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File: 1661625049825.png (913.89 KB, 1433x2485, Screenshot_20220403-103953~2.p…)

No. 1627393

Christopher Michael Bishop aka Chrishop is a 29 year old narcissistic, pedophile, MRA from 4chan with a history of disturbing behavior.

>Has a bunch of disturbing fetishes (CFNM, lactation, femdom, autogynephilia) and has groomed multiple minors off of r9k servers into participating into those fetishes.

>Is always making terroristic threats and threatening people for disagreeing with him. Even got visited by the Feds for his posts.
>Was good friends with Michael Sosa aka mantras.
>Thinks he's a musical genius despite his music being the shittiest ever made and will sperg out at anyone who doesn't like it.
>Derails threads on 4chan either spewing his MRA bullshit, making requests for his perverted kinks, or posting his poorly drawn avatar.
>Frequently posts shotacon and lolicon in discord servers and wonders why he gets banned.

>His Twitter accounts
>His YouTube channel
>His perverted DeviantArt page:

No. 1628668

File: 1661713267269.png (198.23 KB, 704x2044, Screenshot_20211027-042147~4.p…)

Here he is admitting to grooming a minor.

No. 1628714

File: 1661715027340.jpg (64.58 KB, 1080x393, Screenshot_20200115-123939_Dis…)

Hey I was in a discord with this freak. Ofc I dont have proof on my hand but there was a 14yo girl in there too and he went out to spam dm her pictures of his naked butthole. And when word came out he proceeded to spam send that image to those complaining as well.

No. 1628830

This /soc/ schizo is not notable.

No. 1630040

hey yuno

No. 1630739

hi yuno hope you're well!
this guy sent me money for me drawing a penis on a piece of paper years ago
funny to see him be posted on here, he never gave me groomer vibes back then when he was making his albums. funny to see pornsick scrote devolution

No. 1630860

File: 1661875678656.png (399.02 KB, 1440x1305, Screenshot_20220830-115429~2.p…)

More grooming

No. 1631022

He did that to a 16 year old in shut in network years ago. After she told him she was 16 he dm'd the asshole pic again until she blocked him

No. 1632053

File: 1661971884745.png (111.79 KB, 674x1048, Screenshot_20211215-031627~2.p…)

Him wishing molestation on people he doesn't like.

No. 1632513

File: 1662013984821.png (118.25 KB, 378x1514, Screenshot_20211120-132438~2.p…)

Here he is wishing murder and rape on some random girl for no reason

No. 1632608

if this is yuno i was in ur last server up until a couple months ago before it got nuked and yall remade it and i need to ask u something unrelated to this do u still have the same user

No. 1632749

Why has this obvious kiwifarms thread not been locked

No. 1642392

File: 1662657454607.png (112.5 KB, 1440x1048, Screenshot_20211125-232708~2.p…)

No. 1642394

File: 1662657479530.png (476.91 KB, 1433x2525, Screenshot_20211216-040544~2.p…)

No. 1660998

File: 1664397153998.png (75.76 KB, 250x443, 3303119-1202a4629166387964b25f…)

Him wanting to lower the Age of consent.

No. 1668654

File: 1665064564654.jpeg (148.37 KB, 946x2048, Fbl77uvUsAAB3mQ.jpeg)

No. 1668655

File: 1665064669174.jpeg (154.22 KB, 946x2048, FbZWfnDVsAAQzoW.jpeg)

He's so triggered about being exposed that he's making death threats and sperging

No. 1700195

File: 1668489266905.png (350.89 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20221114-230633.png)

Here he is in my DMs for no reason talking to himself about his ego. There are also lots of screencaps of him showing dick and ass pics he sent to a minor against their will which there is proof of. But I guess I'm just too dumb to comprehend why it's actually ok to do that

No. 1709871

Really?! I don't put it past him since he's done this to multiple minors. Do you have screen caps of this?

No. 1711907

File: 1669586379672.jpeg (177.46 KB, 720x784, 6ED44CBB-4B6E-49E4-86E5-6CBBFB…)

Another day in clown world

No. 1751301

Please understand that lolcows is a website dedicated to make things about up about people and harrass them.

You have to genuinely be insane to take anything on this website as a fact.(lolcows)

No. 1751312

>If you take screenshots of peoples own posts as facts u r dumb
Please newfag…

No. 1751314

Why would you bump your own thread

No. 1761389

File: 1675572170404.jpeg (247.26 KB, 1435x1470, FfHdeTGXEAISrNZ.jpeg)

Here he is bragging about methods he uses to groom underage girls

No. 1761390

File: 1675572205936.jpeg (154.55 KB, 1440x1136, FfHdeTGWQAAVh3I.jpeg)

No. 1762494

He also tried to offer a 14 yr old girl acid and tried to encourage her to take other illegal substances just like Michael Sosa does.

No. 1772990

File: 1676950379721.png (193.41 KB, 1440x1477, Screenshot_20230219-191236~2.p…)

Why am I not surprised that he'd defend fellow groomer and pedophile onision

No. 1773072

Archive of the thread about him asking underage boy for dick pics

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