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No. 164498

I'm not sure if this is /pt/s flavor of lolcow per se but this guy is definitely entertaining tons of people over on 8ch's /cow/ board right now.

The son of Jerry & Dana Speed, Nathaniel Edward Spidgewood (formerly Speed) is a 20-something year old manchild from Arizona that wants to be a famous cartoonist some day. But there are several obstacles to him achieving his dreams.

1) His art skills are Christian Chandler level and his reading level is even worse

2) He has the conversational ability of a can of tuna fish

3) He has a history of spamming imageboards, forums and even people's personal emails with all caps ranting and raving like a lunatic

4) Not even DeviantArt and TVTropes want this guy's sorry ass on their websites, he's been banned multiple times on each for various offenses

No. 164749

Link to some of his work? Never heard of this kid before.

No. 164989

Oh sure.https://mobile.twitter.com/natespidgewood

Those are his social media pages, they have examples and link to his blogs that have more stuff. His da is down but there are archives over on 8ch I can get ahold of.

No. 165004

His twitter picture and that patreon video he keeps pushing just gives me that CWC vibe, but only for the autism and the art skills.

Not much I can really say with so little of his work being available.

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