough to be considered a friend on her old account but she still won't let me follow the new one. I'm surprised she's being this strict. Poor thing's probably not getting much for asspats.

No. 167590

I imagine if she's being that insanely strict she has an alt honestly, I find it hard to believe she could just go without the attention completely. I'm sure it'll pop up here or on another cow related site if the threads stay bumped.

Not really a huge user of instagram, but is there a way to tell who someone's following?

No. 167596

If the account is public or you're accepted on a private you can click the following count on their profile.

No. 168197

Is it just me or is Laura Photoshopping her pictures to look ill

No. 168217

Um i think i know which laura (@recoveringlaura) your talking about, and yes i agree to an extent - shes using filters and specific poses to make herself look guant, but pls dont forget this is a thread about KADEE… if u feel laura deserves her own thread then its up to you to start one.

No. 168221

Is she even worthy of her own?

No. 168225

Imo getting there because shes such a ducking hypocrite and pretends to be this recovery role model account that everyone shuld follow but yet constantly post pics of herself with her arm tensed in ana pose and filters on full force to make her look more sick than she is. Meanwhile shes slyly but very much on purpose dropping into her replies to her fans comments about her recent weight loss, about how "oh but i only eat a bowl of veggies once a week on sunday"….just waiting for more "but hunni u need to be in ip comments to come rolling in". Shes a fake, attention seeking social media player. She knows how to manipulate her followers and the young impressionable idiots fall for her drama

No. 168237

ok sage for off topic/derailing but I don't know where else to ask this. Why would Kelly (kellyrocksrecovery) have a feeding tube now she's at a healthy weight? I get when she was spoopy but why would they still give her one now? I'm just curious/confused by it

No. 168273


It's because she has gastroparesis (as a result of long-term anorexia.) Google it if you want to know mow about it.

No. 168340

This thread is about Kadee. Please keep on topic. If you think one of her friends has enough milk and deserves a thread, make a separate one for them. Also, please try to avoid talking about any ED related things in this thread, unless it is unavoidable. The focus of this thread has mainly been Kadee and her lies/malingering. We don't need another thread where ProAna people start popping up. Thanks guys.

No. 168384

File: 1472153271022.jpg (23.6 KB, 400x400, CLR.jpg)

This thread needs some CLR.

No. 168743

>buying 12 cheapass lipsticks
>best friend

No. 169015

I think kadee cow and kelly had a falling out.

No. 169072

What makes you say this?

No. 169172

Kelly removed Kadee's name from her bio and deleted all pictures of Kadee or involving her.
Kadee also removed Kelly's name from her Instagram bio.

No. 169174

Kelly didn't delete any pictures involving Kadee.

No. 169177

My bad

No. 169214

I bet Kelly realized she's a fraud . It didn't seem like they really knew each other well since Kelly's "best friend" Briana said she didn't even know that kadee existed before she went on vacation with Kelly.

Or maybe she did something to Kelly?

No. 169489

It could just be that she's had enough one-sided conversations with Kadee to realise she's a self-absorbed user. The shine would wear off quick after that.

No. 170053

Maybe Kelly has just decided that Kadee's mediocre company is not worth all the net drama and attention it brought with itself. I certainly would, were I in her shoes.

No. 170361

File: 1472677749836.jpeg (158.03 KB, 746x1097, image.jpeg)

Kadee's old account is still gold. Didn't know there was such a thing as a "neck disability"

No. 170492

>neck disability

No. 170509

probably hurt her neck from all the instagramming. but also funny to think she's just wearing it for the picture

No. 170510

She is so gross looking that neck brace is actually an improvement (because it contains her neck fat).

No. 170579

Does anyone else have any other Kadeeisms while we're waiting for the next milk delivery? 'Neck disablilty' is a classic!

No. 170581

File: 1472754612237.jpeg (147.63 KB, 640x910, image.jpeg)


Well after seeing the neck disability one i had to go back through her older posts and came across this gem from over 1.5 yrs ago…. Slips & falls on ice, breaks ankle, thinks she should be in hospital 3 weeks then nursing home on discharge for full time care !! The posts that follow it are even funnier cos she gets so mad when insurance stops paying for her to be in hospital and abusing pain meds & using jursing staff as personal slaves! ?? if she was in uk and using nhs she would have stayed in 1 night max with possibly coedine if they are feeling generous, and been given outpatient phsyio for maybe 12 sessions if lucky. None of this controlled drug malarky as painkillers and letting the patient lie in bed refusing to self care!

No. 170582

File: 1472754971263.jpeg (341.66 KB, 1200x1640, image.jpeg)

Her posts after traumatically being "kicked out" of hospital even though her ankle is still broken!!!! Lol… And apparently she had an "aid" helping her at home after even though she was living with her family!

No. 170588

>broken ankle on cast
No it does not, it feels very OK one you have your fucking cast on

No. 170598

>people need to carry me up the stairs

As if that's possible

No. 170602

File: 1472758243855.jpeg (131.51 KB, 640x891, image.jpeg)

Febuary 5 - kidneys are failing
Feburary 6 - posts a pic of her looking perfectly healthy sucking on a takeaway drink and playing in the snow

No. 170626


I've gotten into her Facebook, laying low for a little while though.

No. 170630


Kelly only deleted the pics of Kadee in the hospital. The beach pics and "hacked" pic are still there

No. 170631

File: 1472762345828.png (290.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-01-16-37-24…)


This is the most lol-worthy stuff she's posted so far.

She had posted about going to the hospital again, but it was deleted.

No. 170646

Sorry Kadee but you know nothing about having physical health problems. The only ones you have are from being a land whale.

No. 170648

I love how she always goes to extremes with her language. She didn't burn her arm she 'set it on fire'. If she didn't engage Full Drama Mode then she'd probably be more believable

No. 170653


And shes probably burned herself intentionally with a cig like last time when she claimed she had no idea what it was and this mark just 'mysteriously' appeared in a matter of hours last time she was in hosp… But this time her head is actually convinced that somehow her burning herself with a cig butt was "accidentally setting her arm on fire". I bet she said that line a few times over in her head and was suddenly convinced it was actually what happened!!! She is one of the most delusional lolcows on the internet

No. 170670

Thanks for posting this I hadn't seen it before, neck disability lol. BTW this looks like it was taken when she was in high school judging by the lockers behind her. She was the weird kid who randomly showed up in a neck brace for super serious disabilities and then never wore it again after a couple of days.

No. 170686

Dis bish…handwriting is all the same! Look at all the "e"'s. She fucking signed fake names on her fake cast!

No. 170691


Nice catch anon.

No. 170702

I think that was someone writing a message. It says "I survived a zombie bite <3 Nicole" and is signed as "Steve", so that's probably why the e's look the same.
I wouldn't put it past her to sign them all herself though.

No. 170703

Or she singed off some arm hair with a cigarette lighter and thinks she "caught fire".

No. 170741

She gave herself a black eye and set her arm on fire!! Lmao the struggle

No. 170748

Jesus Christ, this bitch needs to be institutionalised…. But she'd probably like that.

If she just stuck to one story she'd be believable, but she's too dumb for that. Simultaneously in chronic pain, chronic mental illness AND constant accidents?? Pfft.
She's the most entertaining cow tho.

No. 170750

She just needs to be told she can't go to hospitals in her local region anymore honestly. If she can't just turn up every two days because it's an hours drive to the next hospital, she'll get over the turning up there so often pretty quickly.

