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File: 1453244137772.jpeg (17.71 KB, 400x400, Shane-Dawson_zpsaf81facc.jpeg)

No. 158300

He's pretty lulzy, right?

No. 158301


OP, this is not how you make a good thread. Tell us about him and give us some milk.

But regardless, he is pretty lulzy. I still think him coming out as bisexual was just to get views since he's just becoming more and more irrelevant. Joey Graceffa and Miranda Sings are pretty much the only Youtubers that collab with him anymore and they're ridiculous too. Did anyone read his book or watch his movie (it's on netflix iirc)?

No. 158302

His whole coming out video got on my nerves. He made a huge deal out of it and 99% of people I've spoken to thought he was gay for years, but apparently he's bisexual? who cares. being bi barely counts as anything.

No. 158303

He has a movie?? oh boy

No. 158304

Nah if he's a bottom then he's just gay with a preface. I know a girl in long term relationship with a gay man. They have sex but she allows him to have sex with other men.

No. 158305

He was a gay man willingly having sex with a woman..? Fuck off hed just be a sissy bi then

No. 158306

They have a kid. He says he loves her for her personality and that she his best friend. He has needs that she apparently can't fufill so she allows him to sleep with men. She's the only woman he's been with or at least that's what he says. It uncommon. It apparently it can happen. No different theme gay guys that want to settle down later in life I guess.

No. 158307

There was a reality show no one watched based around it called The Chair. Two young directors were given the same script and the funds to make a movie, with a viewer vote determining the winner. Anna Martemucci's was like 10 times better than Shane's but it came down to which of them had the most rabid social media fans in the end.

His version of the movie is basically a brain damaged American Pie ripoff.

No. 158308

Is his video the one thats called my fat best friend or whatever?

No. 158309

File: 1453256082070.jpg (120.61 KB, 706x1000, not cool.jpg)

No, his was called Not Cool. He had to star in it too of course. Look at him on the poster, eyes staring off in two different directions.

No. 158310

Guess the fat one was a mini YouTube movie.
Also that fag on the left isn't it one of those trans freaks or he just looks like that popular trans tumblr fag.

No. 158311

Nah he just looks like a girl. He's another youtuber who's "besties" with Shane, apparently.

No. 158312

Holyshit, this looks like absolute trash.

No. 158313

This doesn't belong in /pt/ and barely belongs in /snow/ honestly.

No. 158314

He apparently has weird bestiality thing. He brought up humping his cats belly.!!

No. 158315

He's still relevant?

No. 158316

I used to think Shane, Nigahiga and smosh were super funny when I was like 14 years old. But then Filthy Frank happened
tbh Shane's videos are shit

No. 158317

Is there/was there any milk or drama from him other than being a shitty youtuber?

No. 158318

I think Shane makes some weird/shitty/potentially offensive jokes but I dont think hes a lolcow or bad person in general

No. 158319

He and onision used to be friends but they had drama.

Also they kissed.

No. 158320

He lies a lot, good example being one time he said doctors gave him free liposuction without his permission.

Also he rubbed his dick on his cat and then jizzed on it.

No. 158321

Shit, leave Nigahiga out of this. At the very least don't lump him in with Shane.

No. 158322

No. 158323

Drew talks a lot about how feminine he looks/sounds but nah he's not trans. He's been on YouTube since he was 12 or so, as far as I know he has always been doing the same thing, he just got in with Shane and Trish last year and suddenly got popular.

No. 158324

Shane's whole thing was offensive comedy but he pussied out a few years back when the SJWs started having a go at him. I think he even took down all his black face videos.

He's not a pretty boy anymore and he's too scared to make the type of sketches that made him famous. I don't see him having a future.

No. 158325

Don't even trash Drew, he's perfect.

As far as Shane goes, the only videos he seems to be putting up are reaction videos and the side shows with that Zall girl and Destrey from dessnnate. He's said before that he's only floating now and he acknowledges that his YouTube 'career' is over. Every YouTuber has a a 4 year shelf life at best, and he seems to be aware.
I was there when the channel began with just his silly little vlogs and I stopped watching in like '09 because grew out of the humor in the sketch videos. On that note I do very much enjoy his podcast.

He's not a cow or even a snowflake, just edgy sometimes. There's no milk or water here.

No. 158326

I remember a time around 2009/2010 when I used to ALWAYS watch his stupid videos. The early ones with Shanayay and all the other personas… He got to lewd and not so funny anymore? He was never funny to begin with, he made me kinda snort and that's it. Just watched them out of boredom. But it got too dirty and just boring. Now he's just got a shit ton of subs and I feel like… his personality has changed a lot more? I felt at the beginning Shane was more open and cheery? Now he's very… "im beta dan u".