I'm pretty sure one she was in at least every week refused her a fair bit back, hopefully more take their lead.

No. 170761

If she shows up, the ER has to take her. You cannot legally turn anyone away without some sort of care.
What I don't get, is why the attending/hospitalist didn't involuntarily commit this crazy cunt to a psychiatric facility. If you're a threat to yourself by being noncompliant and racking up CONSTANT hospital visits for the same thing, you can be committed and held until they see improvement. Bet her coddling parents won't allow that, though.

No. 170764

Not true, a hospital can refuse to treat someone who's shown a consistent malingering pattern. Maybe not if someone else calls an ambulance and they get sent to the hospital that way, but even then, if it's from home the hospital can put your address on a blacklist that ambulances won't go to.

It happened to a lady who lived across the street from me once, she had a habit of calling ambulances for her kids whenever they had a cold, and they eventually refused to send ambulances to her at all.

>What I don't get, is why the attending/hospitalist didn't involuntarily commit this crazy cunt to a psychiatric facility.

Because she's an adult, and clearly not an immediate and serious risk to herself and others. She's not going to cut her eyes out or slice herself up so bad she could die, and she's clearly not suicidal or a threat to someone else, so they don't want her.

Inpatient units are for acute cases until they're stable enough to live in the community without serious risk, not people with factitious disorders.

No. 170776

She'd end up moving closer to a new hospital to start her doctor shopping over again

No. 170909


Spot on. She'd also make a big squeal on IG about moving, as an added bonus.

No. 170910

The average psych ward is usually too full of people who are seriously ill and a risk to themselves or the community to bother putting some melodramatic-but-harmless bpd caricature into care.

No. 170913

This. You've got immediate suicide risks, seriously psychotic people and people who're massively self destructive to the point where they could easily off themselves or do serious damage.

They don't have enough beds for everyone who decides they want some attention.

No. 170918

At most they'd put her on a short hold if she went in actively crying suicide and said the right things during the intake assessment with the psych nurse. This goes for literally anyone, though - I could drive to my local ER right now, baww about offing myself, and get tossed into the psychiatric drunk tank.

Despite her shenanigans, she's not mentally ill enough to be a real danger or have a compromised ability to live in society.

No. 170925

Has Kadee ever done that actually? Turned up in the ER and claimed to be suicidal and ended up in a psych evaluation ward (if they have them in the US)?

No. 170931

File: 1472894079406.png (399.69 KB, 522x615, 9psychewards.PNG.png)

Looks like it.

I can only imagine she thinks this "in the psych ward MORE THAN NINE TIMES" crap sounds impressive, but going in that often just says to me that she was in for a lot of short-term suicide watches (nine separate admissions in twelve months doesn't leave a lot of room for long stays).
If she really needed to be kept as a psychiatric inpatient they'd have figured it out after the third or fourth admission, tops, and locked her up.

No. 170932

For an NHS Psychiatric inpatient stay for comparison it costs just over £1 grand per week, plus all of the other additional costs. 9 short term admissions, presumable starting in A&E plus outpatient treatment, meds etc how can anyone afford this outright without going bankrupt?

No. 170943

Yeah, that's almost definitely just her turning up for a suicide check, I can't think of any other reason why it would be that much. I suppose some people with psychosis stuff tend to phase in and out of it a lot, but that's not really on topic.

Gotta love the "just in psych wards" part too.

Who keeps all of their bracelets from wards anyway?

She likely was only in for one or two nights while they monitored her, found out she was perfectly functional and capable of operating outpatient and released her. If it's a grand a week, and she's only in for a couple days each time, that's only a few grand in a year.

No. 171038

I can't imagine why she'd WANT to go to the psych ward… I was in there once after a suicide attempt and it was so awful, that alone would scare me off of ever attempting again.
Plus most psych wards won't let you have your phone/computer etc. So there's no way for her to post to get attention. Seems off for Kadee.
I'm guessing they aren't actually from the psych ward. They're just regular hospital bracelets and she's claiming they're psych ward bracelets so people will coddle her poor mentally ill self.

No. 171041

Because attention and I'm sure it's easier to fake an illness that is not visible/accurately testable, than a physical ailment, unless you willingly poison yourself.

No. 171104

I can't imagine why anyone would want to be in hospital full stop, it's boring as fuck even when you're sick or in pain, let alone as a healthy person.

But I guess as >>171041 said, the goal's attention for her, so that makes up for the complete boredom, and it's easier to say you're suicidal than it is to fake having a heart condition.

No. 171217

Wasn't Kadee supposed to move to Florida with someone? What ever happened to that?

No. 171252

She was going to live with @onebiteofmight in FL. Maybe we can ask her what happened?

No. 171269

Why do some of the bracelets look different? Did she shout suicide in different hospitals because the others denied her after awhile.

No. 171306

That would make a lot of sense, psych wards are much, much harder on malingerers than any other wards, if they don't have any reason to believe you, you can outright say that you'll kill yourself if they kick you out and they'll still do it.

It's one of the advantages of them being able to see you 24/7 I suppose.

No. 172482

>>170631 Any more updates anon?

No. 172705

shes posting pics of most likely intentional burns now.

No. 172723

This is like a repeat of her "infectious disease" on her hand after she burned it with cigarettes. I've never heard of someone so desperate for attention.

No. 172827

File: 1473523351511.jpeg (63.28 KB, 750x391, image.jpeg)

Dumb bitch

No. 172831

How can anyone think this girl isn't batshit crazy by now? She'd have to be dripping with cleaning fluid with her lighter right on it to burn herself.

No. 172849

Was she cleaning the house by splashing around lighter fluid? To the anon who can see her account how bad do the burns look?

No. 172897

File: 1473542098990.jpeg (246.8 KB, 1242x1745, image.jpeg)

No. 172898

Lol that is so obviously where a cigarette has been stubbed in multiple places all very close to each other.

No. 172900

I'm so sick of this fat bitch.

No. 172903

File: 1473543327093.jpg (89.49 KB, 569x571, 12391911_1666132203635437_4378…)

i used to love reading all of her fuckery, but now it's just so incredibly sad beyond cringy

No. 172911

Why her shit looking like an amoeba?

No. 172939

You have access to her IG?

No. 172942

Isn't she from the US though? The longer term psych care here costs like $17,000 a day, a short "emergency" stay is probably more.

No. 172947

I read her saga when it was posted on fatpeoplehate and thought it was entertaining but since I've read this thread and learned she's been doing this for like five+ years. Surprised she hasn't had AIDS yet.

No. 172950

Holy shit this woman is certified mentally unwell. How do you hospitalize someone for their own good who's self-harming just to be hospitalized in the first place? Like how do you even treat someone with Munchausen's?

No. 172958

You don't hospitalise people just for self harm, it's their body to burn if they choose to as far as hospitals see it. They don't care unless you're going to die from it if it's self inflicted.

And yeah, Munchausens is super hard to treat because they just use the therapy to get more attention from, it's buying into it. You just kind of have to hope they realise they have a problem, same as you can't treat an addict who doesn't want to stop until they change their mind.

No. 172961

what? if you self harm, you're a potential danger to yourself and others. and it's absolutely not normal to cut or burn yourself.

No. 172962

>if you self harm, you're a potential danger to yourself and others

How exactly are you a threat to others if you burn your own arm?

And also, it's not legally possible to put someone in a hospital unless they're a serious and immediate threat to themselves. Burning your arm isn't a serious threat to yourself. But having a self harm issue where you slice yourself up to the point where you feel faint from blood loss semi-regularly is, and a hospital could have grounds to make you inpatient involuntarily, but not just for anyone with self harm issues.

Not normal doesn't mean you need to be inpatient, there's millions of people with mental health issues, and the vast majority never need to be in a psych unit.

No. 172964

Sorry, meant to say a danger to yourself or others. Not and.

Also what is considered serious or not is subjective. Burning and/or cutting yourself can lead to infection at the least. I'm saying this as a stupidly clumsy person whose had some skin infections that required iv antibiotics.

No. 172969

>Sorry, meant to say a danger to yourself or others.

Still, a person with a relatively mild self harm issue isn't a danger to others.

>Also what is considered serious or not is subjective. Burning and/or cutting yourself can lead to infection at the least.

It's not. If it's a serious threat to your life medically speaking, it's serious. That's not subjective.

And as to infections, that's where immediate comes in, as well as intent. Unless you're going out of your way to cause a wound to go septic, you're not at fault for that.

If we counted every wound that could get infected and kill you, I could argue that you should be put in a hospital, because your clumsiness led to serious infection and therefore you're not capable of caring for yourself safely. It gets too easy to justify why almost anyone should be in a ward unless we keep to those criteria set out already, that you have to be a serious and immediate threat to yourself or other peoples lives.

No. 172970

But I never said Kadee belonged in a ward, you're twisting my words. All I said is that it's not normal to do it to yourself on purpose, all the time.

No. 172971

You said
>How do you hospitalize someone for their own good who's self-harming just to be hospitalized in the first place?

And my answer was you don't. I assumed you meant in a psych ward seeing as there's no other hospital ward that would want her or would be relevant to her problems.

No. 172972

Sorry no, you're confusing me with another poster. I am only >>172970, >>172961 and

No. 172973

Ah, well fair enough then, but I was talking about psych units in my reply to the original poster.

It's the only relevant part of a hospital, a GP could handle the rest. Hell, a bottle of antiseptic could.

No. 172974

Well, Kadee is obese with a bad diet, and it's been proven that obese people have poor healing outcomes so for her a bottle of antiseptic may not be enough. But time will tell.

I assume from your spelling that you're in the UK. You have no idea how much easier it is to get mental health benefits over there. Most insurance companies have limits to inpatient and outpatient visits. and you'll be lucky to find a doctor to take certain insurance plans to begin with.

GP's are also not equipped to deal with mental health here.

No. 172991

How do you get "house cleaner" on your arm? Why don't you immediately get it off? Who fucking says "house cleaner"? And how the fuck does lighting a cigarette set your FUCKING FOREARM on fire?!

No. 172993

It doesn't.

She's clearly lacking intelligence. If she had anything about her she wouldn't use such extreme language like 'setting her arm on fire' when most people would say 'burned my arm', nor would she make up such terrible lies. If she had an ounce of creativity/intelligence then she'd be able to construct something a lot more plausible than 'I split house cleaner on my arm and a cigarette set it on fire'

No. 173070

>>172993 She might also have the common sense to know that flammable liquid isn't going to cause a small round burn.

No. 173457


No. 173458

File: 1473721480875.png (299.88 KB, 480x782, Capture _2016-09-12-18-54-49.p…)

No. 173460

File: 1473721538723.png (268.99 KB, 480x782, Capture _2016-09-12-18-58-35.p…)

This is just ridiculous

No. 173476

Does this land whale ever consume plain water?

No. 173597

land whales tend to be allergic to anything but sugar-water.

No. 173608

She needs constant sugar in case she faints because she's so weak and fragile~

No. 173628

Wait so shes back in hopsital AGAIN?! Which one this time as she swore she would never go back to st vincents…

What is she claiming is wrong now & how many major surgeries is she planning on having this time??? She just cant stay away from playing the sick "spoonie" despite admitting to her hospital addiction on here already and grovelling saying she was trying to stop and knows her exaggerating "was wrong" ! ?

No. 173840

>Doctors and nurses I wish would treat me like their daughter

It's like she thinks they study for all those years to be professional fucking nannies who believe all remedies can be solved with ~TLC~ (and strong, strong painkillers).

No. 174044

It's from this article. This website looks like a haven for spoonies and snowflake inspiration.

No. 174360

Jesus Christ this is pretty cringeworthy.

>I show up to the emergency room in jeans, a nice blouse, my hair and makeup done. Maybe because I don’t appear to be ill, you roll your eyes when I attempt to tell you my symptoms. I try to explain I’ve had an infection for a month now, and four rounds of different antibiotics haven’t helped

Why do so many people act like the emergency room is just the same as your GP? If you have the time to make yourself look pretty, you're not experiencing an emergency, and should just go see your doctor. Wanting a new medication isn't what the emergency room is for.

>I tell you the medicine only makes me feel worse, so I really don’t want to keep trying different medicine only to find out it only masked some symptoms, but you tell me it’s not unusual for multiple medicines not to work for a single infection

>You tell me my only option is to take a different antibiotic to see if it works. Instead of trying to think of other solutions or bouncing ideas off a co-worker, you ignored my pleas

I love how she acts like the doctor going "all we can do for you is give you another medication and send you away" is somehow a bad thing, and that they should just magically come up with a new solution.

This part is just the absolute icing on the cake for me
>And lastly, please don’t ever think you understand what I go through on a daily basis better than I do. When you leave the hospital, you leave all the sickness behind. When I leave the hospital, I take it all with me.

As if because she's going through the illness, she knows more about how it should be treated than a doctor.

This honestly reads like something Kadee would write in a rant here.

No. 174396

You could have easily done makeup and hair and dressed nicely earlier in the day and then ended up in the ER. That doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't an urgent issue.
But that article definitely sounds like Kadee, apart from the fact that Kadee has no real illness except for being a malingering idiot

No. 174400

The clothes I can get, but your hair gets messed up throughout the day even as a healthy person, and if you're so sick you're in ER, you're not going to all prettied up, you'll just look like a sick person in okay clothes. That reads like she's done her makeup and then gone to the hospital for a med change.

Anyone know how that anon managed to get access to her insta though?

No. 174411

Is it an anon or is it Kadee herself? Her IG isn't public so she can't get her daily dose of random public attention but she knows if milk is provided she'll get talked about.

Either that or it's Kelly who finally got sick of her bullshit and the face that her 'BFF' dragged her into the drama of an image board.

No. 174422

Not even. In the US, urgent care can take care of almost everything. Broken bones, sprains, infections, etc.

But you need insurance to use urgent care, so a lot of people use the ER as their personal doctor if they don't have any insurance.

No. 174428

Nah, I doubt it's Kadee, she's not that smart I don't think, she'd make it super obvious. Or just make her IG public again.

I don't really know what urgent care refers to, but I'm guessing it's a system where you can contact a GP immediately in case of minor emergencies?

Either way, wanting a medication change isn't really urgent at all, you can wait a week or so to have that done, no wonder emergency didn't take that girl very seriously.