Meh subs change people

No. 158327

Drew is a babe.

No. 158328

Drew has been my favorite ever since his old pop song opinion videos.

No. 158329

Oh, he's definitely a snowflake, anon

No. 158330

What's his youtube name so I can look him up?

No. 158331


No. 158332

I'M SO HAPPY EVERYONE LOVES DREW. He's perfect and hilarious and can take the piss out of himself, I love it. Shane on the other hand? I feel like he's a bit fake sometimes but he's no way on cow level.

No. 158333

There's a ton of shit about Shane on the gurugossip (lol) page about him. There's been tons of threads there.

Mostly that he might be a pedophile because he makes a lot of jokes about it which are questionable, he apparently humped his cat and came on it (He actually said this on his podcast and in a video) and has done some questionable shit, not to mention dumping Lisa which was fucked up.

His videos back in the day were decent at best, I admit I liked a few of them. Now his content has gone to shit because he's older and lazier and he's gotten a lot more annoying. And yeah he definitely lost his edge mostly because of the SJW's and the blackface shit that happened. Now he's burnt out and will probably retire soon. And he had drama with a few people blahblah whatever.

No. 158334


No. 158335

He orgasmed onto his cat?! isn't that beyond fucked up- not to mention animal abuse /beastiality?

No. 158336

Stay autistic, cos

No. 158337


He's also made out with dogs on camera, one recently in a Trish Paytas video. He's obviously into bestiality.

No. 158338

What happened with him and Lisa?

No. 158339

Come out of the closet already fag

No. 158340

That's actually really disturbing. Animals cant consent and have no idea what's going on. holyshit. what a creepy fucker.

No. 158341

He was gay and pretended he wasn't gay so poor Lisa had to deal with him dating her to prove he wasn't a fag.

No. 158342

He's Bi though

No. 158343

Bi leaning way more towards men.

No. 158344

> he apparently humped his cat and came on it
What is with men on the Internet and cats? First Jrcock, now this faggot.

It sucks that Youtube gives mentally ill people a platform to be vocal and jerk off to their own false sense of superiority all because of a large, underaged fanbase.

No. 158345


No. 158346

They're both so obnoxious. jfc

No. 158347

Rosanna Pansino/Nerdy Nummies did a collab with him just a couple days ago.

No. 158348

Yeah, he'll keep up this "bisexual" facade about ten more minutes before he admits he's just gay.

No. 158349

File: 1453431403339.jpg (23.83 KB, 885x510, 1452544612482.jpg)

>mfw I sat through 10 minutes of this
It's literally his bottom of the barrel humor, generic plot, with a higher budget then his videos. I'm biased but Drew was the only decent part.

No. 158350

This! I'm gay and I 100% get the gay vibe from him. He needs to stop with this 'i'm bi' shit. He barely shows interests in women.

No. 158351

Just watched the trailer for this, this is literally his videos from 2011 but with more actors and a bigger production value. How did this get funded??

No. 158352

He is fucked up. I feel bad for those animals. What compels someone to jizz on their cat and make out with their dog? Who would let an animal's mouth in theirs?

No. 158353

Can't that be qualified as cruelty to animals?

No. 158354


Curious as to why you're a Drew fan? I see some hate for him and some people like him. He seems quite divisive.

No. 158355

Are you all really believing cat jizz story? He says shit all the time like this, it's not funny but his tall-tale shock 'humor' in videos is the norm. Watch any of his garbage mass-produced shit poppin cookin videos and you'll hear even more of this.

No. 158356

File: 1453493974659.jpg (2.44 MB, 6545x4701, shane.jpg)

He's like a gay Woody

No. 158357

He's an idiot for joking about himself like that. Even if it's not true, a small portion of his audience will take it seriously, so why even plant that seed?
He must be seriously retarded to think jizzing on cats and making out with dogs makes for a good joke. The only type of people who would laugh at something like that are inbred hillbillies.
I've also heard him say he's drank his own piss so it wouldn't suprise me if he's a disgusting freak irl.

No. 158358


He didn't seem like he was joking when he told the cat jizz story. He actually sounded serious, he told it on his podcast when Daniel Franzese was on, you can look it up. Once Daniel and his co-host Jesse got uncomfortable, they dropped the subject. According to him, he was 18 and bored and horny so he humped his cat and finished on its stomach.