No. 174431

It's somewhat of a minor form of an ER. You can just walk in and be seen, then they'll treat you or refer to the ER or another doctor, depending on what's wrong

No. 174756

>Anyone know how that anon managed to get access to her insta

she says she's only accepting people she knows, but she's being followed by a few/following a bunch of ed accounts. she's being very selective though.

No. 176235

Whichever anon has access please do keep posting updates from her. She is so lulzy. I miss her accounts being open.

No. 176330

Not the anon with access to her accounts but she's changed her name on IG to 'rainbowhairgirlie' and her subtitle just says 'disappearing'. Much edge.

No. 176639

Jesus fuck. ~Muh ana~ fakeness must be in full swing then. Wish I could watch the ongoing trainwreck.

No. 176749

Not "disappearing" anymore. Now she's
"Furiously Happy. I don't know who I am most of the time and I'm a chaotic mess, also I only accept friends and family in real life so save yourself the trouble. ??
OK Kadeetard.

No. 177402

rainbowhairgirlie is gone :(. She still seems to be watching these threads like a hawk.

No. 177412

Now she's thekadeeshow

No. 177428

Did she seriously get a tattoo of something she found on google images? He new IG pic of her tat is one of the first 30 or so results when you type in anorexia recovery symbol. Sad.

No. 177454

I don't think the profile pic is her. The wrist looks way too thin.

No. 177488

i'd die to see what the doctors/staff say about her when shes not around

No. 177519

THIS! Her antics are pure fucking gold.

Goddammit I hate cow-tippers. She was such a great producer of glorious, rich cream when her pages were open. Too many good laughingstocks have been spooked by pearl clutchers and PULL tier interference. /rant

No. 177522

Nurse here. We usually go between rolling our eyes and getting irritated when there's people that have actual problems we need to see but people like her hold up the doc.

No. 177526


No. 177564

She's got that right…best name so far! kek

No. 177600

Is gastroparesis the new flavor of the month disease? I see a lot of these types complaining about it now. Because it's so fun to pretend your stomach can't digest food properly.

Because of people like this I'm always afraid no one will believe me because I have the real version of some of these things. It's no different than all these snowflakes claiming they have autism taking attention away from people who really do.

I'm sure Kaydee is the laughing stock of every hospital she goes to.

It's the best name she could have picked!

No. 177601

mate, I feel you. I legit have something that tumblrinas are commonly self-diagnosing and I'm becoming ashamed to say it, or find myself saying "I'm actually diagnosed with it." /saged for ot

No. 177764

It is her tattoo. She got it on her vacation with Kelly.

No. 178418

Where is our anon who is still following her? There has to have been more juicy Munchausen drama by now!

No. 178485

I can't believe she went private for so long… it's almost impressive for such a big attention whore.

No. 178726

she got an ana recovery tattoo ffs! looks like the cow is going full retard again. damn you to seven hells, candice. because of you i am so milk deprived.

No. 181252

How do you know this anon?
Do you have access?

No. 181492

File: 1476108612774.jpg (718.95 KB, 2048x2048, E88ADD53-D910-4182-BECB-1610B2…)

From her Facebook before she removed me

No. 181493

So. Bad. I die

No. 181496

That looks fake af except for the actual neda symbol.

No. 181503


Yes, tattoos pop more as they age…

No. 181585

Holy shit, that's gonna age horribly. Those colours look awful

No. 181601


Holy shit that belongs on some kind of terrible tattoo blog. It's fresh and looks like complete garbage, she research some good tattoo artist to fix that up.

No. 181638

lmao this is why people who have never been tattooed and have never bothered to learn even the most basic info should not make "impromptu" decisions like this. The wings are just awful. I cringe to think about the updated pic or the artist who told her the colors would pop more later

No. 181647

I doubt she was told the colours would 'pop' by the artist. It's typical Kadee style. Can't just say she got a tattoo. It's got to be some dramatic explanation with embellishments such as 'the colours will pop' which are poorly researched making her look like an idiot

No. 181650

Yeah, I could see her saying something like that to make the tattoo seem more special or significant. But at the same time the artist that put that on her fucked up big time. They're either new to tattooing, have no talent, or don't care at all. They probably tried to reassure her that her tattoo is normal and didn't point out the obvious issues

No. 181655

That looks diseased. The colors are splotchy and horrible. Damn… What a shit tattoo. Did her friend do it in the basement? If a shop did it, they deserve to be shut down or the tattoo artist fired.

No. 181657

Started a new spoonie/munchausen's thread if any of you know of any Kadee-a-likes

No. 181665

She doesn't realize that it's the NEDA symbol mixed with the suicide survivor symbol oh my

No. 181668

File: 1476146477335.jpg (42.31 KB, 428x515, c88ca634fdfa38c2aff3e19e7ec541…)

No. 181669

I'm willing to bet my life that Kadee's dying Nana did not ever utter anything to the effect of, "Think of me every time you see a butterfly".

No. 181671

If this was the picture she took to the artist I hope she didn't pay much

No. 181681

If you reverse image search this it shows up this:

No. 181691

LOL at the whole it'll pop more as time goes on thing.

This girl is dumb as a sack of rocks. And that's insulting the rocks for fuck sakes. What's going to be worse is when she gains weight and the tattoo stretches. I hope that this was an apprentice doing that shit because I don't want to believe a tattoo artist with years of experience would do something as amateur as this.

No. 181762

People like to joke that bad tattoos look infected.

This genuinly looks like she got a nasty infection or disease from the tattoo and will possibly lose the leg soon. Also, anybody with any sort of ink knows that tattoos do the opposite with time. Of there was some sort of magical ink that increased color over time, there would be a lot less old people with unrecognizable blotches.

No. 181770

It looks like a mostly-butterfly-shaped bruise. God, can you imagine how much it's gonna stretch?

No. 181819

JESUS FUCK that is the ugliest, shittiest tat I have ever seen! To be honest it looks like she drew it on with markers! She is such a dumbass. Yeah Kadeetard, the colors will pop more…only even remotely possible if it erupts into angry infection colors! IF it's even real (and that's a big if!) I wouldn't put it past her to deliberately try to infect it by rubbing something bad in it, or to make it not heal. For the ink anons, is it possible to mess with and blur a new tattoo? I still think she drew that shit on with Sharpie pens or something.

No. 181833

After taking a second look at it, the wings do look like they could be fake. Maybe when she says the colors will pop later it's because she'll have to redraw it every time she takes a picture lol. On the other hand, she could have also seen one of those "watercolor" tattoos on pinterest and brought it to some cheap, inexperienced tattoo artist. Who's willing to bet this will be the cause of her next dramatic hospital trip?

No. 181845

if you pick at a tattoo while it's healing that can effect the way it turns out. she won't have to do much of anything seeing as how it already looks like a pile of purple shit.

she should definitely get it wet as much as possible b/c that will make the colors so much more vibrant. scrubbing it with one of those green scouring pads to remove the dead skin on a daily basis is great too.

No. 181851

I still think she drew that shit on with Sharpie pens or something.
Yeah, me too. It's Kadee, after all.

No. 181870

File: 1476197548593.png (114.22 KB, 750x841, IMG_3628.PNG)

The most recent picture posted of it was September 11 and it still looks just as shitty

No. 181874

Oh my god. It just keeps looking worse and worse.

The artist probably rushed the shit out of it so they didn't have to listen to her life story. Also made it extra shitty so she wouldn't come in again. Sad that Kadee thinks it's a masterpiece.

This is why you never do an impromptu tattoo and pay a cheap price. You get what you pay for and if you don't research the artist doing work on you you're going to have a bad time. I'm surprised Kadee didn't turn it a sad story "BAWWW they ruined my body! Look at this! I'm going to sue! I'm having a panic attack at how ugly it is and am now in the hospital. THEY LITERALLY KILLED ME! MURDERERS!"

No. 181919

This looks even worse! It looks like bruising, but she's such a self-made victim that I almost feel as though she would enjoy that comparison. Anything to make her seem more fragile or damaged

No. 181942

This looks like sharpie and marker to me. The ink is bleeding sooooo badly

No. 182493

Oh boy. That's gonna be almost impossible to cover up once she realizes how bad it is. I don't even think we're nitpickicking at this point. It's like something we'll see on one of those shitty tattoo pages soon.

(And to think she's gonna have something representing her fake disorder for the rest of her life.)

No. 182569

The middle ED recovery symbol could be legit ink but those wings, if that was seriously done by a scratcher they need their license revoked! Little kids can draw better than that purple blob mess.

No. 182679

"Tattoo" went from pastels >>181492 to shitty dark murky colours >>181870 in less than a month….and I'm convinced the ED symbol in the second pic was fucking sharpie not a tattoo gun.

No. 182705

The butterfly is the symbol for lupus and epidermolysis bullosa. Stop appropriating Kadee!

Jokes aside that is the fugliest blotch of vaguely wing shaped splat I've ever seen. That time I puked up Froot Loops looked more artistic than this.

So she just grabbed some other artist's design and made it all about her? Not surprised. But it's gotta be sharpie. Unless she let a toddler loosed with a tattoo needle.

No. 182720

I appreciate how she made sure it didn't cover her self-harm scars. Bet the tattoo artist thought that request was interesting, seeing as people usually request the opposite.

No. 182725

Dear lord that tattoo is god awful. She most definitely went to a tattoo artist and probably wanted a watercolor tattoo and it ended up looking like that. Without solid outlines and shading watercolor tattoos heal like absolute shit. I have one myself and all the colors bled from it and it looks exactly like that. She needs to get that shit redone asap.

No. 201424

Her new Instagram is kdkatmeow. Go get er

No. 201427

if you already know her new insta, why didnt you post some screenshots?

No. 202746

she's only accepting close friends and such on her new insta but I have access. anyone interested in screenshots?

No. 202749


Absolutely, yes

No. 202756

Goddamn do I want access to her ig!!
Plz post screenshots.

No. 202761

File: 1479867027346.jpg (5.55 KB, 150x150, 14515682_1308890085788552_5712…)

Even in her icon you can tell her tattoo is shite. Bonus points for the cut lol.

No. 202774

It literally looks like a huge bruise with two worms in the middle. I feel so bad for her lmao

No. 202784

She can jump on the black arm trend and be a ~speshul~ heavily modded chick.
I have ugly stick-n-pokes that I got done for free that in my living room look way better. At least they're legible and can be easily covered. I can't even fathom how she got such a shit tattoo. She must have pissed the artist off.

No. 202787

Does she still think this looks good?

What's the most recent stuff on Kadee?

No. 202801

Looks like a watercolour palette after you let a little kid mix some colors. For real though, nobody could expect kadee to get something nice or at least not tacky and hideous. The girl is hopeless when it comes to something as simple as eyebrows or matching clothes so art is way beyond her scope.

Really hope someone will be kind enough to laser that mush off her wrist though. It must be depressing to have to see

No. 202832

okay I have screenshotted a few of her most recent posts on insta. I'm happy to come and share new pics when they pop up too . put them all in an album on imgur http://imgur.com/a/KbFIa

No. 202836

Surely there's a low-calorie option for her instead of ensures. Anyone overweight shouldn't drink any calories at all, let alone a 220cal shake.
Her doctors must want her to drop a fair chunk of weight so why are they giving her. Ensure when she could have supplements given via pill or Iv?

No. 202854

File: 1479880924596.png (607.43 KB, 816x1046, fadingaway.png)

saged in case this is too OT, but something I noticed looking through that album:

Kadee's current bestie was recently given a >99% chance of dying from her super serious anorexia and spent 'her last days alive' pissing about on Instagram. But just when all hope was lost and they were about to toss her on the hospice pile, surgeons are magically ready to perform a very risky heart surgery which will save her life.

Birds of a fucking feather, this lot.

No. 202861

Do these people not even think before they post? Like, no-one's going to go "yeah my weight's killing me, but oh well, doesn't matter really".

I'd imagine that the anorexics who are at risk to their own health would be absolutely trying to deny it, because they still see themselves as fat. Either way it would be an insanely stressful period, not just "Teehee my heart's about to give out".

No. 202862

Yeah I actually found kadee's new account through following that fadingaway girl - she is so dramatic and highly unrealistic. I feel like everything she claims is all bullshit.

No. 202864

Not to mention fadingaway is supposedly writing these long posts that make flow well and make actual sense not to mention decent grammar and spelling while she's hooked up to morphine, blood pressure in the gutter and with a tachycardic heart. AS FUCKING IF.

No. 202866

>wiggly sideboard and floor, random out-of-focus patches on her legs
>obvious PhotoWonder blurring on her forearm

girl did you even try

No. 202875

She looks like she's got at least 18%body fat how can anyone think she's anywhere near sick let alone dying?
That's a healthy amount of fat and muscle on the thighs even with the shoddy editing, and her chest would look normal if she didn't hunch over. Are fake anorexics getting lazier or are people so stupid/deluded that they think this is deadly thin?

No. 202883

Yeah, she's obviously thin, but not in an unhealthy way at all.

Her chest looks like it's got makeup on it to make it seem like the bones are sticking out more, too.

No. 202889

She stole her Ng tube pic from Jessica Weiland lmao. Fading whatever is 100% fake I'm finding the sources of her other "selfies" now

No. 202893

File: 1479885418153.png (10.52 MB, 3000x3000, image.png)

No. 202910


Plot twist: it's kadee's "secret Ana" account

No. 202923

it honestly probably is

No. 202957

The only disease she legit has is being mentally retarded, she should run with that.

No. 202982

File: 1479914809569.png (778.89 KB, 1242x2094, IMG_2508.PNG)

Coincidence that her and kadees super serious blood pressure and heart rate were that close to the same? (Refer to other anons picture link)

No. 202996

she is so super cereal about how in pain she is and how dire shit is, so much so that she can blog post on instagram.

No. 203001

Agreed. She's using angles, makeup, shoops and filters to within an inch of her life and manages to look skinny yet healthy at best. She's nowhere near spoopy.

I hope she outgrows this attention whoring stage and learns how to eat healthy, if she doesn't she'll bloat back to a whale. She could be this size and healthy by eating mostly fruit, veg and sane portions, but I guess that's not edgy enuff

No. 203102

Is Kadee in residential?

No. 203110

She can make it back from 80lbs. Her bones will be kind of shitty if she's been starving herself since her mid-teens, but everything else can heal. Noice labium though.

No. 203113

I'm not even convinced these photos are of her. I mean the NG tube isn't as previously proven, but jeeeez. 80lbs doesn't look like her arms. They're just too healthy. Nevermind her fingers. Her legs aren't the legs of someone who weighs 80lbs either sooo..