There's also at least 2 videos of him making out with dogs, this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7SbMvqPyU8

And this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLtro7BRiQM#t=267

He's made tons of the same types of jokes and pedophilia ones as well. And usually when he makes "jokes" they turn out to be true cough his sexuality cough him treating lisa poorly and no longer loving her until he dumps her to "figure himself out* He also pees in bottles (Seriously), doesn't shower or brush his teeth often and has awful hygiene. The guy is disgusting inside and out, is petty as hell, and is two-faced and fake as fuck these days. He'll talk shit on Farrah Abaraham, then act nice to her on Twitter just so he can laugh with his friends later about her in private. I remember someone said he used to talk shit about every YouTuber. The guy is so insecure. HE also hates on Viners and people who make challenge videos yet he does the lamest cheapest videos now because he's lazy and old.

No. 158359

File: 1453508552633.gif (1.26 MB, 352x264, tumblr_inline_nj7vwoux2c1rui2p…)

I'll take your word for it, I don't really want to hear him talking about dry humping his poor cat.
Why is he so popular? both his channels have 6-7 million subs wtf

No. 158360


Because of his old videos mostly.

I guess the appeal was from his pseudo-nice, goofy persona, long emo hair and edgy content/attitude. He basically made videos that were offensive as hell and kids loved it. He also pandered to emo chicks with his whole persona somewhat by acting weird and they loved it. He also did personal vlogs/videos and of course they loved that too.

Then he got past age 19 and grew older. Now he admits he doesn't like YouTube or videos and just rushes easy, lame videos everyone can do for money. He lost the edginess after the whole blackface controversy (He did blackface in a few old videos "unknowingly to be a character" so he toned it down a bit for a while. He still makes the odd jokes, but racist jokes are the thing that's reduced a lot. Also cause of the current time we're in, which he has criticized. But yeah… it's an interesting thing.

No. 158361

File: 1453512616278.jpg (19.51 KB, 236x418, f8792ec8be53cb15d3a4e05ab80993…)

Hell, he used be so popular they even sold his tshirts at Hot Topic for few years. It's impressive considering this was around 2009-2011, and YouTubers weren't nearly as a big of a thing then as they are now.>>158360

No. 158362


Yeah, he was alright back then. Now he's a miserable fuck.



No. 158363

I use to be such a fan back in the day, I use to want his hottopic shirts..
Thank God I was poor. I always sensed he thought he was better than others doe, I remember when Fred was the most subscribed on yt Shane use to say shady comments about him.

No. 158364

I feel like back in the day Shane was much more humble and happy with his life but he expected to be big in film or something by now so hes kinda mad at the world with a very "Im better than everyone but not recognized for it" attitude

No. 158365

Wow anon, same. Including being too poor for hot topic merch. I remember being in middle school and laughing over his videos with my friends. I used to watch them at home too. I was really touched by the one he posted about his weight loss. At the time, he just seemed like a funny person who was also kind of weird.

Seeing him now.. I feel kind of disenchanted, tbh.

No. 158366


Glad I'm not the only one who thought this about Shane. He did seem happier and it looked like he enjoyed making his videos. Now he's just… idk.

I felt as if he's just used us all really.


Me too, weekends I'd watch all his videos on my old piece of shit ipod in bed and laugh. Now it's just… was that the same person?

No. 158367


Agreed 100 percent.

And no, I'd say it was a different person… sadly, that shane is long gone.

Just like he constantly goes through friends and relationships. He's not healthy.

No. 158368

Wow… he's sank so far.

No. 158369

I don't see any milk here. I don't particularly like Shane, but all of this seems like reaching.
He's gone through some shit in his life, is struggling with his sexuality and mental illness and that's definitely taking a toll on him and his content ( which was always aimed at the tween-teen crowd, so if you're expecting more you're in the wrong place ).

No. 158370

As someone who also hates babies, I laughed a little. :(

No. 158371

>I've spoken to thought he was gay for years, but apparently he's bisexual
Then your friends are wrong. He's nor "apparently" bisexual, he is.
>bi barely counts as anything.
so does being gay?
i don't get your comment.

No. 158372

Filthy Frank is cancerous and shit like Smosh and Shane though

No. 158373

personally I love Shane but hate Drew.
Drew is creepy and ugly as fuck (especially in that trisha vida)

No. 158374

Agree that he's ugly af, creepy and not really funny.

No. 158375

Bisexuals can have a preference, it doesnt make them any less bi.
i'm tired of all of you thinking bisexuality is a phase, it fucking isnt

No. 158376

Some people find it funny, just like some people find rape jokes funny.
Just different humor, you're retarded if you take anything shane says seriously.