The theory this is just Kadee's secret account could be pretty true.

No. 203116

I bet fading is only about 5 foot.. If she's really as low in weight as she claims, then she has to be short.

No. 203117

File: 1479931809738.jpg (1.12 MB, 3988x3988, BeFunky Collage.jpg)

Samefagging to add to my tinfoil hattery that this is just Kadee's account and she's self posting here - that's the same kitchen worktop right?

No. 203121

File: 1479932716792.png (943.96 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1661.PNG)

Kadee hospital photo.

No. 203122

File: 1479932764831.png (639.6 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1663.PNG)

Fading Hospital photo.

No. 203124

File: 1479932977439.jpeg (163.63 KB, 1068x1039, image.jpeg)

My fucking sides

No. 203125

File: 1479933010926.png (278.67 KB, 1242x1759, IMG_2538.PNG)

A friend that followsed her for a few months now remembered seeing this… Caught ya kadee

No. 203129

File: 1479933399915.png (328.19 KB, 935x490, whyyoulyin.png)

Kadee, just fucking stop with this bullshit.

No. 203133

She's always going to be my favourite cow.

No. 203134

Guys, be kind to Kadee. She's been in the "cancer hospital"!!!!1!!!! Poor love

No. 203139

Of course kadee conveniently kills off her maggie character. Topkeks at her bff asking about the persona though. Kadees gonna have another meltdown

No. 203140

From what you posted it seems like Maggie is Kadee.

She's trying to set up multiple accounts for even more attention and sympathy. She can also fake Maggie's death and milk all of it for what it's worth.

No. 203141

No. 203142

File: 1479935594508.png (433.56 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1666.PNG)

Even Kelly is curious about this Maggie.

No. 203144


oh my god, this whole story is SO juicy and SO fucking transparent. i mean, we all knew kadee's a munchie and batshit, but this is a whole other level. just scrolling through the comments of people leaving heartfelt messages because they truly believe this is written by a girl who's in hospital and dying… i bet kadee is loving this. after all, it's all she ever wanted.

i kinda hope that she stages this super dramatic death and it makes the waves, goes viral and kadee gets exposed. blogs and news sites will eat that shit up.

No. 203156

Oh my fucking God, this is too good. I'm starting to feel like this cow is worthy of being moved to PT! Maybe, just maybe if Kelly expresses suspicions and probes more, enough to reveal her, she could reach that status! I absolutely love how easily you guys caught her pretending to be a fragile ana butterfly!

No. 203160

did kaedee delete the fadingawayeveryday acct? i just tried searching it up on insta and nothing is coming up.

No. 203161

Anons with account access plz keep taking screenshots kadee just blocked me from "maggies" account

No. 203162


sorry for samefag but kadee's acct isn't coming up either. is she still lurking?

No. 203164

If so she must have this place bookmarked.

She probably lurks this thread everyday hoping someone's talking about her. How sad.

No. 203166

As soon as the feeding tube photo was called out on ig she started blocking people. She probably started lurking immediately after that.

No. 203170

"Maggie's insta" has been deleted.

No. 203171

Oh and Kadee is gone from insta too.

No. 203172

220 is already less? usually they are around 300

No. 203183

what an embarrassing sad life she lives

No. 203191

Sage for… whatever this is, but fuck.

Kadee, what the fuck. We talked quite a bit and I actually always quite liked you and tolerated the nonsense, but this is just fucking lunacy.

How sad does your life have to be to invent a fake best friend? Is it so you can control their actions and force them to shower you with attention? Do you need to construct this narrative because no real person adheres to the fucked-up standards you set for your friends? Are you just fucking demented?

Obviously nobody believes your eating disorder stories when you're telling them yourself, so you had to steal photos and make a separate persona to live out that fantasy. And of all the photos online, you couldn't even steal realistic photos for a character who's on their deathbed! I know your ideas of weight are obviously… uh.. interesting, but 'Maggie' looked like a normal skinny girl.

And even with a group of vulnerable/gullible people who believed this shite and were emotionally invested in 'Maggie', you still fucked it up by being so blatantly obvious that we figured out it was you within a few hours.
Just, for fuck's sake. Turn your phone off and get. Some. Fucking. Therapy.

No. 203211

Kadee is the funniest cow on this site.

No. 203221

Kadeecow really can't stop herself from being a munchie by internet. It's like she didn't even try to be clever with this fake profile. She needed her attention fix so bad she stole a well known ng tube pic, and used backgrounds easily connected to her. Why so sloppy Kadeecow?

No. 203223


I wouldn't be surprised at this point if she pulled this new level of crazy shit just to get her thread going again. Asspats on insta are one thing, but having her own thread probably makes her feel more special than any of that.

No. 203228

I wonder what Kelly would say if asked why her friend faked a profile of an anorexic girl, and if she didn't fake that account, why'd she delete?

No. 203231

>my tummy felt so bloated
I just barfed in my mouth.
It's so repulsive when grown adults use baby talk when they're not talking to a baby. It's always fat shits too.

No. 203232

looool I'm the one who posted >>202854 and I'm fucking cackling at these new developments. I wonder how mad Kadee is.

No. 203234

Oh man how I missed this thread. Welcome back, Kadee!

No. 203247

shit no kidding. the girl a wreck and im rubber necking so hard

No. 203277

If kadee had such a srs heart problem, why would she be on a morphine drip?
Doesn't morphine fuck with your heart rate and breathing? Genuinely curious how that works.

Also, I knew it was kadee right away from that giant wall of text.

No. 203289

Lol got the update from a friend of her's Kadee overdosed this afternoon on anti psychotics and blood thinners (why she is on those who the fuck knows) and is in a medically induced coma. Bahahah pull the plug, this cow has taken up enough goddam space and too many people's energy at this point. No one fucking cares about her anymore, her family probably just wants it to all end too, I would. Maybe this cow has finally gone to rest, it's about damn time.

No. 203295

Obviously that didn't happen because she just deleted those accounts a few hours ago.

Probably sent her friend a fake death post so she could hide and wait a while for the shit to clear and than remake and start the whole cycle over again.

No. 203297

According to her friend this all happened about an hour ago so the timing could potentially work if she didn't stage her own death lol. Idk I'm tired of this Kadee shit I hope she is laying in that hospital bed as messed up as that sounds, she had it coming to her. If I was her family id pull the plug already though.

No. 203302

I'm quite skeptical of it to be honest. She's done this whole fake death or alluding to death thing a lot.

Also, I don't think she would be on anti-psychotics. She's never talked about psychosis or that much mental instability apart from what she obviously fakes. Sure she has depression and self harms, but psychosis is a whole other game.

I'm pretty sure she doesn't have schizophrenia, or bipolar or any another disorder that causes mania.

No. 203306

Her friend said Kadee has bipolar which is why she takes them. I asked her because I said I didn't know she was schizophrenic and she said she is not. I'm skeptical too obviously but when talking to her friend she really seemed to know A LOT about Kadee and even mentioned Kadee talking about being bullied on a site (here) a few months ago. She said that Kadee had sent her a text a couple hours ago saying she was going to be "hibernating for awhile" and then she got a call from kadee's mother telling her about kadee's od. I am also quite skeptical as she is just a fucking nut case but I'm almost hopeful that this cow has been put to rest. If I find anything else out I will post here and let you all know.

No. 203309

Low doses of anti-psychotics can be given for sleep or anxiety, seroquel's used for it a lot.

That being said, the ld50 is around 4800mg for an average sized male, so assuming she's on a non-anti psychotic dose (around 25-50mg), she'd have to take almost 200 tablets to be at a serious risk of dying.

And I don't think blood thinners would really impact this significantly, I can't see why they would at least.

There's a case report of someone who took 1400mg (which is way above the dose she'd be taking), and just had their stomach pumped and was fine after, no need for a medically induced coma.

Source here

Also, I don't see the point of an induced coma, from my knowledge it just causes more extreme versions of the drugs normal effects, nothing that would need a coma to be induced to handle.

Here's another source talking about it

Also, I have to add, when I talk about LD50 that's for someone completely naive to it, not someone who's been taking it daily. The second source I linked has anecdotes of people surviving overdoses of up to 30g+.

So, in short, she's once again completely fucking full of shit.

No. 203310

This sounds suspicious as fuck. It would be awfully convenient of her to "overdose" and "die" in order to put an end to this thread, especially since she was just caught killing off a fake character she created for sympathy.
And I have to say, actually dying from a pharmaceutical overdose is pretty difficult. You're more likely to just give yourself organ damage and have your stomach pumped, especially at her size. And you keep saying you would rather she die, but then where would all the milk be?

No. 203311

I should add, I'm talking about medically induced comas, not you just going into a coma yourself.

There's no reasons that you'd need to have one induced for an overdose on this medication from what I can see, in the slightest.

No. 203312

I just can't believe this bitch. Her fake account gets caught out so what does she do? Most likely fakes an overdose and pretends to be in a medically induced coma. Unreal

No. 203313

Yeah, okay, this is almost completely bullshit.

Why would Kadee's mothers reaction to her daughter having a supposedly very serious overdose and being put in a coma be to call one of her daughters friends? It's not like this is the day after or something, this is within the hour of the supposed overdose.

Surely the mother would be massively distraught and in no state to be letting everyone know what's going on, let alone people outside the family?

No. 203315

lmao because the first point of call when your daughter is put into a medically induced coma is her internet friends.

Kadee is just shitting her pants that we worked it out that she's her own pro ana pal. She wanted to be in the limelight but she wanted the limelight to be picking at someone else, not her.

No. 203316

For her to be put on an anti-psychoic for sleep or anxiety is quite suspicious though.

They're SO many other medications for anxiety or depression.

And I agree, it's absolute bullshit. Kadee's probably reading this thread right now.

No. 203317

Keep fucking forgetting to add that this stuff applies to most anti-psychotics, most of the newer generations of them are quite hard to OD on.

That being said as well, Bipolar isn't treated with anti-psychotics in the vast majority of cases. It's used to calm agitation and stop in the moment psychosis (both of which are found in manic states), and sometimes to help with insomnia (in which case it's going to be seroquel), but it's not an accepted treatment for the actual disorder.

Also, the few that are being considered for their benefits at possibly helping with the mood disorder side of things have never been in her pill photos, ever, so it's once again complete crap.

It is, but very low doses of seroquel are used to treat insomnia. It'd be almost impossible to seriously OD on the doses you get for that though.

I wouldn't be surprised if the person who told us about it was her or one of her friends honestly.

No. 203318

It's actually more common than you think to be prescribed medications like seroquel for sleep/anxiety issues. A lot of physicians will prescribe it when to patients who need to stay away from addictive medications like benzos.

Ironically it's prescribed really frequently for patients suffering from anorexia nervosa

No. 203319

I've been wondering how she's been coping without attention for random internet strangers since she went private. I looked for another account she might have a few times, its hilarious she's been found out with one

No. 203320

I can confirm that seroquel can be prescribed for sleep issues, I was given it for insomnia issues but went off it because it made me feel like a zombie. It was being used off label for so many things that the FDA started cracking down on it in the US, but it's possible that there are professionals still prescribing it that way.

Source: https://www.cchrint.org/2011/05/27/how-seroquel/

No. 203323

Looks like that anon wasn't so far off with the post about Kadee being in the hospital in a coma, I casually messaged her cousin as a "concerned friend of kadees" and she said "yes Kadee did take an overdose this evening and is in bad shape" she didn't give me more details than that, but I figured I'd put it out on here. Seriously the family should fucking pull the plug, asta la vista Kadee, you worthless fat cow.

No. 203325

Kadee is totally in a coma you guys, I asked her cousin.

t. Kadee

No. 203326

Can you post some proof of this? Because you're typing exactly like the person earlier was, and apparently are able to contact her family easily, so it seems pretty possible you're just Kadee.

Also, there's a very big difference between taking a minor overdose and feeling shit (particularly if you're being treated for it in hospital, which knowing Kadee would involve her going "I don't know how much I took, a lot" and getting her stomach pumped) and being at risk of dying.

They're not going to put you in a coma for seroquel overdose no matter how bad it is by the way, it serves no purpose.

No. 203329

Nothing kadee says can be taken as even resembling truth. This friend is probably being told more lies so that kadee gets to keep munching out all over more fake accounts.

All she has is a factories disorder imo.

No. 203330


No. 203331

I only just realised, did kadee forget to type as maggie here?
She's really really bad at fake personas holy shit

No. 203335

Yeah, sure. So how is it that you know all of Kadee's friends and family? And what do you mean "Looks like that anon wasn't so far off"? You're the same person who posted that comment lol. You keep trying to cover your ass by talking about how excited you are for Kadee to die, but no one here wants that. We think she's a funny cow is all.

No. 203344

Nah, this was a comment on a post >>203129 where she was posting on Maggie's behalf during a ~*medical emergency.

No. 203345

Trying too hard to sell a story with no proof.

You sure sound like Kadee. Always taking everything to the most extreme and saying what she thinks others will say/think without actually thinking logically.

No one wants kadee to die. Her milk is too precious.
I need more.

No. 203348

>Ironically it's prescribed really frequently for patients suffering from anorexia nervosa

Because it makes you so hungry. They often prescribe anorexics Zyprexa/Olanzapine for the same reason, it makes you ravenous…I hope no Dr prescribes her either drug, she could never get to a healthy weight on drugs like that.

No. 203350

yep it sends your appetite through the roof. Definitely not what Kadee needs. God forbid she might start drinking something like 30 ensures a day

No. 203366

Kadee, stop. No one wants you to die. Stop saying such nasty shit about yourself.

No. 203410

It is very difficult to actually die during an overdose. But I've certainly hurt my organs a whole lot doing it.

It seems like Kadee is really trying to get us off her trail. No one wants you to die but yourself, girl.

No. 203414

Let's see proof of the message from her cousin then. I don't believe a word of this. Obviously I hope she doesn't die or isn't on death's door but she's pulled this shit too many times to make me even wonder if it's true.

No. 203417

Why the fuck would she do this if she's so embarrassed about it she tries to kill herself?

How stupid does a person have to be for doing this over and over to seem like a good idea?
Grow the fuck up kadee, this is ridiculous.

No. 203434

Kadee is pulling a raven. Time to erect a memorial facebook page.

No. 203444

>It is very difficult to actually die during an overdose

You're supposed to put a plastic bag over your head just before you start to feel you're drifting off. Pro tip from the self deliverance suicide guide.