No. 158377

i agree

No. 158378


Not at all. Frank is a character, he's meant to be over the top/disgusting and make you cringe. It's absurdist comedy. But some don't get it, I personally love (some) of his content and love how dark some of it is.

No. 158379


I have mixed feelings on Drew. Used to find him incredibly annoying at first, then I kind of liked some of his stuff but now I feel it's over the top and he's kind of annoying and hypocritical tbh. He hates "tumblr" kids yet he is one? Idk… lots of shit annoys me about him.

No. 158380

File: 1457022823993.jpg (38.54 KB, 500x500, artworks-000129596083-0ktovl-t…)

Filthy Frank isn't deep in the slightest way
It's disgusting and shitty
but he knows how to be so shitty it's funny

No. 158381

I forgot this guy exists until i saw him recently on a Thread Banger video. I used to watch Shane Dawson years ago but found him boring really quickly.

Guess i don't really have anything more to say i just really wanted to post Thread Banger because they're awesome

No. 158382

This is the one episode I couldn't watch because Shane's voice is so fucking annoying. Rob is pretty inept on purpose (and I've think he's milked it far too long now, even though it made sense for awhile since pins often gave little to no info on how to do a thing) but Shane is worse.

No. 158383

I think Rob is legit clumsy though. Maybe he is exaggerating it a bit by now, because the viewers always liked it (i feel it all started to go overboard after the fleece bunny stuff where blood was just spilling everywhere lol) but i find it awfully charming idk.

No. 158384

If you look at his older videos on the channel he's def much more coordinated then he let's himself appear. He's never done anything too complex, but he is capable when he's not pandering. I think he's almost at the point where he's milked It too much.

Shane made him worse. In just that one ep.

No. 158385

I thought i was the only one that felt rob over doing it now. I skip out of episodes right after the pin is done. How many time we will have to see the over done i cut myself cutting cds or glass. Okay we get it.

No. 158386

He's gaining weight like crazy.

No. 158387

He had the most hairiest female legs I ever seen

No. 158388


And thighs

No. 158389

No. 158390

Why the hell would you want to see that?

No. 158391

I feel left out because I have no idea what they're talking about but I don't want to watch his videos to find it. Im wondering why wouldn't you want to see pictures of someone's weight gain and weird legs when others are posting about it on a gossip site?

No. 158392

I really hope he doesn't get overweight again as it will probably destroy him. I suspect he has EDNOS anyway, due to binge eating, chewing and spitting - he always jokes about purging. To get fat after all that major skin removal surgery; I dread to think what it will do to him emotionally as he is negative about his body image anyway. Sad.

No. 158393

He really doesn't look like he's getting fat at all, just growing up and filling out

No. 158394

nigga, he's in his late 20s. he's been grown up for a while now. He probably has a poor diet and is just getting fat again.

No. 158395



No. 158396

man his videos suck now

dude hasn't made good content in like what, 4, 5 years?

and he's so fake and annoying now too ugh

No. 158397

File: 1467916519602.jpeg (56.27 KB, 633x758, a.jpeg)

You roasties seriously watch fags like this for fun? This is what you enjoy?
Holy fucking shit the only ''lulzy'' thing i'll see on this board is if one of you kills themselves.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 158398


shane dawson was big back in the day bruh

No. 158399


He was funny around 5-6 years ago, his old stuff with Shanaynay was gold and I used to look forward to his shit every weekend. Now he's just… naff.

No. 158400

His new videos suck but he started a new series (a blatant rip off James Cordon's Carpool Karaoke but w.e) and it actually looks really promising?

The first episode stars his "ex boyfriend" (as if anyone fucking believes that) and the humour and editing reminds me a lot of his old videos.

No. 158401

what did everyone think of his music? i remember not watching his videos when i was younger but really liking his music

No. 158402

I enjoyed that video but there is seriously something off about that bloke he was with and I can't put my finger on it.

No. 158403


guilty pleasure tbh

No. 158404

Now that takes me back. I remember this video was uploaded right before the last week of school and me and my friends were OBSESSED.

No. 158405

Yeah he's very fake. I checked out his channel and he's a clone of Shane.

No. 158406

Either he only dated Shane for internet fame, or they're both pretending they dated for internet fame. Something definitely isn't right about him though.

No. 158407


No. 158408

Entertaining. Drew is so adorable and Lisa is precious.

No. 158409


Best video of his in a while. Needs to do more videos like this where he's self aware and funny. Decent acting too. This is the shane I like

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