No. 203450

I forget all about this cow for a few weeks and come back to this glorious milk flow. Can Kadee be moved to /pt/ now? Pretty sure faking a best friend dying of anorexia and faking your own overdose/medical coma is enough to get her there.

No. 203451

That only works on medications that kill you via knocking you out, plenty of medications fuck with your heart instead.

It's also not very reliable, because people regularly tear the bags off even once they're unconscious.

If you're that serious about offing yourself via overdose, you'd be better off just finding a large amount of a strong opiate (not hard to meet a heroin dealer, most towns have a needle exchange or something similar) or similar drug and mainlining that, instead of adding more things that would likely go wrong.

Doesn't really matter though, this attempt is clearly faked.

No. 203485

Granted, it mentioned benzos and even the problems with the bag.

Overdoses, unless it's heroin, always seem like a cry for help. If I wanted to make sure I was dead I'd jump from a really high building or walk in front of a train.

If she tried that though, she'd be dead, so yeah.

No. 203499

Someone ask Kelly, I'm sure she'd know.

No. 203500

Honestly sad that we didn't get to see kadee/Maggie milk the thanksgiving stress today

No. 203527

Even if Kadee made some sort of a half-hearted suicide attempt (instead of just coming to lolcow to lie that she did) it wouldn't go to "cry for help" category. Just a cry for attention.

Because feeling something like "everything feels bad and nothing feels good and please would someone do something to this" is different from just being ugly, fat, so plain and boring that she has to fake all kinds of illnesses to seem even slightly interesting (not working btw) and so stupid she can't even fake them properly.

And that fake vitriol. Seriously, Kadee, no one here cares enough about you to hope that you die.

No. 203561

Assuming this is bullshit unless you come up with the screencaps.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if Kadee created that Maggie account just so she'd get spoken about on here again. Wouldn't be surprised if this >>201424 was posted by Kadee herself: I mean how would any of us just happen to come across her new Instagram account if it's private (can't stumble across it via hashtags) and her full name wasn't used on it (can't search for it)?

Guys, just start saging your posts if you're going to talk about her: she obviously loves seeing her picture at the top of /snow/. I'm done postiing as she clearly loves this a bit too much.

No. 203620

Benzos are next to impossible to overdose on alone really, but yeah, they're one of the sorts that would work with a bag, you wouldn't need that high a dose if you could restrain your hands before you passed out, obviously you're going to have to IV it so you're not sitting with a bag over your head for an hour.

>just start saging your posts

Why would anyone do that? This is one of the better threads up, take your "sage in every field pls" back to the other Munchausens threads Robyn.

No. 203651

Who cares if Kadee likes the attention? It's not benefiting her at all except stroking her pathetic ego - if you Google any form of her name all of her misbehavior shows up on the first page. I just, meh, let her roll around in it and continue fucking up any prospect of ever having friends/a job/higher education.

No. 203760

Man, I wished Kadee wasn't so easily spooked. Now we have to wait for somebody to find her next account.

No. 203776

OMFG. Bless you, Imgur anon. Keep up the good work.
Topkeks Kadeecow! God, I've missed you!
I think she researched MBI and took notes from Dr. Feldman's diagnostic criteria and list of warning signs. She is hitting all marks and could have been one of his case models.
Don't die KDKat, we love your crazy milk! #SaveKadeecow

No. 203873

Anyone have Kadee on facebook?

I'm wondering if she's posted anything from beyond the grave.

No. 203875

I just got a call from Kadee's sister Cassie's high school crush's mom's cousin's online friend, who just happens to be a pilot whose daughter knows my dad. Kadee is dead.

No. 203997

Has anyone asked Kelly or onebiteofmight? Pretty sure OBOM is Kadee's roomie

No. 204005

Yeah, whatever you say.

No. 204006


anon make joke.

No. 204010

Sorry, internet sarchasm goes over my head. Would be funny if Kadee actually did die, though.

No. 204015

Sssh Kadee/KaDee/rainbowhairgirlie/kdkatmeow/maggie

Back off with your fake vitirol

No. 204035

She's in heaven, eating endless plates of microwaved marshmallows and swimming in a pool of ensure.

No. 204059

File: 1480136081808.png (456.02 KB, 728x462, Y6bgShbg.png)

She looks like a fat Onision

No. 204061

>can't hold my head up
>can't reach for something on the nightstand
>can still post essays on instagram tho
muh suffering

No. 204065

File: 1480137109402.png (248.89 KB, 1242x2077, IMG_2729.PNG)

No. 204066

File: 1480137152625.png (324.8 KB, 1242x2049, IMG_2730.PNG)

Kelly isn't a smart one

No. 204068

File: 1480137195673.png (359.24 KB, 1242x2081, IMG_2731.PNG)

I didn't get the answers I wanted. Disappointed tbh

No. 204074

She seems concerned

No. 204075

>kadee might have OD'd
>is she alive?
>idk maybe

Haha wow. cool friend.

No. 204083

Her constant response of "idk! Idk!" makes me think of when the cops ask around for witnesses and they all claim "I Don't know nuffin!". Fake suicide was probably her idea.

No. 204109

Fucking this!
>dindonuffin dinseenuffineether

No. 204110

>Please leave me out of the milking
Top fucking keks

No. 204113

The only coma this dumb cow is going into is a marshmallow and lard induced food coma.

No. 204138

She responded to herself using her fadingawayeveryday account. This is beyond pathetic.

Bitch needs to wash her hair too.

No. 204172

>fadingaway is in critical condition
>is the first to respond in the comments

She really is an idiot.

No. 204173

Kadee really has no friends. Not even Kelly cares about Kadee's "death." Also, it shows who Kelly really is behind all the fake positivity and love on Instagram.

No. 204193

Every time I think this sad cow has hit rock bottom she keeps surprising me…

The hashtags in this picture are pathetic. Most people with chronic illnesses or serious medical conditions will use community tags that are inspirational (such as #beatcancer), not attention seeking tags like #hospital #sick #suffering. And the fact that her fake account is one of the first to comment is even worse.

No. 204194

File: 1480176726836.jpg (91.5 KB, 1104x692, 1.JPG)

I was just looking at her bff kelly's followers to see who the newest ones are. One is really fake. Might be her?
The hashtags are similar eg #drugaddict. Started the account a day ago.

Plus, if she's trying to pass this https://www.instagram.com/p/BNOF_Ekgbcp/?taken-by=ciggiesandxanax off as a selfie, she's took it from elsewhere.

No. 204195

taken* (soz bad grammar)

No. 204197

Interesting. It's also followed by onebiteofmight Kadee's roomie

No. 204199

Cloe may as well be Kadee's newest alter ego. There are essays about suffering and cringy hashtags for one.

No. 204223

File: 1480182842455.jpg (465.74 KB, 1200x600, IMG_3626.JPG)

She deleted that quickly.

No. 204242

I feel like all these people saying it would be fun if she finally died are just Kadee trying to make herself look extremely bullied.
But maybe that is just my own tin foil hat.

No. 204243

god, Kadee, calm down with the delete button

No. 204245

Yeah, I'm pretty sure of that. She either wants to make herself ~*bullied*~ or is fishing for whiteknights and sympathy. Not going to happen, Kadeecow.

No. 204272

Those anons who claimed to have been contacted by family or friends of kadee was clearly kadee herself. The fact that Kelly knew nuffin, but Is a close friend, points to her.

I wish the farmhands would label all her self posts.